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Homefront Walkthrough

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     Walkthrough missions:

Mission 1:Why we fight

Mission 2:Freedom

Mission 3:Fire Sale

Mission 4:The Wall

Mission 5:Heartland

Mission 6:Overwatch

Mission 7:Golden Gate
Multiplayer Primer

Guns and Qualities



This is the guide for Homefront, the first person shooter by THQ. This guide
will take you through the game's missions in it's entirety and will display
information on the modes and multiplayer offerings the game has available. This
guide is meant for all three consoles. Check the contents section if you are
browsing this guide for specific information.





>Mission 1
Why we fight


Explore the room when you have control of your character. Don't get too
attached to your humble abode, for you'll be met with some unfriendly
characters pretty soon. After the heavy scene, grab the pistol and follow your
new friend.Head through the first set of rooms and aim down the sights of your
gun and fire to take out the enemies.

Grab a stronger gun as you move through, and shoot the enemies coming down the
sky line. Run along with your allies.Take cover behind the broken vehicles and
fire, bursting the trigger to take on distanced enemies. Grab any other guns
you see on the ground if you wish to get a feel for them.

Chances are, you're going to be using it more later on. Throw a grenade when
you're asked by your comrades. Keep your head down behind cover,and don't stay
exposed for long, or you'll be taken out quickly.

Head on with your new teammates as you hear Connor speak about the pilot and
gas station. As he states, you're on your way to Revere Road. Head on towards
the objective marker and press B/[] to go prone to make it through the little
crawl space. Take cover when the tank comes through.

You can't be spotted. Stay still and sprint straight across the street after
your buddy's mark. Head through the house as you hear the two behind you
bantering.There is a document on the stairs leading upstairs if you'll like to
read it.

From there head up the tree house and climb up. The soldiers will be aware of
your position. Scope your rifle and take your time picking off the enemies.
Head into cover if you start taking damage, and eventually your place of
sanctity will be blown up. Back on the ground, head towards cover towards your
buddies and toss a grenade in the direction of the enemy to clear out a good

It's easy to take a lot of damage here if you don't stick to cover for long.If
you feel yourself unable to head on to due to the enemy numbers, lob a grenade
and head forth towards cover. There should be M4 rifles dropped by the enemy in
the area that you can switch your primary fire arm for if you wish to try your
hand at a different weapon. As you make your approach forward be sure to look
out for enemies that stand on the roofs and shoot you from an elevated

Move on, crouching and firing at the enemy while taking cover behind the
objects in the area. Head on though the area and search around for enemies.
Head on towards the objective marker and you should see some C4 that you can
grab and toss at the nearby APC. A couple of C4s should be good enough to blow
it up. Now you'll have to head to the civilian neighborhood.

Follow the target and head through the house door. There's another document on
the ground right after you enter. Keep going and you'll eventually meet up with
Boone. Soon after your heartwarming reunion, you'll have hostile forces
shooting up the place and will be forced to flee and take cover in the
building. There should be a pistol on the ground that you can pick up if you're
running out of ammo. Oh, also there's a baby. Head towards the windows facing
the enemies and take your time taking them out. You'll have to draw fire away
from the civilians. What better way of doing this than killing the enemy?

Some may eventually enter the building so keep your eyes out and listen for the
audio cues. It's a good thing, them moving towards the house because you're
sure to run out of ammo quick. Pick ammo up from the dead enemies, but rush
back to cover soon after. When you're given the prompt, follow Boone. You'll
get into another building with a downed individual.

Grab the Goliath locater and aim for the enemy forces. The red diamonds signify
the enemies. You should either aim for large groups or enemy vehicles.
Individual enemies can simply be shot. Soon after, as you're picking off the
straggling enemies, you'll be blinded by light. Don't worry, it's supposed to


>Mission 2


A familiar face. Look around the area at your leisure. Head out and meet up
with Boone when you're ready. Follow him around. Back by the lady with the
child you helped, there's a document in the nearby room. Head out and speak
with the residents if you wish. When you're done, or should you wish to just
get down to business, head over to Boone.

