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 .'                                       .,.                               `.
 |  MMMMMM    MM     MMM     MMM      .;tX, ,   MMM   MMM MMMMMMMM    .MM.    |
 |  MMM      MMMM    MMM     MMM    SMMM,  AM1  MMM   MMM   MMMM    XMM  MMM  |
 |  MMM     $MMMMb   MMM     MMM    MMM,   AMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM    @0  0MM.  |
 |  MMMMM   MM  MM   MMM     MMM    MM,   AMMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM       ;ZMM   |
 |  MMMMM  SMM  MMt  MMM     MMM    M,     `;M  MMM   MMM   MMMM      .MMM;   |
 |  MMM    MMM  MMM  MMM     MMM    MMMMM; ,MM  MMM   MMM   MMMM       .iMMM  |
 |  MMM   iMMMMMMMM. MMM     MMM    MMMM, ,MMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM    Yc.  WMM  |
 `.                                   .,                                     .'
                       | The Wasteland Survival Guide |

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Enhanced Guide (Screens/Videos) at: http://www.supercheats.com/guides/fallout-3/
It is the year 2277.  The world is still covered in   Oo=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*oO
ashes from the nuclear holocaust, a fate humanity     || © Absolute Steve ||
could not escape from.  The Capital Wasteland and all ||   Version: Vault ||
that remains only reflects a glimpse of a world that  ||  PS3 / X360 / PC ||
once was, but no longer is.  Those who sought refuge  ||[email protected]||
in large underground shelters, also known as Vaults,  ||www.shillatime.org||
were doomed to stay there forever.                    Oo=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*oO

Welcome to Fallout 3, a game that only one word can describe. Massive.

With the help of this Wasteland Survival Guide, you'll be able to enjoy the game
much more than without it.  In order to fully appreciate the vast realm of
Fallout 3 you'll want to explore every corner of it, and this Guide focuses on
that aspect like no other, only for you to get a more complete experience.

Key features of this Guide:
• Spoiler Free Walkthrough
• Complete Item Coverage
• Extensive Location Maps
• In-depth Character Customization
• Full Coverage of Downloadable Content

- Absolute Steve
    ___ _   _ _____ _   _ ___ ___    ___  ___    ___ _   _ ___ ___  ___ ___ 
   | __| | | |_   _| | | | _ \ __|  / _ \| __|  / __| | | |_ _|   \| __/ __|
   | _|| |_| | | | | |_| |   / _|  | (_) | _|  | (_ | |_| || || |) | _|\__ \
   |_|  \___/  |_|  \___/|_|_\___|  \___/|_|    \___|\___/|___|___/|___|___/

This version of the "Future of Guides" essay is a trial version that will be
published in it's final form in an upcoming guide on Fallout New Vegas. If you
have comments, want to point out errors, or simply reply, you can do so at the
following email: [email protected]

This essay will be removed from this guide after the New Vegas Guide has been
released, including the final version of "Future of Guides".

I know. This essay is quite lengthy, so if you're in a hurry just skip down to
the walkthrough. However, if you have some interest in how the guide writing
industry is currently evolving, I invite you to read this essay in which I plead
for more recognition for, and more cooperation between guide authors.

Game guides have been around for almost as long as videogames themselves, but in
a world where information is becoming increasingly more accessible, how is the
format for game guides evolving? In the early nineties, game guides were usually
featured as an appendix to videogame magazines, until Prima launched a series of
game guides back in 1990. The guides were qualitatively poor and fairly
unpopular by today's standards. Another company called Bradygames started
selling guides in the nineties. It spawned various over the years, including
infamous - yet bestselling - books for popular RPG's such as the Final Fantasy
series. Halfway the nineties, hotlines also started to gain popularity, if only
through heavy marketing. By dialing a certain hotline you had "instant access"
to hundreds of cheats for the most well-known games. The hotlines were rather
expensive (a buck per minute at least), so it wasn't the preferred option for
getting your daily cheatcodes. If you were stuck in a game back then, you either
had your friends or big brother help you. If your friends sucked at gaming and
you didn't have a big brother (I for one, didn't), then "that was life for 'ya."

At the end of the decade, two new companies arose in the game guide industry,
and interestingly, both took base in Hamburg, Germany. Piggyback quickly 
conquered the European market with high-quality guides for well-known games
such as the Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy Series. FuturePress filled in
the gaps with 'lesser' titles and remains to do so to date, mainly for the 
European and German market, one of the reasons it's hardly known elsewhere in
the world.

The internet brought aspiring game guide writers the excellent possibility to
spread their information worldwide, but it wasn't until around the millennium
that the majority of people started to gain internet access. The most popular
games were quick to be covered in so-called FAQs: Documents in which Frequently
Asked Questions were answered. Jeff Veasey, founder of GameFAQs, started 
collecting these documents and brought them all together at what remains the
biggest online gaming helpsite to date. FAQs started including full-fledged 
walkthroughs and some of these in turn evolved into strategy guides that left
no stone unturned. Lately, since the late 2000's, wiki pages have gained
interest. This format allows communities of people to cooperatively work on
creating a network of informative pages regarding a certain game. While the
obvious benefit is that the amount of people makes contributing easy and the
network quickly grows, some of the major downsides are inaccuracy of 
information, poorly written and vague walkthroughs, and the constant need to
browse back and forth between pages. Most FAQ authors foresaw that accessibility
was easily enhanced and had already solved the tedious searching problem by
implementing a simple Ctrl + F search system with [tags] into their documents.

Presently, there are several camps in the guide writing business. There are the
well-known strategy guide writing companies that pay for exclusive publishing
rights, and there's the ever growing database of free guides online. We can
divide the four official strategy guide companies into two groups, not only
geographically but interestingly also qualitatively: On the one hand we have
the U.S.-based Prima and Bradygames, whose motto comes to down to "selling as
many game guides as possible, for as many games as possible." The problem is
that they spawn not only strategy guides for games hardly justified for this
format, but more so that their books are qualitatively poor. Admittedly there
has been a slight rise in quality over the past 10 years, but the sloppy and
erroneous layouts and information almost never justify a purchase at these
companies. However, the majority of the gaming market - say 90% - doesn't even
look at the company name when buying a strategy guide, so there's no reason 
beyond ethics for these companies to care.

On the other hand we have the European companies, Piggyback and FuturePress, 
of which the former is the uncrowned king in the guide writing business. Their
approach is to make very few guides a year - two to three at most - but to make
them perfect in almost every possible way. While strategy guides always remain
a product of marketing, if you need any reason to warrant a purchase at all, 
it's because their books are in the best condition they could've possibly 
reached you, having excellent binding, highly qualitative layouts and an ocean
of information and trivia. The only downsides to this approach are the fact 
that not every game can be covered (only highly popular games can be), and that
a collector's edition might be pricy in these difficult times for some people.

Where Piggyback's fashionable office is located in the beautiful Hamburg city
center, my trip to FuturePress requires a little more dedication, but I 
eventually manage to find their headquarters in a back alley of a more sober
neighbourhood. The people are all very friendly, although it becomes immediately
apparent that they don't have the contacts Piggyback does. FuturePress still
makes much better guides than Prima and Bradygames, but the sore reality is that
they only get to buy the rights from Prima and Brady themselves - mostly just
for the European market.

Then there's the free, online sources of gaming help, ranging from the vast 
library of text-based documents on GameFAQs, to the - sorry to say, but poorly
made - semi-free guides of Gamespot and IGN, to wiki pages dedicated to specific
games, to in-depth guides by prolific authors at Supercheats, to more simple 
websites that mainly offer cheats only. An interesting format sprung from 
Youtube recently: Video talkthroughs. There are few reasons to be a big fan of
this format, if only for the reason that there's no proper search function, but
there are more downsides to it which are all discussed later. In this turbulent
world of ever-changing formats for game guides, which direction are we headed
and better yet, which direction is best to be headed towards?

It's mostly about making choices regarding the height of your standards and
arguably everyone would want the highest standard of quality, even if the
information is free.  When looking for any source of game information, this
would translate into the following criteria: Getting everything out of your game
in the most convenient way possible.  This is the approach that the better
official companies take when making their tomes, so it might as well be your
- admittedly ultimate - demand when looking for a free guide online. So let's
compare the different formats to see how they well they work when this criteria
is applied.

I'll start off with the - usually widely promoted - semi-free game guides on 
Gamespot and IGN. First of all, keep in mind that the guys writing these aren't
paid a top-notch salary, and that they have to spit out guides at a rather fast
pace. Add to this the fact that writing for video games as a job takes most of
the fun out of the gaming experience and you get rushed guides with half-decent
text and accompanied screenshots that have no existential purpose but to serve
as filler. It's true; the walkthroughs are usually rather globally written, 
serving only to get you from point A to point B, and will help you only when 
you're stuck and have absolutely no clue as to where to go. The "in-depth"
sections mostly cover only the basics and are hardly worth mentioning. Quite a
lot of people *will* however use these guides, simply because they're decently
advertised online. A solution for improvement would theoretically be simple, but
it's similar to the final  conclusion we'll land at in the final section of this
essay, so let's stay patient and unspoiled for now. A permanent problem these
sites face is the low budget they're willing to spend on game guides (in other
words, they lack idealism altogether. This is one of the reasons I'd recommend
against using these sites, but that's a completely different story).

Wiki pages are a newly born alternative and their pros and cons have already 
been briefly discussed above. They suffer from the same problem as the 
semi-free guides previously discussed, namely that they lack in-depth 
information incorporated in the walkthrough itself. Wikis make up for this with
their nearly infinite amount of pages on subjects, but this is also a weakness;
this sometimes leaves you searching around and in circles. Credit is hardly
given when editing wiki pages, so for the exception of a few top-notch 
contributors, it is a business mostly fueled in bit-sized pieces by a large
community of people. Unpopular games aren't covered by wiki pages at all, and
there are far too few contributors in the first place.

As for cheat sites in general, there's not much more to be found besides just 
cheats. There's one major exception to the rule, being Supercheats. The guides
written here by prolific authors have a few nice additions, including video (and
sometimes screenshot) support. Not all guides are of the same quality, but
there's a solution for this problem we'll soon land at.

Video talkthroughs have a few benefits, the biggest being that the author no 
longer needs to write everything down into words when creating the talkthrough.
This doesn't benefit the user looking for help, and they are only helped in 
very specific contexts by this format, which lends itself perfectly for "finding
hidden objects", and I dare say it lends itself for this purpose only. It works
great if you see someone walk straight to an item you were looking for and that
you struggled to find when reading through text. As such, videos are a great
addition to text, but not as a replacement. Why not? For one, videos don't have
a proper search function, and can never describe handy statistics, such as a
complete item/equipment list as featured in most role playing games (but very
thinkable in adventure games as well, where this can take the form of a table
that compares gunfire power for exampe). The viewer also needs to deduct 
strategies from the video and comments of the author alone. This can work for a
straight A-to-B walkthrough or for beating a boss, but it's a pain when the
author decides against exploring optional parts when you wanted to do just that
- or vice versa. An other disadvantage is that videos contain spoilers. You
might be able to click away the video right before spoilers come up, especially
if the author warns you in advance, but you can imagine this is a stressful
situation. A last drawback of videos is that they're time consuming to watch,
so it's almost like you're playing the game twice; once by someone else playing
it for you. Videos can still be, it has to be said, an excellent addition to 
text when they visually show something text has difficulties with to describe,
but they have little value beyond this feature.

If someone would ask me if there is still a need for text-based documents (FAQs)
in a few years, I'd wholeheartedly tell them yes, but I'd also tell them that
things are in need of a little tweaking. FAQs suffer from less problems than
other formats because they're well organized, rapidly downloadable, quickly
searchable by using [tags] and Ctrl + F, they're printable, easy to save onto 
your hard disk, and they have all information stored in one place. There's only
one 'problem'; the big differences in quality between FAQs. Some guides remain
unfinished, some are finished but have a very poor layout, and only a handful
can be considered pure quality. Now I know (of course I do), these authors all
write in their spare time and we should all be thankful for whatever they
contribute - no arguing there. What would you expect from free guides? But if
it's easy to make things better, why not give it a try?

On a side note, I wouldn't think the solution lies in the new html guides that
GameFAQs now features.  It theoretically allows for a few decent features,
especially if authors would choose to include screenshots that enrich their
written text (but a danger lies in abundancy).  Better yet would be placing
videos at parts where text lacks in its descriptive function as argued for in
the previous paragraphs. Having a few videos to show difficult item locations
would be great. Besides these benefits, the format is no longer easy to print
(not a disaster), it is arguably not as easy to search through compared to a
compact text document, it is a pain to save onto an external space such as a
hard disk or USB stick, and for some reason they're not as easy to organise as
text. Besides this, it takes more time for both writers and administrator(s) to
create this format. If anything, this format reminds mostly of the unsuccessful
superguides at mycheats, the difference being that everyone can contribute to

The solution is already partly being executed by some authors who co-author with
each other, but it'd be interesting and easy enough to take this to the next
level. You'll unlikely have found yourself staring at a few different FAQs,
wondering which one to pick. Perhaps you randomly chose one, perhaps one of an
author who sounded familiar, or perhaps you looked for recent updates and the
size of the document, or maybe you clicked on all of them and made your
decision after briefly browsing each. In any case, several authors all decided
to make their own version of a FAQ. Some of them don't cover much more besides
the walkthrough, others write complete guides, and still others make an attempt
at fully uncovering every aspect of the game. While there's something to say
for writing everything all by yourself - you get your own credits and you *can*
have fun while writing - it is worth asking the question whether or not you're
actually contributing something that hasn't already been done before; do guides
exist with better informative text that are faster available than yours, are
better searchable, more consicely and clearly written, perhaps more beautifully
laid out? Because if they do, realize that the only good reasons to continue
writing for such a game are either because you want to practice your writing
skills (a completely legitimate reason), or because you think you can do better
than the best existing guide available (legitimate, but sometimes difficult to
attain). A final, alternative point of view could be to take "a different
approach", which always comes down to either using more or using less humor, or
describing more or less spoilers, simply because "other approaches" don't exist:
The video game you're writing about demands a certain structured approach with
little variation possible. Do realize that even with a "different approach", the
most important goal is still to write just as qualitatively as the best
available stuff already launched elsewhere. Also keep in mind that the author(s)
of the most qualitative guide might've chosen to use a fair share of humor and
keep spoilers to a minimum (arguably a favorable combination for the majority of
readers). Even when there's no information available at all on a certain game,
which is common when games have just been released, it can still be important
to keep the highest possible quality in mind, simply because someone else might
outdo your guide soon.

While I realize that some of the above might sound radical in the ears of
certain writers, I think it also sounds very logical. If you compare the amount
of visits of a high-quality guide to a merely decent guide you'd notice a
drastic difference between figures. The star system already differentiates - and
rightfully so - between guides to make qualitative ones stand out. This is one
of the best features GameFAQs has implemented in a long time, and it would be
great to see it continue down that road to underline and stress the importance
of high quality work. I wouldn't want to argue that guides should no longer be
posted if they are of less quality than others (although it would be good to
have an unwritten rule that unfinished walkthroughs do not get posted if a
starred guide already exists for that game), as it also encourages writers to
start in 'the business'. The point here is that everyone would greatly benefit
if authors started to work together in an efficient manner.

Wouldn't it be great to have one (perhaps two) excellent - no, nearly perfect -
guide(s) for whatever game you desire? Or at least for the most popular titles?
The problem with raising the bar this high is that it starts to take very large
amounts of time to write such a guide, and
 few of us authors are in in the
favorable position of endless amounts of spare time (or are willing to devote so
much of their spare time to the writing of FAQs). Another problem with striving
for extraordinary quality is that the community at least partly consists of
younger writers who are still working on improving their guide writing skills.
Or, worse yet to come, don't have a clue how to write a guide...

If authors would form teams that work together on certain guides, they'd not
only be sure that people would love their cooperative work, it would also save
the authors a lot of time and they'd still have made a beautiful piece of work
in the end. This is the approach that the better official game guide companies
take. They work in teams, and it shows. Have people focus on a certain aspect of
the guide and beautifully shape the guide together, literally. In FAQ writing,
this could easily be put to practice. Someone could work on the walkthrough,
perhaps coordinating sections with someone else if their writing styles match
(which is no necessity by any means). Another author could provide ASCII
artwork, still someone else could help work on side quests and parts that
require optional exploration, someone could be working on assembling item and
equipment lists. Such a team of four to five people can easily be credited at
the top of the document, revealing their (alias) names in all pride and glory.

The same idea could be applied to all online guide writing, and it would greatly
improve the overall quality of what's available. Ultimately it would find
sponsoring and receive some donations from the community, but even without this
it can make a great leap towards reaching the ultimate goal of guide writing:
To not only help someone from A to B, but to really *enhance* someone's
experience of a game in every possible way, giving people the option to fully
explore and enjoy a videogame. You can watch linear movies, you can read linear
books, but you must actively explore a video game, and in some cases, only a
high-quality strategy guide is going to help you do just that. It would be
unfair to demand from gamers to purchase such a strategy guide for every game
they buy. Ideally, the future of video game guides would have prolific authors
overcome their ego and team up to shape perfect text-based strategy guides.
Readers could in turn show a little more praise when truly deserved... Now what
are some ways to improve and promote quality?

A few great ways that could help promote authors to work together in order to
reach higher levels of quality (and faster, too) would be to not only hold a
FAQ of the Month contest, but also a FAQ of the Year contest (or alternatively
a FAQ of the Season, but that sounds kind of lame). There are too few monthly
contributions to really judge quality alone (game popularity and thus guide 
demand also plays its role), but a yearly competition on top of the FotM contest
could really push author(teams) to the limit. Although it'd be nice, it doesn't
even need to involve prize money - I bet many guide writers would commit murder
to have a gold star featured next to their own or team's name for that matter.

It could also greatly help to put authors a little more in the spotlights. A
simple poll could do wonders alone, not to imagine a "favorite author" contest,
putting the building bricks of GameFAQs in the spotlight for once - the authors
of FAQs themselves - instead of the repetitive character contests that are now
being held yearly. A trial would be nice at the very least; contributors really
like these contests, as the writer's board has shown repeatedly year after year
for over a decade now. It'd also motivate aspiring writers to give it a shot of
their own - there's nothing to lose.

On a different but related note, an other possible way to easily motivate
qualitative work under authors would be by showing the amount of stars - which
implies recommendations or FotM prizes - on the author's forum account, similar
to how Karma is displayed.

The idea is that when the quality of text guides jumps, the time is ripe for the
contributor recognition to rise as well, and quite frankly, it's been way
overdue for a long time. The only thing that currently fuels guide writers are
thank-you emails (or the general idea of helping people). With little extra
effort, the shrinking community of guide writers can get a new impulse and new

We've got a long way to go, but it should be possible to push guide writing a
step in the right direction, starting here. Things like this don't take off
without discussions, so spread the word and let GameFAQs know about this.

On a closing note, I'm currently looking for prolific authors that share this
vision and want to join a team. Some spots have already been taken, and places
are limited. If you're interested, apply at [email protected] and send a link
to your contributor page and your best piece of work.

I thank you for taking the time reading this. Rests me to wish you a lot of fun
with Fallout 3 and this Wasteland Survival Guide!

- Steve

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
 Use CTRL + F and copy/paste the [TAG] to find the section you're looking for!
 Sometimes, search the same [TAG] twice due to it appearing in the Walkthrough.


   [W1] Baby Steps
   [W2] Growing Up Fast
   [W3] Future Imperfect
   [W4] Escape!
   [W5] Following in His Footsteps
   [W6] Galaxy News Radio
   [W7] Scientific Pursuits
   [W8] Tranquility Lane
   [W9] The Waters of Life
   [W10] Picking Up the Trail
   [W11] Rescue from Paradise
   [W12] Finding the Garden of Eden
   [W13] The American Dream
   [W14] Take it Back!

      [MQ1.1] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Get Radiated!
      [MQ1.2] The Wasteland Survival Guide: The Super-Duper Mart
      [MQ1.3] The Wasteland Survival Guide: The Minefield
      [MQ1.4] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Repel Rats
      [MQ1.5] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Crappy for the Crippled
      [MQ1.6] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Lurking in the Mirelurk Lair
      [MQ1.7] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Rivet City's History
      [MQ1.8] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Robotic Rampage
      [MQ1.9] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Librarians are not boring
      [MQ2] The Power of the Atom
      [MQ3] Those!
      [MQ4] Big Trouble in Big Town
      [MQ5] The Superhuman Gambit
      [MQ6] The Nuka-Cola Challenge
      [MQ7] Strictly Business
      [MQ8] The Replicated Man
      [MQ9] Blood Ties
      [MQ10] Oasis
      [MQ11] Tenpenny Tower
      [MQ12] Head of State
      [MQ12] You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head
      [MQ14] Stealing Independence
      [MQ15] Reilly's Rangers
      [MQ16] Trouble on the Homefront
      [MQ17] Agatha's Song

      [DLC-1] General Information
      [DLC-2.0] Operation: Anchorage
      [DLC-2.1] Aiding the Outcasts
      [DLC-2.2] The Guns of Anchorage
      [DLC-2.3] Paving the Way
      [DLC-2.4] Operation: Anchorage!
      [DLC-3.0] The Pitt
      [DLC-3.1] Into the Pitt
      [DLC-3.2] Unsafe Working Conditions
      [DLC-3.3] Free Labor

      [DLC-4.0] Broken Steel
      [DLC-4.1] Death From Above
      [DLC-4.2] Shock Value
      [DLC-4.3] Who Dares Wins
      [DLC-4.4] Broken Steel Unmarked Quests
      [DLC-4.5] Broken Steel Miscellaneous Quests
      [DLC-4.5.1] Holy Water
      [DLC-4.5.2] Protecting the Water Way
      [DLC-4.5.3] The Amazing Aqua Cura
      [DLC-5.0] Point Lookout
      [DLC-5.1] The Local Flavor
      [DLC-5.2] Walking with Spirits
      [DLC-5.3] Hearing Voices
      [DLC-5.4] Thought Control
      [DLC-5.5] A Meeting of the Minds
      [DLC-5.6] Point Lookout Side Quests
      [DLC-5.61] A Spoonful of Whiskey
      [DLC-5.62] An Antique Land
      [DLC-5.63] Plik's Safari
      [DLC-5.64] The Dark Heart of Blackhall
      [DLC-5.65] The Velvet Curtain
      [DLC-5.7] Unmarked Point Lookout Quests
      [DLC-6.0] Mothership Zeta
      [DLC-6.1] Not of This World
      [DLC-6.2] Among the Stars
      [DLC-6.3] This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...

     [FRQ-1] Fixing Pipes in Megaton
     [FRQ-2] Three Dog's Cache
     [FRQ-3] Doctor Lesko Likes Nectar
     [FRQ-4] Vance & Blood Packs
     [FRQ-5] Brotherhood Holotags
     [FRQ-6] Conserving Pre-War Books
     [FRQ-7] The Nuka-Cola Clear Formula (Finding The Formula)
     [FRQ-8] Escorting Sticky to Big Town
     [FRQ-9] Super Mutant Attack on Big Town
     [FRQ-10] Grady's Storage
     [FRQ-11] Angela and Diego
     [FRQ-12] Kidnap Order
     [FRQ-13] Caravan Investments
     [FRQ-14] 'Republic' of Dave Elections
     [FRQ-15] Trading in Little Lamplight

    The Wasteland Maps [TWM]
    Point Lookout Worldmap [PLWM]

    [EXP-1] Unique Encounters
    [EXP-2] Repeating Encounters

    [S1] S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Explained
    [S2] Derived Statistics
    [S3] Skills
    [S4] Perks
    [S5] Creating a Grand, Great All-Round Character
    [S6] Creating a Grand, Great All-Round Character (WITH BROKEN STEEL!)

     [LIS1] Level Up/Karma Title Chart
     [LIS2] Karma
     [LIS3] Collectibles
     [LIS3.1] Bobblehead Locations
     [LIS3.2] Custom Weapon Schematics
     [LIS3.3] Fat Men
     [LIS4] Trade Caravans
     [LIS5] Radio Frequencies
     [LIS6] Behemoths
     [LIS7] Followers

      [EQP-1.1] Weapons
      [EQP-1.2] Creating Custom Weapons
      [EQP-2] Armor
      [EQP-3] Items
      [EQP-4] Misc. & Junk Items
      [EQP-5] Collectable Items


    [APX-1] Xbox 360 Achievements
    [APX-2] Playstation 3 Trophies
    [APX-3] Game Patches


                        0) CONTROLS, GENERAL TIPS [GEN]


Main Controls:
Left Analog:  .... Move around
Right Analog: .... Look/Turn around
L3: .............. Crouch
R3: .............. Pick Up/Drop Items

X: ............... Action/Activate Button
O: ............... Open/Close Pip-Boy 3000
O [hold]: ........ Turn Flashlight On/Off
Square: .......... Reload
Square [hold]: ... Holster Weapon
Triangle: ........ Jump

R1: .............. Attack/Shoot
R2: .............. Enter V.A.T.S. mode (when enemies are in sight)
D-pad: ........... Swap Weapons that are in the Quickswap menu
L1: .............. Aim/Block
L2: .............. Switch between 1st/3rd person camera mode
L2 [hold] ........ Adjust Camera

START: ........... Pause Menu
SELECT: .......... Wait (time will pass; 24h max)

V.A.T.S. Controls:
Left Analog:  Switch between target body parts
Right Analog: Switch between targets

X: .......... Confirm
O: .......... Cancel

R1: ......... Select Target
R2: ......... Enters V.A.T.S.


Main Controls:
LS [turn]: ....... Move around
RS [turn]: ....... Look/Turn around
LS [push]: ....... Crouch
RS [push]: ....... Pick Up/Drop Items
A: ............... Action/Activate Button
B: ............... Open/Close Pip-Boy 3000
B [hold]: ........ Turn Flashlight On/Off
X: ............... Reload
X [hold]: ........ Holster Weapon
Y: ............... Jump
RT: .............. Attack/Shoot
RB: .............. Enter V.A.T.S. mode (when enemies are in sight)
D-pad: ........... Swap Weapons that are in the Quickswap menu
LT: .............. Aim/Block
LB: .............. Switch between 1st/3rd person camera mode
LB [hold]: ....... Adjust Camera
START: ........... Pause Menu
BACK: ............ Wait (time will pass; 24h max)

V.A.T.S. Controls:
LS [turn]:  Switch between target body parts
RS [turn]: Switch between targets
A: .......... Confirm
B: .......... Cancel
RT: ......... Select Target
RB: ......... Enters V.A.T.S

Main Controls:
W: ........ Forward
S: ........ Back
A: ........ Strafe Left
D: ........ Strafe Right
Left Shift: Run
Caps Lock:  Always Run
Q: ........ Auto-Move
Mouse: .... Look/Turn around
Left Ctrl:  Crouch
Z: ........ Pick Up/Drop Items
E: ........ Action/Activate Button
R: ........ Ready/Reload/Holster Weapon
Space: .... Jump
T: ........ Wait
`: ........ Pause
Esc: ...... Menu (Can use to pause...)
F5: ....... Quick Save
F9: ....... Quick Load
Mouse Button 1: ... Attack/Shoot
Mouse Button 2: ... Aim/Block
F or Mouse Wheel:   Switch between 1st/3rd person camera mode
Mouse Wheel: ...... Adjust camera distance
Mouse Wheel [hold]: Pan camera around player in 3rd person mode
Hot Keys:
Setting: In Pip-Boy, hold one of the 1 - 8 keys and click an item.
Using:   In game, use 1 - 8 keys.
Pip-Boy 3000 Controls:
Tab: ....... Open/Close Pip-Boy 3000
Tab [hold]:  Turn Flashlight On/Off
F1: ........ Open Pip-Boy 3000 in Stats Mode
F2: ........ Open Pip-Boy 3000 in Items Mode
F3: ........ Open Pip-Boy 3000 in Data Mode
Left Click:  Equip, unequip or use the selected item
Right Click: Drop the selected item
R: ......... Repair the selected item
V.A.T.S. Controls:
V: .................. Enter V.A.T.S.
Left Click: ......... Select Target, Switch between target body parts
Left Click on arrows: Switch between targets
E: .................. Confirm
Right Click: ........ Exit V.A.T.S, Cancel Queued Attacks


Understanding the Compass

||||||||||||||||||||     <
| /\            /\
|NE         E           SE

The compass (left hand corner) is extremely important for exploration.  It's not
difficult to use, but a thorough in-game explanation is never given, so listen
up.  Your health is displayed on top by means of lines: ||||||||||.  In the
example above, health is not at it's maximum.

The 'v' in the example is always at the same place.  This denotes your current
direction.  As you'll see below, directions such as NE, E, SE will circle (move
from left to right) as you move around.  In the example above, your character
is facing E, meaning east.

Various markers can be spotted above or below the ========== line.  Markers seen
above this line can appear in [GREEN] or in [RED].  These markers notify you of
any NPC's in the area.  Green means neutral/good, red means hostile.  The higher
your Perception SPECIAL stat, the faster these blips appear on your compass.

Lastly you may notice markers below the ========== line.  If it's a large mark
then it's part of your currently selected Quest.  You can change this in your
Pip-Boy.  When exploring the wasteland you'll also notice smaller triangles 
below this line.  An empty triangle denotes a Primary or Secondary location that
you have not yet found.  A filled triangle denotes a location which you have
explored at least once. 

The HUD on the right notifies you of your AP, condition of your weapon, and the
ammunition in your equipped weapon.

General Tips

o SAVE YOUR GAME *OFTEN*, and KEEP MULTIPLE FILES.  Yes, any and all guides will
  tell you this.  Seriously, it cannot be stressed how important this is.  Yes,
  you will die every now and then.  Besides, you'll often want to figure out how
  things *could've* went, should you have acted in a different way.

o IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FINDING ITEMS: This Guide is quite specific when it comes
  down to describing what you can find laying around in Fallout 3.  Most of the
  time this will be correct, and most of the time this will only apply to useful
  findings anyway, but sometimes you may find different things in cabinets,
  desk drawers, lockers, etc.  I suspect this has to do with the random factor
  that the game applies.  Skills can also affect this.  Use this Guide and don't
  take the minor findings too seriously.  Thanks.

o Holster your gun when you're not about to use it [hold Square]. This will
  allow you to run faster, and you won't scare people as quickly.

o At the start of the game, go for Repair Skill and Small Guns Skills.  Be sure
  to repair your weapons and armor consistently.  The healthier your equip, the
  easier your wastelander life will be.

o Never waste ammo, never waste Stimpaks.  If you want to heal yourself, do it
  properly and sleep in a bed.  By using the V.A.T.S. most of the time, you'll
  be able to conserve loads of precious ammunition.  If you sleep in a rented
  bed or own bed, you'll get the Well Rested status that grants 10% extra EXP
  until it wears off after a couple of hours.

o Collect items just for resell purposes.  You can check up the value (VAL) of
  an item in your inventory, and it's wise to sell these whenever the next
  possibility comes up; Don't let them clutter up your inventory, especially not
  when you're on a lengthy quest.

o Always search a Nuka-Cola Vending Machine.  There are often regular bottles
  inside, but you also have a 10% chance that a Nuka-Cola Quantum bottle is
  in the machine.  These are part of a quest and are rare and finite (94 total).
  Once you've checked a machine, what's inside stays the same.

o When you crouch nearby water you can drink from it.  Hold down the button to
  continuously drink from it, which is a good way to heal yourself at the cost
  of a few RadAways instead of Stimpaks!

o Exploration is the golden rule of Fallout 3.  It is the intention of the game
  for you to explore everything, so don't go rushing through the areas - trust
  me, you'll end up missing a lot.

o When given a Speech Challenge, try to save before talking to someone.  This
  way you can keep loading the Speech Challenge until it passes.

o Fast Travel with your Worldmap! If you are on the worldmap and you find 
  yourself stuck, don't hesitate to use the fast travel option!
  How do you solve the checklist problem?  Simple.  Just tick off everything
  that I listed - things that were inside for me - and grab everything that you
  get from the looting instead.  Amounts are often similar, as are items.  That
  is the reason they're still listed: To give you a good impression.

o Items with no weight (--) should always be picked up.  Even if the item seems
  useless, you can always sell it in larger amounts later on.  If an item does
  weigh something, look at its value.  Is the weight 1 and the value 1?  Better
  leave the item.  Is the value 50 and the weight 2?  You can sell the item and
  make a profit without getting too much weight on your shoulders!

o The checklists feature two kinds of brackets. [] means that the item doesn't
  cost you any Karma for taking it, while {} may cost you Karma.  Therefore, 
  those are optional.

o At Level 5, pick the Comprehension Perk which doubles the effectivity of any
  read Skill Book.  That means +2 points for every book read!

o ONLY read Skill Boosting Magazines after learning the Comprehension Perk 
  at LVL 4+.  This allows you to get 2 Skill Points instead of 1 from every
  single magazine, which makes for a large boost in the end.

o Speaking of Skill Books, note down how many you've found of each!  Seriously!
  You can save yourself a lot of trouble searching for the ones you haven't
  found already if you note down the ones you've already found.  In fact, if you
  don't, you're likely to waste a lot of time.

o NEVER put any Skill Points into Big Guns when you gain levels.  You can get
  infinite Skill Books for this by going to the Bethesda Ruins (East Office)
  and have this area's enemies respawn time after time.  The Raider with the 
  flamethrower  upstairs holds a Big Guns Skill Book - which you can thus 

o Check [S5] to see a good build for a character!

o There are several traps you may want to avoid or be on the lookout for:

o Mines: These are common but often difficult to spot.  Quickly approach them
         and disarm them ASAP.

o Chain Traps: These are traps with a variety of beams, large animals and other
               nasty things attached to it.  Trip a wire and it'll come swinging
               at you.  Raiders and Super Mutants set these traps;  Look for the
               trip wire to deactivate the trap.

o Rigged Shotgun: These Shotguns fire upon activating a trip wire or a pressure
                  plate.  Locate the Shotgun and disassemble it.

o Rigged Terminal: If you try to activate these terminals they blow up.  There's
                   usually an electric spark first which gives you the time to
                   quickly back away.

o Grenade Bouquets: This is a package of Grenades that explodes when you get 
                    nearby.  It takes a few seconds to explode which gives you
                    enough time to disarm the bouquet or flee the scene.

o Gas Leak: Usually in taft tunnels you'll notice the air becomes swirly.  Any
            spark of fire will set the entire tunnel - that includes you - on
            fire for a second.  This doesn't necessarily mean you die, but it
            does hurt!  Throw a grenade in the tunnel and back away, or simply
            pass through the tunnel real quick.

o Bear Trap: Step in these things and your leg goes *SNAP!*.  Be on the lookout
             for these in subway stations, especially near the inside entrances.

o Baseball Pitcher: These fire several baseballs in a straight line.  They're
                    easily avoided though, making them the least dangerous trap.

o Baby Carriages: Then the Baby Carriages. Whenever yo hear a baby cry, quickly
                 back away from any carriage nearby since it'll blow in a sec.

o Water: This isn't much of a threat but all water is irradiated and swimming
         or walking in it causes your radiation to go up.  At 1000 Rads you die.

