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Shin Super Robot Taisen Walk-through
Version 1.5 (4/2/97)
By Phillip L Yee ([email protected])
Thanks to Outis Longxing ([email protected]) 

Game: Shin Super Robot Taisen/Neo Super Robot War
Developer: Winkysoft (Banpresto)
Genre: Stratagy Simulation
System: Sony Playstation
Cost: 6800 Yen

Okay Here it is, the complete Episode guide. Thanks to all who emailed
support. This Guide assumes that you have at least some understanding
Japanese (e.g. kana). Therefore I've decided not to include menu
since the interface is pretty easy to figure out if not by trial &
Please note that his Guide is still incomplete. Version 2.0 will be
the last
and final version.

Please feel free to distrubute as long as no part of the text,
including the 
headers, is changed. Any Questions may be directed to me at
[email protected]
For the latest version of this guide or any other changes , check out 
Enjoy !

Table of Contents:

2)Psycho Spells
4)Map Guide
  a)Earth Route
  b)Space Route


Shin Super Robot War is the latest (as of 4/4/97) of the Super Robot
War series.
Previously the other Super Robot War games were released on the Game
boy (SRW1 & SRW2G),
Famicom (SRW2), Super Famicom system (SRW3, SRW EX and SRW4) and
Playstation (SRW4S).
SSRW is a new start for the series as it has no relation to the
previous SRW games (thus
the word "shin" or "New" in the title), this is to more or less
attract a larger 
audience. Also in the previous SRW games, the units were Super
Deformed (SD), in SSRW
this is no longer the case.

SSRW features the units from the following Anime:

Mobile Suit Gundam:Char's Counterattack
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam
New Mobile War Chronicle Gundam Wing
Blue Comet SPT Layzner
Voltes V
Giant Sky Demon Dragon Gaiking
Mazinger Z
Invincible Torider G-7
Brave Hero Raideen

If you are new to the SRW series , then this is the perfect game to


Teisatsu/Reconnaissance: 5SP, Shows Selected Enemy's Stats. 

Kasoku/Acceleration: 5SP, +5 Movement.

Tansaku/Search: 5SP, Finds Item on map.

Shuuchuu/Concentration: 10SP, +30% Attack and Defence for one turn. 

Hirameki/Flash: 10SP, Automatic Dodge for one attack.

Ashikase/Leg Shackle: 10SP, Lowers Enemy Mobility.

Hicchuu/Hitting the target: 20SP, 100% Attack for one turn.

Konjou/Will-power: 20SP, Recover +30% HP.

Datsuryoku/Lose Power: 30SP, -10 Attack Power.

Shinrai/Trust: 30SP, +30% HP for Selected Ally.

Neketsu/Hot Blood: 30SP, x2 Damage for one attack.

Kakuremi/Cloak of invisiblitiy: 40SP, Cannot be attacked for 1 turn.

Tebbiki/Iron Wall: 30SP, Armor doubled for 1 turn.

kouun/Good Luck: 40SP, x2 XP and Money for one Attack.

Dokonjiyou/Great Will: 40SP, Full HP.

Kiai/Fighting Spirit: 40SP, +10 Morale

Tamashi/Spirit: 50SP,  x3 Damage for one attack.

Gekirei/Encouragement: 50SP, +10 Morale for surrounding Allies.

Kakuran//Confusion: 70SP, Confuse/Stun enemy units for 1 turn.

Gekido/Rage: 50SP, 10-1000Pts Damage to All Enemy Units on the map.

Saidou:Move Again: 70SP, gain 1 addtional turn.

Yuujyou/Friendship: 80SP, Recover +1/2 HP for All Allies.

Ai/Love: 100SP, Full HP For all Allies.

Fukatsu/Resurrection: 120SP, Resurrection of defeated character.


Kouseinou Radar/High Efficiency Radar: +1 range for ranged weapons.

Minofsky Craft: Allows non-flight unit to gain flight Movement option.

Booster: +1 Movement.

Mega Booster: +2 Movement.

Apogee Moter: +1 Movement, +5 Mobility.

Magnetic Coating: +10 Limit, +5 Mobility.

Bio-Sensor: +15 Limit, -8 Mobility.

Cartridge: Automatic Weapon Reload.

Psycho Frame: +25 Limit, +10 Mobility.

