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    T h e    M y s t e r y    O f    T h e    M a c h i n e v o l u t i o n
                           Walkthrough by Jerrold Ng 1999
                                   Version 3.0
                                 [email protected]


                             1. Introduction 
                             2. Controls & Menu
                             3. Major Characters
                             4. Walkthrough
                             5. Extra Information
                             6. Acknowledgments


Alundra 2 : The Mystery of the Machinevolution is the sequel to a well- 
received action RPG Alundra. Unlike the predecessor, the makers of Alundra 2 
decided to go for the pure 3D look (Alundra was originally 2D), which made 
the game look awful... but then I'm one of those weird people who prefer 2D 
to 3D, so don't mind my rambling! While this game looks really messy, the 3D 
effects makes for some interesting new puzzles and game play elements. As 
those of you who have played Alundra may know, puzzles play a great part of 
the game, and this one is no different - but at least there's not much of 
those near-impossible-to-clear-without-a-walkthrough puzzles; well, at least, 
not as much as before. The exploration element is a little toned down too; 
no more large map to wander around, here you have point-to-point travels with 
small areas at each point. But at least, the game has a lot more strange 
mini-games including bull fighting (taken literally!), mine cart riding, 
arcade gaming and so on. The game also has a somewhat more cheery feel to it 
- none of the really depressing story of Alundra 1. Overall I think the game 
can't quite hold a candle to the original game, but on it's own, it's an 
enjoyable gaming experience. But remember I'm a 2D game freak, so don't flame 
me or anything if your opinion differs from mine!

Okay, enough rambling, lets continue...

Alundra 2's story is set in the kingdom of Varuna. A powerful sorcerer 
Mephisto is using magical wind-up keys to control humans and turn animals 
into powerful killing machines. Yup, getting screwed brings on a whole new 
meaning in this game! Anyway, you play Flint, a young hero and Pirate Hunter
who is wanted for some reason, and is after the pirates that caused his 
parent's death. He follows the pirate family into an airship of Mephisto's, 
and then the adventure begins... 

Note : Alright, the US version is finally out! Thanks to some kind people 
I've gotten quite a bit more help. I've also translated most, but probably
not all, English names for characters, items and locations. Finally, I've 
found all the game's secrets. Phew; can't get any more complete than that!

*New* for version 2.0
- Added a new section called Extra Information for all the bits and pieces
  of extra stuff.
- Corrected and clarified stuff here and there. Also added some new info
  that I've uncovered.
- To everyone who is better than me at this game, please read the "Unsolved
  Mysteries" section in Extra Information and help me out!

*New* for version 3.0
- Changed the most of the names to the ones used in the US version.
- Obtained the Ultimate Lv5 sword - finished the silly passing game.
- Obtained the Ultimate Lv5 shield - solved the blue statues puzzle room.
- Obtained the last puzzle piece - its no.49 in my list.
- Removed the "Unsolved Mysteries" section - there's nothing left unsolved!
- Added miscellaneous info here and there.

Newest Updates of this FAQ can be found at

If you spot any mistakes, feel free to email me at [email protected]


D-Pad    - Moves Flint around.
L Analog - Same as above.
R Analog - Nothing.
Square   - Hacks the enemy with your sword. Later in the game you obtain sword
           combos (tap Square) and a special Sunburst Attack (hold down Square
           then release).
Cross    - Jumps. You'll use this button a lot, trust me.
Triangle - Uses a highlighted item/ring.
Circle   - Interact button. Press it when your sword is drawn to put it back.
           When running, press this to do a slide. Finally, use this button 
           to talk to people, flip switches, lift small blocks or push/pull
           large blocks.
L1/R1    - Rotates the screen in case something is obstructing your view.
L2       - Opens your pocket screen; here you can switch between your three
           equipped items or rings for use with the triangle button.
R2       - Run Button. Press it once to make Flint run around. You can jump
           further if you run then jump, by the way. 
Start    - Goes to the inventory screen. Here you can equip items to your
           three pocket slots, examine your special items list, ring list,
           or option screen.
Select   - Lets you switch camera zooms - three different types available.

Pockets  - Lets you un-equip your current pocket
           -> Un-equip
           -> Cancel
Option 1 - Lets you use or equip items.
           -> Equip
           -> Use
           -> Cancel
Option 2 - Lets you equip rings, only appears after you gain a ring. You
           can only equip one ring at a time, and a ring always occupies
           the first slot in your pocket.
           -> Equip
           -> Cancel
Option 3 - Views all the quest items you have at the moment
Option 3 - The sub menu.
           -> Screen Adjust
           -> Game Options
              -> Change Font (4 options)
              -> Message Speed (Fast, Medium, Slow)
              -> Dual Shock (On/Off)
              -> Auto Run (Disabled/Enabled)
              -> Window (Normal/Special)
              -> Sound (Stereo/Mono)
              -> Background Music Volume
              -> Sound Effect Volume
           -> Character Statistics 
           -> Controller Options
           -> Brightness Adjust


He's the hero of the game... you, basically. His family was killed by a group
of pirates, and he's been hunting them ever since. He's also a wanted man in
the Kingdom of Varuna. In a strange turn of events later in the game, he 
will be forced to work together with the pirate family.

Princess of Varuna. She's searching for her father, the King of Varuna. 
Follows Flint around most of the time and, like most Princesses, gets 
kidnapped pretty often.

Lord Prunewell
The old servant of Alexia, appears near the start of the game to coach you in 
the ways of the game. He hides a submarine in a strange cave under the sea; 
you'll bump into him there later in the game.

The leader of the pirate family. He, like the rest of the pirate family, is 
there for comic relief, really. He's unstable, violent, but pretty dumb. 
Later in the game he will befriend Flint.

Daughter of Zeppo. Extremely bossy and hot-tempered (just like dad). She's 
basically there to annoy the hell out of everyone else. Later in the game 
she develops a crush on Flint.

Son of Zeppo. Quiet and calm. The brains (?!) of the pirate family, but then 
that's not really saying much. Later in the game he becomes friend to Flint.

The master of the magic screw. His screws, when attached to a living organism,
turns them into killing machines. He's the main villain of the game.

Baron Diaz
He's taken over the throne after the disappearance of the King of Varuna; 
also in cahoots with Mephisto. Desperately wants to marry Princess Alexia.

Assistant/bodyguard to Baron Diaz. Strong and silent type.

The Baron's well-meaning daughter; she's not a crook unlike her dad.

The pirate queen, and also the mother of Ruby and Albert. She's got some
business deal with Mephisto.

Mileena's assistant/bodyguard; looks suspiciously like Flint's dad. 
Another strong and silent type.

Children of the Crown
A bunch of royal kids who follow Prunewell's orders and help you out 
here and there. Spies on you at the start appearing as three ducks.

King Varuna
The muscle-for-brains ruler of Varuna Kingdom who gets kidnapped and 
replaced by a wooden doll. Alexia is traveling the land looking for him.


Prologue : Flint and the Pirates
The game begins with Flint sneaking on board an airship following the pirate
family. Once inside, you'll be in a straightforward dungeon. It's more of a 
tutorial than anything, and you'll learn the basics of jumps, running jumps, 
camera moving and item equipping. Destroy the statue at the end to proceed.

In the next area, pick up the key on the floor then proceed to the next room.
Go to the far end to witness a little scene with the pirates. After that, 
hit the nearby switch, then go through either side doors. Slay the enemy there,
enter the other door, and you'll be in a small room with three bots. Slay 
them all to release a treasure chest containing a herb, then enter the lower
door to a save room. Now return to the room where you hit the switch, and
you'll encounter the pirates. You'll have to fight the boss, Zeppo. 

Boss : Zeppo
Here the game turns into a side-scroller! This one is easy; just hop to 
avoid the floor waves, then slash him. Avoid the pitifully weak butt hop.
If you find yourself losing too much life (why?!), feel free to use a herb.

After the battle, it appears that all that racket has attracted the attention
of a bot. After some scenes, you'll have to fight this one too.

Boss : Hammer Bot
A simple fight. There will be enemies falling down onto the tiny platform, 
but you'll manage. Just keep swinging that sword!

The platform collapses after the fight, and sends you and the pirate gang
down into the waters below. After witnessing the horrific power of Mephisto's
Screw, you pass out. Next you'll awake on a beach, and an old man will rescue
you (shades of Alundra?)

My Little Town...
Once you wake up, you'll have a chat with the family that took you in, and 
be introduced to an old man Lord Prunewell, and Princess Alexia. Break the 
piggy bank in the corner for some cash, then leave the hut. The village of 
Paco is ridiculously small, with one other hut (a healing circle is here) and 
a shop (where exactly does everyone else live?). Talk to the guard and then 
everyone in the village, especially the little girl on the hillside that shows 
you Paco Ruins (you'll be quite familiar here much later in the game), then go 
back to the hut you started in and talk to everyone inside. Hey, you can rob 
the kid's money bank again if you want. After this you'll be allowed to leave 
the village. 

Your next destination is the Kindra Forest. Ah... now the game begins to 
share a resemblance to the old Alundra. Hack bushes for gold and stuff. This 
is essentially a large training area. Hack the bushes and monkeys nearby, and 
pick up the herb in the nearby chest (you'll need to kill the nearby monkeys
to drop it). Further along is another chest with another herb. Then, follow 
the path to your first training spot. Here, learn to pick up the box, put
it by the cliff side, then use it to climb up. You can try tossing the crate
at Prunewell, for fun. After getting up, look at the trees above for an 
opening. Talk to the man inside and he'll ask for a herb. Give it to him 
(option 1) and he'll give you a compass. YOU NEED THAT! Go back out. The push 
block is next. These blocks can only be pushed once, remember that! Look 
carefully and you'll figure out which to push. Come on, it's not that hard! 
If you mess up any of these puzzles, leave the screen and return and they'll 
reset. Next, kill the forest gnomes to activate the elevator block. In the 
next screen there's a path in the cove with a hidden 100G chest.

Now you'll meet the pull block. These can be pulled or pushed thanks to the
handle on them. Like the push blocks, they can only be moved once! Figure 
this puzzle out (pull one, push the other) then hit the switch on the floor
(you may not see it; in that case rotate the camera a little). Before you go,
you might want to check out the path Prunewell appeared from... Now hop up. 
Next, slay all the forest gnomes to make the blocks vanish. In the next 
screen, there's a healing circle, use it if you want. Now cross the bridge 
and enter the guardhouse. Talk to the guard to get pass. Take the herb and 
continue along. Jump up the cliff near the chest to reach the exit.

In the next area, Mt. Sparrowhawk, you'll bump into Princess Alexia. She'll 
give you a puzzle piece and show you a large metal structure in the cliff 
side. There's a healing circle in the tree. Use it if you want, then follow 
Alexia into the structure. Look familiar? After a chat with Alexia, follow 
her. Watch out for that steam! Do a bit of climbing to pick up two herbs at 
the top. The left passage at the top leads to another herb, and the right 
passage moves  you along. You'll find a healing circle and a save book; use 
them if you want, then ride the platform. Exit the room Alexia is in to meet 
up with game villain Mephisto. He'll send a hoard of bots after you, kill a 
few then enter the passageway they came from. After a little scene, you'll 
have to fight his key-enhanced feline.

Boss : Mephisto's Cat
This kitty is pretty tough for a first real boss. It first does a dashing 
attack if you hit it; can be dodged by running sideways. After injuring
it enough, it'll hop onto one of the four corner blocks and start breathing
fire; run out of there! Once it comes down it'll straight away do a dash
attack; dodge it and hit. Easier said that done, really.

Once it's down, grab the money and open the chest for a crest that increases 
your maximum life. Once that is done, talk to Alexia then leave. Follow the 
few scenes to be introduced to a giant metal roller bull, the Ox Tank, which 
will start bombarding Paco Village. Once you've returned, talk to everyone. 
Pray at the statue on the hillside to open it up. Step into the warp and you'll 
enter Jeehan's Place (aka the Puzzlemaster's Place). Throughout the game, when 
you've found puzzle pieces, give it to him. Once you've given him enough he'll 
teach you extra combo hits. Also, talk to the boy. Then, go to the last 
remaining hut and enter the toilet, stand on the toilet (don't ask me why, I 
found this by accident) and you should hear a little chime; now go back and 
talk to the boy for a gauntlet, which gives you the useful Sunburst Attack. If 
nothing happens, try again later (Hint from Valeria_ii - he's actually writing 
a washroom essay - visit three of them, one on the airship, one in Paco, and 
one in Toroledo, I believe?).  

Anyway, once you're done, leave town and a new location will pop up. This is
another forest leading to Tortuga Beach. There's a chest with another herb here 
(can't they find something else to put it there?!), do some little jumping to 
pass. Here there's a treasure chest you can't reach; come back later. When you
find a snake-headed pillar on a platform, break it, then do a running jump to 
the next platform. Break the other pillar, then hop to the top slope. Break the 
pillar there for a treasure chest. And this time there's no herbs in it but 
only money! Finally. In the next screen, toss the rock at the golden pillars to 
break them. There's a chest here behind a crumbly block. Pick up a nearby torch 
and toss it at the bomb conveniently placed above it to break it and score 
yourself a puzzle piece. Next, you can pick up another herb in a chest, then in 
the next puzzle, toss water at the blue statues (you can get water by breaking 
the nearby snake pillar and stepping on the switch hidden beneath it). You can 
get money from the chest held by the blue pillar.

