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          Presented by Intense Games -

                           Written by Bobby Conover


                              Table of Contents :

                             <00> - Introduction
                             <01> - The Rules
                             <02> - Mushroom Village
                             <03> - The Boards
                             <04> - The Items
                             <05> - The Characters
                             <06> - The Mini-Games
                             <07> - Mini-Game Island
                             <08> - Analog Spinning Tips
                             <09> - The Secrets
                             <10> - The Changes
                             <11> - Thank You!

| Introduction   /________________________________________________/ Section 0 |
`---------------/                                                /------------'

I've never written a guide before, simply because I've never known enough about
a single game to write one. Sure, I've liked a lot of games in my time, and 
may think that I know them in and out, but I never truly do. Only now, after 
playing Mario Party for several months, do I feel like I'm fit to write this 

I visited Japan in December of 1998, and it is there that I first purchased
Mario Party. I bought the same from the (in)famous Akihabara district in Tokyo,
on the day that the game was released. One of the most popular stores there, 
"LAOX," had the game running on a monitor outside. After playing it for a 
while, I decided that it was definitely my kind of game. I've always been a 
huge fan of Party games, and this one looked to mix all of the elements of 
Board Games, Mini-Games, and the great Mario universe into one. It has 

Mario Party has been played more times by me in the past few months than any 
other game I have owned in recent years. When in Japan, I purchased the awesome
"Dreamcast" console, as well as many games for many other consoles. Despite 
this fact, I've played Mario Party more than all of them put together. Not to 
discredit the Dreamcast or any of the other games that I bought (Rockman & 
Forte for Super Famicom, Street Fighter Zero 3 for Playstation, and Radiant
Silvergun for Saturn, to name a few), but Mario Party is the one that appeals
to me the most. It nails everything that I love about games right on the head:
tons of variety, great multiplayer fun, hilarious characters and dialogue, and
more ruthless backstabbing and trickery than you can imagine. As a result, I 
have been completely excited about playing this game every day since the day 
that I bought it, and I will most certainly continue to play it for many years
to come.

Now that the game is out in America, I've been able to finally enjoy it in my 
native tongue! I hope that this guide helps you all to destroy your opponents
in the Mini-Games, and to find all of the secrets in the game. Try taking my
advice, especially in the Mini-Games. I've played this game for countless
hours, and by now I'm pretty sure that I know what I'm talking about! :>

If you don't have Mario Party yet, I hope that this guide somehow inspires you
to buy the game. No fan of multiplayer games should be without a copy of Mario 

Here's the introduction that the U.S. instruction manual gives :

Mario looked around and smiled. Throwing a party had been an excellent idea. It
had been a long time since they had all gotten together. All his friends were
there: Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi - even Wario and Donkey Kong. They laughed and
talked about all the adventures they had shared together in the past. But what
was there to do now?

The conversation turned to their dreams for the future. Amazingly, they all
envisioned the same thing...

To become a Super star upon whom everyone in the world could rely.

Then Wario asked, "Which one of us is the biggest Super star?"

"I am!" "It's me!" they all shouted. The gang couldn't come to an agreement 
because they each wanted to be the best. They needed to prove once and for all
who truly was number one.

Suddenly, Toad had an idea. "Isn't a Super star someone who helps others when
they're in trouble?"

Everyone realized he was right. Then Toad told them about a Warp Pipe in
Mushroom Village that could take you anywhere you wanted to go. Surely there 
were people on the other side of that Pipe who needed their help.

They all ran as fast as they could to Mushroom Village and jumped into the Warp
Pipe. But none of them knew what exciting adventures awaited them on the other

| The Rules      /________________________________________________/ Section 1 |
`---------------/                                                /------------'

Mario Party is a board game at its core, and plays very similarily to "real 
life" board games such as Monopoly. Although a lot of things go on in a single
game of Mario Party, the ultimate goal of the game is to amass more stars and
coins than the other three players.

The majority of Mario Party revolves around "rolling" a Dice Block. Instead of
rolling the die like we normally would, the Dice Block is "rolled" by tapping
the "A" button. When you see a Dice Block above your character's head, it will
be spinning around, showing various numbers on it. In order to stop it from
spinning, and to "roll" it, you must hit "A." This will make your character
jump up and hit the block, just like Mario would in Super Mario Bros. There is
little way to time your rolls in order to get larger numbers. The Dice Block's
outcome is pretty much left completely up to chance.

In a standard game of Mario Party, four players must always play. If you only
have three people playing, one computer opponent will "fill in" for the fourth
spot. You could even play a 1-player game with three computer opponents, but 
that isn't very much fun. At the beginning of the game, each player must roll
the Dice Block to see who moves in what order. Whoever rolls the highest number
gets to go first, the second highest goes second, and so on. It would seem that
you'd always want to go first, but I actually prefer going last. No matter what
order you move in, it won't affect each player positively or negatively in any

After rolling the Dice Block, your character will move the number of spaces
equivilant to the number on the Block. Depending on where he or she lands, many
different things can happen. Here's a rundown of all of the spaces that you can
land on.

     Blue Space :

       Gives you three coins. In the final 5 turns, it gives you six coins.

     Red Space :

       Takes away three coins. In the final 5 turns, it takes away six coins.

     Blue Mini-Game Space :

       Allows you to play a 1-player game.

     Blue ! Space :

       starts a game of "Chance Time." See Mini-Game #54, "Chance Time," for
       more details.

     Question Mark Space :

       Depending on the board you're playing, different things will happen when 
       the Question Mark Spaces are landed on. See each individual board's 
       description for more details.

     Blue Mushroom Space :

       A block appears over your character's head when you land on this space.
       It flashes alternating pictures: a blue mushroom, and a purple mushroom.
       If you hit the block when a blue mushroom is pictured, you will be able
       to roll the Dice Block and continue moving. If you hit the block when a
       purple "poisonous" mushroom is pictured, you lose a turn. Players who
       have lost turns can still participate in Mini-Games.

     Red Bowser Space :

       Causes a "Bowser Event" to occur. In this event, Bowser will pick a 
       game for you, and sometimes for the other players, to play. Depending on
       the outcome of this game, various things will happen to you and/or to
       the other characters.

     Toad :

       If you pass Toad, you will be given an opportunity to buy a star for 20

     Bowser :

       If you pass Bowser, he will harm you in some way, such as stealing some
       (or all) of your coins.

     Boo :

       If you pass Boo, you can have him steal some coins from another player
       (for free) or you can pay him 50 coins to steal another player's star.

After each player has rolled the Dice Block, a "turn" has passed. At the end of
each turn, a Mini-Game will be played. The spaces that each character stands on
decide which type of game will be played. For example, if three characters are 
standing on blue spaces, and one player is standing on a red space, a 1 vs 3 
game will be played. If any of the players are standing on color-less spaces 
such as Question Mark spaces, their color (red or blue) will be chosen 

For more information on the specific Mini-Games, see the "The Mini-Games" 
section of this Guide.

After the set number of turns (20, 35, or 50, depending on what you choose when
you set up the game) has ended, the stars and coins are totaled up. In 
addition to the stars purchased in the game, three more stars are awarded at 
the end of the game. One star is given to the player who earned the most coins
in Mini-Games, one star is given to the player who held the most coins at -any
given time- (NOT necessarily at the end of the game), and one star is given to
the player who landed on the Question Mark spaces most often. If any number of
players are tied for any of these scores, then all tied players are given 

The player with the most stars at the end of the game wins. If two or more 
players are tied in number of stars, then the win goes to whoever has the most
coins between them. After a game ends, the title screen of Mario Party is 
automatically changed to depict a scene that is related to the winner of the 
previous game. Their title screen stays until someone wins with a different 

| Mushroom Village /______________________________________________/ Section 2 |
`-----------------/                                              /------------'

The main Village map of Mario Party works as the game's "Options Menu," 
allowing you to choose where to go in Mushroom Village. 

     Mushroom Shop :

       Using the coins that you've earned in your games, you can purchase
       a wide variety of items here. For more info on the specific items, see
       section 5, "THE ITEMS." 

     Mushroom Bank :

       Two jolly Mushroom characters guard the bank, which serves as a place to
       store all of the items you have bought. Inside the bank you can find out
       how many stars and coins you have, as well as choose which items you
       want to take along on your next game. Talk to "Porto" on the left to 
       make a decision.

     Option House :

       In the option house, you can delete saved game data, change the audio
       from Stereo to Mono, and can use a couple of items: the Parrot, and the
       Record. The Parrot randomly plays voice clips from the characters of 
       Mario Party, while the Record allows you to listen to any of the awesome
       music tracks from the game. Talk to "Fun Gus" to erase saved game data.

     Mini-Game House :

       Inside the Mini-Game House, you can purchase any of the Mini-Games you 
       have played, and can play the ones that you own. You can also visit the
       "Mini-Game Stadium," a simplistic game board, and can play the Mecha Fly
       Guy game if you have purchased it from the Mushroom Shop.

     Raft :

       The Raft is the gateway to Mini-Game Island, which is the 1-Player mode
       of Mario Party.

     Warp Pipe :

       Last but not least is the Warp Pipe, the gateway to the Party mode of 
       Mario Party. You'll visit the Pipe more often than anywhere else in 
       Mushroom Village.

| The Boards     /________________________________________________/ Section 3 |
`---------------/                                                /------------'

Considering that it is a board game, Mario Party's games take place over a 
variety of different game boards. Each board is, in essence, a completely 
different game. Some things are common to all boards, while others completely
change from one to the next. Here's an idea of what you should expect from each
board, as well as some strategies for them.

1. DK's Jungle Adventure | Difficulty = *

     Information :

       A multi-pathed romp through the jungle, DK's Jungle Adventure is a 
       good board that doesn't screw over its players too often. The main 
       distinguishing feature of DK's Jungle Adventure is the fact that some 
       paths are blocked by "Whomps," who demand 10 coins to all who want to 
       pass them. The Question Mark spaces, when landed on, cause a large
       boulder to roll along one of the board's paths. Any characters who are
       standing on this path run away from the boulder, and are moved to a
       position very close to the beginning of the board.

       Toad : Moves randomly.

       Boswer : Stays in one place.

       Boos : Two, one at each end of the board.

       Question Marks : 9. They trigger the "boulder" sequence.

       Blue Mushroom Spaces : 3

       Red Bowser Spaces : 3

       Blue Spaces : 57

       Red Spaces : 7

       Blue Mini-Game Spaces : 5

       Blue ! Spaces : None.

     Suggestions :

       Use the Whomps to your advantage. A Whomp will always guard one of two
       paths. If you pass through the path that he isn't guarding, he will move
       in front of that path once you have passed through. This can be useful,
       especially if you're trying to keep another player from getting to Toad.
       Also, don't be afraid to use those Question Marks to your advantage. If
       a player is two spaces away from Toad, yet is on the boulder path, don't
       hesitate to go out of your way to land on a Question Mark space, even if
       it means not passing "Go," not passing a Boo, or whatever else. 

     Story :

       This board is based around a trek through the jungle to find the 
       mysterious lost golden bananas. Upon completing the board, your star
       power opens a stone coffin in the upper-left of the board. The golden
       bananas are hidden inside. Peace and order are restored to the jungle!

