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Dragon's Dogma
Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
Copyright 2012

1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
Act I
...>The End at the Beginning
...>Newly Arisen
...>Upon A Pawn
...>Strength in Numbers
...>Call of the Arisen
...>A Rude Awakening
...>Off With Its Head
...>Matter of Myrmidons
...>Lure of the Abyss
...>The Cypher
...>A Fortress Besieged
...>Seeking Salvation
...>The Watergod's Altar
Act II
...>Come to Court
...>Griffin's Bane
...>Trial and Tribulations
...>The Wyrmking's Rings
...>Pride Before A Fall
...>Honor and Treachery
...>Reward and Responsibility
...>Deny Salvation
...>The Final Battle
...>A Warm Welcome
...>Fathom Deep
...>Final Judgment
...>The Great Hereafter
3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Stop...in the name of love...before you steal my heart and eat it and then I am
sent on an epic journey to retrieve it. Such is the plot of Capcom's attempt at
a Western-style RPG, Dragon's Dogma. It's the backdrop of a sprawling 
adventure, and this guide will help you complete this adventure, one quest at a

LT - Weapon
LB - Secondary weapon skills
Left Stick - Movement/Sprint
D-pad - Pawn commands
Back - Menu
Start - Pause
RT - Grab
RB - Primary weapon skills
Y - Heavy attack
X - Light attack
B - Action
A - Jump

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2. Walkthrough
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Dragon's Dogma is separated out into three different acts. Each act has its own
set of side quests as well as the main quest, obviously. Because there is such 
a high amount of quests in the game, please use the CTRL+F feature in order to 
find the information for the quest that you are looking for. This is the most 
efficient way, trust me.

For the sake of convenience, I have separated the game out into three distinct 
acts. Each act ends at a point of "no return", where you will be asked if you 
are sure you want to continue with the next quest, because all the tasks you 
were doing are going to go away as you continue with the main story at that 
point in the game. So if you have any side quests that you're pushing through 
or whatever and you're nearing the end of Act I, it's a good idea to complete 
those side quests, and then continue the main story into Act II.

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You begin the game in semi-darkness. You are instructed to open up your 
inventory and equip your lantern. Do it if you want, but only if you want. It 
really isn't THAT dark, and all in all, it's kind of pointless. Follow your 
main pawn when you want to leave, and you will then see the dragon in all of 
its glory. Behold. Big scary reptile that shoots fire breath. Ahh!

Run by it. A few goblins will come out of a crevice in the side of the cliff, 
so slash through them. In the next area, you will find a special stone. 
Interact with it, and you will be given a couple more pawns. Continue exploring
this area. Kill any goblins in your way, as well as the snow harpies that will 
show up. Eventually you will reach a room with a closed gate. Kill all of the 
goblins and the snow harpies and then the gate will open, allowing you entry.

In the next room, you will find a treasure chest. Loot it, and then go down the
next path into the Grand Hall, where a few soldiers will be hanging out. They 
will then be attacked by a Chimaera. This beast is part lion, part goat, and to
to top it all off, its ass is a snake! Thankfully, this prologue of the game 
features an incredibly lax difficulty. You will constantly be healed, so the 
attacks of this beast are pretty meaningless. Just hack and slash like mad, 
killing each beast part one at a time until they are all dead.


From there, you will be taken to the character creation process. You can stick 
with basic character templates, but at the end of the process, it will ask if 
you would like to go back and make more detailed appearance edits. Finish 
editing your character and save the changes.

By the way, when you name your character, you will also be asked to choose a 
name from a list provided by Capcom so that people playing with parental 
controls won't see your name as a swear word. What's interesting about this 
choice is that Dragon's Dogma is, I believe, rated M for Mature. At any rate, 
Capcom has made available a lot of cool names taken from their beloved 
franchises, such as Viewtiful Joe, Mega Man, Wesker, Frank, and a whole lot of 
others. So at least they made the choses interesting.

A super big dragon, the one you saw in the last quest, attacks your village of 
Cassardis. Pull on LT to draw your sword and run at it, slicing at any part of 
the dragon that you can get. Unfortunately, this will have about the same 
effectiveness of throwing pebbles at a tank, because the dragon will then knock
you down and literally steal your heart. ...Success?


Upon getting out of bed, your first goal is to get a weapon. Okay. Approach the
table covered in weapons and interact with it. You now get to choose your 
vocation. The three different vocations are Fighter, Strider, and Mage. Pick 
whatever you'd like.

With your vocation chosen, take some time to explore the room. You can find a 
shelf with a blank scroll on it over in the corner. A glowing plant that looks 
like a green herb from the Resident Evil games can be collected. When you're 
done, exit the room to watch a cut-scene, which will effectively end this very,
very short quest.


At first, you won't have an active quest. However, there will still be an 
objective marker on your mini-map. Head to the circle objective now, which will
lead you to the end of town. There, a pawn named Rook will appear. You will get
a short explanation of what pawns are, and then you are free to approach the 
town gates and continue on your adventure, to the encampment to the west.

Outside of town, you'll snag an achievement for leaving town. Nice! As you 
travel along the road, you will see a merchant under attack from goblins! Save 
him from the attack.

Continue down the path until you reach the encampment, and the quest will be 


Inside the camp, your mini-map will lead you to a riftstone. Interact with it 
and it will ask that you prove yourself before you are awarded with your main 
pawn for the game.

Exit this tent and then run around the camp until a cut-scene triggers. It 
seems that there is a monster right outside, and the members of the camp are 
preparing to do battle with it.

Go outside and fight the monster. This big dude looks like a cyclops with 
mastodon tusks. A good strategy at first is to crawl up it and then focus your 
attacks on its single eye. This will leave him wide open for all the other 
people attacking him to start knocking him off his feet. Once he starts 
teetering on one foot, that's your cue to hop down (unless you've been thrown 
off the beast already), and start hacking and slashing like mad to make the 
monster fall onto its back. Then continue your attacks until the monster is 

Loot the remains of the monster and then return to the camp. Speak with the 
Riftstone again, and it will reward you with your pawn. You can customize this 
pawn, but only this one. Customize its appearance and name as you see fit, and 
then choose its vocation. It's wise to choose a vocation that contrasts with 
your own. If you chose a fighter for yourself, make your pawn a mage, for 

When the creation process is done, everyone will kneel before you, for you are 
the master of the pawns.


