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The Godfather: Blackhand Edition (Wii Version)

Walkthrough / Solution / Guide

Written by Jacky Swallia - 2007
[email protected]

1. Introduction (INT)
2. Controls (CON)
3. *Skills & Upgrades (SKL)
4. The Families (FAM)
5. Strategies (STR)
6. Beginning the Game - Outsider (BEG)
   -Little Italy (LIT)
   -The Price of Loyalty (POL)
   -Welcome to the Family (WTF)
   -The Enforcer (TEF)
   -A Grave Situation (AGS)
   -Sleeping With the Fishes (SWF)
   -The Don is Dead (TDD)
   -Tom is Still Missing (TSM)
7. Making Your Way - Enforcer (MYW)
   -Intensive Care (INC)
   -Fireworks (FIR)
8. Mr. Big Shot - Associate (MBS)
   -Special Delivery (SPD)
   -Death to the Traitor (DTT)
   -Horseplay (HOR)
   -A Recipe For Revenge (ARR)
9. Call In the Troops - Soldier (CIT)
   -Now It's Personal (NIP)
   -The Silent Witness (TSW)
   -Sonny's War (SNW)
   -Change of Plans (COP)
10. The Big Leagues - Capo (TBL)
   -Order to Kill (OTK)
   -It's Only Business (IOB)
   -A Royal Flush (ARF)
   -Baptism By Fire (BBF)
11. Almost There - Underboss (ATU)
12. *You Made It...Sort Of - Don (YMI)
13. *Contract Hits (CHT)
14. *Favors (FAV)
15. *Film Archive (FLM)
*Indicates work in progress

1. Introduction (INT)
     Welcome to my guide.  You may have seen some of my other guides 
around under different names (I suppose if I could remember my 
passwords I wouldn't have that problem).  If you have questions feel 
free to e-mail me but please know that everything in the world I 
know about the game is in this guide.  If you're having trouble 
finding something specific, check the table of contents and 
control+f (find) and see if you can find it that way.  If you can't, 
then I probably don't know.  I would also like to point out that I 
have never actually seen any of the Godfather movies so if I miss 
some of the subtleties in the game connected to the movie, oh well.

Version history
V. 1.1 - 4/10/07 - I'm replaying the game yet again and slowly but 
surely getting all the money bags, safe cracks and other 
collectibles I can.  I've also started work on the strategies 
V. 1.0 - 4/8/07 - All missions complete.  Still just need to add the 
finishing touches, but everything else is done!
V. 0.90 - 4/7/07 - Missions through underboss completed.  A little 
more of everything added, still need help with below items.  
Basically everything you need to know to complete the game is here.  
I just need to add the finishing touches but since break is over, 
give me about another week for the completed version.
V. 0.50 - 4/6/07 - Missions through soldier completed.  More films, 
weapons, contracts, etc.  Help still needed with below items.
V. 0.40 - 4/5/07 - Missions through associate completed.  Also added 
more films, weapons and hit contracts but I still need help (see 
below).  Also corrected some name spellings.
V. 0.25 - 4/4/07 - I have completed the game once and am going back 
again and writing this guide.  So far I have written the missions up 
to Associate.  I have the basics outlined, but there is so much to 
this game.  If you would like to assist, I need help on the 
Weapons - The upgrades, where to get them, cost, etc.
Waypoints - What exactly do these do?
Film Archive - This is a big project.  Any location info is 
Money Bags - Each mission has money bags you can find and I don't 
know where most of them are.

Credits and legal stuff
     The Godfather: Blackhand Edition is copyrighted by EA games and 
the actual movie is copyrighted by Paramount.  I don't have anything 
to do with either of these companies other than buying their 
     This guide is copyrighted by me, Jacky Swallia and is protected 
by International copyright law.  It is the result of countless hours 
of wandering around Little Italy on a perfectly good Spring Break.
     The most updated version of this guide will be available at 
gamefaqs but you are welcome to post it on your site as long as you 
leave my name on it and don't alter the content.  It may not be sold 
without my permission.  Hey, if there's money to be made I want my 
fair share.  

2. Controls (CON)
     I won't even go into how innovative the Wii controls are.  
Needless to day Wii has made gameplay a whole new experience.  This 
game uses the nunchuck so make sure you have it plugged in and for 
goodness sake - wear the wrist strap! 

Looking - Move the wiimote left and right to look around.  You can 
also use the directional pad on the wiimote to change the camera 

Walking - Use the control stick on the nunchuck.  Forward, left, 
right, etc.  Use the wiimote to look and change directions also.  If 
you hold A while walking you will sprint for a short distance.

Driving - Press A to enter a car.  Press B to accelerate.  If you 
have crew with you press + and - to shoot from the car.  Steer with 
the control stick and make sharp turns with Z or C.

Talking - You can talk to pretty much everyone (though most don't 
have much to say).  Approach them and press A on the wiimote.

Fighting - Once in a while you have to kick some butt.  To do this 
select an opponent by holding Z on the nunchuck and then swinging 
the wiimote and nunchuck to brawl.

Weapons - When fisticuffs just aren't enough, there's the weapons.  
Hold C on the nunchuck and your weapon menu will pop up.  This is 
similar to the menu if you've played Trauma Center.  Use the control 
stick to select your weapon and release C button.  Once you have a 
weapon selected you can put it away and whip it out quickly by 
pressing (not holding) C again.  To use a weapon like a bat is the 
same as fighting, just swing the wiimote.  To use a gun you use the 
wiimote to aim (or old Z to auto-target) and press B on the wiimote 
to fire away.  When you draw a weapon it is set to auto-target but 
if you want to enter free-aim mode press + on the wiimote.

Crouching/Wall Cover - When in battle it is best not to be out in 
the open.  Press - on the wiimote to crouch behind boxes and stuff 
or to use wall cover.  This is helpful because you can still Z 
target and fire at enemies and it will automatically take you back 
to your safe position.

Objectives - To show your current objectives press the 2 button on 
the wiimote.

Menu Screen - To pause and bring up the menu screen press 1 on the 
wiimote.  Here you have several options:
     Map - Brings up a map of the area and shows where you are 
     (white triangle).  Hold Z to bring up a legend of what all the     
     other symbols mean.  Use the control stick to move the map 
     around and use the control pad to zoom in and out.
     Skills/Upgrades - When you level up you will be prompted to 
     Improve your skills (see skills section for more on this).
     Objectives - Gives you more specifics than just the 2 button.
     Career Progress - Shows how far you've come in the game and the 
     families you have taken out so far.  If you press right on the 
     control pad it will tell more about your current & next ranks.
     Tom's Report - This screen is really useful.  It shoes info 
     about your criminality and history.  Press right on the control 
     pad and it will tell you about the heat levels of any vendettas 
     you have going.  Press right again and it will show you the 
     family trees of the rival families.
     Options - This is where you change things like wiimote 
     controls, pointer sensitivity and audio options.
     Motion Tutorials - This gives overviews of the basic controls.
     Quit Game - Pretty obvious, I hope.

3. Skills/Upgrades (SKL)
     There are three areas of skills & upgrades: Enforcer, Operator 
and Weapons.  When you are prompted to upgrade you choose which area 
to upgrade and then which sub-area to specifically upgrade for 
Enforcer and Operator.  Weapon upgrades are usually bought and 
cannot be earned with skill points.

Enforcer - This is where you upgrade your muscle stuff.  Early in 
the game when you are lower in the ranks, this is the stuff you 
Perks - When you upgrade 15 Enforcer points you become an 
executioner.  This makes it easier to perform execution moves on 
enemies.  When you upgrade 30 Enforcer points you get unlimited ammo 
for all guns, which is highly useful.

     Blackhand - These are your basic muscle & fighting upgrades.
     1. Muscle: +20% uppercut & kick damage
     2. Street Fighting: +15% jab & hook damage
     3. Quick Hands: +10% blackhand attack speed
     4. Overhead Smash: Knocks opponents to their knees
     5. Tough Guy: +45% uppercut & kick damage
     6. Boxing: +30% jab & hook damage
     7. Extremely Quick Hands: +25% blackhand attack speed
     8. Contender: +50% jab & hook damage

     Intimidation - Sometimes people will avoid fights if you look 
     tough enough.  
     1. Heavy Hitter: Power attack damage increased & charges faster
     2. Disarming Shots: Increased chance of non-lethal shots
     3. Strong Hands: Grab time increased
     4. Gravitas: +10% negotiation pressure
     5. Disarming Blows: Punches may knock an opponent's gun away
     6. Very Heavy Hitter: Power attack damage increased & charges   
     7. Very Strong Hands: Grab time increased
     8. Extreme Gravitas: +50% negotiation pressure
     9. Hits Like a Truck: Power attack damage increased & charges 

     Fitness - These stats affect your movement, stamina, etc.
     1. Quick: Movement & sprint increased
     2. Stealthy: Move faster when crouched
     3. Thick Skin: Increases damage you recover when hurt
     4. Fast: Movement & sprint increased
     5. Very Stealthy: Move faster when crouched     
     6. Rapid: Movement & sprint increased
     7. Extremely Stealthy: Move faster when crouched
     8. Very Thick Skin: Increases damage you recover when hurt

     Firearms - New gun skills.
     1. Focus: Accuracy increased
     2. Quick Reload: Reload speed increased
     3. Marksman: Accuracy increased
     4. Draw: Reveal & conceal speed increased
     5. Precision: Accuracy increased  
     6. Rapid Reload: Reload speed increased
     7. Quick Draw: Reveal & conceal speed increased
     8. Deadeye: Accuracy increased
     9. Sharpshooter: Accuracy increased

Operator - Later in the game you won't want to get your hands dirty 
so much.  You will need to rely on your negotiation skills and this 
is where you upgrade them.
Perks - When you upgrade 19 operator points you get the pistol whip 
move (mmm...pistol whip), which allows you to smack your opponents 
with your gun.  When you upgrade 30 operator points you get an 
improved hit squad, which allows you to use the hit squad as often 
as you want.

