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                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                   -THE HANGAR
                                   -SCHOOL 2
                                   -NY CITY
                                   -VENICE BEACH
                                   -CHOPPER DROP
                                   -SKATE HEAVEN
                                  -CREATE SKATER
                                  -PARK EDITOR


Imagine the greatest skateboarding game of all time. If you aren't imagining Tony 
Hawk Pro Skater, check to see if you have a fever. Now imagine that game getting 
twice as good. Can't do it? Pop Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 into your DreamCast and reset 
your brain. You are now experiencing the greatest skating game ever. 

That's right. Activision and Neversoft are back with a masterpiece that is sure to 
feed Tony Hawk addicts a hit of the mindblowing sequel to the runaway classic. With 
twice the moves, a bunch of new skaters, eight huge levels and tons of secrets, 
THPS2 could have stopped there and been a worthy follow-up. But the lovelies at 
Neversoft decided to go over the top and provide a couple new features that put 
THPS2 off the scale. Now athrashianados will have the ability to create their own 
rider with the Create Skater feature. In addition, THPS2 offers a Park Editor 
feature (and over 50 created example parks) that allows players to design their own 
dream park. 

Of course, we couldn't resist playing this game to death. Along the way (when we 
managed to put the controller down for one hot minute) we pieced together the most 
comprehensive online resource for shredding the best game of all time. With full 
skatethroughs for all eight levels, skater stats, tricks lists, park editor tips, 
and all of the secrets under the sun.


 To become the ultimate THPS 2 session artist, you must be at one with all of the 
principles of the game. You must master the moves that lead to the phattest lines, 
plumb the depths of your creativity and skill to find the best path through each 
course. The learning won’t be automatic. Expect to get gradually better over time, 
slowly building skills and mastering line creation as you grow more familiar with 
the game’s many courses. The Basics section should help you get a head start tearing 
up this deep, deep game. 

Let’s get the mundane stuff out of the way right off the bat. The Options Menu has 
the following selections:

Player 1 & 2 Controls: Set new controls for either player here.
Sound levels: Adjust the volume of the sound effects (SFX) and music.
Movies: When you collect three Medals in the Career Mode, you will unlock the Bails 
Tape, which can be viewed by accessing this menu. Likewise, when you collect three 
golds with an individual skater, a highlights tape for that skater can be viewed 
here. You can also watch the Credits and Music Credits here.
Memory Card: Load game info here.
High Scores: Who holds the sickest score on each level? Scoooore-board.
Gap Checklist: Whenever you find a new gap in THPS2, your discovery will be noted 
Display Options: Choose whether to see Trick Tips and Score Display during gameplay.
Matt Hofman Demo: A mini-demo of the upcoming Mat Hofman BMX game can be played here.

Game Modes  
The Hawk returns with a couple new features, which can be accessed from the main 
title screen. This year, players will be able to design their own skaters with the 
Create Skater feature, discussed in its own section of this guide. In addition, 
players can now build their own course with the Park Editor mode (also contained 
within its own section of this guide). Otherwise, it’s the usual suspects: Free 
Skate, Career Mode and Two-Player mode. 

Free Skate 
Free Skate allows you to explore any opened area without the pressure of competing 
against the clock. Since there is no time limit, this is a good time to get 
accustomed to the park, try out the best lines, and look for secret areas. 

Of course, you do not accumulate points as you go. You do, however, get to see the 
score of the last trick completed until you pull off another successful maneuver. In 
addition, there are no Career mode objectives or money icons here. However, any gaps 
you find in Free Skate will count toward your Gap Checklist. 

Tip: Free Skate allows you to plan your runs for Career Mode. First, you’ll have to 
open each course by earning money in Career Mode to be able to access it from Free 
Skate. Now, if you are having difficulty getting an objective or high score in the 
Career game, head to Free Skate to practice reaching certain areas, collecting items 
and devising quality scoring lines. For competition levels, Free Skate is especially 
useful. Take some time practicing your run, exploring areas to session and working 
with the manual to link series of tricks. 

Note: This year’s Hawk contains a Two Player Free Skate mode, allowing you and your 
buds to zone out and shred the swank courses you’ve unlocked. 

Career Mode 
Career Mode is where the party’s at. It lets you select a pro rider to guide through 
eight skating courses, fulfilling objectives to move through the levels. Unlike the 
original Tony Hawk, in which you collected Tapes to progress through the levels, 
this time you must earn money to unlock later levels. As with the original, certain 
levels can only be unlocked by accumulating medals in the competitions. 

The money that you get by completing course challenges accumulates toward your total 
career earnings. In addition, you can also use the money you’ve won to purchase new 
Stats, Decks and Tricks on the Player Select screen, discussed in detail in 
the “Skaters” section of this guide. 

Tip: As you get some loot, it is wise to invest it in Stats early, as enhanced 
abilities will help you speed through the game quicker. Later on, you can add to 
your trick arsenal and buy a new board. 

The courses you skate are broken into two categories: objective courses and 
competition courses. Out of eight total levels, five are objective courses, three 
competitions. Both are discussed below: 

While playing objective courses, you’ll have to complete several challenges to earn 
money and progress to future stages. Each objective course has the same basic 
challenges, ten in all: 

1. High Score
2. Pro Score
3. SICK Score
4. Find objects scattered around the level map (4-5)
5. Find the letters S-K-A-T-E throughout the level
6. Collect another set of hidden objects (4-5)
7. Trick over a specific number of objects
8. Grind a specific rail or edge
9. Find the Secret Tape hidden in the level
10. Complete all of the objectives and locate all of the money icons located in the 
level (Note: The money icons you collect will not add to your cumulative dollar 
amount, they are just objects to collect). 

You’ll have two minutes to complete these goals. Each time you meet one or more of 
the challenges in a given run, you’ll have the option to save your career. Unless 
you like playing the same piece of level again and again, select “Yes” every time. 

Competitions give your skater a chance to strut his/her stuff against a group of 
peers. There is a one-minute clock on Competitions, so get started early and don’t 
stop scoring until the final horn sounds. When the run ends, you will be judged on a 
100 point scale. There are three heats total, and if at the end of all three the 
average of your scores finishes in the top three, you will earn a medal. Medals not 
only unlock levels, but cinematics that can be accessed and viewed through the 
Options menu. Three Medals earns a Bails tape. Three Gold Medals wins you your 
skater’s marquee tricks movie. Sit back and enjoy the show. 

The goal in Competition is (obviously) to score as many points as possible. In 
addition to this, it is also key to stay on the board. Each time you bail, your 
score is affected adversely. Even if you have a wonderful 100,000 point run, this 
can easily be sullied by a four-bail performance. 

Note: You may feel as if you’ve won when you’ve gotten all three Gold Medals. 
However, you do not truly win the game until you 100% each of the levels. Doing this 
will also unlock a ton of extra skaters and other secrets. 

Two Player 
The Two Player mode of THPS2 has added a new game to keep you and your friends 
taunting each other for weeks. This year adds Tag mode to Graffiti, Trick Attack and 
Horse. As in Free Skate, the courses will have to be opened in Career Mode before 
they will be available in Two Player. 

Graffiti: In Graffiti mode, the two skaters must compete in a “tagging” competition 
of sorts. The object is to trick off of an item on the map, setting a score for that 
particular piece of real estate and turning that area to your character‘s color. The 
next time your opponent tricks off of the same area, he/she will have to beat your 
score on that object. When the time (which you set yourself at the beginning of the 
contest) expires, whoever has the most colors on the map wins. 

Trick Attack: Trick Attacks pits brother vs. brother, sister vs. sister in a brutal 
high score grudge match. Earn the most points on the current course to beat your 
foe. (Note: If you have a black heart, you may take joy from busting up your buddy’s 
run. You can cause your opponent to fall by skating through them at a higher 
velocity than they are traveling. "Oh, I’m sorry. Did you fall down?") 

HORSE: Customize the letters used in this classic game of “I am better than you.” 
Then take to your favorite course and compete in a one-trick-at-a-time game, each 
trying to better the other’s score. When you land flat on the board (meaning not in 
manual), the trick will end and it will be the other player’s turn. If they beat 
your score, you get a shot to beat them. Whenever one player cannot top the other’s 
score, the loser gets a letter. 

Tag: Tag is a new addition to the Tony Hawk franchise. The goal of Tag is to bust 
funky fresh tricks to muck up your opponent while you are "it". Each fly trick you 
land kocks down your opponent's stats. When they can no longer move, you win. Simple 
as that. 

The World of the Hawk 
THPS2 takes place in the skateparks and school yards of the world. Each level has 
been optimized to be fully skateable. Every surface, rail, jump and ramp has been 
tweaked out to give you a complete skating experience. Take some time to explore 
your world. If you see something that you think is impossible (grinding a high 
ledge, transferring across a massive gap), you will likely be able to get to it in 
the future. 

Any edge or rail is grindable. Try to link long grinds together to score massive 
points. In addition to the obvious, try grinding on park benches, planters, curbs, 
lamp posts, fallen poles, etc. 

Curved surfaces can be used to get massive air. They are referred to as "vert." Vert 
includes half and quarter pipes, pools, and other somehwat diguised lips. Of course, 
Vert skaters will be most adept at using these surfaces to score massive points, but 
as Street skaters buy stats, they too can count themselves among the airborne. 

There is so much to do and see in THPS2 that you'll be discovering things months 
after you open the game. A good way to expediate this process is by exploring all of 
the nooks and crannies of the Tony Hawk world by taking some time to Free Skate in 
each level after you open it. 

Tricks are the heart and soul of this game. Many of the ones you will remember from 
Tony Hawk are available again, but this time out, there are practically double the 
moves available in the original. Again, it is just as important to link them into 
sick strings. Luckily, this time out you'll have more linkable moves at your 
exposure. But more on that a bit later. 

If you're new to Tony Hawk, you'll be asking, "What is this linking thing you keep 
talking about?" Linking is nothing more than stringing a continuous flow of tricks 
together without landing flat on your board. Each time all four wheels of your board 
touch ground, the trick score resets and you're on to the next. 

Note: The more times you do a trick, the less it will be worth. The trick's value 
declines by 20% every time it is successfully landed. 

The more things you do and the more different things you do in one string of tricks 
will really help to pump up your score. In other words, if you manual to a grind to 
another manual to a Boneless to a Rocket Air, you will have many more points than 
doing each of these tricks separately. It's all in the math. And the math is 
determined by something called "multipliers." 

The reason for all of this insane linking is not only to look cool and impress your 
grandma. It serves another equally legitimate purpose: gaining points. Here's how it 
works. Each time you successfully add a trick to a string, you will gain one 
multiplier. This is eventually used to multiply the base score of all of the tricks 
added together. 

Let's say you do a Manual (50) to a Boardslide (140) to a Manual (60) to a Nosegrind 
(145). You will have 395 base points. Since you linked all of these together, and 
there were four tricks total, your final score for the string will be 395 X 4 or 
3580, which is significantly better than doing them all separately. Multipliers are 
the only way to get the points you need to score, especially later in the game. 

Not your average multiplier, a gap is a specific object or space that must be 
traversed or tricked upon to gain a bonus. In the first level (The Hangar), the most 
obvious of these is the Halfpipe Hangtime, which is accomplished by leaping from one 
side of the halpipe to the other. When you land a gap, its point value is added to 
your base score and the gap itself is added to your multipliers. 

Gaps are a great way to grow your score, especially when linked into an already long 
run. To find a list of all of the Gaps in the game, go to the options menu. This 
will show you which ones you've discovered as well. Or, read the "Gaps" section at 
the end of each level skatethrough in this guide. 

Certain tricks allow your skater to spin in the air. Anything that happens in the 
air can usually be spun into a points-grabbing frenzy. Spins greatly add to a 
trick's base score. 

180: 1/2 turn (Base score X 1.5)
360: 1 turn (Base score X 2)
540: 1-1/2 turns (Base score X 3)
720: 2 turns (Base score X 4)
900: 2-1/2 turns (Base score X 5) 

Ollies and Such 
An ollie is a glorified leap in which a skater pops the board into the air, keeping 
the deck magically glued to his feet via the wonders of physics. In addition to the 
vanilla ollie, other tricks in this family include the No Comply, Nollie, and 
Boneless (which is necessary to get an extra boost to several high goals. Use ollie 
tricks to leap up to grinds, gain air on vert ramps and hop across gaps and over 

Note: Never merely ollie. Use a No Comply or Boneless before any other trick to add 
to both your multipliers and base score. 

 A new trick has been added to THPS2. It's called the manual, and it will save your 
ever-lovin' life. A manual is nothing more than a fancy wheelie, performed on either 
the back or front wheels of the board. Like the grind, the longer you hold the 
trick, the longer you score points. Also like the grind, the manual can be used to 
score massive amounts of points. Its real benefit is that it can be used across flat 
surfaces, allowing trick linkage previously unavailable in the original. 

To perform a manual, tap up, then down (or vice versa) before you land on the 
ground. If on a ramp, you cannot land in a manual. However, you can launch off of a 
ramp from a manual, something that will come in quite handy to finish up an 
especially impressive run of tricks. Once in a manual, you may have to balance using 
the onscreen meter to adjust your rider's balance. 

Grinds are nothing new to THPS2. Find a lip, edge or rail and hop aboard, sliding 
your board across the surface to rack up huge points. Examples of grinds are the 
Tailslide, Darklslide, Nosegrind and Feeble. Try a manual/grind string of tricks to 
pump up your scores. 

Lip Tricks 
 A lip trick is performed when a skater pauses at the lip of a vert object, stalling 
the board on the coping or planting a hand on the rim and inverting. As your stats 
grow, lip tricks can be boned out and held for huge points. Try tacking a lip trick 
on the end of a mega-long trick string to maximize your scoring. .

Grab Tricks 
 Grab tricks are performed in the air, usually over a vert ramp. Essentially, the 
rider leaps into the air and takes hold of the board. The longer a grab is held, the 
more it is worth. Spin grabs to the max to yield massive scores. 

A flip tricksis performed when a skater flips the deck independent of his/feet, then 
lands aboard again. Flip tricks are a bit quicker to perform than Grab tricks, so 
can be used easily by street skaters at ground level. Use them to trick up to and 
off of lips and rails and in between manuals in huge trick strings. Flip tricks 
include the Impossible, 360 Flip, Kickflip and Heelflip. 


Select Player Screen 

The Select Player screen allows you to determine which rider you will take into 
battle. In addition, it helps you to manage your skater's career, buy gear and stats 
and read your skater's vital signs. Here is a rundown of the simple menu: 

Style A/B
Select the look of your skater. Two choices for each. 

Buy Stats
After you grab a little coin in the Career Mode, you'll want to head to the Stats 
shop to improve your skills.The stats are represented on a graph. Move to the 
category you want to change, then press left and right to add to or decrease the 
levels here. Once you purchase stats, they are locked in. You will no longer be able 
to deduct from them. 

Every time you buy a point, the price of the next one will be increased. This is 
done at a rate of $50 per point. Therefore, the first point is $50, the second $100, 
etc. The last point you buy will set you back $2750. 

Buying stats should be your first priority, as it is the quickest route to the 
ultimate skater. You will need to buy stats to progress through the game. There are 
high ledges and difficult jumps that can only be made by increasing the base stats. 
In addition, you will not be able to score high enough to gain some of the points 
challenges unless you ramp up your skills. 

Buy Tricks
After you get sick of your current staple of tricks (and have some green in your 
billfold), take a trip to the Trick shop to purchase some new moves. Choose from the 
various families: Flip, Grab, Lip or Special. If you're interested in discovering 
the prices of each, take a look at the "Tricks" section of this guide. 

To buy a trick, select the category you want. Now find an "Empty" slot in the list. 
Click on it and you'll be taken to a list of potential moves. Click on a trick. If 
you have enough green to buy it, you will be asked to complete the transaction. 
Select "Yes" to add it to your permanent repertoire. Once you buy a trick, you can't 
get rid of it. However, you can keep it without assigning a button press, in a sort 
of "Trick Bullpen." 

Special tricks cost the most of all of the available moves. Of course, since this is 
due to their high scoring potential, it all seems fair in the end. You can only have 
five tricks assigned to buttons at once. This is to keep scoring from getting out of 

Skate Shop
Head to the skate shop to buy new decks. A skater can unlock a total of seven boards 
besides the one he/she begins with. The order you buy decks in is unimportant. 
However, every time you buy a deck, it will cost $250 more than the last. Whenever 
you buy a new board, the board stats will improve. The last board will have full 

To tune your turning, go to the Trucks screen. Adjust them to Loose, Medium or 
Tight. Loose gives you the most control and smallest turning radius, while Tight 
makes wider turns. 

