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PETER "StarbladeX2" PAPADOPOULOS PRESENTS ...       ____
 _______   ____   __   _   _____   _    _   _   _  / _  ',
|__   __| |  __| |  \ | | /  ___\ | |  | | | | | | \/ `. ,
   | |    | |_   |   \| | ; ;     | |__| | | | | |     ; ;
   | |    |  _|  | |\ ` | ; ;     |  __  | | | | |    / /
   | |    | |__  | | \  | . `._/\ | |  | | | |_| |   / /
   |_|    |____| |_|  '_' `_____/ |_|  |_| '.___.'  / /___
      A N  I N - D E P T H  W A L K T H R O U G H  .______;

 MAIN NINJA TIP: A True Ninja doesn't kill he/she eliminates, and
                 only for defensive purposes.

                  /FAQ STATS\
            /¯¯¯¯¯           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
            | • GAME: Tenchu 2                  |
            | • SYSTEM: Playstation             |
            | • AUTHOR: StarbladeX2             |
            | • EMAIL: [email protected]    |
            | • FILE SIZE: 123kb                |
            | • VERSION: Final                  |
            | • LAST UPDATED: 25/10/01          |

                   /GAME STATS\
             /¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
             | • One Player                    |
             | • Memory Card: 1 - 2 blocks     |
             | • Analog Control Compatible     |
             | • Vibration Function Compatible |
             | • PLATFORM: PlayStation         |
             | • # OF CD'S: 1                  |
             | • PUBLISHER: Activision Inc.    |
             | • DEVELOPER: Aquire Corp.       |

                        __   ______________
-----------------------[01]-[ Introduction ]----------------------------
                        ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Welcome to my Tenchu 2 Walkthrough.. I have tried to include as little
spoilers as possible but I can't guarantee a spoiler-free walkthrough.

This FAQ/Walkthrough was created by me, StarbladeX2 but also alot of
information in this FAQ/Walkthrough was submitted or gathered by 
regular Tenchu 2 Fans so read the credits section to see everyone 
who has helped put this FAQ/Walkthrough together.

If you want to visit a good Tenchu 2 Site then go to 
http://go.to/tenchu2 as it contains alot of useful info and downloads
about the game.

If you wish to email me then send all praise or even flames (if you
wish) to [email protected]

Check out my GameFAQs Contributor Recognition Page at:

You can always get the latest version from http://www.gamefaqs.com/

If you are stuck on a bit and cant find what you are looking for then
all you have to do is use the Ctrl+F command to search through the 

This FAQ/Walkthrough is best viewed in EditPad Lite with the Courier 
New Font activated;

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--------------------------[02]-[ Updates ]------------------------------
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25/10/01 - Version Final:
- I made the FAQ more lighter by editing things out and removing
  sections that weren't needed so its quicker to load.
- Also note there will be no more updates after this..

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--------------------------[03]-[ Index ]--------------------------------
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[.01.]  Introduction
[.02.]  Updates
[.03.]  Index
[.04.]  Review
[.05.]  Controls
         - General
         - Special
[.06.]  Questions & Answers
[.07.]  Characters
         - Main
         - Other
[.08.]  Enemies
[.09.]  Walkthrough
         - Rikimaru
         - Ayame
         - Tatsumaru
[.10.]  Mission Editor
         - General
         - Techniques
         - Info
[.11.]  Tips
         - General
         - Boss Tips
[.12.]  Stealth Kills
         - General
         - Detailed look
            - Rikimaru
            - Ayame
            - Tatsumaru
[.13.]  Item List
[.14.]  Grand Master
[.15.]  Bugs/Glitches
[.16.]  Fun stuff
         - General
         - You know...
[.17.]  History of the Ninja
[.18.]  Cheats
[.19.]  Game Shark Codes
         - Rikimaru
         - Ayame
         - Tatsumaru
         - All Characters
[.20.]  Credits/Thanks
[.21.]  Disclaimer

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--------------------------[04]-[ Review ]-------------------------------
                           ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

I remember when Tenchu came out and was a silent success due to Metal
Gear Solid. But now that MGS has passed, Tenchu 2 deserves the right
for glory and it has succeeded although it has gotten fairly bad
reviews. I feel that it is a brilliant effort and might be a little
biased since there isn't anything to compare this game to - since it is
a fairly new category (ninja sim).

Now on to the review...

Story: 10/10

This is taken from the instruction booklet:

The old regime has fallen, and civil war now threatens to tear Japan
apart.  Regional warlords, blind with ambition, wage bloody campaigns
for territory in the hope of one day hoisting their flag over the
imperial city.

Only Lord Gohda Matsunoshin places the welfare of his subjects over his
own ambitions, and forsakes the brutal power struggle.  His just and
compassionate rule earns him the love and respect of his people and the
hatred of his rivals.

For generations uncounted, the House of Gohda has called upon the Azuma
Ninja in times of need.  In his darkest hour, Gohda Matsunoshin again
requests the help of the mysterious shadow warriors.  When three young
ninja step forward to save the House of Gohda, they find themselves in
a fierce battle with a sinister force that threatens to change the
course of history.

A little note to add: The story will make you go through a full range
of emotions and I never thought a game could do this to me since Final
Fantasy VII.

Visuals: 8/10

The graphics are a mixed bag... maybe I am spoilt with all the next gen
console graphics but when I see this game it kind of makes me wish it
was on a new console. Although don't get me wrong this is one of the
best graphics for the PSX but there is still a fair share of clipping
and pixellation.

But the levels are fairly big and the character animation is spot on. A
great job!

Audio: 8/10

What happened to the music? Well that and the way Ayame sounds is the
only faults I could find with the Audio. All sounds immerse you into
the game further and I guess without the music it makes you feel you
are actually there.

Gameplay: 8/10

The game play has stayed the same from the first other then a few other

You can now drag bodies which comes in handy sometimes and there is a
Mission editor where you can make your own levels. So this makes the
game have a lot of replay value.  The camera angles and control still
are glitchy but the more you play the game the better you get.

The game plays very similar to the original Tenchu being that you are a
Ninja assigned to certain tasks and you should undergo these tasks
using stealth and a wide arrange of stealth kills, the stealth kills
have to be seen to believed although they can't be skipped and you will
get attacked by other enemies whilst still finished the animation.


Overall: 9/10

One of the final good quality PSX games... a must buy!

                          __   __________
-------------------------[05]-[ Controls ]------------------------------
                          ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

When I first started the game I had problems with the controls so why
not add the controls to the FAQ/Walkthrough?  Also note that I am using
the PAL version of the game so controls might differ to the NTSC

     _____________                                   __
L2: Select Item   °                                 ° R2: Select Item
       _________  °                                 °  __
L1: Look Around ° °       Map         Pause         ° °  R1: Stealth
           _=====_        °           °         _=====_
          / _____ \       °           °        / _____ \
       .'  |     |  `.    °  S O N Y  °     .'  |   °°Use'Item
      / ___| /|\ |___ \   °           °    / ___| /_\ |___ \
D Pad°°|      |      | ;  °_          °_  ; | _         _ | ;
     | |<---     --->| | |__|        |__| | ||_|°Attack(_)°Defend
     ; |___   |   ___| ;SELECT       START; |___       ___| ;
     |\    | \|/ |    /  _     ___      _  \    |  X°Jump  /|
     | `.  |_____|  .','" "', |___|  ,'" "',`.  |_____|  .' |
     |   `-._____.-' /       \ANALOG/       \ `-._____.-'   |
     |               |       |_====_|       |               |
     |              /\       /      \       /\              |
     |             /  `.___.'        `.___.'  \             |
     |            /      °                     \            |
      \          /       °                      \          /
       \________/    Movements                   \________/

Special Commands:

|                     |                                          |
| Drag Dead Body      | The R1 button plus the circle button     |
|                     | (while the weapon is sheathed)           |
| Sheath Sword        | Hold down the Square button or double    |
|                     | tap the circle button                    |
| Search Ninja for    | Press the R1 button over the enemy you   |
| Item/s              | wish to search (Note: Some enemies have  |
|                     | no items on them so this command will    |
|                     | not work all the time.                   |
| Strafe Left/Right   | Hold Circle and press left or right to   |
|                     | Strafe (left or right depending on which |
|                     | way you wish to strafe)                  |
| Dash Forward/Back   | Hold Circle and press Up or Down to dash |
|                     | (Up or down depending on which way you   |
|                     | wish to dash)                            |
| Roll Left/Right/    | Hold R1 and Press Left or Right or Up or |
| Forward/Back        | down to Roll (Left, Right, Up or Down    |
|                     | depending on which way you wish to roll) |
| Big Jump            | To perform a Big Jump hold up so that    |
|                     | you are running forward and then hold    |
|                     | Circle and whilst still holding Up and   |
|                     | Circle press X to do a big jump.         |

                    __   _____________________
-------------------[06]-[ Questions & Answers ]-------------------------
                    ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Q. I've heard you can chop a guard's head off but I can't seem to do
   it why not?

A. Well since censors are so tough in European states all PAL games
   have taken the feature out so you wont be able to behead a enemy if
   you have the PAL version of the game, but if you have the NTSC
   version then you might be able to do it if you are lucky.  I've
   heard that it only happens at random but unfortunately I own the
   PAL version which means I can't behead a guard as well :(


>> A way to decapitate people, you must run for about 3-4 seconds
   straight at the enemy without stopping or turning and press SQUARE
   at the last second. Be careful to not bump into the person or you'll
   get a different kill. It's hard, but not impossible. I've done this
   kill 4 times.  To amputate, it's very hard. The only time I
   amputated someone is in the gang of thieves with Rikimaru. I went on
   house with the thief with the scythes under the roof. I jumped
   slightly to the left or right as to hit his arm, not the head, and
   pressed SQUARE. I did this move twice.

   [ WhoisyerDADDAY (GameFAQs Message Board) ]

   (Hint: Use the cloak of invisibility to make decapitation easier)

>> I beg to differ ; and not bring the whole subject up again but after
   playing for numerous hour on my PS2 on the training level with Rik.
   I went up as close as possible to the enemy and held square and at a
   very precise time tap R1. by doing this I have beheaded 3 guards on
   that very same level!

   I have also beheaded 2 guards when playing on my psx.

   So I have councluded that by following these steps you increase the
   chance of decapitation.

   [ SHODIN - GMB ]

My Response:

   I have heard that decapitation is not that big of a deal so those
   of you out there who have the PAL version - Like me! - you are not
   missing out on much.  Don't worry about it too much as the game is
   not just good because of the stealth kills, the more you play it
   you will find out all the hidden goodies that the game holds.

Q. What other features are taken out of the PAL game?

A. Well other then the above feature, shurikens have been changed to
   knives and some sound effects (anyone know which ones?) have been
   taken out.

Q. How do I drag a dead body?

A. Well you have to be on a flat surface otherwise it won't work and
   all you do is go up to the body and hold R1 and Circle then move
   your character and if it worked your character should have hold of
   the body with one hand and would be dragging him/her on the floor.

Q. What is the Ki meter?

A. The ki meter tells you how close you are to a enemy and whether the
   enemy is aware of you.  The number beneath the ki meter will grow
   depending on how close you are, for example you would be very close
   to an enemy if it says '86' but if it says '10' you wouldn't be
   close to the enemy.

