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                     FALLOUT NEW VEGAS : DEAD MONEY DLC



V 1.0 Completed 1-17-2014

Written and maintained by James Friel
Copyright @2014 James Friel ([email protected]) This FAQ is solely 
intended for use on Gamefaq.com forum site, and may not be reproduced or
duplicated without permission of myself. If you want to use or duplicate
the FAQ, feel free on other sites, I really am not a greedy person, just
make sure to credit the FAQ and myself when doing it. 

FALLOUT NEW VEGAS is a game published by Bethesda Softworks 10/19/10.
Developed by Obsidian Entertainment.


  I.    Revision History
  II.   Introduction
  III.  Walkthrough
   1. Villa City Fountain
   2. Gift Shop
   3. Villa West
   4. Police Station
   5. Police Station Basement
   6. Residential District
   7. Medical District
   8. Medical District Roofs
   9. Villa Clinic
  10. Villa City Fountain (part 2)
  11. Salida De Sol South
  12. Puesta Del Sol North
  13. Puesta Del Sol South
  14. Puesta Del Sol Switching Station
  15. Salida De Sol South (part 2)
  16. Campanas Del Sol
  17. Sierra Madre Casino Lobby
  18. Sierra Madre Casino
  19. Catina Madrid
  20. Tampico Theater
  21. Executive Suites
  22. Sierra Madre Vault
  23. Main Vault room
  IV.   Last Words


1/17/2014 v1.0
- Walkthrough started
- Added Introduction
- Added Locations 1-23
- Added Last Words

[NOTE: my revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be
      noted as a .1 addition, so on the 3rd revision if it gets to that
      will be version 1.3]


This is a walkthrough for the FALLOUT NEW VEGAS DLC DEAD MONEY. The walk-
through is part of a complete NEW VEGAS walkthrough I have posted up on
GAMEFAQS.COM. I included it solo so that those not following my walkthrough
can have some help with the DLC if they need it.

During the walkthrough I will be referencing skills, stats, levels, etc.
These also are part of my full walkthrough and if you aren't following that
then just ignore these comments. 

of NOVAC on your map. If you enter the bunker and go all the way to the end
of the hallway towards the antique radio, you will automatically start the
DLC as you are gassed by knock-out gas and pass out.

Some Info on the DEAD MONEY DLC before you start..

 ) DEAD MONEY DLC increases your maximum level by 5, like the other 3 
 ) You cannot take Companions into the DLC. Dismiss your companions ahead of
 ) You cannot fast travel. You have to walk everywhere.
 ) You cannot leave the DLC until the main quest is completed, and you 
   cannot re-enter the DLC once finished. Its a 1-shot deal.
 ) You cannot take items of any type into the DLC except for a couple QUEST
 ) The DLC will make you very wealthy, it is confusing, boring, but in the
   end you will leave with a lot of money, and you will continue to make
   endless money afterwards. I suggest not doing the DLC until you are 
   higher levels so the wealth doesn't ruin your gameplay. I always start it
   when my characters are level 40 or so, when I already have plenty of
   caps and items.
 ) The DLC is divided into 2 parts, the City and the Casino. In the city 
   there are parts that are under the effect of the poisonous Red Cloud. If
   you stay in those areas you take damage-over-time. In the Casino, you
   will have holographic Casino guards who can't be killed, but there are
   ways to get around them.
 ) Parts of the DLC you will have to deal with radio collar transmitters.
   Since you have a bomb collar on, certain radios, devices and security
   items can set your bomb collar off and kill you.
 ) Merchants in DEAD MONEY carry a large amount of [PRE-WAR MONEY]. Since
   they do not use caps, any excess items you can trade for [PRE-WAR MONEY]
   which is weightless and will let you expend your excess gear and items.
 ) You cannot sleep in any beds unless they are totally inside a building
   and protected from the poison cloud.
 ) In settings turn your Actor-fade to maximum for best spotting of targets,
   and turn off travel auto-saves to cut down on fast travel lockups and bad
   travel save files. 

Like I said, DEAD MONEY isn't a great DLC, probably the worst of the FALLOUT
NEW VEGAS DLC's. The city is just a confusing building maze, horrible
overcast, drab, boring, annoying. But you will get very wealthy from it, and
afterwards you will have access to vast amounts of [WEAPON REPAIR KITS] and
even [STIMPACKS] if you need any. If you don't know by now, [WEAPON REPAIR
KITS] are the games second easiest way to get wealthy, next to the JURY-
RIGGING perk. Buy very expensive low durable weapon, repair it, re-sell back
for major caps.

At the start of the DLC you are giving a [HOLORIFLE] weapon. The GHOST
PEOPLE also have very poor PERCEPTION making stealth characters easy to use
against them, especially for stealth melee/unarmed attacks. GHOST PEOPLE
have to have their limbs hacked off otherwise they get back up, so just make
sure that when you take a ghost person down, dismember them for a permanent
death. If you head shoot with the [HOLORIFLE] you won't have to worry about
that part lol.




After your speech by ELIJAH, you are at the main square in the city. The
square fountain is here along with the holographic projections and the 
small access panel on the fountain that lets you talk to ELIJAH.

Consider the fountain square as the "center" of the city. North is a gate
that leads up to the SIERRA CASINO, south is the gate that leads out of the
DLC when we are finished. Go ahead and loot SIERRA CHIPS at the fountain 
and search the areas north and south around the gate/fountain areas for any
misc loot such as [CIGARETTE PACKS], [CHIPS], etc. Check all trashcans and
containers for items.

To the southeast of the fountain is a SIERRA MADRE VENDING MACHINE. These
machines will be where you turn in items for [CHIPS] and can then purchase
other items. For now you can only get basic food items, but soon we can 
upgrade the vending machines to get better ones. For now simply turn in any
[CIGARETTE PACKS] and [CIGARETTE CARTONS] to start getting your store of
[CHIPS] up.

The rest of the Fountain Square part of the city is west and east of this
location, since north and south are just the exit gates. The city is a very
confusing, dull, annoying, ugly place. You will just have to deal with it.
But it will be your main staging area since there is a HOLOGRAPHIC VENDOR
just to the EAST, plus an area to store items. So lets head there first.

Head east past the vending machine, there is a small fountain ahead. Loot and
go left into a small courtyard, I call this the VENDOR courtyard, your main
place to sell off items and store stuff. About the courtyard are some CHIPS
on the ground, a footlocker behind a pillar (My storage box), probably a
RADROACH to kill and the entrance to the GIFT SHOP, a great place to trade
in excess junk items for [PRE-WAR MONEY].