Skater Info
Skater/ Pic/ Foot/ Style/ Biography/ Special Trick #1/ Special Trick #2/ Special 
Trick #3 
Tony Hawk:  Goofy/ Vert/ Possibly the most influential skateboarder of all time, 
Tony has invented hundreds of tricks including the stalefish, madonna and 720, and 
is the only person to land the vaunted 900. Overturn: 
D L + grind The 900: 
R D + grab Sacktap: 
U D + grab 

Bob Burnquist:  Regular/ All Around/ At 23, Sao Paulo, Brazil's Bob Burnquist has no 
equal. Since his first moments in the professional spotlight he's continuously 
amazed the world of skating. His innovative switch-stance skating and unmistakable 
style combined with a true passion for every aspect of the sport have set him apart. 
Rocket Tailslide: 
U D + grind One Foot Smith: 
R D + grind Racket Air: L D + grab 

Steve Caballero:  Goofy/ All Around/ Cab has left his mark on three decades of 
skateboarding and is considered by most a legend of the sport. He became a world Am 
pool champ at 14, rose to the top of the vert ratings in the 80's, and is an 
accomplished street skater in the 90's. Style, power and longevity remain the 
hallmarks of his career. Hang Ten: R U + grind Triple Kickflip: 
U L + kickflip FS 540: 
R L + grab 

Kareem Campbell:  Regular/ Street/ East Coast, West Coast, or any coast, Kareem 
Campbell and his smooth metropolitan style are recognized on the real streets. Born 
in New York and raised in Los Angeles, Kareem defies any East vs. West barriers. 
When he's not skating, you can find him chilling with his son, li'l Reem. Kareem's 
advice for skaters: "Do it for yourself and keep it honest." Nosegrind to Pivot: 
D U + grind Ghetto Bird: D U + kickflip Casper: 
L D + grab 

Rune Glifberg:  Regular/ Vert/ When Rune was 11 years old a friend brought a 
skateboard to his home in Copenhagen, Denmark. Later, a skateboard brought Rune to 
his new home in Huntington Beach, California. (He didn't ride it. He became a pro on 
it.) Here you'll find the all-terrain terrorist sessioning poolsand streets. But he 
saves his best for his true love: wide open vert skateboarding. One Foot Bluntside: 
L U + grind Kickflip 1 Foot Tail: 
L D + kickflip Christ Air: L R + grab 

Eric Koston:  Goofy/ Street/ Who do you want to be today? Think Koston, because he 
rides like anybody and nobody else. He'll bust any pro's signature trick with 
uncanny similarity then transition into the eponymous K-Grind. Besides this move 
bearing his name, Eric's famous for clowning around while making challenging switch 
and nollie rides look like a joke. The Fandangle: 
R D + grind Indy Frontflip: 
D U + grab Pizza Guy: D L + grab 

Bucky Lasek:  Regular/ Vert/ Hardened on the East Coast and currently refining his 
skills in Carlsbad, California, Charles Michael Lasek, better known as Bucky, soars 
to sickening heights above half-pipes--and other skaters. He's equal parts power, 
originality and style. When Bucky's not dropping jaws at the local Mission Valley 
Skate Park, you'll find him loving life with his wife and daughter. The Big Hitter: 
L D + grind One Foot Japan: 
U R + grab Fingerflip Airwalk: 
L R + grab 

Rodney Mullen:  Regular/ Street/ The godfather of technical street skating, Rodney 
was a freestyle world champ 35 times over before bringing his mind-boggling skills 
to the street skating scene in 1990.
The kickflip, kickflip-underflip, impossible, 360-flip, casper and darkslide are 
just a few of the patents on Rodney's exhaustive resume.
 Heelflip Darkslide: 
R L + grind Nollieflip Underflip: 
D L + kickflip Casper to 360 Flip: 
D R + grab 

Chad Muska:  Regular/ Street/ The Muska's popularity grows each and every year, a 
fact most recently evidenced by his choice as Transworld's Street Skater of 1999. 
Perhaps inspired by a youth of growing up in Las Vegas, Chad is constantly pushing 
both street skating and equipment design in ever more outrageous directions. 
D R + grind Mute Backflip: 
U D + grab Handstand N. Manual: 
R U + grab 

Andrew Reynolds:  Regular/ Street/ Andrew's only been a pro since 1996, but what he 
may lack in years, he makes up for in air and guts. If you're in Los Angeles, 
California and you see somebody going huge over massive gaps, sessioning sick sets 
of stairs and doing it all with effortless style, odds are you're in the presence of 
the Turtle Boy himself. Say "hi" as he flies by. Nosegrab Tailslide: 
U D + grind Triple Heelflip: 
U R + kickflip Hardflip Late Flip: 
U D + kickflip 

Geoff Rowley:  Regular/ Street/ Called the one-man English invasion, Geoff Rowley 
went from the streets of Liverpool, England to the top of the skating world. In 
fact, Geoff's often called the skater's skater. He currently resides in Huntington 
Beach, California, where his diet consists of miles of handrails, huge staircases 
and lots of vegetables. Picture a 360-flip down 13 stairs. Yep, that's Rowley. 
Rowley Darkslide: 
L R + grind Double Hardflip: 
R D + kickflip Half Flip Casper: 
R L + kickflip 

Elissa Steamer:  Regular/ Street/ Making the cut skating with the boys. Dominating 
every all-girl event she enters. Getting her name on a pro-model street board. You 
guessed it--it's Ft. Myers, Florida native Elissa Steamer. Elissa specializes in 
sessioning streets and stereotypes. Now living in Los Angeles, California, Elissa 
skates like you wish you could. Madonna Tailslide: 
U L + grind Hospital Flip: 
L R + kickflip Indy Backflip: 
U D + grab 

Jamie Thomas:  Regular/ Street/ Jamie goes big, then edits. Originally from Alabama, 
Jamie has conquered some of the biggest gaps and longest rails ever seen. His video 
parts in "Welcome to Hell" and "Misled Youth" prove it. Jamie is the only person to 
walk away from the Leap of Faith with both legs intact. Beni F-Flip Crooks: 
D U + grind Laser Flip: D R + kickflip One Foot Nose Manual: 
L U + grab 

Stat Comparison
(Based on starting statistics) 
Skater/ Air/ Hang Time/ Ollie/ Speed/ Spin/ Landing/ Switch/ Rail Balance/ Lip 
Balance/ Manuals 
Tony Hawk 7 5 2 6 8 5 2 2 6 7 
Bob Burnquist 6 5 5 5 5 3 8 2 7 4 
Steve Caballero 6 5 5 6 3 5 5 6 5 4 
Kareem Campbell 7 2 6 5 8 4 5 6 2 5 
Rune Glifberg 7 7 5 6 5 3 4 4 6 3 
Eric Koston 4 3 7 5 4 4 7 7 3 6 
Bucky Lasek 7 7 3 6 7 3 5 3 7 2 
Rodney Mullen 2 2 6 5 8 2 8 7 2 8 
Chad Muska 4 3 8 6 4 7 5 8 3 2 
Andrew Reynolds 4 2 8 4 5 7 5 8 4 3 
Geoff Rowley 6 2 6 4 5 5 4 8 7 3 
Elissa Steamer 6 4 5 5 5 4 5 6 5 5 
Jamie Thomas 4 3 7 6 4 8 4 7 4 3 


Performing tricks in THPS2 is discussed in detail in the "Game Basics" section of 
this guide. Here is a run-down of how much each trick costs on the Player Select 
screen, and its base point value when performed regular and switch. Grinds, lip 
tricks and grabs accrue points the longer they are held. 

Flip Tricks
Trick/ Cost/ Regular/ Switch/ 
Pop Shove It $0 100 120 
FS Shove It $0 100 120 
Kickflip $0 100 120 
Heelflip $0 100 120 
360 Flip $0 500 600 
Varial Heelflip $0 300 360 
Impossible $500 250 300 
Body Varial $750 500 600 
Varial Kickflip $1000 300 360 
360 Shove It $1000 300 360 
Hardflip $1000 300 360 
Ollie North $1500 500* 600* 
Inward Heelflip $1500 350 420 
Front Foot Impossible $1500 700 840 
Kickflip to Indy $2000 700 840 
Heelflip Varial Lien $2000 800 960 
360 Flip to Mute $2500 800 960 

* Hold for more points 

Grab Tricks 
Trick/ Cost/ Regular/ Switch/ 
Tailgrab $0 150 180 
Crossbone $0 175 210 
Mute $500 180 210 
Stalefish $500 175 210 
Nosegrab $500 150 180 
Indy Nosebone $500 150 180 
Melon $500 150 180 
Roastbeef $500 150 180 
Benihana $500 300 360 
Indy $500 150 180 
Japan Air $500 175 210 
Method $750 250 300 
Rocket Air $750 250 300 
Airwalk $1000 250 300 
Indy Stiffy $1000 250 300 
Judo $1000 300 360 
Madonna $1000 250 300 
Varial $1500 900** 1080** 
Sal Flip $1750 900** 1080** 

** Set point value; cannot hold 

lip Tricks
Trick/ Cost/ Regular/ Switch 
180 Rock N Roll $123 750 900 
Rock N Roll $500 500 600 
Axle Stall $500 500 600 
Nosestall $1500 750 900 
Disaster $1500 800 960 
Handplant $2000 750 900 
Eggplant $2500 900 1080 
Mute Invert $3500 1000 1200 
One Foot Invert $4000 1500 1800 
Gymnast Plant $5000 1500 1800 

Special Tricks
Trick/ Cost/ Regular/ Switch/ Skater 
One Foot Smith $7500 Variable Variable Bob Burnquist 
Darkslide $7500 Variable Variable Custom 
Triple Kickflip $7500 1250 1450 Steve Caballero 
Hardflip Late Flip $7500 1500 1800 Andrew Reynolds 
Double Hardflip $7500 1500 1800 Geoff Rowley 
540 Flip $7500 1250 1500 Custom 
Shove It Rewind $8000 1250 1500 Custom 
Fingerflip Airwalk $8000 1500 1800 Bucky Lasek 
Christ Air $8500 1000 1200 Rune Glifberg 
Overturn $8500 Variable Variable Tony Hawk 
Madonna Tailslide $8500 Variable Variable Elissa Steamer 
Rocket Tailslide $8500 Variable Variable Bob Burnquist 
Hurricane $8500 Variable Variable Chad Muska 
Nosegrind to Pivot $9000 Variable Variable Kareem Campbell 
Laser Flip $9000 1500 1800 Jamie Thomas 
Kickflip McTwist $9000 3500 4200 Custom 
FS 540 $9500 3500 4200 Steve Caballero 
Casper $9500 Variable Variable Kareem Campbell 
Triple Heelflip $9500 1700 2040 Andrew Reynolds 
Half Flip Casper $9500 1250 1500 Geoff Rowley 
Hospital Flip $9500 1250 1500 Elissa Steamer 
One Foot Bluntslide $9500 Variable Variable Rune Glifberg 
Rowley Darkslide $9500 Variable Variable Geoff Rowley 
The Fandangle $9500 Variable Variable Eric Koston 
Sacktap $10,000 1500 1800 Tony Hawk 
The Big Hitter $10,000 Variable Variable Bucky Lasek 
Hang Ten $10,000 Variable Variable Steve Caballero 
Racket Air $10,000 1500 1800 Bob Burnquist 
Kickflip 1 Foot Tail $10,000 1250 1500 Rune Glifberg 
Nollie Underflip $10,000 1500 1800 Rodney Mullen 
One Foot Japan $10,000 1250 1500 Bucky Lasek 
Beni F-Flip Crooks $10,500 Variable Variable Jamie Thomas 
One Foot Nose Manual $10,500 Variable Variable Jamie Thomas 
Ghetto Bird $11,000 1750 2100 Kareem Campbell 
Indy Frontflip $11,000 4000 4800 Eric Koston 
Heelflip Darkslide $11,500 Variable Variable Rodney Mullen 
Pizza Guy $11,500 1750 2100 Eric Koston 
Mute Backflip $11,500 4500 5400 Chad Muska 
Handstand Nose Manual $11,500 Variable Variable Chad Muska 
Indy Backflip $11,500 4000 4800 Elissa Steamer 
Casper to 360 Flip $12,000 Variable Variable Rodney Mullen 
The 900 $15,000 8000 9600 Tony Hawk 


The Hangar 
Mullet, Falls.MT 


Good old Mullet Falls. Rednecks, military installations and skating: a ludicrous and 
dangerous mix. The Hangar is in the midst of it all, a testament to the paradox that 
is Central Montana. 

The Hangar will remind you a bit of the Warehouse level in TH1. A quarter rings the 
entire building, providing vert opportunities to all the good little boys and girls. 
The level's not bad for grind-lovers either, as the same quarter can be slid upon 
for great distances. There are two rooms to session: the airplane hangar and the 
helicopter hangar. Bust out the halfpipe in the airplane room, or cruise the high 
rails that ring the walls. Then crash through the center glass and take on the 

Secret areas: 
At the wall end of the halfpipe will open when you grind the propeller there. This 
will open the wind tunnel, which is essentially another halfpipe dripping with cash. 
There is another secret outdoor area that can be opened by grinding the blades of 
the helicopter. It will open under the wooden quarter below the last set of barrels. 

Getting the High Scores 


There is so much to session here, I almost don't know where to begin. The easiest 
way to get a ton of points is to continually transfer over the central halfpipe, 
gaining gap bonuses each time. By landing in a manual on the other side and cruising 
to the quarter wall, you can get a couple of the high score tapes out of the way 
quite easily. 

Or, head inside the halfpipe and test out your air. See how many kinds oif 720s you 
can land, and before you know it, you'll have some high scores kicking. If you get 
sick of the first HP, grind the propeller to open the wind tunnel. Rock in there to 
grab some more air. 

Before launching into any trick, No Comply or Boneless to immediately pump up your 

Another tactic to scoring scads of points in scenic Mullet Falls is to grind around 
the perimeter. Hop out of your grind, land in a manual, then return to a grind. In 
this way, you can gain huge multipliers by working up your base score slowly. End 
the string with a Lip trick or spinning Grab to really heap on the points. Or head 
to the high bars and work your way down, grinding the top one, then ollieing down to 
the lower level. You'll grab a gap bonus is you land in a grind in the lower lip. 
End the run with a series of manuals/grinds to max out your points. 

Collect S-K-A-T-E 
 S: Pop over the HP and the S is waiting on the opposite side. Skate through it.
K: Skate to the quarter and use the vert to Boneless up to the lower of two rails, 
heading left. Jump at the end of the bar to get the K.
A: Skate left and ramp over the wing of the airplane to snag the A.
T: Go forward and up the quarter after landing. Sky and push right, busting through 
the glass and coming down with the T.
E: At the back of the helicopter room, you'll discover the E hanging high above the 
wooden quarter. Launch up to grab it. .

Collect 5 Wings 
 1: Head to the far right of the halfpipe from the starting point. Without leaping, 
cling to the right wall and grind the propeller here. The Wing lies in its center.
2: Grind the ridge behind the airplane to get the second Wing.
3. Move to the helicopter room. Launch off of the wooden ramp bracing the glass wall 
to get the third Wing.
4. Head toward the quarter ahead and launch off of it, drifting right back toward 
the airplane hangar. Therein floats the fourth Wing.
5. The last Wing is above the original roll-in ramp. Build up speed on the quarters, 
then head toward the gap. Angle slightly as you hit the right side, then drift left 
and claim the Wing and the challenge. .

Hit 3 Hangtime Gaps  
1. Transfer over the halfpipe for the Halfpipe Hangtime gap.
2. Using the wing as a ramp, launch over the airplane for the Wingtip Hangtime.
3. Transfer from one ramp to the other over the 'copter to grab the Skycrane 

Barrel Hunt 
1. Transfer over the HP to find the first bundle directly ahead.
2. Now zip inside the halfpipe to topple the barrels there.
3. Cruise out of the HP and head left. The next group of barrels is near the low 
wall that separates the rooms.
4. Now head over to the chopper room. Transfer over the wall and skate through the 
set of barrels near the quarter here.
5. At the back of the chopper room is a small quarter set into the wall of quarters. 
Atop it is the last group of barrels. Knock 'em down, champ. 

Nosegrind Over Pipe
Just like it sounds. Cruise over the halfpipe and nosegrind (up + grind) to grab the 


Find the Secret Tape
Smash through the glass into the chopper room. Using the small ramps on either side 
of the chopper, ollie up to it and grind one of the blades. This will cause the 
whirlybird to take off, busting open a special area near the back of this room. Head 
outside to a snowy landing pad. At the far end is a quarter pipe. Hanging above it 
is the Secret Tape. 

