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| T&E SOFT **************************    *******    ***************************|
|   Presents **********************         *         *************************|
|****************** /---/ *******                       ************     ******|
|***************** /_ -/ *******_       __   ___   __    **********       *****|
|******************  \ \ / _ \ | \ ||  //\\ |_ _| //\\   **********       *****|
|**************** /__/ | ||_|| ||\\|| / \/ \ | | / \/ \ ************     ******|
|**************** \___/  \___/ || \_| \_/\_/ |_| \_/\_/************************|
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|******** ***************** *************       *******************************|
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|                                                                              |
| SONATA – An instrumental musical composition typically of three or four      |
|  movements in contrasting forms of keys.                                     |
|                                                                              |
|  By: Timothy Joseph Clemente                                                 |
|  Date: August 10, 2000                                                       |
|  E-mail: [email protected]                                               |

                                 | DISCLAIMER |

Feel free to distribute this walkthrough, however in its current form.
This walkthrough (or any part of it) cannot be reproduced or altered by
means without sole permission from the author. Any form of plagiarism
will be dealt with under full extent of the law.


6/9/99: Added few extras.

6/11/99: Added battle tips for the boss DEMON

6/14/99: Fixed some errors and added the rest of the walkthrough, battle tip for
the boss CRYSTAL MONSTER, and other luckily found moments. Also added Magic
Spells (I learned from Level 28?) and added meanings of the game modes – ancient
(Blue Moon), futuristic (Nano Sec), and the high school mode (Takagawa). Also
about the Love up and Love down.

6/30/99: Characters section finished.

7/10/99: Finished this walkthrough the (Blue Moon mode)

7/15/99: Checked errors and fixed something on the Final Quest section.

7/28/00: It's a new Millennium got more update and changed almost everything.
Asking where I've been in those last months? Got busy on studies and the exams
Ohhhh! Dear. Very tough and did well, Ehem! Ah! Er!? I apologize for those who
are e-mailing that I didn't read and I never saw it at all. IGN mail was having
problems with my e-mail account. Anyway the my new mail is [email protected]

7/29/00: Found the color of Izumi's eyes.

8/01/00: Found a cheat to choose the world to start.

8/07/00: Found another cheat code for unlocking all the pictures and a hidden
game called Hylide.

8/10/00: added the game's lyrics

8/28/00: Revisions and little changes. I am finishing all the characters in the
game so you guys reading and supporting my FAQ will expect delays, Just hang on
I am almost there, because I want to finish this guide once and for all. And
maybe I have a score to settle with my Rena walkthrough of Star Ocean 2 I may
play and finish it too.(Maybe OK!). Right now its summer vacation, yosha! I've
bought a lot of my consoles games. Yah! Some are old like my NES and I bought
new released games too PlayStation and so on. So I'm gonna boom on making FAQs.
So Sonata fans, just hang on this guide is almost finished. ^-^



   2.About the game  NEW!
3.Choosing Worlds  NEW!
   - Blue Moon
   - Takagawa
   - Nano Sec

4.Characters  NEW!
   - Chihaya
   - Kanare
   - Aoi
   - Narumi
   - Nitsuki
   - Fushimi
   - Mizuho
   - Izumi

   5.Main Menu/Options (Viewed to English)
   6.Battle Options (Viewed to English)
   7.Charaters Magic Spells
8.Love Up/Love Down  NEW!
9.Advisable Tips (READ IT FIRST)  NEW!
10.How to get your girl FAQ (READ IT AFTER ADVISABLE TIPS)  NEW!
   - Blue Moon
   - Takagawa
   - Nano Sec

12.Enemy list and location  NEW!
13.Cheat (It is a spoiler, don't do it)
14.Sonata Special Lyrics



After watching the Movie in the theater, your girlfriend mysteriously
disappears and you've been teleported back in different worlds. You will
meet eight beautiful girls. With the gifted magical power of the Blue Moon and
the help of the eight beautiful girls, you unlock the mysterious disappearance
of your girlfriend.


There are three game modes to be found in the game. It is your choice were to
start or let the computer decide.

Ancient (Blue Moon) mode: This is the easiest world to get through.

High School (Takagawa) mode: Almost same as the Ancient (Blue Moon)

Futuristic (Nano Sec) mode: It's a bit hard and mazy.


Press and hold triangle on 2P controller at the title screen, and then press
start button at 1P controller to begin game play to start in Blue Moon.

Press and hold R1 on 2P controller at the title screen, and then press start
button at 1P controller to begin game play to start in Takagawa.

Press and hold R2 on 2P controller at the title screen, and then press start
button at 1P controller to begin game play to start in Nano Sec.