Next area. Some good running jumps will net you a herb (again...). More good 
jumping will allow you to reach a switch and activate a nearby platform lift. 
In the pit, slay all the boars to open up and exit and a chest containing 200 
coins. The next area contain footwalls; well, do a sliding kick (run with R2 
and press circle). Past that, you'll see a strange scene, then meet Princess 
Alexia at the exit.

A Whole Lotta Bull
Now this is a real town! First off, head to the inn (should be the first 
building you see). In the second floor bathroom there's an exit. Go out, hop 
into the window of the adjoining house, then grab that chest for a puzzle 
piece. There's another piece in the back door of the inn. In the item shop, 
you can trade the key you've picked up all the way from the airship for a... 
cow? A cow statue? Who knows? In the shed next to the item shop is a tonic. 
Once you've done all that, head to the little path behind the inn to meet a few 
familiar faces... after that amusing little spectacle, leave this area through 
the other exit behind the cow barn. Here there's a Jeehan Statue. Right on the 
path behind it is another puzzle piece. Give the Jeehan the pieces you've 
picked up. Go all the way back to the inn, head towards the other exit down the 
road. They'll be a little scene here. Now return to where you met the pirate 
family. Try to go up the stairs. Another scene develops. Go back to the house 
the man came from. You can now use the door here to gain access to another exit 
from Toroledo.

It's time for the Ox Tank! Use the black tracks to climb up the roller bull.
Inside proper, climb the ladder on your left for a save book and a heal 
circle. Now go back down and flip the switch (turn your camera properly to 
see it). This will retract the shaft and open one of the doors. Climb up to 
the ledge then flip the switch from up here. Go though the open door for a key. 
Flip the switch again, then use the key on the one locked door here. Hit the 
floor switch, then hit the other one when it opens up. Pick up the puzzle 
piece here. Return to where you picked up the key, hit the switch here. Proceed 
through the now-unblocked door. Here, throw the flame at the bomb above the 
cracked block to blow it up. Next, drop down and destroy the monsters below
to activate the ladder. Up here, you'll see an unreachable chest, a door and a
ladder, and a couple of fire-breathing monsters. Climb the ladder, grab that
bomb and put it near the cracked block, then knock a monster near it and let
the monster set it on fire to grab the chest, containing a puzzle piece. Now,
enter the door to watch a scene between Alexia and a couple of wind-up humans. 
After that, grab that key in the nearby chest and get out. Use it on the locked
door above the ladder. In the next room, talk with the windup humans if you
want, then get to the other doorway. Here you'll find a healing circle. 

Pass this is a little donkey-kong inspired room; get to the switch and hit it. 
Return to the previous room and step on the elevator. Take the left elevator 
going up. After that little scene with Alexia, you'll go further up; hit the
switch here and grab the herb in the chest. Go back down and slaughter the 
cat-things to activate the other elevator on the right. Keep going up in the
next screen, open the chest for some money. Exit through the ramp. Here, 
climb down the ladder, go all the way left, drop down, then enter the ramp
here to be where Alexia was previously. Grab the key she ignored, then return
to the rolling ball room and use it on the locked door (you'll have to go 
all the way back up again). More donkey-kong madness! First go right and enter
the ramp. Slay the monsters here to activate the right elevator, but ignore 
that and enter the left one. Exit this room and you'll be back at the roller
ball room. Fall down onto the switch. Go down the elevator now and enter the
door at the lowest ramp. A bomb, a cracked block, and a torch. You know what
to do by now, right? Grab the key. Now go back to where you activated the 
elevator previously and ride that up. Use that key here. Climb up to the 
highest ramp. 

There's a timed puzzle here. Notice the footsteps and the line? You'll need 
to do a running jump at the line to clear the obstacle. Hit the switch then 
go for it. You'll have to reach the block without making more that one mistake 
to clear it. You know what to do next. Hit the switch, then climb the ladder 
that becomes usable. Here, you have to knock your enemies into two of the three 
holes, then jump into the third. Don't worry, there's an unlimited supply of 
enemies if you accidentally kill them. The next room tests your running jump
ability; should be too difficult to get up to the switch. Nab the money in
the chest before you go up. Use the save book if you want, then hit the switch
and climb up to meet Alexia and the Pirate family, as well as the dungeon boss.

You start off with a little racing challenge. You dash down the slope, dodging 
the rolling minotaur, while picking up power-ups. When you reach a checkpoint, 
you'll be able to start here if you mess up anywhere before the next checkpoint. 
Here are some stuff that you can pick up:
- Bubble Rock - Drops a rock that slows down the minotaur
- Silver Coins - Worth 10G
- Gold Coins - Worth 20G
- Tonic Bubble - Drops a tonic that you can pick up if you're fast enough
-  Rockets - Speed you up.
Can't really help you here; you'll need to practice this event by yourself.  
Watch out for pits and blocks, particularly pits that appear all over near
the end. And watch out for those Rockets too; some are placed right before
a pit, sending you speeding into it! 

Boss : Minotaur
You'll start the boss fight proper after the race. Here it gets even more 
difficult! Stay away from the minotaur as he punches you. When he punches the 
boulder, dodge that by staying close to the minotaur; he won't attack. It will 
then hit the minotaur and dizzy him. Then strike him. Repeat. After a while the 
boulder will stop falling. He will start doing his rolling attack, now run in 
circles to dodge it. He will get dizzy after a while, use this opportunity to 
strike him. Repeat. As with all bosses, it's easier said than done, but keep 
practicing and he'll be down soon enough. Grab the money and the crest then get 
outta there! 

After this, you chat with Alexia and you'll see a scene involving the farmer's
prized cow (previously the Minotaur) returning to the paddock. Return to town
and go to the inn. Chat with everyone inside, talk to people around town and then 
leave town through the other exit on the main road. A new route should open up.

The next area is Howling Cave. Watch the scene, then hop onto the elevator and 
go after the man. Next, a familiar puzzle (those who played Alundra should 
recognize this!). Use the torches to burn all the thorns. Position the bomb near 
one switch, then light it with a torch, then hit the other switch as soon as the 
bomb goes off. This will activate the elevator; pick up that puzzle piece. Proceed 
to the next area. In this hut you can play a game of darts with all those darts 
you've picked up. You can trade for some neat stuff if you get a lot (and I mean a 
lot) of points. Go back to the previous area. Now the man starts to toss rocks at 
you. Stack them up to climb the cliff, then exit to the next area.

Dun Webb, The House of Screw
The next area is a mansion. What are all those people queuing up for? Climb the
ladder, then grab the chest up there for a tonic, then go through the door 
up here to reach the balcony. Enter the first door you see. There's a save 
book here as well as a puzzle piece chest (just do a running jump to reach it). 
Proceed through the other door here. Watch what happens. Go back to the balcony, 
then grab that herb at the far end and take the other door. You'll be in a room 
full of conveyer belts. Grab all the chests here, especially the puzzle piece. 
Leave through the exit and you'll be tossed out onto a hillside with rolling 
balls and monsters. Ignore the large double doors and climb up the staircase. 
Enter the first door you come across to meet Alexia. Watch what happens. Now 
slay all the monsters to unlock one of the doors. Proceed. Beware of the portal 
that draws you in! They teleport you back out onto the hillside. Flip the switch 
immediately to the right (watch your head!), then go down. There's a herb here, 
grab it if you want. Knock down the foot wall (you should know how) and hit the 
switch. There's another herb nearby this switch. Hit the next switch nearby while 
dodging the rolling blades. Now go up the stairs and hit the fourth switch 
protected by floor spikes. Once this is hit a door opens, enter it. You'll be 
back at the entrance, this time without the queue. Of the two new doorways here, 
one will lead you back to the room where Alexia gets captured; take the other one. 
There's a monster here that sneezes out bombs; lure him to the chest on the 
crumbly block to shatter it. Now you'll get the first spell ring of the game, the 
Pixie Ring! This ring, when equipped, allows you to paralyze your enemy. You also 
gain a special ability when equipped with this ring; jump and hold jump and 
you'll gain the ability to hover! A new bar, the EP bar, appears with a level of
200EP. Note that your EP goes up if you stand still. Now, take the other exit. 
You'll be back to the room where the man got...well, screwed; notice that the 
other doors have opened. Now return to the room where the queue once was. Use 
your new ring on the green crystal here to open the wall and access the elevator. 

Proceed through the lowest door. There's a save point and a healing circle
here, if you need them. In the next screen, slay all the monsters to release
a switch that will unlock one other door in the circular room. Go there.
Here, you can use your spell on the green statues to move them; shoot them
both once. Knock down the foot wall, and grab the herb in the corner. Now 
comes the hard part - you have to lead one of those chasing fireballs to the 
torch in the corner. Shoot the second of the two statues so that it can shoot 
fireballs again, then lead the fireball to the torch. Hit the switch. Another
door will open in the circular room. Go there. Watch out for those suckers!
The "lead the fireball" thing gets even harder here, as its very easy for the 
fireball to get snuffed out. Drop down the pit that opens up. More herbs and
monsters here. Hop to the flaming barrel and pick it up, then get to the 
thorns and burn them. Follow the path and hit the switch at the end to open
yet another door in the circular room. So get over there! You'll be blocked
off when you enter this doorway; slay all the monsters to un-block yourself.
Follow along and hit the switch to open the final door in the circular room.
The room contains a switch that will open up the wall blocking you and Alexia.
Don't forget to grab the puzzle piece here. Go back down to the lowest door,
save the game, then take the elevator. Enter the large double doors. Shoot
the green crystal for a herb and a tonic, then use the healing circle. Take
a deep breath, then go into the door. It's time for...

Boss : Spider Lady
Ugly, ain't she? Tough, too. She has a number of attacks, including a nasty
claw slash, a hard-to-dodge homing energy ball, little spiders, and a slowing
floor web. Run circles round the other perimeter to dodge the homing ball, 
then dash at her with a running slash to knock her to the wall. After a few
hits, the wall crumbles. Be careful not to fall off! Knock her off to end 
the fight.

At the bottom you'll pick up money and an elemental orb; go rescue Alexia. 
It's mind cart madness time! The aim here is, like the previous race, is to 
get to the other side intact while passing through check points. You toss 
rocks at enemies on either side with R1 and L1, dodge down to avoid spikes 
with down, jump over obstacles on the track with the jump button. Enemies will 
try to attack you from either side, and even from an opposite track. Toss 
rocks at the former, just dodge the latter. This one is pretty easy and fun, 
shouldn't take you too long to clear. You'll eventually reach Yagin Harbor.

Puerto Medusa
Alexia will leave you for a moment, giving you an pancea (restores HP and EP). 
Talk to the everyone here; a blacksmith hidden in the corner outside the inn 
will trade your cow statue for a hammer. Now, enter the inn, and go talk to 
Alexia. You'll force your way on board a ship, but leave Alexia on the shore. 
Whoops. Anyway, on board, take all five crates and drop 'em at the front of 
the ship. After this you'll reach land. Walk around the port and you'll see 
those three ducks again. Hmm... Explore the port a little. Try to buy the new 
sword available here if you have the money, and if you really have a lot of 
money, buy the crest too. You can also load up on Lorient Nuts. For a laugh, go 
to the room behind the innkeeper and check out the posters. Now climb to 
the attic of the inn. Watch the scene that unfolds, then stand on the crack on 
the floor. Talk to the guy in room. Now go to the lighthouse and talk, then 
something will happen. Now go to the item shop and head to the back room and 
talk to the man there. He's a blacksmith if you can't tell by now; he promises
to build you a magnificent shield if you can find three stones for him. That
you'll do much later. Finally, go rest at the inn then talk to the innkeeper 
behind the counter. You will now be able to enter the house next to the shop 
(the one with the woman standing guard). There's an exotic dancer Axelya here 
- say, doesn't she look a little familiar? Try to leave and see what happens. 

Once you're back to you old self, go upstairs, then exit and go to the hut at 
the top. There is a little stacking puzzle here. First put the barrel near the 
lower platform that contains a crate. Put a crate next to the barrel. Put a 
barrel on top of the crate. Put a crate on top of the higher barrel. You can 
then get the crate above. Now repeat the above for the other platform, except
you have to stack the other crate above the highest one. Now you can grab that 
puzzle piece. Now exit through the lower door and enter the next hut. Pass the 
little obstacle course here (watch out for the second treasure chest). In the 
next room, grab that tonic. Here you can simply run through all the crushing 
walls, but to get the chest above the door you'll have to do some really good 
jumping (your hover ability works wonders here) if you want to score a puzzle 
piece. Can't help you much here. In the next room, use the flame-spitting chest 
to light the torch above you. Do a running jump, light the next torch from 
another chest further up. The wall will disappear. Exit. The next hut has more 
obstacles, including crushing boulders, spiked balls and flying pots. Once you 
clear this, you would have done the pirate's obstacle course, and get a prize 
for your efforts - a gold badge. Anyway, enter the large archway to reach 
Mileena's Mansion, and encounter the pirate family again. You'll also encounter 
the pirate family's mother Mileena, who appears to be the head of the house. 
There's also a strange ninja fellow Belgar, who is Mileena's assistant/bodyguard. 
Go to the garden shed for a save book and a healing circle. Grab that tonic!