Grab an assault rifle, and head down the ladder. Follow Boone as indicated.
When Boone heads on, wait for the spotlight to move past, then rush towards the
cover he's behind. Proceed in that fashion towards the objective. Lob a grenade
at the machine and you should be golden. Indoors, head towards the windows and
train your sights on the enemies' heads.

Fire and take cover when they retaliate. Keep your distance and take them out.
Burst firing helps for the enemies that are fairly far away. You'll also save
ammo that way. Be sure to grab ammo from the enemies when you pass over them.
Move through the house, and take on any enemies with your guys. Follow your
buddies. Head towards Rianna. After you split up with Boone, head on and you'll
come to a room with a bunch of assault rifles.

After you're done smiling, grab one that suits your fancy. It's recommended
that you use one with a mid to long range scope or a suppressor. You should be
able to take on a couple of enemies unnoticed with a silencer on your weapon.
When they finally do notice you though, head towards cover and survey the
distance for any hidden gunners.

Make use of your grenades and slowly inch your way towards large groups of
enemies. Run from cover to cover, limiting your exposure to wide open terrain.
Head through the room and you should spot a window that overlooks one of the
search towers. Toss a grenade towards the red light to take it out. Next,
follow Connor to the supply tunnel. You'll be left with just your side arm.

Near the civilian named El Rey is another document. Follow Arnie when you're
done exploring. Oh Arnie...why?! When you get control of your character, fire
your pistol at the oncoming enemies, then head to cover. Grab an assault rifle,
then make your way through. There will be heavy resistance, so take your time
and take cover when you're taking one too many hits.

Grab the beacons and follow your comrades. There should be a document on the
street. After Connor goes into rage mode, head through to the side and take out
any enemies from a distance. You should be able to pop a few of them before you
start running. Take cover when necessary. Carefully inch your ways towards the
sentry towers and blow them up with your grenades. Head into the pile of dead
bodies when the enemy is near. Good luck...


>Mission 3
Fire Sale


Follow Rianna. By the handicapped parking icons should be another document.
Move on through the quiet night as you meet up with other members of the
resistance. Head on and up the stairs. After the round of phosphorus, start
picking off enemies behind cover and up and about with your sniper rifle.

Take your time and aim for the head. There's no rush so take cover and take
your time. Follow Rianna when you lose your footing. Eliminate the hostile on
the roof with your sniper rifle when you've got Goliath cover, then switch to
your assault rifle and take on the enemies. You'll have the Goliath available
to target enemies. You'll also have to constantly look towards the higher
ground for the EMP guys. Take them out with your sniper rifle. Use Goliath on
the Humvee.

When the enemies fall back, head towards the objective target to regroup.
Target the oncoming helicopter with Goliath. Target the vehicles and shoot the
foot soldiers with your regular weapons. Shoot the enemies by the Hooters.
Don't worry there isn't anything that will distract you from the enemies
pouring your way. There's going to be a lot of KPA in the fuel building so
you'll have to really stick to cover. Aim for the explosive barrels and toss
grenades at the clumped up enemies if you wish to survive.

Find a good spot to take cover and be sure to burst fire your weapons because
it's easy to run out of ammo quickly. When you eventually do though, take note
of where you've felled your enemies and run over to them when the coast is
clear to grab the weapon they've dropped. Slowly inch your way around the area
from cover to cover, searching for enemies, and looking above ground for any
enemies on a higher ledge. Don't peek your head up for too long.

Don't get caught in the flames of the explosion as you move through the area.
Sticking primarily with your teammates is also a viable option. If you manage
to grab hold of a sniper rifle, you should be able to take out the few hard so
shoot enemies that may be hiding behind pieces of terrain. After you follow
your buddies towards the end of the facility, a helicopter will be coming down
with more enemies. A good strategy is to wait for them to hit the ground, then
toss your grenade to get them at once.

