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---------------Urbz Sims In The City (Nintendo Ds and Gba)©-------------------------
By nick748 ©                                              will be updated
Table Of Content

i. Introduction                        
c. Controls                              
rg. Rep groups                         
o. Objects                            
wx. What’s Xizzles                  
x. Xizzles                             
wxb. What’s xizzles beads        
xbl. Xizzles bead location         
r. Recipes                            
jamm. Jobs and making money     
dat. districts and transportation  
ca. Carving                             
s. Skills
se. Secrets
ndss. ds specail features
ls. Legal stuff

i. Introduction

Daddy Big Bucks is planning to destroy the city of Miniopolis. If he buys enough 
properties he can he’s going to make a amusement park. Your job is to stop him from 
destroying Miniopolis  with a little help from your friends  you will run him out 
of business  and you will become the most known person in town. And put start 
rebuilding Splinter Island.

c. Controls

Start Button- pause game 
Control Pad- To move your character around/choose options 
Select Button- saving and options 
A Button- do some thing (stand next to it)/Talk/Accelerate Motorbike 
B Button- Cancel/Run/Get vehicle 
R Button- Changes Color of some Furniture (some things)
X Button- Pocket screen
Y Button- Goals menu
L Button- Opens/Closes Needs Window /get out hover board
rg. rep groups

3.1 what’s a rep group
 Rep groups are a group of people that that you choose when starting the game. You 
can change rep groups by having 10 points for the rep you want to be in. if you 
have 10 points in your rep  you get the key to the club house. Each rep has a 
leader. You get free thing from your rep. You most beat the rep group missions to 
get the club house.

3.2How to earn rep points

object	point’s
10 of groups  favored skill	                          +1
100 score with group king	                          +1
For having  bad  score  with king of dislike group (-5)	  +1
Find  rep groups lost trophy  and give to king	          +1
Complete rep group missions	                          +2

3.3How to lose rep points

object	points
Each of the four group member with relationship greater then 50	  -1
Each group member with a score -4 or lower	                  -1
Living in groups disliked district	                          -1
Having roommate from enemy group 	                          -1

3.4 Rep rewards

reward	Points 
Talk to your groups king for keys to club house	                 +10
You do groups signature walk	                                 +9
Talk to king to unlock rep groups xizzles	                 +8
Get gold plaque and members react  to interaction +2	         +7
Get rep object from king	                                 +6
Get special bomber boat for the yar hey! Bombard mini game	 +5
Group members greet with special gesture	                 +4
Unlock group missions by talking to king	                 +3
Get group magazine in mail	                                 +2
Get silver plaque and members react  to interaction +1	         +1

3.5Other groups

Reward 	Points needed
King invites you to join their group	                        +10
Member react to interaction at +2 	                        +8
Unlock group missions by talking to king	                +5
Greet you with special gesture	                                +4
Member react to interaction at +1 	                        +2


3.6 Streeties

King: darius
Members: Kris thristle, crystal, ewan watahmee
Enemy:  richies
disliked district: Sims quarter
trophy location: graveyard on the path to the mausoleum entrance 
Rep object: mp Dee stereo system
Rep xizzle: street sign
Favored skill: body

3.7 Richies

King luthor l big bucks lll
Members: lily gates, lottie cash, misty waters
Enemy:  Streeties
disliked district: Urbania
trophy location: glass town mega mall second floor between the water heater and 
Rep object: sensory deprivation chamber
Rep xizzle: gratis, baby
Favored skill: charisma

3.8 Nerdies

King: Polly nomail
Members: Susie pirnova, maximally Moore, Lincoln broadsheet
Enemy:  arties
disliked district: Sims quarter
trophy location: in the tree outside of the carnival
Rep object: mad skillz cerebral data infuser
Rep xizzle: spelling champ  
Favored skill: logics


Members: cannonball Coleman, Theresa bullhorn, Pritchard Locksley
Enemy:  nerdies
disliked district: glass town
trophy location: in bayou, behind pair of man eating plants
Rep object: bod mod booth
Rep xizzle: djinn genius
Favored skill: creativity

3.10 picking my rep group
How to change my rep in order to change your rep you will need to get all 10 point 
in the rep you want to join

How to pick my rep in the beginning of the game they will ask you a question with 4 
answers each one is for each rep group 

having the toughest rep=Streeties
Mad 133t computer skillz=nerdies
Fat sack of cash money=richies
Busting sweet rhyme=artsies

o. Objects


Xizzles are things you buy with xizzle beads found around the city. Each xizzle 
cost 3 xizzle beads. They do different thing like your popularity will increase. 
Some xizzle our rep xizzles that you get by having high rep scores. 