Now hop into the pit while pressing in the north-west direction as you fall 
(check your compass) and you'll land on a ledge. Enter and kill everything in 
there (hint : to kill the pot snakes real quick, just pick up the pot and 
toss it). A puzzle piece is yours. Now continue falling down the pit. Enter 
the west doorway and kill everything in the room. A treasure chest will fall, 
but you can't reach it yet. Go back and through the north passage. Watch out 
for those chests, then kill everything in the room to open the doorway. Go in 
and flip the switch. Hop the blocks, avoiding the odd-colored ones. After 
some trial-and-error you'll get up there. Once again, kill everything to open 
the door. A save book and healing circle combo is in the next room. Pass the 
crusher walls is a elixir, which restores up to 600HP... useful. You shouldn't 
have any problems dodging the walls here. But pass that it gets a wee bit more 

Boss : Mushroom Croco
Isn't that the most bizarre thing you've ever seen? He doesn't have much 
attacks, just a rushing bite and that mushroom that spews poison when
you hit him. The problem is he's huge, and very hard to dodge. Hit his 
body/base of the mushroom. It takes a while of practice, but it'll go
down soon enough. As always, grab the his piggy bank and big crest once 
he expires.

>From the elevator, take the higher exit, shoot the green block with your
magic, then climb up if you want to leave the dungeon. If not, take the
other exit. Here, ignore the chest and go left (south) to a messy-looking 
room. Hop to the adjacent exit to claim the puzzle piece you've missed 
before. Now hop down and kill everything (don't miss the tiny little blob) 
to activate the lift. Now go up. The treasure chest on the side contains 
a tonic and requires a well-timed jump; grab it if you think it's worth 
it. Take the small lift. In the next room, activate the lift by killing 
everything in the room. The chest further up contains an Lorient Nuts. 
Use the hopping green blocks to get further up. There's a tough running
jump at the top that takes you to the exit and to a 200G chest. 

After observing a rather amusing way of torture, leave the room and 
you'll be in the mansion proper. Explore it; there's even a fan of yours 
in one of the rooms. Talk to her, then talk to the people guarding the 
stairs, finally talk to the fat fellow in front of the fireplace. Do it 
right and he'll leave. Go inside and climb down. You'll be in a bedroom. 
Go through the door in the next room and you'll be in a kitchen. Hit the 
switch to open the trapdoor leading down back to the dungeon. Remember 
this point; there's a chest here you'll need the Siren Ring to obtain. 
Go through the kitchen door to reach the dining room; enter the fireplace 
here and pay the guy 50G, but you won't get anywhere. Now go outside and 
talk to the pirate nearest to the fireplace, then you'll be able to 
access the ladder there. It leads to a closet room. The door leads to a 
safe room (save book + healing circle). The doorway leads to a balcony.
Search the corner for a un-spottable chest containing a puzzle piece,
then, climb the vines here to get to the top of the mansion. Now observe 
the scene here. You'll then be tossed out of the house, back to town.

The Cave of Prunewell
The town gets covered with Mephisto's goons. Go to where Alexia is,
and talk to her. Slay the bots, then watch the scene. You'll eventually
get captured by Mephisto and taken onboard his ship. Flint will then
tell his sad family tale to Alexia. Say, doesn't Flint's dad look like
someone you've already met? A while later, Alexia gets taken by Mephisto, 
and Flint gets thrown overboard.

You survive, again. What does it take to drown you, anyway? The man
whom you meet is a shopkeeper, buy stuff from him if you need it. The
next room is a safe room, SAVE! There are five other exits, in the 
north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west, and north. The north 
exit is blocked by 4 locked doors. And would you believe it, there's 
a key at the end of each of these four side doors! Note : in this 
dungeon some of the traps and monsters are invisible. There will be a 
green crystal here in this case; shoot it to reveal the monsters for a 
short while. 

South-east exit:
Kill all the monsters get the 500G chest. Now light up the room with the 
green crystal then hit the switch to open the south door. In the next room 
kill all the monsters to open the door again. In the room after that, slay 
all the monsters then guide the fireball to the torches. Mind you there are 
obstacles in the room you can't quite see. Okay, next room. Light the green
crystal here and a sign appears. It tells you to use your hovering ability.
So use it! Once you've hovered for awhile, the door opens and you'll meet
the boss...

Boss : Evil Eyes
This boss surrounds itself with smaller eyes. Just rush right into the 
circle and start hacking and it'll go down fast. Claim your treasure - 
a tonic, and Lorient Nut and a key.

North-east exit:
Read the sign. There are three consecutive rooms with red pillars, yellow 
pillars and blue pillars. Go to the rooms is this order - Red, Yellow, 
Blue, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue. Basically two rooms forward, two rooms 
back, then two rooms forward. Finally go forwards. You'll be in a room
with a sign. It's a test of courage! Read the sign and three monsters 
will appear. Stay absolutely still and eventually they will vanish and the 
door will open. And behind it...

Boss : Evil Eyes
Two of the eyes drop unlit bombs, and the large eyes tosses fireballs. Got
it yet? Grab an unlit bomb, light it with the fireball, wait about 3s, 
then toss it at the large eye. Repeat. For your efforts, a tonic, a nut 
and a key!

North-west exit: 
Here, light both green crystals to spot a flame and an unlit torch. Toss 
the flame into the torch to light it and open the door. In the next room, 
there is a fireball spitting pillar and a statue. Lighting the green 
crystal causes the statue to throw a spear at the unlit torch. Time it in 
such a way that the spear hits the fireball so that it lights up the torch. 
That will open the door. The next room is yet another lead-the-fireball 
room. Light the green crystal to get an idea where the obstacles are. 
Shouldn't be a problem. In the next room, light the green crystal and a 
switch will appear randomly. Rush to it before it disappears and step on 
it to kill all the monsters and open the door. In the next room, use your 
magic to turn all the statues away from the switch, then step on it. Next...

Boss : Evil Eyes
This trio is too high for you to reach, but drops bombs constantly.
Pick up a bomb then toss it at the largest eye; don't keep it in 
your hands too long! Do not bother attacking the smaller ones. Once
again, the spoils are a key, a tonic and a nut.

South-west exit:
Here use your magic to blast the green blocks towards the switch above. 
Only blast one block once, hop onto it, blast the next, and soon. At the 
very top, make a running jump to the switch and hit it to open the door. 
The next room requires you to step on the switch on the invisible platform 
above you to open the door. You don't really need to light up the room with 
the green crystal - you should be able to see them. In the next room you 
see three green blocks. The left and right ones hop when you shoot them, 
and the middle one just moves. The idea is to make the hopping block hop,  
then position the middle block under it to stack. Do it for both hopping
blocks and you'll be able to reach the switch above. In the next room
slay all the monsters to open the door. Hitting the green switch reveals
two treasure chests containing a tonic and darts. Next room contains...

Boss : Evil Eyes
Pitifully easy. These eyes attacks with laser beams. Kill the two smaller 
eyes first, then the large eye. Well, you know what you're gonna get by
now, right?

Use the four keys you've picked up on the 4 locks sealing off the northern
exit in the safe room. Observe the scene here. You'll encounter your old 
tutor Prunewell. You then leave the cave in a submarine. Prunewell will 
then tell you more about the King of Varuna's disappearance, and his... 
err... substitute. You then arrive in Varuna Castle, just to get tossed in 
the castle dungeons. A few scenes later, you are released.

Four if by Sea
Leave Varuna and proceed to the next point on the map, Gwaba Town. Talk to 
the man on the bridge (Nunugi) to obtain some scroll. Now take the side path 
that goes under the bridge and talk to the old man staying there. You'll just 
end up annoying him. Now go enter the town. It's pretty big, so you'll have 
to explore the place a little to get familiar with it. On the second floor 
lift lobby look around for a elixir. That done, go down to the first floor.

In one of the houses next to the item shop there's a girl on the second 
floor who will offer you a puzzle piece for a price - all your money! In 
the item shop, try to buy the shield if you have 1500G; it's gonna be useful 
soon enough. Stock up on elixirs too if you have the cash. In another house 
in the south there's a small platform lift that will take you to a room with 
a chest and a bomb. To the other end of the room is a flame behind a crumbly 
block. There's also a barrel on the block. To reach the flame, throw the bomb 
diagonally at the flame. Grab the darts in the corner. For the other chest, 
you'll have to come back later. In yet another house, this one with a small 
library, there's another elixir in a chest upstairs. This is the south-eastern 
most house. Next, go to the town center and look for a staircase nearby. This 
leads to a messy-looking house. Climb the ladder to the roof and pick up a 
puzzle piece here. From the first floor, look for a side exit from town. You 
will find a Jeehan Statue here - now go unload all those puzzle pieces you've 
amassed! There's the Church of the Key nearby, if you're curious. You'll be 
back here much later. This screen also leads to the port. 

In the inn on the first floor you'll meet Albert. After talking to him, go to 
the lift lobby of the first floor and talk to Ruby. Then go back to where 
Albert was and Ruby will be there. Talk to her. Now go to a house next to the 
inn and you'll find Albert there. Go back to the inn and talk to both Albert 
and Ruby. Now go to any house's rooftop and you'll spot Zeppo, Albert and Ruby 
leaving the market place. Now go look for Zeppo - he's found in a random 
building in town (hint: remember which exit he went off to). Chat with him and 
Albert and Ruby will appear. After all that chatting, leave town and look for 
the old man under the bridge. He'll be a little more receptive this time, and 
you'll obtain the Siren Ring from him. If you leave town now a new path opens 
up that leads to a Deadeye Zach's dart house, use it if you want. With the Siren 
Ring in hand, return to the house with the chest you couldn't reach. Place the 
barrel between the two blocks on the north wall. Now use your new ring to douse 
the torch, then use it and the treasure chest as stepping stones to the large 
blocks. Grab that puzzle piece! Now, with all that done, go to the port. Zeppo 
and gang are waiting for you on their ship (now when did they get so chummy 
all of a sudden?). Choose the first option to cast off!

On board the ship, go to the treasure-chest-shaped room to save the game.
Now hop off the plank by Albert to float down into the sunken ship that the 
old man talked about. Aided by your Siren Ring, you'll be able to breath 
underwater. Anyway, to swim, tap the Jump Button without your sword drawn. 
On the ocean floor to the far right is an Lorient Nut, and to the far left, a 
herb. There are two crumbly blocks, on the rear of the ship, one on the deck. 
Lure a mine near these and then touch the mines to shatter the blocks. The 
blue statues release mines when you fire your Siren Ring at them. The top 
deck entrance leads to a long path filled with traps, and ends in a dead end 
with a chest containing 5 darts. If you feel that's worth the trouble, go 
ahead. The other entrance is a lot bigger. The exit going down right in front 
of you has traps, monsters, and a chest with a elixir. To pass the seaweed, 
just whack it. Go for it if you want. Back at the entrance corridor, swim all 
the way right (watch out for the spears!). Going up then all the way left and 
whacking away the seaweed will score you 5 more darts. Take the second exit 
down (near the spears) and it will lead you to a smaller corridor with exits 
to the right and down. If you go right you can pick up 200G. Go down, whack 
the weeds away, then lure the mine to the crumbly block (you may need to 
manually detonate it with you Siren Ring). There's a few dangerous traps 
here. At the end, use the mine on the blocks again to let you into a safe 
room. And you know, where there's a safe room, there's a...

Boss : Giant Shark
Not too tough. Initially, launch a mine, then stay in front of it and 
eventually the shark will bite into it. Then quickly shoot a Siren Ring
at the mine to burst it and injure the shark. A few hits later, he will
use his vacuum breath. Dodge the flying debris, and hide behind the 
blue statue. Once the debris is cleared, shoot the statue and the mine
will be sucked into the mouth of the shark. Detonate it. No problem, 

Once you've sunk the shark, take everything from the chest. The ship will
start collapsing, and debris will be falling all over the place. Dodge 
them, then get your butt outta there! Back on the ship, go talk to Zeppo
in the captain's room. Watch the scene that unfolds. Oh dear, it's that
whale monster that you help create! The ship capsizes, but thankfully
Zeppo successfully builds a raft (in mid air, even).

Puerto Medusa II : The Return
Use the Jeehan Statue if you want, then return to the town by going left 
all the way. Here, two doors that are guarded by a single pirate will now 
be available to you, and inside one of them is a mini-games To the right 
is "catch the pot", where you have to catch falling pots by watching for 
their shadows on the floor. Later, spike balls large and small will fall 
together with the pots; the pot's shadow is always smaller, so you should 
have no problem. It costs 30G to play, and once you've successfully won it 
you'll get 10 darts and 500G as your prize. Climb the ladder after this, 
then use the pot and the man as a stepping stone to a puzzle piece. To the
left door, hidden behind water pots are two chests with 500G and a herb.
But don't go demolishing those pots yet! Talk to the man in the room, then
throw a pot at him. Talk, throw pot, repeat until he stands up and the music
goes back to normal. And... well, something happens. Apparently, he realizes
that he can get money from the pots easily, and he promises to repay you. 
Also, this is a good time to return to the mansion to pick up the one chest 
you've missed (below the trapdoor of the kitchen) - it holds a small crest 
that ups your max HP by 25.

After doing all your town stuff, return to where you arrived on this island 
a second time and check out the large eye in the cliff. It will open up and 
let you in. In the first room, douse the flames to open the door. In the next 
room, kill all the monsters to open the trapdoor. You can't get the black 
treasure chest until you have the Newt Ring first. You can get the other 
chest by dousing the flame with your Siren Ring, though; it contains a tonic. 
Proceed. In the next room, destroy the blue statue and enter the secret door
behind it. After that destroy the other blue statue and use the crate to weigh
down the switch. Proceed. The next room holds a simple puzzle. Here, there is 
a fireball spitting blue statue. You must avoid hitting the red statue with 
those fireballs as it will launch a water pot and destroy the blue statue. First
run right to the front of the blue statue. Then quickly run to the right to 
light the torch there, then back to the front, then to the left to light the 
torch there. Once that is done, a chest is liberated, containing a puzzle piece.
Now, return to the corridor where you found the secret doorway and take the 
ladder on the other side.