You can also pick them off as they're coming down. Don't run out just yet,
because more will come towards you. A shotgun does well at clearing the enemies
out when they're near you. If you take your time, you can also tackle mid range
enemies. This may not be as effective as an assault rifle, but it saves some
more ammo. Again, continue through the path running from cover to cover, and
slowly creeping towards the edges of the object you're hiding behind to pop off
enemies and hide back. If you choose not to stick religiously with your
teammates, you notice that if they get the enemy's attention, you can use the
opportunity to flank them and also see where they're coming from.

Follow Connor up a ledge and take out the waiting enemies. You'll be given a
briefing of what to do next near a closed door. Once the door is banged open,
make a rush towards the objective marker taking out the enemies along your
path. They shouldn't be in large groups, so just keep running and shoot when
you notice them. Take cover if they notice you and get a couple clean shots
into you though.

Chase after the truck then plant the tracking device. You'll now have to
regroup. Find some cover spots as you do, though for enemies will be waiting.
When you make it back to Connor and Rianna, head through the next door and deal
with the initial enemies. Follow Connor and take the enemies that come your way

Avoid the flames in the area, and always run taking note of cover spots in case
you get ambushed. Head up the stairs and eventually outside on the rooftop.
You'll now have to provide cover fire, taking out any enemies. Head off the
roof as you're asked and get into the truck. Use the target locater to make
sure you make a clean get away.


>Mission 4
The Wall


Watch the scene...*sniff* no, I didn't cry! *sniff* and follow Conner. The
fight will eventually be taken to you, and you'll have to take on some enemies.
Try to take the RPG guys and other enemies that are usually on higher floors.
Take cover behind the houses, but try not to get too close to the enemies. Use
Goliath to take out the armor. The RPG enemies will try to destroy Goliath, so
they're a top priority. If you can get your hands on a LMG, do so because you
won't be pressed to reload as often when taking out the enemies.

When you get to the blockade with the tank, try sniping the enemies, aiming for
headshots and taking your time. Follow your friends through the house when the
tank comes. Now you'll have to follow Rianna. Flank the tank and target it with
Goliath. Press on with your comrades.

When you meet up with some resistance members, head on with Jacob, taking out
the enemies hiding in buildings as you make your way to the objective marker.
Move through, and if you're running low on ammo, grab the enemy's rather than
wait for the ammo to be completely dispensed; you can't afford to waste too
much time exposed. If you're away from cover but are taking hits from above, go
prone and wait till you can regain your health before running off.

Break open the door as Connor commands, and spray the enemies while you can.
Take out the RPGs, and take on any oncoming enemies. You're making progress,
you can't quit now! Activate the console to lower the barricade when the
enemies aren't as many. Follow your buddies and grab the RPG. Take your time
and fire on the target. Head into the Humvee to make your escape. Fire on the
enemies as your pour through.


>Mission 5


After the traitorous change of plans, rush towards the right and get some
cover. Use your gun to take on the enemies. It may be hard so see all of the
enemies, so take your time. When the final enemy goes down, head on. Follow
your buddies and hide when they hide. Head on towards Boon and you'll have to
take out a sniper on the windmill. Zoom, take your time, and aim for the head.

Follow and hold when instructed. Take out the RPG guy in the tower, then head
into the garage. Take out the sentry by the window when instructed. Do so
quickly. Take out the other sentry on the second floor when you pass. Head
through and stab the unsuspecting foe. Take out the other RPG and run through.

Now you won't need to be quiet anymore. Switch you your other weapon and start
taking on the enemy. There's heavy opposition, so take cover. It's best to only
move up when your squad does, or when you're sure the coast is clear. Head
towards the downed enemies to pick up their guns if you run out. When you've
take out the batch of enemies, follow your comrades along.