A HOLOGRAPHIC VENDOR is here that you can trade with. Loot the area, getting
the vending machine [OUTFIT TRADE] upgrade from the cash register. You want
to keep any [PRE-WAR] outfits and such, don't combine them, you will be able
to trade a bunch of them in to the vending machines. Go upstairs and loot
then head out the OPEN door onto a balcony. Loot to the right, then head
left into another room with a HOT PLATE (acts as a campfire).

A door out of this room leads to another balcony with some loot on it. Head
back to the top level of the GIFT SHOP. We now have a home base of sorts.
We have the vendor, hot plate, and storage plus is close to the main square
fountain. Open the closed door which leads out into a poisoned courtyard.
You want to run left along the ledge and in the far corner is a safe area
where the poison cloud doesn't reach. There is a [DEANS STASH] suitcase
along with an [AUTOMATIC RIFLE] and some minor loot/ammo. Head back to the
GIFT SHOP and store excess items in your footlocker. Head out and continue

You'll see a door on the right, some minor loot inside. Continue east and at
the crossroad signs approach the door on the right to register RESIDENTIAL
DISTRICT. Just east is your first GHOST PERSON. Kill it and you can get its
upgrades will be your main Melee weapon for the DLC, a decent melee weapon
with good reach. Our character is Unarmed specialist though, but the [KNIFE
SPEAR] will do fine due to its reach, and your skill level. 

Continue east to the next open area, to the south is another vending machine
and another shop. Enter the shop, loot downstairs and upstairs and also on
the balcony upstairs. Head back out and due north is a small room with minor
loot, and a WORKBENCH. When you get the items there are really only a few
you want to craft.. [WEAPON REPAIR KITS] to keep your guns and armor good,
and items to upgrade to a [COSMIC KNIFE SPEAR]. You can repair [KNIFE SPEARS]
with the useless [THROWING KNIFE SPEARS] which are cheap and easy to do. Save
your [WEAPON REPAIR KITS] for your guns.

Ok! we are basically set. We have some decent guns and melee weapons, some
basic loot, the locations of our main storage, vendor, HOT PLATE and
WORKBENCH locations. From the main fountain square they are not far east.

Ok head back to the fountain and head west now, we are going to start 
gathering up our companions.


Going west again keep an eye out for minor loot, trashcans, etc. You'll 
quickly come up to another vending machine and a large door on the right 
where you can register the MEDICAL DISTRICT.

At the next open area look around. Just north is an open room on the right
but not really much in it. If you look up north you will see a balcony with
a skeleton. You can jump up and grab the [SHOTGUN] on the ledge. Northwest
you can see another large gate, go there to register PUESTA DE SOL NORTH.
Here also is a balcony above you, jump up to grab some [SHOTGUN SHELLS].

Head north into a small courtyard, careful there are a couple BEAR TRAPS at
the entrance. In the center are some ammo boxes. On the east side is a
poisoned house. On the right of the doorway is a [CLOUD RESIDUE] pile. You 
will be able to gather up piles like this, which in turn you can make weapon
poison from.

Save before entering the room. Then rush in, search the refrigerator, oven,
dresser, grab the pile of [CLOUD RESIDUE] on the floor and the misc items
on the bookshelves. Exit the room, head back south and southeast to the open

Now head south towards the stairway. On the right is a door, go ahead and
enter and head upstairs. Not much is here, but head out the top door onto 
the balcony you can find minor loot, plus a room on the other side. Exit and
drop down and go up the stairway south.

In the next landing, on the left is a dry fountain with CHIPS. South is a 
[DEANS STASH] suitcase, plus a [SHOTGUN] and some shells. west is another
dry fountain and [KNIFE SPEAR]. Head up the big stairs west. There is a big
fountain (loot for CHIPS) and on the left a HOLOGRAM TERMINAL. Ignore it. Go
south up the stairs into a courtyard. On the south side is another poisoned
house. Save before entering.

Run in, search the oven and grab the [CLOUD RESIDUE] off the nearby wall. Run
upstairs, grab the RESIDUE on the floor left of the bed, head north to the
hole outside, disarm the bear trap at the hole and go outside into safety.
From the balcony here you can look back inside and grab the [GUITAR] and
[PATRIOT] skill book without worrying about the poison. Across the wooden
bridge are some ammo crates. Drop down and go north back down the stairs to
the fountain. Now head west.

In this spot, there is a door north, stairways west and open area south. The
stairs and door lead up to the same place, take the door there is a tripwire
just inside to disarm, head upstairs looting and you'll come to a dry
fountain where the stairs lead up. Go west down the narrow stairs to another
dry fountain to get CHIPS. South is a poison area, save.

Go south, grabbing the RESIDUE. Loot the dry fountain of CHIPS. To the left
is a tripwire, with a [GRENADE BUNDLE] hanging from the ceiling. Open the 
door and enter to get out of the poison. Misc loot is about, loot the rooms.
then exit and continue through the poison south (a bear trap is right past
the fountain). Rush into the center of the courtyard south and the poison
stops. There are various things to do here.

West is a house you can enter, search downstairs and upstairs, finding a
[SIERRA MADRE ARMOR]. Nothing is on the balcony so exit, search the nearby
dry fountain. On the north walls at the poison cloud are 3 RESIDUE. Southwest
is a alley leading down to some loot boxes, another dry fountain and the
back door to the POLICE STATION, but don't take this one.

Head east out of the area into a very large courtyard with a fountain. loot
the fountain. To the southeast is a small room, not much in it, and southwest
is the POLICE STATION. Go ahead and enter.


Don't move after you enter the police station. You see a super mutant sitting
in the cell in front of you, and ELIJAH will chat about radio frequencies
and your bomb collar. What this means is, your collar can explode when in
range of certain radio emitters, radios, etc. In those areas you have to
either search out and turn off, or bypass the radio's in order for your head
not to go BOOM. 

Look left you'll see a doorway and computer monitor, there is a radio there
go turn it off. Hack the very hard terminal [SCIENCE:100] to open the nearby
storage room. Enter and loot. The [VENDOR CODE: 357 rounds] is there.

Near the supermutant cell is another radio to shut off, a [VENDOR CODE:
STEADY] at the coffee machine, and another terminal to get some info. The
south room is the kitchen with the back door out of the building.

North to the hallway, and first room on right is the bathroom with a [DEANS
STASH] suitcase, and some loot behind the door. Continue down the hallway
west the next door on the right is a dressing room, with [SIERRA MADRE ARMOR]
and a terminal with some info. 3rd room has a HANDLOADING BENCH and some 
loot, and 4th room is another bathroom with [VENDOR CODE: 308 rounds].