100% Goals and Cash
50 Bucks: 
1. Above the Secret Tape, you'll find a fitty.
2. Make the chopper take flight and you'll see a fifty over the short rail that 
joins the mini-ramps. Snag it.
3. On the airplane side of things, near the glass wall is a $50 hanging in the 
rafters. Air up to it using the running quarter below.
4-6. A propeller bridges the end of the halfpipe ahead of the starting point. Grind 
it to open the secret wind tunnel here. Head inside to find a pair of Fifties on the 
back wall. Then sail over the door gap to get a third. 

100 Bucks: 
1. Straight ahead from the windtunnel door is a high $100. Sail up to get it.
2. Make the helicopter take off by grinding its blades. Now head to the quarter in 
front of the secret outdoor area, airing off of it to gain speed. After landing, 
head forward under the rail and off of the next quarter, pushing forward to launch 
up to the rafters. Your goal is to land in a grind on the light fixture above. Once 
you do, hold it to the end, then jump off to grab the $100. 


Air Gaps 

Rollin Gap:  
Transfer over the starting rollin ramp to score the bonus. You'll need lots of 
speed, which can be gained by zipping back and forth across the room. Air up and 
over the gap or grind one edge, leap the gap and land in a grind on the opposite 

Chopper Hop: 
Transfer from one room to the other (through the glass) off of the quarter wall on 
either side. The best way to do this is to slightly drift while spinning through the 
plate glass toward the chopper room. 

Halfpipe Hangtime:  
Sail over the HP to gain the bonus. 

Flyin High: 
Transfer across the door mouth in the wind tunnel to get the Flyin High bonus. Make 
sure you gain lots of speed in the HP here before attempting the transfer. 

Its Cold Up Here: 
Open the secret room by grinding the chopper blades. Then cruise inside and air high 
off of the ramp at the end of the landing pad (where you collect the Secret Tape). 
Then shiver. 

Wingtip Hangtime: 
Gain some speed on the quarter wall, then approach the airplane from the side. Hop 
from one wing of the airplane to the other to snag the bonus. 

Skycrane Hangtime: 
Leap over the helicopter from one ramp to the other. You'll need some speed to do 
this. Work it up on the quarter wall here, then approach the ramp. Boneless to get a 
little extra push. 

Air Over the Door: 
You'll need massive speed to pull this off. Gain air on the quarter walls of the 
chopper room, then cruise to the back of the area and leap over the door to the 
secret outdoor area (drifting from one segment of the steel quarter, across the wood 
quarter to the other steel bank). 

Grind Gaps 

Rail-guided Missile: 
In front of the airplane's propeller is a raised ridge. Grind this, then ollie up to 
the low wall (that separates the rooms) and grind to score this bonus. 

From the high rails in the hangar, leap down and grind the quarter lip below. 

Lil Light Hopper/Big Light Hopper: 
Make the chopper take off, then cruise to the wooden quarter, gaining speed. Cruise 
back toward the airplane room. Push forward and leap to the lights, landing in a 
grind. This will score the Big Light Hopper gap. Hold the grind to get the Lil' 
Light Hopper. Or, instead of approaching from this way, gain speed and air in the HP 
in the airplane room. Then launch up to either of the light banks hanging above and 
just outside the HP. Land in a grind to score the Lil Light Hopper and hold the 
grind to score the biggie. 

Light Corner: 
From your leap out of the HP, grind the light until you reach another bank running 
off to the right. Leap to it and grind for a Light Corner. 

Manual Gaps 

Instrument Landing:  
Ollie over the airplane and land in a manual to score this gap.  

Lip Gaps 

High Steppin': 
Lip trick on a wall railing in the airplane room for the High Steppin' gap. 

One Half Pipe Lip: 
Lip trick on one side of the airplane room HP. 

The Other Half Pipe Lip: 
The other side of the HP will yield this gap. 

Wind Tunnel Back Wall: 
Lip trick the back wall of the wind tunnel. 

Downwind Lip: 
Head left inside the wind tunnel. Lip trick here to score the bonus. 

Upwind Lip: 
Cruise across the door and lip trick on the opposite side to score the gap. 

School 2 

Southern Cali 

If you ever watched a West Coast skating video, you would have seen the type of 
place approximated by the School II level. With several levels, a lot of rail and a 
bunch of high-stress roof hoppin', Southern Cali's got a little bit of something for 
all y'all. 

Start with a huge set of stairs leading down to a series of temporary buildings. 
Grind the dumpster-propped tables and session the handrails. Or cruise to the Big 
Rancho stage area. Lots of grind/manual potential here. Or use the disguised kicker 
planter to launch up to the rooftops and hop your way to the Carlsbad area. 

Note: There's a psychopath on the loose. Armed only with a golf cart, this crazy 
will try to run you down wherever you are. Pop a plant on his car for some extra 

Opening the Gym: To open the school, you will have to quickly make your way down to 
the Opensezmee Rail. From the starting point, head right down the ramp that leads 
down to the Rancho Stage area. Take a left and follow this wall until you reach an 
opening ahead. See the staircase here? You must grind the rail all the way down as 
the second school bell sounds in order to unlock the gymnasium. If you arrive before 
1:40 (approximately when the bell will ring), slow down and prepare to jump. As long 
as you begin your grind before the bell stops sounding (and earn the Opensezmee 
bonus), you will be home free. Head forward to the building on the far side of the 
courtyard. Th gym lies in the door under the blue awning (flanked by a pair of 
kinked rails). Head inside. To the right is the basketball court, to the left, an 
empty pool. 

Getting the High Scores 

. For vert skaters, you can grab the lion's share of points in a small makeshift 
halfpipe just to the left of the starting point. Make sure you don't drift too much 
on the awning side or you could experience a painful faceful of asphalt. This is 
really the only purely vert portion of the level, so you may consider scarfing up 
some rail balance and speed to take advantage of the street nature of this level. 

To get some bonuses and such, grab some speed, then Boneless off of the small kicker 
ramp on the wall right of the starting point to get to the awning above. Follow it 
forward, leaping through the glass to the next rooftop. Hop up to the next level, 
then cut in and leap to the rail that leads to the next rooftop. Keep hopping like 
Spidey across the rooftops until they run out, then leap down into a manual. 

If you are more street inclined, grind the large stair rail from the top down, land 
in a manual, then head to the picnic tables and grind those. See how long you can 
hold out on the grind/manual tip. Or, take the path to the right of the starting 
point down to the Big Rancho stage area. The edges here are reminiscent of the San 
Francisco Embarcadero from TH1. Grind along the lovely edges, trick into manuals, 
then rejoin the grind. If you keep leaping on to the central stage, you can manual 
like crazy, and join up a bunch of grinds until you run out of balance. 

Tip: After the end of the long trick series, you can gain massive points by whipping 
a lip trick off of the quarter at the end of the stage. 

If you have decent air stats, you can use the quarter at the end of the stage to 
grab some speed, then head back the other way, hitting the boards at the end, 
ramping off of the planter to the rooftop above. Leap across to the next roof 
(Boneless or ollie to the flagpole and grind), then hop down to the Carlsbad area. 
Use the little ramps here to get some grab points, and use the gaps to your 
advantage. If you gain some huge speed, you can easily launch over the opposite wall 
(Over the Wall) and clear the angled bank below (Down the Bank). If you land in a 
manual, you'll be my hero. 

Collect S-K-A-T-E  
S: Take the ramp to the right of the starting point down, grinding the low wall to 
get the S.
K: Head atop the stage and launch off of the quarter to get the K.
A: Skate down the stage and off, going into the left passage. Grind down the rail 
here to grab the A.
T: Head down the bank to the right. On the brick wall at the end here is a quarter 
pipe. Launch to grab the T.
E: In the corner near the dumpster (behind the temporary buildings) is the E, 
floating above the righht quarter pipe. .

Wallride 5 Bells 
 1: Use the small kicker ramp to the right of the starting point. Ollie off of it to 
a wallride through the first bell.
2: Move forward and head down the ramp. After an opening to the right dart to the 
right and hug the wall here. The next bell is on the wall ahead. Approach at an 
obtuse angle, then leap and wallride to nail the brass.
3: Take a right around the wall and skate up the ramp next to the stairs here. Back 
in the alcove is the third bell. Skate up the left side of the curved brick, 
wallriding to the right.
4: Return down the ramp and head right, following the banks to the back wall. 
Quickly veer left right before you reach the wall, then wallride into the fourth 
5: The fifth bell is behind the dumpster. Head behind the temp buildings and up on 
to Bendy's curb. Boneless over the dumpster at a weak angle, wallriding at the apex 
of your jump. 

Collect 5 Hall Passes 
1: Head straight forward from the starting point, grinding the low wall that leads 
down of the ramp here. You'll get your first pass during the grind.
2: Skate past the picnic tables and Boneless into the next pass.
3: Straight ahead are the gym railings. Ollie into a grind, then leap across the gap 
and land on the opposite rail, grabbing the pass in the process.
4: Move around the left corner after landing. Above the wooden quarter is the next 
5: Now head across to the planter on the opposite wall, grabbing the last pass. 


Kickflip TC’s Roof Gap 
Use the small kicker ramp in Bendy's Corner to Boneless up to the rooftop of the 
temporary building. Kickflip to the next roof to get the objective. 


Grind 3 Roll Call Rails 
1: The first rail is aptly named the Nightmare Rail. It is straight ahead from the 
starting point, running along the huge set of steps here. Grind the rail to the 
bottom to pick up the Roll Call.
2: Back in the dumpster corner is another rail. Use the little kicker ramp here to 
ollie atop the rail and grind it all the way down to snag the Gonz Rail gappage.
3: Head to the banks area, crusing up the ramp next to the stairs. Turn around and 
grind the long rail down (toward the banks) to get the Opunsezmee Rail. 


Find the Secret Tape 
 The secret tape hangs in the air on the way to the Carlsbad area. Get on top of the 
stage and gain speed on the long, Q-tip shaped stage using the wooden quarter. Then 
head away from the quarter and aim for the boards that are propped on the planter on 
the opposite end. Aim for the right side of the planter, and using the boards to 
ramp up, Boneless into the air. If you Boneless just at the top edge (and have 
adequate air and hangtime stats), you should clear the edge of the building. Once 
you get atop the roof, Boneless across the gap to get the Tape. 

100% Goals and Cash 
50 Bucks:
1. One half of the  small HP near the starting point houses the first dollero.
2. Use the small kicker near the first bell to Boneless to the awning. Another fifty 
lies on the left edge.
3. From the awning, leap through the glass to the first rooftop. Grab the money here.
4. Aim for the left side of the fence to the left of the Nightmare Rail. Boneless 
over it to the small awning to the left. Skate off the edge, Bonelessing at the end 
to get the green.
5. At the bottom of the Nightmare Rail, head right to an area between buildings. 
Here, you'll see a quarter buttressing the wall. Launch off of it to get the coin.
6. In the stage area, you can find a $50 in one of the locker alcoves.
7. There is another fifty on the awnings above. Gain some speed on the sidewalk, 
then angle in and Boneless off of the planter to launch up to the money.
8. When leaping up to the rooftops from the Big Rancho stage, you'll get $50.
9. In the Carlsbad area, you'll find $50 on the left rail. 

100 Bucks
1. From the awning (gotten to from the small kicker at the start of the level), leap 
through the glass to the first rooftop. Hop up to the higher level, then cut in and 
ollie to a grind. You'll get a fifty from this grind.
2. In the Big Rancho area, there is a $100 above the opposite awning. Boneless into 
one of the shallow concrete bowls on each end, using the upturned edge to Boneless 
atop the awning. Follow the overhang to your money.
3. In the Carlsbad area, launch from the quarter pipe to get the $100. 


Air Gaps 

TC's Roof Gap: 
In the area near the dumpster (Bendy's Curve), use the small ramps on either side of 
the small buildings here to get up top. Then leap from one temporary building to the 
other to get the TC gap. 

Table Transfer: 
Head down the Nightmare Rail straight ahead from the starting point. At the bottom 
are a pair of picnic tables, leaning on dumpsters. Leap from one to the other to get 
the bonus. 

Over the Wall...: 
In the Carlsbad area, launch from the ramp near the wall (leading back to the rest 
of the level) to score the gap. To get it, you will have to completely clear the 
wall and land in the banks area below. 

Leap of Faith!!!: 
Leap over the fence next to the Nightmare Rail and land (you may have to tap X for a 
Big Drop) to get the Leap of Faith!!! 

Drop Out Roof Gap!: 
Use the first bell kicker (on the wall just ahead and to the right of the starting 
point) to get up to the awning, then head forward and ollie through the glass to get 
the gap. 

Awning Hop: 
In the Rancho area, use the angled planters to Boneless on to the low-hanging 

Overhang Air: 
Using the angled ramps leading up to the gym, Boneless and air over the gym doors to 
get the bonus. You'll need considerable speed to do this. If you want to, you can 
Wallride over to score this gap as well. 

And Down the Bank!: 
Clear the bank after the Over the Wall gap from the Carlsbad area. Since this is a 
further distance, you'll need a metric buttload of speed to do this. Gain speed off 
of the small quarter below and to the right of the stair set (facing from the roof 
jump entry point)to build up some gusto, then haul ass across the courtyard before 
launching off of the small kicker here. 

Carlsbad 11 Set: 
Ollie down the steps in the Carlsbad area. Of course, a Boneless will help you clear 
it, and a good deal of speed won't hurt either. 

3 Points!!!: 
Get inside the gym using the description provided above (in the course overview), 
then transfer between the two quarter pipes on the basketball court. You'll have to 
have a lot of speed and approach at a fairly shallow angle to clear the gap. 

Carlsbad Gap: 
Leap over the lawn to the left of the stairs in the Carlsbad area. A Boneless will 

Crazy Roof Gap!!: 
When you get to the rooftops near the start, hop through the glass, grind across the 
next gap, then leap across to the final building to grab the gap. 

2 Da Roof!!!: 
Get up to the rooftop from the Big Rancho stage area by using the boards leaning on 
the planter. Boneless at the top of the up-angled planter to launch to the roof. 

Huge Transfer!!!: 
Head to the Gonz Rail area. Here you'll see a pair of ramps. Crank up the speed, 
then hit the ramp at a shallow angle, drifting over and landing on the distant 

Suicidal Roof Gap!!!: 
After you collect the Crazy Roof Gap, head to the left corner of the last building 
and jump down to it (Boneless for a little extra push) to get the gap. It's alright 
to land in a grind on the edge of the temporary building. The gap will still count. 

Mad Skeelz Roof Gap!!!: 
Once you get 2 Da Roof, leap to the next rooftop (using a Boneless) to get the gap. 
If you aren't juiced in the Ollie and Air departments, you may want to grab some 
before attempting this. 

Balcony to Awning!!!: 
Next to the Nightmare Rail is a fence. Boneless over it and head forward. Boneless 
off of the small upgrade here to leap and land (either flat or in a grind) on the 

Are You Serious?!!: 
You'll need massive air to get this gap. As soon as you drop in from the roof above, 
head to the left along the path skirted by a curved rail. Boneless off of the small 
kicker near the wall here to bridge the gap and land on the building ahead. This can 
be done, but you need a lot of speed, which means you cannot hit the wall or rail. 
Good luck! 

Grind Gaps 

Roll Call! Gonz Rail!: 
In the Bendy's flat area (by the dumpster), use the small kicker to launch up to the 
railing, then grind it down to score the gap. 

Gym Rail 2 Rail: 
On the slope leading to the gym doors are a pair of railings. Slide up one, ollie 
and land in a grind on the other side. 

Overhang Stomp!: 
Use the slope near the gym door to pop up to the awning. Grind it to get the 
Overhang Stomp. 

Rack 'Em Up: 
Head to the banks. Grind the long bike racks here, ollying between the gap and 
landing in a grind again. 

Pole Stomp!: 
Near the dumpster, knock into the pole to make it fall down. Then, from Bendy's curb 
leap and grind the fallen pole to get the bonus. 

Roll Call! Opensezmee Rail!: 
Near the banks is a set of stairs. Grind down the railing there to Opensezmee! 

Big Rancho Bench Gap: 
Ride the brick bench in the Rancho stage area, then leap to the next and land in a 

Pole 2 Brix: 
When grinding the fallen lamppost (after a Pole Stomp!) near Bendy's Flat, jump and 
land in a grind on the planter. 

Bank 2 Ledge: 
In the banks area, leap from the angled concrete up to the small ledge that skirts 
the wall, landing in a grind. 

Roll Call! Nightmare Rail!: 
Straight ahead from the starting point is a long, kinked rail. Grind it most of the 
way down to earn the bonus. 

