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              Borderlands Walkthrough for Xbox 360 and PS3
                             By SENIORBILL
                     Version 1.0 December 21, 2009
                    Copyright 2009 by William Poneta

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                            TABLE OF CONTENTS


Walkthrough (Prefix--M=Mandatory; O=Optional)




 GOT GRENADES (action skill build for Roland in this section)









































Update-Version: 1.1, January 10, 2010
I have added bookmarks to all 126 missions. Cleaned up the procedure
for SCOOTER’S USED CAR PARTS. Additional details have been added to the
weapons section; and I have added extensive details and alternate
strategies throughout the document.

Update-Version: 1.2, February 22, 2010
I have added a large section outlining the general strategy used for
the opening stages of this walkthrough. I have also added a brief
section on the merits of the four playable characters. I have also
added additional weapon detail and rather extensive details to many of
the missions, and notes detailing some of the more lucrative gear
harvesting areas. Also included is a list of the weapons acquired when
level 50 was reached on a second playthrough.

Update-Version: 1.3, October 10, 2010
Because of the large number of and varied points of origin for the
missions and their overlapping nature, causing them to be pursued
concurrently, I have added a “SOURCE” for each mission beneath the
“MISSION” portion. This is in response to the many E-mails inquiring
where missions, like GREEN THUMB or Marcus’ FIREPOWER missions, etc.
originate. I have also added a dozen SILVER and RED CHEST locations. I
have also greatly expanding the weapons section and added a suggested
“skill tree” section for all playable characters. I have also added
significant detail and/or alternate approaches to many of the missions-
most notably to m018, o027, m033, m048, m101, o104, o108 and m124.


There is a legend, the legend of the “vault;” and it is rumored that it
exists somewhere in the Borderlands of the planet Pandora. It is of
alien construction, and is said to contain ancient artifacts of awesome
power and value. You, a Bounty Hunter, depart the bus in Fyrestone and
are immediately propelled into the quest. A disembodied voice, the
ephemeral Guardian Angel, will request your help; and she will offer
information and encouragement as you progress through the wasteland,
blazing your way toward the fabled vault.

The massive campaign takes place amid a backdrop resembling a post-
apocalyptic ramshackle wild west, but one with high-tech weapons; and
its missions will guarantee you days of addictive game play. This is an
awesome game with highly varied battlefields, a plethora of baddies,
human and alien, a truckload of loot and the most extensive and
spectacular array of weapons conceivable.

Borderlands, with its awesome arsenal, allows multiple approaches; but
the fact that you have four playable characters, each with a specific,
potent action skill, makes it more like four games in one. This
walkthrough chronicles the game as Roland, the soldier, whom I believe
has the best action skill for first-time solo play. The Scorpio Turret
is exactly as he says, “like havin’ another soldier on the field,” and
his class mods are awesome for solo play as well. That being said, most
of the approaches and game details will adapt to the other characters
as well.



Acquiring loot like cash, weapons, shields, class modification and
grenade modules and health packs is accomplished during game play by
raiding weapons chests, lockers, safes, etc. and by enemy drops, and
there is a ton of them. This can be augmented by making judicious
purchases from Marcus or from Dr Zed’s vending machines, and by re-
starting the game and then revisiting the re-spawned “gimmes” like RED
and SILVER CHESTS. The game seems designed for this purpose, so exploit
it-or not.

You can often get the weapon you are looking for in this manner, and
can raise huge sums of cash by selling what you don’t require. Opening
a chest, especially in the game’s final stages, is much like rolling
the bars on a slot machine-sometimes you get red sevens, like a 4X
incendiary Volcano sniper with 350 firepower, a 2.4 scope and an
extended magazine-you never know. This can be an addictive pursuit.

The action skill is available when you reach level five and is
activated by selecting it on the skills screen. Roland’s Scorpio Turret
is an excellent perk, and as you upgrade the firepower and then the
cool down time it becomes highly effective, especially when you acquire
elemental artifacts during game play. The first tier of skills is
available as soon as the action skill is unlocked and the next tier
when five action points are spent in the prior tier, etc. For a
percentage of your cash you can also have the points refunded at any
New-U station, allowing you to reallocate them however you wish.

Class modules (mods) are specific to your character, and are given as
bounty, found in chests or even skag piles; and random mods are offered
and may be purchased from Dr. Zed’s health vending machines. They are
equipped in your class module slot by clicking on the desired mod in
your inventory. Only one can be equipped at a time, but they can be
very significant items. The soldier, for example, has mods that
regenerate ammo, sometimes at prodigious rates. Mods that increase the
XP you gain for eliminating hostiles by over 20 percent are also common
and allow rapid leveling up. Others regenerate health and/or shields at
varying rates, or increase weapon damage, magazine size, lessen weapon
recoil, or improve sniper stability, etc. Do not discount these items.
As mods become available, and your inventory slots grow, mods should
claim some of those slots. A good health regeneration module, for
example, will allow you to not carry health packs in inventory; or you
won’t need to carry a weak shield because it has health regeneration
capabilities. The ammo regeneration mods become readily available as
the game progresses; and keep an eye out for the electrocute and
electrocute resistance mods later in the game to help with the

Shields are also an immensely important item and can be purchased,
picked-up off the ground and found in containers and skag piles. Get
the highest you can with the fastest recharge rate, but perks like auto
health regeneration, health boosts and elemental resistance are also
important considerations. As the game progresses shields of all types
and strengths are available quite frequently. Again you can maintain as
many as you wish in inventory but can equip only one at a time.

Missions are most often acquired at the local bounty boards or from
individuals whom you will be directed to. Oftentimes the voice of a
local Claptrap will announce new missions. You can have as many
missions in your queue as are available. While some missions are
mandatory, others are user choice, but not pursuing most of the
optional missions will leave you grossly under-leveled. The level of
each mission is displayed when highlighted but is not always a good
indication of its difficulty. Some missions are procedural like,
SLEDGE: MEET SHEP, which is simply a vehicle to dole out additional
missions. At other times your present level, if above the level of the
highlighted mission, may assign it a trivial level when, in fact, it
isn’t trivial at all. One thing, however, is certain; tackling a
mission that is several levels above your current level will be
exceedingly difficult, if not impossible. There are 126 missions, but
only about a third are mandatory. I will list whether the mission is
optional or not, but failure to pursue most of the optional missions
will leave you at a much lower level that the available missions.

With over 15,000,00 weapons possible, no one can tell you what you’ll
have let alone what to use; but a good mix is essential to success. A
good array of snipers, with a gradually improving incendiary-the first
elemental available-leading the way is essential. A fast firing
incendiary SMG or combat rifle, or even two, one scoped and one not, is
an awesome combo. The same can be said for a caustic SMG or combat
rifle, scoped and not. A well-aimed burst from a good elemental will
allow an enemy to bleed down while you wait under cover, your shield
recharging, to finish him of. Conventional weapons will dominate early
play and they progress rapidly in strength and, even with the advent of
the elementals, they will remain a key part of your arsenal. They are
essential for certain boss battles and against other foes impervious to
elementals as well. Against spiderants they are likely the best choice.

Without getting into a long expose on weapon capabilities I will give
some general things to consider. Firepower, accuracy, speed, magazine
size, elemental properties, or not, and an array of other extras like
recoil reduction, critical hit damage and burst fire count, etc., are
displayed when a weapon is acquired and can be compared to those you
have. High is almost always good-high accuracy, high firepower, high
elemental properties, large magazines; but you must sometimes do a
balancing act since all of these qualities will not be high. A 400
firepower sniper with a poor scope and small critical hit bonus, for
example, may not be in the league with one with 300 firepower, a 200%
critical hit bonus and a 2.4 scope. Elementals, for all weapons, are
tricky because a very low firepower weapon at 4X may not be as good as
a higher-powered weapon at 1X. This applies for all the weapon types,
and not all 4X weapons, for example, show the same elemental effect.

Although not always a definitive indicator of a weapons utility, a
weapon’s color rating is an excellent starting point for evaluating a
weapon. The least rare weapons are white, followed by green, blue,
purple and golden orange. The latter, golden orange, are the Legendary
weapons and with few exceptions they are the best of the best. The
super-rare Pearlescent weapons are a cut above, but are so rare you
likely won’t see one if you play the game ten times over.

Initially you can equip two weapons in the quick access weapon slots,
but this will be expanded automatically through slot awards during game
play. You can, however, simply pause the game at anytime to access your
full inventory of weapons, switching to anything you have in your
possession. You start with two weapon slots and twelve inventory slots
and this can be expanded by accepting any or all of the ten Claptrap
repair missions offered during game play. Each repair mission completed
will yield three new inventory slots.

Shotguns should be evaluated by the two types they come in-low-
accuracy, high firepower models like Sweepers, Shredders and Matadors
and higher accuracy types, firing a lesser number of projectiles but
with accuracies as high as 80% or more. These are the guns prefixed
with Hunters, and Death among others. A shotgun, like a Matador,
Shredder or Sweeper, with high firepower and added projectiles, but
painfully low accuracy, can only be used in close-quarter combat; and,
a scoped one, a point and shoot weapon, is a nuisance. Small magazine
size is also a major handicap on some of the models with very high
firepower. The higher accuracy models like the Death and Hunters models
are the ones I prefer, and a scope on a good conventional or elemental
can be quite effective at mid-range. These high accuracy types have
fewer projectiles but if you want to hit what you aim for rather than
just spray lead, they are the best choice. That said, a potent Matador
with decent accuracy can be useful in tight quarters, and keeping one
for close encounters isn’t a bad idea.

The Carnage model shotguns-Holy crap! They shoot rockets! -are good for
nothing except raising cash at the nearest weapons vendor, unless you
get a Legendary Defender model, in which case it is good for
regenerating ammo. The high level models like the Crux, Bulldog,
Butcher, Striker, Friendly Fire, Defender, etc. can be awesome weapons,
but not always and must be evaluated when acquired-some will regenerate
ammo but not offer utility in the field. Most of these high level
models will not become available until well into the game. The ultimate
scoped shotgun is the Jakob’s Striker. It has the accuracy and range of
many combat rifles and should never be passed up; but they are
extremely rare.

Shotguns to look for:

Jakob’s Striker-High accuracy, mid-field range capability and a high
critical hit bonus. An awesome weapon! But it is exceedingly rare.

Maliwan Crux-This is a highly elemental caustic shotgun. A scoped one
with good accuracy is an excellent weapon at range and one without is
good for close quarters. (Legendary)

S&S Crux-This is a highly elemental explosive weapon. High accuracy
models with a scope are good at mid-rang and un-scoped models can
replace an all-purpose conventional. (Legendary)

Butcher-Its burst fire of 5 rounds is devastating in close quarters.

Bulldog-These have a huge magazine of 20 rounds and generally have good
firepower. (Legendary)

Hunter’s or Death-I like these weapons because I like to hit what I
shoot at. They offer good firepower with accuracies as high as 75%.
They are common items and are frequently available fairly early on. A
potent scopeless Hunter’s Defender(ammo regen) can be your go to
shotgun. (Non-Legendary and Legendary)

Combat rifles come in a wide variety of types. The best will combine
high firepower with a high rate of fire and will have decent accuracy
and greatly reduced recoil. Such a weapon in Roland’s hands, with the
right class mod equipped, can be an awesome weapon. Highly elemental
combat rifles, meaning greater than 1X, are somewhat rare and can be
devastating when coupled with high firepower and much reduced recoil.
As the game progresses, potent combat rifles become common and one with
good accuracy, recoil reduction and an extended magazine can be
formidable; and when putting a lot of lead on target is required they
are a good choice. Incendiary combat rifles are also available very
early in the game and can be used as early as level 4. Incendiary and
conventional combat rifles in the 12 to 15-firepower range can be
found, or can be purchased at the store during the game’s opening
stages. These can be one the best weapons available in the game’s early
stages, especially prior to achieving level 7. These weapons, however,
are usually outclassed by the SMGs as the game progresses.

I usually keep a potent scoped combat rifle with good recoil reduction
and an un-scoped model with a very large magazine. When the high-end
types begin to show they must be evaluated for what they offer. The
Raven is a semi-auto type; the Bastard offers very high damage and
others offer ammo regeneration, etc.

Combat rifles to look for:

Combat rifle-look for good firepower and a fast firing rate with good
recoil reduction. A scope is also recommended. (Coming in all colors-
judge on merit)

Raven-These weapons fire 5 round bursts. (Legendary)

Destroyer-This weapon is fully automatic, emptying the magazine with a
single trigger pull. (Legendary)

Bastard-It yields extremely high damage, usually with a good rate of
fire. (Legendary)

Ogre-This is a rare, highly elemental explosive weapon. (Legendary)

Revolvers won’t make an appearance until level 13, but when they do
they are among the most versatile weapons in the game. A scoped
revolver makes an excellent mid-long and mid-range weapon and the
elemental effects for all elemental revolvers are outstanding. The
conventional revolvers can also be very potent, and if you find a
Masher pistol you have what amounts to a mini-shotgun but one with
great range. They fire 7 projectiles with each shot and are available,
if you get lucky, around level 13. The Unforgiven revolver, a
Legendary, is among the game’s best all around weapons, especially if
it is a Masher. Never pass on a good Masher, or on a Pestilent Defiler.
The Defilers are 4X caustic death dealers. A good incendiary and blast
revolver are also prime weapons. A good scoped static revolver can be
very effective against the flying Sera Guardians near the game’s end
and a un-scoped static model is also excellent against the ground
Guardians, both close-up and mid-range. Try to pick up both weapons
before facing the Guardians during the games final missions.

Revolvers to look for:

Pestilent Defiler-These are 4X caustic and are devastating weapons-
easily the best of the caustic weapons in the game. They come in both
scoped and un-scoped models. They will become available at level 25.

Unforgiven-These come in scoped and un-scoped models and can show as
early as level 19. If you get a Masher, you have a mini-sniper-
revolver-mid-range shotgun, all in one. These are a treasure and are
fun to use. They also carry a high critical hit bonus. (Legendary)

Chimera-This weapon fires all 4 elements in a random manner. They can
be fun if unpredictable weapons. (Legendary)

Masher-This is a weapon type, available in various colors. They all
offer revolver accuracy and a tight spread of 7 projectiles. These can
replace a shotgun in many situations and a sniper in others. They can
show up as early as level 13. (Non-Legendary and Legendary)

Elemental and conventional revolvers, like the Viper, Justice and Law
are all excellent weapons and are among the game’s finest Non-Legendary
weapons. They offer high firepower, accuracy and the elemental ones
show striking elemental effects.

Repeaters will be useful early on in the game, but in the later stages
only the highly elemental ones are worth the trouble. The machine
pistols have a high rate of fire and a potent elemental one can be
useful. I generally keep a high-level incendiary or caustic repeater or
machine pistol with a good scope to take advantage of the ammo slot.
The scoped Swatter that you find in the RED CHEST that Claptrap
admonishes you to open during the game’s opening sequence can be an
excellent survival tool during those early stages, especially if you
have only a weak SMG or shotgun.

The 4X Firehawk, an incendiary repeater, however, probably shows the
highest elemental effect of any weapon in the game, and is a treasure,
especially one with a scope. It hasn’t any “knock-back” power but it
will toast a Crimson Lance with a short burst while you watch in
safety-hoorah! One of the earliest Legendary weapons you may find is
the caustic repeater “Hornet.” They can appear as early as level 16
and, at that point, they are formidable weapons.

Repeaters to look for:

Firehawk-These are 4X incendiary and show amazing elemental damage.
While its relatively slow fire rate won’t yield much knock-back, its
incendiary effect will leave no survivors. They come in scoped and un-
scoped versions and appear as early as level 25. (Legendary)

Swatter-This lowly level 0 weapon-the one in the RED CHEST that
Claptrap points out to you before you reach Fyrestone-can be a very
welcome addition to Lilith’s pitifully weak, un-scoped SMG or to Bricks
charge-em without a shield shotgun.

There are numerous other Legendary repeaters, but none will be game-
changers. Evaluate any you find according to your style.

Sniper rifles, both elemental and conventional, are must-have weapons
as your inventory expands. They become available very early in the
game. Just assign a sniper to the down spot on your controller. These
will be primary killing machines throughout the game. An incendiary
sniper rifle is outstanding against flesh and is a must from the early
stages of the game. They become commonly available as level 7 weapons,
but you can occasionally find a level 5 incendiary or explosive sniper

Acquire an incendiary sniper as soon as possible and update it as
better models become available. Explosive snipers will commonly begin
to show up around level 15, and, in the early stages, they may outclass
the incendiary snipers, especially if they have a high critical hit
bonus and a good scope. Caustic and Static snipers make their
appearance about the same time, but acquiring a Static sniper early on
is not a priority. The Caustic snipers are also very fine weapons.

The Volcano line of incendiary snipers begin to appear once you reach
New Haven and at bit of harvesting-if the New Haven REDS are still
there-can usually net you a Volcano. It is a devastating weapon, far
exceeding any other incendiary sniper. Don’t pass it up-it will likely
supplant any other sniper you find and is, hand’s down, among the top
weapons in the game-probably the best. A potent static sniper rifle,
like the Orion line is a good choice for the endgame versus the
Guardians; but a good scoped revolver can do the job as well. The
explosive and caustic types are also useful. High-end weapons like the
Invader and Penetrator models offer automatic or burst fire capability,
which eats up ammo but can be devastating, especially if you have ammo
regen. Another excellent sniper is the Skullmasher. These weapons have
a seemingly low firepower, but they fire 6 projectiles at that value,
causing them to perform like a highly accurate shotgun. With a critical
hit bonus of 200%, they are excellent weapons that require little
effort to get those criticals. Another rare Legendary sniper is the
explosive Cobra. Never pass one up. They can be used as early as level
17, and are devastating weapons against all comers. They alone offer a
challenge to the Volcano line as the best sniper in the game.

Sniper rifles to look for:

Volcano-This 4X incendiary sniper rifle is, hands-down, the best
incendiary sniper in the game. They appear as early as level 25 and
will be your go to sniper for the rest of the game. (Legendary)

Cobra-The 3X-4X Cobra sniper rifle is extremely rare, but can show up
at level 17. If it does you’re king of the hill at that level and well
beyond. With a good critical hit bonus and a good scope, these are the
Volcanoes only rival as the game’s best sniper. (Legendary)

Orion-These highly elemental static rifles are death to the Guardians.

Invader-These rifles fire a burst of 5 rounds when zoomed in, much like
a combat rifle. If you don’t miss they are devastating. They also come
in elemental models. (Legendary)

Skullmasher-Generally these rifles display rather low firepower, but
they fire 6 rounds at that rate. This is the ultimate critical hit
machine and outperforms most other conventional sniper rifles.

Cyclops-This rifle is painfully rare but is highly accurate and will
sport the most powerful scope of any of the sniper rifles. They come
with a high damage and critical hit bonus. (Legendary)

Submachine guns (SMGs) progress rapidly in quality from the game’s
start, and highly elemental ones, 4X incendiaries aren’t uncommon early
on. Incendiary and explosive SMGs become available at level 4-and their
kind will quickly rival the combat rifles as conventional weapons as
well. The other elementals become available around level 13 and should
be evaluated by firepower, fire rate and recoil reduction as should the

The 4X Combustion Hellfire SMGs are awesome incendiary weapons and one
with a good rate of fire will rival the Volcano sniper as the game’s
best weapon-especially in the hands of Lilith. The Double Anarchy
series are generally the best of the conventional SMGs and they will
start to appear before level 10. They fire four projectiles with each
shot, and even with rather low accuracy, they generally outshine most
other conventional SMGs. The Stinger classes are also excellent
weapons. A Caustic Stinger can be very useful, especially if you
haven’t located a Hellfire.

SMGs to look for:

Maliwan’s Combustion Hellfire- These 4X incendiary SMGs are, hand’s
down, the best SMG in the game. A short burst is enough to eliminate
any but the baddest of the bad. This may be the game’s best weapon.
They come in scoped and un-scoped models, fast firing and slow. Even a
Thumper will outperform any other SMG. Never pass one up. (Legendary)

Double Anarchy-Generally these will be among the top conventional SMGs
in the game. Don’t be fooled by the low accuracy-these put out enough
lead to compensate. They come in scoped and un-scoped models and have
variable fire rates. You may see one prior to reaching level 10.

Stinger-This is a type sporting very high fire rates. They come as
conventionals and elementals, scoped and not and should be judged by
its stats. They often outperform the Double Anarchies. A caustic
stinger is often the best of the caustic SMGs. (Purple)

Rocket Launchers seem to lack the “punch” one associates with the type.
While certainly useful, they are not game-changers-even the 4X
elementals. With Roland’s ammo regeneration mods the launcher can be
used to saturate heavily defended facilities but targeting individual
enemies is difficult unless your positioning is perfect. I usually keep
a potent one with a good scope to take advantage of the ammo slot, but
it gets little use. The Legendary Redemption is the best of the bunch.

Redemption-Each shots fires 4 rockets, causing a very wide spread of
damage. With ammo regeneration, this can be a powerful weapon. It is
the very best of a meager lot. (Legendary)

The Eridean weapons (alien) that you will eventually acquire are, in my
opinion, woefully lacking. While useful in some circumstances, they
seldom equal the conventional weapons in that same situation. They
require frequent recharging, lack good scopes for distant work, some
have extremely slow projectiles and they will generally sit idle
because of it, all the time hogging an inventory slot, where something
more useful can reside.

The Eridian Thunder Storm is an exception. While weak against Bandits
and useless against the local fauna, it is devastating against the
Guardians. A single blast aimed at the head of a Principal or Arch
Guardian is death and even the Badass Guardians succumb to a short
volley. Its shortfall is its small magazine, so have a back up.
Similarly, the other Eridian weapons are effective versus the
Guardians-if you can hit them.

Eridean weapons to look for:

Thunder Storm-This Eridean weapon is very effective against the shields
of the Guardians. Its big shortfall is its low magazine size. (Green)

Grenades start off weak, but when grenade mods become available they
become much more powerful and expand to include specialized and
elemental types and will become a major part of your arsenal as various
mods become available. The incendiary Bouncing Betties are awesome
against personnel. The author’s preferences are explosive and
incendiary Bouncing Betties but other types are excellent as well.
Contact grenades, Sticky grenades and Proximity Mines can also be very


You will quickly see in this document that I prefer elemental weapons
to the conventional weapons; but both are necessary to success in
Borderlands. I find the incendiary weapons to be, by far, the best in
the game. Since most of your targets will be “flesh” and since
incendiary is designed for defeating flesh, it is your best choice for
most enemies. A single burst from a good incendiary weapon will begin
to burn down your victim, and, as he burns, you can duck into cover
only to pop out and finish him off. These weapons are offered early in
the game, oftentimes as soon as Marcus’ store re-opens. If you don’t
harvest them, buy an incendiary sniper and an incendiary SMG or combat
rifle as soon as you have the funds to do so. They work equally well on
both humans and on skags and other native fauna. These weapons continue
to improve throughout the game, and if a Combustion Hellfire SMG and a
Volcano sniper rifle become available, don’t pass them up.

Like any weapon, however, you must continuously upgrade to keep pace
with the enemy. A level 7 incendiary sniper rifle, for example, will
not fare well against level 20 enemies. The ultimate incendiary snipers
appear as level 25 weapons-the Volcano line by Maliwan-“get you one.”

How much non-elemental damage an elemental weapon deals is a bit of a
mystery. You can take out an elemental hostile, a Burning Psycho, for
example, with an incendiary weapon but it will take more ammo that with
a conventional weapon of similar power; but how much damage is dealt
seems to vary with each weapon. If there is a formula for this it must
be a doozy. In the same vein, elemental damage is also a bit of a
mystery. A 4X volcano sniper at 250 FP, for example, deals far more
damage than the next best 4X 250 FP sniper-the Incendiary Wrath. So-
there is no cast-in-iron rule. Each weapon varies and you must be the

Caustic weapons are also good against most enemies, working much like
an incendiary; but they will not start to appear until well into the
game, with an occasional caustic weapon showing up just prior to
exiting to the Dahl Headland. The “Pestilent Defilers” are potent
caustic revolvers, and one with high firepower is an awesome weapon. A
caustic sniper is also a useful weapon, and the SMGs and caustic
revolvers are also excellent.

Static weapons will mostly lie idle in your inventory; but whenever
facing the Guardians or certain heavily shielded bosses, like Sledge,
they are an absolute must. The endgame would be quite difficult without
a good static sniper, SMG, static shotgun or other static weapon.
Acquire a long range and short-range static weapon for those
encounters. An Eridian Thunder Storm is also an excellent choice
against the Guardians. The highly elemental Orion static snipers become
available for use around level 22 and one with a good zoom is
invaluable against the Guardians. Watch out for the enemy with static
weapons-while they seem to do a poor job against the Bandits in your
hands, they are very effective against you.

Explosive weapons do not show the “bleed” effect of the other
elementals. These weapons require you to stand and deliver as you would
with conventional weapons. For this reason they generally play second
fiddle to the incendiary or caustic types, but one with the right
attributes can be very good. Brick’s class mods and his skill
enhancements make these weapons perform best in his hands.

The best of the explosive weapons are probably the sniper rifle, if you
get the right one, and the revolver. If you find a good explosive
sniper it can be a very fine weapon, especially one with a good
critical hit bonus. The Cobra sniper rifle is an awesome but rare
weapon, and it is among the best weapons available in Borderlands. The
explosive revolvers are excellent weapons and make crabmeat of the Crab
Worms in the Lost Cave. Shotguns also seem to benefit from the
explosive element. Explosive SMGs and combat rifles make you stand and
deliver, like the conventionals, and lack the bleed effect of the other
elementals. That said, they are good weapons, oftentimes outstanding. I
find myself using explosive weapons in lieu of conventionals. Watch out
for the enemy wielding explosive weapons-they will work quite well
against you.

For general purposes the Explosive Artifact works well on the Scorpio
Turret, Brick’s Berserk and for Bloodwing. It even works well versus
the Guardians.

Conventional weapons will dominate early in the game and are absolutely
essential in defeating foes that are impervious to elemental effects.
Sledge, for example, is best taken down using static fire to break his
shield and a fast firing conventional to take him out. They can be used
against all enemies and against boss types like the Destroyer or the
Rakk Hive, they are your best option. A powerful conventional shotgun
is a staple, especially early in the game play, and will occupy a slot
most of the time. Keeping a pair of potent combat rifles and a pair of
potent SMGs, scoped and not, is recommended and fundamental for
success. Conventional weapons also work well against the spiderants and
are most often the best option for targeting their weak abdomens. You
can, in fact, complete the game using only conventional weapons.

The opening stages of Borderlands can be challenging, but can be made
far less painful by properly preparing for the action. This will
require both looting, gear harvesting and completing challenges during
the opening stages in order to improve your arsenal and to gain cash
and the experience points (XP) that will allow you to rapidly level up.

When you step off the bus near Fyrestone you will have a single low-
powered weapon in your possession. As Roland this will be a weak combat
rifle and similarly low-powered weapons is the order of the day for the
other characters as well-an SMG for Lilith, a shotgun for Brick and a
sniper rifle for Mordecai. For the rest of the game your task will not
only be finding the fabled vault, but improving your gear-weapons,
shields and mods-to be able to continue the quest against an endless
parade of assorted hostiles.

The Borderlands of Pandora is a looters paradise; and the game play is
designed to allow you to exploit the bounty. It even awards experience
points for opening loot containers, weapons chests and for acquiring
cash. All lootable items, with only a few exceptions, will re-spawn
when you quit game play and then re-start. This allows endless
harvesting of the myriad of lootable containers.

The toughness of the enemy is roughly tied to the games 50 levels of
play, approximately 35 of which you will attain on a first playthrough
by gaining experience points. These experience points are gained by
completing missions, killing enemies, who yield a broad range of points
depending on their difficulty, and by completing challenges. This later
item-challenges-will play an important role during the initial stages
of the game. Staying even or ahead of your enemies level is crucial
during the games opening stages because your weapons are rather weak.
This leveling up will also allow you to use weapons requiring a level 7
status. Challenges can be viewed on the HUD of your ECHO device.

This walkthrough advocates the following procedure. The mission: NINE-
TOES TAKE HIM DOWN is a level 4 mission, but taking down Nine-Toes and
his two tough skags is a real challenge at level 4; and the missions
that follow will all be well above your level if you manage to take out
Nine-Toes at that point, thus continuing the pain. It is quite easy to
level up to level 7 prior to taking him on. This will allow you to
remain near the level of the following missions and will allow you to
use level 7 weapons, which include the use of a wide variety of
incendiary weapons, the first elementary weapons available, and more
potent shotguns, combat rifles and other conventional weapons. Spending
a little extra effort and time early on will be rewarded for the rest
of the game-so spend the time and make your quest more enjoyable.

You will need 13,886 experience points to attain level 7. Some of these
points will be awarded for completing the opening tutorial missions and
some will come from killing hostiles. The lion’s share of these,
however, will come from completing “challenges.” These can be seen on
the HUD of your ECHO device. Most of the following challenges,
depending on what weapons you use, can be achieved by looting, killing
hostiles and re-starting the game to repeat the process. These would
occur over time as the game play unfolds, but forcing the issue is the
key to success during the opening stages.

The following challenges are within easy reach:

“What’s in there” Open 50 lootable items for 1,000 XP

“Relentless” Kill 5 enemies (skags at this point) with no more than 7
seconds between each kill for 500 XP (exploit the five skags just south
of the Fyrestone gate to easily complete this quest)
“Ooo! Shiney!” Loot 5 weapons chests for 1,000 XP
“Treasure Hunter” Open 25 weapons chests for 2,000 XP (perhaps a
stretch for the impatient among us)
“Rat a Tat” Make 50 kills with SMGs for 1,000 XP
“Skag Slayer” Kill 50 skags for 1,000 XP
“Scavenger” Open 250 lootable containers for 2,000 XP
“One Shot, One Kill” make 50 kills with sniper rifles for 1,000 XP
“Headhunter” Make 50 human kills for 1,000 XP
“Impulse Buyer” Buy 5 items for 1,000 XP
“Draw!” Make 50 pistol kills for 1,000 XP
“Spray and Pray” Make 50 kills with combat rifles for 1,000 XP
“Hot! Too Hot!”  Make 25 incendiary kills (you can use an incendiary
combat rifle, SMG or repeater as early as level 2) for 1,000 XP
“Pocket Change” Earn 10,000 dollars for 1,000 XP
“Get off my lawn!” Make 50 kills with shotguns for 1,000 XP

After exiting the bus, simply follow the game play walkthrough, looting
the approximately 40 available item containers prior to Fyrestone, then
the twenty or so containers in Fyrestone as you continue the initial
missions. The walkthrough will then take you to the Bandit camp to the
southwest of the Fyrestone gate. Loot the eight containers there,
including the RED CHEST. Continue a counterclockwise loop out the south
gate of the Bandit camp, killing the 7 skags there, and then the six
west of there. Complete the loop eastward, past T.K.s place and then
back north into Fyrestone.

This initial circuit will net approximately 25 human kills, 20 or more
skag kills and approximately 75 lootables, including 1,500 to 2,500 in
cash and six weapons. Re-start and repeat the circuit to achieve as
many challenges as possible, to acquire weapons-the Bandit camp
hostiles don’t re-spawn but the RED CHEST does, and oftentimes yields
good weapons-and to acquire cash for purchasing a better shield and any
weapons that you covet at Marcus’ shop.

During this walkthrough I purchased both an incendiary sniper and an
incendiary SMG-and they are level 7 weapons. Incendiary combat rifles
in the 11 to 15-firepower range, however, have a level requirement of
only 4 and are a dominant weapon in the initial stages and are
frequently available right after the store opens in Fyrestone. Repeat
this harvesting procedure three or four times and you will be level 7
and will be bristling with potent weapons. Cash is only important
during the initial game play, so don’t hesitate to spend early on. Soon
enough you will have more money than you will ever need. Harvesting
will continue to be an important part of the game, but never more
important than early on.


For solo play, on an initial playthrough, I believe that Roland is the
best choice. The Scorpio Turret is, initially, the best action skill
for solo play. It is, indeed, “like havin’ another soldier on the
field.” It allows you to target the enemy while remaining under cover
and its shield can provide cover when none is available. Many enemies
will actually attack the active Turret rather than you, allowing you to
target them. Its one shortcoming, its long cooldown time, is greatly
alleviated when you apply action points to reducing the cooldown
period. It can target and eliminate multiple enemies even before adding
skill points and it can even single-handedly kill boss types like King
Pee Wee, the Guardians and many Badass types. Killing Sledge is made
easy, as it will eliminate his shield when equipped with the static
artifact, allowing you to target him with a potent conventional weapon.
This is typical of this action skill. His class mods are also among the
best. As early as level 15 you can employ an experience mod to more
rapidly level up, making subsequent missions much easier to tackle.
Some of these mods add over 20% XP to your kills. You can equip ammo
regeneration mods that can regenerate ammo at prodigious rates and
there are shield and health regeneration mods and others that improve
weapon damage, reduce recoil and increase magazine size, by as much as
60%. An electrocute class mod increasing static damage by up to 40% is
often coupled with an electrocution resistance perk, allowing you to
easily tackle the Guardians. Even though Roland’s expertise is with
shotguns and combat rifles, he has access to all other types of weapons
as well, as do all of the players. At both long range and short, Roland
and his Turret are death come calling.

Suggested initial skill point allocation: First 5 to “Sentry;” second 5
to “Defense” and “Stockpile;” third 5 to “Barrage;” or fill out
“Defense” or “Stockpile’ and the fourth 5 to “Deploy” The Scorpio
Turret is now maxed out. Assign the next skill points to whatever suits
your style of play.