     Negotiation - These skills will make it easier to take over
     businesses & extort people.
     1. Negotiator: Breaking point revealed 3 seconds longer
     2. Business Smarts: +15% business income
     3. Advanced Negotiator: Breaking point revealed 6 seconds 
     4. Racketeer: +10% racket income
     5. Superior Negotiator: Breaking point revealed 9 seconds 
     6. Evaluate: Immediately detect weak points
     7. Business Acumen: +30% business income
     8. Savvy Racketeer: +20% racket income
     9. Master Negotiator: Breaking point always revealed

     Violence - Increase the skills you use to deal out the
     1. Car Bombs: Allows you to plant car bombs
     2. Neck Snap: Instant silent kill using the garrote
     3. Conceal Explosives: Carry limit increased
     4. Crew Bravery: +20% crew health
     5. Crew Leadership: +10% crew damage  
     6. Conceal More Explosives: Carry limit increased
     7. Extreme Crew Bravery: +40% crew health
     8. Conceal Lots of Explosives: Carry limit increased
     9. Superior Crew Leadership: +20% crew damage

     Health - Affects how you take damage and heal from it.
     1. Healthy: +20% health
     2. Basic Recuperation: Health regenerates out of combat 
        (30% max)
     3. Healthier: +40% health
     4. Very Healthy: +60% health
     5. Basic Recuperation: Health regenerates out of combat 
        (45% max)
     6. Extremely Healthy: +80% health
     7. Peak Health: +100% health
     8. Basic Recuperation: Health regenerates out of combat 
        (60% max)

     The Law - Skills to keep the cops on your side.
     1. Hotwire: No heat for stealing parked cars
     2. Friend of the Law: Police bribes cost %20 less
     3. Shady: -10% heat
     4. Deep Pockets: Police bribes last %20 longer
     5. Good Friend of the Law: Police Chief bribes cost %40 less
     6. Very Shady: -10% vendetta
     7. Connected: FBI bribes cost %20 less
     8. Extremely Shady: -20% heat & vendetta

Weapons - Oh, so many ways to kill people.  These upgrades are 
usually bought or earned, you cannot use skill points for them (to 
my knowledge).  Any help on this section would be appreciated.

Level 1 - You basically start with these weapons.
Baseball bat - Good for beatings.
Pistol - Holds 8 rounds, decent fire rate & damage
.38 Snub Nose - Holds 6 rounds, decent fire rate & light damage
Tommy Gun - Holds 35 rounds, rapid fire rate & good damage
Magnum - Holds 6 rounds, good fire rate & heavy damage
Long Barrel Shotgun - Holds 2 rounds, slow fire rate & heavy damage
Garrote - Choking wire, grab from behind and swing your opponent.
Dynamite - Explodes after a short time
Time Bomb - Explodes after a longer time
Molotov Cocktail - Throw it to catch stuff on fire

Level 2 -
Double Barrel Shotgun - Buy from the park in New Jersey $45,000

Level 3 - 
Street Sweeper - Buy from train yard in New Jersey or underground in 
the southeast part of Little Italy Industrial $350,000
Saturday Night Special - Buy from park in south Little Italy $75,000
Assassin's Pistol - Buy from storage place in south Brooklyn 
Dillinger - Buy from alley on 25th in Midtown $400,000
Python- Buy from park in north Hell's Kitchen $250,000

4. The Families (FAM)
     There are five families controlling parts of the area.  Your 
ultimate goal is to take them over and control the whole area 

Tattaglia - Yellow jackets, "T" shield symbol on the map.  The 
weakest of the families as far as gameplay goes and generally the 
easiest to fight.  They control Brooklyn.

Stracci - Blue jackets, "S" shield symbol on the map.  The next 
toughest after the Tattaglias.  They control New Jersey.

Cuneo - Red jackets, "C" shield symbol on the map.  A pretty rough 
bunch, especially since they are from Hell's Kitchen.  You should 
probably leave them alone until later in the game.

Barzini - Green jackets, "B" shield symbol on the map.  The toughest 
family and they control the best part of town, Midtown.  They've got 
the money, the rackets, the power.

Corleone - Black jackets, lion shield symbol on the map.  This is 
your family and they used to control Little Italy but other families 
have been moving in.  Part of your goal is to stop this also.

5. Strategies (STR)
     In this section I plan to put the various strategies I have 
developed for extortion, warehouses and other stuff that doesn't 
really fit into the main walkthrough.  Here's what I've got so far.

Extorting Businesses & Rackets - Probably the backbone of the game.  
Your ultimate goal is to take over every business and racket, so 
you'll be doing this a lot.  There are a lot of factors to consider 
when trying to extort a business.
-What kind of business?  Typically single shops are the easiest, 
then restaurants, then clubs and hotels.
-What level are you?  Obviously the higher rank and more respect you 
have, the more likely shopkeepers will accept your offer. 
Always try to talk to the shopkeeper first.  If they don't agree 
then you have to figure out their weak spot.  In the top corner is a 
blue bar that measures how much pressure you've put on the person.  
You want to take it to the line and when it turns green and says 
"payout" they will deal.  There are quite a few ways to pressure 
shopkeepers.  This is not all of them, just all of the ones I am 
sure of.
-Smack them around
-Smack their customers around
-Aim weapons at them
-Break their goods
When you successfully extort a business sometimes a back door will 
open up, leading to a racket.  Rackets are illegal activities with 
legitimate businesses as a front.  You will meet more rivals before 
you get to the racket boss.  Sometimes they are hard to find but 
when you do, talk to them.  Sometimes you can buy them out and 
sometimes you can just take them over.  Rackets make you much more 
money than regular businesses.
If you accidentally kill a shopkeeper or a racket boss that business 
will close and cost you money so be careful.

Warehouses & Transport Hubs - If you really want to control a 
neighborhood you've got to hit the warehouses and transport hubs.  
This is no easy task and you should wait until later in the game 
when you've got some decent weapons and can hire or call a crew.  
Make sure you have full police favor because they will help you in 
the beginning of the warehouse.  You'll know you've found a 
warehouse because you will hit a roadblock.  Plow through it and 
when you get to the warehouse prepare for a gunfight.  Shoot 
everything that moves as you make your way through the warehouse.  
You're looking for a racket boss, same as above and when you find 
him talk to him to and him out.

Robbing Banks - If you want to make any real money you'll have to 
hit the banks.  Plus, it's one of the collectables to rob all the 
banks anyway.  It helps if you have full police favor, but in the 
end it doesn't matter because you will get full heat anyway.  Walk 
in a bank and find the vault.  Depending on the bank you might have 
to shoot the guards before or after.  When you find the vault plant 
some dynamite and move out of the way.  Grab the money bags and draw 
your gun.  The cops will come and guards will be shooting.  You now 
have to get back to a safehouse before you can truly claim the 

Bribery - There are a few levels of bribery in the game.
1. Blue uniform cops - The lowest and the cheapest to bribe, but 
their favor also lasts the shortest.
2. Black uniform cops - Their bribes cost more but they raise the 
favor much higher than the blue guys.
3. Police Chiefs - Obviously the most expensive and you 
automatically get full favor.  I did not notice this until halfway 
through the game, but each police chief has a dirty secret.  If you 
can find and expose that secret, the chief will help you out a lot 
more, sometimes for free.  I'm working on another play through the 
game so I will provide more info on this soon.

6. Beginning the Game - Outsider (BEG)
Little Italy, 1936 (LIT)
     The beginning of the game has a lot of cut-scenes and this is 
the first of them.  You start out paying tribute to Don Corleone and 
go to meet your girl, but unfortunately your bakery explodes and you 
are attacked by the Barzini family.  You'll get some practicing 
moving the camera, Z-targeting and fighting but it will all be for 
nothing as Don Barzini comes and orders his men to gun you down.
     The Corleones and your son come across the scene and Don 
Corleone advises your son to save his anger and he will get his 
revenge someday.
     You now have a chance to modify your new character's 
appearance.  If you've played the Sims then you'll like this part.  
Knock yourself out.

Price of Loyalty - Corleone Compound, 1945 (POL)
     Another cut scene.  Nine years have passed and little Connie 
Corleone is getting married.  Sarafina (your mother) takes this 
chance to speak to Don Corelone since no Sicilian can refuse a 
request on his daughter's wedding day.  You have fallen in with some 
bad men and your mother wants the Don to look after you, since your 
father was loyal to the Corleones.  He agrees and sends Luca Brasi 
to find you.  When he does you are getting your butt kicked but he 
takes care of that.