Bendy's Curb: 
Grind the edge of the concrete apron below the dumpster to grab the gap. 

Flyin' the Flag: 
From the Rancho rooftops, leap across the building gap and land in a grind on the 
flagpole on your way to the Carlsbad secret area. 

Stage Rail 2 Rail: 
On the Rancho stage, grind a rail, leap across the gap and land on an opposite rail. 

Kicker 2 Hook: 
Boost up your speed on the Carlsbad quarter, then head to the small kicker further 
from the wall. Use it to pop over to the curved rail. Land in a grind. 

Backboard Dance: 
Leap from the kicker in the gym and land in a grind on the b-ball backboard. 

Manual Gaps 

Planter on Edge: 
At the starting point, leap up to the planter and manual the length of its concrete 

2 Wheelin' TC's Roof: 
Leap up to TC's Roof, landing in a manual, then ollie over TC's Roof Gap and land in 
another manual. 

Ledge on Edge: 
In the banks area, manual the ledge along the wall that runs parallel to the bike 

Bendy's Flat: 
Manual the concrete apron in front of the dumpster.  

Lip Gaps 

Arch Extension: 
In the mini-HP to the left of the starting point is a doorway. Perform a lip trick 
on the concrete structure to score the gap. 

Starting Blocks Extension!!!: 
Near the pool, do a lip trick on the starting blocks. 

Lil' Guppy Extension!: 
Lip trick the low diving platform near the pool. 

Mid Squid Extension!!: 
Bust a lip on the middle diving board. 

High Dive Extension!!!: 
You know what to do, dog. Lip the top platform. 

Other Gaps 

Rock the Bells!: 
Wallride across any of the bells on the level will give you Rock the Bells! 

Competition Invite #1: Marseilles Bowl Jam 

In Marseille, you get your first shot at gold, glamour and international fame. The 
Bowl Jam is rip-roariung skating extravaganza, full of both vert and street 
elements. If you're into the air, grab some sky in the bowls that define the course. 
Or head into the quarter pipe channels, snagging vert from the graffiti-laced 

Or mix it up and grind the rails that punctuate the course. Rails ring each circular 
bowl, available for plenty of rail to lip action. Or link a series of manuals/grinds 
on the backside of the course, using everything in sight to pump up your score. 
There is so much to grind on this course, you may forget about vert entirely. 

Don't, however, forget about the lampposts and high bars. Use the quarters to launch 
above for some high-grinding excitement. Then head back down to Earth and session 
the railings, stairs and funboxes. A well-rounded course to earn some well-rounded 
scores on. 


Secret Area:  
You'll notice a tree-filled planter to the right of the starting point. Head over to 
it and cruise close to the fence. Here, you'll see a small stick holding up some 
lampposts. Skate through it and the post will crash through the fence, exposing a 
well. Splash into it to go to a secret crypt area. . 
. Gold Rush 


Serious points await right off the bat. Grind an edge, land in a manual and head for 
the lamppost ahead. Hold the manual and from that Boneless up to the lamppost for a 
Stomp. Jump down to the dumpster, grind, ollie to the edge of the bowl, grind. Keep 
grinding until you can't anymore, then hop into the bowl and land in a manual. Then 
pop a spinning grab trick or lip trick to max out the trick run.  

Sessioning the bowls is a good way to max out all of your air points, but what they 
are best for is what I have described above. Grind the lip, leap up and grind the 
railing, then head to the next railing and grind that. When you are losing balance, 
head into one of the bowls and manual, then end it with a grab or lip trick to round 
out the run.

Another great place to get a ton of vert is the channel area to the right of the 
starting point. Exhaust every one of your grab tricks (720 them if you can), not 
forgetting to add a Boneless or No Comply to each to multiply the score. Or grind 
here around the tear-drop shaped edges, leaping back and forth to build your 
multipliers. Just as you're starting to lose balance, hop to a manual and cruise up 
the opposite quarter to kick up to a spinning grab. 

When you're through earning points here, head to the right and grind/hop/grind the 
long ledge/rail channel next to the tree planter. At the end, land in a manual and 
move to the rails that circle the bowls to close out your exquisite run. 


100% the level
50 Bucks 
1. Head to the left of the start. You'll see a pair of funboxes under the French 
flags. Get some speed together, then hit one of the funboxes to launch into a 
wallride. Wallride up into the loot. 
2. Once you open the secret crypt area and fall down the well, you'll find a fifty 
directly behind you. 
3-4. The other two fifties in the crypt are on the rails on either side of the 
fountain room. 

100 Bucks 
1. Use the quarter bank ahead and slightly to the left of the starting point. 
Boneless up to the banner crossbar and grind it across to get the money. 
2. Launch over the fountain in the crypt to snag the last bit of moola. 

Air Gaps 

Over the Lil' 4: 
Leap down the stairs to the right (and slightly behind) the starting point. 

Shorty Dumpster Pop: 
Ollie over the short side of a dumpster. 

Shorty Table Pop: 
Ollie over the short side of a table. 

Dumpster Pop: 
Ollie over the length of a dumpster. 

Over the Gate: 
Gain some speed behind the starting point, then use the quarter kicker edge to 
launch over the bar bearing a line of flags. 

Table Pop: 
Ollie over the length of a table. 

2 the Box: 
Grind the curved rail to the right of the starting point toward the funbox, then 
leap to it to get the gap. 

Over the Table: 
The angled table to the right of the crossbar can be attacked in two ways. First, 
grind toward it, leap over and land in a grind on the other side. Or, use the 
quarter bank to angle over the sucka in midflight drift and land on the other side. 

Box 2 Box Action: 
Boneless from one on the funboxes beneath the French flags to the other to score the 
gap. You'll need some speed for this to work, and a good place to get it is along 
the rails on the Spider-Man funbox. Wall rides count for this gap, too. 

Up the Lil' 4: 
Pop up the little four-stair stair set near the starting point point to grab the 

Water Up Le Backside: 
Get on over the fountain in the crypt area to nail this bonus. 

The squared end of the high wall at the end of the quarter channel has a small, blue 
Up arrow on it. Air up it to grab the gap, but be careful coming down. This is a 
narrow landing, fer sher. 

Over the Crossbar: 
Clear the bar holding the welcome banner (Bienvenue a Marseilles) by airing off of 
the quarter bank beneath it. 

Freakin' Huge Hip: 
Get up a good deal of speed, then pop from the far right circle bowl (if viewed from 
the starting point) toward the angled picnic table. Land in the bowl there to nail 
the gap. 

Big Ol' Stanky Gap: 
Pop over the double dumpsters  using the quarter bank beneath to score the bonus. 

Go higher than the Up! gap to snag a bonus. 

Humptey Humps!!!: 
Get some air and some speed in one of the two far bowls, then head back toward the 
starting point and use the bowl lip to launch over the hump beneath the crossbar. 
This  can also be done backwards, but either way, a Boneless will help you clear the 

Big Mouth Gap: 
Grab some serious speed, then hit the quarter bank below the main crossbar and land 
on the far bank to land the Big Mouth Gap. 

And Away!!!: 
Go higher than the Up!! gap to land And Away!!! 

Grind Gaps 

Rail 2 Rail: 
Grind the rail atop the funbox in front of the Spider-Man sign, jump, then land in a 
grind on the opposite rail. 

Rail 2 Ledge: 
Ride the curved rail behind you to the right, then leap off and grind the ledge 
straight ahead. 

Ledge 2 Rail: 
Opposite of the above gap. 

The Hidden 4 Kink: 
Grind the kinked rail that leads down the ramp in front of you in the secret crypt. 

Dumpster Stomp: 
Land in a grind on the line of dumpsters from a grind atop the judges booth (where 
you got the first $50). To do this, gain speed on the Spider-Man rails, approach the 
judges booth wall, pop a Boneless up to a wallride and grind the top edge of the 
booth. As you near the end of the top edge, ollie down to a grind on the set of 
double dumpsters. 

Kink Clank: 
Gain some serious speed, then head down the quarter channel (the same side as the 
angled table) toward the street course. Land in a grind on the kink rail on the Lil' 

Kink Stomp: 
Gain some speed along the rails on the back bowls. Then head back toward the 
starting point, keeping the judges booth to your right (and the double dumpsters on 
your left). Use the funbox to pop to a wallride up to a grind atop the box, hold the 
grind to the opposite edge, then ollie down to the kink rail below. Land in a grind 
below to complete the gap. 

Crossbar Stomp: 
Pop up to the Welcome banner and land in a grind to secure the gappage. The best way 
to do this is to approach head-on and pop a Boneless up to the bar. If you angle 
your attack, you will often bail. 

Lamp Stomp: 
Launch up to the lamps using any of the quarter banks around the level and land in a 
grind. As with the Crossbar Stomp, as you reach the upper lip of the quarter bank, 
use a Boneless to get the required height and distance to reach the bar. 

Knucklin' Futs!!!: 
Use the quarter bank that runs along the long tree planter to Boneless up into the 
falling lamppost (obviously before you knock it down).Gain some speed in the quarter 
channel, then let it rip. 

Lip Gaps 

Boomin' Extension: 
Whip a lip trick on the speakers to the left of the Crossbar. 

Stanky Extension: 
Extend a lip trick invite to the dumpster in the side bowl. 

U.U.A. Extension: 
Lip trick the edge above the blue Up, Up and Away arrow. 

Other Gaps 

Wall Crawler: 
Wallride the space between the quarter pipes in the crypt area. 

NY City 
New York 
NY City is not really about vert, so pump up your rail balance and manual stats 
before tackling the mean streets. Then hit the avenues in a crazy grind and grab 
fest. Session Central Park, pulling off huge grind combos along fences and benches. 
Or head down to Joey's, grinding the sculpture there and ramping off of the brick 
for some of the only vert in the level. 

Grab all of the Subway tokens to open the escalator to the overhead rails, then 
grind them all the way down to the Brooklyn Banks, a bricked-out course of rails, 
banks and a few secrets. 


Heads up: Like the School level, NY City is host to a bunch of crazy drivers. Here, 
taxi drivers ("You talking to me?") will attempt to run you down as you skate. 

Getting the High Scores 

One of the most impressive strings of tricks you can pull off on this course is 
right in front of you as you begin. Notice the long, low wall directly to your left. 
Hop on it and grind, then leap across the Park Entrance gap and continue to grind. 
The wall will bend to the left. As you begin to lose balance, hop off into a manual. 
Keep ollying and manualling until you get near the end of the street. Here, you have 
two choices. Either keep manualling to the left until you duck down a side path with 
lots of fence to grind, or end your current trick string with a spinning grab off of 
the quarter leaning on the brick to the right. Either way, you'll have a healthy 
50,000-100,000 points to begin your run. 

The path that leads past the park can be worth lots of points. Get on the benches 
and grind, jumping between them until you reach a small brick building to the right. 
Leap to the counter and grind, then ollie once more to the fence that skirts the 
water to get a huge score and props from the people of New York. 

The pit of the park is also a great place to pick up points, and boasts some vert 
for people who are into that. The mammoth brick wall here serves as a hug quarter 
for air sessioning. Use up you lip tricks here, or Boneless into a grind at the top 
of the wall and do some manual/grind linking on the street. 

The pit housing Joey's is another area to bust some air. Grind the rails all the way 
down, land in a manual and cruise across to the tall quarter, ripping a spinning 
grab at the top of the ramp to max out your points. There is another small quarter 
beneath the sculpture. Use this like a makeshift HP, cruising back and forth while 
racking up the score. 

Once you have collected all of the Subway Tokens, the high rails will be accessible. 
The subway entrance is in the large concrete column ahead and to the right of the 
starting point. Cruise up there, then grind and ride the rails all the way down to 
the Brooklyn Banks. Here, you'll find lots of rails to link and a small bank of 
quarter pipes on the far right wall. 

Collect S-K-A-T-E 
 S: Hop over the Park Entrance gap to snag the S.
K: Keep grinding the low wall around the park until you reach the K. As you 
approach, hop up to snag it. If you miss, you can always use the brick quarter to 
launch into the K.
A: The A is floating above the base of the statue.Use the brick quarter to get the 
speed up, then head toward the base of the statue. At the top lip of the base, pop a 
Boneless up into the A.
T: Leave the park, heading under the bridge, then cut left at the top. Grind the 
fence near the water to grab the T.
E: Skate along the fence. The building opposite the large rock has a quarter on it. 
Launch off of it to claim the E. 

Ollie the Hydrants 
1. Skate along the low wall to the left at the beginning of the level. When you 
reach the taxi-swarmed cross street, take a left. The hydrant will be near the 
building here. Line up your jump exactly, then pop an ollie over the hydrant. This 
can be tricky, but keep at it until water shoots from the top.
2. Now head to the right. Near a roadblock at the end of this road is the second 
3. Head back to the main street and cruise past the starting point. As you round the 
next corner, you'll see a street lined by a rail that is strapped off with police 
tape. To the left is another hydrant. Ollie over it to snag the final part of the 

5 Subway Tokens 
 1. Head through the first path to the left right off the bat. Follow this over the 
bridge, grinding the rail to get the Token.
2. Join the next path and follow it up, grinding the left rail to get the next Token.
3. Head across the cross street and launch up the quarter pipe there to get the next 
4. Turn around and grab some speed, launching off of the ramp leading to the park to 
get the Token hanging in the air.
5. In the park, swing under the bridge and head up to the left. Launch off of the 
rock at the top of the hill to grab the next final Token. 

Now you've opened the Subway. Cruise up there and rock the rails! 

50-50 Joey’s Sculpture
Turn right from the starting point, heading across traffic to the railing 
overlooking Joey's. The sculpture is the angles rail in the center of the park. 
Infernal modern art! 50-50 it (grind, no D-Pad) to pass the challenge. 

Grind the Subway Rails
Cruise up the escalator once it's been opened with the subway tokens. Gain some 
speed on the long platform here, then head back toward the escalator. Right before 
you hit the door, jump to the left and land in a grind on the right rail. Hold the 
grind until you pass over the Banks wall to pass the objective.  


Find the Secret Tape 
 Get over to the Brooklyn Banks, either by wallriding the brick separating wall or 
cruising down the rails. When you reach the Banks, you'll see a long, curving 
concrete ramp. Follow it up, hanging near the right. At the end, ollie to a grind on 
the left of two bars that jut from the concrete.As you grind forward, you'll notice 
a small bar to your left jutting from the support in the distance. As you approach, 
jump and grind this left rail. At the end of the bar is the Secret Tape. Ollie up to 
grab it. 

100% Goals and Cash 
50 Bucks 
1. There's a fifty hanging above the escalator leading to the Subway. Boneless to 
get it.
2. Head forward at the top of the escalator until you reach the mouth of the tunnel. 
Here, take a left down to the roof below. Follow this to a second Fifty.
3. Another fifty rests on the subway rails.
4. On the ramp leading to the Secret Tape, there is a $50 flapping in the breeze. 
Boneless up to it as you approach to get the loot.
5.There's another $50 waiting for you as you grind the Secret Tape bar.
6. An inset quarter in the Banks (near the train tracks) houses a high fifty. 

100 Bucks 
1. On the opposite side of Joey's pit, there is a hundred 

hanging high. The quarter under the sculpture will give you speed enough to burn 
across the area and launch up the ramp into the geld.
2. On your way down to the Banks, ride the right rail. Boneless off of the rail into 
the hundred that is hovering just to the right.
3. A hundred hangs near the fence in the Banks area (toward the basketball court). 
Gain some speed on the offset quarter across the way, then head toward the fence and 
Boneless at the top of the bank to spring into the dough.
4. Head down the police-taped street. Past the fire hydrant is a small alcove 
overlooking Joey's. Air off the quarter there to grab the bill. 

250 Bucks 
1. The rare $250 bill is hanging above the statue's head. Gain speed on the huge 
brick quarter, then torque toward the statue, Bonelessing off of the lip at the base 
of the statue to launch into the money. This requires perfect timing and may take a 
couple of tries to get right. 

Air Gaps 

Kick It: 
Right ahead from the starting point is an open manhole. Ollie from one ramp over it 
and land on the opposite ramp to grab the gap. 

Rock It Air: 
Catch air off of the boulder (near the E) to get the gap. 

Pigeon Pudding Gap:
Launch to the statue in the park to nail the Pigeon Pudding. You'll need lots of 
speed for this. Use the high brick quarter to pump up the sass, then hit the low lip 
at the base of the statue and Boneless up over the statue to grab the gap. 

Ramp to Park Gap:
Launch from the ramp along the park's high street wall (where the taxis seem to 
collect) onto the concrete below to rack this gap. 

