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For people who enjoy squishing bugs on a hot summer day, I bring 

          -----        --       --       ---      ---       ---
         '  -   \     '  '     '  '    /     \   '   '    /   /
         ' '  \  \    '  '     '  '   /      /   '   '   /   /  
         ' '   )  )   '  '     '  '   '   --     '   '  /   /   
         ' '  /  /    '  '     '  '   '  /       '   ' /   /   
         ' '--  /     '  '     '  '   '  '       '   '/   /     
         '     (      '  '     '  '   '  '       '       (        
         '  -   \     '  '     '  '   '  '       '   '\   \      
         ' '  \  \    '  '     '  '   '  \       '   ' \   \    
         ' '   )  )   '  \     /  '   '   --     '   '  \   \    
         ' '  /  /     \  -----  /     \     \   '   '   \   \ 
         ' '-   /       \       /       \    /   '   '    \   \
          -----          -------         ---      ---      ---

     ---       -  -    --              --      ---       -      ----
    ' '\ \    ' '' '  '   \          /   '    ' '\ \    ' '    ' ---   
    ' ' ) )   ' '' '  ' '\ \        / /' '    ' ' ) )   ' '    ' '
    ' '/ /    ' '' '  ' ' \ \      / / ' '    ' '/ /    ' '    ' ---
    '   (     ' '' '  ' '  \ \    / /  ' '    '   (     ' '    '    '
    ' '\ \    ' '' '  ' '   \ \  / /   ' '    ' '\ \    ' '    ' ---
    ' ' ) )   ' \/ '  ' '    \ \/ /    ' '    ' ' ) )   '  --  ' '    
    ' '/ /     \  /   ' '     \  /     ' '    ' '/ /    '    ' ' ---   
     ---        --     -       -        -      ---       ----   ---- 

                        The offical walkthrough!
                Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda (Username: Cedoda)
                      E-mail address: [email protected]

Okay, so I check out the most requested FAQ's list, and here, I see Buck 
Bumble in the #4 spot on the Nintendo 64 list.  well, you can stop 
whining now, it's here!

Table of Contents

1. Controls
2. Items
3. Weapons
4. Enemies
5. Helpful tips
6. Walkthrough
7. Credits
8. Disclaimer

Revision History


This was originally my 16th FAQ, but since many people needed it, I 
figured, "What the heck?" and made it my 2nd FAQ.


Finished up controls section.


Finished sections 2-5, and I'm done with stages 1-10 on the walkthrough.


Now that the walkthrough is complete, I'll think I'll relax for a 


Added "Extras" to the walkthrough.


Just for fun, I'll throw in the lyrics to the introduction!

1. Controls

Control Stick: Move

A: Fly

B: Hover

C-left/C-down: Change weapon

C-up: Change camera angle

C-right/R: Do a loop-de-loop.

Start: Pause (DUH!)

2. Items

Honey drop: Eat this hanging from flowers to recover some health.  If 
they are found in a green sphere, and you grab them, you'll fully 
recover your life meter!

Point particles: Depending on how big it is, you'll get 10,100, or 500 
points.  10,000 pts. means an extra life!

Key piece: Needed for key doors, they are gotten by performing certain 

Switches: Shoot the blue dot and see what happens!  It can't be hit 
while it's red.  They mostly open doors.

Explosives: Carry these to your destined area, but make sure it doesn't 
hit ANYTHING or you're dead.

Nuclear Device: Fly through one and get out of that area quickly!

Red Doors: Opened by killing all enemies.

Yellow Doors: Opened br hitting switches.

Key Doors: You need all three key pieces before you can open these!

Portals: Takes you to another area, obviously.

3. Weapons (I don't know their real names, so don't scream at me if I 
get it wrong.)

1. Blaster Pistol

This is your starting weapon.  Although it has unlimited ammo, as you'd 
expect, it is completely weak, and more importantly, useless.