Welcome to the Family - The Docks, (WTF)
Money - $500, Respect - 400, Money Bags - 0
     After Luca saves you finally get to practice some more moves on 
some thugs.  Go through the training and talk to Luca.  He tells you 
the Don wants to meet you and help you out.
     Luca then meets you on the street and tells you to get to the 
safehouse and sends an escort with you and shows you how to use the 
maps.  Follow the blue X on the map to get to your destination.  
Your guide will narrate some of the sights along the way.  One of 
the sights is a cop that looks bribable.  Talk to him and you will 
get a pop-up about your respect level.  You've earned your first 
skill point upgrade.  Take your pick and move on.
     You will also come across a car that has just been rigged with 
a car bomb.  Stay away from it.  When you start to get close you 
will be able to take some shortcuts through some allies.  When you 
get there you will learn that safehouses give you a chance to 
replenish your weapons, health and save your game.  After you save 
the phone will ring and you will then need to meet Luca outside.

The Enforcer - Little Italy, (TEF)
Money - $1,000, Respect 750, Money Bags - 0
     Luca asks you to walk with him.  Learn about the family and his 
work.  He gives you your first job.  Extort Emilio and make sure he 
pays tribute to the Corleones.  Walk into the butcher shop to learn 
about pressure and extort the butcher.  Talk to him first and he 
will refuse.  Try destroying some of his stuff until he caves (Z-
target and swing).  
     Once the butcher has been extorted the back door will open.  
Many businesses are just fronts for illegal rackets.  Take them over 
too. In this case the racket is gambling.  Talk to the owner.  
Sometimes you can buy them out, sometimes you will have to work on 
them the same way you work on a business owner.
     When you leave you will have to bribe the police sergeant 
before you leave.  On the left side of your map is a green bar.  The 
higher the bar, the more support form police you have in the area.  
Talk to Luca again and he tells you to meet Paulie Gatto.

A Grave Situation - Little Italy, (AGS)
Money - $1,500, Respect 2,500, Money Bags - 1 $2,000
     Before you get to the club another Corleone will talk to you 
about the businesses in the area and give you the ongoing objective 
to extort and take over businesses.  This will be your main money 
maker for a while also.
     Paulie and Monk tell you the undertaker's daughter got beat up 
by some punks and you're going to return the favor.  Follow them and 
beat the college kids up.  After you beat up the first kid when you 
go into the graveyard before you beat the second one, head to the 
back near the large crypt.  $Near the gravestones you will find a 
money bag with $2,000.$  Finish the job and call it a day.

Sleeping With the Fishes - Midtown (SWF)
Money - $2,000, Respect 3,500, Money Bags - 1 $2,500
     Paulie tells you to meet Luca at the Bowery and you probably 
have another skill upgrade.  If you're tired of walking upgrade The 
Law under Operator and you can take parked cars and drive instead.
     When you meet Luca he will tell you how to use guns (see 
controls if you need more help).  $When you are shooting the first 
dummy, shoot him in the shoulder and then his left leg.  He should 
fall and break the box next to him.  Look closely for the green glow 
of a money bag.$
     Luca then tells you you're going to drive him to Midtown.  He 
has a mission for the Don.  You've got 4 minutes.  Follow Bowery 
Street (the one you're on) and then make a right onto 4th.  Follow 
the blue X on your map until you get there.  
     Luca tells you to watch from the alley and what you see is not 
a pretty sight.  Luca is murdered and you are spotted.  Your job is 
to kill Luca's assassin.  There is one guy in the alley behind you 
but you really need to get inside the restaurant.  Once he is dead 
you need to get to the safehouse.  Take the same path you came on 
and follow the blue X.  Cops will chase you for part of the way but 
they're not that hard to outrun.  When you get to the safehouse you 
call Monk and he tells you to meet him later.
     At this point your objective is to extort some more businesses.  
There is a Stracci newspaper joint and a Tattaglia barber shop 
nearby that make easy targets right now.  I have developed an 
interesting strategy for taking down businesses.  Get a car and run 
over any family members guarding outside the business.  It is easier 
than fighting them and safer because as long as you are in a car you 
take no damage.  Once they are dead head inside and extort.  Don't 
forget to take over any rackets that become available via the back 
door.  After a few of these you will get a message to check phones 
for messages.  They are pretty much in every building so find one 
and Monk will tell you to meet him at the barber shop now.

The Don is Dead - Little Italy (TDD)
Money - $2,000, Respect 4,000, Money Bags - 1 #3,000
     You storm into the barber shop only to be told Monk is outside.  
Watch a cut scene in which Monk meets his sister but at the same 
time the Tattaglia's are skulking around.  Sure enough in a blaze of 
gunfire the Don and Monk are hit and you have to protect Frankie 
(Monk's sister).  Take out the Tattaglia's on the street and turn 
right.  One of them is holding Frankie hostage.  Enter free aim mode 
and hit the guy, but obviously not Frankie.  
     After this you need to follow the ambulance to get the Don to 
the hospital.  Tattaglias will be shooting from you at the street 
and chasing you in cars so this is a tough one.  Plus if you get too 
far behind the ambulance you fail also.  About halfway there, when 
you turn onto the Brooklyn Bridge you will see a cut scene with a 
crash and now you have to interrogate one of the Tattaglias.  You 
can kill the rest.  He will tell you that Sollozzo has Tom Hagen in 
a diner in Brooklyn but you still have to get the Don to the 
hospital.  $Before you leave this scene shoot up the cream colored 
car near the ambulance.  The hidden money bag is under it$.  Jump in 
the ambulance and drive toward the blue X.
     You will see another cut scene and Clemenza will tell you to go 
home.  Your job is done for now.  For now your objective is to 
extort some more businesses.  You might want to bribe some cops 
while you're at it.  After a few more you should get another message 
to check the phones.  This message tells you to meet Clemenza in 

Tom is Still Missing - Brooklyn (TSM)
Money - $2,500, Respect - 4,500, Money Bags 1 (?)
     But the Corleones think they know where he is.  Take Clemenza 
and Rocco to the diner and sneak around.  Choke the guard and sneak 
to the back choking any other guards you meet along the way.  When 
you get there you will see another cut scene in which Sollozzo 
learns the Don is still alive and decides to off Hagen instead.  
You've got to rescue him.
     You can use firepower now and make your way to where they are 
holding Tom.  When you get there enter free-aim mode and carefully 
shoot Tom's kidnapper, avoiding Tom of course.  A head shot works 
nicely because it kills in one hit.
     After Tom is freed he learns of Luca's fate and then Clemenza 
asks you to drive them back to the Corleone compound in Little 
Italy.  Along the way Clemenza discusses bringing you into the 
family and Hagen tells you that Sollozzo's business is drugs.  More 
pieces of the puzzle.  At the compound Hagen will give you your 
first promotion to Enforcer (Money - $7,500, Respect 5,000)

7. Making Your Way - Enforcer (MYW)
     Talk to some of the Corleones in the compound and you will find 
that Clemenza wants to meet you in Little Italy.  Tessio will also 
offer you your first contract hit.  These will appear as yellow on 
your map now.  Before you leave there is a basement where you can 
restock your ammo.
     You have the option of taking out some more businesses or the 
contract hit before you meet Clemenza also.  If you wander around 
Brooklyn long enough you will also notice some purple dots on your 
map.  These are people that need favors.

Intensive Care - Little Italy (INC)
Money - $5,000, Respect - 6,000, Money Bags - 1 (?)
     When you meet Clemenza he tells you to go to the hospital where 
the Don is.  He doesn't trust the cops guarding the place.  When you 
get there you'll see a cut scene of the Corleone compound and then 
of you and Frankie.  The guard takes your weapons and tells you Monk 
is on the second floor.  Go see him.  When you talk to Frankie you 
hear a noise and you now have to kill the assassin sent to kill the 
Don.  After you and Frankie run into Michael Corleone.  He tells you 
to clear the hospital and find Tom Hagen while he takes care of his 
     You now have your gun so head to the basement and take out the 
Tattaglias down there.  When you get to the end Frankie takes the 
ambulance to go get Tom and tells you to help Michael.  There will 
be a few more Tattaglias before you meet him.  When you do he tells 
you to cover the front but when you go out you see a cut scene where 
the cops grab Michael.  Tom Hagen comes just in time to save you 
two.   Talk to some Corleones and you will find Clemenza is looking 
for you again.  Extort businesses, favors, etc. along the way until 
you are ready to meet him.

