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                             Plants Vs Zombies (PC)
                          Tree of Wisdom Dialogue List
                         Version 1.0 (5 September 2011)
                            By Firzen, Torch Bearer

Version History

v1.0 5 September 2011
Another rush to turn my normal data to a FAQ. Part 3 is really lacking

The problem is I don't have anything to write further anyway. If you have
any, or find a mistake here or anything uncomfortable, please let me know


1. Feedforward
2. ToW Dialogue List
3. Miscellaneous
4. Credits

I doubt you'll need the Find (Ctrl+F) here, but it's all up to you

1. Feedforward

I wonder how could authors like Warfreak can make huge ammount of FAQ in such
"inhuman" speed. I mean, I hardly have any time to make FAQs. Even with the
data already obtained, I need months to make a single FAQ, while him, days. Oh
well, I don't want to make writing my life.

Anyway, just like my first and second FAQ, I was about to make an FAQ that list
whatever stuff that the Tree of Wisdom (ToW from now on) said when you
fertilize it. However, stress due to failure in all "Endless" games causes my
premature pension, and the FAQ was (almost) aborted. Now I'm enjoying my semi-
idle holiday, filled with both games and tasks, but not enough for filling
100% of the time. Thus, extraction of the abandoned data was executed, and the
project is resumed before both the data and my will is lost forever.

Previously too, I was about to list the exact recharge time of the plants, but
I don't have enough time to count each and every one of them. So instead, I
placed the Misc. section to post any infos and tips based on my gameplay.

This FAQ is copyright 2011 FirzenTheTorchB. You may use this FAQ for any non-
commercial use, as long as credit is given to the right place. No plagiarism.
Inform me via e-mail if you want to post this in your website so I can give
you permission to do so. I'm not very restrictive in giving permission.

2. ToW Dialogue List

So to the main topic, this is what the ToW will say everytime you fertilize it.
The text number shows you in what number of fertilizer will cause the ToW tell
you the coresponding sentence. Text number one will be said in the first
fertilizing, number 2 in the second, 3 third and so on. Followed by the
sentence is what I understand and experience relating to the clue, personally.
The text is all 100% accurate, except for the first 5 dialogues which may
deviate in detail, but I assure you, the meaning is still correct.

When you give the ToW enough fertilizer, it will grow tall enough to overgrow
the screen. In this case, you won't see new leaves sprout from its branches.
Instead, you'll only see the trunk in your screen and above is the measurement
of its height in feet (ft). This will happen on the 49th fertilizer, with the
ToW growing 50 feet tall. So from that point you know that you have gave it
(x-1) fertilizer, with x is the ToW's height. I don't know whether I miss a
single dialogue that causes the (-1) to appear, but that's what my data shows.
Also from that point, ToW will stop to give you gameplay clues. It will repeat
a certain dialogue until you reach a point where it will give you a "code",
explained later, then move on with the repeated dialogue. After a huge ammount
of fertilizer, it will give a final code, then repeat a dialogue forever.

Alright, with that explained, let's start immediately.

1.Thank you for feeding me! Keep giving me
  food and I'll give some good information!
Self-explanatory first introduction, as always.

2.Chompers and wall-nuts work exceedingly well together.
  It's not a surprise, they're schoolmates in college.
Chomper's chomping range is about 1.5 tile long. Therefore, placing a chomper
right behind a nut will allow it to attack a zombie eating the nut. A common
basic tactic, don't rely on it too much because a single chomper can only
handle one zombie at a time.

3.If you ever listen to anything I say, listen to this: you
  want two columns of sunflowers. I'm dead serious here.
Another basic knowledge. 2 rows of sunflowers (10 total) should provide plenty
sun for you to finish any normal stage. On easy stages less may do, though.

4.Snorkel zombies. I hate 'em. How do I deal?
  Wall-nuts on lily pads, that's how.
Actually, any normal zombie can be handled using nuts, right? ToW give it an
honorable mention since you can only attack when it's surfacing to eat, and of
course the nuts are the best bait, although just a lily pad may do.