Ser Berne at the camp will ask you to train with your pawn in order to test 
your abilities. I guess helping them kill the big giant cyclops elephant wasn't
enough. There's no pleasing people these days. At any rate, you will want Rook 
with you, as well as your main pawn, and one other pawn that is allowed for 
your party. To recruit more pawns or to change pawns, visit the rifstone and 
enter the void to find a suitable party member.

Back at Ser Berne's training area, the first goal is to move the cargo that is 
lying around into the designated area before the time limit runs out. If you 
have a full party, this is easy. Your pawns will all run for one of the boxes, 
leaving you with just having to carry one yourself. Complete this task and 
then speak with Berne to start the second task.

Berne's second task sees you fighting scarecrows. You and your party will just 
have to kill all of the scarecrows in the area until they've all been knocked 
down. You can do this by any means you have at your disposal.

Berne's third task once again has you fighting scarecrows. However, this time, 
the scarecrows can only be killed in a specific manner. Some can be killed by 
melee and ranged attacks, but others HAVE to be killed by magic attacks. This 
means that either you have to be a mage, or you need a pawn in your party that 
is of the mage vocation. If you need to switch pawns, go to the riftstone and 
do so before starting this task. When you're ready, just beat up on all the 
scarecrows, and if one isn't toppling, that is one that you have to defeat 
using magic.


With your training completed, speak with Mercedes, the leader of this little 
encampment. She will accept your aid in fighting the dragon. Before you guys 
head off, she insists that you and the party take a rest. Choose this option. 
The rest will be disturbed in the early morning by a hydra attack.

No, not the water beast. This hydra is a multi-headed snake! And man, is it 
magnificently devastating. This hulking monstrosity has a ton of health, not to
mention it is virtually unstoppable. It can destroy structures with ease, and 
deal an insane amount of damage.

Stick by Rook. Rook will use healing items semi-constantly, so that even if you
do take damage from the hydra, Rook will be right there to provide healing 
services. If the other pawns get knocked down to the point that there is a red 
skull on the mini-map, run over to them and press B to revive them. Keep 
fighting the snake as it slithers throughout the camp.

A scene will play in which Mercedes kicks a powder keg to you, and then you 
will automatically toss the keg into the mouth of the beast. With the powder 
keg lodged in its throat, you should be able to easily see it bobbing up and 
down as the snake struggles to digest it. Fire an arrow or a spell or something
at the keg to cause an explosion that destroys the Hydra, leaving nothing but a
single severed head.


Mercedes will decide that the head can be used as a gift to give to the duke of
Gran Soren to impress him, and show off your abilities. The caravan with the 
head will head to Gran Soren ahead of you and your pawn companions, but when 
you are ready, leave the camp and start toward Gran Soren.

The path to the caravan will be wrought with danger. Groups of armed rogues 
prowl the countryside, as well as packs of wolves. They are all dangerous, 
VERY dangerous, so be careful. If they engage you and your party, kill them, 
keep an eye out for any loot, and then proceed to the caravan.

Once you catch up with the caravan, you will have a few new allies, including 
Mercedes, to help as you continue the journey to Gran Soren. Along the way will
be new dangerous. Goblins are the most common foe, but more rogues will attack 
as well as regular harpies, the presence of which will almost CONSTANTLY see 
your pawn exclaim, "A bird, perhaps?" No, not a bird. You know it's not a bird.

Protect the caravan from these dangers as you continue to the capital. Once 
again, keep an eye out for any loot that will be off to the side of the road, 
like bags of gold or herbs for healing. Keep an eye on your health, and save 
whenever possible. Don't worry if the ox loses all of its health, though, even 
if you are failing at protecting the caravan. The ox will just fall down and 
stop moving if its health bar is depleted, but you won't have to repeat a large
section of the gameplay or anything.

Evenutally you will go down a winding path that has a waycastle gate protected 
by goblins. Kill the goblins. Use the powder kegs to your advantage. Then go to
the switch on the side of the waycastle and pull it. This will open the gate, 
but a swarm of goblins will rush out of it to meet you. Flee from them to get a
better vantage point, and then kill them all. Continue with the caravan.

As you near Gran Soren, your pawn will point out a herd of oxen that are 
grazing in a field. You can kill these oxen and then loot them for meat that 
can be used to heal yourself with. I highly recommend you do this, but make 
sure there aren't other dangers that are attacking the caravan. The area 
closer to Gran Soren will mostly see armed rogues attack the caravan instead of
goblins and the like of those monsters.

When you reach the city gates, wait for the caravan to catch up. Then a scene 
will play and you will be allowed inside Gran Soren.


A man named Mason will approach you when Mercedes walks off. He suggests that 
discovering more about your destiny will be impossible unless you learn more 
about pawns, as they are intertwined with you, the arisen, and your destiny.

Before doing this, I highly recommend visiting the local shops. Sell what you 
don't need, improve the gear of your party, and then when you're all ready, 
head to the inn. At the inn, speak with the man with the red text bubble above 
his head. He will tell you about the pawn guild nearby.

Exit the inn and use your map to find the guild. At the guild, speak with 
Barnaby and this quest will be completed.


Speak with Barnaby again. He will ask for your help in searching the dungeon 
beneath the pawn guild. Follow him to the door to this area. Press B to enter 
the door.

This dungeon is one long, sloping staircase going downward. Initially, there 
will be no threats. If you look off the edge, you can spy a potion laying on an
extended ledge. You can jump down and grab it if you're feeling brave enough. 
At any rate, continue down the slope. Bats will fly and try to attack you, but 
they are harmless. In fact, you can grab them by pulling RT and throw them. 
There are also big spiders crawling around, so take them out as well.