Back at the jail cell head west, ignore the stairs down left for now, go 
right and turn off the antique radio sitting on the desk. The jailcells have
various loot, plus one has a bed you can use to sleep. There are 2 file
cabinets at the end of the hallway, on top is the great [VENDOR CODE: WEAPON
REPAIR KIT]. Great! now keep all your weapons at top shape for maximum
killing effect. Finish looting then head down the stairs into the POLICE


The first room you come to has some misc loot about, some on top of the
crates you can get with the stepladder, and a terminal to access for some
info. You cannot stay in the room long your collar beeps, so loot some, exit
when in danger, repeat. You can't turn off anything from here. Continue
down the hallway into the next room.

Here is some more minor loot, and 2 doors. One on the right is just a supply
room, loot and take the left door down the hall to the end, there is a radio
to shut off, plus [DOG'S COMMAND TAPE]. Head back up to the jail cell and 
stand next to the cell door and play the tape with your pipboy. DOG will
turn into GOD and you can converse. Basically DOG and GOD are the same super-
mutant, just with a split personality. One is bestial, one is thinking.

Talk with GOD get various info. Pass [MEDICINE:35] and [LOCKPICK:35] checks
and convince him to join up with you. After he is your companion talk to him
some more with more dialogue options. Pass [SPEECH:65] and [SPEECH:85]
checks. Now play your pipboy data file to have GOD change into DOG (prisoner
command file). Talk with DOG some to get some info also. Exit the POLICE
STATION and you'll fight a couple GHOST PEOPLE. Weaken one and let DOG finish
it off, he will eat them. After both foes are dead, chat with DOG again for
info and learn why he eats GHOST PEOPLE. INTELLIGENCE:6 should let you learn
the GHOST HUNTER perk.

Head back to the Villa Fountain square, offload any items you want at your
footlocker then enter the entrance to the RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT. I like to
keep the supermutant in DOG form simply because hes a better fighter. I only
switch to GOD if I need something that needs brains.


When you enter, directly in front of you are some stairs up with a [FRAG
MINE] at the base. Disarm it then head left of the stairs to the hard locked
[LOCKPICK:75] gate and unlock it. Don't go in, instead loot the nearby dry
fountain and then head west from the stairs to loot another dry fountain and
a few items around the corner.

NOTE:I will not tell you to loot fountains, trashcans, etc anymore you know
     what to do now.

Go back to the stairs and go up. To the left go over the wooden plank to a
tripwire trapped room. Disarm and loot. Go back over and head into the other
room, with [PRESSURE PLATE] trap connected to 2 guns. Loot and exit the back
doorway, where a tripwire with [GRENADE BUNDLE] is located.

Head down the stairway to the 2 dry fountains, a [FRAG MINE] is near one
of them. Go south towards the poisoned courtyard. Hug the left wall and you
will stay out of the poison. Swing to the south side and a small alcove
protected by a [FRAG MINE] protects a [DEANS STASH] suitcase in the back.
Exit and continue hugging the wall left until you reach the end. Now we are
going to head back into the poisoned center of the courtyard, there are some
ammo crates/etc in the center. Pick up any RESIDUE you see and loot the 
courtyard center. Head back out of the area to the stairs and 2 dry fountains
and heal up.

Head up the nearby stairs, probably a GHOST PERSON about. At the top is a
tripwire and [GRENADE BUNDLE]. Go out on the balcony and walk all the way
around to the room at the other building which has a [PRESSURE PLATE] trap.
There is an exit down some stairs but instead go to the next room and onto
the balcony. Follow it right and go over the wooden plank where a tripwire
and [GRENADE BUNDLE] are. Kill any GHOST PEOPLE about and loot the room.

Head down the stairs before the wooden plank and take a instant right and run
until you reach the wall, to get out of the poison. There is an ammo crate
at the south, head north in the alcove to the end and look east. There is a
[GRENADE BUNDLE] hanging on the balcony roof. In the poison area you can
see a [FRAG MINE] in the courtyard, some RESIDUE and a dry fountain. Run out,
disarm the mine, take the RESIDUE, head to the fountain and loot, and all
the way east is a vending machine in the corner. Head back to the alcove you
were in when you came down the stairs and went right, at the ammo crate.

Now head east and south hugging the wall, you'll be on the other side of the
courtyard. You can look about and see in this part another [FRAG MINE],
a few RESIDUE, a [PRESSURE PLATE] and dry fountain. Loot and disarm what you
want. A [GRENADE BUNDLE] hangs by the fountain. Continue east into a large
courtyard area free of poison. 

Go all the way east, the courtyard continues south but there is a small alley
north. Take the alley, through a small poison area. On the other side you
will run into a GHOST PERSON. A path to the left runs back to the entrance
to the RESIDENTIAL area (where you unlocked that hard gate). Facing east 
towards the poison you will see 2 sets of stairs, one left one right, with
2 dry fountains in the center. Head to the fountains, loot, pick up any
RESIDUE you see, continue east to the back where your safe. Loot then return
west to just before the stairs. Heal up.

Both stairs up lead to generally the same area. Head up the left stairs and
run into the room past the poison. Loot the area, there is a [DEANS STASH]
behind the sofa. Go out on the balcony and across to the other room and loot,
then head down the stairs and head back to the large courtyard just before
you went down the alley.

Now follow the courtyard south. A small dual level building is on the east
(left) side, not much loot in it. When ready head up the stairs at the end
of the courtyard. Loot the 2 floors, and on the second floor you will find
your second companion, DEAN DOMINO. Turn DOG into GOD, dismiss him and he
will head to the fountain. Now talk to DEAN. You'll pass EXPLOSIVES:25,
SPEECH:25, BARTER:50 checks. Get him to join and follow you. Talk to him
some more for info, can pass a GUNS:50 check. DEAN will give you the SIERRA

I leveled up to 44 at this point. EXPLOSIVES 100, ENERGY WEAPONS 99, MATH
WRATH perk. 

Once you have DEAN head out on the balcony by his sofa and drop down, and
head back to the VILLA Fountain square. Once you enter the VILLA area you
will fight a few GHOST PEOPLE, but you've learned by now they are pretty
easy. Once back at the fountain offload any excess gear in your footlocker,
and release DEAN. Pick GOD back up as a companion, turn him into DOG, and
lets go find our last person. Head west and enter the MEDICAL DISTRICT.


You now have to contend with annoying collar speakers which you have to find
and destroy/disable so your head doesn't go pop. The first one is directly
ahead north, up past the first arch. There is a GHOST PERSON to fight also.
Just shoot the White speakers to destroy them.

Clear the courtyard and continue east to another small yard, then loot and go
north. Your collar will beep. Continue north to the GIFT SHOP sign and turn
around and face south. The 2nd speaker will be up on the wall. Open the gift
shop door. The shop is poisoned. Save before entering.