Odds & Ends:
o If you cause trouble in a town - and everyone turns against you - wait 3 
  in-game days to reset their aggressive behavior towards you.  There is one
  exception to this rule, which is Paradise Falls.  Mess with them, and they'll
  stay hostile for the remainder of the game.

o Using a Stealth Boy significantly increases your ability to pick pockets.
  Speaking of picking pockets, you can never steal any equipped items (these
  simply won't appear).  Also try placing a 'Live' Grenade or Mine into *their*
  inventory and quietly back away!

o Using Chems (Med-X, Buffout, etc.) can lead to addiction, which in turn leads
  to negative consequences for your stats.  You are allowed to take 2 of the
  *same* chem in a 30 hour span.  If you take more you'll become addicted.
  You can effectively wait a long time in order to prevent addiction.
  Alcohol doesn't work like chems.  If you consume Beer or Wine the chance that
  you get addicted is 5% (1 out of 20 times).  If you consume a harder beverage,
  the chance becomes 10% (1 out of 10 times).  This is the case with Whiskey,
  Vodka and Scotch.

o Chems don't stack on themselves, but do stack with other chems.  I'll try to
  elaborate:  If you take 2 Psycho's, your damage is still only increased by
  +25%.  However, if you use a Psycho and a Yao Guai Meat, it increases to +35%.

Storing Items when exploring:
It's quite possible that you're going to run out of weight to carry when you
pick up all the useless junk lying around.  But when you're exploring an area,
it could be a good idea to pick a Metal Box/Locker/Cabinet/Whatever nearby the
exit and dump all and any "junk" you might need later on.  This way you can make
several trips to a trader or your home and pick up all the items from one simple
location, namely that one box you put everything in during exploration.  Takes
a little extra time, but can save you lots of time later.

Game Difficulty:
In comparison to many other games, you can ALWAYS adjust the difficulty whenever
you want during your playthrough, at any given time.  If you feel like the game
is too easy, simply put it on Very Hard and watch your head being shot off in
no time.  Oh wait .. is that even possible to see for oneself?

Below is a table with the effects of tweaking with the Game Difficulty:

                |Difficulty: |Player's Damage: |Enemy Damage: |
                |Very Easy   |       200%      |      50%     |
                |Easy        |       150%      |      75%     |
                |Normal      |       100%      |     100%     |
                |Hard        |        75%      |     150%     |
                |Very Hard   |        50%      |     200%     |


Note: I'll say it again, things in Boxes, Desks, Medkits .. are random.  I
      describe what's inside for reference.  Grab what you find useful, then
      tick off the checklist what the Guide listed as found to ensure that you
      grab all goodies for your playthrough.  Good luck!

    |[W1] Baby Steps                                                      |

The game has a fine introductory chapter in which you'll customize your
character.  Go ahead, give your guy or gal a name.  When allowed to move around,
walk to daddy, who tricks you and 'locks' you up.  Walk out of the pen and take 
a look at the booklet on the left.  Upon examination, you'll find that it's yet
another tweak to your character.  Do whatever you please, but for now it's best
to not go over the value of 9 for any stat.  I suggest you crank up Charisma for
now - you'll get some dialogue you may want to manipulate.  Besides, you get the
chance to adjust the settings before you leave for 'the real world' out there
anyway.  By then, you can pick whatever you like and I will give you some final

Note: Have you gotten a strange feeling as if you knew the voice of your dad?
      You're right, perhaps you DO know his voice! It's the voice of the actor
      Liam Neeson (Star Wars I, Schindlers List, Batman Begins). Very clever of
      the creators to have him do voice acting; Now daddy is a dad even more so.

    |[W2] Growing Up Fast                                                 |
|ITEMS: [] Grognak the Barbarian, [] Sweet Roll, [] Kid's Baseball Cap,        |
|       [] 2x Stimpak, [] BB Gun, [] 50 BBs.                                   |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 0 EXP.                                                          |
|                                                                              |

If that's not growing up fast, I don't know what is.  Fast forward to your 10th
birthday.  The Pip-Boy 3000 is now given to you - the most useful tool since god
knows what, really.  This device is basically your in-game menu.  With L1/R1 you
can switch between the STATS/ITEMS/DATA menus.  Toy around with it for a little
while, then start partying like an animal already!

Amata will give you the present no matter how you respond, so act how you
please.  Use the freshly obtained [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] from your inventory to
increase Melee Skills by 1 point (unless you want to conserve it for later to
get a boost of 2 points - more about this later).  You can grab a Kid's Party
Hat from the table, but it's not much use.  Next up, pay a visit to Old Lady
Palmer who will give you the [SWEET ROLL] no matter how rude you act.  Shortly
after talking to her, the robot will 'cut' the cake while attempting to do this
is a very precise manner.. and fails miserably.  Butch, one of the kids sitting
around will start to whine about this, and we can't have any whining at a party,
so step up and talk to him.  The dialogue can lead to a fight with Butch, after
which you'll be complemented on your solid behavior.

Feel free to talk to all other characters in the room, including Stanley who'll
give your the [KID'S BASEBALL CAP], and start a conversation with your dad when
you feel like proceeding with the game.  When leaving the room you'll meet
Beatrice, after which you can finally continue your way downstairs in order to
look at your surprise.  You can also follow and overhear the Overseer talking to
a guard.

It's possible to steal [2 STIMPAKS] from this guard, and you won't even lose
Karma for doing so.  Crouch with L3, sneak behind him and snatch those Stimpaks!
Head down to the Reactor Room and meet up with Jonas and dad.  Looks like the
surprise is a [BB GUN] and [BB AMMO x50]!  Test it out on the three targets -
you can use L1 to get a better aim - and wipe out the Radroach afterwards.  This
is a good time to activate the VATS with R2.  Select the head, enter the
commands, watch it die. It's as simple as that.. For now.

    |[W3] Future Imperfect                                                |
|ITEMS: [] Bobblehead: Medicine Doll, [] Stimpak.                              |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 0 EXP.                                                          |
|                                                                              |

It's time to make the G.O.A.T. test all of a sudden.  And here you were, 
thinking that you had 6 more years to prepare for it.  It's no use in playing
sick, that only works with real life mums - so off you go to take the test, or
as your dad puts it: "You've got a GOAT to take". No pun intended, right dad?

The first bobblehead can be found in this very room, look around for the
[MEDICINE DOLL] on the desk that increases Medicine Skill by 10.  In the next
room, grab the [STIMPAK] and explore the PC for background information
regarding the Overseer. Continue until you find Butch harassing Amata - is he
always up to no good?

Depending on how you act you can get positive or negative Karma.  Talk about
Amata's weight to get the negative karma.  Talk to Butch's goons and turn the
conversation so that they'll walk away (by mentioning Butch's bossy attitude) in
order to get positive karma.

The G.O.A.T. test is yet another customization of your character, this time of
your skills.  If it's your first time playing Fallout 3, you may want to just
take the test and see which abilities reflect your style of playing most.  If
this is a second or more playthrough you can also just talk to your teacher and
select your own skills - or even have him do it.

Answer the questions any way you want - because at the end of the test, the game
allows you to reset the skill bonuses and distribute them how you please.  If
you'd ask me, I'd pick Repair, Small Guns and Lockpick, but feel free to be
different.  When you're done, leave the classroom.

    |[W4] Escape!                                                         |
|ITEMS: [] 10mm Pistol, [] Baseball Bat, Med-X, 10x Stimpak, [] Vodka x2,      |
|       [] Tunnel Snake Outfit, [] 2x Stimpak, [] Conductor, [] Paint Gun,     |
|       [] Sensor Module, [] Overseer's Office Key, [] 10x Shotgun Shells,     |
|       [] 3x Pre-war Money, [] 7x Darts, [] 3x Pre-war Money,                 |
|       [] 31x 10mm Rounds, 3x Pre-war Money, [] 6x Darts, [] Note from Dad,   |
|       [] Stimpak, [] Vault Lab Uniform, [] 2x Pre-war Money, 12x 10mm Rounds,|
|       [] 120x 10mm Rounds, [] 3x Stimpak, [] 2x Mentats, [] Sensor Module,   |
|       [] Paint Gun, [] Sensor Module, [] 6x Bobby Pin.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Radroaches    o Vault Security Guards                              |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 200 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

When you're awakened, talk Amata into helping you, and she'll give you the handy
[10MM PISTOL].  If you want to get revenge on the Overseer, you'll get negative
karma.  Check the drawers in this room; They hold the things you collected in
your childhood.  If you're more of a Melee person, grab the [BASEBALL BAT] too.
You can notice a medkit hanging on the wall near the door. Search it for a
[MED-X] and [10 STIMPAKS]!

Note: To considerably conserve ammo, enter the VATS attack menu and aim for the
      torso of the radroaches.  With one or two hits they'll be disposed of;
      Just be sure you equip your 10mm Pistol!

Outside the room, one of the guards will attack you, but in turn he's attacked
by Radroaches.  Let them have at it, and take out the survivors.  I suggest you
equip the Pistol from here on.  Search the guard and equip his clothing for a
better defense.  Move through the straightforward halls until you run into no
other than Butch.  You have several options here: 1. Help him out (Reward:
[TUNNEL SNAKE OUTFIT].  2. Talk him into handling it himself.  3. Leave him be.
I suggest you help his mom, but act fast.  Head after Butch and storm the rooms.
Dispose of the Radroaches and be done with it.  Grab two [VODKA] from the floor
and exit the room.  It should be noted that - should you decide to act nasty -
you can kill Butch and get his Outfit, along with a Switchblade and two very
handy Purified Waters (restore 20 HP).  I highly urge you not to kill him though
- he can be a follower later on.  You can check out the restroom on the opposite
of Butch Mom's room, on the east.  Here you can take a dump (+30 HP) or drink
water (same) without any penalties.  You'll find that later on in the game,
doing these things will also grant you a restoration of HP, but at the small
cost of getting close to radiation.

Go down the hallway on check out the room on your right, but only if you want
to kill some Radroaches for experience - there's nothing of value to be found.

Continue through the straightforward halls until you stumble upon Officer Gomez
fighting off some Radroaches.  He's on your side, so help him out.  Head into
the room where Andy the robot came out of, and search the middle of the room -
nearby the fallen cart - to find [2 STIMPAKS].  If you hadn't picked up the
Medicine Bobblehead, you can find it in the next room.  Exit and go to trough
the door at the end of the hall that leads to the Atrium.

Here, a guy will be shot by two officers.  Kill them if you must, but be careful
in the process.  They both hold 10mm Pistols plus some ammo.  I suggest you also
take their armor and baton, because they make a decent profit at this point of
the game.  You'll sell them soon enough.  Make your way up stairs, deal with
some more Radroaches and proceed past the yelling man behind glass.  You may
also have to deal with the Security Chief Hannon.  Once there, you'll find a
mechanic nearby a toolbox - which holds [CONDUCTOR], [PAINT GUN] and [SENSOR
MODULE], typical items you can sell later on or use in custom weapons.

Make your way through the room and you'll find Amata being interrogated by the
Overseer and a guard.  If you didn't take the gun from Amata, she'll use this
against the guard.  In any case, head into the room, blow the guard's head off
and talk to the Overseer.  Say you want the key, then answer that you'll hurt
Amata if he won't.  This will give you the best result, and the password and the
[OVERSEER'S OFFICE KEY] will be given to you.  Check the locker to find a
[STIMPAK], and search the drawers of the left desk to find [SHOTGUN SHELLS],
[PRE-WAR MONEY] and [7 DARTS]. The right desk holds [3 PRE-WAR MONEY] also,
and the weapon lockers on the right hold [10MM ROUNDS x31] plus some armor you
may already have.

Continue and head into the room to your right. Drink from the Water Fountain to
restore health without any radiation penalty (which you'll often see happening
later in the game). Check the desk for [3 PRE-WAR MONEY] and [6 DARTS], then
search Jonas for the [NOTE FROM DAD], [STIMPAK] and [VAULT LAB UNIFORM]. The 
desk next to him hold [2 PRE-WAR MONEY].  Head into the room on the left and
talk to Amata.  Continue to the next room north, search the dresser and find the
Overseer's Office Key if you hadn't already done so.  You can also grab [12x
10MM ROUNDS] from it.  The other room on the west of Amata holds [5x BOBBY PINS]
in the dresser.  Head south and open the door with the acquired key.

Search the lockers to find a whopping of [120x 10MM ROUNDS], [3 STIMPAKS], 
[2 MENTATS], and the Overseer's Terminal Password if you hadn't gotten it from
him personally.  Bow over the PC and use it to open the Overseer's Tunnel.  You
can also read loads of info on this terminal.  Make your way to the Vault
Entrance.  After opening the door with the switch, talk to Amata and two guards
will harass your special moment with her.  Waste them, and enter the door they
came through.  The room on the north holds a toolbox with a [SENSOR MODULE] and
another toolbox with [PAINT GUN] and [SENSOR MODULE]. Besides, you can grab the
[6x BOBBY PINS] from the table.  It is also possible to return to the previous
area (by going west), but the only thing you're going to find are a bunch of
Radroaches.  Free experience, that's all.  Exit the Vault and you'll be at the
world map.  You will be given one last chance to modify any changes to your
character.  Choose well.

Note: I suggest you NEVER delete this savegame, especially if it is a 'perfect'
      starting savegame (with as much goodies you could have grabbed).  You can
      create characters from this point onward without having to do the whole
      introductory level again.

Note: If you're going for a 'perfect' character, as in, the most powerful and
      best balanced character you can create, go for the following SPECIAL 
      stats.  This is based on a very thorough analysis which I will devote an
      explanatory section to later on.  For now, trust me with these stats:
      STR: 8, PER: 5, END: 7, CHR: 1, INT: 5, AGL: 7, LCK: 7

Note: Recommended Skils to tag are Lockpick, Repair and Science.

    |[W5] Following in His Footsteps                                      |
|ITEMS: {} Psycho, {} Jet, {} Carton of Cigarettes, {} Bloodpack, {} Stimpak x2|
|       [] Frag Grenade x3, [] 5mm Rounds x73, [] 5mm Rounds x142, [] Frag     |
|       Grenade x3, [] Shotgun Shells x10, [] Bobby Pin, [] Metro Utility      |
|       Gate Key, [] Purified Water, [] RadAway, [] Stimpak, [] Bottle Caps x35|
|       [] DCTA Laser Firearms Protocol, [] Energy Cell x55, [] Laser Pistol,  |
|       [] Nikola Tesla and You, [] Pre-war Money x2, Missile x4, [] U.S. Army |
|       30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes, [] Assault Rifle, [] 2x 10mm Pistol,    |
|       [] Frag Grenade x2, [] 5mm Rounds, [] Laser Rifle, [] Microfusion Cells|
|       [] Bloodpack, [] Purified Water, [] Stimpak, [] Nuka Cola Quantum,     |
|       [] Stimpak, [] RadAway, [] Rad-X, [] .32 Caliber Rounds, [] Carton of  |
|       Cigarettes, [] Bottle Caps x69, [] Energy Cell x34, [] Laser Pistol,   |
|       [] Fat Man, [] Mini Nuke x8, [] Nuka Cola Quantum.                     |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Raider         o Protectron          o Mercs           o Mole Rat  |
|         o Feral Ghoul    o Feral Ghoul Roamer  o Super Mutant    o Behemoth  |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 300 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

Quest Flowchart:
1.  Go to Megaton.
2.  Speak with Moriarty.
2.1 Speech Challenge him for the info.
2.2 Hack his PC/Lockpick the cabinet for the password.
2.3 Pay him 100 caps/deal with Silver the junkie.
3.  Make your way through Farragut West Metro Station.
4.  Team up with the Brotherhood of Steel.
5.  Find Three Dog.

Note: Chances are you've gained a level from the 200 Experience gained from
      completing the quest.  I suggest you boost Lockpick to 45 (so that in
      combination with the Vault Utility Jumpsuit [+5 Lockpick] you can pick 
      many locks already).  Advisable is to put the leftover in Science.  As for
      Perks, I suggest you use Intense Training to bring up STR.
      When you gain your 3rd Level some time in the near future, crank up your
      Science Skill to 45 (combined with Vault labsuit = 50), and use the rest
      on Speech, which may be a little too low for comfort (and thus requiring
      an annoying amount of resets to get the desired result).
      As for the Perk, either go for Intense Training.  If you boost a stat, 
      don't boost any stats of which you have 9 already (because you'll get 
      those to 10 with the use of a Bobblehead sooner or later).

Now that you're on the worldmap, it's wise to bring up the worldmap, as in..map.
Open the popit and you'll find the huge map under Data.  Your next destination
will be Megaton.  Check your map several times,  go past the robot guard and 
enter the town that sounds awfully similar to one of my favorite Decepticons.

Meet Lucas Simms, the sheriff of the town.  You can start the Miscellaneous
Quest (MQ): The Power of the Atom [MQ2] by agreeing to disarm the bomb for him.
He'll send you over to Colin Moriarty's Saloon.

If you want to get rid of all your goodies from the vault, head into any shop
and sell whatever you don't need.  But be warned: Shopkeepers also have a
limited amount of cash with them.  You can buy a few Stimpaks to cover your
expenses, though.

Explore the town and check your Local Map to find the saloon marked.  Enter the
saloon through the front door, and talk to a woman on your right called Lucy
West.  You can initiate the MQ: Blood Ties with her.  It's possible that she
won't be around, in which case you'll have to look around town for her.  Save
your game and talk to the Ghoul.  Act well mannered and you get the chance to
ask him about your dad. You won't have a very high chance of success, but you
can always reload your game; It gives 20 exp points, plus you get information
about Moriarty's terminal in the back.  

Head to the back to find Moriarty.  You have several options once again.  This
will work: 1. Ask about your dad. 2. Tell him he's lying. 3. My dad told me I
was born in the Vault. 4. Speech Challenge: "I was kidding".  If the Speech
Challenge fails, you can reload your savegame. Of course, you can also do the
quest he asks you to do, which is about a junkie called Silver.  This can net
you some decent caps, so I suggest you go for it.

If you feel like it, head back to the worldmap and locate Silver on your map.
When you arrive, reason with her to receive 300 caps, or do a Speech Challenge
to receive 400 Caps.  You can steal a lot from her house, but it will cost you
Karma, it's up to you to steal: {PSYCHO}, {JET}, {CARTON OF CIGARETTES}, from
the medbox a {BLOODPACK} and {2x STIMPAK}, and {BOBBY PIN x3} from the cabinet.

As you can see, it's not all *that* much, and if you get caught, Silver will
take everything from you.  You can also kill her for decent loot, but again you
will lose Karma.

Fast travel back to Megaton by selecting it on your map, and pay Moriarty a
visit.  You can either pay up 100 caps and get the info, or you can lockpick his
cabinet nearby the terminal and grab the password from there, but this will
result in negative karma.  Using/Hacking the terminal will also cost you Karma,
so choose wisely.

I suggest you head over to the Craterside Supply now and initiate the [MQ1.1]
and [MQ1.2] quests for some very decent rewards.  Search the tags to find the
sections that cover these sidequests.

Fixing Pipes:
You can also look around for a character called Walter.  He's either at the 
Saloon during nights, or can be found in or nearby the Water Processing Plant.
He tells you that several pipes are leaking and need fixing.  Help him out, will
you?  There are three pipes that need fixing, and you need a Repair skill of at
least 30 to do this - which you should have by now.

1. The first pipe is on the main path when you enter Megaton and head downwards.

2. The second pipe is more to the southeast of the area, following the main path
   and taking a bend to the left upwards.  If you look at your map, it looks 
   like you're just below the Women's Restroom, except on a lower level.

3. The third pipe is a little more tricky to find on your own.  Locate the
   Children of the Atom building and take the stairs to climb its roof.  Look
   around and you should be able to find a third squirting leak.

Head back to Walter (+100 EXP, +200 Caps) who'll make you a Scrap Metal
proposition that you can't refuse.  Well, you can, but better take it anyway.

You have done a lot of things in Megaton now, so let's move on with the story.

With the right information in hand, it's time to proceed with the main quest.
Head back to the worldmap and head to the direction of the marker (that is, if
your active quest is the main quest).  When you're about to cross the bridge
north of the Super Duper Mart, instead of going over, take the lower path under
the bridge.  I suggest saving your game before proceeding to the Grenade Box at
the end of the bridge, because a Frag Mine is set nearby.  Disarm it (the higher
your Repair, the better) and grab [FRAG GRENADE x3] from the nearby box.
Continue your path, but be cautious as a raider or two will have their eyes set
on you.  Continue and make your way to the next dot on the map - in other words,
discover Farragut West Metro Station.  Be on the lookout for more raiders.

Follower: Dogmeat
Note: It's possible to obtain your first follower, Dogmeat, but it requires a
      bit of a trip to the north.  Check your map and locate the large bridge
      crossing the river.  The Scrapyard (where you're headed for) is two blocks
      north this road.  You should also consult a map and look for Scrapyard.
      Search the place and you'll find a dog fighting off some Raiders.  Be good
      to him and he'll tag along.  Some people send him away - which can cause
      him to go missing sometimes, but you can have him tag along.  Check his
      health every now and then, and if he's severely injured, give him a 
      Stimpak.  How to see how much health he has left?  Simply enter VATS.

Note: Dogmeat regenerates HP automatically when not in battle.

Note: 'Perfect Gamers', take GOOD CARE of your dog and SAVE OFTEN.

Note: It's a given fact that Dogmeat runs off fairly easily.  You can send him
      to Vault 101 and whenever you need him, fetch him from there.

Return to Farragut West Metro Station.

Check your map closely, and instead of following the next dotted line, move a
little northeast from here - use your map - so that you're 'above' the line.
You can find a cart here with ammunition boxes that hold [5MM ROUNDS x73],
[5MM ROUNDS x142], and [FRAG GRENADE x3]. The cart may be guarded by a Merc and
a Protectron robot, so make a run for it after snatching the goodies - or kill

Sam Warrick:
Note: When you're exploring the area around the Farragut Metro Station, you may
      run into a Mercenary called Sam Warrick.  If he bothers you (read: starts
      shooting at you) don't hesitate to gun him down, because he's a total
      douchebag that kills NPC's who give quests, and pretty much everything
      else that moves.  You ask if he is part of a quest?  Yes, but only for
      an optional part:  You can make him a slave later on, and sell him for
      a measly 250 Caps.  It's hardly worth it keeping him alive, and he holds
      a very neat Sniper Rifle you may want to snatch from him.
      If he's not around, then he's not around.  You'll meet him some other
      time then.  Remember his name, Sam Warrick.  Douchebag.

Farragut West Metro Station:
Head back to the Metro Station and go inside.  The door on the right does not
lead to much of interest.  You can activate a Protectron robot by hacking the
terminal, and you can find some [5.56MM ROUNDS] in a cabinet in the room NW.
Instead, go straight ahead and kill a bunch of Mole Rats in the room ahead.  You
can use the sink to restore HP, but it will also increase Radiation. Since you
can use a bed soon, I advise against it.  Search the desk to find more [5.56MM

Head downstairs, walk through the tunnel, and go upstairs again in what seems to
be a boiler room.  To the SE is a room with a bed, so heal up if you must. The
desk holds [SHOTGUN SHELLS x10].  From the medicine box on the desk, you can
and a [STIMPAK].  Use the PC to open the safe and grab the [BOTTLE CAPS x35],
AND YOU], [PRE-WAR MONEY x2]. Now open the gate on the opposite side and blast 
a few Ghouls.  

If you have a Lockpick Skill of 50 (use the Vault Utility Jumpsuit for +5) you
can head downstairs and pick the door.  Inside this room, you can find a 
PISTOL x2], an [ASSAULT RIFLE], [FRAG GRENADE x2] and two Ammo Boxes with 

Open the next door above, head up a few flights of stairs and proceed to the 
next area: Tenleytown/Friendship Station.  In this area, you can take two main
paths: The tunnel to the east, and the tunnel to the south.  Of course, you can
also clear both tunnels and get all goodies.  Heh. ;)

East Tunnel:
Head down this tunnel until you can take a right.  Waste the Ghouls and check
the dead Mercenary body to find a [LASER RIFLE] and [MICROFUSION CELL x40].  The
First Aid Box holds [BLOODPACK], [PURIFIED WATER] and [STIMPAK].  Turn on your
light if you hadn't already and search the shelves well to find a [LYING,
CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] skill book and a [MENTATS].  You can also grab the Fission
Batteries if weight is not an issue: Their value is 75 a piece, but they do
weigh 10 each.

Proceed to the large wrecked area where plenty of Ghouls are roaming.  Equip a
decent weapon such as the Assault Rifle and dispose of them.  Check out the
tunnel at the very north of this large area to find another dead mercenary.
Grab the [LASER RIFLE] and [MENTATS], loot his body, then head up the broken
escalator stairs in the large room.  Grab the lonely [NUKA COLA QUANTUM].

Head into the tunnel and waste another group of Ghouls (and Radroaches).  Head
inside the room with the sign Employees Only, which is to your west, and search
for a [STIMPAK] on the shelves.  Head in the adjacent room and search for the
from the Suitcase, and lean over the terminal to open the safe.  This requires
50 Science Skill, but you can also pick the lock on the safe (50 Lockpick).
Inside you'll find of relevance: [BOTTLE CAP x69], [ENERGY CELL x34], [LASER

The toilets don't hold anything but radiated sinks and, well, toilets.  Figures.
Exit to the worldmap and run to the escalators so that you have discovered
Friendship Heights.  Unless you want to fight a whole crapload of Raiders, I
suggest you turn back and continue your way through the other tunnel I mentioned
earlier on.

South Tunnel:
Head south, walk past a Cola Machine, and follow the tunnel until you get to
a large area with broken escalators, stairs if you will.  I suggest you avoid 
the Super Mutant (if he's roaming around at all) and Ghouls, head up the 
escalators and head to the left.  Make your way through the final tunnel to get
to the next area, Chevy Chase North.

Explore the area  (head south) and you'll soon find that there are Super Mutants
roaming here. Fortunately, a whole squad of the Brotherhood of Steel is also
around, which makes the Super Mutants much easier to defeat.  With the mutants
out of the way, search for a member called Sentinel Lyons.  In short, she allows
you to tag along the way.  How cool, you now have a whole squad to protect you!

Follow the squad and have them wipe out the Super Mutants as they proceed.  Your
job is to loot them, that's right.  You can find many Hunting Rifles as loot,
and you may want to repair one with another to save some weight.  When you
finally get to a big square and the fight between the squad and the mutants is
over, make your way to the fountain in the middle and search the body of a squad
member - who will always be there. Be sure to grab the [FAT MAN], which is
essentially a large rocket launcher, along with a whopping of [MINI NUKE x8]
that don't weight anything.

Shortly after, a Behemoth (read: an oversized Super Mutant) breaks out of a
building.  To help the squad, stand back as far as you can and shoot a missile
or two at it.  After downing it, be sure to loot him and all other bodies.

For reference, I got this loot from the Super Behemoth: .32 Caliber Rounds x9, 
.32 Pistol, Bottle Caps x50, Electron Charge Pack x72, Frag Mine x5, Microfusion
Cell x20, Missile x3.  Also take the loot of Reddin, the killed member of the
Brotherhood.  Don't bother with the Power Armor yet, though - you've yet to
train that Perk some other time during your main quest.

Talk to Lyons once more, then enter the Galaxy News Radio building by having the
doors unlocked through the intercom.

Before you head upstairs, take a left and explore the rooms.  You should be able
to find a cola vending machine with a [NUKA COLA QUANTUM] inside.  There is 
nothing of interest at the southern section of the building.

Head up the stairs on the north, make a quick right and enter the door leading
to the GNR studios.  Be sure to save your game, because another Speech Challenge
is coming up, and this one can save you a lot of time.  Upstairs, talk to Three
Dog.  Be polite and you'll eventually be give the Speech Challenge with a small
chance of succeeding.  If you do succeed, however, Three Dog will immediately
tell you the location of your father, without having to do any favors to him!
Simply reply after this that your dad could be of help. 

You can follow him into his room and talk to him some more to also receive the
Galaxy News Radio quest.

However, should the Speech Challenge fail, you're required to do the Galaxy News
Radio Quest first.

Note: Even though I highly recommend against it, you can kill Three Dog and be
      done with his silly quest.  A special and unique quest called 'The Search
      Continues' will start now, which is basically a quest in which you have
      to find Rivet City (southeast on the worldmap).  The Brotherhood of Steel
      won't like this either - and you lose plenty of rewards - so, ehm .... 
      don't do it?

    |[W6] Galaxy News Radio                                               |
|ITEMS: {} Stimpak x3, [] Assault Rifle, [] Purified Water x2, [] Stimpak,     |
|       [] 5.56mm Rounds, [] Frag Mine x3, [] Bloodpack, [] Stimpak, [] Jet,   |
|       [] Frag Grenade x2, [] .308 Caliber Rounds, [] Whiskey x3, [] Micro-   |
|       fusion Cells x16, [] .32 Caliber Rounds, [] Med-X, [] Jet, [] Psycho,  |
|       [] Buffout, [] Scotch, [] Rad-X, [] RadAway x2, [] RadAway, [] Stimpak,|
|       [] 5.56mm Rounds, [] Flamer Fuel, [] Frag Mine, [] 10mm Rounds,        |
|       [] 5.56mm Rounds, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Stimpak x2, [] Mentats,       |
|       [] Buffout, [] Pugilism Illustrated, [] Jet, [] Bloodpack, [] RadAway, |
|       [] Stimpak x2, [] Shotgun Shells, [] 5mm Rounds, [] Grognak the        |
|       Barbarian, [] Whiskey x3, [] Flamer Fuel x80, [] 5.56mm Rounds x2,     |
|       [] Jet, [] Buffout, [] .32 Caliber Rounds, [] 2x Energy Cell ~x30,     |
|       [] Flamer Fuel x81, [] Stealth Boy, [] Shotgun Shells, [] Bloodpack x2,|
|       [] RadAway, [] Stimpak, [] Nikola Tesla and You, [] Stealth Boy x2,    |
|       [] Bobby Pin, [] Rad-X, [] Stimpak, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] Virgo II  |
|       Dish, [] Custodian Key for Tech Museum, [] Bottle Caps x200,           |
|       [] Buffout, [] Mentats, [] Gun Locker Key, [] 5.56mm Rounds x117,      |
|       [] Missile Launcher, [] Missile x2, [] Pulse Grenade x2, [] Assault    |
|       Rifle x3.                                                              |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Feral Ghoul         o Raider     o Super Mutant    o Vicious Dog   |
|         o Super Mutant Brute                                                 |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 400 EXP, (Ammo Cache Key).                                      |
|                                                                              |

Quest Flowchart:
1. Make your way to Dupont Circle.
2. Make your way through the subway.
3. Explore the Museum of Technology -> Find the Dish.
4. (Optional) Head to Washington Memorial and fix Relay.

Everything around here can be stolen, but there's not much of interest.  If you
are low on Stimpaks, search for the medkit on the north to find {STIMPAK x3}.

When you're absolutely done in the building,  head downstairs and go through the
door on the North.  Head down another stairway until you reach a one-way door
leading to the worldmap.  Drop down a few platforms, the cross the bridge east.
This makes a decent spot for killing several Ghouls down below.  Check out the
picknic table to the south from here and grab the [ASSAULT RIFLE].  You can
find [PURIFIED WATER x2] and a [STIMPAK] in the First Aid Box, plus [5.56MM
ROUNDS] and [FRAG MINE x3] from the Ammo Boxes on the ground.

You're nearby a Metro Entrance now, but that's not the route we'll be taking.
Head down the lower path south until you reach a door leading to a Collapsed
Car Tunnel.  Enter...

Go through the walkway until you reach the tunnel.  There are many Ghouls here,
but you have three options.  1. Kill all the Ghouls and make your way to the
southern end of the tunnel.  2. Sneak to the southwest end of the tunnel by
staying close to the western wall.  3. See that entrance on the west? Sneak to
it, and shoot at one of the larger trucks until it catches fire.  Take cover and
it will blow up, taking out many Ghouls.  There is another truck further south,
but your gunshots may attract Ghouls.  The silenced pistol or a grenade will
probably help here.  At any rate, don't miss out the First Aid Box attached to
the western wall, which holds a [BLOODPACK] and [STIMPAK x3].  

Exit to Dupont Circle through by taking the door at the end of the walkway.

It's best to just head into the Metro by taking a right, but feel free to do
some quick exploration of your surroundings.  Make sure you get the message that
you have explored this location, because that's the main reason we're here.

At Dupont Circle, head north and kill as many Ghouls as you can before they 
reach you.  Further north, a bunch of Raiders will also harass you - you know
what to do.  Before you proceed, be cautious.  The bus stop on the northwest has
a mine nearby, and the suitcase there doesn't hold much useful.  Go directly
for the two Raiders on the northwest.  Grab a [JET] and [FRAG GRENADE x2] from
the little table and [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS] from the Ammo Box.

Two Super Mutants lurk in the Metro Station, but you may have an ambush
advantage.  You can activate the Protectron by sneaking into the room north and
hacking the terminal (25 Science), but you may prefer just shooting at their
heads from the be-hind.  Exit this tunnel by going through the door west, go
down some stairs and open another tunnel to find yourself in more tubes.  Joy!

Kill the dangerous Raider here and check the adjacent tube - especially the area
on the north - to find [WHISKEY x3] on the shelves. The Ammo Boxes hold 
[MICROFUSION CELLS x16] and [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS].  You can even sleep here, that
is, when you dispose of the Raider in the hallway up west.  Grab a [MED-X],
[JET], [PSYCHO], [BUFFOUT] and [SCOTCH] from the table in the walkway, and look
on the shelf for a [RAD-X], [RADAWAY x2] and a First Aid Box with [RADAWAY] and
a [STIMPAK].  The Ammo Boxes hold [5.56MM ROUNDS] and [FLAMER FUEL].  Quite a
generous loot if I may say so.

Head down the stairs and prepare for a big battle.  Four Raiders or so are
waiting to rip you apart, supported by two automated Mark I Turrets.  Take
shelter and waste them all.  You may want to use the terminal to disable the
turrets, but you can also take them out with gunfire.  I can imagine you get
hurt in this battle, perhaps even severely.  Remember the bed back in the tube?
Use it to heal up!