Continue down the slope and suddenly, the dead bodies lying on the ground will 
rise up as zombies and walking skeletons. Kill them and then continue until you
come to an impass. A gate will be closed, not allowing you to continue. Hang a 
left, and then continue into a dark passage. You'll see a short flight of 
stairs leading to an open area with more skeleton enemies and powder kegs as 
well. Kill the skeletons, then continue.

Follow this path, and you will wind up on the other side of the gate. Pull the 
lever on the wall to open the gate, then keep following the slope. A very large
monster will come into frame eventually. This guy has a ton of health. The 
easiest way to kill him is to knock him off the ledge, which will result in an 
instant death.

Continue down the slope until you reach the bottom. A strange blue light will 
seep through the cracks. Approach the object in the middle and examine it. 
Suddenly, strange tentacle beasts will rise from the floor and start attacking!
These things have quite a bit of health, and they will spawn endlessly. Their 
attacks are devastating as well. They can simply bite you, knock you down, 
shoot electricity at you that slows you down, or shoot fireballs that will 
drain your health a LOT.

So, what do smart adventurers do in situations such as these? Why, run for the 
hills of course! And so that is what you shall do. Book it out of there. Keep 
an eye on your stamina bar, so that you aren't caught stuck catching your 
breath while a few tentacle dudes are shooting fireballs at you.

It is highly likely that your pawns, smart as they might be, will get knocked 
down by the tentacles. Oh well. Don't waste time trying to save them or carry 
them to the top. Just leave them there and continue running straight for the 
top of the slope. Once you reach the top, your character will be shown 
sprinting the hell out of there and back to the pawn guild building.

Back in the pawn guild, your companions will spawn all around you if they fell 
in the Everfall. You can then revive them with the B button there before 
seeking out Barnaby to have a chat with him. Tell him about your discoveries 
and the messed up tentacle monsters.


Upon exiting the pawn guild, you will be stopped by a soldier taht says Ser 
Maximillian wants to see you. Follow the path up the hill and through the few 
gates to reach him. Speak with him, and he will give you the choice of choosing
from four different tasks. This guide will simply list the quests and how to do
them in order of how he lists them, but keep in mind that you can definitely do
this quest or the next three in any order that you wish.

Your first goal is to speak with someone in the city that could possibly have 
information about the slate. Your objective marker will first lead you to a 
farmer in a field. Speak with him and he will tell you that he knows nothing 
about ancient writings. With that, he tells you to speak with the scrivener.

The scrivener is also known as the Black Cat, and is basically the black market
of the city. He's a bit hidden in the city, but just make your way to his shop 
by using the mini-map. Speak with him, and he will reveal that there's really 
nothing to decypher on the slate because it itself is a cypher.

With that, your quest updates to find more information. Go to the fountain in 
the middle of the town and just stand around. Seriously. Eventually a dude 
that has more information will walk into frame. He will have a red bubble above
his head, and as soon as he is in range, he will appear on the mini-map as well
and stay there, even if he leaves. Go speak with him, and he will point you to 
Hillfigure Knoll.

Hillfigure Knoll is quite a bit a ways to the north. Make sure you have plenty 
of healing items, up to date weapons and armor, and then head out of the city 
and into the countryside. Along the way to the Knoll, you'll encounter multiple
enemies, including wolves, weird lizard crocodiles dudes with spears, and the 
typical bands of rogues and goblins.

Fight your way to the Hillfigure Knoll, or flee, whichever suits you. As you 
make your way to the Knoll, you'll realize that it is on a stretch of land that
is separate from the city. Follow the shoreline for a bridge to make it across 
the water. If you try to wade through the water to the other side, you will 
get sucked under the depths and then wake back up on the shore. Yeah, I know. 
Anyway, continue to the Knoll.

At the Knoll, you will find a spooky dude hanging around. A short scene will 
play. When the scene concludes, you will have to speak to the man sitting down 
with the red bubble above his head. After that, your new goal is to return to 
the city and report.

Just like the way to the Knoll was difficult, the way back to the city is going
to be equally as hard. You won't have a chance to resupply either. If you have 
to, don't be afraid to run from the monsters and enemies until you become a bit
more powerful. When you reach the city, speak with Maximilian.


This quest is going to be quite the pain because you have to travel across a 
HUGE distance just to get to the start of it. Make sure you are fully stocked 
up on healing items before even thinking about attempting this. You can gain 
this quest by speaking with Maximilian, of course. And when you have this quest
active, get ready for a super long journey.

Start out by going south. Backtrack through the mountains. Then start heading 
west down the first path you come to, right outside the mountain pass, that you
walked by before with the caravan. Follow this path through the woods and more 
mountains until you FINALLY reach the captain leading the siege. Keep in mind 
that you will likely face a ton of perils along the way, such as goblins, much 
larger monsters, and more.

When you finally reach the captain, speak with him. Unfortunately, it seems 
that the troops can't get into the fort to fight off the goblins because the 
gate is shut. So it's up to you and your pawns to get into the base by going 
through a large hole in the ground. Go to this hole and then follow the 
underground tunnel until you wind up behind the walls of the fort.

Fight your way to the next objective marker. You can take a ladder on the 
outside of the fort that you open up into, or you can take the stairs. Either 
way, you will have to fight a lot of goblins. Keep your eyes peeled for 
treasure chests that are strewn about, as well as potions that are all over the
place. These are vital to ensure your survival in this area.

Once you get to the objective marker, you'll discover that it leads to a switch
without a lever. Examine it, and then the location of the lever will be added 
to your mini-map. Look around for a broken section of the wall. Leap across to 
the other side. From here, you'll see a goblin controlling a ballista. Kill 
him, but ignore the ballista. Yes, you can use it, but there are a couple of 
other goblins with ballistas that will just blast you with explosive rounds 
before you can even accomplish anything with it.