Run in, grab the RESIDUE on the left, go right and jump the counter, some
minor loot on the ground, a RESIDUE, and loot the register. Run upstairs and
head right directly at the desk. Your out of the poison. Loot the desk and
heal up. Run at the bed, loot the table and cabinet and head out the door
onto the balcony. From now on I won't tell you to grab any RESIDUE you see,
you should do that automatically if you want any.

At the end enter another door and room area. Through that onto a 2nd balcony
and right into a 3rd room area. This exits to a balcony that drops you right
at the entrance to the MEDICAL DISTRICT. Drop down and head back north to 
the gift shop, instead of entering now go west into the Clinic courtyard.

Ignore the Clinic for now. Enter the door on the north side of the yard, loot
and head upstairs where you will emerge onto a balcony/roof area. Continue
climbing up and you'll exit onto the MEDICAL DISTRICT ROOFS.


You are up on the top roof area of the MEDICAL DISTRICT. From here there are
a few areas we need to reach. head northeast and you'll see in the corner a
white handprint, and a [DEANS STASH].

To the south, if you stand on the rooftop edge and look right, you will see
a GIFT SHOP sign and right above it is another White speaker for you to 
shoot and destroy. Drop down and loot the GIFT SHOP courtyard. There is a
back door to the VILLA CLINIC but don't enter this one. Enter the GIFT SHOP
and loot, heading upstairs where you will arrive back on the roof. Go back
down to the small courtyard area with the CLINIC main entrance (where you
went through the north door). Facing the CLINIC door there is a path right
with some minor loot at the end. Return, and enter the VILLA CLINIC.


Careful in here, we are going to start experience security HOLOGRAMS. These
HOLOGRAMS cannot be killed or damaged, only turned off or rerouted to other
areas. Don't try and hurt them they are invulnerable. You arrive in the main
office of the CLINIC. If you look up and right there is a HOLOGRAM terminal
you can access to read some info. Checking their status, they are currently
patrolling the 2nd floor. Good thing we are on the 1st floor.

To the left is a [DEANS STASH], and on the front counter is a [VENDING CODE:
STIMPACK]. Awesome.. we have healing...we have healing..We now have the 2 
most important vending code items, STIMPACKS and WEAPON REPAIR KITS so buy
them if you need. I'd get a few STIMPACKS for healing, you can just buy the
kits as you need them, there are plenty of vending machines around. You 
probably won't need to buy any other vending machine item, except maybe some
ammo if you get short and weapon upgrades.

Head down the hallway north and loot the side rooms. One hallway has Red
security speakers, we have to head to the basement. Continue north then
left to pick the hard [LOCKPICK:75] basement door. Inside a [DC JOURNAL OF 
MEDICINE] is in a cabinet, and the terminal on the desk can turn off the
Red security speakers on the 1st floor. Turn them off then head back to the
hallway with the Red speakers in it. Go to the last room with the 
malfunctioning auto-doc. Release GOD back to the villa. Open the auto-doc
and talk to CHRISTINE when she emerges. Get her to join up with you.

After talk with CHRISTINE for a variety of info and skill/stat checks.
Exhaust all her speech options. MEDICINE:75, INTELLIGENCE:7, SPEECH:50, 
and finally MEDICINE:60. Once you walk down the hallway she will stop you
and question about the security speakers. Pass a last SCIENCE:60 check. You
will get the COIN OPERATOR perk.

Now head upstairs at the entranceway to the 2nd floor. Careful going up, the
HOLOGRAM guard wanders up and down the hallway. Wait until he goes away from
the stairs then head up and turn left. Swinging around you'll find the back
exit door, and a HOLOGRAM terminal. Access it and switch them to 1st floor
patrol. 2nd floor is clear now.

Search the various 2nd floor rooms. Half way down in the hallway you'll see
a blue light thingie on the wall. This is the HOLOGRAM projector, destroy it
to turn off the HOLOGRAM security guard. Some loot in the rooms..[VENDING
CODE: MENTATS] on a bookshelf, and [VENDING CODE: MED-X] you download from
one of the computer terminals. Once done looting, head back to the Villa
fountain square now that you have all 3 companions. Store your items, heal
up, craft, etc. Activate the fountain panel to talk to ELIJAH who will start
up the GALA EVENT quests.

  10. VILLA CITY FOUNTAIN (part 2)

Our next leg of our journey is getting the 3 companions to 3 locations so
they can perform a task to activate the pre-programmed GALA EVENT. This next
part could be easier since you might have any weapons and basic armor you
need. You already have the major vending machine items that are worth finding
and the few weapon upgrades we can get doing the quests. I won't do a
detailed search of every area now, just to finish the GALA events and find
a few needed items. 

Pick up GOD/DOG and head east past your storage area and WORKBENCH ROOM, all
the way east to the gate to SALIDA DE SOL SOUTH. Kill any GHOST PEOPLE on the
way and enter the gate.


Entering the area, head east to a fountain courtyard. There will be various
GHOST PEOPLE about to kill. At the fountain head south, heading towards your
map marker. At the end of the path you'll see some stairs heading up.

Go up the stairs into the room, loot and access the terminal to turn speakers
off. Exit the room out the back balcony and kill the few GHOST PEOPLE about.
Follow the path west then north into the next small courtyard area. 

Enter the small passage north which leads into a ruined shop with a VENDING
MACHINE if you need it. Back at the courtyard go west to the SWITCHING
STATION. There is a monitor outside, hack it and turn on the venting fans.
Now enter the SWITCHING station making sure GOD is there. He will comment on
it. Talk to him and pass a INTELLIGENCE:7 check so he works the switches for
the event. After, read the ELECTRICAL DIAGRAM to the left of the switches
for some experience. On some pipes on the right is the [VENDING CODE: BEAR
TRAP FIST HD SPRINGS]. Exit the station and close the gates. Head back to
the VILLA fountain square, get your bear trap fist upgrades, and pick up the
next companion.	

Talk to DEAN DOMINO for some info, pass a SPEECH:25 check. Have him join up
with you and head west. We are heading to the northwest gate to PUESTA DEL
SOL NORTH. Kill any GHOST PEOPLE on the way and enter.


There is a large main courtyard straight ahead, with some GHOST PEOPLE about.
Just before the courtyard on the right is a ruined store you can loot and a
vending machine is right at the gate. Enter the main courtyard and kill any
GHOST PEOPLE about. South is the gates to PUESTA DEL SOL SOUTH, and west are
the gates to the SERVICE TUNNEL. 

head north then hug the wall west and follow it around. A 3 story store is
on the left you can loot if you want. When finished continue following the
path north then west hugging the left wall, we want to swing around west
then south. Keep going south and west. You will come to an open area with
a boarded up bright green door on the left, and to the north some big stairs.

You should level up soon to 45. Make sure all skills are maxed at 100.

