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                                            I               NBA LIVE 06                I 
                                            I        ROSTER UPDATES          I                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                                    by: shaun mensen

First things first, secound round draft picks that i list are probably not in NBA Live 06 because 
they weren't on an active roster by August 4th, but there just might be a slight chance you can 
unlock them with codes (Like Kyle Kover in NBA Live 2004) but i highly dought it since there 
was no codes for those players in NBA Live 2005.
One more thing, in the list of the roster updates i list all the transactions that happened in the 
NBA in order starting from the most recent transaction, and I do not list  players that were 
assigned to the D-League(In case your a de-de-de, the D-League is the league were NBA 
teams can put there young players in so they can develop, and the D-League is not in NBA 
Live) or players that resigned with their previous team, unless i wasn't sure whether they were 
in the free agent market or still on the roster. 
            *ROSTER UPDATES*

Dallas signs Adrian Griffin.
San Antonio waives Alex Scales.
Dallas waives Doug Christie.
Milwaukee waives Josh Davis.
Memphis waives John Thomas.
San Antonio waives Melvin Sanders.
Miami signs Gerald Fitch and waives Matt Walsh.
L.A. Clippers sign Howard Eisley.
San Antonio signs Alex Scales. 
L.A. Clippers waive Anthony Goldwire.
Toronto signs Darrick Martin. 
San Antonio signs Melvin Sanders. 
New Jersey waives Ben Handlogten.
Phoenix signs Sharrod Ford and waives Lucas Tischer.
Chicago waives Kasib Powell.
L.A. Clippers waive Yuta Tabuse.
L.A. Lakers waive Corie Blount.
Minnesota acquires Ronald Dupree from Detroit for a future second-round draft choice and 
waives Ndudi Ebi.
Seattle waives Noel Felix and Alex Scales.
Dallas waives Tariq Abdul-Wahad.
L.A. Clippers waive Rodney White.
New Orleans/Oklahoma City waives George Lynch.
Philadelphia waives Steve Castleberry and Olu Famutimi.
Atlanta waives Anthony Grundy and Ajani Williams.
Boston waives Curtis Borchardt.
Chicago waives Randy Holcomb
Cleveland waives Kelenna Azubuike, Obinna Ekezie and Jahidi White.
Denver waives Eric Chenowith, Nigel Dixon, Mark Pope and Theron Smith.
Golden State waives Deji Akindele, Justin Davis and Ray Young.
Indiana waives Jimmie Hunter and Damone Brown.
L.A. Lakers waive TonyBobbitt and Adam Parada.
Milwaukee waives Andre Barrett and Tommy Smith.
Minnesota waives Lionel Chalmers, Ryan Humphrey and John Lucas.
New Jersey waives Derrick Zimmerman.
Phoenix waives Anthony Lever-Pedroza.
Toronto releases Toree Morris and Corey Williams.
Washington waives Hiram Fuller and Billy Thomas.
Charlotte acquires Jumaine Jones from the L.A. Lakers for a second-round draft pick.
Milwaukee acquires Jamaal Magloire from New Orleans for Desmond Mason and a first-round 
draft pick.
New York waives Steven Barber, Jamison Brewer and Otis George.
San Antonio waives Sharrod Ford, Stephen Graham and Melvin Sanders.
Boston waives Will Bynum.
Charlotte releases Jason Capel and D'or Fischer.
Detroit waives Andreas Glyniadakis.
Houston waives Chuck Hayes and Keith Langford.
New Jersey waives Adam Chubb, Arthur Johnson and Ricky Shields.
Phoenix sign Jared Reiner
L.A. Clippers sign Anthony Goldwire.
Milwaukee waives Brandon Hunter.
Toronto waives Robert Pack, Tierre Brown and Bryant Matthews.
Cleveland waives Filiberto Rivera.
L.A. Clippers waive Jared Reiner and Fred Vinson.
Seattle waives Roger Powell.
Portland waives Sam Clancy.
Chicago waives Jermaine Jackson.
L. A. Lakers waive Will Conroy.
New Orleans/Oklahoma City waives Troy Bell.
Golden State waives Mamadou N’diaye.
New York announces the retirement of Allan Houston.
San Antonio waives Jawad Williams.
Philadelphia waives Herve Lamizana.
Utah waives Cory Violette and Mark Karcher.
Detroit waives Todd Day.
San Antonio waives Kyle Bailey.
Atlanta waives Roderick Riley, Mark Strickland and Anthony Wilkins.
Minnesota waives Matt Freije and Felipe Lopez.
New York signs Jamison Brewer.
Minnesota waives Marlon Parmer.
Cleveland waives Menge Bateer.
Detroit waives Alejandro Carmona Sanchez.
Houston waives Charlie Ward.
Miami waives Kevin Braswell.
L.A. Clippers waive Jan Jagla and Amal McCaskill.
Philadelphia waives Ime Udoka.
Chicago re-signs Jannero Pargo .
Houston waives Vin Baker.
Seattle waives Tre Simmons and Ezra Williams.
L.A. Lakers waive Vlade Divac.
New York signs Matt Barnes.
Sacramento signs Luke Schenscher 
L.A. Clippers sign Rodney White and waive Frank Williams.
Minnesota signs Marlon Palmer.
Boston waives Qyntel Woods.
Chicago signs Eddy Curry and trades him along with Antonio Davis to New York for Tim 
Thomas, Michael Sweetney and Jermaine Jackson (sign-and-trade). New York also sent 
Chicago its 2007 and 2009 second round draft picks, a conditional 2006 first round draft pick 