You're now in a lava pit. Hit all the switches and weigh down the round switch 
with the crate that falls. In the next room, shoot at the 2nd blue statue from 
the left (assuming you are facing north) and hit the switch to open the door. 
The other switches summon monsters. Pass that, grab the elixir then destroy both 
the fireball-spitting statues with your spell to drop the switch, hit that, then 
go to the elevator. Grab the nut, then carefully douse all three flames. In the 
next room, careful jumping will get you to a switch and a money chest (200G). 
The switch will open a pit. But before you hop merrily in, smash the statue 
blocking the door and go in. Grab the 10 darts, then smash the statue there, then 
in the next room hit the switch and stand in between the four blocks. Now that's 
using your head! Grab the puzzle piece. Now go back to the spike room and take the 
other door. Here, use water to make the two vases appear at the north wall, then 
use the flames to make the two torches appear at the south wall. You'll liberate 
another puzzle piece. Now you can hop into that pit. A safe room is here, and the 
door will take you near to the dungeon's entrance. 

Ride the platforms, then whack that... thing... to knock it down, then stand on 
it to get to the treasure chest containing 200G. Next room. Hey, remember this 
one? First go and hit the nearest blue switch. Then jump to towards the floating 
spike ball and you'll eventually be brought to the other blue switch. Hit that. 
Take the path touching the wall to ride to the other side of the room. There are 
two blue switches here. Hit the one closest to the door. Now hit the other one. 
Then, hit the it again but this time don't walk off the switch! From the switch, 
hop to the block that just came up and hop over to the conveyer area. Take any 
conveyer and it will take you back to the door. Take the circuit again. This 
time, ignore the first switch, then hit the second switch. If you did it right, 
you'll be able to access the two red switches. One opens the door, the other
opens a trap. Doesn't really matter, since the trap is pitifully easy to avoid 
anyway. Proceed. In the next room, kill all the monsters to activate the lift, 
then hop to the chest for a key (watch out for the steam). Not quite sure how 
to get that other treasure chest though... Go back to the floating platform room 
and use your key on the locked door there. 

You'll be in a large room now. Shoot at the four torches all over the room to 
open the trapdoor. Grab the nut and then go down. Here, destroy the monster 
generator, then use the platform monster to get across the spikes. In the next 
room, hit the switch furthest away, then the one in the middle of the room, then 
the switch nearest to the entrance. Hope you have a herb or two handy, you'll get 
spiked a lot. Kill all the monsters to procure a key in the next room. Go back 
three rooms. Use the key, then kill all the monsters in the room to drop the 
switch. Hit that... what, another lead-the-fireball? It's not too hard. After 
this, you'll have access to the ladder. Another large room. Here, do some jumping 
to get the key in the corner, and even more jumping will get you to the switch. 
Some more jumping will get you a bomb. Turn the green statue (with your Pixie 
Ring) in the direction of the crumbly block, then light the bomb with it. Boom!
Grab that puzzle piece. Now use the key on the locked door here. In the next
room, grab all the treasures (breaking that blue statue makes things a lot
easier...) then proceed. Use the warp plate in the next room. Time to use your
head again! Same concept here, but the statues really move fast, and to act as
a human platform requires some skill. After some practice, you'll knock down 
the chest that contains an pancea, and also acts as a platform to get you up.
Grab the 500G in the corner before going up. There's a safe room above, and 
you know what that means! Knock the walls down, then look at the wall mural
for a hint on how to defeat the boss. Now go next door and...

Boss : Living Statue I
He's actually very easy... if you know the trick. First, run circles around 
him to dodge the lasers. When he goes on one foot and starts swinging his
fist, do a sliding kick to knock him down. Then whack at the gem on his head.
After a while, he will replace his swinging punch with a ground pound. If
you fail to knock him down, the ground pound will send blocks falling from
the ceiling. No problem here either; just repeat what you were doing before
and he'll go down real quick. No sweat, really. 

Once he's down, grab the crest and another object. go back and save (you 
don't want to do all that again, do you?). Then step on the warp plate.
Step on the other warp plate. Proceed along and you'll eventually end up
outside. There's a cave and a Jeehan Statue here. Go into the cave.

Going Native
You're in a new land - welcome to Eden Village! First, locate the puzzle 
piece in the shed (it's not that hard to spot), then go to the hut with 
the save book. Choose option 1 when talking to the old man to rest, and 
choose option 2 when talking to the young man to buy stuff. There's a new 
sword and elemental orb here; buy them if you have the cash. Talk to all 
the natives, and then talk to the man with the bird on his head. He will 
offer to give you the Dryad Ring if you catch his bird, the Goo Goo bird. 
Keep trying and you'll eventually learn where the bird stops at, and then 
you'll catch him. Return him to the old man to get the Dryad Ring. Use it 
on the gold statue next to him to get a quest object. Note that you can now 
go back to all the gold statues littered about and shoot them to pick up 
more puzzle pieces and other treasure. If you leave the town, you'll reach 
a Deadeye Zach's, if you want to use it. Now return to the dungeon before. 
In the room just before the exit, another door will open. Use your new ring 
to break the golden blocks, then hop down the pit. 

There's two unlit torches here, ignore them until you've found the Newt
Ring. Instead, look for a red switch and hit it. Go inside the open 
doorway and slay all the monsters, then hit the blue switch that appears. 
This will open the door in front of you. Next, kill the monster near the 
platform so you can hop on to access the safe room and grab that key. Go 
back a room. To reach the locked door, hop to the large platform above 
the spikes and fire at the switch from afar. Behind the locked door is a 
large room filled with spikes. To one side, hit the red switch to drop 
golden statues. Then shoot the statue, jump onto where it was sitting, 
shoot the other one, jump there, then to the chest. You'll need to do 
this real quick. You'll get a puzzle piece for your efforts. On the 
other side, use your ring to reveal platforms. Grab that torch then 
toss it at one of the thorn pillars. Repeat for the other thorn pillar. 
Don't worry, you have plenty of time. In the next room, destroy the 
monster generators, and grab that herb. The doorway will open and you 
can climb down. But before you go down, jump down one of the other pits
to reach a room with a elixir and a puzzle piece. Return back up and 
take the exit pit. There's some EP restoring Grapes of Eru here, and a 
few gold pillars. Destroy them to get to the switch, while watching out 
for that spear. Ride the platforms and grab the torch, and use it on 
the thorn pillar. Go down. Here hit the crystal with you spell, then 
hop along and hit the switch. Climb up the ladder. In the next room, 
the monster here can only be slain by your magic. Once killed, grab the 
tonic, the key, and hop onto the teleporter. Once you come back to 
this old room, use the key on the locked door and proceed.

Next room. Here, destroy the yellow block then run forwards to avoid 
breaking the flame. Toss it at the thorns. If you go down the stairs 
you'll reach a small room with some monsters and two treasure chests. 
You can get the elixir here, but for the puzzle piece, you'll have to 
drop down from the pit above. Back up, lure the shelled monster to the 
ledge then use his shell as a stepping stone. Then hit the switch, kill 
the monsters, and proceed. In the next room, hit the red switch. Now 
you'll have to do some tough jumps, and do them quick, too. When you 
reach the other switch, hit it and the way opens. Dodge the obstacles 
next and hit the switch here to open another path. Now hit the blue 
switch grab the key, hit the blue switch again, use the key and continue. 
In the next room, toss the flame at the switch to continue. Here, ignore 
the steps and walk around the bend. Hit the red switch. The trick here is 
to reach the other switch above by hopping on the gold statues, and to do 
that, you must hit the crystal without hitting the statue. For the first 
crystal, lean to the wall and shoot it diagonally. The gold statue will 
drop near the high switch. Finally, toss the rock over the other gold 
statue and hit the crystal. Now you can use the crystal, platform and the 
statues to reach the switch. Hit it and continue. In the next room, grab 
that grape in the chest and then drop down the pit nearest to it. You'll 
end up in a room with a crest and a puzzle piece, nice. Hit the switch and 
exit, go back up and to the area where you took the grapes, then hit the 
switch while dodging all the spears. Continue pass the vanished block. Hit 
the switch to stop the spears. Now there's two exits here. 

Take the north exit first. Kill all the monsters and proceed. In the 
next area there's some grapes, and a whole mess of gold statues blocking 
two chests. This is honestly not much of a puzzle! Just break the left 
statue, then the other statue right behind it. Grab the chest, then hop 
to the other chest. Duh. Return to the junction and then take the south 
exit. Watch out, there's traps aplenty here. Shoot the crystal at the 
end, then run to the switch that is lowered, dodging the spears all the 
way. No problem. With that go to the little area the switch opens, kill
everything inside, then proceed. In the next area, you have to weigh 
down five switches with barrels. It takes some time and patience (okay, 
a lot of patience) but its not difficult. Remember how to throw near 
and far and you should be fine. On the other side of the room is a 
somewhat simpler puzzle; just toss the flame at the switch. Beyond the 
two doors you've opened is a safe room. You know what this means...

Boss : Living Statue II
This one is also easy if you know the trick. Dodge the lasers, then 
when he creates pillars on the floor, hit the switch and then hop 
to the elevator that appears. Whack his head, then jump down and 
continue whacking. After a while he will gain a new flame attack 
that's pitifully easy to dodge. Repeat and he'll be history soon 

You'll get three treasures after the fight, two artifacts and an 
elemental orb. Go back and the warp plate falls down. Use it! Back 
at the square room, you can open yet another door. This leads to a 
warp plate, which you will use, of course. Enter the north double 
doors ahead and then use your Siren Ring on the torches in the 
corner. A chest will fall containing another quest item. The other 
chest is empty, by the way. Another scene develops when you try to 
leave. The double doors in the south lead to a puzzle piece and 
gold statues. Shatter them all and leave. Surprise! You're back in 
Paco! Look around for chests nearby where you can open with your 
new-found abilities. 

Mini-Game Mania
In the Kindra Forest, by the bridge there's a ladder going down into 
the water. With your Siren Ring equipped, jump into the water and 
follow the river until you reach another ladder. Here there's a 
mini-game where you must create a line of bombs to destroy the 
crumbling blocks. You can only leave 10 bombs on the field. Behind 
those blocks are :- a herb, a nut, two elixirs and a big crest, 
with the more valuable treasure being further away. Your main aim is 
the furthest block with the big crest, all the rest aren't important. 

Further along the forest is a path blocked by a gold statue. 
Shouldn't be too hard to pass now, right? Another mini-game awaits 
you here! Here you must lead dogs to jump onto switches so that 
you can grab treasure that falls. As you proceed, you'll get better 
treasure, but more dogs and switches! The treasure you get, in order, 
is :- a herb, a tonic, an Eru Grapes and a puzzle piece. It actually 
gets quite difficult once you get to the puzzle piece, since there's 
four dogs and four switches, and two of those dogs are almost twice 
your speed. The trick is to jump aside when they are close by and 
they'll jump forwards. Past this you'll find a black chest on the 
ground... and it's empty? Don't worry, you're not missing anything,
it's part of the plot (Thanks to Alex Siew). 

Further past that, beyond the pull blocks, is a round clump of trees 
and a blue statue. Break that and go in for... yeah, yet another 
mini-game! Here you have to guide a RC car around a large area 
littered with power ups. Problem is, there's a lot of tough jumps 
and obstacles to avoid, making this the hardest of the mini-games. 
And there are plenty of important power-ups found here too! In 
circuit A you'll find a puzzle piece and in circuit S a Wonder Orb. 
The Wonder Orb is especially useful as it lets you regenerate HP 
like you do with EP. However, the chances of actually getting either 
of these are incredibly slim, due to the ridiculous difficulty, so 
go for it only if you have lots of money and even more patience. Now, 
you can leave this forest. Other stuff of interest : you can go to 
Toroledo and participate in the Bull Fighting Tournament (in the most 
literal sense!) - you just earn money by betting here, no big deal.

Once you're done with all those fun-filled mini-games, return to the 
dungeon you came out of. Now go and take the east teleporter, which 
brings you back to the entrance at Puerto Medusa. Go to the port there 
and Zeppo will bring you back to Varuna...

In The Belly of the Beast
Well, at least he tries to. Zeppo's new ship gets sunk again
by the monster whale. Now you're on the whale! Feel like Jonah?
In the first room, there's an pancea hidden behind one of the 
pillars. Use the save book here, then drop down the pit. The room
here looks huge, but is really a simple timed puzzle. Grab the 
elixir in one corner, then hit the nearby switch. Quickly run to 
the switch that appears, hit that, run to the next switch, hit 
that, and finally a door opens. No real tricks here; just some 
practice required. Grab the key behind the door, use it on the 
locked door and proceed down the pit. You'll meet the pirate 
family here, after the chat, go talk to the man behind the bars
to buy stuff from him; he has a powerful shield for 3000G, buy it
if you have the cash. Now take the other ladder up. Kill all the
monsters and grab the treasure at the end to give the whale a bad 
case of indigestion. Return back to the room with the shop.

Take the open door and climb your way up (you may want to destroy
the monster generator first) and whack that big glob of stuff. 
Hit the switch inside it and hop into the hole. Here, go down and
kill all the monsters. Go down and watch for the rolling balls,
then in the next room dodge the traps. In the room after that, time 
the switch so that the rising platform re-directs the rolling ball 
into the other switch. Past that, hit the switches in this order : 
assuming you're facing east, hit the right, left then finally the 
middle switch. Go through the open door, dodge the spikes, then 
proceed. Here, kill the monsters to activate the lift fan. Then hit 
the switch and immediately jump into the closing pit. If you fail 
you'll have to repeat it again.

