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R    U     G    R    A     T      S
                                   SEARCH FOR REPTAR!

Hi. The name iz Zackman. I played Rugrats: Search for Reptar™ and
found it rather entertaining. There are some tough spots in the game
which i will point out.  Here goes...


1: The Controls!

2: The Game/Story

3: Why Rugrats, Zackman?!

4: Walkthrough

5: Secrets


X - Jump

O - Pick Up Object, Set Object Down

/_\ - Triangle Throws an Object, Tag a Baby, Grab an item leading to

[_] - Square Makes Baby Walk

R1 - Straighten Camera

L1 - Look up

L2 - Look left

R2 - Look Right

Directional pad - Directs Baby


Basically, this game is pointed to the younger audience, from 4 to 8. Or
anyone who likes Rugrats... It's really short, but once you explore
everything, it gets kinda okay.

The story? Tommy plays around in the living room while the babies watch
Reptar on TV. Tommy makes a pretty good impression of Reptar himself,
knocking over blocks and kicking over a toy car. ''Where's my Reptar
puzzle?'' He looks to the Reptar doll. ''There it is!'' He picks it up.
Chuckie asks, ''W-where are the pieces?'' Tommy replies, ''They're
inside!'' He shakes the doll and one puzzle piece falls out. He starts
to cry. Stu and Didi enter the room. ''Whoa... Either all the pieces are
missing, or that's the world's easiest puzzle.'' Stu chuckles. ''Oh
my... the pieces must be all over the house!'' Didi says. Stu thinks,
then hands Tommy a ball. ''Here, champ... have a ball!'' They leave the
room. Tommy throws the ball away, and picks up the puzzle piece. He
looks up in the sky and says, ''We'll find every piece of you Reptar,
even if we hafta search the whole world!!' Thus beginning the search for


Why Rugrats? Too much Cocacola... Litterally. Basically, i'm a little
too asleep to realize what i'm doing.. by the time i send this, i'll be
thinking... ''What the bleep did i just do?!?'' Ah well. Besides, i had
to help alot of my friends with this, especially the hard levels.  So I
give my help to all of you. yeah whuteva..


Chuckie Loses his Glasses [Easy]

 Rain.. nuts! Nothing to do. What do we play? How about Pin the Tail on
Chuckie? or Hide and go Peek!  but Chuckie's it, and extra eyes aren't
fair. He searches for his friends and Angelica without his glasses.
 Most of the time, the babies are on the 2nd floor of the house. But
they're also sometimes at the bottom. If they are upstairs, run to the
stairs and jump clear across them. Go straight through the kitchen and
to the playpen. Done! Hit /_\ to tag a baby, then run.

Ice Cream Mountain [Easy]

Stu wants to go golfing. He takes the kids and promises them a huge ice
cream mountain! Yum...
 To put simply, walk to the ball and your golf club will appear. Hold
down [_] to aim your club better and you should have no problem. At the
bottom of this walkthrough is the descriptive version of this level.


Jump over stairs!!
 While running when you are upstairs, go to the stairs and jump you
should jump straight over them without hurting yourself.

Incident on Aisle 7 Shortcut!

 Near the beginning with the plants, you should find some balloons. Go
towards them and grab them. You'll float to where the grocers try to get

This FAQ was created by Zackman. You may use this FAQ in any pleasable
way, as long as you ask me first. Rugrats is © Nickelodeon.  The
Search for Reptar is © THQ Inc. 

Zackman... To Psychotic Intentions and Beyond. XO

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