Continue south to what appears to be a cave of some sorts.  Proceed through the
Utility Gate and loot a bunch of corpses, but beware!  A [FRAG MINE] is planted
near the bend of the tube, so you may either want to avoid it completely, or
disarm it quickly before it can hurt you.  Another one is a little further.
Enter the next area, the Metro Central.

Metro Central:
You'll hear some nearby screams: Raiders are fighting off several attacking
Ghouls.  Join the fun and massacre everything in sight.  The Ammo Boxes hold
[10MM ROUNDS], two times [5.56MM ROUNDS], and you'll find [FRAG GRENADE x2] 
plus [STIMPAK x2] on the table.  For the interested, grab the Pistol and Assault
Rifle.  Continue through the next walkway and quickly go around the bend due to
the radiation level here.  Waste a Ghoul or three, then proceed through either
of the tunnels south.  Both lead to a large area with many escalators and even
more Ghouls.  Ignore the escalators - waste the Ghouls that bother you - and
head down another tube further south, on the opposite side of this large room.

A little bit in this tunnel you get the option to take a right, but this only
leads to Ghouls and dead bodies with loot that isn't very interesting.  Head
more south instead and fight off the dogs, preferably with an Assault Rifle.

The tube splits, but take the left tube first.  This leads to a locked door that
can be opened with a 50+ Lockpick Skill. Inside this storage room you'll find
a stash of goodies: [MENTATS], [BUFFOUT], [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED], [JET], and two
First Aid Boxes on the wall with [BLOODPACK], [STIMPAK x2], and [RADAWAY].

The tunnel leads to a dead end, so exit the tubes by going through the walkway
attached in the other tube and enter the Museum Station.

Grab the [SHOTGUN SHELLS] right in front of you, along with the [5MM ROUNDS]
from the Ammo Box.  Proceed and kill the Ghoul around the corner, then use
the switch on the wall to open the hatch at the top of the stairs.  This will
draw the attention of a Raider, so waste him.  

Grab the [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] skill book from the table and search for a
[WHISKEY x3] bottle if you feel like it.  Continue your way until you reach more
tubes.  Ignore the north and head south instead.  Raider encounters are surefire
to happen, so be on your guard.  When you reach another large area with 
escalators, search the SE corner for a Ammo Boxes with [FLAMER FUEL x80] and
[5.56MM ROUNDS] twice. 

Climb the escalators, take the east path and stumble upon a table with a [JET],
[BUFFOUT], and three Ammo Boxes holding [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS], [ENERGY CELL x28],
[ENERGY CELL x31].  Another Ammo Box can be found behind some sand sacks further
down the bend, which holds [FLAMER FUEL x81].  Exit the metro station by leaving
for The Mall.  Remember this area as you'll be making your return here often.

Once outside, immediately make a run for the museum doors on your right (south-
east from you).  The surroundings are infested with 20+ Super Mutants, and you
don't want to pick a fight with them (and they do want to pick one with you).

The Museum:
Inside the museum hall lurk two Super Mutants.  Kill them, then check out the
west side of this room to find a [STEALTH BOY] on display and some [SHOTGUN
SHELLS] in the desk with the terminal.  Read the entries if you like, then move
on to the only other working terminal in this room, located SE.  Read everything
and in particular the note about Jiggs' Loot.  This starts up a puzzle.  Check
the terminal again and select #001.  The correct number here is #019, so select
this.  Enter the nearby hallway, grab the [BLOOD PACK x2], [RADAWAY] and
[STIMPAK] from the First Aid Box on the wall, ignore the restrooms, check the
gore bag for goodies, and head upstairs.

In the room you can grab a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] from next to the terminal here
and use the other terminal to activate the Mark I Turrets.  They'll have no
target information however, so it's best to just leave them off (unless you're
planning on luring enemies to the main hall, sneaky bastard that you are :p)

The area east of you is a dead end, but you can find two more [STEALTH BOYS]
here.  Continue your way SW, ignoring the two terminals on the wall.  Do the
'Vault Tour' which is straightforward and leads you to the West Wing.

Spot the two terminals and use the right one to enter the number for terminal
#002.  The number here is #053. 

The Atrium is to the south, but we'll get there soon enough.  Head downstairs
and into the planetarium.  When the show begins to play, two Super Mutants will
ambush you from behind, so be extremely cautious and kill them ASAP.  Head into
the small room to the east and find a [BOBBY PIN], [RAD-X] and [STIMPAK] in the
First Aid Box.  You can use one of the terminals to unlock the planetarium exits
and the other to view several entries.  Unfortunately, the Gun Cabinet requires
a Lockpick Skill of 75+ to pick.  We'll get back to it soon, so for now, don't
miss the [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] on the shelf and head west of the planetarium.

Move through the hallway and kill the Super Mutants in the room up ahead.
Before exploring this hall, check out the stairs to your west in the hallway
you just went through and follow them up to a security room with two terminals
and a safe.  There isn't much to do here, but remember the safe.

In the large hall, take what you came for: The [VIRGO II DISH]. Now take either
the stairs or use the lower hall to reach the next room with a large rocket in
the center.  If you take the stairs, check the desk you pass for the [CUSTODIAN
KEY FOR TECH MUSEUM].  This opens the door at the end of the hallway - which you
can otherwise pick with a 50+ skill.

In any case, there are several Super Mutants drooling around.  Waste them and 
start exploring this area.  Most importantly, check out the terminal on the
ground level of the area with the rocket. This is terminal #003, where you must
input number #113.  If you checked out all previous terminals, you should now
be able to get the password.

With the password in hard, return to the security office room nearby the hall
where you took the Virgo II Dish from.  Use the terminal to unlock the Security
Safe and snatch the [BOTTLE CAPS x200], [BUFFOUT], [MENTATS] and [GUN LOCKER
KEY] from it.

With this key in hand, return to the office room near the planetarium and unlock
the Gun Cabinet to find [5.56MM ROUNDS x117], [MISSILE LAUNCHER], [MISSILE x2],

Exit the museum through the front doors (the way you came in).  The game has
given you several Stealth Boys, and it's now's not a bad time to try one.  You
can also do without one - either way, sprint to the west, more specifically to
the Washington Monument, you know, the huge obelisk.  Two members of the 
Brotherhood will help you out if you're still being attacked.  Once here, you
have two options:

1. You can go inside the monument, ride the elevator up, (sleep in the bed) and
activate the Relay system.  Return to Three Dog and he'll tell you your father
went to Rivet City - your next location.

2. You can head to Rivet City on your own, continue the Main Quests, and when
you have completed the Tranquility Lane main quest, speak with Three Dog again.
He really wants you to complete his quest, so he throws in an additional reward:
A crapload of goodies that will be yours when you complete his quest.

I suggest you go for option 2, and head for Rivet City on your own.

    |[W7] Scientific Pursuits                                             |
|ITEMS: [] Flamer Fuel x83, [] Flamer Fuel x83, [] .32 Caliber Round x4,       |
|       [] BloodPack, [] Bobby Pin, [] Rad-X, [] Stimpak, [] Intelligence      |
|       Bobblehead, [] Stimpak x3, [] Med-X, [] 5.56mm Rounds x18,             |
|       [] 10mm Rounds x8, [] 2x .32 Caliber Rounds x5, [] Stimpak,            |
|       [] 2x .32 Caliber Rounds x5, [] 5.56mm Rounds x24, [] RadAway,         |
|       [] 10mm Rounds, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] 10mm Rounds x9, [] .32 Caliber|
|       Rounds x10, [] BloodPack, [] Dirty Water, [] Stimpak.                  |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Super Mutant    o Centaur    o Raiders                             |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 600 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

Fast travel to Farragut West Metro Station by using the worldmap.  You're in for
a very long walk to Rivet City.  Walk all the way past the river, avoid the many
enemies you come across (unless it's a really fast Super Mutant).  Try to
discover Tepid Sewers and Duvok's Place (just south from Dupont Station on the
worldmap) You'll probably also come across a merchant along the way, and when
you finally arrive at Rivet City, another merchant will be available to you.
Climb the stairs and look around for an intercom near the sick man in order to
enter the ship.  State your business, be honest, and get on board.

Once on board, look on your left for two boxes of ammo, they hold [FLAMER FUEL
x83] twice, and [.32 CALIBER ROUND x4].  If you look to your right after 
investigating the ammo boxes you'll find a medbox on the floor that holds a
[BLOODPACK], [BOBBY PIN], [RAD-X] and a [STIMPAK].  Now go more to the left and
head up the stairs until you reach the roof.  Look around for a door that leads
to the Bridge Tower.  From this room, head left and through the door.  Go down
two flights of stairs and enter through another door.  Here, walk through the
tunnel and follow the signs 'Science Lab' until you get to a door once more.

Look around for Doctor Li and talk to her about everything.  You can also talk
to an older man called Dr. Zimmer and start the MQ: The Replicated Man.  When
finished, explore the room and get the [INTELLIGENCE BOBBLEHEAD] from one of the
tables.  Be sure to stop by the Marketplace before you leave the city, because
it's a great place to shop; They have nearly everything, if you have the caps.
Sell all the things you no longer need.  

Jefferson Memorial:
Weapon of choice in this area?  The hunting rifle is preferred, so you can grab
your ammunition back from the Super Mutants.  Pop their heads with it, take a 
lot of shelter, and keep your clip at the full 5 bullets before recklessly 
diving into a battle.  Secondary weapon choice would be the Assault Rifle.

Jefferson Memorial isn't all that far away, and if you've visited it before you
can fast travel towards it.  Locate the door to the gift shop, and prepare for
battle.  Many Super Mutants and Centaurs are roaming around, so grab your best
guns and start downing them.  The room on the south also has a turret, which
most likely gets destroyed by a Super Mutant at some point.  You can turn it off
by using the terminal.  In this room you'll find [3x STIMPAKS] and a [MED-X] in
the medbox under the Gift Shop sign.  It's possible to use the sinks on the west
for healing.  In the east room you can check the ammunition boxes to find
[5.56MM ROUNDS x18], [10MM ROUNDS x8], and two [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x5] on or
under the shelf below.

Go south and head through the door that leads to the basement.  Fight your way
through 3 Super Mutants and go east.  Collect a useful [STIMPAK] in the room to
your left, then head downstairs.  Kill another Super Mutant, go through the hall
south and kill another. In this hallway you can find two [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS
x5], [5.56MM ROUNDS x24] and [RADAWAY] on some shelves.  Also check the Ammo Box
to find [10MM ROUNDS]. In the room to the west of these shelves, grab all five
notes of relevance on the desks, then backtrack slightly and head west.  In a
room ahead, another Super Mutant lurks.  Dispose of him and return to the gift
shop area.  You can sleep in the basement now, by the way.

Enter the Rotunda and dispose of the two Super Mutants.  Don't worry about
health, you got a place to sleep nearby anyway.  At the end of the stairs
(before entering the round room) you can grab another bunch of files to complete
your objective.  Have a listen to them, especially #10, restore any lost health
by sleeping, and leave the area.

Smith Casey's Garage/Vault 112:
The place you're headed to is once again, far, far away.  Travel to Megaton and
go from there.  When you start getting close, you'll want to avoid the train
tracks at all costs.  You don't want limbs flying off due to stepping onto mines
and there are tons of Raiders that way.  Avoid it and continue to Smith Casey's
Garage.  Enter and dispose of the few creatures inside.  You can grab two
[FISSION BATTERIES] and a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] in the first room, and [10MM
ROUNDS x9], [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x10], [SCOPED .44 MAGNUM] and [.44 ROUNDS] from
the gun cabinets in the next room.  There is also a medbox hanging near the
doorway holding a [BLOODPACK], [DIRTY WATER] and [STIMPAK].

[MED-X], [BLOODPACK x2], [STIMPAK], [MENTATS] can be found in the room the most
southwest. Explore all other rooms as well, and hop into the abandoned terminal
whenever you're done.  You probably can't unlock the door that requires a 75
Science Skill points terminal to open it, so that'll come later.

    |[W8] Tranquility Lane                                                |

You'll awaken in a gray virtual world - and you want to find your dad and get
the hell out, so let's get down to business immediately.  See the girl in the
center of town, called Betty?  Talk to her.  You now have two options:

1. Good Karma Path (Fast):
Don't give in to Betty's games.  Instead, start searching for dad on your own.

Head inside the abandoned house, which is the house on the north. Inside you'll
find several objects which you can activate.  To proceed, you must activate them
in a specific order.  The correct order - if you don't feel like puzzling around
anymore - is: Radio, Glass Pitcher, Gnome, Glass Pitcher, Cinder Block, Gnome, 
Bottle.  This will bring a terminal up.  Before you select the Chinese Invasion
option, read through all other options to learn more about the virtual world
you're stuck in.  When you've done so, activate the Chinese Invasion and go
outside.  It looks like all residents are shot by a group of soldiers.  Head
over to Betty to figure out what's going on, then leave Tranquility Lane by
going through the door next to her.

2. Bad Karma Path (Long):
You can quit the silly games anytime you want and switch to path 1.

First of all you should know that you can check the mailboxes in front of the
houses to see of whom the house belongs to.  That being said, look around for
the Neusbaum's House, and find Timmy, a young boy just like yourself.  Choose
whichever option you like best from below:

1. Hit him with your fists until he starts to cry.
2. Do the Speech Challenge about his parents divorcing.
3. Kill one of his parents in the house.  Timmy will soon see it and cry.
4. Go inside the house and find the Military School Brochure.  Show it to Timmy
   and tell him that he's gonna have to go there.  Sorry kid.

Return to Betty and ask any one question that burns the most for you.  After
this you're sent out to break the Rockwell's  marriage.  Head into their house,
go upstairs and read the dairy of Ms. Rockwell.  Again you have several options:

1. Grab the Rolling Pin from the kitchen below, head outside and into the
   Simpson residence.  Find Ms. Simpson and kill her with the Rolling Pin.  Now
   Locate Roger Rockwell and tell him how crazy his wife is, twice.
2. Talk to Ms. Rockwell and do the Speech Challenge about Roger kissing an other
3. Go into the Simpsons house and grab the Lacy Underwear from the bedroom
   upstairs.  Place this on the desk in the basement of the Rockwells and tell
   Ms. Rockwell to come to the basement.  Tell her that Roger is cheating on
   her, or..
4. Tell her that Roger is a transvestite. Lol. :p

Return to Betty, who'll demand another task from you.  She now wants you to kill
Mabel Henderson.  Enter her house. 

1. Head upstairs and fiddle with the chain of the chandelier.  Wait for Mabel to
   pass right under it.
2. Fiddle with the oven and ask Mabel to bake you a Pie.
3. Use the terminal to make the robot target everything in sight.  Stay far
   away as he slays Mabel.
4. Use the rollerskate at the top of the stairs.  Whenever Mabel comes down,
   she'll break her neck.

Your last task is to kill all residents in Tranquility Lane.  You can use the
compass to locate them with the green flashing arrows.  After this you're
granted freedom.

    |[W9] The Waters of Life                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Three Dog's Cache Key, [] RadAway, [] Chinese Army: Spec Ops.       |
|       Training Manual, [] Bottlecap Mine, [] Jet, [] First Aid Box,          |
|       [] Psycho, [] Eyebot Helmet, [] First Aid Box, [] Mentats, [] Nuka-Cola|
|       Quantum, [] Jet x3, [] RadAway, [] RadAway, [] 5.56mm Rounds x24, 2x   |
|       .32 Caliber Rounds x5, [] .32 Pistol, [] Ammo Box x3, [] First Aid Box,|
|       [] Beer x5, [] Ammo Box, [] Safe, [] Jet, [] Med-X.                    |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Enclave Soldier    o Feral Ghoul    o Glowing One                  |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 700 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |
Note: Now is an *excellent* time to have a chat with Three Dog about your reward
      for his quest.  Fast Travel to the GNR Building Plaza before anything.
      Talk to Three Dog and tell him you found your dad.  He'll throw in an
      addition reward.  Fast Travel to the Washington Monument, go inside and
      ride the bronze elevator up.  Fix the Relay and head back to Three Dog.
      Tell him you felt it kinda was a waste of time and he'll hand you the

      The Hamilton's Hideaway marker is placed on your worldmap.  Fast Travel to
      Vault 101 (perhaps fetch Dogmeat, too?) and head from there.  Go through
      the iron door in the walls and search the place.  There are a few Raiders
      and Radscorpions here.  Get the loot from the Northeastern part of the
      area, then get out of there.  Also see [EXP5.1].

Note: Assign your weapons back to their quickspots (With the D-Pad, 1, 2, etc..)

Talk to dad to find out what's been going on, and start the next quest.  Leave
the Vault and Garage, then fast travel to Rivet City.  Your dad will make it to
the Science Lab on his own, as we're about to see when you enter the Science
Lab.  After the conversation, exit Rivet City (unless you have business to 
attend to) and fast travel to Jefferson Memorial.  This area should be cleared
from not too long ago, so make your way to the Rotunda and meet up with dad.

He'll ask you to help him - make your way to the basement, go past the room with
the beds, head left (south) at the intersection, and look for a device on the
eastern wall.  Return to dad, who'll give you some fuses. Head back into the
basement once more, past the bed room, head right at the intersection, and go
into the room on the left of the pool room.  The fuses can be placed here.  Head
back upstairs to the room with the gore bag and open the door on the west.  Hit
the button to turn the power back on and speak with dad through the intercom.

Go back to the very beginning of the area, the worldmap entrance/exit door, and
walk all the way to the east to enter a pipe - which needs some tweaking
apparently.  At the very end, turn the valve and watch things get out of hand..
Continue through the pipe, but be careful for the Enclave Soldier on guard.
Drop down and head back upstairs to deal with the Soldier.

Note: The Laser Rifles are worth several hundred bottle caps.  Try and do your
      best to collect as many of them as possible to sell later on.  You may 
      also want to collect a Power Armor (or several and repair them with each
      other), because you'll soon learn how to equip it.

Make your way to the Rotunda and kill another Enclave Soldier on your way.
Watch the dialog and follow Doctor Li at once until you find a manhole.  Talk
to everyone here and make sure they follow you.  Head northeast and open the 
door in the next walkway. Follow the tunnel and you'll get to an intersection.

The southern tunnel leads to a highly radiated area and dead-end, in which you
can only find a single [RADAWAY], as to compromise the fact that you went the
wrong way.  No, instead head north until you get to a terminal which
Doctor Li must use.  In the large room many Enclave Soldiers must be held back;
Make sure they can't reach the Scientists.  

You don't have to go in this room, and it would be better not to due to the 4
Enclave Soldiers shooting maniacally on you.  But.. On a desk at the right part
of this large room you can find the [CHINESE ARMY: SPEC OPS. TRAINING MANUAL].
Check out the [FIRST AID BOX] nearby the terminal where Doctor Li is doing her
best trying to open the doors.

Continue down the tunnel by heading west and take care of the Ghouls here.  The
room to the west has a Workbench, but it's probably not going to be of much use
right now.  A well hidden [BOTTLECAP MINE] can be found under the workbench.
In the tunnel ahead, look for a [JET] on a table, and continue until you reach 
an area with a radio and some skeletons. Check behind the radio to find a well 
hidden [PSYCHO].

Garza's Fate:
At some point, if he's still alive, Garza (one of the scientists) needs medicine
before he can continue any further.  You have many options to deal with this,
although there is only one that leads to good Karma.

1. [Good Karma] Hand over *5* Stimpaks to heal Garza up.
2.     ---      Speech Challenge Doctor Li to give him 3 Buffout Medicine.
3. [Bad Karma]  Speech Challenge Doctor Li that Garza is slowing everyone down.
4. [Bad Karma]  Speech Challenge Garza himself that he should stay behind.
5. [Bad Karma]  Kill Garza.
6. [Bad Karma]  Continue your search through the tunnels, and when you come
                back, Garza will already be dead.

Whatever you choose, continue through the tunnels afterwards.

Make your way through the straightforward tunnels and doors until your reach a
larger area. You'll have to make your way to the west, but when you reach the
top of the stairs, two more Enclave Soldiers will ambush you from a platform on
the east. Have the rest wait in the hall before you enter this room, then kill
them (use the pillars for cover) and proceed.  Check the [FOOTLOCKER] and the
[EYEBOT HELMET], go upstairs, kill two Ghouls and search the Enclave Soldier
body before you proceed.

The room on the southwest contains a [FIRST AID BOX], and you can find a very
stimulating package of [MENTATS] in the toilet.  Also grab the [JET x3]; two on
the floor near the skeleton, one on the desk, and the well hidden [RADAWAY]
between the surgery bed and the table with turpentine.  Head through the
northwest tunnels to proceed and take care of a Ghoul or three.  While moving
through, check the table on your south for a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM].

If you have a 75+ Lockpick skill you can pick the door at the NE of the tunnel
and find a bunch of ghouls and goodies. If you don't have 75+ Lockpick Skill,
don't worry, we'll get to this soon.  Actually, even if you do have the skill
it's better to wait..

Move through the double doors west and don't mistake the Brotherhood Soldier for
an enemy; He's here to help you, so quickly run past him with the scientists and
have him scorch the ghouls that rush from where you came from.  He's helped by
the turret, so the ghouls quickly die.  Loot the ghouls and check the shelves
for [RADAWAY], [5.56MM ROUNDS x24], two [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x5], a [.32 PISTOL]
three [AMMO BOXES] and a [FIRST AID BOX].

Remember the locked door from just now?  Return and voila!  Apparently the
ghouls opened it from the inside out.  Have the scientists wait and check it
out.  In the room with the stairs, hop on the railing to reach the metal beams
near the ceiling.  You'll find [BEER x5] and an [AMMO BOX] here.  At the end of
the dead-end tunnel you'll find an easy to pick [SAFE].  I must say that there
wasn't quite much inside for me personally (few Bottle Caps and Pre-war Money).

Head back and continue through the tunnels.  Near the exit, snatch a [JET] and
[MED-X] from the table near the chair.  Finally, head outside and proceed to the
building.  Let Docter Li handle the talking, and the Brotherhood will let you
inside.  Follow Docter Li and the quest will be completed.

    |[W10] Picking Up the Trail                                           |
|ITEMS: [] Plasma Rifle, [] Power Armor, [] Holotag, [] Guns and Bullets,      |
|       [] Elder Owyn Lyons - Personal Log 1.                                  |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Super Mutant    o Super Mutant Brute    o Mole Rat                 |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 800 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

Watch the dialog between Elder Lyons and Li.  Talk to Lyons about everything you
wish to know about the Brotherhood, especially Power Training, then make your 
way to the square.  Look around for Paladin Gunny and have him train your Power
Suit skills.  From now on you can wear Power Armor suits.  If the square is 
empty, wait several hours and see the activity rise.

Enter through the doors on the southwest, and go down the tube.  Take a look at
your map and locate Scribe Rothchild.  While you're in the lab, check out the
northern room - which is the armory - and find a [PLASMA RIFLE] on the table.
Also talk to Durga, the armory quartermaster.  She'll deny access, but if you
talk to Elder Lyons about this, it will no longer be an issue. Yay for the
circumstances. :)

Also pay a visit to the eastern room of the upper lab level.  You'll not only
find a [POWER ARMOR] here, but a potential follower named Star Paladin Cross.
She can hold the Power Armor you just found, too!

After speaking with the Scribe, go back outside and enter the door to Ring A.
Here, locate the terminal and access the menu: DC Area Vault Listings -> Vault
87 -> Equipment Issuances.

You can also check this area for Scribe Jameson.  She can tell you all (and much
more) about Holotags.  In fact, she'll offer you 100 Bottle Caps for every
single Holotag you give her.

In fact, you can collect an other Holotag in this area.  Go to the northwestern
room known as the 'Den'. Look for the [HOLOTAG] on a table.  Also be sure to
check out any Filing Cabinets for ammunition.  In the room east of The Den you
can find a [GUNS AND BULLETS] Skill Book at the feet-end the righternmost bed.

Check out the B-Ring area and enter the Hospital room.  Find [MED-X x2] and a
malfunctioning robot.  You can fix it up by giving a Science related answer.
The 'Very Hard' Safe is best left alone for now.

In The Solar room you can find [ELDER OWYN LYONS - PERSONAL LOG 1] and another
Very Hard Safe.  Check the rest of the rooms in B-Ring and check all Lockers,
Cabinets, Desks and Footlockers to find quite some ammunition.

Head back to the Scribe in the labs and tell him what you now know.  Follow him
to retrieve more information, and you can be off to your next destination.

When you're back on the worldmap, fast travel to Smith Casey's Garage, which is
closest to your new destination.  The Lamplight Caverns aren't very difficult
to find, but be wary of Super Mutants and the like.  Upon finding the cave,
enter.  When you reach a Stop Sign, save your game.

Proceed and a kid will talk to you.  Two options are available.  You can try and
win the Speech Challenge to be let in, or you're going to have to do the next
Main Quest below: Rescue from Paradise. 

    |[W11] Rescue from Paradise                                           |
|ITEMS: [] Eulogy's Hat, [] Paradise Falls Box Key, [] Speech Bobblehead,      |
|       [] Nuka-Cola Quantum x5.                                               |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Slavers                                                            |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: Entrance to Little Lamplight.                                   |
|                                                                              |

Select 'Rescue from Paradise' as your active quest and head for your new 
location.  Talk to the guard called Grouse, and ask him to be let in.  If you
have been playing a naughty boy or girl - in other words, if you have negative
Karma (-250 or less) then you'll be allowed inside without any problems.  If you
haven't been that bad, no worries, you can either bribe him with a whopping of
500 Caps (Speech) or do him a favor: Enslave someone for him.  Refer to the
'Strictly Business' Section if you want more information regarding this.

Note: It's also possible to kill all the slavers in the complex, but this is
      far from the recommended method, because you'll miss out on a lot of
      additional quests and goodies.

Once you're inside, head for the doors on the southeast and watch a slave's
head get popped off.  Tough luck.

In the next area, turn around the corner and head to the south/southeast until
you reach a building called 'Eulogy's Pad'.  Go to the eastern room and grab
[EULOGY'S HAT] from the table.  Mind you, it's stealing (although you don't lose
Karma), so do this when no one is inside the room with you.  Also check out the
little table next to the large bed and grab the [PARADISE FALLS BOX KEY] from
it.  Check out the desk with the terminal and find the [SPEECH BOBBLEHEAD].
Head south and search behind the stairs to find a whopping of [NUKA-COLA
QUANTUM x5].  These should be conserved for a different quest.

Head up south and pass through the gate.  Here is where the slaves are kept.

Note: If you want to have some fun, crouch and interact with the Brahmin here.
      Programmer humor! Flip it over!

Do not open any of the slaves prison gates because all slavers will turn against
you.  Talk to Sammy and Squirrel on the left to get the quest going.  Looks like
you have several options now:

1. Find Eulogy and buy the children out.  This costs 2000 Caps or 1200 Caps with
   a successful speech challenge.  I'd say this isn't worth it, but it's fast.

2. Kill all slavers and get out.  Not recommended at all.

3.1. Find the terminal (50+ Science Skill needed) in Eulogy's Pad and select the
     'Update Network Connections' option.  Unlock the [SAFE] too while you're 
     at it.  Report back to Squirrel.

3.2. Find the Junction Box.  Head for the Food Area west of Eulogy's Pad, and
     search for it on the northern wall.  This requires a decent Repair Skill.

I suggest you do either 3.1 or 3.2 and return to Squirrel.  He now needs you to
distract Forty away from the cells.  The best time to do this is around midnight
when he's the only one around, pretty much.  You have two options now:

1. Speech Challenge Forty and trick him into thinking he should get a raise
   from Eulogy.  He promptly goes to arrange this.

2. Find a slave called Crimson and Speech Challenge her that Forty is looking
   lonesome tonight.  If this doesn't work, pay up 100 Caps to enclose the deal
   either way.  This will keep Forty occupied.

With Forty out of the way, all that's left to is talk to Squirrel and Sammy.  Or
is there?  Looks like Penny doesn't want to leave.  Head over to her and she
tells you that a Mungo called Rory Maclaren is stuck here too, and that she 
isn't planning on leaving him behind.

You can Speech Challenge Penny into leaving him behind.  If this doesn't work,
you're going to need a key.  There are three keys available, and you should
already have the one from the table.  The other two are much harder to get,
because you'd have to pickpocket either Forty or Eulogy themselves!  Fortunately
one key is more than enough.

Open the box nearby the toilets and talk to Rory.  You can leave him on his own,
kill all slavers first (no, no) or escort him to the gate yourself.  The latter
is your best bet, although he is likely to be killed by slavers either way.

It doesn't matter if he dies, and even if the slavers find out it's you they
just play dumb about it.  There is no Karma loss either.  At any rate, quickly
head back to Penny and tell her the bad news.  She will now escape Paradise
Falls as well.  Head back outside and meet the kids on the worldmap.

You can now fasttravel back to the Little Lamplight, and the kids will be fine.
MacCready lets you inside, and you can finally continue your main quest.

Picking Up the Trail Continued:
When inside, talk to Mayor MacCready again.  It looks like there are two way to
get into the vault, a safe and a not-so-safe one.

The safe path requires a somewhat trained Science skill, so you're out of luck
if you don't.  You can wear Lab Coats (Lesko's, perhaps?) to boost your Science
Skill with up to +10 points.  This path requires you to talk to MacCready,
followed by talking to a kid named Joseph who can be found in the Great Chamber.
You'll also need to hack a terminal in order to take the safe path.  On the
other hand, the Murder Path is .. well, yeah, it is kind of bad.

First of all, head over to the food area.  You can find three [AMMO BOXES] to
the east of the counter.  Now head to the Great Chamber.  You can buy a [WAZER
WIFLE] from a kid called Biwwy here, usually located in the NE.  If you have a
50+ Barter Skill you can buy it for 250 Caps, or, even better, if you have the
Child at Heart perk, you can get it for free.  Chweck the.. I meant, check the
northwest area to find a [HOLOTAPE] on a pooltable's edge, and a [BOTTLECAP
MINE] even more to the west at a Workbench.

Search the area some more.  You can find two [AMMO BOXES] on some shelves when
you explore the circular walkway in the center of the room.

When you're ready to continue you soon find you have two option:

1. Go through Murder Pass.  Many, many, many Super Mutants lurk here.
2. Go through the Vault 87 door (requires a 50+ Science Skill).

I suggest you go for option 2, which means you need to find Joseph, who can be
found in The Great Chamber.  The thing is, Joseph can be a pain to find.  What
usually works best is to head into the office near the entrance of Little
Lamplight and wait until it's 8.00 in the morning, perhaps a little later.
Joseph will sometimes be teaching in the classroom.  At other times, you may
find him just outside the office building.  At any other time, he's hiding 
somewhere, god knows where, maybe in The Great Chamber.

When you do find him, ask him about the terminal and he'll bring you right to
it, north of the Great Chamber.  He'll flip the power on for you, so all you
have to do is hack it and go through the door to the Reactor Chamber.

Murder Path:
Talk to MacCready and ask him about the Murder Path.  When you finally reach it,
prepare yourself for some fast running.  The idea here is to not kill all the
Super Mutants because it will result in an incredible loss of ammunition AND
health.  Instead, rush through the tunnels past all Super Mutants (this you may
find a little scary, so save your game) and head northwest/north to the very
exit.  Near the end, rush through several doors.  You can now either kill the
remaining Mutants that have followed you through all the way (perhaps 1 or 2)
or simply proceed to the next area.  If you want, you can always do multiple
attempts and see which one got you the best result without losing too much food
and stimpaks.  You most likely *will* lose a few stimpaks on the way.

    |[W12] Finding the Garden of Eden                                     |
|ITEMS: [] Safe, [] Stimpak, [] Mentats, [] Nikola Tesla and You, [] Darts x20,|
|       [] Frag Grenade x3, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Stimpak,      |
|       [] Med-X, [] .44 Magnum Rounds,  [] Frag Grenade x3, [] Scoped .44     |
|          Magnum, [] Stimpak x4, [] Radaway x3, [] Laser Rifle, [] Microfusion|
|          Cell x3, [] 2x Railway Spikes x20, [] Darts x20, [] Nuka-Cola       |
|          Quantum, [] Pugilism Illustrated, [] First Aid Box, [] Safe,        |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x3, [] Rad-X x2, [] Stimpak, [] Purified Water x4, |
|       [] Rad-X x4, [] RadAway x4, [] Stimpak x4, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Safe,    |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] 2x Microfusion Cell x20,        |
|       [] Railway Spikes x20, [] Laser Pistol, [] Rad-X x2, [] Advanced       |
|          Radiation Suit, [] RadAway x3, [] Safe, [] First Aid Box.           |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Super Mutant Brute    o Super Mutant Master                        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 1000 EXP.                                                       |
|                                                                              |

Using the Reactor Chamber door:
Head through the door south.  Open the [SAFE] and grab the [STIMPAK] and
[MENTATS] from the table.  The next hallway has a T-junction, but the door to
the south leads to a dead end.  Don't let this stop you from exploring it
nonetheless and find a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] in the small crate near the
fashion puppet, along with some Whiskey Bottles. 

Go down the eastern hall and up the stairs.  The door to the south leads to
Murder Pass, so the paths merge at this point.  Good for me. :)

Head straight north and open the door.  Dispose of the Radroaches in this room,
then proceed with caution through the door on the north.  You may want to use
some Psycho and Med-X because you're about to fight two Super Mutant Brutes, and
things may get tough.  Don't heal up just yet. When you've dealt with them, head
upstairs and kill another Mutant.  In this room you can now sleep at the
Makeshift Bedding, quite useful if you ask me.

Head upstairs to the Living Chambers and go through another door straight ahead.
Another mutant, how lovely.  From now on, use the beds around for healing or
you'll be sure to lose your Stimpaks quickly.  Head upstairs and waste another
two mutants in these rooms.  You can also sleep here now.  Search the SW room
for [DARTS x20].  The room to the west with a burning barrel has [3x FRAG
GRENADE], a [FIRST AID BOX] and two [AMMO BOXES] (one in each cabinet).  It's
not much, but you'll need it.  Check the NE room to find a [STIMPAK] and 
[MED-X] on the table.

Head through the doorway on the northeast - which is a hallway in the same wall
you came from, and head upstairs.  When you make your way through the corridor,
more mutants will bother you.  I suggest you use mines and grenades to take them
out, or you'll be getting low on ammo way too fast.