If you thought that was annoying, wait till you see this room! Here 
you will have to ride platforms over a large pit. Fall down and you'll 
be in a pit full of treasures. Trust me, you'll be down here a for a 
while - there are near impossible to dodge spike balls that always send 
you over the edge, and some platform-to-platform jumps require some 
real good timing. There's also some switches that you'll have to hit
carefully to get the platforms moving in another direction and make 
other platforms appear. After some frustration, you'll eventually reach 
a ladder. Use the safe room at the bottom! Chat with Ruby and Albert, 
use the warp plate to get back to the shop if you want. Now go back up 
the ladder, jump to a nearby door, and you'll find Zeppo, chat with him. 
Go back to Ruby and Albert and they'll let you pass. Hop into the pit 
and grab the elixir there. Here, proceed along until you find a pull 
block, then pull it. Take the path above. Next, look for a red switch 
above and hit it, then proceed. No problem. Next, kill all the monsters 
and the monster generator, hit the switch that appears, and proceed. 
Keep going and you'll reach some maze-like tunnels. Destroy the monster 
generator and continue.

In the next room, carefully navigate past the traps to get 200G and hit 
a reach switch and go through the door it opens. If you grab the chest 
here (100G) monsters will fall down and you'll be forced to fight them 
to proceed. Finally destroy the monster generator and then ride the 
platform. Take the key and talk to the man there. Go back a screen and 
unlock the door here, then locate a crate (there's a pirate standing 
near it, and requires some jumping to get to). Use the crate to weigh 
down a nearby switch. A tough jump later and you'll reach the exit. Do 
some simple jumps next room to get to the exit as well. In the next room, 
talk to the man, use the healing circle if you want, then use the near 
door. Next room is a screw puzzle. First, put one red screw into one red 
hole, one blue screw into one blue hole, and one green screw into one 
green hole. Then put the other green screw into the other blue hole, put 
the other blue screw in the other red hole, and finally the other red 
screw in the other green hole. Grab that artifact and leave. Now leave 
through the other door. 

Here, talk to the pirate, then grab the elixir in the corner. Hop 
into the water (you'll need the Siren Ring equipped for that). You'll 
be back at a familiar area, except this time it's flooded. You can 
reach a chest you couldn't before (10 darts). Swim all the way left. 
Once you're back on dry land, talk to Albert and Ruby then save the 
game. Now go back up. The area is flooded, allowing you to reach yet 
another doorway to the north-east. To pass this room, douse the flame 
then jump to the treasure chest quickly (the two pillars you need to 
use will slowly shorten). If you mess this you must exit and return 
again. The chest contains 5 darts. Go up the ladder. Here, go up the 
hill while dodging all the balls, then hit the switch and play human 
platform again. Lead the statue to the button, grab the chest with a 
elixir then climb up and go through the new path that opens up. 
Destroy the monster generator and all the pesky little monsters and 
climb your way up with the help of the switch. Grab that key and 
return to the locked door one room back.

In the next room, kill all three monsters to raise the platform; you 
might want to be on the platform when that happens, by the way. Fire 
your Dryad Ring at the gem to open the door. A platform appears at 
Zeppo's side. Now, grab the chest that appears (500G) and then go 
back to the shop (take the warp near Ruby and Albert). Notice all the 
crates on the floor? Stack them up so you can reach the high door. 
Here, destroy the glob and monsters will appear. Kill them all and 
the door opens. You can ignore the switch for now. Next room is a 
time puzzle. Don't you just love these? Here, the door will also close 
if you are hit twice. Remember that you can slide under the steam. 
Also, go grab the chest (Lorient Nut) first. There's another timed 
puzzle after this, and the 2-hit rule still applies. Hit the green 
block with your Pixie Ring first, run the gauntlet. Takes a little bit
of practice, but it's actually not too hard. 

The next room is trapped filled, but not too hard to pass. Before you 
climb the ladder grab the darts in the corner first. In the next room, 
destroy the all the globs if you want; there may be some treasure 
hiding behind them. Note that one of the small ones can act as a 
stepping stone. Collect all the treasure in this room then exit. In 
the next room, first destroy the bottom of the stacked globs, then 
the top; use the middle one as a stepping stone to get the crate. Next, 
destroy all the globs below except the one on the platform. When you 
find the switch, weight it down with the crate and then use the glob as 
a step. Next, go kill all the monsters then shoot the green crystal 
(with your Pixie Ring, naturally) to switch off the warp plates. Then 
swing your sword at both switches to open the door. Then hit the red 
switch. The second segment of the bridge will join the first, forming a 
bridge for Zeppo, who refuses to cross. Hmm... Anyway, grab the chest 
that appears and go back. Remember to grab treasures on the way back 
(you'll miss them if you take the warp plate). Talk to everyone, then 
save the game. Now go to the bridge. You have to kill three monsters to 
pass. Make sure you keep moving; there are spike balls falling down that 
just seem to know where you are. Proceed into the core, then be prepared 

Boss : Metal Heart
Tricky, this one. He drops monsters, which are basically there to distract 
you from the lasers he shoots. Look carefully at the small shooters at 
the bottom so you can dodge the lasers. If you successfully dodge them, 
the heart will lower itself. Whack it hard. After a while, it gains a 
new attack at which the causes the core below him to explode, sending 
fireballs all over the place. This is very hard to avoid, so hope you 
have some elixirs handy.

After you successfully destroy the metal heart, the whale goes back to 
normal, and you'll be propelled all the way back to Varuna Castle. Go 
into the castle and watch the scene.

The Church of the Key
Gee, just in time to stop the marriage. You still end up getting 
tossed in the cells, though! To continue, examine the save book (you 
don't need to use it) and the healing circle. After the little cut 
scene involving the gathering of villains, you'll be busted out. So 
jump down that hole!

First, grab the crest here. Next is the tricky bit - you have to flip 
the switch, then flip the next one before it disappears. Quite a task, 
since the switch only appears for less that half a second! Fire your 
magic diagonally at the switch, then straight away do a dashing slash 
at the switch that appears. You'll need some practice, but it's not 
impossible. Go through the door it opens. Here, flip the switch, then 
destroy the blue statue (you should know how by now) and catch the 
flame as it falls. Then light the torch with it. Proceed. Next, run 
pass the torches when the fireball-spewing statue is in front of it to 
launch a fireball and light the torches. Light all three grab that 
elixir in the corner and proceed. Hit the final switch, go grab that 
chest (500G), then leave. Now wasn't that a short dungeon? Try 
entering the castle and see what happens. Now leave Varuna Castle 
and go to Gwaba Town.

With your new powers, you can grab another puzzle piece on the 1st 
floor lift lobby. Okay, from Gwaba Town, if you go to the port, you 
can take a trip to Puerto Medusa, and from there, you can go back to 
the northern lands (option 1), back to Gwaba Town (option 2), or go to 
Gamar Island (option 3). At Gamar Island you can go play some cool 
arcade games to earn some tokens, which can be exchanged for treasure 
and special items. The games, from left to right, is The Run, The 
Rally and The Shooter. The Run is a basic pac man-ish run where you 
control a little Flint running about a maze dodging some familiar 
enemies. The Rally is a basic racing game. The Shooter is a real tough 
four-way... shooter. Fun to play, but nothing really important.

Now go to the Church of the Key (near the port). There's a dungeon 
waiting for you... First off, grab that elixir. Now head south. Here, 
assuming you are facing south, hit the 2nd switch from the left to open 
the door and the 1st switch from the right unveils the treasure chest. 
You'll have to hit the 3rd switch from the left and kill the monster to 
reach it, though. And you'll need to; there's a key in there. Unlock the 
door. In the next room, ignore the stairs going down for a moment and go 
kill all the monsters (those rocks help). Here, shoot the middle green 
block, the right block, then the left block (if you're facing south), 
then quickly hop to the switch and hit it. Now grab the key in that 
chest, then go through the door at the bottom. Then grab that chest 
(10 darts) and go up to the safe room. Go up and use the key.

In the next room, run to the far end. Do not destroy any of the golden 
statues. Kill the monsters there and a chest will fall (elixir); use 
the chest as a stepping stone, jump on the golden statues all the way 
to the far end. Be careful, the chest you first see is a trap. Grab 
the money and the key. Now you may destroy the gold statues; one of 
them hides a puzzle piece. Grab it, then proceed through the locked 
door. In the next room, grab the chest (grapes) then run to the door 
in the far end. Next room, use the fireball chests to light all three 
torches. To light the middle torch, go near one of the two chests in 
the east then jump onto the floating platform. Go through the left 
(south) door. In the next room, some nifty jumping will net you a key. 
Take the exit. Here, just walk carefully and grab the treasure chests. 
When you reach the pushing block, push it forward then take the warp 
back to the fireball chest room. There's a new chest here with a 
crest, grab it! 

Take the right door now (north). Underneath the first statue is a 
bomb, the second is a switch, and the third is a puzzle piece. If you 
want the piece, you'll have to wade through lava - always not a 
pleasant experience. Go shatter the fourth statue to open a path. The 
chest here is a trap too, so ignore it. Proceed to the next room. Back 
to this room! Grab all the treasure (push the block to get to the other 
one), then use your key on the locked door and keep going. Here, guide 
the fireball to the bomb above a cracked block to reveal an exit. But 
when you try to exit...

Next, kill everything in the room then put the barrel on the highest 
step, then jump to reach the chest (500G). Take the exit. There's 
another 500G here. Use the thorn pillars to get to a puzzle piece, then 
leave. Can't do much in this room, so take the other door out. Run 
across the dam, then kill everything in the next room. Once all the 
green blocks appear, shoot the second highest one and climb aboard to 
get to a chest with grapes. Now back to the puzzle at hand. The lowest
block acts as a reset in case you mess up. First shoot the second 
highest block, then ride on it. Shoot the other two blocks when you pass 
by them, then jump on them as the go up. Takes some practice, but it's 
not hard. The hover ability works great here. Talk to the fellow up there, 
then grab the elemental orb. Go back to where you saw the boat, and take 
the newly-activated elevator. Keep going up. Next, take the lift up and 
talk to Prunewell's crew up there. Some scenes later, the door below will 
open. Go through.

Flint vs. the Volcano
Once you get deposited on the beach, leave and go to the new area that 
appears. What do you know, it's a volcano! Firedrake Volcano, to be 
precise. Gotta have one in every RPG, you know. Climb up enter the 
doorway. Next, douse the flame to access the safe room. Drop down and 
grab that chest below (grape) and hurry back to land; those platforms 
sink! Ignore the switch for now, and take the nearby exit. Slay the 
monsters to clear a path. At the end, carefully scale the lava fall and 
proceed. Above, kill the monsters to clear the path again. Then, cross 
the lava river and grab the flame. Walk downstream to avoid the fireballs, 
hitch a ride on those platforms, then bring it to the bomb and detonate 
it. Keep going. Next, toss the bomb to the block while lighting it with 
the fireball. No biggie. Next, toss the bomb to the small platform, use 
the torch to light it, then quickly hop to the moving platform and toss 
it at the block. No biggie either. A few simple jumps later and you'll be 
outside. Cross the bridge. In the next room, destroy all three blue 
statues and go grab the treasure chest. The Newt Ring is yours! Not only 
does the ring let you light up torches bombs and monsters, it also lets 
you walk comfortably on lava. 

With that, return to the start of the dungeon, where you ignored the 
switch. Hit it, then run over to the platform and use it before it 
vanishes. Grab the chest (tonic) then light the four torches. Hit the 
switch that appears. Now go back to where you picked up the Newt Ring. 
Tedious? Well, at the lava fall, if you light the two torches, you can 
find a lift that brings you straight to the top, so you don't have to do 
all at scaling again. Otherwise it's pretty straightforward. In the next 
room, hit the first switch you see then proceed to a dead end to get the 
puzzle piece. Locate another switch (there's a elixir next to it) and 
hit it. Go to the path it opens and hit the switch there. Now go back to 
the first switch you hit and hit it again. The exit now opens up.

After that short scene, ride the platform. Use the save book, then switch 
to your Siren Ring and hop in. Here, lure the mine to shatter the lower 
blocks, and grab the grapes behind them. Now repeat with the higher blocks 
and proceed. More mine-luring here, except it's a lot further. Hint : Take 
the lowest path, it's easiest. In the next room... even more mine-luring. 
This one is actually a little easier that the last. The next one is a bit 
trickier. First lead the mine to the left and shatter the crumbling blocks
that are on the ceiling. This leads you to the Elf Steel, which is one of 
the stones the blacksmith at Puerto Medusa wants you to find. Now lead the 
mine to the crumbling blocks at the far end. Hint : try following the 
current for a short while; the closest path does not work. Once you clear 
this, you'll return to land.

Go help the man you see. He's a shopkeeper; you can buy from him after you 
kill the two monsters. Go up to the safe area and save, then climb the 
ladder. Jump of and fire your Pixie Ring to break the green blocks. At the 
top ladder, use you hover ability to avoid the spike ball coming down. At 
the very top is an observation deck.  Slay all the monsters, then grab the 
chest (key). Try looking through all the telescopes, particularly the north 
one. Hmm... once you're done sight-seeing go back down and enter the cave 
near the safe area.