Tai Beam Coating/Anti-Beam Coating: Defence vs weak ranged Beam

I Field: Defence vs. Standard ranged beam attacks.

HP Kaifuku/HP Recovery: Duh ....

EN Kaifuku/EN Recovery: See above.

Chobom Armor: +500HP, -3 Mobility, +100 Armor.

Hybrid Armor: +550HP, -8 Mobility, +150 Armor, -1 Movement.

Gundarium Alloy: +600HP, -9 Mobility, +200 Armor, -1 Movement.

Zormanium Alloy: +700HP, -10 Mobility, +150 Armor, -2 Movement

Chogoukin Z/Super Alloy Z: +750HP, -12 Mobility, +250 Armor, -2

Makishingaru Alloy: +800HP, -15 Mobility, +250 Armor, -2 Movement.

Chogoukin Nu Z/Super Alloy Nu Z: +1000HP, -10 Mobility, +250 Armor, -1

Chip: -20% EN Consumption.

M Chip: -25% Energy Consumption.

H Chip: Makes your unit perverted or gives you -30% Energy

S Chip: -35% Energy Consumption.

HM Kyouka Chip/HM(Hyper Mode) Strengthen Chip: -50% Energy


Note: All Item locations are given at a X,Y Value.

Episode 1: "The Mysterious Intruder"

Enemies: Beast Soldier Baizanga
 	 Cylinder x 4
	 Skull Ku
Reinforcements: Cylinder X 2

Items: 2,000 (27,13)

After watching the introduction (and Hiro Yui stealing an ambulance)
The game starts 
off with the Voltis V (five) team. This scene is taken directly from
the anime , in 
which due to the inexperience of the team to combine into Voltis V,
the hero’s mother 
buys them time by sacrificing her life so that they can combine into
Voltis V.
Once Voltis V is formed , the Giant sky demonic Dragon ship from
Gaiking will 
led you a hand.

Episode 2: Enter, Torider G-7

Enemies: Beast Solider Dokugaga
         Cylinder x 6
Reinforcements: Cylinder x 4

Items: 2,000 (12,03)
       2,000 (16,07)
       2,000 (06,07)

On this map you will meet up with Torider G-7. 

Episode 3: "Phonics Research Lab"

Enemies: Garada K7
         Baduras M2
Reinforcements: 1) Beast Solider Baizanga
                   Cylinder x 2
2) Beast Solider Dokugaga
   Cylinder x 4

Items: 2,000 (23,09) 
       2,000 (05,38)
       Booster (13,18)

Mazinger-Z appears as you defend the Phonics Research Lab from a
surprise attack. 
Eventually the Aphrodai A will aide you as well as the Gaiking and
Voltis V team.

Episode 4: "League Militare"

Enemies: Dorome x 4
         Red Barom x 4
Reinforcements: 1) Dorome x 2
                   Red Barom x 2
                2) Dorome x 2
Items: 2,000 (10,06)
       2,000 (01,14)

After Successfully defending the Phonics Research Lab, our heroes
receive a distress 
call from a military force. Thinking Earth military forces are in
trouble, our heroes 
set off to the rescue , only to show up to see the transport ship
destroyed. Luckily 
they were in their mobile suits in time. Thus 3 Gun-EZs join your

Episode 5: "Ryuusei Dati"

Enemies: Cylinder x 4
Reinforcements: 1) Red Barom x 2
                2) Ankoku Kaibutsu Black Monster
                   Red Barom x 2
Items: 2,000 (04,05)
       2,000 (38,13)

After rescuing the 3 Gun EZ Pilots , Junko introduces themselves and
explains to 
everyone that they are not part of the Earth Federation's Military,
but they a small 
rebel force formed to fight the Zanscarl Empire and their military arm
(Ballistic Equipment & SPace Armory) known as the League Militare
(Junko , Peggy and 
Helen belong to the LM’s, ‘Shrike Squadron’). The Zanscarl Empire has
already occupied 
parts of Europe and the LM want to push them back into space. Our
Heroes agree to 
give them a hand.

Back at the Big Falcon Island, enemy forces appear for a surprise
attack. Luckily 
Ryuusei Dati and his Personal Trooper R-1 unit is ready for action.
Later on, 
Akira Hibiki in the Raiden appear to loan you a hand.
Episode 6: "Point Kasareria"

Enemies: Shokew
Reinforcements: Overhead Hawk x 6

Items: 2,000 (14,13)
       2,000 (31,11)

Taken directly from Episode 1 of ‘Mobile Suit Victory Gundam’ , Usso
fends off 
Lt. Chonicle Asher of the BESPA Yellow Jackets Squadron in front of
his home. 

