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Team Ninja, without Itagaki, crank out the latest entry in the Ninja Gaiden 
franchise, Ninja Gaiden 3.

Ninja Gaiden 3
Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
Copyright 2012

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E-mail: [email protected]

1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
3. Shadows of the World
4. Ninja Cinema
5. Ninja Records
6. Conclusino

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Ninja Gaiden 3 is a twisting tale of betrayal, ancient evils, and cursed arms. 
Be prepared for a sprawling adventure that takes place over many environments. 
But what exactly does it take to be a master ninja? Well, mastery of the Xbox 
360 controller, for starters!

LT – Block
A – Jump
X – Quick Attack
B – Shuriken
Y – Strong Attack
LB – Bow
RS – Camera Control/Guide
LS – Movement
D-pad – N/A
Back – N/A
Start – Pause

Difficulty levels:
Hero - Fight enemies and save the day.
Normal - Take katana in hand as a true ninja.
Hard - Those who walk the path of a true ninja must first suffer.

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2. Walkthrough
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--->DAY 1<---

Jeeze, talk about a cold open. After choosing the difficulty level that you 
want to play the game on, a big white X will appear in the center of the 
screen. Press X. Then press X two more times as prompted when it appears on the
screen to reveal Ryu Hayabusa as he chops into someone. He then rips off his 
mask (!) and turns away from the camera.

A QTE will then begin as a giant enemy attacks. Push the left analog stick 
forward, and then press A to leap from the debris of the roof as the enemy 
destroys the building Ryu's standing on. As Ryu hurtles through the air toward 
the enemy, the large enemy will fire blasts at Ryu. The QTE then requires you 
to push the analog stick to the right and then pull on LT. Then press Y to 
dodge the next set of laser blasts, and finally press Y repeatedly when Ryu 
lands on the enemy to rip through it with his sword.

When the enemy lands on the ground, another QTE prompt will appear, telling you
to push the left analog stick forward again. Doing so will cause Ryu to run 
right into the glowing head of the enemy and cause the title screen to appear.

Following a series of cut-scenes, Ryu will be perched on a building as he 
thinks back to the people that contacted him that got him involved in this mess
to begin with. Push forward on the left analog stick and press A to glide off 
of the building, then press Y when prompted to take out the guard. Finish him 
off with a few more sword slashes.

The game then teaches you how to press down on the right analog stick to show 
you the direction that you need to go in order to continue the game. Try it out
now just so you know how to do it. Then go about slaughtering all the other 
guards in this area.

Round the corner and kill the guards here as well. Just keep slaughtering the 
guards as they come. Eventually they will start packing rocket launchers, but 
the rockets are easily dodged and the enemies are easily killed. The game will 
show you with on-screen cues that to block, you press LT, and to use a quick 
attack, you press the X button. Strong attacks are performed using the Y 

When the enemies have been killed, move towards the large truck blocking the 
bath. A lone enemy will pop out from behind a sandbag barricade and beg you not
to take his life. Move towards him by pushing the left analog stick. He will 
rip his mask off so you can see his face, and continue to plead. Keep moving 
forward. He will tell you of his kids and that he took this job to feed them. 
Keep moving forward until his back is against the truck. Then press one of the 
attack buttons to kill him.

The game will then teach you how to slide. To slide under the truck, push 
forward on the left analog stick and then pull on the left trigger. As soon as 
you complete this action, a giant robot will burst from the ground, causing a 
car to fly towards Ryu. Push on the left analog stick again and pull LT again 
to perform a QTE slide and avoid the car.

A bunch of enemies will run out into the street and attack you as the robot 
fires missiles. Press down on the right analog stick to find an escape route. 
The nearest one is an alleyway. Run towards it and do your best to avoid the 
attacks of the enemies. Jump over the obstacle that blocks the path and keep 
running forward until an explosion blocks the tunnel you're running towards. 
Press on the right analog stick again to point out nearby scaffolding that you 
can traverse to continue. Slide under it initially, then jump over the gap 
until you reach a dead end. Press on the right analog stick again to make Ryu 
look up the nearby building, showing him the next path that can be taken.

Push against the wall and press A to jump on it and start your ascension. Hold 
down both LT and RT to dig your kunai into the side of the building. Alternate 
between pressing LT and RT to make Ryu climb up the wall. As you near the top, 
part of the wall will crumble and Ryu will fall all the way back down. A guard 
will peek his head over the side of the building as well. Start climbing back 
up, but press B to throw a dagger and kill the guard. Move to the left or right
to avoid his falling body, and then continue to alternate between LT and RT to 
get to the roof and finish your climb.

Move along the roof until words pop up on the screen with your next 
instructions. You need to slightly tilt the left analog stick in order to walk 
quietly along the rooftop. Sneak up on the nearby rocket launcher-equipped 
guard and then press Y when prompted to kill him. The guards on the ground will
see you and start firing rockets. Glide off of the roof, and then use the left 
analog stick and the left trigger to avoid the rockets as they come, and press 
Y to take out the guard firing them before hitting the ground.

Take out all the guards in this area. There will be one with a rocket launcher,
but his attacks are easily avoided and it's best to just focus on the closer 
enemies. You will fill your Ninpo bar during this fight, which will in turn 
allow you to press B and Y together to unleash a giant fire dragon upon your 
enemies. This causes them all to give up arms. You can then kill them if you'd 
like or press down on the right analog stick to have the next path pointed out 
to you.

As you approach the gate, a truck will come flying towards you. The QTE will 
call for using the slide technique to slide under it and avoid being killed. 
A bunch of enemies will pile out of the truck. Fight them all. One of them will
have a rocket launcher that shoots a volley of missiles, so be wary of that guy
as that weapon can deal a ton of damage. Those enemies will then be replaced by
new enemies with shields. To bypass their shields, either slide under them, 
jump over them, or use Y attacks to knock their shields out of their hands.

At this point, a bird will randomly come and land on Ryu's arm. When this 
happens, you are given a chance to manually save the game. Press B to save the 

The truck blocking the path forward will explode as enemies behind it hit it 
with a series of RPG blasts. Rush towards the rockets. The helicopter that is 
on your side will fly overhead and destroy the enemies and their barricade with
rockets of its own. Run past their dead bodies, then deal with the two shielded
enemies and the one dual-wielding the knives as they hop over the next 

Once they're dead, hop over the barricade into the fog. An enemy will rush 
through the fog and grab Ryu from behind. Wiggle the left analog stick and 
press X as encouraged by the on-screen cues to kill him.

The next part is a little tricky. You need to push on the right analog stick to
point you to the closest enemy. Then tilt the left analog stick slowly towards 
them. You will be able to tell you're going in the right direction because the 
enemies in this area have lasers on their guns. When you near them, press Y to 
take them out silently. If you attract the attention of the other enemies, you 
will be hit with a devastating amount of rockets. Keep doing this until the 
giant robot from earlier bursts through the ground!

The Steel Spider robot that attacked earlier has returned, but Ryu does not 
want to run away this time. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that 
you cannot attack this thing head-on. You need to constantly be moving around 
it by sliding to the left or to the right. This will help you avoid all of its 

Keep doing this to avoid its attacks, but at the same time, focus on its legs. 
The legs that are red can be attacked, but the ignore the other legs. Keep 
sliding back and forth, all the while slicing at its four red legs until the 
armor on each one comes off. Every time that you do this, a QTE will occur in 
which you mash on the X button to finish that leg. The leg will then fall off 
the Steel Spider and begin to self-destruct. Slide away from it to avoid taking

After you've taken off two of its legs, the Steel Spider will have a new move. 
Its underbelly will begin to glow with blue electricity. That's your cue to get
the hell away from it to avoid being attacked by a large electrical discharge. 
Once the attack finishes, return to attacking the Steel Spider's red legs. Keep
doing this until all four of its red legs are gone and it falls onto its 
stomach, in turn exposing its engine.