Keep going west and south swinging around the path, then near the southwest
part of the map you'll swing east and the door to PUESTA DEL SOL SOUTH is
on the right, with the other door to the SERVICE TUNNEL straight ahead. Enter


About a half dozen GHOST PEOPLE will be in the first courtyard area you
enter, so wipe them out. A RUINED CAFE is on the left. It leads to a large
multi-room area you can loot, and it has a HOLOGRAPHIC VENDOR and HOT PLATE
you can use. Head upstairs and exit the doors onto the rooftop area. You
want to walk over to the large "central" building and head to the top, there
is a metal walkway that leads up. At the top is some ammo and the

Leading up to the roof at the ramp you might hear your collar beeping. If
you look south you'll see a wall statue of a maiden holding a bowl. Just
under it is the White speaker you can shoot and destroy. Go back to the
ruined cafe and head to the ground floor.

Exit and head south through the small archway then take a hard left (east).
Another ruined store is on the left, where a [VENDOR CODE: BUFFOUT] lies on
the counter. Loot and continue east into the next courtyard area. There are
a few more GHOST PEOPLE and this courtyard has an actual big tree in it.

Head southeast through the poison cloud into the passage beyond and turn
right into a storage room. Climb up a few flights of stairs will exit you
upon the rooftop where DEAN has to be stationed. Talk to him and you'll have
to threaten him to stay. Maybe tossing him off the roof and breaking his
legs so the GHOST PEOPLE can easily get him hehe. In the corner where the 2
electrical wires are is a hard to see [VENDING CODE: AUTO RIFLE UPGRADE INT].

Feel free to explore and loot if you want, but really lets just head back to
the Villa Fountain Square and pick up CHRISTINE, the last person. While there
heal up, stock, buy what you want, etc. When ready talk to CHRISTINE, have
her join you and lets finish this boring City so we can get to the Casino.

Talk to CHRISTINE, you will get some info and pass SCIENCE:75, INTELLIGENCE:
6, and PERCEPTION:6 checks, then have her join you. Head west then northwest
back to the PUESTA DEL SOL NORTH gate.

At the first courtyard continue north then west (left) at the next inter-
section. Again, keep heading west and south towards the map marker. You'll
pass through the poison cloud area again and on the other side we will be at
the green door on the left and the large steps on the right. You can see a
red heart painted on the wall by the steps. 

Take the large steps north all the way up through the poison and enter the
door on the right to the PUESTA DEL SOL SWITCHING STATION.


You will be in a small entrance room. [REPAIR:60] the electrical box on the
wall marked with a red heart and the secured doors will open. Loot the room
and head through the newly-opened door. 

Writing on the wall says "TICK TICK" pointing right. look up and right there
is a White Speaker to destroy. Continue down the hallway and in the next
little alcove on the right another White Speaker is up on the wall. Head down
to the closed door. A 3rd speaker is up on the wall on the left near the 
door. Open the door and continue on.

You'll enter an energy warehouse area. Follow the catwalk right and down the
stairs. If you look down east you should see on the ground level an arrow
pointing to a narrow path. We want to head down, then east to the left of
the arrow. There will be about 4 bear traps to disarm, and some minor loot
on the left. Continuing east you'll reach the stairs on the opposite side
so climb all the way up out of the poison and heal up.

At the top of the stairs SAVE. Now head right (east) and run all the way to
the control room at the end, Red Speakers are activated. In the room over
by the control terminal there might be a trip wire to disarm. Disarm it and
access the terminal to turn off the speakers. a [DEANS ELECTRONIC] book is
on the ground also. Head back to the stairs and continue west this time to
another door. 

In this small office access the terminal for some info and loot the room.
Enter the UTILITY door and into the utility room. An [AUTOMATIC RIFLE] and
some ammo leans against the wall. A very hard [LOCKPICK:100] ENNIS'S LOCKER
holds a [REMOTE MAINTENANCE TERMINAL PASSWORD]. Another locker holds a
[TOXIC SAMPLES] note. Use the wall terminal to turn on the venting system.

Exit the north door into another part of the warehouse. Shoot and destroy
the GUN TURRET across the platform. There is a hard [LOCKPICK:75] door right
across from the utility room. Run across and open it, then hack the terminal
on the desk to turn off the speakers. On the south side there is a turret
terminal you can hack for some experience, a [CHINESE OFFICER TRAINING
MANUAL] near the huge generator. 

Go up to the top offices and CHRISTINE will motion that she doesn't want to
go down the elevator to the lower levels. Convince her that you'll find a
way to fix it. On a computer top is the [VENDOR CODE: HOLORIFLE REINFORCED
COMPONENTS]. Take the elevator up, to a hidden room in the city with some
minor loot. Head back down then take it down. Now access the terminal and
transfer control to it. Talk to CHRISTINE and you are done with your 3
companions. You want to head back to the VILLA fountain square.

Offload, repair, store items, etc. We are going to head east now to get to
the Belltower. Go east from the main square and all the way east to the
SALIDA DE SOL SOUTH gate and enter.

  15. SALIDA DE SOL SOUTH (part 2)

Head east to the fountain then south all the way down till you see a vending
machine. Take a left (east) and you'll see some RESIDUE you can pick up. Your
collar starts beeping. Head east a little then turn around and face west and
look up, the White Speakers are on the wall. Continue around the corner and
the path heads north. Another White speaker is on the wall ahead, along

On the right is a small poisoned room with some RESIDUE, loot and a [DEANS
STASH] behind the counter. Continue north up the path to a dry fountain and
stairs up on the left. Go up the stairs and enter the ruined room to the
left. a [TALES OF A JUNKTOWN VENDOR] is here and a terminal you can access
for some info. Now exit and enter the SALIDA DE SOL HOUSE.

Loot if wanted, head downstairs and out the hole in the north wall. Head to
the east, will be a couple GHOST PEOPLE to kill. There is a gate north
through some poison area, ignore that for now continue east. A ruined shop
is on the north wall with a HOLOGRAPHIC VENDOR and VENDING MACHINE if you
need to sell/buy. On the west wall is a White Speaker to destroy. Head out
the west hole in the wall and take an instant right, which will give you
stairs heading up east. Watch out for BEAR TRAPS. 

You'll come into a small courtyard with a GHOST PERSON. Some steps are north
and a passage east. Go east then left up the stairs, your collar is beeping
half way up the stairs turn around and look up, the White Speaker is there.
Continue up the stairs to the balcony then drop down onto the steps we saw
earlier. This leads up into a 3 level ruined house.

Search the bottom levels, there is a VENDING MACHINE and a north hole that
leads to a courtyard. There is only minor loot there and a few RADROACHES
so ignore it. Keep going up the stairs in the house until you arrive on the
roof. On the top floor there is a terminal you can get info from, and on
the dresser a [VENDOR CODE: RAD-X]. Exit to the rooftop.