It's time to get some much needed goodies.  Head into the Atrium (with two gore
bags hanging around) and move to the opposite corridor.  Head to the left (east)
and dispose of two more mutants.  Go downstairs and head into the room.  Use the
terminal and read entry V87-007.  This will open the nearby safe in the wall.
Grab the [.44 ROUND, MAGNUM x18], [FRAG GRENADE x3], [SCOPED .44 MAGNUM],
[STIMPAK x4].  Now we're talking!  But we're not quite done yet.  Head back to
the corridor you came from until you get to a locked door on your left.  Pick
the average lock, then go inside the room and grab [3x RADAWAY], [LASER RIFLE],
and [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] from the shelves.  Also grab goodies from the [FIRST
AID BOX].  Lastly, unlock the average locked [SAFE].

Head west down the corridor and prepare for more mutants (but this time, with a
much safer feeling, right?) Don't take a left, instead curve around the corner
to the right and start taking care of this mutant invasion.  When you turn
another corner you can head into a room on your right (south). Grab [MICROFUSION
CELL x3], [RAD-X x2], and a [STIMPAK] lying around on tables, then turn to the
terminal.  That is, if your Science Skill is 50+.  If it's not, simply look for
the safe nearby and pick the lock.  Inside you'll find [PURIFIED WATER x4], 
[RAD-X x4], [RADAWAY x4] and [STIMPAK x4].  Not too shabby at all.

Continue through the corridor south, head up some stairs and open the door that
leads to the test lab.  Things are starting to get interesting soon.

Test Labs:
Enter the room on your right, waste the mutant and loot the [AMMO BOX] from the
unlocked ammo box, and try to unlock the locked [AMMO BOX] if you have a
lockpick skill of 75+ (it usually holds a crapload of Missiles).  Also unlock
the easy [SAFE].  Continue down the hall (waste the Centaur if you hadn't
already done so -  the curious bastard he is) and don't bother searching the
radioactive rooms - they hold nothing.  The last room on your right before you
get at an intersection holds an interesting terminal and a [FIRST AID BOX].

Upon reaching the intersection, someone speaks to you. Hmm.. Use the nearby
intercom to talk to the friendly mutant, Fawkes.  Talk to him about the GECK and
make your way to the north afterwards.  In the very last room, kill the two
mutants.  You now have two options:

1. Ring the Fire Alarm (unlocks all test subjects).
2. Hack the terminal and unlock cell #5 only, which is Fawkes' Cell.

Run back to Fawkes and follow him west.  In the next room, kill the two mutants
(Fawkes will help, but don't let him take care of it all).  When you get to
a greenish room with a terminal inside called 'Lab Technician Terminal', hack
it to unlock the door on the south (or you can pick it).  Inside, you'll find a
and [RAD-X x2], [ADVANCED RADIATION SUIT] and [RADAWAY x3].  Also unlock the
average [SAFE].

At the end of the walkways, Fawkes will retrieve the GECK for you.  Also grab
the supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] on the table in this room.

Note: If, for whatever reason you didn't free Fawkes, cram up your Rad. Resis.
Level with Rad-X, wear the Radiation Suit and get the GECK yourself.  Use 
several RadAways to stay at normal levels.

Make your way out of this damned place - longer walk than you might think.
You'll be surprised of the length, really..

    |[W13] The American Dream                                             |
|ITEMS: [] First Aid Box x2, [] Enclave Crate, [] Enclave Crate, [] First      |
|          Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate x2, [] Mentats, [] First Aid Box,         |
|       [] Enclave Crate, [] First Aid Box, [] Mentats, [] Enclave Crate x2,   |
|       [] Grenade Box, [] Armor Case, [] Gun Case, [] First Aid Box,          |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Mentats, [] Enclave Crate x2, [] Enclave Crate,   |
|       [] Energy Weapons Bobblehead, [] Footlocker, [] ZAX Destruct Sequence, |
|       [] Ammo Box x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Modifier F.E.V., [] First Aid Box,|
|       [] Gun Box x3, [] Mine Box, [] Grenade Box.                            |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Enclave Soldier                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 1100 EXP.                                                       |
|                                                                              |

After a quick dialog - in which you should NEVER give the code - you'll be 
unlocked by president Eden.  Save your game, grab your goodies from the locker
and go through the door.  An Enclave Officer will halt you.  Depending on your
stats you have four options:

1. Speech Challenge him.
2. Use your Charisma.
3. Use your Strength for a tough reply.
4. Kill him.

In fact, it doesn't matter much at all, and all Enclave Soldiers will soon turn
on you anyway.  From your cell, head south and go all the way through the hall
until you get to a larger intersecting hall.  Head through the door on the
opposite side that says 'Mess Hall 3B' above it.  Go upstairs to find yourself
in the mess hall.  Around this point, Eden's order is withdrawn by Colonel
Autumn and all troops are ordered to shoot you on sight.

Note: If you are even remotely interested in the Enclave Armor, get one pair
      and equip this to boost your STR by +1 (to compensate for the enormous 
      weight).  As you kill more troops, use their suits to repair your own.

Note: The Laser Rifles are worth a LOT of money, especially if you tweak several
      damaged ones into a good working piece of weaponry.  Loot away!

Oh well, check out the kitchen to your north and kill any Enclave Troops.  Look
around to find two [FIRST AID BOXES] and search the lockers and tables for food
and ammo.  Head back to the larger hall you came from and proceed north until
you see a door on your right.  This leads to the inner sanctum of this area,
and you'll find several Enclave Scientists and Troop(s).  

Proceed to the center of the room with a large Super Mutant in a tube.  Check
the room south from here to find an [ENCLAVE CRATE] with ammo.  To the north
behind the stair lies a similar [ENCLAVE CRATE].  Go upstairs and search the NW
room for a [FIRST AID BOX] and two well packed [ENCLAVE CRATES].  The room to
the SE also holds a few goodies: [MENTATS] can be found on the table, and a
[FIRST AID BOX] and [ENCLAVE CRATE] hold other supplies for you to use.  The SW
room holds one last [FIRST AID BOX] for you - exit to the Cryo Lab by the NW
after stocking up.

Raven Rock - Level 2
You'll find yourself in a similar room as before, with a squad of Enclave Troops
waiting to blow you to dust.  Dispose of them and check the SE room for some
[MENTATS] on the table.  Check the NW room for two [ENCLAVE CRATES], then head
downstairs and go north.  Move north and get to a larger hallway.  Dispose of
any Enclave Troops and Scientists here, and continue west.

At the intersection, check out the southern area first to find more useful
equipment.  You can use the Terminals (Average) to unlock Security Barriers,
allowing you to grab goodies from the [GRENADE BOX], [ARMOR CASE] and [GUN CASE]
behind the deactivated barrier.  Do so in the eastern room, and also check all
the footlockers and regular lockers for ammo.

Head into the western room and you might stumble on Anna Holt (from Rivet City).
Do whatever you want with her, although killing her costs you Karma.  Grab 
anything you need from the [FIRST AID BOX] and head back to the hall.  Head into
the Cryo Labs nearby and go upstairs.  Check out the NW room for a [FIRST AID
BOX] and [MENTATS] on the table, along with two [ENCLAVE CRATES].  Stand in awe
at the entrapped Yao Guai, Deathclaws and Ghouls, then leave how you entered
(head west).  Check out the southern area to find another [ENCLAVE CRATE] and
tons of lockers which always hold some ammo.

Head north to proceed with the game.  At the very end of the hall, blast more
Enclave Troops and check out the room to your left (west) for supplies.  First
and foremost, grab the [ENERGY WEAPONS BOBBLEHEAD]  on the table here.  Also
unlock the averagely locked [FOOTLOCKER] near the bed to find a load of chems
and the [ZAX DESTRUCT SEQUENCE].  Lastly, disable the security barrier by the
use of the (average) terminal and grab tons of goodies from the [AMMO BOX x2]

Have a listen at the ZAX Holotape you just found;  This may come in handy later.
Continue your way east and from the round strategy room to the next area.

Control Room
Move straight ahead and let the Sentry Bots (that's right, they're on YOUR side
for a change!) do the talking/fighting.  Head into Eden's Chamber and go all
the way up.  Talk to Eden.  You now have several options:

1. Use your Speech Skill to tell Eden he needs to put an end to all this.
2. Use your Science Skill to convince Eden he isn't cut out to be president.
3. Use the ZAX Destruct Sequence in your conversation.
4. Obey the president.

Whatever you choose now has influence on the story.  Feel free to do whatever
you like, and take the [MODIFIER F.E.V] before you can proceed.

Raven Rock - Level 1
Continue through the straightforward hall and dispose of any troops with the
help of two Mark IV Turrets.  Proceed the through the halls until you reach two
Sentry Bots and a Deathclaw Container (which you can open).  Loot the [FIRST
AID BOX] from the table and head on.

Two turrets assist you in battle once more when you go through the doors.  Press
forward and a mini-epic battle will be fought between two Sentry Bots and 
several Enclave Troops.  Take care of any survivors and be sure to loot the
huge supply boxes behind the Security Barrier (averagely locked).  There are
three [GUN BOXES], one [MINE BOX] and one [GRENADE BOX].  Fat chance you'll find
a Laser Gatling in one of them!

Note: When you exit the place, you may want to choose to *not* speak with Fawkes
      yet, in order to make things easier if you want multiple followers in 
      your party.  Yes, that's actually possible, more info to come.

Exit the place and find Fawkes - if you didn't kill him - wasting Enclave Troops
with his new toy.  Talk to him and you can have him join you.  Now you have a
Super Mutant with a gatling gun as a bodyguard, how awesome is that!

Note: Before you proceed, it is recommended to have as little weight on you as
      possible, because you'll come across a lot of loot which you may want to
      pick up.

Fast travel to the Citadel and go inside the labs to overhear what seems to be
an important discussion.  The decisions you make have an outcome on the ending,
so you'll want to keep save games before this (but I assume you have hundreds of
savegames, don't you?) The quest now ends.

    |[W14] Take it Back!                                                  |
|ENEMIES: o Enclave Soldier    o Colonel Autumn                                |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 1200 EXP (but the game sadly ends).                             |
|                                                                              |

This is one of the best parts.. Simply follow Prime and the Brotherhood while
you pick up the loot from the deceased.  Help a hand if you're getting bored. :P
Seriously, just go to the Jefferson Memorial and head inside.

Inside the Gift Shop it's roaming with Enclave Soldiers, but you're assisted
by Sentinel Lyons and possibly also Fawkes if you recruited him.  Head for the
Rotunda and get ready for the final showdown.  If you're being helped, and you
most likely are, then this won't be all that difficult - just fire at will.

Speak to Lyons afterwards and hop into the cabin - agree to do what must be
done.  Enter the password .. which you should remember from before.  Your
mother's bible passage is the password: 216.  You've officially beaten the game!
Congratulations, and don't forget that this is only one of the many endings
available.  Now load one of your previous saves - or start over - and go do
everything that can be done.

                        II-1) MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS [MQ]

    |[MQ1.1] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Get Radiated!                  |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: ---                                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] RadAway x(Lvl), [] Rad-X x(Lvl), [] Rad Regeneration Perk.   |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: ---                                                                  |
|                                                                              |

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The final reward of this quest varies depending on the answers
===============  you give Moira everytime you complete an objective.  There are
5 'paths' you can take: [NORMAL], [SMART], [TOUGH], [SLY] and [SNIDE].  You will
not always be able to see all answers, because the SPECIAL stat associated with
that answer needs to be 7+.  You can increase your stats before talking to
Moira by using chems such as Buffout.

Some advice: I highly suggest you take the 'Tough' path, because this eventually
results in a Defense Rating increase, something you can't normally increase like
you can increase you stats.  The associated stats are STR and END, which you can
increase with Buffout if they are not at 7 when talking to Moira.  The answer
should always have the associated stat in front of it.

When you're visiting Megaton for the first time, you can start doing a few 
simple quests of which the benefits are great at this time.  Talk to Moira at
the Craterside Supply, which will be open during the day.  She'll tell you that
she's working on a Guide and that she can use your help.  Answer however you 
like for now, and then start doing the quests.  By far the easiest quest is the
one where she wants you to get radiated.

200 Rads is the basic objective, 600 Rads is optional.  Head outside and crouch
nearby the pool where the Atom Bomb slammed in, and start drinking until you
have 600 Rads.  You can also stand in the water and get +2 Rads every second,
so you can have a cup of coffee and come back.  Just don't get 1000 Rads, or
you'll die.

Return to Moira and she'll cure you from the Radiation Sickness.  She'll also
tell you about this new Perk you have obtained - which sounds really bad, but
is actually quite awesome, since limbs automatically regenerate when you're
suffering from advanced radiation sickness.  She'll also hand you [RADAWAY] and
[RAD-X].  How much you get depends on your level.  Are you Lvl 3? You get 3.

Next, I suggest you do the one related to food.

    |[MQ1.2] The Wasteland Survival Guide: The Super-Duper Mart           |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] John's Key, [] Wastelander Note, [] Mentats, [] Nuka Cola, [] Laser |
|       Pistol x2, [] 3x Energy Cell x20, [] Bottlecap Mine, [] Energy Cell x60|
|       [] Energy Cell x29, [] 2x Stimpak, [] Carton of Cigarettes, [] Food,   |
|       [] Pre-War Money, [] Bobby Pin, [] Nuka Cola, [] Bottle Caps, [] Jet,  |
|       [] Med-X, [] Buffout, [] 10mm Rounds x10, [] 10mm Rounds x20, 4x Frag  |
|       Mine, [] 10mm Rounds x10, [] 4x 5.56mm Rounds x24, [] Super Duper      |
|       Pharmacy Key, [] Bottlecap Mine x2, [] Frag Grenades x3, [] 10mm       |
|       Rounds x16, [] Darts x20, [] Blood Pack, [] Jet x2, [] Med-X, [] Rad-X,|
|       [] Stimpak, [] Mini Nuke, [] 4x Frag Grenades, [] 5.56mm Rounds,       |
|       [] 2x RadAway, [] Jet, [] Mentats, [] Psycho, [] Nuka Cola x9, [] Nuka |
|       Cola Quantum x3, [] Office Employee ID.                                |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Iguana Bits x(Lvl), [] Food Sanitizer.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Raider                                                             |
|                                                                              |

Look for the Super-Duper Mart on your map, which is located slightly SE from
Megaton.  Be on the lookout for any enemies outside the building, then go over
to the eastern side of the building.  Check the dead wastelander nearby for 
some loot: [JOHN'S KEY], [WASTELANDER NOTE], [MENTATS].  Also grab any [NUKA
COLA] from the vending machines, then enter through the doors most to the north.

Enter the main shopping hall and hop over the counter to your right (north).
Look around for two [LASER PISTOLS], three [ENERGY CELL x20], and a [BOTTLECAP
MINE].  In the locked Ammunition Box you can find [ENERGY CELL x60], and in the
unlocked you'll find [ENERGY CELL x29].  [2x STIMPAK] can also be found at the
end of the counter.  To the north you should be able to find a [CARTON OF
CIGARETTES] in one of the Metal Boxes on the shelves - which sells decently.
The refrigerator is the goal of the quest, and it holds some random [FOOD] such
as Blanco Mac and Cheese x2, Junk Food, Nuka-Cola and Salisbury Steak x2.  Grab
it and leave this room to explore the rest of the Mart.

To the south, where you came from, you can find five cash registers with [PRE
WAR MONEY] in it, and a [BOBBY PIN].  The southeast room has a vending machine
with [NUKA COLA], but the doors just lead to the worldmap.  Explore the women's
restroom south of the main room to find three [BOTTLE CAPS], [JET], [MED-X], and
[BUFFOUT], along with some beds you can use to heal - unless there are still
Raiders closeby.

[10MM ROUNDS x10] and [10MM ROUNDS x20] can be found in the Ammo Boxes on top
of the counter in the southwest corner of the mainroom.  Hop over it, and you'll
be close to the second (optional) objective of this quest: Another supply room.
You can also find [4x FRAG MINE] in the Mine Box and [10MM ROUNDS x10] in the
Ammo Box on the ground, near the counter just outside this supply room. Four
[5.56MM ROUNDS x24] can also be found on the counter nearby these boxes.  Also
check the cabinets of the counter; You may find a Toy Car (used to create a
Dart Gun later on).

To open the door you'll need a key, which we're going to grab just now.  Of
course you may also want to use your Science Skill to hack the terminal, or use
your Lockpick Skill to lockpick the door.  After all, this gives you experience,
and that's a good thing.

There are Raiders around here, but head to the room north from here anyway. 
Many goodies can be grabbed here: The [SUPER-DUPER PHARMACY KEY] is in one of
the metal boxes, [BOTTLECAP MINE x2] are just lying around, the Grenade Box
holds [FRAG GRENADES x3], the Ammo Box on the floor holds [10MM ROUND x9], and
the locked Ammo Box in the cabinet holds more [10MM ROUND x16].  Head back to
the door leading to the storage room.  Inside are many things ripe for the 
taking, so let's go over them:

[DARTS x20], Pharmacy Supplies Box holds [BLOOD PACK], [JET x2], [MED-X],
[RAD-X], [STIMPAK]. A [MINI NUKE] can be found on the desk, along with [4x FRAG
GRENADES] next to the terminal.  The Ammo Boxes hold [5.56MM ROUNDS].  On the
shelves behind your right (northeast) you can find [2x RADAWAY], [JET], and
[MENTATS].  You can also find a [PSYCHO] on the lower shelf further down, along
with a bunch of crates holding a [NUKA COLA x9] and [NUKA COLA QUANTUM x3] or
so.  Do NOT drink the Quantum Cola's, as they're rare (90 exist in the game) and
they're part of a quest. 

Grab the [OFFICE EMPLOYEE ID] from above the terminal which will prove useful in
a second, then hack the terminal and release the Protectron robot.  It'll start
scanning you, but the ID saves you from being identified as a hostile.  Feel
free to let the Protectron out of the room, and team up with it to gun down some
Raiders.  When you've looted everything, head back to Megaton because you're
officially done with this place.

Head back to Moira and tell her an intelligent answer.  She'll give you the
[IGUANA BITS] of which the amount depends on your level, plus, if you did the
optional requirement of getting medicine as well, she'll hand you the [FOOD
SANITIZER] that increases the restoration effects of food by +20%.  Nice!

    |[MQ1.3] The Wasteland Survival Guide: The Minefield                  |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: ---                                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Frag Grenades, [] Stimpaks, [] Bottlecap Mine Schematics     |
| (100 EXP)                                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: ---                                                                  |
|                                                                              |

Travel to the minefield and back.  You can also give her a mine you found or
bought from somewhere else, she can't tell the difference.  You should leave the
sniper alone when you're in The Minefield.  His name is Arkansas and you can
make some caps (250) when you turn him into a 'VIP slave' later.

Tell Moira about your trip and the first part of the quest will be over.  Next
up?  Mole Rats!

    |[MQ1.4] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Repel Rats                     |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: ---                                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Jets (x), [] Psycho (x).                                     |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Mole Rat                                                           |
|                                                                              |

Moira gives you the [REPELLENT STICK]. Travel to Tepid Sewers for example, you
should be able to find at least three Mole Rats there.  However, if you want to
fulfill the optional requirement, scout the worldmap around Megaton (and any
area around there actually) to find the Mole Rats you're looking for.  Whack
them all with your Repellant Stick and return to Moira for the results.

Talk to her about getting yourself injured.  Interesting, right?

    |[MQ1.5] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Crappy for the Crippled        |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Med-X (x), [] Environment Suit.                              |
|                                                                              |

This quest is an oddball.  'Simply' get yourself down to 50% of your health or
lower.  Better yet, cripple yourself or lose one of your limbs, that would be

It's remarkably easy to complete this quest.  If your Medicine Skill is high
enough, explain Moira how things work.  This fulfills the optional requirement
too, no worries there.  If your Medicine Skill isn't high enough, well, it's
best to cripple a leg somehow, right?

You don't get crippled when a Mole Rat starts eating you (no pun intended).
A far better idea is to leap off the roof of the Atom's Church.  You can get
there by taking the stairs and leaping over other roofs first.  If you take a
true leap of faith and land in the pool next to the rocket, chances are you'll
cripple a leg.  Be sure to save beforehand to try again if you don't.

Return to Moira and she'll be all overexcited as usual, but she'll also give you
a neat reward: The Environment Suit has a +30 Rad Resistance stat (and +5 MED).

Tip: Before you speak to Moira about the next objective, you may want to check 
     out the Mirelurk Lair in the upcoming section by yourself.  If you haven't
     accepted the quest yet, you can kill all you like!  By the time you accept
     the quest, nothing is mentioned about this and you'll have an easier time
     completing it.

    |[MQ1.6] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Lurking in the Mirelurk Lair   |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Stealth Boy (x), [] Shady Hat, [] Ammunition.                |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Mirelurk    o Mirelurk Hunter                                      |
|                                                                              |

Head over to the Anchorage Memorial, which you can easily access by traveling
to Tepid Sewers and going west from there.  Check your local map to find the
exact location of the entrance and enter the lair.  It should say: Anchorage
Memorial Facility.

It helps if you have a Stealth Boy and a decent Sneak Skill, but you can always
do multiple attempts if you want to complete the optional part too, which
excludes the killing of any Mirelurks. 

Head straight downstairs and around the corner.  Before you open the door, now
is an excellent time to put on a Stealth Boy.  If you follow the instructions to
come, you should be able to perfectly use the 2 minutes of stealth that you are

Sneak, and open up the door.  Quietly sneak to the north, ignoring the Mirelurk,
and take a right (east) through the door leading to an area called Anchorage
Memorial Facility Bay.  Head to your left, then right again and basically circle
around the center, but stick to the outer walls until you get to some stairs
leading down (south).  

Head down and go around the corner.  A Mirelurk will be lurking (what else?) in
the nearby distance.  Cautiously sneak towards him but take a left (west) on the
bridge.  Here, look on your right for some steps down into the water.  Once in
the water, look for a Mirelurk Egg Clutch on your left, and place the Observer.

With your objective completed, the only thing that rests for you to do is to get
the hell out of this place.  Backtrack the way you came.  It's likely that 
around halfway your Stealth Boy runs out.  You should be able to just make a run
for the exit and be done with it either way.  Head back to Megaton to report on
your findings.

    |[MQ1.7] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Rivet City's History           |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Mentats (x)                                                  |
|              [] Rivet City Trading Discount (+10% on Selling, -10% on Buying)|
|                                                                              |

NOTE: It may be wise to do this quest simultaneously with 'The Replicated Man'.

Travel to Rivet City and find either one of the following two people:

1. Bannon (at the Marketplace)
2. Vera Weatherly (at the Weatherly Hotel)

Ask one of them about the history of Rivet City and they'll be glad to tell you
more.  Now search Rivet City for one of the following people.  Again, you only
have to talk to one of them:

1. Seagrave Holmes (Marketplace or his room)
2. Belle Bonny (Muddy Rudder Pub - all the way down at the stairwell)

Now that you know more, another optional objective begins.  It's best if you
follow the steps as described in 'The Replicated Man' quest, because they are
identical.  You'll need to find Pinkerton and use his terminal.

When you return to Moira she'll hand you Mentats and a Rivet City Discount.

    |[MQ1.8] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Robotic Rampage                |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Pulse Grenade (x), [] Big Book of Science.                   |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] RadAway, [] Stimpak, [] Rad-X, [] Stealth Boy, [] 2x Darts x20,     |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Lying, Congressional Style,          |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Pre-war Book, [] 6x Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box,   |
|       [] Big Book of Science, [] Bottlecap Mine, [] 2x Cherry Bomb,          |
|       [] 2x Darts x20, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, |
|       [] Jet, [] D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine, [] Stealth Boy,          |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Mentats, [] Stealth Boy, [] 2x Railway Spikes x20,|
|       [] Nikola Tesla and You, [] Rad-X x2, [] Buffout, [] First Aid Box,    |
|       [] Stealth Boy, [] Pre-war Book, [] Personal Footlocker, [] Darts x20. |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Protectron    o Mole Rat   o Radroach                              |
|                                                                              |

ROBCO Factory Floor:
Travel to the ROBCO building nearby Tenpenny Tower.  Fasttravel to the location
closest and head from there.  When you enter the building, first inspect the
toilet rooms to your left.  You can find a [RADAWAY] in a sink in the first
toilet room, plus some Pre-war money next to the skeleton.  You can find a
[STIMPAK] and a [RAD-X] in the second toilet room if you search thoroughly next
to the toilets.

Head into the room on the NW.  Search all desks and fallen Protectrons.  You'll
find a [STEALTH BOY] on one of the desks, an [AMMO BOX] on another.  On top of
a bookcase you can find [2x DARTS x20].  In the storage room to the far NW 
you'll find a [FIRST AID BOX] and another [AMMO BOX].  Head back to the main
hall and search the counter to find a [LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE].  You can 
also find a [FIRST AID BOX] and a [PRE-WAR BOOK] in or on the bookcase.

Head for the eastern area and ignore the large room with stairwells.  Instead,
move into the room on your north and search the bookcases for [6x AMMO BOX].
Deal with any Radroaches and Mole Rats, then proceed north, immediately followed
by east.  You'll end up in a larger room with several control panels and repair
pods for Protectrons.  Grab the medical supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] on
the wall and look for a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] on the control panels.

Make your way over the walkway into a small room on the southeast.  Look for a
[BOTTLECAP MINE] under the workbench, then continue into a larger room up east.
Ignore the lower boundaries and head upstairs.  Make your way through the west
hallways until you reach another large room.  Head through the door on the east,
which leads to the Offices and Cafetaria area.

Offices and Cafetaria:
Grab the [2x CHERRY BOMBS] from one pooltable and [2x DARTS x20] from the other
pooltable.  Head south, then go into the kitchen on your left to find a [FIRST
AID BOX] on the wall.  Continue through the west hallway and take a left twice
without going upstairs.  If you explore the eastern hallway you'll get to a
room with a broken steam device in which you can find another [FIRST AID BOX].

Return to the previous room and explore the southernmost room of the area to
Find a [STEALTH BOY] on an other desk and check all remaining desks for ammo.

Check your local map and head to the western room, ignoring the stairs for now.
You should be able to find a [FIRST AID BOX] here.  If you head to the north
through the hallway (the other two rooms don't have much of value) you'll get to
a larger room with several desks.  When you enter, the bookcase directly to your
right holds [MENTATS] and a [STEALTH BOY].  You can also find [2x RAILWAY 
SPIKES x20] and a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] skill book on a small table up north.

The last two rooms left to explore are toilets to the east, and you can find
[RAD-X x2] and a [BUFFOUT] in the left corner of the southern toilet.  The
ground floor has been explored, so we can now head upstairs (on the south).

When you go upstairs, the door directly north leads to the mainframe.  In this
room you can find a [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall and a [STEALTH BOY] plus a [PRE-
WAR BOOK] on a rubbish table.

Activate the mainframe and install the processor widget.  Hack the terminal
immediately afterwards, select the options: 'Initiate Pest Liquidation' (the
Protectrons will kill any Radroaches and Mole Rats) and the 'Cease Total
Liquidation' (Protectrons will stop hurting you).

Explore the rooms on the west to find an averagely locked [PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER]
and [DARTS x20] in the other room.  There is one last room on the eastern side
to be explored, but there's mainly junk and filing cabinets to be found there.

    |[MQ1.9] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Librarians are not boring      |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Caps (x), [] Lying, Congressional Style.                     |
| (100 EXP)                                                                    |
|              Finishing All 9 Sub-Quests:                                     |
|              [] Mini Nuke                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|              Depending on how well you did one of the following:             |
|              1. Junior Survivor Perk (0 to 4 optional objectives done)       |
|              2. Survival Expert Perk (5 to 8 optional objectives done)       |
|              3. Survival Guru Perk   (9 optional objectives done)            |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Ammo Box x5, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Buffout, [] Stealth Boy,       |
|       [] Gun Cabinet, [] Gun Cabinet, [] Big Book of Science, [] Pre-war Book|
|       [] Ammo Box x2, [] Pre-war Book x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Frag Mine,    |
|       [] Pre-war Book, [] Ink Container, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Frag Mine x2,    |
|       [] Safe, [] Blood Pack, [] Jet, [] Pre-War Book.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Raider                                                             |
|                                                                              |

You're going to have to travel to Arlington Public Library.  You can head to 
Rivet City and head west from here, or you can travel to the Nuka Cola Factory
and head east.  If you have discovered an other place that's even closer, feel 
free to travel there instead.

When you arrive you'll bump into several Brotherhood of Steel members, including
Scribe Yearling.  Be polite and ask her about the terminal in this very room.
She's also interested in any Pre-war books you may have found, and is willing to
pay you 100 Caps a piece.

Look in the SE and NE corners to find a total of 5 [AMMO BOXES].  Check the 
terminal in the center of the room and select 'Access Card Catalogue'.  This was
your primary objective already, now for the optional.

Head into the toilets to find a [FIRST AID BOX x2] (one in both toilets).  You
can also find some [BUFFOUT] near a toilet in the woman's.  You can continue
through the hallway and team up with a few Brotherhood members.  Blast any
Raiders in this large room.

Now return to the entrance hall and go upstairs.  Find a [STEALTH BOY] on the
desk, and check the western room for a [GUN CABINET].  The other door on the
east leads to a room with another [GUN CABINET] and an adjacent room with
several desks and a hole in the ground that only leads to the restrooms you
already paid a visit.

Exit to the north and head into the NE room. You'll find a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE]
on the desk here.  Return to the hallway and continue to the large room up north
which is the same area where you fought the Raiders with the Brotherhood members
just now.  Check the small table for a [PRE-WAR BOOK] and circle around the room
until you get to the southern side.  Search around for two [AMMO BOXES] between
some bookcases, and a [PRE-WAR BOOK x2] in the bookcase nearby.

Media Archive:
Head NW and go through the door that leads to the Arlington Library Media 
Archive; The rest of the area doesn't hold anything neat.  Head upstairs and
blast the Raiders in the hallway.  Check the adjacent room for some ammo in
desks, then continue to the next stairwell south and head up.

Ignore the bed with the corpse and check out the room to the NW to find a locked
but easily opened [FIRST AID BOX] in this room with a pooltable.  Move to the
NE, (be cautious of the [FRAG MINE] nearby the bed) and kill some Raiders.  Dive
to the room with the terminal and use this to disable the Mark I Turret in the
room up ahead.

With the havoc calmed down head into the barricaded room up north.  Walk over
some planks and find a [PRE-WAR BOOK] on the conveyor belt.  On the desk you'll
find a Metal Box called Restoration Supplies, in which you can find an [INK
CONTAINER].  This is a useful item for a different quest, so keep it safe.
You'll also find two [AMMO BOXES] on the same desk.

Return to the previous hallway and go through the door on the south, nearby the
corpse on the bed.  Go upstairs and into the room directly to your right (west).
Disable the turret by hacking the average terminal, then disarm two [FRAG MINES]
placed nearby the Filing Cabinets on the west.

Head through the hall south from these rooms, but beware as you proceed because
the next room has a few raiders with heavy weaponry.  After killing them, head
into the room and unlock the averagely locked [SAFE] in one of the corners.
Grab a [BLOOD PACK] and a [JET] from the desk in the other corner.  Do a quick
search in all the desks and cabinets, then move towards the terminal in the
center of the room and grab the [PRE-WAR BOOK] on this desk.

Access the Arlington Public Library Public Terminal (such a mouthfull), and
select the 'Transfer Library Archives' to complete the optional objective.

There is no need to search the 'Children's Wing' in order to complete this quest
so I suggest you do so an other time.

On your way out, give all Pre-war Books you found to Scribe Yearling and make a
bonus of 500 Caps (if you found all in this building so far).  Head back to
Moira for your final reward.

    |[MQ2] The Power of the Atom                                          |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Sheriff Lucas Simms in Megaton, or talk to Mr. Burke at|
|               Moriarty's Saloon in Megaton.                                  |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Strength Bobblehead, {} Hunting Rifle.                              |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: Bomb Disarmed: [] 100 Caps / 500 Caps (with Speech),            |
| (300 EXP)                   [] My Megaton House Key, [] Megaton House,       |
|                             [] +200 Karma (if offered to disarm for free).   |
|              Bomb Explodes: [] 500 Caps / 1000 Caps (with Speech),           |
|                             [] My Tenpenny Tower Suite Key, [] Tenpenny Suite|
|                             [] -1000 Karma.                                  |
|ENEMIES: ---                                                                  |
|                                                                              |

When visiting Megaton, ask Lucas Simms about the Atom Bomb and tell him you can
handle it.  A speech challenge can increase your reward from 100 caps to 500,
which is needless to say quite a lot.  Equip the Vault 101 Jumpsuit for a small
increase (+2) in Speech, and reset until he gives in with 500 Caps.

Now visit Moriarty's Saloon on have a chat with the business man sitting on the
right of the entrance.  His name is Mr. Burke and he wants the exact opposite
of Lucas Simms: He wants you to blow up Megaton.  Err, that isn't advisable, as
there is enough for you to do in Megaton.  If you're truly evil, do everything
in Megaton first, then follow his instructions.

Note: If you are female and have the Black Widow Perk you can seduce Burke out 
      of blowing Megaton up - an interesting option to say the very least.

A better idea is to tell Lucas Simms that Mr. Burke wants to blow up Megaton
and he'll holler to the saloon.  Head after him and be on your guard.  As soon
as their chat is over, shoot Mr. Burke before he can assault the Sheriff.  He'll
be thankful.  Loot his body and continue with the quest.

If you already have a high enough Explosives Skill (25+) you can disarm the bomb
right away, but you can still do the optional part if you feel like it.  Talk to
Leo Stahl at the Brass Lantern (food store near the bomb) and talk to him about
his addiction.  1. If you succeed at the Speech Challenge, he'll hand you the
[LEO'S STASH KEY] to the box in the Water Processing Plant.  2. Threaten to
tell his family and he'll agree to sell you some after his shift.  Meet him past
20.00 hours in the Water Processing Plant, where he'll sell you Mentats among
other things.

Mentats increase your INT (and PER) by +5, which should be more than enough to
crank an average (17) Explosives Skill to above 25.  Head over to the Bomb and
disarm it.  Report to Lucas Simms to receive your caps, plus your own residence
in Megaton where you can store your items.  You can also make a visit to Lucas
Simm's House now.

Note: Did Lucas Simms die by the hands of Burke? No worries! You can loot a
      Chinese Assault Rifle off his body, along with the key to his house.  As
      for the quest's reward, you ask?  Locate Simms' Son (a small boy) and 
      he'll hand over the reward instead.

