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Version 1.
Title: Syphon Filter 3
Producer: 989 Studios
For: Sony Playstation
Created: 11/24/01
By: Ghidrah
EMaul: [email protected]
Revision Date:

  If anyone wishes to use this on their site, I would like to know. I don't have 
a problem with it's use by others on Gaming forums or FAQ sites, or being copied 
for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be used on a site, just so I could 
drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered.


 Table of Contents


01. Preface
02. Standing Offer
03. Introduction to the Syphon Filter Universe 
04. Controllers
05. Weapons
06. In-Game Warfare Insights
07. Orientation
08. Walkthrough, by level
09. Cheats/Arenas by Level
10. Game oddities/glitches


01. Preface

  Yá'át'ééh, bags of mostly water! I'm taking a stab at writing yet another 
walkthrough. It's been some time since the Dino Crisis and Resident Evil guides. 
A few NET friends have asked me if I intended to write for Syphon Filter 3. 
Initially, I thought not. I judged writing a guide for SF to be only slightly 
less horrible than writing a guide for an RPG, "!!!KILL ME NOW!!!" I certainly do 
not have the patience to watch an RPG being played, let alone playing and/or 
writing for one. I imagined that writing guides for Dino Crisis and Resident Evil 
were a simple undertaking when compared to any of the twisting, turning, many-
leveled games of the SF series. But, maybe not so difficult after all. In the 
long run, we all have a favorite route. So what's to stop me from blazing my own 
for Syphon Filter 3? NADA! I have all three games in the series and frankly, 
(I'll probably get some heat from this) I prefer any of them to any of the Metal 
Gear games. I have MGS, and while it is a fun game, personally, for many reasons, 
it doesn't hold a candle to SF1. Now, possibly, MGS2 will have the innovations 
necessary to bring it up to the SF series caliber. I hear the graphics are superb.


02. Standing offer

  As in the other guides I've written, anyone who has a valid and verifiable 
addition or improvement to the guide will have the addition or improvement added 
to the guide and credit will be given to the individual or group supplying it to 
the guide.


03. Introduction to the Syphon Filter Universe

  To date, one may safely gather from this writing that there are now three games 
in the Syphon Filter series. SF1 came out somewhere in 1999, SF2 in 2000 and the 
latest installment, Syphon Filter 3, debuted late in October 2001. I don't know 
for sure if the release of Syphon Filter 3 had been held back because of the 
attack on the World Trade Center or not, but, many movies and such slated for 
release in the early fall of 01 had been shelved for a later date or scrapped 
entirely. I'm glad SF3 made it to the store shelves. 

  The Syphon Filter story isn't a complicated one, however, it does trace a 
convoluted path across most of the globe. It involves many governments, with 
covert groups of upper echelon military and politicos vying for control of a 
devastating contagion capable of being formulated to eliminate any specific 
genetic group. (shudder) 

  Spanning the SF series are our heros, Gabe Logan and Lian Xing. In later games, 
Teresa Lipan, Lawrence Mujari and lastly Maggie Powers assist our goombas in 
ridding the world of this disaster waiting to happen. Uri Gregorov, a Russian 
military official, has a minor role in SF2. Lian Xing aides in his escape from 
Aljir prison in which he's about to be executed. A prison falling with women, for 
real, just watch them fall from the upper balconies when the Prison is under 
siege. Must be rough on all those male guards, eh? I can't recall what Uri's 
function was in assisting our comrades in that installment, but as it turns out, 
Uri was more or less a good guy. This small and determined group has gutted one 
radical Syphon Filter operation after another, eliminating everyone in their way 
to the truth. No one is above the law as far as this group is concerned, 
especially their own government officials. Unfortunately for Gabe and Lian, there 
is someone very high and removed from the dirty job of acquiring the Virus. This 
secretive individual or group is actually in control and pulling all the strings. 

  In Syphon Filter 1, Gabe and Lian virtually destroy all of Erich Rhoemer's 
known operation. But all it takes is a weensy little error, like having all the 
data files on the manufacture of the virus make it's way back into the wrong 

  In Syphon Filter 2 Gabe, an infected Lian, Teresa and Lawrence secretly 
formulate a rough plan to draw out the spooks in charge of moving the virus. In 
the process, as usual, our heros continue in their goal of thinning the evil herd 
of bad guys. One of these days I might sit down and take a death toll in each 
game. I bet Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger can't hold 
a candle to Gabe when he gets to baking.
  Syphon Filter 3, has nineteen levels in the game. It has five two player 
arenas, five mini game arenas and one special mini game arena called Biathlon.

 Syphon Filter 3 starts out with Lian, Gabe and Lawrence at Teresa's grave. 
They're being watched by someone. We are given a taste of evil in the 
conversation between Mara Aramov and Secretary of State Vince Hadden. Later, 
Gabe, Lian and Lawrence are questioned by Vince Hadden in a Congressional fact-
finding commitee hearing of one (read: witch hunt). Interspersed throughout the 
game, the story seemingly has our heros defending themselves from leading 
questions from Hadden at the hearing. The playable portions of the game are 
excerpts from past covert operations in each individual's life. As the game 
progresses, the operations move forward to the present time. These operations 
show us how the small but determined loose-knit group eventually came about. The 
story culminates in the capture/elimination of the assumed leader in the viral 
conspiracy. Hmmmm, once you complete SF3, make up your own mind on the subject.

  I've played through the game three times so far. One of the three immediate 
discoveries for me were that the levels seem to be shorter. In particular the C-5 
Galaxy Transport level the Pugari Complex, Docks Final Assault, The Beast, St 
George Australia and the DC. Subway. Another discovery is that SF3 is from one to 
two levels shorter than SF 1 and 2. Lastly, generally speaking, Syphon Filter 3 
seems easier to play than the other two installments. However, when going for the 
locked Two Player arenas and the mini games, it can get a tad more complicated. I 
found that discovering the secrets and or how to go about getting them seemed to 
be more difficult than the first two games, although, that could just be due to 
my getting older and duller. 

Lastly, I had done a little probing on the Syphon Filter story. Basically I went 
looking for SF3's debut date which I discovered to be in early October. I went to 
a few Game/News sites with info on it, both reputable, by the way. To my 
surprise, I read some startling news. It appears that Syphon Filter 3 will be the 
last in the SF line of games. The interviews were with the people from 989 
Studios. This doesn't mean that they're ready to switch platforms/consoles like 
Capcom has done with Resident Evil series, but the "END" end of the Syphon Filter 
line. Possibly a little light at the end of the tunnel, it alluded to the 
characters being utilized in other situations without the Syphon Filter name. 
When one has completed SF3 and watched the closing FMV, one may become confused 
with any and all of the prior statements made by me in this regard, but, please 
don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player... no ... wait, the messenger, that's 
it, it's the messenger. Right ... I'm the messenger, don't shoot me, I'm only the 
messenger. (shameless padding)


04. Controllers

  I'll not go into any of this, no doubt you've been playing PS for long enough 
to know how you like your controller set up. One thing I might have liked to do 
in the controller situation was to change the button for telescoping out the 
silenced sniper rifle. My problem is, when kneeling and holding the aim and peek 
buttons, it's too clumsy to telescope the sights then prepare to fire. It would 
be nice to have a separate control set-up for the scoped weapon,having the 
telescoping buttons as the L&R 2 buttons.
Other than that, I prefer the default set-up.


05. Weapons

  I'm not going to waste any space in the guide with all that data for all those 
weapons and the other accessories when, if you bought the game new, you have a 
weapons guide in the case. If it's rented or borrowed and the weapons guide is 
missing, all you have to do is access the game menu and highlight "WEAPONS" for 
all the weapons available in that particular level. The game has added a few new 
ones for your killing pleasure, but for the most part, I stick with the tried and 
true weps that moved me through the first two game installments.

  One point I'd like to make here before I rattle on about something else is 
that, even though they may be in the game, I haven't found them yet.

1. The Biz-2: I really liked the Biz in SF2, that puppy was a blazer.
2. The Maks: a shotgun with extra killing power. I can't find that monkey      
   either. If anyone has found either of these, let me know so I can put it      
in the guide. 


06. In-Game Warfare Insights

  Become adept in using the game "MENU". There are many times when you'll be 
under heavy fire and run out of ammo for the weapon in hand or have a need to 
switch to a more appropriate weapon. Often, pressing select then scrolling left 
or right will quickly get you to the weapon of choice. However, there may be 
events where time and/or vest damage is of utmost importance. In this case it 
might be beneficial to hit the START button, which brings you to the "MENU". This 
more or less frees you up to relax while thinking the problem through. As you can 
see, the menu is broken up into three sections. A large window to the left and a 
smaller one on the right and above the actual Operations List. The Operations 
list has all the items important to you while in-game. Go ahead and take your 
time, figure out what weapon or route is best, take a break from the game or 
whatever - you can't be attacked while in "MENU".

  It pays to keep an eye on the MAP. One can easily get disoriented in the game 
field, even after being thoroughtly familiar with the layout. You can get 
confused and head in the wrong direction. 

  Speaks for itself.

  This line is important to keep an eye on because it lets you know what tasks 
you must complete before freeing yourself from the level. (NEW) Objectives may be 
added to the list as you progress into a level. After playing the game 5 or 6 
times, you should have all those things memorized and you won't need it as much, 
if at all.

  They're important, but not as much as Objectives. This list mostly tells you 
what not to do, so, if you get confused by something that you think shouldn't 
matter, check it out.

  I rarely ever go into this line, but it more or less tells you why you're 
wherever it is that you are.

  In this line, you can do all the things the game will let you do to enhance the 
game to your liking. One aspect that I really like is the Select a Mission line. 
I like being able to play favorite levels. Most important to the mini game and 
two player arenas fans is CHEATS, This line will appear as you collect the 
secrets during in-game play. (More on that later in the guide.)

  Lastly for this section is actual game play. This guide will give you a route 
and suggest what, I believe, is the best solution for route and your actions in 
the current level. However, it will be up to you when and if and how to follow. 
In the least, it can be taken as a general route  and warning to hostiles. 
Knowing the knee-jerk reactions of players to a new game, ammo may become scarce 
to some, so if there are any caches close to the route given I'll mention them. 
Some levels are littered with ammo boxes and some are as barren of them as the 
desert you're fighting in. If the route and actions are followed as given, you'll 
not run out of ammo often if at all.


 Don't waste your time rolling, it's only worth it when you have the (Head shot) 
sign over your head. Rolling slows you down and keeps you in the field of fire 
longer than running straight does. This is a different approach that the prior 
game installments, where the hail from fire was more intense.

Weapon acquision:

 You may notice that the game throws certain types of weps at you in clusters. 
Sometimes a slew of 45 ammo, others shotgun ammo and again at others PK-102. Take 
advantage of the bevy of weps and ammo, it'll help you to stay ammo full for the 
duration of the level. 


07. Orientation

  When viewing the game "RADAR" or in-game "MAP", notice the arrow. This arrow is 
NORTH oriented, whether you're on the RADAR or the MAP. Notice that the arrow and 
the top of the MAP as in relation to the top of your TV screen is NORTH. If in 
the guide, I refer to a cardinal direction point, it is related to this 
orientation. On the map, North is up, South is down, West is left and East is 
right. Don't be afraid to use the in-game map. It's very helpful when learning 
the game or when having to remember where many of your objectives are.



01. Hotel Fukushima
02. Costa Rican Plantation
03. C-5 Galaxy Transport
04. Pugari Gold Mine
05. Pugari Complex
06. Kabul Afghanistan
07. SS. Lorelei
08. Aztec Ruins
09. Waterfront
10. Docks Final Assault
11. Convoy
12. The Beast
13. Australian Outback
14. St. George Australia
15. Paradise Ridge
16. Militia Compound
17. Underground Bunker
18. Senate Building
19. DC Subway


01. Hotel Fukushima,

  Welcome to the Hotel California,
Such a lovely place, 
Such a lovely face. 
Plenty of room at the Hotel California, 
Any time of the year, 
You can find it here.
No ... wait ...  it's the Hotel Fukushima we're at, it's Japan we're in, yes, 
California not.