Mordecai’s expertise is with sniper rifles and pistols and since I
particularly enjoy sniping I’m inclined to say his character is next
best to Roland; but Lilith will contest the spot. The Bloodwing is
second only to Roland’s Turret for dealing damage to the enemy and
becomes very potent as it is upgraded, but it can’t equal the Turret
until you reach level 25 when you max out the “Bird of Prey” skill.
Even fully upgraded it struggles to kill higher-level hostiles on its
own. Even though the games hints say it is good against enemies under
cover, I find it more effective when an enemy is ahead and in line-of-
sight and not nearly as useful against those under cover. Mordecai’s
class mods are very good, with health regeneration mods outclassing all
of the other characters and his Bloodwing damage mods are excellent.
His mods for both sniper rifles and pistols are also good, but he comes
up short of Roland for solo play on a first playthrough because it
takes so long to upgrade Bloodwing’s Bird of Prey skill. But he is a
fun character to play, especially if you are cautious and calculating,
liking sniper play rather than brute force. This is my preference-
sniping-but Mordecai doesn’t measure up to Roland when direct
intervention is called for, as it frequently is early in the game play.
On a second playthrough, however, with Bloodwing’s “Bird of Prey” skill
maxed out and class mods further enhancing the number of enemies that
can be attacked, Mordecai becomes Roland’s equal-or better.

Suggested initial skill point allocation: First 5 to “Swift Strike;”
second 5 to “Swipe;” Third five to any of the available skills in the
“Rogue Tier” This will get you to “Bird of Prey” Allocate the next 5 to
this fabulous skill and the Bloodwing will now attack up to six targets
per flight. Bloodwing now rivals the Scorpio Turret as the most deadly
single action skill.

When you first play as Lilith you will wonder if her action skill is a
weak one-I did-but you will soon see that it is an awesome skill. While
I seldom kill anything with it, it is quite useful for getting out of
jams, dazing enemies and for bypassing hot spots and quickly
regenerating health. It allows you to choose your battle arena. A good
example of this action skills value is apparent in the The Lost Caves.
This can be a very difficult scenario, with multiple hostiles in large
groups, and you are likely to be under-leveled when you take on the
mission. First Crab Worms, then skags, then Bandits, then more skags
and yet more Bandits. Lilith can bypass the Bandit camp and the skags
and still get her XP by choosing a more advantageous sniping position.
She can even use a station to station approach to raid the two RED
CHESTS in the cave to get access to higher level weaponry without
firing a shot-if you know the correct route to take.

When she is phase walking the enemy will lose track of her, giving her
a huge advantage. She can oftentimes just run past the enemy, like the
Guardians during the final stages of the game. When your shield or
health is low, just phase walk to safety.

But Lilith’s strong suit isn’t her action skill alone. Her expertise is
SMGs and when her spark skill is fully upgraded and a class mod for 40%
ignite damage and a plus 3 spark skill is added, she is a fire-
breathing dragoness, especially if you can get your hands on a
Combustion Hellfire SMG, a Volcano sniper and other potent incendiaries
including incendiary grenade mods. These high-end weapons are
noticeably more potent when wielded by Lilith.

Other mods can increase SMG damage by up to 40%, making all SMGs
extremely potent and ammo regeneration mods for SMGs are oftentimes on
the same mod as SMG damage. Action skill cooldown mods, shield capacity
boosts up to 36% are easily acquired and the electrocute damage and
electrocute damage resistance mods also make alien meat out of any
available Guardian. Her melee action is also an excellent weapon,
dealing substantial damage. All in all, Lilith, with good incendiary
weapons, coupled with the right mods, make her rival Roland for
individual play, especially after she reaches level 25, allowing the
use of the games best incendiary weapons.

Suggested initial skill point allocation: First 5 to “Spark;” Second 5
to “Diva;” Third 5 to “Inner Glow” and fourth 5 to “Hard to Get” I
always avoid “Phoenix.” This skill surrounds her with a deadly aura of
fire that prevents you from effectively targeting hostiles while it is

In my opinion Brick is the toughest character with which to play solo.
His action skill-Berserk-allows him to enter a rage state during which
his punches rival the damage dealt by good weapons. But charging into a
group of enemies with guns is never a good idea. When Brick is in
Berserk the enemy will backpedal, run away and side step to avoid his
rage state, oftentimes emptying a full magazine into Bricks chest as
they do. He is tough but not that tough; and, more than any other
character, you will find yourself constantly at death’s door. His
healing perks are good but they are needed all too often. The red
border that appears during the Berserk state can also be very
disorienting, causing you to lose your sense of direction as you dart
about trying to punch the enemy. Too often you will exit the state and
find yourself in a place you don’t want to be. If you enjoy the in-
your-face melee style and you are good at it, and you don’t mind near
death experiences, you may enjoy the mayhem that is characteristic of

For me the action skill is best employed against weaker enemies. An
exception is the Guardians. They have a tendency to charge at their
nemesis, playing into a punching Bricks wheelhouse; and with the shock
artifact equipped he can laugh at the Guardians.

The game’s explosive weapons, especially the rocket launcher class, are
not generally the best elemental weapons for general usage but they are
Brick’s preferred class, but standing and delivering seems to suit
Brick’s brash mode of play. Rocket launchers, in particular, seem to
lack the punch associated with that class of weapons but Brick’s skill
enhancements help the class a bit. Like the others, Brick can acquire
and use any of the weapons available in the game, but he has few of the
perks available to the other players.

Suggested initial skill point allocation: First 5 to “Iron Fist;”
second 5 to “Endless Rage;” third 5 to “Short Fuse;” fourth 5 to
“Hardened;” and the fifth 5 to “Safeguard” or just indulge your style
of play instead.



Note: The details in this walkthrough were achieved by playing parallel
games on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and from numerous additional
playthroughs. The game play is identical on both consoles. Actual game
play, however, unfolds, not because of any system difference, but
because of a limited randomness in the game itself. For example, during
SLEDGE: TO THE SAFE HOUSE, one system provided minimal opposition
during the initial rooms of the mission-a few Bandits and Psychos. The
other provided massive resistance in the form of a rocket launching
Badass Bruiser covering the only approach to the next area. This random
factor is within the game itself. Oftentimes I will say six hostiles-
there may be only five or there might be seven-this again varies
slightly. Skags and scythids numbers and types vary even more than the
human opponents, so expect some surprises. I have included RED and
SILVER CHESTS that can be accessed during the game play as outlined;
but have not given the location of the ones that are not-I don’t even
know where they all are. So exploration can yield some that are not
included in this document.



 FRESH OFF THE BUS: (Mandatory)
Level 1
MISSION: Follow the Claptrap into the “peaceful” town of Fyrestone.
SOURCE: The initial mission m001 is offered by The Guardian Angel as
you exit the bus.

Marcus, the arm’s dealer and bus driver, will fill you in on the planet
Pandora-a wasteland, dangerous and barren and with a mysterious past.
Somewhere in its vast borderlands there is purported to be a vault of
alien construction whose contents will convey great power and wealth to
its discoverer. As Marcus insults one and all, you will select your
character to pursue the quest for the vault. This walkthrough’s details
were achieved using the character Roland, the soldier; but should
easily adapt to the other characters as well.

The ephemeral Guardian Angel will enlist your aid as you step off of
the bus. Take the ECHO device and HUD from Claptrap, but before
following him to the gate, head for the red motel building beyond him
and scavenge the many containers, dumpsters, toilets, lockers, safes
and skag piles in the area, which display a green beacon.

Go up the stairs in back of the motel. Jump onto the platform and then
onto the corrugated roof. From there jump onto the roof to find your
first RED CHEST. It is possible that the items acquired there may
require you to level up before you can equip them, but take them
anyway-you can later sell what you don’t want. Scavenge the entire area
for money and ammo before moving on with Claptrap.

Interact with the New-U station, which is the ultimate “horrific death
and dismemberment insurance policy,” to activate it. Change your name
and clothing colors if you wish. Claptrap will fill you in on the New-U
station’s functions.

Follow Claptrap toward the “peaceful” town of Fyrestone. Near the gate
a swarm of Bandits will enter the area and after Claptrap opens the
gate you must take out an initial wave of six Bandits, after which
Claptrap will point out a “one time” RED CHEST. Take the weapons and
when the next gate won’t open he will lead you through a hole in the
metal barrier.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: The scoped Swatter repeater you find in this RED CHEST is a
serviceable weapon in the opening missions and is there for all of the
playable characters. Try it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Continue toward Fyrestone, scavenging all the way. Jump over the short
metal fence and eight more Bandits will assault you before you reach
the “ugh” peaceful town. Killing the eight hostiles will level you up
to level 2, increasing your health bar from 100 to 115. This health bar
progression will happen each time you “level up.” Claptrap’s
announcement of the raiders decline and Dr. Zeds advent completes,

 THE DOCTOR IS IN: (Mandatory)
Level 2; 48 XP
MISSION: Open Building 03 in Fyrestone, and meet Dr. Zed.
SOURCE: Mission m002 is available as mission m001 is completed in

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: I have experienced an occasional “glitch” on both console systems
at this point. If the Claptrap remains unresponsive and doesn’t
announce the demise of the Bandits to the citizens of Fyrestone, exit
and try again. This seems to happen perhaps once every nine or ten
starts during playthrough 1.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Claptrap will fill you in on the workings and details of your mission
log and on the purpose of the waypoint. Talk to Dr. Zed to complete the
mission, and he will give you the mission, SKAGS AT THE GATE. Take note
of his Medical vending machine and raid his place for cash and ammo.

 SKAGS AT THE GATE (Mandatory)
Level 2; 144 XP; $313
MISSION: Kill five skags and return to Dr. Zed.
SOURCE: Dr. Zed gives the mission m003.

Follow the Claptrap toward the gate. Before the Claptrap gets to the
gate, a Bandit raiding party blasts him. It is now up to you to take
out the four Bandits who pour over the metal barrier, two on each side,
near the locked gate.

 CLAPTRAP RESCUE (temporarily intervenes) (Mandatory)
Level 2; 72 XP
MISSION: Perform a diagnosis on Claptrap by interacting with him, then
find a repair kit and return to him to do the repairs.
SOURCE: The mission m004 intervenes during play of mission m003.

The Guardian Angel will ask you to help the injured Claptrap. Accept
the mission and then interact with the Claptrap to do a diagnosis and
then do an about face and go to the waypoint, as is indicated on your
map, to find the repair kit. It is in plain view sitting on a makeshift
table under the ragged red awning across the street from and southwest
of Dr. Zed’s place. Take it and return to Claptrap to complete the

SKAGS AT THE GATE (continued)

With the south gate now open, move into the low area to confront the
skags. Advance toward the den and open fire on the lone prowling skag
below that will draw out four more, one at a time, from their den. You
must take out all five to complete the mission. If you have a shotgun,
use it, but an automatic weapon also works well. Most of the early
level shotguns have a very slow fire rate, making it more difficult to
take out multiple enemies quickly. You can backpedal while reloading or
chambering a round to make this easier. Pressing the right analog stick
also initiates a melee attack that is highly effective against these
initial weak skags. Quick kills here, 5 in rapid succession, will net
you the “Relentless” challenge which will yield 500 XP. Completing
challenges will allow you to level up more rapidly. Challenges can be
viewed on your HUD. Return to Dr. Zed to complete the mission. This
initiates the mission, FIX’ER UPPER.

 FIX’ER UPPER: (Mandatory)
Level 2; 192 XP; $188
MISSION: Obtain a power coupling, repair the med vendor, and buy your
first shield.
SOURCE: Dr. Zed gives the mission m005.

If you haven’t done so already, scavenge the Fyrestone area for money,
ammo and health packs. There is an ammo chest and money safe on the
corrugated platform below the water tower across from Dr. Zeds.  A
large boulder in back of the water tower can get you to it via the
shack’s roof.

Go out the main gate that Claptrap opened for you and turn left. You
will see the green glow of the power coupling at the end of the path.
Grab the power coupling and four skags will attack from beyond it. Kill
them and return to Dr. Zed’s place and interact with the glowing green
cylinder on the med vendor to get it up and running. You can also just
grab the power coupling and sprint back into Fyrestone and only one or
two skags will follow you in.

Interact with Dr. Zed’s Medical vending machine to purchase your first
shield for 245 dollars. A blue bar with your shield strength will now
appear above your health bar. The shield will now absorb damage until
it is depleted, after which you will begin to absorb damage. You can
now sell off surplus weapons at the vending machine. Talk to Dr. Zed to
complete the mission and he will give you the mission, BLINDING NINE-

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Shields that restore health will frequently become available at
the Medical vendor. Purchase one when it is available so you don’t have
to carry health vials in your inventory.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Level 2; 480 XP; $313
MISSION: Nine-Toes is a constant threat to Fyrestone and his Bandit
gang has a stronghold near the town’s gate. Kill eight of the Bandits
of his local crew and return to Dr. Zed.
SOURCE: Dr. Zed gives the mission m006.

Head out the main gate and go toward the waypoint to the southwest of
Fyrestone. The Guardian Angel will give you a pep talk as you exit Dr.
Zeds. You will have to kill three low-level skags en-route. You must
then take out eight of the eleven Bandits to satisfy the mission specs,
but if you clear the compound you can safely access a RED CHEST near
the middle of the compound. Use the cover afforded by the compound’s
entrance to eliminate the eleven Bandits. You will likely level up to 3
here, extending your health bar to 130.

Open the RED CHEST and then scavenge the area for cash, health and ammo
and note the entryway to the Fyrestone Coliseum. This particular
compound’s bad guys will not re-spawn so you now have access to a RED
CHEST with little opposition for future weapons harvesting. Make your
way back to Dr. Zed to complete the mission, BLINDING NINE-TOES. Dr.
Zed now gives you the mission, NINE-TOES: MEET T.K. BAHA.



Level 3; 90 XP
MISSION: Talk to T.K. Baha at T.K.s claim.
SOURCE: Dr. Zed gives the mission m007.

Head toward the waypoint, southwest of Fyrestone, to meet T.K. Baha.
Human assailants will now begin to harass you from the Bandit camp to
the west. The three skags south of the gate will need killing if you
have re-started or if enough time has passed for them to re-spawn.
Interact with T.K. to complete the mission. T.K. will offer you the
mission, NINE-TOES, T.K.s FOOD

 NINE-TOES T.K.s FOOD: (Mandatory)
Level 2; 480 XP; $313
MISSION: Skags have made off with T.K.s victuals. Recover T.K.s four
stolen food packs and return them to him.
SOURCE: T.K. Baha gives the mission m008.

Start west from T.K.s claim, after scavenging the area, to recover the
four food bundles. A lone skag will lurk under the structure near T.K.s
garden. The waypoints for this mission will change as you pick up each
food bundle, directing you to the next. You will likely level up to 4
as you dispatch the seven skags near the first food bundle, which is
plainly visible on the ground. The second bundle is just north of the
first one.

The third bundle is further north and another half-dozen skags, some
the tougher Whelps, will challenge your approach. If you have a sniper
rifle you can target the charging skags to prevent close-in combat. The
fourth bundle is just a short distance from the third.

With the area cleared, forage among any skag piles for loot. There are
two ammo chests and several cash containers under the nearby ramp as
well. Return to T.K. Baha to complete the quest. T.K. will now offer
the mission, GOT GRENADES.

 GOT GRENADES (Mandatory)
Level 2; 48 XP
MISSION: Marcus has re-opened his weapon’s vendor in Fyrestone. Before
going after Nine-Toes, you will need some grenades. Head on over to
Fyrestone and buy some. Then return to T.K. to complete the mission.
SOURCE: T.K. Baha gives the mission m009.

You will probably have leveled up to level 5 by now, so unlock your
action skill by clicking on, for Roland, the Scorpio Turret; or on your
character’s action skill.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Every time you level up you will receive an action point to
enhance your action skill. The following is the build I recommend for a
solo run with Roland. Assign the first 5 points to “Sentry”. This will
increase the damage dealt by the Scorpio Turret by approximately one-
third. Assign the next 5 to “Defense” and “Stockpile.” This will also
allow the next tier in “Support” to become available. Assign the next 5
to “Barrage” which increases the number of shots fired by the Turret.
Most importantly this makes “Deploy” available. This reduces the
cooldown of the Turret by 100% when 5 action points are spent on it.
The Scorpio Turret is the best action skill in the game at this early
stage. Further points can be allocated to suit your style of play.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Take out the ever-present skags along the route to Fyrestone and
eliminate any Bandits on the prowl west of the gate or they will just
follow you into town. Head into Marcus’ newly opened store. Interact
with Marcus’ ammunition vendor to purchase your 3 grenades, and then
check what’s for sale in the adjacent brown Weapon vendor.

Many of the weapons available there will require a higher level to use
than your present level. Sell anything you can spare and buy anything
that strikes your fancy. An incendiary sniper is usually offered quite
early for all of the characters and is a must weapon. Most will require
you to be at level 7 to use it, however. Incendiary SMGs are also
offered quite early, and an incendiary SMG at FP 15 or above will be an
excellent addition to your arsenal. During this walkthrough, I
purchased both early on, acquiring enough cash by re-starting several
times and looting lockers, skag piles, weapon chests, etc. It is
possible that you will loot a free incendiary sniper from the RED CHEST
in the now-vacant Bandit camp, but it is usually rather weak at FP 50.
You can usually get one at FP 70, or higher, at Marcus’ vending machine
early on. Don’t fret too much about spending your cash-other than a few
weapons, like an incendiary sniper, an incendiary SMG, an incendiary
combat rifle and a health regenerating shield you will have little use
for the extra cash and the weapons will be extremely useful. You will
acquire plenty of cash as the game progresses.

Return to T.K. Baha to complete the mission and he will offer the
mission, NINE-TOES: TAKE HIM DOWN. Remember to also check Dr. Zed’s
vending machine, where you may find a stronger, health-regenerating
shield available. This can be a key item and should be one of your
first investments. As Dr. Zed says, “You won’t regret it.”

Level 4; 2,880 XP
MISSION: Destroy T.K.s barricade, find the gun stash and kill Nine-Toes
and his minions in their lair.
SOURCE: T.K. Baha gives the mission m010.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: At this time-or anytime-if you exit the game and re-start, the
RED and SILVER CHESTS, moneyboxes, safes, toilets etc. will re-spawn.
So you can revisit the RED CHEST atop the hotel to improve your arsenal
or, more likely, your money supply, if you sell what you don’t want.
The RED CHEST just before Fyrestone was a “one-shot” affair and will
not be there, but the more worthwhile RED CHEST in the Bandit camp will
re-spawn and the Bandits will not. So if you kill a few skags and a few
Bandits in route, you can raid that same chest again, gaining XP as
well as weapons and cash. This will also help complete “Challenges.”
You can do this repeatedly, if so inclined, to better your position.
The RED CHEST in the cleared Bandit camp will frequently provide usable

Furthermore, if you exit and re-start while in the Bandit camp, you
will find yourself back in Fyrestone, unscathed and ready to do it
again-or not-your choice. Re-starting will also allow you to complete
numerous “challenges” (as can be seen on your ECHO device) allowing you
to level up more quickly. Selling unwanted items will also provide you
with additional funds for purchasing a healing shield and weapons. You
can easily complete the 50 skags killed challenge, 50 items looted
challenge, even 250 items looted challenge and many others allowing you
to hit level 7 before taking on Nine-Toes. Level 7 is a key point,
allowing the use of more potent weapons, which are readily available at
Marcus’ shop-if you have the cash or as freebies from the RED CHEST in
the Bandit camp.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


You will encounter three skags before the turn to the east of the
waypoint and another three just beyond. Use the detonator to demolish
the barricade and proceed into Skag Gully. You’ll encounter about seven
or eight routine skags as you enter the gully and another three near
T.K.s wife’s grave. You will acquire the “Lady Finger,” which is an
ordinary repeater, so you likely won’t be fulfilling T.K.s deceased
wife’s wish that you use it to take down Nine-Toes. There are another
six skags, some the slightly tougher Whelp skags, near the mine
entrance and a couple of Midget Psychos will charge from the mine
entrance as you approach it.

Enter the mine and a Bandit will greet you east of the vending
machines. Four more will then dispute your attack near the turn to the
north. The Scorpio Turret is useful here, so deploy it. Make the final
approach to Nine-Toes lair via the metal ramps and drop down, making
sure the Turret or your action skill is recharged.

Immediately hit Nine-Toes with your most powerful fast-firing weapon. I
used a combat rifle: Firepower 21, accuracy 82.4, fire rate 7.9 with a
magazine of 24. When he advances, deploy the Turret and then retreat to
the right to the cover of the metal pipe. Toss a couple of grenades
toward him, and keep the heat on Nine-Toes with your weapon so that he
goes down before the skags are upon you. The Turret and grenades should
damage the skags, so finish them off with a fast-firing weapon or
shotgun. A shotgun will work against the skags but if its fire rate is
slow you will take substantial damage and might require a second wind.
If necessary, you can retreat onto the surrounding platforms to deal
with the skags.

Take “The Clipper” a rather weak elemental incendiary weapon and
scavenge the area. The “Scavenger Achievement” leveled me up to level 7
while looting the area before Nine-Toes lair. There is a RED CHEST on
the north end and a SILVER one near the east wall.

The Bandits will not have re-spawned but those prolific skags are back.
There will be a half-dozen near the cave’s exit. If you haven’t used an
incendiary weapon, give “The Clipper” a try to see the effects of even
a weak incendiary weapon, but keep your shotgun slotted in case you
miss with the scope-less repeater. About eight more skags will appear
just beyond the rock arch. Exit the gully and eliminate the skags along
your route back to T.K. Interact with him to complete the quest. T.K.
will give you the mission, NINE-TOES: TIME TO COLLECT.

Level 7; 108 XP; $2,210; a grenade module
MISSION: Go to Fyrestone where Dr. Zed owes you for services rendered.
SOURCE: T.K. Baha gives the mission m011.

Gun down the gate skags and then talk to Dr. Zed to complete the
mission, NINE TOES: TIME TO COLLECT. He will reward you with your first
grenade mod and he will offer the mission, JOB HUNTING. Accept it.

 JOB HUNTING (Mandatory)
Level 7; 108 XP
MISSION: Check the Bounty Board in Fyrestone for available jobs.
SOURCE: Dr. Zed gives the mission m012.

Exit Dr. Zeds place and bear left to the Fyrestone Bounty Board where
Claptrap hangs out. Interact with the Board to complete the mission.
Two new missions are presented, CATCH-A-RIDE and T.K. HAS MORE WORK.
Click on both to put them in your mission log with CATCH-A-RIDE active.



 CATCH-A-RIDE: (Mandatory)
Level 7; 108 XP
MISSION: Find and check out the Catch-A-Ride station outside of
SOURCE: Scooter via the Fyrestone Bounty Board offers mission m013.

The Catch–A-Ride station is across the street and south of the
Fyrestone gate. The gate skags and western Bandits will fight you, and
each other, as you make your way to the waypoint. Interact with the
Catch-A-Ride pole to complete the quest. You will be givenm, BONE HEADS
THEFT. Click on it to put it into your log, and then go up the hill to
see T.K. Baha. Make T.K. HAS MORE WORK your active mission.

 T.K. HAS MORE WORK; (Optional)
Level 10; 359 XP
MISSION: Go to see T.K. BAHA, who has more jobs.
SOURCE: The mission o014 is given at the Fyrestone Bounty Board.

Talk to T.K. to complete the mission and receive both, BY THE SEEDS OF
YOUR PANTS and T.K.s LIFE AND LIMB. Click on both to put them in your
mission log. Make BY THE SEEDS OF YOUR PANTS your active mission to
generate a waypoint.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: The game’s internal difficulty indicator is presented for each
mission, and as the game play progresses, and you level up, its
assessment will change. Mission difficulty is oftentimes hard to gauge
due to these changing levels, so use the game’s internal assessment
with that in mind. Leveling up does not yield a huge leap in ability,
so being a level above a mission’s assigned level does not necessarily
make it too much easier, but being far below a missions level will
definitely make it more difficult. At this early stage having good
weapons is also extremely important to success.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 T.K.s LIFE AND LIMB: (Optional)
Level 7; 4,320 XP; $2,210; T.K.s Wave (a shotgun)
MISSION: Kill Scar in Skag Gully and return T.K. Baha’s prosthetic leg.
SOURCE: T.K. Baha offers the mission o015.

Level 9; 1,979 XP; $1,386; a sniper rifle
MISSION: Gather Bladeflower seeds and return with them to T.K. Baha.
SOURCE: T.K. Baha offers the mission o016.

Go east to Skag Gully. You will encounter three small groups of low-
level skags along the way, about ten in all. Enter Skag Gully and, just
past the vendors, you will see a glowing green item before exiting to
the main path. It is a broken data recorder and it initiates the
mission, WHY ARE THEY HERE. It is initiated when you interact with it,
but it must be turned in at the Fyrestone Bounty Board.

Level 7; 1,944 XP; $1,658; a shield
MISSION: You have discovered a damaged data recorder but there are two
more somewhere in Skag Gully that might shed light on the Bandit’s
activities in the area. Search for them and return them to the
Fyrestone Bounty Board.
SOURCE: This mission is acquired during mission o016 BY THE SEEDS OF
YOUR PANTS. It will be turned in at the Fyrestone Bounty Board.

You now have 3 missions in Skag Gully and you will be pursuing all
three, swapping missions when needed to locate the various waypoints.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
For the purpose of comparison, the following are in inventory.

Hunters Shotgun 26x7; 69.9; 0.5; magazine of 6
Frantic Machine Gun (CR) 21; 82.4; 7.9; magazine of 24
Violent SMG 7; 77.5; 12.1; magazine of 28; 1.7 scope
Burning Sniper 60; 95.7; .6; incendiary 3X; magazine of 6; 1.0 zoom
Purchased for $2034
Burning SMG 16; 78.7; 6.9; incendiary 3X; magazine of 36; 1.7 zoom
purchased $1834
Nasty Repeater 15; 83.3; 3.1; magazine of 16; 1.8X zoom
Long Sniper 67; 97.2; 0.4; magazine of 5; 1.5X zoom; 150% critical hit
Healing shield 74/10 auto health regeneration; purchased for $624
Explosive MIRV Grenade module 11
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Select WHY ARE THEY HERE to obtain a waypoint for the first data
recorder and head out into the gully. Seven or eight low-level skags
prowl the area before the rock archway and require killin’, as T.K.
would say. Go under the arch, kill the three skags, and begin the long
clockwise trek that will get you to the first waypoint far to the east.
Six skags will prowl near the mine entrance and can be bypassed by
staying away from their lair, but another ten will be in the low area
north of the mine and will come at you when provoked. Hold the high
ground to finish them off.

Near the 11 o’clock position in the big looping pathway, as seen on
your map, new adversaries will attack-a small flock of flying rakks.
They will announce their presence with a shriek and will swoop in on
you. A shotgun blast into their formation will thin them out and a few
well-aimed blasts will eliminate the threat.

Before descending from the high ground, snipe any visible skags as you
face toward the waypoint. A couple of regular skags will emerge from
their den as you descend the slope toward the rock bridge. As you move
onto the rock bridge, you will see a large number of skags, over a
dozen with tougher varieties like Corrosive Spitters among them. Down a
couple with a sniper rifle; and, as they charge, deploy the Scorpio
Turret. Back off so you’re not knocked off the bridge if any skags get
past it-it’s a long walk back. Take out any survivors of the Turret.
Pick up the first of the two data recorders, and help yourself to the
RED CHEST to the north of the recorder.

Switch to, BY THE SEEDS OF YOUR PANTS and then jump off of the rock
bridge and start north. The first waypoint is far to the north and
indicates the position of the first Bladeflower. As you enter the
valley, about a half-dozen skags, including corrosive-spewing Spitters,
will block your way. As the “first” red-plumed Bladeflower comes into
view, there will be four skags roaming near it.

The next waypoint is to the northwest. As you approach the “second”
Bladeflower, be prepared for the onslaught of about a dozen skags
including Spitters and some tough Adults from the low area. Hit one or
two with sniper fire from the narrow passage, and when they charge,
deploy the Scorpio Turret and supplement it with incendiary fire (if
you have any such weapons), which are amazingly effective against the
skags. The skags will come one or two at a time, but if they close on
you, you can become quickly surrounded. Backpedal as needed to keep
them ahead of you in the rocky passageway.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: I purchased an incendiary sniper from Marcus’ vendor, even though
I could not use it until I leveled up to level 7. Elemental weapons, in
this case incendiary, are a force multiplier and they are extremely
effective against flesh, including skags. Only a few of the enemies you
face are impervious to elementals. It is a “gift” that keeps on giving-
a short burst will oftentimes start a burning reaction that will
continue for many seconds. Some of the early explosive snipers will
outperform the incendiaries, but they are not common acquisitions until
you reach level 15.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The “third” Bladeflower’s waypoint is to the north, and getting it will
require a short jump from the rocks on its north side. Go north again
and there will be a low valley with another dozen or so skags including
tough ones like Adults, Elders and Spitters. Snipe as many as possible
from the high area before jumping down. A Badass type may make an
appearance here as well. Most or all of the skags can be taken out, in
safety, from the high ground. The “fourth” Bladeflower is plainly
visible to your right as you overlook the valley. Go up the slope to
get it.

The waypoint for the “fifth” is to the northeast. It will be unopposed.
The next, the “sixth”, is to the south and several assorted skags will
roam the low area and the terrace ahead. Snipe the skags until they
charge your position and then deploy the Turret or use your shotgun.

After the skirmish, make your way onto the terrace where the skags were
romping. In the dead-end passage, behind the curtain of foliage, there
is a RED CHEST protected by about a half-dozen skags. After the
plundering, the path going south is clear to Bladeflower number six.

Number seven is around the loop to the south and east. As you round the
bend a dozen skags will charge in small groups and the pack may include
a Badass type. The Turret and a good incendiary or a potent
conventional is your best bet against this tough relentless wave. Grab
the “seventh” and continue around the loop to the south. As you
approach the eighth Bladeflower, three assorted skags can be seen in
the distance. Snipe the bunch. Take the “eighth” flower and help
yourself to the RED CHEST south of it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: If you are playing as Mordecai, you can actually peek around the
corner and release Bloodwing on the skags and then stay out of their
sightline. At this point Bloodwing will attack only one opponent so it
will take a while, but it will eliminate all but a Badass type.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There is a good chance of acquiring a shock or an incendiary weapon
here. Activate T.K.s LIFE AND LIMB and look out over the cliffs south
of the RED CHEST. Kill any skags below and then drop down. The
shortcut, the metal ramp just to the southeast, as is shown on your
map, cannot be used. You must take the long loop to the east, traveling
counterclockwise to the objective. There are several skags at the lower
part of the loop and another three or four just beyond. At the central
east part of the loop, a flock of rakks will swarm. Have your shotgun

After clearing the rakks, reactivate, WHY ARE THEY HERE. The waypoint
for the second recorder is just ahead under a makeshift canopy.

Re-activate T.K.s LIFE AND LIMB. Just up the slope there is a jutting
promontory where you can view the area beyond and below. Scar is big
and tough but he is woefully slow, but he has six or eight cronies.
Snipe Scar or any of the skags below to begin the carnage. (With an
incendiary sniper you can sometimes bleed Scar out before he gets to
your position) They will come at you ahead of Scar, so eliminate them
first and deploy the Turret as the slower Scar arrives. Scar may even
lose interest and return to the high ground. Hit him as he reels from
the Turret fire to finish him off, and dodge his slow attacks and
lunges if needed. Take T.K.s leg to fulfill the mission.

Three or four more low-level skags will emerge from their dens as you
approach the RED CHEST to the west. The former “shortcut” platform is
now extended, so you can descend and be rather near the exit or you can
re-start and be there without pain. If you hoof it, a few skags will
need killin’ near the base of the ramp and a few more near the exit,
although you can just run past them. Either way, return to T.K. Baha,
killing the half-dozen skags, on the way. Turn in both T.K’s LIFE AND
LIMB and BY THE SEEDS OF YOUR PANTS to complete the missions.

Select WHY ARE THEY HERE and head into Fyrestone, killing the usual
suspects along the way, since they will have re-spawned. Turn in WHY
ARE THEY HERE at the Fyrestone Bounty Board. BONE HEADS THEFT is now
your only available mission and it can be quite difficult if you
haven’t got a good sniper rifle and if you aren’t at or near its
difficulty level of 10. Once again an incendiary sniper rifle works
well on this mission, and it will allow you to stay out of range of his
Bone Shredder SMG while he himself is meeting his maker.

 BONE HEAD’S THEFT (Mandatory)
Level 10; 4,319 XP; $1,552
MISSION: The Catch-A-Ride station is not working because Bone Head has
stolen its Digistruct module. Kill him and his crew, regain the module
and install it in the Catch-A-Ride station.
SOURCE: The mission m018 is acquired when mission m013 is completed
south of Fyrestone at the broken Catch-A-Ride.

Bone Head’s lair is to the northwest of Fyrestone and he can be a
toughie. He has a stout shield that seems to regenerate rather quickly
and he has a sturdy crew with him. Oftentimes this bunch will include a
Bruiser or even a Badass Bruiser or Psycho. How hard he is depends on
how good your weapons are and what your level is. At level 10 I easily
took him out using a 60 firepower incendiary sniper rifle at 3X, and
most of his crew with a combination of SMG incendiary fire and Turret

Make your approach from the large skag infested area to the west of the
narrow path. Make sure you have eliminated the western Bandits and the
three skags outside the main entry into Bone Head’s lair. This will
keep your ”six” clear of opposition.  You will have to get their
attention, so move forward and when they take notice, deploy the
Turret, and then back off to a safer sniping distance, out of effective
range of their weapons.

Bone Head is brash and he will usually stay in sight, allowing you to
pick away at his shield. Usually he will stand firing at you, allowing
you to pummel him, but he may also scamper back and forth. Once he is
in your sights don’t let up on him; keep pouring it on, relenting only
to take cover against the rock face to recharge your shield. If there
is a Psycho in the compound, he will come charging, but the Bandits
will usually stay put and make you come to them. Once Bone Head is
down, you must eliminate his cronies to get the module. Sniping may or
may not get the job done, so move in, if necessary, and use the Turret
as well as your other weapons.