2. Plasma Blaster

It fires plasma blasts at an average speed, and is a common weapon for 
most stages.  They are mostly gotten by killing those wasps.  And since 
it has lots of ammo to hold (500 to be precise), you can guarantee 
you'll be keeping this one for a while.

3. Ground Missile Launcher 

This fires a missile of sorts, and explodes on contact with he ground.  
This is recommended for any heavily armed and armored enemies on the 
ground, such as snails and weevils.

4. Multibomb

Coming in packs of 3, throwing one will release about 5 bombs at once!  
Again, it's more of a ground weapon, unless you enjoy bombing enemies in 
the air..........

5. Quickfire Dartgun

This partial crossbow-like gun fires darts at a high speed, but the 
downside is that they are weak.  

6. Homing Missile Gun

The name explains itself, really.  However, the catch is that they can 
only go a certain distance before they start to lose altitude.

7. Laser Blaster

This fires a red laser.  Not powerful, right?  WRONG!  It may look weak 
when you first use it, but because of it's power, it can lay down some 
more heavily armed creatures, say, the Queen's gatekeepers?

8. Manual Guided Missile Launcher

This should be your other weapon of choice, it'll fire a missile, but 
with the control stick, you'll be able to control it!  It's best if you 
hide yourself before using it, for if you get hit while controlling it, 
you'll lose control of it!  Best used for the later stages.  Again, 
it'll start to go down a while.

9. Lighting Gun

Whoa, what's the bee doing with a backpack?  He fires a blast of 
lighting from it. It can go through anything until it disappears.  I'd 
save it for something big if I were you, since ammo is hidden cleverly.

10. Lock-on Plasma Blaster

Another favorite.  He fires plasma blasts at his enemies, and they 
actually chase his enemies!  There's only one problem-it needs more ammo 
to hold!      

11. Stun Gun

Used only in the 11th level, this is used for shooting Herdlings.

4. Enemies

Dragonflies: There are 2 types of these bugs.  The first type just flies 
around,  another type fires at you and follows you.

Wasps: These things are completly annoying.  The moment one sees you, 
it'll try to sting you!  Plus, they rely on that safety in numbers 
tactic-they travel in groups.  Oh, the other type carries a gun and 
fires it at you.

Mosquitoes: They crash into you........annoying things.............

Snails: Some threats they are-they just move around.  However, when they 
die, and blood flies all over the place, don't get hit by the blood, as 
it'll harm you.  Another type is where they have a gun mounted on their 
backs, and before their demise, they'll fire two heat seeking missiles 
at you!  

Weevils: I hate these enemies.  Their nose is a cannon of sorts, and 
when a bomb hits you, it takes off an insane amount of health!  That's 
not right!  Thankfully, they shoot in a straight line, allowing you to 
move away, but it does turn when you move.

Beetles (Wild guess) : Very rare, they fly around and fire lasers at 

Spiders: They hang on webs, blocking your path.  Te only way to remove 
the web is to kill the spider.

Ants (Another wild guess): These little munchkins squirt blood at you.   

Flies: They fire lasers at you, and always seem to get in the way when 
you have a chance to go somewhere.

Earthworms: Found watery areas (How odd.........), they fire pulse 
blasts at you when you get close.  They're also a little hard to hit 
because they move their head a lot.

Giant Beetles: A bigger, badder, and well armored beetle, they fire 
lasers at you from one place.  When they near death, they get up and fly 

Gatekeepers: These rare machines unload heavy firepower on you (Can you 
say lasers and homing missiles?).  Even if you know what the weak spot 
is, you'll have to make it past their tricky firepower to get to it!

Boats: They shoot missiles at you.

And here are some other traps!

Protector beams: When you get close to a certain object, it'll fire 
lasers at you.  Look for switches to shut them off.

Proxmity Mines: One type hovers in the air, and gets close to you when 
you get close enough.  Also fires laser blasts.  Thankfully, these can 
be destryoed.  On the other hand, there is another type where they are 
planted on the ground, and will ALMOST KILL YOU (If not instantly) if 
you're not careful.  Plus, they can't be destroyed.

