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-Game Basics

Twisted Metal 3 is a fun and entertaining game. This game is all about DESTRUCTION! 
Well, you choose your own car and drive around through eight amazing levels of play.

The basic part of this game is, to destroy your opponents. Here are the controls you 
will need to know:
X- Emergency brake
O- Rearview mirror
L1- Switch weapons
R1- Switch weapons
L2- Fire weapons
R2- Fire bullets
Square- gas
Up- Gas
Right- Move right
Left- Move Left
Down- Reverse

In a tournament you drive around in your vehicle picking up weapons to shoot your 
opponents. You also have infinite machine gun bullets. Your objective is to drive 
around in each level destroying your opponents. Once you have killed all of your 
opponents in that level you will move on to the next level. But be careful, some 
levels have bosses.

Deathmatch is the same as tournament. In deathmatch you have the option to choose 
your enemies, the level and the option of modes played or won. In played mode you 
can play as many macthes as you like. In won mode, you can play 1 through 99 matches 
and you must win the number of matches chosen. There is a tiebreaker.

There are eight amazing levels of play:
-Washington D.C.
-Hangar 18
-North Pole
-Calypso's Blimp

There are three bosses. The first boss you will fight is in Washington D.C. and his 
name is Darkside. The second boss you will fight is in London and his name is 
Minion. The last boss is Primeval and you battle him in Calypso's Blimp.

After you beat a level with a certain character you are awarded a password for the 
next level. That password will only work for that character for that level. Each 
character has a different password for each level. Boss passwords and other 
passwords you must find on your own.

Each character has his or her own special attack. If you use up all of your special 
attack then you must wait until it recharges and you have more special attacks. 
Advanced attacks are attacks like freeze, high jump, rear attack and invisibility. 
But if you do not have enough energy ro the advanced attack then you must wait until 
you have enough energy.

Weapons are all over each level. Some weapon pick-ups are only available in certain 
levels. The weapons are:
-Fire Missiles
-Power Missiles
-Homing Missles
-Ricochet Bomb
-Remote Bomb
-Speed Missiles
-Rain Missiles
Health is also a pick-up. There is a full health pick-up and a partial health pick-

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