 The game starts off with Lian dropping Gabe off at the entrance to the Hotel. 
She then gives instructions to Gabe after entering the Lobby. Get Gabe to the 
elevator and up to the 4th floor of the Hotel. Threaten to kill the bellhop if he 
doesn't clam up. Once free from the cut scene, you have some free time, there are 
no time constraints on this level, so you can explore this floor if you like. 
There isn't much to see, in the mean time, you'll also be looking for Rm. 413. 
Once in Rm. 413, Lian will slap some more info onto Gabe's virtual lap. Load Gabe 
up with his toys of destruction, making sure to have him wash his hands before 
and after using them. "You don't know where they've been!"

(Cut scene),

Gabe has a nice view from his suite, huh? Armed with the sniper rifle, position 
him to the right of the window ( so that he can see the left column of windows 
without peeking) and target the two bad guys in the room who are beating the 
prisoner. If you move quickly enough, you can pop two heads for the price of one. 
Your primary objective here is to eliminate Shi-Hao and his lieutenants. You're 
going to go through lots of hostiles from across the street, as many as five and 
up at a time. My advice is to stay out of the hostile line of fire by the peek-a-
boo and snipe method. To stay healthy, don't rush it, you have all day. See the 
sights, have a soda.
If you want to be a nice guy and save the prisoner, first try and take Shi-Hao 
and the beater out together. then quickly remove the other one in the room to the 
I like to keep my scope set at 2/3rds for the first three and then set it back to 
1/2; no more than 2/3rds for the rest, it gives me the best targeting motion. I 
track fast and have enough magnification to headshot without keeping Gabe's head 
in the open for longer than necessary. 

Once you have removed Shi-Hao and all the lieutenants, objective completed. 

(Cut scene)

Now you have to kill your way out of the Hotel. Someone up there must like you! 
How you play this section out will depend on the weps used. For example, safe and 
slow "TASER" - if it's fast and dangerous, then start with the 9mm, run Gabe's 
medieval buttocks off and switch to the captured weps as they become available, 
like the Falcon.  
You're going to come up against 8 bad guys (hence forth known as BGs) on the 
forth floor if you search the whole floor. You'll get a lot of Falcon ammo. Use 
it for (R1) two shot guarantee kills. There's a room with vending machines, a 
hotel staff member and a vest. If you've taken any damage, switch vests. I always 
seem to find one more BG on the floor when taking the vest.
Hit the stairs and keep moving, (R1) targeting all the BGs if you're going to 
play downhill racer on the stairs. Creeping takes too long. When you get to the 
bottom of the stairs, it's a...

(Cut scene) new objective. The daughter of Japan's ambassador to China has been 
taken hostage. Save the female.

Gabe will mow through a few BGs before he gets to the next set of stairs. If he's 
taken damage, there is a room opposite the stairs with a vest. If you saved the 
prisoner from across the street, the idiot will stash himself in the Fukushima. 
Be aware, if you decide to take advantage of the vest, you'll be greeted by at 
least 3 BGs when exiting the door. Everyone seems to be throwing shotguns at Gabe 
now, so it might be a good idea to switch weps to take advantage to all this free 

Take the stairs after showing the BGs (not to be confused by the confused aging 
vocalist group) the way to go home and remove any obstacles that may arise at 
it's bottom. Enter the laundry room and pass through to the other door. (Move 
along, nothing to find in here folks). When Gabe exits the room...

(Cut scene) We now have a visual on the woman and her captors.

If you're not very good at stop and shoot (L1) targeting and you want to stay 
healthier, as you approach the top of the 1st flight of stairs up, let the BG 
walk ahead. This will give you the time you need to (L1) and head shot him from 
behind. You'll get his vest. If you're still hurting bad, there is a storage room 
between the first and second flight of stairs up, with a vest in it. Near the top 
of the 2nd set of stairs, begin to creep until you see the heads of the BGs, (L1) 
them and the second batch from safety. If you're bold and good at (L1) and/or 
(R1) targeting, tear the hall up. I don't think it's possible to have them kill 
the woman, although you can if she displeases you. Watch out for the BG from 
behind. Enter the Kitchen, show the two BGs in there who's cooking tonight and 
don't take any lip from any of them. I swear the one on the right looked like 
Andy Gibb. Exit the opposite side of the Kitchen and don't forget to take the 
Sushi with you. There's an eager beaver waiting to taste lead, around the door to 
the stairs. Up the stairs you go, to the Main floor and a hallway with another BG 
at it's end. Spread some pelletized love lead his way.

(Cut scene) The woman is stashed behind the desk.

OK, this is the last set of BGs. I hope they don't do Kareoke, it might force me 
to kill them more than usual. Turn back down the hall and take your first right 
(Hotel staff on his knees), turn the corner in creep mode and target the three 
remaining BGs in the Lobby. Should Gabe leave his key on the desk or take it as a 
momento? I don't know. Jump the desk and exit the level. 

When outside and in the van, Lian tells Gabe about Secretary of State Vincent 
Hadden's fact-finding commitee, and that people are being called to answer 

END OF LEVEL 1, Hotel Fukushima.


02. Costa Rican Plantation

 FMV, Gabe is answering questions from Hadden, and he relates the Plantation 
incident to Vinnie. The level starts with Gabe and Lian in-country.

Gabe appears in the jungle. A jungle fighter, who is unaware of Gabe's presence, 
paces back and forth in front of him. Remove the first Gorilla, (hence known as 
Ape) and move Gabe West to locate Lian. There are M16 and Grenade crates at the 
North and Southwest corners of this boxed-in area. I like to quietly take the 
Apes out between Lian and Gabe. Once you hook up with Lian, she'll drag you to 
the first auto machine gun nest and frag it for you. Once done, the act is akin 
to ringing the dinner bell for a pack of hungry, slobbering Dobermans. The Apes 
pop out of the woodwork and commence to firing. Once you've messed up the forest 
carpet with blood and guts, pick up all the weps you can carry and the vest near 
the nest. Follow Lian's transmitter icon on your RADAR to the next stop. I hate 
Tree Snipers don't you? (Hence known as TRs for Tree Rats). Make him fall and 
hurt himself. At the lower Southwest corner of the pot is an HK-5. Follow Lian to 
the next two nests, frag them and catch up to her. I hope she appreciates all the 
fragging things Gabe does for her. Follow to the next... 

(Cut scene), Ellis will never have to shave or get another haircut for the rest 
of his death. There are grenades and a Vest on either end of the fence if you 
have a need pick them up. Be quick about it, though, or the level will fail. Run 
to Ellis, who is toast anyway, to complete the objective.

(Cut scene), new objectives.

 Follow Lian to the next nest, frag it and deal with the Apes hanging around the 
village. There'll be at least 4 to monkey around with. Gabe's on his lonesome 
now, so switch to MAP and orient the village to the North. (Kind of looks like a 
cooking pot with the handle on the right side.) Notice that it spreads out East 
to West. If you hit the UP button, you get objective data locations, if known. 
Take the entrance to the East - let's transmit our coordinates and wreck the 
chopper. Move into the next large room and cap the two Apes (there's an HK-5 and 
a vest in here), but first, move across the large room and spank the monkey 
coming out of the smaller computer room. Enter the room, transmit the coordinates 
and get the M16 and shotgun ammo. Exit the room, continue East till Gabe arrives 
at the exit opening. Arm with a pineapple (read: grenade) and junk the chopper.

 There - two more objectives out of the way. You can go out to the chopper and 
kill the Apes around it before killing the copter, but why waste the time? Let's 
turn around and head back West to the other half of the village. Be careful now, 
some of Julio's friends are around and they are pissed. Enter the second half of 
the Village, and move to the next large room. Notice the box to your right and 
the Ape to your left; deal with both. The box carries the "Test Sample Kits". 
After picking the body clean of ammo, notice another box. Take a boo into this 
one and find the much needed (Mine detector), you can't do without this baby. 
Now, at this point, there's no real need to continue West, unless you have an 
overwhelming desire to take posession of an M-79. I won't hold it against you if 
you're compelled to have a look. If you creep out into the area, you'll be able 
to remove Apes quietly and bag the M-79. So, now that you've gotten that out of 
your system,"I HOPE", get your glutes back to the path between the two village 
halves. Turn North and move out to complete your last objective.

As you proceed North, you pass the last hut on your right. You'll notice fires 
burning under camouflage netting and a hated TR to the East. Stand to the West of 
the hut and alleviate him of his life, eh! Turn North and run into the crop 
of.... "What do we have here?" Well, it ain't the drugs Lian and Gabe were 
expecting, but it is one of the sample plants the objective calls for. The 
miserable cretins are hiding the samples in plain site; this could be a drag. 
There are so many of these planting areas throughout the level.

(Note, the plant samples may not always be in the same planting areas. They 
certainly change from Normal Mode to Hard Mode.)

Turn West and move out - we gotta find the rest of those bloody things and we 
ain't gonna do it sitten on our Keisters. As you approach the fence, Gabe hears 
an Ape beating and berating a female slave worker. I think I oughta pistol-whip 
this jerk before we cap him, but the game won't let me, so ... I'll cap him. 
Before you move in on him, if you're hurting, there's shotgun ammo and a vest 
mixed in with the crates to the North of the characters. Don't you just love it 
when people are grateful for your assistance? Just for that, I'm going to help 
her friend, too. OOH! Gabe said "GOT IT", I wonder what that was all about. Maybe 
the second lady gave him her telephone number in case he's ever down in 
Guatemala, you know, "Call me!" Hubba hubba! 
Go back to the mission at control pad and continue in the Westerly direction. 
Here there's more tree rats and a manned nest, fire them up from behind the 
trees. If you take damage, there's a vest near the nest and remember the vest to 
the East. Turn South at the Pot Handle and move all the way down to the Southwest 
corner of the pot, removing all hostiles on your way. Search the planting area 
and acquire sample #2. Turn west and continue on your merry way to completion of 
said level's objectives. Stay South and approach the last planting area. Grab the 
last plant sample and get a....... 

(Cut scene), message from Lian, saying that Rhoemer is on the move.

Continue moving West, What the heck is this? My RADAR screen is blinking yellow 
and beeping. Move forward cautiously, I don't like that noise.

(Cut scene) message, nearing mine field, Oh Moe, it's the mine detector and it 
works. Yikes, they placed these puppies awfully close together, eh! Creep slowly, 
one step at a time, so as to ensure sharp turning away from said bad things. For 
crying out loud, eleven mines in that tiny area. Enter the tunnel and make your 
way to the end of the level.

(Cut scene), Logan gets orders to proceed to the extraction point, but ignores 
them and instead goes after our buddy, Rhoemer.

END OF LEVEL 02, Costa Rican Plantation


03. C-5 Galaxy Transport
 The 3rd level commences with Gabe talking to Hadden about his decision to go 
after Rhoemer. The FMV ends with Gabe chasing the C-5 in a jeep - tres kewl!

  Remove the two Apes and what do we have here? ABS armor helmet, what the heck 
does ABS stand for, Antilock Braking System??? Move forward into the next section 
of cargo hold. Free the next Ape of his evilness. As you proceed further, Rhoemer 
will make his appearance, all in a huff. Apparently, he hired all his Apes from K-
Mart and they're all irregular regulars. Smoke the Ape that exposes himself on 
the stairs, "The PERV! Dirty habit if you ask me." If you're hurting from your 
bungle in the jungle, there's a flack vest  and two boxes of the ever-lovin UAS-
12. Too bad the game only allows you to hold 12 rounds at a time. 