5. Helpful tips

1. Flee to a certain area (Such as a corner) and blast some bugs from 
there while hovering in place.

2. Take cover whenever possible.  This holds especailly true for later 

3. Doing a loop-de-loop can save your hide when it come to enemies 
attacking you up close-especially if it's those annoying wasps.

4. Save honeydrops for when you really need them.  Trust me, this game 
hard enough with all this firepower being aimed at you.

5. Don't touch the water!  Otherwise, he'll die.  Besides, I'd laugh 
myself silly if a bee could swim.

6. Impossible as it may seem, you can shoot enemy missiles!  However, 
it's better to fly away from them.

6. Walkthrough

(Extras will indicate secrets!)

Stage 1: Shock Strike

Objective: Kill all enemies in the area.

This stage is just a taste of what's to come.  So........start off by 
warping from the base by following the obvious path to the portal.  Go 
to the left and kill the not-so-threating dragonflies, and pick up the 
plasma blaster ahead.  Once the red door opens, immediately fire at the 
wave of wasps that come toward you.

After that, you'll be near a fountain.  Kill the obvious enemies while 
finding powerups, and if there are none, search!  You'll also find the 
groung missile launcher while you're at it.  Then, you should see a path 
the goes to the left, follow it.  Kill the last three enemies and you're 
done in here.

Extras: None, though you'll also find the Ground Missile Launcher here.

Stage 2: Radar Run

Objective: Locate the 3 radar dishes before your base is discovered.

Okay, shoot the switch, and fly through the door that just opened.  
You'll immediately find the first radar satelite, shoot the weak spot 
(Note the blue dot)and it'll explode.  Scan the area for powerups, then 
follow the wire to the the switch (Don't follow it over the hill yet.  
That just leads to a locked door.), then go over the hill and through 
the yellow door.

Radar dish #2 is here, but so are those pesky wasps.  After destroying 
that, blast that weird-looking structure near the wall.  It'll lead to a 
secret tunnel.  Go inside and blast those annoying weevils to continue.

Here, you'll find the Multibomb weapon (go over the lilypads.).  Then go 
to the left and shoot the midair mines guarding the warp.  The last 
radar dish is here, so shoot that while ignoring the enemies guarding it 
to complete Stage 2.

Extras: Before entering the tunnel, go above the wall and you'll see 
powerups leading to a warp.  Inside, you'll find the Quickfire Dartgun!  
Save it for later, you'll need it in another stage.

Stage 3: Return Fire

Objective: Save the base before it's gone!

WHAT THE?!  Looks like they found your base after all.  No time to 
waste-follow the obvious path to the switch and shoot it, then double 
back and you should find the Herd Door that just opened (It's somewhere 
on a brick wall.).  Fly to the base (When you see that dome-shaped 
structure, you're there.), and kill all of the enemies with your plasma 
blaster as quick as you can (Don't forget to check for ground enemies!).

Now, you have one more thing to accomplish-to take that explosive 
someone set on the base and carry it back to the start.  Pick up and 
head to the warp, while carefully flying through the holes.  After 
reaching the warp, go to the right and fly over a yellow platform 
(That's your starting point.).  You'll automatically drop the bomb, 
thus, ending the insane stage.

Extras: None

Stage 4: The Sonar Tower

Objective: Destroy the Sonar Tower.

Now that they FINALLY located the reason for the location of the base 
(You should've found that out eariler!), it's time to make sure that 
this Sonar Tower never causes any more trouble.  Shoot the first sheild 
generator at the the start, and follow the wire to *GASP!* ANOTHER 
SHEILD GENERATOR!!!!!!!!!  Okay, in short, the 4 shield generators are 
easy to find as long as you follow the wire, which in turn will lead you 
to the tower.  While waiting patiently for the explosions to to reach 
the next one, kill the time by gunning down any threats with your Plasma 
Blaster. After destroying all 4 shield generators, shoot the Sonar Tower 
to end the Stage.

