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                             Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses

Table Of Contents
1.The Story
2.Red Rose
3.White Rose
4.After You Beat The Game...
6.The Deak I Use For The Game(coming soon)
7.Copyright Stuff
                                      1.The Story

First go to new game if not started one.It will go through a movie and talking then 
it will make you chose a deak pick it wisly you cannot pick anther one(note:but you 
can modify it and make new ones i picked the Serpentine Princess deak if it is not 
there then just reset the game if you want that one i beat the whole game with it)
Pick a side after, the story will be different for each of them but in the end you 
will do both.

                                       2.Red Rose

I will tell you you the order you face your oppenents.First-weevil and rex.
From weevil-Pegasus and Keith.From Pegasus(you do not get a rose card)Ishtar and 
Labyrinth-Ruler.Ishtar makes you go no were.Labyrinth-Ruler makes you go back to 
Keith.From Keith you get Darkness Ruler(Panic).From him you go back to Rex,and from 
Rex you get Necromancer(Bones).After you beat all of them you will have Richard 
Slysheen of york come from Labyrinth-Ruler.After beating him you will have to beat 
Seto at stonehedge.Then you have to beat Manawyddan do not get discoureaged if you 
do not beat him it took me awile to.If this was the first story you picked go 
to "white rose" if not go to "after you beat the game".

                                      3.White Rose

When you are on this side it gose in a perfet order.Tea-Tristan Grey-Margaret 
Mai.You will have to go on a boat then Mako battels you.Then Joey-Shaidi-Jasper 
Dice Tudor-Bakura-Yugi.Then you go to stone hedge and beat Manawyddan.If this was 
your first story go to "red Rose" If this was your second go to "after you beat the 
                               4.After You Beat The Game...

You will have every one you beat(that shoud be every one).You will also get map 
edit ableing you to create feilds to battle on with duel master k.you get passwords 
when you beat the storyies if you can please send them in with your name and i will 
post them on this walkthough and it will be put in passwords with your name(or not 
your name)


Name of card       Password     by:_______
He said they are...          
Fairy's Gift       NVE7A3E2-    by unknown-     does not work did it for you?tell 
Earthshaker        Y34PNISV-    by unknown-     does not work did it for you?tell 
Exodia's Head      37689434-    by Darmole8-    I have not tried it.
Blue Eye Ultimate  B6FJKO98-    by lionheart565-I have not tried it

If you have any more to add tell me or have any question's contact me @ 

                           6.The Deak I Use In The Game

I picked the Serpentine Princess deak update the deak so you have three Serpentine 
Princess in your deak then get your first power as deak leader flip all the 
Serpentine Princess on the game and keep them by the deak leader you are looking at 
about 5000 attck power in at least 3 turns!!! 

                               7.Copyright Stuff

I have given NO ONE permission to copy this but if you want permission there is a 
90% chance you can well so far i have 5 other walkthough's so please tell me when 
you ask question's what yugioh game it is.so contact me at 
[email protected]    

I live in canada alberta and is 14 years old do not be shy if you have 
any passwords or want to talk to me or think that this walkthough does not desurve 
a 10/10 e-mail me at [email protected] and tell me why. 
www.geocities.com/cheajustin/codes.html-this is my web site if you 
have any comments and you do not have an e-mail go there and look for further 
                       See Ya!

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