2. Peach's Birthday Cake | Difficulty = **

     Information :

       Don't be fooled by its sweet exterior, Peach's Birthday Cake is one of
       the most cruel boards in the game! The entire board is based around 
       the attempt to screw your opponents over. The board is a fairly 
       straightforward loop, except for one additional loop that is connected
       to the upper-right of the board. This loop is known as the Bowser Loop. 
       A Goomba waits in front of the Bowser Loop, forcing all who pass to buy
       a magic seed for 10 coins. When you purchase a seed, you are given a 
       choice of four. One is bad, and the other three are good. The bad seed
       sends you to Bowser's Loop, while the other three allow you to continue 
       along the main path of the board. However, Toad is only a few spaces 
       away from Goomba, so it can be hard to have the full 20 coins when you
       reach Toad. In case you haven't guessed, going to Bowser's Loop can be a
       very bad thing. I have lost over 110 coins in one trip through the Loop,
       no lie. Avoid it at all costs!

       Another huge factor in this Board is the inclusion of Piranha Plants, 
       which can be bought by landing on Question Mark spaces. If you decide to
       purchase a Piranha Plant for 30 coins, it makes that space your
       "property," a la Monopoly. If anyone lands on that space from then on, 
       they're forced to give you a star! Once landed on, your Piranha Plant
       dies and disappears, though it is possible to own more than one Plant at
       a time.

       Toad : Stays in one place.

       Boswer : Stays in one place.

       Boos : None.

       Question Marks : 14. Piranha Plants can be purchased from them. 
       Blue Mushroom Spaces : 6

       Red Bowser Spaces : 2

       Blue Spaces : 28

       Red Spaces : 4

       Blue Mini-Game Spaces : 2
       Blue ! Spaces : 1

     Suggestions :

       Just like in Monopoly, I feel that property is more valuable than money.
       It's hard to get enough coins together to buy a star directly from Toad.
       If you have the coins available, buy a Piranha Plant at every chance. 
       The more plants you have, the better. As for the Goomba, the seed
       selection is seemingly random. However, I have never seen the same color
       seed turn out to be Bowser twice in a row. It could just be luck, but it
       is possible that Bowser flowers don't grow from the same color seed two
       times in a row. Keeping this in mind, always try to pick the color of 
       seed that the Bowser flower was the previous time. It might just be 
       by chance, but it has worked for me every time.   

     Story : 

       Peach's Birthday Cake is barren! It needs some cool decorations to 
       spice things up. Once you've planted a lot of Piranha Plants and have
       finished your game, the cake becomes filled with life. Peach's birthday
       is happy after all!

3. Yoshi's Tropical Island | Difficulty = **

     Information :

       Yoshi's Tropical Island is made up of two large loops (islands) which
       are connected by two bridges. Each bridge is guarded by a Thwomp, who
       you must pay to pass. The first person to pass each Thwomp gets to set
       the initial "toll," which can be anywhere from 1 to 50 coins. Each time
       that another player passes by a Thwomp, his price increases by a coin.
       In other words, if a player sets the toll to 1 coin, and then three more
       players pass the same Thwomp, it will then cost 5 coins for the fifth
       person to pass the Thwomp, and so on. 

       Landing on Question Mark spaces causes a large fish named "Bubba" to 
       swap Boswer and Toad's positions. They are always on opposite islands
       from each other, in the middle of the loop on both islands. Because they
       swap positions so often, you'll have to change islands often, and 
       therefore will have to pay the Thwomps multiple times in a single game.

       Toad : Swaps positions with Bowser.

       Boswer : Swaps positions with Toad.

       Boos : 1

       Question Marks : 7. They make "Bubba" swap Bowser and Toad's position. 
       Blue Mushroom Spaces : 3

       Red Bowser Spaces : 2

       Blue Spaces : 34

       Red Spaces : 3

       Blue Mini-Game Spaces : 4

       Blue ! Spaces : 2

     Suggestions :

       I don't have many tips for this board, mainly because it depends so 
       heavily on chance. Usually, I just try to stick to one side and hope 
       that Toad stays there. Endlessly chasing Toad around, especially if the
       Thwomp toll is high, can be a huge pain. Use your best judgement, and 
       only "chase" Toad from side to side if you're getting high rolls and
       have a lot of coins to spend.

4. Wario's Battle Canyon | Difficulty = **

     Information :

       This war-ravaged board is based around the never-ending battle between
       the Red Bob-ombs and the Black Bob-ombs. They fight endlessly over five
       floating islands, shooting cannon balls back and forth. It is on these
       islands that the game is played. Each island is its own independent 
       ring, and the five islands are arranged in the same position that a "5"
       on a die is arranged - 4 of them make a square shape, and one is in the
       middle of the other 4. Each island contains a Bob-omb Buddy, who are
       cannon operators. If you pass a Bob-omb Buddy, you will be shot to the
       next island via a cannon. To "land" on the next island, you must play a 
       little game not unlike the gameshow "Press Your Luck." A flashing cursor
       flashes around on the ground, and you have to tap the "A" button to make
       it stop. Wherever you stop the cursor is where your character will land.

       In order to reach the center island, you'll have to run into the board's
       "Fly Guy." The Fly Guy can take you to Bowser's island (the middle
       island) for 10 coins, or can even take another player to his space. 
       Bowser's island is a small island containing Bowser himself, and a bunch
       of Blue Mini-Game Spaces. When you land on Question Mark spaces, the
       cannons will switch their positions and will shoot you in the opposite
       direction to that which they were previously facing.

       Toad : Randomly moves around the 5 islands.

       Boswer : Always stays on the center island.

       Boos : 1

       Question Marks : 2. They change the directions of the cannons. 
       Blue Mushroom Spaces : 5

       Red Bowser Spaces : 2

       Blue Spaces : 41

       Red Spaces : 7

       Blue Mini-Game Spaces : 10

       Blue ! Spaces : None.

     Suggestions :

       Obviously, the Fly Guy is a very powerful tool. Because he costs only 10
       coins and can warp any of the other characters to him, don't be afraid
       to use his powers often. As far as Bowser's island is concerned, don't
       go there unless you absolutely have to, i.e. if Toad is there. Despite
       the chance to play mini-games there, it's just not worth it. It'll cost
       you 10 coins to get to the island, plus another 20 when you pass Bowser.
       Even if you get the Whack-a-Plant Mini-Game when on the island, it won't
       pay off.

       As for timing the "landing" of your character, I can't give many tips in
       that department. My usual tactic is just to hit the button as fast as I
       can, and to hope for the best.
5. Luigi's Engine Room | Difficulty = ***

     Information :

       One of the most complex boards in Mario Party, Luigi's Engine Room is
       a dingy factory full of many paths and loops. The main obstacle in 
       Luigi's Engine Room is the system of "doors" that block the various 
       paths of the board. Doors are placed throughout the board, and alternate
       being up and down. After each turn ends, half of the doors go up while
       the other doors go down. It is timing your moves to get through the 
       doors that provides the majority of the challenge in this board. By
       paying 20 coins to the "Stupid Talking Robot Guy," you can get him to
       switch the doors for you. This can prove very helpful, when trying to 
       reach Toad. Question Mark spaces also switch the positions of the doors.

       Toad : Randomly moves around the Engine Room.

       Boswer : Stays in the same place, in the lower left of the board.

       Boos : 1

       Question Marks : 5. They change the position of the doors. 
       Blue Mushroom Spaces : 3

       Red Bowser Spaces : 3

       Blue Spaces : 57 

       Red Spaces : 4

       Blue Mini-Game Spaces : 4

       Blue ! Spaces : None.

     Suggestions :

       Be sure to use the "Stupid Talking Robot Guy" as much as possible,
       especially for means of screwing over your opponents. Always pay close
       attention to the whereabouts of your opponents, so that you know whether
       or not they "need" the doors to be open on their next turn. If so, use
       the robot to screw them!

       Special attention should be given to "the Loop" - the string of spaces
       in the upper-left of the game board. If you get stuck in this loop, you
       may just find yourself stuck there for quite some time. I've played
       games where players have spent half of the game in "the Loop" alone. 
       Don't go there unless you absolutely have to!

     Story :

       Luigi's Engine Room needs energy to get the engine moving again. Only 
       you can evade the evil inventor Bowser and return power to the engine.
       When you finish the board, your star power makes the engine run once

6. Mario's Rainbow Castle | Difficulty = *

     Information :

       This is probably the most straight-forward board, and is therefore also
       the most boring board to play on. Not to say that Mario's Rainbow Castle
       "sucks," but it's the board that I'd be least likely to choose when 
       playing Mario Party. Mario's Rainbow Castle is basically one large loop,
       with two sub-paths along the way. Both Toad and Bowser are in the 
       "castle," which is the last space of the board. Only one of them is
       visible at a time. The goal is to get to the last space when Toad is
       visible, and to avoid it when Bowser is visible. Toad and Bowser's 
       positions switch each time a player passes them, and also switch when a
       Question Mark space is landed on. 
       Toad : Randomly moves around the 5 islands.

       Boswer : Always stays on the center island.

       Boos : 1

       Question Marks : 5. They change the directions of the cannons. 
       Blue Mushroom Spaces : 2

       Red Bowser Spaces : 2

       Blue Spaces : 34

       Red Spaces : 5

       Blue Mini-Game Spaces : 4

       Blue ! Spaces : 2

     Suggestions :

       Common sense works well on this board. If Bowser is in the castle, try
       your best to land on a Question Mark space, and to take paths that make
       it take longer to get to him. If Toad is in the castle, try to get to 
       him as fast as you can. 

     Story :

       The beautiful rainbow that once stood over Mario's Rainbow Castle has
       disappeared. Using your star magic, make the rainbow come back! The 
       ending, as you may imagine, shows the rainbow being returned to the

7. Bowser's Magma Mountain | Difficulty = ***

     Information :

       Being the mean guy that Bowser is, it's only fitting that his board is 
       equally unjust and cruel. Bowser's Magma Mountain is a twisting and 
       turning path through the inside of a mountain. Many shortcuts are
       available, but can only be taken if you pay the "Blobby Mountain Guy"
       10 coins. Even after you've paid him, you still must win a "Chance Game"
       in order to pass. How brutal! To make matters worse, a similar Chance
       Game seperates Bowser's path from a friendly path. Pray that you win
       that game. If you lose it, you'll have hell (and a lot of coins) to pay
       to Bowser! Landing on Question Mark spaces makes Bowser very angry, and
       he'll make all of the spaces turn red for two turns if you do so.      

       Toad : Randomly moves around the board.

       Boswer : Always stays at the top of the board.

       Boos : 1

       Question Marks : 4. They piss off Bowser, and make all spaces turn red. 
       Blue Mushroom Spaces : 3

       Red Bowser Spaces : 2

       Blue Spaces : 45

       Red Spaces : 4

       Blue Mini-Game Spaces : 3

       Blue ! Spaces : None.

     Suggestions :

       The most important way to win on this board is to be good at Chance
       Games. If you can't take the short cuts, you'll never get to Toad. 
       Practice up, and make sure that you can nail the Chance Games most of 
       the time. It's the #1 method for success!

     Story :

       Bowser is entrenched in his volcano, and is forcing you to fight. Play
       through his Magma Mountain, and you'll get to stomp Bowser once and for

8. Eternal star | Difficulty = ***

     Information :

       Defeating him in Magma Mountain wasn't enough - Bowser is back and he's
       madder than ever! He has destroyed the Eternal star, shattering it into
       several floating islands. To add insult to injury, he has even scribbled
       all over the pieces with crayons. Bastard! Toad and Koopa have been 
       booted, and Bowser's "Cohorts," the Baby Bowsers, serve as the star
       bearers. 7 of them are scattered throughout the star pieces. To make 
       matters even worse, they won't sell you stars - you have to beat them in
       a dice roll competition to earn a star! By paying 20 coins, you "bet" 
       your star against theirs. If you get a lower dice roll than the Cohort, 
       you lose a star. If you get a higher roll than the Cohort, you gain a 

       The entire broken star is connected by warp spaces that warp you to the
       other pieces of the star. However, Bowser can change the destination of
       the warp spaces whenever he feels like it. Watch out! Question Mark 
       spaces, as a final insult, send -all- characters back to the starting
       space, when landed on. 
       Toad : Isn't on this board!