Extras: None 

Stage 5: Big Blips

Objective: Wipe those enemies (As big blips of course) before the base 
is threatened.

This should take you less than 2-3 minutes (Heck, maybe even a minute 
and a half!).  After leaving the base, use your obivious weapon on the 2 
earthworms by shooting the head, and once they're gone, A big one will 
appear.  Don't be afraid to look for flowers with honey if your health 
is low.  Again, shoot the giant earthworm in the head to finish him off, 
not to mention the stage.

Extras: None

Stage 6: Short Fuse

Objective: Take the explosives and drop them under one of the Herd's 
main buildings.

Shoot the switch and wait for the protective beam to disappear.  Then 
grab the explosives and follow the pond until you spot a wire, follow it 
to a switch and shoot it to open the door.

Fly through the doors and holes carefully and you'll be in the sewers 
after a while.  Then kill the earthworms that get in the way, as they 
will block your path.  Keep following the path to a door and go left.  
You see another switch, and after flying through the open door, and 
another hole on the right......*YAWNS* you'll be at the structure.  
Carefully go under the buliding and fly over the target, and this stage 
is finished.          

Extras: For better results, try killing everything first and search for 
items BEFORE you pick up the explosives.  Heck, that's why by doing 
that, you'll not only have a clear path, but you'll get lots of Homing 
Missile ammo.

Stage 7: Outpost

Objective: Destroy the Herd Outpost.

Go forward and blast everything in sight (Don't forget to search fo 
helpful weapons throughout the entire stage!), then go through the 
fence.  You should see another fence to your right, and when you do, 
search for 2 switches.  After that, shoot this blue stuff blocking the 
door to enter the sewers.  After following yet another linear path to 
the outpost, you must shoot the generators first (Two are on one wire, 
go to the farthest one first.), then blow up the main buliding to exit.

Extras: None

Stage 8: The Sewers

Objective: Kill all wasps and wasp generators.

First, go forward until you see some more blue stuff blocking a door, 
shoot that to enter the smelly ol' sewers.  Go forward, until you hit an 
area where one road goes to the left and one road goes to the right.  
Regardless of which one you take first, both paths lead to a wasp 
generator.  Then take the other path you ingored eariler.  Now that both 
wasp generators are destroyed (Don't forget to kill the remaining 
wasps!), you have one more left.

Go back to that area where those Dragonflies crash into you, and you 
should see a tunnel ahead, enter (If inside the tunnel, you find 2 pipes 
on the left side and many others on the right, you're on the right 
path.).  Take the far path on the right and the last wasp generator will 
be located!  After it's destroyed, the level is over!

Extras: Before going in, search along the right wall for a hidden area 
with *GASP!* just health and point item with little ammo powerups.  But, 
if you're in the mood for an extra life, this just might be the place to 

Stage 9: Clean Up

Objective: Scan this particular area for any info.

This first part of the stage wants you to find those key pieces.  Here, 
fo forward, and keep low to avoid the explosions (What did you think it 
was, a fireworks display?), and keep straight until you see a building, 
shoot it for the first key piece.  Before moving on, go up for the 
Homing Missile Launcher!  Keep going until you see some wasps, one of 
them holds the second key piece.  Finally, kill the earthworm creature 
(Keep follwing the pond to the end) for the final key piece.

After going through the door, kill all of the enemies to open the 
portal, then fly through while blasting the flies that get in your way 
and avoiding those dragonflies.  Then, you'll be unintentonally warped 
to a mini-boss.  Shoot at him from afar at a point where he can't shoot 
back, then, when he flies, keep shooting at him with your own weapon of 
choice.  End of stage.

Extras: None

Stage 10: Scramble Pylon

Objective: Destroy the Scramble Pylon.