Age: 22
Height: 175cm
B W H: 99' 60' 93'
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Dark Blue


Age: 18
Height: 177cm
B W H: 88' 57' 85'
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde


Age: 18
Height: 170cm
B W H: 89' 58' 85'
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Dark Blue


Age: 20
Height: 186cm
B W H: 89' 59' 85'
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red


Age: Age 13
Height: 53cm
B W H: 26' 19' 27'
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Blue


Age: Age 13
Height: 53
B W H: 26' 17' 27'
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Green


Age: Age 16?
Height: 163cm
B W H: 82' 58' 84'
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Pink


Age: 25
Height: 171cm
B W H: 84' 55' 84'
Eyes: Light Purple
Hair: Light Purple


This Love Ups and Love Downs are involved while your playing the game. This game
is also about getting a girlfriend, Okay I'll explain it. Did you see the movie
intro? The guy and the gal can't tell their faces right. "YOU THE GAMER" is the
guy, and the gal you will choose whatever you want from the game. "You got it?"
the 8 girls from the game. Chihaya, Aoi, Mizuho, Izumi, Nitsuki, Kanare, Fushimi,
and Narumi the big girl. The mystery girl is yours to decide.

BY TALKING: You will know when you get a Love Up if see her Blush or Smile.
Smiles means good, Blushing means very good, and specially when your hear a ring
noise which means excellent. Love Downs you will encounter a sad, angry, and a
broken heart noise.

IN BATTLE: Love Up is recognizable when you see a heart icon on top of their
heads. For Love Down you will see a broken heart instead.




Q1: How do I get my girlfriend back?

A: You choose who ever you like from the girls in the game.

Q2: I've chosen the girl I want, but how do I get her to love me?

A: Get Love Ups.

Q3: How do I get Love Ups?

A: You can get them by talking to them and in battle (Impressing them).

Q4: What's the difference getting Love Ups by talking to them and in battle?

A: Talking can lead to some events that can give high Love Ups (encounter them
luckily) and in battle you get little Love Ups, but when continuously leveling
up status you get more.

Q5: What gives? In battle I try to impress the other girl the same way I do to
the other girl and one gets Love Down and the other Love up?

A: They have different attitudes, some of them are the same and others not.
Example (Kanare) that blonde is kind of hard to impress breaks heart when you
get hurt sometimes, and (Izumi) when healed.

Q6: Can I get more girls to love me?

A: You can get them all but friends, keep their heart bar in constant but almost
full and HEY! HEY! Your mission is to get your girlfriend back not girlfriends.

Q7: I got caught in the middle, two or more girls heart bar got full and I want
only the girl I like, how can I solve this?

A: Simply leave it alone. Because whoever gets her love bar full first, is the
winner and that's that.

Q8: I get special events in the game, how do I get more?

A: Usually visiting all the places every time, but I really don't know how to
get them properly yet. It might involve the heart bars of the girls.

Q9: In Takagawa mode is it true that more events occur on summer?

A: Yes, you know what you get on summer events. Take a hint "BIKINI".

Q10: I heard that you get special ending for the specific girl I chose?

A: YES! YOU DO! And sorry can spoil it.


|   Sonata Main Screen    |
|                         |
|   NEW GAME              |
|                         |
|   LOAD GAME             |
|                         |
|   OPTIONS               |

|  Sonata Options Screen  |
|                         |
|  SOUND                  |
|                         |
|  SCREEN ADJUST          |
|                         |
|  DUAL SHOCK             |
|                         |

|  Sonata Game Inventory  |
|                         |
|   STATUS                |
|                         |
|   ITEMS                 |
|                         |
|   MAGIC                 |
|                         |
|   EQUIPMENT             |
|                         |
|   OPTIONS               |
|                         |
|   MEMORY CARD           |



Switch Turn  - L1      UP      R1 - Escape

        ITEM - LEFT          RIGHT- Attack


                   Fatal Blow (The hero has this only)


"Hero" (That's you)

Teleport           Heal

Sleep              Defense Up

Demi               Full Heal

Electric Surge


Heal               Cure Effect

Cure Status        Haste

Heal All           Defense Up

Attack Up          ??????????

Full Heal          Heal All 2


Cold               Cure Status

Heal               Cold 2

Ice Meteor Shower


|                                                                              |
|           ========================================================           |
|             ===================WALKTHROUGHS=====================             |
|                ==============================================                |

1 – Ancient (Blue Moon)
2 – High School (Takagawa)
3 – Futuristic (Nano Sec)

: ANCIENT (Blue Moon) MODE :


You've been teleported back to the ancients. You will meet this beautiful girl
with a long dark blue hair and she will talk to you in brief. Now you have to
name yourself. HELLO! HELLO!! Anybody know Japanese? Its OK if you use numbers
if you like, but that's gonna be silly try 007 "The name is Bond James Bond".
The words are completely in "Kana" if you use it by naming yourself. If you know
"Kana" that's good. But if you don't, here are some examples I named myself, I'm
still not good with "Kana" though but it's better than nothing.