       Boswer : Stays put on his own little island.

       Boos : 1

       Cohorts : 7 exist at a time. When all 7 are beaten, more appear.

       Question Marks : 4. Landing on one sends -all- players back to start! 
       Blue Mushroom Spaces : 3

       Red Bowser Spaces : 3

       Blue Spaces : 36

       Red Spaces : 4

       Blue Mini-Game Spaces : 3
       Blue ! Spaces : None

     Suggestions :

       Learn the destinations of the warp spaces. Only a few different patterns
       exist in the game, and once you've learned them all you'll be able to do
       much better on this board. Also, don't be afraid to use those Question
       Marks to your advantage. There's nothing sweeter than making all of your
       opponents get sent back to the start, especially if they're about to 
       land on Cohorts!

     Story :

       Bowser and his Cohorts have stolen all of your stars. You must get them
       back. Once you have retrieved all of the stars and have completed the
       board, Bowser will be defeated once and for all!

| The Items      /________________________________________________/ Section 4 |
`---------------/                                                /------------'

The following items can be purchased in the Mushroom Shop with coins that have
been won in Mini-Games.

For use in board games - these items appear randomly when characters hit a dice
block :

     Plus Block : (Cost = 200)

       You receive coins equal to the number that you roll with this block.

     Minus Block : (Cost = 100)

       You lose coins equal to the number that you roll with this block.

     Speed Block : (Cost = 200)

       Only numbers 8 through 10 appear on this block.

     Slow Block : (Cost = 100)

       Only numbers 1 through 3 appear on this block.

     Warp Block : (Cost = 200)

       When this block appears, you will randomly swap places with another 

     Event Block : (Cost = 200)

       Boo, Koopa Troopa, or Bowser will appear from this block. Boo allows you
       to steal coins and stars, Koopa Troopa gives you 20 coins, and Bowser
       takes away 20 coins.

For use in the Mini-Game House :

     Mecha Fly Guy : (Cost = 100)

       This little game gives you 10 seconds to spin the analog stick as fast
       as you possibly can. The more times you spin it, the further Fly Guy 
       will fly. My record? 60 spins. It is possible that if you spin the stick
       a certain number of times, you will be given a reward, although this 
       hasn't been confirmed yet.

For use in the Option House :

     Record : (Cost = 50)

       Allows you to listen to background music that you have heard in the
       game. As you hear the music to more and more levels, the songs will 
       appear on the record.

     Talking Parrot : (Cost = 50)

       Not quite a "sound test," the Talking Parrot randomly plays various
       character voices. It's good for a laugh.

coin Boxes. These boxes hold the coins that you win from mini-games :

     coin Box : (Cost = N/A)

       The stock "do nothing" coin Box that you start the game with.

     Lucky Box : (Cost = 400)

       When using this box, you receive an extra 10% of the coins you've
       earned in a game. 

     Casino Box : (Cost = 300)

       Try your luck with this box if you want to get mega-coins. The Casino
       Box gives you a roulette game to play. If you win, your coins from the
       game are doubled. If you lose, they're halved.

Special Item :

     Gameballs : (Cost = 300)

       When purchased, this item allows you to play random Mini-Games in the
       Mini-Game House.

Hidden Items. For more info on how to get them, check the "Secrets" section :

     Magma Mountain : (Cost = 980)

       Bowser's game board. It's a blast!

     No Boo : (Cost = 500)

       When activated, "Boo" will not appear on the game board. Doesn't work on
       some boards.

     No Koopa : (Cost = 500)

       When activated, "Koopa" will not appear on the game board. Doesn't work
       on some boards.

     Credits : (Cost = 100)

       After buying this item, you can view the ending credits to the game as
       often as you'd like! 

| The Characters /________________________________________________/ Section 5 |
`---------------/                                                /------------'

Mario Party is based around those crazy Mario characters that we all know and
love. Contrary to some reports, I don't believe that the characters have any
advantages over each other. Size may be a factor, but I haven't seen it make
an obvious difference in any of the Mini-Games.

Playable Characters :

     Mario :

       The little red plumber, star of countless Nintendo games. One of the
       most annoying characters to play against, due to his constant bad-accent
       whining. He's out to prove that he's the most powerful character in the
       land, once and for all.

     Luigi :

       Mario's big green brother is more bearable than Mario, but he was a lot
       more fun to listen to in the Japanese version of the game. See the 
       "Changes" section for more details. Luigi wants to become the Superstar
       so he can prove that his brains can beat Mario's brawn.

     Princess Peach :

       After years of kidnappings and other harsh acts, Peach is ready to fight
       back. Help her show Bowser and the rest of the gang that she's sick of
       being pushed around. Her annoying voice ("Princess got it!") also works
       wonders for antagonizing your opponents.

     Donkey Kong :

       That big ugly ape is back, and he's ready to rock. His desire to become
       Superstar is understandable - he just wants to kick everyone else's ass.
       If you can stand to look at his ugly mug, he's a good character to use.

     Wario :

       Why "Wario" continues to pop up in Nintendo games, I'll never know. Does
       anyone actually like this character? Anyway, he's back to prove that he
       can defeat his evil twin, Mario. He uses trickery and tomfoolery to his
       advantage. As he puts it, "Wario.. I GOTTA WIN!"

     Yoshi :

       My favorite character, Yoshi is that fun-loving dinosaur that we all
       love. Isn't it cute when he makes that little "Wheet-eew!" sound? I
       sure think so - especially when I've just kicked your ass with him! 
       If nothing else, he's good to use so that you don't have to listen to
       annoying voice clips. Also, his never-changing smug facial expression
       is sure to puzzle his opponents at all times. What's he thinking? 
       Nobody knows for sure.

Non-Playable Characters :

     Toad :

       Much to my dismay, Toad isn't a playable character in Mario Party.
       Instead, he acts as the star-bearer, and sells stars to anyone who can 
       catch him. His cute little voice will be imitated for years to come by
       yours truly.

     Bowser (aka "King Koopa) :

       This dude never quits. He infests the boards of Mario Party, stealing
       coins, making mean little sarcastic comments, and generally causing a
       riot. I love it. If he weren't stealing my coins at the time, I'd think
       a lot of his jokes were pretty funny. Be careful, or he'll surely send
       his Baby Koopa "cohorts" after you!

     Koopa Troopa :

       The "host" of Mario Party, Koopa Troopa has changed his ways since we
       last saw him. Now instead of a mean enemy, he's a nice gameshow 
       announcer type. Koopa Troopa acts as the "Go" spot on the board, and
       awards 10 coins to people who pass him. As a special gift, the 10th 
       person to pass him is given 20 coins, the 20th is given 30 coins, and 
       so forth. 

     Boo :

       This big ghost doesn't want to hurt you. He just wants to steal from
       you. Pay him 50 coins, and he'll steal another player's star for you. 
       Heck, he'll even steal another player's coins for -free-! What a guy!
       Besides running his little star-stealing business, Boo pops up in 
       several of the Mini-Games. Watch out for him.

     Thwomp :

       This big blue block has a bad attitude. He was born as a solid block
       that can only move up and down. As a result, he has decided to take his
       aggression out on others by blocking their paths. If you find a Thwomp
       in your way, be nice to him. He'll gladly move out of the way for a coin

     Whomp : 

       Unlike Thwomp, Whomp is a big stone guy who actually has arms and legs.
       However, he is still quite upset, and acts very similarily to Thwomp
       himself. Hey, if all you could do is stand there, wouldn't -you- want to
       block people's paths? I sure as heck would. For 10 coins, he'll move.

     Goomba :        
       A slave to Bowser 'till the end, Goomba peddles seeds on Peach's
       Birthday Cake. You're forced to buy one of his four seeds for 10 coins.
       Three of them let you pass safely (they grow "Toad" flowers), while the
       other one grows a Bowser flower. If you buy his Bowser flower, you will
       be sent to a loop of spaces that is dominated by Bowser. 

     Bob-omb Buddy :

       Just to set the record straight, you say his name "Buh-bomb," not "Bobb
       Ohm." I should know - I've seen the "Super Mario Super Show" plenty of
       times in my lifetime! The Bob-omb Buddies endlessly fight each other on
       the Wario's Battle Canyon board. Run into one, and he'll shoot you to
       another one of the board's floating islands.

     Fly Guy :

       Also an inhabitant of Wario's Battle Canyon, Fly Guy will gladly take
       you (or an unsuspecting opponent!) to Bowser's island, for the small fee
       of 10 coins. Wait until one of your opponents is one space away from 
       Toad, and then use Fly Guy to send him or her to Bowser. It's a great

     Baby Bowser :

       Bowser's little baby Cohorts infest the "Eternal star" board, and
       replace Toad as the dealers of stars. Unlike Toad, they won't simply
       sell you a star. You must pay them 20 coins, and then compete against
       them in a high-rolling contest! The highest roller gets the star. Lose
       the contest, and you lose a star. Ouch!

     Piranha Plant :

       The mean Piranha Plants are back, and pop up in various Mini-Games. You
       can also buy them as "property" on the Peach's Birthday Cake board. If 
       anyone else lands on your Piranha Plant space, they are forced to give
       you a star!

     Stupid Talking Robot Guy :

       Ok, so that's not his real name. He's nameless. This guy is found on the
       Luigi's Engine Room board, and will switch the position of the board's
       doors for 20 coins.

     Blobby Mountain Guy :

       Appearing exclusively in Bowser's Magma Mountain, this guy allows you
       the option of playing a "chance game" in order to take a shortcut.

     Bubba :

       This spectacle-wearing large-gummed fish is found on the Yoshi's
       Tropical Island board. If you land on a question mark, he'll switch the
       position of Toad and Bowser.

     Townsfolk :

       Mushroom Village is full of mushroomy people, ready and willing to serve
       you in the local shops. If you have the Japanese version of this game, 
       don't make the mistake of talking to the "Fun Gus" in the Option 
       House. He'll erase your save game data. I made this mistake right as I
       had acquired 100 stars, and never got to see the outcome until I earned
       all 100 again! It wasn't fun.

| The Mini Games /________________________________________________/ Section 6 |
`---------------/                                                /------------'

Each of Mario Party's Mini-Games fits into one of 7 categories, depending on 
their style and on their goals. The Mario Party manual describes the categories
as follows:

     Bonus Games :
       Games in which you can get more than the normal 10 coins for winning. 
       Even if you miss, you don't lose coins (the most you can get for 
       Memory Match is 10 coins).

     Success Games :

       Games in which you get 10 coins for clearing. If you miss, you lose five
       coins (in Pipe Maze, you don't lose any coins for a miss).

     Chance Games :

       When you win, you get coins from the losers. When you lose, your coins
       get stolen.

     2-on-2 Games : 

       2 vs. 2 games in which the winning team members get 10 coins each. 
       Members of the losing team lose 10 coins each.

     Racing Games :

       Games in which the character who finishes first wins 10 coins. Even if
       you lose, you don't lose coins.

     Point Games :

       Games in which the player with the highest score gets 10 coins. If
       several players have the same score, they all win coins.

     Survival Games :

       The last player standing in these games wins 10 coins.

The following is a list of all of Mario Party's Mini-Games, including how-to
instructions and my own personal tips for success. If you follow my tips, you 
might just win as often as I do!