Start this tricky stage off by following the wires to their switches (It 
doesn't matter which side you take.) while shooting and avoiding the 
enemies, but it's not as easy as it looks.  You'll have to blast the 
enemies in your way and ignore almost everything.  After the first 4 
switches are shot, see that wire going into the mound?  Follow along the 
mond until the wire appears again, then continue for the final switch.

Enter the was-locked door and keep going until you see the pylon.  If 
you have the Manual Guiding Missile Launcher, blast it from afar.  If 
done correctly, only 2 of those should destroy the pylon.   

But if you don't have the weapon I mentioned (You'll find it somewhere 
in this stage at the beginning.), quickly blast the earthworms and 
concentrate on the Pylon itself.  Either way, stage 10 is finished.

Extras: I now remember that the Manual Guiding Missile Launcher is in a 
log at the beginning!  Silly me...........

Stage 11: Herdling Research

Objective: Capture 3 different colored Herdlings.

Again, you have to look for three key pieces, but first, we need to find 
the stun gun.  All you have to do is follow the path, then go to the 
left up a hill.  You'll see it on a platform.  One of the turrets should 
be shooting at you, so use the multibomb weapon to blow it up for the 
first key piece (Hard to miss, really, It's at the edge of the hill 
where you get your stun gun.).

Use the stun gun to freeze one of those yellow herdlings and take it 
back to the starting point.  After that, look for a building with 4 
holes.  Go inside and search for the second key piece!  Now, follow the 
path to the locked door and blow up one of the snails for the final key, 
then in the next room, equip your plasma blaster, 'cause your in wasp 
country again!

After going throuugh the door that just opened, blow up the turret 
guarding a switch ahead.  Shoot the switch (Unless the explosions 
triggered it.) so the other door in the wasp area can open, then follow 
the lake to a set of red Herdlings.  Use your stun gun (AGAIN.) to 
freeze one and take it back to the start.  The trick to keep the stuuned 
herdlings safe is to treat these like explosives-go the door carefully 
so it won't get hit.

Go through the now open door and keep your stun gun, and go to the left 
to a platform with green Herdlings.  Stun one and take it back to the 
start, ending this tricky stage.

Extras: None

Stage 12: The Extractor

Objective: Destroy the Extractor.

Keep going until you see a pair of wires connected to a switch, follow 
those.  Take the one to the right when they split up, and you should 
know what to do for switches.  Go to the left for the other switch.  
See?  I spared you the time of following the other wire!  Trace them 
back to that one switch (I'm getting tired of saying "Switch" now.), and 
follow the wire to the door.  

One switch (I can't think of any other names for this word!) opens a 
door, another turns off the protective beam.  The next room wants you to 
kill all the enemies, then go the left shoot the switch (Via the wire, 
of course) so the protective beam is off.  Shoot one of those structures 
and go inside for health and ammo powerups.

Shoot the Extractor from afar by hitting those batteries with your 
maunally guided missiles (They must hit any side of the batteries, not 
the top.) and laugh like a happy nut as the extractor sinks, ending 
Stage 12.  

But if you STILL don't that weapon (Which you should!), gun down 
everyone with the Homing Plasma Blaster, then shoot the Extractor down 
with your weapon of choice.

Extras: Whoops, I mentioned that secret tunnel in the walkthrough!  Oh, 
well, I'm too lazy to delete it and type it here.............

Stage 13: The Nuke Tower

Objective: Disable Nuclear weapon before it's launched.

What's with the Herd and Nuclear weapons?  Oh well........first, follow 
the path and go to the left for a switch, then fly behind the barrel 
(You'll see one along the way) through the door.  Shoot the next switch 
to an obvious path with another switch, then go through the door, and 
enter the warp.  Go to the left and shoot the switch for to turn off the 
protective beam.

After entering the warp, make sure your Quickfire Dartgun is maxed out 
(That's why I told you to stock up......), and fire at that blue dot in 
the middle. you have 1:30 (1 minute and 30 seconds) to do this.  After 
about 20 shots, it'll go to the right, then a few more shots will make 
it go to the left.  It'll repeat pattern one more time.  However, those 
wasps will harm you a lot while you're turning it off, so kill them 
first before concentrating on the Nuke tower.  Once disabled, this crazy 
stage is over!