With the engine exposed, be wary of the electrical discharge attack. Let it use
it once, then jump onto the platform leading to its engine. Slice at it to 
start another QTE. This time mash on the X button in order to destroy the 
engine and defeat the Steel Spider.

Move down the nearby alleyway, towards the flaming wreckage of the Steel 
Spider. One of its pilots will come out on fire, but you aren't able to put him
out of his misery, so just move on. A group of enemies will attack, so fight 
them off. When the initial ones are defeated, a couple more will attack. When 
they're all defeated, your attention will be directed to the nearby rooftop, 
where another enemy is firing a rocket launcher towards you.

Start a Kunai Climb up the roof. Keep both of the triggers held down to avoid 
falling off. Don't bother actually climbing at this point. Just move to the 
left and to the right to avoid the rockets as they come down, and take the 
time to press B to throw daggers up at the enemy. When he dies, avoid his body 
as it comes down, and then climb to the roof.

On the roof, approach the nearby door and press B. Run down the stairs and 
then start walking down the hallway. Ryu will start communicating with the 
woman that has been yapping at you this entire time. Move through the open 
door. An enemy will jump on you, but wiggle the left analog stick and press X 
to be rid of him.

Start walking down the stairs. Ryu will notice blood on the wall as you descend
the stairs, and he will draw his sword. Continue moving down the stairs until 
you reach the bottom, then go through the door. Go through the door to the next
room with a fireplace and more blood on the wall. Then exit the building to the
outside area. Another enemy will jump on your back, so wiggle the left analog 
stick and then press X to kill him.

Move towards the next building, and a group of enemies will run out of it. Kill
them. Approach the bird that is perched on the railing and press B to replenish
your health and to save the game. Then press B to open the doors, and then run 
down the next hallway and press B at the next set of doors as well.

A mysterious cloaked figure will kill the hostage inside with a cutlass. Then 
he will fight with you. First press LT to block his initial attack, and then 
start digging into him with a flurry of other attacks. Press A a lot to dodge 
his strikes, and whenever it tells you to mash on X or do any other combination
of QTE button presses, do so. Eventually this will cause him to be knocked 
through the nearby window and outside.

The battle will resume outside. Apply the same strategy as you did before. Ryu 
will get his sword lodged into this guy's gut. The game will tell you to mash 
on the X button repeatedly, so do so. However, the cloaked figure says some 
magical mumbo jumbo, and suddenly, the Dragon Sword disappears into Ryu's arm, 
which then becomes a disfigured mess. Ryu grabs at the cloaked figure's cutlass
in an attempt to kill him, but the move is easily dodged, and the cloaked 
figure leaves the suffering Hayabusa.

Walk through the nearby door. And then go down the street, moving towards the 
rubble. As soon as you make it to the end of the street, a missile strike will 
hit the location.

--->DAY 2<---

Out in the desert now, you are given a new weapon:  a bow. First push the right
analog stick to focus on the tower in the distance, which is your new 
objective. Hold LB to draw your bow, and focus it on the two towers that are 
much closer to you, on your side of the wall. There will be two enemies 
positioned in the one on the left, and one in the one on the right. Hold LB to 
aim, and then use the right analog stick to move to each target. Pull RT to 
fire arrows at them and kill them all.

Once they're dead, move closer to the wall. A few enemies on motorcycles will 
ramp over the wall and start circling you. Use your bow in a rapid fashion to 
destroy their motorcycles. If they get to close, use A to jump around and get a
better vantage point to finish them off.

You will then be given a sword by a lady with pink hair. Move through the hole 
in the wall and then follow the paths through more doors. As you move through 
an open area of sand, an enemy will pop out of the sand and attack. Use the 
slide move during the QTE to avoid the attack. Then start fighting all the 
other enemies that arrive in the ambush.

The game will then teach you about the Ultimate Technique. To use the Ultimate 
Technique, watch for Ryu's arm to glow red. When it does, hold Y and then 
release Y to defeat all the enemies in the nearby area with a flurry of 
attacks. Anyway, keep fighting off the enemies. When all the ones on the ground
are dead, focus your attention on the ones that are at higher elevations with 
RPGs and such. Use the bow to take them out.

There will be one on scaffolding that a rocket launcher that shoots the volley 
of missiles. Killing him will cause the scaffolding to be destroyed. Run over 
to this area. Press A repeatedly to jump from wall to wall and then to reach 
the area above. This is called the Flying Bird Flip. Speaking of birds, as soon
as you land on your feet, a bird will perch itself on a nearby post. Approach 
it and press B to save the game.

Move forward a bit and kill the enemies that appear. Once they're all dead, 
turn your attention to the gap. Press Ryu against the wall to his left and 
press A to run along the wall and traverse the gap using the Wall Run ability. 
On the other side, jump across the next gap, sneak up on the enemies, and then 
kill them both. Wall Run against the next wall to make it across the 
subsequent gap and kill the enemy on the other side. As you continue, you will 
walk across a makeshift bridge which will give way under Ryu's weight.

A group of enemies will ambush you again. Kill all of them. There will be quite
a bit, so use your Ninpo if you need to. After they've all been killed, press 
down on the right stick to direct you to an area where you can use the Flying 
Bird Flip to exit this little place. You'll be back at the area you were before
you fell through the makeshift bridge. This time Wall Run across the gaps.

When you reach the dead end, run up the wall. Then hold down both triggers to 
use the Kunai Climb. Climb up the wall and as you reach the open door, the game
will tell you to press Y to take out the guard at the top. Then move silently 
towards the next enemy and press Y to take them out. Then move outside on the 

A QTE will then initiate. Rockets will come flying towards you, so press A to 
avoid them. Then press Y as Ryu glides down to take out the guard on the 
ground. Defeat all the ground enemies, then pull out your bow and take out all 
the elevated enemies.

When the last enemy is defeated, scaffolding will fall again, opening a new 
path. Run over to the rubble, and then bounce between the walls to reach the 
top. Jump across the gaps, using the bars to swing your way across to the other
side. The bridge will break, so use the Kunai Climb to climb back up. Then 
save your progress at the bird that is perched on the ledge.

From there, jump up the next wall. Swing across the gaps again and then you 
will smash through the next wooden platform. Run down this hall and kill 
everyone in your way. When you reach the doors, press B to go through them. On 
the outside, you will hear someone charging something. Pull out your bow and 
aim upwards at the roof. You will see a magic user on the top of the roof 
charging two blue magical attacks in either hand. Fire at him, and he will 
dodge your arrow. He will then fire at you, so use LT and use the left analog 
stick to dodge his attack.

Suddenly there will be three of these mages. Jump around a lot to avoid their 
attacks, and focus on using strong Y button attacks on them to break through 
their magical barriers. Once all three of them have been killed, run up the 
nearby wall using the Kunai Climb. Then run up the next wall, also by using the
Kunai Climb. Slide down the hill and you'll be inside the dome.

Walk down the hall until you hear music coming from the bar. Enter the bar and 
move to the jukebox. An ambush will then occur, as enemies pour into the bar 
and also attack you from positions above. Take out all of the enemies on the 
ground, then use your bow to take out the ones above. In my experience, enemies
tend to glitch behind the bar counter. If this occurs, use your bow to pick 
them off.