The module is in a SILVER CHEST at the back of the lair. Return to the
Catch-A-Ride to complete the mission. You now have wheels. The mission,
PISS WASH HURDLE will become available as soon as you turn in BONE
HEADS THEFT. Accept it and for now suspend any harvesting re-starts-
unless you want to re-kill Bone Head since one of the Tannis Journals
is in his camp.

Alternate: Bone Head’s lair is just over the northwest wall from
Fyrestone; and, with luck, you can take him out from there. But, he
must first be coaxed out into the open. The game has an invisible
barrier that won’t allow you to jump over the metal fence north of the
weapon shop, so you must travel west out of the south Fyrestone gate
and take out the Bandits that prowl the narrow passage going north to
Bone Head’s compound. Lure Bone Head into the open by entering his area
and then go up the metal ramp to your right, along the southeast wall,
and then jump over it into Fyrestone. Locate the large boulder with the
red sign north of the weapon shop and get onto it. If Bone Head
cooperates you can use a sniper rifle to target him from there. He will
most often stand and take fire and his own attacks are bearable if you
watch your shield strength. After he goes down you will still have to
re-visit the compound to take out his minions and get the module.



Level 10; 719 XP
MISSION; Sledge’s cronies have closed the gate on the road to the west
of Fyrestone. You must get to the other side by jumping the Piss Wash
Hurdle with your runner, allowing you to kill his boys and open the
SOURCE: Mission m019 is acquired when m018, BONE HEADS THEFT is turned
in at the Catch-A-Ride.

Claptrap will inform you that new missions are available at the
Fyrestone Bounty Board. Generate your first “ride,” drive to the gate
at Fyrestone and accept both missions, GET A LITTLE BLOOD ON YOUR TIRES

Generate a runner at the Catch-A-Ride choosing whichever turret weapon
you prefer. The rocket launcher works best against hostiles and the
machine gun against other runners, but you won’t encounter any runners
in the Arid Badlands. With THE PISS WASH HURDLE as your active mission,
drive west and when you see the gate, bear south and then west toward
the waypoint. Run over the skags and Bandits in the area and align
yourself with the metal ramp. Drive onto it and hit the “turbo boost”
to jump Piss Wash gully.

The waypoint is now the locked gate, so head north and turn east toward
it. Use the vehicle’s rocket launcher or machine gun, whichever you
generated with the runner, to eliminate the two or three sentries at
the gate and the skags scampering around the area; or, even better, run
them down with the runner. Dismount and use the switch on the right
side of the gate to open it, which completes the mission, THE PISS WASH
HURDLE. RETURN TO ZED is triggered as the mission is completed.

Level 13; 2,700 XP; $5,454
MISSION: Patricia Tannis has hidden five of her Journals in and about
the Arid Badlands, and now she needs the information on them. She wants
you to find them and send the information to her via the Fyrestone
Bounty Board.
SOURCE: Mission m020 is acquired at the Fyrestone Bounty Board.

 RETURN TO ZED (Mandatory)
Level 10; 719 XP; $1,552; a third weapon slot
Mission: With the road now open and the Catch-A-Ride operational, Dr.
Zed is obligated to give you a little reward.
Source: The mission m021 is activated when mission mo019 is completed.

Before doing anything, climb the observation tower on the southwest
side of the newly opened gate and take the first of the five “Hidden
Journals” “Day 119.” Listen to them-they can be quite amusing.

Level 10; 1,151 XP; $2,329
MISSION: You got wheels. Why not run over some bad guys and/or things.
Run over ten of anything living to complete the mission.
SOURCE: Mission o022 is acquired at the Fyrestone Bounty Board.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Because you have accepted the missions, GET A LITTLE BLOOD ON
least some of the specs without making either your active mission. You
have probably completed, GET A LITTLE BLOOD ON YOUR TIRES already.
Selecting a mission as active will yield a waypoint, but selecting it
is not necessary to fulfill its requirements.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Drive back to Fyrestone and talk to Dr. Zed to complete, RETURN TO ZED.
Upon completion, Dr. Zed will give you the mission, SLEDGE: MEET SHEP.
Accept the mission and then visit the Fyrestone Bounty Board and take
the mission that Claptrap announced is available, SHOCK CRYSTAL
HARVEST. Select GET A LITTLE BLOOD ON YOUR TIRES and, if you have sent
ten baddies to meet their maker, accept your bounty at the Bounty
Board; if not, go kill the required number and come on back to complete
the mission.

 SLEDGE: MEET SHEP (Mandatory)
Level 10; 143 XP
MISSION: Shep Sanders has a grudge with the top Badlands Bandit Boss-
Sledge. He murdered Shep’s family and Shep may be able to help you in
your quest to find and kill him. The Guardian Angel will also inform
you that Sledge has something she needs you to procure.
SOURCE: Mission m023 is acquired from Dr. Zed in Fyrestone.

Drive west to the waypoint and stop when you see the shack with the
Medical vendor. Shep is standing in the shack there. Interact with him
to complete, SLEDGE: MEET SHEP. Shep has three missions, SLEDGE: THE
and then make, HIDDEN JOURNALS: THE ARID BADLANDS your active mission.

The waypoint for the next Hidden Journal is in familiar territory-Bone
Head’s lair. If you have re-started since his recent demise, he and his
crew will have resurrected, but this time you have a runner. If you
haven’t re-started the compound should be clear.

If you have re-started, enter the compound and fire to get everyone
moving around. Take care as they can quickly destroy your runner. Back
off if necessary to recharge its shields and then either shoot or run
down the hostiles. When cleared, follow the waypoint to find “Journal
Day 1.” It is plainly visible on an “I” beam on the north side of the
compound. As an added bonus, if you have re-started since Bone Heads
first death, you get another Bone Shredder and any other weapon or mod
drops from his horde, which you can peddle at Marcus’ store.

Off load your bounty in Fyrestone and, for once, ignore the waypoint,
which is far to the southwest; instead go to the Bandit camp just
southwest of the Fyrestone gate. “Journal Day 43” sets near the RED
CHEST that you have probably been routinely raiding. It was the green
light that couldn’t be picked-up.

The next Journal is marked by that waypoint which was briefly ignored.
It is southwest of Fyrestone, beyond Piss Wash Gully. It also takes you
past Shep’s rakk hive so you can do that mission on the way.

Level 10; 2,879 XP; $2,329
MISSION: Shep plans on regaining control of the wind farm from the
Bandits, and he is afraid the nearby rakks are doing damage to their
blades. Kill the rakks and report back to Shep.
SOURCE: Mission o024 is acquired from Shep Sanders during mission m023

Jump Piss Wash Gully or take the recently opened roadway and then
change your active mission to, GET THE FLOCK OUTTA HERE. Drive to the
waypoint. Make a close approach to the hive to flush the rakk. You can
simply run forward and back and they will dive into the vehicle doing
minimal damage to the vehicle while killing themselves in the process,
or you can back away, man the gunner’s seat and use the vehicle’s
turret on the swooping rakk. This will satisfy the mission specs of ten



Level 10; 1,439 XP
MISSION: In order to get into the Headstone Mine you will need a key.
It is at the Zephyr Substation in the main office.
SOURCE: This mission is acquired from Shep Sanders (mission o023) but
is completed at the entrance of the Headstone Mine (mission o025.)

Change your active mission to, SLEDGE: THE MINE KEY and enter the
outskirts of the Zephyr Substation on the northwest side. Begin
eliminating the large pack of assorted skags that will emerge as you
enter the area. Running them down should net you the 1000 XP for the
“Chain Killer” challenge and possibly the 2000 XP for “Killing Spree.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: You can also use the two-dozen or so skags in this area to
harvest some XP. Drive into the area to stir them up and go up the
wooden stairs toward the wind turbine on the northwest corner of the
substation. From atop the rocks you can target the skags below, while
staying out of the sightline of the substations garrison. An occasional
skag may get onto the rocks but you can target them below for some easy
XP. You can then begin targeting the hostiles in the compound from atop
the rocks. This is one place where a rocket launcher is useful due to
your elevated position.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The wind farm complex has a large spread-out garrison, which will
include assorted Psychos, Bruisers and a mixture of Bandits types. Stay
on the periphery and use the vehicle’s rocket launcher on the hostiles
in the cluttered compound. Keep an eye on your shields and back away if
necessary. After clearing the first part of the compound including the
rooftop of the central building, work on the Bandits in the rear of the

When the area is secure go into the central building and interact with
the document on the counter to complete, SLEDGE: THE MINE KEY and to
acquire, SLEDGE: TO THE SAFE HOUSE. Put it into your mission log and
re-select, HIDDEN JOURNALS: THE ARID BADLANDS. Exit the building and
turn right on the deck. Jump onto the crate with the small moneybox;
then jump onto the tank and then to the metal roof and from there to
the roof of the building. “Journal Day 76” is in the dumpster on the
southeast side of the roof. Two or three hostiles will then emerge
below the main structure.

 BRAKING WIND: (Optional)
Level 10; 3,023 XP; $2,329; a shield
MISSION: The Bandits have set the brakes on three of the wind turbines,
cutting the power to the area. Shep wants you to release those brakes
and restore the power.
SOURCE: Mission o026 is acquired from Shep Sanders during mission m023

Raid the RED CHEST on the rooftop and select, BRAKING WIND. The first
waypoint is northwest of your position. Go up the wooden stairs on the
west side of the rock outcropping and release “Turbine Brake A”. The
next waypoint will lead you to a round storage unit to the southeast.
Release “Turbine Brake B.” A second wave of four or five Bandits will
likely occupy the area and may include another Bruiser. “Turbine Brake
C” is to the east on an identical round storage unit.

Once again change your active mission to, HIDDEN JOURNALS: THE ARID
BADLANDS and head for the waypoint far to the west. Approach the
objective from the south and prepare for a bit of a skirmish. The area
is stiffly defended with possible high-level enemies and swooping rakks
that can easily damage your runner. Use the runner’s turret to kill all
comers and back away when necessary to allow its shields to recharge.
The last objective, “Journal Day 172,” is sitting on the ground among a
cluster of barrels on the southwest side, just outside the main

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: You can actually drive into this area, grab the Journal and drive
quickly away, but you will, depending on which hostiles are there, take
substantial damage from them and the swooping rakk.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Select GET THE FLOCK OUTTA HERE to generate a waypoint and return to
Shep Sanders to complete both, GET THE FLOCK OUTTA HERE and BRAKING
WIND. He will not have any new missions.

Drive back into Fyrestone and turn in, HIDDEN JOURNALS: THE ARID
BADLANDS at the Fyrestone Bounty Board. Three new missions will be
MARLEY and SCAVENGER: SNIPER RIFLE. Put them in your mission log.

You are probably currently at level 12 and all the missions available
are at or above your current level. Select SHOCK CRYSTAL HARVEST as
your active mission and head for the waypoint to the west. This is a
difficult mission even at level 15, but is the best area in the entire
game to rapidly level up, pulling you even or ahead of the levels of
the coming missions.

Level 15; 3,672 XP; a Shock artifact
MISSION: Collect 50 shock crystals from the Lost Cave.
SOURCE: Mission o027 is acquired at the Fyrestone Bounty Board.

Use the ammo vending machine at the cave’s entrance to top off your
ammo. You’re going to need it on this quest. The crystals will be
scattered along your path and will be the least of your problems as you
work your way deeper into the cave. Just shoot them with a shotgun or
melee them and pick up five from each location. You will need 50 in
all. The first Claptrap repair mission will also be offered within the
Lost Cave and it will yield three additional inventory slots.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: You will likely be around level 12 as you enter The Lost Cave and
with this being a level 15 mission it won’t be easy. But this is the
best point in the entire game to rapidly level, placing you at or above
the level of this and the looming missions-but it won’t be easy-at
least at first. In order to make XP and gear harvesting less painful,
follow the following procedure, because it is highly advisable to be at
level 15 before going against the Bandits deeper in the cave.

Eliminate the first four Crab Worms just west of the vending area,
staying there to give you some space. Target that glowing eye with a
ranged scoped weapon and swap to a shotgun if they press you. Use your
action skill and grenades to soften them up. Revolvers are particularly
good against them but they aren’t generally available until level 13.
With the first four down, take the south route, on the left near the
skull-grenade banner, toward the low area.

If you enter the right passage, a horde of Alpha Skags will assault
you, but they will not take notice of you if you stay away from their
dens. Don’t try to harvest the eight Alpha Skags there until you level
up to at least level 15.

Four more Crab Worms will lurk in the lower area. Climb the small
boulder on the right side of the left passage and pick them off from
there. They will just mill around the base of the boulder, allowing you
to pummel them below your perch.

Four more Crab Worms will occupy the first small grotto to the south.
Take them out and continue west, staying to the extreme right along the
rock face, going past the skull banner which will be on the far left.

Go up the small incline and raid the RED CHEST on the plywood platform
near the New-U station. The weapons here will oftentimes be of a higher
level-13 to 16 and revolvers are not an uncommon pick-up-that’s good.
Don’t attack the skags below your position. They will roar at your
intrusion, but they won’t attack unless you linger or you begin
shooting at them.

Reverse your course and enter the southern cavern, staying on the left
or east wall that will veer a bit more eastward to another plywood
platform. The numerous skags occupying this area will remain in their
dens if you don’t challenge them. Raid the RED CHEST and then feel free
to make war on the skags or just re-start and repeat the process to
continue leveling. Be aware that the skags in this grotto often include
Boss types and Alphas and Elders-a real challenge even at level 15.

You can re-start and repeat this process again if you want, gaining
major XP and leveling up rapidly, though this XP bounty will decrease a
bit each time you level up.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The Lost Cave features a variety of opponents and is taxing if you are
under-leveled. You will first encounter 12 Crab worms in three groups
of four. There are skag dens beyond and a Bandit camp beyond that with
numerous defenders. Another skag-infested area is followed by another
Bandit encampment with a dozen defenders. Stock up on ammo at the
vendor before starting the rugged campaign.

You will encounter the first four of a dozen goo-spitting Larval Crab
Worms before reaching the first crystal cluster. Their weak spot is
their glowing eye and a single well-placed bullet can net nearly 1000
XP for each kill when you are at level 12 or 13. If they get close,
retreat before them and switch to a shotgun and target that eye.

Seven Alpha Skags prowl the side path to the north. If challenged, they
will attack, four in the first group and three straggling in later.
Before you hit level 15, just avoid their lair, leaving them
undisturbed and they will leave you be.

Just beyond the first crystal cluster, in the left or southern passage,
four more Crab Worms loiter. Jump onto the small boulder where the
passage splits and fire on them. The four will gravitate to your
position, but will just mill around the boulder, allowing you to take
them out from a rather safe perch.

As you move forward, four more Crab worms will appear in the grotto on
the south side of the route. Take them out, retreating as far back as
need be. Harvest the crystal clusters as you proceed.

Continue forward, staying along the north wall. Go up the small
incline, past the New-U station and raid the RED CHEST. The skags will
roar a protest but will not attack you unless you attack them. The RED
CHEST oftentimes contains good quality gear, and if you get a revolver,
it will work well against the Crab Worms, especially if it has a scope.

Go back east, past the New-U pole and enter the cavern south of the
main path. There are numerous skag dens in the area, but if you stay
along the east wall you can follow the wall to a RED CHEST on a jutting
plywood platform.

Reverse your route and make your way back to the first RED CHEST near
the New-U pole. There is two ways to tackle the Bandit camp ahead and
the bolder of the two is recommended. Below will be the two approaches.

Conservative approach:
You must first eliminate the many skags east of the Bandit camp. If you
look ahead you will then see the wounded Claptrap on the edge of the
encampment. The Bandits are numerous and they have good cover, but
yours is not so good. Begin sniping, either from the platform where you
found the RED CHEST or from the edges of the narrow passage leading
into the camp. The opposition includes a tough bunch, including
Bruisers and Psychos with a Badass Psycho possible. Have your shotgun
available for charging Psychos. They will also throw grenades. To make
matters tougher, the purple Larval Crab Worms will begin to re-spawn
and hit you from behind if you take too long to clear the camp. From
this point on ammo can also become a problem, so collect it whenever

Bold approach:
A bold approach to this first Bandit camp is to jump down from the RED
CHEST platform, darting past the snarling skags, prowling east of the
camp, and then sprinting, with full shields and health, into the dead-
end passage south of the flopping Claptrap. Note its location on your
map before attempting this. You will find refuge and a RED CHEST in
that passage. You will have to go back for Claptrap, but the Bandit
defenders will battle the entering skags. An occasional hostile,
usually a Psycho type, will enter the dead-end passage, so have a
shotgun handy as the skags and Bandits battle it out. When the battle
winds down, utilize the Turret and your other weapons against the
survivors. Another group of about six will emerge when you try to exit
the camp to the north. This procedure is much easier if you are playing
Lilith, not quite as easy with the others, but is probably the best way
to take on the first set of Bandits.

Once you have cleared the area-conservative or bold, interact with
Claptrap to initiate, CLAPTRAP RESCUE: THE LOST CAVE. Its waypoint is
deep inside the cave. Before departing, go south into the narrow
passage where you will find a RED CHEST, if you played conservative,
and then pilfer all the ammo you can from the empty camp. Continue
gathering crystals until you have the required 50.

Level 15; 1,020 XP; three storage slots
MISSION: Find the repair kit and return to Claptrap.
SOURCE: Mission o028 is acquired during play in mission o027.

As you begin the counterclockwise loop toward the waypoint for the
repair kit you will encounter a group of eight or more skags, which may
include Spitters, Alphas, possibly even a Boss type. This varies
greatly and can prove taxing if you are under-leveled or have poor

The railway tracks mark the outskirts of another Bandit camp. This
bunch is tough as well, with two groups of about six each. Work your
way through carefully as they again have better cover than you do. It
will likely include several Bruisers. When they are down, take the
repair kit, in plain sight, at the waypoint and replenish your ammo

There are two RED CHESTS northeast of the repair kit, and they are
usually guarded by a colony of eight or more Alpha Skags, that will
come at you in small groups. If you want the contents of the RED CHESTS
move east on the platform where you found the repair kit and then look
north where you will see the two RED CHESTS, and the first of the
skags. Use your incendiary weapons and the Turret to take them down,
staying in the high area as long as possible. Good luck! At times, for
some reason, a lone Alpha skag will guard the RED CHESTS-maybe, you’ll
get lucky!

Return to the east and jump down from the platform to put yourself near
the first Bandit camp. As you approach it, if sufficient time has
passed, the camp will have re-spawned, so you must clear it again to
get to Claptrap for your three additional inventory slots; and these
guys keep coming. Use the narrow chokepoint north of the camp, ducking
behind the metal barricade when needed. Many of the hostiles will come
at you, so deploy the Turret and duck for cover. The enemy will include
at least one Badass type. Interact with the Claptrap to get your
inventory slots. This concludes, CLAPTRAP RESCUE: THE LOST CAVE. I hope
you got the fifty crystals along the way. Had enough? Just reset to go
to the entrance, or fight your way back through the skags and the
Larval Crab Worms.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Keep in mind that The Lost Cave is the best area in the game for
leveling. At level 18 the XP yield drops to under 400 for a Crab Worm,
but achieving level 18 can make subsequent missions less painful.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Return to Fyrestone and turn in, CORROSIVE CRYSTAL HARVEST to complete
the mission. You will receive a “shock” artifact that will be helpful
in your imminent campaign against Sledge. The Lost Cave has likely
leveled you up to 16 or even higher; so select, THE LEGEND OF MOE AND
MARLEY and then drive west to the Arid Hills where you will be pursuing
three missions.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Guns/items in inventory after CORROSIVE CRYSTAL HARVEST: (level 16)
Combat rifles:
Pearl Machine Gun 40, 74.4; 6.9; magazine of 27
Burning Repeater 15; 83.3; 3.1; incendiary 3X: magazine of 16; 1.8 zoom
Raw Revolver 97: 83.9; 1.3; magazine of 3
Raging Shotgun 27x7; 61.1; 1.5; magazine of 9
Static Sweeper 20x8; 6.7; 1.4; Static 1X; magazine of 5
Lightening Stinger 17; 78.7; 12.5; static 3X; magazine of 39
Double SMG 28x2; 78.3; 10.8; magazine of 33
Burning SMG 16; 78.7; 6.9; Incendiary 3X; magazine of 36; 1.7 zoom
Sniper rifles:
Solid Sniper 139; 96.7; 1.4; magazine of 9; 1.0 zoom
Burning Sniper 125; 97.8; 0.6; incendiary 4X; 1.8 zoom
Grenade mods:
Explosive MIRV grenade module 11
Healing Shield 80/10
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Level 15; 6,119 XP; $4,105; an incendiary artifact.
MISSION: There is a bounty on Moe and Marley, two of the toughest skags
to ever roam Pandora and you’re out to get that bounty.
SOURCE: Mission o029 is acquired at the Fyrestone Bounty Board.

As you enter the Arid Hills, eight to ten skags will contest the way,
and several farther along near the metal shack. As you make the turn
north an elevated platform with two guard shacks, one on each side of
the path, will overlook the area. Snipe both sentries on the opposing
platforms. Just around the rock face, there is a small Bandit
encampment of six, with Psychos, Bandits and possibly a Bruiser to tend

Go past the structure on your left bearing northwest toward the rock
arch and when you hear the rakks, ready your shotgun and take them out.
Go north up the slope, past the raak nest and snipe the skags ahead.
Deploy the Turret when they come to call. You will probably catch a
glimpse of Moe, the Fire Skag, or of Marley, the Shock Skag, in the
distance. Equip a conventional or explosive weapon and head west after
the Turret is again available.

Near the waypoint, you will encounter several skags, and then, in all
likelihood, Moe the more aggressive of the pair. He is aggressive but
slow, use the Turret equipped with the static artifact and conventional
or explosive fire to pepper him and his minions that will be joining in
the action. Run if your shield depletes and use the scattered boulders
for cover. Additional Boss types like Corrosive or Fire skags may also
be in this mix. Marley, the Shock dog, is shy and will spit shock bolts
at you from a distance, and he is quite accurate; dodge them as best
you can and use an incendiary, explosive or conventional weapon to burn
him down.

Just north of this area there is a small Bandit camp, where three
hostiles patrol. There is a RED CHEST in this camp.

Level 12; 1,932 XP; a sniper rifle.
MISSION: Retrieve the four parts of a sniper rifle from the Arid Hills.
SOURCE: Mission o030 is acquired at the Fyrestone Bounty Board.

Change the active mission to, SCAVENGER: SNIPER RIFLE, and begin the
trek to the northeast. As you approach the opening in the metal
barricade, a complex of tall structures appears ahead. Take out anyone
in sight and then hit the barrel high and to the right, to eliminate
the sentry near the shack. Move forward to the narrow metal barrier and
snipe all visible hostiles, including any on the upper walkways or
coming down the slope on the right.

The waypoint is a general marker on this mission and does not mark the
location of any of the rifle’s parts. With your sniper scope you can
see two of the parts; one on a high structure to the right, and the
other on the ground to your left. Move carefully toward the part on
your left. Take the rifle’s “sight.” A hostile or two may now move down
the slope toward you.

Continue north up the dirt slope and curl around to the south and then
go up the thin metal ramp. Hop onto the rusty tank and from it to the
rooftop to get the “stock.” Watch your back. A hostile or two may be
lurking near the shack to the north, or coming up from the low area.
Jump back down over the rusty tank, go right onto the platform and then
left past the storage barrel to find the rifle’s “barrel” on a table
near the edge of the platform. Head east past the barrel and take the
diagonal ramp southeast and then curl right to the shack ahead. The
rifle’s “body” is behind the shack. There are only minor pick-ups in
this area. No RED or SILVER CHESTS.



Level 14; 5,760 XP;
MISSION: The mine key is at Sledge’s Safe House and you need it to get
into the Headstone Mine.
SOURCE: Mission m031 is acquired upon completion of mission m025
SLEDGE: THE MINE KEY in the Zephyr Substation.

Change the active mission to, SLEDGE: THE SAFE HOUSE, and go north from
where you found the “body” and jump down. Go up the hill toward the
waypoint, but continue up the slope past the entrance to find a RED
CHEST. Enter Sledge’s Safe House and top off your ammo. Buying a better
shield is also a good idea if one is for sale in the local Medical

Enter the left doorway. You will quickly be spotted and a small group
of hostiles will taunt you and will attack. Deploy the Turret on the
narrow walkway. Retreat backwards into the doorway and eliminate the
three or four hostiles in this first area. Advance down the walkway
past the first doorway on your left. Look left around the corner and
snipe anyone in the area ahead, which will get the attention of its
other occupants. Return to the doorway you just passed and use the
cover of the entryway to hit and duck, but watch for grenades and
charging Psychos coming in from the north. It is a good idea to take
out the volatile barrel near your position so the enemy doesn’t target
it. Occasionally you will get a Badass Bruiser with a rocket launcher
who will pummel the doorway-that’s bad.

Move through the cleared room and up the stairwell on the opposite
side. Turn right and several hostiles will appear ahead. Move eastward,
clearing the hostiles, to the base of the incline and check for anyone
at the top of the incline. Go up the ramp and move around the mesh
fence, continuing east, and be prepared for action. Toss a grenade over
the crates ahead and stay clear of the barrels until the area is
secure. About now you will hear a whimpering Claptrap.

Move around the crates toward the graffiti-ed passage to the right of
the white and red skull banner. Go down the stairs, get the attention
of the Bandits and then quickly deploy the Turret around the blind
corner, and then step back through the doorway. Clear the chamber of
the random bad guys and go west to find a RED CHEST and a defunct
Claptrap. Accept the repair mission.

Level 14; 950 XP; three inventory slots
MISSION: Find the repair kit and return to Claptrap.
SOURCE: Mission o032 is acquired during game play in mission m031.

Retrace your route back up the stairs to the incline leading to the
lower area, but don’t go down it. Turn left toward the opening to the
New-U station and turn right and right again through the opening behind
the mesh fencing. Look up to see the repair kit. Take it and return to
Claptrap to complete, CLAPTRAP RESCUE: SLEDGE’S SAFE HOUSE. Follow
Claptrap and he will unlock a door leading you to a RED CHEST.

Exit the chamber with the RED CHEST and go straight ahead, and then go
left down the hallway. Step into the large chamber to the right. This
will trigger two onslaughts of Midget Psychos and Psychos. Toss a
couple of grenades toward the emerging Psychos and then deploy the
Turret near your narrow entry point. Step back into the hallway and use
your shotgun on any approaching survivors.

Go east through the long room and then go left down the stairs. At the
base of the stairs, turn left to access a RED CHEST and ammo cases.
Exit and turn left up the stairs and be prepared for the rush of four
Midget Psychos. The narrow stairwell is a good point to tackle them.
Continue east along this upper walkway and top off at the ammo chests.
Follow the walkway east and turn south. Check the area below for a
hostile or two and then go down into the low area. Turn east and go
down into pit.

Use the two crates to climb out into the arena-or not! The large area
is defended by a tough Roid Rage Psycho who wields a rocket launcher,
and a swarm of eight Midget Psychos will join in once the battle is on.

If you have a good incendiary SMG or incendiary sniper rifle you can
use it on the Roid Rage Psycho without exiting the pit. Locate him to
the east of the circular arena while standing on the highest crate.
Look between the fence pole and the mesh to locate him. Pummel him. An
incendiary weapon will work wonders on this guy. If you stay in the pit
he won’t move and the Midget Psychos won’t begin to swarm. He will go
down without firing a single rocket. Locate the four Midget Psychos
ahead and to the right and snipe them. You can then exit the pit and
easily deal with the four remaining Midget Psychos.

If you do exit the pit without taking out the Roid Rage Psycho, run
left and right to avoid the Psychos’ rocket launcher salvos. Hammer the
massive Roid Rage Psycho with a fast firing incendiary SMG or combat
rifle.  Little Midget Psychos will quickly join the fray so watch for
them. They will even continue after the big guy goes down. Position
yourself near a wall so they can’t come in behind you.

Use the hanging controller in the center area to raise the platform,
jump onto the platform and take the key to Sledge’s place. If you
retrace your route going out, be prepared to face any re-spawned bad
guys; or, treat yourself, re-start and be at the entrance with the RED
CHEST re-spawned instead.

You now have to make it out of the Arid Hills intact. You can fight
your way back, or you can actually sprint south past the sniper rifle
mission platforms, through the lower area and then southeast toward the
exit. If you can absorb a little punishment you can easily make it to
the exit intact.

Grab a “ride” near the Arid Hills entrance and drive back into
MARLEY. You will receive an incendiary artifact for killing Moe. No new
missions are offered in Fyrestone at this time.

With SLEDGE: TO THE SAFE HOUSE as your active mission, drive to the
waypoint in the southwest.

Interacting with the entry to the Headstone Mine completes, SLEDGE: TO

Level 17; 9,802 XP; $6,866; a class mod.
MISSION: Infiltrate the Headstone Mine, kill Sledge and get the Eridean
SOURCE: Mission m033 is activated upon completion of mission m031
SLEDGE: TO THE SAFE HOUSE, with details in the last section of mission

Enter the Headstone Mine complex and use the corner of the first
structure with the vending machines to snipe the hostiles. The five or
so may include a Bruiser or Psycho, maybe even a Badass variety, so
have your shotgun handy for any charging Psychos. Top off your ammo if
needed and be aware that ammo will become scarce as you penetrate
deeper into the area. Move to the next building to the west and clear
the three or four assorted hostiles in the area. Use your sniper rifle
on the sentry on the elevated tracks to the northwest and then move
across the roadway to check out the SILVER CHEST in the shack. Kill the
small group of hostiles entering from the gate area to the southwest.

Depart the structure and go right and up the stairs. Open the gate
after getting to the top of first stairwell. The switch will glow
green. Follow around and go up the second stairwell and into the
building on your left. Check out the SILVER CHEST and go to the south
side windows. Locate the Turret gun on the platform to the south. It
will be between the support columns of the overhead track way, under
the red canopy. Take it out with sniper fire or with a rocket launcher,
which can make itself useful here. Snipe the eight or more hostiles
below, but watch your back for the cackling Psychos you can hear. When
opposition wanes move out and begin the counterclockwise loop along the
north side of the map, eliminating the small group of hostiles before
you enter the next structure. Raid the RED CHEST.

The area to the south will appear rather empty, but several hostiles,
will emerge or jump over the west wall when you approach the stairwell.
Toss a couple of grenades in their path to thin their ranks and remain
atop the stairwell to eliminate the opposition, some of whom will try
to come up the stairwell.

When quiet reigns, move cautiously down to the low area. A few hostiles
will emerge. One will come from the isolated shack on the west side.
You will find another SILVER CHEST in that shack. Scavenge the lockers
and ammo chests in the area because ammo pick-ups are slim in the
coming areas. Four or five scattered hostiles will challenge you as you
do. Go up the stairwell onto the platform where the turret gun is and
then take the stairwell up and continue into the narrow passage to your
right, following the tracks. Three hostiles patrol this area.

Follow the tracks down the metal ramp and past the New-U station. Move
up the rocky slope to snipe the four or five hostiles beyond, which may
also include a Badass type. Continue forward and the gate on the left
will lift. Use the covered bundle near the cargo container as a shield
to snipe the hostiles beyond the gate. Use the Scorpio Turret or
shotgun on any chargers.

Move ahead through the gate and up the stairs into the tall structure
and begin sniping into the compound below. Watch your back for flanking
Psychos. Exit the structure and check below and to the right for a
stray Bandit or two and then move down the stairs and around the corner
and be prepared for half a dozen more hostiles.

Once the upper area is secure, advance to check out the lower. It will
be swarming with about eight or ten tough Bandits. Use the boulders and
derelict equipment to snipe away. When clear, advance and another six
or so will be in the lower area. A good long-range sniper is extremely
useful here. For a better view go up the long stairwell where the
overhead track runs to more easily snipe into the area below. Follow
the track way and then jump down, southwest of the large building.
Before you reach the elevator going up to Sledge’s place, another four
or five will guard the final approach. Take them down, raid the RED
CHEST and use the elevator to get to Sledge’s lair.

Top off your ammo and advance to the entrance. Equip the Turret with
the static artifact to attack Sledge’s shielding, and because Sledge is
resistant to most elementals, equip your strongest quick-firing
conventional or explosive weapon. A static weapon of some type is
useful for breaking his potent shield. Without a static weapon
depleting Sledge’s shield will cost a lot of ammo.

Open either door-I prefer “or”-and advance to the lever to trigger
Sledge’s entry. Get back to the door where you entered and get out.
Open the door when you hear Sledge and if he is in sight deploy the
Turret and begin hammering him, ducking when he goes for the hammer
slam or when he knocks out your shield. Back away to close the door. If
Sledge doesn’t come to you, step out to lure him and then step back in.
He won’t go far, and you can alternate opening the door to pepper him
with allowing it to close to avoid his attacks or to reload. Always
open the door when your shield is at full strength. A continuous attack
by Turret or by your weapon inhibits his ability to retaliate. Sledge
will also have several followers who will need killing, and they
oftentimes shoot at you when the door opens.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Sledge’s shield will regenerate if you take too long to re-open
the door. Will he come through the door after you? Yes, but he will not
be able to leave the area of the doorway, after which you can hang back
and pepper him and then duck for cover to reload or recharge your
shield. I have only seen this infrequently in many battles with Sledge.
If his shotgun penetrates the closed door, do not approach it-wait
until it retracts before approaching the door or use the opposite door.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After Sledge and his boys are down, take his powerful but inaccurate
shotgun and the Eridean artifact. A doorway on the east side of
Sledge’s place will allow you to drop down and bypass the long loop to
the south. Jump down and enter the metal building on the right for a
RED CHEST and a tongue lashing from Commandant Steele. A few hostiles
will challenge in this area. Go north into the building. Take out the
sentry on the track way, go out onto the long metal walkway, jump down
and then sprint for the exit. You can pause near the structure with the
vending machines to take out the pursuers or just get to the exit.