Awning Air:
In Joey's pit, use the considerable vert to air across one of the awnings (right or 
left) and land on the next ramp over. Airing over either awning will score the gap. 

Over the Banks Barrier:
Head to the Banks. Make like you're going to grab the Secret Tape, but drop off of 
the edge instead. Boneless over the large concrete barrier in front of you to grab 
the gap. 

Take it to the Bridge:
To the right of the Secret Tape bridge is a low wooden quarter. Gain speed from it, 
then head toward the bridge. Move your board so it's almost parallel with the 
bridge, then Boneless up to it to get the gap. 

Ramp to Statue Shorty Gap:
On the street that borders the park near the buildings is a QP leaning against the 
brick. Use this to gain speed, then head across the street to the ramp that launches 
up into the park. Boneless off of the top of it, landing on the base of the statue 

Pouncer Was Here: 
Bust big air out of the massive brick quarter in the park. Make sure your rider is 
aligned near the center of this quarter to score the gap. 

Over the Road:
Same as Take it to the Bridge, but land on the opposite side to score the gap. 

Big Air Out of the Banks:
Once in the Banks, gain some speed heading back toward the main level. Launch over 
the kicker and clear the wall to get the gap. In order to to do this, you'll need 
major speed. Back up a ways and use the rails leading along the subway to get speed, 
then head up the brick banks, in between the two benches and ollie over the railing 
ahead. Skate through the grass and Boneless off of the kicker, grabbing enough air 
to completely clear the wall. 

Pillar Air:
In the Banks area, head to the three pillars near the water. Use the quarter pipe 
opposite them to build up speed. Hug the fence next to the water, then as you 
approach the pillar, air off of it diagonally toward the middle pillar. If you can 
transfer the entire distance between the two pillars in the air and land on the 
bank, you'll score the gap. 

Grind Gaps 

You'll get this gap when you grind/jump/grind off of the bridge to get the Secret 

Near the snack bar, grind down the length of the left bench (going downhill), then 
hop across the cross path and land in a grind on the diagonal bench ahead. You'll 
have to watch out for the light here. It tends to get in the way. 

Left Side Pit Rail Stomp: 
Take a right from the starting point and head to the bench area above. Leap over the 
railing here and land in a grind on the long rail that leads down to Joey's pit. 

Banks Spank: 
Grind the rail that runs down the length of the court, then leap over the gap and 
land in a grind for the Banks Spank. 

Parking Meter Gap: 
Go past the subway entrance and up to the platform here. Follow it ahead to the 
quarter pipe, then turn around and grind back toward the street on the left rail. At 
the end, ollie and land in a grind on the bent-over parking meter. 

You're Next in Line: 
From the area between the large boulder and quarter wall, grind the left fence 
toward the snack stand. Leap to a grind on the counter of said stand to get this 

The Easy Way: 
Make a 180 from the starting point and head down the police-taped street. Go to the 
end of the street, turning around before the dead end construction. Grind away from 
this, holding it the length of the rail to gain the gap. 

Joey's Sculpture:  
Head right from the starting point, hopping the railing above Joey's Pit, landing in 
a grind on the angled rail sculpture. 

Right Side Pit Rail Stomp: 
The same as the Left Side Stomp, except on the other side. 

Jamie's Steps: 
In the Banks area, find the rail poking out of the wall near the bball hoop. Grind 
it toward the stairs, leaping and landing in a grind on the angled rail leading down 
the stairs. 

Banks Fence Gap: 
Find the quarter pipe against the wall near the water in the Banks. Use the QP to 
gain speed, then head to the fence. Pop up top and grind the mamma jamma to get the 
B Fence Gizzy. 

Banks Road Gap: 
In the Banks, head toward the basketball court. Grind the first railing to your 
left, then leap over the gap and land in a grind on the opposite side. 

Rebar to Rail Gap: 
Approach like you're trying to get the Secret Tape. At the end of the rebar, hop 
down to the bench or rail below and grind it silly. 

Ride the Rails: 
Grind a good portion of subway rail to get the Ride the Rails bonus. 

Across the Pit: 
Once again, head to the bench platform and skate to the back. As the rail ends, jump 
over it, wallride the marble slab up to a grind and hold the grind across Joey's Pit 
to score the gap. 

Corner Cut: 
From the beginning, dart into the park opening. Grind the left side of the wall here 
until you get close to the corner. When you do, leap to the wall heading left and 
grind it for the bonus. 

Park Entrance Gap: 
Get on the wall directly to your left from the start, then leap across it and land 
in a grind to score the gap. 

Grab a Snack and Sit Down: 
Grind the snack counter (the water is now behind you) to the blue uphill benches. 

Buurp! Now Go Skate: 
Keep going with the "Grab a Snack..." leaping into a grind from the benches to the 

The Hard Way: 
Opposite of the easy way: grind toward the construction until you see the gap bonus, 
then quickly ollie left to collect the gap. 

Path Less Traveled: 
Head forward from the starting point and bend around the wall, keeping the park 
below to your left. As you near the construction dead end, face down the park road 
with the kicker ramp (the one that airs into the park) to your left. Grind the left 
rail. When it runs out, leap across the path to the blue bench on the right and land 
in a grind. Voila.  

Slam Dunk: 
Approch the basketball court heading toward the river. Cling to the left brick wall 
as you approach, then Boneless to a wallride. As you reach the edge of the wall 
directly behind the board, wallie and land in a grind to grab the bonus. 

Sidewalk Bomb: 
Follow the subway escalator up and straight forward until you reach the car opening. 
Leap to the left and grind the awning there to earn the bonus. 

Changin Trains: 
Jump from one subway track to the other, landing in a grind. 

Manual Gaps 

The Bridge: 
Manual over the bridge above Central Park to earn this gap. You'll need plenty of 
speed to do this, so do not catch any grass on your way. To get the gap, you'll have 
to manual before the stone wall to the left and hold it until the stone wall runs 
out on the right.  

Going Down?: 
Manual down the length of the subway escalator.  

Lip Gaps 

Phat Lip: 
Lip trick the large brick quarter in the park. 

Waaay Up There: 
Lip trick the marble wall high above Joey's pit vert.  

Other Gaps 

Banks Barrier Wallride: 
Wallride the banks barrier (off the end of the Secret Tape bridge) to get the gap. 


Venice Beach 


Venice Beach is another one of those “a little something for everyone” levels. While 
the graffiti pit area is host to quite a slew of good grinding possibilities, there 
is also plenty of ups to be grabbed in a quarter pipe ring of loveliness. 

Master your transfer skills between some sick-ass quarter pipes or while the day 
away grinding ledges and popping over tables. Get atop the low rooftops here and do 
your best Spider-Man impression, leaping from building to building with the greatest 
of ease. 

Anything you can imagine, you can do. After all, this is Southern California, land 
of dreams. Make them happen, you thrasher, you. 

Getting the High Scores 


There is only one place to go for non-stop vert shopping. Take a jog to the left 
immediately from the start to find a horseshoe of quarter pipe. Bust every single 
air trick in your arsenal, maxing them out with wicked spins and plenty of 
multipliers. To get extra sassy, grind the lip, land in a manual, then trick across 
the ground and sky off the opposite side to bust open your score. 

From this pit, you can leap up to the high wire area above. Gain some speed, then 
hit the quarter near the wall under the wire and Boneless up, landing in a grind. 
Use the quarter lip that surrounds the rooftop to gain some momentum, then grind up 
one of the support wires. Leap from wire to wire, landing in a grind each time, then 
hop off into a manual and hold it as you cruise up the quarter lip and sky for 

Or, drop down to the Venice ledge area below and session the quarters here, 
transferring from one to the other to gain points. Then weave through the path in 
the sand and kick up to the Seaside rail area. Session the quarter here, then grind 
the Seaside rail to the Graffiti pits. 

Here, impossible strings of tricks can be linked up and enhanced by the tables. Each 
of these serves as a mini-kicker. Start by grinding the low benches that circle the 
pits, then land in a manual and head for a popper table. Still in the manual, ollie 
off of the table and grab, then land in a manual and repeat. Do this a bunch of 
times (as long as you can balance on two wheels) and you will hit your SICK score 

If you still aren’t satisfied, Use the quarters scattered throughout the level to 
get atop the rooftops. It is fun to manual the roof for awhile, then land in a grind 
on its edge, then ollie across to the next roof and land in a manual. Eventually, 
you can manual/grind your way all the way around the Beach. 

Another great place to string together a string of manual/grinds is the long 
sidewalk directly behind you from the starting point. Grind the fences, tricking 
between grinds, then land in a manual and spin/grab or lip trick off of the two 
quarters at the end of the path. Major points? You betcha. 

Collect S-K-A-T-E 
S: Take a right when the level begins, grinding the fence to the left of this path. 
As you reach the building at the end of the rail, ollie to the roof and skate 
through the S floating in front of you.
K: Now cut left and cling to the edge of this building. Move forward, then Boneless 
across the gap to the next building to grab the K.
A: Head to the pits. Here, you’ll see a wide, wooden quarter propped against a 
medium sized wall. Use it to kick up to the roof. Skate to the A that rests near the 
long, curved skylight.
T: Skate to the next roof (left from the skylight), using the kicker ramp here to 
make the leap. Off of a strange ramp, you can grab the T.
E: Now cruise down a level tot he high-wire plateau. Suspended above the quarter lip 
is the final letter. Isn’t spelling fun? 

Ollie the Magic Bum 5X 
1. This surly bum is about to get a lesson in relocation. Head through the pits, 
following the left wall until you get to a second inlet (not the one near the 
stage). Sleeping along the left wall here is the bum. Leap over him and he’ll curse 
and shake off.
2. Now head down to the opening near the stage: the Seaside rail area. The bum is 
snoozing in front of the quarter pipe here. Jump him.
3. Head back to the starting point and follow the long fence here to the bum, who’s 
camped out next to the building here.
4. Cruise around the corner, heading left. Under the rail that connects the two 
rooftops, you’ll find your fine feathered friend. Hop him.
5. Go back toward the starting point to find the bum camped out next to the left 
fence. Leap him to end this infernal chasing. 

Collect 5 Spray Cans  
1. Take a left into the quarter pipe bowl to find the Spray Can hanging in the 
2. Head back past the starting point, then grind the railing to the left. Leap down 
to the wooden box (down in the pits area) to get the second Can.
3. Go back up the steps and this time follow the right fence all the way to the dead 
end quarter. Launch off of it to snag the Can.
4. Leap over the low wall to your right and head down the boardwalk to a pair of 
large wooden quarters. Transfer from one to the other to score the Spray Can.
5. Go back to the Pit area. A quick way to do this is to use the ramp that is set in 
the wall nearby to transfer over the rooftop to an opposite quarter. When you land, 
cut across the pits to the Seaside rail area. The last Can is over the QP here. 

Tailslide Venice Ledge
 From the Seaside handrail area, transfer over the wall with the quarter pipe. When 
you land, take a left and head up to the back wall. Turn right and the Venice ledge 
will be right in front of you. Hop to it and land in a Tailslide, grinding to the 
right and down. When you reach the bottom, you’ll have met the challenge. 


Hit 4 VB Transfers 
1. From the starting point, turn around and grind the right fence, transfer to the 
ledge and continue the grind. Hop off near the end and prepare to hit the rightmost 
quarter. You’ll need a pretty severe angle, so hit the midpoint of the ramp at a low 
angle and spin to the left. Your target is the second ramp over. This may take some 
time to get right, as the angle is pretty tricky and the distance is great. Of 
course, in order to do this, your Air and Hangtime stats could use a shot in the 
arm. Once you successfully reach the far quarter, you’ll grab the VB Huge Transfer.
2. After the Huge Transfer, cut right and follow the path near the two quarters you 
used to get the third Can. Skate left into the inset HP. Gain speed on the right 
side, then hit the left portion and drift over the smallish roof gap to another QP 
to get the VB Pit Transfer.
3. Head through the pits to the area past where you first met your bum friend. Head 
into the halfpipe here, using it to gain speed. Then air and drift over the small 
gap (away from the beach) at the tip of the concrete triangle to nail the VB Skinny 
4. Cruise over to the Seaside Handrail area and pop over the wall to the Venice 
ledge area. Take the path left to the high quarter pipe. Hit it at an angle going 
right to vault over the ledge down to a lower quarter. When you land, you’ll score 
the VB Ledge bonus. 

Find the Secret Tape 
Getting the Secret Tape is easier than it looks, although it will require good ollie 
stats. From the start, head down the steps to the pits area. See the long wire 
between two poles here? Directly below it are some plywood boards between a trio of 
popper tables. Aim for the middle table, directly below the Tape. As you hit its 
lip, pop a Boneless to launch up into the goodies. 

100% Goals and Cash
50 Bucks:
1. Turn around at the start and grind the right fence to snag the first piece of 
2. Keep grinding down the line to get yet another fitty.
3. Take a left as you reach the quarters at the end of the sidewalk and head to the 
Westside Transfer. There is another bill above the right fence. 

100 Bucks:
1. Grind down the Seaside Handrail to claim a Benjamin.
2. Hanging in the air over the VB Pit Transfer is some more green.
3. Get up on the fence that runs along the pit and grind it to the low building. 
Take a left to a rail that connects the two buildings. Grind the rail across to get 
another hundred.
4. Off of this same rooftop, leap over Muska’s gap (where you first got the K), then 
bend left to get the money near the skylight.
5. On the opposite side of the Skinny Transfer is the Fatty Transfer. Get a lot of 
speed going in the HP and transfer over the long side of the triangular rooftop, 
grabbing a hundred in transit. 

250 Bucks: 
,br> 1. The $250 hangs above a concrete kiosk in the pit. Get up on the pit fence 
and grind it to the building, then take a wide arch around to approach the ramp that 
leads back toward the pit. Gain some speed here, then pop off of the ramp, 
Bonelessing at the very edge to leap up for the dollas.
2. Another $250 can be gotten in the Skinny transfer halfpipe area. Gain speed in 
the HP, then on the Skinny side, launch away from the transfer gap. By hitting the 
right trajectory, you can leap up to a rare transfer to the roof ramp to the left. 
In the process, you’ll grab the bill. Even if you fall, you’ll score the loot.
3. The final bill on the level is atop the high wire. Use the quarter pipe pit area 
to get up to the highwire level. Circle the wires until you are lined up with the 
bill, then use the quarter kicker to build up a head of steam. As you drop down, 
keep the wire in line, then grind up it to the top wire. Hop and grind across to 
score the money. 

Air Gaps 

VB Skinny Transfer: 
See Transfer section above. 

Near the clown graffiti is a QP inset in the wall. Launch up it to grab the gap. 

Table Pop: 
Pop over one of the tables in the pit to grab the bonus. 

Shorty Planter Hop:
Ollie over the breadth of any of the planters near the starting point. 

Cake Transfer: 

West Side Transfer: 
Leap between the free standing ramps near the Pit transfer to get this gap. (This is 
where you snag the third of the Spray Cans in the walkthrough above). 

Wee Lil' Roof Gap: 
Atop the high wire rooftop, hop across the gap to the rooftop adjacent to the 
quarter pipe horseshoe. 

Go higher than the Up! gap on the Clown wall quarter. 

Canyon Jump: 
Jump across the Seaside Handrail from the top roof to the lower one to get the 

Ledge 9 Set: 
Ollie down the stairs next to the Venice Ledge to grab this gap. 

Muska's Gap:  
You'll score this gap as you grab the K. 

Tight Landing Transfer:  
Near the Huge Transfer. Transfer from the right or left ramps to the middle one to 
score the gap. 

Big Double 5 Set:  
Leap down the double set of stairs left of the start (heading down into the quarter 
pipe horseshoe). You can use a wallride to get this gap as well. 

VB Pit Transfer:  
See Transfers section above. 

Nice Mid Size Roof Gap: 
From the high wire roof, leap over the corner of the higher building and land on the 
roof adjacent to and above the wooden quarter area. 

Planter Pop: 
Leap the length of any of the planters near the starting point. 

Roof 2 Ramp: 
The opposite of what was described to get the final $250. 

And Away!!!: 
Keep going higher after scoring Up! and Up!! gaps. 

VB Ledge Transfer:  
See Transfers section above. 

Lil' Vent Gap: 
Using the air conditioner, pop a transfer over the gap made by the small ramp inset 
in the wall. 

Ramp 2 Roof: 
The transfer described in snagging the final $250. 

Uphill Canyon Jump: 
Transfer over the Seaside rail from the low roof to the higher one. 

Vent to Roof Gap: 
Air off of the air conditioner as the roof tapers off to get to the next roof ahead. 

VB Huge Transfer:  
See Transfers section above. 

Massive 20 Set!:  
Jump and clear the long stair set the leads down in the quarter pipe dead end. 