No time like the present, get your medieval buttocks up and into that cockpit and 
open up the cargo bay hatch. I blow in there on a run, open the hatch and get out 
without damage or firing a shot. Now, make your way back to the rear cargo bay, 
where you started this short and possibly very painful level. Rhoemer is 
anxiously awaiting your return and hopes to blow your kittens right off your you 
know what!
When you get to the interfacing hall between the two cargo bays, you get a 
checkpoint, Good thing, too, this could get ugly here in a minute.
I like to creep up on Rhoemer from the left and position myself behind the jeep. 
I wait till he's out in the open before I leap out and fire at him, sending him 
straight back toward the opened cargo bay hatch,just like Chance in SF2. Rhoemer 
is just as handy with the AUG as Chance and faster at running around you if you 
give him the opportunity. So, don't get too close to him and don't stay too far 
back. In either case, he'll end-run you and you're toast. Blow him straight back 
and out the hatch. OK, we go on 3. 3. My best ending here was one try - 7 rounds 
and he was out the door. HMMM? Gabe said "GOT IT" again, do you think Rhoemer and 
he have something going???

END OF LEVEL 03, C-5 Galaxy Transport


04. Pugari Gold Mine

  Level 04 starts out with Lawrence Mujari sitting in on the Hadden investigation 
explaining his involvement with the agency. As he progresses with his monolog, 
the scene switches to his drop into the Pugari mining area. As he's falling, if 
you forget the game for a few and just play with the chute, you'll see a high 
area with a guard walking it. In SF2, do you recall Gabe's drop into the Rockies? 
Remember the mesa next to the guys that landed first?  It had the H11 on top of 
it. It took me a few tries to figure out the chute, but I made it to the mesa. 
You can make it to the guy on the high ledge at Pugari too; go for it. Smoke the 
Boer and snag the M79 for your killing pleasure. Once acquired, you have to kill 
your way down to ground level. You don't really need all the weps that everyone 
drops in this area, but you may need to find the vest if you get too shot up. 
There is only one box you need to locate in this area. It is of vital importance 
that you find it, too. If playing in Hard Mode, (No headshot icon) switch to the 
sniper rifle for the long shots and use the PK or the 9mm for the close-ups. Take 
your time through here and don't waste ammo. After you have cleared as many out 
of the way as you can, jump to the Crane and remove more Boers from the herd. 
Lastly, jump again off the boom to the other side of the excavation. To the south 
of the crane's boom is a box - have a boo. Ohh, fireworks! One other box of 
possible interest has a crossbow. I never needed or used it in this level. If you 
get chewed up by gunfire, there's a vest on the ground level, West of the opening 
to the mine.

OK, if you're on the ground level and haven't noticed yet, to the North of the 
boom is a big hole in the wall of the excavation. Enter the esophagus, please. If 
you switch to the MAP, you may detect a similarity to the digestive tract. After 
you introduce your 9mm friend to the approaching Boer, make your way out into the 
stomach. There are three Boers in the stomach. Try not to shoot the barrels or 
the building that line the stomach walls; it will induce more ulcerous Boers into 
the stomach lining, of course, unless that's what your hoping to accomplish. Pass 
through the sphincter and into the Duodenum of the  upper intestinal tract. 
Eliminate the two Boers and free the two slaves. There's one Boer irritating the 
Jejunum, move down into the Ileum, caecum and ascending colon to relieve it of 
the six or seven rotten Boers clinging to the walls before any more methane is 
produced. Pass through the Transverse and descending colons, good, clear of any 
obstructions. Now at the mouth of the Rectum, we see our obstruction. I think 
Lawrence should remove it with laser scalpel-like precision - yup, 9mm. Finally, 
squeeze into the Rectum and pinch out the grunt holding your associate.
Now this stinks, food traveling in reverse, I thought that only happened from the 
stomach to the mouth. Clear out any cling-ons and make your way back to the 
Duodenum. Set your Pepto-bismal charge, we're gonna clear this whole mess out and 
purge from both ends. Well, that didn't work! It appears that we've ruptured the 
Duodenal wall and we'll have to escape through the colostomy bag. Woo-Hoo! What a 
ride, I didn't think crap could move that fast.

END OF LEVEL 04, Pugari Gold Mine


05. Pugari Complex

  This is one of the shorter levels, truly an extension of the Gold Mine. I don't 
know why they put a save point where they did. 

So, Lawrence has more than cleaned himself out with that dangerously explosive 
purgative concoction. I don't know where the hell we are here ... what's this, 
oh, a gall stone. Hmmm, I guess it passed, too. 

Get Lawrence moving West, up and out of the bowel. Did I say bowel? I meant to 
say bowl. Ahead to the left, there's a building. Enter it and speak to Foreman 
Jones. Just like a Boer. Ventilate the scuz; he needs some airing out. "Whoa, BIG 
TRUCK!" - get the truck out of the building, but not too far out, there's more 
Boers out there. Move back in and take them out Peek-A-Boo style. Look over to 
the position the truck was in before it tried to run you down. A box with a vest! 
Okie-dokie, back to the Westward running thing. Up and out of the second bowl, 
explore this area outside the complex. An M79, well, well. Peek into the first 
enclosed area and snipe the two Boers. Move to the next opening and snipe the 
high and low Boers there. If you're successful, you can make a run to the 
opposite side without molestation. Turn East and run down the two flights of 
stairs, being careful to shoot the two sneaky Boers hiding under the grated 
flooring. In this room, find the transmitter switch and activate it for 
transmission of the data Smith has. Locate the next door opening and leave this 
room. Continue on till you are up on ground level again and can find the RED 
buildings with the big "P" and Pugari written on them.

(Cut scene) Lawrence's comrad is in trouble, get a move on and hep 'im. Smith 
gets his butt shot out of the second floor and bites the big Apple.

Lawrence caps the two Boers moving out to take their trophy. If you get chunked 
to the point of needing a vest, there's one South of the Stairs that go up to the 
computer. Get Lawrence upstairs and push the letter his friend told him to push 
(PSST, it's "W"). More Boers on the roofs, chasing down Lawrence's other 
compatriot. Make the bad guys horizontal while you're hanging out near the 
window. Now, after you stick the fork in them, make your way down to the ground 
level and to your fallen friend. An elevator starts up and it's full of Boers. 
Separate them from their internal organs. 

(Cut scene) Lawrence rides the Lift down to find the infected workers. To his 
sorrow, they are all dead.

As a cap to this level, Lawrence moves back to the inquiry and tells Hadden to 
whom the virus was given.

END OF LEVEL 05 Pugari Complex


06. Kabul, Afghanistan

 FMV, Lian starts this level out again with Hadden, explaining her first contact 
with Gabe Logan. The scene segueys into her standing in a back alley in Kabul. 
What we want to do is take out the snipers so as to make our journey through town 
less adventurous. (Read: dangerous, notice they both end in rous - coincidence? I 
think not!)

Facing East, move to the end of the alley, but not completely. Stop just before 
the end. Stand to the left of the blown out opening so as not to expose Lian to 
the Sniper, (hence known as S). Peek and 9mm S#1. As soon as she's done, have 
Lian quickly book North across this room to the doorway on the left. Have her 
hoist up onto and off the beam to the second floor. Creep until S#2 is in view 
and 9mm. Move into S#2's prior position and do a peek and shoot on S#3. Turn Lian 
around and have her move back to the ground level. Creep out of the room and to 
the left to avoid detection from the Afghan Militia, (hence known as AM) Move 
over to the opening at the alley, turn and face the AM and 9mm. Run into the room 
and take the ammo from the AM. Move back to the previous position and creep to 
the blown-out opening to her left. Wait and 9mm the AM in that room as he passes. 
Exit the other side of this room and Lian is now out in another street. Have her 
face North, target S#4 up high in the building on the right side of the street. 
(In Hard Mode, you may have to move further up the street to the opening on the 
left.) Move North up the street till you come to an opening on the right side of 
the street, enter it and exit it at the other end into the blown-out side. Creep 
to the Northeast corner of the unit you're in, stop, turn around and target S#5 
above Lian. Turn left, crawl through the opened wall, spin around facing 
Southeast, creep to the corner and target S#6. When complete, run across the 
street to S#6s position and acquire the AUG. Drop back down into the street. Face 
North and move up the street. Run under the arch, keep to the left of the street 
and stop at the corner. There will be an AM across the street, to the North. He 
is behind the pillars in the rubble. 9mm him and take his ammo. In the alcove to 
the right of the AM is a vest. Return to the street and face West. Stay to the 
left of the street and creep up to the jog in the wall. Across the street on the 
second floor there is a balcony and S#7. Take out S#7 and you complete your 
objective. Lian said "GOT IT". I'm beginning to wonder about this "GOT IT" thing, 
aren't you? Now, switch to MAP and locate "Document: Gregor's troop movement". 
This is the direction you want to be going. Pass the burned-out bus, move over to 
the South wall, hugging the wall as you move West to the corner. Stay to the left 
side of the street and hug the wall. Creep slowly as you watch through the Window 
in the room across the street. Before you get in a line of sight with him, stop 
and do the Peek-A-Boo trick to target him and smoke. Enter his position and move 
into the room on the right. Climb up and run through the rooms till you get to 
the hole in the floor. Climb down two floors into the tunnels and get a pic of 
the map. Arm with the AUG and go a hunting. Walk up to the wall to the left of 
the hall opening and target the two AMs further down the hall in the room. Make 
sure that they are separated when you take the first one. Move down the tunnel 
and take their ammo, continue East through the hole in the wall to the Weapons 
Cache. Set the charge to go off, turn left and run, an AM will be in your face 
and another one will be firing her up from the rear. I prefer the shotgun this 
close and go for the AM that's in Lian's way for the escape hole. Once up and out 
of the tunnels and onto the street, head to the extraction point, (the bus). 
There will be an AM in the alley leading to the bus. Take him out with the 
shotgun, take his ammo and run to the bus. Turn around and shoot the AM coming 
out of the hole you just left. Climb the bus and commence the final objective.

(Cut scene) Lian is told that the mortar fire is preventing the chopper from 
landing. Move to the front of the bus and take out the AM. Turn around and take 
out the AM at the rear of the bus. Drop down, run to the other end of the alley, 
turn right and run into the room with the beam you used to get S#2. Climb up the 
debris to the beam. Climb the beam and eliminate the AM shooting in there. Drop 
back down to the ground floor, exit the room and return to the starting point of 
the game. Kill the AM in the street. Move to the left of the street, continue up 
the street till you find the opening in the wall on the left. Enter the room, 
move into the room to the right and kill the AM on the burned and blown-out floor 
to end the level. 

END OF LEVEL 06, Kabul, Afghanistan 


07. SS. Lorelei

  Starts with Lian and Gabe being accused by Hadden of all types of crimes 
against the state and humanity.

Gabe appears in the central Cargo hold of the SS. Lorelei. After receiving his 
instructions from Maggie Powers, turn Gabe toward the Crane and have him take out 
the Seaman, (Hence known as SM). Cautiously move Gabe to the Port side, forward 
of the hold and kill the SM and plant charge #1. Do an about face and move to the 
rear of the hold and the bulkhead door. Pop a cap in the SM. Move to the 
Starboard side of the ship and move forward toward the bow of the ship. 1st 
bulkhead outside the hold, cap the SM. If you keep Gabe to the left or right of 
the doors, it'll be harder for him to take hits. When Gabe arrives at the corner, 
peek the corner and head shot the SM. Move to the center, (hence known as beam) 
of the ship, do another peek forward around the corner and smoke the SM. Run 
cross ship, get the ammo, return to the beam and creep forward to the SM; take 
the ammo. If you're hurting, there's a vest at the end of the passageway. To 
Starboard is a door, enter the forward cargo hold. Kill the SM, move forward 
along the beam and plant charge #2. Exit the hold, move aft and to the Port side 
of the ship. Continue aft till you get to the first junction. Turn left and enter 
the Aft cargo hold.

