The Pontchartrain Bridge's Bond Walkthrough - Guide for James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

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I'll go ahead and tell you that this is not a 
complete walkthrough, it just has all Bond Moves
for this level(I said that to save of you some time).
When you first start, you have 2 options of where 
to go. Pick the bridge on the left. Go through 
the water building up speed and hit the hill to 
jump over the fence for your first Bond move. You 
then come to a fork in the road. Keep going 
straight. The next fork though, go right. When 
you see the building with the people shooting at 
you, shoot a missile at them for your second Bond 
move. When you get on the highway, there's a 
ramp. Hit it to smash through the billboard( this 
isn't a Bond move, but it's faster). Keep going 
down the highway flamethrowing your enemies until 
you see pieces of a bridge being built. Hit the 
first part and jump over to the next lane for 
your third Bond move. As soon as you're there, 
hold down the L button unless you want to get 
plowed over.  Get to the other lane as soon as 
possible and race down the highway. When you see 
the short movie with Jaws' partial destruction 
of the highway, go towards the yellow tanker 
blocking your path and when you're close enough,
do and action slide(B button)for your fourth and
final bond move. Be aware, however, that you can
still shoot missiles, your flamethrower, and your
shotgun while you're sliding. In other words,
don't be playing with buttons when you've got your
missiles ready, because you'll waste them. Although
I think it's kinda fun to play with your flamethrower
during this time.

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