When you're by the barricade, crouch down behind the cover and take out any
enemies you see, whether they are focused on your or not. Slowly make your way
through, using whatever's around you as cover. Burst fire for the more
distanced enemies to save some ammo. Rush through when the area's clear. Stay
somewhat close to your comrades and don't stick your head out for too long.

Your buddies will either divert the attention of the foes, or take them out
altogether. Take out the RPG enemy with your sniper once the crowd of enemies
have gone down. Make a long rush towards your ticket outta there. Head over now
to enter the church. There will be enemies on the way there, so be careful.
Once in the church, head to the tower. Again, it won't be an uneventful trek
there; you've still have to be careful and take out the enemies in the area.

When at the top, take your time and take out the designated targets. Be careful
and aim for the head or at least upper body. Don't shoot unless instructed.
Take out the enemies as the truck heads through the barricade. Keeping an eye
out for cover and enemies, head over to the objective marker. Rendezvous with
your men...and woman and GET TO THE CHOPPA!


>Mission 6


Now that's more like it! You'll pilot a chopper now. Press the stick in any
direction to move around, and LT/L2 to fire the ship's rockets. Fire at the
APCs, and use your rockets to decimate the groups. If you're having trouble
spotting the enemy, use the thermal vision. Head through the tunnel you'll come
across. Take out the escort vehicles, and make a rush towards the convoys.

Destroy the targets and when prompted, move close to one of the tankers,
allowing your comrade to hijack it. Then head to the next to drop off Rianna.
Take Connor to the final tanker. When the missiles start coming at you,
activate the missile defeat as you maneuver your way away. Fire at the turrets
and show them YOUR missiles. Cover your friends by taking out the enemies and
RPGs. Strafe around in the chopper to evade the oncoming missiles, and fire
your rockets at any ground units you can spot.

Take out the RPGs as soon as they're in sight, because they can do a lot of
damage. Take out the SAM turrets as you come close to the harbor. Connor's
vehicle will breakdown on the bridge. While your partners are sitting ducks,
rotate around above them and survey the area for threats. Take them on swiftly.
Your allies blowing up the bridge signifies your success at the mission.


>Mission 7
Golden Gate


Board the helicopter. When you get near the iconic bridge, use the grenade
launcher on your rifle to take out the RPG and infantry enemies. When you touch
ground, head straight for cover. Peek out and pick off any enemies you can with
your scoped rifle. Toss a grenade into any small group of enemy to either get
them to flee so that you can move up, or take them out.

After the initial group of enemies have been dispatched, move on with the squad
through to the road block. Take cover and pick off any untouched enemies and
head on with your mates. In the building, grab the RPG and aim for the tanks.
You'll then have to follow Connor.

There will be a small stash of sweet rifles that you can pick up. Though a
scoped weapon is recommended, select whichever suits your fancy. Head up the
scaffolding and take on the enemies that are waiting for you. Move on through
and keep your gun ready, for the enemies won't stop coming. Keep moving, for
your ultimate goal is to make it to the deck of the bridge.

While there, you should be able to take on the enemies; most of them have their
attention elsewhere, leading to some easy headshots. As you move through to the
next set of objective markers, you'll have a lot of opposition waiting for you.
There will be numerous buses and other vehicles that you can take cover from.
Do so and carefully eliminate the enemy.

Don't you wish you had Goliath at a time like this? No worry, the enemy
shouldn't be able to bum rush you, so you should be able to make it through if
you take your time and take cover. Get you bearings after falling off the side
of the bridge, and take on the enemies. Nope, they won't cut you a break for
almost dying. You'll eventually have to move through the narrow bridge beams to
get to your destination. It's a long drop down, so be careful.

Head up the ladder at the end and destroy the sentries. Before heading towards
the other sentry, take cover and eliminate the enemies surrounding it. Then
head to the next sentry and take that one out. Grab the nearby rocket, and
target the heli. Now that your teammates know you're okay, you'll be tasked
with regrouping with them. Stick behind cover before the gates are opened.

