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                            Quest for Camelot
Table of Contents
1.A Walkthrough of the Game
4.Were I am in The Game

                       1.A Walkthrough of the Game:

Go to new game you will see a movie after that go left< talk to the man. Watch out 
for the knight's they will hurt you. Now go and collect 5 chicks the first one is 
down and make a sharp left< and you will see a cave go in it now go down and take a 
Left< follow the path. Now go down from where you just were you will see anther 
one. Keep going and you will see a cave and there is anther one. Go to the right 
then walk up on the bridge take your first right, along the skinny grass way go in 
the Water. Go into the cave. You will need to remember this place after you get 
your sword there is something over there you MUST do. Now get out of the water 
there is Nothing more there for right now. Now go down from were you are you will 
come to a place with orange tiles on the ground. There he is! Go back to the farmer 
and get your prize! go to the sword on the right now you must kill all the knight’s 
I will let you do this since they move around and are not in the same place on 
every game. However, at any time you have your sword go to were you started go 
right> there is a tree alone at the top slice it you will get a heart refill. Also 
go to that cave I told you to remember follow the water way until you reach a dead 
end go on the other side on that and swing you sword at it you will get a big gem 
in a hidden lake that appears and now you can save. Also by Merlin go right go down 
were there SHOULD be two knights defeat them go and slice the tree’s. I have not 
found out what it does but I’m sure it is good. Now go back to the swords men and 
he will teach you how to use the sword. If you hold your sword button you do a spin 
attack, now go up to Merlin. Go up to that bridge now you will be warped to a 
castle. Kill the guts on the outside of the castle now go in. talk to the person 
standing right in front of you. Now go to the right DO NOT HIT ANY GHOST OR TOUCH 
THEM! Follow the path until you get to a fork in the road go up and keep going 
until you come to a ghost that already chases you trap him in a room and go back 
there you well see the dog now go the other way at the fork in the road. You will 
see anther man talk to him then go back and follow him in the paths to follow him 
you will see him then he will run away until you have found him. SAVE there is a 
big gem outside the room if you go up. Now kill ALL the ghosts accept for the one 
you trapped then the door by were you found the dog will be unlocked.Now go and 
kill all the ghost's.If one jump's out at you go out of the castle then come back 
in.You have to raise your sword streanth.To find the hidden switch from the 
enterence you go...right into the 3rd room(the enterence is one room)up and around 
then up the first chest is the hidden switch.now to get there from the enterence 
you go up your first right keep going then up.now you are there.you must kill ALL 
the ghosts(there should be 16) then go to the door that was locked by ghostly 
power.swing your sword at it,go in.you will find a heart and a compuss.you do not 
have to do this but it makes it alot easier to beat the game.after you have 
the "hook"(it is in the door you had to hit the switch for) you can use it outside 
were there is an arrow on the ground. on the far wall is the key,kill the knight's 
if you wish.now go back in the castle go to merlin and you will be one step closer 
to the boss.now from the cave go left and follow the path you will find a heart 
refill.now insted of left from the enterence go up and around to the boss.to beat 
him trap him in a corner and swing your sword he is very easy to beat at this 
level.now go to the bottom of the screen a hole will open up and you will fall.now 
go to merlin.go and pick up the map.now screen images will apper with some dialog
(i'll fix spelling latter).After that there will be a floating platfrom.do not 
touch it because it will hurt you.


I give no one permission to copy this or any of my other work if you want 
permission contact me at [email protected] you have a 90% chance i will 
let you!My web site is www.geocities.com/cheatjustin/codes.html


The village          -Not Done
The castle           -Done
The grounds          -Done
Spider cave          -Done
Dragon kingdom       -Done
The rest of the game -Not Done
to view them send me an e-mail
These will soon be on my website
                          4.Were I am in The Game

i work on the walk though as i play the game (for the second time) i am at the 
start of the second minion then you have to face ruber i am there!.i can only do so 
much typing per day so be paitint if you need help ahead of time e-mail me at 
[email protected]

I am 14 years old and live in Edmonton Alberta and if you have any questions 
Contact me at [email protected] I reply to every one!It makes it alot 
easier if you say what game it is when you send message's. 
www.geocities.com/cheajustin/codes.html-this is my web site if you have any 
comments you do not have to have a e-mail adderess.

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