(Cut scene) two SMs talking - a warning for Gabe that they're about, eh.

Creep and smoke 'em. When complete, move to the Starboard aft section and plant 
charge #3. Exit the Rear hold and continue aft to the corner. Eliminate both SMs, 
take their ammo, exit the passageway through the rear bulkhead door. Access the 
elevator, ride it up, move aft, locate the Engineer and cap him. If you are in 
need of a vest, there's one in the engine room. There is also a box with an HK-5 
and ammo. When completed, place the fake charge on the central platform and 
prepare for an SM coming down the ladder; he's toast. Climb the ladder, exit to 
the second deck and move toward the beam. 

(Cut scene) Spook (Hence known as spook) will give orders to the cook.

Move forward up the passageway and go right, follow this to the end and pick up 
the (Spyder), OOH, MMMM, Spyder! When the cook walks by, follow him to the 
galley. Once he stops, creep by him to the dumbwaiter. He's harmless and armless, 
(no weps) so let him live.

(Cut scene) 

Ride the dumbwaiter up to the Captain's Quarters. Locate the info on the table 
and move to a position of concealment. Wait for the Captain to enter, kill him 
and the spook behind him. Exit the Captain's Quarters, turn forward and run to 
the end of the passageway. Turn to Port and grab the Grenades at the end. I never 
use them, but I can't help myself. Run cross ship to the end of the passageway, 
turn aft, run all the way to the end of the passageway and stop before the 
corner. Spook around the corner, switch to taser, cook till golden brown. Run to 
the end of the passageway and take the aft bulkhead door. Down the ladder to the 
lower level, two spooks. Hang at the corner till the next spook shows up and cook 
him. Move forward to the door on the right, kill the two spooks in there and get 
the Video Evidence in the smaller room.

Now it's time to get Gabe back to where he started the game in the Central Cargo 
Hold. Go to MAP and see the door opening on the Starboard side aft bulkhead. Make 
your way there - the number of spooks change in this area. Before the exit door, 
there's another (Spyder) in the berthing room on the right and a vest at the 
corner of the passageway. Grab them if you're in need. Climb down the ladder, 
switch back to MAP and check out snake way here. You must cross the ship back and 
forth to get to the Bow area. Move to the beam and forward to the intersection, 
prepare for spook central. Turn to Port to the corner and forward again to the 
next intersection. Get the Vest if you need it, turn to Starboard and cross the 
beam. Turn forward and run to the next corner, killing spooks as you go. Move to 
the beam and forward, raking the passageway full of spooks with lead. Turn 
Starboard, enter the door at the end and take the ladder to the beginning level. 
When there, take the Vest if you need it. Move Aft into the upper section of the 
forward hold and take the ladder down. Exit the forward hold, turn aft to the 
intersection, turn Starboard to the corner and run aft to the next intersection. 
Kill all the spooks as you proceed.

(Cut scene) Maggie needs cover to get the crane running so she can extract Logan. 
Switch to the Spyder and remove all her obstacles.

END OF LEVEL 07. SS. Lorelei


08. Aztec Ruins

  Level 08. Begins with Lian giving info to Hadden on her first assignment with 
Gabe in the Costa Rican Plantation incident. This version of the story starts 
with Lian's separation from Gabe, where they went off in different directions to 
complete all the objectives of the operation.
Lian appears to begin this phase of the operation in a sewer or aqueduct, and 
she's armed to the teeth with the UAS-12. Shoulder the UAS and pull out the Air 
Taser, turn West and wait for Julio to come into view, roast him and take his 
weapon and ammo. Continue West till you get up to the entrance to another room, 
jump in and deal with Julio's clone, (Hence known as JC). They're all clones from 
this point on BTW. Take his weapon, climb up to the next floor, exit the only 
opening there is and proceed into the next room. There's Falcon ammo in the box. 
Exit this room to the intersection, wait for the two JCs and cook them. I'm 
having a taser thing right now, you use whatever you want, "I like it when they 
scream!" Take their weapons with disdain. Now you can move into the room to the 
East and roast another JC or you can turn West and move deeper into the ruins. 
Oh, alright, I'll wait for you, go ahead and tase that JC, show him the error of 
his ways, I'll just hang out here and listen to the screams. So, let's move out, 
eh! Go West young ... thing ... just go West to the corner, remove the JC and 
stop at the intersection. At this point, you can go either way, they both end up 
at the same place. However, notice the room through the openings in the walls as 
you proceed, you'll be there later. As you make your way around this area, you'll 
come up to another passageway with yet another JC leading to a set of stairs that 
will bring you down to the level of that sunken room you looked at on your way to 
here. Run down the stairs, turn right and turn right again to catch a (cut scene) 
of a Scientist being told to get on his knees. (I can't bear to watch whatever 
happens, so, I'm going to leave.) Run back to and pass the stairs to the other 
corner and put a sleeper on the JC; cap his brother along with him. Move forward 
to the next larger tunnel - there are large crates against the North wall, notice 
the gaping hole above them, hmmm, where to go ... where to go? Maybe UP!!! Well, 
this is a nice place, natural-like, lotsa green, lotsa stone, lotsa bug noise. 
Climb down off the ledge and take the UAS-12 ammo if you've been using it up, if 
not, turn around and run to the opposite end of this opened corridor to the next 
corner. !!!Yikes!!! this area is full of JCs. These are your options:

1. The Falcon and M16 will have the most ammo. If you've been using the Taser you 
can try head hunting with the 45 and the Falcon (which is fun).
2. You can take advantage of the explosive barrels the Idiotas have been laying 
around SF games since the first game came out. Use the 45, it's the least ammo 
and will do the trick.

"I'm going for the barrels, Monty!" Three well-placed rounds and all the Julios 
are gone. Now don't get frisky just yet, a few more are on their way and they're 
about to pull the "Who's on First" game on Lian, by switching from one side of 
the passageway to the other, always moving closer. Before they get there, though, 
you can move forward one wall butress and set for head shots or you can wait for 

 'K! nuff of that. Still facing North, move to the right side of the tunnel. 
There's a hole in the wall with a vest in it. Continue forward, passing the big 
room on the left to the opposite end of the tunnel, collecting all the weps and 
ammo. Turn around, head back to the big room and free the scientist. Switch to 
the Falcon, (I love this chunk of metal) go to the Computer, (hence known as The 
PILE) D/L the Virus data and get ready for a little action. I did say little. Oh, 
and shoot the Pile. Exit the big room, turn left, and turn left again. Pass the 
hole on your right, Free Willy, no, don't do that, free the scientist, EWW, he's 
still on his knees. Don't ask what he's been subjected to since he was first 
forced to his knees, it's too embarrassing. Continue West, locate the door, 
target the Pile and kill it. Return to the hole in the wall, enter and follow to 
the fork. It truly doesn't matter which way you go, although I prefer the left, 
it's closer to the opening across the courtyard, not to mention the H-11 in the 
box on the raised platform. Walk up the ramp to the courtyard, snipe whatever you 
can see as quickly as possible and then book to the opening in the wall across 
the yard.

Once you are through the opening, don't stop till you get the (Cut scene). Turn 
around and locate the door to Lian's right, there's a teargas launcher in it. 
Exit and continue East, ignore the whiney scientists for now and move forward 
till the next intersection. Notice the box and Vest. Head East out the tunnel and 
overhear a convo, two JCs and Dr. Elsa Weissinger. Creep out there and M16 the 
JCs in the courtyard and near the doctor. There could be six or more before 
she'll talk and walk. Kill the Pile. Collect the weps, proceed South to the 
collapsed wall, kill the three JCs mulling about, collect the weps and enter the 
West tunnel. More jailed scientists - the first opening on the right has an 
unsuspecting Julio, wanna tase him? Enter the room, collect the grenades, exit, 
move South to the hole on the left, take it. pass the tree, creep out into the 
opened corridor, take the first left turn, look up and head tase the clone. 
Proceed East around the corner to the next opening, (I'm in the mood for the 45) 
and do a peek-&-shoot on the Clones. Kill the three Piles. Exit this room to the 
South, tp the room on the right, kill JC and get "EXPLOSIVES". Pass second room 
on right for last room on left. Free Dr. Freid, drop down into the hole and 
retrieve the artifact. Climb back out and spank the clone. Enter the second 
opening on the right and pass through to the other side. Turn left, approach the 
opening at the end and smoke the JC. There's a vest in the tunnel, the Virus 
Sample in the room and the last Pile. Kill the Pile, take the sample and kill the 
JC in the tunnel.

Return to the last set of found jail cells, kill all JCs met on the way and free 
two of the four remaining scientists by blowing the cell doors up. After 
releasing them, move to the first set of jailed scientists and free them.
When the last scientist is free, the level is over.

A final FMV starting with Lian and Hadden and ending with Gabe and Maggie Powers 
who are still on the Waterfront in Ireland is played out.

END OF LEVEL 08. Aztec Ruins 


09. Waterfront

  As soon as you're free from the (cut scene), Maggie and her mate book. Switch 
to MAP and get a look at the layout of the level. When you go back to the game, 
two IRAs will come to Gabe for some advice on how to properly eat lead. Move 
North and to the center of the Warf. Maggie will appear in the alley ahead of 

(Cut scene) You'll be going for the first truck.

Continue North till you see the truck. Before setting the charge, pick up the HK-
5 and the vest if you need it. Plant the charge, turn to South, run off the 
truck, cap the IRA, turn West and follow Maggie into the Warehouse. Turn South to 
the back wall and run West along it till you find Maggie again. Target the 
barrels West of your position and shoot the door out of the building. Run to the 
new opening as Maggie deserts you, locate and take the sniper rifle if you like, 
I can see no reason for it in this level. Run out the new opening. You may 
strafe, but don't dawdle with IRAs. Head West/ Southwest to the next truck and 
plant the charge. When complete, run East till you are confronted by one of 
Maggie's men, who will direct Gabe to her location. Gabe will be directed to 
supply cover for her locksmith. Follow him and fire-up anyone who gets in the 
way. There will be a point where you have to run around a bit and kill something 
like 8 or more IRAs before Russell can figure out the door lock. Again, follow 
him into the building and up to the room with the safe. Toast the three IRAs till 
he opens it, then let him book so that you can face all the other IRAs alone. Two 
more IRAs appear before you leave the safe room, down the stairs and pick up the 
vest if you need it. Turn right and smoke the two IRAs coming up to you, turn 
left and enter the next room. Take out two more IRAs and blow the barrels for a 
new wall opening. Run out the new opening, swing a wide left and head West to the 
next truck. Before planting the charge, pick up the Spyder and the Vest if you 
need one and switch to the Spyder. Once the charge has been set, head East, use 
the Spyder on the IRAs, (R1) them till you begin pass them into the tunnel then 
turn to the left and strafe right till you get far enough in the tunnel to ignore 
their fire. Do not stop and socialize. Run up to the last truck in this level and 
eliminate all the IRAs before setting the charge. There he goes again with 
the "GOT IT".

END OF LEVEL 09. Waterfront


10. Docks Final Assault

  Maggie has contacted Gabe and has him pairing up with another one of her 
agents, Nigel. Nigel knows where the last truck is.
 Head North with the PK-102 and kill the two IRAs heading your way, stay to the 
left, kill IRA to your right and take advantage of the free HK-5 ammo and vest 
when running by. (leave the shotgun ammo) Running along the fence, continue North 
to where the fence corners West and follow it to Nigel.(Cut scene) Nigel takes 
over - follow Nigel and keep him healthy. From this point on, try to run through 
your targets to acquire their ammo. Switch weapons as needed. Keep Nigel in sight 
at all times and he'll lead you through the freight yard full of containers. When 
you get to the truck, you find out that Nigel is the RAT when he tries to run 
Gabe down.

