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    Scooby-Doo! Classic Creepy Capers
       Walkthrough/Strategy Guide 
        written exclusively for 
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Level 1 Hints

- Use the fire extinguisher on the truck.

- Use the ladder on the truck to get in the museum.

- Find Thelma in the prehistoric exhibit.

- Use the Egyptian headdress in the hall in the Egyptian level where the 
indention in the wall is.  Equip it, wait for the Black Knight to chase you 
then press A to use it and hide.  Then get Thelma's glasses by the coffin 
and return them to her.

- Get the guards keys by getting him to follow you into the art gallery and 
slipping on the water.  This unlocks the room in the Egypt level.

- Get all the other items (Paintbrush (In secret room in art exhibit where 
you press the flashing pole), canvass, lamp (In room where you use guard's 
key), rope (After finding Velma), tape recorder, sand bag (In Egypt 

- Give all clues to the gang then when they say the trap is ready go to the 
very back of the prehistoric exhibit (Where you found Daphne) and find the 
Knight and lure him to the Egyptian room.

Level 2 Hints

You go get fire wood outside ( you should be able to find it) then you get 
chased by the snow ghost into the lodge then you go in the first door to the 
right (library). when the guy gets up to chase you you have to loop around 
and pick up the invoice by his desk and then get out of there! first door to 
the left get the shirt. then you go into the 2 door on left get coal and get 
sheet, (you may get the coal in room 1 or 2 i cant remember and i might of 
gotten the shirt and the sheet mixed up too) then go outside and give 
everything to the gang then go to the spot where you found the firewood and 
get the jewels give them to the gang and they'll lead you inside and tell 
you to go into the woods where the snowplow was. When you go into the woods 
get out your coal and go find the snow monster. Get him to chase you to a 
family of snowmen in the top right corner and use the coal to disguise 
yourself. then go to the mill (youll find it) and maneuver through the saws 
to get to a bone and a Scooby snack.take the bone to the snow ghost cave and 
give the bone to the dog and go through until you get to a room with a 
Chinese guy and he gives you a key. then go into the last room in the hallway 
that was locked and find a book and a shovel. then go give the stuff to the 
gang and they tell you their plan. go back in the ghosts cave where the dog 
was and get the snow ghost to chase you to the ski place down the hill!! hint 
go in kitchen after you go into the locked room for full health.

Level 3 Hints

- When the Witch chases you at first run right to the tiki house & go inside.

- Get the coin inside and go back out and get the grass mat where you came in.

- Go past the moving tree things and go outside.  Find the palm frond and 
the vine.

- When you find the tiki statues turn them from left to right in this 
direction West, North, East.

- Find the witch graveyard and either get the key out of the hut fast OR go 
over to the palm trees and use the palm leaf to hide.

- Go through the new door and to the village.  Find the Large statue and hit 
the numbers in the order 3, 4, 2, 1.

- Go inside and to the far left back to find Daphne and use the key to free 

- Go through the door find the gang and go to the back to find the box of 

- Give the gang the invoice from the pearls, vine, grass mat.

- Lure the witch doctor back there to win.

Level 4 Hints/Items

- Get out of your cell and find your way to the skull room and get the 

- Find your way to the house and find the 3 fish trophies (One by table in 
main room of house, one outside and one in trophy room).

- Arrange the fish trophies in order from largest to smallest on the wall 
to open a hidden fireplace door.

- Go through the door and free Daphne and get the chain, Iron Key, 
handkerchief and Witch doctor mask.

- Go outside and get the hammer by the graves and go to the storage shed 
and open it with the iron key.

- In the storage shed get Net and use the hammer on the coffin to free 
Fred and get the bug sprayer.  make sure to pick up the ladder rungs he 
drops in the coffin.

- Take the bug sprayer and use in on the spider in the house.

- Go through the 1st door and use the music box on the octopus in the bed 
thing.  Get the newspaper and artwork here.

- Go to the last room down the hallway and fix the ladder with the ladder 
rungs and get Tibetan chimes, Black Knight Helmet and gear.

- Free Thelma on top floor.

- Take gear back to room with octopus thing, put him to sleep and go 
through rear door to gear tower.  Get oil can and put gear on the broken 
gear there.

-  Go through newly opened door across path with octopus' and get gold 
key by mystery machine.

- Go back to house and back to the end of that hallway with the locked 
door.  Open it and go into computer room.  get computer disc and go see 
Mr. meanie in the last room.

- Go back and give items to gang to get plan to end the game.

You need these items for level 4 (long chain, art picture, small gear, 
a net, chimes, computer tape, newspaper, hammer, hook, snow ghost mask, 
witch doctor mask, Black Knight Mask, music box, handkerchief).


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