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Speed Racer FAQ

This is my first time attempting to write a FAQ so it might not be all that 
great.  If you have any suggestions at all please email me.  I found Speed Racer 
very easy after learning the shortcuts so try to play without using them. Also 
this guide is based on the American version of Speed Racer.

(In races)
X is the throttle.
L2 and R2 change the view.
R1 and L1 change the weapons.
Square is Brake.
O is used to activate the weapon you have selected.
Start is to pause the race.

(Out of race)
X and O are used to select.
Triangle and Square are to back up a screen.

Only the Mach 5's and the Demon cars have weapons. 
Weapon A: Auto Jacks, use these to jump over fences.
Weapon B. Traction, use this when you are driving through mud.
Weapon C. Rotary Saws, use these when you are going to be cutting trees down and 
when you are trying to get the car the GRX (you need to break down a wall).
Weapon D. Deflector, use when under water. Automatically starts weapon F. 
Weapon E. Sp. Illumination. It does something I don't know.
Weapon F. Periscope, use when under water. Automatically starts weapon D. 
Weapon G. Homing robot. It does something I don't know.

There is an endurance mode where you race 25 laps on the first course, 10 on the 
second and 8 on the 3rd.  There is a normal mode (less laps).  When you are at 
the lap select if you hold select you will enter time attack mode.


Mach 5: Auto transmission G. Light Gray #5. Acceleration grade: B. Grip grade: 
B. Top Speed: 195 MPH.

Mach 5: Auto Transmission S. Dark Gray #5. Acceleration: B. Grip: C. Top 
Speed:207 MPH.

Mach 5: Manual Transmission: White #5. Acceleration: B. Grip: B. Top Speed: 195 

Fire Ant: Auto Transmission.  Red #1. Acceleration: A. Grip: A+. Top Speed: 194 

Fire Ant: Manual Transmission. Blue # 11. Acceleration: A. Grip: A+ Top Speed: 
202 MPH.

Samurai: Auto Transmission. Yellow #12. Acceleration: D. Grip: B. Top Speed: 212 

Samurai: Manual Transmission. Green #12. Acceleration: D. Grip: B. Top Speed: 
215 MPH.

Shooting Star: Auto Transmission. Yellow #9. Acceleration: B. Grip: A. Top 
Speed: 202 MPH.

Shooting Star: Manual Transmission. Yellow/Orange #9. Acceleration: B. Grip: A. 
Top Speed: 207 MPH.

Demon: Auto Transmission. Maroon #??. Acceleration: A. Grip: A. Top Speed: 217 

Demon: Manual Transmission. Black #??. Acceleration: A. Grip: A. Top Speed:224 

GRX: Auto Transmission. White #??. Acceleration: A+. Grip: A+. Top Speed: 248

GRX: Manual Transmission. White/gray #??. Acceleration: A+. Grip: A+. Top Speed: 

Track S. (short length) The only tip I can really know for this track is to stay 
on the grass as much as possible.

Track M. (medium length) 
Short cuts
After the tunnel go down until you reach a gas station. Turn left and jump the 
fence. Have the Rotary Saws on so you cut down the trees. It might help to have 
the traction on. When you get to the water turn off the traction and saws and 
turn on weapon F or D.
The other shortcut is right near the gas station, instead of going left there 
will be a overpass. Use the Auto Jacks and jump up to the over pass. Keep 
driving, and then jump over the fence.

Track L. (long track )
In the tunnel go left at the fork, it's shorter. And you can use both short cuts 
from the medium track

How to normally get all the cars (without codes): 

Finish all 3 tracks in endurance race style and come in first on each one. Then 
you get Racer X's yellow car, Next finish in first place on all three tracks 
with the settings on normal enemy level and normal race style. Now you get the 
extra cars which are the fire ant and another car (two versions of each: Auto 
and manual transmission). Next do time trial on track one in normal mode not 
endurance, be Racer X's car. You will race against two cars, the Demon car and 
the Mach 5,come in first and you have gotten the Demon car. Next go to the 
Medium Track and go into the tunnel and on your left there should be a wall. 
Break through the wall. Next go strait and turn left and turn the saws on and 
crash through the door and drive strait and then you have gotten the car the 
GRX. Congratulations, you have all the cars.

All cars: Hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + Select + Down + Triangle at the car selection 
screen. All cars in the game may now be selectable. 

Day/dusk/night race always codes:
Enter all at the track select screen.
Day only: Hold L1 +L2 and press X
Dusk only: Hold R1+R2+L1+L2 and press X.
Night only: Hold R1+R2 and press X.

Extra views:
Pause the game and press left 5 times and right 5 times. Un pause and press L2 
or R2 to see the new views. In the Japan version the code is: Up 5 times and 
down 5 times.

Gameshark codes 

Always place 1st:8010180c  0001
Low Time:800a06d8  0000
                  800ec64c  0000
Extra Vehicles:800a2220  000c

A few of the short cuts are from please visit them 
Gameshark codes are from

Other sites of interest:       I helped with Club64 so go visit it.	the most gameshark codes in one site.

Extra notes:
You DO NOT have my permission to put this FAQ on any site without my permission.  
This FAQ may not be bought or sold.(hint hint, game cave..)  Just ask me if you 
can put this FAQ on your site and I will probably say yes buy I need to see your 
site first. Also do not change of modify this FAQ in any way, just email your 
suggestions and I will update the faq.

This FAQ was written by Killah. My email address is [email protected] or you 
can reach me with the email address [email protected]  please email your 
suggestions to me.

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