AT THE FIRST NAME TYPE (Last name in front for Japanese)

First Row: eighth character    "Ku"
First Row: eleventh character  "Sa"
Second Row: sixth character    "Na"
Fourth Row: fifth character    "Gi"

 The word is "Kusanagi"

AT THE LAST NAME TYPE (First name in last for Japanese)

First Row: sixth character     "Ka"
First Row: ninth character     "Ke"
Third Row: eleventh character  "Ru"
And finalize it by pressing it to OK.

 The word is "Kakeru"


Fifth Row: eighth character    "Bu"
Third Row: eleventh character  "Ru"
Sixth Row: tenth character     "U"
Third Row: third character     "Mu"
Sixth Row: tenth character     "U"
First Row: fifteenth character "N"

The word is "Burumuun" in English "Bluemoon"

So your name will be Kakeru Kusanagi and Bluemoon I don't know what the
other name is for Nickname maybe. But I named it in to Bluemoon.

After talking with her you will be at this magnificent room. Now go
outside and you will be choosing where to go. Check all of them in order
1-9 except for your place No.4 Now I will explain them in an aligned way.
Now let's meet the gals shall we. If you have Dual Shock you will have some
effects like heartbeat. "Feel the love"

Now check the first option, you will see this beautiful girl you met and
her name is "Chihaya".

Now check the second option, you will meet a cute girl named "Aoi".

Now check the third option, you will meet a beautiful blonde named

Now check the sixth option, you will meet a cute friendly elf named

Now check the seventh option, you will meet the fairies named
"Nitsuki" and "Fushumi".

Now check the eighth option, you will meet this strange girl named ????,
try to check and go back eight option and you will see her again. But when
you talk to her she disappears.(Asking me what's her name? It's Izumi)

Now check the ninth option, you will meet a tomboy named "Narumi" what a big
girl. Talk to her again and you will enter the dungeon alone. You will fight a
monster lady called "Supirikiea". Give her you best shot but, you will be
defeated but not game over.

You will be back at "Chihaya" place and she is relieved you made it back
and was worried. Now your back at your house (I thought the room upstairs is
mine?) and "Mizuho" is there talk to her then leave. At this moment you have to
choose your party (Two only). Go to the girl you want and talk to her and if an
option pops out choose the second option. Now the person will be in your party.
Now after choosing your party, go leave and check the ninth option and enter the


NOTE: Do some level build ups in the main hall of the dungeon, before going
through your quest, learning the healing spells and others will help you.
Try to reach Level 3-4 or so on if you like. (These also does Love Ups)

Once inside the cave, when you go straight ahead you will see a big green
crystal and here you can save. You can only save here not everywhere. Now your
destination is heading towards East, let the compass above your right be your
guide. On the East entrance keep heading towards its path until you reach the
altar, but you will encounter a guardian and defeat it to open the door to reach



NOTE: The guardians are skulls with purple flames on them they are easy
just watch "Chihaya's" HP. If you have raised your level and learned the
healing spells use it to heal a party member.

Once there you will see the altar, with two treasure chest on each side.
Take the items first, then check the altar twice and you will hear a rumble
outside the main hall. Go back to the main hall then head West. When there you
will see a rock plate elevator with a purple light underneath it. Now step on
the elevator and you will be at the West entrance, also there you will see a
treasure chest take the item. Now go to the West entrance and keep heading
towards its path until you reach a big door. Go inside and go straight to the
steps and get the key from the statue. After you get the key leave the dungeon
and save from the surface where "Narumi" is.

NOTE: You can either walk going back to the surface or use the hero's magic
teleport. At this method your status will be fully recovered.

Now back at the cave, now enter the dungeon and proceed going North. Just
proceed going North and ignore the statues until you reach there. When you
reached the entrance inside you will see a floating plate of rock, and another
entrance going North East. Hop in the floating rock plate, watch out don't fall.
If you do fall just climb back up and do the process again. When you do hop in
the floating rock plate, just wait in until you see an entrance in the middle of
the tower above, if you do just jump in. There is a treasure box here, take the
item and it's an amulet. Now jump down and save at the crystal below. If you
arrived the room, you will be at this big room, explore like "Lara Croft" look
around. You will find three treasure chest here. As you proceed exploring you
will see an ancient ruin and there is a floating green light around it. Take the
glowing green light, but actually it's a key. After taking the key go Northeast
entrance at that place, but not North West because that's where you came from. I
hope I didn't confuse you, but be sure you've got the key from the ancient ruin.
Once at the North East entrance this place is a thin hallway with grass on each
side. Along the way you will see a treasure chest, pick up the item. Now proceed
to its path by going West to the bridge and keep going straight to West until
you reach a save point then save. Watch out for those froggys.

