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Hi, just a quick note to say I hope you enjoy my stretegy guide and thats it gives 
you the ultimate gaming experience! (P.S., Im on the White Rose side, so if your on 
the red, this guide will be NO HELP AT ALL).

                           ~          ~
                          /    THE    \
                         /  DUELISTS  \
                         /   OF THE     \
                         \     ROSES    \

1. Character ratings (in how tough they are)

2. Strategy guide.


_________________________________CHARACTER RATINGS___________________________________
                                  (in toughness)

These are the ratings I'm giving opponents (if your on the White Rose side) in hw 
hard they are to beat in 1-10. I hope this is as helpfull!

Tea - 5...

Triston- 6...

Mai- 8...

Mako - 7...

Joey- 6 1/2

Grandap - He has exodia so... i'd say 7 1/2

Bokura - 7

Yugi- 8

The Last Boss - 10

_______________________________STRATEGY GUIDE______________________________________



Strategy...Recover Health as much as possible (Which makes her harder than she 
should be).


Tea is easy in a sort of obnoxious way.... She has weak monsters that are easy to 
beat. But her Strategy is FRUSTRATING!!Firstly, she's got lots of cards to heal her 
so be sure to destroy every face-down card as possible, though still be wary that it 
could be a trap or stronger  monster, so it's a good idea to attack with one of your 
stronger monsters.Secondly, she's got this annoying little fairy which revives every 
time it's killed! But there is an uspide to it is a weak monster and if 
you stay in the place where it revives you can take it out every turn, which does 
max damage.
She takes a little while to kill, but the chances of her actually BEATING you, are 
slim. I'm not saying that if she beats you your weak, it's mostly bad luck. Also, if 
you're a beginner, she can be somewhat hard. She's even beaten me a couple times.

that about wraps it up fer her... Jusr keep hacking at her monsters and shell be 
dead in no time at all.



 Strategy....Attack with every bit of energy you have (go figure...second boss)


This boss is harder than your last one, so be prepared.Even practice on Tea if 
This boss is VERY obnoxious with a REALLY obnoxious strategy =\
He has much stronger monsters to be cautious when your attacking a face-down card.He 
has some trap cards. AND he might also have a strong monster underneath...
His battleground has almost every type of terrain, and I would advise you to stay 
out of dark terrain, as that is his specialty.
I might be over exagerrating, hes Not THAT hard, after all. Keep it cool ^_^
If your having a hard time with him, follow these steps which should help you:

#1. Get your type of monster on the type of terrain that matches his type (geeze,  
`type' is in that a lot) and form a line of that type of monster across the terrain 
for a guard.

#2. Send "other" monsters to attack and set some traps just in case. He'll have some 
strong monsters, but stay calm.

#3. once your monsters reach the other side, try to corner him. If you can corner 
him than he's dead...Make sure no spaces are left around his leader to summon and 
keep attacking him every turn and BAM! Hes history!
If you find that your stuck on another boss after this one, he is sorta fun to 
battle so just come back to triston to practice.



Strategy...Attack with almost unbearable force and corner you until your quivering 


This is a VERY tough fight!!It took me literalyl almost a year to beat this one!
But don't panic. PLEASE. That's the worst thing you can do in this fight....
With this opponent always expect the worst! But if you follow this guide it should 
only take a couple - or a few; several - tries.
Her type of monster is Harpie Ladies, dragons and birds.
Firstly, watch out for the Harpy Ladies, as they are not strong individually, but 
she can fuse them and then equip them!! Yes, she likes to equip. You'll see a lot of 
Next, beware of dragons! These creatures can be tough and frustrating, so if you 
can, always avoid them. Unless you have to attack them straight on, even then don't 
try attacking them with a monster, use a trap then attack.They sort of act as her 
bodyguards, as you would normally find them near her leader.
Last, birds. These are 10x's more frustrating than dragons, but not as strong.they 
are still strong, don't get me wrong. 
These monsters can fly a long way and try to corner your leader, so surround him (or 
her) with a different terrain, weak monsters in defense, and somtimes strong 
monsters to protect yourselves.
The only thing that works with this is try to corner her... It will be tough but you 
will prevail!!fight on! you WILL win! (eventually)



Strategy.... Water bonuses and  moving a long way at a time...

This fight isn't as tough as Mai, but don't think that hes still not tough!
Beware his water monsters...they were alrwady strong without the bonuses, but WITH 
them, they are like a tsunami whiping out all of your monsters...
Just try to surround yourself with as many monsters as possible, and set traps 
throughout the arena.Also, make sure you change the terrain in as many places as 
possible.Set a powerful monster on both sides of the arena,  and then go on the 
attack.... and can corner his boss. I wouldn't try to take LP by 
killing monsters in this one. Like Mai, his monsters are extrmemly strong and you 
must try to attack his leader as much as possible.
that's all i can say for this boss...
Good luck, he shouldn't be too hard, I beat him on my second try, personally.


