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Simpson’s Road Rage

Title: Simpson’s Road Rage
Platform: Gamecube
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
Type: Racing/Adventure
1-2 Players
Rated E for Everyone

Table Of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Contact Information
3. Game Description
4. Controls
5. Game Modes
6. Characters and Vehicles
7. Answers to Frequently asked questions
8. Hints + Tips

1. Introduction

The Simpson’s Road Rage is a spin-off of the popular TV show “The Simpson’s” on FOX. 
(Check your local cable provider for channel information.) The Simpson’s Road Rage 
has arrived on the Gamecube. 

2. Contact Information

If you need to contact me for any reason please e-mail me at [email protected], 
please don’t e-mail me asking questions that are already answered in this 
walkthrough, if you do, I will only say “re-read walkthrough”. If you would like to 
view all of the walkthroughs and FAQ’s authored by me you may want to visit my 
website at www.geocities.com/codeworld1, and click on strategy guides.

3. Game Description

Mr. Burns has bought the Springfield Transit Corporation and he has jacked up the 
fares to try to gouge the citizens of Springfield have gone into a “Road Rage,” and 
are determined to get their transit back by raising one million dollars. 

4. Controls

The controls are the following:

Steering- Control Pad or stick
Gas- A or C stick up
Brake/Reverse- X or C stick down
Hand Brake- Y or B
Horn- R
Look Back- L
Reset Vehicle- Z
Pause- Start

5. Game Modes

Road Rage- beat the clock to deliver passengers, make money and earn rewards.

Sunday Drive- Explore Spring Field at your own pace

Mission Mode- Help your favorite characters achieve their goals before time runs out.

Head to Head- Compete head-to-head to deliver passengers to their destinations

Options- Load saved games, choose skill level, and configure Controller and other 

6. Characters and Vehicles

Homer, Family Sedan
Bart, Soap Box Racer
Marge- Canyonaro
Lisa, Elec-tauros
Grandpa- Shrincer’s Cart
Apu- Sports Car
Otto- School Bus
Chief Wiggum- Cop Car
Homer, Mr.Plow
Reverend Lovejoy- Book Burning Mobile
Professor Frink, Flying Car
Grounds Keeper Willie, Tractor
Krusty the Klown, Klown Car
Barney, Plow King
Moe, Sedan
Flanders, Station Wagon
Snake, Lil Bandit

7. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What character is unlocked that has a question mark as its picture?
A: That space is for special holiday characters, if you play Simpson’s Road Rage on 
Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or New Years, you will have a character in that 
space for that day.

Q:  How do I find the place the person I pick-up wants to go?
A: At the top of your screen you should see a yellow hand if he is pointing straight 
you are going the right way, if it is blinking you are very close to your 

Q: Can you honk the horn in this game?
A: Yes, you can honk the horn, to honk the horn press the L button.

8. Hints + Tips

Unlock Christmas Apu- Set the Gamecube’s Clock to 12/25/02
Unlock Halloween Bart- Set the Gamecube’s Clock to 10/31/02
Unlock New Year’s Krusty- Set the Gamecube’s Clock to 1/1/02
Unlock Thanksgiving Marge- Set the Gamecube’s Clock to 11/22/02

Enter the following at the options menu:

2D Characters- Hold L+R and press X, X, X, X

Additional Camera Views- Hold L+R and press B, B, B, B, B

Christmas Mode- Hold L+R and press B, B, X, B

Collision Lines- Hold L+R and press B, B, A, A

Extra Cash- Hold L+R and press Y, Y, Y, Y

Halloween Mode- Hold L+R and press B, B, Y, A

New Years Mode- Hold L+R and press B, B, X, Y

Nuclear Bus- Hold L+R and press B, B, Y, A

Smither’s Car- Hold L+R and press B, B, Y, Y

Soapbox Car- Hold L+R and press B, B, Y, X

Thanksgiving Mode- Hold L+R and press B, B, X, X


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