The Bomb Factory
Use the key and proceed. After passing the traps, drop down the pit. 
Avoid touching the red tiles, then enter the doorway down there. 
Here, light the two torches, then stand in front of the floating 
platform. Quickly fire your ring diagonally at the two statues, 
then hop onto the platform. You are rewarded with the shining sword! 
To get back up, alternatively hop on the two small platforms, while 
pausing every now and then to let the spike ball pass (don't pause 
too long!). At the top do a running jump to the chest to score a key. 
Then drop down to the platforms directly below and jump across. Knock 
the foot wall down to make a quick shortcut. Next, toss the bomb over 
the flames and then slide under them. Go ahead and put out the flames, 
then come back and toss the bomb to the platforms. Climb up using the
doused torches. Toss the bomb over the flames again then bring it to 
the crumbly block, light it to shatter the block and reveal another 
exit. However, don't take this exit just yet. Go take the other one. 
Here, use your Newt Ring to light the bomb marked with skull and
crossbones. Quickly grab the other bomb as it falls and toss it at the 
next block. With that, use the last bomb on the last block. Slay 
everything in the room to claim a puzzle piece. Now take that other 
exit. Here, there will be bomb-tossers; use their bombs to destroy all 
the crumbly blocks to reveal an exit. Grab the two chests (pancea and 
money) and then go up.

Now, go grab that chest (grapes) then hit that rotating bomb dispenser 
with your Newt Ring to shatter the two blocks; hit the switch hidden 
under them. Next kill all the monsters to proceed. Take the next door 
you see to reach a safe room. Go back. Here is a really difficult puzzle.
It's no problem if you want to just pass; simply repeat the trick :- 
light the skull and crossbones bomb, then use the bomb on the next 
block, repeat. You'll have to be a little faster now, though. But if you
want the puzzle piece, you'll need some real skill. First, light the 
first skull and crossbones bomb, then immediately slide under and grab
the next bomb. You'll need very good timing. If you catch it, quickly
toss it at the middle of the two other blocks, so that they detonate
and leave the bomb on top of them unlit. Now there should be two bombs
in this room unlit. Keep them that way. Douse the torch on the other 
end, then use one bomb as a stepping stone to reach the torch. Put the
other bomb on top of the torch. Use the hover ability to get to the 
top of the torch, then jump to the bomb on it and finally to the chest
to get the puzzle piece. Phew! In the next room, observe the bomb 
thrower. He sometimes tosses an unlit bomb. Take that to the crumbly 
block and light it. Then jump to the key. Don't bother killing the blue 
monsters; they regenerate. Just use the key and get outta there. In 
the next room, stand on the flame thrower then put the bombs on the 
switches and quickly hop to the chest using one of the bombs as a 
step, and grab that puzzle piece. Now go take the exit. In the next 
room, you can pick up a elixir in the chest. Run to the switch 
(you'll probably get injured along the way) and hit it. Go in and 
keep killing the monsters until one of them falls onto the switch. 
Then exit, grab the key, use it and continue.

After checking out the big green dragon, grab the money around the 
bend then go upstairs. Kill the big monsters to liberate the key, 
then use it. Go down and chat with the dragon, then leave. You'll 
be at a spiral staircase with a safe area below. Run upstairs, 
using the small platforms to avoid the boulders, then hop on the 
lift at the top and take a ride to...

Boss : Blood Fang
The hardest boss of the game, period. He first only has two 
attacks, one where he runs around the perimeter of the room (stay 
in the center) and one where he jumps to the center of the room 
and start swinging his bolo, then smashes it on the ground (stay 
in the perimeter and keep running around him). The only time you 
can hit him is using a running slash when he is running around 
the perimeter, and 90% of the time you either miss or get injured. 
Assuming you do manage to hit him a few times, it gets even more 
ridiculous when he gains a diving attack that is next-to-impossible 
to dodge. Your only hope is to jump into the air as he's coming down 
and try to hit him, and most of the time you'll get nailed instead. 
Hope you have lots of tonics; you'll need them. After that ridiculous 
battle, grab those treasures; you've earned it. 

(Hint by Valeria_ii - Face him when he does his dashes around, and 
slash combo him.  It does more, AND you can get him to stop more 
often, just requires timing.  He always runs counter-clockwise, so 
run clockwise until he smashes that ball thing. For the leg cannon, 
one thing real easy to do.  Go to the opposite corner, and SLIDE into 
him when he charges up.  If you're not sliding into the same corner 
as him, you'll actually knock him down without taking damage!!)

Odds and Ends
Go back down, SAVE and return to the dragon. He will break loose, 
chat a little, then with him you can now go to any spot on the map. 
You should now go an explore the land again to pick up treasures you 
couldn't get before. And also deposit all the puzzle pieces at your
local Jeehan Statue. Stuff of interest :- back at the first town of 
the game, if you talk to the shopkeeper, you'll exchange your hammer 
for a replica of a red trigger statue. Go back to Puerto Medusa and 
give that to the blacksmith's daughter and she'll give you a little 
earring with the mark of the pirates on it. Then, take it to Bull 
Town and enter the house next to the inn. Go upstairs and talk to a 
young girl, the Cow Princess, to trade that for a autograph. Now head 
over to Varuna Castle and talk to the guard on the left. You'll get a 
Vanilla Wafer. Then go bring that to Eden Village and talk to the elder 
who gave you the Dryad Ring after all the bird-chasing. You'll gain his,
erm... Goo Goo bird. Take the bird to Gwaba Town and give it to the 
shopkeeper there. He'll give you a Crimson Cloak. Now go to Mileena's 
Mansion and talk to Belgar (the guy who looks like Flint's dad). Taa-daa, 
the awe-inspiring level rising sword is yours! (Thanks to "Ginger Knute" 
and "Merlin1860" for being the first to send all the trading info after 
receiving the autograph). 

How about that level 6 shield? First, you should know that a blacksmith
on Puerto Medusa will offer to build you one if you have three stones - 
the elf steel, dwarf and vita stones. The elf steel you should have already 
(it is in the water passage under Firedrake Volcano). The vita stone can be 
obtained at Deadeye Zach's by winning 30000 points. Finally, for the dwarf 
stone, first go back to where you earned the gold badge (in the obstacle 
course). At the first room where you stacked barrels to obtain a puzzle 
piece, a man is standing by two new fire barrels that wasn't there before. 
Talk to him TWICE - he'll tell you that he left the old barrels in the 
Seagull Ruins (the one by the cliffside in Puerto Medusa). Go back there, 
and proceed to the room with the large pit and floating platforms. Cross it 
and proceed to the next room with all the conveyer belts. Pass that (you 
should have been here before, by the way) and then you'll be in a room with 
three blue statues squirting steam. Now there will be two barrels in the 
corner; use them and the large block to get to the black chest on the other 
end to obtain the dwarf stone! (Thanks to Josh Chalmers for the dwarf stone 
info!). Now go back to the blacksmith and the cool valar shield is yours!

In the Eden Island dungeon, decent back down the pit. In the next room, 
light the two torches to receive a somewhat useful Element Ring. In the 
church dungeon, past the room with the gold statues, use your Newt Ring to 
launch the black chest across the pit to pick up a VERY useful Element 
Charm, which halves your EP spending. Finally, spend your money on Gamar 
Island to win elf/guard rings and your darts at your local Deadeye Zack 
dart house to up the level of your spell rings.

Next up, you should check out the list of puzzle pieces I've wrote up in
the "Extra Information" section and pick up the puzzle pieces you've
missed. You should be satisfied once you've picked up the three-hit 
combo - the four-hit combo isn't too useful and it sure isn't worth 
hunting down all those puzzle pieces, unless you're a perfectionist who
just wants everything complete like me.

Also, for some more useless trivia :- at Gwaba Town, you can visit the 
fortune teller Omega by the market place and answer some of her questions. 
She will then tell you who's your best female match! Possible candidates 
are (1)Alexia, (2)Mileena, (3)Emma, (4)One princess from Children of the 
Crown, (5)Ruby, (6)Cow Princess, (7)Natasha. Pointless, but it's in the 
game, so I'll report it (Thanks to Alex Siew).

Done your exploring? Okay, now return to Varuna Castle and then talk to 
everyone. You'll be transported to another location, the Old Varuna Ruins; 
talk to everyone again. Ruby will give you a herb - keep talking to her 
and she'll keep giving them to you; stock up to nine.  Anyway, exit the 
room to reach a safe area, then proceed into the dungeon.

The Nightmare Dungeon
This dungeon is the largest one you'll ever encounter (so large that I've 
split it into two chapters), and it's also your toughest. The puzzles are 
ridiculously tough, they can and will drive you up the wall if you don't 
have this walkthrough. Heck, some puzzles will drive you up the wall even 
if you do have this walkthrough!

First, a simple puzzle to get you started. Hit the blue switch, then hit 
it again and jump to the rising platform from the top of the switch. 
>From there, do a running jump to the wall and grab that chest by the 
wall (elixir). Drop down and hit the switch, then from the top of the 
switch do a running jump back to the wall. Go through the door it opens. 
Here, grab the chest (grapes) and then light the torches in the order of 
the highest one first (you'll have to use the lower torches as steps to 
do that). Note the locked door, then go through the door that opens up. 
Here kill the skunks (or the farting blue squirrels, depending on how you 
look at it) then go through the doorway. Next, you can take the door here 
and go through a trapped corridor for more grapes if you want. Either way, 
take the flame and throw it at the torch, and then hit the blue switch to 
reveal another exit. Take that. Next, kill all the monsters. Next, toss 
the bomb onto the switch, and use it and the switch as steps to get up to 
the platform with spikes. You can run through the spikes if you want, or 
you can light the bomb, and when it activates the switch run pass the 
retracted spikes. Hop to the platform, then the chest to procure a key. 
Now return to where you saw the locked door.

Beyond the locked door is another bomb puzzle. Here, place the two bombs 
on top of the nearby switch. Put the bombs as far as you can from the 
wall but still keep them on top of the switch, then hop out using them 
as steps. Do not hit the switches. Now go under the two blocks, hit the 
blue switch then the red one; now if all goes well a chain reaction will 
open a path for you. Hit the blue switch again and take the exit. Below, 
simply light the torch then toss the bomb it, then hit the switch and 
exit. The next room tests your sword attack speed. If you have a three-hit 
combo and above from Jeehan you should have no problems. Next, hit the 
switch then ride the platform. Now light all the torches, and as soon as 
you light the last one jump to the doorway and it should open. Then hit 
the next switch so you don't have to do all that again. The next room 
requires some skill. The idea is to toss the barrel to the switch above by 
riding the platforms, which isn't easy since fireballs will be shooting 
out at you. Use your shield! Face the fireball-spitters and don't do 
anything and you'll block them. First toss the barrel onto the platform 
moving nearest to the switch, then, when you reach it, hide behind the 
barrel (no, the fireballs wouldn't destroy it) to block the fireballs 
coming behind you, then use your shield on the fireballs on the other 
side. Finally toss the barrel at the switch once you get close.

The next room requires you to kill all the monsters while dodging the 
spinning blades. No problem, right? Next room is trickier. First shoot 
the only torch you can reach (stand on the pot) to open the door. Now, 
run to the torch by the platform and quickly jump onto it, jump to the 
next torch when the fireball lights it, then repeat for the other torches. 
Once you're safely to the other side and all the torches are lit, a path 
opens. Hit the switch so you don't have to do all that again. In the next 
room, assuming you're facing east, place the bomb onto the right switch. 
Go grab the other bomb from the newly-opened passage, drop it onto the 
next switch. Avoid hitting any flip switches you see unless you get stuck.
Now go to the next opened passage, grab that bomb there and put it in 
between the two bombs. Light the unmarked bomb then run to the closed 
metal door on the left passage. The chain reaction opens it and lets you 
hit the switch, which disables all the traps and opens another door. Next, 
hit the switch then do a series of running jumps before the platforms 
disappear. No sweat. Take the exit.

The next puzzle borders on outright frustration. Here, you have to ride 
the moving platform, block the fireballs, grab the crate, bring it to 
the other platform, use it to grab the barrel, toss the barrel onto the 
moving platform, toss the crate onto the platform and then jump on the 
platform yourself, all while the platform is still moving forwards. The 
time frame is ridiculously short, and you'll still have fireballs that 
can knock you off easily, making this very difficult. But practice and
persevere, and it can be done. At the end, use the crate and barrel as 
stepping stones up. Hit the switch and jump into the hole. Beyond this 
is a safe room (about time!).

Light It Up
Here you have an option of either taking the south or north doors. Your 
target is placing those large lanterns you've been picking up on the 
pedestals at the very end of these paths. You'll have to take 'em both, 
and this walkthrough I took the south door first. The puzzle here looks 
somewhat intimidating, but it's not all that hard, really. First, place 
the barrel right under one of the two torches furthest away from the door. 
You'll have to go into the grassy pit to do that. Next, douse one of the 
two torches closest to the door. Then douse the lit torch that falls. Now 
use the remaining platform to jump to the other side of the room. From 
there, douse the torch that the barrel isn't under. The platform will 
disappear and the last lit torch will fall onto the barrel. Douse that and 
the door opens. Beyond the door, kill all the monsters, then hit the switch. 
Go down the hole. In the next room, the green statues that face each other 
will form a platform between them when you hit the switch. First make the 
south statues face each other, and the north statue facing south. Hit the 
switch, then hop on the platform it creates, then hit the south-east 
statue and quickly hop to the new platform that appears. Then hop onto 
the large platform. Next run through the platforms without falling to 
reach the other side. Hit the switch, kill the skunks and continue to the 
next room.

