Walkthrough for "A New Life" Mission - Guide for Hitman: Blood Money

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This walkthrough will help you achieve the "Silent Assassin" rank, and complete the 
level without getting noticed or anything at all.  So follow the guidelines, and 
you'll get paid paid handsomely...

1.  Kill Vinnie Sinistra
2.  Aquire Microfilm
3.  Escape

The level starts out with you in the suburbs.  There is a jogger taking a break a 
few feet away from you.  Just go straight, and around the corner.  You'll see 
Vinnie's house.  There is a truck in the driveway, and a cateror is pulling stuff 
out of the truck.  Wait for the cateror to pick up the tray, and start walking 
toward the house.  Look behind you, and make sure the guard on the left side of the 
house isn't watching.  When its clear; take out your Sedative Syringe, and inject 
the donuts.  Once thats done, run directly across the street to the house there.  
The garage door is open.  Make sure the woman clipping the hedges isnt watching, 
and enter the garage.  Go and pick the door's lock in the garage, and enter that 
small room.  Pick up the bottle of ether, and exit the garage.  The cateror will 
exit Vinnie's house, and go grab the donuts.  He will then take them across the 
street to that metal truck.  He will knock on the back door, and an FBI agent will 
come out, and pick them up.  He will go inside, and the screen will split showing 
the agents eating the donuts, and falling asleep.  Enter the truck.  Steal one of 
their suits, and steal the video tape.  Exit the truck, and head for the front door 
of Vinnie's house.  The guards will let you in.  First go straight through the 
door, and you will see a staircase.  There will be a door just across from you, 
beside the stairs that leads outside.  Go out that door, and go straight by the 
pool.  Over to the upper right part of the yard is a shed.  Locate the door, and 
make sure nobody is looking, and pick the lock.  Go inside, and steal the lighter 
fluid.  Once thats done, go to the grill beside the out door pool, and it will 
say "Rig the Barbecue" do that.  Agent 47 will pour the lighter fluid over the 
grill.  This will cause the grill to explode when Vinnie's wife starts it up, and 
it will kill her, allowing you to retrieve the microfilm from her necklace.  But 
after you rig it, run off, and complete the other objective.  By the time you kill 
Vinnie, his wife will already of been killed.  But go back into the house, and go 
upstairs.  Enter the second door on the left.  Go over to the desk in the girl's 
room, and on the chair is her panties.  Pour the ether on them, and exit the room.  
In a few moments a guard will come in, and smell them, and pass out.  When he does, 
go in and drag his body to the next room over to the left, and hide him behind one 
of the things covered with the white sheet.  Now you must wait for Vinnie and his 
body guard to come upstairs.  When he does he will probably stop at the top of the 
stairs and say "Wait!  Where's my gun?"  He'll then pull out his gun, and say "Oh, 
there it is." And put it away.  He then continue and enter the first door on the 
right; which is his office.  His guard will stand outside.  Pull out your gun, 
sneak up behind him, and take him as a human sheild.  Drag him into the girl's 
room.  Shut the door, before Vinnie exits his office, and knock the guard out.  
Drag him into the room where you hid the other guard.  Exit back out the girls 
room, and Vinnie should be by the stairs.  If you caught him early enough, he will 
pull out his gun again, and put it away.  But wait for him to start decending down 
the stairs, and come up behind him and press R1 to shove him down the stairs.  Make 
sure you shove him straight so he will slide down the stairs, and die.  If you dont 
he will hit the railing, and slide a little, and only be knocked out.  Once the 
check mark comes up, indicating he is dead.  Go back out to the out door pool, and 
the wife's fried body should be in the pool.  Jump in, steal the microfilm, and 
enter the house.  Exit back out the front, and go back to the FBI truck where you 
stole your suit.  Go in it, and get your suit back.  Once thats done, go back to 
where you started to the metal gate, and escape.

If you done everything correctly, then at the rating you should recieve all 0's 
except 2 accidents, and get the Silent Assassin rank; which is the highest you can 
achieve.  You should get around $500,000 for the job.  But thanks for reading the 
review.  I hope it helps you out, and I plan to write more.  One

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