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                   |  Divine Divinity Walkthrough  |
                   |         By: JaggedJim         |
                   |  E-mail:[email protected]  |
                   |         Date: 10/16/02        |
                   |         Version: 0.1.5        |

This is my first faq, so any comments and criticism are appreciated. 
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-Table of Contents-

Version History

-Chapter 1: Healing the Healer
         -Leaving Aleroth

-Version History-

0.1 – 10/14/02 – This is the first release of this walkthrough. I’ve 
covered the game up until you leave Aleroth for the first time.

0.1.5 – 10/16/02 – I just made some formatting changes at the top, 
added a table of contents, and fixed a few things that were driving me 

-Chapter 1: Healing the Healer-


You start the game next to a bed. You can use this bed anytime you need 
to recover health and mana. Go up the ladder and go left and Joram will 
talk to you. He tells you that Aleroth’s leader, Mardaneus, has gone 
mad. He also tells you to take what you want from his house, so take 
him up on that offer. When you are done looting, go on outside the 
house and you will see a scene between Mardaneus and Lanilor, another 
healer. Take a look around town.

-Quest: Collect herbs for George-

When you first go inside George’s shop you’ll see him arguing with 
someone over a delivery. When you talk to George afterwards he asks you 
to get some Drudanae for him from Lanilor’s garden. Go to Lanilor’s 
garden and pick a stalk of Drudanae, and go back to George for a 

-Quest: Find a cure for Simon and Verlat-

Note: These are actually two separate quests, but since they are 
identical so they get rolled into one.

When you talk to Goemoe the lizardman or Otho the dwarf they tell you 
that they are caring for a sick soldier. They say that they need a 
healing gem to heal them, but they only have one gem available. The 
healers can’t decide on which soldier to use the gem on, so it’s up to 
you to heal them. Go to the healing shrine north of Goemoe’s house and 
ask for the last Healing Gem. Now, you could use that gem to heal one 
of the soldiers, but there is a way to save both. What you need is the 
Magic Mirror from an abandoned house on the north side of town. Take 
the mirror to any puddle (you should see your reflection on the ground) 
and drop it in. It should disappear, (if it doesn’t, try it again at a 
different spot) then place the Healing Gem at the same spot as the 
mirror. You should now have two Healing Gems, so go and talk to Simon 
and Verlat and give them a Healing Gem to heal them. When you heal both 
talk to Goemoe and he will train you in a level of Restoration.

Note: If you wait until after you cure Mardaneus’ insanity, the 
soldiers will die.

-Quest: Rescue Lanilor the elf from his icy prison-

When you arrive outside Mordaneus’ house you will see Lanilor trying to 
help Mardaneus not be crazy, but fails miserably as Mardaneus thinks 
Lanilor is a demon and freezes him. Talk to Lanilor and he will ask you 
to convince Mardaneus to unfreeze him. Mardaneus’ door is locked, so 
talk to Lanilor and he will tell you to take the well.

-The Well-

Go down to the lower left hand room. There is a locked door there, but 
the key is just sitting there on a crate in the same room. Continue on 
and go up the ladder into Mardaneus’ house.

-Mardaneus’ House-

When you get inside you will be accosted by the mad mad Mardaneus. You 
will (eventually) convince him to unfreeze Lanilor. The freshly thawed 
Lanilor will tell you about the catacombs beneath  town.

-Quest: Restore Mardaneus’ sanity-

To enter the catacombs, go to the statue in the center of town 
surrounded by four dragon statues. Click on each of the dragon statues 
until they all face north. (They lock into place when they reach the 
correct position.) When all four are positioned, the stairs down to the 
catacombs are opened. When you first try to enter Lanilor stop you and 
give you a teleporter stone.

-Quest: Find the second teleporter pyramid-

Lanilor will give you a single teleport stone and tell you if you can 
find its twin you can use them to teleport between the two. 
Unfortunately he has no idea where the other one is. You can find it on 
the fourth floor of the Catacombs. To use them just drop both on the 
ground and click on one stone and you get teleported to the other. To 
pick up a stone when it’s on the ground, just open your inventory then 
click and drag the stone into your inventory. AND DON’T FORGET WHERE 