5.Psst! Try typing 'future' while playing to
  experience zombies... from the FUTURE!
Your first given code. As mentioned in the GameFAQs PvZ cheat section, type it
anywhere during a stage for special graphical effects, no gameplay effects.
This particular one will give regular zombies some sort of sunglasses.
Retyping will remove the said effects, as so will other codes given later.

6.How many cherry bombs does it take to take down a Gargantuar? Here's a
  hint: more than one, fewer than three. Here's a more explicit hint: Two.
Also applies on any instant-kill plants except chomper. Now if just ToW tells
us how many standar pea is required to take one down...

7.If you're looking for mushroom plants for your Zen Garden, you'll
  have better luck playing on levels where it's nighttime.
Self-explanatory. In fact I don't think I can find mushrooms on daytime levels.

8.I wouldn't worry about permanently damaging your lawn
  with doom-shrooms. In time the earth heals itself.
When you use the doom-shrooms it will leave craters as written in the Almanac.
Over time the crater will slowly turn back into normal ground (other terain
such as pool and roof will heal too of course). During my test in Survival:
Night stage, it takes roughly 2 minutes 25 seconds for the crater to heal by
1 step (the ground looks reflattened), then another 2 minutes 25 seconds for
the ground to be plantable again. I guess normal levels won't last this long. 

9.Have you ever tried clicking on the flowers on
  the main menu? Give it a shot! I'll wait here.
See the flowers on the pot around the tombstone? Some of them will fly away
when clicked. Another graphical easter eggs.

10.Legend has it that frozen zombies eat slower. I'm
   here to tell that legend has its facts straight.
Frozen zombies do anything slower. Heh, as if we don't know about this already.

11.Have you heard of the elusive Yeti Zombie? Some
   say he likes hiding where it's pitch black.
A clue that Yeti zombie appears on the second run of Adventure level 4-10.
From there on it will appear pretty much randomly, no need for pitch black.

12.What's cheaper than free? Nothing! that's why
   puff-shrooms are essential on all night levels!
Another self-explanatory one. Sea-shroom is also taken into account. By the
way, since it also recharges quickly, puff shroom can be used as a temporary
barrier even in daytime. And in the survival night, if you have built a stable
garden defence you can ignore puff-shrooms except for emergency purposes.

13.Are you hoping to find water plants for your Zen Garden? I bet
   my phloem you'll have the most luck searching in pool levels.
Pretty much the same with number 7, except this one is about water plants.

14.Have you noticed that Gargantuars sometimes use OTHER
   ZOMBIES to bash your plants? Whatever works, I guess.
Sometimes you may see Gargantuans use a regular zombie in its hand as a weapon.
Just another graphical joke, really.

15.Stinky the Snail sure loves his chocolate. Maybe loves it a little to
   much, you know? He won't sit still for an hour after he's had some.
Stinky will only help you to pick coins for 5 minutes, after which he will
sleep, so he isn't really efficient without chocolate. With chocolate, it will
get a speed boost for 1 hour and won't sleep. Of course it's not really useful
unless you have made your plants happy using bug spray or the phonograph. By
having a garden full of happy plants and energized Stinky, you can earn some
money if you closed the Zen Garden, or A LOT if you leave it opened. Note that
the happy plants are extremely productive at the beginning, Stinky might not
be able to keep up for the first 5 minutes if the garden is full of them.

16.If you think playing suvival 'endless' mode only drops pool-style
   plants for your Zen Garden, think again! It drops everything-style.
Survival endless is the only exception where any type of Zen Garden plants
may appear. When I think about it, I felt sorry for grave busters,
plantern and flower pot is completely useless in this super-long run.

17.Often the question is asked: where do you find chocolate? a better question
   would be: where DON'T you find chocolate? It drops in every game mode!
It does drop everywhere, but not in a frequent manner, FYI.