After the first wave of enemies has been defeated, more will come into the bar.
Kill all of them and then go through the area that they entered the bar. Run up
the steps and then run up the next steps. Kill the enemy across the gap with 
your bow. Then Wall Run across the gap. Go down the next flight of stairs.

A helicopter will fire through the window. Constantly jump back and forth to 
avoid the volley of rockets that the helicopter fires at you. As you do this, 
quickly press LB and pull on RT to fire off arrows at the helicopter all the 
while avoiding the missiles. When the helicopter flies away, turn around and 
start walking forward. Slide under the obstacle, and then the helicopter will 
start attacking again at the next window. Repeat the process from before, and 
the helicopter will fly away again. Slide under the nearby gate.

At the monorail station, go through the turnstile gate. A flaming enemy will 
burst out of the nearby wreckage and jump on Ryu. Wiggle the left analog stick 
and press X to kick them off, then continue. Save at the bird sitting on the 
pole, then move onto the monorail.

The monorail doors will close behind Ryu. As the monorail moves along the 
tracks, enemies in jetpacks and a helicopter will attack it. When they do this,
put your back against the wall and then pull out your bow. Focus your attention
on the enemies with the jetpacks first, and keep firing at them until they are 
all defeated. If you are standing back far enough, they likely won't even be 
able to hit you with any of their attacks. If any of them land on the monorail 
train with you, take them out quickly before they can hit you with any number 
of their powerful attacks. When that's all taken care of, start flinging arrows
at the helicopter until it catches on fire.

As the monorail track is destroyed, another QTE occurs. Press A when prompted 
and Ryu will glide to safety. Run forward, jump over the steel, and then take 
out the slew of enemies that attack. This fight can be difficult as there is an
overwhelming amount of enemies, plus there are enemies above that will fire 
rockets. As you thin out the enemies on the ground, be mindful of the ones 
above, and occasionally take the time to fire your bow at them to take them out
with one-hit kills. Don't be shy about using your Ninpo and Ultimate Technique,
and in fact, abuse these powers by using them whenever possible during this 

As the fight begins to wind down, Ryu's cursed arm will begin to bother him 
again. That's no matter, really. Just pick off the remaining enemies like this 
by mashing on the attack buttons. Then move to the elevator at the far end of 
this building.

In the elevator, a helicopter will attack from behind. Quickly press LT and RT
together to dig your kunai into the elevator doors. Then mash on the B button 
to rip the doors open. Ryu will roll out of the elevator as it is destroyed by 
the helicopter. A bird will land on a metal beam. Save.

Wall Run across the gaps. Destroy the jetpack-using enemies with the bow and 
then continue using Wall Run across the gaps. Jump up the wall to the top. 
Then start Kunai Climbing up the next wall. The helicopter will fire at you and
knock you off. Fire the arrow at the helicopter over and over again while 
avoiding the missiles just as before. Whenever the pilot says "That's the last 
one!" that means you can't stop jumping around and just hold your ground and 
fire at the helicopter over and over again until it blows up.

With the helicopter destroyed, Kunai Climb up the wall again, to the very top 
of the unfinished skyscraper. A giant helicopter will then attack you. It will 
swoop in and try to knock you off the building and also fire missiles at you. 
When it swoops in, do the slide move to avoid being hit, and when it fires its 
missiles, mash on the A button to hopefully avoid them by jumping. While doing 
this, use the bow to shoot at the thrusters/missile launchers attached to the 
bottom of the helicopter's wings.

When one of them has been damaged enough, a flurry of missiles will come flying
towards Ryu. Press A when prompted to avoid them, and then press Y when told to
as well. Mash on the Y button to destroy part of the cockpit, and then turn 
your attention to the mounted gun on the wing. Block the bullets. When it 
starts to reload, move towards it. Block the bullets again, and then move 
towards it again. When you get close enough, attack the gun repeatedly until it
is destroyed. Then press A when prompted to fly through the air, landing safely
on top of a building.

Resume fighting the helicopter in the same manner that you did before. Focus on
the boosters under its wings. When another one has been destroyed, press A to 
avoid the missiles, then you'll land on the wing. Slide back and forth to avoid
being hit by the mounted gun on the next wing, and then when it opens its front
flap, revealing a yellow core, rush forward and attack.

The helicopter will tilt over. Kunai Climb back up the wing. Take the time to 
avoid the gun by moving to the left and right as you climb. When you reach the 
top, the aircraft will straighten itself out. A couple of enemies in jetpacks 
will then appear. Avoid the gun fire by sliding back and forth until the gun 
stops shooting and the yellow core appears again. Then use your bow to take 
out the jetpack guys. Then wait for the yellow core to appear again and attack 
the gun.

Press A to jump from the wing, just as before. You'll then land on another 
building, safe and sound. But not really. The helicopter returns, this time 
along with jetpack dudes. Kill the jetpack dudes first, then focus on the 
helicopter. Use the same strategy as before on the helicopter. This time you 
will have to fight it longer as you have to deal enough damage to both of the 
launchers/boosters to destroy them.

Finally, the helicopter will start to dip. Press A when the rockets get near, 
and then press Y as you near the cockpit. Then mash on Y to hurt the armored 
cockpit a bit more. Then hold both triggers so Ryu can hang onto the wing of 
the helicopter. Just hold the triggers until the wing starts to fall off and 
fire starts coming to you, and then press A to leap from the wing as the 
helicopter crashes and falls to the Earth.

--->DAY 3<---

As you fall from the sky, press the buttons that pop up on the screen to avoid 
being hit by the missiles. Then mash on Y to destroy to the rocket turret after
you hit the ground. Then take out all the enemies. If the other rocket turret 
is givng you troubles, you can deal enough damage to it to disable it and then 
resume to fighting the human enemies. After they're all dead, weaken the rocket
turret then mash X when prompted to completely destroy it. Run down the path 
through the jungle behind where the rocket turret once stood.

Large blue bugs will start crawling onto the path from the wilderness. Kill 
them and keep going until you reach the cliffside. Don't start climbing up it 
just yet, though. Pull out your bow and look up. You'll see a nest where the 
bugs are dripping out of. Destroy the nest with your bow, kill any straggling 
bugs, and then climb up the cliffside. Press Y when prompted to take out the 
guard at the top.

Take the right path. A dog will pounce on Ryu from the wildnerness. Wiggle the 
left analog stick and press X to kill it. Two more dogs will take its place, so
take them out as well. Then kill the next two dogs that show up, and then go to
the door. Press B to kick it open, taking out the guard on the other side in 
the process.

Run through the doorway. Another rocket turret will attack. Use the slide move 
to avoid the rockets during the QTE. Then rush over to the turret and pound on 
it until it is disabled and can no longer fire rockets. Then turn your 
attention to the multitude of enemies, including dogs. Use Ninpo and the 
Ultimate Technique whenever possible to make this fight a bit easier. When they
have all been killed, go back to the rocket turret and destroy it. Move up the 
stairs that it was blocking.

Kill the enemies up here. When they're all dead, a bird will land on one of the
barricades. Save and then kick open the fenced gate. Run down the stairs, and 
you will be made aware of a nearby radio. When you reach the bottom of the 
stairs, a guard will jump on Ryu. Wiggle the stick, hit X, you know the drill 
by now. With him dead, approach the radio and listen to the transmission.

Next approach the ledge and glide down on top of the truck. As the transport 
truck starts to drive away, Ryu will jump off the back. When he does this, hold
both of the triggers to make him dig his kunai into the back of the truck to 
avoid falling off.

