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This level is actually pretty fun, because it has good level design, and all that 
good stuff.  But this walkthrough will help you achieve a "Silent Assassin" rank on 
this level.  So lets get it...


1.  Kill Lorne de Havilland
2.  Kill Chan Bingham Jr.
3.  Retrieve Video Tape
4.  Escape

When you start the level out your on the pier level.  Run straight, and turn left, 
and there should be an elevator over there.  There is a security camera above the 
guard on the right so watch out.  Go into the elevator, and it will take you to the 
Party floor.  Get out, and turn left.  There should be a door over towards the 
left; which leads into the Party room I guess you would call it.  Go through it, 
but instead of going straight, turn left.  There will be a set of stairs and a door 
thats read "Staff Only" There's usually a guard who will come down the stairs, and 
a guard who will come out the door, depending on fast you got there.  Make sure its 
clear, and sneak up the stairs.  When you get to the top, there will be a door to 
the right, and a door kinda over to the left.  Open the door on the right.  There 
is a bodyguard in there, if he sees you, then run back down stairs and wait for 
notoriety to go back down.  But if you catch him while he's out on the balcony then 
good.  While hes standing on the balcony, take your sedative syringe, and stick 
him.  Be careful, a guard will be smoking on the balcony towards the left, so make 
sure he dosent see you.  After you sedate the guard take his clothes.  Leave his 
body there because in my history of playing this level he has never been found.  
Now there should be another door in that room, thats across from the balcony.  Go 
in there, and wait for the guard to turn his back and steal the security tape.  Run 
back down the stairs, and go through the door beside the stairs.  Once in turn left 
around the corner, and enter that door.  Now your in the kitchen.  Find the sausage 
laying on kitchen counter.  Make sure nobody is looking, and use a sedative syringe 
on it.  Now take the sausage.  Exit the kitchen through the door you came, and go 
back out the door you came through next to the stairs.  Now go straight.  You 
should be at the door you entered through, now turn left and your in the party 
room; which is full of people.  Go over to the bartender and talk to him.  After 
you talk to him like once or twice he will give you Aphrodisiac.  Take that.  Now 
depending on your timing, there may be a glass close to you that gives you the 
option of putting the Aphrodisiac in it.  If it isnt there, a waiter will bring 
it.  It takes some patience and waiting.  Once you put it in, and the waiter comes 
back for it, follow him.  He will lead you to Chad Bingham Jr.  He will give Chad 
the drink, and now you wait.  Chad will drink it, and a girl will come in the hot 
tub with Chad.  Then they get up, and start walking away together.  Follow them.  
As your following them, you will be walking down this hall, looks like its all wood 
or something.  There will be a female assassin there to kill you.  But dont worry 
as long as your not tempted.  She will tell you to come here in the room with her, 
dont do it or she'll kill you.  Now Chad and the girl will go in a room for awhile, 
if you look through the keyhole you will see she is giving him a sort of strip 
tease, lap dance thing.  When shes done, she will leave, and Chad will come out.  
Follow Chad.  He will go down these flights of stairs.  When he gets to the bottom 
there will be double-doors, and a balcony.  Whne he goes out on the balcony, sneak 
out, and push him over.  One down.  Now backtrack.  Go back into the hallway made 
out of wood, go through the doors you came through to enter that hallway.  One you 
go through those doors, walk straight, and turn left, at the end of that hallway is 
a door on the right.  Go through it.  Find your way through all the rock obstacles 
or whatever, and find the door with two guards standing by it.  Thats the 
elevator.  Go through it, and get on the elevator.  Now once in the elevator go to 
Studio Floor.  This is were Havilland and the tape are.  One you arrive, check your 
map to see where Havilland is on that floor.  Go out the elevator, and walk 
straight through the doors.  Once you walk through them turn left, and a door 
should be there.  Go through it.  Locate the video tape in that room, it should be 
on the last desk towards the right, on the corner.  Take it when nobody's looking.  
Now find Havilland.  He has a very annoying little dog, that will easily be handled 
with the sausage you aquired.  While following Havilland, drop the sausage near the 
dog, he will eat it and fall asleep.  Now follow Havilland into his room.  If you 
were fast enough then you would have time to run into Havillands room after the 
dogs been put to sleep, and hide in his bathroom; which is on the left once you 
enter.  Now watch Havilland on your map.  When hes out on the balcony, quickly run 
out of the bathroom, and run up to the door, and open it.  Now sneak out, and 
behind Havilland.  And shove him over the edge.  Now only one objective left.  
Escape.  Go back to where you sedated that first guard, up the stairs on the 
balcony.  Get your suit back.  Then run back to the elevator that you first 
entered.  Not the one you used to go to Havilland's floor, but the pier floor.  
Once in it.  Go to Pier Floor, and run up to the boat to escape.  There the 
missions complete, and you should have a "Silent Assassin" rank.

Hope this walkthrough helps, I will try and put more up if I have time.  Any 
questions do feel free to reach me.  And if you are having troubles with my 
walkthroughs then visit www.hitmanforum.com and click "Blood Money" on the 
navigation bar.  The click on walkthroughs, and select the walkthrough you need.  
They have one for each level.  Thanks.

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