and a conditional right to swap 2007 first round draft picks with Chicago. 
New Jersey signs Adam Chubb, Ben Handlogten, Arthur Johnson, Ricky Shields and Derrick 
Portland signs Sam Clancy.
Seattle re-signs Reggie Evans.
Toronto trades Rafer Alston to Houston in exchange for Mike James
Dallas signs Erick Strickland, Kaniel Dickens and Samo Udrih.
Golden State signs Mamadou N’diaye.
Houston signs Dion Glover, Keith Langford and Chuck Hayes.
L.A. Lakers sign Corie Blount.
Miami signs Jason Kapono.
New York signs Steven Barber and Otis George.
Philadelphia signs Steve Castleberry, Ola Famutimi, Ime Idoka, Herve Lamizana and James 
Toronto signs Tierre Brown, Robert Pack, Corey Williams, Bryant Matthews and Toree Morris.
Washington signs Awvee Storey and Billy Thomas.
Milwaukee signs Josh Davis.
L.A. Clippers sign Jan Jagla, Amal McCaskill, Boniface N’Dong, Jared Reiner, Fred Vinson 
and Frank Williams.
New Orleans signs Brandon Bass and trades Dan Dickau to Boston in exchange for a 2006 
second-round draft pick.
Charlotte re-signs Keith Bogans
Seattle re-signs Mateen Cleaves
Golden State signs Aaron Miles, Ray Young, Justin Davis and Deji Akindele.
L. A. Clippers agree to terms with Walter McCarty.
Milwaukee signs Brandon Hunter.
Orlando signs Bo Outlaw, Terence Morris, Matt Freije, Ken Johnson and Felipe Lopez.
San Antonio signs Sharrod Ford, Melvin Sanders, Jawad Williams, Kyle Bailey and Stephen 
Memphis signs Kennedy Winston.
Portland signs Steve Blake 
Memphis signs Kimani Ffriend.
Milwaukee signs Andre Barrett and Tommy Smith. 
Seattle re-signs Ronald Murray.
L.A. Clippers sign first-round pick Yaroslav Korolev.
Minnesota signs Richie Frahm.
Chicago signs Darius Songaila.
Miami signs Gary Payton.
L.A. Lakers sign Will Conroy.
Cleveland signs Alan Henderson.
L.A. Clippers sign Yuta Tabuse.
Utah signs Devin Brown.
Atlanta signs Esteban Batista.
Minnesota signs second-round pick Bracey Wright.
Phoenix signs Eddie House and Lucas Tischer.
Cleveland signs Damon Jones.
Houston signs Lonny Baxter.
New Jersey signs Lamond Murray and Scott Padgett.
Denver signs Earl Watson.
Washington signs Calvin Booth.
San Antonio re-signs Sean Marks.
Detroit signs Maurice Evans.
Chicago signs Malik Allen.
San Antonio signs Michael Finley.
Toronto waives Lamond Murray.
New Jersey signs Linton Johnson.
Utah signs Milt Palacio.
Seattle signs Mikki Moore.
Atlanta signs second-round pick Salim Stoudamire and John Edwards.
Denver waives Luis Flores.
L.A. Clippers sign second-round pick Daniel Ewing and James Singleton.
Milwaukee signs Ervin Johnson.
San Antonio signs Nick Van Exel.
Detroit signs Dale Davis.
L.A. Lakers sign Aaron McKie.
Minnesota signs Dwayne Jones.
Indiana re-signs James Jones and trades him to Phoenix for a second-round draft pick.
Houston signs Derek Anderson.
Milwaukee signs second-round pick Ersan Ilyasova.
Orlando signs Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje.
Boston signs Will Bynum.
Dallas signs Doug Christie and DeSagana Diop.
Phoenix re-signs Joe Johnson and trades him to Atlanta for Boris Diaw and two future first 
round draft picks.
Boston signs second-round pick Ryan Gomes.
Denver signs Luke Schenscher.
Milwaukee signs Charlie Bell.
Phoenix signs Pat Burke and Brian Grant.
New York announces the retirement of Jerome Williams.
Chicago re-signs Chris Duhon.
Dallas re-signs Darrell Armstrong and waives Michael Finley.
Houston waives Clarence Weatherspoon.
Miami signs Matt Walsh.
Milwaukee waives Calvin Booth.
Minnesota waives Fred Hoiberg.
New Jersey waives Ron Mercer.
New York waives Jerome Williams.
L.A. Clippers re-sign Marko Jaric and trade him, along with Lionel Chalmers, to Minnesota for 
Sam Cassell and a lottery-protected first-round pick.
Miami signs first-round pick Wayne Simien and Gerald Fitch.
Philadelphia signs Steven Hunter, waives Aaron McKie.
Sacramento signs Shareef Abdur-Rahim.
Atlanta signs Zaza Pachulia
Detroit signs second-round picks Amir Johnson and Alex Acker.
Indiana signs Sarunas Jasikevicius.
New Jersey signs Jeff McInnis.
Orlando waives Doug Christie.
Golden State signs second-round pick Monta Ellis.
L.A. Lakers waive Brian Grant.
Chicago signs Eddie Basden.
Minnesota re-signs Mark Madsen and signs Nikoloz Tskitishvili.
Philadelphia trades Marc Jackson to New Jersey for a conditional second-round pick.
Sacramento signs Jamal Sampson.
Washington signs second-round pick Andray Blatche.
Miami signs Earl Barron.
Milwaukee signs Bobby Simmons.
Dallas signs Rawle Marshall.
Memphis signs Damon Stoudamire.
Philadelphia signs Shavlik Randolph and Deng Gai.
Seattle signs Rick Brunson.
Golden State signs second-round pick Chris Taft.
Portland signs Juan Dixon and Charles Smith.

please note: this FAQ is not yet finished because i will keep adding transactions that happen 
on a monthly bassis untill EA Sports comes out with NBA Live 07 next year.
Got a Question, Comment or Complaint? Email me at:  [email protected]

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