Enter and go upstairs. The door to the NE leads to a room where you can find the
[STRENGTH BOBBLEHEAD], which permanently increases your STR by +1.  Nice!  You
can also steal the {HUNTING RIFLE} from the other room, but it's a weapon that
you'll come across soon enough during your journeys.  You can also find a Toy
Car in his house.

    |[MQ3] Those!                                                         |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: 1. Talk to a kid named Bryan Wilks.  He can be found running   |
|                  scared on the worldmap - usually south from the Super-Duper |
|                  Mart, near his hometown Grayditch.                          |
|               2. Find Doctor Lesko in Falls Chruch metro tunnels.            |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Grayditch Dumpster Key, [] Shack Key, [] 5.56mm Rounds x11,         |
|       [] 5.56mm Rounds x15, [] 5.56mm Rounds x17, [] Chinese Assault Rifle,  |
|       [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box, [] .32 Caliber Rounds x19, [] .32 Pistol|
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Frag Grenade, [] Mentats, [] Ammo Box, [] Buffout,|
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Psycho, [] Hunting Rifle, [] First Aid Box,       |
|       [] Mine Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Railway Spikes x20, [] Ammo Box,     |
|       [] Grady's Last Recording, [] .32 Caliber Rounds x6, [] Scoped .44     |
|          Magnum, [] .44 Magnum Rounds x12, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box,    |
|       [] Silenced 10mm Pistol, [] 10mm Rounds x12, [] Cherry Bomb x3,        |
|       [] Psycho, [] Stimpak, [] Jet, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Grady's Safe Key,    |
|       [] William Brandice Key, [] Mine Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x3,|
|       [] Big Book of Science, [] Missile Launcher, [] Missile x2.            |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Ant Might Perk (+1 STR) OR Ant Sight Perk (+1 PER).          |
| (300 EXP)       Both perks give +25% resistance to fire.                     |
|              [] Lesko's Lab Coat (negotiated).                               |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Fire Ant Worker         o Fire Ant Soldier      o Fire Ant Warrior |
|         o Fire Ant Nest Guardian  o Marigold Ant Queen                       |
|                                                                              |

Once you've found either the kid or the doctor (succeed at the Speech Challenge
with the kid and he'll give you the [GRAYDITCH DUMPSTER KEY]), head over to
Grayditch, located south from Super-Duper Mart.

You'll stumble on loads of Ants.  Keep your distance from their fierce breath,
and aim for their heads.  Ant Nectar gives you Fire Resistance, but don't overdo
it - since it's considered a drug.  You should hold on to these either way, 
because you can sell them to a figure called Lesko - who'll you meet soon - and
this figure pays handsomely: 40 Caps a piece.

Exploring Town:
Head inside Wilks' House (Check your Local Map, be sure to have 'Those!' as 
active quest) and head inside.  Grab the [SHACK KEY] from the body and search
the shelves for [5.56MM ROUNDS x11], [5.56MM ROUNDS x15], [5.56MM ROUNDS x17],
and a [CHINESE ASSAULT RIFLE].  There's also an [AMMO BOX] next to the closet.

You can find a [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall in the bathroom, and another [AMMO
BOX] upstairs, as well as [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x19] and a [.32 PISTOL].  Feel
free to use the Queen Sized Bed to sleep.

Head outside and open the Pulowski Preservation Shelter, where Bryan should be
hiding.  Tell him the bad news and continue the quest.

Head inside Brandice's House, south from Wilks' House.  Search the Cabinet for
booze and find a [FIRST AID BOX] in the bathroom.  The other room holds a
toolbox with ammo, hidden behind the fridge.  Head upstairs and check the
entries on the terminal - if it interests you. Grab a well hidden [FRAG GRENADE]
next to the desk, and leave the locked footlocker there for now. We'll find a
key to that later.

Head through the door into the Abandoned House next to Brandice's House. 
[MENTATS], [AMMO BOX], in the kitchen a [BUFFOUT] in a bucket (such a lovely
alliteration :p).  There's also a [FIRST AID BOX] in the bathroom.

Head back outside and go to a more southern street.  From here, search for a
second abandoned house and go inside.  Grab the [PSYCHO] from a cabinet in the
living room and grab the [HUNTING RIFLE] on the ground near the stairs.  Check
the cabinet upstairs and grab the loot from the [FIRST AID BOX] while you're
there.  Exit the place.

Marigold Metro Station:
Head south and enter Marigold Metro station.  Kill the Fire Ants and head into
a room east.  In this generator room, kill another ant and search the [MINE BOX]
for frag mines.  Head down some stairs, pop another ant brain and look for the
[FIRST AID BOX] on a table. [RAILWAY SPIKES x20] and an [AMMO BOX] can be found
on a shelf.

Head down another flight of stairs until you reach the blue line tube.  Head
west, head up and find [GRADY'S LAST RECORDING] in the ticketbox along with some
[.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x6].  Head down the blue line tube you came from.

When the paths split up, take the southern corridor.  Grab the [SCOPED .44 
MAGNUM] and [.44 MAGNUM ROUNDS x12] on the ground nearby the skeleton, pick the
easy [AMMO BOX] next to the vending machine, and plunder the [FIRST AID BOX].
There's also a [SILENCED 10MM PISTOL] and [10MM ROUNDS x12] in one of the

Go south some more, open the door and go down the stairs.  Make your way through
the next room - which has a gas leak, be careful!  Lure the ant before you kill
it.  Check the supply room on the east which holds [CHERRY BOMB x3], [PSYCHO],
[STIMPAK], [JET], two [AMMO BOXES] of which one requires a 25+ Lockpick Skill,
and lastly the [GRADY'S SAFE KEY] from the Fire Hose Box.

Make your way south through a corridor, kill two more ants, make your way
through a rubbish room and continue through another corridor that leads east.
Go through the door at the opposite side of the tube and you'll stumble on
Doctor Lesko.  Talk to him and tell him you need incentive to raise your reward.

Head north before you proceed to his 'lab'.  Up ahead you'll find William
Brandice.  Loot his body to find the [WILLIAM BRANDICE KEY], among many other
things of interest.  There's also a [MINE BOX] on a shelf nearby.  Go back.

Look around in his 'lab' to find a [FIRST AID BOX]. three [AMMO BOXES] and a
bunch of Ant Meat.  Leave his terminal alone and head through the east door.

Make your way to the (ALIEN STYLE!) hole in the tube and go through the door
that leads to the Queen Ant's Hatchery.  The path is linear but has many alcoves
that look confusing but aren't.  Kill the five Nest Guardians, then return to
the Doctor.  He'll grant you either the: 1. Ant Might Perk (+1 STR) or 2. Ant
Sight Perk (+1 PER).  Both perks give +25% resistance to fire.  He'll also hand
you the [LESKO'S LAB COAT].

Follow him to the Queen Ant's Nest, or rather, head over to the Marigold Ant
Queen yourself and kill her.  Grab the Ant Queen Pheromones from her, and grab
the [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] from the desk.  Hack the PC and send the pulse signal,
plus destroy the Mutagen.  Leave the place, and leave the doctor alone.  If you
have any Fire Ant Nectar left, sell them to him for 40 Caps a piece.

You can now start looking for Grady's Storage, but this is best done after you
have gotten the Mesmerizer during your Rescue From Paradise Quest.  If you must
know where the storage is, check your map: In the tube where the Queen Ant's
Hatchery is at the very south, hug the eastern wall and look for a flashing

Before anything, save your game.

Unlock the safe, grab the Naughty Nightwear (equip it immediately for a +10 in
Speech). A thug named Lug-Nut will show up and demands you hand over the Naughty
Nightwear.  Don't, and do the Speech Challenge.  If successful, he let's you
walk away.  If not successful, it results in a battle.  Later in the game, you
can enslave Lug-Nut and sell him for a decent 200 Caps or so.  You might want to
wait with getting this, or ensure he lives.

Inside the storage you can also find two Ammo Boxes, a Mine Box and a Ripper.

You can sell the Naughty Nightwear to Ronald Laren in Girdershade later.

Either way, head back to the worldmap and go inside Brandice's House.  Unlock
the footlocker in the dark corner to find a [MISSILE LAUNCHER] and [MISSILE x2].

Now go talk to Bryan.  You have several options now:

1. [Good Karma] Travel to Rivet City and talk to Vera Weatherly at the Weatherly
                Hotel.  She can take care of Bryan.  Travel back to Grayditch
                and tell Bryan the good news.
2. [Bad Karma]  After getting connections with the slavers in Paradise Falls,
                enslave Bryan and sell him for 100 Caps (or 300 with Speech).

3. Bring him to Little Lamplight and talk to MacCready with Speech.
4. Do Nothing.

I suggest you do option 1, unless you're an evil character, that is. :p
Head back to Bryan (who might be in his house) and tell him the good news!

    |[MQ4] Big Trouble in Big Town                                        |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Enter Big Town.                                                |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Med-X, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Combat Shotgun,       |
|       [] Password for Lockdown Computer, [] Safe, [] First Aid Box,          |
|       [] D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box,   |
|       [] Med-X, [] Germantown Jailers Key, [] Lying, Congressional Style,    |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Gun Cabinet, [] Fat Man, [] Cabinet, |
|       [] Ammo Box x3, [] Railway Spikes x20, [] Tumblers Today, [] Nuka-Cola |
|          Quantum.                                                            |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD:    Depending on your actions:                                   |
| (300 EXP)    1. Bring Red back to Big Town: 300 Caps.                        |
|              2. Return to Big Town when Red died: 200 Caps.                  |
|              3. Speech Challenge Red for more caps: +200 extra Caps.         |
|              4. Karma Bonus if Red & Shorty both make it to Big Town.        |
|                                                                              |
|              [] Lucky 8 Ball (if you save the town from Super Mutants)       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Super Mutant     o Super Mutant Brute    o Super Mutant Master     |
|                                                                              |

Enter Big Town, north of Vault 101, and this quest will start.  Talk to the
scared villagers to learn more about the situation, be friendly and tell them
that you'll help them out.  A Marker will be added to your map.

Note: You can talk to a girl named Bittercup and ask her about her dating life.
      If you want to get infinite EXP, locate Pappy (who is usually inside the
      Common House - as may Bittercup be, by the way) and use the Speech 
      Challenge.  It can fail or succeed, but it won't go away.  Everytime you
      succeed you will gain 6 EXP - not a whole lot, but it racks up quickly.
      The higher your Speech Skill, the faster this process.

Note: The above bug has been fixed in later (patched) versions of the game.

Check your map for Germantown Police HQ and depart.  Upon arrival you'll notice
many Super Mutants guarding the area.  Put them to silence and check out the
tents south of the building to find a [MED-X] and a [FIRST AID BOX].  Enter the
building by using the stairs on the wrecked northern side.

Upper Floor:
Inside, sneak to the front and overhear a conversation between nearby Super
Mutants.  If you wish to explore the room to your right, be cautious for a mine
placed close to the desk.  The terminal requires a +75 Science skill to hack.
From the hall, enter the room on the left (north), kill any mutants and search
around for a [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall, and a rigged shotgun on a desk which
you should be able to disarm, netting you a [COMBAT SHOTGUN]. The room directly
across this one also has a mine - you should be slipping into an extremely
careful mood by now - which you should disarm.

Head into the SE room and disarm another mine nearby the [SAFE], which you can
then easily open up with a 25+ Lockpick or Science skill.  Also grab the
[PASSWORD FOR LOCKDOWN COMPUTER] note from this desk.  The room to the north
has another mine trap right when you enter, but it also holds a [FIRST AID BOX]

The northeastern room of this area pretty much shows how evil the Super Mutants
really are.  Grab supplies from the table in the form of an [AMMO BOX], [FIRST
AID BOX], [MED-X], and also check the three Gore Bags - how gross it may be for
your character - but they are likely to hold quite some ammo.  Exit to the
Ground Floor through the door on the east of the hallway.

Ground Floor:
Head down the stai... Oh crap, another nasty frag mine.  Head down, kill another
mutant and disarm the mine in the room to your northwest.  There's not much in
this room besides many 911 terminals.  The rooms to the west of this area are
of much more interest, and the Super Mutant Master roaming them holds the
[GERMANTOWN JAILERS KEY].  With that in hand you can free Red from the NW room
by using the Lockdown Terminal.  

The room south of the cells has another mine planted in front of the terminal,
which requires a 100 Science Skill.  Instead, head back and left into a hallway
with a red fire hose box on the wall.  If you're interested, and I'm sure you
are, check out the room to the right and find a  [LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE]
Skill Book on the little table in the SW corner of this room.  Now walk down
the hallway and enter the basement.

The Basement:
First of all, head into the room on your left - which used to be a shooting
range but has been transformed into a slaughterhouse - and loot the [FIRST AID
BOX], [AMMO BOX] and [GUN CABINET].  Check out the hall back north of the
shooting range and pick the average door (50+) to find a storage with a lot to
stock up on: [FAT MAN], [AMMO BOX x3], [RAILWAY SPIKES x20] and a [CABINET] with
a random rifle and ammo inside.  Don't miss the barely visible [TUMBLERS TODAY]
skill book on the middle eastern shelf.  Can't pinpoint it any closer. ;)

If the Fat Man is too heavy, leave it be for now and return at an other time;
It's way too fat to be walking anywhere.  Head into the western room and deal
with a couple of Radroaches.  Check out all the lockers in the two adjacent
rooms to stock up on even more ammunition, then go down the hallway and deal
with the last Super Mutant.  Free Shorty, grab the [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] from the
ground in the storage room and get out of the building, picking Red up at ground

You can either escort them yourself (it's possible to arm them, just talk to 
them about it - if you want to keep your weapons you'll need to take those back
before you reach the town), but it's also possible to Fast Travel to Big Town.
This saves you a lot of trouble. 

Attacking Mutants!:
The citizens of Big Town ask your help against an impending attack of Super
Mutants.  Whatever you do, DON'T help them fix the robots, because that option
is more than often glitched, causing them all to mumble in chorus when you will
teach them to fix robots that don't exist!  Instead, tell them one of these:

- Explosives: Have them plant mines.
- Sneak: Have them hide in their houses.
- Small Guns: Give them a weapon training.
- Melee Weapons: Kick butt with nothing.

I suggest you stay to help them out as well.  Plant a few mines on the bridge
and fire away as they come.  Now you're done here, and the people can live
happily ever after.  Or maybe not.

Head into Red's Clinic and heal Timebomb (requires 40+ Medicine Skill, but you
can use Mentats to enhance your INT and thus Medicine).  Talk to him outside and
he'll give you the [LUCKY 8 BALL], which increases your LCK by +1.  Awesome!

    |[MQ5] The Superhuman Gambit                                          |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Uncle Roe at Canterbury Commons.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Pulse Grenade x6, Ammo Box x3, [] Nikola Tesla and You, [] Sector A |
|          Encryption Key, [] Stealth Boy, [] Lying, Congressional Style,      |
|       [] Antagonizer's Lair Key, [] The Antagonizer Costume,                 |
|       [] The Antagonizer's Helmet, [] The Mechanist's Costume,               |
|       [] The Mechanist's Helmet, [] Microfusion Cell x4, [] Nuka Grenade,    |
|       [] Stealth Boy.                                                        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 200 Caps (400 [can become 600] with Speech).                    |
| (300 EXP)       Depending on your actions, one of these two:                 |
|              1. 'Protectron's Gaze' Laser Pistol.                            |
|              2. 'Ant's Sting' Knife.                                         |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Robot Sentry       o Robobrain    o Protectron    o Mark II Turret |
|         o Giant Soldier Ant  o Mechanist    o Antagonizer                    |
|                                                                              |

Canterbury Commons lies at the far east of the map, a little higher than the
Scrapyard (which is a good start to fast travel to and start heading east).

When you finally arrive there you'll find an awkward battle taking place between
ant and robots.  Looks like quest material to me, how about you?  Uncle Roe
confirms our taste for quests and likes to get this over with.  Succeed at the
Speech Challenge to make him throw in an additional 200 caps over the initial
200.  Let's begin right away.

Head into the bar to the left (north) and look for Joe.  He might be at the
counter, but he might as well be asleep behind it.  Ask him about the two
troublemakers to gather some information for starters.

Check your local map to find Derek, then ask him about the AntAgonizer and the
Mechanist.  This will add their locations on your map.  

You will now have to choose between two sides, the Mechanist or the AntAgonizer.
Both can give you a unique weapon: The Protectron's Gaze or the Ant's Sting
respectively.  You can get both suits, but only one of these weapons.  The
Protectron's Gaze is the better weapon of the two:

- Protectron's Gaze Laser Pistol: 24 Damage, Fires two shots at once; Has a 
  'spread' ability which causes damage to spread to nearby enemies.
- Ant's Sting Knife: 4 Damage, poisons enemies (40 DMG per 10 Sec.).

'Siding' with Mechanist:
Check out the southern marker and enter the Robo Repair Center.  Head into the
room west of you and waste the defective RoboBrain.  Search the desks and
cabinets, and use the terminal in the southwest area of the room.  I've ever 
since received over 30 emails with the location of the key, and it's behind the
terminal where the box is.  Thanks everyone!  Open the box to find [PULSE
GRENADE x6], good stuff against robots.

Pick the locked door to the north and curve around the corner. This part can be
tricky, and I propose two different approaches:

1. Take a look to your NW and grab out a decent gun.  Blast one of the two
Mark II Turrets to smithereens with a few well aimed shots, then hide behind
the corner again.  A powerful Sentry Bot will investigate.  Grab your Pulse
Grenade and give him a shortwiring.  Deal with the other Turret like you did
with the first.

2. Speed for the door to the NW and close the door behind you.  Quickly hack the
terminal in this room and disable the turrets.  Take care of the Sentry Bot by
using Pulse Grenades, if this is necessary at all.

Find a [FIRST AID BOX] in the room with the terminal, but also look around the
main room to find three [AMMO BOXES] and a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] book.  Search
all Protectrons to find Energy Cells.  Also check any metal boxes.

Head upstairs and into the room.  Hack the terminal and disable the security in
the B-Sector (which was the other path - that leads to this room as well).
Continue over the higher walkways and walk into the small room SW.  Pick the
safe to find the [SECTOR A ENCRYPTION KEY] and a [STEALTH BOY].

Head through the doors south to enter the Mechanist's Forge.  Here, grab the
[LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] book from the desk and activate the Coffee Brewer,
followed by activating the hidden door(s).  After a long wait, you can finally
enter his hideout.

The Mechanist will hear you out.  You have many options, really, you do, but to
get the most out of this quest, agree to side with him (for now..).  Quickly
follow him when you find out that the AntAgonizer has entered the building.

The next battle is tricky because you want to make absolutely sure that the
Mechanist lives it through so you can claim your reward later.  Pump some Psycho
to boost your damage and quickly take care of the AntAgonist first, then rapidly
waste the ants.

When all is done, talk to the Mechanist and claim your [PROTECTRON'S GAZE], a
unique Laser Pistol.  Quickly waste the Mechanist too and loot him and his
rival for the following goodies:


Head back to his office and grab the [MICROFUSION CELL x20] from his desk and
a [NUKA-GRENADE] from under the Workbench.  Another [3x MICROCUSION CELL x20]
can be found on the shelves.  The footlocker in this room may hold ammo.

'Siding' with AntAgonizer:
Check your local map closely and head to the northern marker.  You can enter
through the door that your marker exactly pinpoints, but you can also take the
backroute by going through the sewer grate on top of the rocky hill.  On your
local map, this won't be displayed, but it's slightly to the west of the door's

Through the Door:
Head downstairs..disarm the mine, head east and proceed with caution to the
rigged shotgun and the cabinet north.  Disarm it and grab the two [FIRST AID
BOXES].  Make your way north, head down some stairs, tunnels and more stairs
until you get at an intersection.  Check out the SE walkway first and disable
the three mines here.  Grab the [STEALTH BOY] from the shelf and check the
metal boxes for potentially useful things.

Head west into a generator room, flip the switch to open the hatch and go down.
Cross over the sewer into a cave like area.  There are ants from here on.  Make
your way through the straightforward rocky path and take either way around 
a rotunda shaped room.  There's absolutely nothing of value in this cavern, so
make it through, enter the next area and proceed to the throne. 

Through the grate:
Simply walk past the bed and into the AntAgonizer's throne room.

There are many, many options here, but many aren't all that interesting or
rewarding.  You could have gotten the Mechanist's Suit by now, you could have
said to just kill her, etc.  Instead of all that I suggest you tell her you want
to team up with her.  The instant you completely agree with this, the Mechanist
will bust into the cave with several Protectrons.  Let them have at it and help
the AntAgonizer slightly.  Bring her the Mechanist's Suit and play nice. Take
the [ANT STING] as reward from the AntAgonizer.  You are free to kill her
afterwards.  Now loot the AntAgonizer and Mechanist bodies, which should yield
the following goodies:


Grab the [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] near the throne, then exit the cave by the ladder
north from this area, we've seen enough ants for now.

Back in Town:
Speak to Uncle Roe about your reward and he should hand you 600 caps!  400 for
the job (with Speech), and 200 as an additional thank-you.  Well, thank you
Uncle Roe!  Now feel free to explore the other dungeon of the freak you didn't
'side' with and get the items.

Note: You can now speak to Uncle Roe about caravan traders and expand their
      inventories by investing Caps.

    |[MQ6] The Nuka-Cola Challenge                                        |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Sierra Petrovita at Girdershade.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] 3x Energy Cell x20, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Laser Pistol, |
|       [] Welcome to the Nuka-Cola Family, [] First Aid Box, [] Lying,        |
|          Congressial Style, [] Safe, [] Finding the Formula, [] Big Book     |
|       [] of Science, [] Research Dept. Safe Key, [] Tumblers Today, [] Safe, |
|       [] Nuka-Cola Quantum x3, [] First Aid Box, [] Nuka-Cola Clear Formula, |
|       [] Ledoux's Hockey Mask.                                               |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 40 or 80 Caps per bottle.                                       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Nuka-Cola Security      o NukaLurk       o Radroach                |
|                                                                              |

Travel to Girdershade, southwest of Smith Casey's Garage.  This is an extremely
small village consisting of two shacks and two villagers.  Make your way to
Sierra's shack and talk to her all about Nuka-Cola Quantum.  Agree to find these
for her and she'll tell you she has a special something for you at 30 bottles.
(Psst, it's the Nuka-Grenade Schematic). 

When you exit the shack, a man called Ronald Laren bumps into you.  He offers
the same price for the Quantum Bottles, but negotiate a little and this price
is raised from 40 to the double of 80 caps per bottle!  Everything to shag
Sierra, eh Ronald?

You can also sell him the Naughty Nightwear you might have previously obtained
from Grady's Storage (where Lug-Nut wanted to rob it from you).  He'll initially
offer 200 caps, Speech Challenge him for 300 Caps.  You can always pickpocket
this back from him later, as well as the Kneecapper(a unique sawed-off-shotgun).

Note: If you're playing as a female and you have the Black Widow perk, you get
      some interesting additional dialog options with Ronald.  Beans anyone?

Quantum Bottles are found all over the wasteland, but there's a good place to
start regardless.  This quest keeps reminding me of the newest James Bond movie.

Nuka-Cola Plant:
Locate the Nuka-Cola Plant, far south at the edge of the worldmap.  Travel
straight south from Megaton to reach it.  Enter through it's only entrance.

The room to your right (east) holds nothing of interest, well, a Nuka-Cola
Security Protectron is busy 'guarding' a room.  The doors up north are locked,
so head into the room on your left (west) and blast another bot.  Check any
non-empty desks and take note of the Safe.  Continue through a larger hall,
destroy two more security bots and continue through the door at the north side
of this area.  Waste the NukaLurk and bot before you proceed to the next area.

Storage And Mixing Vats:
Note: It goes without saying, but the face is a Mire/NukaLurk's true weak point.

Kill another NukaLurk (or two), then head over to the nearby counter and grab
all goodies: Three [ENERGY CELL x20], an [AMMO BOX], [FIRST AID BOX] and a
[LASER PISTOL].  A note called [WELCOME TO THE NUKA-COLA FAMILY] also rests on
this counter.  The terminal activates the nearby Protectron, nothing we haven't
seen before.

Continue and you'll get to a flooded passage.  Equip some Rad. Resistant equip
if you have any on you, and use some Rad-X.  You can always resort to RadAway
when you need to, so don't let it bother you too much.  The stairs can give you
a short break from the pool, but deal with the NukaLurk(s) first.

When you continue, handle the upcoming TWO NukaLurks with extreme care, because
they can really devastate you.  When taken care of, head upstairs and try to
jump over the gap;  It doesn't matter if you fall down, you're pretty much
supposed to anyway.  Head through the eastern tunnel that leads to the Offices.

Head upstairs and deal with the Radroaches.  The room to the SE has several
sinks which you may want/need to drink from, since the NukaLurks pack quite a
punch.  Continue down the hall and don't let the numerous red enemy indicators
freak you out; They are mostly Radroaches.  Mostly ..

The rooms to your right have a few desks and cabinets you might want to check
for ammunition, but there's nothing in particular.  Make it to the end of the
hall and waste another NukaLurk.

When you reach the second floor, don't immediately storm the third but do some
exploring first.  Enter the room on your right (north) and check out the
adjacent room to the right.  It holds a [FIRST AID BOX], [LYING, CONGRESSIONAL 
STYLE] Skill Book and a [SAFE] with many useful things.  The southwestern room
of this area is the resting place of a dead Raider named Winger Mercier, of whom
you can loot the [FINDING THE FORMULA] note from. A [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] can be
found in the room to the north from here - access is granted by a hole in the
wall.  Exit the floor and proceed to the third.

Walk all the way downstairs and a robot called Milo will start to chat with you.
He does demand that you identify yourself (which gives a few hilarious options,
such as 'My Name is Ass Kicker and my ID is 5.56 mm!').  The correct answer can
be given if you grabbed and read the 'Welcome' note earlier, or you can use the
Speech Challenge to convince the bot you're the owner of the place.  In both
cases, get the [RESEARCH DEPT. SAFE KEY] from him, as well as the Shipping
Computer Login Code.

The room Milo came from holds a [FIRST AID BOX], but it also holds a cabinet
hidden behind a door from where you can grab a [TUMBLERS TODAY] and open up an
Easy [SAFE] (an other one than the one you've been given the key to).  Check any
desks and cabinets for ammo.  Most importantly, check the Shipping Terminal.
You can hack it or you can use the login code that Milo just gave you.  In the
terminal you'll find the three main shipping locations.

Head back upstairs and make your way through the hallway.  Milo's friendliness
is not shared by his security compatriots, so you'll have to blast your way
through them.  Go down at the first possibility and kill another bot.  In this
room, check the terminal and activate the packing line.  Grab the three [NUKA-
COLA QUANTUMS] from the conveyor belts and head back upstairs.

At the end of the tunnel, another bot awaits you.  You can find a [FIRST AID
BOX] on your right hand.  Head downstairs, go through another hall and reach
a new fabric hall with two bots.  Blast them and go through the double doors on
the left.  The other double doors lead back to the very entrance of the area
and can now be opened by the push of a button (or pick them if you want the
challenge and/or EXP).

The last thing to do is unlock the safe with the Research Dept. Safe Key, and
you should remember where it was (check the start of this section).  It always
holds the [NUKA-COLA CLEAR FORMULA] and some chems.

Goalie Ledoux:
If you search for the Red Racer Factory, located close to the city perimeter,
northeast from the Nuka Factory, you can come across three mercenaries.  Their
leader, Goalie Ledoux, offers 250 Caps for your freshly found formula.  Try to
increase this to 400 Caps and sell it to him.

As the other two mercenaries take off, kill Ledoux in cold blood.  This does not
lead to any Karma loss, but it does allow you to loot the [LEDOUX'S HOCKEY MASK]
from his body, which is quite possibly one of the best masks in the game due to
its unique and awesome +25 AP giving ability.  You can also grab your formula
back from him.

    |[MQ7] Strictly Business                                              |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Grouse at Paradise Falls about enslaving people.       |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Mesmetron, [] Ridgefield Gate Key, [] Sniper Rifle, [] Ammo Box x4, |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: +250 Caps per/Slave.                                            |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Arkansas      o Flak                                               |
|                                                                              |

Head to the Minefield and sneak your way to his vantage point.  Mind the mines,
and save often. I suggest you show yourself to him and get up close.  A good way
to use the Mesmetron here is to use VATS, because he tends to spasm around quite
a lot.  Rob him first for his [SNIPER RIFLE] and the [RIDGEFIELD GATE KEY],
which opens houses in the Minefield.  Head all the way upstairs to find four
[AMMO BOXES] with mainly .308 Sniper Rounds.  Check back with Grouse to get your
reward.  You can now enter Paradise Falls too, if that was your main pursuit.

Susan Lancaster:
She is located in Tenpenny Tower.  I  suggest you do the 'Tenpenny Tower' quest
first, because she plays a role in that quest.  She can also play a very minor
role in the 'Power of the Atom' quest if you plan on blowing Megaton up.

Search for Susan on the first floor and wait until she treads into one of the
bedrooms or simply a place where you can mesmerize her quietly.  Steal her 
[MIRELURK CAKES] and outfit first,, then offer her a gorgeous necklace.  Well,
that's that.

Initially captured in the Germantown Police Headquarters, you can either enslave
her there (for details, see 'Big Trouble in Big Town') or enslave her back at
Big Town where she resides in her clinic.  Rob her from her unique clothing and
send her to Paradise Falls.  Grab a copy of [D.C. JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE]
from her clinic while you're at it.

Head over to Rivet City; Flak is one of the shop owners.  You'll cause quite
some havoc if you enslave him before everyone else's eyes, but it may still be
easiest to enslave him at the marketplace because you can flee the city fast.
In a few days, the whole city will have forgotten your actions completely.  Be
sure to rob Flak first, and snatch the [FLAK AND SHRAPNEL'S ROOM KEY].

    |[MQ8] The Replicated Man                                             |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Dr. Zimmer in the Science Lab at Rivet City.           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Internal Component, [] Frag Mine, [] Ammo Box, [] Scoped .44 Magnum,|
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Combat Shotgun x2, [] Frag Mine, [] Purified      |
|          Water x3, [] Stimpak, [] Mine Box, {} Stealth Boy x2, {} Cherry     |
|          Bomb x2, {} Dean's Electronics, {} Big Book of Science, {} Blood    |
|          Pack x3, {} Bottlecap x13, {} Blood Pack, [] Bottlecap Mine.        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] A3-21's Plasma Rifle (Side with Harkness)                    |
|  (300 EXP)   [] Wired Reflexes Perk  (Side with Dr. Zimmer)                  |
|              [] 50 Caps (only if you trick Dr. Zimmer with Android Component)|
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Mirelurk    o Mirelurk Hunter                                      |
|                                                                              |

Talk to Doctor Zimmer in the Science Lab at Rivet City, and ask all questions
you can ask to get as much information as possible out of him.  Now a long
search begins, and you're looking for clues as to where the android went.

These clues come in the form of Holotapes and/or hints from people all over the
wasteland. Below is a list of where you can find these Holotapes and people.
You need to find 4 clues to continue this quest.  You can get the clues from 
various sources.  Once you've gotten to clue from one source you no longer have
to look for that clue and you no longer have to visit the other people from
that group.  It's possible to stay in Rivet City and look for Doctor Preston,
Seagrave Holmes, Father Clifford and Sister, for a quick example.

|Name:          |Location:       |Holotape Location:                           |
|Cutter         |Paradise Falls  |Lying on a cabinet in the corner of a room   |
|Doc Church     |Megaton         |Clinic; On the desk, near terminal           |
|Doctor Banfield|Tenpenny Tower  |On the ground; Examination corner            |
|Doctor Barrows |Underworld      |Nurse Graves' Desk; Near the terminal        |
|Doctor Preston |Rivet City      |[NO HOLOTAPE]: Talk to him; Clinic or Hotel  |
|Lucy           |Little Lamplight|Essentials Clinic; On her desk               |
|Red            |Big Town        |Desk in the Clinic                           |

|Name:          |Location:       |Holotape Location:                           |
|Knick Knack    |Little Lamplight|Miner Mole Store; On the desk, nearby phone  |
|Moira Brown    |Megaton         |On the round table behind her counter        |
|Seagrave Holmes|Rivet City      |On the floor, nearby the bed                 |
|Scribe Bowditch|Citadel         |Nearby Bowditch's terminal                   |
|Wintop         |Underworld      |Wintop's Room; On his desk                   |

|Name:           |Location:       |Holotape Location:                          |
|Manya           |Megaton         |Manya's Home; On the table                  |
|Father Clifford |Rivet City      |On the ground in the pulpit                 |
|Herbert Dashwood|Tenpenny Tower  |On the lowest shelf of his bookcase         |
|Tulip           |Underworld      |At her shop; On the workbench               |

|Name:           |Location:       |Holotape Location:                          |
|Eulogy Jones    |Paradise Falls  |On the desk in his bedroom                  |
|Grouse          |Paradise Falls  |On the ground near the sandbags             |
|Sister          |Rivet City      |On the desk in his Rivet City Room          |

After collecting several clues you'll bump into a woman named Victoria Watts.
Keep it nice and she'll eventually give you the [INTERNAL COMPONENT] to trick
Zimmer into the android's death.  I highly recommend against this, because you
can get much better rewards from this quest.

When you've gotten the clues, head to the worldmap.  If you're facing the boat,
you'll notice that the ship is broken in two when you look to the right.  This
is exactly where you're headed.  When you're there, head underwater and look for
a doorway on the western side, nearby the corner of where you start.

Enter an underwater area called Broken Bow.  Get some air in the room up ahead,
the swim underwater to the southwest, open the door, go through a room, swim up
some stairs and take another breather.  Open the door to your left, go through
another room and prepare for two MireLurks (or Mirelurk Hunters if you're a 
higher level).  In the next room the water will only be knee to foot deep, which
is a good thing.

Head upstairs (NW) and climb the dry deck.  Head straight into the room in 
front of you and disarm the [FRAG MINE] on top of the [AMMO BOX].  Also grab the
[SCOPED .44 MAGNUM] and the items from the [FIRST AID BOX].  Turn around and
go through the passageway on the southeast.  Be sure to - carefully - check out
the room on your right (west) and avoid the two rigged [COMBAT SHOTGUNS].  
Disarm another [FRAG MINE] near the items, then grab [PURIFIED WATER x3],
[STIMPAK] and items in the [MINE BOX] from this room.

Back in the hallway, be careful due to the gaseous substance hanging in the air.
You may want to throw a grenade from a distance to remove it.  Continue SE and
make your way through the rooms.  Just for fun, try to activate the terminal
and back away to see it blow up.  A switch on the other side of the room, across
the door, opens the way to your destination.

In the room up ahead you'll find the infamous Pinkerton.  Have him reveal
everything regarding the android, then start exploring the room.  It is worth
noting that if you choose to perform plastic surgery, you may want to stay away
from the preset faces, because they completely reset your current face.  Save 
yourself the time and trouble (but remember to return here whenever you want to
shrink your nose).