Drop down to the ledge north and enter the hole in the wall at the north-
west corner. Careful a tripwire is at the front and a BEAR TRAP inside. Go
downstairs into a ruined shop, a VENDING MACHINE is here, plus about 3 GHOST
PEOPLE are just outside the hole in the north wall. Loot and kill them then
enter the courtyard. Main steps lead north and south, and a hole east will
take you to another White speaker and some loot areas. We want to go up the
north steps to the CAMPANAS DEL SOL courtyard.


This large courtyard is the entranceway to the BELL TOWER. On the east side
is a small room with some minor loot. Head west through the hole and into
the back room and down the stairs. You'll pass through a large wine storage 
warehouse. Exit on the other side and head up the stairs south.

you'll pass through a room and onto the main balcony. 2 GHOST PEOPLE will
spawn in the center of the courtyard. Kill them and swing around the balcony.
A room on the west side holds minor loot, continue through the hole in the
north wall. You'll enter a barracks area and exit into a small yard on the
other side, with a GHOST PERSON.

go southeast up the stairs and turn off the antique radio on the counter.
Exit onto the yard balcony and go across to the next room. Lastly climb the
ladder to the BELL TOWER. At the BELL TOWER pick up the [VENDOR CODE: SUPER
all its upgrades is one tough gun. Activate the nearby panel to trigger the
GALA EVENT. Watch the quick fireworks to the west then head back to the
VILLA fountain square. GHOST PEOPLE will spawn on your way back so kill
anything in your way and return to the fountain.

Red Speakers have been set up near the main square, just stay to the north
of the fountain and you should be fine. Now before entering the CASINO go
ahead and craft what ever items you want, sell off excess junk, fully 
upgrade your HOLORIFLE and weapons, get a few STIMPACKS and WEAPON REPAIR
KITS and your set. You won't really be coming back so just take the regular
necessities with you, you won't need more than the basics. Head north and

You'll level up to 46 soon, pick the GRIM REAPER SPIRIT perk. 


When you enter you are temporarily knocked out. ELIJAH will contact you
giving you some info. You are in the lobby area. There are various Red 
Speakers about that will limit your movement in this area some, but you can
quickly learn where the safe spots are. Not much to do here but gather some
basic loot. You want to enter the main CASINO which are the big doors just
right of the grand staircase. Go into stealth mode, turn off pipboy light
and enter the SIERRA MADRE CASINO.


A HOLOGRAPHIC GUARD stands in front of you. Quickly head right into the
alcove where a HOLOGRAPHIC terminal is. There are 2 guards, and one is
guarding the door we want to get in so we are going to change their patrol
routes. Access the terminal, the current HOLOGUARD positions are

                 click the first one, it will change to

The guard near you will move to the west side of the casino to patrol, the
stairs are free to head up. Stay in stealth mode and head up the stairs. At
the top head between the first and second table on the right and look down.
You'll will see a blue HOLOGRAPH guarding a door, and directly below on the
top of the wall a blue HOLOGRAPH emitter. When the roaming guard moves away
jump over the railing and disable the emitter [REPAIR:50], then jump back up
over the railing.

Head behind the bar, and shoot the White Speaker. On the bar is [CASINO
SECURITY PASSCODE] and on the shelf is [VENDOR CODE: WINE]. Open the nearby
door and there will be a passage on the right with a HOLOGRAPH guard. Wait
until the guard walks away then head right and search the dufflebag for the
[SIERRA MADRE OFFICE KEY]. Head back and south up the stairs. 

You'll come to 2 rooms. First head to the medical room on the right with the
closed stained glass door. Open in and look up on the cabinet on the left to
turn off the antique radio. Loot and head to the first room. Pick the hard
[LOCKPICK:75] desk, access the security terminal for some info, then use the
HOLOGRAPH terminal and click the first SET BEHAVIOR and now the guards are..


Head to the medical room again and exit through the back door and down the
steps. Unlock the door to the SIERRA MADRE LOBBY then re-enter and go back
through the medical room, down the hallway and down the steps. The HOLOGRAPH
guard is now guarding the bar entrance, so take a left down the hallway with
the dufflebag. In the next room a [AUTOMATIC RIFLE] is on the shelf, a
[SIERRA MADRE ARMOR] in the cabinet, and access the HOLOGRAM terminal to
open the electrical closet, and SET BEHAVIOR: GUARD SWITCH ROOM.

Head west down the hall. The first room on the right has minor loot, the
second room has a hard [LOCKPICK:75] locked suitcase and [VENDING CODE: 
VODKA]. Go through the door back to SIERRA MADRE LOBBY. Head down and re-
enter the CASINO and go to the west side where the HOLOGRAPH guard is now
away from the electrical door and is patrolling. Head down the hallway and
right on the ground is the HOLOGRAM emitter. Disable it then continue through
the electrical closet. Flip the switch and the CASINO comes back on-line.

Downstairs you now have the HOLOGRAPHIC cashier, blackjack dealer and
roulette player. Upstairs the HOLOGRAPHIC vendor for selling off excess
stuff. Take the time to offload your gear, and gamble for a while. You want
to clean out the casino, so you want to win 10,000 chips. At 7500 chips you
will get a very important [COMPLIMENTARY VOUCHER] which after the DLC is
done, will give you free CHIPS each week.

Once you finish gambling, we want to jump behind the CASHIER window and
loot the file cabinets for a [CASHIER KEY], and loot the hard [LOCKPICK:75]
safe. Enter the nearby door into the cashier room. Hack the terminal and
loot the floor safe. Exit out the south door will take you upstairs to 
unlock the office door. You are done with the CASINO area. Head to the LOBBY
and ELIJAH will give you your next missions. We have to get to our 3 
companions. We will do GOD/DOG first. make [PUT THE BEAST DOWN] your active
quest and head east to the restaurant, and enter the CATINA MADRID.


The lobby area for the Restaurant. There is a White Speaker over the hallway
leading north. Minor loot in the south coat room. Go north and left into
the Men's bathroom and turn off the antique radio. There is some minor loot
about and the back entrance to the CATINA kitchens, but we can only exit
here. Go back to the main CASINO and head upstairs, go behind the bar and
up the stairs there. On the way to the 2 offices the CATINA access elevator
is on the left. Take it.

Your in the Kitchen. DOG has turned on the gas and we need to turn it off
without him seeing us. Go into stealth. The first valve is just on the right.
Go through the left door and across into the kitchen prep room where the
second valve is. The 3rd one is on the north side of the main kitchen so 
sneak down when DOG is not looking. Once all 3 are repaired talk to DOG/GOD.