Find a ladder and climb down. Ignore all the goblins and the cyclops(es?) as 
well. The objective marker will clearly be behind a locked door. On the side of
this small building you'll find a ladder. Climb the ladder to the top and hop 
down. If your pawns don't follow you, destroy the barricade on the door so they
can enter.

Anyway, the marker will lead you into a small hallway with a trio of cells. 
There's nothing of note in the cells, but at the end of this hallway, there is 
a treasure chest. Open the chest and you'll find the lever. Grab it and then 
retreat back to the switch with no lever. Interact with it again and you will 
be able to pull the lever. This will open up the gate and the human forces will
be able to swarm into the area.

Your new goal is to help these guys clear the area of goblins and the two 
cyclops enemies. This can be quite the challenge considering the fact that the 
two goblins in the distance will continue to shoot at you with their ballistas 
armed with explosive arrows, which deal a ton of damage, knock you down, AND 
light you on fire. If you succeed, return to Maximilian and report your 

However, if all the human forces are killed, get the HELL out of there. Run all
the way back to Gran Soren, and then report your failure. However, despite the 
failure, you will still receive a reward because I guess your efforts boosted 
the morale? Okiedokie.


Upon receiving this quest, yet again from Maximilian, you will be given two 
different objective locations on the mini-map. These lead to a couple of 
different people that you can talk to. Speak to either one of them and they 
will tell you to speak to Mason.

You will find Mason chilling out in the slum area. Use the mini-map and follow 
the objective marker to find Mason. Speak with him, and he will give you a 
special badge so that you can speak to people around town again and they will 
think you are with the Salvation cult, thus making them more willing to give 
you information about cult meetings.

A couple more objective markers will pop up on the map, once again leading to 
people to talk to. Hunt one of these down and talk to them. They will tell you 
that the cult is meeting at the catacombs outside of the Gran Soren. Make sure 
you're well equipped and prepared, and then leave Gran Soren, headed toward the

Once you reach the catacombs, be prepared for a super dark dungeon. You can 
use the lantern to make light, but this is mostly just annoying. I found it to 
be easy enough just fighting blindly through the dark. Keep in mind there are 
various torches you'll be able to light down there as well. Whenever you reach 
a door that needs unlocked via a lever or a lift that you have to ride down, 
the mini-map will point out the lever location exactly, so keep your eye on 
that. Fight your way through the enemies, which will include one of those 
brutes that you fight in the pawn guild abyss earlier.

Pillage your way through the dungeon and then you will find the cult having a 
secret meeting. You're instructed to stand there and just watch, so do just 
that. Just stand there. Eventually, the Elysion, the leader of the cult, will 
take notice of you. He'll summon a bunch of zombies that kill his fellow 
cultists as he tries to escape.

Kill all the zombies with your pawns. They are easily killed, actually, but 
it's still fun to just hack and slash your way through the undead. After they 
have been all dead, Mason will call to you from behind a door. Walk over to the
door and go through.

Mason will have missed the fleeing Elysion, but stopped another one of the cult
members for questioning. After speaking with him, you are given the option to 
either spare his life by simply leaving, or killing him. This is actually 
considered a separate quest called "Justice Done". Kill him or spare him, 
whatever you feel like.

With him dead, go up the nearby ladder and then you will wind up under a bridge
just outside Gran Soren. YES! This means no horrible backtracking across the 
entire countryside! Return to Gran Soren. Report your success.


This is the final possible task given by Maximilian. Accepting this quest will 
redirect you to the cathedral to speak with Father Geffrey there. Speak with 
him and he will ask you to go aid the survey mission sent out by the church.

Head to the new area on your mini-map. Once again, NEVER leave Gran Soren 
unprepared. You need to be stocked up on ALL healing items and have the best 
possible weapons and armor that you can afford. Then start making your way to 
the designated area, which is in the middle of the mountain pass that you have 
traveled through probably multiple times now.

As you near the waterfall, it can get kind of tricky to reach the actual place 
you need to be. Basically, the waterfall separates one piece of land from the 
other. The objective marker will be on one side. Go to the opposite side, and 
then you'll be able to follow the path up a bit so you can cross the waterfall 
and get back to the side with the objective marker. Follow the path up and 
speak with Haslett. Haslett will tell you that Brother Jean is inside doing the

Go behind the waterfall and press B at the door to enter the dungeon. As you 
move through the dungeon, you will be faced with skeleton enemies and the 
occasional walking lizard dude with a spear. The skeletons are easy to kill and
the lizard dudes can be killed easiest by attacking their tails. As you explore
the ruins, you will come to an area that has deep water blocking the path and a
leverless switch.

Upon examining the switch with a missing lever, the location of the lever will 
be put on the map. Basically, just take the nearby stairs straight down and 
loot the biggest treasure chest to find the lever. Return the lever to its 
rightful place and pull it to make a lift fall down, allowing you to walk 
across it and avoid falling into the water.

The next room has a lot of segmented stairs and such. Skeletons will spawn all 
over the place, especially magic-using ones. Aquatic lizard guys will jump up 
out of the water and attack, but the skeletons are more deadly due to their 
extreme range with their magic attacks. Kill everything as you hop from broken 
piece of stair to broken piece of stair, until you successfully cross the 
water-filled area.

You'll find a large cyclops here, as well as a dead body on the ground. Ignore 
the cyclops for now and instead examine the body. Turns out that it's Brother 
Jean. Oh no. Backtrack out of these ruins and tell Haslett that Jean has been 
killed. Haslett will then ask that you seak out the slate pieces that Jean was 
supposed to retrieve from the ruins.

Return to the ruins. The mini-map will lead you to a locked door. After trying 
to unsuccessfully open this door, the new objective marker will lead you back 
to the cyclops. Fight with the cyclops. When it's dead, you will get the key. 
Return to the door, open it, and then follow your map to the next lever. Pull 
it and then the water will drain out of the ruins.

At this point, five different objective markers will pop up on your screen. As 
you can probably guess, these are all the five different slates pieces that 
you need to collect. The downside to these slate pieces is that they weight a 
lot, so if you need to, throw some of your gear on your main pawn to alleviate 
some of the weight.