You can steal a {STEALTH BOY x2}, {CHERRY BOMB x2}, {DEAN'S ELECTRONICS}, 
{BOTTLECAP x13}, {BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE}, {BLOOD PACK x3} from the desks and 
shelves in this room.  There's another {BLOOD PACK} near the surgery table.
Be sure that Pinkerton doesn't see you or he'll take it all back from you.
Also check out the terminal to find out more about the android, and check the
City Founders Log if you're also doing the Survival Guide quest for Moira.  If 
you go upstairs you can grab a [BOTTLECAP MINE] from the workbench.

Head back to the long hall and go all the way north.  Flip the switch to unlock
the Very Hard door from the inside out - you can now access this area more
easily from here.  Now is a good time to save your progress.  You can side with
Harkness or with Dr. Zimmer, but both hand out really good rewards.  What to
do.. what to do..?

Here's a possible solution: First head over to Harkness and tell him all about
his true identity, and that his secret is safe with you.  He'll hand you his
weapon, the unique and in perfect shape [A3-21'S PLASMA RIFLE].  Quickly locate
Dr. Zimmer in or nearby the Science Lab and tell him about Harkness.  He will
reward you with the [WIRED REFLEXES PERK], which increases your overall accuracy
in VATS by +10%, an excellent perk!  

Head over to Harkness.  Once you convince him that he's the android, ask him
what he's going to do.  He'll say that he's going to kill Zimmer and you'll have
the option to say you were hoping to take out Zimmer yourself.  He'll grant
permission and gives you his unique and in perfect shape [A3-21'S PLASMA RIFLE].
Head over to Zimmer, tell him about Harkness and he'll give you his reward, the
[WIRED REFLEXES PERK] which increases your overall accuracy in VATS by +10%, an
excellent perk!

You can now choose to have Zimmer take in Harkness as his slave, or you can
quickly waste Zimmer and his android bodyguard Armitage when they're still in
the Science Lab.  Makes you feel slightly better, doesn't it?

    |[MQ9] Blood Ties                                                     |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Lucy West at Megaton (usually at Moriarty's Saloon).   |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Tumblers Today, {} Vampire's Edge.                                  |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Shishkebab Schematics, [] Hemotophage Perk.                  |
| (300 EXP)    [] Can Sell Blood Packs for 15 Caps a piece.                    |
|              [] +300 Karma if you close a deal between Arefu and The Family. |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Raider                                                             |
|                                                                              |

Accept the quest from Lucy West from Megaton.  She can usually be found at 
Colin Moriarty's Saloon at Megaton, but she sometimes wanders off and to do
nothing in particular, actually.

Your next destination is Arefu, a large bridge in the wasteland and the home
of Evan King.  Fasttravel to the nearest location you have discovered so far
and find Evan King on the bridge.  Speech Challenge him for more information,
then head out to explore the residences in the surrounding area.

Check the nearby Ewers residence and knock on the door.  Once inside, get all
information you can from Mr. and Ms. Ewers, then go back outside.  Next, check
the Schenzy's House further NW and do the same standard procedure.  Head back
outside and break into Evan King's House on the north - it's only averagely

Inside you'll be able to find the Repair Bobblehead on the table, but if you
thought that was all you're terribly wrong.  You can ransack seven {AMMO BOXES} 
upstairs.  Head into the West Residence and find the poor family on the ground,

Depending on your Medicine Skill you get more clues the better you are:

Skill Level:  Hints & Conclusion:
------------  -------------------
    0-29      'They're dead.'
   30-49      'There are bite marks in their necks.'
   50-69      'The lack of bloodstains is weird because wounds like these would
               surely cause a major blood loss.'
   70-89      'The bite marks appear to be made by humans with sharp teeth.'
    90+       'The black powder on their bodies comes from old trainyards.'

When you're done CSI'ing go back to Evan and tell him what you saw.  The search
for The Family now starts.

Head off the bridge the way you came and make your way to the east until you can
cross the river over a dry bedding with a wrecked ship.  Continue east and head
past the two smaller bridges that lead to Big Town.  You'll soon get to the
Meresti Trainyard - beware of any Raiders attacking you - and you'll want to 
enter the service tunnel on the south.

Make your way through the tunnel but beware of a frag mine, bear trap and baby
carriage respectively.  Head down the tunnel south and be extremely cautious for
a variety of traps once more.  When you're about to enter through the hole in
the ground, disarm the hanging Grenade Bouquet first.  You shouldn't go through
the hole either way, because it leads to a couple of Mirelurks and Seneca

Head down the other tunnel until you meet Robert, a guard of The Family.  In 
order to be let through you can employ several acts of speech or action..:

1. Speech Challenge to be let through.
2. With the Cannibal Perk you'll be let through.
3. Bribe him with 100 Caps.
4. Show Lucy's Sealed Envelope.

Go through the gate and check for a [TUMBLERS TODAY] on the table.  The rest of
the items you shouldn't take due to The Family turning hostile on you.  Proceed
to the next area.

Meresti Metro Station:
Head over to the south area and talk to the following people:

Alan:    He won't give you any info regarding the password.
Brianna: If you have the Lady Killer Perk she can give you more info (password).
Justin:  You can Speech Challenge him for a password you need.
Karl:    This white-haired man will only give you the password if you have the 
         Black Widow Perk (assuming you're female) or if you have high STR.
Holly:   Vance's Wife can be charmed by Charisma or the Scoundrel Perk.

If you got the password by now there is no need to talk to Vance, the handsome
man with long brown coat upstairs.  Instead, head upstairs and go south to the
door near a security terminal.  The password allows you to open up the door and
speak with Ian. 

No matter what his decision is, talk to Vance afterwards and chat about Arefu.
Fix up a deal, then talk about Ian.  You'll be given the Shishkebab Schematics
as a reward.  Fast travel back to Arefu once you reach the worldmap.

The quest is now at an end, but there is one more reward for you to fetch back
at The Family.  Talk to Vance and have him learn the ways of The Family.  You'll
gain the Hemotophage Perk which allows you to consume Blood Packs for 20 HP
instead of 1 HP.  You can also sell Blood Pack to Vance for 15 Caps a piece.

Note: There is one final thing for you to do, that is, if you don't mind
      stealing a very rare melee weapon.  You can either unlock the Sword
      Cabinet (which requires a 75+ Lockpick Skill), or you can steal the key
      from Vance.
      The best way to get {VANCE'S SWORD CABINET KEY} is to pickpocket it from 
      him.  Save your game and use a Stealth Boy when you attempt to do so, and
      reset if you get caught.  Travel to his private quarters south of the 
      higher level and open up the cabinet in his bedroom so you can steal the

    |[MQ10] Oasis                                                         |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Approach Oasis and talk to Tree Father Birch.                  |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Stealth Boy, [] Cherry Bomb x2, [] 10mm Round x2, [] Darts x20,     |
|       [] Mini Nuke, [] Blood Pack, [] RadAway, [] Missile, [] Purified Water.|
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: One of the following:                                           |
| (300 EXP)    1. Barkskin Perk (+5 DR).                                       |
|              2. Druid's Outfit + Missile Launcher & Missiles.                |
|              3. Brotherhood Outcast Power Armor + Villager's Hood.           |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Mirelurk    o Mirelurk Hunter    o Mirelurk King                   |
|                                                                              |

Head over to Oasis, which is easier said than done.  It's all the way up north,
somewhere around the middle of the latitude.  You'll have to follow the highway
tracks until you get to a valley-like landscape.  Look around for a small path
between the rocks, which should be a block away from a large road on your map,
a block on the right that is.  How vague can I be?  This vague, apparently.
It's best to use a map for this.

Once you've found the place you're quickly hailed as a savior - although you
don't really know what's going on at all.  Hear their story and follow Tree
Father Birch inside after agreeing to help.  Proceed the story by continuing the
conversation until it becomes clear you must undergo a ritual first.  Drink the
Sap from the Basin of Purification and you can continue.

In the next area, find the talking tree and hear him out.  Did you know that in
Fallout 1 and 2 you could encounter a ghoul named harold, who had a tree growing
out of his head?  Looks like it as evolved over time..  He wants you to kill
him, we'll have to see about that.  Return to Oasis and find Tree Father Birch
and his wife to the south.  Overhear their conversation, then get an additional
two optional objectives.  You'll now have three choices.  First of all, get the
key from Branchtender Cypress, who should be nearby.

Now you can enter the cavern on the west.  Prepare for a cavern full of Mirelurk
enemies - you may even encounter a Mirelurk King if your level is high enough.
Make your way through the extremely straightforward tunnels until you get to
a pool. Dive in and go through the southern tunnel.  Emerge and make your way
through another straightforward cave tunnel until you reach a door that leads
to the Cavern Tunnels.

Head west at the intersection to find a pile of rubbish.  Inspect the trash to
find a [STEALTH BOY], [CHERRY BOMB x2], [10MM ROUND x2], [DARTS x20], plus a
bed for resting.  Make your way through the cavern until you get to a small
pool.  Destroy the Mirelurk and dive in the pool.  You can find a [MINI NUKE]

In the next cave, curve around the center and find a skeleton on the north
among his supplies: [BLOOD PACK], [RADAWAY], [MISSILE], [PURIFIED WATER], 
[STIMPAK].  Waste the two Mirelurks in this room, then proceed to the southern
area and find your mission's objective: Harold's Heart.  You now have three

1. Destroy Harold's Heart.
2. Apply Birch's Sap to stop his growth.
3. Apply Laurel's Liniment to accelerate the growth.

The best reward lies in destroying the heart, for it will grant you the Barkskin
Perk that adds an instant +5 DR.  The other two will grant you a unique outfit,
but more about this in a minute.

Head south and find the door to the Damp Cave.  Follow the straight path and
drop down in a large cave with two Mirelurk Kings and a Mirelurk.  Waste them 
and check the skeleton on the right (east) to find an [AMMO BOX], [STIMPAK],
[MED-X], [RADAWAY] and a [SNIPER RIFLE] (I guess it didn't help him).  Dive in
the water and swim through the underground tunnel on the NW to reach the Grove.
Find Tree Father Birch near the former Harold. Speak with him and the quest will

Note: If you had chosen Birch's option you will be rewarded with a Missile
      Launcher and Missiles, plus the unique Druid's Outfit.
      If you instead would have chosen to help his wife Laurel, you'll be 
      rewarded with a Brotherhood Outcast Power Armor and a Villager Hood.
      The Armor gives +10 Rad Resist, +5 Big Guns, +1 STR, -1 AGL.  Overall it's
      not better than Ranger Armor.

    |[MQ11] Tenpenny Tower                                                |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Speak to Gustavo and/or Roy Philips at Tenpenny Tower.         |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] First Aid Box, [] 3x Railway Spikes, [] Ammo Box x2, [] First Aid   |
|          Box x2, {} Lying, Congressional Style, [] Love Letter, {} Tales of  |
|          a Junkytown Jerky Vendor.                                           |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: One of the following:                                           |
| (300 EXP)    1. If you killed Roy Philips: [] 200 or 400 Caps.               |
|              2. Any other option: [] Ghoul Mask + [] Store Discount at       |
|                 Bessie Lynn and Michael Masters.                             |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Feral Ghoul    o Feral Ghoul Roamer    o Glowing One               |
|                                                                              |

It's difficult to *not* find Tenpenny Tower easily, because you can see it from
miles distance.  It's the pretty robust tower on the southwest side of the
wasteland.  When you approach the entrance you'll find a Ghoul named Roy Philips
who's having an argument with the chief of security, Gustavo.  Sounds like 
quest material, and it is.

Head inside by speech challenging Gustavo over the intercom, or, if that doesn't
work for you, by bribing him with 100 Caps.  Talk to Gustavo and he'll tell you
all about Tenpenny Tower's problem.  Try to go for the non-violent solution,
unless you're really evil and simply want to kill one side or the other.

You have the following four options:

1. Kill all Ghouls.
2. Kill all Humans.
3. Give the Ghouls access to Tenpenny Tower, allowing them to take over.
4. Find a way to make things as convenient as possible for both sides.

This walkthrough will now describe option 4 in detail.

If Roy Philips, the Ghoul outside the gate (who is gone now) didn't talk to you,
the first thing you should do when you get the quest is to head to the Metro
Tunnels.  Head to the NW and follow your marker until you reach the Warrington
Trainyard.  Enter the tunnels from here.

Warrington Tunnels:
Head down the tunnel and kill any Feral Ghouls that stand in your way.  Feral
Ghouls have lost the ability to reason, and these are not the Ghouls you want
to try reason with either - they'll just end up clawing and eating you.  When 
you reach a door head inside the room and find a [FIRST AID BOX] and [3x RAILWAY
SPIKES x20] on your left.  Kill the two Feral Ghouls here and check the cabinet
for two [AMMO BOXES], one of them with a very easy lock.

It doesn't matter much which door you take to continue, since both lead to the 
same room.  Another happy Ghoul bunch awaits for their limbs to be blasted off.
Continue down the tunnel up ahead until you reach another walkway complex.
Head east and find two [FIRST AID BOXES] in the room ahead, but not before
killing the Ghouls nearby.  The rest of the walkways only connects to where
you've already been, so head through the door on the south and enter Warrington

Warrington Station:
Move to the east and a Ghoul named Michael Masters will halt you.  Head up the
escalator and stay friendly.  Continue your search for Roy Philips by going back
down and proceeding through the gate.  Make your way through the tube until you
find lots of rubbish in the main tunnel.  Look around for a door on your right.

Here you'll find several non-feral Ghouls including Roy Philips.  Talk to him
and tell him you'll talk to Tenpenny.  Of course you can also choose any of the
previous options I mentioned earlier on.

Tenpenny Tower; Convincing harmony for everyone:

Head back to Tenpenny Tower.  The fastest way is to head up the escalator where
you met Michael Masters, head south, and exit to the Wasteland.  This opens up
a shortcut to Roy Philips as well.

Go up with the elevator and check the Penthouse Suite on your left to find
Tenpenny.  If you've never been here before you'll have to get past the guard
first;  You can either Speech Challenge him, wait for him to stretch his legs
and pick the door, or grab the key from the socket nearby.  You can also attempt
to pickpocket the key from him, but that's the trickiest of scenarios.

Tenpenny doesn't seem to like the idea of letting Ghouls live in his tower at
first, but he'll make you a proposal anyway.  If you can convince the residents
of the tower the deal will be sealed.  While you're there, grab a copy of the
{LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE} from Tenpenny's desk, back in the Suite.

Lydia Montenegro and Anthony Ling can be dealt with in two different ways. First
of all you can try to locate them and Speech Challenge them - but if that does
not work you'll have to take care of things differently.  In the night, when no
one's around in the shops, check out the Boutique Le Chic and the New Urban
Apparel stores.  Be sure that no one is watching when you open up their safes
and grab the decent amounts of Caps in them.  The Safe has a 'Hard' lock, but
the terminal has an 'Average' lock.  If security is in the same room, use the
wait function and wait an hour or two.

As soon as they discover they've been robbed, they promptly leave Tenpenny Tower
for good.  Don't worry about their stores though, they'll be taken over by
others shortly, very shortly indeed..

The other three residents can be dealt with by nosing in their business.  Let's
do this right away.  Head up to the Suites Floor by going upstairs and enter
Susan Lancaster's Suite.  Grab the [LOVE LETTER] from her desk on the right.
You can also steal the {TALES OF A JUNKTOWN JERKY VENDOR}, but only attempt this
when you're done with the quest already - Susan can be a pest at times.

Note: You may want to have started 'Strictly Business' to make an extra profit.

Whenever Susan is alone in her room with the door closed, grab your Mesmetron
and Slave Collar to send her over to Paradise Falls.  Two more residents to go.

Instead you may do the below right away, and Susan will be killed.

Read the Love Letter from your Pip-Boy and locate Millicent, the wife of Edgar.
Tell her about the letter you found and she promptly kills her husband.  She
immediately leaves the tower herself.  Wonderful!

Leaves Michael Hawthorne, Doctor Banfield, Margaret Primrose, Herbert 'Daring'
Dashwood, Irving Cheng, and Tiffany Cheng to talk with - although these give in
to your needs without any trouble, and they might not even be important.

Note: Sometimes Tenpenny doesn't allow you to turn in the quest.  This is a
      damn annoying bug, and your best bet is to either kill or pickpocket
      Chief Gustavo, go around the back of the  building, to the basement, and 
      let the Ghouls inside.  Alternatively you can just kill Roy Philips, but 
      that will not net you the Ghoul Mask.

Note: If the unfortunate above 'Note' happens to you, there is a solution.  Head
      away from Tenpenny Tower and start doing other things.  Complete the
      Strictly Business Quest, do various random events and quests, then return
      to Tenpenny Tower.  You should be able to talk to Tenpenny now, and he'll
      hand you 500 Caps.

Note: If Tenpenny is already dead, speak to Security Chief Gustavo and deal with
      matters, then fill in Roy back at the metro tunnels.

When Tenpenny tells you it's O.K, fill in Roy Philips who is likely still in the
metro tunnels.  You're rewarded with the [GHOUL MASK], which allows you to walk
among Feral Ghouls without being attacked.

    |[MQ12] Head of State                                                 |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Speak to Hannibal Hamlin in The Temple of the Union.           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] First Aid Box, [] Safe, [] First Aid Box,     |
|       [] Med-X, [] Jet x2, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] Lincoln's Dairy,         |
|       [] Stimpak, [] Action Abe Action Figure, [] 10mm Rounds, [] Gun Cabinet|
|       [] Ammo Box x2, [] Grenade Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Safe, [] 10mm     |
|          Round x2, [] 10mm Rounds, [] Lincoln's Head, [] John Wilkes Booth   |
|          Wanted Poster, [] Civil War Draft Poster, [] Lincoln Memorial Poster|
|       [] Lincoln's Voice, [] Lincoln's Repeater, [] Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. |
|          Training Manual, [] Antique Lincoln Coin Collection. [] Ammo Box.   |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: One of the following:                                           |
| (300 EXP)    1. Help the Abolitionists: [] Dart Gun Schematics               |
|              2. Help the Slavers: [] 200 Caps.                               |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Slaver    o Feral Ghoul    o Feral Ghoul Roamer    o Glowing One   |
|                                                                              |

You can find The Temple of the Union northwest of Canterbury Commons, if that
rings any bells.  It's basically in the northeastern section of the wasteland
but not all the way up north.  It's more around the middle.

When you attempt to enter, stay polite to be allowed inside.  Find Hannibal
Hamlin on the first floor to initiate the quest.  You have two main options to
go from here.  Either you stay on the side of Hannibal, or you team up with the
Slavers that you'll soon meet.  This guide focuses on staying with Hannibal,
simply because he offers the better reward of the two.

Head downstairs and look around for Caleb Smith.  Talk to him, then set foot
for your next destination.  Fast-travel to The Mall or a destination nearby,
such as the Washington Monument, then head all the way west to discover the
Lincoln Memorial.  One of the slaver guards, Silas, will let you know that the
memorial is off limits.  Be polite and follow him to the back entrance, or
simply start killing all the slavers right away.

Instead, stay on your guard and have a chat with the Slaver leader Leroy first.
Don't tell him anything about the slaves you met, stay friendly, and he'll make
you an offer: If you find any artifacts you can bring them to him and he'll make
it worth your while.  Search his room for a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] bottle.  Head 
back outside and enter the Memorial - Yes, that means killing slavers alright.

Waste any slaver around and inside the memorial to complete one of your
objectives.  Your second objective involves getting a picture of the memorial.
What you need to do is to head inside the Museum of History, go inside the Main
Hall and take a left (west). 

Museum of History: Lower Halls:
Wipe out any Ghouls in sight and head for the small room to the east before
anything else.  Snatch the items from the desk, the [FIRST AID BOX] and the
averagely locked [SAFE], then go back to the hall.

Move into the cafetaria on the south and make your way into the ladies restroom
on your right (west).  Search the former Wastelander for items here.  You can
find a [FIRST AID BOX] in the eastern room behind the counter.  Continue your
ransacking by moving through the nearby hall, and make your way to the SE.  Loot
the Wastelander and look on the table for a [MED-X] and [JET x2].  Don't forget
to grab the [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] from under the table.

Head back and go upstairs.  You'll find a secured room to your right - a Mark V
Turret has gone frenzy - but you can leave the room alone altogether or use the
terminal to shut the turret down.  Waste any Ghouls in the next room and check
your right for [LINCOLN'S DAIRY], one of the artifacts you're looking for. Clear
the area of Ghouls and go through the door at the end of the room to reach the
Museum of History Offices.  Boring?  I don't think so!

Museum of History Offices:
Make your way upstairs and spot the many red dots on your compass.  A number of
Ghouls have hid themselves in the next hallway on your left.  Carefully tread
into the first room on your right and open up the Eat'o'tronic to find a
possibly much needed [STIMPAK].  The door on the opposite has a Very Hard lock.

Head into the next room on your left, which is filled with ruined books and
cases.  Move into the adjacent room and look for the [ACTION ABE ACTION FIGURE]
on the desk.  Also find that the Very Hard locked from just now only leads to
this room.  Find [10MM ROUNDS] on the floor, check the [GUN CABINET], [AMMO 
BOXES x2], [GRENADE BOX] and [FIRST AID BOX] for supplies and unlock the Average
[SAFE].  Use the terminal (Average Secured) to shut down any Turrets, then exit
the room.

The desk near the cell door has [2x 10MM ROUNDS] on top of it.  You can go
through the western rooms, deal with more Ghouls, just to find a similar cell
door and desk.  Grab the [10MM ROUNDS] lying behind the desk, then go through
either one of the cell doors, because the rest of the floor holds surprisingly
little - nothing but [LINCOLN'S HEAD] in the caved-in room all the way north.

When you enter the archives, check the western bookcase for the [JOHN WILKES 
BOOTH WANTED POSTER].  Now move to the SE corner of the room and check the case
to your right thoroughly to find the [CIVIL WAR DRAFT POSTER] on the top shelf.

Head upstairs and glance at the wall.  Hanging behind the desk is nothing other
than the [LINCOLN MEMORIAL POSTER].  You can now return to Hannibal, but it's
better to explore some more.  Waste any Ghouls that you may have brought to
your attention, then search the nearby desk for the [LINCOLN'S VOICE] artifact.

The walkways to your south yield nothing but ruined books, so head into the
ruined room to your north instead.  Search any cabinets and desks for caps or
ammo and more importantly, grab medical supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] on the
wall.  Explore the NW corner of the room and open up the display case to 
treasure another artifact: [LINCOLN'S REPEATER].  While you're here, don't leave

Head through the hall and start exploring the eastern rooms.  In the SE room
you can find the [ANTIQUE LINCOLN COIN COLLECTION] artifact in a bookcase.  You
can find an [AMMO BOX] in the room all the way northwest of the second floor,
but beware of the gaps in the floor.  The western rooms hold nothing of interest
which means you can now head back to Hannibal.

Back at the Temple of the Union, hand over the memorial poster to Caleb, then
find Hannibal on the second floor.  He'll head over to Lincoln's Memorial right
away when he hears about Caleb being ready.  Fast travel to Mall Northwest and
wait 6 hours or so - Hannibal & co. will show up.  Talk to him and sell him any
of the artifacts you've found;  Be sure to apply Speech Challenges all the time
and try to increase your Caps.  The quest will be over;  You'll receive the
[DART GUN SCHEMATICS] for a job well done.

    |[MQ13] You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head                               |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Speak to Mr. Crowley in Underworld at Carol's Place.           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Sniper Rifle, [] .308 Caliber Rounds, {} Jet x8.                    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Dukov's Key, [] Dave's Key, Ted's Key.                       |
| (300 EXP)                                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Dukov     o Dave                                                   |
|                                                                              |

Head over to the Museum of History, located at The Mall, and go to Underworld.
Head upstairs and find Mr. Crowley at Carol's Place.  This man wants four people
dead, and he wants you to do it like a pro: A bullet straight through the head.
You're given the list with people he wants dead, and you're sent off on duty.

Alternatively, Mr. Crowley may be sitting in The Ninth Circle Bar, so you may
also need to look there depending on the time your visit Underworld.  Wherever
you contact Mr. Crowley, you're given a [SNIPER RIFLE] and [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS]
for your job in advance.

Optional: Does Mr. Crowley really just want to kill these people because he
          hates them, or is there more than meets the eye?  You can talk to
          various people around Underworld and find out that it's not all about
          hatred.  The best way to do so is by talking to Greta who is in the
          same room as Crowley.  Head back to Crowley, confront him with your
          findings and he'll throw in an additional 100 Caps to seal the deal.

Getting the Keys:
Head over to Dukov's Place, which is nearby Tepid Sewers.  When you enter, a
drunk guy with a Russian accent comes up and greets you - meet Dukov.  You have
several options to obtain his key:

1. Speech Challenge him by threatening in order to receive the key.
2. You can pickpocket Dukov (use a Stealth Boy to ensure success).
3. Talk to Cherry and Speech Challenge her to steal his key, however she wants
   you to escort her to Rivet City (which you can just neglect to do).
4. If you're male and have the Lady Killer Perk, Fantasia offers to steal the
   key for you without asking anything in return.
5. If you're female and have the Black Widow Perk then Dukov will hand over his
   co.. Key to you.  That's right.
6. Of course, you can also just kill Dukov and grab his key.

If you're a drug lover, check out the restroom to the west and find a crapload
of {JET x8} on the floor.

Next, head over to Dave's Republic, which is in the NE corner of the wasteland.
It's a long trek, so come prepared.  The Temple of the Union might quite 
possibly be the closest, so fasttravel and head from there.

When you finally arrive, make your way into the house by staying polite and
friendly.  Find Dave: You now have several options again.

1. If your LCK stat is high enough, Dave can hand over the key without problems.
2. You can Speech Challenge Dave several times to make him hand over the key.
3. You can kill Dave and take the key from his body.
4. Pickpocket the key from Dave (use a Stealth Boy for a sure success).

Now continue your quest to Rivet City.  You've probably been here before, it's
the large 'city-on-a-boat' in the southwest corner of the Wasteland.  Head to
the Middeck and enter the Common Room.  Look around for Ted Strayer.

1. With the Toughness Perk, which you most likely have, you can convince Ted to
   hand over the key immediately.  That means NOW, Ted.
2. You can Speech Challenge Ted into giving you the key with ease.
3. Paying Ted 25 Caps is also a way of obtaining the key.
4. You can pickpocket Ted, but I'd certainly advise using a Stealth Boy.
5. Killing poor Ted is also an option; You can take the key from his carcass
   afterwards.  Just make sure you don't attract any of the guards, or else.

Optional: Now that you have the three keys, you can optionally go to Tenpenny
          Tower in the southwest and meet Tenpenny.  You can then either kill
          Tenpenny (for a measly 100 Caps), or get a 200 Caps (300 with Speech) 
          from Tenpenny if you kill Crowley instead.  Whatever your choice, I
          recommend being done with the Tenpenny Tower Quest already before
          killing Tenpenny (unless he's already dead-which figures for itself).

You can now return to Crowley and give him the keys.  You'll be rewarded with
Caps, depending on if you really killed them or not you get 25 or 100 Caps, but
it's possible to trick Crowley with a Speech Challenge.  When you've ended the
quest you have two options:

1. Sneak after him and steal the three keys back from him.  This is highly
   recommended, but you should save your game before attempting.
2. Kill him when he's out of Underworld, and grab the keys back.
3. (Leave him be - not recommended)

These keys will be of use in a Freeform Quest: Fort Constantine.  It's worth the
trip, not in the least place because you can find the Big Guns Bobblehead and
the unique T-51b Power Armor.  Find more info at the exploration sections.

    |[MQ14] Stealing Independence                                         |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Speak with Lincoln Washington in Rivet City at the Capitol     |
|               Preservation Center, nearby the Science Lab, Mid Deck.         |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Archives Prize Voucher, [] Special Mentats, [] Frag Mines,          |
|       [] Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG, [] Safe, [] Archives Prize Voucher x6,   |
|       [] Ammo Box x2, [] Safe, [] First Aid Box, [] Darts x 20, [] Ammo      |
|          Box x2, [] Frag Grenade x3, [] Pulse Grenade, [] Shotgun Shells x2, |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Mentats, [] Grenade Box x2,       |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Mine Box x2, [] RadAway, [] Sheet Music Book,     |
|       [] Ammo Box, [] Grenade Box, [] Mine Box, [] Stimpak, [] Ammo Box x3,  |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Laser Rifle, [] Mini Nuke, [] Stealth Boy,        |
|       [] Duck and Cover!, [] Metal Armor, [] Metal Helmet, [] Mine Box,      |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x2, [] Stimpak, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box,     |
|       [] Mine Box, [] Ammo Box x5, [] Grenade Box, [] Mine Box, [] First Aid |
|          Box, [] Lying, Congressional Style, [] Bill of Rights, [] Ammo      |
|          Box x3, [] Grenade Box, [] Mine Box, [] Magna Carta, [] Stronghold  |
|          Security Terminal Password, [] Button's Wig, [] Safe x2,            |
|       [] Declaration of Independence.                                        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Schematic: Railway Rifle.                                    |
| (300 EXP)    [] 400 Caps (if you come alone).                                |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Super Mutant    o Super Mutant Brute    o Super Mutant Master      |
|         o Centaur                                                            |
|                                                                              |

Talk to Lincoln Washington at the Capitol Preservation Center on board of Rivet
City.  He'll tell you that the Declaration of Independence is missing in his
collection, and he'd like you to fetch it from the National Archives.  Head over
to The Mall by fast traveling somewhere nearby.  You can go inside by front or
by the back door. 

National Archives Front Door:
Head through the hall and find two terminals on the back of the wall.  One
terminal holds 8 questions and claims that you can win fabulous prizes.  Let's
try it, shall we?  If you always were a lamer at history, check for the answers
below.  Otherwise, try the questions yourself: You can back out of the terminal
at any given time to try again.

Answer #1: Second Continental Congress.
Answer #2: Thirteen.
Answer #3: John Hancock.
Answer #4: 56.
Answer #5: Ratification.
Answer #6: King George III.
Answer #7: Happiness.
Answer #8: Thomas Jefferson.

Claim the [ARCHIVES PRIZE VOUCHER] and collect your prize, one out of three
special mentats (a weird prize for a Museum if you ask me - drugs?).  

Glamorously Grape  = +5 CHR.
Brilliantly Berry  = +5 INT.
Observantly Orange = +5 PER.

These Mentats are unique, so use them extremely sparingly - or not at all.

Head into the Rotunda to the north and lay several mines at the entrance, then
move in and beware of tons of mines yourself.  Move over to Sydney, the woman
who looks like a ranger, then prepare for two waves of Super Mutants.  The first
wave will mostly be taken care of my any mines, but the second wave has a mutant
with a Missile Launcher.  Kill this one ASAP and make sure Sydney survives the
fight.  Talk to her when it's over.

After teaming up with Sydney, head over to her terminal nearby her initial
position and use the 'Unlock Rotunda Cargo Lift' option.  This reveals a secret
elevator leading to the Archival Secure Wing East.  Disarm all [FRAG MINES] in
the Rotunda, then choose from a number of paths.

Note: If Sydney is killed before you had the chance to use her terminal, you'll
      have to make your way through the eastern door from the main hall, follow
      the path downstairs to an 'easy' locked door (beware of a cow-head-trap 
      when going downstairs) and go from there.

Note: It's not necessary to keep Sydney alive at all costs.  If she dies, be
      sure to keep her unique [SYDNEY'S 10MM "ULTRA" SMG] safe.  We wouldn't
      want it to get lost, right?

Note: If you want to do a small Freeform Quest with Sydney (with as reward the
      aforementioned machine gun), you'll need to keep her alive.

Note: Also head through the east door from the main hall and head upstairs and
      locate the wall [SAFE] in this office room.  This always holds [ARCHIVES
      PRIZE VOUCHER x6], which you can exchange for special Mentats at the
      terminal in the main hall.  Tip: If you have a near-perfect/allround built
      it may be wise to grab as much as you can from the Glamorously Grape 
      Mentats, since these increase your low-as-hell CHR.  The Brilliantly Berry
      flavour can also be useful if you want temporary max stats.

Note: You can also explore the western area and look for useful items (but also
      Super Mutants).  Feel free to glance at the 'Entering from the back'
      section and use it backwards to find all the items.

Entering from the back:
You'll come across several Super Mutants and a Centaur along this route.  Beware
of Frag Mines on your right (west).  Head left (east) and look for two [AMMO
BOXES] between two bookcases.  Also check this area for an 'Average' [SAFE],
and look for a [FIRST AID BOX] on the ground near the destroyed cabinets.

The rest of the eastern path leads to several rooms with nothing but junk.  It
also leads to a locked door which is an optional path soon.  Either way, from
the back entrance it's better to explore the western area.  Don't bother with
the southern door - it only has a trap behind it. The classrooms to the very
west contain [DARTS x20] on a desk in the first room, and two [AMMO BOXES],
[FRAG GRENADE x3] and a [PULSE GRENADE] in the second room, marked with an 'A'.

Head upstairs at the end of the hall and check the bookcase on your left to
find [2x SHOTGUN SHELLS] and a Combat Shotgun.  Clear the area from mutants and
check both restrooms for a [FIRST AID BOX] in each.  Explore the southern room
and look for two [AMMO BOXES] and [MENTATS] in the NW corner, but also loot any
filled cabinets for caps or ammo.  The elevator to the Archival Storage is
locked, so head back to the previous room adjacent to the restrooms and go
up the stairs by moving through the SE hall.  Waste a few more mutants and make
your way in the room upstairs.  You'll be able to find a [GRENADE BOX x2] and
a [FIRST AID BOX] on a desk, two [MINE BOXES] of which one is averagely locked,
and a [RADAWAY] in one of the corners.  Make your way east to the main hall of
the building - where you would end up going through the front door.

Going by the Locked Door:
If you use the secret elevator you can skip these paragraphs.  The locked door
leads to the Archives Sub-Basement.  Head downstairs and search this messy
storage room for a [SHEET MUSIC BOOK] on the lowest shelf of a case against the
western wall, and a [GRENADE BOX], [AMMO BOX] and [MINE BOX], plus a [STIMPAK]
on top of a bookcase.

The area on your south is engulfed with gas, so it's best to roll a grenade
inside and keep your distance to keep from getting fried.  There are several
other mutants roaming the room, so do your duty and get rid of them.  Search
the southern room to find three well packed [AMMO BOXES] and a [FIRST AID BOX].
Now head downstairs (or carefully jump down) and proceed through the northern
hallway, once again filled with highly flammable gas.