* 4-Player Games          |

1. Face Lift | Type : Point Game | Price : 400 coins
     Instructions : 

        An "example" Bowser face will be shown to you as it is stretched and 
        contorted. Watch the example closely, and then try to stretch your own 
        un-marred Bowser face to match the example. The screen will be split 
        4-ways, and each player is given his or her own personal Bowser face to
        contort. Use the "A" button to grab various parts of his face 
        (eyebrows, cheeks, chin, nose) and use the analog stick to stretch 
        them. The closer to the example you get, the higher your score will be.
        The player with the highest score wins. Unless you are playing the 
        "Bowser's Face Lift" (Bowser Event) version of this game, the losing 
        players will not lose any coins. 

     Suggestions : 

        Don't stray too much, i.e. move the analog stick left and right, 
        unless the face is stretched outwards or is squished inwards. If it is,
        90% of the time the face will be stretched to its extremes. If it is 
        stretched outwards, try pulling his cheeks all the way out, instead of
        trying to slowly match the exact amount of stretching. Likewise, if the
        face is squished inwards, squish your face all the way in. The Bowser
        example faces are almost always completely even - a sideways nose or 
        jaw stretch is -rarely- needed. Using these guidelines, I win this 
        event the vast majority of the time.
2. Crazy Cutter : Type : Point Game | Price : 150 coins
     Instructions : 

        This game is similar to Face Lift in the way that each character gets 
        his or her own quarter of the screen and a picture to edit. Each 
        character is given a picture of a fossilized Bob-Omb, Goomba, or Boo. 
        Using the analog stick, you must try to trace the outline of your 
        picture as well as possible. Try not to go outside the lines! If you
        finish with a score of above 80, you win. This game supports multiple 
        winners, and the losers do not lose coins.

     Suggestions : 

        For some reason, I've found that the game is much more forgiving when
        you screw up -inside- the lines of the picture than when you stray 
        outside the lines. Try your best to keep a steady hand, and take your
        time. Once you've played this event a few times, you should have no
        problem getting a score of over 80 every time you play it. Watch out
        for the Goomba picture, it's the toughest of the bunch!
3. Hot Bob-Omb : Type : Chance Game | Price : 300 coins
     Instructions : 

       This one plays just like a good old game of Hot Potato. Simply toss the
       Bob-Omb to your worst enemy, and hope that it blows up on him or her. 
       Use the analog stick and the "A" button to toss the Bob-Omb. The loser 
       loses 10 coins, while the rest of the players lose nothing.

     Suggestions : 

       There's not a lot to say about this one, because it is based primarily
       on chance. Just keep tossing that Bob-Omb, and try not to get blown up!
       It is possible to hold the Bob-Omb for a while, in order to let it swell
       up, but it's hard to do this with any kind of good results. My tip is
       just to toss it around and to have fun with it.

4. Musical Mushroom : Type : Racing Game | Price : 100 coins
     Instructions : 

       As the name suggests, this game is very similar to Musical Chairs. The 
       four of you walk around a set of mushroom "chairs" in a circle. One 
       large central mushroom has a chest on top of it. When the music stops
       playing, you must rush the central mushroom and attempt to hit the 
       chest. Use the analog stick to run, and "A" to jump. The player who hits
       the chest first wins.      

     Suggestions : 

       Although the "chair" mushrooms can be used to bounce off of, in an
       attempt to launch one's self up to the central mushroom, I wouldn't
       reccomend it. Instead, just run for the central mushroom, and try not to
       over-shoot it with your jump. Also, as the music is playing, it may help
       you to actually move the analog stick along with your rotating
       character, so you will always be pressing in the direction of the 
       central mushroom. This way, you won't have to scramble to push in the
       right direction when the music stops. You'll already be ready to 

5. coin Block Blitz : Type : Bonus Game | Price : 50 coins
     Instructions : 

       It's every character for themselves in this coin-grabbing romp. Nine
       coin blocks (a la Super Mario Bros) are arranged in a square shape, and
       are floating in mid-air. Some of them contain many coins, while others 
       contain only a few. Use "A" to jump underneith the blocks, and try to 
       gather as many coins as possible.   

     Suggestions : 

       My only real tip for this game is to tap the button fast, and to try to
       go for blocks that are away from the other players. Instead of fighting
       with other players over a single block, simply stand off to the side of 
       them, silently gathering coins. If it gets to the point where you must
       directly confront another player, try jump on top of his or her head, in
       between them and the block. If you pull this off correctly, you will 
       bounce between the player and the block very rapidly, getting a lot of 
       coins very quickly.         

6. Balloon Burst : Type : Racing Game | Price : 400 coins
     Instructions : 

       Each character has his or her own "pump," with a large balloon attached
       to it. By alternating pressing the "A" and "Z" (or "B") buttons, you
       will pull the pump's lever in and out, thereby pumping up the attached
       balloon. The most efficient pumper wins by being the first to pop their

     Suggestions : 

       Try to keep it slow and steady, and be sure to use a good rhythm when
       pumping. Quickly tapping the two buttons will not work well at all.
       Instead, try getting into a "groove." Watch the hose itself, and make 
       sure that large pockets of air are traveling to the balloon. If they
       aren't, you must be pumping wrong. Also, watch the pump itself as you're
       pumping. Try to make it "flash" over and over again. If it is flashing, 
       that means you are pulling the lever out to its fullest extent with each

7. Skateboard Scamper : Type : Racing Game | Price : 200 coins
     Instructions : 

       It's a skateboard romp to the finish line, in this button-mashing action
       game. Tap the "B" button as fast as you can to build up speed, but be
       sure to jump all obstacles with the "A" button as they appear. Don't go
       too slow, or you'll fall off of the (rapidly crumbling) platform!     

     Suggestions : 

       Reserve your tapping for the end of the race. Instead of tiring yourself
       out at the beginning, try to tap at a steady pace while being sure to
       never touch any obstacles. In one section of the race, a bag of coins
       can be found hovering in mid-air. Be sure to jump at this point, to get
       the 5 coins within. When you reach the home-stretch of the race, start
       tapping as fast as you can. Even if you don't win, you'll at least get
       the 5 coins that you picked up!
8. Box Mountain Mayhem : Type : Bonus Game | Price : 300 coins
     Instructions : 

       A huge pile of boxes sits in the corner of a room. Using the "B" button
       to attack and the "A" button to jump, break the boxes open. The boxes
       contain bags of 5 coins, as well as single coins. All players keep the
       coins that they pick up. Beware of the bouncing boxes - certain boxes, 
       when broken, will fling you across the room.
     Suggestions : 

       I never seem to have any luck when I rush the pile of boxes and start
       breaking them open. Instead, I try to linger around on the outskirts, 
       waiting for bags to fly out of boxes. When they do, I make a mad dash
       for them. It's cheap, but it seems to work!            

9. Platform Peril : Type : Racing Game | Price : 450 coins
     Instructions : 

       Checkered platforms hover in mid-air. Some of them are bare, others have
       coins and/or coin bags on them. Some of them even have walls that try to
       keep people from effectively jumping on them. Using the analog stick and
       "A," jump from platform to platform, picking up coins along the way. 
       Everyone gets to keep the coins that they pick up, but the first to the
       finish line gets an additional 10 coins as well.       

     Suggestions : 

       Try to get in front of your opponents, in an attempt to psyche them out.
       Having another player suddenly leap in front of them can be startling,
       and will work wonders for you. Often times, they'll immediately fall off
       of the platform, screaming "I hate youuu Yoshiiii!" (or whichever
       character you may be using) on their way down. Also, be sure to go for 
       the bags. If you grab a bag, you'll get 5 coins regardless of whether or
       not you win the race.           

10. Mushroom Mix-Up : Type : Racing Game | Price : 50 coins
     Instructions : 

       Seven large mushrooms of different colors make up one platform. Toad 
       stands off to the side, and holds up a solid-colored flag. Using the
       analog stick to run and the "A" button to jump, you must stand on the
       Mushroom of the same color as Toad's flag. After a few seconds, all of
       the other Mushrooms will drop into the water, leaving only the correct
       Mushroom standing. This repeats, getting faster and faster, until all
       but one of you are left standing.

     Suggestions : 

       Using the "Hip Drop" (jump, and then press "Z") can be a good idea, but
       be careful with it. If you are running when you Hip Drop someone, you
       may very well go flying off the edge of the Mushroom. Hip Dropping other
       players just before jumping to the next Mushroom works well, because it
       will leave them stunned on a sinking Mushroom. Likewise, it works well
       to -jump- under people who are trying to Hip Drop you. If you do so 
       correctly, they'll bounce off of the Mushroom. Another tactic is to 
       always run to the middle Mushroom as soon as possible, and then to run
       from the middle Mushroom to the correct Mushroom. By doing this, you'll
       be able to get to the correct Mushroom faster than if you were trying to
       run straight to it from the previous Mushroom. Play Mushroom Mix-Up on
       Mini Game Island and watch the computer players - you'll see what I 
11. Treasure Divers : Type : Bonus Game | Price : 250 coins
     Instructions : 

       Use the analog stick to swim around, and use the "A" button to paddle
       quickly. The object is to pick up as many chests full of coins as 
       possible, and to bring them to the surface. Watch out! A large shark and
       two Squids are hovering nearby, waiting to knock the chests away from
       you. Each player keeps all of the coins that he or she earns.    

     Suggestions : 

       Besides being able to tap like a madman, which -is- a good skill to have
       in this game, you'll want to be able to effectively dodge the sea life
       that tries to thwart your plans. Slow and steady wins the race - if you 
       have a large chest in your arms, take your time dodging the Shark and 
       the Squids on your way up to the surface. It will pay off. Also, if you
       really want another player's chest, try to get in their way as they try
       to swim for the surface. Make sure that you're nearby to pick up their 
       chest, if they get touched by a Shark or by a Squid.

12. Grab Bag : Type : Chance Game | Price : 400 coins
     Instructions : 

       It's a coin-stealing free-for-all! Try to grab other players' bags by
       pressing the "B" button when nearby. Once you've got their bag in your
       grips, tap "B" like crazy! If you tap fast enough, you'll steal their 
       coin(s). Each player gets to keep the coins that they steal, so work

     Suggestions : 

       Prey on the weak. Immediately go after the slowest button-tapper in the
       bunch, and relentlessly chase him or her around. They will most likely
       get frustrated after having 10 or 20 of their coins stolen, and will 
       become even -bigger- targets in their weakened state! If someone else 
       tries the same trick on you, tap like crazy to make sure they can't 
       steal your coins, and then turn the tables on them. Once they see that
       you'll chase them back, they will leave you alone and will go for 
       someone weaker.

13. Bumper Balls : Type : Racing Game | Price : 250 coins
     Instructions : 

       Each player stands atop a rubber ball, on a circular island. The object
       is to knock all of the other players off of the island. You can do so by
       using the analog stick to gain momentum to knock them with. If you 
       simply stand next to an opponent and bump them over and over, it's not
       likely that you'll be able to get them off. Take a running charge at 
       them, and knock those suckers off! The last person on the island wins.
       If more than one person is left standing when the time runs out, nobody
       gets any coins.        

     Suggestions : 

       Innocently walk along near the edge. Others will charge you, trying to 
       knock you off. As they draw near, move around them and use their 
       momentum to knock them off of the island. It's a dirty trick, and it 
       works wonders!           