If you want to save now, save. After saving there head South and keep going to
its path, just by now you will pass by under the bridge. On its way, there is a
treasure box take the item. Proceed moving to the path when there you will see a
church. But don't go in there yet look around and you will see a treasure chest,
open it and you will have a key. Now go to the church from the gate. When your
inside, take a look on your left and right there are two treasure chest. Now go
to the left stairs and take the Icon key from the statue, Then go to the right
stairs and get the other Icon key from the statue. Then go to the door behind
the cross, when you enter your in a big cavern. Now look at your right side and
that will be Southwest. Keep going on the right side path until you reach at the
end that you have to climb. Then put the icon key on the hole of that tombstone.
When there just get close on the middle of the hole and open your items
inventory use the first option. That option means "use" There will be two
different keys on your inventory. I'm not sure how to describe it, just use the
keys in your inventory and if successful the Icon you have got from the church
will go to that hole by itself. Now the other tombstone is located just South,
once there at the other tombstone put the Icon and a the giant statue in the
water. It will give you a hand "bridge" so you can cross to the other side. Now
cross until you reach the big door entrance and look around for the treasure
chests. When inside just keep going straight, but don't go straight at the light
not yet. Just go around behind it and you will see three treasure chest. Now you
have time to prepare yourself, equip the necessary items that suits your
character most, remember my tip. If you are fully prepared, just go straight to
the light. Anybody wanna play DOOM? Its boss fight time.

Demon HP/ 1200
Purple Skulls HP/ 100
Yellow Skulls HP/ 150

Objective: Defeat DEMON
Battle Strategy:

NOTE: Sometimes your enemies take the first turn as an advantage, so your on the
run. The DEMON cast a magic spell "Hell Blast?" and the four skulls attack on
their own breath attacks. You should be at LEVEL 12 to overcome this (If it
happens to you in your game) You must have a character that has Heal All magic
preferable Chihaya's Everybody will be like beaten up if this incident happens.
So cast heal all before everything gets worst.

First destroy the Purple Skulls and then the yellow skulls. Because this guys
will bug you if you don't finish them. Now this is a good time to cast your FP,
the Blue Moon magic. At your level, you probably have FP/11? Use the FP and
choose the "Fatal Blow" from the "Hero's" battle option. Blue Moon magic depends
on the characters you have you wont have it all there, only the specific
characters you have the magic you have works. When it is used you will damage it
badly, it depends on the magic you chose (try experimenting and load your game
if you found the best. Next follow up with the normal attacks until it is
defeated and always put your characters HP's above 35 high level. After you
defeated it go to the teleport, but once your from a different place your party
will ask you to take a rest and after that you will be at the surface.


After talking to Gurei, Go to Chihaya's place and talk to her, after that
leave. Are you sick and tired of going back at the far place of the Demon
teleport far away? This time it will be easy. When you enter the cave, remember
the big green crystal save? On its right side there is a teleport above. Now you
have to climb up and when you teleport press circle. Then you will be at Level 2
dungeon. But you are in the forest. Look at the surrounding and you will see a
treasure chest. Now equip the item to the character that suits fine. Then head
South pathway, on your way there again it's a treasure chest. Now on your way to
the path, again you will see a treasure chest, equip it to whomever it suits
fine. I think at this moment your compass shows your heading northwards. Look
around and you will see a "rock tablet on a shape of a diamond" take it. Head
pass west path in a brief while then you will be facing southwards, just keep
walking until you reach the place. WOW! Here inside its not dark and it is full
in light. Just keep going South until you see a treasure chest, take the item
and equip it to a character and Southeast from the treasure chest there is a
save point (Save NOW!) Right now at this moment, this place goes on different
directions, there is a lot of place to go and find. But here are some tips you
need to have – Now the first "diamond shape rock tablet" you have now, there are
still "three more to find" Here are the places you should search – Land of the
light, Fungus Land, and the Living Forest. Once you have the four tablets. When
you are in the Living Forest you must find the temple where you must insert all
the four tablets you have. Once all are inserted, one of the ponds will be empty
and it will reveal a new path. Now go there, once there save at once before
entering. Besides the save crystal is near there. When you head for the entrance
just go on straight and at the end you will fight a Crystal Monster.


HP/ 3000

Objective: Defeat the Crystal Monster
Boss Strategy:

My Level was 26 when I fought the Crystal Monster and my FP is about 22. Now
cast your FP at once on your battle. Remember it depends on your characters.
Then follow up with the normal attacks until its defeated and remember keep a
look out on your parties HPs keep it always high. This boss is a little nasty
than Demon Boss.


Now go to the teleport, but your party will tell you to take a rest so you will
be back at your place. Now visit all the places here and talk to the girls you
may see. Now go back to your place and "Gurei" is there and you will walk by him
entering the cave but you will not go. After that scene you will be back at your
place again. Now again visit "Chihaya" and talk to her and she will be quite sad
and worried? After that you will be at your place and you will see Izumi or
somebody else and after talking with her. You will be at the dungeon and you
just walking by and hear a girl scream and that is your girl screamed. Now you
rush to the rescue, your girl blushes to your rescue she kinda say like "My
Hero" expression. You will now fight with the demon and that is "Gurei"


HP/ 700

Objective: Defeat Gurei
Boss Strategy:

YIKES! I used all my FP on the other boss fight – Crystal Monster luck if you
haven't used it. Not to worry this fight is easy. Just keep on using normal
attacks until its defeated and keep a look at your HPs.