Q. What are those symbols on the ki meter and what do they mean?

A. Well this information is taken from the PAL instruction booklet:

   The Ki meter reads four different emotional states:

   (?)  You are near another enemy, but the character hasn't sensed
        your presence.
   (!)  The enemy has sensed something, but doesn't yet know what or
        who you are.
   (!?) The enemy is in a heightened state of alert. Move carefully
        and hide until the enemy goes back to normal state.
   (!!) The enemy has spotted you and is preparing to attack.  It's
        too late to hide now, you must either attack or run away.

Q. The ki meter when to (!) but it wasn't an enemy character.

A. Yeh that's a problem as the Ki meter cannot tell the difference
   between an enemy character and a civilian.

Q. At the end of the mission I got a score, how is this score worked

A. Well you get 20 points for each stealth kill you do, and for each
   normal kill you do you get 5 points.  If you are not spotted during
   the whole mission you get 300 points, but for each time you are
   spotted 30 points is removed from your end score. If you kill a
   civilian you lose 150 points.

Q. Why can you drag a dead body even though the enemies don't even
   notice the bodies?

A. They actually do notice the bodies of their fallen friends
   occasionally during the game not as much as I would like them to
   but yeh dragging is pretty useless as you can't drag up hills or
   down hills or anywhere bumpy as your character will automatically
   let go.

   But Tenchu 2 does have its faults even though its still at brilliant

Q. Are each characters storyline different?

A. Yes!  To get the full storyline in Tenchu 2 you will have to play
   through the game with each of the 3 characters... Rikimaru, Ayame
   and Tatsumaru.

Q. What weapon does Rikimaru use throughout the game?

A. Rikimaru's main weapon was not a Katana as previously though but
   thanks to [email protected] who says this:

   His weapon is a shinobigatana, the shorter, straight bladed sworded 
   with a 30 degree angled tip generally favored by the ninja (If for 
   no other reason than that they were homemade, as the common ninja 
   was not permitted to own a sword).
   Thanks for clearing that up :)

   The weapon is pretty powerful and has a good attack range.

Q. What weapon does Ayame use throughout the game?

A. Well she uses a pair of daggers, which have a very short range but
   she is quick with them.

Q. What weapon does Tatsumaru use throughout the game?

A. Well he mainly uses his hands but for some of his stealth kills he
   can use his sword.

Q. What's the maximum number of items that you can carry?

A. The maximum number of items that you can carry on any one mission
   is 12.

Q. What are your Item limits?

A. You are limited to bringing five types of items plus your grappling
   hook. But note that you can pick up extra items from dead enemies.

Q. Why aren't all the Items being shown on the Item screen?

A. Well you have to earn them by achieving a rank of Grand Master (See
   Grand Master section)

Q. Is there a way to cancel the use of an item?

A. Yes there is while holding Triangle press Square and the item you
   were about to use will be deselected.

Q. What is the difference between Normal and Hard difficulty?

A. Well the following features are different:

       -> Enemies have a longer field of vision
       -> Enemies stay on alert longer
       -> The enemies can throw grenades and shurikens (knives)
       -> When bodies fall they alert enemies that are close by

Q. Why when I use Poison Rice to kill an enemy it doesn't count as a
   stealth kill?

A. Well I'm not sure but you weren't able to kill someone with Poison
   Rice in Tenchu 2 and I never have so I'm not sure that it is even
   possible.  Correct me if I am wrong.

Q. Can you tell me the code for the Debug menu?

A. Nope!  Nah seriously there is one for Tenchu but I'm not sure if
   one will surface for Tenchu 2 but all cheats and gameshark codes 
   are located at the bottom of this FAQ/Walkthrough.

Q. I want to play one of those user levels but don't know how to
   get it on my memory card.

A. Well you need a Dex Drive to be able to download the levels onto
   your PSX Memory Card.  Hook the dex drive up to your computer,
   send the level to the dex drive, insert your memory card and start

Q. How come so many ninja's names end with 'maru'? does anyone know
   what it actually means?

   [ Fire Phoenix - GMB ]

A. Maru means Round or Yen

   [ Grimdog - GMB ]

Q. What's the poem which is displayed when you die with Rikimaru?

A. Here:

     Bright and Cold, the flash of steel.
     Alone I roam over deserted fields.
     My sword I need no longer.
     The evening wind will carry me home.

Q. What's the poem which is displayed when you die with Ayame?

A. Here:

     My face burns with crimson fire.
     My hair is a tangled mass.
     But at last my heart is clear.
     The Moon will not brighten this long night.

Q. What's the poem which is displayed when you die with Tatsumaru?

A. Here:

     He has travelled the six worlds.
     Do his eyes remain in this transiet world?
     The path he followed, he chose not.
     Now he floats higher then any shadow.

Q. Umm Ive beaten several stages without any spots yet i do not get
   the grand master rank. Aslo on a certain stage i was spotted once
   but i still got a grand master ranking but my score was below 600.
   Most stages i can do without being spotted and i believe i kill
   everybody but my score is still ussually the required 600pts. I'm
   only up to the 'demon' bandit stage but i wanna know how come im
   only getting expert ninja score. I'm getting so mad at this game!!!

   [ Luminaire - GMB ]

A. You need minimum 15 stealth kills for GM without being spotted once.
   well, there are some rules of thumbs here..
   First, try kill all enemies w/o getting spot on any mission..
   Never kill an innocent if you do you will be penalize -150 points.
   On the mission w/ 15 or more enemies you can get grand master
   ranking if you get at least 600 points..

   also you can use the following table to figure out how many
   spot do you allow to have..

   16 or less enemies 0 spot..
   17 enemies 1 spot
   18 -19 enemies 2 spots
   20 enemies 3 spots
   21-22 enemies 4 spots
   23 enemies 5 spots
   24-25 enemies 6 spots
   26 enemies 7 spots
   27-28 enemies 8 spots
   29 enemies 9 spots
   30-31 enemies 10

   E=number of an enemies that you are planning to stealth kill on
   each level,
   S=number of spots you are allow to have.

   assuming that you know the number of E then
   S <= (20E - 300)/30..

   [ nunki - [email protected] ]
   [ http://www.tenchu.de ]

Q. I have Tenchu 2 game and I try to Use the codes for the Health
   power to ge the power meter to 100%. the code was Pause the game,
   then hold Square and press Left, Right, Up, Down. But it dident
   work and the code to increase Item don't seem to work either. also
   the game shark codes don't work for Tenchu 2 game I don't know what
   to do.

   Do I need to star a new mission or get the training finish.

   [ [email protected] ]

A. Well The PAL Codes are different to the NTSC codes so if you have
   the PAL version then look at the bottom of this FAQ for the codes,
   If you have the NTSC version then look at GameFAQs for the codes.

Q. Ok I have a Question about tenchu 2 game. where is the Item
   Selection screen, because I tryied this code to unlock all the

   Unlock All Ninja Items
   From the Item selection screen

   [ [email protected] ]

A. The Item Selection screen shows up just before the mission starts.
   You must enter the code there.

Q. How old are each of the characters in Tenchu 2?

A. Well Ayame is 16 in Tenchu 2 and Rikimaru is 20 and Tatsumaru is
   around the age of 23.

Q. How many years after Tenchu 2 does Tenchu 1 take place?

A. Around 5 years... considering that Ayame is around 21 in Tenchu 1
   then that would make it a 5 year time gap.

Q. How many locations are available in the Mission Editor?

A. For this answer I will let jimbojan from GameFAQs explain:

   Yes, there are 12 to get including "Dojo" but the last one "Office"
   as far as I know can only be got with a secret keycode (controller
   inputted cheat code) The US one and the PAL one are different and
   can be got in databases here (at GameFAQs) and other sites like
   Gamewinners etc.  When you input this code you also get
   "Tenchu,Inc." in the custom missions. Making the total custom
   missions for you to play and complete to 15. There is also a
   controller code that lets you re-edit any custom missions you have
   completed. US & PAL codes are different again.

   (All PAL Codes can be found at the bottom of this FAQ - StarbladeX2)

Q. How can I submit my Custom Missions to sites?

A. It's very similar to played one of those of the net.  You need a
   Dexdrive and you hook up your memory card to the Dexdrive and
   transfer them from your memory card to the Dexdrive and then
   you can email them to the website owners.

Q. How do you kill the cat?

A. Well I haven't tested this out yet but thanks to
   buds [ [email protected] ] we have a way to kill the cats :)

   Well, its about the question on how to kill the cat in
   the Tatsumaru stage (Labor Shortage). I got a good
   method how to kill the damn cat ^-^

   1. Kill the old woman (sorry grandma) cause she'll
   cause trouble
   2.Go to the roof and let it eat at least three
   poisoned rice balls
   3. Shoot at least 2 flaming arrows.
   4.Shoot three darts at it (blowgun) and it will be
   5. Drag it to the water and voila! Floating cat!!!

   Thanks again buds.

   Note:  I do not like the idea of killing the cats as cats are cute
   and I have one.   So only kill the cats if you hate them in real
   life and you are a dog-fan.  If you arn't, then leave them alone!
   What did they ever do to you?  Sure they alert other ninjas but I
   mean you shouldn't have got in their view in the first place, now
   should you?  

                         __   ____________
------------------------[07]-[ Characters ]-----------------------------
                         ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

You will take control of 3 characters in Tenchu 2 - Rikimaru, Ayame and

To give you a little bit of knowledge about the background of each of
the characters here is the summary of each taken out of the Tenchu 2
PAL Instruction booklet:

--[ Main Characters ]--

[ Rikimaru ]

Diligent and unassuming, Rikimaru has worked steadily since childhood
to become a skilled shadow warrior.  As a ninja, his self-confidence
and sense of destiny is unshakeable.  He would lay down his life for
his lord without a moment's doubt.

[ Ayame ]

Ayame is the youngest of the Azuma Ninja.  Ignoring the ancient
traditions of female ninja, Ayame has developed a unique style of
fighting that perfectly matches her wild, rebellious personality.

[ Tatsumaru ]

The senior pupil of Azuma Shiunsai, Tatsumaru has trained together with
Rikimaru and Ayame for years.  His physical prowess and skill with the
sword is matched by a few.  He has been raised since childhood to
someday succeed Azuma Shiunsai as the leader of the Azuma Ninja.

--[ Other characters in the Tenchu 2 game (unplayable ones) ]--

[ Azuma Shiunsai ]

Shiunsai adopted Rikimaru, Ayame, and Tatsumaru as infants and raised
them to be Azuma Ninja.  He is both their teacher and their father
figure.  Although he has slowed down some in his old age, Shiunsai is
still a very deadly swordsman.  He has recently decided to step down as
head of the Azuma Ninja.

[ Gohda Matsunoshin ]

The current leader of the House of Gohda and the ruler of the Gohda
Domain, Matsunoshin is known to be a just and compassionate ruler.
Matsunoshin's family has employed the Azuma Ninja as shadow warriors
for generations.

[ Kagami ]

A mysterious female ninja who leads the secret society known as the
Burning Dawn, Kagami is ruthlessly pursuing her dream of a world ruled
by the ninja. Her plans will bring her into conflict with both the
House of Gohda and the Azuma Ninja.

                          __   _________
-------------------------[08]-[ Enemies ]-------------------------------
                          ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

[ Civilians ]

Although they do not attack they still pose a threat, as they will
spot you and bring on the attention go the Guards.  Just make sure you
run and hide after they have spotted you and wait until everything
cools down and remember never kill the innocent!