As you get a “ride,” Claptrap will announce that new missions are
available from Shep Sanders and from the Fyrestone Bounty Board as
well. Drive northeast and stop by the Medical vendor’s shack to see
Shep Sanders. He will offer you, WHAT HIT THE FAN. Accept the mission
and head into Fyrestone.

First go over to Dr. Zed’s place to turn in, SLEDGE: BATTLE FOR THE
BADLANDS. He will inform you that you now have access to the Dahl
Headland and New Haven. He will give you the mission, LEAVING
FYRESTONE. He will also give you your first “class modification mod.”
It will, for Roland, be an ammo regeneration module. Put LEAVING
FYRESTONE into your mission log, and make, WHAT HIT THE FAN your active
mission. Go to the Fyrestone Bounty Board and accept all four missions

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: The optional mission, SCHEMIN’ THAT SABOTAGE will take you back
to the Headstone Mine. This mission will be considerable less taxing if
you do not re-start the game before tackling it. See the “note” for
mission o037.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 WHAT HIT THE FAN (Optional)
Level 13; 2,700 XP; $4,363
MISSION: The wind turbine in Howling Defile is plastered with rakk
droppings and Shep wants you to shoot them off.
SOURCE: Mission o034 is activated upon completion of mission m031
SLEDGE: TO THE SAFE HOUSE and is available from Shep Sanders at the
Medical vendor west of Fyrestone.

Drive west from Shep’s hangout to the waypoint. The droppings are
easily shot off the turbine by manning the gunner seat of your runner
and using the rocket launcher or machine gun-I guess bullets don’t hurt
the blades. Six droppings removed satisfy the mission specs; but, for
fun, pick a fight with the rakks by bumping their hive with the runner.
They will flock up and fly into your sights real pretty-like. Before
you return to Shep, activate, SCAVENGER: COMBAT RIFLE.

Level 15; 2,345 XP; a combat rifle
MISSION: Four parts of a custom rifle are missing and you’re being
asked to find them.
SOURCE: Mission o035 is acquired from the Fyrestone Bounty Board at the
end of mission m033.

Drive west from Shep’s hangout and as you approach the waypoint run
down the assorted skags in the roadway-just because-because you won’t
have them on your back during the sniping to come. Park and before
entering the complex begin sniping-you can drastically reduce the
opposition before entering the maze of ramps and platforms. The enemy
will include about six hostiles and may include a Bruiser and/or a
Badass type. Carefully snipe the upper platforms before moving forward
onto the long metal ramp. Advance and take the “stock” in plain sight
atop a crate on the long walkway. Be aware that several additional
hostiles may appear out of nowhere while you are getting the rifle

Go right down the first ramp near the south end of the walkway and take
the “barrel” near the base of the ramp. Restock your ammo, if needed,
and go back up the metal ramp and turn right up the ramp and go through
the first shack, then up the second ramp into the next shack. You will
be taunted by hostiles while collecting the parts and one of them will
likely be near this second shack. The RED CHEST here often contains
some high quality weapons, oftentimes requiring a much higher level
than your present one. Oftentimes you may acquire your first corrosive
weapon here. The “sight” is behind this shack on the metal walkway.

Go back down through the lower shack and up the steep ramp ahead. The
“body” is on a crate to the right at the top of ramp. In is quite
possible that you may encounter another hostile on this platform. Exit
back to your car, which-since you did “skagicide”-won’t be surrounded
by the snarling lil’ fellas. Change the mission to, INSULT TO INJURY,
and drive west toward the next waypoint.

Level 15; 4,079 XP; $2,736; a shotgun
MISSION: The Bandits at Titan’s End have murdered ten archaeologists
and mounted their skulls as trophies. Go there, kill the dastardly
group and take the skulls.
SOURCE: Mission o036 is acquired from the Fyrestone Bounty Board at the
end of mission m033.

The waypoint for this mission changes, marking the actual location of
each skull. The “first” skull is at the entry gate. Start by sniping
the Bandit or two on or near the tower to the left of the entrance.
Move forward toward the next waypoint and prepare for an onslaught of
charging Psychos, Bandits and possibly a Badass type. Pick up the
“second” skull. As you move forward be aware of flanking Bandits, but
once you have cleared this area, it will remain free of opposition.
There are about ten hostiles to deal with in this large area.

The next waypoint is to the south. Go up the metal ramp for skulls
“three” and “four.” Raid the RED CHEST in the building to the south.
Jump down into the low area below this ramp and raid the RED CHEST.
Take the “fifth” skull from the post near the shacks north entrance.
Climb out of the pit on the northwest side and loop around to the
southeast side of the pit. Take the “sixth” skull from the pole near
the round hut.

The “seventh” is southwest of it on the observation platform, at the
end of a long pole. Exit the platform for the “eighth”-to the north on
a pole near a round hut. Skull “nine” is on a pole to the north, at
ground level near the arching ruins of a roof; and the “tenth” is on an
observation platform north of the same ruined structure. Exit to the
north and make, SCHEMIN’ THAT SABOTAGE your active mission.



Level 18; 4,800 XP; $7,689; a grenade mod
MISSION: Infiltrate the Headstone Mine, place three explosive charges
and destroy the pipeline.
SOURCE: Mission o037 is acquired from the Fyrestone Bounty Board at the
end of mission m033.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: If this mission is done promptly after, SLEDGE: BATTLE FOR THE
BADLANDS, there will be fairly light opposition throughout. Even the
turret gunner will remain out of the picture. If you restart the game,
however, it will play out like the previous mission to eliminate
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Drive southeast to the Headstone Mine. Opposition here, as stated in
the note above, will largely depend on whether or not you have re-
started the game since killing Sledge. If you have not re-started,
opposition throughout will be light and the RED and SILVER CHESTs will
obviously not have re-spawned.

If you have re-started, enter the area and use the corner of the first
structure with the vending machines to snipe the hostiles. The five or
six may include a Bruiser or Psycho. Have a shotgun handy for any
charging Psychos. Top off your ammo if needed. Move to the next
building and begin clearing some of the four or five hostiles in this
area. Use your sniper on the sentry on the elevated tracks to the
northwest and then move across the roadway into the shack to check out
the SILVER CHEST. Watch out for Bandits and incoming grenades while in
this shack.

Depart the structure and go right and up the stairs. Open the gate
after getting to the top of first stairwell. The switch will glow
green. Follow around and go up the second stairwell and into the
building on your left. Check out the SILVER CHEST and go to the south
side windows. Snipe any visible hostiles, but watch your back for
Psychos. Take out the Turret’s gunner to the south before he opens up
on you. It is easily located by looking south and it will be under the
ragged red awning on the platform. When opposition wanes move out and
loop counterclockwise along the north side of the map. Eliminate the
four or five mixed hostiles and go into the next structure to the
northwest and raid the RED CHEST.

The area to the south may seen rather empty, but, as you move down the
stairwell, a few hostiles will emerge or hop over the fence to the east
and will need killing-some will be Psychos. Eliminate their threat as
you retreat back into the structure. When the first wave is down, head
for the first waypoint to the south, this seems to trigger the next
wave of hostiles. Set the charge on the first support column and head
for the next column south of it marked by the waypoint, Use the cover
of the support beams and cargo containers to eliminate the Bandits.
Head for the last support beam and set the last charge.

Move up the long stairwell dead ahead, go past the Turret Gun and up
the stairwell to the upper area. Turn left and the detonator will be
dead ahead as will two or three hostiles. Take them out. Interact with
the detonator to complete the destruction. If you haven’t played non-
stop since killing Sledge, the RED CHEST in the building on the
southeast of this area will be available, so check it out before
heading north to the shack there. Exit onto the long metal ramp. Jump
down to the stairs and sprint to the exit, leaving any opposition in
your wake. Change your active mission to, FIND BRUCE McCLONE.

Level 15; 3,059 XP
MISSION: Bruce’s fiancée is worried. Bruce was running a scam on some
local Bandits and is now missing. She fears the worst and needs your
help to locate him.
SOURCE: Mission o038 is acquired from the Fyrestone Bounty Board at the
end of mission m033.

Drive east toward the waypoint near Zephyr Substation and use the
vehicle’s turret to eliminate the three hostiles outside of Bruce’s
place. The entrance is on the east side, so enter and equip your
shotgun. Go down the rocky incline and kill the two Midget Psychos that
come screaming at you. Interact with Bruce’s remains to acquire his
Journal, completing, FIND BRUCE McCLONE, and initiating, PRODUCT
RECALL. Raid the RED CHEST and then make, PRODUCT RECALL your active

Level 15; 3,467 XP; $4,105
MISSION: Bruce scammed the local Bandits and paid for it with his life.
You must round up the poisonous cigars he was peddling to prevent any
innocent deaths.
SOURCE: The mission o039 is acquired during mission o038 FIND BRUCE

The waypoint is to the west. Stop near the vendors and the New-U
station and you will see a narrow path, indicated on your map, leading
to the waypoint. If you have disturbed the peace in the compound to the
east, rakks will attack as you exit your vehicle. Leap up the rocks
west of the vendors to find the first box of cigars on the rock ledge
unopposed. Raid the RED CHEST and abuse as many of the three hostiles
below with your sniper or rocket launcher as you can. A Badass type is
likely among their ranks. They may not all come out to play, so move
into the low area by jumping down from your high perch. As you jump
down you can see both boxes. Several skags, with an Alpha and Spitters
among them, will obstruct the way. Toss a few grenades to soften them
up and mop up with small arms. Grab the last two boxes sitting in plain
view on the wooden crates along the west wall.

Exit the box canyon through the narrow opening to the north. Bear right
after exiting to get to your runner and head back to Fyrestone. Turn

Select CIRCLE OF DEATH: MEAT AND GREET, the final mission in the
Fyrestone area-for now, at least-and drive west to the waypoint and
talk to Rade Zayben, the proprietor.

Level 12: 504 XP
MISSION: Go west to the waypoint and talk to Rade Zayben, the
proprietor of the Circle of Slaughter.
SOURCE: Mission o040 is acquired from the Fyrestone Bounty Board.

Interacting with Rade Zayben completes, CIRCLE OF SLAUGHTER: MEAT AND
GREET and offers round one.

Level 12: 1,680 XP; $1,947; a shield
Mission: survive round one.

You will be beset by a wave of skags, perhaps eight or ten, with an
Elder, an Adult and Spitters in the mix. These CIRCLE OF DEATH missions
are a good challenge at their stated level.

Level 15; 2,651 XP; $4,105: a grenade mod
Mission: survive round 2.

You will be beset by an initial wave of assorted skags led by an Alpha
Skag, and another wave with another Alpha or two and possibly an
elemental supported by a small wave of lesser skags.

Level 18; 4,800 XP; $4,105: a combat rifle.
Mission: survive round 3.

First a swirling wave-a mix of Elders, Adults, Corrosives and lowly
Whelps in a relentless procession. Next, a trio of Alphas, sometimes
accompanied by an elemental, likely a Badass Fire Dog, will enter the

Select LEAVING FYRESTONE and head west to the waypoint. Claptrap will
open the Dahl Headland gate and announce that you have a 94.3% chance
of a “horrific” death experience-he is being kind.



Level 18; 1,200 XP
MISSION: Find Claptrap and gain entrance to the Dahl Headland.
Locate Ernest Whiting who knows the area better than anyone.
SOURCE: Mission m044 is acquired from Dr. Zed during Mission m033

Enter the Dahl Headland and drive up the hill to the waypoint to see
Ernest Whiting. This completes, LEAVING FYRESTONE and initiates,
your active mission.

 GETTING LUCKY (Mandatory)
Level 18; 2,400 XP; $1,922; a grenade mod
MISSION: The local Bandits have taken over The Last Chance Watering
Hole, Lucky’s place, and he is trapped inside. Your mission is to
eliminate the Bandits and rescue him.
SOURCE: Mission m045 is acquired from Ernest Whiting in mission m044.

As you approach Lucky’s from the north, two hostile runners will depart
the area. Take them out with your vehicle’s turret or you will be
fighting on two fronts as you take out the mandatory 15 bandits
occupying Lucky’s place. Hunt the second one down if needed.

Park your runner near the north end of Lucky’s compound and move toward
the waypoint. Take out the snipers on the tall structure ahead by
sniping and hitting the volatile barrels. There will be additional
Bandits emerging onto the upper platform so take them out and anyone on
the platforms below. The hostiles may keep coming onto the tall
structure, so keep an eye on it. Burning Psychos may also come toward
you early in the fight.

The large garrison will include assorted Bandits, Bruisers and Badass
types. The Bruisers will be in the low area and Burning Psychos will
occasionally come at you from the low area. You can retreat to the
vehicle and use it’s turret if a Badass Psycho comes calling. Stay on
the north end until you have your 15 kills, using the cover there to
regenerate your shield. Lucky is in the small building on the south
side of the compound; and the way in, for now, is through the enclosed
compound, via the door on the east side.

Start into the seemingly cleared compound with a shotgun and the Turret
available. As you approach the gate, near the SILVER CHEST, an
explosion ahead will release a horde of mixed Psychos. Deploy the
Turret and toss grenades into the path of the charging Psychos. Use
your shotgun to polish off any survivors. The barrel near the gate can
be helpful.

Raid the SILVER CHEST and wait for the Scorpio Turret to become
available. As you approach the waypoint, the east door, a Badass
Bruiser will emerge, gun blazing. Deploy the Turret and back off.
Supplement the Turret fire with an elemental weapon or a stout
conventional and gain an easy 1500 plus XP. Retreat to the north if
needed, using the extensive cover there to take out the Badass Bruiser
as he advances.

Open the glowing green barrier inside the building and locate Lucky, on
the pot-as always-and interact with him to complete, GETTING LUCKY. He
will give you the mission, POWERING THE FAST TRAVEL NETWORK. Accept it
and go back out through the east door and locate the RED CHEST on the
west wall of the compound that you just cleared of the 15 Bandits. Many
of the weapons in this chest may be a step up from what you now have
and may require leveling up to use. There is also another SILVER CHEST
on the rooftop of the building with the vending machines. It can be
accessed by climbing the tires on the south side of the building inside
the compound’s walls.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Lucky’s is a good place to harvest weapons and other gear from
the three weapons chests. If you don’t exit the Dahl Headland, the
hostiles at Lucky’s will not re-spawn, allowing bother-free harvesting.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Level 20; 2,375 XP; $2,411
MISSION: In order to get the fast travel network up and running, you
must close in the two open breakers and throw the master switch.
SOURCE: The mission m046 will be given by Lucky upon completion of
mission m045 GETTING LUCKY.

Select POWERING THE FAST TRAVEL NETWORK and generate a runner with a
machine gun. Drive south to the waypoint, dismount and climb onto the
boulder near the tower. Jump to the first platform, then to the next
and throw the first breaker. Scythids will make an appearance with
Bursting Scythids, Badass Poisonous Scythids, Giant Scythids, Desert
Scythids and others possible. Stay on the tower and reap some easy XP,
or just sprint to your runner and head for the next tower to the south.

Use the boulder to get onto the first platform, then jump onto the
higher one, crouch move under the support beams and look up to get the
next breaker thrown. A runner will likely attack you here, so use your
sniper, rocket launcher or an automatic weapon to destroy the runner.
You can also return to your vehicle, lock onto the runner and get a
feel for killing runners with the turret. Scythids, the same as before,
will also assail you.

You must now throw the “Master Switch” which is located to the east.
Park near the entrance of the facility and use the runner’s turret on
anyone that will leave shelter; but most of them will have to be rooted
out and they include Bruisers, Bandits and a horde of mixed Psychos. Go
to the narrow entrance and deploy the Scorpio Turret when a target
becomes available. About ten hostiles must be taken out before you can
climb the three stairwells to the “Master Switch” on the southwest side
of the upper platform.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Once you turn this mission in, the fast travel network will allow
you to instantly travel to any travel-equipped New-U station that you
have previously visited. Just interact with the New-U station and
select any of the available destinations.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Descend the platform after throwing the switch and another small group
of Bandits and Psychos will have arrived. Alternately you can just jump
from the high platform and make your way around the compound to your
runner. If you get back to your runner quickly you will avoid this re-
spawning group in the compound. Take them out, if needed, and return to
Lucky’s, taking out the two challenging runners as you drive north to
Lucky’s to complete this mission, POWERING THE FAST TRAVEL NETWORK.

Lucky, still on the pot, will give you the mission, ROAD WARRIORS: HOT
SHOTS and the Claptrap will inform you that new missions are available
at Lucky’s Bounty Board. Step out of the west door and accept all five
missions at Lucky’s Bounty Board, FUEL FEUD, WELL THERE’S YOUR PROBLEM

Select ROAD WARRIORS: HOT SHOTS and equip the turret on your runner
with the machine gun, which is best for taking out runners.

Level 18; 2,400 XP; $1,922
MISSION: Mad Mel has been terrorizing the Dahl Headland and has blocked
entry to New Haven. Take out eight of his runners to get his attention.
SOURCE: Mission m047 will be given by Lucky after completing m046

You’ll have to eliminate eight of Mad Mel’s patrol runners in the
northern area of the Dahl Headland. Find a high spot and when you spot
a runner, fire on it to get the festivities going. Don’t “lock on” if
you’re using the rocket launcher. This makes it harder to target the
opposition. With the machine gun locking on, however, makes targeting
much easier and is the better choice against runners. At times you will
have to hunt down the prey and at others you may be doing battle with
three at one time. Return with eight kills to Lucky’s place and
interact with Lucky, still on the can, to complete, ROAD WARRIORS: HOT

Select ROAD WARRIORS: BANDIT APOCALYPSE as your active mission and
before leaving Luckys, stock up on ammo.

Level 20; 10,559 XP; $9,646; a fourth weapon slot.
MISSION: The elimination of most of Mad Mel’s runners has made him
angry and his men are questioning him. Seek out Mel and take him and
his companions down to release his blockade of New Haven and to free
the Headland of his domination.
SOURCE: Mission m048 will be given by Lucky after completing m047 ROAD

If you don’t have an ammo regeneration module, top off your ammo supply
before driving south to meet Mad Mel and his sidekicks. As you drive
into the large circular arena with the flaming center all is calm, but
drive to the opposite side and the gate closes, blocking your way into
New Haven. A pair of runners enters the track and the fight is on.
Begin circling the arena and when you have taken out the two runners,
Mad Mel’s runner will appear in the center, where the platform is. Lock
on him immediately and keeps firing as you drive around the track.
Additional runners and hostiles on foot will assault you, but keep that
lock as you travel, boosting when you begin to take damage. The runners
will attempt to ram you as you circle. If your shields hold and you
don’t hit a wall or get rammed, Mad Mel will soon go down; but if you
go down instead, try the following procedure to complete the kill.

Once you have experienced that “horrific death’ as Claptrap says, don’t
re-enter the arena to face Mad Mel. You may actually end up at Lucky’s
or another New-U station but you will not be required to re-enter the
arena to continue the mission. Stay near the entry lip and either snipe
or use a fast-firing incendiary, explosive or caustic weapon to chisel
away at the runners and Mad Mel as they roll around the track.
Sometimes a single shot or burst will destroy or heavily damage one of
the vehicles including Mad Mel’s. Just duck away when your shields
bleed down, taking shelter alongside the open gate to stay out of range
of the compound’s axe throwers. You can even toss grenades and deploy
the Turret near the edge to help out. A well-placed grenade does major
damage, even to Mad Mel. Proximity mines are also effective. In a short
time Mel and his minions will be toast and you will be on your way into
New Haven. A pleased Claptrap gives you access to New Haven. Drive into
town and see Helena Pierce at the waypoint. Interacting with her
PEOPLE. You will also receive a fourth weapon slot.

Level 20; 2,375 XP; $2,411
MISSION: Your task is simply to restore power to New Haven by turning
on the five portable generators scattered about town.
SOURCE: Helena Pierce will give mission m049 upon completion of m048

The first waypoint is near Scooter’s hangout, close to your entry point
into New Haven. Fire up the first generator. Exit through the nearby
west gate to find the next generator alongside the road near a pile of
tires. The third generator is on the east central side of town
alongside a building. The fourth is on the rooftop of the building
north of the New-U station and Scooters place. Climb the stairwell due
north of the New-U station to access it. The last generator is on the
north end of town near the metal barricade. Go south to interact with
Helena Pierce to complete, POWER TO THE PEOPLE. This will give you the
mission, SEEK OUT TANNIS and the New Haven Bounty Board will have new
missions as well.

Go back north along the main street and as you approach the Bounty
Board you will hear a whimpering Claptrap. Interact with him to
initiate, CLAPTRAP RESCUE: NEW HAVEN. Accept the mission.

Level 21; 1,379 XP; three inventory slots
MISSION:  Find the repair kit and return to Claptrap to repair him.
SOURCE: Mission o050 will be available when you interact with the
wounded Claptrap near the New Haven Bounty Board.

Go south toward Helena Pierces place but go up the stairwell just north
of it. Turn left and jump onto the washer or dryer that sits against
the wall. Jump to get onto the roof. Raid the SILVER CHEST and turn
right. The repair kit is on a narrow ledge below. Drop gently off the
roof onto the ledge to get the repair kit. Drop down and return to
Claptrap to complete the mission. An exuberant Claptrap will reward you
with three additional inventory slots and he will open a closed hatch
to reveal another SILVER CHEST.

After raiding the chest and selling off unneeded equipment, go to the
New Haven Bounty Board near where you found the wounded Claptrap and
HARVEST. Head south to Scooters place, near the New-U station, and
accept his missions, SCOOTER’S USED CAR PARTS, IS T.K. OKAY and UP TO
OUR EARS. Go to see Marcus Kinkaid. He is inside the store near the
vending machines and he will give you the mission, FIREPOWER: ALL SALES

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: The two rooftop RED CHESTs referenced below will not,
unfortunately, be present if you have connected to the Internet and
downloaded the game’s DLCs. They have been “fixed.” The two REDS will
thereafter be lowly SILVERS and nothing special, making farming for
those level 25 weapons much more difficult. If you haven’t connected to
the Internet-farm away. If they aren’t there, the weapons vendors are
oftentimes a good source for high level weapons as well-just not
anywhere near as good as the vanished REDs. Woe, is me! Gloom , despair
and agony!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You now have fifteen missions in your queue, some of which could have
been done prior to entering New Haven; but there is a reason for coming
here. Two RED CHESTS that are game changers. They provide guns, shields
and class modification mods at twenty times (best guess) the rate of
those you have so far encountered; but, be careful, many of the items
will require you to be at a higher level than you are currently at in
order to use them.

There are two RED and four SILVER CHESTS that I know of, in New Haven
and near it.

The first SILVER CHEST is in the small building on the north end of New
Haven, north of the Bounty Board. Claptrap opens this after you use the
repair kit to repair him. It contains the normal gear you expect from a

Another SILVER CHEST sets on the roof of the building south of Helena
Pierce’s place on the south end. Go up the stairwell near the “dollar”
sign, turn left and jump onto the washer. From there, jump to the roof
and turn left, go past the antenna to the SILVER CHEST. It contains the
normal gear of a SILVER CHEST.

You can find a third SILVER CHEST by going to the New-U pole, on the
south end, facing north and going up the rear stairwell dead ahead.
Continue north over the plywood “bridge” and north again to the plywood
”bridge.” Jump over the handrail and go north to find another SILVER
CHEST around the first corner. It will contain normal items.

The fourth SILVER CHEST is south of town and contains normal gear. Go
south past the yellow barrel, bearing slightly right over the low path
to the left of the fence. Go up the road ahead and go under the dingy
canopy on the left. The SILVER CHEST is under the canopy and contains
normal items for your level. This area is also crawling with scythids
that will quickly gravitate to your position.

The first of the lucrative RED CHESTS is on the south side of town. Go
south from the entrance to Helena Pierces place, past the shack with
four lockers and you will come to a yellow barrel near a metal fence.
Jump onto the barrel and from there make the long jump to the roof or,
better still, use the junked countertop around the corner instead. From
there jump to the projecting metal wing and then to the buildings roof.
The RED CHEST is right there and will yield high quality items at an
exceptional rate.

The second of these lucrative RED CHESTS is on the north end of town.
Go to the north gate leading out of town, where you started the
generator, and face south. You will see a rusty blue “JAKOBS” fuel tank
near the corner of the building on the west side of the main avenue.
Jump onto the tank and then make a short jump forward to get to the
thin top of the rusty fence. From there jump and move the stick right
to get to the lower roof of the building. The RED CHEST is right there
and generates high quality merchandise equal to the one to the south.

It is up to you whether or not you want to take advantage of the bounty
provided by these two RED CHESTS. You can raid them and re-start and
raid them again and again-or not. If you do, just be aware that many of
the items procured there may require you to level up before you can
employ them. You can easily replace weapons that you need to continue
game play and end of with an awesome array of weapons that you cannot
use. As you level up, the items in these chests will not always exceed
the quality of weapons from other environmental pick-ups; but, for now,
they certainly will. You can usually acquire a Maliwan Volcano sniper
rifle and a Combustion Hellfire SMG as well as numerous other excellent
weapons here.



 FUEL FEUD (Mandatory)
Level 18; 4,800 XP; $3,844; a grenade mod
MISSION: The Bandit traffic in the Headland is extensive. If you can
take out their fuel supply, you can limit their presence and make
travel easier.
SOURCE: Mission o051 is acquired at Lucky’s Bounty Board.

Select FUEL FEUD as your active mission and fast travel from New Haven
to Lucky’s in the Dahl Headland. Generate a runner with a rocket
launcher, which is the better choice since you will be facing both
hostile runners and numerous Bandits. Drive west from Lucky’s and then
south toward the waypoint. You must pass through the building to get to
the first “fuel tank,” and the building is full of assorted scythids.
Open the door and blaze away at the scythids which are not generally
much of a threat; but there are a lot of them. Go out the back door and
shoot the first “fuel tank.” Locate the two tire piles on the northeast
side of that back area and use them to get to the roof to access a RED

Swap your active mission to, DEATH RACE PANDORA and jump down and get
to your runner.

Level 20; 5,279 XP; $4,099; a rocket launcher.
MISSION: The old Ludicrous Speedway has been overrun by scythids and
they need to be cleared out if it’s to ever re-open. Kill fifty of the
vermin to complete this quest.
SOURCE: Mission o052 is acquired at Lucky’s Bounty Board.

Drive south toward the waypoint. The “vermin” are dead ahead in small
groups that will erupt at your approach. The easiest way to get 50 is
to just run them down. Just watch out for Badass Scythids that can
badly damage the runner. You can also jump out and kill them up close
and personal for a lot of XP, Badass types yield large XP and Fire
Crawlers, Deserts and Giants are worthwhile-and an elemental artifact
is possible. This is the fun way to do this, otherwise, ordinary
mission and taking them out with small arms yields 5 times the XP as
simply running them down.

With your fifty scythids bagged, switch back to FUEL FEUD and drive
north. You may encounter a runner or two along the way. You will see
the greenish shimmer of the objective from well out but you won’t see
the dozen or so hostiles infesting the small outpost. Use the rocket
launcher, targeting the enemies as they come through the narrow gate.
The enemy will include Bruisers and Burning Psychos and an additional
runner or two will sometimes join the action. You must oftentimes drive
toward the entrance to coax out the reluctant hostiles. Enter and mop
up any survivors. Take out the second “fuel tank” and help yourself to
the two RED CHESTS.

Level 18; 6,000 XP; $7,689
MISSION: The water system is riddled with bullet holes, but it can be
repaired if you can close off three main valves so the repairs can be
SOURCE: Mission o053 is acquired at Lucky’s Bounty Board.

Switch your mission to, WELL THERES YOUR PROBLEM RIGHT THERE and make
the short drive to the northeast. Enter the opening in the rock barrier
and sprint northwest to the water tower. Interact with the valve, and
then generate a little XP by killing the hapless scythids that infest
the area.

Swap back to FUEL FEUD. Drive southeast, taking on the runners when you
cross paths and then stop north of the waypoint. Use the rocket
launcher on anyone visible to stir up the hornet’s nest. About a dozen
mixed hostiles, including at least one Badass type will guard the last
“fuel tank.” You can, however, do it another way. Drive up the hill to
the northwest of the compound and shoot the fuel tank from there. The
remaining garrison is then rather easy pickins’, or you can be
benevolent and let them live.

Swap your mission to, GHOSTS OF THE VAULT to generate a waypoint. It
will be just a short jaunt to the west.

Level 20; 5,279 XP; $2893, an artifact
MISSION: Patricia Tannis’ excavation team got spooked when “ghosts”
invaded their work site. Go there and get the vault artifact that she
believes is there.
SOURCE: Mission o054 is acquired at Lucky’s Bounty Board.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: You will require a static weapon to more easily accomplish this
mission. A static shotgun, Eridean Thunder Storm, static revolver or
other static weapon is extremely effective against the Guardians strong
shielding. The Guardians are all highly resistant to both incendiary
and caustic fire. Conventional and explosive weapons will also work but
will require a lot of ammo and you will likely receive ample damage as
you pummel the aliens. The shock artifact should be equipped for your
action skill whenever facing the Guardians.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Drive up the steep hill and use the runner’s launcher on the guys near
the left hut and then turn it on the structure dead ahead. The garrison
includes a Bruiser and several Raiders and Bandits. Move cautiously
onto the long walkway, deploying the Turret against any advance.

When the area is clear, take the elevator down and another batch of
hostiles including another Bruiser will attack. Your position is quite
exposed, so be quick to respond as you reach the bottom. Use your
grenades to soften the opposition and then deploy the Turret to quickly
eliminate the attackers. You can also stay on the platform and snipe
over the sides. Since you have the high ground a rocket launcher can
also be effective.

Go to the waypoint with full shields and the Turret available and
equipped with the shock artifact. Approach the objective. At this point
three Guardians will attack and they are highly susceptible to static
weapons and will die easily when their shields are dissipated. Deploy
the Turret and use a static weapon to make short work of them and gain
some major XP. You can also channel their approach by moving back
toward your entry point, causing them to come from only one direction.
(Note: At close range, a static sniper, used from the hip, will also do
the trick.) When you interact with the blue crystal you will receive an
explosive artifact for your Turret and the mission, GHOSTS OF THE VAULT
will be completed. Raid the RED CHEST.

Exit the cavern and get back to your runner with no further opposition.
Make WELL THERE’S YOUR PROBLEM RIGHT THERE your active mission and
drive counterclockwise around the mountain to the waypoint. The small
installation is the home to a large garrison of Bruisers, Bandits and
assorted Psychos. Use the vehicle’s rocket launcher from well out to
ravage the compound and watch out for a hostile runner. Move in and
interact with the second valve and then take the green glowing boar off
the spit. It will serve as bait in the mission, BIG GAME HUNTER.

Level 20; 3,035 XP; a revolver
MISSION: Find the four scattered parts of a revolver.
SOURCE: Mission o055 is acquired at Lucky’s Bounty Board.

The next waypoint is to the north near the Catch-A-Ride station. There
will be no opposition here unless a passing runner takes notice of you.
Change your active mission to, SCAVENGER: REVOLVER. Pick up the
revolver “body” lying on the floor of the structure north of the Catch-
A-Ride building first. Do an about face and go to the wrecked car
across the road from it. The “barrel” is inside the derelict. You must
jump onto the wreck and crouch down to get it.

Go a bit north and then circle around to your left. You will see the
third valve for a previous mission (WELL THERE’S YOUR PROBLEM RIGHT
THERE)inside a locked fence under the water tower. Jump onto the roof
of the north building, and then face north. You will see the revolver
“cylinder” on a platform there. Make a sprinting leap to get to the
platform. Jump from the platform back to the roof and from there to the
roof of the Catch-A-Ride. You will see a metal fence ahead. Jump to the
ledge in front of it. Use the boulders as stepping-stones to get to the
top. Jump onto the platform where you will get the revolver’s “sight”
and then drop down inside the locked fence to turn the last valve. Use
the barrels and crates to get out and get back to your runner.

Select BIG GAME HUNTER and drive southeast to the entrance of the

Level 20; 5,279 XP; $4,823; an elephant gun
MISSION: Skagzilla is a mutant of his kind, immune to fire, caustic and
static weapons and he is enormous and aggressive. Set the bait to lure
him out and kill the big fella.
SOURCE: Mission m056 is acquired from Ernest Whiting in mission m044.

Since you already picked up the bait (mission o054) while turning the
second valve, drive southeast to the entrance of Skagzilla’s den. Park
near the long ramp entrance and make your way to the glowing objective
at the far end of the large compound. Equip the Scorpio Turret with the
explosive artifact and yourself with your most powerful conventional
machine gun. Set the bait. Drop the Turret and, as he enters, hammer
him with machine gun fire. He will roar as he enters so try to hit him
in the open mouth for a much quicker kill. Dodge his attacks by moving
laterally and when he is dead, exit to the east, grab your runner and
follow the waypoint northeast to Ernest Whiting’s hangout to complete,

Drive south to Lucky’s Bounty Board and turn in: SCAVENGER: REVOLVER,
THERE. Fast travel to Fyrestone from Lucky’s and select, IS T.K OKAY as
your active mission.



Level 21; 6,071 XP; $8,102; a grenade mod
MISSION: Scooter is worried about his old buddy T.K. Baha and wants you
to check up on him.
SOURCE: Mission o057 is acquired from Scooter in New Haven.

Head up to T.K.s place and you will soon find that he isn’t okay. Go
out onto T.K.s back porch to find a RED CHEST. As you exit a group of
Psychos will attack from the near T.K.’s outhouse. Deploy the Turret in
the doorway and shotgun any survivors.

Level 21; 8,279 XP; $8,102: a shotgun
MISSION: An enormous fire-spitting rakk, called Mothrakk by the
terrified locals, is widely believed to be attracted to flame. Light
the torches near his feeding ground and kill him when he comes to call.
SOURCE: Mission o058 is acquired from the New Haven Bounty Board.