Fireworks - Little Italy (FIR)
Money - $7,500, Respect - 7,500, Money Bags 4 (?)
     Clemenza tells you Rosa is having a party and you should stop 
by.  Talk to some more Corelones in the area for more info.  When 
you get to the "flower shop" Rosa tells you the party is upstairs.  
Head up there and talk to Monk, Paule and Sonny in the other room.  
They tell you to get lost but when you leave you get a cut scene of 
the cops breaking up the party and taking Rosa away.  You have to 
get past them now.  Walk past the one upstairs and bribe the one 
     You have to sneak past the police in the alley to the left now.  
Equip the garrote and strangle as you go.  When you strangle the 
last one the door to the right will be unlocked.  You can use your 
gun to take out the cops now and head up to where Rosa is.  She is 
fine and she suggests whacking the sergeant.  When you get to him 
grab him and push him to the edge and throw him off the roof to make 
it look like an accident.
     Afterward, Rosa tells you to get back to the compound.  You can 
take on any business or side quests along the way.  When you get 
back to the compound you will see a cut scene where Hagen and Sonny 
are arguing.  Hagen wants to negotiate with the other families, 
Sonny wants war.  Either way is good for you because you have just 
earned your next promotion to Associate (Money $7,500, Respect 

8. Mr. Big Shot - Associate (MBS)
     With this promotion you get a new perk.  You can now call in a 
hit squad.  When the lion shield in the left corner is flaming press 
down on the control pad to call them in.  They cost money but 
sometimes are worth it.  You will also learn about a new objective - 
taking down warehouses.  They are key to controlling the area.
     You need to meet Clemenza at his house in Brooklyn again.  They 
think they have a lead on who has betrayed the family.  Take any 
business or side quest along the way.  You might even want to try 
your new squad and take down a warehouse when you get to Brooklyn.

Death to the Traitor - Brooklyn (DTT)
Money - $10,000, Respect - 17,000, Money Bags - 10 (?)
     Sonny thinks Paulie set up the hit on the Don.  So you and 
Clemenza take him for a ride.  You make small talk on the way and 
Clemenza tells Paulie to stop at a Corleone restaurant.  While he's 
in there he tells you Paulie's going down but you need to pick up 
some weapons first.  At the nest place you stop go upstairs and get 
the dynamite.  You will then hear someone crying for help.  Back 
downstairs some Tattaglias are harassing the baker.  Take care of 
them and then talk to the baker.
     Outside talk to Clemenza.  He tells you he wants you to plant 
the dynamite upstairs behind the bar and then to get out.  Follow 
him to the Tattaglia bar and go upstairs taking out any Tattaglias 
on the way.  When you get to the second floor plant the bomb and 
run.  There might be another Tattaglia but just ignore him as time 
on the bomb is ticking.  
     You drive off and Clemenza tells Paulie to pull over.  When he 
gets out he gives you the sign.  You must chase Paulie into the 
storage area (stuff will explode as you go).  Once you trap him, 
kill him.  The cops will come and now you have to outrun the cops 
and get to the Corleone safehouse nearby.  When you get there 
Clemenza lets you have the apartment, since Paulie's dead and 
everything.  The Corleones tell you to lay low for a while so this 
is a good chance to take out some more businesses.
Special Delivery - Midtown (SPD)
Money - $10,000, Respect - 10,000, Money Bags - 1 (?)
     Soon you will get another phone call and a new objective to buy 
a time bomb from a dealer in Midtown, so head there.  Once you buy 
the bomb you will need to meet Clemenza outside a warehouse in 
Midtown.  He tells you to get inside the warehouse you need to 
hijack a truck.  Hunt one down and ram it or cut it off until the 
driver gets out.  Interrogate him to get the keys.  Take the truck 
to where Clemenza gathered the crew in Midtown and drive back to the 
     The Tattaglias let you in and Clemenza tells you to plant bombs 
in 3 of the buildings.  Focus on that and let the crew fight the 
Tattaglias outside.  From where you start go up the stairs to the 
left and make a right.  Go inside and take out the people inside and 
go down the stairs.  You should see a blue shield under the stairs.  
This is where you need to plant the bomb but before you do, make 
sure you know your exit path - back up the stairs and out of the 
building before the bomb goes off.  
     Go back to the truck and get another bomb.  Go up the same 
stairs before but this time go right into another building.  Same 
procedure as before.  Take out the bad guys, plant the bomb 
downstairs and get out.  
     Get your last bomb and this time go through the doors straight 
ahead and up the stairs.  Plant the bomb and head back downstairs.  
Talk to Clemenza and he gives you a new objective to bomb Sollozzo's 
drug warehouses (which now appear on your map as skull & crossbones) 
and tells you to go meet up with Monk in a club in Midtown.  He 
tells you to meet Hagen back at the compound but he wants to talk to 
you first.  Go back to the bar and Monk asks you about you and 
Frankie.  She's been asking about you.  Before you leave there is a 
guy that will offer you a hit contract.

Horseplay - Hollywood (HOR)
Money - $15,000, Respect - 12, 500, Money Bags - 1 (?)
     Back at the compound Hagen tells you he wants you to go to 
Hollywood with him to "negotiate" with Jack Woltz.  Negotiations 
don't go well so you and Rocco go on a mission.  Quietly follow him 
to Woltz's stables.  Rocco tells you to stand guard.  A guard will 
come so quietly choke him.  Rocco emerges with a "package".  I've 
never seen the movies, but even I know what's going on here.
     You now have to follow Rocco through the house to Woltz's 
bedroom and deliver the package.  This was one of the more 
troublesome missions for me, so here's how I finally got through.  
     You have to lead the way for Rocco.  To the right, up the ramp, 
are two guards but you only need to take the closest one out.  A 
garrote works well if you've unlocked that skill.  Go left into the 
house and you are warned not to kill innocents.  Wait for the butler 
to pass and go into the hallway and to the right will be another 
guard and another at the top of the stairs.  This is where I kept 
getting caught.  Wall cover at the doorway and wait for the maid to 
pass.  Go inside the next area and wait for a dialog about windows 
between the maid the next guard you need to kill (you'll know when 
it happens).  Your goal is at the end of this hallway.  Wait for 
Rocco to deliver the package and watch the very disturbing cut scene 
that follows.

     You end up back in Midtown with a new objective to meet Hagen 
again.  He's in a hotel nearby.  He gives you another safehouse for 
you and Frankie and tells you to meet him at the compound when you 
are done.  Head inside and talk to Frankie.  Check out your new 
place and take a minute to save while you're here.  In the lobby you 
can listen to some conversation about Sonny's plan to take down 
Sollozzo and learn more about taking down warehouses.  Take care of 
any business you need to and head back to the compound.

A Recipe For Revenge - Midtown (ARR)
Money - $20,000, Respect - 15,000, Money Bags - 5 (?)
     Sonny sets up a hit on Sollozzo that Michael Corleone is to 
carry out.  You are given the task of hiding a gun behind a toilet 
for Michael.  You're timed because you need to plant it before 
Michael and Sollozzo get there for their meeting.  It's way in 
Midtown so shoot up Broadway or Fourth to get there fast.  
     You should get there with a couple of minutes to spare.  Sneak 
around the back like Clemenza said.  Remember to take out the guards 
quietly...fists or the garrote.  When you get to the back door 
you'll have to rough up the guy before he'll let you in.  When you 
get in you can ignore the baker and sneak past the next guard.  Go 
down the hall to the right and plant the gun in the bathroom.
     You will now see a cut scene with Michael and Solozzo.  Michael 
gets the gun and you can guess what happens next.
     You've got to shoot your way out of the restaurant and down the 
street to Michael's car.  You've got to get Michael to the docks in 
Hell's Kitchen, quite a drive, and yes you will be chased.  Take 
34th and then go up Broadway and west on 42nd until you can go north 
again and pray your car holds up.
     When you get there you see a cut scene of Michael getting on a 
ship to Sicily until the chaos calms down.  He tells you Sonny will 
help you until he gets back.  You are told that the Don is out of 
the hospital and wants to see you and promote you to Soldier (Money 
- $25,000, Respect 15,000)

9. Call In the Troops - Soldier (CIT)
     Don Vito Corleone himself makes you a soldier.  Talk to him 
again and he gives a short speech about people who need to be 
killed.  Listen to some conversation and you will learn that Monk is 
half-Irish and he can never become a soldier like you.  Talk to 
Clemenza again and he gives you a hit contract.  Talk to some more 
Corleones and you will find that Frankie is looking for you at your 
Midtown apartment.

Now It's Personal - Brooklyn (NIP)
Money - $30,000, Respect 17,500, Money Bags - 3 (?)
     Of course you've been followed to the apartment and now you 
have to protect Frankie.  The Tattaglias get her anyway and once you 
interrogate the Capo you find they've taken her to the old church.  
Call Monk and go pick him up.  He's pretty upset but he goes with 
you to the church.  You've got to get all the way to Brooklyn and 
it'll be no Sunday drive.  You'll be chased again.  
     When you get there follow Monk through the crypt into the 
church.  Take out the Tattaglias all the while listening to Frankie 
scream.  When you get to the door you see a cut scene where you just 
get to see Frankie's last moments and Monk flip out.  When you leave 
a Corleone tells you that Sonny wants to see you when you're ready.

The Silent Witness - Midtown (TSW)
Money - $35,000, Respect 20,000, Money Bags - 1 (?)
     Meet Sonny in an alley in Hell's Kitchen.  Interrogate the 
Tattaglia Capo and when he won't talk, Sonny deals with him.  Sonny 
knows Bruno will be at the Capo's funeral so now you've got to get 
to the funeral parlor in Midtown.  
     When you get there you can get in through the side, but of 
course there will be Tattaglias to deal with.  When they are all 
dead the elevator will be unlocked.  Bruno will attack you as soon 
as you get out and there will be more Tattaglias.  Shoot them, but 
remember you have to throw Bruno into the oven so disarm, grab and 
     If you talk to the sergeant outside he will give you another 
hit contract.  You could take care of this while you wait for a 
phone call telling you to meet Sonny at the compound again.   He 
tells you he's worried about the Tattaglias.  He tells you to meet 
him in Midtown.

