Unique Part Unlockables - Guide for Need for Speed: Underground 2

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During your career, there are outrun races around the city. To unlock "unique" 
parts you will have to complete a number of outrun races in each stage.

Hoods                                       4 wins in stage 2 
Engine, Transmission, or Tires              3 wins in stage 3 
Rims                                        6 wins in stage 3 
Spoilers                                    4 wins in stage 4 
Vinyls                                      6 wins in stage 4 
ECU, Turbo, or Brakes                       9 wins in stage 4 
NOS, Weight Reduction, or Suspension        6 wins in stage 5 
Wide Body Kits                              11 wins in stage 5

*Note-All the parts are free you just select which one*

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