[ Guard (Spear) ]

I hate these guards and whenever I see them I try to run away and get
a stealth kill when they don't suspect anything.  If you are in a
1 on 1 fight with one, never go up close as his spear is very long and
you wont have a chance from front on.  Try strafeing and attack when he
stops attacking.

[ Guard (Bow) ]

Easy enough to defeat from close up but from far away they can cause
quite a bit of damage.  Just run up to them and keep attacking and they
should fall easy enough.  Also try use them to your advantage by
getting them to shoot other enemies :) It's also a funny way of
killing them.

[ Guard (Sword) ]

Pretty hard to defeat as if you run away they will fall and more then
likely swipe your back.  Just block and attack and also strafeing helps
as well.  If you have more then 1 of these enemies on you - I have one
word to say ... RUN!

[ Guard (Scythe) ]

A pretty cool enemy with a huge Scythe!  Pretty easy to defeat but they
are quick.  I just wish we could be able to use Scythes in the game!
Hmm maybe in Tenchu 3?

[ Guard (Claw) ]

This chick enemy is noone to mess with, she is quick and powerful. But
if you keep blocking and attacking, they can be easily defeated.

                        __   _____________
-----------------------[09]-[ Walkthrough ]-----------------------------
                        ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

--[ RIKIMARU ]--

This walkthrough is not intended for you to attain "Grandmaster" status
it is just a guide for you to follow in passing Rikimaru's missions.  I
will try not to give out any crucial plot details.


Basically what the name of the level says a "training level", pretty
simple in that all you have to do is follow Master's instructions and
work on things like throwing knives.

Work your way through each task and proceed to the house up on top of
the cliff.

You will then be dropped into a cave at the bottom of the house.

Take your time with the stage and practive more on your controls, think
of this stage as a practice level.  If you can't pass this stage then
keep trying because once you get the feel of the level and the controls
it will be very easy.

Keep a look out for high places you could use your grappling hook on.


When you first start head down the rock cliff and head towards the east
till you come to an open area with wooden houses, on the left are red
pillars and at the top of the stairs is an enemy - kill him then keep
going up the stairs until you see another enemy, once you kill him go
towards the door which is partly open and you will see the next cut

[ How to fight the boss ]  Keep far away from him and when he goes to
pull out his pipe run to the back of him and starting swiping.  Make
sure you don't walk into the smoke as it will leave you blinded for a
bit and then he could attack you.  Keep staying back and then attack
when he least expects it.


What you have to do with this mission is make your way to the top of
the castle, this is pretty simple as all you have to do is walk around
each level (make sure enemies don't spot you as you will have a good
fight on your hands) till you see a ramp and head up the ramp till you
get to a level where there is nowhere to go. You will see some white
doors, chop them and make your way to the next section and then follow
the ramps up till you get to Lord Gohda's chamber.  Note that in this
level there are enemies with spears do not try to attack them face on
as the spears are longer then your sword so you will be getting hit a
lot, try for a stealth kill.  Also there are parts in the level where
you will see fallen wooden boards, which look like they lead to a
higher level, but you cannot go up these boards as they only hit the

[ How to fight the boss ]  Just attack until he is down to little
health then the screen will cut


All you have to do to get pass the level is keep going north all the
time using your grapling hook to go up onto the higher levels and then
you just run up the end hill and into the opening to Lord Toda's War
Camp, you will see it there is just one enemy outside it and when you
enter the opening the cut scene will appear.

[ How to fight the boss ]  To defeat Suzaku all you have to do is run
up and attack him and try not to let him get any attacks in if he does
just block his attacks.  You don't have to worry about killing him, as
the game will cut to a cut scene as soon as he is at low health.  But
don't worry you will finish him off in one of Rikimaru's later


Use your grappling hook to climb the big mountain and once you are at
the top head right until you come to a gap between two rocks.  Jump
into the middle and head towards the left until you come to a stream,
do not cross the stream but instead turn right until you come to quite
a few pillars use the grappling hook and shoot the top of the pillar
which is the closest to the rock face on the left then jump on to the
rock and stealth kill the enemy there (very easy stealth kill just hide
behind the rock until he turns around then kill him).  You will see a
little pillar in the gap between the two mountains, jump onto the
pillar then wait until the enemy turns around and jump onto the other
mountain.  Jump up onto the higher level and make your way across the
bridge and you will then see the screen fade.

[ How to fight the boss ]  Very easy to beat, all you have to do is
strike him hard until he falls off and then jump down and keep running
away and coming back and striking him.  Do this until dead.


All you have to do is head straight until you come to the ocean and
head along the shoreline until you come to the jetty then jump on the
boat, head to the left and fight the boss. Be careful of the enemies in
this level, as there are riflemen that are hidden in the rocks ready to
pick you off and also try not to venture out into the ocean, as there
is a hungry shark. Something cool to do is kill an enemy and try to
make him fall into the water and watch the shark come and eat him.  :)

[ How to fight the boss ]  The boss you are fighting is Xiang, a very
fast boss who can quickly take a lot of energy of you if you are
unprepared.  Just circle the middle pole and attack him from behind.


When you start head around the temple heading north until you come to a
smaller temple, enter the east side of the temple and await the boss.

[ How to fight the boss ]  Yukihotaru is the boss who is Suzaku's
girlfriend.  She is pretty easy to beat all you have to do is make sure
you do not get led into a corner as it is very very hard to get out of
that, just finish her off up close.


The whole idea of this mission is to kill every enemy on the stage.
Not a real hard mission but a fun one indeed.  The level is kind of
like a square so go to one corner and sweep the area before heading to
the next corner.  Make sure to check the passage in between the bamboo
trees as well as there is one guy there as well.  Have fun

[ How to fight the boss ]  You will fight your friend Tatsumaru in this
one.  The fight is pretty hard as Tatsumaru is very quick but if you
keep attacking and blocking you will be able to get him down to low
health ready for the next cut scene to kick in.


Another one of those head north levels.  Just keep a watch out for
bowman and those girls with the huge claws as they roam around the
level.  So all you do is keep heading north from where you start off.
Simple isn't it?

[ How to fight the boss ]  You will be up against Byakko this time
around and he is a little guy (midget actually) who can do some damage.
Just keep doing low hits such as hitting when crouching and you will
defeat him quite easily.


You will start in the beginning of the cavern, head straight and down
into a gap in the cavern, then jump into the water and swim to you get
to the ledge and jump onto the ledge. Head straight until you get to a
higher level and jump up and then turn right through the tunnel.  Now
make your way through the maze section (it is pretty hard to give you
the directions through this maze as there is many routes to take but
they all end heading into the same area).  Once you end up at the end
of the tunnel you will make way for a cut scene.  Be careful with this
level as there is many enemies and many traps.  Make sure you have a
lot of anecdote because you will be poisoned a couple of times as well.

[ How to fight the boss ]  No boss


A pretty easy level you will start off on a shore so jump in the water
and swim north-west all the way past all the boats until you come to a
massive boat (you will know which one it is trust me).  You will see a
part where the huge boat attaches itself to a medium sized boat, so
jump on the medium sized boat and stealth kill the bowman there.  Walk
to the end point of the boat and you will see, Suzaku one of the end
bosses. He will talk to you for a bit then you will battle him.

[ How to fight the boss ]  Just keep backing away and try to lose him
then catch him surprised and start swiping.  Repeat until he is dead.

The screen will fade away now and you will appear on another boat just
keep heading north but watch out for enemies.  Once you come to the
point where you can't go north any more, go towards the left side of
the boat and jump onto the other boat next to it.  The Screen will fade
and you will see another cut scene making way to battle the last boss
of Rikimaru's missions, Kagami.

[ How to fight the boss ]  Just keep hitting her until she falls over
then go around her so her back is facing your front and hit her.  She
will fall over and repeat until the next cut scene (she changes weapons
from a fan to a sword). Since she is using a sword now it has a greater
range plus the sword can sometimes penetrate your block.  All I can say
is run until she loses you and attack when she can't see you.  Or even
go on higher ground and jump down and attack.  Good luck, but don't
worry its not as hard as it seems.

Once you have beaten her, sit back and relax and watch the end movie.
Congratulations you have completed all of Rikimaru's missions.

--[ AYAME ]--

This walkthrough is not intended for you to attain "Grandmaster" status
it is just a guide for you to follow in passing Ayame's missions.  I
will try not to give out any crucial plot details.


Pretty much the same as Rikimaru's Training level, follow the
instructions and work your way through each task and make way to the
house on the top of cliff.

Use the tips I gave you in Rikimaru's mission.


Keep heading to the forward and to the right and head towards a house
against a cliff where you will find the bandit's leader.  You will not
have to worry about much in this level, as most of the enemies are easy
to stealth kill.

[ How to fight the boss ]  A easy boss to defeat but you only have a
small fighting area.  A good way to beat him is to hide and sneak up
behind him and attack his back.  Keep repeating for an easy victory.


Another fairly easy mission.  Enter the building and watch out for
innocent people.  Keep making your way along and keep a look out for
breakable walls and keep on advancing through the level getting stealth
kills along the way.

[ How to fight the boss ]  This boss is very slow and you will only
have to take off half of his health meter before the mission ends.
Just run around and attack his back.


A pretty hard mission as if you are spotted the mission ends.  Just
sneak slowly and use the look (L1) button to see where the enemies are.
Keep wandering advancing forward until the screen cuts just as you
approach the outside of a building.

[ How to fight the boss ]  No boss.


All you have to do is find an entrance to the middle of the island.
You can do that by swimming around the outside of the island looking
for the entrance whilst stealth killing enemies.  It's a fairly easy
level as if you get spotted and you haven't got much health jump into
the water and press Stealth (R1) until you lose them.

[ How to fight the boss ]  No boss.


All you have to do is wander around looking for a place with columns
and a one single enemy at the front and enter the building to fight the
boss.  This is another level with water so do the same as the last
level if you get in trouble.

[ How to fight the boss ]  A harder boss then before and the fighting
area doesn't allow for hiding so you can't do the hide then attack from
behind trick that was so popular before.  A good way to defeat him is
to just keep advance attacking (which means run towards him and attack)
and try to knock him on the ground then circle around to his back and
attack him from there.

Repeat for defeat!


A fairly hard level as there is a lot of innocent civilians and a lot
of enemies bundled together.  Just make sure you look around before
performing stealth kills. The boss is located in the area with stairs
between two red poles.

[ How to fight the boss ]  Well there is actually 3 bosses to defeat.
Not one after another but 3 at the same time!  So that means you have
to be ready to attack at any given moment and also to attack from any
side of Ayame's body. Use the two poles located there to dodge the
bosses and attack them.  Just use all of the boss strategies that where
used earlier in the FAQ/Walkthrough to defeat them.


Make your way to the north area of the level and head towards the
cherry tree. There is quite alot of enemies here so be careful, also
watch out for wolves and civilians as well.

[ How to fight the boss ]  No boss.


A very easy level to navigate through, all you have to do is make your
way through the bamboo forest.  Keep a look out for health and items as
you will need it when fighting the boss.  Make your way to the center
of the level to fight the boss.

[ How to fight the boss ]  You will be fighting a Tiger here so the
Tiger is quick and its attacks are low.  Just keep strafeing to avoid
its attacks and hit when he isn't close.  Do not let it get close to
you as you really have no chance of blocking all of its attacks.  It
has a lot of hit points so keep running, hacking and strafeing and if
you have any items use them to your advantage. Good luck!


A pretty easy level to get through but it contains booby traps.  Just
make your way through the cave avoiding all traps as best as you can
and stealth killing the enemies. Make your way to the cave opening
towards the upper-right section of the map.

