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Nick Chevalier
[email protected]

Superstar Versus Strategies and CAWs
Version 1.2
Last updated: Sept. 22, 2004

Superstar Versus Strategies Section
This section describes how to fight effectively against different Superstars in the 

Strength: 9.5
Submission: 6
Endurance: 7
Technique: 7.5
Speed: 6
A-Train is the stereotypical behemoth Superstar. He can really dish out some pain, 
but only in the form of striking and throwing attacks, and he is quite weak 
defensively. Take advantage of his low speed and endurance by repeatedly Toe 
Kicking him, and stomp him when he’s on the ground.

Strength: 9.5
Submission: 9
Endurance: 9
Technique: 9
Speed: 8.5
Animal and Hawk formed the old-school tag team Legion of Doom back in the day. I’m 
pretty sure they’re both long dead, but believe me, they can still beat you down. 
Animal is a tough Superstar to face, as he combines incredible power with very high 
submission, endurance, technique, and speed. You probably can’t maneuver around him 
much, either. When DQs are not a problem, or the ref is down on the mat, try using 
a chair or sledgehammer and catching him by surprise.

Strength: 9.5
Submission: 6
Endurance: 7
Technique: 7
Speed: 6.5
Batista is much like A-Train. He’s a slow, heavy lummox that excels in throwing and 
hitting things. Just work around his speed and endurance like you would with A-

Big Show
Strength: 10
Submission: 7.5
Endurance: 9.5
Technique: 7.5
Speed: 6
Big Show can pummel you quickly and easily if you have low endurance. He can also 
take a punch nicely, thanks to his 9.5 endurance stat. He won’t use submission 
much, but he really likes to throw you. Try the same basic strategy as you would 
with A-Train or Batista, but be more careful. Take your time, or he’ll reverse you 
and use the almighty Show Stopper.

Booker T
Strength: 8
Submission: 7
Endurance: 9
Technique: 8
Speed: 8.5
Booker is statistically very good, but he honestly has nothing going for him. His 
move set holds him back a lot. Just do what you want with him, but take note that 
you should reverse him when possible, as he has pretty good strength.

Brock Lesnar
Strength: 10
Submission: 8.5
Endurance: 10
Technique: 9.5
Speed: 7.5
Lesnar is a giant, scary monster. He can really do major damage, all the while 
absorbing your best attacks easily. Also, his speed is uncharacteristically high 
for his bulky frame. Fight him in the same way as Animal, taking advantage of 
environmental weapons like turnbuckles and chairs rather than your own fists. Of 
course, if your stats are good enough, you can just charge him and hope for the 

Bubba Ray Dudley
Strength: 7
Submission: 7
Endurance: 7
Technique: 7
Speed: 6.5
Bubba is a lot of fun to toy with. Everything about him is slightly below average, 
so you can use any kind of attack to beat him.

Charlie Haas
Strength: 6
Submission: 8
Endurance: 7.5
Technique: 8
Speed: 7
Haas is an Olympic-style wrestler. He is good with submissions and reversals, but 
his strength and endurance are low enough that you can just run at him and swing 
and you’ll win.

Chavo Guerrero
Strength: 6
Submission: 7
Endurance: 6
Technique: 7
Speed: 7.5
Nothing to worry about here. Just smack him around a little and he’ll drop to the 

Chris Benoit
Strength: 7
Submission: 10
Endurance: 8
Technique: 10
Speed: 8
Benoit is a very capable wrestler, Olympic-style, like Haas. Everything about him 
makes him a bigger, better Haas. He can reverse anything, so try hitting him from 
behind a lot, and he WILL use submission if you hit the floor. Just try to steer 
clear of his knockdown attacks and you should be OK.

Chris Jericho
Strength: 7
Submission: 10
Endurance: 8
Technique: 9
Speed: 8.5
Jericho has a few similarities to Benoit, but his submission move is actually used 
from the front-groggy position, rather than the ground position. This makes him 
harder to deal with. If he ever grapples you, try to reverse him, because he likes 
to knock you down, lift you back up, then submission you to death. If you avoid his 
grapples, then you can survive.
–to be finished later-

Hardcore Match Strategy Section
Learn how to utilize backstage weapons and you environment to beat your opponent 
without ever actually touching him.