Select the mission, LIKE A MOTH TO A FLAME and go down to the New-U
station in Fyrestone. Fast travel to The Lost Cave and exit to the Arid
Badlands. This puts you right where you need to be. Grab a “ride” and
head to the waypoint and light the three torches.

Immediately return to the covered building at the Catch-A-Ride for
shelter. Equip a fast firing shotgun or machine gun and wait for
Mothraak to come into your sights. Hit him and duck under the roof to
avoid his deadly fireballs. A 1X blast shotgun at 31x7 with a fire rate
of 1.9 took him down in about 50 shots over 10 or 12 pass-overs. Always
have your shield at full charge before ducking out between the support
beams near the Catch-A-Ride pole. Hit him and duck under cover until he
goes down. Re-enter the Lost Cave where you can fast travel back to New
Haven. Turn in the mission: LIKE A MOTH TO A FLAME at the Bounty Board
there and then turn in, IS T.K. OKAY to Scooter near the Catch-A-Ride

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Mothrakk can also be taken out by using the runner’s machine gun,
but the problem here is getting a good lock on him. The “lock” usually
ends up locking onto a skag or a Bandit instead, or the giant Raak is
just flying too high and/or is too far away to get a lock. If you do
succeed in getting a good lock, you can take him down rather easily.
The best location for this is on the roadway east of the mission’s
beginning area, to the south of Shep’s hangout.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guns/items in inventory:
Combat rifles:
Caustic Rifle 42; 87; 15; caustic 1X; magazine of 12; 1.4 zoom
Incendiary Rifle 27; 87.5; 10; inc. 1X, magazine of 12; 1.4 zoom
Glorious Havoc 76; 68; 11.4; magazine of 72; 2.1 zoom
Incendiary Revolver 161; 88.8; 1.3; inc. 1X; 1.6 scope
Caustic Shotgun 53x9; 50; 0.9; caustic 1X; magazine of 12
Terrible Matador 42x12; 39.8; 1.3; magazine of 6; 3 projectiles
Crimson Shotgun 31x7; 62.7; 1.9; explosive, 1X, magazine of 7
Static Shotgun 27x7; 45.3; 1.0; static 2X, magazine of 7
Malevolent Thumper (SMG) 82; 90.2; 4.0; 1.7 scope, magazine of 18
Lightning Stinger (SMG) 17; 78.7; 12.5; static 3X, magazine of 39
Incendiary Thumper (SMG) 36; 85; 2.8; incendiary 2X, scoped
Burning SMG 14; 78.9; 8.3; inc. 3X
Sniper Rifles:
Fearsome Gamble (SR) 225; 88.0; 1.1; magazine of 6,1.0 zoom
Burning Sniper 125; 97.8; 0.6; inc. 4X; magazine of 3; 1.8 zoom
Detonating Sniper 180; 96.7; 0.6; exp. 3X, magazine of 3; 2.4 zoom
Static Sniper 183; 95.6; 0.6; static 2X, magazine of 6; 1.0 zoom
Caustic Sniper 110; 95.6; 0.6; caustic 2X; magazine of 6; 1.5 zoom
Shields/ grenades mods
Symmetrical healing shield 271, 60 quick health regeneration
Explosive MIRV 50
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 UP TO OUR EARS (Optional)
Level 21; 5,519 XP; $8,102
MISSION: Since the Bandit’s stranglehold on the East Commons has
tightened, the piping has been gathering all manner of debris and is
now blocked. Go there and clear the clogs.
SOURCE: Mission o059 is acquired from Scooter in New Haven.

Select the mission, UP TO OUR EARS, generate a runner and drive east
toward the waypoint. A small guard post, near the New Haven exit, will
challenge your passage. An assortment of hostiles, which can include
anything from Midget Shot Gunners to Badass Bruisers, will come out to
play. You must get clearance from Claptrap to enter Rust Commons East
this first time, so either wipe out the guard post or get the clearance
quickly and get out as soon as possible.

Drive east and then cut north toward the waypoint. A pair of assorted
hostiles will walk into the road, run them down and look ahead, a
number of rakks roost on the metal work. Use the vehicle’s turret to
take them out and continue on. You can normally just speed through this
area, leaving all the enemies behind, but this time you will be
conducting operations in this vicinity.

You need to take up a position on the high ground east of the target,
but more rakks, possibly including a Corrosive or a deadly Fire Rakk
may swoop in. Target them with your vehicle’s turret, and when they are
down, drive onto the ground overlooking the target. A couple of
spiderants will erupt, so run them down. As you look west toward the
waypoint, you will see the green glowing obstructions in the two pipes.
Target them with a sniper or combat rifle to satisfy the mission specs.
Select SEEK OUT TANNIS as your active mission.

 SEEK OUT TANNIS (Mandatory)
Level 21; 2,759 XP; $2,700
MISSION: Talk to Claptrap and he’ll open the gate so you can enter Rust
Commons West to see Patricia Tannis.
SOURCE: Mission m060 is acquired from Helena Pierce at the conclusion
of mission m049.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: You will have talked to the Claptrap near the Rust Commons West
entry portal during mission o059, satisfying the first spec of this
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Drive south and then cut north past the facility where you just cleared
the pipes. You can stop to take out its six or more assorted bad guys
and raid the RED CHEST on its upper walkway but it probably won’t be
worth the effort although you can gain some XP by doing so. You can
also clear this facility, raid the RED CHEST and take out the clogs
from the rear ground level area instead of using the high ground and
dealing with the rakks.

Continue north through the spiderant infested area and cross the river
again. Go up the hill and turn east, crossing the bridge. A lone Badass
type always guards the east end of this bridge and if you stop and take
him out, you can get major XP and access to the RED CHEST just west of
his hut. Go east and approach the vendors near the entrance to Rust
Commons East. This will add “The Underpass” to the fast travel network.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Just east of the The Underpass there is an entry portal for Rust
Commons East; and above it, on the mountainside, there is a RED CHEST.
Go up the steep pathway just south of the portal, past the circular
hut, across the ramp and past the two red canopies. There is a RED
CHEST at the lookout area to their north. Five raaks will attack as you
approach the RED CHEST. You can jump down from there to the vending
area. There is also a tent with a large number of cash containers below
the lookout. Just look down over the north end to locate them.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: While not as prolific for leveling as is The Lost Cave in the
Arid Badlands, the area near The Underpass is a good area for gaining
XP and for harvesting the four nearby RED CHESTS. From The Underpass,
drive west and stop just before crossing the bridge. A lone Badass type
mans the guard post and will emerge from the circular hut. He can net
nearly 3,000 XP for a low twenties level player, if you take him down
with small arms fire. The RED CHEST to the west of the hut often
contains usable gear as well.

Turn around and head eastward, curling back to the west when clear of
the rock ledge, heading for the northwest part of the sector. Take the
pathway to the north of the rock arch, heading for the rocky tower
ahead. There are two RED CHESTS near the cliff to the northwest. It is
also the lair of 50 or more spiderants. You can simply run them down
for good XP, watching the integrity of your shields as you do, or you
can take them down with small arms, yielding 5 times the XP as running
them down. You will eventually encounter every type of spiderant here,
with multiple Badass types and Kings and Queens among the victims. This
task can be made less painful by getting onto the rock ledge below the
conical outcropping to the west of the area near the canopy. A small
boulder at the foot of the ledge, on its west side, will allow you to
reach the flat ledge. From atop the ledge near the larger conical rock
you can use a scoped weapon or a scoped masher revolver, an excellent
choice, to target the continually erupting spiderants below. Only an
occasional lower level spiderant will be able to get onto the ledge,
allowing you to pick the vermin off at leisure. The two RED CHESTs near
the cliffs also yield decent gear and the two nearby vending areas will
easily allow you to sell the surplus. If you repeat this you can level
up fairly rapidly, completing a few “Challenges” and leveling up your
weapon proficiencies as well. You will also get an occasional artifact
from the Badass types. The yield begins to taper off rapidly once you
reach level 26, but up until that point this area is an XP and looting
gold mine.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

SEEK OUT TANNIS (continued)
Continue north from The Underpass toward the objective-Patricia Tannis’
camp. Use your sniper rifle to pick off the spiderants in the swampy
area below the narrow entry area to Tannis’ camp. The spiderants won’t
normally come up the slope. The four or five spiderants sometimes
include Queens, Kings and high level types, and they are worth a few

Equip your shotgun and enter the narrow passage. Use your shotgun on
the dozen or so low level spiderants, and deploy the Turret if you are
overwhelmed or against any tougher types, that are possible. There is a
small grotto near an ammo chest on the southwest side of the area that
will allow you to force the spiderants into a narrow killing zone if

With the initial spiderants under control and your shield recharged,
continue the final lap, shotgun in hand. As you head north under the
broken rock arch, a second smaller wave of spiderants will attack and a
Badass type will erupt during this initial entry into the area. Deploy
the Turret and deal with him and his cronies.

Rakks will be perched on the overhead arches, hanging bat-like. Use
your sniper rifle to take one out, and then stand your ground in the
east approach and eliminate them as they swoop down at you. Go to see
Patricia Tannis to complete, SEEK OUT TANNIS. As this mission is
completed, she will offer you the mission, MEET CRAZY EARL. Accept the
mandatory mission.

Go behind the building and you will find a SILVER CHEST near the rock
wall. Look due west from there and you will see the first of two RED
CHESTS. The first is atop the gray rock structures. Jump onto the low
flat rock ruins and move west toward the first RED. Make the final jump
across the gap. The next is to the west of it and is under the perch of
several rakks. Snipe them and have your shotgun ready as you move in.
Raid the RED CHEST.  Jump down near the RED CHEST, which is near the
exit. The spiderants near the exit may have re-spawned. Either get back
to your runner or plant the Turret in the narrow entry/exit passage for
some easy XP.

Level 23; 6,000 XP; $20,328
MISSION: Locate five of Patricia Tannis’ Journals scattered around the
West Commons and turn them over to the New Haven Bounty Board.
SOURCE: Mission o061 is acquired from the New Haven Bounty Board.

Swap your active mission to, HIDDEN JOURNALS: RUST COMMONS WEST. The
first Journal is in the top center of the Rust Commons West map-to the
northwest of “The Underpass.” “Day 224” is sitting on a box between two
circular huts and you can simply grab it and run, get in your runner
and speed off. “Rakkinishu”, a giant fire spitting rakk, will attack
you if you linger. If you want to take him out, you can duck into
either hut to shotgun it, ducking for cover into the hut just like you
did for Mothrack. He is good for several thousand XP if you kill him,
and his drops can include both weapons and shields. Like Mothrakk, you
can also use the runner’s turret on him-the machine gun works best;
and, in this case, getting a lock on the giant raak is not difficult.
Just back off when he spews fire and keep hammering him with the

The next waypoint is well to the south and is well defended. There will
likely be seven defenders and a Bruiser will be among them. Begin
eliminating them with your vehicle’s turret from either the riverbed or
from the hillside to the north of the structures. Watch out for low-
level spiderants just before the hill area. There is a RED CHEST on the
top level of the tall structure. Journal “Day 321” is on the south side
of the stream, sitting on a crate on the low platform. Numerous lockers
and ammo cases make this a good spot to loot for money and ammo.

Journal “Day 457” is south of these structures. Drive south in the
river. The swooping rakks can be taken out with the turret and the few
spiderants that infest the area are easily killed. Just avoid the
explosive barrels lying in the river. “Day 457” is in the metal shack
near the three giant dandelion-like plants.

Journal “Day 481” is atop a tall observation tower to the southeast.
Continue southeast from “Day 457” to intersect the road. Go east,
continuing east when the road ends. This will put you in the far
eastern corridor. Avoid the explosive barrels-they will take you out.

As you make the turn due south, an initial wave of rakks and assorted
spiderants will erupt. Near the dam a long stairwell leads to a SILVER
CHEST, but your advent triggers a second horde of assorted spiderants.
Take the trouble to clear them out or they will worry your back as you
take on the hostiles ahead. There is also a good chance of acquiring an
artifact here as well.

Continue south and when you see the huge overhead rock arch, stop and
man the gunner’s seat. Take out the hanging rakks and then any others
that come at you. Dismount and move forward until the Gatling Turret’s
laser betrays its position. Use your sniper rifle to take out the gun
from the relative safety of the east rock face. If you can find a good
spot where you cannot be targeted you can also take out the Gatling
with the vehicle’s rocket launcher. Four additional hostiles must also
be put down as you approach the tower. Climb the three long stairwells
to the top for Journal “Day 481.”

The last Journal “Day 493” is laying on a table under a red awning not
too far north of the east corridors entry point, but it is defended by
three hostiles. You can actually drive in, take the Journal and git’
without a fight, if so inclined.



The last three Rust Commons missions in your log: SCOOTER’S USED CAR
take place in the southern area and will be pursued concurrently.

Level 21; 4,140 XP; $10,803
MISSION: Collect seven stolen parts of a runner for Scooter.
SOURCE: Mission o062 is acquired from Scooter in New Haven.

Select SCOOTER’S USED CAR PARTS and drive south, entering the west
passage northwest of the Catch-A-Ride, as is seen on your map, through
the narrow opening. Drive forward and backwards to decimate the low
level spiderants. Continue past the Catch-A-Ride and park your vehicle.

Advance toward the large open area to the south and use the cover of
the metal barrier to snipe the guys ahead. They will include assorted
Bandits, Psychos, Bruisers and probably a Badass type. A Gatling Gun,
up high and to your left, will open up as you advance. Use your sniper
rifle on it from near the entrance, using the cargo container for
cover. Clear the compound of visible hostiles and move toward the first

You will see a glowing green item near a wooden crate at the base of a
tall billboard. Interact with it to get the “front fender.” The next
waypoint is to the east where you will find the “rear fender” near a
metal shack near two item lockers. There is a SILVER CHEST just
southwest of your position. The first “fuel cell” is near the
pipeline’s support column, north of the store with the vending

Level 21; 5,520 XP; $10,803
MISSION: Marcus wants to know who is supplying the Bandit’s munitions.
Find the invoice and return it to him.
SOURCE: Marcus Kinkaid at the New Haven weapons shop gives mission o063
shortly after you enter New Haven for the first time.

Switch the mission to, FIREPOWER: ALL SALES ARE FINAL to generate a new
waypoint. Pick up the invoice from the table under the red canopy near
the vending machine.

Switch back to, SCOOTER’S USED CAR PARTS and jump onto the nearby
support column and then jump onto the roof of the store to find the
second “rear fender.” From the rooftop, looking south, you can see the
second “front fender” near a large shipping container.  You will likely
encounter resistance here, so use the high area to snipe the enemy
below. Clear all opposition before moving to the waypoint.

Yet another Gatling Gun will now open up, this time from high on top of
the canopy to the west of the store. It can be taken out from right
there where you picked up the “front fender”.  Four or five sniper
rounds will do the trick and from there the gunner cannot target you.
The second “fuel cell” is in a pool of scum below the Gatling’s perch
on the west side of the store.

The “rusty engine” is on top of a cargo container near the center of
the area and south of the store. Jump from the south container to the
north to get to it.

 MEET CRAZY EARL: (Mandatory)
Level 22; 2,880 XP; $3025
MISSION: Go to the scrap yard and blast your way in to see Crazy Earl.
SOURCE: The mission m064 is acquired from Patricia Tannis upon
completion of mission m060 SEEK OUT TANNIS.

Before continuing the mission, SCAVENGER: SUBMACHINE GUN, select MEET
CRAZY EARL to generate a waypoint and enter the scrap yard to the
southwest. Five assorted skags, with low level, Corrosive and Adults
among them, prowl the entryway and will need killing each time you head
this way; and they will get progressively tougher and will eventually
include elemental types. You will find the way blocked at the narrow
passage-just shoot the red pressure cylinder to open up the path. This
action satisfies the specs for MEET CRAZY EARL, but go talk to the
cantankerous old coot to complete the mission and to acquire, GET OFF
MY LAWN and TODAY’S LESSON: HIGH EXPLOSIVES. Accept both missions.

Switch to SCAVENGER: SUBMACHINE GUN to generate a waypoint and head
back out. Enter Rust Commons West, kill the few Bandits that get in
your way and go out the south gate.

Level 23; 3,450 XP; an SMG
MISSION: Find the four scattered parts of the submachine gun.
SOURCE: Mission o065 is acquired at the New Haven Board.

Grab a runner at The Outeryard’s Catch-A-Ride, which places it on the
fast travel net. It is to the east of the exit. Drive south, bearing
west toward the waypoint. Stop at the narrow opening between the
shipping containers and start sniping the hostiles. You can see three
of the four parts from there–one dead ahead, one on the nearby shipping
container and two high to the right. After clearing the area jump from
the rocky slope to the container to get the “barrel.”

Several Bandits and Psychos will come through the gate to the west and
must be dealt with. Go through the gate on the west end and make a
right and go up the slope and go east across the metal ramp. Additional
Psychos may appear here as well. The “body” is on a narrow ledge on the
side of the building. Drop down to get it. Jump from that ledge to the
top of the gray column and then to the corrugated platform. From there
a tricky jump will get you to the roof for the “sight.” Jump parallel
to the roof past the beam, or the beam will just knock you to the
ground, and move the stick hard left to gain the roof. I find this jump
aggravating and usually repeat the procedure several times to get it
right. Drop to the ground and take the final piece, the “magazine.” It
is lying in a tire in front of the building.

Exit this area and grab a runner from the Catch-A-Ride to the east. We
are now going to put Treacher’s Landing on the fast travel network. As
you drive south into the extreme southeast lobe of the Rust Commons
West map, numerous spiderants, some of the Badass variety, will pop up.
Use the vehicle to run the eight or more vermin down, or dismount and
do it the hard way for additional XP.

Once the spiderants are cleared, set up shop in the narrow opening to
the southern guard post and begin sniping the four or five hostiles in
the compound beyond. If you have eliminated the spiderants, this is an
easy one front skirmish. The reward is a SILVER CHEST, atop the
observation platform, and the ability to reach Treacher’s Landing via
the fast travel network and a bunch of XP for the deceased, human and
not. There is also a fast travel New-U station at Treacher’s Landing;
so, once inside, you can travel painlessly back to New Haven to turn
in, FIREPOWER: ALL SALES ARE FINAL to Marcus Kinkaid and he will offer,

Level 21; 5,519 XP; $10,803; an SMG
MISSION: Marcus believes One-Eyed Jack is storing ammo at his
warehouse, and is destroying Marcus’ business. Take out the six ammo
caches to “correct” the situation.
SOURCE: The mission o066 was acquired during mission o065 from Marcus
Kinkaid in the New Haven weapon shop after completion of mission o063.

Select FIREPOWER: MARKET CORRECTION and fast travel to The Underpass.
Drive east over the bridge and cut south, crossing the river but
turning left before reaching the second river.

As you drive up the grade toward the objective, about a dozen low-level
spiderants will erupt. Drive them down to keep them off your back.
Drive up to the entry area and begin targeting the hostiles with the
vehicle’s rocket launcher. You can thin the opposition and then finish
clearing the lower area on foot. Bruisers and perhaps a Badass type
will be among the dozen or so defenders.

The “first” cache is on the east side of the compound and will most
likely go down in the firefight from your initial rocket fire. Be aware
that blowing up the piles can damage you as well-so stay back when
taking them out. There is a SILVER CHEST near the east cache. From that
SILVER CHEST, look through the doorway on your right. Take out the
“two” ammo caches (two and three) and then check out the SILVER CHEST
across from them. The “fourth” cache is on top of the gray building to
the north side of the area. It is in plain view, and is reached via the
ramp on the rear side of the building.

From the rooftop go north across the ramp and then east up the rocky
incline for numbers “five” and “six.” A lone Bandit will come out of
the shack to challenge you there.

Drive north to The Underpass and fast travel to Crazy Earl’s Scrap
yard. Select the mission, GET OFF MY LAWN.

 GET OFF MY LAWN: (Mandatory)
Level 22; 4,320 XP; $3,025
MISSION: Earl has trespassers crawlin’ all over his property, human and
non’ and he wants you to make em’ dead afore he’ll talk to you. Kill 3
spiderants and 25 Bandits to make him happy.
SOURCE: The mission m067 was acquired from Crazy Earl during mission

Kill the skags on your way to Earl’s and go left into the northern part
of the scrap yard. The required three spiderants can be targeted even
before you enter the north passage, as seen on your map. As you move
over the staging and into the metal passage along the way you will see
the first Bandits and they you will see you. Begin sniping from the
broken hulk of the container. Continue a clockwise sweep. You will
encounter small groups of assorted Bandits. Stop before you cross the
south ramp, which goes east, as seen on your map. You will face at
least two Bruisers and an assortment of Bandits in the compound beyond.
Deploy the Turret and when you have cleared the area go to the wounded
Claptrap you can see thrashing about under the reddish canopy.

Level 22; 1,440 XP; three inventory slots.
MISSION: Locate a repair kit and fix the Claptrap.
SOURCE: This mission was acquired during mission m067-see it for

The waypoint for the repair kit is just a short distance to the
southeast but is up high on a platform; but, for once, there is a
shortcut to it. Jump onto the refrigerator (with the green light) and
then onto the boulder where you can shelter behind the metal barricade.
Use this cover to eliminate the half-dozen hostiles that will
challenge. Some will emerge from the nearby round hut. Use grenades and
small arms to clear the area and then vault to the platform. You can
use the ledge to the rear of the hut if needed to clear the area. Take
the repair kit and help yourself to the RED CHEST. Go southwest from
there to find another RED CHEST before returning to the platform with
the first RED CHEST. Jump down to complete the repair and the mission.

Continue around the loop to get the required 25 kills, and be aware
that the next group frequently contains a Badass and one or more
Bruisers. If you continue the clockwise loop going east and then south,
you will encounter 8 or more spiderants, some of them Boss types.

After you make the turn to the west, a small group of Bandits will
challenge your incursion. Make your way to the west and jump down near
the RED CHEST that you raided earlier. With 25 Bandit and 3 spiderant
kills in the bag, return toward Earl’s place but take the southeastern
route after activating the mission, TODAY’S LESSON: HIGH EXPLOSIVES

Level 22; 7,200 XP; $9,075; a grenade mod.
MISSION:  The Bandits have stolen the C-charges. Show em’ what’s what.
Go there, set the charges and blow the place up.
SOURCE: The mission m069 was acquired from Crazy Earl during mission

Take the southeast route, as seen on your map. You will encounter the
first hostiles just before the narrow passage widens, not too far from
the SILVER CHEST on the right side of the passage. As you cross the
metal ramp way and enter the big area with the many barrels, several
Bandits, including a Bruiser, will attack. Use the barrels and hope
they don’t. It is advisable to destroy any barrels that you will be
near in this area. Raid the SILVER CHEST. There is another SILVER CHEST
farther south on this same ramp at the lower end.

Make a long jump onto the corrugated iron platform to raid the RED
CHEST. Snipe the two snarling skags below and then jump down and begin
the long clockwise circuit around the north perimeter of the area.
About half-a-dozen skags will occupy this area. At the east end you
will encounter several Bandits with charging Psychos likely.

Move up the long metal ramp after clearing the place and jump down near
the New-U station. Another group of Bandits will attack as you move
south. Use the metal beams in the water as cover to wipe them out.
Watch out for flankers, especially Psychos.

Look toward the waypoint. The area is defended by six hostiles. Draw
them out by hitting the explosive barrel or tossing a grenade into
their hideout from a distance.

Go up into the compound to get the C-charge. Check out the SILVER
CHEST. You must now go north and make a counterclockwise loop on the
elevated walkways, as indicated by the narrow ramp way on your map.
Before you go onto the ramp, clear the low area. Several Bandits will
emerge there and hit you from behind if you don’t deal with them. Go up
the ramp and use the volatile barrel ahead if possible to clear any
hostile at the top of the ramp. Continue around up the ramp, going left
at “piss off”. You will likely meet a few hostiles at the top of the
ramp before you turn left. They will emerge from the hut ahead, to the
south. If they don’t, draw them out or watch your back as you advance
toward the objective. After turning left onto the long walkway you will
see hostiles on the high ground. There will be about ten in all.

Begin sniping from the building. Psychos will periodically come down
the ramp from the high ground as will an occasional Bandit. Finish
clearing the upper area. Head to the waypoint and set the charge. Get
back. The explosion will open the way to a pair of RED CHESTS just to
the north. Make your way out or just re-set to emerge at the entrance
to the scrap yard. Two small groups of hostiles will likely have re-
spawned if you walk out. Turn in both, TODAY’S LESSON: HIGH EXPLOSIVES
and GET OFF MY LAWN to Crazy Earl. Earl will give you the mandatory
mission, HAIR OF THE DOG. Accept it.



Level 21; 5,519 XP; $2,700; a corrosive artifact
MISSION: Go to Tetanus Warrens and gather 50 corrosive crystals.
SOURCE: The mission o070 is acquired at the New Haven Bounty Board.

Fast travel to New Haven and generate a runner. Drive southwest out of
town until the road is blocked near the New-U pole. Trek north on foot
toward the objective-Tetanus Warrens. A few scythids will pester you as
you head toward the small Bandit camp ahead. Stay along the west wall
and begin sniping the six Bandits ahead. Watch out for rushing Psychos.
Continue north through the break in the fence going straight for the
waypoint. Take out the half-dozen Midget Psychos if they challenge your
approach to the Tetanus Warrens portal.

Start into the cave and take your first five crystals without
opposition. Just past the metal gate a small group of spiderants will
need killing before you can harvest the next ten crystals. Take the
next five where the grotto widens and spiderants including a Badass
type will erupt before you reach the whimpering Claptrap on the left
side of the area. Deploy the Turret, equipped with the explosive
artifact and take out the vermin. Interact with the Claptrap near the
sunken containers and accept the repair mission.

Level 21; 1,379 XP; three inventory slots
MISSION: find the repair kit and return to Claptrap.
SOURCE: This mission was acquired during mission o070-see it for

Take the next ten crystals and, before continuing up the west corridor,
take out the half dozen mixed Bandits in the western cavern near the
Claptrap. Use the cover of the metal entry to snipe at them. A RED
CHEST is on the platform in the rear of the grotto.

Continue north, deeper into the west corridor. Take the next five
crystals after passing the New-U station and you will see a Bandit camp
just ahead. For now bypass the hostiles in the grotto on the east side
of the area to prevent a two-front battle. From your position south of
the camp, begin sniping and deploying the Turret against the Bandits,
which will probably have a Psycho or two among them. The volatile
barrel dead ahead can often be helpful. Four more hostiles will attack
from the low area as you make the turn eastward. Continue harvesting
the crystals as you proceed.

When all is clear, move toward the waypoint and go up the metal ramp
near the boar on a spit. Walk onto the red canopy, face north, and take
a sprinting leap to next red canopy. Face southwest and locate the
protruding metal platform. Jump to the corrugated platform. Crouch and
walk over the bracing toward the kit.

There is another grotto on the northwest side of the Bandit camp, as
seen on your map. Harvest the last of the required crystals there and
be prepared for the spiderants. When they erupt, deploy the Turret and
watch it to eat em’ up. Advance a bit when the first wave is history to
coax another wave. Help yourself to the RED CHEST.

Swap your active mission to KING TOSSING.

 KING TOSSING: (Optional)
Level 21; 5,243 XP; $5,401; an SMG called The Spy
MISSION: King Pee Wee is a drunken terror and he and his legions are a
real threat to New Haven. Kill him to end his reign.
SOURCE: The mission o072 is acquired from the New Haven Bounty Board.
It should be pursued concurrently with the missions, o070 and o071.

King Pee Wee’s lair is on the far eastern side of the Warrens past the
repair kit. A Bandit camp lies between you and the King. Six or seven
hostiles, including Psychos, will have to be killed before the gate
opens to allow you in. Use the elevated position the platform provides,
where you made the first repair kit jump, to snipe down into the
encampment. Equip the Turret with the explosive artifact and have a
fast firing conventional weapon or potent shotgun in hand as you
advance toward the King’s lair.

King Pee Wee isn’t very tough. He has some sort of melee device and
will periodically broadcast a static ring. If the Turret doesn’t kill
him outright, just keep your distance and finish him off. On the
extreme east side of the cavern there is a lowered gate and inside
there is a RED CHEST.

Begin the long counterclockwise sprint back toward the Claptrap before
the Bandits begin to re-spawn. You will find another RED CHEST in the
dead-end area east of the New-U station south of the first Bandit camp.
It will be occupied by five hostiles, possibly including a Bruiser.
Return to Claptrap to complete the repair.

You can re-start and find yourself at the Tetanus Warrens entrance or
retrace your steps out. The spiderants will have re-spawned. You can
usually sprint through them, or you can score some XP on the spiderants
during your exit.

Fast travel to New Haven. Turn in, FIREPOWER: MARKET CORRECTION at
Marcus’ place and he will give you, FIREPOWER: PLIGHT OF THE MIDDLE
MAN. Accept it and head for the New Haven Bounty Board. Turn in KING
TOSSING and CORROSIVE CRYSTAL HARVEST. Go to Helena Pierce’s place and
she will give you the mission JACK’S OTHER EYE. Accept it.

 JACK’S OTHER EYE: (Optional)
Level 223; 6,000 XP; $10,164, and The Sentinel, a combat rifle.
MISSION: One-Eyed Jack is livid about your treatment of his ammo caches
and has dastardly designs on New Haven. Kill him before he acts.
SOURCE: This mission was acquired from Helena Pierce during mission
o072, King Tossing.

Select JACK’S OTHER EYE and fast travel to The Underpass. The waypoint
is south of The Underpass and you’ve been there before, destroying
Jack’s ammo caches. Drive west from the The Underpass and cut south,
crossing the first river and turning back east toward the waypoint.

Once again take out the dozen or so spiderants that erupt as you drive
up the incline toward the waypoint. Drive slowly onto the raised lip at
the entrance, but don’t enter the enclosed area. Jack will begin a
stroll from left to right. When he is clear of the building drive in
and run him down. You can also target him with the rocket launcher but
if you miss he can do some serious damage to your vehicle and to you
with his explosive revolver, Madjack. The compound has about ten
defenders but Jack is the priority. Kill everyone else and take his
“Eye.” Raid the two SILVER CHESTS if you have re-started since last
visiting Jack’s property.

Select FIREPOWER: PLIGHT OF THE MIDDLE MAN as your active mission.

Level 23 6,000 XP; $6,776; a combat rifle
MISSION: Destroy more of the now late One-Eyed Jack’s ammo caches and
get evidence of his activities.
SOURCE: This mission was acquired from Marcus Kinkaid in the New Haven
weapon shop, during mission o072.

Return to The Underpass and fast travel to The Outeryard. Sprint south
staying on the west side of the road to keep from disturbing the local
spiderants. Take up a position near the metal barrier with the three
support beams north of the main structure on the west side of the
roadway. Face the waypoint and begin sniping the four or five
defenders. Destroy the two caches; one is outside the main building and
one is outside the shack to its north, remembering to stay clear of the

Enter the building and go up the ramps and look east across the long
walkway to the next building. Take out the cache with your sniper rifle
and anyone in the area or anyone coming to investigate the event. When
all is quiet advance a bit onto the ramp to draw out its defenders.
Deal with the Bandits with small arms and deploy the Turret if a Badass
type makes an appearance.

While still on the ramp, take out the two visible caches below. Watch
out for one or more Burning Psychos as you descend the stairwell. Take
out the fourth cache on the lower level. Go left to the glowing
container and take the “evidence” to complete the mission specs.

Make HAIR OF THE DOG your active mission and retrace your inward route,
sprinting north to the Catch-A-Ride station at the Outeryard. Fast
travel to Treacher’s Landing.

 HAIR OF THE DOG: (Mandatory)
Level 23; 4,950 XP; $5,082
MISSION: Earl likes the moonshine the Bandits brew out at Treacher’s
Landing. Kill 24 bandits to get 24 bottles of booze for Crazy Earl.
SOURCE: This mission is acquired from Crazy Earl when mission m069,

You can bag several hostiles before departing the area by the New-U
station. Each deceased Bandit will drop a bottle of booze that you must
collect. You will need 24 bottles in all. There is a SILVER CHEST in
the first building to the left of the entry. Move toward the general
waypoint, which will not change during this mission, and take out the
three or more hostiles near the ramp to the high platform. Snipe from
the platform. Jump down, collect the booze and go straight up the long
ramp way to the top and snipe to the south. Watch out for Psychos
coming up to you.

Descend the long ramp and make your way to your victims using the
system of ramps to the south to collect the bottles. Work your way to
the bulging southern area just before the long jetty. Harvest the boys
and get their booze. Go up the long ramp on the guard tower in the
center of the bulge to find a RED CHEST. If you still need more bottles
of booze, harvest a Bandit or two by sniping the Bandits on the long
southern jetty.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: There are three SILVER CHESTS on the long wharf that juts
southeast into the bay. There are over a dozen hostiles in this area
and one or more will snipe at you from the tall structure. The first
SILVER CHEST is atop that structure on the east side of the main wharf.
You can get to it via the crates on the north side of the structure.

The second SILVER CHEST is on the south end of the wharf atop the
shipping containers. Approaching it will cause a small group of Bandits
to emerge from the containers. You can get to the chest by jumping onto
the western corner pillar and then getting atop the container. From
there jump to the container across from it and then use the crate to
get to the SILVER CHEST on the container above.

The third SILVER CHEST is on the roof of the building to the east. You
can see it from where you found the second chest. Leap onto the cargo
container from your high perch and then jump to the roof of the large
structure to reach it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You should have your 24 bottles, so you can head back or re-start to
find yourself at the entrance of the Landing; but on the extreme
southeast side of the Landing, you will see a protruding boat dock on
your map. A boat is moored there. On it there is a RED CHEST. This is
not required but if you’re interested, use the heavily defended ramps
to the east to get to the southern shoreline, or take to the water,
wading to the objective with little or no opposition. After raiding the
RED CHEST work your way north. You will encounter eight or more
hostiles, with a Boss-type or two among their ranks. Another RED CHEST
sits atop the platform where you must jump down to get to the exit. The
hostiles may be back in this area, so be ready if they are.