14. Tipsy Tourney : Type : Racing Game | Price : 300 coins
     Instructions : 

       A 4-way split screen game, in which each character stands atop his or
       her own little square platform. A shell also sits on the platform, and
       as you walk around, the platform will tilt and turn, thereby knocking
       the shell around. The shell will uncover a piece of a picture each time
       it touches an uncovered square. The goal is to knock the shell all
       around the platform, uncovering the entire picture before your opponents
       can. Control your character using the analog stick to move, and the "A"
       button to jump.

     Suggestions : 

       If the shell is touching half of one square and half of another, it will
       uncover both squares. Use this to your advantage by sliding the shell 
       along the dividing line between the squares, thereby uncovering double
       the squares. If this doesn't work too well for you, just try to take it 
       slow, and to be thorough. Try uncovering all of the border squares 
       first, and then uncover the center squares. Be sure to jump if you need
       to get to the other side of the platform quickly.
15. Bombs Away : Type : Survival Game | Price : 250 coins
     Instructions : 

       The four players stand on one small island. A pirate ship in the 
       distance relentlessly fires cannonballs at you, trying to knock you off
       of the island. The cannonballs rock the island with their waves, and can
       also hit you dead-on, sending you flying off of the island. Avoid them
       by using the analog stick to move, and the "A" button to jump.       

     Suggestions : 

       If you see a shadow, get out of its way. If a cannonball hits you,
       you're pretty much "dead in the water," so to speak. Also, don't waste
       your time trying to knock others off of the island - it is absolutely no
       use. All of the characters who stay on the island get coins, so it's 
       better to spend your time worrying about your own safety.       

16. Mario Bandstand : Type : Point Game | Price : 350 coins
     Instructions : 

       If you've played the PlayStation game "Parappa the Rapper," you have an
       idea of how this game works. Each player is assigned a position: 
       Conductor, Trumpet, Violin, and Drum. The conductor must move his or her
       analog stick to match a moving box on the screen, while the instrument
       players need to tap "A" corresponding with their on-screen instrument
       icon. It's simple - listen to a bar, play the bar, listen to a bar, play
       the bar. The player(s) who play the most accurately get coins.

     Suggestions : 

       Since your opponents will undoubtedly suck at this game, try to ignore
       their screechy attempts at making music. They will only distract you, 
       and will make it harder for you to play your own instrument. Instead, 
       concentrate on playing your own instrument on-time. Laugh at them when 
       they say "What!? I was playing PERFECTLY!" as the crowd showers your 
       character with coins.

17. Cast Aways : Type : Bonus Game | Price : 250 coins
     Instructions : 

       The four of you are lined up in a row, with fishing rods. In front of
       you, coins, bags, and chests float by in three rows. Use the analog 
       stick to "cast" your line, and once you've grabbed an object, spin the
       analog stick to reel it in. Repeat. Each character keeps the coins that
       they have earned.

     Suggestions : 

       This event will seem very hard at first, but as you get more and more 
       used to it, you will find that it is one of the best Mini-Games for 
       gaining massive numbers of coins. Instead of pushing hard on the analog
       stick, try -barely- pulling it back, and holding it there. You will find
       that there are three "levels" of casting. Short, medium, and long. By
       holding your rod in the "ready" position for one of the three casts, you
       will be prepared if a chest floats along. When it does, release the 
       stick at the proper time, and hope that you can grab it. Chests give you
       10 coins, bags give 5, and normal coins give 1. Practice timing your 
       casts, and almost always go for the closer rows of items. Doing so will
       pay off in a big way - I can earn more than 30 coins per game, at times.

18. Hammer Drop : Type : Bonus Game | Price : 450 coins
     Instructions : 

       One of the Hammer Bros rides atop a cloud, tossing items onto you and 
       your three opponents. You are all standing atop a small platform, so be
       careful not to fall off. By using the analog stick to run and the "A"
       button to jump, try to run around catching the bags and coins that the
       Hammer Bro tosses down on you. You can even "Hip Drop" your opponents
       by using jump and "Z" together, if they're being too aggressive. Each
       player keeps the coins that they earn, even if they fall off of the
       platform mid-way through the game.  

     Suggestions : 

       Jump a lot, and always watch what the Hammer Bro is throwing. Don't just
       blindly run after everything that he tosses. You'll be very disappointed
       if you catch a hammer to the noggin. By jumping, you will inflict severe
       confusion and frustration upon your opponents, which will then cause 
       them to try jumping as well. However, being inexperienced in the jumping
       arts, they will surely toss themselves off of the edge accidentally. No,
       I'm not kidding - this actually works! Just watch out for flying 
       controllers when it does!       

19. Shy Guy Says : Type : Racing Game | Price : 250 coins
     Instructions : 

       In this popular adaptation of a Japanese game, a Shy Guy holds two flags
       - one is red, and one is white. He will raise the flags randomly, and
       when he does, you must raise the same colored flag as him. If you raise
       the wrong flag, you'll be knocked out of the game. Use the "B" button to
       raise the red flag, and the "A" button to raise the white flag. The last
       flag-bearer standing wins the coins.
     Suggestions : 

       Whatever you do, don't rush. Be calm, and act as if you -know- you're 
       going to win the game. If the Shy Guy holds up two flags at once, take 
       it easy. Wait until he lowers one of them, and then raise the
       appropriate flag. Be speedy in your flag-raising, but not impatient. 
       If you jump the gun too often, you will lose for sure. To further 
       antagonize your opponents, try singing along to the pirate theme of this
       game. The combination of the game's stress and your singing will drive
       any opponent crazy. Following these rules, I don't think I've ever lost
       this game!

20. Key-pa Way : Type : Success Game | Price : 400 coins
     Instructions : 

       A four-player co-operative game. One player is given a Key, and the
       three work as his guards. The goal is to insert the Key into a keyhole
       at the other side of the room, but a bunch of Bowser's Cohorts stand in
       between you and it. Evade them using "A" to jump and "B" to pass the
       key. Each player gains 10 coins, if completed successfully.

     Suggestions : 

       You shouldn't really need any help with this, it's just about the 
       easiest game in Mario Party. Just basically dodge the little suckers, 
       and jump over them when they come near. If you want to be daring, you
       can even try throwing a "long bomb" pass to one of your team-mates. Most
       likely, you'll easily beat this game every time you play it.            

21. Buried Treasure : Type : Racing Game | Price : 150 coins
     Instructions : 

       Think "Dig Dug" with Mario characters. Each character starts in a corner
       of the screen, and must dig through the dirt in search of treasure. The
       faster you tap "A," the faster you'll dig. Look for signs in the dirt. 
       Only one large treasure chest is hidden in the dirt, and you'll find it
       if you follow the arrows on the signs. The player who finds the chest 
       gets the coins.      

     Suggestions : 

       Tapping makes a big difference here. Hard-core button tappers can burn
       their way through the dirt, and will most certainly find the chest
       first. Always avoid digging through rocks, unless signs point towards
       them. Rocks are much harder to dig through than normal dirt, and the
       chest is usually not hidden in them.

22. Running of the Bulb : Type : Success Game | Price : 400 coins
     Instructions : 

       This game is a team effort. One player holds a bulb, the other three
       can attack with "B." Ghosts swarm you, trying to grab the bulb. The goal
       is for the bulb-carrier to avoid the ghosts, and for the other three
       players to protect the bulb-carrier. They can do so by punching incoming
       ghosts. If one of you is touched by a ghost, you will become posessed.
       The only way to become un-posessed is to get punched by another player.
       If you can fend off the ghosts long enough, you will reach the end of 
       the hall, and will be able to light up the room with the bulb, killing
       all of the ghosts. You lose if the ghosts capture the bulb before you
       can reach the end of the hall.     

     Suggestions : 

       If you're running with the bulb, just try to stay away from ghosts as
       much as possible. If you're guarding, be sure to punch posessed partners
       immediately, and try your best to punch as many ghosts as possible. This
       is a pretty easy game, and should be easily passed if you can work
       together with your partners.

23. Hot Rope Jump : Type : Chance Game | Price : 300 coins
     Instructions : 

       One flaming jump rope, four jumpers. It's the perfect recipe for wacky
       fun. The four of you must simultaneously jump a flaming jump rope by
       pressing the "A" button each time it swings around. Be careful, as the 
       speed of the rope's turns will continue to increase. Don't be the one to
       touch the rope! If you are, you'll have to pay out 15 coins to the other

     Suggestions : 

       Jump when the rope is about to touch you. Duh. There's not much more you
       can say about this one.          

24. Slot Car Derby 1 : Type : Racing Game | Price : 450 coins
     Instructions : 

       Each player controls a car on an oval-shaped track. By pressing the
       analog stick, you can make your car accelerate. However, if you
       accelerate too quickly around corners, your tires will smoke and you 
       will spin out. Move the analog stick forward and back to control speed,
       and try to take those corners without spinning out!

     Suggestions : 

       This Mini-Game caused me serious problems for a long, long time until I
       finally figured out a great recipe for success. Abandon all attempts to
       gradually speed up and slow down your car. Trust me, after dozens of
       losses, I should know - it -doesn't work-! Instead, simply jam the
       analog stick all the way forward. When you see your tires begin to smoke
       - and this is the key - let go of the stick completely, for a split
       second, and then immediately push it all the way forward again. Don't
       bother trying to gently "ease" your speed down, or any of that garbage. 
       If you want to win, do it my way. Also, don't accelerate from the
       get-go, or you'll spin out. Wait until the announcer yells "Go!" before
       touching that analog stick.           

25. Slot Car Derby 2 : Type : Racing Game | Price : 500 coins
     Instructions : 

       Plays exactly like Slot Car Derby 1, but is on a more complex track.      

     Suggestions : 

       You'll have to race Toad on this track in the final Mini-Game of 
       Mini-Game island. If you want to beat him, follow my advice from Slot
       Car Derby 1. Before I tried that technique, I lost literally about 50
       times in a row. After using it, I have beaten him -every- time I have
       tried. It works that well. Also, because this track is more complex, be
       extra-careful about navigating the middle turn, when on the outside ring
       of the track. If there is anywhere you'll spin out, that's the 


* 1 vs. 3 Player Games    |

26. Pipe Maze : Type : Success Game | Price : 350 coins
     Instructions : 

       One player controls a chest, and can drop it into the top of one of four
       pipes. Depending on which pipe he or she drops it into, the chest will
       land on one of the four players below the pipes. The chest will follow
       any horizontal pipes that it meets along the way. Try to drop the chest
       in the pipe that you think leads to you.   

     Suggestions : 

       There is no sure-fire way to win this game, but it is possible to make
       an educated guess as to which pipe to drop the chest into. When the game
       begins, the screen will scroll upwards rapidly, past the pipe maze. 
       Watch this sequence carefully, and try to coint the number of horizontal
       pipes on the way down to your character. If you think about it, you can
       make a good guess based on how many horizontal pipes are between your 
       character and the top pipes. Going on this information, you should be 
       able to make the chest land on your character at least some of the 

27. Bash 'n Cash : Type : Chance Game | Price : 400 coins
     Instructions : 

       Everyone loves Bash 'n Cash! Everyone, that is, except for the person 
       who is getting BASHED! One player is dressed up in a Bowser suit. The
       other three are given large hammers. The goal? To chase around the fool
       in the Bowser suit, beating him or her silly. Each time you whack the
       poor sap, they lose 5 coins. The bashers can use "A" to swing their 
       hammers, while the "bashed" can use it to jump. If the person being
       bashed can get his or her coins back (the bags bounce around the room),
       they will not lose them. The bashers get to keep any of the coins that
       they can knock out of the bashed.       