Pass SPEECH:50 and SPEECH:85 checks to merge his personalities. Loot the
kitchen area. A terminal can download the voice snippet you need to access
the vault. Exit the area through the back entrance, arriving in CATINA
MADRID lobby section. Return to the Casino lobby. There are now GHOST PEOPLE
in the building, so make sure to kill any about. Now head upstairs in the
Lobby and west, to enter the TAMPICO THEATER.


You'll enter into a small lobby area, you can hack the desk terminal for some
info. Heading to the back there is a path right that leads to a VENDING
MACHINE. Take the path left and around, there is a White Speaker to take out.
Behind the bar is a safe area so loot if you want. Head down to the front of
the stage. The center of the room is safe from the Red Speakers. If you look
to the northwest you'll see a side door near an intercom. That is where we
are going to be running in a minute. 

On the music holder take [VERA KEYS'S PARTITURES] which will also drop the
[BACKSTAGE KEY] into your inventory. DEAN DOMINO will appear to chat. Pass a
SPEECH:65 check, then we will have to get backstage to deal with him. 
HOLOGRAPHIC security will be activated so when done speaking with him head
northwest to that side door I pointed out. Enter it into a safe area, then
close the door. Directly on the wall to your right is a HOLOGRAM emitter.
Disable or destroy it.

Proceed down the hallway. On the right will be Deans dressing room. pass it
and at the turn in the hallway a White Speaker is on the wall on the right.
Destroy it and enter Deans dressing room. Turn off the antique radio. Open
KEY] is on the table.

The next room on the right is the changing room. The White Speaker is 
directly on the wall on your left when you enter. There is a VENDING MACHINE
in the back, and behind the sofa is another HOLOGRAM emitter REPAIR:50 you
can disable. Continue down the hallway, on the left is a Speaker terminal
you can access to turn off the speakers. 

Enter VERAS room and turn off her antique radio. On the desk is [VERAS MASTER
exit, and re-enter the main Theater room through the locked door. You want to
sneak by the remaining HOLOGRAPH guards to the northeast and up the stairs
to the projector room. A [LYING CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] is on the nearby shelf,
and activate the project to play DEANS holotape. Head back to VERAS room and
the stage door opposite it is now open. Enter to finally confront DEAN.

Enter and you'll talk with him, pass a SPEECH:75 check. We just need to take
out the annoying Ghoul. Finish talking to him then fight him. Shoot the 
HOLOGRAM emitter on the wall on the right and kill DEAN. Loot his body and
at the top of the stairs on the right is a [SIERRA MADRE HELMET]. We need to
now head all the way east out of the Theater before the collar blows up, but
it will take a minute so just run east back to the CASINO LOBBY. 

You will level up to 47 soon. Clear some new spawned GHOST PEOPLE and we will
need to do our last companion quest. Clear the lobby of GHOST PEOPLE then
enter the EXECUTIVE SUITES elevator.


First head east, you will come to a room complex with a bedroom to the left
and right. On the right side is a HOLOGRAM of VERA, which acts like a 
security HOLOGRAM. Don't let it see you. When the hologram moves south you
want to head to the very northeast part of the room. A bathroom is on the
left, enter and close the door. Behind the door is the HOLOGRAM emitter you
can disable. Now you can loot the area. 

Head south through a hole into another room area. Go through a door south
into 3rd room. Stay on the east side near the wall there is a speaker we
can't reach yet. Loot what you want then head out the door west from the
room just north. (this is actually the only way you can go lol). Down the
hall is a secure door on the left, so head through the north door into a 
large storage room. Turn off the antique speaker on the desk on the left.

At the terminals is [SECURITY SUITE KEY]. Access the left terminal to disable
the secure door locks. Access the right terminal for a few things. Disable
the loudspeakers, download [STARLET HOLOGRAM CODE SNIPPET], and download
[RECIPE-SUPER HEATED KNIFE]. Exit the door north then head west through the
now-opened northwest area. At the end of the hallway enter the east room 
into a security storage area. Loot the area for weapons and armor. Hack the
terminal to open the north storage door for more loot. Once finished enter
the other north hole in the wall.

Wait for the hologram to move south. enter the west room then go south
following the hologram. The HOLOGRAM emitter is actually behind the door
between the 2 rooms. As you enter the 2nd room, turn around and close the
door and disable the emitter. Now you can look around and loot in safety. A
hard [LOCKPICK:75] safe is in the north room, in the next room is a
[SECURITY SUITES PASSWORD NOTE] on the table. Go south through the hole in
the wall into the southwest room area. 

A last HOLOGRAM patrols the area. The last emitter is again behind an open
door in the suite. There is a antique radio on the table you need to shut
off. Wait for the HOLOGRAM to walk around then handle the radio and close the
nearby door to turn off the emitter [REPAIR:75] which is behind the door
where the large bed is.

Exit the room heading east. A VENDING MACHINE is on the right, and to the
left (north) is a gas-filled kitchen. Turn off the antique radio lying on
the floor and turn off the gas valve. The secure doors will now open since
the gas is turned off. Continue east all the way down the hallway, passing
a 2nd VENDING MACHINE and you'll reach the southeast room area. A antique
radio in the north room needs to be turned off, and some misc loot is about.

Finally head back into the south hallway and go through the big south doors
into the vault entrance room. A CHEMISTRY SET is on the counter, a [BIG BOOK
OF SCIENCE] on the bookshelf. Head east into the next room with CHRISTINE.
Talk to her to get some info. When finished download medical history off the
AUTO-DOC if you haven't gotten it from CHRISTINE. Loot VERAS DRESSER for
the last audio sample. Now head south to the VERAS COMPUTER TERMINAL and
unlock the vault access door. Enter, loot the safe but we can't use the
elevator yet. Head back to the CASINO LOBBY. You will run into a half dozen
or so GHOST PEOPLE. When they are dead use the lobby receptionist terminal
and download all 3 music tracks. 

You won't be back to the CASINO, so make sure to finish gambling (win at
least 7500 chips from the CASINO), turning in and getting VENDOR items,
looting, selling off excess stuff to the HOLO vendor, etc. When ready head
back up to CHRISTINE. Talk to her. We want to make sure she doesn't fight
or follow ELIJAH when you head to the Vault so she stays alive. Once the
conversation is over use the Vault intercom and play the music recording.
The vault elevator is now open. Head on down to the SIERRA MADRE VAULT.


You are at the elevator entrance. Heading into the next area you can see the
Vault through the forcefields. On the right is a wall terminal you can use
to open the access door. We will be dealing with a lot of Speakers here so
be careful.

Head through the access door, ignoring the beeping. you'll swing around to
an intersection. Head right to loot a gun case. Now go left into a large
catwalk room. A White Speaker is directly ahead, just behind a crossbeam.
Look down to the right, we want to drop down to that room and stand near the
table where a [WORKER NOTE] is. SAVE.