18.Grave busters, eh? Pick'em only when you can see graves on the
   right side of the screen along with zombies. That's what I do.
Which means they're usable only in night pooless stages (Adventure Stage 2)

19.I've heard that Buckethead zombies take 
   five times as many hits as regular ones.
50 standard peas. If magnetized it drops to 10 regardless of the bucket damage.

20.I hear that typing 'mustache' brings about 
   a terrifying transformation in the undead!
Second code, gives the regular zombies mustache, that's all.

21.Do multiple Snow-peas in a row slow zombies down more
   than just one? The sad but truthful answer is 'Nay'.
If you want to slow more zombies use the winter melon which has area-freezing.

22.You know that zombies emerge from gravestones, right? So what's stopping you
   from using grave busters to get rid of them in Survival night? Is it pride?
If I'm not mistaken, graves will keep reappearing in survival
night. Either you decided to bring them everytime or let the
graves harass you until you bring it and bust all of them.

23.If you're looking for the inside info on how long a level's going to
   be, count the flags on the level meter. That'll set you up real nice.
Actually it shows how many huge waves you have to face in the level. The
ammount of waves between the huge ones are about the same, so stages with 4
flags will be roughly twice as long as those with 2 flags. About the normal
waves, each time you clear them, the zombie head will move slightly to the
left, being close to the flag, that is, the nex huge wave. In some mini-games,
the flag is not shown, only the bar is there, but usually you know how long
that stage since a numerical clue will be shown, such as 100/2000 suns.

24.Roof cleaners. Classic items. Can't recommend them highly enough.
   Best thing about them? They give you a shot at beating Pogo Party.
Well, without them you don't have the last-line defence or the 50$ bonus in the
end of roof levels, I think it's best to bought them as soon as you can.
They're most useful during Pogo Party, so that's the latest time you want
to purchase them, though you can still make do without them.

25.If you're wondering if feeding a hypno-shroom to a dancer zombie
   compels him to summon backup dancers for you, bet it all on 'Yes'.
They'll be tinted purple as if they've been hypnotized individually. The
problem is that the main dancer usually got killed as soon as it turned back
as they aren't very durable themselves, unless there are no zombies behind it

26.Make Money Fast! By Playing Survival Endless!
   Then E-mail Me Your Bank Account Number!
Actually, it isn't THAT fast, at least to me. Sure a single game will net you
the most gold compared to any other single game, provided you do survive a bit.
But a single game also took the longest time to finish. For a more time-saving
alternative, I recommend tending your garden or the Last Stand strategy.

27.You'd think torchwoods would douse snow peas. And you'd
   be correct, because you, my friend, are one smart cookie.
So placing torchwood in front of a snow pea is one of the stupidest placement.
Frozen zombies hit by a fire pea will also get warmed and continue to walk at
normal speed, but only on direct hit, the area damage doesn't warm zombies. 

28.Those hateful Zombotany zombies! Who do they think they are, shooting
   at your plants? It's a good thing wall-nuts stop'em cold.
Again the all-useful nut stand out as a solution. Also note that each shot
isn't as powerful as a single zombie munch, and zombotanies can munch and
shoot your plants simultaneously, they're independent activities.

29.The Pogo Party and Bobsled Bonanza mini-games are
   really, really, really difficult. Wanna drop one of
   the 'reallys' off that description? Use the Squash.
Since both levels require a powerful defence at start (they do give you some
extra seconds, but it isn't enough) you will need something to hold them of
before. Squash is the best option since it's cheap, charges faster than bombs,
and more useful in emergency situations than the potato mine.

30.Just when you thought jalapenos couldn't be any more useful, a Tree of
   Wisdom lets you know that they also destroy the Zomboni's ice trails! BAM!
It should have just been written in the almanac...

31.Once you buy the imitater, try clicking the little drawing on the
   upper left corner of your Almanac to access the entry on that sucker.
There is a picture of imitater which is slightly difficult to spot.

32.The number of coins you receive in Wall-nut Bowling is proportional to how
   cool you are as measured by how many ricochets per nut you can pull off.
To be precise: 1 silver coin for the first richochet, 2 for the second, 3 for
the third and then gold coins from the fourth richochet onwards.