Use the New-U station to fast travel to the scrap yard. Kill the five
skags and turn in, HAIR OF THE DOG to Crazy Earl and he will give you
the missions, THE NEXT PIECE and EARL NEEDS FOOD: BADLY. Accept both
missions and use the scrap yard’s New-U station to fast travel to New
Haven. Turn in FIREPOWER: PLIGHT OF THE MIDDLE MAN to Marcus Kinkaid.
Go see Helena Pierce’s and turn in JACK’S OTHER EYE. Helena Pierce will
give you the mission, MIDDLE OF NOWHERE NO MORE… Accept it and head
over to the New Haven Bounty Board and accept the mission, MISSING



Level 24; 1,560 XP; $3,794
MISSION: Shawn Stokely, a New Haven resident, is missing, and it is
believed that he disappeared while searching for his wayward son Jed.
Try to locate Shawn.
SOURCE: The mission o076 is acquired at the New Haven Bounty Board.
Details are in mission m075.

The waypoint is at the extreme southwest end of the New Haven map. Take
a runner and go southwest without opposition, stopping at the ramp then
going up to the overhead structures. Pick up the deceased Shawn’s
Journal to complete the mission on the spot and to get the mission, TWO
WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT.  Accept the mission, and drive back to New Haven.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Guns/items in inventory
Combat rifles:
Genocide Raven 87; 94.3; 13; magazine of 21; 1.4 zoom; 2 projectiles
The Sentinel 70; 90.3; 7.7; magazine of 12; caustic 1X
Incendiary rifle 27; 87.5; 10; magazine of 12; inc. 1X; 1.4 zoom
Support machine gun 86; 75; 4.5, magazine of 50
Cruel Firehawk 82; 92.4; 2.5; magazine of 12; inc. 4x
Lightning Justice 230; 96.4; 1.3; magazine of 2; static 3X; 3.7 zoom
Caustic Law 242; 90.0; 1.9; magazine of 2; caustic 2X; 3.7 zoom;
Swift Masher 43x7; 73.8; 1.9;magazine of 6; 3.7 zoom
Incendiary Shotgun 39x9; 35; 1.4; magazine of 6 inc. 1x; 2.7 zoom
Caustic Shotgun 63x9; 50.0; 0.9; magazine of 12; caustic 1X
Blast Shotgun 43x7; 55.1; 1.0; magazine of 8; explosive 1X
Hunters Shotgun 65x7; 71.7; 0.9; magazine of 6
Lightning Shotgun 37x7; 61.1; 1.3; magazine of 5 static 3x; 1.7 zoom
Lightning SMG 25; 92.3; 8.3; magazine of 36; static 3X; 2.4 zoom
Burning SMG 43; 87.2; 8.3; magazine of 36; inc. 3X
Incendiary SMG 47; 78.7; 6.9; magazine of 46; inc. 2X; 1.7 zoom
Caustic SMG 40; 85; 8.1; magazine of 46; caustic 1X
Caustic SMG 41; 76.3; 8.3; magazine of 46; caustic 2X; 3.0 zoom
Violent SMG 55, 75.3; 10; magazine of 46; 2.4 zoom
Sniper rifles:
Fearsome Volcano 277; 98.6; 0.8; magazine of 6; inc. 4X
Liquid Sniper 282; 92.3; 3.1, magazine of 5; 2.7 zoom
Static Wrath  195; 97.3; 1.5; magazine of 6; static 3X; 2.4 zoom
Detonating Sniper 188; 96.7; 0.6; magazine 3; explosive 3X; 2.4 zoom
Pestilent Sniper 179; 96.7; 0.8; magazine of 3; caustic 4X

Shield 449; 87
Exp MIRV 50
Mod: 10X ammo regeneration
Mod: 1x shield regeneration and 2x health regeneration
Mod: Plus 65% magazine size (all weapon types)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Level 24; 4,680 XP; $3,794, a class mod.
MISSION: The Bounty Board in Rust Commons East has been down for a
while, and if you find Hudson Johns you may be able to get it up and
SOURCE: the mission o077 is acquired from Helena Pierce in New Haven.
See mission m075 for details.

Fast travel to The Underpass. Generate a runner and head toward the
waypoint-Rust Commons East. Take the road east and then swing south, to
arrive at the overhead complex that is the Middle of Nowhere Bounty
Board. Go up the ramps and interact with the broken Bounty Board. Head
to the shack east of the Bounty Board, crossing the long ramp, to talk
to the facilities custodian, Mr. Hudson Johns. Interacting with Mr.
Johns will complete the mission, MIDDLE OF NOWHERE NO MORE and activate

Level 24; 6,240 XP; $15,178
MISSION: The Bounty Board isn’t working because its fuses are missing.
Find three fuses in the hopes that one is a good one.
SOURCE: The mission o078 is acquired from Hudson Johns at the shack
accessible by the long ramp way.

You will find the fuses far to the north of the Bounty Board on Trashy
Knoll. Drive north and then east at the tall billboard on the broken
roadway. Swing north at the wind turbine near Trashy Knoll. Harvest the
dozen or so scythids that erupt on the incline for some easy XP.

The mission’s waypoint does not give you the location of the fuses. It
only serves as a trigger point for the onslaught of scythids that will
pester you as you search the random scattered skag piles for the fuses.
The first fuse is always in the skag pile to the left of the entry
point. You can actually gain at lot of XP by harvesting the two-dozen
or so scythids in this area. A potent shotgun with good accuracy makes
this harvesting a breeze.

When you have the three fuses, return to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty
Board and interact with Mr. Hudson Johns to complete the mission. He
will ask a favor and give you, MIDDLE OF NOWHERE: NO SMALL FAVOR.
Accept it and make it your active mission.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: There is a SILVER CHEST on the rooftop of the structure south of
Trashy Knoll. It will be manned by about 5 hostiles. Access it via the
stairwell on the south side and the low roof east of the stairwell.
There is also a weapons vendor at that location.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Level: 24; 6,240 XP; $15,178
MISSION: Hudson has a problem, some nearby spiderants are causing a
ruckus and he asks a favor-kill em’ while he gets the Bounty Board up
and running.
SOURCE: The mission o079 is acquired from Hudson Johns at the shack
accessible by the long ramp way.

The troublesome spiderants are just a short distance away to the
northwest. Take a runner, equipped with a rocket launcher, and head for
the waypoint. Back off when they erupt and begin the carnage. You can
oftentimes bag a Boss-type spiderant for some extra XP after the
required five go down.

Turn the mission in by talking to Hudson Johns. He will give you the
will also be a number of missions available at the Middle Of Nowhere
Bounty Board. The Bounty Board there will give you, ALTAR EGO: BURNING
HUDDEN JOURNALS: RUST COMMONS EAST. Accept all four missions.

Select MIDDLE OF NOWHERE NO MORE: SCOOT ON BACK and head for New Haven
via the New-U station there at the Middle of Nowhere.

Level: 24; 6,240 XP; $7,589; a shield
MISSION: Report that the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board is back in
business to Helena Pierce and tell Scooter to come pay a visit.
SOURCE: The mission o080 is acquired from Hudson Johns at the shack
accessible by the long ramp way.

Report to Helena Pierce to complete, MIDDLE OF NOWHERE: SCOOT ON BACK
and then fast travel back to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board and
select, ALTAR EGO: BURNING HERESY as your active mission.

Level 24; 6,240 XP; $7,589; a shield
MISSION: A new Bandit “religion” is entering the region, and before it
is forced down the local’s throats, you need to destroy their three
SOURCE: The mission o081 is acquired from The Middle Of Nowhere Bounty

The waypoint for the fist “Scripture” is in an isolated area far to the
north of the Middle Of Nowhere Bounty Board. Except for an assortment
of spiderants, which erupt from the lagoon near the altar, there is no
opposition. The spiderants make for good target practice; or, if you
get in and out quickly, you can easily avoid them. If you want some XP
make your way onto the cliffs overlooking the area to the east-they are
a perfect sniping post. Watch your back though, there are a few
hostiles in the compound east of that position but if you keep your
distance they won’t usually attack.

Swing south and catch the road heading toward the Bounty Board, but
veer east through the tunnel and then north to the waypoint. Burn the
second “Scripture.” Any opposition will come in the form of assorted
Psychos from the nearby structures but you can be in and out before
they react-or you can kill em’ all and make “meat puppets” out of em’.
Their compound contains almost no worthwhile loot, but the watchtower
up the hill from their abode is a good sniping position if you want to
take them out. A lone sentry will man that watchtower.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: If so inclined you can grab Tannis’ Journal “Day 684” while on
the tower to save another trip there. It is behind the piece of
sheeting atop the tower. This is for mission o082.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Drive back west through the tunnel and then go south past the Bounty
Board, going south in the river to reach and burn the last “Scripture.”
About 10 scythids will arrive late but if you’re quick about your
business, you won’t even see them; but, again, they can produce good

Level 26; 6,720 XP; $28,560
MISSION: Find the five Journals of Patricia Tannis that are scattered
about the East Commons.
SOURCE: The mission o082 is acquired from The Middle Of Nowhere Bounty

Switch your active mission to, HIDDEN JOURNALS: RUST COMMONS EAST to
generate the first waypoint and head south. As you drive south in the
water take notice of the guy standing near a shack near the big
dandelion-looking trees. This is Stance Von Kofsky, and he will have a
mission for you later on. Exit the water to the southwest and make a
sweeping left turn and stop at the closed drawbridge. Journal “Day 578”
is under a cardboard box on the ground behind the southern structure.

Drive back north into the water past Stance Von Kofsky’s shack for the
next Journal. The waypoint is at a giant mushroom and Journal, “Day
616”, is under it. Scythids will quickly come at you, and some will be
of a high level. Again you can just grab the Journal and scoot if you
wish or you can harvest the vermin instead. Once the scythids are lured
into the open you can vault from the mushroom to the rock ledge to make
the task a bit easier.

Drive north in the river and circle east to the waypoint. A host of
substantial spiderants will erupt as you reach the destination. Run em’
down, use the turret on your vehicle or dismount to get the extra XP.
It’s hard to get this one without at least partially clearing the area.
Journal “Day 653” is behind a cot near the pile of boulders. Raid the
nearby RED CHEST.

The fourth waypoint is to the north. Drive cross-country to the north,
killing the spiderants. The Journal is atop the observation platform on
the west side of the drawbridge and a lone hostile will need killing
before you can go up and find Journal “Day 684” behind a small piece of
metal sheeting. This is the tower where you may have ravaged the Psycho
compound earlier.

The last Journal “Day 718” is in the shack where Hudson Johns hangs out
at the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board. It is in a crack between a crate
and the shack’s wall.

HERESY at the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board.

Select SCAVENGER: SHOTGUN as your active mission.

Level: 24; 3,588 XP; a shotgun
MISSION: Find the four disassembled parts of the shotgun.
SOURCE: The mission o083 is acquired from The Middle Of Nowhere Bounty

Take the roadway north of the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board, veer east
through the tunnel and when you reach the drawbridge, go to its left,
down the steep rocky hill toward the river and then go northeast to the
waypoint. The waypoint on this mission doesn’t point to the individual

The “magazine” is on top of the gray support structure near the Catch-
A-Ride station. Use the stair-like arrangement of crates and containers
just inside the fence to get to the top. It lies on top of the gray

Cross the central catwalk to find the “stock” lying, in plain sight, on
a crate alongside the building. Jump up the crates where you found the
“stock” and to the next to gain the top of the building. The “barrel”
is on the roof.

To get to the shotgun “body” will require two sprinting jumps. From the
rooftop you’re on, sprint and leap to the circular building and from
there to the next where the “body” is visible. This will complete the
mission but stay atop the support column where you found the “body.’
Switch your active mission to, THE NEXT PIECE.


                 SECTION 14: KROM’S CANYON

 THE NEXT PIECE: (Mandatory)
Level 25; 6,479 XP; $8,500
MISSION: Earl is finally happy-probably boozed up-and reveals that a
major Bandit boss, Krom, stole the Alien gizmo from him and has it
tucked away up in his Canyon.
SOURCE: The mission m084 is given by Crazy Earl upon completion of m075

Now do yourself a big favor. Face northeast and locate the two Gun
Turrets atop the tall structures-a Rocket and a Gatling Turret. They
will be betrayed by their red laser sighting. Use your best long-range
elemental sniper to take them out. They will not be able to target you
on the structure, but they will have you in a crossfire if you move in
their direction.

Leap down and move northeast toward the new waypoint-the entrance to
Krom’s Canyon. Begin taking out the defenders while staying along the
rock wall. A third Turret gun can be hit if you look toward the
waypoint while staying against the rock wall and using the tall metal
structure in the water to screen yourself from the bulk of its fire
while you take it out. You will meet six to eight defenders but some
will be of a higher level, like Bruisers. Once the final turret is down
you can actually just sprint for the entrance to Krom’s canyon, taking
a hit or two but surviving without difficulty.

There is a SILVER CHEST to the northeast of the entrance to Krom’s
Canyon in a small compound with an arching metal ruin. There is another
SILVER CHEST at the base of the ramps leading to Krom’s Canyon if
you’re interested.

Enter KROM’S CANYON and take the west corridor. It won’t take long
before you see the first hostiles. Snipe the volatile barrel and be
prepared for charging Psychos. Sniper fire will usually deal with this
first group of four.

Continue forward and a few more hostiles will need killing, including a
clueless charger or two who need an introduction to your shotgun. Stay
along the west wall and you will see a side path to the left of the big
blue skull. Several hostiles from the encampment near the side paths
entrance will fire at you as you go north. Use the bend in the passage
for cover to clear them out or they will harass you from the rear. On
your way north you will find a RED CHEST.

When you come to the rock bridge overlooking the route below, take out
anyone below but look up to the encampment to the east. Hostiles will
shoot down at you if you linger here and flankers from it may come in
from behind you as you press forward. Watch your back. Jump down and
use the boulders as cover, since more lurking Bandits are just ahead.

A cutscene rolls as you turn left at the big blue skull. Use the right
rock wall as cover as you snipe Krom at his Gatling turret in the
little window of the tall tower just above the distant blue skull. A
stout incendiary, explosive or caustic sniper, with a good zoom, will
do the trick in four or five shots.

But just because Krom is dead doesn’t mean his followers are. As you
advance, take care to not fall off the many narrow ramps and into the
canyon. A pair of hostiles will attack as you step onto the first ramp
dead ahead and a Bandit or two will patrol the upper area to the north.
As you go up the long second ramp going northeast, four or five tough
hostiles will need killing and they have the high ground. Two or three
more will defend near the top of the next ramp that goes back to the
west. Raid the SILVER CHEST.

The final three ramps have eight or ten defenders-so move cautiously.
Snipe any hostiles ahead and then make your way across the ramp going
northeast and then the two leading up to Krom’s perch, taking out any
Bandits along the way.  Two stragglers will usually hold the high
ground atop the final ramp.

Take the “Vault Piece” from the SILVER CHEST. The Guardian Angel will
address you. Take Krom’s sidearm if you want, and raid the RED CHEST
before heading back. You will probably encounter a few hostiles on your
way out.

 EARL NEEDS FOOD: BADLY: (Optional now that Earl’s revealed his
Level 25; 9,720 XP; $21,250
MISSION: Krom has stolen Earl’s entire supply of canned skag meat and
he wants it back. As a favor, pick some up when you’re in the area
sayin’ how-de-do to the Reaver and his boys.
SOURCE: Crazy Earl offers the mission o085 upon completion of m075 HAIR

Select EARL NEEDS FOOD: BADLY and head up the east corridor. Go up the
long ramp directly ahead of the New-U pole and snipe the two Bandits on
the high walkway ahead. There are no major items on the system of ramps
where you killed the two Bandit sentries, but now they won’t worry your
back as you continue on.

Just before the first rock column you will encounter the first of the
spiderants. When they erupt, it’s the luck of the draw, with rather low
level being the norm-Workers, Soldiers and Gyros. As usual, targeting
the abdomen is devastating to their kind. It doesn’t matter which wall
you stay near during this passage. In fact, it’s best to check both
sides of the cavern. A bit tougher breed-like Queens or even an
Elemental or Badass variety-may erupt near the second rock column. If
necessary you can retreat back toward your starting point, using the
ramp to safely snipe any pursuing Badass types below.

Take this part slow and make sure there are no lurking spiderants to
your rear. At the third column human foes will enter the fray, coming
from ahead near the fourth column. Charging Psychos are likely. As you
come to the fourth column, on its west side near the flaming torch,
several assorted Bandits will man the area near the large boulder

The first of Earl’s canned “skag meat” cans is just ahead below the
blue skull. As you pick up the skag meat look northwest down the long
canyon. Take out the Psychos that will charge when they spot you to
keep your back clear as you advance.

Begin a cautious advance up the nearby metal ramp. The upper area, to
the left of the ramp, will have several Bandits, possibly including a
Bruiser that must be taken out. Take the enemy out, using the ramp to
allow your shields to recharge if necessary. Continue to watch your
back as a stray hostile may occasionally appear from behind.

“Skag meat” number 2 is on a makeshift table near the roasting boar in
the upper area. It’s to your left. The Bandits have the high ground as
you look toward the next ramps. Two or three hostiles will greet you as
you move toward them and, oftentimes, they will come down to you. Snipe
from the low area, using the ample cover to eliminate them. Move up the
right ramp and another tough group of three or four will require your
attention. “Skag meat number 3 is at the top of the right ramp. “Skag
meat” can number 4 is dead ahead on the ground.

A half-dozen Bandits will jump down into the area ahead or enter from
the left. This bunch often includes a Badass type. Snipe them from near
where you got the skag meat. When the area is clear, you will find a
wounded Claptrap near the west wall. Take the repair mission and make
it your active mission.

Level 25; 1,619 XP; three inventory slots
MISSION: Locate the repair kit and repair the Claptrap.
SOURCE: This mission was acquired during mission o085 EARL NEEDS FOOD-

Make sure your Scorpio Turret is available and go east up the ramp. A
horde of charging Psychos backed by a pair Bandits will emerge ahead
and the Psychos will forge forward across the long walkway. Plant the
Turret in their path and gun down the survivors. At least two other
Bandits will have to be taken out farther ahead. Characters other than
Roland can accomplish this by tossing several grenades into the path of
the hostiles as well as using their own action skill.

“Skag meat” number 5 is on your right near the west end of the walkway
and “skag meat” number 6 on your right as you exit the ramp on the far
end. Go north and look over the edge of the cliff. A can of skag meat
can be seen on a crate on the tall platform. First knock out the two
barrels on the platform and then jump from the rocks to the platform to
get “skag meat” number 7.

The waypoint for the repair kit is just ahead. It is dangling high up
near an elevated platform below. From this perch, carefully jump onto
the tilted platform below and to the north. Jump to the front platform
to get the repair kit. Get back to Claptrap before anyone starts to re-
spawn. Claptrap will lead you to a RED CHEST.

Level: 25; 5,569 XP; $8,500
MISSION: Eliminate Reaver and report back to New Haven.
SOURCE: This mission was acquired from Shawn Stokely’s corpse during
mission o076 MISSING PERSONS, in New Haven.

Make TWO WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT your active mission. Take the long ramp,
where the horde of Psychos met their maker, and continue east stopping
to snipe the four or five entrenched enemy in the next compound. This
will be from near where you jumped for the repair kit. Advance and turn
right or south. Deploy the Scorpio Turret toward the closed gate and
quickly use the lever on the low platform to the left of the gate to
lift it.

Immediately retreat to cover near the north rock wall, allowing the
Turret to cover your retreat. Take out any survivors to prevent
flanking. This first wave will be three or four, with a Bruiser likely.
Move forward cautiously toward the lip of the low area and you can see
skag meat under the red tarp ahead. Advance far enough to lure another
wave and snipe the enemy in the low area as you retreat.  When clear
advance again to lure out the latecomers who will straggle out. You
should now be nearing the glowing green of the Skag Meat cans, which
will lure out a couple more hostiles. These final defenders are the
luck of the draw and will vary quite a bit.

Keep an eye on the crossed boards dead ahead. Reaver will come out
there. As he crawls out, toss down the Scorpio Turret equipped with
your strongest artifact and burn him down with any fast firing weapon.
Elementals work very well against him, as do grenades, which can take
him down by themselves, if accurately thrown. If you keep the pressure
on him he will go down rather easily.

“Skag meat” can number 8 is on the left, and “skag meat” number 9 is on
your right. “Skag meat” number 10 is to the left, at the path’s end
near where Reaver came out.

Go southwest to find a RED CHEST and a shortcut out. You can also just
re-start to end up at the Canyon’s entrance; or you can drop down and
take on the spiderants-which will produce sizeable XP as you retreat
and kill them off.

Fast travel to the see Crazy Earl at the scrapyard and turn in EARL
NEEDS FOOD: BADLY. Fast travel to The Underpass, generate a runner and,
with THE NEXT PIECE as your active mission, take the “Vault Piece” to
Patricia Tannis at the waypoint. Take out the spiderants and then the
rakks and turn in THE NEXT PIECE. Patricia Tannis will give you the
mission, JAYNISTOWN: SECRET RENDEVOUS. Accept it and Claptrap will
inform you of new jobs in New Haven from Helena Pierce and also at the
Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board. Raid the SILVER and the two RED CHESTS
on the west side of the area and exit to the west and return to the The

Fast travel to New Haven and turn in, TWO WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT and then
go visit Helena Pierce. She will offer the missions, SMOKE SIGNALS:
and you will be given the missions, ALTAR EGO: THE NEW RELIGION and A


Level 27; 3,840 XP; $5,331
MISSION: Find and talk to Taylor Cobb, he might have a proposition for
SOURCE: This mission is acquired from Patricia Tannis after she
receives the Vault Piece. See mission o087 for details.

Select JAYNISTOWN: SECRET RENDEVOUS as your active mission. Generate a
runner and drive south in the river. Stop near the shack with the
dandelion-like trees and talk to Stance Van Kofsky and accept the
continue south to the bridge. Claptrap will make travel a bit easier by
lowering the drawbridge. “I command thee bridge to descend,” sayeth

Take the road north and as you run over a few hapless spiderants, The
Cauldron will be added to the fast travel network. Dispose of the dozen
or so Spiderantlings and talk to Taylor Cobb at the waypoint. This will
BROTHER’S LOVE. Accept it. Go up the hill behind his shack, just for
fun, to get insulted by an “evil Claptrap.” HILARIOUS!!!

 GREEN THUMB (Optional)
Level 25; 7,440 XP; $20,062; a shotgun
MISSION: The dandelion-like plants that love water are overrunning
Stance Von Kofsky. Shut off the water so the leaking pipes don’t feed
them, “ugh” even though they live in a lake.
SOURCE: This mission was acquired during m090 from Stance Van Kofsky.
See m090 for details.

Make GREEN THUMB your active mission and take the road toward the
waypoint. Stop short and use the vehicle’s turret to take out the three
defenders near the shack across the road from the objective. Take the
valve from under the red canopy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: There is a RED CHEST southeast of where you picked up the valve
wheel for Green Thumb. Take the steep pathway eastward, drive up the
hillside and follow around to the RED CHEST.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Level 27; 6,264 XP; $10,682
MISSION: Taylor Cobb has exiled his brother Taylor and turned
Jaynistown into a hotbed of villainy. Go there and kill him to free the
SOURCE: This mission was acquired during mission o088, JAYNISTOWN:
SECRET RENDEVOUS from Taylor Cobb.

We now have business in Jaynistown. Make JAYNISTOWN: A BROTHER’S LOVE
your active mission and proceed toward the waypoint. Stop in the town’s
entrance and begin sniping the four or so hostiles near the entrance.
Move forward when calm reigns to trigger the entry of Jaynis Cobb, who
will be near the center of the compound. You can usually kill him with
a sniper from the east side. A few well-thrown grenades can also do the
trick. His fellow Bandits will also begin attacking from various
directions, including the rooftops.

With Jaynis Cobb dead and the opposition on the wane, switch to GREEN
THUMB and locate the glowing green orb where you must place the valve.
You will have to take a staircase up to get to it. In the meantime
Bandits will continue to gravitate to you. Some will emerge when
overhead doors open. With your mission fulfilled it isn’t necessary to
clear the compound of its seemingly endless attackers, but there are
several SILVER and RED CHESTS inside this area if you clean it out. The
RED CHEST on the platform on the compounds west side will remain behind
the locked gate until your return to Jaynistown, but the SILVER CHEST
north of it is available. There is a RED CHEST on the west side of the
large northern structure. This is just below where you placed the
valve. A SILVER CHEST can be found on the elevated platform along the
northeast wall.

Exit the town and drive the short jaunt back to see Taylor Cobb, kill
the spiderants, again, and talk to him to complete the mission,
WORD and tell you to speak to Erik Franks in New Haven.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: If you’re in the mood for some sniping the area near The Cauldron
provides an excellent perch to generate XP. From the Catch-A-Ride go
south and climb onto the isolated rock outcropping. Once in this high
area you cannot be reached and the spiderants below are easy pickins.’
They will erupt on both the north and south side of your perch and will
include Badass types, Queens and Kings. Even at level 30 a Badass
Burner will yield 2,016 XP, a Zapper 2,688, a Queen 896 and a King 448.
Even a lowly soldier will yield 99 XP; and there is a ton of the lesser
kind. While here you can also do one part of the mission o093 A BUG
PROBLEM which is just south of your perch. This area is one of the
game’s best spots to “level up”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Select RELIGHT THE BEACONS and fast travel from The Cauldron to The
Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board.

Level 27; 10,440 XP; $15,993; a sniper rifle
MISSION: Clean the Bandit infestations out of the two compounds and
relight the beacons.
SOURCE: This mission was acquired from Helena Pierce during mission

Generate a runner and drive north toward the waypoint. Make a giant U-
turn near the Billboard. If you get too close to the lower guard post
four hostiles will attack. You will see a large antenna on the hilltop.
Park and enter the seemingly quiet compound and snipe the first comers
that will likely include a Badass type. There are eight assorted
Bandits scattered about the compound and one will normally be hiding
near the “North Ridge Beacon” which is at the back of the compound.
There is a RED CHEST on the east side of the compounds main building,
and there are ammo chests galore.

Drive south past the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board. Activate GREEN
THUMB, and drive along the river and stop by to see Stance Von Kofsky.
Interact with him to complete, GREEN THUMB. Continue south after
reactivating, RELIGHT THE BEACONS and cross the drawbridge and go north
to the waypoint. Get some “gunk” on Scooter’s runner by squashing the
pesky spiderants on the hill south of the target.

The compound must be entered on foot and will seem quiet but it
contains about seven or eight hostiles, including a Badass type, and
some will be Burning Psychos. The “Overlook Beacon” is at the back of
the compound as is a SILVER CHEST. There is also a RED CHEST on the
west side of the main central building.

Level 27; 6,969 XP; $5,331
MISSION: The local Bandits are pushing a new religion and you must take
their pamphlets before they can be distributed.
SOURCE: The mission o092 was acquired at the Middle of Nowhere Bounty

Activate ALTAR EGO: THE NEW RELIGION and drive to the waypoint-Old
Lynne Abbey.

Stop near the entrance and begin sniping. This will bring the place to
life with eleven hostiles, including Psychos and Bruisers. Each time
you kill a Bandit, he will drop his pamphlets. Gather six after the
fight-they won’t disappear. There is a RED CHEST in the church building
and a vending machine. The weapon pick-ups here are usually fairly high

 A BUG PROBLEM (Optional)
Level 25; 6,960 XP; $21,234
MISSION: Get the two samples and kill the monstrous spiderants,
“Widowmaker” and “Hebob”
SOURCE: The mission o093 was acquired at the Middle of Nowhere Bounty

Switch your mission to, A BUG PROBLEM. Make the loop to the north to
the waypoint. Stop short of the objective and kill the two Bandits in
the watchtower. Take the, “Retching Seeps” sample. “Widowmaker” will
erupt. Once the giant spiderant is above ground, get onto the
watchtower and target it from there. It cannot come up to you so you
can target it at leisure. Raid the SILVER CHEST on the tower. You can
also just use the runner to kill the giant spiderant. Just make sure
your shields are full.

On to the “Fetid Cauldron.” It is far to the south, so drive the road
south and then go off road past the wind turbine to the waypoint,
taking out any spiderants on the way in so they don’t pester you during
the coming skirmish. Raid the RED CHEST and then take the “Fetid
Cauldron” sample to begin the festivities. Allow Hebob to erupt and
then get onto the rocks behind the tent. You can usually hammer him
from there and he will just take the abuse. The high ground will allow
you to target his weak spot-the abdomen. For an easier kill, just run
him down, making sure your runner’s shields are full.

Drive north to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board and turn in, ALTAR
EGO: A NEW RELIGION and A BUG PROBLEM. Accept the new mission, ALTAR
EGO: GODLESS MONSTERS. Fast travel to New Haven and turn in RELIGHT THE
BEACONS to Helena Pierce.

Select JAYNISTOWN: SPREAD THE WORD and go to the waypoint to speak to
Erik Franks. This will complete it and he will give you, JAYNISTOWN,
Select JAYNISTOWN: GETTING WHAT’S COMING TO YOU and head, on foot, for
the waypoint to the north.

Level 27; 3,480 XP
Mission: Your “liberation” of Jaynistown may have backfired. See Helena
Pierce for more info.
Source: The mission m094 was acquired from Eric Franks. See mission
o093 for details.

Level 27; 1,740 XP
MISSION: Find and speak to Taylor’s associate in New Haven, Erik
SOURCE: The mission m095 was acquired from Taylor Cobb. See mission
m090 for details.

Level 27; 4,872 XP; $15,994
MISSION: Taylor is happy with your actions and has a “reward” for you.
It is in a container north of town.
SOURCE: The mission m096 was acquired from Erik Franks in New Haven.

Exit New Haven via the north gate. The shipping container is in a
depression and is clearly marked. Just in case, have a good shotgun
equipped-you never know. JAYNISTOWN: UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES will
become available as you interact with the container. Shoot the Midget
Psycho and deploy the Turret when the hapless Bandits hop the fence
active, go see Helena Pierce to complete the mission and she will give
you the mission, JAYNISTOWN: CLEANING UP YOUR MESS. Accept it. Head
down to the New Haven Bounty Board and accept the new mission, WANTED
FRESH FISH. Now go see Scooter he will give you the mission, I’VE GOT A

Level 27; 3,828 XP; $31,987
MISSION: Erik’s wife is angry and has thrown away his “valuables”? They
are scattered about the area in six dumpsters. Retrieve them for Erik.
SOURCE: The mission m098 was acquired from Eric Franks. See mission
o093 for details.

Make DUMPSTER DIVING FOR GREAT JUSTICE your active mission. It is
easiest to walk on this mission. The first “valuable” is northwest of
town. If your route takes you between the three trash mounds you will
encounter six Midget Psychos. A few scythids will also erupt here. If
you go north of the trash mounds you will avoid any confrontation.
Swing south and eliminate any sycthids along the way. The next
“valuable” is in the dumpster on the hillside. Opening the dumpster
will trigger a small wave of taunting Bandits. You don’t need to stay,
sprint north and then circle clockwise to the south to get to the next
waypoint. If you encountered the six Midget Psychos on the way in, this
route will be clear-if not, have your shotgun ready. Continue the long
trek south to the next dumpster without further opposition. Head east
to the next waypoint near the Rust Commons West entrance. The small
guard post near the exit can contain a Badass and/or Bruiser among its
four or five hostiles. You have probably tangled with these guys many
times before. The dumpster is just south of their abode.

The next is at the extreme west end of the New Haven sector, so head
that way. About midway between New Haven, and southeast of the
objective, and you will encounter Bandits and scythids near the
southern tip of the large trash mound. Once you advance and trigger the
confrontation, retreat to the entryway and use the metal barrier to
thin the hostiles as the scythids and humans battle it out. The
dumpster is north of the encampment near the entrance to Tetanus
Warrens. There is a SILVER CHEST due east of the dumpster in a
depression, if you’re interested. You can also just fast travel to
Tetanus Warrens from New Haven, exit the Warrens, eliminate the six
suicidal Midget Psychos and get the “valuable.” A few scythids will
show if you linger here.

The last dumpster is to the southwest of New Haven outside the
compound. Return to Erik and give him his “dirty mags” which are worth
a whopping $31,987. Interacting with Erik completes the mission,

Level: 29; 8,370 XP; $20,062; a repeater
MISSION: The pamphlets indicate that the Bandits “god” may well be a
scythid named Sliver. Kill him to make them abandon the scheme.
SOURCE: The mission o098 was acquired at the Middle of Nowhere Bounty

Fast travel to “The Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board” Take a runner north
to his lair, which is located where you recovered the three fuses
earlier. Enter his compound on foot, as required, and trigger the
battle when you approach the waypoint. Surprisingly Slither is of
normal size, but he is quick and the hardest part of this quest is
keeping the little fella’ in your sights. Shotguns seem to work well
against him but it doesn’t take much to take him out-just about any
weapon is up to the task. Even melee attacks are effective. Turn in
ALTAR EGO: GODLESS MONSTERS at The Middle Of Nowhere Bounty Board.



Fast travel to “Treacher’s Landing” and select, WANTED FRESH FISH as
your active mission.

Level: 27; 6,960 XP; $21,324; a rocket launcher
MISSION: Brave the Bandits at the cove to get 20 fish. You’ll have to
use grenades to get them.
SOURCE: Mission o099 is acquired at the New Haven Bounty Board during
mission m096.