(Cut scene) Gabe lets Maggie know the score.

Get the vest even if you are not hurting badly, Arm with the Spyder and head out 
after Nigel. As the truck becomes visible, press and hold (R1); start firing. 
Nigel is the closest target and will fall before you get to the truck.

The level ends with an FMV of the sinking of the SS. Lorelei.

END OF LEVEL 10. Docks Final Assault


11. Convoy

  The Convoy level is an odd one, like Docks Final Assault it acts like a timed 
level. It's fast-paced and you aren't given the time to explore the surroundings 
to any extent. The truck, like Nigel, is always on your case to get back to the 
road to protect Ellis. If you dally even a tad too long, the truck and Ellis move 
on and Ellis dies. At one point, when the truck is sandwiched between to hills 
and under attack by hostiles, the truck may blow up. There is so much area to 
explore in this level and no opportunity to do so. I wonder if this level 
originally had an arena attached to it but was cancelled for whatever reason.

  Convoy begins with Gabe describing his involvement with the agency and Benton 
in Afghanistan.

Ellis and Gabe are on point for Benton (mostly Gabe). When the cut scene is 
complete, have Gabe run to the right of the truck to stand behind the tall stone 
where the Afghani Militia, (hence known as AM) will run to. Beat him there and 
(R1) him to death. Close in on the stone and take out the AMs across the road. 
Once complete, cross the road and take their weps and pick up the M16 while 
you're at it. Benton may give you a hard time - ignore the twit. Follow the truck 
to it's new position. move off the road to the left of the truck and target the 
two AMs. (They're guarding the tunnel to the mortars.) There'll be one AM in the 
tunnel and three behind the fortress walls. Just keep moving and firing once you 
access the fortress. Pick up the vest while you're in there. When you exit the 
fortress, there will be two AMs back in the tunnel again. Stand back and do them 
long. Once back outside, follow the truck to the next stop.

There will be two AMs behind a fence, easy pieces. Swing around to the other side 
of the road and blow the fence. Once done, get inside the area, take the ammo and 
follow the truck to the next stop. The bridge has two AMs, one sniping from the 
hills to the left of the bridge and the other is guarding the planted charges, 
easy shots. Disarm the charge and move on to the next stop. Bomb-in-the-road 
ploy, about 8 AMs from all directions coming in at a managable pace. Keep Gabe 
moving through the whole exchange. There may be alot of these guys, but aren't we 
lucky they're stupid. Run through all of them, taking their ammo. Follow the 
truck to the next stop.

This is probably the most difficult stop for me; If I'm going to go down at all, 
it's here. Either the truck is in the way or the walls of the pass are too steep 
to take the AM out on the side I'm on, forcing me to expose Gabe when I really 
would rather not. One concession is that there is one vest on the ledge and a few 
vests laying around at the other end of the pass if you can make it that far. 
When complete, continue following the truck to the last stop. 

This stop is blocked with fencing again. The AMs are all along the overpass ahead 
of the truck and a few are clustered in front of and under the overpass. I take 
out as many headshots as I can and then switch to (R1) targeting. Once cleared, 
blow the fence to end the level.

Gabe completes the level with an FMV, back with Hadden telling him of his initial 
affiliation with Lian and the mutual assistance in the city of Kabul.

END OF LEVEL 11. Convoy


12. The Beast

  The Beast is a time-related level. The T-64 Gabe mentions to Benton and Lian in 
this and to Lian in one other level is on it's way to blow the truck up. It's up 
to Gabe to stop it. 

(Cut scene), Gabe begins the Beast, speaking to Benton while standing in front of 
the truck.

 Out in front of him are three AMs, one approaching on the ground and two up on 
the buildings on either side of the street. Move to the right, hide behind the 
corner and shoot AM#1. Peek-N-shoot the wall boys. Quickly move to the left side 
of the street and forward to the arch. Take all the ammo you can from the fallen 
AMs, there is also an M16 box in the alcove. A forth AM will appear on the 
building to the left of the arch. Pop him, move to the right side of the arch and 
remove AM#5 further along past the arch and to the left side of the street. AM#6 
appears to the right side of another building at approximately the same distance 
away as AM#5. Stay to the right under the arch to remove #6, peek around the arch 
and remove AM#7. Now strafe out east for a few feet *and quickly back to the arch 
to expose AM#8, kill #8. Having collected all the ammo and weps you can, the 
street is open to Gabe. Run East to just before the corner comes up. You'll see 
the reamins of a small blown structure ahead. Gabe will be hit with a 

(Cut scene), Lian and Gabe chat about the weather and what they're going to do at 
the cast party after filming this scene

Ahead, AM#9 is moving toward Gabe, eliminate him. This section is a bit hectic, 
you might want to probe and be sneaky, but remember, a tank is out there. 
Complete the level and come back later to explore it, or not, OK, you want a tour 
of the place do you? Inside and to the right of the square, AM#10 is up high on a 
building, Snipe him off please. Ahead, (East) in the pillared building AM#11, get 
him. Turn South enter the square and duck into the first opening on the right, an 
M16 is waiting for you if you need it. Directly East is AM#12. Next room South 
has a PK-102 above the rubble on what remains of the floor. Continue East, 
hugging the wall to your right side. AM#13 will appear in or near the pillared 
building. One of the AMs is carrying grenades or an M-79, it's not always used, 
maybe a quarter of the time I play through this level I get smacked by it. AM#14 
will pop up above and AM#15 will drop off ahead of you. AM#16 will rise up from 
the blown out structure in the center of the square. AM#17 will arrive as you 
approach the vest box near the pillared room. You probably need it by now, (I 
told you not to bother with htis didn't I). AM#18 will show up as soon as you don 
the vest. Enter the Pillar room and get the goodies in the box. Moe! Look C4!

(Cut scene), short one, telling what you already know. I believe this is the FLAG 
to signal the tanks approach.

Exit the room and AM#19 will pop out from the North of your position. AM#20 will 
be in the room above from where #19 sprang from, I think that it's one of these 
guys that occasionally has the grenade gun. Now, If you've made it this far and 
the tank or the M-79 hasn't chunked you by now, the T-64 is probably mighty close 
to your position, you may even hear the rattle of it's tracks and the rumble from 
it's engine. It's coming up the street, from East to West and to you and the 
truck.There are two activation points to the tank, acquisition of the C4 and or 
running down the street to the tanks beginning.   I suggest returning to the 
arch, you will encounter new AMs on your way back, plant a charge under it, and 
return to the truck. Arm Gabe with the transmitter and wait for the T-64. When it 
shows up under the arch, roast it up for supper, give me some breast meat please, 
there's too many bones in the legs and wings for my liking.

Now, taking all the AMs you contend with in this level into account, what if 
there is an easier, faster and much safer way! Consider, there isn't anything of 
great interest here, so there's no reason to creep and play sitting duck to all 
the AMs who have nothing better to do than Kill Gabe. This is how I do it.

I follow the same program for AM#1 through AM#9, this is the point at which I 
diverge from the aformentioned path. I switch to whatever wep has the most ammo 
and make a bee line to the Pillared room to get the C4. I press the fire button 
only for the AMs in front of Gabe. Once the C4 is in hand, I do an about face and 
book back to the arch. I follow the same rule as before, "Only Fire At What's In 
Front Of Gabe". If you (R1) anyone, Gabe will spin around to face him, not good 
when you're trying to get in and out like the wind.

Plant the charge under the arch, as before, make your way back to the truck. Arm 
with the transmitter, wait for Big Boy to slip in under the arch and BOOM HIM!

END OF LEVEL 12. The Beast


13. Australian Outback

  Switch to MAP as soon as Lian is free from the cut scene. Lian starts the 
Outback level facing North, in the Southeast corner of the camp. She says her 
piece to Maggie and begins her game. Notice the three greenish dots on the MAP, 
(greenish on my tube at least) East of the center of the camp is the Radio 
Satellite dish. Center West is the Primary evidence for the Viral genocide claim 
and at the Northwest corner in the is Dr. Ruth Westheimer and she's giving all 
the guys a free lecture on female sexuality! 

force me to pluck my eyes out.

Actually it's Dr. Elsa Weissinger and she's being held captive as far as we can 
tell. I guess maybe she's had enough with the Pharcom and Aramov people.

So, like The Beast, there are two ways to do this level, creep it or tear it up. 
I creeped this level something like 8 times before I got fed up with dying toward 
the middle or end of the level. After all that time spent creeping about and I 
get tagged from behind, humiliating and overly time consuming. I much prefer 
tearing the level up. If I die, once or twice so what, I reach check point 
objectives faster, the level is so much faster, it doesn't matter. 

 First we're going North to hit the dish, then West for the grave Pics. From the 
Pics we'll head North again to deal with Dr. Ruth ... I mean Elsa. At that point, 
we'll get a secondary load of objectives and deal with them in quick order too.

Switch to the 45 or the M16 before you leave your position, or you'll get pissed 
right off the bat eh! Like always, the trick is to keep moving and to run through 
your closest hostiles to acquire their ammo and or weapons. 

(don't be afraid to access you MAP repeatedly for orientation adjustments) 

Head due North till you pass the first group of tents, once clear swing Northwest 
and straight to the DISH. Done, Swing West and get ready for the Hazmat people in 
the protective suits, they're surprisingly adept with their handguns. Make your 
way through them to the graves and snap the Pic There is a light array above them 
as a guide. Switch to MAP and notice North of your position and South of the DR.s 
enclosure is a tent, swing around the West side of it so as to approach the Dr.s 
encloseure opening from the North. We want to surprise the twits. Move out 
soldier! Surprise is the intension, but not always the results, three of the four 
guards are either in the enclosure or at the entrance. I alerted the first two 
guarding the Dr., but easily took them out. The 3rd guard was a little faster, 
but I smoked him before he could get a bead on me. Creep time, move slowly 
forward till the Tower guard is in focus, while in the crouch hit him. Go see the 
doctor, and don't forget to mention that thing up high on the back of your thigh, 
she might have an ointment for it. When done with the Dr., exit the enclosure, 
access the MAP and locate the three objects. There's no sense in giving a route 
for this, they are almost always in different tents and you will have to make 
your way to all of them eventually if you keep replaying this game. I suggest the 
tear it up method, in any case, we want to meet up again at the Dr.Elsa's 
enclosure for tea. OK, back, switch to the AUG, we got smoke in the tent, (that 
means TROUBle with a capital TROUB) and we want to stub it out pronto. Walk into 
the encloseure, up to the left of the tent entrance, halfway between the opening 
and the right corner of the tent. (best position to take out the BGs) Lite'em up.

(Cut scene) They decide to use the chopper behind the enclosure. 

Switch to the M16, when you get to the Southwest corner of the enclosure, crouch 
and snipe the BGs from hidden safety. When complete, rush the chopper. 

You'll get a memory card save notice, but this level is more like the earlier 
Waterfront and Docks levels. They should have been made one longer level.

END OF LEVEL 13. Australian Outback


14. St. George Australia

  Truly a continuation of level 13.

St. George starts out with Dr. Ruth having created a vaccine for the test 
victims, while enroute to this level,what a gal eh! She gives Lian a CD with some 
incriminating evidence against the Consortium and Mara Aramov.

The main objective in this level is to vaccinate the natives and free them so 
that Cmdr. Silvers can't remove them perminently.