Tread with caution, grab the [LASER RIFLE] from the skeleton - should you need
it, he/she won't miss it - and head upstairs.  The gate on your left is locked
and is 'Very Hard' to unlock, meaning 100 Lockpick Skill.  If you have this by
now you can trespass to find a [MINI NUKE], [STEALTH BOY], [DUCK AND COVER!],
[METAL ARMOR] and [METAL HELMET].  If you don't, remember this location for
later.  Head for the Archival Secure Wing East.

Archival Secure Wing East:
The elevator from the Rotunda leads here, which grants you a significant short-
cut over the other route.  You can still collect the items there if you're 
interested.  If you're not, or if you came from there, proceed north and deal
with a Mister Gutsy robot.

You once again have two options: If your Science Skill is high enough you can
open the Utility Gate and skip the western walkway.  If you can't open it, make
your way through the western hall instead.  You are granted a secondary shortcut
by means of an averagely locked door and a walkway filled with gas that leads
to the same room the utility gate led to.  However, you may want to explore some
more, so leave it alone for now.  Find a [MINE BOX], [MICROFUSION CELL x2], 
[STIMPAK] and Laser Rifle near the skeleton in the first room to your left.
Check the Cash Registers for loads of Pre-war money altogether.

The second room to your left contains a [FIRST AID BOX] and [AMMO BOX].  Go
around the corner and find a [MINE BOX] in one of the metal cases.  Don't forget
to ransack all Cash Registers.  Dispose of the Sentry Bot and continue east.
Dispose of any Mister Gutsy or Protectron standing in your way and head down 
when you reach the large room (this is where the Utility Gate led to as well).
Go through the door and enter another walkway.

You'll find an average locked door on the west, two of them upon closer
inspection, and they lead to a storage with loads of supplies.  Destroy the two
Mark IV Turrets in the storage room itself and grab all of the following:

Back at the hallway, the 'Hard' locked door to your right only represents a
shortcut.  Funny thing by the way: The storage being locked by two average doors
and a regular hallway door being 'Hard'.  Don't mind me, I like nitpicking. :)

Continue north but be warned:  This area has three Sentry Bots and a Mister
Gutsy patrolling the rooms.  Use Pulse Grenades and Mines, because these are
tough foes your messing with.  The western stairs lead down to a dead-end room
with a dead Mercenary and a Sentry Bot.

The eastern storage room, accessed by going through the northern hallway first,
looks similar to the previous: One averagely locked door and two more Mark IV
Turrets guard the goods.  Find [AMMO BOXES x3], [GRENADE BOX], [MINE BOX] and
the [MAGNA CARTA] from the safe.  Now make your way through the northernmost
door of the area that leads to the Archival Strongroom.

Archival Strongroom:
You're promptly greeted by a protectron who thinks he's Button Gwinnet.  He 
holds the [STRONGHOLD SECURITY TERMINAL PASSWORD], and you need it.  How to
resolve this?

1. Use Speech Challenge to ensure Gwinnet that you are one of the good guys, in
   fact you're either Thomas Jefferson or his agent!
2. Fetch the Ink Container for Gwinnet, if you haven't gotten it already from
   the Arlington Public Library.  Check out 'Librarians are not boring', the
   9th part of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest for details on where to find
3. Use the Robotics Expert answer (if you have this perk) and give Button the
   shutdown command.
4. Kill him and grab it off him.

Search the room and the various cabinets.  Also grab the unique [BUTTON'S WIG]
from the ground.  It has some uses, but foremostly adorable.  *Ahem*.

With the password in hand, use the terminal and unlock all Strongroom and
East Wing doors.  Search the storage room for two [SAFES] and the [DECLARATION
OF INDEPENDENCE] in the main safe.  Head through the western maintenance area
for a shortcut, make your way east to the main hall, and set foot for Rivet

Locate Abraham Washington and claim your reward: [RAILWAY GUN SCHEMATICS].  If
you arrive without Sydney, you also get to claim 400 Caps.

    |[MQ15] Reilly's Rangers                                              |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Reilly at the Underworld Hospital Chop Shop.           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Ammo Box, [] .44 Magnum Rounds x16, [] Scoped .44 Magnum,           |
|       [] Rad-X x2, [] RadAway x2, [] .32 Caliber Rounds x15, [] 10mm Rounds, |
|       [] Frag Grenade, [] First Aid Box, [] Stimpak x2, [] Med-X, [] Ammo    |
|          Box x2, [] Ammo Box x3, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Ammo Box x2,        |
|       [] 3x Microfusion Cell, [] Hidden Stash Note, [] 2x Ammo Boxes,        |
|       [] Mine Box, [] Grenade Box, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box, [] First   |
|          Aid Box, [] Buffout, [] Jet, [] First Aid Box, [] Mentats, [] Safe, |
|       [] 2x Frag Grenade, [] 3x Ammo Boxes, [] Pre-war Book, [] Stimpak,     |
|       [] Mentats, [] Safe, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Psycho, [] First|
|          Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Stimpak, [] 100x 10mm Rounds,         |
|       [] 200x 5.56mm Rounds, 200x 5mm Rounds, [] 4x Frag Grenade, [] First   |
|          Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] 2x Mine Box,        |
|       [] 10mm Rounds x10, [] First Aid Box, [] Chinese Army: Spec. Ops.      |
|          Training Manual, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box x2, [] First Aid Box,|
|       [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] 2x Ammo Box, [] 2x Frag Grenade, [] Shotgun   |
|          Shells x12, [] Grognak the Barbarian, [] First Aid Box, [] Fission  |
|          Battery, [] First Aid Box, [] Safe, [] Tales of a Junktown Jerky    |
|          Vendor, [] 2x 5.56mm Rounds x24, [] Jet x2, [] Geomapper Module.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: Choose one of two rewards:                                      |
| (300 EXP)    1. [] Ranger Battle Armor.                                      |
|              2. [] Eugene Minigun.                                           |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Super Mutant     o Super Mutant Brute    o Super Mutant Master     |
|         o Talon Comp. Merc                                                   |
|                                                                              |

Locating Reily:
Head to Underworld, which is accessed from the Museum of History.  This in turn
can be accessed by traveling somewhere near the Washington Monument.  You'll
find the building somewhere on the east.

Once inside, head to the very south of the ground level and enter the Chop Shop,
the hospital around here.  Talk to the woman lying on a bed, and it appears she
is in a coma.  You have two options here:

1. Wake her up if your Medicine Skill is high enough.
2. Speech Challenge Doctor Barrows and have him wake her up.

You can also meet Reilly at the Statesman Hotel, in the Ranger Compound if you
choose to directly go there, but if you perform these options you'll get a lot
of markers and quest info right here, right now.

Agree to help her team and hear her out for useful information.  When you've
heard all dialog let her rest and set out for the Ranger's Compound first.

Finding the Ranger's Compound:
The fastest way is to go through the Capitol Building up north.  Head through
the entrance, immediately head through the door on your remote right that leads
to the eastern sections of the room, and go through the hallway on your right
until you reach the double doors that lead to the worldmap area called Seward

Needless to say, all of this doesn't go without a fight, and you'll face many
Super Mutants and Talon Comp Mercs along the way.

Continue south/southeast and head under a viaduct.  Head all the way SE, past
many gore bags, past the broadway cinema, until you see a metro sign.  This is
in front of the Cornucopia Fresh Groceries building From here
head north and at the end of this street look on your right to see a sign with
two crossing swords.  Head east until you get to a square with a statue.  Left
from the statue is the entrance of the Ranger Compound - about time, really.

The Ranger's Compound:
The radio room is to the right and you can gather information regarding the
rangers from here. Head left and check out the storage room in the back first to
find a case with loads of alcohol and an [AMMO BOX].  More of your interest is
probably the door to your left that leads to the storage room with loads of

Check the cabinet shelves for: [.44 ROUNDS x16], [SCOPED .44 MAGNUM], [RAD-X x2]
[RADAWAY x2], [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x15], [10mm ROUNDS x12], [FRAG GRENADE].
Find a [FIRST AID BOX], [STIMPAK x2] and [MED-X] on the table.  Also loot the
two [AMMO BOXES] next to this table.

Exit the building and head up the nearby stairs outside.  At the second floor
you'll find three more [AMMO BOXES] on some shelves, one of them averagely
locked.  Explore the area further to find two [FIRST AID BOXES] and two more
[AMMO BOXES] of which one of each is also averagely locked.  These are crammed
with goods.

Make sure you have Reilly's Rangers set as active quest, and check out the mark
on your map.  It is close to the Metro Station and the marker pinpoints the
Sewers, one of the ways to get to your next destination: Vernon Square.

Head through the Sewer tubes, kill the Super Mutants you'll soon meet, and
switch to the other metro tube.  Enter through the nearby door and go upstairs
to find [3x MICROFUSION CELL] and a [HIDDEN STASH NOTE] nearby the skeletons.

Read the note, then walk down the dead-end south-eastern tunnel.  Waste the
Super Mutant, then look around for the hidden stash under some debris.. and
voila!  You can find [2x AMMO BOXES], a [MINE BOX] and a [GRENADE BOX] here.
It looks like there are five boxes, but I think there's one you can't open.

Backtrack slightly, then go into the other tube and track along the metro.
Head east when you can, waste another mutant, and look around for an [AMMO BOX]
next to the couch.  You can also sleep in the makeshift beds here.  Head up the
ladder to Pennsylvania Avenue and make your way through the street, heading west
for the marker on your map.  Discover Pennsylvania Avenue North's Metro Station,
otherwise known as Freedom Street Station, and head inside.

Freedom Street Station
Proceed but be cautious of three nasty Bear Traps - either disarm or avoid them.
Go through the northern walkway and blast the two Feral Ghouls.  Check the
generator room to the east, kill the ghoul and search for a [FIRST AID BOX] on
the structure pillar.  Go through the other generator room and you'll find a
Scavenger upstairs, willing to trade supplies.

Head back to the previous hallway with the T-junction and head west.  Disarm
the three Bear Traps in this room, then proceed through the door and hallway
with the radioactive logo next to it.

In the next tube, ignore the nearby door (leading to a small flooded room) and 
make your way through the tube itself, blasting any ghouls in your way.  At the
end, make your way upstairs to the higher levels of the subway, go over some
walkways that are above the previously mentioned flooded room, and continue
your way upstairs.  Make your way across another walkway and kill any ghouls
that reside here.  Cross the crates and rubbish, head up another stairs and
exit to Vernon Square at the end of the hall.

Vernon Square:
Make your way past the wrecked buses and head south until you reach the
Our Lady of Hope Hospital.  If you're looking for more (medical) supplies, head
more to the west.  Find a [FIRST AID BOX] on a little table in the corner of
this area, and some [BUFFOUT] and [JET] in little crates on top of the truck.
You'll find one last [FIRST AID BOX] on the truck as well.  Head into the
hospital now.

Our Lady of Hope Hospital:
You'll now be at the entrance lobby.  Head through the double doors on the SW,
and proceed through this hallway.  Kill the centaur that roams this area, then
open the Eat'o'tronic on the structure pillar to find some [MENTATS].

Before you proceed in the large hall, check out the room directly to your north,
which is an other entrance of the hospital.  Unlock the easy [SAFE] here.

The large hall up ahead usually houses a Super Mutant or 4.  Either waste them
with grenades or missiles, otherwise lure them to the smaller room you're coming
from.  The SE corner in this large hall has a desk with [2x FRAG GRENADE] and
[3x AMMO BOXES] on it.  You can find a [PRE-WAR BOOK] on the counter near the
skeleton hanging over it.  When you proceed upstairs, be cautious of a mine at 
the top of the stairs.  Head to the next area.

Our Lady of Hope Hospital 2nd Floor:
Go down the hall and check the two Eat'o'tronics for a [STIMPAK] and [MENTATS].
Also unlock the averagely locked [SAFE] at the end of the hall.  Having done so,
go through the double doors on the north and dispose of two mutants.  There is
nothing of value in both the dining hall nor the kitchen, so proceed through
these areas and kill another two mutants.

Use the adjacent hall and stairs to bring you at the higher levels outside of
the hospital.  Once outside, check around the corner to find a [FIRST AID BOX]
and an [AMMO BOX].  You can also find a [PSYCHO] in a little wooden crate 
near the edge of the building.  Cross the walkway, drop down a level and make 
your way into the Mid-levels of the Statesman Hotel.

Statesman Hotel Mid Level:
Drop down to the floor below and make your way through the hall.  Grab supplies
from the [FIRST AID BOX] next to the firehose box.  Make your way through more
halls and rooms until you reach a central hall.  Find yet another [FIRST AID
BOX] near the firehose box in this hall.  The mini cafetaria with Cola Vending
Machine and an Eat'o'tronic holds a [STIMPAK] in the latter.  Take the western
stairs and find Theo - or what's left of him anyway.

Theo's Ammo Box holds a crapload of goodies: [100x 10MM ROUNDS], [200x 5.55MM 
ROUNDS], [200x 5MM ROUNDS], and [4x FRAG GRENADES].  It's too bad that Theo was
stripped of his Ranger Armor Suit, or we would already have the best armor in
the game.  Oh well, let's carry on then, shall we?

Proceed upstairs but beware of a trap.  Enter the next hall and open the door
to your right.  Blast another mutant and make your way through the rooms,
looting the dead mutants that the Ranger Squat must've already taken care of.

Head through the northern passage and kill another mutant or two.  From this
complex, head east to reach a stairwell.  You can't go down, and you can't go
up more than one level, so that leaves us the fairly easy choice to go through
the one door leading to a hallway with a sneaky Centaur.

You can safely ignore the rooms on the west because the hold absolutely nothing.
Instead, grab the supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] near the firehose box, what
else, and find yet another [FIRST AID BOX] at the end of the hall.  How very

The (easy) locked door on the east of this hall holds, you wouldn't have guessed
it, another [FIRST AID BOX]!  Fortunately it also holds two [MINE BOX] (of which
one is averagely locked) and some [10MM ROUNDS x10] on the shelves.

Continue to the NW area and wipe out the mutants here.  You got two options now:

1. If your repair skill is decent enough you can fix the elevator here and skip
   the next two paragraphs.

2. Take the longer path, read on.

Grab any supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] up ahead and walk down the hall. 
Waste another mutant, head upstairs, waste another mutant (wait, do I see a
*pattern* here?) and explore the storage room for a [CHINESE ARMY: SPEC. OPS.
TRAINING MANUAL] lying on one of the shelves.  Before you go upstairs take a
right first and unlock the easy door.  Inside this room you'll find an [AMMO
BOX] and two [FIRST AID BOXES].  Head upstairs but beware of another 'Falling 
Grenade Trap'.

Statesman Hotel Restaurant:
Loot the [FIRST AID BOX] on your left and make your way through the halls.  Head
east, ignoring the west area.  You'll now be at the elevator.

In this room, unlock the averagely locked door through the means of lockpicking.
If you can't, you'll have to go around the other way, but this is preferred.

Prepare yourself to kill a mutant or 4 in the area up ahead.  When you have done
so, check the inner counters for a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM], [2x AMMO BOX], [2x FRAG
the western upstairs flank to find a [FIRST AID BOX].

Checking Out:
Be SURE to check out the storage room behind the stairs to find a [FISSION 
BATTERY] on the broken Maintenance Protectron.  This will come in handy soon,
in case you're wondering.  Exit the place by going upstairs and make it to the
roof.  Once on the roof, search around for the Rangers.  You can give them some
of your ammo if you want their help in the upcoming fight, but it's far from

Give the Fission Battery to Donovan and follow the Rangers.  In this area, gun
down all mutants ASAP so the Rangers can make a run for the elevator.  Once
they make it, search the area for goodies.  There's a [FIRST AID BOX] and an
averagely locked [SAFE] at the entrance counter.  If you head upstairs and check
out the rooms to the east you can find a [TALES OF A JUNKTOWN JERY VENDOR] on
one of the desks.  Explore the nearby restroom to find [2x 5.56MM ROUNDS x24]
and [JET x2] on some shelves.

Exit the place and fast travel to the Ranger's Compound.  Find Reilly and talk
to her about your reward.  I suggest you go for the armor.  It *is* possible to
kill the Rangers, but you can do useful Freeform quests.

Talk to Reilly again and talk about mapping.  For every location you discover on
the Pip-Boy you receive 20 Caps.  If you've done some avid exploring so far, 
you're rewarded with several thousand caps right away!  She'll also hand you
the [GEOMAPPER MODULE].  Be careful with it, if you lose it or sell it, there
are only two spares she can give you.  Tops.

Equip your new armor.  Why is it so good?  Well it has a reasonably weight 
compared to Power Armor (27 versus 45), and its DR (at max) is only 6 points
under Power Armor (39 versus 45).  It also gives excellent bonuses: +5 AP,
LCK +1 and Small Guns +10.

If the Ranger Armor needs tweaking you can repair it by using Talon Mercenaries
Combat Armor - there's plenty of those around.

    |[MQ16] Trouble on the Homefront                                      |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Listen to the emergency frequency (nearby Vault 101).          |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Frag Grenades x2, [] First Aid Box.                                 |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Modified Utility Jumpsuit                                    |
|               + If you side with the Overseer:                               |
|              [] Stealth Boy, [] Radiation Suit, [] Chems.                    |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Officer Wilkes                                                     |
|                                                                              |

The emergency frequency becomes available when you progress the Main Quests
beyond 'The Waters of Life'.  Head anywhere nearby Vault 101, such as Megaton,
and hear the distress signal.  Listen to it carefully.  Looks like your chick
is in need of some help!

When you enter Vault 101, check the bodies of Jim Wilkins and Steve Armstrong
(he's on the east).  Talk to Officer Gomez in the next room, who gives you the
opportunity to escort you to either the Overseer or Amata.  Instead, go explore
for yourself and head for the Atrium, west.

Have a chat with Taylor, then go left, upstairs and make your way to the cell
where the Overseer was hearing Amata out the last time.  Check all weapon
lockers to find the password to the terminal.  Inside the cell you can talk to
your former teacher.

You can head north, talk the Overseer out of everything by a Speech Challenge,
then head down the stairs to the lower level and locate Amata (and you'll bump
into Butch here too) who will tell you to leave the Vault forever, even if you
just saved it.  She'll also give you the [MODIFIED UTILITY JUMPSUIT].  Wait, did
I just explain it all in one sentence?  Either way, feel free to explore the
area.  There's not much to find, but you can find [FRAG GRENADES x2] and a
[FIRST AID BOX] at the reactor level.

Note: You can also side with the Overseer, which grants you a somewhat better
      reward because he'll throw in a Stealth Boy and Rad. Suit, plus some
      Chems.  Then there's the siding with Butch option, where you need to do
      some 'tweaking' in the Reactor Room.  Either way, they all lead to your
      unfortunate departure.  No happy homecoming!

If you're interested, check the lab for your father's books, a unique item which
doesn't do much but fill up your inventory.

At any case, there just isn't much to do in Vault 101, so it's not a big deal
that you have to leave it forever.  Say buh-bye to everyone, grab everything you
need, whatever it may be, and complete the quest.

    |[MQ17] Agatha's Song                                                 |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Speak with Agatha in Agatha's House.                           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Ammo Box, [] Mini Nuke, [] Energy Cell x3, [] Blood Pack, [] First  |
|          Aid Box x2, [] Pre-war Book, [] Audio 01, [] Microfusion Cell,      |
|       [] Energy Cell x5, [] Darts x2, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Safe, [] Tales of a |
|          Jerkytown Jerky Vendor, [] Audio 02, [] Ammo Box x3, [] Stealth Boy,|
|       [] Pre-war Book, [] Darts, [] Stimpak x2, [] Railway Spikes, [] Darts, |
|       [] Jet x2, [] Psycho, [] Stealth Boy, [] Cherry Bomb, [] Ammo Box x2,  |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x4, [] Energy Cell x2, [] Safe, [] Nikola Tesla and|
|          You, [] Audio 06, [] Soil Stradivarius, [] Safe, [] Pre-war Book,   |
|       [] Pre-war Book, [] Stimpak x2, [] Audio 05, [] First Aid Box,         |
|       [] Darts, [] First Aid Box, [] Music Sheetbook, [] Darts, [] Cherry    |
|          Bomb x3, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] Ammo Box, [] Grenade Box,         |
|       [] Pulse Grenade x3, [] Pulse Mine x3, [] Railway Spikes x2, [] Ammo   |
|          Box, [] RadAway x3, [] Stimpak x2, [] Bloodpack, [] Energy Cell x3, |
|       [] Ammo Box x2, [] Audio 04, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box,            |
|       [] Grenade Box.                                                        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Agatha's Station Signal                                      |
| (300 EXP)    [] Blackhawk (ask for a reward)                                 |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Bloatfly        o Deathclaw    o Mirelurk    o Mirelurk Hunter     |
|         o Mirelurk King                                                      |
|                                                                              |

Agatha's House can be found east from the Meresti Trainyard.  Look for a small
wooden ropebridge and cross it to find the house.  Inside, an old woman greets
you and tells you all about herself - and her violin.  Steer the conversation
so that you get to know all about her motives and try one of the Challenges to
obtain the key to the [AMMO BOX] in this very room, which holds a ton of ammo
and even a [MINI NUKE].

With this information in hand, make your way to Vault 92 (the headquarters is
an optional exploration and is not required to complete this quest).  It lies
in the Northwest sector of the wasteland, and Deathclaws may be found in the
surrounding areas, so be warned.  A Dart Gun to cripple their legs is highly

Vault 92:
When you've found Vault 92, enter the cave and go inside.  Search the table near
the entrance for [ENERGY CELL x3], [BLOOD PACK], [FIRST AID BOX x2] and a Laser
Pistol.  Check the desk on the east for a [PRE-WAR BOOK] and the [PROFESSOR
MALLEUS AUDIO LOG V92-01]. Head through the door and disarm the nearby mine,
then quickly waste a Bloatfly.

You can go in three directions from here:

The averagely locked door on the east has a frag mine right behind it, and this
path leads to the Sound Testing area, but we'll get there soon.

The door on the west also has a frag mine planted behind it, and this area leads
to a the Living Quarters and the Reactor Room.

Leave the other two areas alone for now and go through the southern door, 
deactivate the rigged shotgun, head through the next door and go downstairs.
This will lead you to a large hall with several Bloatflies.  To your left is a
short hall that leads to the Sound Testing area - we'll get there in a second -
and to the south is a door that leads you to the upper walkways of this hall.

When you reach the upper walkways, locate the NE door (averagely locked) and go
inside the storage room.  You can find a [MICROFUSION CELL] and [ENERGY CELL x5]
on the shelves to your left, [2x DARTS x20] on the bottom shelves behind the
counter, along with two more [AMMO BOXES].  You can unlock the averagely locked
[SAFE] under the counter by using the terminal or lockpicking it.  Last but not
least, don't miss the [TALES OF A JUNKTOWN JERKY VENDOR] on the bottom shelf
near the safe.

Overseer's Office:
Go to the Overseer Office Area by heading through the SE room.  Here, explore
the SW apartment to find the [PROFESSOR MALLEUS AUDIO LOG V92-02] on the desk.
Follow the hallway behind the western door to reach the Overseer's Office.
[PROFESSOR MALLEUS AUDIO LOG V92-03] lies on the desk, and three [AMMO BOXES]
are waiting to be looted nearby.  Lastly, grab the [STEALTH BOY] from the 
circular counter.

Return to the large hall, locate the NE door on the ground level and enter the
Sound Testing area.

Sound Testing:
Move around the corner and go downstairs.  At the intersection, head right
(north) and waste a Mirelurk King.  Grab the [PRE-WAR BOOK] from the table and
[DARTS] from the chair.  Back at the intersection, open the averagely locked
door to the west in order to raid the storage room behind it. Find [STIMPAK x2],

Explore the SE hall, waste another Mirelurk King and search the desks in the
room ahead for a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] skill book and [PROFESSOR MALLEUS AUDIO 
LOG V92-06].  Use the Studio Terminal to unlock the Studio door on the SW. 
Enter this room and find the [SOIL STRADIVARIUS] on a table.  There's also an
easily opened [SAFE] here.  Head back upstairs and head east. Kill any Mirelurks
here (there may be four or so).

Start exploring the classrooms to the NE.  Grab a [PRE-WAR BOOK] from the book-
case, then continue to the rooms on the SE.  The eastern room holds a terminal 
(Zoe Hammerstein's) and a [PRE-WAR BOOK] and two [STIMPAKS] next to this PC.
You can find the [PROFESSOR MALLEUS AUDIO LOG V92-05] in the western room.  This
concludes this area.  Head back to the hall and go through the northern door
with the Utility board above it.  This brings you back in the Vault 92 area you
first entered, but now you're in the east section.

Move all the way to the west until you get to some stairs leading down to the
Living Quarters.  This is an optional exploration but can yield you some decent
goodies; Especially finding the Sheet Music Book is worth the effort.

Living Quarters:
Immediately take a left (east) and hack the terminal ASAP.  Select the option
Noise Flush and all Mirelurks roaming the Living Rooms will be executed on spot!
There are 8 or so, which saves you a lot of trouble.

The room to the north of this terminal holds a [FIRST AID BOX] on the left wall,
and the NE room is a storage area with several metal boxes and other junk.
Unfortunately most of it has been looted already.  You can also sleep in any
Bunk Bed in the adjacent room.

From the hall, enter the southern rooms and check the area on your left in order
to find [DARTS] in on some shelves.  Enter the Men's Dorm rooms to the west.
Find a [FIRST AID BOX] on the ground under a desk and explore the restroom to
the NW afterwards.  Carefully search the NE corner to find a [MUSIC SHEETBOOK].

Back in the main hall, head south, go downstairs and follow the walkway until
you reach a complex consisting of several rooms.  Check the room immediately to
your west and look around for [DARTS] and [CHERRY BOMB x3] on the shelves, and
a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] next to the Security Terminal.  Hack this and select the
unlock option.

In the room-connecting hall, look for an [AMMO BOX] in the cabinet, and a
[GRENADE BOX] next to the cabinet.  The NE room holds [PULSE GRENADE x3] and
[PULSE MINE x2] on the tables.  The SE room can be unlocked by either picking
the Very Hard door or hacking the Terminal (Hard).  Inside you'll find [RAILWAY
SPIKES x2], an averagely locked [AMMO BOX], [RADAWAY x3], [STIMPAK x2],
[BLOODPACK], [ENERGY CELL x3], and two more [AMMO BOXES] on the shelves.  Lastly
grab the [PROFESSOR MALLEUS AUDIO LOG V92-04] from the desk in the connecting
hall, and grab medical supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] in the southern room.
With this area fully explored, head back the way you came.

Make your way to the generator room nearby the entrance of the Vault.  From here
you can either leave or do another optional exploration of the Reactor Room.

Reactor Room:
From the generator room head east, through the tunnel, then open the Reactor
Door on the north.  Head downstairs and kill a Mirelurk.  Wade through the
rooms and tunnels with water until you reach a door.  Kill another Mirelurk in
the next room and proceed west until you reach a room with a Mirelurk King.
Waste it and look for an [AMMO BOX] and [GRENADE BOX] in the corner.

Continue north, open another door, kill the Mirelurk and head through the door
on your left (west) so you can go upstairs and head back to the rest of Vault

Your Reward:
Note: You can sell the violin to Abraham Washington in Rivet City for 200 Caps,
      or 300 Caps with Speech Challenge.  You can also sell the violin to a
      Ghoul in the Underworld: Azhrukhal.  He'll make you the same deal as
      Abraham does.  In both cases, I'd say it isn't quite worth the time.

Return to Agatha and give her the violin.  In return you may now tune in to
Agatha's Radio Signal at any given time.  Also hand her the Music Sheet and ask
for a reward.  You will now be rewarded with the [BLACKHAWK], a powerful unique
.44 Magnum in perfect mint condition!


    |[DLC-1] General Information                                          |

There are currently three DLC-packs set for release.  They are:

1. Operation: Anchorage (January 27th, 2009)
2. The Pitt (March 24th, 2009)
3. Broken Steel (May 5th, 2009)

The price? $10,- each, or 800 Microsoft points.

Please note, the release dates are what I could find from the internet and by
no means definitive.  They are heavily influenced by several company decisions
and may ultimately vary.  We can only hope for them to be definitive.

The DLC's are rumored to pack about 5 extra hours of gameplay each, similar to
the Oblivion expansion 'Knights of the Nine'.  Yes, that includes Broken Steel
as far as I've read from sources.  It makes sense, because you'd expect a large
expansion to surely take more time than just a mere 3-4 months.

Note: DLC's are now also planned to come out for Playstation 3.  The first will
be Operation Anchorage, to be released in June 2009, then The Pitt and Broken
Steel (after which Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta follow).

1. Operation: Anchorage
This is a simulation in the style of 'Tranquility Lane' and in it you will
liberate an Alaskan City from Chinese Communism.

o With the content purchased, a new quest marker will be added to the wasteland
  and you'll have to hop into a simulator to start the quest.

o The player loses all equipment just like in 'Tranquility Lane' and will have
  to play by the rules of the simulation.

o There will be new top-notch weapons which can also be used in throughout the 
  main game.  There will also be new armor and achievements.  Lastly, there's 
  also a new perk planned for this DLC and it's called 'Covert Ops'.  To get the
  Perk you must collect all 10 Intel Suitcases during the simulation.

2. The Pitt
This takes place in a Raider town in Pittsburgh.  It features three new Perks,
new weapons, new equipment, and a new series of enemies called Trogs.

3. Broken Steel
Continues the main quest.  Expect new enemies and the level cap to be lifted to
Level 30 as the new maximum.  The player will join the Brotherhood of Steel and
combat the remains of the Enclave to end the fight for once and for all.

4. Point Lookout
Another area, similar like The Pitt this DLC adds a new swampy area for the 
player to explore.  To be released end June 2009 for Xbox 360.

5. Mothership Zeta
The Lone Wanderer will be abducted by a large alien spaceship in the DLC.
Expect quite a few angry alien mobs and of course a hefty amount of Alien
Blaster Cells (you asked for it!), perhaps even a new weapon/perk or two.

    |[DLC-2.0] Operation: Anchorage                                       |
          ____  _____  ______ _____         _______ _____ ____  _   _
         / __ \|  __ \|  ____|  __ \     /\|__   __|_   _/ __ \| \ | |
 __/\__ | |  | | |__) | |__  | |__) |   /  \  | |    | || |  | |  \| |	__/\__
 \    / | |  | |  ___/|  __| |  _  /   / /\ \ | |    | || |  | | . ` |	\    /
 /_  _\ | |__| | |    | |____| | \ \  / ____ \| |   _| || |__| | |\  |	/_  _\
   \/    \____/|_|    |______|_|  \_\/_/    \_\_|  |_____\____/|_| \_|	  \/ 

                _   _  _____ _    _  ____  _____            _____ ______
          /\   | \ | |/ ____| |  | |/ __ \|  __ \     /\   / ____|  ____|
         /  \  |  \| | |    | |__| | |  | | |__) |   /  \ | |  __| |__
        / /\ \ | . ` | |    |  __  | |  | |  _  /   / /\ \| | |_ |  __|
       / ____ \| |\  | |____| |  | | |__| | | \ \  / ____ \ |__| | |____
      /_/    \_\_| \_|\_____|_|  |_|\____/|_|  \_\/_/    \_\_____|______|

This DLC takes place in Alaska. First you have to locate the Outcast Outpost,
which is an entirely new area added to the map.  The simulation itself has
Health and Ammo Dispensers, unique weapons, armor and surroundings.. Read on if
that sparked your interest!

Note: Completing the Operation Anchorage with a new character is perfectly
      doable and perhaps even recommended.  You will go from Level 2 to Level 7
      if you do everything correctly, and the quest grants many rewards.

    |[DLC-2.1] Aiding the Outcasts                                        |
|ITEMS: [] Jet x2, [] Shotgun Shells x2, [] Carton of Ciggarete x2             |
|       [] Mentats, [] Buffout x3, [] Jet x3, [] Power Fist, [] Buffout x3,    |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Purified Water x2, [] Mentats x2, [] Med-X x2,    |
|       [] Med-X, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Shotgun Shells x3, [] Combat Shotgun,|
|       [] First Aid Box x2, [] Jet x2, [] Psycho, [] Rad-X x2, [] Purified    |
|          Water, [] Mentats, [] Jet x2, [] Buffout, [] Laser Pistol.          |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Raider     o Centaur      o Super Mutant                           |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 100 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

When you've bought the content and receive the radio signal, head towards 
Bailey's Crossroads Metro.  This can easily be done, even with a completely new
character.  Head inside, go downstairs and turn east.  In the subway you'll
come across two Feral Ghouls or so, dispose of them and continue your way east.
You can also head down to find a dead captive with several sadistically placed
Purified Waters around the cage - just out of reach.  You can also find [JET x2]
and [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] around here, as well as Cartons of Cigarettes x2.
At the end of the subway you'll walk past an Eat'O'Tronic that holds [MENTATS].
The exit of the subway is just around the corner, which leads to Bailey's

Head up the escalators to find a small squad of Brotherhood Outcasts fighting
off several Centaurs and Super Mutants.  They do a particularly good job so you
can follow them without doing all that much.  Make your way through the western
building, staying close to the Outcast Squad.  When you reach the Outcast Base,
Defender Morrill will tell you to go inside and talk to the commander.  Head
down with the red elevator.

Once down, you're asked to follow.  In the next room, take the time to explore
the rightern/northernmost room, which holds a bucket that contains [BUFFOUT x3]
and [JET x3].  You'll want to lift the wooden crate with Abraxo Cleaner from it
to reveal these items (do so by clicking the right stick).

Proceed west until you reach the hallways with the electrical wires and yellow
floor.  Head up the stairs on your left (south) and you'll get to a room with a
[POWER FIST], [BUFFOUT x3] and a Gun Cabinet, Footlocker and bed.  Head back to
the main hall.  The generator room to the west houses a [FIRST AID BOX],
[PURIFIED WATER x2], [MENTATS x2] and numerous toolboxes and other custom weapon

Back in the Main Hall, the NW door with an easy lock can be picked without any
Outcasts getting angry at you for doing so.  Inside is a corpse of Gary 23 (who
you might remember from Vault 108) and you can snatch [MED-X x2] from the desk,
another [MED-X] from the surgical table in the corner, and two [FIRST AID

Follow Sibley to Protector McGraw to receive information about your objective.
[JET x2], [PSYCHO], [RAD-X x2], [PURIFIED WATER], [MENTATS] and check the Gun
Cabinets for ammo and weapons.  You can also find a few hidden chems by
grabbing the wooden crates from the cabinets near McGraw.  They hold [JET x2]
and [BUFFOUT].  Lastly you may want to grab the [LASER PISTOL] from the desk
and examine the footlockers behind the desk.  When you're stacked, enter the
Simulation room, talk to Olin and enter the Pod.

