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In this Walkthrough i will explain the first town and how to beat it and i 
really dont like to use capitals(it just gives me a harder time).

(3:dungeon atla)
(4:dungeon signs)

Town one:Norune village
ok its really boring going through the tutorial so just lay back and keep 
pressing X unless you like being bored half to death.when the Fairyking is done 
talking youll see a big brown house(the only house) go to the house and near 
the door and press X then talk to the mayor.Hell give you the key to the 
dungeon and some supllies(if you ever run out of them go back to him).Then 
enter the dungeon(its by 2 torches easy to spot).

When your in the Fairyking shows up again just skip it.then go fight and kill 
yada yada yada.The key for the B floors are Drans crest when you get it search 
for a yellow dot when you have found it press square then find the crest in the 
window and use it.

(3:dungeon atla)
Atla you will need so make sure you get every atla in the B floors heres the 
B1-8 atla
B2-8 atla 
B3-6 atla
B4-0 atla (duel)
B5-8 atla
B6-4 atla
B7-8 atla
B8-1 atla (duel)
B9-8 atla
B10-8 atla
B11-0 atla (limit zone)
B12-8 atla 
B13-7 atla 
B14-7 atla
B15-0 atla (boss)

(4:dungeon signs)
green dot on wall=entrence,where you started from.
yellow dot on wall=exit,need Drans crest(for this dungeon).
small circle on map(only appears if in room or if you have the magic crystal)
=stamina,monster gets stamina,upgrades max WHp of weapon,decrease max WHp of 
weapon,repair weapon,decreases WHp of weapon,breaks weapon(rarly happens but it 
happened to me:( ),fills Abs meter(love that one).
Big circle=object.
yellow dot=chest or item.

skelington(forgot how to spell that sorry):easy to spot made of 
dodgers(or something):easy to spot dark spiked hair medium sized 
statue:easy to spot,tall:weakness,anti-rock 25%,anti-metal 75%:medium.
statuedog:(if your not to good at seeing medium to spot)looks like a giant 
block at first....:weakness,anti-rock 10%,anti-beast40%,anti-metal 50%:easy.
master jacket:(medium to spot from a distance)wears a jacket,made out of 
dragon:very easy to spot big with horns:weakness,wind,anti-beast:medium.
opar:very very easy to spot giant fish small legs:weakness,ice,anti-fish:easy.
cave bat:easy to spot has wings:weakness,holy,anti-sky.
boss,beast master dran:only monster there:weakness,thunder,anti-sky 50%,anti-
beast 50%.

(6:ally)when you finish your duel with dran you will get that cat from the atla 
and a potion from dran.when you get out (if you dont know how to get out of a 
dungeon press trangle then go to escape dungeon and if there are no monsters in 
a dungeon you can get out but if there is even one you cant get out,youll need 
a escape powder)(if a chest is a mimic and you havent opened it it doesnt count 
as a monster yet).when your out of the dungeon go to the georama parts and put 
the cat in your house then go into your house and give it the potion dran gave 
you youll get a ally you get to name(yay!).

youll need the key from drans windmill to get through the gate to dran.before 
you fight him make sure you have at least 6 thunder into the attribute for toan 
and 2 stand in powers and 2 revival powders.use you other ally with the 
slingshot shoot dran down then run up to dran with toan from behide then hit 
him and RUN away or youll lose about 50% of your HP.after a while of repeating 
that the fight will be over and he'll be really sorry (he only says it 
once).just lay back and press X the whole time.after he is done talking he will 
give you a map press trangle and go to the next town

                  next walkthrough is coming soon to cheatcodes.com

email me at [email protected] for more help(dont bug me to hurry and make 
the next walkthrough it gets done when it gets done ok).

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