Take the vest if your hurting, head Southwest to the truck and remove the tower 
guard. Move to the left of the truck, proceed till the roving guard come into 
focus and remove. Move west until the next BG appears in the RADAR, get a visual 
and smoke him. If he makes it to  cover before you get him, just after the 
crates, there's a building with a window on the right side it has a victim in it. 
Quickly move to the left of the building and enter it before BG makes it around 
to that side. Once in there, switch to the AUG, scope him and smoke him through 
the wall, then free the aborigine. Exit the house, go West and swing North around 
it to the next house, "Yubongo's" Free him and exit. Go to MAP and locate Cmdr. 
Silvers blip west of your position. Between you and the Cmdr. is a building, stay 
to the right of it. When you get to it's Northwest corner, you'll see the Cmdr. 
two victims and a roving BG. From this position, creep to the boxes between you 
and them. Target the head of the Cmdr. and hold for the roving BG to cross his 
path. Unload on both, you may have to sweep right to get the rover. If you fail, 
you'll return to the last check point for another go eh! 
Swing North and proceed from the graves to the next house, pass it for the next 
one in line. It has a window and a door on it's right side. Stop at the door and 
do a peek-n-shoot on the BG. Potyarre's inside, juice him and free him. Exit 
Potyarre's from the North door continue North till the crates and then turn East. 
Approach the crates and notice the mound with the smoke rising from it East of 
you. The last victim is in there. There will be two more BGs that may screw you 
up, one is on the tower ahead and the other is roving to you right. The roving BG 
goes down first. Creep East to the crates and relieve the tower BG of his evil 
from over the top of the crate. Return to Ojakapurra's Hogan and do a juice and 
free. When complete, exit and move to the tower, turn South and make your way to 
the truck without being seen. Lian books to the Chopper to find Dr. Ruth is gone, 
I think the guys back at the outback camp needed a refreasher course. Not to 
worry though, you have the disc. Now, there are BGs hogging the chopper, remove 
them and end the level.

The level ends with an FMV of Lian letting Maggie know that she has the disc and 
that she's heading to DC.

END OF LEVEL 14. St. George Australia


15. Paradise Ridge

FMV, Gabe is being accused by Hadden of being the terrorist. Teresa appears, 
startling Hadden and his resolve. The FMV ends with Teresa giving evidence to 
corroborate Gabes veracity.

  Teresa appears in Western Montana with the ATF and to her surprise, creepy Men 
in Black, (hence known as MIBs). Two agents are pinned down and need assistance, 
Teresa removes two Tower Survivalists, (hence known as S) The first tower is to 
the Northeast of her position. Creep up the hill till the S in the first tower 
stands out on the RADAR. I then scope and target the frosty breath of the S, 
which will read as a head shot. Now, back Teresa down the hill and let the MIBs 
remove S#2 who appears to the right of the first tower.

2nd tower S is North of the 1st tower, move Teresa into position. There is a 
boulder that she can snipe from and a large tree to the left of the boulder, I 
like the tree. A body shot is good enough here. Get the shotgun S#2 dropped 
before leaving the area. You'll hear S#4 being dropped when the MIBs depart. 
Switch to MAP and notice that the level is kind of like a horse shoe. Continue in 
a Northerly direction till you get a radio message from the ATF. 

(Cut scene) Agent Demarco is in trouble, Teresa will investigate. 

Notice that there is now a target registering East on the RADAR, pull out the 9mm 
locate him on the rocky outcrop and silence him. Swing North and creep to the big 
tree, there's a huge boulder in the distance with another S on it, switch to the 
long gun and snipe him. Begin your creep down into the bowl for Demarco, stay to 
the left of the bowl, move slowly till the next S appears. Most times it's just 
the tip of his shotgun that is visible. Switch to Shotgun and flush him out (R1) 
works best for me, or you can try sneaking behind the boulder and head hunting 
him. Free Demarco.

Continue North up and over the boulders and ledges. You'll swing round to the 
Northwest and meet two S's and two MIBs. There will be a 3rd S up on a boulder 
further to the Northwest. You can try to save the 4 men, or you can say screw it, 
screw it is easier! Continue Northwest to the powerlines and plant the Homing 

(Cut scene) Teresa calls in her objective

Immediately after the cut scene is done, two Ss will pop up on Teresa, I (R1) and 
run then collect the ammo. Proceed to the crash site and meet Gabe. 

(Cut scene) Gabe saves Teresa, tells her that the FBI is really NSA, that they 
are after satellite data and they intend to kill the Oaktons. Gabe tells Teresa 
to scram but she says no way. Gabe forgets his lines and blows the scene. 
Everyone laughs and they break for lunch.

Teresa must now remove the Homing device from the pole, return there and get it. 
She will encounter up to six or more MIBs on her way to and after removing the 
HD. Now turn around and continue on your merry way to the Oaktons camp. Be 
careful there are two Ss at the crash site, let them move off to the Southwestern 
end before you make your move. If you didn't take the MIB vests when you and Gabe 
split, take them now. You can't kill survivalists anymore, so don't bear down on 
any unless it's with the crossbow. Once you begin your run, don't stop till 
you're standing to the right of the small red cabin. You're going to be passing 
many Ss and MIBs on the way, If you feel you must shoot something, (R1) and fire 
that way you'll only hit MIBs. 
Once at the cabin, switch to crossbow and creep to the left of the house, this'll 
put you behind the Ss as you approach them. Keep the houses to Teresa's right 
side. Remember no head shots, in the back or butt is fine. I like to shoot them 
in the decal on their jackets. There are two Ss at the first three houses. Face 
the fence West to the next two houses, run to the right corner of the first 
house. Bow the two Ss on either side of the house. Continue on South, you should 
have one bolt left, be standing against a faultline with a fence above it and a 
house beyond. There is one more S near that house, Creep East till he comes into 
view "TOAST". Head East up the hill, stay close to the left side and look for the 
indicator showing the way to Oakton's compound. There will be MIBs and Ss all 
over the place keep moving and (R1) them, this protects the survivalists. Once 
you reach the top of the hill, more chaos will be brewing. If you help the Ss by 
eliminating the MIBs, they may feel free to target Teresa, so let them fight it 
out. If you switch to MAP, you'll see that you're almost home, you're probably 
close to solid red on the health meter by now, so don't chance it, go for the 
You'll see at least three Ss moving up hill and across your path. Pass them on 
Teresa's left start rolling if you have to, to stay healthy.

FMV, Teresa ends the level explaining what her and Gabes intensions were at the 
time of Paradise Ridge, that the FBI was really NSA and that they were going to 
massacre the Oaktons.

(Notes) Tower snipers, Move close enough to see their silhouettes with the naked 
eye, they'll still be far enough away not to see you when you target them through 
the scope. The first tower, the target is invisible except for the steam expelled 
from his breathing.

  Just after saving agent DeMarco, The S that's sitting on the hill or boulder, 
to the right of the big fir tree with the visible trunk comes down to ground 
level and warns Randy and Billy to get down. To take him easy, arm with the 
sniper rifle and take up a position at the lowest point on the slope, turn West 
and scope the S on the boulder and take him before the two Ss speak, thereby 
eliminating any damage.

END OF LEVEL 15. Paradise Ridge


16. Militia Compound

  (Cut scene) Teresa has made it into the compound and she is contacted by agent 

Move West to the corner of the building and cap the MIB that just shot the 
fleeing Survivalist. Turn North, stay to the right, run to the building, Peek-&-
shoot the second MIB. Proceed North, run to the left of the opening on the barn. 
Wait for the MIBs and the Ss to kill each other. (L1), Peek and shoot the running 
MIB then enter the barn. In the lower level of the front section of the barn, a 
K3G4 is hidden behind some large boxes. Proceed to the rear of the barn and the 
hole in the floor. Once in the lower section of the barn, drop down to the right 
of the large crate you're standing on. Arm with your favorite lead thrower and 
target the head of the MIB interrogating the S. When the roving MIB crosses, 
smoke them both, thereby saving Floyd. Nice guy, talkative, he's going to have 
his people call my people and we'll do lunch some time. Drop down into the 
tunnel, when you hear the MIB named Brown talking to Cmdr. Silvers creep up and 
cap him through the grating. Press on down the tunnel to the intersection and 
make ready to ventilate another MIB. Proceed to the end of this tunnel and climb 
up to the big outside. Turn West move to the left side of the lane and stop at 
the corner of the fence and target the two MIBs rousting the two Ss named Uriah 
and Peter. I suggest keeping with the HK-5 and aiming at the MIB on the left 
first. Shoot and sweep right, the right side MIB has a tendancy to run back 
toward Teresa screwing the shot. If you do the reverse, you tend to shoot one or 
both of the Ss. Once you toast the MIBs, chase the Ss down and talk to them.

(Cut scene) the two brothers Uriah and Peter tell Teresa where the Data disc is 
and where agent Kelly is. 

Turn North and enter the building on the right.

(Cut scene) Teresa overhears Silvers and one of his men discussing the location 
of the Data disc.

As soon as the cut scene is over, run due East, climb the large container, turn 
around, jump to the same level as Silvers, walk over to his position and plant 
the device on him. (Thick as a brick eh!) Turn around, jump back to the container 
and back to the ground level. Run deeper into the building.

(Cut scene) Gabe and Teresa confer over the bugging of Silvers.

When free, proceed through the building, locate the stairs on the other side, 
climb up and out of this section of the building. Follow the flow of the rooms 
till you exit the building down the exterior ramp. Look under the ramp, untie 
agent Kelly and remove the three MIBs that rudely intrude in on your conversation.
Drop down into the well and follow it to the end. Once there, follow the 
instructions of the two Ss George and Jeb. Hmmm, those names sound familiar, I 
guess I'll have to beat around the Bush's until it comes to mind. Back the two 
men up when you get outside till you have room to run to the next area. Once you 
get to running, don't stop, you'll run South to the end of the building, turn 
West to the barrels and then South again to the door. Kick through the door, hang 
to the right of the new area, under the roof supports and run between the two 
buildings. Bear West again and enter the red building. Once in the red building, 
turn right and grab the Data out of the deer head. Exit the room, turn left and 
grab the M-79 in the box. Turn around and run to the Ss at the other end of the 

(Cut scene) Teresa talks to the S's, Abe and George. The two S's are pinned down 
by the MIBs in this area of the compound. Teresa will assist them in accessing 
the building that the Oaktons are hiding in. Snipe the MIB on the roof, move a 
little further out and see if a second one is sneaking around up there, usually 
is, but much sneakier than the first one. If he gives you a hard time, Pull out 
large Richard and bomb his buttocks off. Be careful, there's a MIB sniper on the 
second floor of the barn East of the one the Oaktons are hiding in. Once you have 
cleared all the MIBs out on the ground level, go to the back of the red building 
and follow the two Ss down into it. Two more MIBs and it's done. Look for the 
mattres on the floor go to it and access the Underground Bunker.

A cool thing about the Run to the Data disc with George and Jeb, If you stay with 
them through the ordeal, (eliminate all MIBs from the ramp to the door before 
either man can be killed), when you kick the door to the second section open, 
they'll follow you through. If they follow you through, the Survivalists that 
appear on the second side won't target Teresa. She can stay on the other side as 
long as she wants and explore the area. Not that she'll find anything mind you, 
as far as I can figure all the weps and ammo belonging to the MIBs killed on the 
roof top can't be taken. George and Jeb wont go any further than that.

(Note) In "Paradise Ridge", the briefing data states that they are in Western 
Montana, however, in "Militia Compound", there is a building that has a decal on 
it that clearly looks like the silhoutte of Idaho. 

END OF LEVEL 16. Militia Compound


17. Underground Bunker

  (Cut scene) Teresa finds herself in the underground system of tunnels and in a 
room with the Oakton's son. He agrees to take Teresa to his mother. As soon as 
the cut scene is complete, get the vest if you need it. In general, if this is 
your first run through for this level, you want to follow Pusty. 