[ How to fight the boss ]  No boss.


Your mission will be set on a ship.  All you have to do make your way
through the ship grappling to upper levels and avoiding innocents and
traps and killing the enemies (make sure you search them for items).
You will then come to a set of stairs leading to the outside of the
ship, go up them and await the first boss.

[ How to fight the boss ]  You will fight the slow Genbu again but this
time you will have to finish him off.  Use the same techniques that you
used before on him (i.e. attack his back).  Try to save some items for
the upcoming boss.  The best way to defeat Genbu is to try to get him
to go over the top of the torch's as he will get burnt and will be
vulnerable for a second or two and that is the best time to attack him,
this technique will take off at least 50 points of health.

You will then fight Tatsumaru.

[ How to fight the boss ]  A easy boss to defeat.  Use the objects
around you to help in his defeat.  An easy tactic is to lose him and
attack him from behind.  He seems to block more attacks when he is
low on health so be careful and he also is pretty fast with his
attacks so make sure you don't let your guard down.

Repeat to defeat and complete Ayame's missions! hehe :)


This walkthrough is not intended for you to attain "Grandmaster" status
it is just a guide for you to follow in passing Tatsumaru's missions.
I will try not to give out any crucial plot details.


The easiest way to complete this level is to head towards the highest
peak of the level and grapple up to the top where you will face the
boss, watch out for big drops where you will die instantly if you
fall down.

[ How to fight the boss ]  The easiest way to defeat this boss is to
block all his attacks and then straight away attack him and keep
doing this until you defeat him.  It's an easy yet effective way of
defeating enemies.


When you start, turn around and just keep heading straight over the
hills until you reach the camp entrance where the screen will cut
and you will face the boss.

[ How to fight the boss ]  A pretty hard fight as you will be
fighting the boss, a bowman and a spearman.  First attack the
spearman and wipe him out and always keep a guard between you and
the bowman so the bowman will hit the guard.  Once finished with the
spearman and the bowman then start attacking the main boss.  He is
pretty tough so make sure you always have enough room to dodge his
attacks and counter-attack.  A good trick is to get him to go over
the top of the torch so he will be burnt :D

Once you have defeated that boss you will then fight another boss.

[ How to fight the boss ]  You just have to get her health down to
about 50 points before the screen cuts.  The best way to defeat her
is to Dash Attack (see tips section) and only block when she starts


The aim of this level is to score 8 kills without being spotted.  If
you are spotted it's an instant game over.  So it's a pretty easy

Make sure you check your surroundings before going in for the kill
as there might be 2 enemies close together, so when you kill one
you instantly get spotted by the other enemy which would mean game
over.  Do not kill the innocent!

[ How to fight the boss ]  No boss.


Similar to the level 'labor shortage' in that you have to score kills
without being spotted by this time its not 8 kills its all the enemies
on the playing field.  This time its pretty hard because most enemies
field of vision overlap each other so if you go in for a stealth kill,
chances are that you will be spotted halfway though the kill.  All I
can say is make sure you look at the area you are about to attack and
make sure that any 2 enemies in the area are facing the other way.  It
may be best not to let the stealth kill animation kick in, you can do
this by attacking as quickly as you can or doing a combo.

[ How to fight the boss ]  A boss with very powerful attacks.  Just
make sure that you don't let your guard down when he is attacking
otherwise you will lose quite a bit of health.  The easiest way to
defeat the boss is to get behind him and attack him and keep
repeating until he goes down.


Exactly the same aim as the level before.  Eliminate all enemies on
the level.  This time there is even more enemies wandering around the
place, so looking before attacking is vital for your survival.  Just
use all the same techniques you did in the previous 2 levels and you
will be fine.

[ How to fight the boss ]  No boss.


Head towards the house on the north-east corner of the map and you
will fight the boss.  Watch out for enemies and make sure you
search them for fallen items.

[ How to fight the boss ]  This boss has powerful attacks as well.
Use the technique that you learnt in "Guarding the secret harbor"
to defeat him.  Note that the fighting area isn't very big so you
don't have much room for defense.


You will have to eliminate every single enemy in this mission and
once you have done that you will fight the boss.  Search the boats
for potions and make sure that you search every boat for enemies
as you might think you have killed everyone but there will be one
lone enemy in the corner of the map or something.

[ How to fight the boss ]  The final boss is lightning fast but
you should be able to defeat him by using the main technique;
get behind him and attack.

Once you have defeated the boss you have completed all of
Tatsumaru's missions.  Congratulations!

Sit back and enjoy the final movie...

                       __   ________________
----------------------[10]-[ Mission Editor ]---------------------------
                       ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

This section taken out of the PAL Instruction booklet.


You will be presented with two choices:

Run Mission - Select this item if you want to play one of the ready-to-
play Mission Editor Missions (default missions), or a custom mission
located on a memory card.

Edit Mission - Select this item if you want to create a new mission or
edit an existing one.


Selecting a Custom Mission - When you select Run Mission from the
Mission Editor title screen, you are taken to the Custom Missions
screen.  Here, you will select either a default mission from the
Tenchu 2 disc, or a custom mission from a memory card.

Selection Cursor - Use the R1 and the L1 buttons to move the selection

Mission Name - The names of the missions available on the currently
highlighted source are displayed in this area.  More default missions
will become available as you progress through Story Mode.  Use the up
and down directional buttons to select the mission you want to play,
the press the X button.


This screen outlines the conditions for completing the mission.  You
will also hear Shiunsai give you your orders.  Use the left and right
directional buttons to choose the character you want to play.  The
characters available to use will depend on the mission settings and how
far you have gone in Story Mode.


The game screen is very similar to the one used in Story Mode.  There
are some important differences:

Total Time - Shows the total amount of time that has passed since you
began the mission.  When your total time reaches 59:59.9, your mission
will be over.

Time Bonuses - As you play through a Mission editor mission, various
time bonuses will be applied:

Stealth Kill          :  -15 seconds
Normal Kill           :  -05 seconds
Spotted               :  +10 seconds
Kill of non-combatant :  +30 seconds

Ninja Items - Only four types of ninja Items are available in the
Mission Editor: the grappling hook, knives (shurikens in NTSC),
caltrops, and coloured rice.

Mission Object Icons - Five types of mission have supplementary icon

Eliminate: Candles mark the number of enemy characters still alive
Steal: Once you steal the document, it will show up on the screen
Retrieve: Any scrolls you have found and taken possession of will be
displayed on the screen.
Stealth: If the mission has a stealth requirement, "Stealth" will be
displayed on the screen.  On Stealth missions, the game is over the
instant you are spotted.
Time Limit: In missions with a time limit, the amount of time you have
left to complete the mission is displayed on the screen.


The Mission Editor ranks performances by the total amount of time taken
to complete the mission.  Move fast and collect time bonuses to earn a
high score.

Top Scores - If your time places you in the top three for that mission,
you will be asked to enter your name
Code Earned - This is all the elements of your score combined and
translated into code.


Managing Mission Data - From here, you can create new missions or edit
previously created ones.  Use the R1 and L1 buttons to select the
source of the mission, and the up and down directional buttons to
select a mission name.

Create New Mission - Select this option if you want to create an all-
new mission.  This will take you to the Mission Setting screen.

Manage Memory Card Data - Highlighting either of the Memory card icons
will let you manage any custom mission data stored on a memory card.
Select a mission name and hit the X button to bring up the memory card
pop-up menu.


The first step in creating a new mission is to set the mission
parameters on the Mission Settings screen.

Title: Maximum 32 characters
Creator: Maximum 16 characters
Password (Not Required): If you don't want someone else editing your
mission, enter a password here
Location: When you first start playing Tenchu 2, the only location you
will be able to select is the Dojo.  As you advance in Story mode, you
will be awarded more selections.

Objective - Each Mission has a specific objective that the player must
achieve in order to complete the mission successfully.  Select from the
following options:

Seek Out: Find Azuma Shiunsai
Assassinate: Assassinate the target character.  No other characters
matter.  The target character is determined by the location setting.
Eliminate: Eliminate every enemy character on the board.
Protect: Locate Lord Gohda, then escort him safely to where Sekiya, his
senior councillor, is waiting.
Steal: Locate a secret document hidden somewhere on the level, and
bring it back to Lord Gohda.
Retrieve: Find the three missing scrolls.  The scrolls may be hidden or
in the possession of enemy characters

Character: A mission can be limited to any one, or open to all of the
three main characters.
Stealth: If you want stealth to be a requirement for your mission, set
this to Required
Time Limit: You have the option of setting a time limit for your
mission.  If the player doesn't complete the mission within the time
allotted, the Game Over screen is displayed. The time limit is set in
30 second increments, with a maximum time limit of 20 minutes.


This is where you will actually lay out the terrain of your mission.
Later, you will use the Character Editor to populate your new terrain
with characters.

Terrain - This is the grid pattern upon which you will build your
Editing Cursor - The red square marks the grid block currently selected
for editing.

Terrain Overview - This miniature map of the terrain lets you check
character distribution at one glance.  The red rectangle indicates the
part of the terrain currently displayed on screen.  The coloured dots
indicate the location of characters and important objects as follows:

Blue:    Player
Pink:    High-ranking characters
Yellow:  Boss characters
Red:     Low level characters and/or scrolls and secret documents
Green:   Noncombatants

Object List - This list contains all the objects that can be placed on
the terrain, as determined by the mission's location.  The Object list
contains two types of objects:

Terrain Blocks, which make up the actual terrain, and Terrain Objects,
which sit on top of terrain blocks and serve a decorative or functional
purpose, but don't affect terrain height or shape.

Selected Object - The currently selected object is displayed in the
lower-left corner of the screen, as it would appear in the game.

Terrain Height Meter - Shows the height of the block of terrain
currently under the Editing Cursor.  Terrain blocks can be from zero to
hour meters high.  Underwater terrain can be from one to four meters


Place characters onto your terrain by using the character editor.
You'll notice that some characters have already been placed on the
terrain for you.  The Mission Editor has automatically placed the
minimum number and type of characters required by the Mission Objective

Editing Cursor - Move the red square to the grid block where you want
to place a character
Character List - A list of characters that are appropriate for the
mission's objective and location.
Character Display - This area shows the character located in the grid
block under the editing cursor.


Basic Controls (Terrain and Character Editor)

L2/R2    - Scroll through the available terrain objects and characters
X        - Places the currently selected character or terrain object
           onto the terrain map. A total of 64 objects and 20
           characters can be placed on the map.
Triangle - Removes the character or terrain object under the Editing
Select   - Calls up the Editor Pop-up menu.
Start    - Toggles between the Character Editor and the Terrain editor.

Viewing Controls (Terrain and Character Editor)

L1 + directional buttons - Adjust camera angles
L1 + square              - Zoom in  (3 presets)
L1 + circle              - Zoom out (3 presets)
L1 + triangle            - Press once to switch to wireframe.  Press
                           again to eliminate building structures from
                           view, once again to reset
L1 + X                   - Reset view point to original horizontal

Terrain Placement (Terrain Editor only)

Square      - Decrease terrain elevation
Circle      - Increase terrain elevation
R1 + Circle - Rotate object 90° to the right
R1 + Square - Rotate object 90° to the left

Character Placement (Character Editor only)

Circle - Rotate character 90° to the right
Square - Rotate character 90° to the left


R1 - You can assign a character to move along a particular path.  If no
path is assigned, the characters will simply stand where you have
placed them until disturbed.  To assign a path, place the Editing
Cursor over a placed character, then press the R1 button. Path mode is
now activated.  Here are the Path mode commands:

Direction buttons - The blue arrow shows the direction the character is
facing.  Use the directional buttons to move the blue arrow where you
want the character to go. Each character path can contain up to 160
grid spaces worth of movement.