After the cut-scene, press Y when prompted. Then kill all the dogs and human 
enemies in the area. Then a helicopter will once again attack Ryu. He just 
can't get away from those damn things! Pull the analog stick away from the 
helicopter as it chases you to run away. Whenever a burning log is in the way, 
jump over it. Then the camera will pan around to be behind Ryu, and you need to
tilt the analog stick forward isntead to make him run forward. Slide under the 
first burning log, and then jump over the second one. When the path starts to 
veer to the right, immediately start moving to the right as well to avoid 
being killed. When you reach the edge of the cliff, push the stick forward and 
press A to glide off. Hit Y as Ryu nears the helicopter, and then mash Y again 
to destroy its underbelly.

When Ryu hits the ground, the helicopter will fire its machineguns and rockets 
at him. Use your bow to defeat the first helicopter. Then another will replace 
it. Use your bow, avoid the missiles, and if the pilot says "That's the last 
one!" that means you can just stand still and fire at it at your leisure. 
Finally a third helicopter will show up, so blow that sucker up as well.

Move past the helicopter wreckage and ignore the flaming guy that crawls out of
it. Kunai Climb up the cliffside and into the cave. Move forward. When you 
reach water, enemies will start showing up. Kill the ground enemies with your 
sword and the flying jetpack enemies with your bow. When they're all dead, 
click the right analog stick to show you where you need to go next.

As you can tell, the wall the game wants you to climb is to high up to jump to.
Take note of the smooth section of the adjacent wall. Wall Run on that smooth 
slab of wall, and at the end of the run, press A again to launch Ryu towards 
the climbing wall. Then hold down both triggers to initiate the Kunai Climb. 
Alternate with LT and RT to climb to the top of the wall. Save your progress 
with the bird that lands on the boulder.

Walk down the path. You'll find more of those bugs. Kill them. The floor will 
fall through. Then keep moving towards the bugs, killing them for a light 
source as you move through the pitch-black cave. You'll reach an elevator, but 
before stepping into it, use your bow to destroy the nest attached to it. Then 
move onto the elevator and ride it up.

Keep moving down the path, slicing up the bugs as you go for light. You will 
see a nest in the distance. Shoot it down with your bow, then move towards the 
light. There will be a small opening on the ground that you should be able to 
see if you've killed any bugs. Slide under it, keep killing bugs, until you 
reach another elevator. Look above it and shoot the nest off the wall. This 
elevator doesn't work, so Kunai Climb up the wall. When you near the top, press
Y to take out the guard.

Use Wall Run to avoid the attacks of the other guards and to get across the 
gaps. Then kill these enemies, and continue to use Wall Run. At the top of the 
stairs, there is a room that goes from end of the room to the other. Hold down 
LT and RT to grab onto the rope. You climb across the rope the same way you do 
Kunai Climb, by alternating between LT and RT. When you see an enemy, press B 
to throw a dagger and kill him. At the end of the rope, press A to jump across 
to the platform he was standing on.

Slice through all the incoming enemies. Use your bow to take out the ones that 
are far away. When you reach the next rope, climb across it. A helicopter will 
swoop in and start attacking. When you reach the end of the rope, hit A to jump
to the platform. Then turn around and start flinging arrows at the helicopter 
until it blows up.

Then start moving forward, slicing through all the enemies as you go. There 
will be a couple magic users that attack as well. Take them out and then climb 
up the next wall. And at the top glide off the top when instructed. The Y 
button will flash on the screen, so press it to fly through the glass. Kill 
the two guards in this tower. When it blows up, glide out of it and then hit Y 
to kill the guard on the ground.

Then kill all the guards on the ground. As you near the end of this long fight,
Ryu's arm will start overtaking him again. Kill the remaining enemies that are 
around and when they're all dead, a bird will land on Ryu's arm, offering a 
save point and a healing opportunity.

Move through the double doors into a hangar-like area. Fight off all of the 
enemies and the magic users that are here. Then take out the guy at the top of 
the stairs with the rocket launcher using your bow. He will blow up the 
blockade at the top of the stairs inadvertently. Move up the stairs, but then 
Ryu will be attacked by a new enemy.

These enemies can turn invisible. To deal with this, wait for them to attack, 
which makes them visible for a couple of seconds. Then you can just lay into 
them until they die. They will constantly drop mines and will use melee 
attacks, but they aren't that hard to fight off. There will be three of them in
this area. When they're all dead, go back up the stairs and approach the large 
doors, which will open automatically.

Move through the halls. As you walk by the display cases with what appears to 
be stuffed dogs inside, the dogs will burst through the glass and attack. Kill 
them all and continue. When you reach a dead end, that means there's a couple 
more invisible enemies. Kill them and then the previously locked doors will 
open back up. Move through this hallway. An invisible enemy will grab Ryu from 
behind, so wiggle the left analog stick and hit X to take him out.

That's the cue for a TON more invisible enemies to suddenly show up. Run to the
end of the hall and put your back to the doors. Then take out each invisible 
enemy one at a time as they come. When they're all dead, the doors behind Ryu 
will open. Run into this large room.

After the scene, you have to fight a giant T-Rex with mechanical outfittings. 
No, I'm not kidding. Luckily, the fight is pretty easy. Just keep your distance
and the T-Rex will start to charge around the room. After running into the wall
once, the T-Rex will stomp and then belly flop. That's your cue to run over and
slice the crap out of him. As he starts to stand up, slide away immediately to 
block the attack, then repeat the process.

Eventually, his torso will be covered with steel, preventing you from attacking
anywhere but his head. This just makes it take longer to start attacking him, 
but it's not a big deal. After enough damage has been done to his head, a QTE 
will occur, and then you should start to leave through the way you came. The 
T-Rex will then get up and start chasing you down the hallways. Explosions 
will occur as this happens, but just keep tilting the left analog stick away 
from the monstrosity.

You will have to jump over a couple of obstacles. When you see a rocket, slide 
under it. Then the T-Rex will grab the rocket in its mouth. Pull out your bow 
and fire an arrow at the rocket. Then turn and continue to leave. The T-Rex 
will pop back up for one more time. Dodge his attack in the QTE, then nail him 
with another QTE.

You will now have to fight the T-Rex in the hangar area. The fight is the same 
as before, albeit in the hangar area. Repeat the process from earlier. When 
enough damage has been done, Ryu will stick his sword into the dinosaur's head.
Press and mash on Y as instructed to finally put away the T-Rex.

--->DAY 4<---

After the scene, you will be on top of a vehicle in the middle of a storm with 
a bunch of enemies to deal with. Kill them all, including the ones rocking the 
jetpacks that fly in at about the midway point. When all the enemies are 
defeated, a path will open up. Approach this edge, and then glide off of the 
vehicle to enter the next stage.

Kill all of the enemies and then glide off the stage. Run up the stairs and 
save using the bird perched on the railing. Run down the hallway and then kick 
open the double doors at the end. Then you have to battle the red cloaked dude 
from earlier in a fight that's exactly like the first one.

When this fight is over and he's sent through a window, Ryu follows, which 
sends him into a brand new stage. Run forward. Wall Run to avoid the electric 
current on the ground. Then continue forward and Wall Run again. Debris will 
block the path, so take a left and swing using the pole to avoid the electric 
current. The floor will give out, but press A before you die and then swing on 
the subsequent pole to the other side. Slide under the obstacle.