     Suggestions : 

       Bashers - Wait until the bashed jumps, and as soon as he or she lands, 
                 start bashing. It's hard to hit a Boswer look-alike who always
                 jumps right as you swing your hammer. Because there is a delay
                 in the bashed's jumping ability, it is best to bash them 

       Bashed  - Run away, and try to lure the bashers into a group. When you
                 have done so, jump on their heads, flattening them, and then
                 continue running. Repeat. If they bash you, you bashers will 
                 most likely start chasing your coin bag all around the room. 
                 This is a perfect opportunity to run away - bashers are 
                 greedy, you see. If you can combine running and jumping well 
                 enough, you may even be able to escape this scarring 
                 experience unscathed.
28. Tug 'o War : Type : Chance Game | Price : 150 coins
     Instructions : 

       This frenzied Mini-Game is sure to go down in history as one of the 
       greatest "controller-breaking" games of all time, right alongside such
       favorites as the Atari 2600's infamous "Decathalon." One player wears a
       Bowser suit, and holds one end of the rope. The other three characters
       hold the other end of the rope. In the middle - a Piranha Plant! Turn
       the analog stick as fast as you can. The losing player(s) pay coins to
       the winner(s)!

     Suggestions : 

       Use my "Analog Spinning Tips" if you need help, but basically just try
       your best to rev up that analog stick like a madman. It may be painful,
       but it'll pay off - with a whopping 10 coins! I wish there were a "let
       go" button included in this game. I'd rather lose in style than destroy 
       my hand in the process.

29. Bowl Over : Type : Chance Game | Price : 350 coins
     Instructions : 

       One lucky player is the bowler, and the others are pins. The goal is for
       the bowler to bowl down as many of the pins as possible, taking 5 coins
       from each player pin that he hits. The bowler controls the ball (shell)
       with the analog stick, and the pins can feebly attempt to hop around by
       pressing "A."   

     Suggestions : 

       Bowler - Don't over-spin the shell. If you hold too far in either 
                direction (left or right), you will gutter ball it. That's not
                good at all - you don't get any coins. Try to keep the shell
                centered, and obviously aim for the largest clump of player 

       Pins   - Hop in opposite directions. No matter what, don't clump 
                together. Clumping spells instant death. If you spread out, the
                chances of getting hit will drop dramatically for each of you.

30. Paddle Battle : Type : Chance Game | Price : 50 coins
     Instructions : 

       Another analog stick twister, Paddle Battle pits one against three in a
       brutal attempt to get your opponents stabbed by natives. One paddler
       sits on one side of a boat, and three sit on the other. By paddling as
       fast as you can, you must try to make the opposite side of the boat rub
       up against the shore. If you succeed, a native Shy Guy will come running
       out, and will stab all of the players on that side of the boat, knocking
       coins out of them. This exchange lasts until you reach the end of the
       river, as which time the players get to keep any coins that they may 
       have gotten knocked out of their opponents. The controls are simple - 
       turn the analog stick to paddle.
     Suggestions : 

       As much as I love to mash the old analog stick, I swear that it works
       better to turn it slow and steady in this game. Turn the stick at a 
       brisk pace, but make sure to make full rotations of the stick every
       time. Do not simply mash it around wildly over and over. Also, if you
       are on the side of the boat with 3 players, it seems to work to try to
       synchronize your paddles with the other paddlers. 

31. coin Shower Flower : Type : Bonus Game | Price : 50 coins
     Instructions : 

       One player stans atop a flower, the other three ride around in little
       leaf-boats in the surrounding water. Coins rain down on the flower,
       hence the name of the game, and the lucky guy on top gets to pick up a
       ton of them. However, the flower tilts and turns with the player's 
       movements, and some of the coins inevitably fall off of the flower. When
       they do, the leaf-boat riders get to pick them up. When atop the flower,
       press "A" to jump and use the analog stick to move. When in the water, 
       simply move with the analog stick. If the person on the flower falls 
       off, he or she ends the game with the amount of coins that they have 
       collected up to that point.

     Suggestions : 

       Flower Guy - Don't worry about the boats below. Just try to get as many
                    coins as possible, and try not to fall off of the flower.

       Boat Guys  - I'm afraid there's not a whole lot you can do here. Simply
                    drive around, trying to pick up the few coins that land in
                    the water. 

32. Piranha's Pursuit : Type : Chance Game | Price : 100 coins
     Instructions : 

       Three players ride a cloud, hovering above a baby Piranha Plant. The 
       other player is on the ground, and must frantically ride a skateboard
       to try to escape from the plant. When the players on top of the cloud 
       "Hip Drop" the cloud by jumping and pressing "Z," the cloud will rain. 
       Each time that the Piranha Plant is rained on, it becomes bigger, 
       stronger, and faster. The skateboarding player, in an attempt to keep
       him or herself from being eaten by the plant, can skate by pressing the 
       "B" button and can jump objects with the "A" button. If the skater 
       reaches the finish before he or she is eaten, the cloud-riders will have
       to pay him or her 15 coins. If the skateboarder is eaten, the cloud 
       riders will take 15 coins.    

     Suggestions : 

       Cloud Riders - Only "Hip Drop" when above the plant, as to ensure
                      maximum watering. Also, do -not- move left or right on 
                      the cloud. Only jump and Hip Drop. Moving around will 
                      only cause you to be in the other players' way.

       Skateboarder - Tap "B" like mad, and try your best to jump all obstacles
                      in your path. If you trip on anything, it spells almost 
                      certain death.

33. Tight Rope Treachery : Type : Chance Game | Price : 250 coins
     Instructions : 

       In this nerve-wracking game, one player is forced to walk a tightrope 
       over a large body of water. Each of the other three characters has his 
       or her own little cannon-boat, and tries to shoot the tightrope walker
       off of the rope. The walker can only walk, while the boats can move and
       can shoot with the "A" button. If the walker crosses the finish line, 
       he or she wins. If the walker is knocked off, the boats win.

     Suggestions : 

       Walker : Try your best to stay in the middle of the rope. If you do, it
                will be much harder for the shooters to knock you off. Even if
                they hit you, you will simply sit down and get back up again. 
                Also, be sure to watch out for the gusts of wind that will blow
                by. They can contribute greatly to the chances of you falling

       Boats  : It's harder than you might think to knock someone off of the
                tightrope. Spread out a bit, and try not to bump into each 
                other. Try to synchronize your shots. If two cannonballs hit
                the walker, one on each side, it spells nearly certain death
                for them. You can literally hit the walker over and over again
                with one cannonball, and they won't fall off. Hit 'em with 2, 
                and they're dead meat!

34. coin Block Bash : Type : Bonus Game | Price : 50 coins
     Instructions : 

       Nine blocks are floating in mid-air, in the same arrangement as "coin
       Block Blitz." One player has a hammer, and can break open the blocks in 
       a single hit. The other three must slowly break the blocks open by 
       jumping underneith them over and over again. Use the "A" button to swing
       the hammer, or to jump. Everyone keeps the coins that they earn.      

     Suggestions : 

       Hammer : Try to break open as many blocks as fast as you can, and be 
                sure to slam others flat when they try to chase after your 

       Others : Believe it or not, I prefer being one of the people who don't
                have the hammer in this game. While everyone else chases the
                hammer guy around, trying to steal his or her coins, I quietly
                sit off to the side, breaking blocks and grabbing tons of 
                coins. Also, since the hammer tends to make coin bags fly 
                across the screen, don't hesitate to pick them up of they slide
                your way.

35. Crane Game : Type : Chance Game | Price : 350 coins
     Instructions : 

       Much like "Bowl Over," Crane Game is based around one player's ability
       to toy with the other three (nearly helpless) players. And you don't 
       even know how literally I mean "toy!" One player is the crane, the other
       three are prizes. The prizes can wiggle a bit by pressing "A," but are
       nearly helpless. The one player is in control of the crane, and can grab
       any of the other characters that he or she chooses. Once a player is in
       the grips of the crane, both the crane and the victim must tap "A" as
       fast as they can. If the victim taps faster, he or she will be let go.
       If the crane taps faster, he or she gets a whopping 1/3 of the victim's

     Suggestions : 

       Crane  : Go for the prize (player) who has the most coins, and hope that
                you can out-tap them to victory. Also, be sure to line your
                shadow up perfectly over the prize before you grab it, or the
                chances of it slipping will be higher. Good luck - I've seen
                cranes earn over 100 coins from this game! 

       Prizes : What can I say? Just pray that you don't get picked, and if you
                do, be prepared to tap like a fool. Keep in mind that your will
                to be released is stronger than the crane's will to take your
                coins, and therefore you have a greater chance of winning. Try
                to act calm and confident in the face of the crane. Act like
                there's no way you can lose. If you have the tapping skills to 
                back up your trash-talk, you'll scare away all cranes.

* 2 vs. 2 Player Games    |

36. Handcar Havoc : Type : 2-on-2 Game | Price : 200 coins
     Instructions : 

       In this split-screen game, each pair of players controls a train track
       "handcar." In order to make the handcar move, you and your partner will
       have to tap "A" like crazy. However, watch out for those turns. If both
       you and your partner don't lean (using the analog stick) against turns,
       you'll surely fly off of the track! First pair to the finish line wins.   

     Suggestions : 

       It's a long race, so try to pace your tapping. If you don't, you'll find
       yourself at the end of the race with no stamina left at all. Also, be 
       sure that both you and your partner lean against turns, it is crucial if
       you want to stay on the track. If by chance you get stuck and can't get
       over a hill, allow the car to roll backwards on its own, and then get a
       "running start" up the hill.

37. Deep Sea Divers : Type : Bonus Game | Price : 300 coins
     Instructions : 

       This variation on "Treasure Divers" is one of the most fun 2-player 
       games, in my opinion. Just like in Treasure Divers, two of the players
       dive through the sea in search of treasure chests. However, because they
       dive extra-deep in this game, they need a little help getting back to 
       the surface. That's where the other two players, who have control of 
       boats on the surface, come into play. Once a diver has grabbed a chest,
       his or her boat partner must help to reel him or her in by rapidly 
       spinning the analog stick. This reeling, in combination with the rapid
       "A" button tapping of the diver, makes for a speedy return to the 
       surface. All of the players keep the coins that they find.     

     Suggestions : 

       First and foremost, dive for the chest at the bottom of the ocean. It 
       contains the most coins (10) and is worth aggressively seeking. Be very
       quick about it, because if you don't return to the surface fast enough
       you will run out of air. Also, keep in mind that the boat players have
       control over the left-right movement of the boat itself, when not 
       reeling. Don't be afraid to nudge your opponent's boat off to the side, 
       in order to make it harder for them to reel their diver in all the way!
       It can work very well, and at times can even make their diver drown 
       simply because they can't get back to the surface.  

38. Desert Dash : Type : 2-on-2 Game | Price : 150 coins
     Instructions : 

       Each pair of players stand atop a pair of skis, in this strange
       split-screen game. Visual left/right analog stick cues will appear on
       the screen, and both partners must press their analog sticks in the same
       direction as the on-screen picture. If you and your partner can do so
       accurately, you will gain more and more speed. If you are "off" in your
       pressings, you will stumble. The first to the finish line wins. 

     Suggestions : 

       A large "Thwomp" hovers over the track in one spot. Don't be afraid to 
       rush underneith it! You might get squashed, but if you stop to wait for
       it, you will surely lose the race anyway. It's worth the risk.