After its defeated you go near your girl and she thanks you. She blushes and you
will receive a Love Up. Now you will be back at your place. Feel free to go any

NOTE: Remember if you want to see special events. Try visiting the girls and
talk to them. Don't waste your chances.


This is your final quest of (Bluemoon mode) Now on your west side go straight to
pick up an item. After that go southwards and there you will see three paths the
one on the south the bridge is towed down and you have to retrieve two magical
flames. The one is blue and the one is orange. First go to the place of the blue
flame is and that is the east pathway. Just go straight to the pathway and you
must get the blue flame from the statue, but before you get it you will fight
with a guardian, the Ice Dragon.


HP/ 4000

Objective: Defeat Ice Dragon

There is no problem here actually this dragon is easy. If you acquired a very
high level there no problem. Just cast the hero's magic Lightning Storm and let
a party member do the healing for the group. For the other member just let her
attack on the normal attacks. Also remember collect as much FP Blue Moon magic
points of the hero as much as you can never use it. There is a battle that you
will need it most, so keep it.

Now after getting the magical blue flame. Go back at the main hall and go and
get the orange flame. At this place there are lava pits and there are items here
too, so get them first before leaving the place. When you take the magical
orange flame you will fight a Fire Dragon.



Objective: Defeat Fire Dragon

He is easier than the other dragon. Use the hero's Lightning Storm and a party
member attack and other member do the healing in the group.

After the two flames are acquired, Go back at the main hall and go south to
where the bridge is towed away. Put the flames on the statues and after you
placed them. The bridge will rise and you can now cross towards south. On your
way to its path, you will find items. The best weapons and armour for your
characters. When you enter the cave you will see head statues all around in a
circle. Arrange them all facing the middle and you will activate a bridge. Here
you will able to go to the place in the middle. When you are there you will find
more good items. For the new sword equip it to the hero. Now save and prepare
for the final battle. Just go to the middle and you will see Supirikiea waiting
for you. After a short conversation with her, you will then fight her.



Objective: Defeat Supirikea

At this form she is easy so give her all you got, but never ever use the FP Blue
Moon magic save it for the next wave. My level is 38 when I fought her. After
defeating her she will be outraged that she lost. Now she fights again with a
different form.



Objective: Last Battle Defeat Supirikea

This is your final battle, Cast all you FP Bluemoon magic on her. If you
finished casting FP and she is not defeated yet, go for the normal attacks. Let
a party member cast Attack Up and Defense Up on all (Chihaya has it) But watch
your HP every time. After you defeat her everything is collapsing and the hero
will be teleported to the next mode.

Ancient (Blue Moon) Mode




You appear in the Classroom and introduced by a teacher as a new student. Then
you have to introduce yourself (Tell your name) Baka! Baka! Baka! Don't know
kanji me can't read. I just used numbers, I know its silly but at least I placed
a name Ah! Eh! Number. Isn't that cool being called 007! By the girls HA! HA! HA!

Here my example: 123. 007!

123. First one as always is the last name in Japanese.

007! Second one as always is the first name in Japanese.

If you can read kanji you are lucky to name yourself. If you want to contribute
example names just e-mail me (Also tell the rows and columns)

After you introduced yourself to the class you will meet a girl with a pink hair
and her name is Mizuho. After along introducing chats with her you will be at
the Front School Entrance. This girl loves to talk and after that you will be
back at your class. Now you will meet a cute shy girl named Aoi and after being
introduced to her you will go next to the Computer Room. You will meet the
beautiful blonde named Kanare. Shortly a girl enters the room and a guy maybe
her colleagues. Now at the Clinic you will meet the teacher in the beginning.
Her name is Chihaya (You know she looks like the other teacher from Rival
Schools Kyoko) then you will be at the Sports Arena, Mizuho really takes her
time to show you around. Now meet Narumi. Time to be quiet, next is the Library.
Mizuho is scolded by shouting, then you meet Izumi. Now at the Temple you will
meet two girls named Nishiki and Fushimi. This time you are outside the school
in the Street to take a break. When Mizuho is chatting with you something
crashed or broke. I think its her fault and then the owner comes and you
defended Mizuho so you take the blame. She says you are great. Last stop you
will go to the Haunted School and she tells you about it and suddenly a very
bright light occurred. Mizuho screams. . . . .

Now you ended up at the clinic probably you and Mizuho fainted at that incident.
Here is your chance to explore and talk to the girls. Go to the places: School
Front Entrance - option 1, Your Classroom - option 2, Sports Arena - option 3,
Library - option 5, Temple – option 6, and Computer Room – option 7 for the
event. Here are the places from the screen.