The next puzzle is more of the similar puzzle from before, which is the
form-platforms-when-facing-each-other thing. This one requires  a fair 
bit more explanation. This is how the room looks like (facing north):-

      O   [A]   O   [C]   O

     [E]       [F]       [G]

      O   [B]   O   [D]   O

O - Statues
[A-G] - Possible platform formations
[Start] - Your starting point
[Switch] - The switch you have to reach

Basically, statues facing each other will form platforms. Know that 
you can shoot other statues from afar, and turn them appropriately 
to form the next platforms you need. First, form [C] and jump onto 
it. Form [F] then quickly jump to it ([C] and [F] can't appear 
together since they share a common statue). Then form [D] and jump 
to it. Again, quickly form [G] and jump to that. From here, fire at 
the statues from afar to form [B]. Do a running jump from [G] to [B], 
then jump to the switch. There, that wasn't too hard, was it? Next, 
kill all the monsters to activate the fan, then climb up and jump 
down. In the next room, first destroy all the blue statues (you need
to do it in a certain order) then proceed into the opened door. Climb
the slope then hit the switch up there to open a door, then go in.
Here you have to douse 4 blue torches. First look out for a red switch
on the other end. When you douse the moving torches they stop, and 
when all four torches are doused, the red switch falls. You must douse
them in such a way that you can reach the switch afterwards and they
must form a path for you to jump to the chest (everything except the
torches and the switch disappears after you hit the switch). It's not
too hard. Claim your small crest. (Thanks to GodReborn for this info!)

Now, go back a room then kill a monster so that it dies on the switch,
then jump to the switch and hit it. Yes, even if it doesn't look like
it, you can step on the platform the switch is on. It takes an annoying 
amount of time, but it can be done. Proceed through the door. In the 
next room, hit the switch to move the statue then hit it with your 
Pixie Ring so that it will land onto the weigh switch. I actually got 
it on my first try, so it isn't all that difficult. Make sure the block 
is moved north and the statue is facing south before you start moving 
it, then keep hitting it with spells. No biggie. Then use the activated 
fans to get to the ladder.

Next room. Make the statues face each other to get hold of the key. 
You can't get the other chest yet. Go back and use the key on the 
locked door. In this room your speed is tested (again). Hit the green 
crystal in the center with your Pixie Ring, then very quickly hit the 
four other crystals that appear. Shouldn't be too tough. Proceed. Now 
you can go grab that chest you miss (puzzle piece) by jumping on top 
of the statue. Next, assuming you are facing west or east, douse the 
2nd and 4th torch, then hop along to reach the key. Use it. In the 
next room, scale up by using fans and doused torches. Use your hover 
ability when you get to the vanishing platforms and you'll do fine. 
You'll now fit in some.. well... thing, and then you can warp out.
You'll be back to the safe room. This time, go north.

Simple puzzle here. Just shatter all the gold blocks to reveal water 
pots, then toss them at the statue above to break it. Note the locked 
door, then proceed. In the next room, destroy the middle two statues 
only. Use the barrel and crate and the statue closest to the door to 
get the higher crate. Now destroy the statue you just used to reveal 
another barrel. Toss one barrel and one crate to the top of the last 
remaining statue, then use the other crate and barrel to climb up it. 
You will then reach the chest; grab that key! Go back a room and use
the key. Next, hit the blue switch, then wait until the statue is 
below the block, then hit the blue switch again. Now run under the 
block and hit the red switch. Proceed. In the next room, destroy all 
the statues except the furthest north-east and furthest south-west 
one. Take the barrel and place it next to the water pot above (yes, 
there is room for it). Then use it to climb to the highest gold 
statue. From there, jump to the switch (you'll need to use the 
raised area in the south-east part of the room). Hit the switch so 
you don't have to do all the jumping again. Next is an optional 
part. If you go in the door and kill all the monsters, a chest will 
fall containing money. If you grab it, the room closes again and 
more powerful monsters appear. Kill them and then another chest 
appears. There's more money here, but opening it again closes the 
door and sends monsters again. But if you keep repeating eventually 
a puzzle piece will appear. The monsters are dangerous, so it's your 
choice whether you want to risk it or not. Either way, once you're 
done go take the ladder.

The next puzzle requires very fast jumping. There are six platforms 
in this formation (if you're facing west).

 [Switch]  [1]  [2]

           [3]  [4]

           [5]  [6] 

Quickly jump the platforms in this order - 5, 6, 3, 2, then to the 
switch. If you do it fast enough you can make it. Go through the 
door then kill all the monsters to open the door. In the next room, 
shoot the gold statues and ride the platforms behind them. You have 
to do them fast by firing diagonally at the statues when you are 
moving forward, then hop onto the next platform before you hit the 
spikes. Finally, you have to hop to the switch, hit it and hop back 
onto the platform to continue. Takes some practice, but it's not too 
hard. Next, as usual kill all the monsters to pass. The next room 
holds a puzzle piece, but watch out for the invisible blades! Go 
back to the platform riding room and take the other door hidden in 
the corner. In here, kill the monsters without destroying the stone
statues to proceed. The next room is a push block room. The lever 
above and the switch acts as a reset, by the way. Assuming you are 
facing west, first push the block that is furthest down to the right. 
Pull the pull block down. Push the block in front of the pull block 
forwards. Now push the block to your right to the right. Walk 
forwards a step. Push the block to your right to the right. Now push 
the block...err.. blocking the exit to the left. Hit the switch and 

There's more block pushing here, and this time, it's actually quite 
difficult if you don't know what to do. Here, destroy the golden 
blocks ONLY if they are in the way of your pushing. First you must 
destroy a gold statue. Assuming you're facing north, that's the one 
that would block the north-most stack if it were pushed to the left 
(that's actually what you're going to do later). Now, push the southern 
stack of blocks up (there's a statue in the way). Now push the top 
block of the same stack to the left (you'll need to do a bit of 
statue-hopping for that). Now go ahead and push the north most stack to 
the left. Now, with some jumping you'll get to the chest above (elixir), 
and the exit near it! If you mess up, the lever acts as a reset. Go 
down that exit and grab the new shield. Now exit and you'll be back to 
the same room. Take the other exit. Here, you have to scale up using 
alternate-jump blocks (you've seen these before). Trick is you have to 
do it a lot faster, but other than that it's nothing difficult. At the 
top go up to the pedestal and Flint will place that other thing on the 
it. Take the warp tile.

You'll be back at the safe room, except now there's a warp tile here 
too. Take it! You'll be at the start of the dungeon again. Go back 
to where the others were. Watch the scene that unfolds. Wouldn't you 
believe it, it's time for...

Boss : Mantis Man (Baron)
Compared to the previous boss, this is positively child's play. He 
first does two large slashes, which you can avoid by staying at the 
walls. Next he will jump to the corner and throw his blades. For the 
first one, just run around to dodge it, for the second one stay at 
the very corner of the room. Then he will try to hack you, only to 
have his blades stuck onto the ground. Now run and strike him in the 
head. Repeat. After a while he gains a bomb attack which blows up 
the center of the room; just stay away from there while continuously 
moving to dodge the blade he throws simultaneously. Simple. Shouldn't 
take too long to defeat.

Grab the treasure that drops down, then get out via the double doors 
and watch the scene. After almost getting killed unintentionally by 
Zeppo, you land on the last dungeon of the game. Good luck!

Now That's A Big Screw
Save your game first. Proceed to meet Zeppo in large circular room. 
First, take the other door to the south. There are four switches here 
you have to hit simultaneously, and it's pretty tough. First throw 
the bomb to one switch. Light it, then immediately grab the flames 
and toss it at another switch opposite to the one by the bomb. Now 
quickly fire you spell at one switch, then run to the last one and 
hit it. This drops a puzzle piece for you. Now take the west door in 
the circular room. Here you have to walk (and jump) as the platforms 
appears. Do it a few times and you'll know how the blocks appear, so 
it shouldn't be too hard. Hit the switch above. Okay, now the north 
door. Here, you have to use the bomb as a step to reach the switch, 
but you have to do it quick as the fireballs will light it up. It's 
really just speed involved, no problem. Finally the east door. This 
isn't too hard either. Just stay near the wall and eventually the 
monsters will toss some bombs over the wall. Once all three switches 
are flipped, the wall disappears; hit the final switch.

After all this, a door will open in the circular room. Go in. Here, 
hitting the switch rotates the room above anticlockwise, altering the 
exit directions. Above, you must kill a new set of monsters each time 
you turn the room, so be careful! First hit the switch twice. Go up,
kill everything, then go outside to the ramp and flip the switch four
times, then go back in and take the other exit going down (it's nearest
to the door). There's a puzzle here involving falling platforms, which 
is quite easy when you know the trick. First, jump on the small platform, 
then onto the one in front of it, then diagonally to the one with spikes. 
Now, climb halfway up the ladder, then jump off onto the last remaining 
floating platform, then jump to the chests. Claim the key and the puzzle 
piece. Now go back out to the south ramp and hit the switch three times. 
Go back in, kill everything then jump down the north most exit. Here, 
just press the switches in the right order or get flamed. The order is 
south, northwest, southwest, east, north. Hit the switch once and go back 
up. The exit should point east now. Slay the monsters and go out to the 
east ramp to claim the second key. Now go back and go down the other pit
(furthest from the door). Here, slay the monsters without destroying the 
statue then climb halfway up the stairs, jump off onto the statue then into 
the area behind the wall to claim yet another puzzle piece. Then hit the 
red switch and go out. Now go back down the other pit. Hit the switch 
twice. Kill the monsters above, then enter the door (it should be on the 
north wall). Use your two keys and proceed. You will eventually reach a 
safe room. And you know what that means...

Boss : Screwed Zeppo
Gee, after turning into such a beast, he still has the same two attacks! 
Anyway, he's an easy boss. Just keep running from him and dodging his 
attacks and the falling debris. Eventually a falling debris will hit him 
and he becomes dizzy. Whack him hard, then repeat. After a while, he 
gains a new dashing attack, which is just as easy to dodge. Wimp!

After the battle, go examine the panel. Choose any option twice and 
then Zeppo will put in his own "password" and open up a new door. 
After a few amusing scenes, take the exit. To the west lies the final
battle! Now you have two options - go straight to the fight, or return
and prepare. If you don't want to prepare, skip the next paragraph.

If you want to prepare, return to the rotating room. Take the pit 
furthest away. Hit the lever here once, then go out to the south ramp. 
Hit that once. Go back in. Now take the pit furthest from the door and 
it'll take you back to the start of this rotating room bit. Go out to 
the south door. You'll find your dragon here, who will take you back 
to the map. Now do all the necessary stuff - look for missing treasure, 
unload your puzzle pieces, buy tonics, etc. Once you're REALLY prepared, 
go back. At the switch room, climb up, then go out the south doorway. 
Hit the switch three times. Go back in and take the pit furthest from the 
door, there hit the switch three times. Climb up and you'll be back at 
the boss area.

Either way, your final battle begins! Save the game for the last time, 
then take the new exit to the west. 

Boss : Mephisto
His first form is pathetic. He warps to one of the four corners and 
then launches a barrage of magical attacks. To bad he takes so long, 
you can just run to him and hack the living daylights out of him. In 
fact, if you're fast enough, he won't even have a chance to launch a 
single attack!

Boss : Hyper Beast Mephisto
Hideous, isn't he? This form isn't too hard, just tedious. He only has 
two attacks : a extended bite, which is pointless since it NEVER hits, 
and foot stomp, which is easily avoided. Your target is the monster's 
legs, and you have to destroy all four legs to injure him. The problem 
is, you have to do this a three times, and it gets pretty tedious after 
a while. Look for a place to stand by his side that lets you miss his 
stomp attacks, and hit his legs at the same time. Injuring him twice 
gives him a new attack, where he burns up the entire room when you 
leave him with one leg. Just go whack off his last remaining leg and 
he's through. Well, not really...
Boss : Screwed Mephisto
At least there's a bit more challenge now. The final form of Mephisto 
is tough, and takes a lot of time and tonics to defeat. First of all, 
you must destroy those three screws - they can only be destroyed when 
they are raised. Once all three screws are destroyed, his head begins 
attacking. Here, hide all the way near the back, and when his head 
moves to the front, run to the back of his annoying hands and stay 
there. Dodge the lasers then go to the side of his head and start 
hacking. After repeating for a lot of times (and I mean a lot - this 
guy has tons and tons of HP) he'll eventually go down. Make sure you 
have plenty of tonics handy.

Once he's defeated, Mephisto does the traditional grand act of all RPGs 
and try to bring you down with him, and you'll be given 180 seconds to 
escape. So get outta there! When you return to the turning room, go down 
the pit furthest away and hit the switch once. Now go back up and go out 
to the south ramp and hit the switch once. Drop down the furthest pit 
from the door and leave. Now go to the gap on the west wall. It's over! 
Congratulations, you've finished Alundra 2! 