Episode 7: "Chronicle’s Revenge"

Enemies: Overhead Hawk x 3
         Bottom-Top Part x 3
         Zolo x 3
Reinforcements: Zolo x 3
                Bottom-Top Part x 4

Items: Chobam Armor (05,05)
       Magnetic Coating (19,07)
       2,000 (19,17)
       2,000 (31,19)

Chronicle Returns with a vengeance in attempt eliminate the League
Militare Once and for
all. However the Gaiking team is ordered to return to Japan. Kyouji
and the Voltis V 
team decide to stick around to help the League Militare. Watta almost
joins in as well , 
but is stopped by his vice-president.  This is where the Game falls
into your hands. 
You have 2 choices: Follow the Gaiking team (Earth Route) or Stay in
(Space Route). If you choose to stay in Europe , the Gaiking team
takes off with 
Sayaka and Watta and thus ends episode 7. However if you decide to
Stick around , 
you get to fight it out with Chronicle’s BESPA forces with Usso (V
Gundam), Peggy, 
Helen , Junko (Gun EZs), Kyouji (Mazinger Z) and the Voltis V team.


Episode 8: "Gundam Fight"

Enemies: Cylinder x 2
         Red Barom x 3
         Beast Solider Baizanga
         Beast Solider Dokugaga
         Ankoku Kaibutsu Sasoringa
         Skull Ku
Reinforcements: Beast Solider Baizanga
                Garada K7
                Daburasu M2
                Beast Solider Dokugaga

Items: 2,000 (01,01)
       2,000 (13,18)
       5,000 (01,16)
       Beam Coating (28,21)

This episode is a treat for G Gundam fans. Domon Kashu runs into Hiiro
Yui and after a 
short Exchange of threats , Domon declares a Gundam Fight and dukes it
out with Hiiro 
(Stroker even appears to narriate the episode !). The Battle is cut
short when 
Boazon forces appear.

Episode 9: "Project SRX"

Enemies: Shisu x3
         Zadogu x 3
         Beast Solider Dokugaga
         Beast Solider Baizanga
         Ankoku Kaibutsu Black Monster
         Skull Ku
Reinforcements: 1) Shisu x 3
                2) Scout x 3

Items: 5,000 (13,24)
       2,000 (14,11)
       2,000 (28,17)
       2,000 (32,06)

Ryuusei Dati And Akira Hibiki Join up with your forces to battle the
combined forces
of Boazon and Alien units.

Episode 10: "Genius Pilot, Rai"

Enemies: Shisu
         Zadokku x 3
         Bureiba x 6
Reinforcements: Kyou x 8

Items: 2,000 (14,18)
       2,000 (28,06)
       5,000 (34,13)
       5,000 (41,20)
       Chip (50,18)
       Kouseinou Radar (54,03)

This Episode introduces the 2nd Original Chatracter Raidisu F
Buranshutain, or simply 
just "Rai" (notice Ryuusei refers to him as "Rai-chan"). Rai, known as
a Genuis Pilot
was first to arrive at the city where enemy SPTs are attacking the

Episode 11: "Giant sky Demon Dragon's Defensive Order"

Enemies: Red Barom x 3
         Daburasu M2
         Garada K7
Reinforcements: 1) Ankoku Kaibutsu Black Monster
                   Ankoku Kaibutsu Sanringa
                   Daburasu M2
                   Garada K7
                2) Ankoku Kaibutsu x 2

Items: 2,000 (29,21)
       2,000 (15,24)
       5,000 (34,16)
       EN Kaifuku (22,04)

Your forces are ordered to once again defend the Phonics Research Lab.

Episode 12: "First investigation"

Enemies: Scout x 3
         Beast Solider Namazonga
         Skull Ku
Reinforcements: 1) Shisu Kai x 3
                2) Shisu Kai x 3

Items: 2,000 (30,09)
       2,000 (22,17)
       Zormanium Alloy (15,21)

After Fending off the attack, enemy units are detected near the coast,
Ryuusei, Rai and
Akira are sent to interecept.