Huge Roof 2 Ramp: 
Transfer from the air conditioner fin down to the inside halfpipe next to the Skinny 
Gap. You'll need a lot of speed to do this, and just the right angle. 

Fatty Transfer: 
Transfer over the large, triangular side of the roof opposite of the VB Skinny Gap 
near the beach. 

Big Vent Gap: 
Use the AC fan that heads toward the pair of halfpipes used to get the VB Skinny and 
Fatty Transfers. Gain a lot of speed heading toward the vent kicker and Boneless off 
of it to clear the first HP and land over the far wall (in the open HP near the 
first bum). 

Huge Ramp 2 Roof: 
Opposite of the Huge Roof 2 Ramp gap. Gain tons of speed in the outer HP near the 
beach and transfer up to the AC fin on the roof. 

Grind Gaps 

Seaside Handrail 
Slide down the rail leading down the ramp just past the stage in the pit area. 

The Venice Ledge: 
Head over the wall in the Seaside Handrail area, then go left. Grind the ledge near 
the upper wooden quarter to get the gap. 

Bench Trippin: 
In the pit, grind a bench, then leap to the next and land in a grind to snag the 

Ledge 2 Ledge: 
Also in the pit, grind the ledge near the clown grafitti, leap the gap and land in a 
gap on the opposite side to get the gap. 

10 Point Landing!: 

The High Wire: 
Air into a grind on the high wire. Use the quarter pipes on the roof above or pop up 
using the kicker window below. 

'Round the Horn!!!: 
From the starting point, head down to the quarter bowl to the left. Grind from one 
end of the horseshoe to the other to get the bonus. 

Manual Gaps 

He Could Go...:  
Manual along the boards bridging several tables in the pit area. 

All the Way... 
Keep going past the He Could 

Candy Cane Manual: 
Manual the length of the bending air conditioner on the roof. 

Keep going past the All the 

Competition Invite #2: Skate Street Plywood Paradise 


Ventura’s SkateStreet is as its name implies, quite a paradise. Gently curving 
masonite, a huge plywood bowl and street elements abounding, it is the most complete 
competition course yet in Tony Hawk... this coming from a guy who sessioned Burnside 
into the ground. 

So, Mom, what’s there to do? Well, Junior, I’ll tell you. For starters, there is an 
enormous halfpipe, a canvas for vert artists to paint their masterpieces upon. This 
adjoins quite handily to the aforementioned pool, which is only a transfer away. 
However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Buried in a far corner is a gully with huge 
masonite vert. 

On an adjacent side is the enormous wave wall, a bubbled out plywood god, pleading 
to be ground and rode. Ride it to the edge, then pop off and grind the rail 
suspended in the air to open the Van Secret area, an outdoor area ripe for 


Or session the substantial street course, plumb full of risers, edges and rails. Get 
inside the low channel and grab some unexpected air. It’s all yours, kiddo. Make 
mama proud. .


Gold Rush  
My, oh my. Trying to tell you what to do on this course is like trying to tell 
someone what to do in life. The options are virtually unlimited. However, there are 
specific things you can do to maximize scores. Here goes. 

The starting point is a high rollin ramp that overlooks the whole park. Start things 
out with a manual, rolling down the ramp, stringing tricks and manuals together 
until you reach an apparatus to trick off of. One line to take is toward the huge 
wave wall ahead and slightly to the right. Keep the manual going until you reach the 
top of the ramp. Then, either grind it or pull a lip trick to end the string. 


Another option from the start is to head to the left, keeping a string of manuals 
going until you reach the halfpipe. As with the wave wall, hold the manual until you 
reach the top, except this time grind the lip, then leap down into a manual and 
carry it up the other side, lipping out to rack up a serious score. Stay in the 
halfpipe awhile, sessioning it with everything you’ve got, sure to grind the rail 
that loops around on the open end of the HP. This will open the Rail Secret area, 
which we will get to later. 

From the halfpipe, transfer over the left wall (facing into the pipe) to the plywood 
pool. If you can, grind from one side of the extension that juts from the HP side 
all the way around to the opposite side of the extension. Then ollie down into a 
manual and carry it up into a spinning grab for a huge score. Continue in this vein 
until you get bored, then leap out of the pool and search for the vert gully in the 
far right corner. Session this for awhile, gaining major air and touching the high 

When you are finished in the gully, get up on the wave wall and grind left. Just as 
the wall runs out, hop over to the suspended rail to open the Van Secret area. This 
will open right next to the wave wall. You ultimately must go in there for some 
cash, but the points opportunities are not as plentiful, so stick to the main 

If you are street inclined, spend some time on the sloped risers in the middle of 
the level, linking manuals and grinds into insane point combos. Or, skate over to 
the shallow channel that serves as a modest halfpipe. You can get a metric ton of 
vert here, even though the lip is so low, but the best thing to do is link a series 
of grinds and manuals together before launching airward. This will jack up your 
score like nothing else. 

100% the Level 
50 Bucks 

1. Grinding the looping rail on the halfpipe not only opens the Van area, it leads 
to riches as well.
2. Visit the quarter box rail near the HP for a bill. 

100 Bucks 

1. Grind the long rail to the right of the wave wall into a hanging hunny.
2. From the halfpipe, launch over the side (away from the pool) to land in the 
spectator area. Another hundred is near the rail here, but you’ll have to make a 
leap of faith to the area below to grab it.
3. Once opened, cruise into the Van Secret area next to the shallow channel. Leap 
over the van to claim a bill.
4. Grind the wave wall left. At the end, hop to the next rail to snag $100. 

250 Bucks 

1. A supremely high $250 awaits you in the gully area. Build up some steam and 
rocket up the vert opposite the neverending wall to grab some serious coin.
2. Go into the Van Secret area. On the right wall are a pair of free-standing 
quarter pipes. Transfer from one to the other high to get the $250. 


Air Gaps 

Over the Wall: 
Use the outside of the shallow channel to vault into the air, then drift over the 
brick wall and land on the other side. 

Railing Hop: 
Grind the wave wall left. At the end of the wall, pop over the railing (that is 
perpendicular, capping the end of the small walkway atop the wall) to score the 
bonus. Or, Boneless over the other railing (near the tree) below. 

Over the Bridge:  
Find the quarter pipe under the spectator area and use it to gain speed. Then head 
back out and hit the kicker, Bonelessing at the top to kick over the bridge that 
joins the HP to the spectator area. 

HP to Bowl:  
Get some speed built up in the halfpipe, then air to the left (facing into the HP) 
to the bowl to grab the bonus. 

Bowl to HP:  
Pump up your speed, then leap out of the bowl extension-side and land in the 
halfpipe. Don't attempt to go over the extension. Pick a side and vault from a 
Boneless into the opposite HP. 

Bullet Bowl Hop:  
Launch into the bowl using the small quarter at its short end. As always, a Boneless 
will give you the needed oomph. 

Over the Deck:  
Use the outside vert of the shallow channel to build up momentum, then cruise at the 
deck. At the top of the slope, Boneless to clear the top deck. 

Daaaay Tripper:  
Head into the Van Secret Area and ramp over the van, landing on the opposite slope 
to get the bonus. 

Gimme Gap Redux:  
Transfer into the shallow channel halfpipe. 

Sodee Pop Gap:  
Go to the spectator area and into the corner near the tables. Head toward the 
halfpipe, using the ramp to ollie at a slight angle into the wall to the right. 
Wallride over the rail near the halfpipe to score the gap. 

Cut the Corner:  
To get this, you'll have to clear a significant portion of the corner of the large 
platform near the wave wall. Head into the Van Secret area. Gain speed and point 
your board out the door, then hit the ramp to the right and ollie over the corner 
and land on the ramp down. You'll get it after a few tries. 

High Sticker:  
Grab major air on the tall wall of the vert gully to hit the High Sticker. 

Shoot the Gap:  
In the Rail Secret Area. Transfer from one free standing quarter to the other to 
Shoot the Gap. 

No Kidding Around:  
From the halfpipe, sky toward the spectator area. If you leap over the bridge, 
you'll earn the bonus. 

From the spectator area, leap down the steep set of stairs on the shallow channel 

Hexbox Gap:  
Boneless over the hex funbox to earn the gap bonus. 

High Jumper:  
Kick over the small quarter at the open end of the halfpipe to clear the bar, 
scoring the bonus. 


Grind Gaps 

Rail Secret Area Key:  
Grind the wave wall left, jumping at the edge and landing in a grind on the hanging 

Rail to Rail:  
Next to the masonite pool is an alley with a rail in its center. Grind the rail, 
then leap and grind either side of this alley to get the gap. 

Van Secret Area Key:  
Grind around the curved bar at the open end of the halfpipe to earn the bonus. 

Nail the Rail:  
Transfer out of the bowl on the extension side. Instead of drifting all the way over 
to the HP, land in a grind on the rail in between the two. This is tricky, but you 
may want to press up as you sail, so your nose points down. 

HP to Railbox:  
Go inside the halfpipe and face out the open end. Build up some speed, then hit the 
small kicker, Bonelessing up to the railbox. Land in a grind to complete the bonus. 

Wave Wall Minigap:  
Grind the wave wall left, hopping at the end to the suspended rail. Land in a grind 
here to gain the gap. 

Surfin U.S.A:  
Grind over the hump on the wave wall. 

Havin a Picnic:  
In the Van Secret Area, grind/jump/grind the picnic tables here. 

Extension Transfer:  
Get on top of the extension atop the Bullet Bowl and grind. Land in a grind on the 
pool lip below (without tricking) to score the gap. 

Big Air Railing Grind:  
In the alcove near the soda machine, use the kicker to transfer up to the railing 
above. Land in a grind to score this gap. 

Circle the Pool:  
Grind all the way around the pool (from one side of the extension to the other) to 
get this gap. Make sure your rail balance stats are up, though, or you'll never make 


Manual Gaps 

Funbox Wheelie: 
Carry a manual over the hexbox. 


Lip Gaps 

Bowl Lip:  
Lip trick the bullet bowl edge to get the gap. 

HP Lip:  
Lip trick the edge of the halfpipe to earn the bonus. 

Ride the Wave:  
Lip trick the wave wall to get the gap. 

Gully Lip:  
Lip trick on the edge opposite the vert wall to get the Gully Lip gap. 


Bowl Envy: 
Whip a lip atop the extension to tally this sucka. 

Mr. Small Lips:  
Bust a lip move on the shallow channel coping to score the bonus. 



Philadelphia skating is quite accurately personified in this lippy, rugged level 
that ranks in the top three across both THPS games. It is a combination of several 
famous Philly skating spots. The area around the fountain-- wide, gradual steps and 
ledges--is prime real estate for grind lovers. 

The Phillyside park (which you’ll have to open by collapsing a set of telephone 
poles on the fences that surround it) is full of everything imaginable. Long rails 
lead to a rough and tumble halfpipe. On the other side of the park, bowls are 
chiseled out of concrete, begging to be sessioned. 

Back on the streets, there are ledges and planters to be ridden, benches to be 
ollied and awnings to be bluntslid. Watch out for the unfriendly buses, though. 
Public transit waits for no man! 


Getting the High Scores 
Philly is brimming with points, but you have to know how to get them. A good place 
to start is along the long ledge that is slightly to the left and ahead of the 
starting point. Boneless up to a grind, and ride the edge of this planter until it 
tapers off to a point. Then hop down to a manual, grind the planter the next level 
down, ollie to a manual, carrying it to the fountain. Slide around the bubbler, then 
leap up to the low stairs and session them until you runout of gusto. This string 
can be good for a good 100,000 from the opening gun, assuming your stats are in 

Another way to end the string is to take your manual up the quarter pipe that is 
tucked in the corner near the lower planter and bust a lip trick to end the run. 
Either way, the points will be lovely. 


The next order of business is to open the Phillyside park. The circular building 
down the first set of stairs is the key to this. Skate up the narrow walkway, then 
grind the left rail. This will cause you to continue to grind up the telephone wire. 
If you get far enough up it, the phone poles will topple, ripping down the fences 
guarding Phillyside. It may take a couple of times to get this grind right. Your 
speed must be up to snuff, and it doesn’t hurt to leap into a grind rather than 
grinding from the left rail (that is, if you’re having difficulty). 

Once Phillyside is open, cruise to the rightmost opening (facing the park). Hop on 
the rail here and grind it into the open end of the skatepark. Hop off into a manual 
and carry it up to a lip trick to end the run. Session the half pipe, using all the 
720’s you can muster. When you’re done, transfer into the other half of Phillside. 

There are bowls galore here. Manual up to lip tricks on each of them to tweak out 
all of your bonuses. Use the humps to string a series of manuals together with 
horizontal grab and kickflip moves. The more you can pack in before the balance 
wears out, the better. 

Phillyside can easily be milked for 250,000 points. If you get in a bind, keep 
repeating the grind into the halfpipe (with manual and lip trick fixins), slightly 
altering which tricks you use each time through.  


Collect S-K-A-T-E 
S: Cruise forward from the start. Eventually, you’ll see a planter with a pair of 
trees in it. Leap up in the notched out portion of the wall, skating over the grass 
to the left edge. Grind this to the end, then Boneless just before the wall runs out 
to get the S.
K: Upon landing, head left. See the semi-circle statues jutting from the concrete? 
Use the near one to Boneless up to the awning. Grind or skate it until you reach the 
A: Straight ahead is the A, hanging near a planter.
T: Ollie up the short stair set, then grind up the left rail of the walkway leading 
to the building. Midway up the rail, leap to the left to snag the T.
E: Head back up the next small stair set and jump to the planter to the right. Try 
to maintain speed through the grass, clinging to the short right edge of the 
planter. As the planter ends, Boneless to get the E. 


Drain the Fountain 
 This bit can get tricky, but practice makes perfect. Notice the spine just to the 
right of the start? Grind that forward until you reach a set of ramps. Ollie from 
one to the other, then prepare to grind down the center rail. Without losing speed, 
boardslide down the rail and hit the planter edge in front of you. At the last 
moment, Boneless up to the balcony. You can clear the railing if you did it 
perfectly, but often it is easier just to grind it when you get the height. Once 
atop the balcony, skate through the valves to drain the fountain. 


Collect 5 Bells 
1. Cruise over the complex funbox ahead from the starting point. Track down the open 
sidewalk ahead, sticking to the left side to gather the first bell (you’ll have to 
jump up to get it).
2. After you score the first bell, go immediately right and hop up to the opposite 
planter. Grab the bell near the wire.
3. Ollie to the ground below and head for the semi-circular statue near the blue 
awning. Boneless off of it into the next Bell.
4. Ollie up on to the planter to the left of the fountain (with your back to the 
awning). The bell hangs just off of the edge here, and you’ll have to use a Boneless 
to get it.
5. Round the corner to the right until you come to the stair set. Grind up the rail 
here, then skate forward and pop over the ramp to claim the fifth Bell. 

Bluntslide the Awning 
Work up some speed coming down the two stair sets and head for the circular statue 
kicker. Boneless to the awning and land in a Bluntslide (FS or BS, it don’t matta) 
to fulfill this objective. 

. Liptrick 4 Skatepark Lips  
1. Lip trick the halfpipe in Phillyside to get the Phillyside HP Lip. 
2. Transfer into the other half of the park. Look down the right side of the park. 
There are three bowls here. Lip trick the middle one to score the Phillyside New 
Bowl Lip.
3. Skate to the huge bowl with the “Get Some” graffiti. Lip trick on it to get the 
Big Bowl Lip.
4. Directly across from the Big Bowl is the Mid Bowl. Skate over and stick a lip on 


Find the Secret Tape 
. From the starting point go slightly left until you see the long planter next to 
the fountain. Get on the left edge and grind it for awhile. As the planter begins to 
come to a point on the right side, leap off the grind and approach the point. A wire 
leads out from this, and you want to hit it straight on, so your cut will have to be 
sharp. Just as you get to the edge, ollie and land in a grind on the wire. If you 
have enough momentum, you can ride the wire up to the Secret Tape. 

100% Goals and Cash 
50 Bucks 

1. Opening Phillyside will yield some money. $50 hangs on the wire leading to the 
telephone pole.
2-3. After the fountain is drained, there will be a pair of fitties in the dry pool.
4. The planter that lies to the left of the fountain (from the starting point) leads 
to a fifty hanging at its tip. 

100 Bucks 

1. When you get on top of the balcony (facing out), pop a Boneless to the right to 
grab the loot.
2. A hundred bobs lazily in the air above the fountain. Use the quarter tucked in 
the corner to build up a head of steam, then hit the kicker near the fountain to get 
up to the dinero. 