This next part is a bit tricky, thus the reason for the SAVE. Head down the
hallway into the next industrial area. Go right and up the stairs, jumping
a small gap. STOP. Right in this corner you should be safe from Speakers. 
Look north, you should see 2 White Speakers you can shoot. one is ahead and
one is up to the right by a doorway. Take them out. SAVE again.

Run up the stairs east all the way to the top, then across the catwalks to
the northwest where a MONITOR is on the wall. Access it to turn off the Red
Speakers. Directly under the MONITOR area is a roof you can drop down to and
get a dufflebag of loot. Head east from the Monitor across the ramp and into
the next section, the HOLOGRAM area.

There are 3 HOLOGRAM guards we have to deal with here. I suggest saving here
again. Wait until the nearby GUARD moves around. We want to enter the room
and go instantly west (left) and jump the gap. Go into the nearby corridor
and there is a HOLOGRAM terminal. Access it and give the nearby hologram a
new patrol path. 

Hug the corridor to the left and you'll come to a 2nd HOLOGRAM terminal.
Download the [SINCLAIR] info, and set the Guards to a new path. Head back to
the first terminal. and face east, looking into the catwalk room. There is
a patrolling HOLO guard, it will walk back and forth to your right. Our goal
is to wait until it comes, heads to the right then we want to run straight
east and jump down into the room at the far side. SAVE here. It might take
you a few tries to do it. Once down in the room access the monitor and turn
off the alarms. Also turn off the forcefield.

Now, SAVE again. Another tricky part. We are in the small east room. We want
to get up the stairs, and get on top of the roof. Stand in the doorway
and wait for the roaming guard to pass and head away. Go up the stairs, swing
left, jump on the beam and then jump on the roof. Again might take a few
tries. If your on the roof looking west there are some stairs on the left
and a big pipe your hiding behind on the right. There are 2 HOLOGRAM emitters
up the stairs. You don't want to shoot them that will alert the guards.
Instead climb the stairs and just walk to the emitters and disable them. This
will leave one guard left. 

Maneuver north past the last roaming HOLO guard and down the hallway. Access
the security monitor on the wall and disengage security protocols. This will
shut down the speaker system, and drop the forcefields to the next area.
Enter the final area of the DLC, the MAIN VAULT ROOM.


We are in the Main area of the SIERRA MADRE VAULT. Go ahead and look about
some. There are some inactive gun turrets, but we can't do anything with 
them yet. To the west is the elevator area, where we will be exiting in a
minute. At the bottom area near the Vault door is a holotape sitting on the
ground, the [EXTRACTED HOLOTAPE]. 

Access the Vault door terminal and unlock the vault and enter. Once inside
the door will close and lock. Go ahead and hack the very hard [SCIENCE:100]
turret terminal. Fully loot the area including the 37 bars of gold. There is
a VENDING MACHINE here if you need it. Also at the door access the security
terminal, and shut off the security alarm. We are almost done. 

Use the last vault terminal and read the info on VERA. Once that is done DO
NOT access [SINCLAIRS PERSONAL ACCOUNTS] because this will trigger a failsafe
and lock you in permanently. Ignore the accounts and close the terminal. 
ELIJAH will appear and talk to you. Talk to him and get all the info you can
about his mission. Now you want to lure him down to the vault. Pass a couple
REPAIR:75 checks and he will head down to stop you. SAVE.

There are 2 ways to finish. You can kill ELIJAH, or sneak out and trap him
in the vault. Your choice. I prefer trapping him AND escaping with the gold.
Here is how. It might take you a few tries to do it.

Head out the vault and west towards the large generator just outside. Crouch
and go into stealth. It will say you are detected, but ignore that. Hide
behind the generator and ELIJAH will come down the steps to the left of it.
Circle to the right keeping the generator between you and him. If he sees you
he will activate the forcefields so reload and try again. When you are on
the west side just watch him. As he walks you will notice he takes 3 steps,
pauses, walks, pauses, etc. When he pauses the computer is actually scanning
to see if your in his line-of-sight. If not, he continues walking. You have 
a small margin of error. If he doesn't detect you and walks towards the vault
terminal, he will do one of his pauses a few steps before he reaches it. 

NOW! stand up and walk up the stairs west towards the elevator. If you did it
right, he will notice you are gone and activate the forcefields right after
you pass them. Presto. walk west through the doors down the hallway and use
the elevator. If you stand up and walk too soon he will detect you and trap
you in. If you wait until hes actually at the terminal he will activate the
forcefields just before you pass them. You have about a 1 second window. You
should be able to do it easy after a few tries.

OK! you should level to 48. Take the NINJA perk. NOTE: the NINJA perk gives
25% bonus damage on a sneak crit hit with unarmed but it does not give the
noted +15% crit chance due to a bug. Still +25% damage from stealth on the
first punch isn't bad. Some people take the LONG HAUL perk at this point to
let them carry the DEAD MONEY loot back home. Some ignore NINJA and take
TOUGHNESS, etc. Your choice. For this walkthrough I'm picking NINJA.

You are back in the VILLA fountain square and can now leave DEAD MONEY, just
take the gate south. If you want there are still places to loot in the city
but really by this time I just want to leave and don't want to see the city
ever again. Exit back into the ABANDONED BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL BUNKER. Now
at the entrance to the Bunker safehouse is a DROPBOX on the right, which
you can get a [VENDOR VOUCHER] worth 1000 CHIPS every so often during your
gameplay. You don't really need money at this point, you have all you need.
From the VENDING MACHINE you can use all your CHIPS to get WEAPON REPAIR KITS
which are the best use for them. Maximum profit repairing expensive, low
durability weapons. STIMPACKS you should already have plenty of. Drop your
heavy gold in the storage locker, if you ever need caps a quick trip back
here for a bar or 3 will do the trick. 37 gold bars go a LONG way.


Well that's about it for the game. This walkthrough wasn't designed for you
to find every area, or every skillbook, but to find and do most things in
the game. Also how you go about the areas or kill the enemies are up to you,
but there are many ways to go about doing things. 

You of course will not level up exactly as I state in the walkthrough,
because of random fights, exploring and other things, but you will be in the
general level range. 

Feel free to email me with problems you might catch, such as directional
mistakes, spelling, a skill book that is in an areas that I didn't mention,
you get the idea. Don't email me with "why did you do this first, or that".
This is my walkthrough, not yours. You don't have to do the areas in the
order I put them in. 

Now that you have played and learned the game, the next time you play you
can make it a little tougher or different. Play on hard mode. Stick with a
unique template for roleplaying (Cowboy, Night Stalker, etc). You have to be
careful on very hard mode, since your companions can die. Due to bad
programming, that is very easy to do. Save a lot.

Thats about it. Hope you had fun with the game, and good luck on your next

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