This section contains locations and info on the many items and power-ups you can 
find along the course of your journey. As far as I can tell it's pretty complete, 
but there's always a chance I'll miss something here and there.
Puzzle Pieces
Puzzle pieces are given to the Puzzlemaster Jeehan in exchange for him teaching 
you combo attacks. Each time you give him a set amount (6,12,18,24), he adds a 
new hit to your combo and also completes a picture which is then hung on the 
wall nearby (leave and come back to see it).
 1. In the Kindra Forest, after you've done the pull blocks, go into the path 
    Prunewell came out from.
 2. When you reach the next area past Kindra Forest, Alexia will give you one.
 3. A puzzle piece is unveiled after the first town is destroyed, look around
    the grounds. 
 4. In the second screen past the Tortuga Beach area, detonate the bomb on top 
    of the block.
 5. In Toroledo, exit through the second floor bathroom of the inn and proceed.
 6. Go through the back door of the inn.
 7. Behind the Jeehan Statue at Toroledo.
 8. In the lower Ox Tank, the room with two floor switches.
 9. In the upper Ox Tank, the room with a bomb and flame-throwing monsters.
10. In the rocky area pass the Ox Tank, burn all the bushes, then solve the
    bomb puzzle.
11. In Dun Webb mansion starting area, in a room with a big pit and a save book.
12. In Dun Webb mansion, room with all the conveyer belts.
13. In the circular room under the Dun Webb mansion, beyond the green doorway.
14. Clear the stacking puzzle on Puerto Medusa after meeting Alexia.
15. Pass puzzle piece no.14, in the room with the crushing walls, above the 
    door. Requires some good jumping.
16. In the garden shed of Mileena's Mansion, fall north-west into a room and 
    kill all monsters there.
17. Two rooms pass the Mushroom Croco boss, jump to the adjacent exit on the
    same level; you must have killed all the monsters on the other side of 
    the gate first (when you first fell down the pit in the garden shed, use
    the lower west door).
18. At the Mileena's Mansion second floor balcony; cannot be seen.
19. In Gwaba Town, in a house next to the item shop, a girl will exchange 
    it for all your money!
20. In one of the houses off the main square of Gwaba Town; up the stairs
    and then up the ladder.
21. In Gwaba Town, in the house attic with the torch; requires the Siren
22. After winning the "catch the pot" game when you return to Puerto Medusa,
    upper floor.
23. In the Seagull Ruins, solve the fireball-launching blue statue puzzle.
24. In the same dungeon as no. 23, solve the "use your head" puzzle two rooms
    past the spike-filled room.
25. Nearby piece no.24, solve the four invisible pedestal puzzle.
26. Same dungeon as piece no. 25, at the large room with the multiple jumps,
    bomb and crumbling block.
27. On Eden Island, in a shed at the village.
28. In the Eden Island dungeon, in the spike-filled room, where there are 
    gold statues that depress spikes.
29. One room after puzzle piece no. 28, jump down one of the pits.
30. In the Eden Island dungeon, in the room with a large pit and L-shaped 
    pathway, drop down at the correct position.
31. In the Eden Island dungeon, after solving the moving gold statue and 
    crystal puzzle, below the pit next to the treasure chest with grapes. 
32. In the Eden island dungeon, in the room with a maze and lots of gold
33. Behind the doorway on the hill in Paco Village. Only available after 
    defeating Living Statue II.
34. After playing the "lead the dog" mini-game in the Kindra Forest, behind 
    the path blocked by a gold statue.
35. At the RC mini-game in Kindra Forest, in circuit A.
36. In the first floor lobby of Gwaba Town, behind two gold statues.
37. In the Church Dungeon, hidden under a gold statue.
38. In the Church Dungeon, hidden under a stone statue in a lava pool.
39. In the Church Dungeon, at the area above where there are thorn 
    pillars below, use those pillars to get to the chest.
40. In Firedrake Volcano, at the room with the teleporting blocks, in a 
    dead end.
41. At the bomb factory, in the room with the invisible soldiers.
42. At the bomb factory, after the safe room, in a high platform. Very hard
    to reach.
43. Two rooms pass piece no. 41, solve the rotating flamethrower puzzle.
44. In Gwaba Town, next to the house where you found piece no. 21, the 
    attic has four objects that can be activated by your four spells.
45. At the Toroledo cow barn, there's an unlit torch. Light it.
46. At Yagin Harbor (where your mine cart ride ended), in the inn there's an 
    unlit torch. Light it. 
47. Back at the Ox Tank, where there is a pillar of thorns in the 
    second rolling ball ramps area. Burn the thorns.
48. In the Ox Tank, at the safe room just before meeting the Minotaur,
    light the three green crystals with your Pixie Ring then burn down the
    thorn pillars with your Newt Ring.
49. At the top of the Ox Tank, one room pass piece no. 48, destroy the
    invisible block under the large cannonball with the dryad ring.
50. In the Dun Webb Mansion, at the hillside with the rolling balls and 
    spiders, enter the topmost door.
51. In the Seagull Ruins at Puerto Medusa, behind the formerly locked door 
    at the floating platforms room. This is the room with the gold statue, 
    spinning blades and torches that you doused. With the newt ring, jump 
    down into the pit there. Then run around the room, lighting each of the 
    torches as quickly as possible. A chest with the piece will fall down.
52. Return to the entrance of the Turnkey Dam (exit of the church dungeon). 
    A puzzle piece is hidden right behind the entrance.
53. Back at the Puerto Medusa obstacle course, in the second hut with gold
    statues, one of them hides a piece.
54. Back at the Mileena's Mansion, in the large bedroom, there's an unlit 
    torch. Light it.
55. In the Old Varuna Ruins, the large room with a row of torches and two
    green statues - jump to the chest in the corner (you must be in the 
    larger of the two sections of the room).
56. In the Old Varuna Ruins, at the room where money and monsters keep
    appearing, keep killing all the monsters and eventually the piece will
    fall down.
57. In the Old Varuna Ruins, where there are visible and invisible blades.
    The piece is at the far end.
58. In the Giant Screw, solve the four switch puzzle in the south door.
59. In the Giant Screw, solve the falling platform puzzle in within the 
    rotating rooms.
60. In the Giant Screw, in the room with a single stone statue, behind 
    the wall. Must avoid destroying the statue.

Special Moves
1. Sunburst Attack - You get it after obtaining the gauntlet from the boy. 
   Hold down the attack button and release.
2. Two-Hit Combo - Talk to Jeehan after obtaining 6 puzzle pieces. 
3. Three-Hit Combo - Talk to him again after obtaining 12 more puzzle pieces.
4. Four-Hit Combo - Talk to him again after obtaining 18 more puzzle pieces.
5. Five-Hit Combo - Talk to him again after obtaining 24 more puzzle pieces.
6. Summon Attack - Upgrade a spell ring to level 3. To summon an elemental
   from that ring, press the triangle and circle buttons together. All summon 
   spells cost 200EP and can do tremendous damage to all monsters on screen. 

Life Crests
Life Crests increase your max HP. There are two varieties of crests; a small
crest that increases your max HP by 25, and a big crest that increases your 
max HP by 100. 
 1. Can be bought from the first shop in the first town for 800G (+25HP).
 2. Obtained after slaying the cat boss (+100HP).
 3. Obtained after slaying the minotaur (+100HP).
 4. Can be bought on Puerto Medusa for 1000G (+25HP).
 5. Obtained after slaying the Mushroom Croco (+100HP).
 6. Below Mileena's Mansion's kitchen trapdoor, requires Siren Ring (+25HP).
 7. Obtained after slaying Living Statue I (+100HP).
 8. In the same location as puzzle piece no. 13 (+25HP). 
 9. Play the chain-reaction bomb game (+100HP).
10. In the small dungeon just below Varuna Castle Prison (+25HP).
11. In the Church dungeon, after lighting three torches (+25HP).
12. At the Seagull Ruins at Puerto Medusa, light two torches (+25HP).
13. In Old Varuna Ruins, at the douse-the-moving-torches puzzle (+25HP).
14. Obtained after slaying the mantis man (+100HP).

Elemental Orbs
Elemental Orbs increase your max EP. There's only one type, which increases 
your max EP by 100.
1. You can trade for one at Deadeye Zach's if you earn 5000 points.
2. After defeating the Spider boss at the Dun Webb mansion.
3. Obtained after defeating the Giant Shark.
4. Can be bought on Eden Island for 4000G.
5. Obtained after defeating Living Statue II.
6. After solving the floating green blocks puzzle at Turnkey Dam area.
7. After defeating Blood Fang.
8. At the Tortuga Beach area, on top of a red trigger statue. 

Listed by power level. 
1) Long Sword - You start with this.
2) Bronze Sword - Can be bought from the shop in Paco Village for 500G.
3) Broad Sword - Can be bought on Puerto Medusa for 1000G. 
4) Rune Sword - Can be bought on Eden Island for 2000G.
5) Shining Sword - In the bomb factory, solve the bomb toss puzzle.
6) Rising Sword - From Belgar at the very end of the trading game.

Listed by defense level. 
1) Buckler Shield - You start with this.
2) Small Shield - You can buy this at Toroledo for 1000G.
3) Titan Shield - You can buy this at Gwaba Town for 1500G.
4) Mithril Shield - Buy this from the man trapped in the giant whale for 3000G.
5) Adamant Shield - In the Old Varuna Ruins, after solving the stacked push 
                    block puzzle deep in the dungeon.
6) Valar Shield - You obtain this by giving the Puerto Medusa blacksmith three
                  minerals needed for the shield - Vita Stone (from the dart
                  house), Elf Steel (the swimming bit under Firedrake Mountain)
                  and the Dwarf Stone (in Seagull Ruins).

Special Items
Most of these are obtained by winning tokens in Gamar Island or points 
at Deadeye Zack's Dart House and exchanging for them. I've left out the 
key items that are used in the quest, since you have to pick them up 
whether you like it or not!
 1. Compass - In the first forest area, give the man in the cove of trees
    a herb. When used, you get to see your directions.
 2. Gauntlet - Lets you use the Sunburst Attack. First talk to the boy in
    Jeehan's place, then visit the three washrooms in Paco, the Airship, 
    Toroledo. Then go back and talk to the boy.
 3. Newt Ring Lv2 - Win 2500pts at Deadeye Zach's. 
 4. Siren Ring Lv2 - Win 1500pts at Deadeye Zach's.
 5. Pixie Ring Lv2 - Win 1000pts at Deadeye Zach's. 
 6. Dryad Ring Lv2 - Win 2000pts at Deadeye Zach's.
 7. Newt Ring Lv3 - Win 7500pts at Deadeye Zach's. 
 8. Siren Ring Lv3 - Win 4500pts at Deadeye Zach's.
 9. Pixie Ring Lv3 - Win 3000pts at Deadeye Zach's.
10. Dryad Ring Lv3 - Win 6000pts at Deadeye Zach's.
11. Vita Stone - Win 30,000pts at Deadeye Zach's. One of the three items
    needed for building the level 6 Valar Shield.
12. Amulet - Win 9000pts at Deadeye Zach's. This pendant allows you 
    to fire two shots of your magic at the same time for the cost of
    one shot. It'll work as long as it is in one of your three pockets.
13. Wonder Orb - Found in the RC mini-game circuit S; regenerates HP
    when standing still. Works as long as it is in your pocket.
14. Ticket - Can be bought in Toroledo for 500G when Alexia is not with 
    you; allows you to place bets in bull fighting.
15. Elf Ring - In Gamar Island, trade for it with 2000 tokens. Increases 
    the damage you inflict by 50%. It will automatically work as long as 
    it is in one of your three pockets.
16. Guard Ring - In Gamar Island, trade for it with 2500 tokens. Reduces 
    the damage you take by 25%. It will automatically
    work as long as it is in one of your three pockets.
17. SP Elf Ring - In Gamar Island, after getting the Elf Ring, trade for 
    it with 4000 tokens. A souped-up Elf Ring, it doubles the damage you 
18. SP Guard Ring - In Gamar Island, after getting Guard Ring, trade for 
    it with 5000 tokens. A souped-up Guard Ring, it reduces damage you 
    take by 50%.
19. Element Charm - Requires the Newt Ring. At the church dungeon, past
    the area with all the gold statues, use your Newt Ring to carefully 
    launch the box across the pit via the fire triggers. Cuts EP spending 
    by half, if you have it in one of your pockets.
20. Element Ring - In the Eden Island Dungeon, after jumping down the pit, 
    light the two unlit torches by the side of the platform on the spikes. 
    This ring, when in one of your pockets, allows you to regenerate EP at 
    a faster rate when standing still.

Other Items
Herb          - Regains 100HP (40G in shops or 10 tokens on Gamar Island).
Tonic         - Regains 300HP (200G in shops or 100 tokens on Gamar Island).
Elixir        - Regains 600HP (500G in shops or 250 tokens on Gamar Island).
Lorient Nuts  - Regains 200EP (150G in shops).
Grapes of Eru - Regains 500EP (500G in shops).
Bone Darts    - Used in Deadeye Zach's (300 tokens on Gamar Island).
Pancea        - Regains all HP and EP (2000pts at Deadeye Zach's or 1500 
                tokens on Gamar Island).


In no particular order :-

- Matrix         - For an making an enjoyable but inferior sequel to Alundra.
- Sony           - For releasing it!
- Activision     - For deciding to bring this game to the US. Too bad I couldn't 
                   wait that long!
- PSM Online     - I got the character names and storyline from their preview 
                   page. Thanks.
- Josh Chalmers  - For being the first person to solve the Seagull Ruin's dwarf 
                   stone puzzle, and find the last puzzle piece (no.49); he's 
                   the true master of Alundra 2!
- GodReborn      - Helped out here and there, especially with the last crest.
- Alex Siew      - For all kinds of info here and there, particularly the 
                   fortune teller bit and some translations, and the mystery
                   of the empty chests.
- Valeria_ii     - Info on the Sunburst Attack and the Blood Fang tip, among 
                   other things. Lots of translation help too.
- Merlin1860     - Lots of translation and gameplay info comes from him. Also
                   one of the first two persons who sent me the final steps to
                   the trading game. I'm eternally grateful. 
- Ginger Knute   - Gave me info on the final steps of the trading game. At 
                   the very same time as Merlin1860, even. Thanks!
- Chua Seow Yang - Helped with some name changes other miscellaneous info.
- Others         - Who generously contributed info that I forgot to note down.
                   Duh... Sorry. Thanks a lot!


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