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Mission 1
Destroy four C-5s. The first two are protected by MIG-31s, the second two by F-4s. 
The MIG-31`s high speed makes it difficult to get a missile lock. Try using the 
cannon from close and behind. 

Mission 2
Protect your base from an impending B-52 attack. The B-52`s have rear-mounted guns. 
Do not approach them too closely. Because they are also protected by two TWDF-2s in 
front and two AV-8s to the rear, attack them from the side. Watch for a sluggish C-5 
to appear. 

Mission 3
Intercept and destroy eight unknowns, consisting of E267s, TWDF-2s and AV-8s. 

Mission 4
There are two mission objectives. First, destroy the enemy communication center that 
is protected by a few guns, two F-4s and two TNDF-2s. The second objective is to 
destroy an enemy headquarters protected by numerous guns and two fast MIG-32s and an 
F-15. The enemy headquarters is also well sheltered by surrounding buildings. 

Mission 5
Destroy the central oil refinery plant and surrounding airfields. There are only a 
couple of F-14s providing air cover, but numerous secluded and deadly gun 
emplacements on the ground. Monitor fuel and missiles closely. 

Mission 6
Two mining resource areas and a plant must be destroyed. The resource areas are 
protected by two F-16s and two MIG-31s respectively. Do not allow these fast planes 
to get on your tail. Try to destroy them early. The mining plant is protected by two 
SU-27s, and two F-117 stealth fighters that will not appear on radar. However, the F-
117 is not heavily armored and should not pose a major threat. The mining plant is 
also very well protected by guns. Fly at a high rate of speed and fire missiles at 
the primary targets from a distance. 

Mission 7
This is a challenging mission. Fly down a narrow ravine and destroy a radar system 
at the end. Use the external view and choose slow but maneuverable plane, such as 
the A-10. Destroy the five RAH-66 helicopters en route or they will fire missiles 
from the rear. 

Mission 8
This is a long mission. Destroy the two B-1 and three B-2 bombers that are protected 
by a pair of fast MIG-29s. More than two hits are needed to destroy these bombers. 
Do not leave the target area until they are downed. Fly to the ravine, turn your 
fighter to 9 o`clock, break and swing 180 degrees to face the 3 o`clock direction. 
Enter the ravine slowly and destroy the five ground targets on the first run. 
Returning in the other direction is very difficult. Destroy the circling YF-23 if 

Mission 9
Destroy the facilities in the port while watching out for heavy air cover provided 
by two F/A-18s, two MIG-29s, and two R-COLS. Then, fly through the ravine, and hit 
the ground targets while avoiding the swinging cranes. Finally, destroy the docked 
sub. Target it with missiles at a safe distance, since it is also armed with 

Mission 10
This is an escort mission. Keep your escort within view when possible and destroy 
out the two approaching F-14s and F-15s. The escort will be shot down if you stray 
too far. Ground targets may be destroyed for extra points. 

Mission 11
Stop the enemy from recapturing the port by destroying a wing of stealth bombers. 
Keep a safe distance to prevent being hit by large pieces of falling shrapnel. Do 
not allow the single MIG-29 to get behind you. 

Mission 12
This is one of the most difficult missions. Four ships and a large aircraft carrier 
have to be destroyed. Stay at a safe distance since they are well defended by 
missiles and guns. Fly repeated runs over them at top speed and destroy them one 
step at a time. The ships are also protected by E-4s to the west, F-14s to the north 
and EF-2000s to the east. Some of these planes must be destroyed or they will fire 
with missiles at your plane. Watch the map to avoid becoming lost, as there are no 
reference points in this mission. 

Mission 13
This is a simple reconnaissance mission. Destroy two YF-23s, a F-15, and some ground-
based fuel dumps. Destroy the grounded bomber for bonus points. 

Mission 14
There are four targets in this mission: a solar power station protected by two SF-
33s, a refinery and facilities guarded by two A-10s, another solar power station 
protected by two YF-22s, and a fuel base protected by two SU-27s. The planes are not 
a large threat, however watch out for the numerous gun emplacements and destroy them 
if needed. 

Mission 15
Destroy the two SF-39s and two F-14s on reconnaissance duty, or they will attack 
later in the mission. Next, destroy the bridge guarded by heavy gun emplacements and 
two F-22s. Finally, destroy the less protected airport while avoiding the covering 

Mission 16
This mission is similar to Mission Seven, except the final target is the main enemy 
base. Fly an A-10 and use the external view again. Pay close attention to the sharp 

Mission 17
Destroy the large enemy plane. Keep a safe distance, as the aircraft is well armed 
with missiles. Ignore the other aircraft and concentrate on the target, as it will 
take all your missiles to destroy it. 

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