School Front Entrance
Your Classroom
Sports Arena
Computer Room
Swimming Pool
Haunted School

At the Computer Room you will see another student and then talk to him. After
that he leaves, Kanare and her colleague enters the room. After that event your
back at Your Class. Now its recruitment time, you must make your party and also
you can talk to them. After you made your party it is time to go to the Haunted


NOTE: Do some level build ups in the main hall of the school, before going
through your quest, learning the healing spells and others will help you.
Try to reach Level 3-4 or so on if you like. (These also does Love Ups)

When you enter the place you will see a save point, so save if you want. When
you reach hallways go left or right it doesn't matter you will end up at the
opposite side, the goes circle (I advice going right. Make your way to all the
classrooms visit them all, monsters appear here so be ready. Just collect all
the items here specially the 2 keys and then look on the black boards for the
Kanji characters. Just repeat the process to all the rooms that you visit, look
for the janitor on the East side anyway you will see when your doing the process
above. When you find him talk to him and you have to answer his question, pick
the second option. He will give you a key and he leaves. Now open the locker
behind him to take the item, then go northwards and find the big brown door, not
the one near the janitors facing before. When inside you will meet a shogun or
he is the headmaster. Now its time for a boss fight.




Objective: Defeat The Shogun and 2x Guards

Get rid of the guards first and then the Shogun himself. No strategy here needed
really, if you acquired high level there is no problem.

After defeating the Shogun you will receive a key. After defeating the Shogun go
back home to heal and talk to the girls if you wish. Now continue on, remember
where the janitor is facing before and there is also a big brown door? Now go
there. Inside, you are now at the courtyard. Now go to the monument of a soldier,
look at it and then leave, when you leave it will attack you. Boss fight time.




Objective: Defeat Soldier Monument and 2x Spinning Aimers

Get rid of the Spinning Aimers first and then the Soldier Monument. It is the
same strategy from you first boss fight.

After defeating the enemy you will see a teleport, stand on the teleport and
when your there go home to heal up and talk to the girls if you wish.


At these level it is still the same you have to go throughout the rooms, these
are the extra activities place like Music, Art, Laboratory, Library rooms etc.
As you can see that there is an unknown force blocking the north hallway so that
means you have to go south. When you go through your way at the hall you will
encounter an event. You will read something on the message board, after that go
on to your exploring. This time the next classroom you see is open, now enter
and take all the items from the crates, this time there are no kanji character
puzzles on the black boards. At the corner of the room there is a teleport near
the locker, Now step on it and you will be on another room. Take all the items
here on the crate, and then go near the projection table and take the key. Now
go back to the teleport and then go outside of its room. Now try back tracking
find the place where the computer room is.

NOTE: Try getting near the classroom windows flipping the L1 and R1 buttons to
see the other side of the room. You can tell the room if it's a Library or a
Computer Room.

When inside the Computer Room find another entrance from there. Inside the other
room and go activate the network power supply and the computers will be online.
Now go to the computer that is off, Turn it on and you will receive a key. Now
back track, go to the classroom (Meeting Hall) near the teleport and it is not
the green teleport. Inside you can knock off one of the wall check them all.
Once knocked off one, you can now go in the other side of the room. Here there
is a save, now do you see the speaker above you now jump to it and press the
circle button, then you will grab a key. Now back track and find the room where
the Art room is. Once there inside go near the sculpture, it will rumble and its
eyes glare red. It's a boss fight.



Objective: Defeat the Sculpture

This thing can give critical hits and cause some of your characters to Love Down,
but not all. Just give normal attacks and magic if you wish.

After the fight you will receive a key, after that look for another entrance in
the room and inside you will find an item crate, then leave. Now go back
Southwards and find the Library room, when inside go to the very last shelf and
read the books there. You will receive a key after reading it and don't forget
the item crate. Now go South and find the Laboratory room. When you're inside
you will find an item crate and then look for another room. Inside you will see
a fish tank, get near the fish tank and you will fight the fish.



Objective: Defeat the Giant Catfish

If you have learned the Hero's Lightning attack you can depend on it. This fish
will be roasted in minutes. Also if one of your girls has the special ability
attack, use it. The fish can attack your party at once. If you have equipped
good armor at your party, you wont have any problem.

After you made sushi out of that fish you will receive a key. When you go out of
the room you will encounter an event. Remember the unknown force blocking both
sides that room? The doors are open?! Now go to the room where the green
teleport is. When teleported you will see the crates are covered again that
means new items. After that go outside, and proceed North where it can lead your
way. Now find where the Music room is, Inside you will see a cursed moving piano,
go near it and play the beat out of him.



Objective: Defeat the Grand Piano

Here you have to give all you have got, but don't use your FP magic yet you need
it somewhere else. Give it magic attacks fire or lightning.