With the five slates, return to Haslett and hand them over. Of course, now you 
have to make the journey all the way back to Gran Soren to report your success 
yet again. Finally, we're done with this stuff.

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


With Maximilian's quests completed (I believe you are only required to complete
two out of the four), you can now speak to him in order to gain entry into the 
castle to speak with the duke. Make sure you're done with all of the side 
quests that you want to be done with before doing this, because they will all 
be erased as soon as you talk to Maximilian as this quest will begin the second
act of the game.

Go through the castle gates and head straight forward through the doors to meet
with the duke. Your pawns will not be allowed to accompany you inside this 
castle because they're racist against pawns I guess. At any rate, a jester will
stop you as you move through the castle and put a goofy hat on your head. Go 
through the next set of doors to finally meet up with the duke.

Watch the scenes. After they're over, an achievement will unlock. Leave the 
castle. When you step outside, the camera will shift focus to a girl tending to
flowers nearby. Run over to talk to her if you'd like. Then return to focusing 
on getting the royal orders. As you try to leave the castle, you'll be 
approached by a gentleman that will explain how you can get new tasks given by 
the duke by speaking through his assistant thing or whatever he is, named 


Speak with Aldous and he will give you the choice of this quest, the first 
option, or the next quest, the second option. You gotta complete both at some 
point, but you can complete them in any order you see fit. Speak with Aldous, 
get the quest, and then allow me to provide you with the shopping list:

HEALING ITEMS. Go to the store and buy an absurd amount of healing items. Also,
now that the game is in the second act, marked by your meeting with the duke, 
you will find new armor and weapons at the armorey. Be sure to stop there and 
upgrade as much as you can afford to do so. Don't bother upgrading any extra 
pawns you have with you. Just your main character and the main pawn. At this 
point in the game, you have no expendable income. All your coin should go 
toward equipment and healing items.

What this quest entails is that there is a pesky griffin attacking people all 
the time. It's likely that you've encountered the beast already in your 
travels, and oh man, it's gonna feel good to get rid of it. Well, the objective
marker will lead you to the captain running the hunt against the griffin. Speak
with him outside of Gran Soren, and then follow him and his troops to the area 
where you plan on baiting the griffin. It's likely that there will be goblins 
and other enemies to deal with, but with the help of the captain and his 
troops, it will be easy to mow through all of the enemies.

Eventually, you will come to a spot where there are a bunch of bones lying on 
the ground. Surrounded by a smokey whisp, this spot is the designated area to 
lay the bait for the griffin. The Gran Soren soldiers will hide in bushes and 
wait. That's your cue to go find a goblin, kill it, and then pick it up. Carry 
the dead goblin to the bones and drop its carcass on it.

This will attract the attention of the griffin. Along with the troops, attack 
the griffin. It will fly around and swoop down and try to attack as well. Just 
keep laying into it. If it falls to the ground, that's a prime opportunity to 
run up and just hack and slash the crap out of it. Don't jump on it or anything
like you would for normal large enemies because it has the tendency to buck you
off, which can be deadly if it flies into the air or anything like that.

Eventually the griffin will flee to Blue Moon Tower. Now you have to go all the
way to the tower in order to finish the fight. And oh my, is it a journey. You 
have to go way north, and then way east. I highly recommend to stop by the Gran
Soren marketplace on your way there to replenish your supplies after burning 
through them a bit during the fight with the griffin.

When you're ready, save, and head there now. Make sure you have a pawn that has
a bow, or that you have one yourself. A mage is very good as well. Honestly, 
fighters are useless against the griffin for the most part, especially since 
there will be troops there anyway to help you out.

Along the way, you will encounter a lot of tough opposition. In my experience, 
I had to fight three packs of wolves in a row, with each pack having six to 10 
wolves at one time. Of course, it's likely that you'll encounter wolves as well
as other monsters along the way. The path there is a pretty long one, but as 
you get closer, you'll notice a strong wind current blowing into your character
as well as crows flying around, and of course, harpies.

It's at this point that I highly recommend saving the game again. That's 
because you'll have to deal with not one, but two gangs of rogues in the next 
area that are both extremely difficult to take down. As you head into the 
canyon, you'll encounter the first gang, populated by multiple archers, a 
couple of powerful fighters, and one mage that will constantly be healing all 
of these guys.

Don't take them on head-on. This is suicide. The archers will riddle you with 
arrows and destroy you. You need to lure the enemies deeper out of their 
cavern. This will keep them from attacking you all at once, and you can focus 
on taking out each one at a time. Try to kill the mage first if at all possible
because he will constantly be healing the other guys, remember. With them all 
dead, continue deeper into the canyon.

On the ridges above, there will be two archers. Below there will be more 
fighters, but luckily no mage this time. Your ranged guys, or you, can take out
the archers. Then focus on destroying the ground forces. The lack of a mage 
makes these guys considerably less irritating than the last bunch of rogues. 
With them wiped out, continue until you reach a large golem that is glowing 
purple and junk. Oh great.

This dude takes a long time to beat, but since it's easy to avoid his attacks, 
it's worth taking the time to defeat him for the experience points. Attack the 
purple discs on his body until they are destroyed. Do this one at a time until 
all the purple discs are destroyed and the golem is killed. Then continue to 
the tower.

You'll then meet up with the soldiers again. Follow them up the tower. The 
griffin will swoop down and attack periodically, but ignore it for now. Your 
pawns might fall off the edge, so be wary of that as well. You'll eventually 
reach a door that is barricade. Help everyone destroy the barricade and then 
continue to the next doorway. It will be barricaded again, but let the troops 
hack and slash at it.

Look for a nearby flight of stone steps. Go up the steps and move along the 
way. Destroy the boxes in the way until you get to the next set of steps, that 
end at the other side of the gate. The Griffin will try to attack you this 
entire time, so keep your finger pushed down on the left analog stick to keep 
the sprint up. There will be a lever on the other side of the gate that you 
need to pull to let everybody through.