Kill the enemies and go through the door. Make your way to the other end of the
building and then go through that door as well. Approach the door with the 
glowing blue arrows pointing to it. Approach it and pull on both triggers and 
press B to begin opening it. This process will be interrupted by a bunch of 
enemies. Defeat the ones on the ground first and then use your bow to pick off 
the remaining enemies on the upper level. Then return to the door and pry it 

On the bridge, take out the flying enemies with your bow. Then take care of the
ones on the ground. When enough enemies have been killed, the bridge will 
separate into two, triggering a QTE. Press A when prompted, and as you near the
side of the building, pull on both triggers to dig Ryu's kunai into it. Start 
the Kunai Climb up the side of the building. An enemy will eventually poke his 
head over the side, so throw a dagger and then quickly move out of the way 
before you resume your climb. Save at the bird once you're back on your feet on
solid ground.

Move through the door and then through the next one. In the following hallway, 
you will be attacked by more enemies. Kill them all and then exit through the 
next door. In the following hallway, you will be ambushed by more enemies. Kill
them all and then exit through the following door into a lab-like room.

A bunch of cybernetic zombies will then attack. Slice through all of them. They
may jump on Ryu and take him to the ground, though. If this happens, then you 
can escape by wiggling the left analog stick while simultaneously mashing on 
the X button.

Following this, two new monsters will start attacking. The key to fighting 
these formidable foes is to slide around the area as much as possible. Sliding 
and blocking attacks are virtually one in the same, so you won't be taking 
damage near as much. These enemies will just keep constantly spawning, so spam 
your Ninpo and Ultimate Technique whenever you possibly can.

Eventually, a trapdoor in the floor will open, and Ryu and the monsters will 
tumble down it. When you land, you'll wind up in a pit of acid. So, you're 
constantly taking damage, you have to fight more monsters, AND you have to 
fight the cybernetic zombies. If you build up your Ninpo bar, save it until you
are very low on health, and then unleash it, because every time you use your 
Ninpo, your health is fully regenerated. This comes in handy especially in this
situation, with the acid floor and what-not.

When all the enemies are dead, push on the right analog stick to point you in 
the direction of the next wall that you have to climb. Approach it and star to 
run up it with the A button. Then use the triggers to dig in. Climb up the wall
and use the bird at the top to save. Then Wall Run, and at the end of the run, 
hit A again to launch Ryu to the next wall. On this wall, continue climbing 
until you reach the top.

Then use the triggers again to start climbing along the rope. As you do this, a
couple of enemies will show up, so use your daggers on them. If one happens to 
shoot you, quickly pull on the triggers again to grab onto the rope before 
falling to your death. Then resume shimmying along the rope until you reach the
end. Press A to jump off and onto the small balcony.

Run forward and jump to the pole sticking out of the wall. While swinging on 
the pole, press A to swing to the next one. Press A again to jump to the wall 
and use both triggers to dig your kunai into the wall. Alternate between LT and
RT to reach the top of the climb, then walk forward, fall through the hole, and
you are done with that little platforming section.

But now you have to fight more zombies and Chimaera monsters. When they're all 
dead, you will hear a bird caw and the camera will point to the next 
platforming challenge, a little back and forth Flying Bird Flip. Perform this 
move, but as you walk along the following catwalk, a monster will land on it, 
sending you back down to the floor below. Fight off the rest of the monsters 
and then return to where you fell. Wall Run over the gap and save using the 
bird that is once again perched at the railing.

Move through the next door. At the door after that, use the triggers and then 
mash on the B button to get it open. In the next hallway, kill the monsters and
then go through the following door. The hallway will quickly fill up with 
monsters, so take them all out. Then go through the next door.

Kill the two monsters in here. Then go through the next door. Use the bird to 
save. Turn around and re-enter the room. Following the scene, move out of the 
elevator. Fight off all the invisible enemies in the next room until Ryu's arm 
starts freaking out again. Slice through the enemies until they're all gone, 
and then move through the open doorway. Move through the hall, slicing through 
enemies as you go, until you reach the end of it.

Hold LT to pick up the little girl. Then exit this room. Keep going until 
another scene plays. When it's done, you have to hold LT to pick the little 
girl back up. With the girl, move through the hall full of zombies. Whenever 
they jump on Ryu, keep holding LT and mash on the X button to be rid of them. 
Go through the door at the end of the hall, and then through the door in the 
next room.

You will now have to fight a new monster. At first she has no arms, but she is 
pretty quick. Constantly perform the slide move, slash a couple of times, and 
then repeat. After not too long, she will spawn snake heads for arms. Keep an 
eye on her new arms, as when they flash red, she is trying to grapple you, 
which can deal ridiculous damage. Otherwise, use the same strategy as when she 
was armless.

A QTE will play out, and she will lose her arms courtesy of Ryu's sword. Then 
she will spawn arms similar to the bulkier monsters you fought earlier. Wait 
for her to charge, then try to get behind her and slash the crap out of her. 
When enough damage has been done, another QTE will play. Perform this QTE and 
she will retreat to the next room. Follow her, and use LT in conjunction with 
the analog stick to avoid her next attack.

Now you have to keep fighting her and cutting her arms off over and over again.
She will constantly spawn new arms. Block a lot, slide a lot, and whenever you 
can get a combo in on her, take that opportunity. After you've done this 
enough times, she will jump on Ryu and wrap her legs around his waist. Mash on 
the X button quickly because this will drain your health. Ryu will then manage 
to decapitate her.

Move towards the open door. The decapitated head will fly at you, so wiggle on 
the left analog stick and mash on X to be rid of it. Then RUN down the hall. 
Ignore EVERY enemy that you see. If a zombie grabs you, wiggle the left analog 
stick and mash on X some more. The doors will start to close, but even if they 
are incredibly close to the ground, Ryu can still slide under them, so don't 
give up if it seems Ryu's slide move won't let him fit under the door. When 
you pass the third door, it's over.

--->DAY 5<---

Upon hitting the ground, move forward through the foggy battlefield. People 
will fall to the ground dead as you move. When you reach the sword sticking out
of the ground, Ryu will pull it out. Then you have to fight a bunch of enemies.
Kill them all, then notice where the wind is blowing a bit of dust through a 
crevice in the mountainside. Go here and start moving through the narrow 
passage, and birds will flutter away.

Keep moving. Slide down the slope, and then keep going until you are ambushed 
by enemies. Defeat them, and continue. On the narrow cliffside, more enemies 
will attack and distant archers will fire flaming arrows in your direction. Use
your bow to dispatch of the archers, then fight off the enemies here. Then make
your way to the bridge.

As you get close to the bridge, even MORE enemies will show up. This fight will
take a while, but when it's done, start moving across the bridge. The bridge 
will be attacked by flying enemies, and then a QTE will begin. Press A to leap 
from the falling bridge, then pull on both triggers to grab onto the rope. 
Start shimmying along the rope by alternating between LT and RT, and when an 
enemy shows up, press B to throw your dagger.

When you reach the flaming cloth hanging from the rope, you can press A to 
swing and jump to the other rope. Then start shimmying along again. Throw a 
dagger whenever necessary, and then swing and leap across to the other rope. 
Then jump up onto the other, stable half of the bridge.

Unfortunately, the bridge doesn't remain stable for long. An enemy will roll a 
few bombs on the bridge. The explosion causes the bridge to collapse against 
the side of the cliff. When prompted, hit A and then pull both triggers to dig 
the kunai into the bridge. Start climbing up the bridge with the Kunai Climb 
ability, being sure to move to the left or to the right to avoid fire when 

Another explosion will cause Ryu to fall back down to the bottom of the bridge.
Pull the triggers again to dig back into the bridge and start climbing back up.
Throw a dagger to get rid of the enemy, and then continue to climb. The bridge 
will start to fall apart, so you need to quickly alternate between LT and RT 
and dodge the fire quickly in order to reach the top and be safe.