x. Xizzles

cheaper Genial Behavior - Reduce chance of passing out by 75% 
All Up Ons - Opposite sex reacts at +1 relationship 
Night Owl - Energy erosion slows 50% at night 
Skater Dude - Increase speed by 10% on Gravboard 
Off the Grid - All bills 75%
Play it off - Comfort erosion slows 30%
Eager Eager Hippo - Hunger erosion slows 30% 
Inzombiac - Sleep erosion slows 30% 
Nemesis - Everyone's relationship score goes up +6, one person's goes down -100 
Chillin' Like a Villain - All motives decrease 10% lessLittle Piddly Diddle - 
Bladder erosion slows 30% 
Quick as a Flash - Increases speed 10%Sweet Smell - Hygiene degradation slows 30% 
Sell Out - $10,000 in cold hard cash 
Mantis Rapture - Fun erosion slows 30% 
Sale Siren - Get 20% off all store items
G'd Up - Reduces social degradation by +1 
Jibba Jabba - New Conversation option 
Nerd Level 5 - One free point in each skill 
Livin' Large - Earn 20% more at all minigames 

wxb. What’s a xizzle bead

A xizzle bead is a bead used for buying xizzles. xizzle beads are found all around 
the town and are vary helpful through out the game.

xbl. Xizzle beads locations

Xizzle bead locations

Area                             location
Bayou                          near crypt entrance
Bayou                          in the dark tree in tires
Cemetery                     by mausoleum wall
Time machine               bush to left of Dec. 2  2003
Paradise island            north island on the far left
Sims quarter                front of town house
Bayou twin                   near grill
glass town                    trash can near clubhouse
Riverboat                       on the third floor in bed
Coffee shop                   up stairs in potted plant
Secret lab                     machine near cage
Urbania                         on  right side of school bus
Urbania                         fence near small brownstone house
King tower                     plant in pot
University                      in desk
Magic lamp                   basket in lower right
Pizza bar                      cheap stuff
Definition. Get home business stuff here

Fortune teller
Type. Personal info  
Jobs. None
Skills. None
Definition. See what will go on in your life

Crawfish shack
Type. food
Jobs. None
Skills. None
Items. Food and drinks 
Definition. Buy fish here

Epoch museum 
Type. historic
Jobs. None
Skills. None
Definition. Buy sponsors here

zeke zydeco club
Type. club
Jobs. None
Skills. None
Items. food 
Definition. Hang out here

Café n bash
Type. food
Jobs. None
Skills. None
Items. drinks 
Definition. Buy stuff on the internet if you don’t have a computer

Type. sad
Jobs. None
Skills. None
Definition. This is where you will find urbz that died in the pass

glass town


City apartment
Deposit 3500 dollar
Weekly bills 800 dollars

Deposit 6500 dollars
Weekly bills 999 dollars

wt walkthrough

 mission 1 high above the world

location: glasstown in king tower (no street access)and urbania

goal 1 slave the grid
play squeegee clean
be friends with kris thristle
give kris your squeegee and bucket
when you just start the game kris will come up and ask you a few questions frist 
you say i was just aboat to. then you go to the money signand press A and then 
press yes. then kris will come up and say your fires click anything until  you see 
the one that says i don't have any where to go click it then click anything and 
start talking to her until she says you can stay then give her the sqweegee bucket.
goal 2 get cleaned up
take a shower
take a nap
eat something out of the vending machine 
to take a shower go up to the penthouse you will see a shower go to it and press A 
and click take a shower. then go to the couch and take a nap for as long as you 
want. then go to the lobby and go to the vending machine and get food out of it. 
the go find kris thistle

goal 3 help kris thistle
move bed to suite
repair television 
repair two televisions
first go to the law office and go to the bed and put the bed in your pocket and go 
to the penhouse and put it any where. then go to where the bed was and there will 
be a tv to fix it press A and click repair.theres 3 water fountain brocken in the 
water gym, lobby and law office go up to 2 of them and press A and click repair.

goal 4 the key
earn 1 mechanical skill point
pick lily gates office lock
find the key
by the tv  theres a desk and press A and click study. when you get a point go to 
the door of lily gate office and press A and click pick lock. when your done go to 
lily gates  go to the book shelf and get the money. then go to her computer and get 
the key then daddy bigbuck will come in and detective dan will bring you to jail. 
now your heading to urbania.

goal 5 get out of jail
answer detective dan question
be friends with detective dan (relasionship 30)
step 1:to anwser detective dans questions do these anwsers. 
1. any
2. the janitor told me i could stay
3. real food! i was tired of eating junk
4. no he is finding legal ways to make people misable
5. any
step: 2: then get your relationship a 30

goal 6 find a place to live
play hoops mini game 
earn 150 dollars for rent and tax
buy a home
step 1: first play the hoops mini game (directions at money making). 
step 2: get a 150 dollars 
step 3: then buy a house to live in then go to detective dan. then your done with 
mission 1.

