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U R B Z :  S I M S  I N  T H E  C I T Y
BY doogy300

1. Urban Livin'
2. The Districts
3. FAQ Section
4. Hints and Tips
5. Legal mumbo-jumbo


1. Urban Livin'

Finally!  A decent Sims game.  Urban areas for your sim.
Maxis have still got some work to do to get the perfect sims game though...
Welcome to a get-me-thru-this guide that'll, er...get-u-thru-this.
First we'll talk about the districts, the Sims that live in them, and why your
Urb's personality should be based on them.
Then we'll head for the FAQ section where you send in questions for others to see!
After that, it's the stuff that'll find the shortest route to being an Urbz Fanatic.
Are you ready?  Then I shall begin!

2. The Districts

Welcome to your Sims' first apartment!  Okay, so the place isn't a king's palace, 
but it'll get you through.  Press X if it's your first time here.  Select 
`Inventory`.  Here's a group of items that'll help you out.

What happens when you mix neon lights and an Urbz view of Chinatown into a sims game?
The ultimate in night-party central!  Beautiful, colorful and technical, Neon East 
is for all you out there who love the nightlife.  These Urbz love playing with their 
XAM (an Urbz version of a PDA), and will teach you social moves of Game On and 

Pubs, beers, Plasma TVs, and everything original is the statement of Cozmo Street.
They even have those fancy looking private toilets.
These sims love music, so get on the stage and select `Human Beatbox`.  Or, go to 
the red van and `Turn On` for street dancin', Urbz style.  Air Guitar and Pub Song 
are the social moves learnt here.

The sims here are rich, rich, rich...and you'd better be too, if ya wanna mix.  
Their primary colors are yellow and gold, as you'll no doubt notice.  These urbz
are all model-worthy, so expect a photo shoot.  Take a walk down the catwalk and
see if they approve.  Get them to like you by earning Snap Shot and Vogue social 
moves here.

Rappers and high-stakes up here on the rooftops of Skyline Beach.  Make friends with 
famous Urbz like Ridiculous D.O.G. or L'il.  Tame some ferrets to sell as pets.  Go 
sunbathing...or if you're feeling dirty, moonbathing.  Get past the bouncer and take 
a dip in the hot tub.  Learn to rap like them with Rap and Bust A Move social moves.

Getting bored of 98th Ave, 3rd Floor?  When you earn this, you can move all your 
stuff for a bigger apartment.  No more subway entrance either, now you use the 

Style?  Fuh-get-about-it.  These people don't need style.  They just need some 
dice, 'cos these sims are the gamblers of the Urb universe.  Help Louie make some 
firecrakers then ignite one yourself.  Earn enough rep to get past the bouncer into 
`The Lucky Six`, a small casino.  Get the social moves Gamble and Firecracker Dance.

Heavy studs.  Mohawks.  Black leather jackets.  This is for all you punks out there 
who like picking out fights for no reason.  The main subway station is the perfect 
hangout for all those considered `tough`.  Talk to Frag Grrl for Panhandle.

This place is a little more relaxed than Central Station, but hard nonetheless.  
These guys aren't exactly punks, but bikers.  Grill some sausages to call in 
customers while you strip a bike for Duke.  Race for money on a drag race with 
motorcycles.  Earn Blow Flame and Back Slap from the sims here.

Casual, dudes.  Get out your skateboard and have fun.  Get past the bouncer into 
`Floaters`, the only air bar around.  Skate and pull off tricks for money.  Play on 
the arcade games or grab an ice cream from Major Monkey's ice cream bar.  Get Skate 
Trick and Snippety Snap from the sk8r urbz around.

This is where the poor hang out.  Recyclable buildings and a train sometimes passes 
by.  Get into `The Cage` for fighting robots.  Get Head Bonk and Body Bonk here.

You can't get here until you get all the parts of Darius' secret machine.  When you 
do, you're really living!  This place has a free hot tub, a place for hitting golf 
balls, and big rooms.  The Urbz' ultimate dreams!


3. FAQ Section

What ya do - a)send a question via e-mail ([email protected]) - b)it'll be posted 
here along with your e-name!


4. Hints and Tips

Your rent goes up every time you get a new apartment.
With 1: $300
With 2: $1000
With 3: $2400
Make sure you have enough!

To get a part of Darius' secret machine, you must defeat a bully in each district.  
Use a Power Social to stop them.


5. Legal mumbo-jumbo

Copyright doogy300 2004 December 8th

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