250 Bucks 

1. Grab a metric ton of air off of the halfpipe in Phillyside to grab a $250.
2. Transfer out of the halfpipe toward the rest of the park, grabbing the cash in 
3. Air large out of the Mid Bowl to snag another bill.
4. You’ll snag a $250 on your way up to the balcony. It’s hanging just above the 
center of the railing.
5. After you grind past the Secret Tape, keep trucking up that wire to get some 
6. On top of the balcony (facing out), there is a $250 suspended above the telephone 
wire. Grind the balcony left until you have an angle to jump, then leap across the 
gap and land in a grind on the line to secure the final banknote. 

Air Gaps 

Easy Post Ollie: 
Pop over a post near the fountain after grinding a planter to get this simple gap. 

Post Ollie: 
Pop over one of the fountain posts without the benefit of a grind. 

Statue Hop: 
Boneless from one of the semi-circular statues near the awning to the other to score 
this gap. 

Stair Set:  
Ollie down the stair set in front of the balcony. 

Up the Small Step Set:  
Hop up either of the two small stair sets leading up from the fountain. 

Bench Gap:  
The long sidewalk near the starting point is host to many-a-bench. Grind/ollie/grind 
them to score this bonus. 

Worlds Most Obvious Gap:  
Hop from one ramp to the other, leading down to the balcony stair set. 

Phillyside Hop:  
Use the small kicker ramp in the second gap from the right (while facing the park)to 
transfer over the Mid Bowl into Phillyside. 

Phillyside HP Transfer:  
Rock out of the halfpipe using a Boneless and land solidly on the other side of 

Pillar Fight:  
Grab some air from the quarter at the base of any of the pillars in Phillyside to 
get the gap. 

THPS Fountain Gap: 
Once the fountain is emptied, head back to the starting point. Grab some serious 
speed, then head toward the fountain. Boneless from the top step and land in the 
drained drink to grab the gap. 

Chillin' on the Balcony:  
Get up on the balcony using tactics discussed in ÒDraining the Fountain.Ó

Grind Gaps 

Track Smack:  
Grind/jump/grind from one of the long, curved rails to another in Phillyside. 

Hobo Grind:  
Grind the majority of the long rail leading to the Phillyside HP. 

Planter Transfer: 
Head right from the starting point. Ollie and grind on the planter ahead, aiming for 
the planter below the balcony. Ollie off the edge of the high planter and land in a 
grind on the one below. Voila! 

Railing to Planter:  
From the balcony (where you drain the fountain), jump to a grind on the railing 
heading right(when facing out). As the ledge runs out, ollie down to a grind on the 
planter to score the bonus. 

Planter Double Pillar Gap:  
Near the bus depot are a pair of planters lining the street. Grind the one closest 
to the balcony building toward the other. Hop over the double pillars and land in a 
grind on the opposite side to get the gap. 

Just Visiting: 
Head down the left path from the starting point, grinding the planter that skirts 
the fountain. As the ledge ends, jump and grind on the planter ahead and below. 

Short Stair: 
Grind the whole edge of the topmost step leading down to the fountain. 

Telephone Co. Gap: 
Once on the balcony, grind the railing to the left. Angle a jump and land in a grind 
on the telephone line here. Hold the grind until you score the Telephone Co. Gap. 

Funbox Transfer: 
Head through the leftmost entrance to Phillyside, grinding the curving rail here 
into the park. Before you dump off of the rail, ollie to the left and land in a 
planter grind. 

Medium Stair: 
Grind all of the wide second stair down (leading to the fountain) to get this bonus. 

Grind Up Dem Stairs:  
Leading up from the balcony, grind up the stair set using the railing to score the 

Awning Grind:  
Pop up to the blue awning from one of the statues and land in a grind. 

Little Corner Grind:  
Grind all of the way around the high rail on the back street to get this gap. You'll 
have to Boneless up to it. 

Fly By Wire: 
Get up on the balcony, then wallride on to the roof of this building. Grind down the 
wire you used to get the Secret Tape to where it connects to the fountain to haul in 
the gap. 

Death From Above: 
Start with the Fly By Wire grind, but leap off midway through and land in a grind on 
one of the fountain rails. 

Long Stair: 
The third step down from the top, leading down to the fountain needs your grinding. 
Go from one end to the other to clear the gap. 

Worlds Second Most Obvious Gap: 
Instead of landing on the opposite ramp as you would in the Most Obvious, leap and 
land in a grind on the rail to score this one. You'll need mammoth speed to 
accomplish this. 

Fountain Ping!:  
Gain speed on the cornered quarter, then head back to the kicker and pop a Boneless 
to carry you to the center of the fountain. Land in a grind there to seal the deal. 

Grind of Faith: 
Drain the fountain. Then grind one of the rails toward the center, jump over the 
gold piece and land in a grind on the opposite side to get the gap.

Manual Gaps 

Funbox Wheelie: 
Manual over the fun box straight ahead from the start o grab this gap. 

Flatlands Techin': 
Manual from the top of the small stair set back past the wooden fun box to score 
this bonus. 

Manual Stimulation: 
Manual over three of the four humps in Phillyside to get the bonus. 

Rockin' the Stairs: 
Ollie from the bottom of the fountain steps into a manual, ollie up a level, land in 
a manual and repeat until you are on top of the stairs.

Lip Gaps 

Phillyside New Bowl Lip: 
Read the Lip section above. 

Phillyside HP Lip:  
Read the Lip section above. 

Phillyside Big Bowl Lip:  
Read the Lip section above. 

Phillyside Mid Bowl Lip:  
Read the Lip section above. 

The Bullring 


The Bullring in Mexico is truly unique. Atop a huge halfpipe in the center of the 
stadium, you stand, a solitary skater against the world. What to tackle first? The 
insane vert that's everywhere you look? The zany walls and quarter banks that line 
the ring? El toro himself? It's all up to you in the final competition of this mondo 
superior game. Grab a bottle of Jarritos, two-fist a cabeza burrito and grab your 
deck. We're about to go loco.

Gold Rush 

As you can tell at one glance, this isn't your average bear. The starting point is 
atop a halfpipe that defies gravity. Well, don't just sit there and gawk at it. 
Trick to a manual and hold it until you reach the opposite lip, grinding for awhile 
until dropping back into the HP (of course manualling). Carry your manual up the 
opposite side and stall out a lip trick for an impressive opening score. 


Session the towering inferno for a while, or head out into the dirt, popping a bunch 
of manuals en route to on of the funbox spines nestled in the dirt. Grind those, 
linking (yawn) everything with a manual. The goal, of course, is to work your way 
all the way to the outside of the ring and grind the lip of the running quarter that 
loops the arena. When you run out of balance, either on the manual or grind, seek 
out the lip and pop up for a spinning grab, finishing off a sweet run. 

Another fun thing to do is to play bullfighter, jumping over the low wall to the 
bull run that circles the stadium. Grind/manual/grind like a banshee toward the 
bull, not away. When he approaches, ollie over him for a Bull Plant, then land in a 
manual. There is a low ledge that runs along the outside of this ring. That has 
heavy grind potential, as does the higher outside edge. Remeber, though, when you 
hear the bull's snort, get ready to leap or get ready to croak. 


Or use the quarter lip to pop up into the stands. Once up there, find one of the 
inset ramps and get some speed on it, then head out, popping off the curved ramp 
toward the center of the stadium. Your goal is to land in a grind on one of the tall 
high wires that criss-cross the arena. Not only is this worth major base points, it 
gobbles up gaps like nobody's business. Don't grind too far, though. If you end up 
in the other stands, you may topple your whole score by not getting off early 


How to round out your run? Spend some time with the weird funboxes for long strings 
of manuals/grinds. Then, of course, there's always the full pipe. Get up top the 
halfpipe and slam some vert, gaining speed en route to the curly-cue. As long as you 
have enough speed, you will easily make it around the loop. The hard thing? Doing it 
in a manual. 


100% the level: 
250 Bucks: 

1-4. Nothing but $250s throughout the level. The first four can be snagged by 
getting up on the wires that cross the stadium. There are four gates total in the 
arena and four $250 bills to get from them. Head up to the stands and cut into the 
small alcoves, gaining juice to ramp up to the wires above. Grind them as long as 
you can once you get up. Sometimes, you can snag two bills on one wire run. 

Note: Remember to keep track of the gates you've already launched from. You'll most 
likely have to hit all four gates and don't want to have to repeat any. 


5-8. Search the dookie in the bullring to discover more loot. The green piles are 
usually jackpots, but just to be sure, skate through all the shiz. You'll uncover a 
total of four bills in the steaming pies. 

9. Head to the large, curved banana wall. Get between that and the quarter bank, 
using the two as a makeshift HP. The goal is to launch up and grind on the banner 
rail up here, snagging the cash from the flagpole. 

10. Across the arena (behind the humps) is another high banner rail. The quarter 
that buttresses the backside of the full pipe is a good place to gain speed. Then 
aim between the humps and jack up to the flagpole, grinding it to the right. You'll 
have to pop an ollie to get your bill, but it's the last one (praise be). 

Air Gaps 

Wussy Rollin Gap: 
When you're working the HP, air over the small roll-in to snag the gappage. 

Plat Gap: 
Pop over the lower platform to the left of the roll-in to score this gap. 

Gate Gap: 
Use the quarter bank to air up and over each gate, landing on the quarter on the 
other side. 

Launchin On Up: 
One of the four gates has a boxy thing in front of it. Gain a lot of speed, then hit 
the box with a Boneless over the gate to grab the gap. 

Launchin the Pipe: 
Leap over the full pipe using the quarter kicker on the back of the loop. 

Rollin Gap: 
A bigger version of the wussy gap. For this one, begin further away and land further 
past the roll-in. 

Air Toro: 
Position yourself between the red and whit humps facing the central halfpipe. Head 
toward the left side of the roll-in platform, drifting across the gap to claim the 

Big Enchilada Mama: 
Launch from one red and white hump to the other. 

Tight Gap: 
Roll forward from the starting point, gaining speed on the halfpipe. Head directly 
down and come directly back up. You need to Boneless at the top of the roll-in to 
get across to the other half of the ramp. When you do, the gap is yours. 

Jumpin Da Humps: 
Leap from the center of one red and white hump to the other.


Grind Gaps 

.Lil Wee Wussy Gap: 
Grind the lip of the HP, leaping and landing in a grind over the small roll-in. 

Enjoyin the View: 
Launch up to one of the banner rails and hold the grind for awhile to max out the 

Launch over the end ramp (next to the roll in) at an angle and grind the kinked 
board that runs down to the left. 

Grindin the Pipe: 
Get all up on the pipe's backside with the help of a quarter kick. Boneless up and 
grind the edge to snag the gap.  

Friggin A Hombre: 
Each time you pop a light along the high wires that cross over the HP, you'll score 
the Friggin A gap. 

Ramp Rail to Banana: 
Roll down the ramp and head to the opposite side and up, grinding to the right. 
Boneless from this edge down to the curved banana below. 

Box to Banana/Box to Rail:  
Use the box in front of the gate near the banana, working up a head of steam, then 
launching from the box to the banana. Box to Rail is the same, except, you're aiming 
for the kinked boards that lead down from the HP. 

Nice Friggin Ankles: 
Drop from the tall banner rods down to a grind along the low stadium walls to get 
this gap. 

Nailin Da Rail: 
From the halfpipe, transfer over the rollin and land in a grind on one of the wooden 
support rails that holds the roll-in ramp up. 

Way to Go Amigo: 
Get up to the stands, then duck into one of the inset ramps. Use it to get speed, 
then turn around and head up the extended ramp toward the center of the arena. Sky 
up to the high wire and land in a grind to score the gap. 

Ramp Rail to Rail: 
This is like the Ramp Rail to Banana gap, except that you head to the left rather 
than the right. 

Takin the High Road: 
Use the quarter bank near the banana wall or behind the two red humps to get up to 
the high banner rails. Grind either one to score this gap. 

Rail Plat Gap: 
Off of the low ramp to the left of the roll-in (facing from the starting point) are 
three large board rails. Grind up one, air over the gap, then land in a grind on the 
opposite one to score the gap. 

Launch to Banana/ Launch to Rail: 
Build up massive speed on the large HP, then vault off of the ramp, landing in a 
grind on either the Banana or Rail. 

Once you get up in a grind on one of the banner rails, grind it to the end, then 
leap across to the high wire and land in a grind. 

Finesse Test: 
Get up to the stands and grind the railing toward one of the launch ramps. The 
object is to Boneless over the gate and land in a grind on the opposite side. This 
can be tricky, because if you release too close to the gate, you'll bail. Landing is 
tricky, too. Make sure you wait until you are falling back toward Earth to grind, or 
you'll end up sliding on the curved wall of the gate.

Other Gaps 

Up to the Stands: 
Use the quarter lip that runs around the perimeter of the stadium to get up to the 
next level. If you get too much air, though. you'll land in the stands, so be 

Threadin the Needle: 
Good luck on this one. The object is to shoot through both squares formed by the 
supports on the back side of the roll-in ramp. The way to do it is to carry some 
speed up the backside quarter of the HP, then (from the left) ollie and drift right 
to clear through both holes. This one could take all afternoon. 

Way to Go Gringo!!!: 
Gain a lot of speed on the halfpipe, then head to the full pipe. Make it all the way 
around the loop without falling (or running off of the edge) to nail this gap. 
Manual all of the way around for style points. 

Chopper Drop 


Unlock by winning Gold Medals in all three competitions with all characters, 
including Officer Dick and Spider-Man. 

So you've won each of the competitions with every one of the skaters. That's 
dedication. Your reward is the Chopper Drop in Hawaii, basically a huge halfpipe in 
the middle of the ocean. Begin on the rung of the chopper and drop into the HP. 
You'll have a minute to shred it and post the largest score possible. You don't get 
anything for racking up points here, nor do you earn any extra tapes or secrets by 
skating it. The Chopper Drop is just another diversion in this deep, deep game. 


There are several gaps to hit on the level as well. Catching them all will earn you 
nothing but the respect and admiration of your peers. Of course, to be a true 
champion of THPS2, you'll have to grab them. 

The two unique aspects of the game are the chopper itself and a long, floating pier 
(behind and to the left of the starting point). To get up to the chopper, roll down 
the starting ramp, gain speed on the opposite side of the wall, then head back 
across the HP and line yourself up with roll-in channel. At the top of the roll-in, 
air up to the chopper. 


To get across to the pier, head to the left from the starting point. Gain some speed 
on the high, rounded HP wall at the end here. Be careful with spinning here. Since 
the wall is so steep and high, it is nearly impossible to get the board all the way 
around. On your way down, head straight scross the pipe to the small lip that leads 
to the pier. Vault off of it to the floating dock. Head forward to the Finish Line 
to be transported back to the level start. 


Air Gaps 

70 Ft.: 
Gain speed on the high wall of the HP, then turn around, head across the pipe and 
launch off of the low ramp to the pier. Land on the pier to get the 70 ft. marker. 


80 Ft.: 
Gain speed on the high wall of the HP, then turn around, head across the pipe and 
launch off of the low ramp to the pier. Hold your air past the 70 ft. gap to grab 
this gap. 

90 Ft.:
Gain speed on the high wall of the HP, then turn around, head across the pipe and 
launch off of the low ramp to the pier. Hold your air past the 80 ft. gap to grab 
this gap. 

Into the Heli:
To get up to the chopper, roll down the starting ramp, gain speed on the opposite 
side of the wall, then head back across the HP and line yourself up with roll-in 
channel. At the top of the roll-in, air up into the open door of the chopper. 

Grind Gaps 

1 Potato:
From the starting point, skate down the HP roll-in. On the opposite side of the 
halfpipe, Boneless up to the mast in front of you. Land in a grind on the lowest of 
the protruding bars to score the 1 Potato bonus. 

2 Potato:
From the starting point, skate down the HP roll-in. On the opposite side of the 
halfpipe, Boneless up to the mast in front of you. Land in a grind on the second bar 
from the bottom to score the 2 Potato bonus. 

3 Potato:
From the starting point, skate down the HP roll-in. On the opposite side of the 
halfpipe, Boneless up to the mast in front of you. Land in a grind on the third bar 
from the bottom to score the 3 Potato bonus. 

Heli Grind:
Do this the same way you would the Into the Heli gap, but instead of going inside 
the Chopper, land in a grind on the open door. 

Lip Gaps 

Begin this gap the same way you would the Into the Heli gap, but instead of going 
inside the Chopper, lip trick on the open door. 

Skate Heaven 

Unlock by getting 100% on all levels in Career Mode with all characters including 
Spider-Man and Officer Dick (but excluding Private Carerra). 