At the top of the tower, it's time to do battle with the Griffin. This plays 
out more like a natural boss fight in any other game. The Griffen has a few 
attacks that it will do. It will conjure electricity with its wings to stun 
you, it will repeatedly dive bomb at you, and it will swoop down and try to 
crush you under its talons. Sprinting away from it is the best thing to do in 
all these situations.

When the griffin is on the ground, the best way to deal damage to it fast as 
well as set it on fire is by throwing the explosive barrels that are lying 
around at it. There are plenty of explosive barrels, so don't worry about 
accidentally wasting one or whatever.

If you have a bow or another ranged attack, there is a flight of stairs that 
you can hide at in order to avoid the griffin's attacks all together. From 
there, you can simply nail it with ranged attacks until it hits the ground, and
then run over and wail on it until it takes flight again.

Repeat this process until the Griffin and its dead. A good tip is to keep an 
eye on your health bar, and be sure to heal as soon as the health meter gets to
300 or a little blow. The griffin has powerful attacks, but none of them will 
one-shot you, unless he knocks you off the top of the tower, of course.

With the griffin dead, don't leave just yet. There's a ton of gold against the 
far wall, as well as other objects to find if you loot around. Grab all of 
these goods and then start the long journey back to Gran Soren to report your 
success. Don't be afraid to run away from any battles if need be.


Buckle up because this one is another very time-consuming questoid for ya. 
However, this quest has a lot of freedom and a branching story. Unfortunately, 
the only really compelling result to this is to make the person be found not 
guilty, as this will open up a shop for you that sells valuable items at 
extremely low prices, so...yeah. But if you are feeling especially evil, get 
the dude found guilty.

But what am I talking about, anyway? Basically, the second quest given to you 
by Aldous asks you to gather evidence for an impending trial for the merchant 
named Fournival. As soon as you get the quest, an objective marker will appear 
upstairs. Speak to that person, and then you will receive the first piece of 
evidence. Turn it in to Aldous now if you'd like or hang on to it until you can
turn it all in at once. It's up to you.

Now your next objective is to go to different areas around town and collect 
more evidence. Fournival's house is one of these areas. You'll find a piece of 
evidence on his desk downstairs, and in the corner of his bedroom upstairs. 
Once you have all this evidence collected, you really have two options of where
you can go from there.

For one, you can go to the northeast to a small fort where you can find a 
knight that, if you escort him back to Gran Soren, will more or less guarantee 
a guilty verdict. On the other hand, you can travel REALLY far to the northwest
and speak to a man that will forge affadavits for you to help prove Fournival's
innocence or his guilt, depending on what route you'd like to take. If you want
to find him innocent, the trek to get the forged evidence is worth it to ensure
that he will be found innocent. Otherwise, to find him guilty, go do the escort
mission from that fort.

At any rate, when you're done collecting evidence, turn in everything that you 
like to Aldous. Then there's nothing to do but what for the day of the trial. 
To make time go faster, go sleep at the inn until the day of the trial arrives.
You will be notified of the day of the trial with a pop up on the screen when 
the day arrives. Exit the inn and watch the trial take place outside by the 

Whether or not he's found guilty or nonguilty, go report to Aldous back at the 
duke's place. Speak with him to finish the quest and reap the rewards.


Speak to Aldous again to get the option to do the next couple set of quests. 
There is this quest and then the one after it that, once again, can be 
completed in any order that you see fit. When you have this quest, buy a bunch 
of healing items, any new equipment you can afford, and then begin speaking 
with people on the whereabouts of Salomet. Your map will lead you to a variety 
of different people to talk to, so just keep talking to them all until you 
learn of his location. Leave Gran Soren.

Outside, open your map. There will be two objective markers, but they both lead
to the quarry. Travel to the nearest one, directly to the west. There is a 
spring you'll find on the way that has water that heals you all the way if you 
swim in it, so you can reserve healing items along the way. Once you reach the 
quarry, open the door to head inside.

You'll find the wizard named Salomet that evidently stole the Wyrmking's Ring 
from the duke. Fight with him and his band of rogues. Drain his health to near-
death, and then Salomet will escape. Bummer. Now you gotta make the long trek 
back to Gran Soren, or use a Ferrystone if you found Fournival not guilty in 
the trial. At any rate, get back to Gran Soren one way or another, and then 
report your failure to Aldous.

Your new goal is to once again ask around about Salomet. Keep talking to the 
marked people with the red dialogue boxes above their heads until you find out 
that Salomet fled to none other than Bluemoon Tower. Aw, shucky ducky quack 
quack. Time to go back there now.

Make sure you have plenty of healing items and then start heading to the tower 
again. Remember, this is the same exact tower that you traveled to when you 
fight the griffin. The enemies will be largely the same as you near the tower, 
but now you should be considerably more powerful and they won't pose nearly as 
much of a threat. Continue until you reach the tower and then clamber to the 

At the top of the tower, you will encounter Salomet again. This time he uses 
the power of the ring to become super-powered. He will summon skeletons of all 
shapes and sizes, and he will also teleport all over the place, making him 
somewhat of a pain to fight. Ranged weapons work the best on him at this point,
but it is certainly possible to run up and attack him with melee strikes.

Ignore the skeletons he summons. Salomet only has two bars of health, and he 
poses the biggest threat. Let your pawns deal with his minions. A good way to 
dodge all of Salomet's attacks is to constantly run toward him in a circular 
motion, by the way. Well, when he dies, the ring will be on the side of the 
cliff. Grab it, kill any remaining enemies, then head back home to Gran Soren.

Give the ring to Aldous to complete the quest.


Aldous will tell you to go speak with Mercedes for further instructions. So go 
speak to her, just outside the duke's place, or hanging around the duke's 
palace as well. She will ask you to accompany her to Windbluff Tower, which is 
that encampment to the north on the way to the stupid Bluemoon Tower. Make sure
you are properly equipped before leaving, as always, and then head there.