Square and Circle - You can force a character to pause before going on
to the next block.  To set the length of the pause, use the Circle
button to increase the delay count (up to 7), and the Square button to
decrease the delay count.  Each individual pause you program will count
as one grid space against the maximum of 160 grid spaces for a path.

Triangle - Deletes one grid space of movement from the end of the path.

X - Accepts changes to the character path and pause settings and exits
Path mode.


Pressing the select button in either the Character Editor or the
Terrain Editor will open the Editor pop-up menu.

Test - You can play test your new terrain at any time by selecting this
menu item. Press the Start button and then the Triangle button to
return to the editing screen when you are done testing.

Show controls - Use this menu command when you need to check a
particular button combination or editor function.  Press the Triangle
button to return to the regular editing screen

Save - Allows you to save your mission to a Memory Card in either mem
card slot 1 or slot 2.  Each mission takes up one block of memory card
space.  Select Create New File if you want to save your terrain to a
different block of memory. To write over data from other missions,
select the name of the mission from the list, the hit the X button.

Done - You will be asked if you wish to save your mission data, then
you will return to the Mission Editor title screen

Warning! : Changing the Mission's Objective parameter will reset any
character data to reflect the new mission objectives.

The above section was taken out of the PAL Instruction booklet.

I have decided to expand this section by adding some techniques you
can use whilst playing a User Made Level, some hints and tips in
making one and where to go to get some levels and pretty much anything
else that has to do with the Mission Editor.

Why did I add more info?  Well as you know the above Mission Editor
info was taken from the PAL Tenchu 2 Manual and it doesn't give the
user everything he/she needs to know.  Plus I know people have
passed the game and usually spend the rest of their time mucking
around with the Mission Editor... so here we go!

--[ Techniques ]--

Here are some user submitted techniques when making or playing a

The first thing I noticed when playing user missions is that I
tended to seek out the black border of the board, the 'nullspace',
then follow it around the whole board. Makes great sense, you don't
get lost and you know nobody's going to attack you from the nullspace
So one of the best rules of thumb in creating a user level is to cover
the nullspace as much as is humanly possible. Do this and you can really
disorient the player and make it feel like the playing area is much,
much larger than it really is. Jimbojan's levels do this very well.

A common error is that many creators seem to think that the more
enemies, the better. It's quality not quantity, guys. Use fewer foes and
set them up more carefully. When too many foes are packed into a level
it becomes a glitchy mess. Nothing is more frustrating than playing a
Retrieval level and having the enemies carrying the scrolls disappear.

Another common problem is that the creator seems to be only looking at
his level from the viewpoint of the mission editor--from above. You see
plenty of levels that are super symetrical when viewed from above, but
flat and predictable to wander around in as a player.

Many user levels fall into two categories. They're either hard, obstacle
courses that aren't much fun to explore, or picturesque, detailed
environments with little gameplay value. Ya gotta have both. Azuma's
levels show how well balanced this can get.

Personally, I like levels that seem to create a real, believable, place.
A big part of the thrill of Tenchu comes from stealing into the
stronghold of your enemies, exploring their defenses, then wiping them
out. Many user levels are pretty abstract, just collections of features
that don't really come together, so this particular thrill is gone.
Don't get me wrong. I play any and all Tenchu user levels I find (get
most of them from Gamefaqs, Xenith's site, and Raynaldo Ray), and I get
a kick out of all of them. But only about 30% make it to my "keeper"
memory card file.

[ John Hocking - GMB ]


Techniques when making a mission: Test, test, test. A lot of user
missions seem to have "blinking" enemies; one of the reasons may be that
the creator only tested one possible path to the enemy instead of
several paths.

Personally, I like making missions with enemy placement that requires
patience and timing. Instead of waiting for one guard to stupidly turn
his back, you may have to wait for the moment where two turn their
backs; possibly having to wait through several cycles of their
prescribed path for them both to turn their backs at the right moment
and in the right sequence. I don't know if that is the way my missions
have ended up playing for other people, but for the most part that is
the way they are intended; particularly "Hesitation Kills." I like the
idea of a ninja being skilled enough to wait for the right moment to
kill two people in an area in one flight; and taking this moment by
instinct and without hesitation. Hence, the titles "Hesitation Kills"
and "It hits all by itself."

[ smallmouth - GMB ]


I like to set up clever traps or nasty traps were you need to use
the grappling hook. For instance you can't leap across a three square
gap and if you put a four square high cliff that you need to grapple
and put two pits then for the third put a slow moving pit. they have
to be fast at stopping and aiming then throw the hook before they fall
to there death. Another one of my favorites is to put down a three high
arrow trap or a two high and put a bunch of switches down the hall.
Every time they step on the switch a arrow shoots so if you put down
four switches... well lets say pin pillow. Have a hallway with quick
dropping pitfalls then at the end have a arrow trap that is two high
with four switches. behind it put a arrow or rifle man behind it on a
three high have him look down the hall occasionally. If the player gets
shot they fall to there doom.

[ kain920411 - GMB ]


One really clever trick that I first saw in a level by Azuma is to
place a group of 4 high blocks with a gate on top of it (gate is one of
the items in cavern and village). That way the player can see what is
on the other side of the gate but they can't get to it.

Also the number of items you can place in a level is limited so you
must plan wisely lest you run out and have to leave a large portion of
your mission bare of the image enhancing items.

[ virtualgumby - GMB ]


One thing I do in most levels is get large walls (A type of texture
which goes all the way to the top), and I wrap it around the whole
level. I do lot's of tests, Make sure if there isn't some way to make
my ground pattern go with the surroundings, Include paths for Tatsumaru
alone, make traps, secret paths, and always make sure the boss can't be
snuck up on so easily. It's so weak when you stealth kill a boss. Half
the time, I will let him see me so we can duke it out...unless it's a
stealth mission. Always hide scrolls, messages in places no one would
ever look, I always make sure create a good to perfect atmosphere,
decide if stealth is right for the mission, and make the enemies bunch
up a little, so they can have a friend avenge their deaths.... that
sort of thing. I'm going to create a huge level soon. One with lot's of
objects, over 20 people, and plenty of "Atmosphere". That's just what I
do when creating a mission. The very important thing however, is
deciding how a mission should start out. Sometimes, the begining of a
mission tells what to expect in a mission...

I created another mission also. A level where your ninja is in Jail and
wants to escape and get his/her revenge, but the guards are on alert,
strict, and mean. At the begining of the level, you can see a guard
forcing a woman to collect rice and harrasing her (He stands close
behind and looks around so no one sees him).

[ Akuma2001 - GMB ]


--[ Info ]--

Below are the included levels that were created using the mission editor:

[ Thanks to virtualgumby for the list below ]
|        Level              |         Boss           |
| Dojo                      | Gohda Motohide         |
| Village                   | Boron                  |
| Castle                    | Toda Yoshisada         |
| Mountain                  | Kamadoma               |
| Lake                      | Suzaku                 |
| Island                    | Wang Dahai             |
| Bamboo Forest             | Byakko                 |
| Cavern                    | Genbu                  |
| Shipwreck                 | Kagami                 |
| European Castle           | Azuma Shiunsai         |
| Office                    | Azuma Shiunsai         |

Some ideas you might be able to use when making a Mission:

- Try to recreate scenes out of your favourite movies
- Think of ideas that havent been used.. many try to create a stealthy
  feel to their missions, others make their levels action packed.. try
  to make your mission have stealth parts and other parts action

Feeling stuck on a level?  Well other then following some of the
techniques above, try playing other user made levels and get ideas of
them .... but remember that each level is copyrighted so do not copy
any ideas from them.  See how they went around a problem and so on.

Most user made levels can be found at:

Xenith's Tenchu 2 Site

GameFAQs Tenchu 2 Area

Raynaldo Ray's Site

Raynaldo's site is a great place to find quality user levels as
they are hand picked by Raynaldo and only the best go up there so if
you submit your user level to him and they do appear on the site then
you should be really happy.

For information on how to upload and download user made levels then
refer to the Question & Answer section of this FAQ.

                            __   ______
---------------------------[11]-[ Tips ]--------------------------------
                            ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯

-> Never turn your back on an enemy, as you will find it very hard to
   attack or even to block in the position that you are in

-> When swimming, make sure you don't rise to the surface too quickly
   as you might jump out of the water into the hands of an enemy

-> Make sure you check your ki meter at regular intervals

-> Never risk your life at something always go out into battle knowing
   you are going to win

-> Never kill the innocent

-> Never bring attention to yourself

-> Always keep your weapon sheathed when running as if you don't it
   will slow you down and always keep it sheathed when you are hiding

-> If you are spotted try to lose them and score a stealth kill

-> Always search enemies for items

-> Use L1 to look around before entering unknown grounds

-> When you jump from great heights and just before landing press the
   roll button as it will make you land nice and softly, if you don't
   you will fall hard to the ground and either warn enemies around you
   (depending on your difficulty setting) or waste alot of time.

-> Sometimes its quicker to roll rather then walk

-> Make sure you have checked the area out before moving on.

-> Search the whole level for anything you might of missed, such as
   items and enemies.  (Hint: Look for breakable walls and if the
   levels has trees look for hidden entrances or if they are bamboo
   see if you can break them to open up an entrance)

-> Practice, Practice, Practice!!

-> Don't let your guard down when fighting enemies as you will be
   attacked and this will cause you to be vulnerable to any more
   enemy attacks.

-> Make sure you know the area well and do not take risks.

-> Never waste time and always keep one step ahead of the enemy.

-> A true ninja always follow the rules.

[ Boss Tips ]

Well I decided to add a Boss Tips section as well, using these tips
will help you when fighting the many boss's in Tenchu 2.  So here we

-> Never let your guard (circle) down when the boss is attacking as
   you will then take unnecessary hits

-> When you are not sure if you can beat him/her just by using the
   normal 1 on 1 technique then try hiding from the boss and then
   attacking his/her back when he isn't suspecting you.

-> If you are low on health hide and regain your health.  Never
   think you will beat the boss even if you have 20 health left.

-> Do not use all your items on a boss, as you might need them after
   the fight.

-> Advance Attacking:  Sometimes to defeat an enemy it is good to
   just run and attack at him/her and not letting him/her get any
   attacks in!  But make sure that when he/her does automatically
   press circle to block his/her attacks

-> Strafe Attacking:  A very good technique to use when fighting
   a boss is Strafe Attacking.  All this is going to the left or right
   side of the boss and attacking or even strafing a full circle
   around him/her and attacking his/her back.

-> Dash Attacking:  A good move to do when you get angry.  Dash
   (see controls section) towards the boss and keep attacking then
   when he/she attacks, dash back.

-> Roll, Roll, Roll!  It's a fast technique but watch out when you get
   up as you have about a second of animation where you are vulnerable
   to attacks.

-> Never try jumping over a boss or even enemy, as it is very easy for
   him/her to attack you while you are in the air and then that's
   health wasted.