mission 2 urbania

location: urbania

goal 1 work study

be friends with max moore
give the artemisia plant to max
write a doctoral thesis
step 1: talk to susie pirnova and she will ask if you want to be her go to collage 
with her. 
step 2: then find max (usually in hospital)and get a relationship score at 30. then 
a whats up sign comes
step3: he will ask you to write a doctoral thesis. then get a relationship  
score of 40 with lincoln broadsheet then go on the computer and click reasearch 
frist. then when your done 
with your reasearch click write doctoral thesis. then give it to max moore. 
step 4:then go to the entrance to club xille and pick up the plant and give it to 
max moore right away you only have one hour to give it to him or it will die and 
you can't get rid of it and when you give it to him  we will unlock doctor max stat 
and university minigames.

goal 2 gotta finish th riff
be friends with cannon ball coleman
earn a creativity pointgiv a saxaphone reed
finish song

step 1: get 30 relationship score with cannonball coleman
step 2: during 10-1 oclock go to the university and play creativity mini game
step 3: go to the thrift shop and buy saxaphone reed and then give it to coleman
step 4: to finish coleman song follow my steps
1. up to old tricks
2. so right
3. chill as a lake
4. saxaphone reed
then you will unlock comic explosion minigame.

goal 3 race for glory

give dusty 500 dollars
talk to ewan
bring ewan lunch for three days
step 1: talk to dusty hogg
step 2: get 500 dollars and give it to dusty
step 3: talk to ewan
step 4: bring ewan lunch for 3 days between 12-1 get it from slice o pizza

goal 4 salesmanship

attend an action
acquire the shrunken head
give shrunken head to berkley

step 1: talk to berkeley clodd and he will give you 250 dollors
step 2: go to the action between 5-7 oclock pm and buy the shrunken head at the 
thrift shop
step 3: give it to berkeley clodd as a gift and he will reward you the gravboard

goal 5: club xizzle

note: carry aboat 200 dollors around and do it at day time when the slice o pizza 
and thrift shop is open

take crystal out on the town
get a bite to eat
play a game
go shopping
buy crystal a gift

step 1: find lily gates and she will tell you about club xizzle
step 2: find crystal in the town and find whats up and click yes
step 3: go to the slice o pizza and she will tell u what to do
step 4: buy some food for ctystal and give it to her as a gift and she will tell 
you what to do
step 5: play the games at the slice o pizza when your done she will tell you what 
to do 
step 6: go to the thrift shop and she will tell u what to do
go to drifter wood and buy her a rose and she will unlock club xizzle ( the 
passwords bucket xizzes for more info)

goal 6: road to sims Quarter

get three friends
raise 500 dollors
earn two promotion

step 1: talk to grandma hatchet 
step 2: get a relationship score of 50 with 3 urbs
step 3: get 500 dollors and give it to grandma hatchet
step 4: earn to promotions in any job
step 5: talk to grandma hatchet and she will unlock sims Quarter
 ndssf. ds specail features
new stuff

6 new xizzles
new city area(splinter island)
sixth mission
new objects 
create a pet mini game

new xizzles

off the grid
Quick as a flash
night owl
genial behaver
sale siren
sk8r boy/..

new charicter
futo maki
sharona faster
jack i deal
mokey/dr. mauricio keyes
busta cruz
cynthia braintrust
gary geezer


a pda is your screen to save, see map, see pocket, goal, catalog, skills, jobs, 
rep. it make the game a lot easyer with minigames.

new objects

useable objects

directors chair
virtual hogg motorcycle
high heel shoe chair
repair ride
snowcone machine
racecar bed
make up table
popcorn maker
laser cage
robot pet
texidermy alien
worlds largest teddy bear

decorative object

african tribal mask
golden unicorn horn
bonsai tree
golden dodo feather
golden dawg house
golden velocirooster claw
golden triceratops egg
golden gorilla banana
golden simosaurus tooth
golden dragon wing
golden jackalope antler

house warming onjects

go board-futo maki
punk t-shirt- busta cruz
megalodon tooth-sharona faster
amber coat rack-gary geezer
prehistoric ficus-dr keyes
petrified dino egg-cynthia braintrust

errand object

sushi to go-futo maki
purple gnome dvd box set-busta cruz
stylish shawl-sharona faster
spare key to splinter island lab-dr. mauricio keyes
dna sample of jack i deal-cynthia braintrust
joke can of peanut-jack i deal
reel of film-gary geezer

new buildings

smoothie shop
entertainment center
spliter island lab
sushi bar
isle cabana

Legal Stuff
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any web site please email me at [email protected] and tell me the web address.

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