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Complete Guide To Resident Evil 

Game Title: Resident Evil
Platform: Gamecube
Made By Capcom
Rated M for Mature

1.	Introduction
2.	Contact Information
3.	Capcom’s Resident Evil Story
4.	Characters
5.	Herb Guide
6.	Defense Items

1.	Introduction

This installment of Resident Evil is the introductory Resident Evil to the Nintendo 
Gamecube. Resident Evil is full of scary scenes even if you use strategy guides, or 
a walkthrough book, or one of my future strategy guides for this game.

2.	Contact Information

If you need to contact me for any reason please feel free to e-mail me at 
[email protected] I check my e-mail everyday if not twice a day, so I should 
reply to your e-mail within a week from the time I receive the e-mail. Please only 
send me serious questions I get lots of mail. If you e-mail me a question please 
check to make sure that the question you send is not already answered in this guide.

3.	Capcom’s Resident Evil Story

The story of the Resident Evil series is this: The series started on the 
Playstation, (please correct me if I am wrong), then Capcom started to make their 
game for the Nintendo 64, then Capcom briefly went to the Sega Dreamcast making 
Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Then Capcom made Resident Evil: Code Veronica X for 
the Playstation 2.Then in March a movie came out titled: Resident Evil, in June 
Resident Evil: Gaiden for the Game Boy Color came out, around the same time Capcom 
signed a contract with Nintendo saying that Capcom would only make the Resident Evil 
series for the Nintendo Gamecube and the Game Boy Color, and Advance only. Making 
Resident Evil an exclusive game to Nintendo. Therefore if you want to play Resident 
Evil or any of Capcom’s future Resident Evil releases YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY A 

4.	Characters

There are a few characters in the game, though only 2 are playable characters.

The two playable characters whom you choose from in the beginning of the game are 
Jill, and Chris. Both Jill and Chris are original S.T.A.R.S. team members; these 
means that they were in the first ever Resident Evil game and are still among the 
living. Other characters are: Barry, Wesker, Kenneth, and Steve.

5.	Herbs

If you have played any Resident Evil game before, a few things will look familiar to 
you. The first thing is that there are still Red, Green, and Blue Herbs. Herbs can 
restore your health. Depending on how you use them. If you use just a green herb it 
will restore 1/3 of your health, but if you mix a green herb with a red herb it will 
restore all of your health. Below is an herb-mixing chart.

Herbs to Mix				What Happens
Green Herb				Heals 30% health
Blue Herb				Heals poison	
Green + Red				Heals 100% health
Green + Blue				Heals 30% health and heals poison
Green + Blue + Red			Heals 100% health and heals poison

NOTE: Blue and Red herbs cannot be combined; a green herb must be in the mix.
NOTE: You cannot use red herbs by themselves; they must be mixed with a green herb 
to have any effect.

6.	Defense Items

Something that is new to Resident Evil is the Defense Items. Defense Items help you 
when you are attacking zombies. Defense Items don’t take up an item slot, and no 
matter how many you pick up. The two types of defense items are the dagger, and the 
battery pack. If you have a dagger equipped as a defense item if a zombie starts to 
eat you your character weather is Chris or Jill will turn around very quickly and 
stab the zombie in the head. (Pretty cool huh?) And when you use a battery pack as a 
defense item your character will use that battery pack to power their TAZER, and 
when a zombie starts to eat you they will turn around and stab them in the stomach 
with the tazer and will make a big buzz sound. The only thing about these defense 
items is that it doesn’t kill the zombie it just knocks them down, the purpose of 
the defense item is so if a zombie just jumps out at you can use a defense item on 
him and then it gives you time to take out your weapon and blast the zombie to bits. 



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