39. Bombsketball : Type : 2-on-2 Game | Price : 300 coins
     Instructions : 

       Wouldn't "Basketbomb" be a more appropriate name for this game? After 
       all, the ball was replaced with a bomb, not the basket. Not to mention
       the fact that "Basketbomb" sounds more natural! This game plays just 
       like a 2-on-2 game of Basketball would. One person starts with the bomb,
       and can "shoot" it at the basket by pressing "B." His or her partner
       can block opponents, and the opponents can steal the bomb from the bomb
       carrier by pressing "B" nearby. The first player to make a basket wins
       the game for their team.    

     Suggestions : 

       Don't go for long shots, because you will miss them. Try to run around
       the outside, and then cut in towards the basket for a good jumpshot. Be
       sure to jump - it seems to increase your chances of making the basket.
       When you don't have the ball, simply try to steal it from the ball 
       carrier as much as possible.

40. Bobsled Run : Type : 2-on-2 Game | Price : 200 coins
     Instructions : 

       Each pair of players sits in a bobsled, and must attempt to outrace the
       others to the finish line. In order to do so, they'll have to carefully
       navigate a winding bobsled course! To gain speed at the beginning of the
       race, rapidly tap "A." When the race begins, hold forward to accelerate,
       and go for the gold.

     Suggestions : 

       Learning the course is crucial to success at Bobsled Run. Try your best
       to learn all of the curves of the course, and to not scrape the walls if
       at all possible. One wall scrape is all the other team needs to pass
       you. Also, be sure that your team mate is working just as hard as you
       are, or you'll never get anywhere. Finally, learn to cut-off and to
       block your opponents well. If you're good enough, they'll never be able
       to pass you. If you see the opposing bobsled creeping up on your side,
       slam them against the wall. It will sometimes make them stop almost
       completely, which will give you a huge boost. To maintain a good speed,
       always hold forward on the analog stick. Don't be afraid to take sharp 
       turns by holding diagonally backwards, though.


* 1-Player Games          |

41. Memory Match : Type : Bonus Game | Price : 50 coins
     Instructions : 

       Just like the classic game "Memory," the goal is to match pictures that
       are alike. To reveal the pictures beneith the 9 cards, "Hip Drop" them
       by jumping and pressing "Z." If you reveal Bowser, you will be 
       temporarily stunned. Match all 8 non-bowser squares to win. Even if you
       don't match all of the squares, you will still be awarded two coins for
       each pair that you have matched.

     Suggestions : 

       This game should be absolutely no problem, even for the worst of Mario
       Party players. Just turn over the pictures, remember which pictures are
       where, and match them up. It's that simple!

42. Knock Block Tower : Type : Success Game | Price : 200 coins
     Instructions : 

       A stack of blocks reaches towards the sky. Some of the blocks are 
       wooden, but some are Thwomps. The Thwomps move up and down, taking the
       boxes with them. Your goal is to jump into the air, break the wooden
       boxes, and not touch the Thwomps. If you can do so, you'll be able to
       jump to the top of the stack and grab a chest that rests there. Use "A"
       to jump and "B" to attack.

     Suggestions : 

       Don't get too eager, try to think about your actions. You can jump three
       blocks high. Try to only jump and hit the blocks when they are at the 
       proper height. If they aren't, you will get bounced away by a mean 
       Thwomp! This event is incredibly easy once you get used to it.

43. Limbo Dance : Type : Success Game | Price : 50 coins
     Instructions : 

       A series of limbo poles of varying heights stands before you. Pressing
       "A" will make you hop forward a bit, and will also make you lean back
       slightly. Not pressing anything will allow your character to slowly
       raise back into a normal standing position. By timing your lean/jumps,
       try to limbo your way underneith all of the poles.

     Suggestions : 

       When you limbo so low that you're about to fall over, your character 
       will flail around a bit. This shows you that if you tap the button again
       immediately, you will fall. By learning to time your button taps with 
       the flailing animation, you can basically make it so that you stay as
       low as possible without falling, at all times. Practice it a bit in the
       practice screen. After getting the hang of it, this event becomes much
       easier than you might think.

44. Slot Machine : Type : Bonus Game | Price : 200 coins
     Instructions : 

       You have control of a giant slot machine. Hit the stop-block with your
       head to stop each of the three rotating wheels. If you match up three
       pictures, you win a prize. Use "A" to jump up and hit the stop-block.      

     Suggestions : 

       Watch the pictures as they fly by, and try to get a feel for how long it
       takes for the picture to pass. Once you get good at timing it, you 
       should be able to nail the picture you want every time. My suggestion is
       to always go for the "hat" (which looks more like a red blobby spikey 
       thing), because it gives you 20 coins. If you manage to match up three
       pictures, be sure to -collect- your coins. You must actually run left 
       and right, picking them up. If you don't, your prize will be lost!

45. Pedal Power : Type : Success Game | Price : 150 coins
     Instructions : 

       That pesky "Boo" is up to his old tricks again. Your character rides
       atop a bicycle as Boo draws closer and closer. By spinning the analog
       stick as fast as you can, you will charge up a huge light bulb more and
       more. If you charge it up all the way before he gets to you, Boo will be

     Suggestions : 

       This is one of those games that depends 100% on good analog stick 
       spinning skills. Spin the stick fast, and you'll have this game easily
       beat. Check out my "Analog Spinning Tips" for more help.

46. Whack-a-Plant : Type : Bonus Game | Price : 200 coins
     Instructions : 

       Nine warp tubes are arranged 3 x 3. Piranha Plants randomly pop out of
       the tubes, a la the classic arcade game "Whack-a-Mole." Run around on 
       top of the tubes, jumping on as many of the plants as you can. Each
       plant you stomp will earn you one coin.

     Suggestions : 

       This is one of the games that really rakes in the coins, so try your
       best to get good at it. Learn to bounce from plant to plant without 
       falling off, and you'll be able to execute huge strings of bounces. If
       you need to complete an extra-long jump, hold down "A" as you bounce off
       of a plant. You should be able to bounce all the way from one side of 
       the plants to the other. Other than that, just try to concentrate and 
       use this event to its fullest potential!

47. Shell Game : Type : Success Game | Price : 200 coins
     Instructions : 

       This game plays just like the classic street-corner shell games we all
       know. A chest full of coins is hidden under one shell, and then the 
       shell is mixed up with three others. If you can keep your eye on the 
       correct shell, you'll be able to earn yourself 10 coins. After the 
       shells have mixed themselves up, simply run up and touch the one that 
       you think is right.       

     Suggestions : 

       Keep your eye on the shell, of course! Watch out for the extra-tricky
       "zig zag" portion of the mix-up, it is the part that is most likely to
       confuse you. Don't blink!   

48. Ghost Guess : Type : Success Game | Price : 100 coins
     Instructions : 

       A ring of scary Boos surrounds your character. One of them is moving 
       before all of the others, and the others are copying his movement. By
       watching the Boos carefully, try to figure out which one of them is 
       moving first. Run up and bonk the correct one, and you'll get 10 coins.
       If you take too long, the Boos will come closer and closer, and will
       ultimately touch and kill you! Watch out!

     Suggestions : 

       I've found that it is pretty useless to try to spot which Boo is moving
       first, when they're moving sideways. However, when they move up and 
       down, it should be very easy to pick out the one who is moving first. 
       Take your time, watch them make about 4 or 5 moves, but don't take -too-
       long or they'll touch you. Good luck.

49. Ground Pound : Type : Success Game | Price : 50 coins
     Instructions : 

       A bunch of wooden poles are standing upright in the middle of the
       forest. For a few seconds, you'll be able to see them in full view. Some
       are spikey on top, and some are flat. After the initial viewing period,
       butterflies will fly in and land on the tops of the poles. Your job is
       to "Hip Drop" the flat-topped poles, by jumping and pressing "Z." 
       Flatten them all, and you win.

     Suggestions : 

       This is one of those "why does it exist?" games. I have never seen a
       single person lose at it, not even the computer players. It is my belief
       that you could "Hip Drop" each and every pole, spikey poles included, 
       and still be able to complete the game. The game is made extra-easy by
       the fact that you can -see- the tops of the poles underneith the 
       butterflies! Nobody will have a problem passing this one.

50. Teetering Towers : Type : Success Game | Price : 100 coins
     Instructions : 

       A sea of teetering towers stands before you. Can you successfully jump
       across them and reach the finish line? Walk to the edge of a tower to 
       make it lean in that direction, and then jump to the next tower on your
       way down. If you can jump across all of the towers without falling, you

     Suggestions : 

       Be sure to get a running start before jumping off of the towers. Don't
       just tip a tower, stand by the edge, and jump. Instead try tipping the
       tower, running back a bit, and then doing a huge running jump from the
       tipping tower to the next tower. It is tricky at first, but like all of
       these Mini-Games, you'll get used to it! Aim for the towers with coins
       and bags on them. Any coins that you pick up along the way will be added
       to the 10 that you'll get for finishing the game.

51. Bumper Ball Maze 1 : Type : N/A | Price : N/A
     Instructions : 

       Available only in 1-player mode via the Mini-Game House, Bumper Ball 
       Maze is a test of balance and concentration. It plays not unlike the 
       hilarious game "Irritating Stick" for PlayStation and N64. You control
       a Bumper Ball-riding character, just as in the "Bumper Balls" Mini-Game.
       However, no bumping goes on here! Instead, you have to navigate your
       ball over a large maze, trying not to fall off of the edge. If you fall,
       you lose. If you make it to the end, your time record will be saved. 
       This game basically exists for the sole purpose of setting records and
       fine-tuning your analog stick skills.

       See the "Secrets" section for information on how to unlock this game.
     Suggestions : 

       Move quickly, but not too quickly. If you get too much momentum built
       up, you won't be able to stop easily and may fall off of the edge. Zip 
       through the thicker sections of track, but don't forget to slow down 
       when it gets thin. Take the shortcuts, they improve your time a lot and
       aren't much harder to navigate.

52. Bumper Ball Maze 2 : Type : N/A | Price : N/A
     Instructions : 

       The same as Bumper Ball Maze 1, but a different shaped track.

       See the "Secrets" section for information on how to unlock this game.

     Suggestions : 
       See Bumper Ball Maze 1.

53. Bumper Ball Maze 3 :Type : N/A | Price : N/A
     Instructions : 

       The same as Bumper Ball Maze 1, but a different shaped track.

       See the "Secrets" section for information on how to unlock this game.
     Suggestions : 

       See Bumper Ball Maze 1.

54. Chance Time :Type : N/A | Price : N/A
     Instructions : 

       In Chance Time, anything can happen. Three blocks are spinning, and must
       be stopped just like the Dice Block would be. The two blocks on the 
       sides represent the four players in the game. By selecting them, you 
       will mark two players as the victims of Chance Time. The middle block
       represents their fate. The icons on the middle block include an exchange
       of stars, one player giving a star to the other, an exchange of coins,
       and more. This can be good or bad for the players chosen, depending on
       which side of the middle block they're on. For example, if someone who 
       has four stars gets "star swapped" with someone who has no stars, they
       simply have to give all four of their stars to that player. Chance Time
       can change the entire outcome of a game, instantly.
     Suggestions : 

       Always pick the middle block first, to find out what the exchange will
       be. If you pick the symbol that means "person on right gives a star to
       person on left," then it's obvious what you'll have to do. Put yourself
       on the left! After picking the middle block, move to the block that is 
       on the "good" end of it. You should be able to fairly easily hit your
       own character's face, as the block will be spinning pretty slowly. This
       way, you're always guaranteed to win in some way when you play Chance

| Mini Game Island /______________________________________________/ Section 7 |
`-----------------/                                              /------------'

For those of you who enjoy a little 1-player action, Mini-Game Island will 
provide some challenge and fun for you. If nothing else, it's a cool way to
practice the Mini-Games in a neat "old-school Mario game" way. The island is
arranged into worlds, just like in the old Mario games, and a Mini-Game is 
played on each space of the board. Each Mini-Game has its own criteria for
passing it, and passing each game will give you a extra life, and will allow
you to move on to the next space. If you lose at a game, you lose a life. Lives
can also be gained by collecting 100 coins in Mini-Games. Save points appear in
between each "world."Here's the rundown of the worlds, stages, and requirements
on Mini-Game Island.

