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NCAA Football 2004

PlayStation 2 (2003) (North America)

Version 1.0 (July 17, 2003)

Written By: Michael Kleinbauer (RVD Is One Of A Kind, krulmichael)

Document c2003.  All Rights Reserved.  Full legal notice at end.

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Touchdown Celebrations Guide

How To Use This Guide
When you score a touchdown when the words Touchdown appears press the following 
combos down below. Beware if you do do this sometimes an unsportsman like conduct 
appears giving you an extra 15 yards to add to your PAT.


Touchdown Celebrations

L2 + X = Heisman Pose 
L2 + Circle = Spikes ball, and shrugs
L2 + Triangle = Bows 4 times to the crowd
L2 + Square = Spikes the ball, points to crowd, and beats chest
R2 + X = Throws the ball into crowd and jumps around a little
R2 + Circle = Kicks the ball into the crowd
R2 + Square = Goes up and dunks on the goal post
R2 + Triangle = Holds the ball in hand and then punches it out and taunts a little


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