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First of all equip silver ballers at select weapon screen, they need to have the 
silencer upgrade.
You have 2 targets: Opera singer and The Director.
When you start quickly go to the 3rd floor, distract the police guard with the hat 
(important) with a coin.
Kill him with fiber wire or poison.
(Note that shooting him will make a blood puddle causing suspicion)
Pick the lock on the closest door, drag his body.
(It leads to the balcony)
Change in to his clothes, but do this quickly because at the same moment u kill the 
police guard the one on the other end will start walking over to patrol(I have 
killed the other one and the same thing happens)
Hurry to the other police guard and kill him (I recommend the same method that used 
on the first police guard)
Also drag his body to the same spot as the other police guard.
Now you have a good disguise, with it go to the 1 floor to a door guarded by 2 
guards. (They should let you by, if they don’t use the coin to distract them)
Go threw the door, down the steps and threw the other door.
You will be in a room filled with workers and some police guards, go right, left, 
threw the middle door, keep going straight and you should end up backstage.
Go up the metal stairs, and they lead to where the stage lights are, and a door.
Knock over the worker over the rail for a distraction.
Then go threw the door up there and it should lead to a room with a half dome, with 
birds and the thing that controls the chandelier.
Place a bomb on the thing that controls the chandelier. Go down the ladder and 
around the dome to the opening in the ground and climb down.
If you did like I said earlier (with the police guards) you should be able to see 
your 2 friends.
Now you wait till the scene (in the play/opera) where 1 of your targets will 
be "murdered".
This is when your silenced silver baller comes in.
Where you are at you have a perfect view of your target.
Try to aim right at his head, and shoot at the right moment, and it will look like 
an "accident".
Now time for the grand finale.
In a few moments a guard will notice something is wrong with the actor.
Quickly move across the little balcony u shot the target. (For a good view)
Now your 2 target (the director) will come out of his booth and go down to 1st 
floor and run threw the middle of the aisles....directly under the chandelier.
No need to time it, he conveniently trips under it.
Detonate the bomb.
Now retrace your steps to the 2 police guards on the 2 floor, change into your 
clothes, and walk out with a HitMan rating.

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