Extras: None (Besides, it's too dangerous!)

Stage 14: Mucus Storage

Objective: Destroy the Mucus Storage.

Pick up the maunal guiding missiles to the left, then go through the 
tunnel.  Use the homing plasma gun to kill the enemies, then use missile 
launcher (Manual one) to hit the switch so that the 3 protective beams 
are gone.  Kill the enemies in the the next two rooms to continue.

Again, use those maunal missiles to hit the switches ahead so there will 
be no more beams, fly through the holes then go to where the 4 silos 
are.  Use the Laser Blaster to take all four, down, and this stage is 

Extras: None

Stage 15: Depot Attack

Objective: Kill the wasps before they reach the depot.  Then, destroy 
the Spore Carrier.  

You have to kill three wasps before they get to the depot.  Use the 
plasma blaster as usual, but because they take more hits than usual, 
this may take a while.........watch their flying patterns while keeping 
up with them and you'll make it.

Now, we have a Spore Carrier to deal with.  Just simply shoot the 
engine, then shoot the top of the carrier to finish it off.  It 
shouldn't be that hard.

Extras: None (Yet again......)

Stage 16: Steralization

Objective: Trigger the nuclear device and escape.

Get anything you need before you proceed (Nice rhyme!), because the Herd 
has already triggered the device!  WHY THOSE FLITHY........*Ahem* Excuse 
me..........use the homing plasma blaster most of the time and don't 
stop for anything and don't let anything get in your way!  The moment 
you see a threat, start shooting!  You have 2:20 (2 mintues and twenty 
seconds) to escape this long stage.  Oh, one more thing-as linear as the 
route may seem, lots of enemies and traps await, which is why you should 
only kill the threats in front of you.  With luck, you'll make it out of 
this stage alive............

Extras: None (Too linear, and who'd want to put secrets when you have a 
limited time to leave?)

Stage 17: Scorpion Killer

Objective: Kill everything in the hives area of the Herd's base.

Again, yet another linear stage.  You'll have to conserve ammo and move 
carefully throughout this tricky stage!  Also, check the area for 
powerups before going any further.  

First, shoot the spider on the web, and go to the left for lots of 
goodies.  Then go forward and kill the spider shooting blasts at you 
before some heavy damage gets sent toward you.  Now, shoot the Giant 
beetle with the Homing Plasma blaster, then search the area for ammo 
before moving on.

Shoot the spider on the web, then use your manual missiles on the 
earthworms in the hallway ahead.  After that, another Giant beetle 
awaits!  Use the Regular Plasma Blaster for this one.  Search for more 
ammo, then continue.  Use homing missiles on the final earthworm to open 
the portal.  Now, get any ammo, cross your fingers, and get ready to 
battle............A GATEKEEPER!

Okay, shoot any homing missiles it sends toward you, then use the Laser 
Blaster on the weak spot.  By quickly shooting 15 or so shots, he'll be 
finished, not to mention the stage!

Extras: None (Obiviously because you'll explore almost the entire area.)

Stage 18: Core Nuke

Objective: Use a bomb to blow up the core.

First, kill everyone and everything to open the portal, and look for 
ammo before flying inside.  Next, fly around through the hive area until 
you get to area with a warp portal.  Shoot that one nest where those 
dragonflies come out of, then shoot the switch to disable those beams.  
Get the powerups, grab the bomb, and enter the portal.

Immediately turn to your left, and follow the path to a switch.  Shoot 
that to remove a you-know-what from your presence.  Then, using the 
manual missiles, hit the four blue dots above the platform with the 
beam.  Take the bomb and drop it under the platform (Killing all the 
earthworms will send in reinforcements-wasps!  However, they shouldn't 
be a problem.  So you can ignore killing them if you wish.).