Then very carefully take out the enemies in the area. Pop out of cover for a
short time just to see where the enemy is, then head back out to take them out.
Sticking your head out for too long over here is suicide. Move through when the
enemy numbers become more manageable, but nonetheless stick to cover.

You'll eventually have to keep enemy forces off of Hopper while he does what he
does best. Take your time here, the enemy have the vertical advantage here.
Take the right path and take the enemies on from there. Call the UCAV when
you're given the option, then take on the enemy forces in their vehicles.

Once you're done head into the Humvee. Now as the gunner, take out the other
Humvee and any other enemies that come your way. Take the vehicle out by the
gate, then target the other jeep that takes pursuit. It's gonna take a lot of
rounds to take out. Keep your guns trained on him.


>Multiplayer Primer

Let's get into the finer points of the multiplayer of Homefront. As you do
battle on the battlefield, you will earn BP. BP is short for Battle Points.
These points can be spent during a match by selecting the corresponding choice
in the heads up display. The better you are as a player, the more points you'll
have to accumulate. This is best complemented by using your BP to even out the
aspects you would consider shortcomings. For instance, if you're a quick,
competent shooter who can take enemies out from long and short range, you
shouldn't have a problem in most firefights,but you may have a weakness-
say facing tanks and other heavy armor. Instead of spending your BP on
something that may make the enemy a little easier to spot or kill, you may want
to invest in rockets or vehicles of your own. If you're an okay player, but
keep dying because the enemy saw you first, you might want to spend your BP on
reconnaissance equipment etc. Even if you're not doing as well as you'd hope,
you can just save more BP than you would otherwise so that you can purchase
items to even the playing field.

XP is what increases your rank. It can't be spent, but it does unlock features
as you progress in rank. Here are the game modes in homefront:

Battle Commander

TEAM DEATHMATCH:In Team Deathmatch, the objective is to kill players on the
opposing team. The team with the most kills wins:

Since each death you sustain equals a win for the opponent, you'll want to be
careful here and not take as many deaths as you would sacrificing your body as
in an objective mode. It's best to spend your BP here on vehicles and strikes
that prioritize in doing heavy damage

SKIRMISH: Mixed modes of Team Death Match and Ground Control. Select this mode
for variety.

GROUND CONTROL: You earn 250 BP for securing 1 of 3 points in the map. You're
main goal however is to secure all three, or at least as many of the points as
possible while your opponent tries to do the same. There will be a lot of shift
in power in this game mode, unless you work as a team to suppress the enemy and
secure more zones than them. More teammates on a point allow it to be secured
faster, so it's best to communicate during this mode.

BATTLE COMMANDER: This is a tweaked version of other modes where you are given
different dynamic objectives which may involve eliminating targets
(instigators) or drones etc. You will become a hunter by being ordered to
eliminate instigators. To become an instigator, you will have to earn kill
streaks and generally pose as a threat to the other team. Then there is a
possibility there will be a bounty on your head.





M4 Assault rifle
Low recoil and high rate of firefights

3 round burst, unlocked at lv14

ACR Rifle
Higher recoil than M4, but more damage.
Unlocked at lv3

Semi automatic, high damage. Unlocked at lv27

Slow firing. Great damage, unlocked at lv40

Fully automatic rifle, unlocked at lv46



M249 LMG
High recoil, high clip size, fully automatic

Unlock lv32, fully automatic, drum capacity ammo

PWS Diablo SMG
Fully automatic, close quarters, low clip size

Super V SMG
Unlocked lv9. Fully automatic, lower recoil.



Semi automatic, long range weapon. 3X scope.

Bolt action sniper. Long range, 4x thermal scope.
Unlock lv19

DLC Guns

870 Express Shotgun
Pump action close range shotgun. Download code necessary



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