Sonny's War - Midtown (SNW)
Money - $40,000, Respect 30,000, Money Bags - 10 $10,000
     With Michael still in Sicily Sonny is running the family.  He 
doesn't want to negotiate with the other families like Tom suggests.  
Talk to him and learn he wants to hit a Cunio bar in Hell's Kitchen, 
so drive him there. You've got 2 minutes so just go up 42nd and 
listen to Sonny tell you about the business.
     When you get to the bar go in and shoot the two Cunios at the 
top of the stairs.  Then go through the door to the left.  Shoot 
your way through the basement and interrogate the guy at the end.  
You'll see a cut scene of the racket boss escaping.  Get to the car 
with Sonny and follow him.  You'll be chased and he drives fast, so 
this one might be tough.  If you can keep up with him you'll catch 
up in the train yards.  Shoot your way inside the building and 
interrogate the boss upstairs.  Watch another cut scene of Sonny 
interrogating him.
     $Before you leave if you go down the hallway and use the 
elevator you can find some money bags.$
     Meet Sonny outside at the car and you've got 3 minutes to get 
to the Cunio warehouse.  Go north out of the train yard and straight 
up to the docks (where you dropped off Michael earlier).  Your job 
now is to take over the warehouse.  You might want to call in a crew 
if you can before you go in.  Shoot your way through the docks and 
then to the side and inside the warehouse.  Shoot your way through 
there and find the racket boss and interrogate him to take over the 
warehouse.  In the process you will probably start a Cunio mob war, 
but don't worry about that right now.
     When you leave talk to the Corleones and you will find Sonny 
wants to meet you back at the compound.  You'll also get another hit 
contract if you want.  Back to that mob war.  There are two ways to 
end it: bomb a Cunio business or bribe an FBI agent.  I find bribery 
easier so look on your map for a symbol that looks like a badge, 
only bigger and it says FBI on it.  Find him and bribe him.  It 
might be expensive and you'll have a ton of Cunios chasing you until 
it's over but it will be worth it.  All that being done, meet Conny 
back at the compound when you're ready.

Change of Plans - Little Italy (COP)
Money - $45,000, Respect - 40,000, Money Bags 3 (?)
     Sonny tells you about a plan to hit a bank but he is 
interrupted by a phone call.  Next thing you know he's speeding away 
and you have to follow him.  You overhear people saying Connie, his 
sister, was on the phone.  This isn't too hard since there are no 
goons chasing you.  Just keep up with Sonny and you will be rewarded 
with a gruesome cut scene of his death.
     Now you have to track down his assassin.  This is harder 
because people will chase you and you'll probably go through a 
couple of cars.  You end up in a warehouse in Hell's Kitchen 
Industrial you need to tear through and interrogate the guard at the 
end.  Head through the yard and straight to the doors at the back.  
Go up the stairs and find the guard.  He tells you to head to a club 
in Hell's Kitchen.
     Take the Hell's Kitchen Loop.  The West Side Highway won't take 
you where you need to be, though it looks like it will.  You have 5 
minutes, which is more than enough time and you won't be chased.  
When you get to the club blast in and interrogate the underboss.  
Head to the basement and when all the Tattaglias are eliminated a 
door to the underboss will open.  He won't talk to you until you 
threaten the girl.  Then he tells you the people you really want are 
the Barzinis.
     You have 5 minutes to get back to the compound.  Take 34th to 
Broadway and you will get there in plenty of time.  Watch a cut 
scene where Don Vito learns the news of Sonny's death and asks Tom 
to arrange a peace meeting with the other families.  It seems to go 
well but towards the end your character is giving one of the guys 
the evil eye...remember him?  He's the guy that shot your father.  
Just so you know.

     You now have some more hit contracts open and anything else you 
need to do.  When you're ready meet with Michael, back from Sicily, 
at the compound.  He's a changed man and things are changing.  He 
promotes you to Capo ($50,000 + 50,000 Respect).

10. The Big Leagues - Capo (TBL)
     Don Vito has passed on the reigns to Michael and he is Don now.  
Michael wants you to keep it on the DL that you're his Capo for now.  
Talk to Al and he will give you your next contract hit.  After that 
and anything else, meet up with Monk. In the Bowery in Little Italy

Order to Kill - Little Italy (OTK)
Money - $50,000, Respect - 75,000, Money Bags - 5 (?)
     When you meet with Monk he has a different impression of the 
mission.  Follow him into the hotel and blast through the Brazinis 
until you get to the informant.  Monk shoots him and you see a cut 
scene where you realize Monk was the one that turned on the family 
and he killed the agent to cover himself.  You talk to Michael on 
the phone and now you have the task of killing Monk for the family.
     You have 3 minutes to find Monk on the west side at a hotel but 
this one might be tight.  The roadblocks are problematic.  If you 
get to one you can't crash through easily, get out and take one of 
the cars from the roadblock instead.  
     When you confront Monk you learn that he is mad because he will 
never be on the inside like you (remember the conversation earlier 
about Monk being half Irish?).  Monk also blames you for Frankie's 
death.  Chase him but he will be protected by the Cuneos.  
     When you leave talk to the Corleone and he will tell you Tom 
needs you back at the compound.  Some more hit contracts will be 
open at this point also.

It's Only Business - Brooklyn (IOB)
Money - $50,000, Respect - 80,000, Money Bags - 1 (?)
     Tom tells you Tessio is setting up Michael and for you to meet 
Willie in Brooklyn for info on what to do next.  Don Vito is 
apparently dead at this point also, presumably from old age or 
something.  Anyway, follow Tessio into the club and start shooting 
the Brazinis.  You have 3 minutes to follow, catch and shoot Tessio 
before the Brazinis get you.
     After you leave the club you overhear some conversation about 
Fredo Corleone being in town for business.  It seems fishy.  Anyway, 
take care of any business you have and you will get a call telling 
you to meet Fredo in Midtown and to bring dynamite.

A Royal Flush - Midtown - (ARF)
Money - $50,000, Respect, 100,000, Money Bags - 3 (?)
     Fredo has been in Vegas running casinos with Moe Green but now 
Moe wants to set up in New York and Michael doesn't like that.  
Michael wants you to take out the secret casino.  He also tells you 
in secret that Moe is finished.  Go downstairs one level and find 
the bellhop and he will tell you the password.  Go to the basement 
and give the password to the guard.  When you get in your next goal 
is to get the money from the vault.
     Head downstairs and talk to the two guards to distract them.  
Jump over to the vault and plant the dynamite.  Get out of the way 
while it blows and then go back for the money.  All of the guards 
will be shooting now so be prepared to fight your way out and get to 
the safehouse with the cash.
     Talk to Michael and Clemenza.  The plan now is for you to take 
the police car and drive to where Moe is and hit him.  You have 5 
minutes and you need to drive carefully because the police will 
become suspicious if you run anyone over.  When you get to the 
massage parlor, shoot your way upstairs and then shoot Moe.  Meet 
Clemenza in Midtown.  He tells you to meet Michael at his nephew's 
baptism in Little Italy.  He has a plan to end the violence.

Baptism By Fire - Various (BBF)
Money - $150,000, Respect - 175,000, Money Bags - 3 (?)
     This is a big job...well, actually 4 big jobs.  Meet Clemenza 
and he tells you the plan to hit all 4 of the Dons.  You are timed 
on all of these because they have to be done before the baptism is 
over so Michael can't be blamed.
     Hit #1 - Don Stracci.  You have 13 minutes for this one and 
that includes meeting Clemenza in Midtown.  Drive to the hotel in 
Midtown that Don Stracci thinks you are meeting him at to escort him 
to a peace meeting.  Talk to the Straccis and they will let you up.  
When you talk to Don Stracci, don't kill him right away.  Wait until 
you get into the elevator and then kill him.  You now have to kill 
the rest of the guards and then talk to Clemenza.
     Hit #2 - Don Cuneo.  13 more minutes and you have to meet 
Willie in Hell's Kitchen for this one.  And then you have to drive 
back to a different hotel in Midtown.  I guess Cuneo didn't fall for 
the old peace meeting trick.  This one can be very confusing.  
Follow Willie inside and blast through the Cuneos upstairs.  Now, 
Willie said he would trap the Don in the door and when all the 
Cuneos are dead Willie just stands there and it's not clear what to 
do next.  Go back outside the way you came and Don Cuneo will be out 
front.  Shoot him and talk to Willie.  He tells you to meet Rocco in 
     Hit #3 - Don Tattaglia.  13 minutes to get to Brooklyn and 
you'll have Cuneos chasing you for most of the way, so good luck.  
When you get there Rocco tells you the next Don is Tattaglia but he 
doesn't exactly know where he is, except that he's in a brothel.  
Talk to the girl outside and she will tell you to try the St. 
Sebastian around the corner.  Shoot your way through the hotel and 
when you find Tattaglia he will have a hostage.  Enter free-aim mode 
and try not to kill the girl.  Talk to Rocco again and he will tell 
you to meet Al at the police station in Little Italy.
     Hit #4 - Don Barzini.  13 minutes to get to Al and you'll have 
Tattaglias on your tail.  When you meet him Al will be dressed like 
a cop and tell you Barzini will be at the justice building.  Drive 
the police car over there and park.  Wait behind the car and Barzini 
will walk down the steps.  Al will start shooting and you need to 
chase Don Barzini.  When you catch him you see a cut scene where you 
finally get to avenge your father's death.  Now you have full police 
heat and you have to outrun them.  All you have to do for the next 3 
minutes is stay alive.  Stay around the north part of Little Italy 
and the next part will be easier.  You will have 3 minutes to get 
back to the baptism and see Michael.