                       __   _______________
----------------------[12]-[ Stealth kills ]----------------------------
                       ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

These are how to do each of the characters stealth kills (well the
eighth stealth kill is still a mystery):

>> To do his first stealth kill press square when behind the enemy

>> To do his stealth kill press the R1 button to crouch then press
   square in any position

>> To do his third stealth kill press the X button to jump then press
   square in any position or whilst falling

>> To do his fourth stealth kill press square when directly in front of

>> To do his fifth stealth kill press square when on the guard's left

>> To do his sixth stealth kill press square when on the guard's right

>> To do his seventh stealth kill press square just after you bump
   (when a ? or !? appears on the ki meter press square) into an enemy


Well I decided I might as well explain each of the characters Stealth
Kills, the controls are listed above and the explanation of each below:

[ Rikimaru's Stealth Kills ]

Stealth Kill 1: Rikimaru goes behind the enemy and puts his hand around
                the enemy and brings his sword up the guards neck and
                slits the guards throat whilst pulling the guard away
                with his left arm then taking a step back.

Stealth Kill 2: Rikimaru knocks the guard's legs with his sword causing
                the guard to go high up a little then Rikimaru knocks
                the guards chest and then he stabs the guard in the

Stealth Kill 3: Rikimaru stabs the guard right down his back and then
                pushes the guards next towards the blade.

Stealth Kill 4: Rikimaru stabs the sword through the guard's chest
                while pushing the sword up with his other hand then
                taking the sword out.

Stealth Kill 5: Rikimaru slashes across the guard's next then steps in
                and stabs the guard through the chest

Stealth Kill 6: Rikimaru grabs the guards neck and stabs him in the
                chest with his sword and pulls his sword out making the
                guard do a flip

Stealth Kill 7: Rikimaru grabs the guards right arm and hits the guards
                elbow with his left arm then steps to the other side
                and hits the guards ribs with his left arm then breaks
                the guards back then grabbing the guards head and
                throws the guard over his back then while the guards
                stomach is on the ground he puts his knee on the guards
                back and pulls up on the guards head breaking his back.

[ Ayame's Stealth Kills ]

Stealth Kill 1: Ayame slits the guards throat with both of her daggers
                crossed over each other.

Stealth Kill 2: Cuts the guard with her right dagger then does a little
                spin and does a back flip while stabbing the guard with
                both daggers and then snaps the guards neck with her

Stealth Kill 3: Cuts the back of the guards neck with her left dagger
                and then turns right to the guard and then stabs the
                guards stomach with her left dagger.

Stealth Kill 4: Slashes the right side of the guards next then the left
                side into a crouch then slashes back up again forming
                an X pattern.

Stealth Kill 5: Ayame grabs the guards left arm with hers while
                stabbing her right hand dagger into the back of the
                guards neck and then throws the guard around and pulls
                the dagger out.

Stealth Kill 6: Stabs the guard in the hip area with both daggers
                whilst stepping out and pulling the daggers out.

Stealth Kill 7: Jumps on the guard's head facing him with her legs
                crossed then flips the guard over breaking his neck on
                the floor.

[ Tatsumaru's Stealth Kills ]

Stealth Kill 1: Puts his left hand over the guards mouth and takes out
                his sword and then stabs the guard in the chest then
                taking the sword out and putting his sword back in his

Stealth Kill 2: Throws the guard with his feet and then lands on the
                guard while covering the guards mouth and taking out
                his sword with his right hand and stabbing the guards
                chest, he then takes away his left hand from the guards
                mouth and then pushes against the sword to make it go
                further into the guards chest.  He then stands up and
                takes his sword out of the guards chest while putting
                it back in the pouch.

Stealth Kill 3: Tatsumaru knees the guard's back and grab's the guards
                left arm and the guards head with his right arm and
                when the guard is on the ground breaks the guards back.

Stealth Kill 4: Lifts up the guard by his/her neck with his right hand
                then snaps the guards neck and then drops them on the

Stealth Kill 5: Does a Kick with his left leg, takes out his sword and
                stabs the guards ribs then does another kick to the
                guards head.

Stealth Kill 6: Takes out his sword and slashes the enemy and then he
                turns his back to the guard while the guard falls to
                the ground.

Stealth Kill 7: Strikes the back of the guards neck with his sword and
                then it allows you to do one of his combinations

                         __   ___________
------------------------[13]-[ Item List ]------------------------------
                         ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

These are Items are found in the NTSC version the only difference to
the PAL version is that there are no Shurikens and they are replaced by

• Ninja Rebirth

A ninja rebirth will give you a second chance at life if you are
carrying it when you run out of health.  When on land, instead of
dying, you will disappear and then reappear at another location, with
your full normal health. If you previously placed coloured rice, you
will reappear at the nearest coloured rice location.  If not, you'll be
back at the starting point.  If you are in the water, you will be
revived at the spot where you died.

• Grenade

A typical grenade but not as powerful as it seems to be.

• Poison Cure

Cures Poison, but beware as it is hard to cure when poisoned or when
being attacked by an enemy.

• Blow Gun

A great item, which can shoot enemies that are off in the distance.

• Grappling Hook

The aiming crosshair will be dimmed out if the grappling hook won't
catch on the surface you are aiming at.

• Poison Rice

These delicious-smelling rice balls will be irresistible to any enemy
character who finds them.  Enemy characters will not pick up poison
rice if they are on the alert.

• Mines

Place mines in the paths of enemies.  Mines cannot be placed in water.

• Coloured Rice

Coloured rice will mark your location on the terrain as well as on the

• Shurikens

The main weapon for a Ninja.  Each shuriken can be thrown a fair
distance and you will know if the shuriken (or knife in PAL version)
will hit the enemy if the aiming crosshair turns a bright red, it will
dim out if it can't reach. Shurikens are pretty weak and usually needs
at least 4 to kill an enemy.

• Caltrops

When thrown on the ground can be very dangerous to both enemies and
yourself.  They are used to slow down enemies and to take a bit of
health of them

• Ninja Health

When used, restores all of your health

• Leaves of Stealth

If you are in trouble, you can use this item to escape.  You will
disappear in a cloud of swirling leaves, and reappear behind your

• Air Bottle

Gives you extra air when underwater.

• Smoke Bomb

Allows you to throw it at an enemy either to help in defeating him or
to run away and lose them

• Sleeping Gas

Well throw it an enemy to put him to sleep.

• Blinding Dust

Again throw at an enemy to temporarily blind them.

• Ninja Camouflage

Makes you invisible either for 30 seconds or until an enemy is hit or

• Exploding Arrow

Well what the item is called... a arrow that explodes hehe.

• Ninja Armor

All damage is cut by 50% when wearing this.  Good for use on very hard

• Dragon's Breath

When used attacks enemies which are positioned in the north-left, north
and north-right of you (look at diagram).  Good for multiple bosses.

            o o o o o  <-- All enemies here will be attacked
              \ | /    <-- Fire Breath Directions
                X      <-- You

Note:  Some definitions taken from PAL booklet.

                        __   ______________
-----------------------[14]-[ Grand Master ]----------------------------
                        ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Man people are really obsessed with becoming a Grand Master!  Although
following this FAQ/Walkthrough won't make you a grand master having
this section gives you an idea of what to do to become one....

Read on!

-= What is a Grand Master? =-

Well a Grand Master is the highest level Azuma Ninja you could possibly

-= How do I become a Grand Master? =-

You have to have a perfect score.  So you can't be spotted at all on
any level and you have to kill every enemy on the level with a stealth
kill and you will have to finish the level with 75% or higher health.

-= Do I need to be a Grand Master to finish the game? =-

Nope! You don't!

-= Then Why does everyone make such a big deal about it? =-

Well becoming a Grand Master on every level of the entire game would
mean you are very very very very good!  And many people after beating
the game have tried to do this, but it is very difficult.

-= Are you a Grand Master yet? =-

Well except for the odd one or two missions I haven't become a Grand
Master for every mission.

-= Can you become be Grand Master in every level =-

Yes you can, make sure not to be spotted and remember each level has
different requirements and may allow you to be spotted once or twice
depending on the number of enemies in the level.

                       __   _______________
----------------------[15]-[ Bugs/Glitches ]----------------------------
                       ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

>> During some moves/stealth kills Rikimaru's blade seems to be going
   through his own body.

>> Enemies seem to be able to move like a ghost through walls and such

>> Blood has been seen to stay in the air

>> Stealth Kills cut out when you go on and inclined hill or next to a
   wall.  Also if the enemy is on the hill and you go to do a stealth
   kill no stealth kill animation plays but your character just does a
   one hit kill by swinging their weapon, pretty boring.

>> I was doing the waterfall level once and the scratch memory for the
   graphics ran out (or something similar) because the detail on the
   mountain (I was about halfway up) disappeared entirely.

   It was extremely surreal, objects were still there -- I could see
   trees and bushes floating in space, as well as people walking 30
   feet up in the air above my head. I was able to sort of pick my way
   based on where people were, and trees, and having already done the
   level... but eventually I fell to my doom. That didn't fix the
   problem, so eventually I had to reset my PSX.

   Anyone else have this happen?

   [ Genbu (GameFAQs Msg Board) ]

>> This happens to me quite often. It's really annoying too. I'll be in
   the middle of a stealth kill movie thing and it will go right to a
   normal kill.  It will show so of me slitting their throat and half
   way through it and it will show me cutting the guy in the back

   Does this crap happen to you guys? And is it possible to fix it?

   [ KoRnKid54 (GameFAQs Msg Board) ]

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯[ REPLIES TO ABOVE QUESTION ]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Well the reason of this is the stealth kill must of taken place at the
base of a hill and led to the hill or taken place next to a wall.

And since the developers doesn't want enemies falling into the ground
or through a wall they cancel the animation and your enemy just dies
normally. That is why sometimes when you press [] you don't do a
stealth kill.

[ Me  (GameFAQs Msg Board) ]


It will also happen at the edge of pits, water, walls, etc.

The stealth-kill animation isn't like a clip that plays -- the game
actually changes the location of your character based on what you're
doing in the stealth kill, and actually pushes you back a little bit at
the beginning of some of them (which is why if you're on the edge of a
platform or next to a pit you can sometimes die by starting a stealth

Also, keep in mind that you can still be hurt while doing a stealth
kill, if there's another guard nearby who spots you and comes over to
you while you're still locked in the animation. Pretty stupid to do an
elaborate kill dance when someone's about to stab you, but...oh well.

[ Genbu (GameFAQs Msg Board) ]


Heh! Heh! That happens a lot in both Tenchu's. A couple of years back,
when I first played through Tenchu 1 and was on the last mission. I
didn't have a guide then and I was playing blind. Using Ayame, I'd been
playing for about 2 hrs. and had got quite deep into the lava caverns.
Feeling quite proud of myself, having topped the 1st boss and stealth
killed a lot of enemy, I went for this guy on a narrow ledge. Having
doing a perfect stealth kill, Ayame started her victory pose and
''victory posed'' herself straight over the canyon edge into the lava
stream. I of course panicked and she burned up. I sat there open
mouthed for what seemed an eternity, then the air turned BLUE!

[ jimbojan (GameFAQs Msg Board) ]


There is a narrow bridge on level 3 over a bottomless pit in Tenchu 1.
It's very easy to dance your way into it if you're not careful.

Another installment of The Stupidest Ninja in the World...

[ Genbu (GameFAQs Msg Board) ]

___________________________[ END OF REPLIES ]___________________________

>> I found out that enemies float in the air!