You've made it: Skate Heaven. The Almighty tells you to "Skate on, son." You'll have 
no problem finding a place to begin. You have 2:00 to skate the course, but that is 
not much, as this level is enormous. Since there is nothing to gain Career-wise from 
the level, my favorite way to skate it is to head straight to Free Skate and session 
it until my thumbs fall off. 

The level is a paradise of skating surfaces, all set against the background of 
pinpoint stars and bursting nebulae. Long, twisting halfpipe trails lead from area 
to area. Grind their edges or hop the gaps created by the hairpin turns. 

Head to the Sadlands, a wasteland full of adobe paths that snake over sandy pits. 
Grind the rails that sprout from the sand or session the half-globe made of rails. 

Cruise over to Tony's island via San Dieguito for some halfpipe and rail madness. 
Transfer back and forth from HP to HP to really rack up the points. Or session the 
hive of bowls near the starting point for a slew of points. 

The best thing to do with this level is settle in with a Dew and some Doritos 
(shameless plug) and hibernate. The lines are infinite, the gaps many, the fun 
unparalleled. Go skate your reward. You have definitely earned it. 

Got Gaps? 

There are 71 gaps in Skate Heaven, and some of them are super-tough to get. To see 
the full list of Gaps, access your options menu and select Gap Checklist. If you 
think you've got the skills, send in a description of how to get your favorite gap, 
and we'll post it here in our guide. It's a shot at super-stardom, y'all! 

The first person who successfully (and accurately) describes how to get a gap will 
have their name listed after the gap description and will be eligible to win the 
specially-selected grand prize: immortality. So send your descriptions to us, or 
post on the Skate Heaven Gaps thread on the IGN Game Help Board. We look forward to 
your input! 

The first has already been submitted: 

Air Gaps 

San Dieguito Window 2 Sadlands: 
To get this (relativly easy) gap you must jump out the right-hand window in San 
Dieguito (the covered area with the steps and rails), over the gap and land on the 
pavement to the right of the "welcome to sadlands" sign. --contributed by slappy79 


Create Skater allows you to tailor-make your own thrasher from the board up. Want a 
street skater with insane grindability? You got it. Want to create a high-flying air 
animal? No sweat. You choose everything: stance, skating style, tricks, decks, even 
the shoes. Make yourself into a pro skater or create some freaky figment of your 
imagination (Bob Dole, anyone?). With Create Skater, it’s all you. 

Basic Info 

Set all the rudimentary info about your rider on the first Information screen. 

Name: Give your skater a handle.
Hometown: Where was your rider born?
Age: Is your guy a young buck or older than Phyllis Diller? Set your age.
Style: This choice will determine the kind of skating your rider is best at. Select 
either Street, Vert or All-Around. 

A Street skater thrives on the edges and rails of the city. His specialties include 
grinding, manualling and using flip tricks to spice up the mix. The street skater's 
natural environment is the concrete jungle. THPS2 is heavy with street skaters, so 
you'll have plenty of role models. Kareem Campbell, Elissa Steamer and Rodney Mullen 
are among the street elite. 

TheVert skater is a high-flying dynamo, tumbling effortlessly through the air with 
the greatest of ease. Vert skaters seek out the curved ramps and halfpipes of the 
world, always questing for more air. The world's most famous skater (and the game's 
namesake) Sir Tony Hawk tops the list of vert skaters in the game. 

An All-Around skater does both Vert and Street fairly well. No surface is safe from 
an All-Around skater. An All-around skater is a good place to start when you're just 
learning the basics of the game. The game's ultimate All-around examples are Bob 
Burnquist and Steve Caballero. 

Stance: Either you're regular or goofy. Regular skaters put their right foot forward 
when riding, goofy guys ride with the left foot forward. 

Weight: Calista Flockhart or Meatloaf? The weight scale ranges from 88 to 378 


Is your skater one of the beautiful people or has he been beaten upside the head 
with the ugly stick? Here's your chance to decide. 

Complexion: Choose between three different complexions. Note: this will affect the 
selections you have in the Head menu.
Head: Cycle through the 27 heads to decide which melon works for you.
Cap color: If you chose to haberdash, you'll get to select the cap color here (35 
Torso: Polo, tank top or shirtless? There are 29 upper body statements here.
Tattoo: If you went sans top, you'll get to adorn your rider with a little ink (7 
Legs: Cargos, khakis or baggy shorts? Make a statement (20 choices).
Pants Color: There are 37 color choices for pants.
Shins: If you outfitted with short pants, you get a choice of socks. High socks are 
definitely a bold statement this season.
Shoes: 22 styles of kicks. 'Nuff said. 


The points you begin with are determined by what style of skater you selected. Vert 
skaters are higher in Air and Hangtime Stats, All-Around skaters have a balanced 
attack and Street skaters have more Ollie, Rail Balance and Manual skills. 

No matter what you begin with, you'll be given an extra 5 points to add to the 
categories. Try to even out your skater, balancing your stats to juice up the 
categories you're weak in. Be sure not to back out of this menu without using all of 
your points, or you will lose the unused portion. 


You cannot buy tricks until you earn some cash in the Career Mode. However, you can 
take a look at your current maneuvers and change them, if you wish. In addition, if 
you'd like to change the button press for a specific trick, you can do it here. 
Select the trick category you'd like to alter. Any button press with an "Empty" next 
to it is available for reassignment. 



Choose from the following decks to start:
A-Team A5 
B Logo 
Stencil Logo 
Jumbo Girl Logo 
Powell Logo 
Team Medium 
Transmissionator 2000 
Zero Team 

Selecet from the following boards as you earn some money:
A-Team A Deck 
Birdhouse Team Seal 
Team Silhouette 
17th/21st Lancers 
Flip New Wave 
Powell Logo 2 
Medium Shortys 
Bloody Nose 

No matter what order you buy these decks in the first one will cost $250, and 
increase by $250 thereafter. Any of the decks you have unlocked with other skaters 
will be available for your Created Skater. 


The Park Editor makes its debut in THPS2, much to the delight of junior park 
designers everywhere. The Editor allows players to create their own skate-ready 
vision. The Editor has been loaded with features, but has a fairly intuitive control 
scheme. Use this section of the guide to understand what all of the pieces do, how 
to manipulate the menus and how to get the most out of your park. 


Start Menu 
The Start Menu is your gateway to the mundane aspects of the game: saving, loading, 
etc. We run down each menu item here: 

Continue: Allows you to return to editing. 

Test Play: Try out what you've created. Keep in mind what works and what doesn't, 
then go fix it. 

New Park: This feature allows you to start from scratch with a new park. This option 
also gives you the choice of several park sizes: 


Use the 30X30 grid if you're just beginning. This gives you the most room to work 
with, which is important when you are first starting out. It will also help you to 
get a sense of how much room each piece needs to contribute positively to the whole. 

Set Theme: There are four separate themes to choose from: 

Power Plant

Choosing a theme affects the look of the pieces, but not which ones are available 
for use. Theme is purely aesthetic and can be changed at any time by selecting a new 
look from this menu. 

Save: Saves your edited park to the memory card. 

Load: Loads your saved park from the memory card. 

Pre-Made Parks: Fifty pre-made parks allow you to get a good idea of the gamut of 
things you can create with the Editor. They also provide that many more skateable 
courses in the Free Skate, Single Session and Two Player modes. Use the Pre-Made 
Parks to get ideas about how to create your own levels. 

Exit Editor: Takes ou back to the THPS2 main menu. If you have a work in progress, 
it will ask you whether you want to save or not. 


Park Components 
Select a New Park to begin, choosing the size you'd like to create. Then set the 
Theme. You will notice that there are several things going on with the creation 
screen. The background image is a real time representation of what your park will 
look like, plus which item you are currently manipulating. 

The area at the bottom of the screen lists controls for placement. Refer to these 
controls to rotate your entire view, rotate a piece, add a piece or delete one. 
Remember: once a piece is placed, it can't be rotated, so turn your piece before you 
set it down. 

Use the information in the upper left corner of the screen to see which set of 
pieces you're using . There are a total of 18 sets, and the number will always be 
listed as x/18. 

The upper right corner tells you which individual piece you're placing. As with 
sets, the number will be represented by the individual number you're using over the 
total number of pieces in the set. The Playstation controls are as follows: L1 and 
L2 toggle through the sets of pieces. R1 and R2 move back and forth through the 
individual pieces. 

Move the pieces around the board with the D-pad and drop them into place with the X 
button. If a piece is interfering with another, the one you're attempting to place 
will be wireframed until you move it to a place where it can be placed. In order to 
place an item in a place occupied by another object, you'll have to erase the 
original piece first. 

Keep track of the growing bar on the right side of the screen. It is your memory 
meter. When the line reaches red, maybe one more piece can be placed. Eventually, 
however, the line will fill completely up and you will have packed every possible 
thing into your course. 

Tips: Bigger pieces take up the same amount of memory as smaller ones, so when in 
doubt, go big. Use a double instead of a single. Floor pieces do not take up any 

Set 1: Starts
Determine where one player, two player and horse matches begin. Be careful when 
placing skaters. Avoid putting them over objects that might cause them to fall. 

Set 2: Gap
This allows you to create and name your own gaps. Be careful: gaps suck memory like 
nuthin' else. You will have to place two markers: a starting and ending point. Once 
you do, you'll be taken to the Gap Menu. 


Gap Menu 
Name Gap: With 24 characters try to capture the je ne c'est pas of your park. 

Set Point Value: This allows you to determine the base value of the trick. Don't 
make it too high for easy tricks, or you'll cheapen your park. Likewise, reward 
people for hitting amazing gaps. 

Set Gap Type: Four choices here: Air, Rail, Manual or Wallride. This is largely 
determined by the apparatus you selected as the beginning and ending points. 

Adjust: Determine how much slack you're going to cut skaters. This function allows 
you to elongate the area in which the gap can be performed in. You determine the 
plane the rider must break in order to complete your gap. 

Done: Set the Gap for the time being. You can always come back and edit it later. 

Set 3: Risers
Risers set different heights and levels within a course. Since they are the only 
kind of piece that another piece can rest on, they are important for creating multi-
level surfaces. You'll need risers to create any kind of platform in the center of 
your map. 

Set 4 & 5: Quarter Pipes 1 & 2
Quarter pipes are used to add vert. They come in short and lomg sizes, with or 
without rails. Make sure when placing quarters that you allow for a smooth 
transition between them, both grinding and flying high. Keep the area in front of 
quarters free so a rider's approach is unfettered. 

Set 6: Rails
Rails add a grind element to your park. There are many kinds: angled, not angled, 
high, low. When placing them , it is good to keep rails close to other surfaces, so 
they can be easily transferred to. Use them sparingly. Too many rails clog up the 
flow of your park. 

Set 7: Offset Rails
Use offset rails next to regular rails to allow for transferring between the two. 
Placing regular rails side by side will not allow you to traverse the gap. 

Set 8: Low Walls
Low walls can essentially be treated as rails. 

Set 9: Slopes
Slopes can be used as stand-alone kicker ramps up to other objects, or serve as an 
easy means to get atop risers. 

Set 10: Stairs
Another grind afficianado's component. Place them alongside slopes to give your 
rider options. To increase point potential, put a rail nearby the steps. Heck, maybe 
even pick out a stair case with a handrail already attached. 

Set 11: Pools
Pools give you a lot of bang for your buck. Even thoughmost are huge, they don't add 
much to your memory total. Use them sparingly, however. A level full of pools is 
boring indeed. In this set, 1-3 are pre-made pools and 4-7 are merely pieces of a 
ppol that can be cobbled together. 

Set 12: Funboxes
Funboxes are like throw rugs If you have a lage unused portion of the floor, toss a 
fun box in there. See? Fun. Add rails and edges nearby for good link combo 

Set 13: Kickers
Kickers are scoop-type ramps that launch skaters up to higher risers and such. These 
are great when used in conjunction with gaps that leap over specified objects. 

Set 14: Benches
Benches are basically two-tiered glorified rails. Also included in this set are 
tables and angled tables. 

Set 15: Signs
Signs, like benches can be subject to the Almighty grind. Signs cycle random logos 
each time a new run in begun. 

Set 16: Floor
Floor samples are pretty and all (and actually sound different depending on the 
surface), but are kind of a drag because you can't place anything else atop them. 
Luckily, however, they use up no excess memory. 

Set 17: Foliage
This means planters. Place them wherever you need a more creative slope or a tree 
to "spruce" things up. 

Set 18: Misc
1. Wall Piece: Use these to simulate separatation of rooms.
2. Pillar: Place a beam in the center of your park, obstructing skaters and causing 

Editor Tips

No one ever set out to build a skate park without prior knowledge of what goes into 
such a structure. Likewise, you should not tackle creating a skate park without 
first witnessing some examples of what you're trying to build. Take a long, hard 
look at the 50 Pre-Made Parks that Neversoft donated to the cause. They're expertly 
designed and there are enough flavors so that you'll probably see something 
approximating the park you want to do.

Mix it up. Try to place both vert and street in your course. Not only will this make 
for bigger point possibilities, it will have more overall appeal for the variety of 
skaters who will skate your house.

Place risers first. Since these objects can hold others on top of them, it is 
important that they go down first. Wherever you throw down your risers will 
determine the style of course you're creating.

Conserve memory by using big pieces. Instead of  stacking a bunch of little pieces 
next to each other, use one big piece that equals the sum of the parts.

Be smart about object placement. You don't want to block off a halfpipe with a wall 
of rail; you need an apron leading to it to gains speed.

Put pools in the corners and keep them away from quarter and halfpipes (unless you 
want a little kicker to transfer into a pool). Pools are big and wonderful, but they 
can easily get in the way and disturb level flow.

Watch out for too many rails... These are the easiest objects to abuse. The first 
park I tried was horrendous for this reason. I put a group of penpendicular rails 
perpendicular. It was a mess. Rails are best when used in conjunction with other 
lips or looping the backside of an object.

Speaking of rails, if you are attempting to place them for transferring between one 
another, be sure you use regular rails and offset rails. Otherwise, the gaps will be 
too big.

If you are interested in placing a halfpipe on your map, keep it out of the center. 
A halfpipe takes up too much space in the middle of a board.

Keep things simple. The most beautiful and dense map is not necessarily the most fun 
to skate. When you look at the classic parks of the world, there is always a lot of 
bare middle ground. Keep this in mind.

If at first you don't succeed... You know the drill. This is called an "Editor" 
which means you can always add to and deduct from a park. The interface is so easy 
to use, you may just want to customize a park for individual use.

Have fun. This is the ultimate creative tool. Treat it with the utmost respect.


Unlock Cheats 

After clearing every goal and collecting all the cash on every level and competition 
you will open a new cheat. The cheats are opened in the order listed below: 

First time Officer Dick First hidden 
Second time Skip to Restart During gameplay you can pause the game and choose your 
spawn point. 
Third time Kid Mode Better stats, kid-like skaters 
Fourth time Perfect Balance You'll be able to grind for days, no balancing 
Fifth time Always Special Infinite Special power. 
Sixth time STUD Cheat You'll max out your stats 
Seventh time Weight Cheat Alter the way your skaters look. 
Eighth time Wireframe Wireframe mode. 
Ninth time Slow-Nic Tricks are in slow motion. 
Tenth time Big Head Cheat Skaters will have big heads. 
Eleventh time Sim Mode Realistic physics. 
Twelfth time Smooth Cheat No textures 
Thirteenth time Moon Physics Low gravity. 
Fourteenth time Disco Mode Disco lights. 
Fifteenth time Level Flip 


Unlock McSqueeb
The previous Cheat list includes every skater but Tony Hawk. After beating the Game 
with Tony you'll unlock McSqueeb ('80s Tony). 

Unlock Spiderman. That's Right, You Heard Me, Spiderman!!
Web "Sidewalk" Surfing!! Create you own skater and beat the game with 100%. You'll 
unlock Spiderman, He comes with four costumes. 

Unlock Private Carrera
You must search for and execute every Gap in the non-secret levels of the game. 

Unlock '80s Tony Skate Video
Earn three gold medals with McSqueeb ('80s Tony). This will unlock a video of the 
early days of Tony Hawk. To view the movie you have to start a session and then end 

Unlock Neversoft Bail Video
Earn three Gold medals with Officer Dick to unlock the Neversoft Bail Video. 

Unlock The Spiderman Skate Video
Earn three Gold medals with Spiderman to unlock the Spiderman Skate Video. 

Unlock the Neversoft Makes Video
Earn three Gold medals with Private Carrera to unlock the Spiderman Skate Video. 

Chopper Drop: Hawaii
Earn three Gold medals with every character to unlock the Chopper Drop: Hawaii 

THE END       

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