     You are needed back at the compound immediately and for good 
reason.  You have been promoted to Underboss ($150,000 + 200,000 

11. Almost There - Underboss (ATU)
     This is about as close as it gets.  Your goal now is to 
eliminate the four families by bombing their compounds.  Before you 
start this make sure you have upgraded your weapons and it wouldn't 
hurt to have the unlimited ammo perk.  Make sure you hire some 
people or call in a crew also.  It helps to have full favor of the 
police because they will actually help you, at least until you set 
off the first bomb.  There are two parts to each compound you need 
to bomb.  One good thing is that if you bomb one part and then die, 
you only have to go back for the second one.  And even if you die 
after that one too, it still counts.  You can do them in any order.  
Oh yeah, remember you are bombing their armories.  So you can stock 
up on weapons before you plant the bombs.
     Tattaglia Compound - The Tattaglias are in the northeast part 
of Brooklyn.  Plow through the roadblocks and when you get to the 
compound there will be a TON of Tattaglias.  Blast them and then 
enter the first building on the right.  The layout of this is 
exactly like the Corleones so go straight and take some stairs on 
the left down to the armory.  Plant the bomb and get out.  There 
will be more Tattaglias to kill outside before you go to the second 
building (directly behind the first one).  This one has the same 
layout also, so bomb it the same as above.  Those two little 
explosions will give you full police heat, so good luck getting out 
of Brooklyn and on to the next.
     Stracci Compound - The west side of New Jersey is where the 
Straccis call home.  The beginning strategy is the same.  Work 
through the road blocks and head to the compound.  Blast through the 
guys outside and then enter the first building on the right.  Kill 
some more Stracci and then enter the single door ahead of you.  Go 
around and down the stairs to the left and you will be in their 
armory.  Plant the bomb and run.  The next building is farther back 
and to the left.  You'll have to go upstairs for this one.  The 
first door on the right is your target.  Plant and run.  
     Cuneo Compound - To the north side of Hell's Kitchen you go.  
You can use the fire barrels to your advantage in the driveway.  
After that you will notice some construction.  Start shooting the 
Cuneos and head into the scaffolding.  There will be a door to the 
house at the top.  Go through the door to the left and then left 
down the hallway.  Here is bomb target #1.  Plant the bomb and get 
out.  Next go inside the main house behind the construction.  Go 
down the hall and the set of double doors on the left lead to the 
basement.  This has armory #2 that you need to bomb and escape.
     Brazini Compound - Northeast in Midtown is your last 
destination.  It stands to reason that the toughest family has the 
hardest compound.  Their guys love the automatic weapons so you 
could be dead before you knew what hit you.  Take out the guys 
outside the compound (there will be snipers on the roofs to the side 
also).  The entrance to the building in front of you is around the 
right side.  When you get inside go through the double doors under 
the stairs and bomb armory #1.  To get to the second building go up 
the hill behind this one.  Enter the big double doors in front.  
This building has a layout similar to the one you and Rocco snuck 
through in Horseplay.  Go through the double doors in the hall and 
to the rooms to the right.  You should come to a staircase.  Go up, 
down the hall to the right, and down the next staircase.  To the 
right is the door to basement #2.  Bomb and head out the doors.
     You are then called to the compound for an important meeting.  
Watch a brief cut scene and enjoy your promotion...to Don ($250,000 
+ 400,000 Respect)!

12. You Made It...Sort Of - Don (YMI)
     After all the families are destroyed you become Don of the 
Corleone family.  What happened to Michael, I don't know.  I thought 
he was doing a fine job, but here you are anyway.
     Depending on how you've played the game you might have a little 
more to do at this point or a lot.  When you leave talk to some 
people and you will learn that to become Don of NYC you have to take 
over EVERY business AND racket.  So if you've been working on these 
as you go, this might not be a big deal.  However, if you have been 
ignoring this aspect of the game and just going through the 
missions, you might have your work cut out for you.  At this point, 
you're on your own, though.
     Honestly, I am still working on this part and as Spring Break 
is over for me it might be another week or so before I can confirm 
what happens after this.  If anyone already knows and would like to 
share, feel free.  I have extorted all the businesses and I think I 
eliminated all the families but in the progress chart it says there 
is still a little bit to go before I become Don of NYC.  Maybe I 
have to buy all the safehouses too?  I'm not sure, but like I said 
I'll keep working on it.
13. Contract Hits (CHT)
     After your promotion to Enforcer Tessio will start you on 
contract hits but many other people will offer them to you also.  
Basically after each major mission you will get a new set of hit 
contracts.  I'm not sure but if you don't do them when you start the 
next mission they go away.  Each hit also has a bonus condition that 
will earn you even more respect and money.

1. Whack Mikey Saleri - Saleri is trying to intimidate Corelone 
shopkeepers.  He is behind the butcher shop in Little Italy (the 
first one you extorted).  Even though he has a gun, he is really not 
too hard to beat, even with the bonus condition.  Just wail on him.
Reward: $500 + 500 Respect.  
Bonus Condition: Use hand-to-hand combat only - $2,500 + 2,500 

2. Take Down Donnie Marinelli - Tessio will meet you in a restaurant 
in Brooklyn for this one.  Marinelli is blackmailing the police 
chief the Corleones are paying off.  Again, not too hard to beat 
with the bonus condition.
Reward: $500 + 1,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Use a baseball bat - $2,500 + 5000 Respect

3. Tessio will meet you in the same restaurant for this one.  Tony 
Bianchi is TO'd about his friend Marinelli and is plotting revenge.  
Take him down before he gets the chance.  He has two guards but 
they're not that hard.  The hard part is using the garrote, which 
took me a while to get the hang of it.
Reward: $500 + 1,500 Respect
Bonus Condition: Use a garrote - $2,500 + 7,500 Respect

4. Assisinate Plinio Ottaviano - After Special Delivery in the club 
a guy will offer you this hit.  Plinio is a Stracci who is selling 
explosives out of his warehouse in Hell's Kitchen.  When you get 
there he is in a ravine-type thing.  You can gun him down or throw a 
Molotov Cocktail for the bonis.
Reward: $1,500 + 2,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Burn Plinio with a Molotov Cocktail - $7,500 + 
10,000 Respect

5. Knock Off Leon Grossi - After you assassinate Plinio a new yellow 
dot in the church in Hell's Kitchen will appear.  Talk to the man in 
the confessional and he will tell you the Straccis are planning to 
bomb the Corleone's businesses and Grossi is planning it.  He is in 
a bakery in Midtown.  As soon as you walk in the Straccis will be 
blasting so be ready.  Find Leon and take him out before he gets the 
plan rolling.  If you manage to knock his gun away and grab him, 
push him into the oven for the bonus.
Reward: $1,500 + 2,500 Respect
Bonus Condition: Throw Leon into the bakery's furnace - $7,500 + 
12,500 Respect

6. Take Down Oscar Zavarelle - Back to the church guy for this one.  
Zavarelle beat up his sister so he needs to suffer.  He is hiding in 
the industrial area south of Hell's Kitchen.  Go down the stairs and 
into the tunnels.  There are some other Stracci's with him to take 
out too.  The bonus on this one is tough unless you are a really god 
shot at this point (it helps to be in free-aim mode) but either way 
take him down.
Reward: $5,000 + 6,500 Respect
Bonus Condition: Shoot Oscar first in the knee, then shoulder, then 
head - $25,000 + 32,000 Respect

7. Eliminate Bobby Marcolini - Clemenza will offer you this job 
after you become a soldier.  Look for Bobby on the west side 
highway.  When you get there a couple of Cunios are harassing some 
guy.  Try to shoot them without hitting the innocent.  Head down the 
stairs nearby and shoot the Cunio there.  Bobby also has a gun but 
Clemenza wants no bullets so take him out with your fists.  He's not 
too hard to grab and push over the edge for the bonus.
Reward: $1,500 + 4,000 Respect
Bonus Condition - Push Bobby off the bridge - $7,500 + 22,000 

8. Take Out Ronnie Tosca - Clemenza will meet you in the basement of 
the Corleone compound for this hit.  Ronnie Tosca is trying to cut 
the black market dealers off from the Corleones so now you have to 
cut him off.  He will be getting a haircut in Little Italy.  There 
will be Cunios there to meet you.  Shoot Ronnie and if you manage to 
hit him in the head you get the bonus.
Reward: $4,000 + 5,500 Respect
Bonus Condition: Kill Ronnie with a head shot - $20,000 + 28,000 