At the top, move forward through the grass. Follow the path until you are 
ambushed by enemies. Kill them all and then continue. A bird will perch on a 
small monument, so use it to replenish your health and save. Then continue to 
follow the path. Fight off any enemies, and then as you continue, a giant 
boulder will start tumbling down a hill right toward Ryu! Slide under it and 
fight off all the enemies.

When they're dead, fire an arrow at the boulder blocking the path to blow it 
up. Then continue and fight the ton of enemies in the next clearing. Towards 
the end of this battle, Ryu's arm will start acting up again. Kill the rest of 
the enemies, then move to the open area. Ryu will collapse to the ground, but 
continue down the path, crawling.

After the scene, move through the village. Walk by the dude feeding the 
chickens and then another scene will play in which Ryu is given a new bow. Walk
onto the woden platform and use the bow to shoot one of the targets. Then move 
down to the end of the platform and walk off of it.

Walk through the village, taking the road to the left. As you near the training
ninjas, another scene will play. After Ryu goes through the door, move forward 
past the house. A kid will attack, so hit LT to block his strikes as prompted. 
Then press X to end this little play skirmish. Then walk forward and go up the 
steps. Save at the bird and yet another scene will play.

Following that scene, move forward through the forest. Fight off any enemies 
and when you reach the water, keep battling your way through all of the foes 
that show up. Eventually you will reach a spider web blocking the path and 
then you will be ambushed by more enemies. Kill them all and then your new 
partner will burn down the spider web with her magic.

Move through the area and then in the next place, continue to kill all of the 
enemies. If Ryu's arm starts to bother him, the lady will heal it. When enough 
enemies have been killed, yet another cut-scene will play. A giant witch 
monster fiend thing...will have hold of Ryu and his magic-wielding lady friend.
Mash on the X button as prompted to escape the grasp of this horrific monster.

You land on its arm. Rush forward to the glowing growth on it and start hacking
and slashing away. Enemies will spawn and the growth will turn to stone, so 
ignore it for now and fight off the enemies. Whenever the monster raises its 
hand in the air, pull out your bow and quickly shoot the growth on its hand. If
its hand is balled into a fist, you need to get out of the way quickly to avoid
being smashed.

Whenever the growth turns from stone back to its yellow/red color, ignore all 
the enemies and start hacking at it again. When enough damage has been dealt, 
you will be able to mash on the Y button to destroy it. Then Ryu will be sent 
flying through the air and the chick partner is freed. Use LT and RT to start 
the Kunai Climb when prompted and work your way up to the next growth. Whenever
tentacles burst out of the monster, tilt the left analog stick to the right or 
to the left to avoid taking damage. When you reach the growth, mash on the Y 
button to destroy it.

Ryu will be sent flying again, this time to the growth that the girl is working
on. Mash on the Y button to help her destroy it, and then you will land on 
solid ground on a different part of the monster. Fight off the enemies and 
focus on the growth again. The witch monster will shoot purple blasts at you, 
but they are easily dodged.

As you continue to damage the growth, tentacles will pop up and make things 
even more complicated. Do your best to avoid them, focus on the growth, and 
when enough damage has been dealt, that growth will be destroyed as well. Now 
Ryu will fly towards the growth sticking out of her head. Mash Y when prompted 
and the fight will be done with.

But don't put down the controller just yet! You need to hit B as Ryu and the 
girl fall to the Earth in order to catch her and save her before she falls to 
her death.

--->DAY 6<---

Run forward through the snow. As you enter the denser snow, it will be hard to 
see, and enemies will attack. Kill them, and then move forward. Go down the 
slope, and then just run forward through the blizzard. You won't be able to see
anything at all, but don't worry about it.

More enemies will then strike, including some on snowmobiles. Use the bow to 
blow them up, and kill the other enemies in any way possible. When the last 
snowmobile is destroyed, an avalanche will trigger. Press A to leap from the 
falling ice block to the nearby cliffside. Use the Kunai Climb to avoid falling
to your death.

Start scaling the cliff. Move to the right and hook yourself on the ice slab 
there to avoid being hit by the snow falling from above. Climb up this slab of 
ice until you near the top. It will start to shake and come loose, so move to 
the left to reattach yourself to the wall and finish climbing to the top.

Run forward and save at the bird. Go through the cave, and then use the slide 
move to avoid the monster that bursts out of the cave wall. Fight the monsters 
and when the first wave of them are defeated, ice will fall off the nearby 
wall. More monsters will spawn, but ignore them and run to the wall, as the 
floor you're standing on is about to cave in. Run up the wall and then use the 
Kunai Climb to latch on. Climb to the top.

Notice the glowing bugs from earlier crawling out of a hole in the wall? Go 
there and slide into the hole. Fight through the bugs and make your way through
the pitch-black cave. You will come to a pair of walls that you can perform the
Flying Bird Flip ability at in order to reach the top. Before doing that, shoot
down the bug nest with the bow, and then do it to reach the top.

At the top, fight through the zombies and light bugs. Then turn your attention 
to the bug nest hanging on the wall. Shoot it with an arrow to make it crash 
down to the ground, lighting up the room considerably. Then take notice of the 
other bug nest across the gap. Shoot it to cause all the ice in your way to 
be destroyed, but it will also make a few monsters spawn. Defeat them.

Wall Run and then leap off to Kunai Climb on the wall that you just shot the 
bug nest off of. Kunai Climb up the wall, but then falling ice will make you 
slip back down. Quickly pull on both triggers to stick your kunai back into 
the wall and resume the climb to the top.

Wall Run over the gap and slide down the slope. Press A to launch Ryu through 
the air. Avoid the falling ice towers by holding LT and tilting the analog 
stick first to the left. Then to the right. Then to the right again. And finish
this segment with LT + left to land safely across the cavern and on the ground.

Run forward and fight off the new monsters. Kill them all and then Kunai Climb 
up the wall. Approach the large door with the weird demonic face attached to 
it. More of the new monsters will appear. Kill them all, and then the demonic 
face will activate. The monsters will come back to life as kamikaze bombs, so 
dodge them as they explode.

The face will then fly off of the wall and more monsters will arrive. Kill all 
the monsters, then pelt the flying demon face with your arrows when it glows 
yellow. It will then turn into a large monster with a scythe. Slide to it, 
slash, block, slide away. Rinse and repeat until it is destroyed. Then walk to 
the double doors and press B to open them.

In the next room, save using the bird that lands on the pillar. Then fight off 
all the enemies. Then they will be turned into bombs by the flying demon head. 
Avoid the explosions. Kill the rest of the enemies. Pelt the demon head with 
arrows when it turns yellow. Kill the monster that spawns out of the mask. Then
go to the nearby metal gate and exit the room. Go up the stairs, kill the 
monsters, and then continue as more burst through the plate glass window.

Fight all the monsters. Kill the flying demon head monster. Kick open the gate 
and then continue through. Another demon head will fire a laser as you step 
onto a balcony, so press A to avoid being blown up. Then press Y to attack the 
enemy in the white robe below. Kill the rest of the white robed foes.