Have a full stock of grenades prior to entering the area, although a
rocket launcher round will also do the job. Oftentimes it will take
more than one grenade or launcher salvo to get the four dead fish to

You will encounter half a dozen hostiles as soon as you leave the
vending machine area. Raid the SILVER CHEST in the first shack to the
left of the entry. Fight your way up to the overhead platform south of
your entry point. Raid the SILVER CHEST below it. Snipe into the low
area to the south and then, either hit the glowing green bobber in the
water on the left side of the lower walkway with your rocket launcher,
or jump down and toss a grenade into the water. Collect the four fish
but be aware that this cluttered area is swarming with enemies so be on
the lookout as you go for the fish.

The next waypoint will be to the southeast. Work your way to it along
the east ramp making the left turn at the base of the steep ramp going
south. Toss a grenade into the water ahead. You will likely be attacked
from the high ground.

Regain the ramp and head southwest for the next four fish. You will
likely encounter a hostile as you go up the ramp toward the shack. If
you don’t use the barrel ahead to take out an enemy, take it out before
you get to the shack. You will see the bobber in the water below, to
the west. Watch your back as you snipe the small group of defenders
near the objective. Toss a grenade and take the fish.

The next waypoint is far to the southeast and you will have to pass
through the well-defended central bulge to get there. It will have to
be cleared. Use the abundant cover on the east side of the large area
to eliminate the defenders.

While still on the east side, switch your active mission to, I’VE GOT A
SINKING FEELING. Locate the ship at the waypoint and take out the
glowing green engine to sink “Righteous Man.” It isn’t necessary to
take out the Turret gunner. Use a sniper rifle from the rear of the
east shack to do the deed with a single sniper round.

Make your way onto the central observation platform and raid the RED
CHEST. We’re going to put the fishing trip on hold and take out the
other two Bandit gunboats.

Level 27; 17,400 XP; $26,656; a rocket launcher
MISSION: The Bandits have three gunboats and they are raiding up and
down the coastline. Take out their three gunboats.
SOURCE: Mission o100 is acquired from Scooter in New Haven during
mission o096.

From the observation platform you can see the next gunboat moored on
the east side of the long dock, but you can’t target its engine or
gunner from there. (See note below) Begin clearing the long dock to the
south, using the containers and crates for cover as you go. The enemy
will include Bruisers and Badass types as well as a host of Bandits and
Psychos. Move down the dock and more will keep coming and some will be
atop the buildings. You can target the Turret gunner just after
entering the dock, from the east side. This will prevent him from
targeting you as you go south but taking the gunner out isn’t
necessary. When you are opposite the ship, use your sniper to hit the
engine to sink the “Great Vengeance,” but watch for additional hostiles
entering from the south side.

There are three SILVER CHESTs on the wharf. See mission m075 HAIR OF
THE DOG for their locations.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: You can avoid a confrontation with the numerous hostiles on the
long dock area by taking to the water on the east side of it and using
the cover of the trash mound to hit the boat’s engine. Likewise you can
choose to walk northeast through the water to take out the “Furious
Anger” without facing its turret gun. In fact, if you just face the
waypoint from the trash mound where you sank the “Great Vengeance;” a
single well-aimed sniper round will take out the final ship.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Return north toward the observation tower where you raided the weapon
chest. As you enter the ramped area west of the target area the fish
pools are just ahead. Swap the active mission to, WANTED FRESH FISH to
generate a waypoint. This area is well defended with Badass types
likely and charging Psychos. Begin clearing the area before going down
the first ramp.

Toss a grenade, or shoot a rocket, into the water and take the four
fish. The final waypoint is in the same pool of water, so head to it
for the last four fish. This cluttered area will provide cover for the
Bandits in this area, so move cautiously.

If you haven’t sunk the final ship, swap to, I’VE GOT A SINKING FEELING
and take the ramps to the higher area just west of the “Furious Anger.”
Take out its Turret or just hit the engine to complete the mission

Since you’re in the southeast section of the Landing, you can again
raid the RED CHEST on the ship moored at the eastern dock and the RED
CHEST at the north end of the narrow eastern passage. See mission o075
HAIR OF THE DOG for the details.

Fast travel to New Haven. Turn in, I’VE GOT A SINKING FEELING to
Scooter and WANTED FRESH FISH at the New Haven Bounty Board.

Select JAYNISTOWN: CLEANING UP YOR MESS and fast travel to The

Level 29; 13,392 XP; $20,062
MISSION: With his brother Jaynis dead, Taylor has taken over and is an
even worse threat to the area. Go there and take out the other brother.
SOURCE: The mission m101 is acquired from Helena Pierce in New Haven
during the mission m096.

Jaynistown is only a short jaunt from The Cauldron. Grab a runner and
drive toward the gate to activate the town’s Turret guns, and then
drive to the observation tower north of the entry and take out both
Turrets from the high platform, from where they cannot effectively
target you.

Jump over the railing and get onto the broad rock ledge overlooking the
town and begin to clear the visible hostiles below. You will likely
only get four kills but every little bit helps. Jump down into the

The broken nature of the town makes it easy for hostiles to flank you,
so watch the sides as you approach the waypoint. When the area east of
the objective is cleared advance past the isolated boulder and go
through the opening in the metal fence.

When the horn sounds a pair of Rocket Turrets will activate and will
target you. A small but deadly group of hostiles, led by a pair of
Bruisers and Taylor, will enter the fray. Get back through the opening
in the fence. If you’re quick you can eliminate one of the Turrets as
you retreat. A good place to set-up is the large boulder east of the
break in the fence and east of the two Turrets. From there a good
elementary sniper will allow you to put both Turrets out of commission
between their barrages.

One of the Bruisers will stand behind the metal fence on your left;
target his feet with incendiary fire for an easy kill. When Taylor’s
henchmen are down, he will continue targeting you with his incendiary
rocket launcher. Use grenades to soften him up and then take him down
while avoiding his deadly rocket salvos. Oftentimes you can also target
his feet under the metal barricade, burning him down with an incendiary
weapon. A few well-placed grenades will also take him down, if you can
manage it while avoiding his rockets.

There is a RED CHEST at the extreme west center of the town on a
platform near where the Turrets were. The SILVER CHEST just north of
the one on the platform has disappeared, but the RED CHEST located on
the west side of the large building on the north side of town will be
joined by a SILVER CHEST on the southeast corner of that same building.
The SILVER on the platform along the northeast wall is also still

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: This compound contains re-spawning foes and re-spawning gunners
on the Gatling Turrets, so access the chests with caution. Lingering in
Jaynistown can get you dead.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Go east to the waypoint to talk to the evil Claptrap. He will be just
up the hill from where you first met Taylor. Talking to him will
PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. Grady Earl and The Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board
will also have new missions that can be accomplished while on the Trash



Level 27; 10,440 XP; $15,993
MISSION: The Guardian Angel warns you of a “challenge” you will now
face. Patricia Tannis believes that a “Vault Piece” is also hidden
somewhere in the same area. Accept the “challenge” and the task of
obtaining the “Vault Piece.”
SOURCE: The mission m102 is acquired upon turning in mission m101.

Enter the Trash Coast. Use the New-U pole there to get to the Middle of
Nowhere Bounty Board. Accept both, BAIT AND SWITCH and HOUSE HUNTING.
Fast travel to Crazy Earl’s scrap yard, kill the spiderants on your way
in and accept the mission, EARL’S BEST FRIEND.

Fast travel back to the Trash Coast and make, ANOTHER PIECE OF THE
PUZZLE your active mission. Stop at the vendors and stock up on ammo-if
you are not full-you’ll need it. Go north over the metal walkway toward
the waypoint. When the path divides, take the low way, to your right,
and climb onto and walk along the rock ledge to the right of the path.
Use a sniper rifle on the spiderants below and on the more distant
ones. A potent revolver is also a good choice. They don’t seem to be
aware of your presence if you stay on the rocks.

Through your scope you will see a RED CHEST, on the left, just past the
first bridge. Advance; quickly raid the RED CHEST and then sprint to
the rocks to the northeast of the low area. Snipe the milling
spiderants from long distance; but there is no need to kill all of
them-you can continue on, sprinting toward the waypoint. The New-U pole
seems to be their stopping point, but if you wipe them out this area
will remain relatively clear on your way out.

Have a good shotgun equipped as you move past the New-U station and a
fast firing large clipped SMG or combat rifle, or both. During this
playthrough, I took out both the Hive creature and the swarming rakks
with a 4X blast shotgun at 52x7 with 83 shots, without using any other
weapon. This weapon, however, had a magazine of 16 making the task much
easier. A potent fast firing SMG with a good scope will allow you to
accurately target the Hive’s eye for maximum damage, before swapping to
a shotgun for rakk control. This is probably your best choice of

As you pass the hanging skulls, go left between the rock face and the
large boulder. With the tent canopy ahead, make your approach to that
area from the high ground. The Raak Hive creature will emerge. Stay on
the high ground overlooking the tented area. The Hive creature will
take damage over its entire body but its eyes are it’s weak spot.
Hammer it with an accurate shotgun or with machine gun fire, trying for
the eyes, but watch out for the many rakks of different types that will
emerge and begin to swarm. Pause to shoot into the flocks as they wheel
toward you. Be patient and clear most of the rakks before getting back
to hammering the Hive creature.

When the Hive makes its rearing attack, back off behind the rock wall
and emerge to alternate rakk control and eyeball shooting. His life
will dwindle and he will fall but you must continue clearing the
remaining rakks before the “all clear.” As a soldier, you will have
ammo regeneration capability but the post battle area is strewn with
ammo re-supply cases for those that do not.

Continue on to the next waypoint and a fire breathing rakk will open
the way for you and will then just fly off. Save your ammo-you can’t
hurt it. Have your shotgun equipped and take down the swarm of six to
eight rakks if they try to exit the newly opened grotto in your
direction, but they usually just rise and disperse out of the grotto if
you don’t challenge them. Walk the narrow rock bridge to collect the
“Vault Piece,” and don’t fall off the narrow rock walkway.

 HOUSE HUNTING: (Optional)
Level 27; 6,960 XP; $15,993; a sniper rifle
MISSION: A New Haven resident has property on the Trash Coast but can’t
move there because of the troublesome scythids. One called Bleeder is
especially ornery and needs killing.
SOURCE: The mission o103 is available upon your entry into the Trash
Coast. Fast travel to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board to get the
mission before setting out into the Trash Coast.

Return south, braving any re-spawned spiderants along the route. You
can just sprint past them if you want, or you can snipe from the rocks
to gain extra XP; but, unless you roam the large area triggering new
waves, there will be few to kill. Head south from the west end of the
curving metal walkway, going toward the east passage, as seen on your
map. Four Crab Worms will erupt as you approach the narrow passage.
Revolvers seem to work especially well against the purple slugs. The
Crab Worms are susceptible to all elements and conventional fire.

As you near the waypoint, near the end of the overhead pipeline,
various sycthids will attack and then Bleeder, not all that large or
tough, but he can hover for long periods of time. This will make him an
easy target. A good rapid firing shotgun or machine gun will kill any
comers and killing Bleeder may get you an artifact for your troubles.
Six to eight shots from a decent shotgun, well placed, will take him

The repair kit for an upcoming Claptrap mission will be on top of the
overhead pipe, so you will be returning to this place soon, just not by
a ground route.

 BAIT AND SWITCH: (Optional)
Level: 27; 6,960 XP; $13,328; a pistol called “The Patton”
MISSION: The areas tough spiderants have made living on the Trash Coast
a real challenge for the locals. The local Bandits have placed the
abdomen of a “Queen” in their camp, allowing them to co-exist with the
local fauna. Root them out by placing a rival “Queens” abdomen there.
SOURCE: The mission o104 is available upon your entry into the Trash
Coast. Fast travel to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board to get the
mission before setting out into the Trash Coast.

Swap to BAIT AND SWITCH and turn southwest killing the six or eight
Crab Worms as you go. A small encampment, just north of the large bone-
like elongated trash heap, with six hostiles will obstruct the way.
Eliminate them and you will find a wounded Claptrap near the RED CHEST.
Accept his repair mission and raid the nearby RED CHEST.

Level 27; 1740 XP; three inventory slots.
MISSION: Another defunct Claptrap. Repair him.
SOURCE: This mission o105 was acquired during mission o104, BAIT AND

Don’t head straight for the repair kit or you will be frustrated. In
order to get to the kit, which is on top of the pipe near its end
point, you must find a way onto the pipe and walk its length to get the
kit. Go a short distance west from the Claptrap and curl north going
through the two large drainage tiles. It isn’t necessary to make the
long trek around the mountain to access the pipe. When you exit the
drainage tiles the pipeline will be above you. Start killing the Larval
Crab Worms milling in the area and then move past the first support
beam to the beam near the rock face. Jump up the glowing rocks to the
adjacent rocks and then onto the pipe. Walk carefully to the end of the
pipe for the kit. Head back to Claptrap; walk the pipe if you want, to
complete the mission, CLAPTRAP RESCUE: TRASH COAST.

Swap back to BAIT AND SWITCH.

Continue south, clearing the half-dozen or so Crab Worms in your path.
(See the note below for an alternate route) The Bandits ahead will also
battle the Crab Worms, and both must be eliminated before you can loop
clockwise to the west. As you turn north, a spiderant nesting ground
will stretch far to the south. If you hug the rock face on the right
side of this area with the spiderant holes, just before the tangle of
overhead tree trunks, you can pass through this area without firing a
shot. The area to your south is the territory of at least two dozen
mixed spiderants, and killing them rather than sneaking past them will
allow you access to a RED CHEST on the southernmost peninsula of land.
But, for now, bypass them and the RED CHEST to keep them out of the
looming tussle and continue toward the waypoint.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: If you return to the pipeline support column you used to get onto
the pipe for the repair mission, you can walk south on the pipe and
jump down to be just north of the Queen Tarantula’s lair. This route
will bypass the long loop around the trash mound, the Bandit camp and
the spiderant area.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you near the waypoint, just past the tangle of trees, a dozen
spiderants, possibly including Kings, Queens and assorted others will
erupt. Advance far enough to trigger this initial wave of a dozen or
more mixed spiderants. Immediately retreat to the south, back toward
the tangled arch of trees and take the narrow rocky pathway along the
west cliff to gain the high ground. If you get atop the tangle of trees
at the top, any goo-attack will fall short and the vermin below will be
easy pickins’.

Once the area is clear, you must descend to lure the Tarantula Queen
from her lair. Move toward the waypoint and as the Queen erupts, head
back up to your perch on the cliff. The Tarantula Queen is tough and
aggressive and will pursue you to the base of the cliff, but she can’t
come up. Her ranged attacks will also fall short. Use the elevated area
to take her down and then toss a grenade among the spiderantlings that
spew from her. Take the abdomen of the Queen Tarantula.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: You can now move back south through the tangled tree archway and
take on the spiderants in order to access the RED CHEST at the south
end of the peninsula. There are at least two-dozen of the vermin in
this area and some are high-end types. If you keep the cliff face to
your right, staying as close to it as possible, you can nearly reach
the RED CHEST before the onslaught. Most of the spiderants will not
advance as far as the canopy near the weapons chest, allowing you to
pummel them from there. Return north keeping the cliff face to your
left. Venturing away from the cliff will bring about 15 or more
spiderants calling.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just because the Queen Tarantula is down doesn’t mean the spiderant
onslaught is over, so go carefully. Go north from the Queen’s lair,
staying near the rock face. Stop before exiting the narrow metal
walkway. A group of tough spiderants will be visible ahead to the
north. Use your sniper rifle or a potent scoped revolver to eliminate
them prior to exiting the metal walkway.

Another group of spiderants will occupy the low ground to the south.
After looting the area where you killed the spiderants, climb onto the
high rocks overlooking the narrow canyon. A low area on the east side
of the rocks will allow you access. Snipe the spiderants below and then
jump down and continue through the canyon toward the waypoint. As the
loop turns north, four Bandits will appear ahead. Eliminate the
hostiles and then swap your mission to, EARL’S BEST FRIEND.

Level 27; 6,612 XP; $15,993; a sniper rifle
MISSION:  Earl’s er’ best friend has been taken by Bandits, and Earl,
that ole softie, needs him rescued.
SOURCE: The mission o106 is available upon your entry into the Trash
Coast. Fast travel to Crazy Earl’s Scrapyard to get the mission before
setting out into the Trash Coast.

After the Bandits are down, go to the waypoint and open the cage to
free “Scrappy.” Exit and go left to get to the rear of the cage. Raid
the RED CHEST there. There is another RED CHEST on the northwest side
of the same compound near a red canopy.

Switch your active mission to, BAIT AND SWITCH and continue north. More
spiderants, possibly including high-level types, will obstruct the area
to the north. Snipe this small group and, just past the New-U station,
you can see the waypoint in the valley below. Take the path leading up
to the overlook on the east side of the valley. A horde of spiderants
will begin to erupt below. This high area will allow you to drastically
thin or eliminate the spiderants below before you drop down to place
the abdomen. Before descending, snipe the group of Bandits on the high
ground ahead and to the west and be aware of a Bandit sentry or two
entering the area near the watchtower, to your northeast.

With the abdomen in place you can simply run up the hill to the
northeast, heading for the exit. A horde of spiderants will pursue,
with additional ones popping up as you flee. Most of the many Bandits
in the hillside encampment won’t take full notice of you, but will
instead begin to battle the newly hostile spiderants. You may have to
eliminate a couple of Bandits near the top of the hill as you sprint
away from the spiderant valley.

But rather than sprinting for the exit after placing the abdomen, you
can make your way up the hillside west of where you placed the abdomen
and raid the RED CHEST in the first camp. (Sometimes there are two RED
CHESTS in this camp) If you have eliminated the first four Bandits
before descending into the valley, you will now have to face another
six, including two or three Bruisers as you move north through the

Once this upper area is cleared, you can snipe the remaining spiderants
in the valley below after raiding the weapons chests. Oftentimes you
can snipe King Aracob, the Queen’s drone, and his entourage from the
high area for a load of XP.

The route to the exit will be blocked by a horde of spiderants. Many of
which can be eliminated from the metal platforms by sniping as you
travel eastward to the exit point. Spiderants will erupt along this
route as well.

Fast travel to Crazy Earl’s Scrapyard from the Trash Coast. Turn in
EARL’S BEST FRIEND to complete the mission. If you were wondering young
“Scrappy” is impervious to conventional and elementary fire-Pandora is
in for a heap of trouble if he has a bunch of little ‘Scrappies;” but,
no worries, return to the scrapyard later on and a “Grown-up Scrappy”
has become far more feeble and goes down easily. Earl will oftentimes
give you a high-end sniper rifle for the completion of this mission.

Fast travel to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board and turn in, BAIT AND
SWITCH and HOUSE HUNTING. Fast travel to The Underpass and then head
north to see Patricia Tannis, taking out the spiderants and then the
rakks on your way. Turn in, ANOTHER PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. Accept the new



Level 28; 6,120 XP; $11,941
MISION: Scout Bandit and Crimson Lance territory-Old Haven. The one-
time allies are now at odds over a brash Lance double-cross.
SOURCE: This mission was acquired from Helena Pierce during mission

Make SMOKE SIGNALS: INVESTIGATE OLD HAVEN your active mission and fast
travel to The Cauldron. Drive north to the waypoint and enter Old
Haven. Interact with one of the corpses to complete, SMOKE SIGNALS:
THEM DOWN. Make it your active mission.

Level 28; 6,480 XP; $29,854; class mod
MISSION: You have now made the Crimson Lance your enemy, but shutting
down their crude smoke signals may defuse their quest for the vault.
SOURCE: The mission o108 is activated upon entering and completing
mission o107, which was acquired during mission o087.

Push the green button and exit. Move along the extreme northern part of
the map and interact with the green indicator near the last of the many
Bandit corpses. This gives you the mission, BANDIT TREASURE: THREE
CORPSES. Accept the new mission and pick up the first “Bandit key.”

Level 28; 10,800 XP; $5,970
MISSION: The Bandits and Crimson Lance are at odds and the Bandits
don’t want the keys in the hands of their enemy.
SOURCE: This mission is acquired during mission o108 SMOKE SIGNALS:

Switch back to SMOKE SIGNALS: SHUT THEM DOWN. The waypoints for this
mission do not change; you must check the skyline to locate each of the
four smoke columns.

Move south toward town and, from the vending machines, follow the
structures as they curl southeastward. Turn right after passing the
barrel and the corpse near “piss off” and go due south past the item
lockers into the nearby alleyway. Jump onto the blue refuse container
near the blue building and then jump onto the roof; turn right and raid
the SILVER CHEST. Head west and near the edge of the roof you can see a
smoke column. That is your first quest.

Look quickly down from the rooftop and eliminate anyone below and
anyone dead ahead toward the first smoke column. This will likely
trigger a flood of opposition. Before additional support arrives, jump
onto the roof of the building to the west. Go quickly up the stairwell
and turn right at the top, then left. You will now be near a piece of
plywood that doesn’t quite bridge the gap between the buildings. Make a
running leap to the building to the north. Follow the balcony around
and use the metal railings to snipe the opposition to the west. When
clear jump the railing on the front of the building to get to the RED
CHEST. It oftentimes contains excellent gear.

Take the time to clear the rooftops to the west and the ground level
Lance below. Jump down onto the roof walkway below, just west of the
RED CHEST and go across it and up the first stairwell, cross the
plywood bridge and go up the stairwell ahead. Throw the growing green
lever to deactivate the “Rooftops” smoke signal.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Make note of where this area is-near the RED CHEST-as it can
allow an easy exit from Old Haven later in the mission. It is near the
exit point.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Use the high ground near the first lever to snipe any available
targets. This elevated perch is a good spot to use a rocket launcher as
well. This will greatly lessen the opposition as you make your way
south and keep your back clear. The junkyard signal is due south of
your position, so start that way by descending the stairs and jumping
to the building to the south. Move down to ground level and raid the
SILVER CHEST to the west.

Continue south staying along the west wall. Peer around the low metal
wall and waste the two hostiles in the narrow lane ahead. Sprint down
the cleared path, jump the low metal fence and go into the shack on the
left to find another SILVER CHEST. Remember this place! You will return
here to initiate a Claptrap repair mission shortly.

The junkyard smoke signal is just west of your position and its only
entrance to the northwest. Four Crimson Lancers will be between you and
the signal and if you have cleared the nearby area your “six” will be
clear. Make your way counterclockwise, wasting the Lancers, to the
glowing green lever. Deactivate the “Junkyard” signal.

You must now take on the two gun turrets to the east. Their searching
laser pointers betray them. If you stop near the last container near
the entrance to the junkyard complex you can climb onto the junk on the
south side of the container, where you can knock out the first turret
where it cannot effectively target you.

Move out of the junkyard and to the corner of the building where the
SILVER CHEST is. Use the buildings corner area to continue taking out
the stiff opposition to the east. Many of the hostiles will be on the
upper catwalks. Be aware that the turret you took out earlier may
become active a second time.

Move cautiously into the alleyway and go east. Use the metal barrier
where the first ammo chest is to shield yourself from the next Turret
Gun that will open up on you. (If the first turret gun was re-
activated, this second turret will usually not appear) Take it out
where it can’t quite get a good bead on you. Continue clearing the area
and then jump down into the pit just past the ammo chest and go up the
stairs to the south. You will see the green glow of the “Bandit Key”
next to a corpse against a bloody wall.

Go back north, around the corner, raid the RED CHEST and continue east.
Activate the mission, NOT WITHOUT MY CLAPTRAP.

Level 28; 10,800 XP; $5,970
MISSION: A captive Claptrap is key to your getting the last “Vault
Piece.” Only he can give you admittance to the Salt Flats where it is
believed the last “Vault Piece” is stored.
SOURCE: The mission m110 was acquired from Patricia Tannis during the
“turn in” part of the mission o106 Earl’s best friend.

You will hear Claptrap as you move east past the long row of lockers,
and you will see a green glowing control box on the right, just past
the stairwell. Interact with it to free the Claptrap and to complete,
NOT WITHOUT MY CLAPTRAP. He will express surprise that you are still
above ground and will then give you the new mission, THE FINAL PIECE.

Switch to SMOKE SIGNALS: SHUT THEM DOWN, and, just east of the
Claptrap’s prison, there is the lever for the “Canal District” smoke
signal. Shut it down.

Go west, back to the building with the SILVER CHEST-the building east
of the junkyard. You will now find a whimpering claptrap there. Accept
his repair mission, CLAPTRAP RESCUE: OLD HAVEN.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: If the overhead door slams down and groups of Lancers confront
you, it is because you failed to complete the mission, NOT WITHOUT MY
CLAPTRAP. The Claptrap repair mission is not available until it is
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Level 28; 1,800 XP; three inventory slots.
MISSION: You have found another defunct Claptrap. Find a repair kit and
repair him.
SOURCE: This mission becomes available after completing m110, NOT
WITHOUT MY CLAPTRAP. Details on locating Claptrap are in that mission.

Go east toward the objective, restocking ammo along the way. This area
should now be clear of opposition. When you go north, however, expect
stiff resistance with Crimson Lancers, Lance Engineers and Lance
Infantry deploying red Scorpio Turrets regularly against your
incursion. They will now begin to come out of doorways with overhead

You will now see the last signal dead ahead. When the area is clear of
activity, climb the stairwell on the building south of the repair kit’s
waypoint and make a sprinting leap from that roof to the roof of the
opposite building. The kit is in an alcove and a SILVER CHEST is on the

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: There is a RED CHEST northwest of the rooftop with the repair
kit. Access it via the blue dumpster and the tarp-ed bundle on the
northeast side of the interconnected structures. Follow the roof to the
north to find it. You can also make a long jump from the building where
you found the repair kit to the adjacent building.

Note: There is another RED CHEST on the rooftop of the small square
building just north of where you found the above RED. It requires a
series of aggravating jumps and does not contain anything special. You
get to it by jumping on the rail near the above RED and then to the
narrow rooftop. Follow north and jump to the corner of the building to
the corner of the building to the north. From there jump up nearer the
pole and from there to the narrow rectangular patch on the side of the
building. From there you can vault to the red canopy, falling
frequently, or, just make a jump directly to the roof. If going after
this chest, make sure the area is clear. You make a tempting target
playing Spiderman.

If you do tackle this hard to get RED, you can leap from roof to roof
to eliminate most of the active Lance in the area, although trigger
points will still activate additional Lance later.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Continue north, moving along the extreme eastern side of the town.
There a short distance north of where you found the repair kit, you
will find the last “Bandit Key” among some corpses near a blood-
spattered beige wall. Switch to, BANDIT TREASURE: THREE CORPSES if need
be to locate it.

Make SMOKE SIGNALS: SHUT THEM DOWN active. The last smoke signal is to
the north of your position. The area near the last signal will be hotly
contested with numerous hostiles, possibly including Badass types, and
two rooftop Gun Turrets making the way difficult.

From the last building south of the signal, peer around the edge to
make the rooftop Turret Gun reveal itself. Take out the first of the
two Turret Guns and any nearby hostiles as well. Keep an eye out for
additional Lance entering the area ahead. The second gun is higher up
but can be handled in the same manner as the first. After it is down,
move cautiously forward because another gate will open and a hostile
will bar the way to the final lever. Additional Lance may also
challenge from other directions. Throw the lever for the “Apartment
District” and then check out the SILVER CHEST.

Switch your active mission to, CLAPTRAP RESCUE: OLD HAVEN and head
south, turning west at the canal area to get back to Claptrap. Some of
the hostiles may have re-spawned but opposition should be rather light.
Interact with Claptrap to complete CLAPTRAP RESCUE: OLD HAVEN.

Level 28; 7,200 XP; $29,854
MISSION: The Bandit map marks a location on the Dahl Headland. Go seek
the treasure.
SOURCE: The mission o112 is activated when all items required by
mission o109 are completed. The final details are below.

Swap your active mission to, BANDIT TREASURE: THREE CORPSES and head
north to get the strongbox. The Lance will begin to re-spawn so be
aware. Work your way to the north end of town, retracing your inward
route, eliminating any re-spawned Lance. Jump down from the rooftop to
near the exit area. This will be just west of where you raided the
first RED CHEST. You will see the green glow of the doorway just past
where you found the first key to the northeast. Enter the building and
interact with the map to complete, BANDIT TREASURE: THREE CORPSES and

With your business done in Old Haven, fast travel to Lucky’s Last
Chance Watering Hole, grab a runner and head for the far north of the
Dahl Headland. The waypoint will seem to be inaccessible but if you
look over the edge of the cliff you will see a shack. Drop down to its
roof and then drop to the ramp below. Open the door to complete, BANDIT
TREASURE: X MARKS THE SPOT. Raid the RED CHEST, which usually contains
high-grade equipment. Take the ramp to get up the cliff-face and head
back to Lucky’s. Fast travel back to New Haven and turn in, SMOKE

Fast travel to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board and accept the new
mission, SCAVENGER: MACHINE GUN and select the last mission in the West
Commons, CIRCLE OF SLAUGHTER: MEAT AND GREET. Fast travel to The
Outeryard. Drive south and stop east of the waypoint and clear the low
area. It may contain a Badass type among its eight or more hostiles.



Level 26; 1,008 XP
MISSION: Talk to Chuck Durden to get the killin’ under way.
SOURCE: The mission o113 is acquired at The Middle Of Nowhere Bounty

Interacting with Chuck Durden completes, CIRCLE OF SLAUGHTER: MEAT AND
GREET and gives the new mission CIRCLE OF SLAUGHTER ROUND 1, accept it,
top off your munitions and enter the arena.

Level 26; 6,720 XP; $14,280; a shield
Mission: Survive round 1.

Round one opens with assorted Bandits accompanied by Psychos entering
from the cages. Take refuge behind the long tire pile on the right; and
as you thin their ranks watch your flanks. Psychos will enter next,
three or four and when the final Bandits go down the round is
completed. Turn in to complete round 1 and get, CIRCLE OF DEATH: ROUND

Level 29; 7,440 XP; $26,749; a class mod
Mission: Survive round 2.

A relentless wave of deadly but slow moving Bruisers and Badass
Bruisers will enter the arena from the center cages. Stay behind the
metal column in front of where they emerge in the center area. Use
grenades before they spread out and begin flanking you. Retreat to the
tire pile you used for round one, but have a shotgun ready for a final
push of Midget Psychos. Turn in to complete Round 2 and accept, CIRCLE

Level 28; 7,200 XP; $35,825, a combat rifle
Mission: Survive the final round.

Round three begins with a pair of Badass Bruisers entering from the
rear side of the arena, one on each end, followed by another pair when
they go down. But all is not calm elsewhere. Assorted Bandits with a
Badass among them will snipe at you from the central area. This round
is made harder by the fact that these flanking Bandits make it hard to
find a good place to recharge your shields or to concentrate on any one
opponent. A good elemental really helps, since you can fire and dash
away while they burn down. A few Psychos and Midget Shotgunners will
also be in the mix. The pick-ups on the field will also oftentimes
block your firing lanes, creating blind spots. When all seems calm
don’t let your guard down, two more Badass Bruisers will enter the
fray. Turn in the mission, CIRCLE OF SLAUGHTER: FINAL ROUND to complete
the mission.

Head back to The Outeryard. Fast travel from there to the Middle of
Nowhere Bounty Board, generate a runner with whatever weapon you prefer
for killing runners and make, THE FINAL PIECE your active mission.
Drive north, hit the road and go east. Enter the Salt Flats.


            SECTION 20: THE SALT FLATS

 THE FINAL PIECE (Mandatory)
Level 30; 15,358 XP; $29,959
MISSION: With the Old Haven Claptrap free to authorize your entry, you
can now get into the Salt Flats where Patricia Tannis believes that
Baron Flynt has the “Final Piece.” Go get it. You must eliminate four
of Baron Flynt’s runners to get his attention before you can enter his
“humble abode.”
SOURCE: The mission m117 was acquired from the liberated Claptrap
during mission m110, NOT WITHOUT MY CLAPTRAP.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Guns/items in inventory

Combat rifles:
Genocide Raven 87; 94.3; 13; magazine of 21; 1.4 zoom; 2 projectiles
Glorious Havoc 54; 68; 11.4; magazine of 72; static 2X
Glorious Havoc 124; 74.4; 10.6; magazine of 68; 2.1 zoom
The Sentinel 70; 90.3; 7.7; magazine of 12; caustic 1X
Incendiary Cobra 63; 93.6; 15; magazine of 12; inc. 2X
Eridean weapons:
Eridean Canon 589; 91.7; 0.4
Pestilent Defiler 235; 89.3; 1.0; magazine of 6; caustic 4X
Lightening Justice 230; 96.4; 1.3; magazine of 2; static 3X; 3.7 scope
Caustic Law 242; 90; 1.9; magazine of 2; caustic 2X; 3.7 zoom
Swift Masher 43x7; 73.4; 1.9; magazine of 6; 3.7 zoom
Incendiary Viper 140; 96.4; 1.3; magazine of 6; inc. 2X; 3.7 zoom
Incendiary Shredder 89x7; 11.7; 1.4; magazine of 3; incendiary 1X
Cobalt Shotgun 48x7; 40.3; 1.0; magazine of 5; static 2X; 4.5 zoom
Caustic Shotgun 53x9; 50.0; 0.9; magazine of 12; caustic 1X
Terrible Matador 74x12; 22.5; 1.6; magazine of 12, 3 projectiles
Double Anarchy 73x4; 27; 8.1; magazine of 42
Lightening SMG 25; 92.8; 8.3; magazine of 36; static 3X; 2.4 zoom
Malevolent SMG 57; 77.5; 8.3; magazine of 55; 3.9 zoom
Burning SMG 43; 87.3; 8.3; magazine of 36; inc. 3X
Incendiary SMG 47; 78.7; 6.9, magazine of 46; inc. 2X; 1.7 zoom
Caustic SMG 54, 72.8; 9.7; magazine of 28; caustic 2X
Caustic SMG 41; 78.7; 8.3; magazine of 46; caustic 2X; 3.0 zoom
Relentless Bruiser 76; 76.2; 8.3; magazine of 28; 1.7 zoom
Sniper rifles:
Detonating Cobra 296; 93.3; 0.8; magazine of 5; explosive 3X
Liquid Sniper 282; 92.6; 3.1; magazine of 5; 2.7 zoom
Static Wrath 195; 97.3; 1.5; magazine of 5; static 3X; 2.4 zoom
Fearsome Volcano 277; 98.6;0.8; magazine of 6; incendiary 4X
Pestilent Sniper 179; 96.7; 0.8; magazine of 3; caustic 4X
Mods and shields
Grenade-explosive Bouncing Betty 66
Shield symmetrical unyielding 528, 71
Neutralizing shield 321, 93, corrosive resistant
Hardened grounded shield 467,64, shock resistant
Mod 1% shield regeneration/ 2% health regeneration
Mod 10 % team ammo regeneration
Mod shock trooper class plus 48 % shock damage/66% shock resistance
Mod gunner class 50% magazine size and plus 24% damage-all weapons
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Drive west into the Salt Flats. There is a Bandit encampment where the
roadway turns north and you can just speed past them; but, if you want
access to their RED CHEST, stop when just past the camp and use your
sniper rifle to thin their ranks. You can sprint to the platform on the
north and finish them from there. The eight or so hostiles will include
Bruisers, Psychos and Bandits, and possibly a Badass type. The RED
CHEST is on the tall platform at the rear of the area, along the north
rock wall.