9. Take Our Mario Debellis - Back to the basement and Clemenza for 
this one.  This one is old school.  Mario wants a duel and a duel he 
shall get.  He's way over in Little Italy Industrial, though.  Go 
down some alleys and tunnels to find him.  There are a ton of Cunios 
but they won't attack you for now.  For a duel keep your weapon 
concealed until Mario moves and then draw.  For the bonus you need 
to disarm him and throw him over a ledge.  Don't draw your weapon 
when Mario says.  Instead rush him and attack him until you can grab 
him and push him over the edge.  As you leave if you don't draw your 
weapon the Cunios will still leave you alone.
Reward: $4,000 + 5,500 Respect
Bonus Condition: Push Mario over the edge - $20,000 + 2,800 Respect

10. Whack Freddie Nobile - After Frankie is killed Tessio will meet 
you at a club in northern Brooklyn.  He wants you to take out a 
Tattaglia high man.  He hangs out at a hotel in Little Italy.  When 
you get there he will be with a girl and you have a couple of 
options.  You can shoot him and then threaten the girl so she 
doesn't talk.  Or you can wait for her to leave, disarm Freddie and 
push him into the electrical box for the bonus.
Reward: $4,000 + 3,500 Respect
Bonus Condition: Electrocute Freddie when he is alone - $20,000 + 
18,000 Respect

11. Take Down Johnny Tattaglia - Tessio will be at the club in 
Brooklyn again.  He tells you Johnny Tattaglia is planning a 
Corleone bloodbath so you have to stop him before he gets it 
started.  Johnny is in an alley in south Brooklyn, not too hard to 
find.  There will be some other Tattaglias with him.  Shoot them 
first and then if you're going for the bonus charge Johnny and try 
to disarm him and hurt him a little.  There's plenty of bottles 
around so take your pick and start chucking.
Reward: $4,000 + 4,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Kill Johnny by throwing a bottle - $20,000 + 20,000 

12. Execute Patrick O'Donnell - Sergeant Ferriera will give you this 
contract after you bake Bruno Tattaglia.  O'Donnell is in from 
Chicago and he is a notorious cop killer.  The Sergeant doesn't want 
that in New York so take Patrick out.  He has a penthouse in Midtown 
and when you get there make your way to the roof.  There will be 
some Stracci there and be careful because if you fall off the roof 
you will die.  Make your way to the other side and up the stairs and 
across to O'Donnell's building.  More Sctacci, more ledges and 
finally you will come to a window you can vault through.  Go into 
the next room to finally meet O'Donnell.  But there is also a girl 
in the room with a gun, so shoot her first.  O'Donnell is also armed 
so rush him and smack him around until you can grab him.  Push him 
out the door and over the edge for the bonus.
Reward: $4,000 + 4,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Throw O'Donnell off the balcony - $20,000 + 40,000 

13.  Assassinate Tyrone Bloom - The sergeant will meet you near the 
hospital in Little Italy for this hit.  The judge that is presiding 
over his police brutality trial is ill and if he were to die, that 
would be good for the sergeant.  Finding Bloom's room isn't that 
hard but if you want the bonus head to the basement.  The guards 
will open fire but they're not that hard.  Take the bag and head 
back to Bloom's room.  Watch the cut scene.  
Reward: $5,000 + 6,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Give Tyrone a lethal injection - $25,000 + 60,000 

14. Eliminate the Scaleri Brothers - Our friend of the law will meet 
you on Broadway in Midtown for the next hit.  More trouble from 
Chicago.  The Scaleris are trying to take over the Straccis.  The 
Chicago brothers are way north and in a truck.  Try to take the 
truck out before you have to chase it and it will make it easier to 
get the bonus.
Reward: $6,000 + 7,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Kill the brothers at the same time - $30,000 + 
75,000 Respect

15. Take Out Ronaldo Manning - The cop will meet you in an alley on 
42nd in Hell's Kitchen.  This time he wants you to take out an 
internal affairs investigator that's too nosy for his own good.  Get 
rid of him before he can make a case against Ferriera.  Ronaldo is 
just south of where you are in Hell's Kitchen, but he's at a crime 
so he's surrounded by people.  This could make things difficult.  
Bribe the cops on the scene first and this will help a little.  Go 
down the stairs and grab Manning.  Push him to the edge near where 
the pipes are and push him over.  Be prepared to run now because the 
rest of the investigators will start shooting at you.
Reward: $7,500 + 10,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Hold Ronaldo under water and drown him - $37,000 + 
100,000 Respect

16. Bring Down Josef Niekrasz - For your last job for the cop meet 
him at the outdoor market in Little Italy.  He wants you to bring in 
a wanted man to split the bounty.  Unfortunately when you get to the 
spot above the Holland tunnel (walk up the ramp on the right to get 
there) a woman tells you she was paid to meet you and tell you 
Ferriera doesn't need you anymore.  It's a setup and now you've got 
to outrun the cops to the nearest safehouse, but you get a new hit.
Reward: 10,000 + 5,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Stuff Josef into a trunk and bring him back to 
Ferriera - $50,000 + 150,000 Respect

17. Whack Sergeant Ferriera - Well, he did set you up after all.  He 
thinks you're dead so it's a perfect time to get revenge.  He will 
be at the Little Italy Police Station.  When you get there, there 
will be cops all around and you can't bribe your way out of this 
one.  You'll have to kill them and if you want the bonus disarm 
Ferriera and drag him outside the station.  Perform any execution 
move you want.
Reward: $10,000 + 15,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Public execution - kill Ferriera in the street - 
$50,000 + 150,000 Respect

18. Bring Down Luigi Fusco - After you and Sonny do your job in 
Hell's Kitchen Rocco will give you a new job.  Luigi is preying on 
the women in New Jersey and he needs to be stopped.  Get on the 
tunnel to New Jersey and look in the alleys for Luigi.  Shoot the 
other Tattaglias and then equip the pipe and bash away.
Reward: $1,500 + 3,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Use a lead pipe - $7,500 +15,000 Respect

19. Finish Off Michael Costa - Meet Rocco at his girl's house in 
Jersey and he will give you a Stracci hit next.  Costa has the 
potential to start a war, which we don't want.  Head to the train 
yards and run him over.  Pretty easy.  Just might to be tough to get 
out of the yard.
Reward: $1,500 + 5,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Run over Costa with a car - $7,500 + 25,000 Respect

20. Knock out Kelly Berry - Back to the girl's house to meet Rocco 
again.  He's got a bet on a prize fight you need to win.  You'll 
need to get back on the tunnel to Hell's Kitchen to find him.  Go 
upstairs in the shop and then take the elevator to the roof.  He's a 
pretty good fighter so make sure to use your power moves and such if 
you want the bonus.
Reward: $50 + 1,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Knock out Kelly in a fair fight (fists only) - 
$10,000 + 50,000 Respect

21. Knock Off Nicholas Klaus - Yep, you'll have to back to Jersey to 
see Rocco again for this hit.  Klaus is with the Cunios, which 
Jersey doesn't take too kindly to.  Go to his party and although 
Rocco said to keep your weapon hidden the Cunios will blast you 
either way.  Shoot them and then rush Klaus and choke him.
Reward: $5,000 + 5,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Strangle Klaus - $25,000 + 30,000 Respect

22. Eliminate Giovanni Armanno - This time it's the Barzini's.  
Armanno has kidnapped an FBI agent and Rocco wants the agent alive.  
Armanno, not so much.  Anyway, head north to the church and go 
inside.  Blast the Barzini's and make your way to the basement.  
More Barzini's to kill and when you get to where the agent is being 
held hostage, go to free-aim mode and go for a head shot.
Reward: $5,000 + 5,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Don't kill an FBI agent - $25,000 + 30,000 Respect

23. Assassinate Jack Fontana - For this next set of hits meet a guy 
in a church in Hell's Kitchen.  Your first target is a Stracci named 
Fontana.  You can find him under the highway near the docks in 
Hell's Kitchen and you will find him well protected.  Take out the 
other Straccis and avoid shooting Fontana if you want the bonus.  
Once the area is clear, rush on him and choke him.
Reward: $7,500 + 15,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Use a bare-handed strangle - $37,500 + 75,000 

24. Assisinate Salvatorre Stracci - Back to the church for this one.  
Sal is the new Stracci underboss and he is destroying Corleone 
warehouses in Hell's Kitchen.  You might want a crew for this one.  
Blast through the warehouse until you get to Stracci and gun him 
Reward: $5,000 + 6,500 Respect
Bonus Condition: Get Sal before he blows up the warehouse - $25,000 
+ 32,000 Respect

25. Put Away Jaggy Jovino - Al will give you this job after your 
promotion to Capo.  Jovino has betrayed the Corleones and is working 
for the Brazinis now.  Find him in Little Italy.  Remember Rosie's 
"flower shop"?  He's up there and so are a bunch of other Brazinis.  
Careful shooting and take them out.  Jovino takes one of the girls 
hostage so go into free aim mode and take him down without hitting 
the girl.
Reward: $7,500 + 7,500 Respect
Bonus Condition: Don't hurt any girls - $37,500 + 35,000 Respect