Once you arrive, you'll find soldiers fighting one another. Ignore this and 
follow Mercedes through the area. You will then find the leader of the revolt 
named Julien. He and Mercedes will duel, and all you can do is stand there and 
watch. When it ends, speak with Mercedes again and then return to Gran Soren 
and tell Aldous that the revolt is over.


Yet again, speak to Aldous. This time you won't be able to choose from multiple
quests; this is the only quest that will be available right now so that you can
further the main questline. You have to go to the Mountain Waycastle, which is 
a way point you passed on your way to Gran Soren way back when, to the south of
the city. Before leaving, buy plenty of poison curing medicines, as well as 
Secret Softener. Trust me.

Head there now, but you will find out that this was all a trick just to get 
yourself, the Arisen, out of Gran Soren! Return immediately to Gran Soren. When
you get back, you will discover in the field area that a large monster called a
Cockatrice is attacking. This thing is a large black bird-like creature, with a
rooster head. Or as your pawn's will say "'Tis has a cock for a head!"

This beast is not as formidable as say, the griffin, but it does have a lot of 
its health and a couple of its attacks are very annoying. Physically, it's 
attacks are easily avoided, but it does blow this black smoke out of its mouth 
that can have a variety of effects. It can poison you. It can restrict your 
spellcasting. And it can slow you down considerably. Not only that, but it can 
even cause you to turn to stone. When this ailment is on you, immediately use 
that Secret Softener to rid yourself of this problem.

Otherwise, just keep attacking the beast. I found it was easy to deal a lot of 
damage by grabbing onto its tail and hacking and slashing away. At any rate, 
after it has been killed, go to the duke's place and speak with Aldous to 
finish the quest.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


When you're ready to start Act III, you will be asked if you REALLY want to 
start it. Finish whatever business that you may have, and then speak with 
Aldous and confirm. Then follow him up the stairs to meet up with Duke Edmun 
in his solar.

Speak with the duke. Then follow the duke out of the door to a room full of 
goodies. This is your reward for saving Gran Soren. Collect the mountain of 
gold and loot the treasure chest. Upon trying to leave, another cut-scene will 
play, which will lead directly into the next quest.


Your new quest will be to head to the Greatwall and defeat the cultists that 
have invaded it. The Greatwall is the large structure right next to the dude 
that sold the forged affadavits for the Trial and Tribulations quest that took 
place earlier in the game. It's a long journey. Go prepared. But go.

Upon making it to the Greatwall, you can stop and sleep at the tent outside 
before entering to rejuvenate yourself and your pawns. Head inside and then 
start fighting through the undead masses. Push your way through the fortress. 
You will occasionally encounter soldiers along the way. If they don't die and 
you defeat the nearby enemies, they will unlock doors that will make this quest
go by a little faster, but you can always ignore them or just continue along 
anyway if they happen to be defeated.

When you reach the roof of the Greatwall, you will witness a cut-scene, and 
then have to fight two Wights. These guys don't have a whole lot of health, but
unless you're the Strider vocation, you will not have many opportunities to 
attack them. The reason for that is they float above the ground out of melee 
range for elongated periods of time, and only come down when they are about to 
summon more undead warriors to fight you.

That's another thing; they will spawn skeletons to try to fight you, and also 
do typical magical attacks like shoot fireballs and the like. If you have a 
ranged weapon, pelt them with arrows or shoot them with magic constantly while 
moving all the time to avoid the attacks of the undead warriors. When the 
Wights come down to summon more, marked by a large purple glowing of their 
bodies, that's your cue to run over and deal devastating melee damage, which 
should wittle away their health bars quite nicely. It may took about two to 
three times of them lowering to the ground for you to defeat them (each), but 
when they're both dead, you'll be treated to another cut-scene that will in 
turn end this quest.


Now you must head all the way back to those creepy Arisen that you talked to at
a much earlier stage in the game, north of Gran Soren. Return to them and speak
with them again. Afterwards, you will have to walk ALL the way back to the 
Greatwall. If you have a Portcrystal, stab it into the ground near the 
Greatwall area so you don't have to do as much needless and painful 

At the Great Wall, you will have to go through a different door in order to 
start the journey to the dragon. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A TON OF HEALING ITEMS. 
This is very important. Go through Tainted Mountain, and I highly recommend 
running by all the enemies. You'll find all the typical enemies in the game, 
except they are in their "black" form, which means they are extremely powerful 
and tough to kill.

When you reach the Great Hall, you will come face to face with a black chimera.
The Great Hall doors are shut, and there are four different pads around the 
room that you have to step on in order to open the door. It is possible to do 
this without fighting the black chimera, but the black chimera can make it 
quite a pain, so you may just want to fight the dude and get it over with.

The first thing you will want to do while fighting the black chimera is to 
focus on the goat. The goat has a powerful healing spell that regenerates an 
absurd amount of health. Be sure to interrupt its spellcasting by using skill 
attacks. When the goat is dead, turn your attention to the snake and the lion. 
Unlike previous chimera, destroying the snake will only be a temporary 
situation since the snake will constantly respawn until the battle is over.

Whenever you drop below 1000 health, be sure to heal. This is a long battle 
that is sure to test your patience, but when its dead, loot its body for any 
valuables, step on each of the four different stones in the room, marked with 
exclamation points on your mini-map, and then the Great Hall doors will swing 
open. Go through the doors to meet up with the dragon.

View the cut-scene. And you now have two choices. One, you can sacrifice 
Mercedes by picking her up with the right trigger and approaching the dragon 
with her in your arms. This will give you the bad ending in the game. On the 
other hand, you can choose to fight the dragon and continue playing the game. 
To choose this option, approach the dragon without picking up Mercedes.

For the first part of the fight, turn away from the dragon and sprint away from
it. The camera will be positioned in front of you, but as long as you stay in 
the middle of the hallway, you will be fine. There will be a couple of 
instances where rubble will get in your way, but you just have to jump over 
them and then continue.