Drive north from the Bandit camp past the New-U station and visit the
vending machines if you want. Go hunting the four enemy runners with
whatever turret weapon you prefer. You cannot enter the enormous salt
digging facility until the four runners are taken out, since Baron
Flynt won’t open the gates until you get his attention. If using it,
don’t lock on with the rocket launcher. Lead the runners for easier
kills. Taking out the four runners is actually much easier with the
machine gun, using the lock-on feature. Baron Flynt will now ask you in
for a ruckus.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
NOTE: Just east of the Salt Flats digging facility there is a small
outpost, manned by eight Psychos-wipe them out to get access to the two
RED CHESTS located there. One is in the attached shack near the water
tower and another south of that shack in the broken arched structure.
Go past the container to access the RED CHEST. You will start to
acquire even better shields and mods in addition to weapons in the Salt
Flats. The nearby vending machines make this excellent harvesting
ground; and after Baron Flynt is down, only two Lance defenders will
patrol here.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Drive to the east-now open-gate of the salt digging facility. From the
cover of the entrance begin working over the locals, ducking behind the
wall as needed to regenerate your shields. About half a dozen initials
must be put down. Go north around the long storage tank, staying near
the wall and you will see a wounded Claptrap. Accept his repair

Level 29; 1,859 XP; three inventory slots.
MISSION: Repair the Salt Flats Claptrap.
SOURCE: The mission o118 was acquired during mission m117, THE FINAL

The repair kit is on the south side of compound, but you will have to
eliminate several more hostiles to clear the area. No jumping this
time-the repair kit sits among a pile of debris and is in plain sight
at the waypoint. Return to Claptrap and he will lead you to a RED CHEST
inside the hut not far from there.

Swap your active mission to, SCAVENGER: MACHINE GUN.

Level 30; 4,415 XP, a combat rifle
MISSION: Find the four parts of the machine gun.
SOURCE: This mission was acquired during mission o112, BANDIT TREASURE:
X MARKS THE SPOT from the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board.

The waypoint is general for this hunt, so disregard it during the
mission; and keep in mind that hostiles may occasionally appear while
doing this mission as well.  The “barrel” is on the platform north of
the east gate where you entered the digging facility.

Go southwest a short distance from the east gate and look for a boar on
a spit. The “stock” can be found on top of the shipping container just
beyond the boar. Jump onto the crate with the cardboard box and then to
the top of the container to get the “stock.”

Go west toward the vending machines, taking notice of the two
cylindrical storage tanks just east of them. You can see the green glow
of the “body” on top of the south tank. Find the two storage barrels on
the north side of the tanks and a large shipping container. Jump onto
the barrels, then to the container and from there to the first tank to
get the “body.”

Go north from the water tanks, clearing any hostiles, and you will see
the glow of the “magazine” on the top of a circular hut. Jump onto the
top of the thin metal fence and then vault to the roof to get the
“magazine.” Later you will have to make one final trip to the Middle of
Nowhere Bounty Board to turn this mission in.

Switch to, THE FINAL PIECE. When going after Baron Flynt have a full
complement of grenades and equip a slot with your best, fast-firing
shotgun, another with a potent elemental sniper and the others with an
elementary or strong conventional machine gun or both. A potent
incendiary SMG works wonders on the Baron, and his antics while on fire
are amusing.

Start the mission by heading counterclockwise around the north approach
aiming for the west end of the facility. You will encounter resistance
on the west end. Secure the west side by taking out the five or six
hostiles, which will include some tough Crimson Lancers, Engineers or
Infantry troops. Raid the RED CHEST on the low hillside platform on the
west side of compound, just south of the west entrance; and then head
down into the low area, due east of the west entrance, to raid the RED
CHEST there.

Before going up to pay a call on the Baron-equip an explosive MIRV,
contact or Bouncing Betty grenade mod; and, with shotgun in hand, take
the elevator up. After the cutscene, a horde of Psychos will appear on
the far end of the area and they will charge. Toss several grenades
into their path to drastically thin the crowd and use the shotgun to
mop up. A Badass Psycho may be among them so be aware. Stay near the
elevator, using the crates as a screen. A couple of Bandits will also
snipe at you and might also toss grenades. When they are down expect
another smaller onslaught of Psychos to pour in. This group will
usually include at least one Badass Psycho.

Next, from dead ahead, Hanz, wielding a sword and Franz, with a gun,
make their appearance. Hanz will come at you first, burn him down with
sniper fire and then an incendiary SMG or other strong weapon and
deploy the Scorpio Turret against the skulking Franz. Finish him off
with small arms.

Look ahead to the tall structure and Bandits are the next targets, but
watch for additional Psychos or Bandits coming out of nowhere. Some of
the Bandits will come down and others will run about, pot shooting.
Baron Flynt will finally appear on the upper structure ahead.

Once the Bandits are down, Baron Flynt will come after you; but why
wait, head up to get him. Go up the ramp on the right, or east, side of
the tower and when he appears, deploy the Scorpio Turret and supplement
it with incendiary or caustic fire and grenades. He will go down easier
if you choose the battlefield and in the narrow entrance he can only
come at you from the front, probably along the long walkway. If he gets
too close, retreat to the lower area, being careful to not fall from
the ramp-which will kill you and restore Flynt to full health.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Killing Baron Flynt as any character other than the “soldier”
will likely require different tactics. Use a potent incendiary SMG or
other fast-firing weapon and play hit and run around the lower area.
Don’t let him get a bead on you with his potent Boom Stick. Keep moving
ahead of him, taking him down a little at a time. When he returns to
the high area, switch to a sniper rifle, and then back to hit and run
if he comes back down to the lower area.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Go up the inclines to the SILVER CHEST. No “Vault Piece.” This
concludes the mission, THE FINAL PIECE and its completion will
initiate, GET SOME ANSWERS. Commandant Steele has shut down the ECHO
system and chaos reigns. The Guardian Angel is highly disturbed by the
“Vault Piece” being gone and by Steele’s forceful tactics.



Level 30; 15,359 XP; an artifact
MISSION:  Get some answers by locating Patricia Tannis.
SOURCE: The mission m120 is activated when m117 THE FINAL PIECE is
completed during the game details for mission o119.

Take the elevator down and the hostiles will have re-spawned, and they
are tough Lance troops and the only way out is the east gate. Fight
your way back to your entry point. There will be about ten Lancers to
deal with on the circuit. These Lance troops also drop good weapons and
gear from here on out. Your next waypoint is far to the southwest, so
return to your runner and drive there.

The apparent entrance to the Crimson Fastness, south of your waypoint,
cannot be breached, but sniping can put down its complement of five or
six tough Lancers. You can then take the stairs up and then go around
to find a RED CHEST on the west side of the upper catwalk. Drop down
and get a new “ride” and head to the indicated waypoint, which is
designated The Backdoor.

Enter The Backdoor and use the New-U station there to fast travel to
the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board to complete, SCAVENGER: MACHINE GUN,
and then return via the fast travel network to The Backdoor.

The first wave of four spiderants you encounter will erupt not far from
the cave’s entrance. A second small group of two or three will erupt
just past the New-U station. Another half dozen, possibly including a
King, will erupt when you see the gray barrier and another as you
approach the RED CHEST near the metal bridge.

Continue on and, just past the next New-U station, three more will
erupt, including a high-end elemental. If you just hold the high ground
and don’t rush forward the Boss spiderant will just stand and flail
allowing you to take out his two cronies and then him without much

Continue ahead to find two RED CHESTS and an ammo vending machine. Top
off your grenades and equip a grenade mod with incendiary or corrosive
capability for some impressive results against the looming enemy. Have
the Turret equipped with your most potent artifact, and slot both an
incendiary and caustic machine gun, preferably ones with scopes. A
shotgun is also a good idea.

Go into the passage leading into the arena and hit the button to enter.
What to expect? Master McCloud will have a powerful Eridean canon and
his two sidekicks, both Royal Lance Guards, are tough and well armed.
The two Guards will come at you first, one on each flank, and McCloud
will shoot the woefully slow but powerful energy blasts at you. When
the two guards go down, McCloud will close on you and will deploy a
Scorpio Turret as he blasts you with his canon.

So, at the far end of the large circular arena there is a door through
which Master McCloud and his two Lance Guards will enter. Throw as many
grenades towards the opening door as you can before they begin shooting
and then scoot for the cover of the crates. The grenades may or may not
kill them but they will do major damage. They will also throw grenades
at you, so be aware.

Deploy the Scorpio Turret when they begin flanking and duck in and out
of cover to punish them with elemental fire. Once the two Guards are
down, McCloud will come calling and he will deploy his own Scorpio
Turret. Deploy yours and play hit and duck and he will soon go down.
Take his Eridean canon, which is more powerful than any you have found
so far-sell it if nothing else. Enter the Crimson Fastness.

As you depart the area near the vending machines, you will encounter
hostiles including tough Lancers and a Gatling Gun Turret to the south.
There will also be a wounded Claptrap to the south.

Look through the doorway and get behind the barrier on which you can
read: “DANGER OF DEATH KEEP OUT.” Peer around the far end of it and use
an elemental sniper rifle on anyone visible. Only three or four
defenders will be in this first area. Peek around the end and knock out
the Gatling Gun when it betrays its position by opening up. A caustic
sniper or scoped caustic revolver is excellent for this and the Turret
cannot fully target you if don’t lean out too far.

Raid the RED CHEST, which may or may not be there, against the east
wall. When the area seems secure, head toward where the Gatling Gun
Turret was. An additional hostile may appear here, usually on the
walkway to the left.

Level 30; 1,919 XP; three inventory slots
MISSION:  Find the wounded Claptrap, get the repair kit and fix him.
SOURCE: The mission o121 is activated when you interact with Claptrap
in the Fastness. See mission m120, GET SOME ANSWERS for details.

Interact with the blue, flopping Claptrap to acquire the repair
mission, CLATRAP RESCUE: CRIMSON FASTNESS. The repair kit is to the
east and so are several adversaries. Use the catwalk east of the
wounded Claptrap and take advantage of the cover of the doorway and the
entry beyond to clear the hostiles in the upper area and then start
killing anyone in the lower area. There will be three or four defenders
in the area and they frequently toss grenades in your direction. Jump
over the rail to get to the kit. Take the stairs on the southeast to
regain the upper area. Return to the Claptrap to complete the mission,

Re-select GET SOME ANSWERS and follow Claptrap through the wrecked
robots. He will open a hatch leading to two RED CHESTS. Exit to the
back of the chamber and climb the two stairwells. Go through the open
hatchway at the top. Use the green control box to open the next hatch
and follow the corridor around. Raid the RED CHEST, if it is there.

The large lower area will usually have four hostiles and one may be of
the Badass variety. Use the metal railing to hit and then duck under
cover. Re-enter the hatch if needed to regenerate your shield. Descend
to the ground floor, when clear, and interact with Patricia Tannis in
her cell to complete, GET SOME ANSWERS. This will initiate, FIND THE
ECHO COMMAND CONSOLE. It should be your only mission option.

Level 31, 3,960 XP
MISSION: Find the ECHO command console and get it up and running.
SOURCE: The mission m122 is activated when mission m120, GET SOME
ANSWERS is completed during mission o121.

Raid the RED CHEST south of Patricia Tannis’ cell, if it is there, and
head for the adjacent opening to its east. Just past the tarped-over
containers there is a Gatling Gun Turret at the top of the stairwell.
It commands both the hall and stairs. Three Crimson Lancers will also
be in the area of the stairwell.

There is an open duct on the right, just past the tarped-over
containers. Quickly move forward, crouch and get into it. Move up the
long duct and when you see the top of the Gatling Turret, equip a
corrosive or explosive weapon. If you don’t go too far forward you can
target it but it cannot target you. Take it out, but watch for the
accompanying Lance who will now target you. Avoid expending your
grenades here. You will need several real soon. Eliminate the Lance
from the relative safety of the duct by peering around the edge. There
should be only three of them and they will likely be on or near the
stairwell below where the Gatling gun was.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Brick, the big ole’ fella, cannot fit into this duct. So, he must
stand his ground and take out both the Turret and the three Lance
defenders from near the containers at the bottom of the stairwell.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Move north deeper into the Fastness without further opposition and
interact with the glowing ECHO console to complete, FIND THE ECHO
COMMAND CONSOLE. This will trigger the new mission REACTIVATE THE ECHO

Level 31; 9,900 XP
MISSION: Reactivate three consoles in three different Crimson Enclave
locations and return to the ECHO console in the Crimson Fastness to get
the system up and running.
SOURCE: The mission m123 is activated when you interact with the ECHO
console during mission m122.

As you go north toward the entrance to the Crimson Enclave, four Badass
varieties will, when you approach it, come through the arched door as
it opens. Toss grenades, preferable incendiaries or corrosives, as many
as you safely can, before ducking for cover. These guys will advance
and deploy red Scorpio Turrets, so fully utilize your own Turret with
an elemental artifact, and then retreat, using hit and duck tactics
until they all go down. Retreat as far as needed to get the job done
because these guys will keep coming and they are tough.

Proceed north into the garage and past the scattered vehicles while
watching for lurking hostiles. Turn right before going up the wide
metal ramp to find one or sometimes two RED CHESTS in the side passage.
Watch out for hostiles through the bars ahead. Looting complete, go up
the ramp to the entrance of the Crimson Enclave. Enter the Enclave.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: If you return to the Fastness to re-loot, you will find that some
of the RED CHESTS are not in place, or ones that weren’t there before
are there.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A battle is raging between the Lance Infantry and the Guardians. You
can join in, targeting both sides, or let them have at it and mop up
the survivors. Slot a static weapon for any close encounters of the
Guardian kind, but if you observe the fight the Lance always seem to
come out on top. Watch out for a decent shock resistant shield in this
area-they are sometimes dropped by the Lance, and will help in the
action to come with the Guardians.

Continue west toward the first objective after the survivors go down.
Two Lancers will harshly greet you as the reddish overhead structures
come into view, and another three more as the New-U pole comes into
view. As the main structure comes into view four or more tough Lance
troops will respond to your incursion; and, as you pass the five
stacked up pipes, a Gatling Turret will rise. The Scorpio Turret will
take it out, if you are playing as Roland. Peek around the boulder to
take it out if need be. Finish off any hostiles as you make your way to
the arched entrance. Go up the short stairwell, through the hatch, up
the stairwell and through the hatch to the first console. Activate it.
Exit and climb the stairs to the roof to find a RED CHEST. Jump down to
ground level.

The next waypoint is far to the south. Retrace your route, past the
entry area to the Crimson Fastness and as, you pass the New-U station
to its south the honking sound announces another Turret Gun rising.
Peek around the rock face and take it out, allowing your shields to re-
charge if needed. Ahead will be about eight Lancers of all kinds and
they will deploy Turrets. Three or more will be on the upper walkways
of the target structure. Be sure to get these guys are they will greet
you on the stairwells. Take the stairwells west of the facility to get
to the roof, and then go down to access the console. Activate it.
Continue down to find a RED CHEST in a mesh enclosure prior to exiting
at ground level.

The final console will be far to the west. Snipe the five Lance troops
in the low area just to the northwest. Use the elevation provided by
the stairwells to help accomplish this. The Lance may take refuge among
the boulders. If you have a good rocket launcher, this is a decent
place to make it earn its keep. Pause in the low area and eliminate the
Lance that may have re-spawned near the entrance to the Fastness far to
the east of your position. Three more Lancers will occupy the top of
the hill and they can be tough since they occupy the high ground. If
you draw them out by advancing and then retreat to the shelter of the
jutting rock on the right side of the slope, you won’t be so exposed on
the incline.

At the crest of the hill align yourself with the long bridge leading to
the last objective, staying near the isolated boulder. You will see the
Crimson Lance battling flying Sera Guardians. Use a static sniper on
the flying aliens. If you have a mod increasing static damage, equip it
whenever battling the Guardians, whose shields are highly susceptible
to static fire but once their shields are down, they are feeble
creatures. There are five or six Sera, and a single hit from a good
static weapon will usually put them down; then concentrate on the Lance
on the bridge. There are about six of them and the aliens will have
taken out some of them. Move to the bridge and target any surviving

As you move forward the horn sounds and the laser pointer will betray
the position of a Gatling Gun Turret atop the incline. Snipe it from
the cover of the boulder and then move forward to the shelter of the
isolated cargo container. Snipe any visible Lance, making sure to
eliminate any snipers on the roof of the structure. Move ahead to
finish off any surviving Lance. Enter the structure on the ground level
through the door on the left side of the arched entry and climb the
stairwells to the control room to activate the last transmitter. Go up
onto the roof for a RED CHEST.

You sometimes encounter a hostile or two as you exit the building. Make
your way back to the Crimson Fastness. Head across the bridge and go
right, down the incline and then left through the break in the rock
walls. Since you probably took the Lance out while heading for the
third transmitter, your re-entry to the Fastness will be unopposed
unless you left someone alive.

Stock up on ammo at the vendor and enter the Crimson Fastness. The
arched door will open as you get near it and the Lance will appear, in
force, in the garage ahead. Use the tire pile on the left side to hit
them and then go to cover, using the Scorpio Turret to halt any
advance. Watch for shooters on the upper walkway ahead and watch for
incoming grenades. When you have cleared the Lance, which will include
some Badass types, get to the waypoint and activate the console.
Beware, sometimes a lone Lancer will lurk near the console. This
completes, REACTIVATE THE ECHO COMM SYSYEM and activates the mission,



 FIND STEELE (Mandatory)
Level 32; 20,400 XP
MISSION: Commandant Steele has possession of the “Vault Key” and is on
her way to the vault. Both Patricia Tannis and the Guardian Angel urge
you to get there and stop her.
SOURCE: The mission m124 is activated when mission m123 is completed.

Before exiting to the Crimson Enclave, check the alcove east of the
ramp leading out. If you have re-started since your last visit there
will be one or sometimes two RED CHESTS there.

Kill the four Lancers near the exit, and begin the long trek to the
waypoint far to the west. Lance infantry will block the way. Two will
appear just before the overhead structures and four near the Catch-A-
Ride station. The high ground afforded by the rocky knoll under the
reddish overhead structure can give you an advantage in the skirmish.

Grab a “ride” and re-enter the Salt Flats. Before driving north, raid
the RED CHEST and the ammo chest on the upper walkways as Marcus
addresses you.

Drive north to the narrow passage east of the waypoint and head west on
foot. You will likely encounter four Lancers right away, and about
twice that number as you move south along the rock wall. You can climb
onto a boulder in the high area along the east cliffs to systematically
eliminate the hostiles from the high ground. Some of the opponents will
be tough Lance Engineers. There are two ammo chests under the Lance’s
red canopy. Make your way down the narrow path to The Descent.

Advance through the blue stones and drop down. If you have a decent
shock resistant shield, equip it. A shudder shakes the place and a
flock of flying Trash Feeders will swirl into the sky. They won’t
bother you, so concentrate on the one or two flying Sera Guardians that
may now begin to target you. You may be able to take one of them out
before it takes off from its perch among the rocks above. A well aimed
static sniper shot or two will take them down.

A lone Badass Guardian will try to prevent you from getting to the RED
CHEST dead ahead but the Turret equipped with a static artifact, backed
by a static shotgun or other static fire will quickly solve the
problem. If you have an Eridian Thunder Storm, it is amazingly
effective against the Guardians, but have a back up weapon for it,
since it will rapidly discharge. An un-scoped static revolver is a good
choice for close in combat with the Guardians as is a static shotgun.

Make your way down the precipitous slope by jumping down on the east
side near the wall. Take down the two lurking Sera Guardians in this
area with static fire. Make your way down the steep ramps. You will
then have to simply take several short falls to get down. It is
possible that you may encounter a Badass Guardian here as well. This is
probably the one that appeared near the RED CHEST, if you drove him off
rather than killing him. There is a SILVER CHEST on the last ledge you
encounter prior to jumping down to the long passage going north.

Go down the corridor to the overlook. A Guardian-Lancer battle rages
below. Stay largely out of sight behind the three crates and snipe the
half-dozen flying Sera Guardians with your static sniper.

Begin targeting the Guardians and the Lance below. Once the Guardians
are eliminated, equip yourself for dealing with the Lance and move
north along the rock wall. Drop down the series of blocks and ramps.
When all goes quiet, continue toward the waypoint. Take down the two
Lancers that appear to the northwest. Raid the RED CHEST near the
central spire and the one just north of it. There will at least two
additional Lance soldiers entering the high areas, one from the east
and another from the west. Neutralize them before you get near the
doorway on the northeast side of the area.

As you near the outlet corridor in the northeast corner, the door opens
and several Lancers will appear and they will deploy a Scorpio Turret
if you give them a chance. Instead, deploy your Turret with the
incendiary or caustic artifact and then back off. Toss several grenades
into the melee and its over. Mop up if need be, and then jump down,
unopposed, using the crude blue stepping blocks. Cross the narrow stone
bridge and prepare for the cold of the Eridian Promontory.

Look ahead with your static sniper equipped. An Arch and a Principal
Guardian are dead ahead and they will be hard to see in the snow. Take
them down with static sniper fire. They have tough shields but when
it’s down, a single shot from a good sniper will easily do the job.
Watch the sky for a pair of Sera Guardians, and be aware that Crimson
Lance will populate the region ahead as well, so you will have to equip
for both opponents. Top off all your munitions before proceeding,
unless you have ammo regeneration capability.

A battle of Lance versus Guardian is taking place on the first turn to
the left. Stay back to the southeast of the battle and let them have at
it for a bit to thin the numbers; and then begin targeting both sides,
making sure you have a static weapon available for any approaching
Guardians. Try to eliminate the Sera Guardians before you approach the
turn going north. The Turret with the shock artifact is great against
all ground Guardians. Continue into the turn northward. With the flying
Guardians down, work your way toward the battleground, using the rock
wall on the left side as cover. Guardians will attack as you swing
north and any surviving Lancer will be just around the corner. Scavenge
the ammo chests and start up the long incline. A lone Lance will
sometimes lurk there.

Interestingly enough a static sniper rifle is excellent against an in-
close Guardian-its hard to miss at point blank range, just shoot from
the hip. That said-a good static shotgun or potent scope-less static
revolver is still the best in-close choice. A static revolver with a
good scope is also good against the Sera Guardians. The Eridean Thunder
Storm, if you have one, also shines against the Guardians. Its
shortfall is its limited charge capacity.

Continue uphill and as the grade turns west, near the fire, eliminate
any lurking Lance. Several Guardians, with a Badass type possible, will
come at you from the red-tented area ahead. One of the Guardians may
begin raining deadly shock bolts down on you in looping arcs. If this
happens it makes the confrontation much more dangerous. It is sometimes
best to then retreat out of range, and deal with his cohorts, and to
then to get in close, dodging the arching shock bolts, to quickly
eliminate him from close range. This is easiest to do as Lilith.
Dropping the turret or releasing Bloodwing, equipped with the shock
artifact and then retreating can also do the trick. Watch the sky for
flying Seras as you again move uphill.

There is a RED CHEST to the rear of the block wall, with the canopy
above it, on the left side of the path. Access it by going left just
before the block wall and curling around to the right or northeast to
find it. Stock up on ammo now every chance you get.

Jump down and pass through the narrow area going toward the New-U
station. Deploy the Turret against the three Guardians and hit them
with static fire. If an Arch Guardian begins launching shock bolts at
you, retreat east past the New-U pole and eliminate his partners. You
will be out of range of its attacks there. Once the others are down,
either rush this guy, especially if you’re playing as Lilith, or locate
him and use your static sniper to take him down from near the New-U

As you curl right, opposite the fire, a small Lancer encampment of
three is battling flying Seras and a pair of ground Guardians.  Wipe
out any survivors of their struggle and raid the SILVER CHEST and ammo

Continue uphill toward the fire and several Seras and ground Guardians,
will provide the opposition. If you look ahead from the Bandit camp you
may be able to snipe the Sera perched on the rock columns. The ground
Guardians will come from near the rock arch to the right of the path.
Move through that arch to find a RED CHEST.

Continue uphill and scan ahead. You can usually snipe the perched Seras
ahead while they cling to the tall pillars or get them as they hover in
the distance.

Near the ammo chest you will hear gunfire.  Two or three ground
Guardians and a couple of Lancers will be in a battle. Let them fight
it out and take out any Seras that are in the mix. Then take out the

Before making the turn northwest, look northeast. A lone Arch Guardian
rooted like a statue, will be guarding a RED CHEST. Take the alien out
from range with your static sniper, but when you open fire, three Seras
will take flight and several Lancers may take notice from the west.
Concentrate on the Seras and raid the RED CHEST while monitoring the
Lance on your left flank. Face southwest and eliminate the three
Lancers. There is another RED CHEST on the high ground just past the
Lancer’s camp. This is on the high ground above the New-U station.

Face west and try to locate any flying Sera and ground Guardians ahead.
Try to eliminate the Sera before you jump down. You should now be at
the New-U station. If a Guardian attacks using shock bolts, move east
out of range and snipe him. Advance across the narrow pathway, and deal
with any lurking Guardians or hovering or perched Sera ahead.

Stock up on ammo at the ammo chests, and head into the final turn. Keep
an eye on the pillars ahead and watch the ground for Guardians moving
to intercept you. Take it slow, using the Turret and other static
weapons as you advance. An Arch Guardian may again launch his shock
bolts, so either keep your distance or rush him and knock him out with
a static shotgun.

The Guardian angel will address you, and just ahead will be the
entrance to the vault. Several Arch and Principal Guardians will rush
you as you advance. Deploy the Turret and supplement it with static
arms. A good static shotgun is probably your best weapon here or the
Thunder Storm. As you draw close to The Vault’s entrance, ground
Guardians will attack and Lancers will enter the fray as well. Use the
Turret and snipe any hovering Sera. Retreat as needed to eliminate
attacking Guardians and deal with the Lance as well. Rarely a guardian
will arch shock bolts from near the entry. Flying Sera will also pester
you. Make sure all the Lancers are eliminated and then enter the
passage leading to The Vault. Equip your hardest hitting, fast-firing
conventional weapons and equip your best shield. Equip the turret with
the explosive artifact.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: You can oftentimes make a dash for the narrow entryway to the
vault, this is easy as Lilith, and then either fight from there where
their attacks are channeled, or you can just enter the vault.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Level 32; the “Vault Key”
MISSION: The massive Destroyer has emerged from The Vault and will kill
anything attempting to approach it. Kill it and regain the “Key.”
SOURCE: The mission m125 is activated when m124 is completed upon entry
of the Vault and the demise of Steele.

Enter The Vault to see Steele punctured “Luis” style, and the fight is
on. As the battle starts, immediately move to your left, behind the
broken stone arch east of the entry to stay well away from the
Destroyer. (This is the arch with the Lance banner) Conduct operations
from there. Use a fast firing, high powered combat rifle or SMG, or
both if ammo is short, to target the glowing eye area for high damage.
Be sure to have an ammo regeneration or damage mod equipped if you have
one. Roland’s ammo or damage mod or Lilith’s SMG damage multiplier mod
can be a significant factor in this battle. That said, some form of
health regeneration is also a good idea.

Always avoid the huffing bursts of energy emanating from the creature
by sheltering behind the arch when it exhales, and then hammer it
afterward. Stay directly behind the broken arch whenever he lashes a
tentacle at you and duck for cover immediately when your shields
deteriorate. Never confront the Destroyer without good shield
integrity. The purple orbs on the tentacles will deal tremendous damage
but they can also be destroyed. Hitting one can give you a second wind,
if you can hit them, while you are “bleeding out.” Destroying them
takes away its ability to hurl deadly missiles at you, so knock out
these purple orbs when they appear to greatly limit its offense, but be
aware that they will regenerate in a short time. An accurate potent
scoped shotgun, like a Striker or Hunter, can take out an orb with a
well-aimed blast or two.

Whenever it throws a large “foot” tentacle at you or to the side of
you, you can simply pummel it, staying under cover, until the Destroyer
is dead. A high damage Double Anarchy SMG firing four projectiles will
do massive damage to the large tentacle-you can’t miss.

FIND STEELE is completed as the Destroyer goes down; and then the
credits will roll, but there is still another mission before you are

Level 32; 17,136 XP; $234,886
MISSION: Take the “Vault Key” to Patricia Tannis for your payday.
SOURCE: The final mission m126 is activated when the Destroyer goes
down in mission m125.

After the credits, pick up the ‘Vault Key” and fast travel to the
Underpass from the New-U station there in the Destroyer’s resting
place. Generate a runner and head north, battle the spiderants, then
the rakks and give the key to Tannis to complete the final mission,

You can now continue playing, going back to finish any missions you
bypassed. You can even head back to Fyrestone and kill good old Bone
Head again or Sledge or The Raak Hive; but don’t expect much of a
challenge. These exploits will also still net XP, but at a snail’s
pace, allowing you to slowly move toward the maximum level of 50. You
can continue “Playthrough 1” for as long as you wish; or you can select
“Playthrough 2” which will start you off in Fyrestone, starting a new
round with all missions intact and with all your weapons, money and
mods in hand. The opponents, however, will be much, much tougher and
much more numerous. The game play will be a real challenge.
“Playthrough 1” will also still be there if you are so inclined.

At intervals during this walkthrough I have listed the weapons and gear
acquired during gameplay. While meaning to list the final weapons, I
re-started the game before doing so. The following is a list of the
weapons in inventory when I achieved level 50 during a second
playthrough. They are indicative of those that you will accumulate.
When you reach level 50 all weapons you find will be excellent, and
many will rival those given below. But you will need them to survive
the rigors of playthrough 2.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Weapons and shields in inventory at level 50:

Combat rifles:
Desert Raven  142; 87.5; 10 2 bullet fired; mag of 21; 1.4 zoom
Support Bastard  308; 67; 5.7; magazine of 46
Glorious Machine Gun 157; 68; 7.1 incendiary 1X; magazine of 46
Glorious Havoc 142; 88.5; 11.4 static 2X; magazine of 72

Eridian weapons:
Canon 1559; 91.7; 0.4

Scoped Firehawk 84; 90.2; 5.9; magazine of 28; 4.1 zoom

Vitriolic Revolver 555; 91.5; 1.0; caustic 3X; mag of 2; 3.7 zoom
Burning Viper 273; 94.6; 1.5; incendiary 3X; mag of 6; 3.7 zoom
Patton 465; 91.7; 1.9; magazine of 6; 3.7 zoom
Swift Masher 130x7; 73.3; 1.9; magazine of 6; 3.7 zoom

Rocket Launchers:
Incendiary Rocket Launcher 886; 91.7; 0.7; inc 4X; mag of 2; 4.3 zoom
Iron Rocket Launcher 1107; 88.8; 0.8; magazine of 2; 1.9 zoom

Lethal Crux 111x7; 83.3; 1.3; explosive 3X; magazine of 17
Static Shotgun 64x7; 68.7; 2.2; static 2X; magazine of 5
Terrible Shotgun 192x9; 58.3; 0.6; magazine of 12
Vitriolic Death 73x7; 66.7; 1.3; caustic 4X; magazine of 5
Incendiary Shotgun 75x9; 65; 0.9; incendiary 2X; magazine of 6

Combustion Hellfire 105; 93.5; 10.8; incendiary 4X; mag of 28
Combustion Hellfire 167; 83.3; 3.6; inc 4X; mag of 28; 1.7 zoom
Incendiary SMG 98; 78.7; 8.9; incendiary 3X; mag of 28; 2.4 zoom
Vitriolic Thumper 148; 93.5; 4.2; caustic 3X; magazine of 18
Vitriolic Stinger 90; 88.9; 12.5; caustic 4X; mag of 31; 4.3 zoom
Double SMG 85x2; 82.8; 8.3; magazine of 43
Relentless SMG 137; 91.7; 8.3; magazine of 46; 2.4 zoom
Lightning SMG 81; 87.2; 10.8; static 4X; magazine of 36; 2.4 zoom

Sniper Rifles:
Fearsome Volcano 635; 98.6; 0.7; incendiary 4X; magazine of 6
Blue Volcano 405; 97; 1.3; incendiary 4X; magazine of 6; 2.4 zoom
Fearsome Cyclops 536; 96.7; 0.6; magazine of 6; 3.2 zoom
Liquid Wrath 439; 97.4; 2.4;caustic 3X; magazine of 5; 2.4 zoom
Lightning Sniper 423; 96.7; 0.5; static 4X; magazine of 3

Impenetrable Enduring Shield 1495; 106
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hope anyone using this guide found its contents useful. You can
contact me with comments, corrections or suggestions at the e-mail
address on the title page.

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