26. Dispatch Big Bobby Toro - Al will meet you in a park in Midtown 
for this one.  Bobby is a Brazini Capo hiding from the Corleones in 
prison.  Break in and take Bobby out.  When you get to the police 
station it is full of cops you can't bribe.  Head down the road a 
bit and bribe the police chief instead.  This will make it easier to 
walk into the station.  The cops will yell at you but they won't 
fire right away.  Bobby is behind the car in the back.  If you choke 
him the cops don't pull their guns right away either and you can 
escape easier.
Reward: $7,500 + 7,500 Respect
Bonus Condition: Don't kill any cops - $37,500 + 37,500 Respect

27. Execute Pietro Testa - Al will meet you in the park again and 
tell you Testa is making the Corleones look bad with the police 
chiefs.  So kill him.  You'll find him in the south part of Little 
Italy and he will be surrounded by Brazinis and cops.  Head to the 
wall just before them and wall cover.  Enter free-aim mode and aim 
for Pietro.  When he gets near the cop, start shooting and you 
should get the bonus.  Both the cops and Brazinis will come after 
you, so it's probably best to run at this point.
Reward: $5,000 + 8,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Kill Testa as he shakes hand with the cop - $25,000 
+ 40,000 Respect

28. Put Away Domenico Mazza - Al will be in the park again and tell 
you this Barzini is dangerous.  He has a ton of bodyguards and to 
get the special you need to hire a crew member (not call in a crew 
in the weapons menu).  Drive to the park in south Midtown and when 
you spot Mazza press + on the wiimote to have your crew member shoot 
out of the car.  
Reward: $10,000 + 9,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Let a crew member kill Mazza in a drive-by - 
$50,000 + 45,000 Respect

29. Execute Emilio Barzini Jr. - Al sure does like the park and hate 
the Barzinis.  This time he wants you to hit the funeral procession 
for Mazza.  The church is on the east side of Midtown.  Sneak up to 
the car near Emilio and plant a car bomb.  Step back, watch it blow 
and you should be able to escape with a nice reward.
Reward: $10,000 + 9,500 Respect
Bonus Condition: Take out Emilio with a car bomb - $50,000 + 47,500 

30. Take Out Luciano Fabbri - After you off Monk, Clemenza will meet 
you at a fish market in Hell's Kitchen to offer you this job.  This 
time it's the Cuneos you're after.  Fabbri wants to start a war to 
take care of him before he gets things started.  When you get to 
where he's at in south Hell's Kitchen kill the other Cuneos first.  
Then wound Fabbri and talk to him.  This satisfies the taunt for the 
bonus.  Finish him off.
Reward: $7,500 + 10,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Taunt Luciano before he dies - $37,500 + 50,000 

31. Eliminate Marco Cuneo - Back to the fish market.  Clemenza's 
next target is the son of Don Cuneo.  But he's not like the rest of 
the mobsters.  He's clean so it has to look like an accident.  But 
this one is not as easy as it might seem.  Drive to south Hell's 
Kitchen.  Take out the Cuneos without hitting Marco.  Marco will 
fire back and unlike previous enemies he won't easily let you rush 
and grab him, so be careful.  Once you do get a hold of him, drag 
him across the street from where he was and throw him over the edge 
for the bonus.
Reward: $7,500 + 15,000 Respect
Bonus Condition: Throw Marco unto a ditch or railyard - $37,500 + 
75,00 Respect

14. Favors (FAV)
     If you wander around Brooklyn long enough after becoming 
Enforcer you will also notice some purple dots on your map.  These 
are people that need favors.  Note that this does not include 
merchant favors.

1. Retrieve the Valuables From the Top Floor - In Brooklyn on 
Tiffany Lane a guys shop is on fire and he wants you to get some 
stuff from the roof.  Walk slowly because stuff will explode as you 
go.  Vault through the windows and at the top get the key but when 
you take it back to the shopkeeper you learn it is the key to a 
private vault at the Savings & Loan in Little Italy.  You decide to 
hang on to this.
Respect +2,500

2. Pay off the Don's Official - Sometime after Intensive Care you 
will see a new purple dot near the hospital in Little Italy.  Go 
inside and you will meet with the Don himself.  He tells you he 
keeps the law in his pocket but they have forgotten their loyalties.  
He needs you to speak with the police chief at a retirement party.  
When you get to the party there are a few people you can talk to but 
if you bribe the wrong guy it will go down.  The guy you want is off 
to the side talking to a girl and he will ignore you until you talk 
to the girl and send her away.  Bribe him and all is well again.
Respect +2,500

3. Destroy Fredo's Car - The police chief tells you to talk to one 
of his detectives.  Fredo Corleone is in trouble.  There is a car 
with a body in it that needs to be taken care of.  Head to New 
Jersey and find the police chief and bribe him first.  This way when 
you go to the police station the officers there won't hassle you.  
Plant a bomb on the car and get out.  
Respect +2,500

4. Infiltrate the Bank and Retrieve Don Corleone's Evidence - 
Sometime after you become Capo Al will ask for a favor on behalf of 
Michael.  They are hiding evidence on judges in a bank vault, which 
the Cuneos are planning to rob.  Get the evidence before the Cuneos 
destroy it.  The bank is just east of where you meet Al, but make 
sure you have full favor with the cops before you go or else you 
will eat their bullets as well as the Cuneos.  Also, they will 
actually help you take down Cuneos as you go.  Go into the bank 
through the side entrance (the front will be locked) and blast down 
to the vaults in the basement.  Find the evidence and grab it.
Respect 7,500

5. Steal the Cuneo Money - Clemenza will make a cameo for this one 
and meet you at the restaurant in Hell's Kitchen where you guys 
whacked Paulie.  Anyway, after a stroll down memory lane Clemenza 
tells you the Cuneos robbed a bank but the amount is too large to 
launder so they're shipping it out of state.  Head to the train yard 
and follow the tunnels north.  There will be a bunch of Cuneos to 
take out (and one sad cop) but when that's done go around the back 
of the train and grab the loot.
Respect +7,500 + $15,000 (loot)

6. Destroy the Midtown Drug Market - After you destroy Sollozzo's 
drug fronts Willie will meet you in Midtown and tell you that you 
have to go after the pushers now.  The first one is right in 
Midtown.  When you get there you will need to place dynamite in 4 
places to destroy the drug market.  Be quick because this will bring 
the cops and after that you have to destroy the truck in the alley 
across the street.  If you're out of dynamite you can shoot it up.
Respect +5,000

5. Intimidate a Grand Jury Member - This is more of a favor to 
yourself.  There were witnesses to your little drug market 
explosion-fest.  They're bringing you up on charges so you've got to 
find a member of the grand jury and intimidate, but not kill them.  
You'll find the person you need near the justice center south in 
Little Italy.  Talk to him but he will likely need more persuasion 
than that.  Use basic extortion techniques.
Respect +5,000

6. Break Up the Union Strike - After you take over Verona Warehouse 
in Little Italy, Michael at the compound will ask this favor of you.  
The people fired from the warehouse are striking and drawing too 
much attention to the Corleones.  Go to the warehouse and convince 
them to end the strike.  And by convince I mean kill.
Respect +5,000

7. Stash the Truck at Paulie's Apartment - After breaking up the 
strike the cops come down in Clemenza.  Meet him in Brooklyn and he 
will tell you that you owe him a favor.  The cops are heading over 
to raid his house and all the evidence he doesn't want to be found 
is in the truck.  Drive the truck to Paulie's old apartment but as 
soon as you leave you'll have full heat with the cops chasing you 
and that truck goes really slow.  It's pretty tough, though so it 
can take a lot of damage.  If it explodes it will be back at 
Clemenza's house again.
Respect +5,000

15. Film Archive (FLM)
     Throughout the game you will come across purple movie reels.  
They earn you 1,000 respect each and a clip from one of the 
Godfather movies.  There are 100 to collect and I have no idea where 
most of them are, so any help here would be appreciated.  Here are 
the ones I have found so far.

Brooklyn - Clemenza's house up the small stairs and in a corner to 
the right.
Brooklyn - The garage behind Pauile's apartment
Brooklyn - Warehouse on Washington behind some boxes outside
Brooklyn - Behind the club on Front Street & Adams Blvd
Brooklyn - Near a building behind the warehouse on Gold
Brooklyn - In the alley behind the butcher on Prospect & Dock
Brooklyn - In the toll booth before you get on the Manhattan Bridge
Hell's Kitchen - On the eastbound lanes of the West Side Highway
Hell's Kitchen - 33rd & Dyer behind a fence on the corner
Hell's Kitchen - In the train yard in the freight train from favor 
Little Italy - West Side Highway & Holland Tunnel intersection, near 
an onramp
Little Italy - Corleone Compound near the outside gates
Little Italy - Corleone Compound near the gate to the house, behind 
a tree
Little Italy - Inside the Tattaglia warehouse in the north part of 
Little Italy - At the intersection where the West Side Highway and 
the Hell's Kitchen Loop meet, at an onramp
Little Italy - On the justice center steps at the top
Little Italy - Up the stairs in an alley
Midtown - Upstairs in the "flower shop" on 37th & Park
Midtown - 34th Street right before Fifth 
Midtown - Restaurant on 40th in the basement
Midtown - In the park in the south
New Jersey - In the eastbound Holland Tunnel
New Jersey - In the westbound Lincoln Tunnel
New Jersey - In the back of the police station when you destroy 
Fredo's car

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