When he stops to set a charge in the tunnel, contine further on in the tunnel, if 
you stay beside him, you'll come under fire. Just after you pass junior, you'll 
see a fork in the tunnel, Go right into the blue tunnel and you'll find a G3G4. 
Return to the main tunnel, proceed East, until you arrive at an intersection. 
There are two possibilities for you to go. The boy may catch up to you, explore 
the green tunnel to the left and locate the Falcon in the box. Arm yourself with 
the Falcon, return to the boy, who may already be further along in the tunnel and 
in distress. If not, turn South, proceed to the next fork and bear right, (boxes 
on the right side of the tunnel, boy may be hiding there already). Your best bet 
is to stand firm and (R1) the first MIB to drop off the platform with the Falcon. 
Creep closer, (R1) the 2nd MIB on the platform. Creep to the left side of the 
tunnel, turn right and toast MIB#3 near the boulder. Turn around, peek-&-shoot 
MIB#4 on the upper walkway. Collect what you can and follow Dusty. MIB at 2 o 
clock, pop him before he gets to hide behind the crate, just tap the fire button 
for two rounds to ensure a kill. 

(Cut scene) further into the tunnel, Rusty comes to a stop and tells Teresa to 
wait, that he's going get some IR goggles for her. 

Face North and wait for two MIBs to come blowing in, fire on them or (R1) and 
fire. Crusty will be back shortly with the goggles and you'll be on your merry 
way again. About 40 feet deeper into the tunnel Teresa will spy an M-79 box, get 
them if you like or need them. Follow Musty to the next two MIBs Falcon them to 
death. Chase after Lusty, he's bringing you to a set of stairs and to two new 
MIBs. Head shot both, get the vest if you need it and follow the kid through the 
door to Momma.

(Cut scene) The three talk and decide to give Mom a shot to get her up and moving.

Exit the berthing area to the room with the table and the vest box on top. West 
of the table is an opening follow it to the end and get the HK-5 out of the cage. 
Return to the table room, turn South, run to the end of this tunnel, turn right 
and then right again to the small room. Kick the door to the left open and get 
the First Aid Kit. A MIB will be coming down the ramp to the storeroom Falcon his 
butt. Switch to the M16, (less ammo) and return to the berthing area to give the 
medicine to Mrs. Oakton, cap the MIB in the berthing area if Busty hasn't

(Cut scene) Medicine given, the small group heads out to safety. Beat Mrs. Oakton 
out to the table room and position yourself near the book case, turn around and 
wait for the MIB to drop out of the ventilation duct and cap him. A 2nd MIB will 
drop from the vent to your right, cap him also. A possible 3rd MIB may show up 
from the room Pusty is in. Follow Mrs. Oakton down the tunnel turn right, cap the 
MIB dropping out there and get his ammo. Follow Mrs. Oakton to the next MIB, and 
pop him. Wait for her and Gusty to access the elevator then ride it down with 
them. There will be four MIBs ahead, take out at least three of them before 
returning to the Oaktons. Then stay with Mrs. Oakton. If you're low on M16 ammo, 
switch to the HK-5, we're almost done, you don't want to run dry at the last 
second. Last big room.

(Cut scene) Rusty decides to blow the opening to the room
 when free, move to the box that leads to the escape tunnel. Two MIBs will drop 
in to say Hi and Die. The left one drops first and then the right, cap both and 
get into the tunnel. Run to the Oaktons and finish the level.

(Cut scene) Teresa contacts Gabe for EVAC.

END OF LEVEL 17. Underground Bunker  


18. Senate Building

  (Cut scene) Gabe is talking to Lawrence and Lian over the ACD, two agents have 
been captured by the terrorist, (hence known as Ts) and are being held. Viral 
bombs have been planted throughout the building and Gabe must find the disarm 

Gabe is kneeling on the floor and ready to move out as soon as the cut scene is 

Pull Gabe out of the hall, turn right, Stay to the right and proceed down the 
corridor. When T#1 appears, headshot him from behind the wall buttress. (Note, 
T#1 doesn't always run out into the hall like an idiot, sometimes you have to 
stalk him) Move to the end of the corridor and turn right headshot T#2. Continue 
down the corridor till the first hallway on the left. Go straight through, pass 
by the halls to the left and right and enter the mens bathroom on the left. Two 
Ts are whizzing in there and talking about a new video game. Sweep them and shoot 
the vent grill out in the ceiling. Crawl through the duct till you drop into the 
Security room. Release the gates arm with the K3G4 from the box, exit the room 
and torch the two Ts waiting out there. Switch back to the G-18 and enter the 
Womens bathroom, stop at the corner of the room and hold (L1). The Ts will run 
right into the fire. EWW, why are two guys in the womans bathroom? Enter the 
bathroom and shoot the vent grill. Get the Grenades in the toilet if you must 
have them. Climb into the duct, enter Hadden's office, grab and transmit the 
disarm code. (Note, the transmit code is not always in the desk drawer or the 
Picture, You may have to search for it in the room) Kill the two Ts that enter 
from the door and the duct. (I stand behind the desk and target the door guy, the 
duct guy takes the lead along with him. Take their ammo and leave the room. Head 
for the Mens bathroom, more often than not you'll be pursued by at least two 
vested Ts, peek-&-shoot. The Lobby is where the Agents are being held, you want 
top make your way there, Switch to MAP, the Lobby is the large room in the 
Southwest quadrant of the MAP. 

I Face the Lobby entrance and creep to the left of the opening, this gives a 
clear shot at floor boy and balcony boy. Take floor boy first, he tends to run 
and or kneel. Next either two more Ts will drop to the floor from the same 
direction as the first two or one will appear from the left, in either case, (L1) 
and sweep. There will be at least six Ts in this room. When complete, 

(Cut scene) Lawrence tells Gabe that Mara has highjacked a subway train. Collect 
all the weps and vests you need. Switch to MAP, locate the corridor in the 
Northeast quadrant of the Senate building that has a "DOT", this is the elevator 
to the basement and the DC. subway system. Go figure! So run to that position and 
take the elevator down. Gabe will encounter at least two Ts on the way to the 
elevator. Switch to K3G4 and "Going DOWN Mr. Tyler?"

When you get to the Subway, Mara will Blurt out about one more bomb before she 
enters the train. Sometimes a T will come directly across the tracks at Gabe, 
this is where the K3G4 comes in some are vested and some aren't. If the T doesn't 
show after a few seconds, he won't for a while. Creep to the left but hang back 
from the corner. Peek-&_shoot the two Ts around the corner. This might call out 
the T from across the tracks, if not, turm to the right of the elevator and claim 
the box of K3G4 ammo. Head out across the tracks. This action will certainly call 
out two Ts from the subway tunnels to the right of the elevator. The K3G4 comes 
in real handy. Once you make it across the tracks to the train that Mara went in 
to, quickly do likewise, otherwise more Ts will show up while your poking around.

END OF LEVEL 18. Senate Building


19. DC Subway

(Cut scene) Gabe is in the Last car of the subway train and speaking to Lawrence.

 There are thirty and two cars connected to this subway train. I suggest that as 
soon as Gabe is freed from the cut scene, that you switch to the Weapons menu and 
arm with the G-18 if you're out of K3G4 ammo. There are two Terrorists, bearing 
down on him that roll as soon as they blow through the car's sliding doors. If 
Gabe has sustained damage from the Senate Building, he won't be able to withstand 
many rounds into his vest, your best bet is to mow them down before they get a 
chance to roll and go into a crouch. Take their weps and move into the next car 
where you'll find one of the few vests in this level.

The 3rd car has the roof blown off it and two Ts drop down, run through them 
while (R1) targeting and take their weps. The 5th car, next incident will be two 
Ts breaking through the windows at each end of the car, Gabe can (R1) them as 
well. The 7th car has two vested Ts behind seats. One firing and the other 
tossing grenades, don't get too close to the door, the rounds and the grenade's 
impact results transmit through the walls of the car. 

(Cut scene) Lawrence informs Gabe that the Ts have taken hostages and that Gabe 
must free them.

8th car vest, 10th has ceiling boom and T drop, smoke 'em, grab the weps and 
proceed to car 11. 11 is empty, but, it gives you a view of two Ts in #12 with 
the first encountered hostage. Peroceed to the doors till the T yells, "Don't 
come any closer." This is your killing position, ensure that you can clearly see 
both Ts. If you have a hard time spraying lead through the heads of the Ts, try 
the H-11 it throws lead awfully fast, at least one round will catch the 2nd T 
before he can kill the hostage. If you're feeling like a rambunctious 
sharpshooter try the 9mm or the Falcon. 

When Car 12 is cleared, enter and free the woman. Take the deceased losers weps 
with disdain. Car 13, vest, proceed to car #14's doors.

(Cut scene) Aramov passes two of her vested Ts as she makes her way to the engine.
Stay in #13 and snipe them from there. Take their vests and H-11s if you need or 
want them. The doors to cars 15 and 16 are open, but as you approach car #17, 
you'll see two more Ts with hostage #2. Proceed till you get the expected 
response. One of the Ts is vested, I think it's the T on the right. Spray them 
before the T on the right kneels, otherwise the element of surprise and your 
weapons fire rate will be nullified. Enter car 17 and free the hostage.
 Car 18 is another ceiling boomer as soon as Gabe auto targets them, (R1) and 
advance into the car, taking their weps as you go. Car #20 has Two Ts breaking 
through the windows at the other end of the car (R1) and collect them. Car #22 
two more ceiling boomers. Car #24 has two Ts with the 3rd hostage, the ungrateful 
GIT, why I oughta murderlize ya!
Car #26 has a vest.
Car #27 has a sneaky set-up it appears empty as you enter it, but, about halfway 
in, two Ts break in through the windows from opposite ends of the car, 
effectively sandwiching Gabe in the middle. Like most, you tend to go after the 
one in front of Gabe, this is a mistake. Even though the T is an easy hit, (no 
vest) the time needed to turn from T#1 on to T#2,(vested) and head shot him, gets 
Gabe killed even when he has a full vest. 
Once you here the crash, turn around, target the head of the vested T and then 
(R1) the other. Gabe might take a few hits , but it will be minimal in comparison.
Car #29 has another set of ceiling boomer Ts, but, in this car, just back into 
car #28 and they'll blow themselves up, (don't know why, but who am I to look a 
gift horse in the mouth). Take the AUG from car #29. The superman gun. Car #31 
has Lieutenant Cooley and some explosives in it. Be sure to stand back far enough 
in car #30 to spray him with lead before he smokes Gabe. Once Cooley is down 
enter car #32 and retrieve the demolitions Gabe needs to open the next set of 
subway car doors.

(Cut scene) Gabe informs Lawrence of the Explosives and his intentions

Once Gabe sets the explosives, turn about and book back to car #30, if you're in 
cars 31 or 32 your toast. Return to car #32 and proceed to the Engine, once 
there, Mara will threaten Gabe with the death of the last hostage. Have Gabe 
climb up and onto the Engine roof and run forward to the front of the cab. Arm 
with the AUG, target Mara's head and fire, ending the level. If you stop for some 
time before taking Mara, you can hear her list of insults and Cajoling.

END OF LEVEL 19. DC Subway


You have completed your first run through the game Syphon Filter 3. What did you 
think of the game? Fast, slow, too easy, too hard? Were you wondering about 
the "GOT IT" from the playable characters in the game? When accessing the Main 
Menu, did you happen to notice while there that there was a new line in the 
options menu known as "CHEATS"? The cheats are arenas acquired by you in-game. 
They are the bonuses the game gives to the player for completing the hidden 
objectives as in Syphon Filter 2.  