Episode 13: "Hiiro and Lilina"

Enemies: Amajya
         Ankoku Kaibutsu Black Monster x 2
Reinforcements: 1) Garada K7 x 3
                2) Daburasu M2 x 3
                3) Beast Soilder Dokugaga
                   Beast Soilder Gaizanga

Items: 2,000 (13,18)
       2,000 (35,12)
       2,000 (19,20)
       Mega Booster (17,30)

Partially based on episode 6 of Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing. Since
the last 2 attacks
on the Phonics Research Lab by Boazon failed, Hiiro Yui is sent
covertly to destory
it himself. Hiiro almost accomplishes the task if not for Lilina who
appears and
stops him ("Hiiro ? That is you Hiiro !"). Lilina almost gets herself
killed by an 
enemy Amajya unit but Hiro puts himself in between the fatal missle
attack and then 
flees ("Why ? Why did I do that ?!!").

Episode 14: "The name is Tohou Fuhai"

Enemies: MS Death Army x 4

Items: Anti-Beam Coating (08,14)
       Magnetic coating (13,17)
       Gundarium Alloy (05,26)

Another G Gundam Fan's Delight. Based on episode 12, Domon is
amubushed by death army 
units. A mystious figure appears and saves him. Domon watches in awe
and instantly 
recognizes the attack style and realizes that the mysterious figure is
his old martial 
arts teacher , Tohou Fuhai aka Master Asia. 

After the battle, Rain Explains (I think, I forgot which episode
exactly) that she and 
Domon are seeking the Domon's brother, Kyouji Kashuu and the Devil
Gundam. Kyouji 
Stole the Devil Gundam and feld to earth and now they plan to find and
stop him. Our 
heroes offer to help, Rain accepts the help while Domon is reluctant.
However he 
eventually acepts (with some urging from Rain).

Episode 15: "Robbery"

Enemies: Gurudora x 5
         Ankoku Kaibutsu Sasoringa x 2
Reinforcements: Bureiga x 3
                Garada K7
                Daburasu M2
                Torosu D7

Items: 2,000 (25,07)
       2,000 (18,13)
       5,000 (16,32)
       10,000 (06,35)
       Chip (16,20)
       EN Kaifuku (02,05)

Repel another enemy raid. Notice Gaiking has more weapons avalible
now. Torider can
also transform now.


Episode 8: "BESPA & Aliens"

Enemies: Shokew
         Zolo x 8
         Red Barom x 6
Reinforcements: 1) Zolo x 3
                   Bottom-Top Half  
                2) Zolo x 2

Items: 2,000 (29,35)
       2,000 (20,33)
       2,000 (14,22)
       2,000 (09,12)
       10,000 (32,05)

After Parting ways with the Gaiking team,  our heroes must reunite
with the rest of the
League Militare Forces. Unfortunately we run into BESA forces , who
are already busy
with alien forces right in front of the LM's secret factory ! Looks
like the war 
will take on 2 fronts.

Episode 9: "Solider's Aura"

Enemies: Recarl
         Zolo x 4
Reinforcements: 1) Bottom-Top Part x 2
                2) Overhead Hawk x 3

Items: 2,000 (29,12)
       2,000 (22,07)
       2,000 (46,16)
       5,000 (35,27)

This episode title is taken directly from episode 6 from Kidou Senshi
V Gundam.
Junko, Peggy & Helen leave (I forgot the exact reason, but I think
its...) to rally more
forces. Commander Fuala Glifon makes her attempt to eliminate our
heroes just as they are
prepared to leave.

Episode 10: "Soul"

Enemies: Ankoku Kaibutsu Black Monster
         Red Barom x 3
Reinforcements: 1) Red Barom x 2
                2) Red Barom x 2
                3) Red Barom 

Items: 2,000 (14,15)
       2,000 (09,03)
       2,000 (11,24)
       2,000 (16,19)
       Super Alloy Z (30,43)
       Anti-Beam Coating (24,28)

Another V Gundam scenario with a twist, instead of BESPA forces , we
have Alien Forces.
Our Heroes hit the road to Gibraltar (Gibraltar , is where the nearest
Mass Driver is
located. This will allow our heroes to take off into space and regroup
with the rest
of the Earth military forces). Our heroes must escort and protect the
Camions through 
the Alps.