33.Please do not tap on the glass! Or actually, go ahead; right-click on your
   Aquarium Garden or during Zombiquarium to deafen your underwater creatures.
Another easter egg in the Zombiquarium. Right clicking the screen will result
in the zombies moving away from the area that you "tap" (or towards it, I
forgot). Pretty much has no gameplay effects. As a side note, in the game
Insaniquarium this "feature" is also available in the virtual tank.

34.When I was just an acorn my grampa told me, 'Son, Vasebreaker puzzles
   are much easier if you break the vases on the right side first.'
This is a logical tactic. By breaking the right side first, zombies that
spawn will take more time venturing to your house. As a result, you'll have
have more time bashing other vases to found plants to prepare you defences.

35.Dancers in I, Zombie may seem expensive, but in
   the right situation they're worth every penny.
The "right situation" is where your dancer can make it to the left side without
heavy opposition that usually stands and kills it in a matter of seconds. The
best condition that I found is when the defences are mainly made of scaredy-
shrooms. The backup dancers will scare them, allowing the team to wreck havoc.

36.I had a dream. In it, cattail spikes popped baloons and
   dropped zombies to the ground. I don't know what it means.
Bah. Another obvious info. Even the Almanac has stated it.

37.Growing aquatic plants in your Zen Garden is pretty much
   impossible without the Aquarium Garden. Just saying.
If you put them in the standard garden, they won't die (they simply can't),
but their grwoth will be halted. Oh, and since they live underwater, they
won't ask to be watered, so they'll immediately ask for fertilizer /
bug spray / phonograph. And once they're happy you can move them to
the standard garden so Stinky can harvest the coins they drop.

38.Digger zombies violate the natural order with their subterranean ways.
   It's only fair to use magnet-shrooms to steal their mining picks.
But watch out since the digger will immediately spawn at their current
location and walk to the left side along with the other zombies. So if they got
magnetized in the middle or left side of your garden, it could be a problem.

39.Every day brings new challange and opportunities.
   Oh, and new marigolds in Crazy Dave's shop.
Each day he sold 3 with random color and facing direction. Just reminding,
your garden doesn't have unlimited space so sell some if it's full.

40.Mushroom Garden! Huh! What is that good for? Absolutely
   nothin'! Except growing mushroom, that is.
Same rule of aquatic plants apply here, except that they will ask watering
like normal plants, and you may plant normal plants in the mushroom garden.

41.Tired? Depressed? Ladders on tall-nuts getting you down?
   A quick magnet-shroom will whisk your cares away!
Magnet-shrooms does remove ladders not only from the zombies hands
but also from the nuts if they're already deployed.

42.The tallness of tall-nuts earns widespread acclaim due to
   their effectiveness vs. Dolphin Riders and Pogo Zombies.
It blocks whatever zombies that jumps (fliers not included unfortunately),
but dolphins got a special mention because they're very fast prior to jumping,
while pogos can jump indefinitely until magnetized or blocked by tall-nuts.

43.The explossive force of a cherry bomb or jalapeno is more
   than capable of dislodging a ladder from a wall-nut.
Yeah, I prefer bombing the ladders than magnetizing them. Doom-shrooms also do.

44.It's tempting to feed all your chocolate to Stinky the Snail. He's such
   a chocolate hog. But remember: Zen Garden plants like chocolate too!
It will result in temporary productivity increase of the plant when happy.

45.Torchwood fire is hotter than rage, but Zombonis, screen
   doors, ladders and catapults can take the heat.
I'm not very sure about this. Either the area-of-effect damage is removed, or
those equipments receive only one damage as if the fire peas are normal peas.

46.If you rely on upgrade plants in Survival: Endless, be acutely aware
   that they get more expensive the more you have on your lawn.
Their upgrade price rise exactly by 50 sun for each existing same plant.

47.The Imps in I, Zombie seem weak. But they're speedy and great for fetching
   that last brain when you've cleared the rest of the opposition.
ToW means extermely weak. 3 strikes and they're out.