09. Cheats/Arenas by Level

(HARD MODE), same as SF2, at the game menu, highlight "NEW GAME", press and hold 
(L1), Up, Select, (R2), Square, Circle. While holding these buttons down, 
tap "X". If you have done everything correctly, you'll here an odd "PING". From 
there, click "NEW GAME" and begin your game. The Words "PLAYING ON HARD 
DIFFICULTY" will appear at the bottom of the game screen once Gabe is free from 
the cut scene at the Hotel Fukushima

Thanks to SYPHONTtm87 for bringing this one to my attention. Syphontm87 is the 
first one I know of to post this baby to the site GameFaqs.

01. "Military Base", mini game, Hotel Fukushima, beginning of the action. You 
must save the prisoner across the street in the other building. There are two in 
the room with the prisoner and one in the room to the right. I set my scope to 
about half, (it allows me to move the cross hairs quickly and accurately) Once 
Gabe has completed the objective he'll give you the "GOT IT" to signify 

01.a. Biathlon, (Special) mini game, Hotel Fukushima, Once you have saved the 
prisoner in the building across the street, switch to the taser, tase all the bad 
guys in the rest of the level, (ALL OF THEM!) Didn't get a "GOT IT" from Gabe

02. "Rhoemer's Labs", two player arena, Costa Rican Plantation, you will come 
across a female slave being beaten, bitch slap the guard before you smoke him, 
she is free. She'll ask Gabe to help her friend, do so, and the Labs are yours.
03. "Missile Silo" two player, C-5 Galaxy Transport, You must let both pilots in 
the cockpit live. If I have any damage to my vest, I take the Vest below the 
ladder to the cockpit before I run up into the cockpit, open the cargo door and 
leave. I have done this more than once without ever being seen. (Short level)

05. "Bridge", mini game, Pugari Complex, Foreman Jones, in the building, let him 
live. This actually makes the beginning of the level easier than smoking him. You 
won't get a "GOT IT" from Lawrence. (Short level)

06. "Kabul", two player, Kabul Afghanistan, Complete your sniper objective making 
sure you aren't seen and get a "GOT IT" from Lian after the final sniper is 
capped. While you're at it, (getting the snipers), acquire the AUG, you're going 
to want it in Lian's hands before you drop her down into the tunnels. It'll make 
her life easier getting to the Weapons cache, setting it off will be a piece of 
liverwurst with the AUG. 

07. "SS. Lorelei", two player, SS. Lorelei, You must let the ship's cook live. 
Once you hear the convo between him and the spook, you can run on ahead of him to 
get into the dumb waiter or you can hide in one of the niches along the hall and 
follow behind him, (incase you don't know where the Galley is). As long as your 
in the crouch, you can sneak behind him, I think he's one of "Jerry's Kids" may 
be going deaf too.

09. "Warehouse", mini game, Waterfront, This seems harder than it is, because of 
it's length and that there isn't anything hard to find. I had my daughter time me 
on the level, I did it in a tad over six minutes. All you have to do is keep 
moving and firing. Except for headshots on the first two IRAs, I use the (R1) 
targeting method. It can get dicey when you have to bounce around the warehouse 
protecting the locksmith who can't hit the broadside of a barn from being 
ventilated by all the IRAs, but there are many Vestboxes sitting around. It may 
seem daunting at first, my suggestion is to play the level a few times to get the 
layout of it, then tear it up. "ONE MORE THING", when you pick up the Spyder, 
shoulder it. when you come off that next to last truck, the IRAs are going to 
swarm Gabe like stink on you know what. Just do short bursts, release and hold 
(R1) to retarget the next piece of Irish Swiss cheese.

14. "Rhoemer's Fortress", mini game, St. George Australia, This arena had me 
going for some considerable time. I believed you actually had to start in level 
13, (The Australian outback). While in level 13, you locate a sniper rifle, "MUST 
SAVE FOR LEVEL 14", (St George). The only one I found that I could get to in 13 
belonged to a tower guard North of the Satellite dish. Another tower guard, 
guarding Elsa's enclosure has one, but he won't reliably drop it for me no matter 
what I say or do. You'd think with all the guys around that an attractive assasin 
would have an easy time getting a date here, BUT NOOOO!

I now know that there "IS" a sniper rifle in St. George, but you have to be VEWY 
VEWY QUIET and sneaky!

So, once you get into St. George, You must have Lian run to the right side of the 
truck as soon as she's free from the (Cut scene). At the drivers side rear corner 
of the truck immediatly go into the creep and access the back of the truck. 
Snatch the Sniper rifle and creep back to the front of the truck without ever 
being noticed. Switch to the sniper rifle and use it exclusively. Do not alert 
any of the guards, e.g., if your danger meter activates, if a guard yells 
out "Tango sited" or "Lian Xing, fire at will", stop and reset the game from last 
check point. Once you've removed Cmdr. Silvers and freed all the test victims, 
return to the truck. If you have completed the level correctly, Lian gives 
the "GOT IT" when she touches the truck.

16. If playing Militia Compound for the first time, follow these instructions 

"Izmailovo Park", Militia Compound, Near the beginning, Enter the first barn, 
move to the back room and drop down to the lower level. There will be two MIBs 
and a prisoner named Floyd. Save Floyd by smoking the two MIBS before either can 
shoot him. Target the head of the MIB striking Floyd, as the roving MIB passes 
pop two for the price of one. Now, drop down into the next hole and remove the 
two MIBs, one standing above the floor grating and the other around the corner, 
further down the hall. At the end of the hall, where the second MIB came from, is 
access to the ground level. Pop up to the outside again. Around the corner there 
will be two MIBs holding two survivalists. You must save both prisoners from 
being fried by the MIBs, to learn the whereabouts of the Data Disc. I switch to 
the K3G4 and take head shots. I take the left MIB first, as the right MIB moves 
back and to the right, I swing the K3G4 passed his mellon. Be careful not to 
swing too fast or he'll get passed your fire and toast Teresa with a head shot. 
Lastly, retrieve the Data Disc from the deer head in the cabin. From this point, 
I remove all the MIBs that get in my way. By the time you save before going down 
to the bunker you have Izmailovo. Teresa doesn't give up a "GOT IT".

 If you've played through the game and know where the Data disc is, you can let 
the two brothers croak. Shave some time and still get the arena, by saving Floyd 
and taking the disc. I've tried every combination I can think of and the only two 
that work are these
1. Save Floyd, the two brothers and the Data Disc. 
2. Save Floyd and the Data Disc.

17. "Mesa Verde", mini game, Underground Bunker, The bunker is a dark level, all 
the passageways twisting and turning, it can get a tad confusing. The MIBs are 
almost invisible, so you have to more or less do the level a few times in order 
to memorize what rocks the buggers pop out from. Other than that, the level isn't 
that difficult. It can be easily done in 13 minutes. I really took my time. I've 
done it in less than 10 minutes without stressing it. There are no special non 
related Items to pick up. I get the Falcon in the "GREEN" side cave and the K3G4 
in the blue cave. The Falcon does the MIBs up close in two rounds and if you're 
conservative, it'll last you for 85% of the level.

19. "Super Agent", "Select Level" and "End Level" DC Subway, I believe, the only 
requirement for these cheats is to complete this level. I don't get the "GOT IT" 
till the end. You can creep the whole length of the subway train, stand above 
Mara and the hostage and listen to Mara hurl insults and try to bribe you into 
laying down your weapon. I stood there until 12 minutes had passed for the whole 
level brfore I got tired of waiting and capped her. Make sure you get and arm 
with the AUG by the time you get to the last car. Mara will threaten you, jump 
Gabe up onto the car race down to the end and target Mara's head and ruin her 
new 'do. The problem I have here is that the AUG can shoot through concrete, 
steel, soil and rock but won't punch a hole through bullet proof glass?


10. Game Oddities/Glitches

Syphon Filter 3

  The first three levels with glitches were found by me on my lonesome, the rest 
of them have been tagged by the Meat Puppets of note.

Level 06. Kabul Afghanistan, Gabe has to protect the cluster boy Ellis from 
shooting himself, (apparently he isn't capable of shooting the bad guys to any 
degree which would save himself) This glitch is at the mine diffusing. Ellis 
kneels to disarm the mine and Gabe runs around killing all the BGs while Ellis 
farts around.
So, to the passenger side of the truck, an Afghani soldier is standing there 
minding his own business checking out the scenery and quite active for a dead 
thing I'm sure. I didn't expect him to be there, he didn't target me, so I missed 
him at first. I creeped up to and ran around him, bumped him, I think we could 
have been friends. I stayed there till I heard firing from the distance and left 
him to himself, maybe next time.

At the last checkpoint, as soon as you plant the charge to blow the fence and end 
the level, run over to Ellis and wait till you hear the explosion then put a 
round into Ellis's head for being a lousy shot. The game, even though it 
has "Mission Complete" at the top of the screen also has just below it "Mission 
failed, failed to keep Ellis alive". The game will restart at the moment just 
before you plug Ellis.

Level 08. Aztec Ruins, Lian frees one scientist from the second section of Ruins, 
when she enters the cell, the scientist is invisible, but still speaks his 
lines, "I was only doing my job"

Level 15. Paradise Ridge:
 At the crash site, Gabe shoots the two Mibs but they don't fall till the end of 
the cut scene.

Same as above, but in this scene, Gabe shoots the MIBs, they die and disappear, 
but Gabe continues shooting till you press Triangle

Level 16. Militia Compound: The Militia Compound seems to be plagued with glitches

After talking to Jeb and George down in the well area, the three of you go out to 
battle the MIBs passed the ramp. If you move up into firing postion at the ramp 
end of the alley before the two can climb out and begin the attack, kill the 
first two MIBs on your own, the first survivalist will continue down the alley to 
kill the one MIB on the roof. I followed right behind him and finish off the roof 
MIB for him The survivalist turned to the MIB that is usually beside the barrels 
and begin shooting dead airspace.

Just after getting or not getting the Data disc from the deer head, exit the room 
and get the M-79. Stay close to the fence, move toward the two survivalists, but 
don't pass the doorway. Cap the MIB on the left side of the roof, move a tad more 
to the left and peek around the corner of the building. Inch over a little more 
each time until the 2nd MIB on the roof appears and remove him, (I like to blow 
him up with the M-79). Now approach the S's. They'll continue with the convo as 
if the two MIBs were still on the roof.

Same situation, but I missed the second MIB with the M-79 and the two 
Survivalists ignored me, not saying a word. So, I M-79'd the Barn loft MIB, this 
got the two to run toward the Bunker access barn, where everything proceeded as 

Enter the final building with the two survivalists, One says I'll go right and 
he'll go left, you go up the middle. After you clear the room of the MIBs, 
instead of going to the mattress, go back outside to the opening and hear them 
say their lines again.

Glokkpod says:
I switched my weapon right before I did a action like flipping a switch and my 
weapons hadn't switched yet and Gabe started runnin with no wep out with his 
hands lookin like they were strapped to his sides and he swayed from side to side 
while runnin. this happened in Sf1 too. it was funny

Syphon Filter 1

Xaviorblazer78 says: 
On sf1 in the rom with Mara holding Phagan at gunpoint I shot her and shot all 
the lights and a hole in the ground appeared. I jumped in and kept falling then 
the game froze

Kharille says:
Syphon Filter 1, there's a part in the caves where some guy chucks grenades at 
you from above, an you're supposed to run to some right side tunnel. Well, 
apparently if you role forward into the wall ahead you, you end up falling.

Daygreen60 says:
In the level where Lian is in Australia, at the end of the level one of the 
enemies gets stuck in the ground somehow and the level won't end till you kill 
him. I had to wait a few minutes till he surfaced and I could kill him. Very 
strange indeed. 



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