     World 1 :

       1-1 : coin Block Blitz - Get 10 or more coins.
       1-2 : coin Block Bash - Get 10 or more coins.
       1-3 : coin Shower Flower - Get 20 or more coins.
       1-4 : Paddle Battle - Get 15 or more coins.

     World 2 :

       2-1 : Memory Match - Match all eight pictures.
       2-2 : Ground Pound - Pound all of the flat-topped logs.
       2-3 : Limbo Dance - Successfully limbo underneith the bars.
       2-4 : Musical Mushroom - Grab the chest before the others.
       2-5 : Piranha's Pursuit - Successfully evade the Piranha Plant.

     World 3 : 

       3-1 : Crazy Cutter - Earn 80 or more points.
       3-2 : Buried Treasure - Find the buried treasure.
       3-3 : Desert Dash - Be on the winning team.
       3-4 : Tug 'o War - Win the Tug 'o War.
       3-5 : Teetering Towers - Make it to the end of the towers. Don't fall!

     World 4 :

       4-1 : Bobsled Run - Win the bobsled race.
       4-2 : Skateboard Scamper - Win the skateboard race.
       4-3 : Handcar Havoc - Be on the winning team.
       4-4 : Ghost Guess - Guess the correct ghost.
     World 5 :

       5-1 : Cast Aways - Reel in at least 30 coins.
       5-2 : Shy Guy Says - Defeat the others in this game.
       5-3 : Bumper Balls - Bump everyone else off of the platform.
       5-4 : Treasure Divers - Get 10 or more coins.
       5-5 : Bombs Away - Stay on the platform.
       5-6 : Deep Sea Divers - Get 15 or more coins.
       5-7 : Mushroom Mix-Up - Be the last one standing on a mushroom!
       5-8 : Tightrope Treachery - Make it to the finish line without falling.

     World 6 :

       6-1 : Box Mountain Mayhem - Get 10 or more coins.
       6-2 : Pedal Power - Turn on the light and defeat Boo.
       6-3 : Tipsey Tourney - Uncover your picture first.
       6-4 : Hot Bob-omb - Don't get blown up.
       6-5 : Bombsketball - Make a basket, or be on the team that does.
       6-6 : Hot Rope Jump - Make it to the end without getting burned.

     World 7 :

       7-1 : Slot Machine - Match up any three items.
       7-2 : Crane Game - Successfully pick up one of the computer players.
       7-3 : Pipe Maze - Make the chest land on your character.
       7-4 : Bowl Over - Knock over all three computer opponents.
       7-5 : Whack-a-Plant - Get 25 or more coins.
       7-6 : Mario Bandstand - Play so well that you're put in the spotlight.

     World 8 :

       8-1 : Running of the Bulb - Get to the end of the tunnel successfully.
       8-2 : Grab Bag - Steal 15 or more coins.
       8-3 : Key-pa-Way - Put the key in the hole successfully.
       8-4 : Balloon Burst - Pop your balloon before the other players.
       8-5 : Face Lift - Get 90 or more points.
       8-6 : Bash 'n Cash - Finish the game with at least 1 coin remaining.

     World 9 :

       9-1 : Hammer Drop - Get 10 or more coins.
       9-2 : Slot Car Derby 1 - Finish in first place.
       9-3 : Shell Game - Identify the correct shell.
       9-4 : Knock Block Tower - Get the chest from the top of the blocks.
       9-5 : Platform Peril - Race to the finish line faster than the others.

     Final World :
       Goal : Slot Car Derby 2 - Defeat Toad in this challenging Slot Car race.

| Analog Spinning Tips /__________________________________________/ Section 8 |
`---------------------/                                          /------------'

As you've probably gathered by now, Mario Party is a game that requires some
serious analog spinning skills. If you can't spin that stick, you'll be dead
meat in many of the Mini-Games within. Here are a few tips to help you spin the
stick like a pro. Although no methods are perfect, these are some of the ones
that myself and my friends like to use. We sometimes end up with very sore
hands, but we always have a hell of a time spinning that stick! Proceed with

     The James :

       Press analog stick directly into the middle of your palm. Hold the pad
       close to your body. Spin counter-clockwise very rapidly, trying not to
       slip off of the pad. Using this technique, my brother James has scored
       "61" on the Mecha Fly Guy. This barely edges out my score of "60," using
       my own technique.

     The Bobby :

       Press the analog stick firmly into the area just underneith your thumb.
       Hold the pad against your left theigh, and optionally hold the pad 
       nearly sideways. With the pad secured, begin spinning the stick 
       clockwise, very careful to do so in full rotations. Any slip-ups can 
       seriously cost you.

     The Finger-Hold :

       Some people prefer to get a firm grip on the analog stick. If you're one
       of these types, try holding the stick between the base of your thumb and
       the left side of your pointer finger, not unlike you may hold a guitar
       pick. Brace the pad somehow, and spin. This method has worked pretty 
       well for me, but it resulted in some bad blisters. Ever since then, I
       have been using "The Bobby."

     The Carpet :

       If your hands are just too weak to handle the analog stick twisting 
       mayhem of Mario Party, simply shove the stick into your carpet
       face-down, and spin it that way. You won't break any records this way,
       but at least your hands will emerge in good shape. 

     The Rubber Glove :

       This mysterious technique has not been tested yet, even by me. However, 
       I feel that if I wear a heavy-duty gardening and/or dishwashing glove, 
       the combination of the no-slip surface and the technique of "The Bobby"
       could amount to unbelievable high scores. I'll keep you all posted.

As a final tip, I'd like to stress the fact that analog stick whirlers should
never show any shame for what they do. Everyone knows that turning the stick at
10 turns/second is tough work. If you need to tighten your face muscles up a 
bit and grunt here and there, don't worry about it. And to those spectators out
there, never -ever- laugh at someone when they're turning the analog stick! A
single chuckle could ruin a potentially record-breaking run on the Mecha Fly 
Guy. Wait until the 10 seconds are up, and -then- start laughing.

| The Secrets    /________________________________________________/ Section 9 |
`---------------/                                                /------------'

The following is a list of secrets in Mario Party. As I mentioned earlier in
this guide, I haven't found a way to play as any new characters yet. However,
I have not yet purchased all of the Mini-Games from the Mini-Game House. 
It is quite possible that doing so will unlock even more secrets.

     Magma Mountain : 

       To access Magma Mountain, you must first buy all other available items
       in the Mushroom Shop. Once they have been purchased, and once you have
       played all of the available game boards already, Magma Mountain will 
       become available for purchase. It costs 980 coins, and is an additional 
       game board with a Bowser theme.

     Bumper Ball Maze 1 :

       To access Bumper Ball Maze 1, play all the way to the last space in 
       "Mini-Game Island," and defeat Toad in his Slot Car challenge. If you 
       can defeat him, you will be given this new mini-game. However, the game
       is only playable in the Mini-Game House, and will not appear in the
       actual board game.

     Bumper Ball Maze 2 : 

       To access Bumper Ball Maze 2, complete all spaces in "Mini-Game Island."
       Just like Bumper Ball Maze 1, this game is only playable from the 
       Mini-Game House.

     Bumper Ball Maze 3 :
       Once you've set records (of any time under 1:00:00) in Bumper Ball Maze
       1 and 2, Bumper Ball Maze 3 will become available. Like the other two 
       games, Bumper Ball Maze 3 is only playable in the Mini-Game House.

     No Boo :

       After you complete Mario Party by earning 100 stars and by finishing the
       "Eternal star" board, "No Boo" will become available in the Mushroom

     No Koopa :

       After you complete Mario Party by earning 100 stars and by finishing the
       "Eternal star" board, "No Koopa" will also become available in the
       Mushroom Shop.

     Ending :

       It may seem silly to most people, but you can even purchase the ending
       sequence of the game from the Item Shop, once you've earned 100 stars 
       and have completed the "Eternal star" board. Once purchased, you can
       watch the ending at any time from the Option House.

     More stars and coins :

       It isn't really a "secret," but it's a great little trick to get more
       stars and coins than you normally may. I figured out this trick after
       losing all of my items and 100 stars to a slip-up in the Japanese 
       version of the game. If you're playing with any number of computer
       opponents, you will not get their coins and stars when the game ends. To
       remedy this, hit "start" on the last turn of the game, and change the
       computer players to human players, for the last turn only. Control them
       with your other controllers for the last turn, and you'll get all of 
       their stars and coins when the game finishes!

| The Changes    /_______________________________________________/ Section 10 |
`---------------/                                               /-------------'

Most people don't care about this kind of thing, but I for one have always been
interested in knowing what gets changed in U.S. releases of foreign games. 
Since I happen to own the Japanese version of Mario Party, I have noticed a few
changes in the game. 

     Voices : 

       In the Japanese version of Mario Party, both Luigi and Wario blurt out 
       the un-PC (and extremely hilarious sounding) phrase "Oh my GOD!" 
       whenever they lose a massive amount of coins, lose a turn, or suffer 
       other types of misfortune. In the U.S. version of Mario Party, the voice
       clips have been changed. Wario now yells out an obviously rushed phrase
       that sounds out of place and makes little sense: "Oh, I missed." Luigi,
       on the other hand, now simply yells out "Owwowwowowow!" 

     Names :

       Donkey Kong is refered to as simply "Donkey" in the Japanese version of
       Mario Party. His name has been shortened to "DK" in the U.S. version.

     Manuals :

       I've always been a big fan of good packaging, and I was blown away by
       the Japanese version of Mario Party. It comes with two seperate manuals.
       One of them describes how to play the game, and the other is a booklet 
       with full descriptions and instructions for all of the Mini-Games!
       Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed when the U.S. version didn't
       include the same nice bonus.

| In Closing..   /_______________________________________________/ Section 11 |
`---------------/                                               /-------------'

I hope you've all enjoyed reading this guide, and I hope that I've helped you
to obliterate your opponents in future games of Mario Party. If you liked this
guide, you might want to check out some of my other work (reviews, etc) at my 
web page, Intense Games. Although mainly focused on PlayStation and Dreamcast 
coverage,It is run entirely by me and has some pretty interesting stuff on it. 

Check it out at

Special thanks to my brother James "Donkey Kong" Conover, and to friends Brett 
"Princess" Camper, Jim "Wario" Romdall, John Akin, and Brendan McCracken. 
Without having you guys around to play this game with, it wouldn't have been 
possible to enjoy it at all! Oh, and thanks for all the future games that we'll
surely play. I know that it'll be hard for you to face defeat, and I appreciate
the fact that you are all so willing to crumble from the sheer power of my 
awesome Mario Party skills. Bah hah hah Hah HAH!

The contents of this guide are Copyright (c) 1999 Bobby Conover, and are not to
be used for profit in any publications of any kind. This guide may be posted
freely on any on-line web pages or newsgroups, as long as the contents of the
guide are not altered in -any- way. 

Mario Party is Copyright (c) 1998 Nintendo of America Inc.

Finally, comments, suggestions, and additional information can be e-mailed 
directly to me at . I welcome any and all corrections,
as well as any information that I may have accidentally left out of this guide.
Thanks for your support!


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