When you defeat it, you once again see a teleport, now go through it and when
you are there teleport home to heal up and talk to the girls if you wish.

NOTE: This is your chance to make Love Ups and find special events. If you made
the love bar of the girls in your party full possibility of getting events is
high, Make Love Ups simply by talking to them, sometimes a girl is note on the
mood so you wont expect much love ups on them but keep trying. Please refer to
the Advisable Tips section.


Now here you will see weird happenings, your like on Nightmare On Elms streets
Sports Arena. You will see a basketball playing by itself and so as the
volleyball. First fight the basketball.

Basketball Ghost


Objective: Defeat the Basketball Ghost

Nothing really hard here, just push on the normal attacks or magic.

Now after you won the game from that match with the Basketball Ghost you receive
a key. Next game is with the Volleyball Ghost.

Volleyball Ghost


Objective: Defeat the Volleyball Ghost

It's the same battle with the Basketball Ghost, the same way.

After an easy victory you will receive a key. Now after the matches, let start
exploring The south big gray doors. Start at the South right corner. When you
enter this room its totally dark, find item crates and look for the Kendo Ghost.



Objective: Defeat the Kendo Ghost

Dooh! Where are we getting real matches. Do the same as the other battles.

After that you will receive a key. Now go outside and go to the other gray door
located South left corner. Looks like it's the locker room, man the old socks
smells here! Another weird thing is happening here, table tennis ball keeps
bouncing, now try to catch it and you fight a Table Tennis Ghost.



Objective: Defeat Ping Pong Ghost

You know I really like table tennis, but this is silly. Can we play on the table
instead of gun's and sword's. Anyway this is an easy battle do the same as the
other battles.

After the battle you will receive a key. Now that the South areas are explored
and secured, next is the North doors. Actually those doors are the same places.
You will know if it's the North doors if you see a basketball court with
bloodstains on them. I advice start at the North left corner door, here start at
the room at the very end to the left, you will see a save there. Inside the
first room, you will see a ghost. Talk to it and it will disappear, now go to
the next room, don't forget the item there. Ignore the weird badminton playing,
at this room talk to the ghost and it will disappear again. Now to the next room
talk to it again and he disappears again. He keeps pointing at things, now the
fourth room skip it and go to the other next room. Now talk to the ghost again
and it will disappear again. Now challenge the badminton playing around.



Objective: Defeat the Badminton Ghost

Once again another easy battle, do the same as the other attacks.

After that you will receive a key. Now remember the room you skipped go there
and talk to the ghost again and for the last time he disappears. Now outside go
near the stage, do you see the smashed opened doors? Just go any of them left or
right it doesn't matter, you will end up on the same route. Keep going straight
where it leads you, until you reach a big gray door again. As you can see a
juggler is blocking the way, challenge it to a fight.



Objective: Defeat the Juggler Ghost

Another one? It is the same as the other battles.

After that you will receive a key. If you think this door is open, no its not
yet. Now jump down and go center stage and you will see a mirror, go ahead and
fight it.




Objective: Defeat the Mirror and the Guardians

Now this is a bit of a challenge. Get rid of his guardians first, Then give you
best shot on it, don't used your FP yet. The mirror has a spell that paralyze
and silence, so use a dispel magic to remove those status.

At the end the last gray door above stage is open so go there. Now you have to
go back home to heal up and talk to the girls or continue on.


These path leads to the rooftop, so save there if you continue going up. Up in
the roof you will encounter an event. You will see a giant blob, and later two
students appears they look weird. At this moment you girl will be appearing all
the time in the screen talking. Then the two appears behind you, after the long
talks you will fight the last boss the blob. Your girl blushes when you took the
final fight, the two has united with the blob. Now this you last battle.



Objective: Defeat the final boss BLOB

Watch out for this guy, if you didn't equip good armor it'll pound you. So make
sure you have equipped good equipment. Now the time has come for you to use your
FP magic, after used up the bar use magic or normal attacks for the finishing
and don't forget your gangs life bar.

After the battle you will here a sweet music that's the Blue Moon theme. Now
your girl talks to you (Blushing) for the good deeds you did for the school
slaying monsters. Then disaster struck and an earthquake occurred you sweetheart
screams. . . . .

Now you will be at different world.

High School (Takagawa)






Got to the options and highlight the MOVIECLIPS/PICTURES. You need another
player to hold the 2P Controller or do you it by yourself with the help of your
trusty old toe (HA!HA!HA!). Here it goes, hold the Square + Triangle + X +
Circle + R1 + L1 and then press Start at 1P Controller. Tada! All the pictures
and movies appear. (consider yourself a loser if you done this) Ah! Come on
what's the game for with out a challenge.

Plus there is a hidden game called Hylide it was made in 1986. WOW! I think I
was 5-6 years old when I played it. Try it out if you have time.