Now, you have to exit in 1:30!  Thankfully, the route is shorter.  Just 
blast the spider web, then shoot the web in the middle.  it should be 
straightforward from here on out.  Ingore the earthworms and enter the 
portal, then go to platform to leave.

Extras: None 

Stage 19: Gatekeepers

Objective: Destroy all gatekeepers, then kill the QUEEN!

Okay, you're facing the enterance to the queen's chamber, so turn around 
and go forward.  Here's the Gatekeepers locations:

1. By crossing the bridge.

2. Go to the right of the bridge.

3. On the left of the bridge, obviously.

Use the same tactics for the Gatekeeper in Stage 17 and you're okay, but 
they'll fire homing missiles more often!  Looking for health is a must!  
Each time a Gatekeeper is killed, it'll leave a key after it dies.  When 
you have all three, head back to the start point and enter the door.  
Now prepare to scream like heck, because we are facing.......THE QUEEN!

Okay, shoot her in the head with the manual missiles.  Shoot any homing 
missiles that come your way, and move far away so she can't seriously 
harm you.  Her second phase is where she justs helplessly flies around. 
Just shoot her in the head so she can be defeated, and now this game is 
offically completed (Another rhyme!)! 

Extras: None (Must not like secret places or something.........)

7. Credits

Nintendo/Ubi Soft: Well, they made the game, after all.

Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda): I wrote this!

CJayC: Let's just say without him, this website, www.gamefaqs.com, 
wouldn't exist!  

Wow, the credits were that short?

8. Disclaimer

1. This can be printed out with my permission.  Don't be afraid to say 
please, either (SYKE!).

2. You can also post this on your site with my permission, but posting 
it directly will only mean you're asking for trouble!

3. No stealing!  That includes replacing my name with your name.  Plus, 
it's wrong to steal one's possesions anyway.

4. Don't even think about selling my FAQ in any form!  It's just not 

5. Newest versions are always found at www.gamefaqs.com  

6. No idiotic E-mail (Chain letters, jobs working for your site, etc.).

7. Update this when I update this.  I don't care if you found cheat 
codes, don't slip this in my FAQ!

Now, as I bring this FAQ to a close, Let me just say a few things.  
First, why is a swarm of insects being called the Herd?  How did they 
build all of this equipment?  But more importantly, why is there rap 
music when we are in a rural area?  Ah, well........

Speaking of rap, since I'm updating this FAQ, why don't we include the 
lyrics to the title screen.  DANCE, BABY, DANCE!  

*Turns on karaoke machine*

Buck Bumble Rap

Right about now it's time to ruck with 
the king of bees, Buck Bumble!
Right about now it's time to ruck with 
the king of bees, Buck Bumble!

Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass, 
bump to the bump to the Bumble!
Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass, 
bump to the bump to the Bumble!
Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass, 
bump to the bump to the Bumble!
Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass, 
bump to the bump to the Bumble!

Bump to the bump to the bump to the boom-boom,
Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass-as-as-ase!
Bump to the bump to the bump to the boom-boom,
Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass-as-as-ase!

Itty-bitty bup, itty-bitty bup,
Itty-bitty bup, itty-bitty bup, (Ie shay)
Itty-bitty bup, itty-bitty bup,
Ie shay monda moola dip DIP!

Itty-bitty bup, itty-bitty bup,
Itty-bitty bup, itty-bitty bup, (Ie shay)
Itty-bitty bup, itty-bitty bup,
Ie shay monda moola dip DIP!

Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass,
Bump to the bump to the......

Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass, 
bump to the bump to the......

Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass,
bump to the bump to the......

Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass, 
bump to the bump to the......bum-bum-bumble!

E-mail me at [email protected] for any questions, comments, or if you want 
to add in a special section to the rap I wrote down.

Until the next guide, everyone..........


Copyright 2000 by Cedric Cooks/Oda 
All rights reserved

                     -"And that's the end of that chapter!"- 

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