You'll know that you're done running when the dragon gets its head stuck in the
hallway. Attack his head repeatedly. The dragon will then breath a trail of 
fire as its own attack at this point. Try to doge it to the best of your 
ability, but it's virtually impossible. Keep your health above 1000 and keep 
laying into the dragon's head until his heart is exposed.

When his heart his exposed, the dragon will flee. Chase after him through the 
hole in the wall. You'll now be outside on some bridges. Sprint down the 
bridges. The dragon will fly above and spew flames at you and any pawns you may
have left. It's easy to avoid the flames. Just keep making your way to the 
other end. Avoid any pitfalls in the ground, and don't go so fast so that you 
fall off the edge.

When you get to the end of the bridge, the dragon will fly off into the 
distance. As you can probably see, there are ballistas on this roof. Take 
control of one of them, and wait for the dragon to charge you and then pawn. 
Then fire a ballista shot (just a regular one is fine), and then it will hit 
the dragon, causing another scene.

Following that cut-scene, you will be on the tail of the dragon. Push the left 
analog stick forward to climb up the dragon's spine. There will be various 
obstacles that you will encounter as the dragon flies. These encounters will 
initiate a QTE that requires you to wiggle the left analog stick back and 

Upon reaching the dragon's heart, marked by a glowing spot on his back, attack 
the dragon by pressing X to attack his heart. This will initiate yet another 
cut-scene, which unfolds into the main battle against the dragon.

The dragon has a lot of very powerful attacks. It can swipe at you with its 
claws, crush you with its claws, attack you with magical attacks, and most 
devastatingly, it will attack you with a spew of fire. You need to use any 
healing items that you have every single time your health even drops slightly 
below the 1000 HP line.

To do damage to the dragon, attack its heart. That's about all there is to it. 
You can grab onto the dragon's stomach and climb to its heart to repeatedly 
attacking it with your melee weapon, which is the easiest way to deal a lot of 
damage. The dragon will grab you off his chest and smash you on the ground if 
you are right on the middle of the heart, but if you stick to one of the 
corners around the corner and then just keep stabbing, the dragon likely won't 
be able to grab you. As long as you have mushrooms or potions to restore your 
stamina when it runs low, you can theoretically attack the dragon's heart 
until it falls to the ground.

When it falls to the ground, that's another opportunity to run over and just 
hack and slash the hell out of its heart. Then grab on before it goes off 
again. If the dragon flies really high into the air, you'll be knocked off of 
its chest, and you'll have to use ranged weapons to attack it from afar, or 
just dodge its fireballs until it flies back down to attack it again.

Keep repeating the process until the dragon is dead.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The reason these quests have been put in the "epilogue" section of the game is 
simple. If you choose to sacrifice Mercedes, then the game ends right then and 
there; the credits play and everything! Because of this, I consider the battle 
with the dragon to be the end of the main storyline, and the rest of the quests
that follow which continue the story, an epilogue, the falling action if you 
will, of the mani game.


With the dragon defeated, return to Gran Soren. Go to the duke's palace and 
then head to his solar. Watch the scene, and then fight the duke until his 
health bar has been brought down enough to cause another scene to play. Watch 

After that scene, flee the duke's place. Sprint to the objective marker on the 


You'll fall into the Everfall. Speak to the pawn named Quince, and you'll get 
your next quest, and it's a collect-a-thon. There are these items called 
Wakestones that you need to collect in order to continue and bring them all to 
Quince. You need 20 Wakestones in order to continue in the game.

Wakestones are plentiful in the Everfall. Pretty much whenever you kill a 
bigger monster in the Everfall, they will drop a few Wakestones. You can find 
fragments of Wakestones in chests and on smaller monsters like goblins, and 
keeping these fragments in your inventory will cause them to automatically join
together and create a Wakestone.

Another way to get all the Wakestones very quickly is to fight Ur-Dragon at the
Chamber of Lament. ur-Dragon is essentially a boss that connects to the online 
mode of the game. As every player in Dragon's Dogma playing around the world 
deals damage to Ur-Dragon, his health bar goes down. However, if you play the 
game offline, it's a lot more possible to defeat him by yourself. And guess 
what he drops when defeated? Exactly 20 Wakestones. It will be quite a 
challenge, even if you fight him offline, but it's possible.

And finally, if you managed to get Fournival proven innocent, the dude sells 
Wakestones. However, I am unsure if his supply replenishes after you purchase 
the initial Wakestones from him, or if they are "SOLD OUT" like the 

At any rate, deliver the 20 Wakestones to Quince to complete this quest.


This quest is a boss battle with the Seneschal, and interestingly enough, it 
can result in yet ANOTHER game ending. If you are killed by the Seneschal 
during his first stage of attacks, then you will get an achievement called 
Servitude and see the less-bad (but still bad) ending to the game.

Just fight the Seneshcal. Dodge his attacks. Hack and slash or fling arrows or 
cast spells or whatever. There will be a scene that interrupts the gameplay 
after you drain his health meter for the first time. When the scene concludes, 
finish the fight by draining his health meter again.

Now there is another possible ending. You can turn away from the fight and 
leave to get another ending and another achievement. Or you can move toward 
the Seneschal and walk by all the people from your journey. Once you reach the 
Seneschal, the final part of the battle will begin.

You have to fight against Seneschal and his main pawn. Your only ally in this 
fight is your own main pawn. The two possible support pawns will not be 
available for this fight. Focus your attention on his main pawn first so that 
you can dwindle the fight to a two on one affair. Then focus all of your 
attention on the Seneschal until he is dead and the quest will be completed.


Now that you are the Seneschal yourself, you are free to mess around in the 
game and do whatever you want for a while. Basically, you get to be a 
poltergeist. You can do this forever, or you can start the entire game over as 
new game plus. To do this, use the Godsbane and your character will kill 
themselves, resulting in the game starting over as new game plus. This is the 
"real" or "good" ending to the game.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hope this guide helped you beat Dragon's Dogma on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC!

If you want to check out all my other stuff, try here:


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