 ____________________________________     ____________________________________
| Techno version:                    |   | Normal version:
|                                    |   |
| Dakishi mitakite menimi enokutemo  |   | Still in the works!!!!!!
|                                    |   |
| Don't worry about it asa gakudawa  |   |
|                                    |   |
| Yamiba kiesari kasega kagayaku     |   |
|                                    |   |
| shinjitsu nake kimitsu geru hatsu  |   |
|                                    |   |
| Go on space away sa mebonto chibe  |   |
|                                    |   |
| Hold on so I will wait zetai zetsu |   |
|                                    |   |
| naie namo                          |   |
|                                    |   |
|                                    |   |
| I get the power tonight            |   |
|                                    |   |
| We get the power to night          |   |
|                                    |   |
| Kanjinuno komania tsubi            |   |
|                                    |   |
| You get the power tonight          |   |
|                                    |   |
| We get the power tonight           |   |
|                                    |   |
| Batashibo kanjite                  |   |
|                                    |   |
|                                    |   |
| Aae itsu ni fidobak                |   |
|                                    |   |
| Anokoni mo fidobak                 |   |
|                                    |   |
| Shitemile maie aae gamiyeru        |   |
|                                    |   |
| Meni enokutemo kanjireru hatsuyo   |   |
|                                    |   |
| Sone nga ichiban tai setsuna kuto  |   |
|                                    |   |
| Go on space away                   |   |
|                                    |   |
| Mofurimukazu                       |   |
|                                    |   |
| Hold on so I will wait             |   |
|                                    |   |
| Zetai zetsu naei nara              |   |
|                                    |   |
|                                    |   |
| I get the power tonight            |   |
|                                    |   |
| We get the power tonight           |   |
|                                    |   |
| Motorereno domatokimo              |   |
|                                    |   |
| You get the power tonight          |   |
|                                    |   |
| We get the power tonight           |   |
|                                    |   |
| Watashibo kanjite                  |   |
|                                    |   |
| I get the power tonight            |   |
|                                    |   |
| We get the power tonight           |   |
|                                    |   |
| Gotomeruno domatokimo              |   |
|                                    |   |
| You get the power tonight          |   |
|                                    |   |
| We get the power tonight           |   |
|                                    |   |
| Watashibo moko mete                |   |
|____________________________________|   |____________________________________

                     |Slow version:                       |
                     |                                    |
                     | Ana tawa doko nie  temomamo        |
                     |                                    |
                     | Oteku leru daei ano he karihi      |
                     |                                    |
                     | Makena hi heto                     |
                     |                                    |
                     | Itsuwa mino kokuha kunara          |
                     |                                    |
                     | Kiyu kuwa naku nari                |
                     |                                    |
                     | Sekani wa kawari kuketo            |
                     |                                    |
                     | Kisu wa kawa lanaei                |
                     |                                    |
                     | Fu kagi aoi tsuki                  |
                     |                                    |
                     | Tinkerber Ehi yemo kanateru        |
                     |                                    |
                     |                                    |
                     | Ana tawa doko nie temomamo         |
                     |                                    |
                     | Oteku leru daei ano he karihi      |
                     |                                    |
                     | Makena hi heto                     |
                     |                                    |
                     | Ana tao zhun nutuda kishima        |
                     |                                    |
                     | Sasade kureru ko nunani            |
                     |                                    |
                     | Shin aweze nakibu damono           |
                     |                                    |
                     |                                    |
                     | Da eyo woga tsuki wo delasu        |
                     |                                    |
                     | Ana tawa watashiwo  sei itsamo     |
                     |                                    |
                     | Utsuko shiketo anihi kanawanayi    |
                     |                                    |
                     | Fu kagi seun ditsuwa               |
                     |                                    |
                     | Tinkerber odaya kasaka nao deru    |
                     |                                    |
                     | Ana tao zu toda kishimesa          |
                     |                                    |
                     | Sete kureru                        |
                     |                                    |
                     | Ana tahi arekeka nayaku watashi    |


I would like to thank GameFaqs for posting this FAQ. I appreciate all the
efforts of GameFaqs in maintaining their web site. It is very helpful and
useful to all of us gamers. Keep it going.

I also thank my persistent brother of mine "Mike" for some of the directions of
the (Takagawa) Mode. You can find his FAQ Dragon Knight 4 from GameFaqs, it is
very useful. Please check it out, it is like Final Fantasy Tactics type with
range of girls to recruit or date. If you ever contact him call him the "Iron
Mike" as we are fans of boxing, he likes "Rudolf Kaiser" from Front Mission,
don't know why? I think I'll play the game.

I also would like to thank  "Al Amaloo", for posting my Sonata FAQ, and also for
posting my contributed cheat code for Sonata. Another great place with FAQ's.
Thanks Al Amaloo.

Last but not least you, for playing this game and reading my guide.

                 This Document is Copyright 2000 by Tim Clemente
                        Hylide Copyright 1986 by T&E SOFT
                        SONATA Copyright 1999 by T&E SOFT

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