   [ SharkBoy (GameFAQs Msg Board) ]

>> Well I was doing a stealth kill and because it went on uneven
   ground the stealth kill animation ended but the enemy still got up!
   He was still alive after I had slit his throat with Ayame!  Don't
   worry I killed him after and then sliced him a couple more times to
   make sure he was dead! heh

>> There was one time where I was nearly face-to-face with an
   enemy and I wasn't spotted, which was weird since he was looking
   straight at me.

                         __   ___________
------------------------[16]-[ Fun Stuff ]------------------------------
                         ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

This section is for those of you who have passed the game countless
times and are wondering what else there is to do.  This section will
list all the fun stuff you can do when you are bored.

- Use the mission editor to make a level like the Matrix elevator
  action scene and try to replicate it exactly although this time
  with a 'ninja feel' to it.

- Try to see how many enemies you can have chasing you

- Try to get the bowmen to kill all the enemies for you then kill them
  when they have done that

- Try to get the bowmen to shoot themselves

- See if you can jump of the top of a tree and land on an enemie
  (hehe ok this is pretty easy to do but it's pretty funny)

- Try pushing an enemy into the water and getting them eaten by sharks

- Chop down all the bamboo trees in the levels which contains them

- Swims laps up and down the beach on Rikimaru's The Secret Harbor
  without getting attacked by the shark

- Try to wrestle the shark and see who wins

- Pretend that the enemies in the games are people that you hate
  in real life and attack them (helps to keep the stress down hehe)

- Try to picture yourself as the main character, it sometimes
  pretty cool as this is what it would be like if you where a ninja.

- Try to get Grand Master status on all levels

- Muck around with a game shark using all the cheats.

- Here's one way to gain immunity when fighting Suzaku and have some

  At both ends of the ship are ropes leading upwards. You can
  actually go up on it and Suzaku will not be able to touch you. From
  there you can use your calthrops to lay traps all over the ground.
  You can't directly hit him but he won't be able to touch you
  either, so.... ;)

  [ Zemien - [email protected] ]

          -= You know you play too much Tenchu 2 when: =-

When you feel the urge to Stealth Kill the person in front of you in
line at the grocery store because she hasn't turned around in like 3
minutes, and you're sure she's going to turn around any minute now,
and then you'll have to take her out in front of these other guards,
(people), and risk getting a ''GrandMaster'' rating, and then you've
only got this kielbasa, but you suppose it'll do the job if you're
fast enough, and maybe sharpen it a little with this potato peeler, but
then you'd have to run and hide with your back against the frozen
pizza aisle, and that's not doing anybody any good if you get your
ninja gear all cold and wet, then you remember there's a separate
cooler for the liquors, and you suppose you could maybe hide out there
since they don't follow you that far, then after like 2 minutes they'd
all go back to their routes, (shopping), and you could take someone
else out, then...

[ darthfrott (Gamefaqs Msg Board) ]


*You put a scarf over your mouth like Rikimaru(Me... I do that :))
*Thinks about how easy it would be to steath kill the guy infront of
*Trow your CDs at people thinking they are sukirens
(is that how u spell it?)

[ Grimdog (GMB) ]


You know you've played too much Tenchu when you think Wang Xiaohi isn't
that tough to beat (and when you know how to spell shurikens).

[ Virtualgumby (GMB) ]


You know you play too much Tenchu when you fire up the game to play a
level you already know by heart and give yourself weird rules to follow
to beat it. Like, I'm never going up on the roof. Or, I'm never going
to crouch. Or, I'm never going to use my sword. Or, I'm taking no
weapons except smoke bombs.

[ John Hocking (GMB) ]


You know you've been playing too much Tenchu when, all day long at work
you humm the music from the game and can't wait to go home to listen to
the soundtrack.

[ glover66 (GMB) ]


* You wait on the roof with a broom for your neighbour to walk his dog
past you and you jump off attempting a stealth kill
* You try to kill the cats on your block

[ Me  (GMB) ]


when you do a superman of a high place expecting to bounce off the
ground and get right back up without killing yourself or have any
broken bones.

when you try swinging a katana at a door expecting it to shatter like

when you rig an arrow with explosives shooting them at your neighbers

when you throw a bedsheet over you running around town expecting no one
to see you because your using your ninja comoflage.

when you go around town breaking every garbage can (crates) expecting
there to be a ninja tool in it.

when your by the ocean trying to lure sharks to the shore to throw a
ninja bomb at it.

when you go to the local drug store asking the clerk if they have any
ninja rebirth.

when you gather a bunch of leaves and toss them in the air and expect
to appear behind your enemy.

when you go around town stealthfully killing everyone and at some
point the people kill you and you figure thats allright because I
saved my game so I can come back and try again.

when you lay down a mine in front of your enemy expecting him to
blindly walk into it.

when your out in a thunderstorm with a katana in an open area on top
of an enemys tower without having the thought that you might be a
human lightning rod.

when you play ninja ball with your katana(bat) and shuruekins(balls)
and colord rice(trail that leads to the basses) and basses(mines)

when you attack the mail man because you think he has your secret

when you set some arrows on fire and start shooting them at a united
states battle ship thinking it's the fire demon.

when you go to the grand canyon(demon mountain) and start knocking
people of so you can watch them bounce of the ground. 1 of my favoret
things I like to do in tenchu2.

when you go up on your roof and tare off little pices of
shingles(shureikens) and start throwing them at your neighbors.

when you get sick and tired of playing it.

[ cyberdragonlord (GMB) ]


- You make your own stelth assasin and think about him all day, not 
paying attention to school/work porblems because you're thinking up 
steal kills for him. 

-Your personal stelth assasin has Rickimaru's stelth kill from the 
front (Because it's just so darn cool) 

-Your personal stelth assasin dose a DDT when he stelth kills from 

-You go to Ninjaburger.com and get a ninjaburger name, dress up like a 
ninja, and go around, insisting everyone calls you by it. 

-You get in bed everynight, trying to prefect the long jump (lunging 
jump flip) and when you get it down, show it off at school/work. 

-You make a ninja sound everytime you say the word ninja. 

-Any elongated nerrow object becomes a katana in you hand, and if you 
get two of the same object you start acting like Ayami. 

-You press your body against the wall and peek around every corner to 
come across to make sure that there are no enamies around it. 

-You make home made smoke balls (-nuff said) 

-You use cardboard to make ninja armor for when you have a REALLY rough
day and you think you'll need extra pretection. 

-Anything japanese brings the song "Everybody was Kung-fu fighting" to 
your head. 

-you light matches and put them in peoples paths, hoping they'll 
combust like the enamys you knock on to torches in Tenchu 2. 

-You right a YKYPTMT2 list  that has more then ten entries in it or 
you've done more then five of the things in YKYPTMT2 you've seen 
surfing the net. 

[ Major Moonie - [email protected] ]

                      __   ____________________
---------------------[17]-[History of the Ninja]------------------------
                      ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

The history of the Ninja is hard to trace. This is because there were
few, if any records kept of its existance. Most of what is known about
the ninja is taken from stories that have been passed down from
generation to generation.

Nonuse ("the art of stealth") was first introduced to Japan in 522 A.D.
as a religion practiced by priests. These priests were not violent
people, they were "mystics" who gathered and shared information for the
ruling classes. The ninja as we know them were not introduced until

It wasn't until 645 A.D. that the priests perfected their fighting
skills and made use of their knowledge of nonuse. This was because they
found themselves being harassed by the central government and found in
necessary to protect themselves.

In 794-1192 A.D. the new civilization flourished and with it, a new
class of wealthy, privileged families. These families fought with one
another in attempts to make or destroy emperors. The need for spies,
informants and now assassins grew as these families dueled for power.
They were suspicious and jealous of one another and would resort to any
means necessary to eliminate any possible threats. Therefore, the
practitioners of nonuse were in great demand. With this, the ninja was

As the ninja gained popularity, so did the stories of their superhuman
abilities. This reputation was often encouraged by the ninja themselves.
Because they were a relatively weaker people then their counterparts,
the samurai, and were vulnerable to attack by the many warring families
around them, it was to their advantage to have others believe they had
such powers. Powers like having the strength of ten men, ability to
turn into animals, fly and become invisible at will. The ninja movies
also added to the abilities by having the ninja jump over buildings in
a single jump, catch bullets in their teeth and see into the future.

At this point you must understand the samurai to truly understand just
why the ninja were so effective and in such demand. The samurai's life
was to "live by the sword, die by the sword", with no fear of death at
all. His sword was his whole life, his soul. With this he followed the
warriors code of honor, the Bushido. The bushido was to be followed at
all times. If a samurai were to stray from the code he would then
commit seppuku, another term for hara-kiri. This was a ritual suicide
where they would cut their stomach open with their smaller sword.

The ninja followed to such code. Their only code was to do whatever it
takes to get the job done. This gave the ninja a great advantage right
away, add the use of a wide variety of weapons and you have a superior
warrior. Since the samurai could not sneak into an enemy's house,
because it was against their code, they could not carry out such tasks
as assassination and sabotage. This is where the ninja came in. And if
that meant sneaking up behind a samurai warrior and killing him before
he even knew he was in danger, that was very permissible by the ninja.
The bushido would never allow for this. For this reason the samurai
were afraid of the ninja. A fear the ninja had earned.

Many people are wondering who this Jubei character is... well he has
been in many games and movies and is often talked about when the term
Ninja's is brought up.  So who is he? What makes him so popular.. well
after doing my research I have gathered up abit of info that you might
be interested in.

His name is Jubei Yagyu and he was a great swordsman who was taught
by another great swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.  As you may notice Jubei
has a patch over an eye which happened at a young age by his father.
His father was testing his son, Jubei's skills and threw a dagger at
his head while Jubei was washing and hit Jubei in his eye which
in return made Jubei have an eye patch for the rest of his life.

Jubei Yagyu and Miyamoto Musashi became great swordsman and
according to Luminaire from http://www.gamefaqs.com/, Jubei played an 
integral role in the downfall of Amakusa who led a Christian revolt.

|---Extract from: http://astro.temple.edu/~gavinc/ninjutsu.html
| Probably the most famous Ninjutsu practitioner of Yagyu Ryu is
| Jubei Yagyu, who is believed to have performed secret missions for
| the Shogun all during his life, acting like a Ronin who had been
| dishonored. Shigekata Togo was a Satsuma warrior who tra ined under
| the monk Zenkitchi-bo in Tenshinsho Jigen Ryu and eventually founded
| his own system simply called Jigen Ryu which became the main system
| of the Satsuma warriors with very effective Nimpo techniques. It is
| interesting to note at this point that Toshitsugu Takamatsu, the man
| who instructed Masaaki Hatsumi who gave Mikkyo based Ninjutsu to the
| world, had stated in an interview before he died that he learned
| Ninjutsu from his uncle Shinryuken Masamitsu Toda, whose family
| descended from the Samurai class in Iga province. This solidly
| establishes the Samurai basis of modern Ninjutsu over the Ninja
| concept.
|---Extract from: http://astro.temple.edu/~gavinc/ninjutsu.html

The above site I took that extract from is a great site which tells
you more about the history of the ninja.  You must check it out
sometime as you will get a pretty good idea of Ninjitsu from that

For a pretty cool picture of Jubei (in toy form) check out:

Also a great anime to check out which stars both Jubei Yagyu and
Miyamoto Musashi (of course in Anime form) is Ninja Ressurection,
which is split into two videos.