Episode 11: "Gadaru Squaron"

Enemies: Galicson x 2
         Battle Bike x 2
Reinforcements: Zolo kai x 4

Items: 2,000 (22,19)
       2,000 (16,19)
       2,000 (16,08)
       5,000 (18,08)
       Magnetic Coating (15,26)
       Kouseinou Radar (07,05)

The road trip continues, but this time BESPA sends the Gadaru Sqaron
after our heroes.
Dunker Iq, bike enthusist leads the attack. Protect the Camions.

Episode 12: "Battle Front ! Shrike Squadron !"

Enemies: Red Barom x 6
         Garada K7
         Torosu D7
         Gurotekuta x 2
Reinforcements: 1) Red Barom x 2
                   Ankoku Kaibutsu Sasoringa
                2) Red Barom x 5
                   Rain X1
                   Torosu D7

Items: 2,000 (06,24)
       2,000 (17,21)
       2,000 (27,31)
       2,000 (42,27)
       Booster (14,10)
       Hybrid Armor (40,07)

The V Gundam fun Continues, this episode title is taken from episode
10 of V Gundam.
Just when our heroes are cought in a trap, the entire Shrike Squadron
Appears ! Squad 
leader Oliver Inoue leads the rescue.

Episode 13: "Departure"

Enemies: Tomliat x 6
         Tomliat (Helicopter mode) x 14

Items: 2,000 (18,21)
       5,000 (17,21)
       5,000 (14,14)
       Magnetic Coating (34,28)
       EN Kaifuku (03,22)

Yet another episode title from V Gundam , this time from Episode 9 of
the seires.
The last leg of the journey to Gibaltar requires flight. Just as our
heroes are ready
to take off, BESPA forces appear to stop them. You MUST move Mazinger
Z into the 
shuttle (since it can't fly ... yet) & Defend the shuttle at all

Episode 14: "Voltes' Imposible Transformation"

Enemies: Red Barom x 3 
         Beast Solidger Namazongo S
         Gurotekuta x 2

Items: 2,000 (03,12)
       2,000 (10,08)
       2,000 (19,02)
       2,000 (17,09)
       Choboam Armor (19,13)
       Anti-Beam Coating (03,06)

The Journey to Gibaltar is suddenly interupted when a strange monster
appears. The
Voltes team goes out to interecept, but the monster uses a new attack
and causes them
all to crash land while in a catatonic/hyponotic state. You must move
your units
next to each of the Voltes team in order to retrive them and retreat.

Episode 15: "Gibaltar Airspace"

Enemies: Tomliat x 7
Reinforcements: 1) Zolo Kai x 3
                2) Tomliat x 3
                   Garlguyu x 2

Items: 2,000 (29,30)
       2,000 (28,26)
       5,000 (34,16)
       5,000 (18,20)
       HP Kaifuku (26,14)
       Chip (36,36)

This Episode title is taken from episode 13 of V Gundam. You've
Finally made it to
Gibaltar ! Just as you are about to take off into space, BESPA throws
a last ditch 
effort to stop you. Since the Voltes team has been sent back to Big
Falcon Island, 
you are now short handed. Luckly the Cyber Beast Squadron and Sayaka
appears with 
Dancougar and Aphrotite A Just in time ! Protect the Shuttle At ALL



Q: How Many Demo Animations are there ?

A: Voltes V Combination
   Gaiking Luanch Sequence
   SRX Combination Sequence (Earth)
   SRX Combination Sequence (Space)
   Toraider G7 Luanch Sequence

Q: How many Maps are in this game ?

A: Theres the first 7, 28 Earth route maps, 28 Space route maps , plus
the last map. 
   Thats about 64 maps total.

Q: How do I play the last map ?

A: You MUST Finnish both the Earth route and the Space route and SAVE
Both data files.
   When you finnish the 2nd route you take , it will ask you if you
want to play
   Map 36, Choose 'yes' and it will ask you which file is the
corresponding data file
   to initiate the final Level.

b) Miscellaneous:

Map Weapons Galore !

Upgrade the Following unit's Weapons 8 times, and it will transform
into a map weapon:

Dancougar (Dai Gan)
V2 Gundam (Hikari no Tsubasa/Wings of Light)
God Gundam (Bakuretsu God Finger)
Gundam Wing (Buster Luancher)

Secert Characters ... sorta:

Upcomming SRW Games:


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Media Works, Japan 1996

Playstation Magazine No.23
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Phillip L Yee

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