-Catacombs: First Level-

In the room below the starting area throw the lever on the upper wall 
to unlock the door. Follow the hallway to the end and throw another 
lever to unlock the nearby door. Go through the door and clean out all 
the skeletons in this room. Continue on and clean out the next room and 
the one after that. Grab the magic orb from the next room then continue 
on and grab the sapphire key. Continue down the next room until you 
come to a fork in the road, the locked door to the left needs the 
sapphire key and leads back to the first hallway. Both left and down 
lead to the same place, but the left fork has another magic orb. 
Continue down and left to the next room and grab the final orb. In this 
room if you light the 5 candles around the pentagram a skeleton will 
attack you. Throw the lever to unlock the door and continue on. In the 
next room you find a group of orcs. They are reasonably friendly (i.e. 
they don’t try to disembowel you on sight) and their leader, Smiruk 
even has a quest for you. (see Quest: Retrieve the magic axe called 
Slasher, below) The ladder in the room leads to the middle of an orc 
camp, you DON’T want to go there, so go down the hallway and to the 
right, the right fork leads to a dead end, and the lower path leads to 
an intresting room where you can get your self your very own zombie 
bodyguard (see Gregar Brock, below.) Take the upper path and in the 
next room place one Magic orb in center of each of the three pentagrams 
to open up a portal. Go through the portal and in the next room take 
the stairs down to the next level. The stairs up create a shortcut to 

-Quest: Retrieve the magic axe called Slasher-

In the next room you will run into a group of Orcs here that demand 
that you find an axe called Slasher for them. If you refuse they will 
attack, and likely kill you, so agree to find it. You can find the 
Slasher on the Catacomb Second Floor. When you come back with Slasher 
and give it to him (or you could give him a fake axe) and he tries to 
test it (by attacking one of his companions!) and is satisfied with the 
results. (Or angry if you gave him a fake axe.) Then he gives you a 
warning (Orcs rule, humans drool.) and leaves.

Note: He keeps any axes you give him to test. So don’t give him any 
more axes than you need to.

-Gregar Brock-

When you reach this room you see a statue by the wall with a candle at 
its base. Simply light the candle and a zombie named Gregnar Brock will 
be summoned. After a bit of dialog Gregnar will join you. This guy is 
has a lot of health, so he’ll be with you for awhile.

Note: If you go above ground after you get him, Gregar will die.

- Catacombs: Second Level-

This level has VERY difficult puzzle to solve on this level. To solve 
it you have to go the stairs in the upper left corner, and then click 
on the stairs. Slasher can be found on this level, it’s it in a 
treasure room that’s under a Floor Tile.

- Catacombs: Third Level-

From the stairs go right and then down into the large room. The stairs 
down are in the coffins in the center of this room, but they are 
locked. To unlock the coffins you have to open the 4 tombs on the 
platform around the coffins. When you open a tomb you will be attacked 
by a legion of undead. Open all 4 tombs then open up the coffin and go 
down to the next level.

- Catacombs: Fourth Level-

Go to the left through the first and second rooms, in the third room 
take the hallway down to the end. At the end of the hallway continue 
down to the next room and head down to the next room. Go left and down 
until you find doors leading to the right and left. The right door 
leads to the area with the second teleport stone. Flip the lever and 
enter. The teleport stone is in the next room, to pick it up just open 
your inventory and click and drag the stone into your inventory. If you 
got here by using the first teleport stone, you have to use the 
teleport pad near the door to escape. The left door leads to the stairs 

-Catacombs: Fifth Level-

You are in the home stretch! Go down into the inner room, there is a 
skeleton there who will talk to you. He will complain that the 
resurrection ritual is not working. Badger him enough and he will let 
you see the ritual. Now play Tech Support, go to the upper left lever 
and when they start the ritual again, flip the lever. This resurrects 
Thelyron. He tells you it was he who is causing Mardaneus’ insanity. 
After he’s done talking you he suddenly becomes wracked with pain. He 
can stand it, and begs you to put him out his misery. (what a wimp) Go 
ahead and kill him. When you do, Thelyron’s minions are mildly upset 
that you killed their master and bring a whole boatload undead down 
your throat. Fight your way out and when you get out of the room 
Mardaneus shows up and zaps all the undead. After a brief conversation 
revealing that Mardaneus isn’t crazy anymore, go into the portal and 
back to the surface.

-Back in Aleroth-

Now that he is back to normal, Mardaneus will gladly heal you for free.

-Quest George has been murdered-

When you first enter George’s shop after finishing the catacombs, you 
Go and talk to Mardaneus about George’s murder, he will suggest talking 
to the other healers. You won’t be able solve this mystery for a while.

-Leaving Aleroth-

When you first go out of town there is cutscene of some soldiers 
getting slaughtered by some orcs. Then a knight named Seth will arrive 
and order you back inside the town. Inside the town Seth will explain 
that there is a plague ravaging Rivellon, and he has come ask for the 
aid of the healers of Aleroth. He wants you to tell the healers his 
plight. Go to Mardaneus and tell him about the plague and Madaneus will 
agree to help. Go back to Seth and tell him the good news. He will tell 
you to deliver a message to General Alix to arrange for an escort for 
the healers. Leave the town


Please don’t put this walkthrough up on any website without my 
permission. This document is copyright 2002 James “JaggedJim” Ramsey.
  In loving memory
Mae Vanek: 1930-2002

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