After this happens, two of the fully evolved demon masked monsters will come 
to the ground, but only one at a time. Kill the first one. Remember, if you 
dodge their scythe attack, you can attack them freely for a little while 
without having to worry about blocking since their weapon will get stuck. Also 
use heavy attacks a lot (the Y button) as it breaks up their attack animation 
and ruins their blocking. Kill the second one as well, then head down the hall 
and save using the bird.

Continue down the hall, and enemies will pop out of glass containers and 
attack. Kill them all and snake around the containers until you reach a new 
room. You will then have to fight with a Ryu clone! This fight is actually very
easy. Spam Y + X attack over and over and you will have absolutely no problem. 
When enough damage has been done, the Ryu clone will fall to the ground as his 
cursed arm gives him trouble. Walk over and press X. Then mash on Y to finish 
the battle.

After a short scene, you have to fight a super-powered demonic version of the 
Ryu clone. Employ the same strategy as before, but throw in a few more dodging 
times to avoid his attacks. When he begins to glow red, run away until Ryu's 
cursed arm glows red. Hold Y to unleash the Ultimate Technique, then resume the
regular attacks.

At this point, he will charge up his scytche. Run away and JUMP as soon as he 
swings it to avoid taking a ton of damage. Then resume attacking until he glows
red again. Then use the Ultimate Technique at the next chance. Then start with 
more attacks on him. This time he will charge up a large ball of red energy to 
fire at you. Dodge it and then attack him with the Ultimate Technique when he 
turns red. Repeat the process until he dies.

The place starts to crumble. Run straight ahead, jump, and go through the door.
In the next room, kill the two white robed enemies. A couple of monsters will 
burst into the room through the nearby door. Ignore them and instead use the 
Flying Bird Flip to reach the top of the building. Use the Kunai Climb to 

On the roof, press A to avoid the missiles. Tap Y, then mash Y. Then focus your
attention to the mounted gun on the wing. Slide back and forth to avoid the 
fire. Then when it reveals its yellow core, rush forward and attack. Then back 
up and avoid the bullets again. Then attack the core again with more slashes to
destroy the turret.

Ryu will land on the ground in more blizzard. Walk forward and climb the next 
ice wall. The wall will keep falling down, so climb fast and move to the right 
as soon as you can. Then finish the climb all the way to the top.

--->DAY 7<---

Press A when prompted to jump out of the plane. Then press B to get in the 
other plane. In the next QTE, hold LT and use the left analog stick to dodge 
the missiles. Then press Y when prompted and then mash on Y to destroy the 
turret. Then kill all the enemies on this area of the ship. Run up the wall, 
Kunai Climb to the top, destroy the next turret.

The door will open up automatically. Kill the enemies. Go down the hallway and 
exit through the next door. Pull out your bow and kill the enemy across the 
water firing the rockets. Then destroy the turret and go down the stairs. The 
next door will open up. Kill the enemies that come out of it and go down the 

Pull out your bow and kill the enemy across the way. Destroy the turret. Then 
use the Wall Run to get across the gap. Kill the enemies. Kunai Climb up the 
wall. Then run forward to the jetpack flying enemies. Press A when prompted, 
and then press Y. Kill all the enemies. Shoot the jetpack guys out of the air 
with the bow. When they're all dead, destroy the two mounted turrets.

A helicopter will then fly up. Shoot it down with the bow. With the helicopter 
destroyed, turn your attention to the next Kunai Climb wall. Climb to the top 
and then destroy the turret. The doors will open up, so go and slice through 
all of the enemies. Destroy the jetpack-flying soldiers with your bow and when 
they're dead, Kunai Climb to the top of the crow's nest.

Destroy the turret and save using the bird perched on the railing. Glide off 
of the crow's nest to the next ship. Press Y when prompted and then finish off 
the turret. Now, there will be a small hallway with a bunch of enemies and 
behind them is a turret. Lead the enemies out of the hallway to avoid being hit
by the turret. Kill the enemies and then destroy the turret.

Move down the stairs. Kill the enemies that come out of the door and move down 
the hallway, still killing enemies. The next doors will open up and more 
enemies will come through. Kill them and move through the hallway. Back on the 
outside of the ship, fight off all the enemies on the ground. Use the Ultimate 
Technique and Ninpo as much as possible as there is a ton of enemies at this 
section. Kill the flying jetpack enemies, and use your bow to take out the 
enemies at higher position with rockets. Then destroy the turret on the left, 
which will kick off a QTE where you hit Y to destroy the turret on the right.

As you approach the next Kunai Climb wall, white robed enemies will show up. 
Kill them all and then Kunai Climb up the wall. At the top, when you enter the 
next room, the shutters will close and invisible enemies will attack. One will 
grab Ryu from behind. Wiggle the left analog stick and mash on X to escape and 
then kill off all the other enemies. The shutters will open, so move forward. 
Destroy the turret on the left and then destroy the turret on the right with 
the following QTE.

Kunai Climb up and then save using the bird. Climb up to the top of the crow's 
nest and then a giant helicopter will show up. It will fire rockets at the 
nest, so hit A to leap off of it. Hit Y to dig Ryu's sword into the cockpit of 
the helicopter and then mash on Y to attack the helicopter. Ryu will land on 
the wing. Slide back and forth to avoid the fire from the mounted turret. Then 
wait for it to reveal its core and slice away at it to destroy the turret. 
Then hit Y to destroy the next turret that Ryu automatically glides to on the 
other ship.

Move down the stairs. The ship will be attacked with rockets. Then use LT and 
RT to dig into the wall of the broken ship. Quickly move to the right to avoid 
the falling turret and then climb to the top. When you reach solid ground, move
to the left and use the Flying Bird Flip to reach the top. Then move to the 
rope and use LT and RT to grab onto the rope. Alternate between both triggers 
to shimmy along the rope to the end. Then hit A to swing across to the next 
platform. Run forward and use the Flying Bird Flip to reach the top.

Destroy the helicopter, then go to the wall. Kunai Climb to the top. Rockets 
will fire and destroy the wall. You will have to use LT and RT to dig your 
kunai back into the wall. Then return to Kunai Climbing until you once again 
reach the top. Save using the bird that lands there. Then glide off of the edge
of this area.

When you lack on the next ship, called the Black Narwhal for some reason, you 
will have to fight not one, but TWO Steel Spiders. Luckily, you have a weapon 
now that you didn't have before...your bow! Just slide around in a circle to 
avoid their attacks and taking every few seconds to aim a shot at their legs 
with the red glowing armor. When the armor on their legs has been destroyed 
completely, rush forward to that leg and attack it with your sword. Then slide 
away to avoid it.

Whenver the blue electricity appears under their bodies, get away so you can 
avoid being hit by the discharge. Then resume attacking their legs until all 
of their legs are destroyed. When their legs have been destroyed, the engine 
core on their back will be exposed. Then you can rush over to it and attack it 
to destroy the Steel Spider. Do this with both of them to end the fight.

But then you have to fight a super giant robot T-Rex from hell. I'm not even 
exaggerating slightly. This mammoth monster has three attacks at this initial 
stage. One, he will use his right arm as a flamethrower when he slams it on the
ground. His second attack involves his other arm. He pounds it into the ground 
to emit electric discharge. On the second pound, he will leave his arm there 
for a second. And his third attack is a constant barrage of missiles that come 
from his back.

Slide around constantly to avoid the missiles and attack the arms whenever you 
can. The arm that makes the electric discharge fire can be a pain in the ass, 
but just remember not to attack it until TWO electric discharges have occurred.
When enough damage has been done, the armor will come off of the arms. Attack 
either one of them when their red flesh is exposed to initiate a QTE and to 
proceed to the next stage of the fight.