                           __   ________
--------------------------[18]-[ Cheats ]-------------------------------
                           ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 -= Increase Item Inventory By 1 =-

From the Item Selection screen:
Hold R1 and SQUARE and press RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP.

-= Recharge Your Health to 100 =-

Pause the game and hold SQUARE, and press LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN.
Be warned! The use of this code will count as being "Spotted" one time
in the final score. Which means; No perfect score.

Note:  In the PAL Version use Circle instead of Square

-= Show Entire Map =-

While in the game:
Hold SELECT to view the map and press CIRCLE five times.

PAL Version: Hold Select and R1 and press Circle 5 times

-= Unlock All Ninja Items =-

From the Item selection screen

-= Unlock All missions In Mission Editor =-

From the Custom Mission screen:
Hold R2 and CIRCLE and press UP, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT.

-= Unlock Every Stage =-

Unlock all levels by entering the following code from the Stage Select

*NOTE: If you have not unlocked Tatsumaru yet this code will only
unlock Ayame's and Rikimaru's stages.

-= Unlock The Hidden Character Tatsumaru =-

Tatsumaru for you! You'll be able to use Tatsumaru in the mission
editor after inputting the following code from the Stage Selection
Hold CIRCLE and SQUARE, press R1, R2, L2 L1, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, and

-= Unlock The Office Level In The Mission Editor =-

From the Mission Selection screen:

-= Instant Kills (Story Mode) (PAL Version only) =-

Pause in game using ''Start'' Press R1, L1, R1, L2. Hold Triangle and
press Down, Down, Down, Up. When you release Triangle the game will
restart with your health down to 98%. However all kills will be
instant, regardless of whether you've been seen or not

-= Enable Tenchu, Inc./Office in Mission Editor (PAL Version only) =-

In the Mission Editor go to Edit Mission. Highlight ''Create New
Mission'' Hold R2 and press Left, Square, Left, Square, Right, Right,
Circle. Now press X and ''Office'' will be there. Tenchu,Inc will also
be in Custom Missions.

                      __   _________________
---------------------[19]-[ Gameshark Codes ]---------------------------
                      ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

The following codes where taken from Game Shark Cheat Code Central

[ These codes only work for Rikimaru missions ]

|>> The Training Course          |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   30010074 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   30010075 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   80010076 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010078 EA5F   |
|>> The Gang of Thieves          |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   3001007C 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   3001007D 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   8001007E 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010080 EA5F   |
|>> Treason at Gohde Castle      |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   30010084 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   30010085 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   80010086 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010088 EA5F   |
|>> Lord Toda's War Camp         |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   3001008C 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   3001008D 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   8001008E 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010090 EA5F   |
|>> Demon Mountain               |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   30010094 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   30010095 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   80010096 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010098 EA5F   |
|>> The Secret Harbor            |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   3001009C 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   3001009D 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   8001009E 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   800100A0 EA5F   |
|>> The Temple of Dreams         |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   300100A4 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   300100A5 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   800100A6 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   800100A8 EA5F   |
|>> Ninja Village Under Attack   |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   300100AC 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   300100AD 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   800100AE 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   800100B0 EA5F   |
|>> In Pursuit of Tatsumaru      |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   300100B4 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   300100B5 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   800100B6 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   800100B8 EA5F   |
|>> The Kansen Caverns           |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   300100BC 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   300100BD 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   800100BE 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   800100C0 EA5F   |
|>> The Sea Battle               |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   300100C4 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   300100C5 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   800100C6 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   800100C8 EA5F   |
|>> Have All Items               |   50001401 0000   |
|  (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)    |   30010019 0063   |

[ These codes only work for Ayame's missions ]

|>> The Training Course          |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   300100CC 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   300100CD 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   800100CE 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   800100D0 EA5F   |
|>> The Mountain Bandits         |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   300100D4 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   300100D5 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   800100D6 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   800100D8 EA5F   |
|>> Lady Kei in Danger           |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   300100DC 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   300100DD 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   800100DE 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   800100E0 EA5F   |
|>> To Save a Princess           |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   300100E4 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   300100E5 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   800100E6 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   800100E8 EA5F   |
|>> Kuban Island                 |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   300100EC 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   300100ED 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   800100EE 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   800100F0 EA5F   |
|>> The Island Fort              |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   300100F4 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   300100F5 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   800100F6 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   800100F8 EA5F   |
|>> The Quarantine Village       |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   300100FC 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   300100FD 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   800100FE 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010100 EA5F   |
|>> Cherry Tree Hill             |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   30010104 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   30010105 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   80010106 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010108 EA5F   |
|>> In Pursuit of Tatsumaru      |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   3001010C 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   3001010D 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   8001010E 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010110 EA5F   |
|>> The Kansen Caverns           |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   30010114 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   30010115 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   80010116 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010118 EA5F   |
|>> The Fire Demon               |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   3001011C 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   3001011D 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   8001011E 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010120 EA5F   |
|>> Have All Items               |   50001401 0000   |
|  (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)    |   30010037 0063   |

[ These codes only work for Tatsumaru's missions ]

|>> A Shadow                     |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   30010124 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   30010125 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   80010126 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010128 EA5F   |
|>> The Head of Lord Toda        |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   3001012C 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   3001012D 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   8001012E 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010130 EA5F   |
|>> Labor Shortage               |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   30010134 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   30010135 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   80010136 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010138 EA5F   |
|>> Guarding The Secret Harbor   |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   3001013C 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   3001013D 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   8001013E 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010140 EA5F   |
|>> No Mercy Unlocked            |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   30010144 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   30010145 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   80010146 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010148 EA5F   |
|>> Assault on the Ninja Village |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   3001014C 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   3001014D 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   8001014E 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010150 EA5F   |
|>> The Final Dawn               |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Grand Master Status           |   30010154 0006   |
|  Max Kills                     |   30010155 00FF   |
|  Max Score                     |   80010156 7FFF   |
|  Time 0:00.0/Enables Mission   |   80010158 EA5F   |
|>> Have All Items               |   50001401 0000   |
|  (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)    |   30010055 0063   |

[ These codes are for all characters ]

|>> Item Modifier Codes          |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Slot 1                        |   D00856E2 0100   |
|                                |   801FFDB8 00??   |
|                                |                   |
|  Slot 2                        |   D00856E2 0100   |
|                                |   801FFDBC 00??   |
|                                |                   |
|  Slot 3                        |   D00856E2 0100   |
|                                |   801FFDC0 00??   |
|                                |                   |
|  Slot 4                        |   D00856E2 0100   |
|                                |   801FFDC4 00??   |
|                                |                   |
|  Slot 5                        |   D00856E2 0100   |
|                                |   801FFDC8 00??   |
|                                |                   |
|  Slot 6                        |   D00856E2 0100   |
|                                |   801FFDCC 00??   |
|>> Max Item Codes               |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Slot 1                        |   D00856E2 0100   |
|                                |   801FFDBA 0063   |
|                                |                   |
|  Slot 2                        |   D00856E2 0100   |
|                                |   801FFDBE 0063   |
|                                |                   |
|  Slot 3                        |   D00856E2 0100   |
|                                |   801FFDC2 0063   |
|                                |                   |
|  Slot 4                        |   D00856E2 0100   |
|                                |   801FFDC6 0063   |
|                                |                   |
|  Slot 5                        |   D00856E2 0100   |
|                                |   801FFDCA 0063   |
|                                |                   |
|  Slot 6                        |   D00856E2 0100   |
|                                |   801FFDCE 0063   |
|                                |                   |
|  Infinite Remaining Items      |   D01FFE40 000B   |
|                                |   801FFE40 000C   |
|                                |                   |
|  Infinite Health               |   D10104B0 0000   |
|  (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)    |   8013F010 0064   |
|                                |                   |
|  All Items (In-Battle)         |   D00104B0 0001   |
|  (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)    |   50001401 0000   |
|                                |   3013F159 0063   |
|>> Unlck Missn Editor Lvl Codes |°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°|
|  Emancipation                  |   30010481 0001   |
|  Into the Enemy's Lair         |   30010482 0001   |
|  The Demon Encampment          |   30010483 0001   |
|  The Floating Temple           |   30010484 0001   |
|  The Howling Wind              |   30010485 0001   |
|  A Moonless Night              |   30010486 0001   |
|  Silent Forest                 |   30010487 0001   |
|  The Depths of Despair         |   30010488 0001   |
|  Washed Ashore                 |   30010489 0001   |
|  A Brand New Evil              |   3001048A 0001   |
|  Tenchu, Inc                   |   3001048B 0001   |
|                                |                   |
|  Unlck All Missn Editor Lvls   |   50000B01 0000   |
|  (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)    |   30010481 0001   |
|>> Unlock Tatsumaru             |   80010008 FFFF   |

The above codes where taken from Game Shark Cheat Code Central

                       __   ________________
----------------------[20]-[ Credits/Thanks ]---------------------------
                       ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

>> Jeff "CJayC" Veasey:  Thanks for allowing my first FAQ to be on your 
   site and also thanks for providing everyone with a  site to go to 
   when they need gaming help.

   Email: [email protected]
   WWW  : www.gamefaqs.com

>> Peter "StarbladeX2" Papadopoulos:  Well I do deserve credit in
   creating this FAQ/Walkthrough, don't I?

   Email: [email protected]

>> Activision/Sony Music Entertainment:  Thanks for making such a
   brilliant game full of plot turns and action.  I really can't wait
   for Tenchu 3!

   WWW: www.activision.com

>> Thanks to the following people for their contributions:

darthfrott, virtualgumby, glover66, John Hocking, Fire Phoenix,
kain920411, Akuma2001, SHODIN, buds, cyberdragonlord, Major Moonie,
Sharkboy, WhoisyerDADDAY, jimbojan, KoRnKid54, Genbu, nunki, Luminaire, 
Grimdog, [email protected], Zemien, [email protected] and thanks to 
KuNgFuBoy for bringing up the idea of the 'You know you play too much 
Tenchu 2 when ____' topic on the GameFAQs Tenchu 2 board.  It makes 
for a fun read.

>> Thanks to www.entertheninja.com for the History of the Ninja

>> Thanks to Game Shark Cheat Code Central for the GS Codes

   WWW: www.cmgsccc.com

>> Thanks to http://astro.temple.edu/~gavinc/ninjutsu.html for
   some info in the History of the Ninja section.

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------------------------[21]-[ Disclaimer ]-----------------------------
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This FAQ/Walkthrough is the property of its creator, Peter
Papadopoulos. It may not be posted on any website without the
permission of Peter Papadopoulos.  It may only be recreated
electronically and was created for your personal and private use only.
It may not be altered or modified in any way and it may not be sold or
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You may not take anything out of this FAQ/Walkthrough without the 
permission of Peter Papadopoulos. You must follow this Disclaimer word 
for word and if you breach this disclaimer legal action will take place.  
All information in this document was compiled by Peter Papadopoulos. 
Any other information is copyright to their respective owners.

The Tenchu 2 ASCII Logo at the top of the FAQ/Walkthrough was
created by Peter Papadopoulos .

Tenchu 2 (c)2000 Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.  Tenchu is a
trademark of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.  Published and
distributed under license by Activision, Inc.  Activision is a
registered trademark and Birth of the Stealth Assassins is a trademark
of Activision, Inc.  All rights reserved.  All other trademarks and
trade names are properties of their respective owners.

This document is protected by International Copyright Law, so don't
even think about taking/altering it without my permission.

This Document is © Copyright 2001; Peter "StarbladeX2" Papadopoulos.

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