Rating....6 1/2

Strategy... No strategy, just normal player (for once) 


this fight shouldnt be too hard for yeh, and it should be rather fun.
There are only a few things I can say about him, as he is an easy fight.
Avoid his dragons AT ALL COSTS. He may be sorta weak, but his dragons can be tough 
if he gets them on the right terrain and fuses them right... Well, just avoid the 
dragons. That's it, hes not much harder than Tea, really. 
But please do not underestimate him. He can have Some great stretegies if he gets 
enugh time... Just stay to the side and move right along with strong monsters...and 
then corner his boss (Who will, of course, try to run) than keep chasing him and 
attacking him. This can be sort of long, but you'll beat him.


Rating....7 1/2



OK, this dude, HARD. Well, he's not really hard, hes just a coward.
He will constantly be attacking you with magic cards to drain your LP directly.
And if thats not enough, he's got EXODIA!!
This is a sort of complicated strategy, so read closely.
This may sound crazy, but always move your leader closer to the enemie's leader 
every turn.every turn summon a new monster or trap to guard you. as you go through 
to maze, his monsters will be attacking you. Your monsters will die eventually, but 
just keep summoning more until you reach the center where his leader will be waiting.
then destroy all of the monsters around him IMMIDIATLY!!! Most of them are exodia, 
and if he can get all 5 peices around his leader, you automatically lose.
When your done destroying all the monsters, attack his leader. He'll run, hide, and 
summon monsters =\ but just keep chasing, finding, and killing, and hes dead.



Strategy.... Low att points and deck points (ya, its a strategy, and a good one).


This dude is really annoying -.- he's got low deck points so you have to get rid of 
a lot of strong monsters from your deck to be able to duel him. But when you do, i 
think you will find that he has fairly weak monsters. The problem is, you should, 
His terrain is CRUSH, which means that if a monster over 1500 att goes on it or 
passes it, they get...well....crushed.
HE will try to keep attacking you, but just keep on attacking him back.
His leader will be protected by lots of face-down monsters, but you just have to 
throw caution to the wind and attack them. Once the monsters are cleared, start 
attacking his leader directly. He'll be dead soon after you get to the chasing, 
running, attacking, running, chasing, attacking, running chasing, attacking...



Strategy...all monsters, mostly spellcasters.


this is what youve been waiting for! The leader of the Red Roses! This is a fun 
fight, but it's long, and kinda hard.
I wouldn't be too scared of him. DON'T GET ME WRONG HES TOUGH. just not as tough as 
you would expect him to be. He has every kind of monster, with every kind of trap, 
but after a couple rows with him, you'll find that he's equal to your strength.
Firstly, Set monsters around you to protect you! Then, send soem of your strong 
monsters to attack.He will defend himself with awesome force, but you'll kill them 
all eventually. You should also defend yourself with awesome force, as he will not 
only defend strong, but constantly attack. Just make sure you destroy all of his 
monsters before he destroys all of yours.
He also has lots of traps so be careful of those as well.
Just follow that guide and he'll be dead after a couple times.

This boss is fairly fun, and if you beat the next boss you have to start over o the 
other side. But it is fun to keep on dueling him. Iv dueled him 56 times. I enjoy ot 
more and more every time! If you ened practice or some fun, duel Yugi!

~~~~~~~The Last Boss!~~~~


Strategy....Destroy all enemies and beat them to a pulp...And when they are weak, 
attack with awesome, virtually unbearable force...


WHOA!TOUGH!!! But don't fear, you'll beat him eventually. (eventually...).
This is the hardest boss on the game!!He has EXTREMELY strong monsters. Keep away 
from them at all costs!! But if you think you can take him, * TRY * to do it quickly 
as possible. He has magic cards to destroy your LP quickly and painfully (cheater).
Follow this gide and you may have a chance of beating him:

#1. Surround yourself with as many traps as possible.

#2. Surround yourself with weak monsters in defense and strong fused or ritual 

#3. Change the terrain as much as possible, as that is important if you want to win.

#4. Get every strong monster you have and summon them and keep them away from other 
monsters and protect them with every force you have.

#5. Save up all thosestrong monsters in a small corner surrounded by weak monsters 
in defense and traps.

#6. when you have enough saved up, remove all defenses from them and go on the 
attack, and avoide as many opponent monsters (face up & face down) as possible.

#7.When you reach his boss try with all your might to destroy him! Work around 
monsters unless they are really in the way then try to kill them. Any other time, go 
for his LP constantly!!

When and If you beat this boss remember that when you do beat him, you havetostart 
all over on the other side, which is way harder. Unless you wanna do that, stay away 
from this boss and just have fun dueling past foes!! When you beat this game, 
remember me and this guide ='). I hope you enjoyed this guide and it gave you some 
awesome  gaming experience, and remember, keep dueling, my friends! and never give 

If you liked this guide and want to comment or need some extra info, E-mail me. My E-
mail should appear below. I will try hard to try to get back to you.

Copywrite 2006

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