The best weapon here is the cage. Run up the ladder to the second floor and bring 
your enemy on top of the cage, then use grapple moves (slams, bombs, and suplexes) 
in the middle until the roof collapses and drags in the opponent. Be careful not to 
fall in yourself.
There are also several small trash cans lying around. They aren't very strong, but 
it's amusing to use their weapon grapple (X+Up or X+Down). The trash can lid on the 
upper floor can be used as a chair-type weapon.
The large garbage can on the left side of the first floor can be very helpful for 
SmackDown icon charging. Irish Whip your opponent into the trash can (at close 
range or long range) and the lid will close on them. This should give you a little 
time to taunt while damaging your opponent.
The metal panels with green lights will open the garage on the first floor, sending 
out a trolley loaded with crates. Put the opponent on the ground in front of the 
garage and press the button to make it smack into them.
If you're a fan of the sledgehammer, you can improvise one by throwing your 
opponent into the stack of bars against the wall on the second floor. This will 
knock all of them down and leave one for use as a weapon.
Similar to the garage is the pipe system. On each floor there is a pipe that can 
shoot a steam jet when you turn on of the wheels on the second floor. I don't 
personally recommend this, as it only temporarily stuns the enemy.
If you find stacks of things entertaining, there is a stack of cardboard boxes on 
the first floor and a stack of barrels on the second floor.
This is probably my favorite environment. The first thing you'll notice will be a 
table with a monitor on it. Throw your opponent into the table and the monitor will 
fall off. You can beat them with the monitor like it's a chair.
The wall that the monitor's table was against can be broken down. Just Irish Whip 
your opponent into the wall twice and it will shatter.
Behind the wall, there are two shower stalls and two lockers. The shower stalls are 
fairly pointless (though highly amusing), but the lockers are pretty good weapons. 
Irish Whip your opponent into the showers for a few seconds of laughter. If you 
Whip them into a locker, it will close on them and they'll break it down. Now you 
can use the locker door as a weapon.
In the bottom-left corner, there is a bathroom. Irish Whip your opponent into it 
for flushing sound effects.
Near the bathroom, there are several racks that hold bars. Whip your opponent into 
the rack and the bar will fall down for some pseudo-sledgehammer action.
One of the most helpful objects in here is the treadmill. Knock your enemy down so 
he can't stop you. Stand on the treadmill and press Square to activate it. Tap X 
quickly and you will start to run, increasing you SmackDown meter very quickly. 
Press Square again when you want to stop.
The punching bag in the middle of the room will stun or knock down anyone who runs 
into it.
Last of all, there are several bookcases against the walls on both sides. Whip the 
opponent into a bookcase to knock down other objects. There is one with a bat (like 
a sledgehammer), one with unusable bottles, and the best one, which has our old 
friend Mr. Chair.
This is a very interactive area. The sledgehammer in the top-center is the most 
trustworthy weapon, but it can always be reversed. Instead, you can try the 
motorcycle (thank you, Mr. Undertaker). Drive it around with the analog stick or D-
pad and press O to grab someone. Press it again to throw them off.
Another driveable monster is the forklift. Lift the box with O then drop it back 
down with O again. You can go into the bottom left corner to get more boxes when 
you need them.
Notice the nice stack of barrels in the middle. Ideal for Irish Whip. Throw them 
into it, then use the one remaining barrel.
The cars on the top and bottom of the screen can both have people Whipped into them.
In the top right, near the semi truck, there is a railing around a fusebox. Knock 
the railing away with a Whipped opponent, then Whip them into the fusebox to 
electrocute them.
One of the best weapons in the game is the opponent's stupidity. Irish Whip them 
into the semi truck and they will automatically jump onto it. They'll try to come 
back down, badly damaging themselves in the process. You can use this repeatedly to 
knock them to full red for an easy victory.
-to be finished later-


Alice Cooper

Face: 9, Model 17.
Figure: 0,0
Shape: 15, 0
Age: 59
Head: 63, 20
Eyebrow: 6, 0
Eyes: -3, 14/0, -2
Nose: -8, -7/0, 3
Cheek: -7
Mouth: 7, 3/-7
Jaw: 34, 9/0

Skin: 2
Color: Color2
Color: -93, 10
Shade: -7

Hair: 2
Color: 100, -100
Shade: -100
Length: 0

Eyebrows: 137
Color: -88, 9
Shade: 0

Eyes: 1
Color: 9, 9
Shade: 0





Long Hemline: 1, 1, 5
Color: 0, 100
Shade: -100
Transparency: 100
Length: 0

Jacket: 20, 4
Color: 100, -100
Shade: -100


Pants: 5, 1, 9
Color: 100, -100
Shade: -100

Shoes: 17, 1, 1
Color: 100, -100
Shade: -100


Head Paint: 37
Color: 100, -100
Shade: 0
Transparency: 100



Spell ALICE across his back however you want.


Body Morphing: -61, 21




Alice Cooper



Gender: Male
Class: Light Heavyweight
Face/Heel: 100% Heel

Whatever you want, there aren’t many that really fit him.

Put them wherever you want, but if you use the moveset I tell you to, favor 
Strength and Endurance.

Logic1: Striker
Logic2: Brawler
Move: Aggressive
Irish Whip: Often
Attack Referee: It’s done if it’s necessary
Weapon Use: Likes it very much.
Diving Moves: Less Often
Taunt: Often

Use The Undertaker’s (unlockable legend, not the “badass” one) moveset and change 
the following:
Fighting Style: Kung-Fu 6
Entrance: Movie-Logo, Moves-Batista, Music-Original 20
Special 1: Tajiri Karate Rush
Special 2: Power of the Punch
I’ll update whenever I decide to. If you have a way for me to improve one of the 
strategies or CAWs listed here, e-mail me at [email protected]

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