48.If you type 'trickedout,' don't be surprised if
   you see something wacky happen to your lawnmowers.
Third code, your lawnmowers (only them, cleaners won't) will
turn into something that I assume remote-control cars.

49.Thank you for feeding me! I'm out of new wisdom for
   now, but I might have more if you grow me tall enough!
At the 49th fertilizer, ToW will grow so high as explained before, and "50
feet tall" will appear. This text will keep appearing until the next code,
then repeat again until the next one and so on.

99.Hey,I'm 100 feet tall! Celebrate with me by typing 'daisies'
   to get the zombies to leave tiny daisies behind when they die.
Once a zombie falls down, it will leave white daisies when they disappear
that seems to be permanent. Bombed and flattened zombies doesn't count.

499.Whoa! I'm 500 feet tall! This calls for some dancing!
    Type 'dance' to get the zombies to boogie on down!
Normal zombies will walk in by dancing, or at least that's what ToW said.

999.WOW! I'm 1000 feet tall! Celebrate with me by typing
   'pinata' to make zombies spit out candy when destroyed!
When a zombie's head is removed (killed), it will spit out candies.

1000.Thank you for feeding me! I've given you all of
     my wisdom, but you can still grow me taller! (1001 feet tall)
This is it then. It will never come out with any new text, or it should be...

3. Miscellaneous

This is the hints & tips section about everything related to the game. If
you have anything to add here, feel free to tell me.

-Okay, so I do count the time needed for a plant to be recharged and reuseable.
 However, I don't test all of the 48 seedbags. Instead, I pick a portion of
 them to be tested. There are 3 types of recharge speed: fast, slow and very
 slow (why don't they make it medium and slow instead?). Fast recharge seeds
 is immediately usable at the start of a level, and it takes roughly 7-8
 seconds for the seed to be recharged. Slow seeds require roughly 20-21 seconds
 start-up, and then it requires 30 seconds recharge for each use. Very slow
 seeds 35-36 seconds start-up, and 50 seconds regular recharging. I don't know
 whether the recharge times are exact or prolonged by more usage, but they're
 pretty consistent for my stopwatch at the testing time.
(Tested in Bobsled Bonanza minigame with lily pad, sunflower, threepeater
 and spikeweed as fast seeds, squash, potato mine and tangle kelp as
 slow seeds, jalapeno, spikerock and cattail as very slow seeds.)

-If you have bought all gardens, make sure there is a single empty slot in the
 normal garden if you want to be able to move your plants around the garden.

-This is slightly a dirty trick, but it doesn't help that much to be accounted
 as a cheat anyway. In the PvZ directory folder, you can find a folder named
 "userdata". If your PvZ game has only 1 user, then there will be only one
 "userX.dat", with X is any integer the game assign you to. The user's game
 files are "gameX_Y.dat", with Y is the game's code which are already set by
 the game system (Zen Garden is accounted as a gema ad well). You may back
 these files up if you want to. When you play a certain game (expecially the
 endless ones) and screw it, you may decided to roll the game back by
 oerwriting the current savedata with the file you already copied previously.
 You can identify the game by looking at its size. If you played only that
 screwed up game, then it will be the only game data which size altered. If
 the game you're currently dealing with is cluttered with plants, projectiles
 and hostiles, then the size will most probably the biggest among all of them.

4. Credits

Any sites willing to host this, currently GameFAQs, Neoseeker and SuperCheats

My parents, for finally bought me a personal laptop so I can finish this

You, the readers. I really appreciate the time you spend reading this FAQ.
Among all things in this world, time is one of the most valueable.

I will only update this FAQ, and perhaps future FAQs, in GameFAQs
(the main site), Neoseeker and SuperCheats, as mentioned above.

Found grammatical mistakes? Have tips to add? Feel free to email to:

[email protected] 
(Give "PvZ FAQ" subject to prevent accidents)

Note that I will filter the tips if you give one. Tips that are already
listed somewhere in the sites above or are too obvious are omitted.

Thank you once again and happy playing!

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