The ULTIMATE TRUE Fusions and Passwords - Guide for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses

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Table of Contents
1. Fusions
2. Passwords

1. FUSIONS (the fusioned monster= monster+monster some have three cards no ritual)
1.1 Dark Witch=Doma the Angel of Silence+Maiden of the Moonlight
Dark Witch=Shining Friendship+Princess of Tsurugi
1.2 Punished Eagle=Masaki the Legendary Swordsman+Mavelus
Punished Eagle=Harpy Lady+Princess of Tsurugi
Punished Eagle=Hinotama Soul+Winged Dragon,Guardian of the Fortress#2+Swordsman F.F.L
1.3 Garvas=Master&Expert+Faith Bird
Garvas=Dark Rabbit+Kurama
1.4 Nekogal#2=Maiden of the Moonlight+Silver Fang
Nekogal#2=Queen of Autumn Leaves+Dark Gray
Nekogal#2=Gazelle the King of the Mythical Beasts+Enchanting Mermaid
1.5 Kairyu-Shin=White Dolphin+Fairy Dragon
1.6 Crimson Sunbird=Fireyarou+Blue-Winged Crown
1.7 Bean Soldier=Mushroom Man+Mushroom Man#2
1.8 Flower Wolf=Dark Gray=Abyss Flower
Flower Wolf=Armored Rat+Rainbow Flower
1.9 Mystical Sand=Queen of Autumn Leaves+Stone Armadiller
Mystical Sand=Amazon of the Seas+Haniwa
1.10 Queen of Autumn Leaves=Arlowany+Tentacle Plant
1.11 Chimera the F.M.B=Flower Wolf+Fungi of the Musk
1.12 Stone D.=Darkland Fire Dragon+Rock Orge Grotto#2
1.13 Flame Swordsma=Flame Snake+Kojikocy
1.14 Metal Dragon=Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Heads+Mechanical Snail
1.15 Dragon Zombie=Blackland Fire Dragon+Shadow Spectre
1.16 Skelgon=Dragon Zombie+Fiend's Hand
1.17 Armored Zombie=Unknown Warrior of Fiend+Shadow Spectre
1.18 Magical Ghost=Masked Sorcerer+Shadow Spectre
1.19 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon=Kaiser Dragon+Thunder Dragon
1.20 Bracchio-raidus=Trakadon+Hard Armor+Kanikabuto
1.21 Flame Cerebrus=Silver Fang+Charubin the Fire Knight
NOTE:If you want more fusions email me and give me the name of the monster here is 
my email address [email protected]!!!!!!

2. PASSWORDS(NOTE:push the left analog stick to access the password screen!!!)
2.1 Ancient Tree of Enlightenment EKJHQ109
2.2 Aqua Dragon JXCB6FU7
2.3 Barrel Dragon GTJXSBJ7 NOTE:If you reincarnate this card you might get two of 
the Gate Guardian cards!!!!!!!!!
2.4 Beastking of the Swamps QXNTQPAX
2.5 Birdface N54T4TY5
2.6 Blast Sphere CZN5GD2X
2.7 Dark Hole UMJ10MQB
2.8 Dragon Seeker 81EZCH8B
2.9 Earthshaker Y34PN1SV
2.10 Elf's Light E5G3NRAD
2.11 Fairy King Truesdale YF07QVEZ
2.12 Fairy's Gift NVE7A3EZ
2.13 Greenkappa YBJMCD6Z
2.14 Harpie's Feather Duster 8HJHQPNP
2.15 Horn of the Unicorn S14FGKQ1
2.16 Left Arm of The Forbidden One A5CF6HSH
2.17 Magician of Faith GME1S3UM
2.18 Mimicat 69YDQM854
2.19 Mystical Capture Chain N1NDJMQ3
2.20 Robotic Knight S5S7NKNH
2.21 Seiyaryu 2H4D85J7
2.22 Serpentine Princess UMQ3WZUZ
2.23 Swordsman from a Foreign Land CZ81UVGR
2.24 Swordstalker AH0PSHEB NOTE:Must have this card to beat certain enemies!!!!
2.25 Tactical Warrior 054TC727

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