Slide under him when prompted. He will then take to the skies. Pull out your 
bow and aim at the glowing underbelly of the beast. Fire arrows repeatedly into
his chest, all the while avoiding the variety of missiles being fired at you. 
When enough damage has been done in this regard, he will fall to the ground 
and have two wheels with electricity being produced between them and charge at 

To avoid him now, slide repeatedly to the left or to the right. Then turn 
around and fire shots into the side of his wheels. Shoot it as many time as you
can before dodging his charge again. Repeat the process until he starts firing 
blue lasers at you. To avoid the blue lasers, simply stand still in the middle 
of them. He will then charge forward, so hit Y and mash on it as prompted to 
deliver a devastating QTE blow.

Approach the wreckage of the robot. Press X to deliver the killing blow through
the chest of the old man. Following the cut-scene, save at the bird that lands.
Slaughter all the enemies in the room. Use your bow to pick off the ones at a 
distance. Then go into the next room and kill all the enemies in here. When the
initial wave is defeated, white robed alchemists will replace them. Defeat 
them. The last one remaining will take off his robe and retreat with his back 
against the door. Slowly approach him and then press X to dig your sword into 
him. Mash on X to kill him.

Move down the hallway. When you reach the end of it, you will have to fight the
cloaked dude again. Use the exact same strategy as before to defeat him. This 
will result in a cut-scene.

--->DAY 8<---

Following the scene, press Y when prompted, and then mash on Y to destroy the 
helicopter on the way down. Next you will have to fight another Steel Spider. 
Employ the same strategies as before to destroy it. With that taken care of, 
push forward through the streets, killing all the enemies that you come across.

When they're all dead, move up the stairs. Walk along the bridge, and then an 
enemy will fire at it with a rocket launcher. Press A to avoid the rockets, and
then press Y when prompted to kill him. Then kill all the other enemies around 
and continue through the streets, slaughtering any enemies you see. A 
helicopter will crash, so slide under it to avoid being caught in the 

Then fight off the monsters that spawn. Keep fighting until Ryu is overcome by 
his cursed arm. Slice through the remaining enemies until a short scene plays. 
When the scene ends, slide under the obstacle and then fight off all the 
enemies. When they're all dead, use Kunai Climb to reach the roof of the 

At the top of the building, hit A as the rockets fly toward Ryu. Then press Y 
to completely destroy the Steel Spider on the ground in a QTE. Phew. With that 
taken care of, a few enemies will come from the other side of a large piece of 
rubble. Kill all of them and continue down the street. Hitting RS will lead you
to two walls close enough together to perform the Flying Bird Flip to reach the
top of the next building.

Run around the side of the building. Kill the jetpack-using enemies with your 
bow. An explosion will destroy the building. Press A to leap to safety, then 
hit Y to dig your sword into the helicopter. Hit Y again to destroy the 
helicopter. When you land on the ground, fight off the multitude of monsters. 
They will be revived after the initial killing. When they're all dead, a nearby
car will blow up, opening a new path. Go there. Save at the bird.

As you move through the alley, another scene will play. When that scene is 
over, you will be in the back of a jeep. This is an on-rails shooting segment 
with your bow. Just keep the helicopters and jetpack-using enemies at bay. To 
lock on to a new enemy, release LB and then press LB again to automatically 
aim at them. Whenever a helicopter shows up, keep the cursor trained on it and 
fire until it is destroyed. Later other jeeps  will start to follow, just use 
the same strategies with them.

When the jeep goes off the destroyed road, press A to launch yourself and the 
woman to safety. Ryu's arm will start bothering again. Start walking forward, 
following the path between the cars. A monster will jump on you. Wiggle the 
left analog stick and mash on X to get rid of the monster. Then continue 
walking until yet another cut-scene is triggered.

When that scene concludes, you have to fight another boss. This dude is easier 
than the giant robot T-Rex that you faced eariler. Slash and hack away at him 
while sliding around to avoid his attacks. He will shoot beams and balls of 
energy at you, so just slide and avoid. When the ground starts turning black, 
get out of the blast zone, and pelt him with arrows from a distance. This will 
cause him to kneel in pain. Rush over and beat the hell out of him with your 
sword until a QTE appears. Repeat this process a few more times.

The monster, Cliff, will then take to the sky. Shoot him with your bow, but he 
will then dissolve your bow. Cliff will then spawn monsters and continue to 
shoot at you from afar. Attack the monsters until you build up your Ultimate 
Technique, and then use it to kill the rest of the monsters and attack Cliff. 
Then beat on him while he's on the ground until he takes to the skies again. 
Repeat the process. Then QTE him when prompted to finish the fight.

With your new buddy, use RS to find your way around the building. Save at the 
bird near the rubble, then run up the slope. Kill the enemies and fight your 
way to the top, then glide off to the other roof. Press Y when prompted and 
then kill all the other enemies here.

Use the Flying Bird Flip to reach the higher level. Kill the enemies here and 
then Ryu's arm will start bothering him. Continue to fight, and then Ryu's arm 
will be healed by your new partner. Continue fighting the monsters. When they 
are dead, a helicopter will crash, causing a radio tower to fall. Run up the 
tower and glide off of it to land on another building. Fight the monsters here,
including the evolved form of a flying demon mask, and when they're all dead, 
Kunai Climb to the higher level.

Kill all the monsters up here and then glide to the next area. Slice at the 
giant forcefield to trigger a cut-scene. When that scene ends, walk forward to 
the middle of the helipad to view yet another cut-scene. After this, you once 
again fight Mr. Red Cloak, whose name is evidently Theodore. They really need 
to be better at mentioning names in this game. The fight plays out exactly the 
same as it did before.

Afterwards, push forward on the left analog stick and go through the QTE 
process. Look familiar? Upon playing out the scenes that were shown at the 
beginning of the game, you will be back on the roof. Watch out for the purple 
blasts of energy raining from the sky. You will be able to indicate where they 
are going to land by their purple shadows on the ground.

Keep dodging the blasts until she spawns enemies. Fight the enemies until your 
magic meter is filled and then unleash the Ninpo fire dragon. The dragon will 
smash right into her face, and then Ryu will jump on her skull. Button mash to 
take her to the ground. On the ground, run over to her arm, avoiding the 
blasts, and then slice at it. Then attack her head again for more QTE button 
mashing fun!

Back on the roof, avoid the blasts. She will start slamming her arm on top of 
the roof. An orangle glow will indicate where she is about to slam her arm. 
As soon as her arm hits the roof, slash at it like crazy. Eventually she will 
respond by completely destroying part of the roof, giving you less room to 
dodge her attacks.

Repeat the process. She will then destroy the other half of the building. This 
will the trigger a QTE. Pull LT to block her attack as before, then button 
mash. Ryu will then jump to her head. Press Y and then mash on Y to defeat her 
for good.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Shadows of the World
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In this game type, you can play online in the versus multiplayer mode or try to
complete co-op challenges. You can also do a series of trials offline.

Keep in mind that to access this content, you will need an Online Pass. So if 
you rent the game or buy the game used, you will have to download the Online 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4. Ninja Cinema
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
View all the cut-scenes in the game here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5. Ninja Records
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
All of your records you accumulate over the course of the game, whether it is 
in the campaign or in the multiplayer modes, is stored here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
6. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope this guide helped you beat Ninja Gaiden 3!

E-mail me at [email protected] if you have any questions, comments, or 
concerns regarding this guide!

You can check out all my other stuff here:


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