When you enter the simulation you're automatically given the following items:
Trench Knife, 3 Explosive Charges, 60x 10mm Rounds, Winterized Combat Armor,
Winterized Combat Helmet, Stealth Boy, 50 Bobby Pins, Silenced 10mm Pistol.
The Sergeant will give you a quick debrief, and after this it's down to

    |[DLC-2.2] The Guns of Anchorage                                      |
|ITEMS: [] Sniper Rifle, [] Frag Mine, [] Chinese Assault Rifle, [] Frag       |
|          Mine x2, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Stealth Boy, [] Gauss Rifle,        |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x6, [] Frag Mine x2, [] Frag Grenade x2,           |
|       [] 5.56mm Rounds x50, [] 10mm Rounds x60, [] Microfusion Cell x10,     |
|       [] Intel Suitcase, [] Goodbye Holotape, [] Intel Suitcase,             |
|       [] Sniper Rifle, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Frag Mine, [] Microfusion      |
|          Cell x4, [] Missile x2, [] Chinese Assault Rifle, [] Intel Suitcase,|
|       [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Holotape: Invasion, [] Missile x2, [] Frag Mine,|
|       [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Microfusion Cell x4, [] Intel Suitcase,         |
|       [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Holotape: Overrun,          |
|       [] Frag Mine x2, [] Microfusion Cell x3, [] Frag Grenade, [] Missile x2|
|       [] Frag Mine, [] Missile, [] Microfusion Cell x5, Frag Grenade x2,     |
|       [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Microfusion Cell x6, [] Missile x2, Microfusion |
|          Cell x6, [] Frag Mine x2, [] Missile x2, [] Frag Grenade x3,        |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x5, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Microfusion Cell x4.    |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Chinese Soldier     o Crimson Dragoon     o Chinese Sniper         |
|         o Chinese Inferno Unit                                               |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 100 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

Note: There are 4 Intel Suitcases to be found during this mission.  These can
      *not* be gotten once you complete the mission, so be sure to grab all 4
      of them if you have any interest in getting the Covert Ops Perk at the
      end of the simulation (which requires you to find all 10 Intel Suitcases).

Anchorage Cliffs:
Make your way over the cliffs to the east and take out a Chinese Soldier (a 
second one may come over to aid him).  You can't loot their bodies as the
simulation automatcally disposes of them.  Look around for the red [HEALTH
DISPENSER] and activate it to fully restore your health.  You will be using 
these throughout the whole simulation.

Make your way to the ropebridge and kill the Chinese Soldier.  Now rush over the
ropebridge and the stairs to come and dispose of the soldier above.  From here
you can head SE to find a [HEALTH DISPENSER], [SNIPER RIFLE] and a [FRAG MINE].
The NW Cabin holds a [CHINESE ASSAULT RIFLE], an [AMMO DISPENSER] (which fully
recovers your ammo stock for your weapons, mines and grenades excluded), two

Make your way over the western pipe and climb the catwalk to reach a cold cliff
with a [STEALTH BOY].  Continue your mission by heading towards the NW cliffs.
As you climb the stairs, grab out your Sniper Rifle and take out the soldier on
the upper northern pipe.  Set your ascend forth until you reach the red Cave
Outpost door, but beware of the two soldiers on that cliff.

Cave Outpost:
Inside, watch a parachutist getting killed by two soldiers.  Avenge him and grab
the [GAUSS RIFLE] he left behind.  Explore the SE cavern to find [MICROFUSION
CELL x6] (used as ammo for the Gauss Rifle, which Ammo Dispensers don't refill),

Proceed north, kill a patrolling soldier, head upwards and enter the tunnels.
Inside you'll rendevous with Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery.  If you ask him for
ammo he'll give you [5.56MM ROUNDS x50], [10MM ROUNDS x60] and most importantly,

Back Outside:
The cliffs to the north house a few soldiers, but with the help of your sarge
you won't have any problems making your way through.  Move over the large pipe
and you'll get to a cabin with a [HEALTH DISPENSER].  Behind the Very Easy door
is a room in which you can find an [INTEL SUITCASE] under the desk.  Collect all
ten of these to get the Covert Ops Perk at the end of the simulation.  Head over
more catwalks, kill another soldier and go over the ropeway.  Up ahead are a few
more soldiers; after killing them make your way over the long ropeway and kill a
few more. The Field Storage chamber (with a Very Easy lock) holds the [GOODBYE

Head back outside and make your way through the western walkways, which house an
[AMMO DISPENSER].  You don't want to head all the way west towards the bunkers
unless you want to get slaughtered.  Instead, head into the Cave Passage.

Kill the soldier, go upstairs and you're outside again, except this time you can
approach the bunkers from the side.  The first bunker holds two soldiers but 
also a well-placed [HEALTH DISPENSER].  The other bunker holds another two
soldiers, of whom one uses a flamethrower for a change.

Chinese Artillery Outpost:
Head inside Chinese Artillery Outpost and kill two soldiers in the main hall.
East of the main hall is a large stack of supplies, but you'll need to take out
two more soldiers first. Look around for a [HEALTH DISPENSER], [AMMO DISPENSER],

If you head upstairs, which is essentially an alternative route, you'll 
encounter three more soldiers.  A [CHINESE ASSAULT RIFLE] can be found behind a
flipped table (just for the ammo).  Make your way through the hall and look for
a locked door (with a Very Easy lock) just around the corner, which has a little
shade over it so it can be difficult to spot.  Inside is an [INTEL SUITCASE],

From the room up ahead, continue north through the hangar and waste a few more
soldiers.  Up ahead is another stack of goodies: An [AMMO DISPENSER], [MISSILE
x2], [FRAG MINE], [FRAG GRENADE x2], and [MICROFUSION CELL x4].  In the nearby
room (Very Easy locked door) you can find another [INTEL SUITCASE], [FRAG
GRENADE x2] and the American Artillery Protocol terminal that makes for an
interesting read.

Head east and dispose of around six soldiers.  There's also a [HEALTH DISPENSER]
and two [FRAG GRENADES] here.  If you want to restock on ammo you can just 
backtrack a few steps to the Ammo Dispenser.  Make your way through the missile
hangar and expect to encounter around 7 soldiers in total.  Head upstairs and
unlock the Very Easy door in the hallway up ahead.  In this storage room you can
find the [HOLOTAPE: OVERRUN]. 

Make your way through the hallway and kill a single soldier.  You'll find yet
another stock of supplies with a [HEALTH DISPENSER], [AMMO DISPENSER], [FRAG
MINE x2], [MICROFUSION CELL x3], [FRAG GRENADE], and [MISSILE x2].  Make your
way to the Missile Hangar and the Sergeant will make a witty comment.

There's not much time to laught, because three Crimson Dragoons with Stealth
camouflage are luring in this hangar.  Spot them on your compass and kill them.
Go upstairs and find yet another stock of supplies, making this DLC too easy in
[MICROFUSION CELL x5], [FRAG GRENADE x2].  Enter the Artillery Overlook.

Artillery Overlook:
Directly to your right is another supply, but soldiers are also on the lure.
Find [FRAG GRENADE x2], [MICROFUSION CELL x6] and the standard [HEALTH and
AMMO DISPENSERS] near the cliff.  Continue your way south and dispose any
soldiers and snipers you come across.  There's even another [HEALTH DISPENSER]
for some reason.  

Head upstairs and approach the bunker in which two soldiers reside.  Kill them
and loot yet another generous supply consisting of: [HEALTH DISPENSER],
[AMMO DISPENSER], [MISSILE x2], [MICROFUSION CELL x6].  Head outside and plant
an Explosive Charge at the Controller of the gun.  Keep your distance and watch
it blow after 20 seconds.

Make your way to the second cannon and kill a soldier and Inferno Unit.  Yet
another stack is ripe for the taking here: [HEALTH DISPENSER], [AMMO DISPENSER],
your way to the third cannon and kill the two soldiers in the bunker.  There's,
of course, another [HEALTH DISPENSER], [AMMO DISPENSER], [FRAG GRENADE x2] and
[MICROFUSION CELL x4].  Set the next charge at the third canon and the mission
will succeed.  You are automatically brought to the headquarters.

    |[DLC-2.3] Paving the Way                                             |
|ITEMS: [] Psycho x2, [] Holotape: I'm Okay, [] Custom Equipment, [] Psycho x5,|
|       [] Gauss Rifle, [] Missile x3, [] Frag Grenade x3, [] Frag Mine,       |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x5, [] Missile x2, [] Frag Mine, [] Frag Grenade x3|
|       [] Microfusion Cell x6, [] Intel Suitcase, [] Missile x3, [] Frag      |
|          Mine x2, [] Frag Grenade x3, [] Microfusion Cell x5, [] Missile x3, |
|       [] Frag Mine x2, [] Microfusion Cell x5, [] Frag Grenade x3, [] Intel  |
|          Suitcase, [] Missile x2, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Frag Mine,          |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x3, [] Frag Grenade x3, [] Frag Mine x2,           |
|       [] Missile x3, [] Microfusion Cell x5, [] Intel Suitcase, [] Missile x3|
|       [] Frag Mine, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Microfusion Cell x4.              |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Chinese Soldier        o Chinese Sniper    o Chinese Launcher      |
|         o Chinese Inferno Unit   o Crimson Dragoon   o Chinese Technician    |
|         o Spider Drone           o Chimera Tank                              |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 100 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

The Headquarters:
Get a debrief from General Chase, after which you can head over to Lieutenant
Morgan who can tell you literally everything about your mission objectives.
Lieutenant Morgan will also hand you 5 Recruitment Markets and 2 Explosive 
Charges.  Loot the room for [PSYCHO x2] and a [HOLOTAPE: I'M OKAY].  Use the 
Requisition Terminal to choose your weaponry.  Pick from:

Fire Team:         Close Assault:      Sniper:           Heavy Weapons:
----------         --------------      -------           -------------
1x Assault Rifle   1x Power Fist       1x Sniper Rifle   1x Missile Launcher
1x Combat Knife    1x 10mm Pistol      1x 10mm Pistol    1x 10mm Submachinegun
12x Frag Grenade   1x Combat Shotgun
                   8x Frag Grenade
                   8x Frag Mine

You can use the Patterson's Terminal to assemble your team.  You have 5 Markers
and units cost a certain amount of markers.  You have three unit slots that you
can use.  Here are the available units and their cost:

                           Infantryman  = 1 Marker
                           Grenadier    = 1 Marker
                           Missile Unit = 2 Markers
                           Sniper       = 2 Markers
                           Mister Gutsy = 3 Markers
                           Sentry Bot   = 4 Markers

Needless to say it's a personal preference which one you take, but since you
only have three slots it wouldn't be wise to use three Infantrymen as it leaves
you with a leftover of 2 Markers.  I personally go with a Sentry Bot and an
Infantryman, simply because a Sentry Bot is just that powerful.

Head outside and speak with Doctor Adami in the sickbay tent on the south.  She
will hand you [PSYCHO x5].  There is also a [HEALTH DISPENSER] here.  Speak with
the Quartermaster to retrieve your gear.  If you pass the Speech Challenge, he
will hand you a [GAUSS RIFLE] and ammunition.  Also check his tent to find an 

Speak with Sergeant Benjamin when you're ready to move out with your team.  I
will cover the Listening Post first.

Note: If you lose troops, speak to the Sergeant and you can have them respawn.

The Listening Post:
Exit the camp and head east.  When you reach the train tracks locate your troops
and head inside the not so Abandoned Mine Camp.  On the SE is a Chinese Launcher
that fires missiles at your squad so take care of him ASAP.  There are also
Snipers around the area, as well as a bunch of soldiers.  At the SE area where
the Chinese Launcher resides is a stock of goodies.  You can find a [HEALTH
[MICROFUSION CELL x6].  An [INTEL SUITCASE] can be found near the crates on the
other side of this room.

Head towards the NE building and clean the place out.  There is another supply
GRENADE x3] and [MICROFUSION CELL x5].  Free the captive U.S. soldier here.

Make your way NE and take a close look at the container.  It's a Stealth Sniper
on top of it ... Kill him before you proceed.  Three more Stealth Snipers are
hidden in this area; There's one on top of the two containers in the distance,
and two on each corner on the wall to your right.

Make your way to the Listening Post, which is guarded by several Crimson
Dragoons.  Once inside, make your way though several halls and kill the soldiers
hidden away around corners and behind barrels.  When you reach a room with 
stairs, look in the cabinet under the stairs to find an [INTEL SUITCASE].

Head upstairs and you'll get to a supply room.  There are however a few Snipers
in this room, so be on your guard.  The stock holds a [HEALTH DISPENSER],
CELL x5]. 

Make your way through the door, go upstairs and deal with several Dragoons in
the office up ahead.  Go through the double doors and deal with two more Stealth
Dragoons near the bunker.  You can grab the usual goodies from the stock unless
you kill the last two soldiers, in which case you're automatically transported
back to H.Q.

The Chimera Depot:
Talk to Sergeant Benjamin again and follow them to the Ice Camp, which is to the
NE of H.Q.  Send your troops in to attack and help them dispose of several
soldiers in the camp - this is easily done.  One of the tents holds a supply

The NW part of the base houses two outposts with soldiers and a couple of tents.
It's not difficult to secure the area, especially not with backup.  The NW tent
contains an [INTEL SUITCASE] on the desk.

Make your way to the building on the north and free the two captive US soldiers
after killing the Chinese Soldier.  There's, naturally, also an [AMMO DISPENSER]

Make your way through the valleys and kill any Spider Drones you come across.
These are extremely weak, so that shouldn't be the slightest problem.  When you
reach two outposts, kill the soldiers and make your way to the depot by opening
the gate up ahead.

The cabin to your left contains the usual [HEALTH and AMMO DISPENSERS] along
More importantly there is an [INTEL SUITCASE] on the desk here.

Head west and expect resistance from many soldiers.  Plant explosives at the
large fuel tank and take your distance.  The second one is all the way to the
west, and there is also a Chimera Tank doing patrols on the far west but with
backup it shouldn't be too much of a problem.  In the cabin to the SW is another
goodie supply, as well as two more soldiers.  Find a [HEALTH and AMMO
x4].  As the last fuel tank blows up, you'd taken back to H.Q. and (if you took
care of The Listening Post as well) this quest ends.

    |[DLC-2.4] Operation: Anchorage!                                      |
|SIM:   [] Intel Suitcase, [] Missile x2, [] Frag Mine x2, [] Frag Grenade x2, |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x3, [] Missile x2, [] Frag Grenade, [] Frag Mine,  |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x3, [] Missile x2, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Frag Mine|
|       [] Microfusion Cell x3, [] Missile x2, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Frag Mine|
|       [] Frag Grenade x3, [] Missile x2, [] Frag Grenade x3, Microfusion     |
|          Cell x4, [] Frag Grenade x3, [] Intel Suitcase.                     |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Winterized T-51b Power Armor, Winterized T-51b Power Helmet,        |
|       [] Gauss Rifle, [] Chinese Stealth Armor, [] Jingwei's Shocksword,     |
|       [] Trench Knife, [] Chinese Assault Rifle, [] Plasma Mine,             |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x7, [] Electron Charge Pack x7, [] Flamer Fuel,    |
|       [] Missile x2, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Mini Nuke, [] Energy Cell x12,  |
|       [] Frag Mine x2, [] Pulse Mine x2, [] Plasma Grenade, [] Pulse Grenade,|
|       [] Frag Grenade x5, [] Missile Launcher.                               |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Chinese Soldier      o Chinese Launcher   o Chinese Inferno Unit   |
|         o Brotherhood Outcast                                                |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 100 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

Take the sergeant with you and proceed north.  Make your way through the walkway
that curves east.  Kill the soldiers and free the american soldier.  There's
also a [HEALTH DISPENSER] and an [INTEL SUITCASE] here.  Near the stairs are
more soldiers, and you can replenish your ammo at the [AMMO DISPENSER].

Head up and proceed to the next walkways on the NW where you'll encounter a
soldier and an Inferno Unit.  Right around the corner are supplies, so don't
worry about a thing.  Find a [HEALTH and AMMO DISPENSER], [MISSILE x2], [FRAG
MINE x2], [FRAG GRENADE x2] and [MICROFUSION CELL x3] before you continue.

Rush to the bunker - from which you can expect heavy gunfire - and the path
splits up; That's a new one for Anchorage!  Take the right (east) path first and
kill the soldiers.  The path leads to a dead end with another supply stock:
[MICROFUSION CELL x3].  Back at the intersection, Hhead north and the path
splits once more. The NW path leads to barracks with a [HEALTH DISPENSER] and
many soldiers, as well as a terminal with some regular info.

The eastern path continues the game, so expect many encounters with all kinds
of soldiers.  At the end of the walkways you'll stumble upon yet another supply:

At the front, push west and deal with several soldiers before continuing into
a building with a [HEALTH DISPENSER].  More enemies assault you so keep at it.
On the east is the bunker that was firing at you earlier, you can take out the
soldiers and turrets now, and three [FRAG GRENADES] are lying on one of the
crates. The building to the NW holds another supply: [HEALTH and AMMO DISPENSER]

In the area up ahead you're assisted by several Power Armored Soldiers.  Look
around for the building with the [HEALTH DISPENSER] and [FRAG GRENADE x3], or
you can just press forward and head inside the cabin.  From here, head all the
way east (don't walk into the pulse field itself) and enter the building.  You
can find the last [INTEL SUITCASE] here, as well as the switch to deactivate
the pulse field.

Head to the main gate of the refinery in the distance and destroy the two Mark
II Turrets to blow the entire gate to smithereens.  Just be sure that you're not
standing right next to the gate when this happens, or you'll lose a lot of your

Enter the refinery and meet General Jingwei.  He executes a soldier in front of
your eyes and assaults you if you fail the Speech Challenge.  If you succeed he
will commit suicide.  He's got a LOT of HP, possibly around 1500 or so (and a
Behemoth has 2000, for comparison).  Watch out for his Shocksword attack, it
hurts.  Keep at it and he'll drop eventually - this will end the simulation.

Back in the real world:
Enter the armory and grab whatever you like .. Wait a minute!  That son-of-a
Sibley doesn't want to share and starts a fight with McGraw.  The mutineers also
turn against you, and only McGraw and Scribe Olin will be on your side.  After
dealing with the Outcasts, McGraw (if he's still alive) will thank you.  When
you've entered the armory, the quest concludes.  

Note: If Scribe Olin survives the fight, she offers you to repair your weapons,
but her repair skill isn't all that great, and can't go beyond 51%.

As for the armory, it contains the following unique items: [WINTERIZED T-51B

The armory also contains the following generic items: [CHINESE ASSAULT RIFLE],

Note: Upon completing the quest, you are automatically granted the Power Armor
Training Perk and the Covert Ops Perk (the Covert Ops is only given if you
found all 10 Intel Suitcases).  The former allows you to equip any Power Armor 
in the game, including the freshly acquired Winterized Custom Power Armor, and 
Cover Ops is a lame perk that increase your Science, Small Guns and Lockpick
Skills by +3 points.

    |[DLC-3.0] The Pitt                                                   |
                               __________    __   ___________   ___________
                              |          \  |  | |           | |           |
                              |           | |  | |           | |           |
                              |   |¯¯¯¯|  | |  |  ¯¯¯|   |¯¯¯   ¯¯¯|   |¯¯¯
                              |   |    |  | |  |     |   |         |   |
     _______  _    _  _____   |    ¯¯¯¯   | |  |     |   |         |   |
    |       || |  | ||  ___|  |   _______/  |  |     |   |         |   |
     ¯¯| |¯¯ | |  | || |___   |  |          |  |     |   |         |   |
       | |   |  ¯¯  ||  ___|  |  |          |  |     |   |         |   |
       | |   | |¯¯| || |___   |  |          |  |     |   |         |   |
       | |   | |  | ||     |  |  |          |  |     |   |         |   |
        ¯     ¯    ¯  ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯            ¯¯       ¯¯¯           ¯¯¯

Welcome to the Pittsburgh of the future!  This irradiated place has become a
place only rivalled by Paradise Falls as far as slavery goes.  A plot unravels
and the fate of hundreds lies in the hands of you once again.

After buying the DLC you'll soon get the following message while exploring the

Into The Pitt

There are reports of a new radio message being broadcast across the Capital
Wasteland.  The transmission appears to be some sort of distress call, and gives
little information except the location and name of the man making the plea...

After this, Werhner's Distress Signal becomes available in your PipBoy, and you
can select the quest "Into The Pitt" as your current quest.

    |[DLC-3.1] Into the Pitt                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Ammo Box x3, [] First Aid Box, [] RadAway x2, [] RadAway x3,        |
|       [] Ammo Box, [] 10mm Pistol, [] 10mm Rounds x2, [] RadAway x2,         |
|       [] Dirty Water x4.                                                     |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Pitt Raider   o Wildman                                            |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 100 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

If you haven't explored anything nearby it's going to be a long walk all the way
to the Radio Station from which the distress signal is being sent.  Closest by
is the SatCom Array NN-03d, but it's still a little walk from here.

Should you attempt to walk all the way to the Radio Tower after starting a new
game then I can assure you that it's definitely possible, but it's a very long
walk, and you'll want to avoid pretty much all hostile encounters with the 
exception of Mole Rats and Vicious Dogs. 

When you (finally) arrive at the Radio Tower you'll find a stranger called 
Werhner fighting off two Pitt Raiders.  Feel free to help him, although he is
equipped well enough (with a Scoped Magnum) to handle them himself.  After this
brief encounter he'll jog over and tell the situation on The Pitt.  You are
directed to the Train Tunnel after this, which is located to the west.

You have two main options when you arrive at the Tunnel.  You can either buy
the slaves for 200 caps (talk to Ramsey), or kill the Slavers and loot the Slave
Outfit from one of the Slaves from the Slave Den - the key is on Ramsey.  Search
the shacks to find three [AMMO BOXES].  Head inside the tunnel and activate the
Hand Cart and you'll travel to The Pitt automatically.

Note: It is not possible to walk down the tunnel by yourself.

Werhner will do the talking, and he likes to talk with his magnum so lend him a
hand and a gun to clean the trainyard from several Raiders.  Explore the roof of
the western building to find a [FIRST AID BOX] and [2x RADAWAY] on a table.

Follow Werhner to the gate on the northeast and he'll tell you that he won't go
any further.  He gives you the option to either sneak in a .32 Pistol or a
Switchblade when you inform him about sneaking a weapon inside.

Make your way to the bridge, or take a detour on the right side behind the 
wrecked vehicles to find three [RADAWAY].  Feel free to explore the destroyed
building on the left of the bridge, but you won't find any good loot and a few 
Wildmen will attack you for disturbing their peaceful home.  Wildmen are people
who have become crazy due to the disease that plagues The Pitt.

Crossing the bridge is no easy task as it is rigged with tons of Frag Mines (and
some Bear Traps as well).  Triggering a Frag Mine usually results in a chain
reaction of explosions as it blows up vehicles nearby.  Try to disarm all Frag
Mines to avoid this.

A Raider Sniper resides on a higher catwalk further north, and she'll make your
life even more miserable than it already was.  Fortunately, it's possible to
reach that spot by jumping on top of the car nearby the leaking radiation
barrels, and then leap over the right edge of the bridge to reach a walkway that
leads up there.

There's a decent stock of supplies here: An [AMMO BOX], [10MM PISTOL], [10MM
ROUNDS (x10) x2], [RADAWAY x2] and a mattress to heal up.  Make your way over
the remaining part of the bridge and you'll notice a few Slaves trying to make a
run for it, only to get blown to pieces by Frag Mines.  If you didn't have a
Slave Outfit yet, now's the time to do so.  Head around the corner and approach
the gate.

You can either kill Mex and his Slaver buddies, or talk your way past them.  If
you kill them you'll get a beating once you enter the Pitt (during a cutscene).
You're stripped off all your equipment either way, so it doesn't really matter.

If you were beaten, Midea will wake you up, after which you can follow to her
apartment.  Otherwise, make your way to her apartment yourself, which is
marked on your map.

While conversing with Midea, a Raider named Jackson rudely interrupts her.  Your
next objective should be quite clear: To collect Steel Ingots from the Steelyard
and return - and all of this just to look busy.  Grab four [DIRTY WATERS] from 
the cabinet and be on your way.

    |[DLC-3.2] Unsafe Working Conditions                                  |
|ITEMS: [] Broken TV, [] Auto Axe, [] Assault Rifle, [] 5.56mm Rounds (x24) x2,|
|       [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x3, [] Steel Ingot x4, [] Steel      |
|          Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x3, [] Rad-X x2, [] Jet x7.                |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Pitt Raider   o Trog Fledgling                                     |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 150 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

A few worthwhile items can be found across the street of Midea's room.  Check
the [BROKEN TV] to usually find some stimpaks.  Inquire about Slops with Kai.
She rightfully recommends against it, but anything goes when you're a heartbeat
away from your death anyway.

If you see a pink-haired girl called Milly walking around, hear her out about
Wild Bill.  Refer to the end of this walkthrough under 1-3 in order to find Wild
Bill.  Return to Milly and she'll give you [6x STIMPAKS].

Make your way back to the previous area and follow the marker that leads to the
blue door with "The Mill" on the wall besides it.

Look for Marco, who can be found in the control room.  Head west, then turn
north and walk around the corner to find the control room.  Inside, Marco will
give you an [AUTO AXE], a weapon that will come in handy very soon.  If your
Medicine Skill is 50+ you can help the slave just outside the control room, who
has agonizing pains.

To the west of the area, Everett will escort you to the Steelyard by taking you
through the inter laying Abandoned Area.  Head through the door at the end of
this area to enter the Steelyard.

The Steelyard:
Immediately loot the Pitt Slave in front of you, and pick up his [ASSAULT RIFLE]
and [5.56MM ROUNDS (x24) x2] and [STEEL INGOTS x2] that he kindly collected for
you already.  You can spot a few Trog Fledglings behind the fence to the south,
but they can't get to you.  Head west until you overhead a conversation on your
right between a slave and his brother Billy - who has mutated into a Trog.  If
you don't intervene, the Trog will kill the slave.  Even if you do, the slave
will mourn his brother's loss.

Continue past the large truck and dispose a Trog.  The dumpster next to the
stairs contains [STEEL INGOT x3].  Head back to the stairs nearby the truck and
climb up.  From the end of the truck, jump over to your left into the large
containers.  The first and the middle container both house 2 Ingots, making
[4x STEEL INGOTS] in total.  One more to go!

Climb the nearby stairs and hop over the broken fence. Turn right and 
immediately left afterwards to find two more [STEEL INGOTS] among some drums.
You should now have eleven Ingots, and upon picking up your tenth Ingot you gain
the Auto Axpert Perk automatically.  This perk increases the damage you do with
Auto Axes by +25%.

Make your way back through the Abandoned Area and kill a Trog that has torn
through the fence southern fence.  Traverse through it and search the mine cart
on your left to find three [STEEL INGOTS].  Return to Everett and he'll give
you the Laborer Outfit (a unique Slave Outfit) which is slightly better than the
Tattered Slave Outfit as it adds +1 STR and is in better condition.

Return to Midea, who explains that the next step of the masterplan involves you
fighting against gladiators in the arena.  Sparked your interest?  Read on..

Head outside and listen to Ashur's speech.  Return to The Mill and open the gate
on the right (north), just before passing the irradiated hole.  Head downstairs
and talk to Frayra about entering the Arena.  Be sure to check the locker on
your right for a few guns, and you'll definitely want to take the two [RAD-X]
with you, found on the surgical table next to Frayra.  Go through the Rusty
Gate to The Hole whenever you're ready.

The Hole:
Tip: It helps to use the two Rad-X before the first fight, and quickly do all
three fights after each other.  This will decrease the Radiation, making the
fights easier.

Note: The irradiated barrels will sometimes crush one of your enemies, either
hurting them really badly, or even killing them.  It has happened with Gruber
in my game.
   O-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= |    FIGHT #1   | =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-O
   |                            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                            |
   | The first fight has you up against three other Slave Fighters.  One of|
   | them has a Shotgun, the others usually carry Chinese Assault Rifles.  |
   | Quickly kill them, loot their bodies (and make sure to grab that      |
   | Shotgun), and rush out of The Hole before the radiation becomes fatal.|
   |                                                                       |

Frayra removes your radiation, but she doesn't heal you.  The water fountain can
help you with this, at the cost of two radiation per 24 health.
   O-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= |    FIGHT #2   | =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-O
   |                            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                            |
   | The second fight has you up against the Bear Brothers.  This sounds a |
   | lot more frightening than it actually is: Grudd Bear has a Flamer and |
   | Raider Iconoclast Armor, and John Bear has a Deathclaw Gauntlet, 5    |
   | Frag Grenades and the Gamma Shield Armor. If you picked up the Shotgun|
   | from the first fight, this will be a breeze.  Quickly get close to    |
   | them, target each of them in VATS and blow their brains out with just |
   | one shotgun shell.  Loot their bodies, equip the Gamma Shield Armor - |
   | which has +15 Rad Resis. - then make your way out.                    |
   |                                                                       |
   O-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= |    FIGHT #3   | =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-O
   |                            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                            |
   | You're up against Gruber.  Take out your Shotgun and unload a few     |
   | headshots in VATS mode to down this guy.  Be sure to take all his     |
   | equipment, including the Infiltrator, a scoped Assault Rifle (which   |
   | Mex and the Guards outside the gate of The Pitt were also equipped    |
   | with).                                                                |
   |                                                                       |

When you defeat Gruber, the Perk "Pitt Fighter" is automatically unlocked.  This
increases your Damage Resistance (DR) and Radiation Resistance by +3 each.

    |[DLC-3.3] Free Labor                                                 |
|ITEMS: [] Jet x7, [] Jet x4, [] Jet, [] Jet x4, {} Jet x2, {} Buffout x2,     |
|       {} Jet, [] Buffout x2, {} Ammo Box x5, {} Grenade Box, {} Assault      |
|          Rifle x2, {} 10mm Pistol, [] Pre-War Money x4, {} Frag Grenade x5,  |
|       {} First Aid Box, {} Friday's Supply Locker, [] Buffout, [] Psycho,    |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x3, {} Buffout x5, {} Bloodpack x2,      |
|       {} Jet x3, {} Jet x3, {} Buffout x4, {} Ammo Box x2, {} Jet x4,        |
|       [] Jet x4, [] Darts x20, [] Teddy Bear, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum,          |
|       [] Bloodpack, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Psycho x2, [] Purified |
|          Water, [] Rad-X, [] Power Fist, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] Pre-War    |
|          Money x4, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Radaway,           |
|       [] .44 Rounds x20, [] Scoped .44 Magnum, [] Hat of the People,         |
|       [] Ammo Box x3, {} Jet, {} First Aid Box, {} Med-X x2, {} Dairy #1-4,  |
|       {} Mentats x2, {} Stealth Boy x2.                                      |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Pitt Raider   o Trog Fledgling                                     |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 150 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

Exploration of The Upper Mill:
Having down your duty down in The Hole, all that remains to be done is meeting
Ashur - leader of The Pitt - and somehow acquiring that cure.  

You can retrieve [ALL YOUR PREVIOUS EQUIPMENT] from the footlocker next to the
locker.  This definitely helps around here, don't you think?  Head towards the
northeast gate of The Mill and go upstairs first.  Follow the catwalk to a room
with a few "Le Tired" Slaves and about [7x JET] in total that are lying on the

The other rooms contain several lockers and two bunk beds.  Head downstairs and
snatch a few Nuka Cola's from the pyramidal construction that the designers most
likely have had fun with.  There's also a Nuka Cola Vending Machine on the way

At the intersection, don't bother going right; That way only leads to a guard on
patrol.  Follow the arrow pointing left to the Arena instead, and explore the
open area to your right (west) where you can find [JET x4] on a table, and one
other [JET] on the table between the two benches.  If you have any desire for
alcohol, this is the place to chill.  Now that you've fully explored The Mill,
backtrack to the gate on the ground level and go through the brown door on the
west, which leads to Uptown.

Don't bother exploring the irradiated ground level to your east, as there's
nothing of interest over there.  If you want to skip straight to Haven, unlock
the (Easy) Gate to the north and simply follow your marker.  For the exploring
player, the next few paragraphs detail all items of interest in Uptown and Upper

Optional Exploration:
Climb the catwalk to the east and search around the Raider apartments.  The 
staircase to the west contains [4x JETS] in total.  The game displays taking
these items as stealing, but no karma loss is given for grabbing them.  Just
make sure that no one sees you and you'll be fine.  Back in the apartment, two
more {JETS} and {BUFFOUT x2} can be found, although someone will most likely
notice it when you take these items.

Explore the apartments to the south and check out the dummies with their wicked
mohawks made out of pencils!  One of them even expenses a {JET}.  The door leads
to Downtown - that is, the higher catwalk area of Downtown that you couldn't
access before.

Upper Downtown:
Explore the building to the southeast and look for [BUFFOUT x2] on a surgical
table in the southeastern-most room.  Check the DPW Mail Terminal for some
background information regarding several patients, and then check out Friday's
shop.  Many items can be stolen around here: {AMMO BOX x5}, {GRENADE BOX},
{ASSAULT RIFLE x2}, {10MM PISTOL}, [PRE-WAR MONEY x4] (on counter), {FRAG 
GRENADE x5}, a {FIRST AID BOX} and of course, the locked {FRIDAY'S SUPPLY 
LOCKER}.  You can also loot the Cash Register.

You can jack all these things by using a Stealth Boy and crouching - AND of 
course stay hidden.  The Supply Locker can only be opened if you kill Friday,
but I wouldn't recommend that .. yet anyway.

Head down the catwalk and glance over the table in the apartment to the west,
on which you'll find a [BUFFOUT] and a [PSYCHO].  A crazy bold-headed raider
named Bingo inhabits this room, but he isn't very talkative seeing how he only
repeats his own nickname .. Riight, let's move on with the exploration.

Move north over the catwalks and you'll be close to where you started.  The
apartment with toilets (and Jackson, who seems to like it there) doesn't hold
any items.  Instead, move up a level by the catwalks.

Supplies galore in the northern apartment.  Check the bedroom up ahead to loot
a [FIRST AID BOX] and [3x AMMO BOXES].  An unlocked Safe with quite a decent
stash of chems can be found at the end of the eastern corridor.  There's also a
shelf with {BUFFOUT x5}, {BLOOD PACK x2} and {JET x3} here, but remember to stay
out of sight as you snatch these chems. There aren't any raiders nearby, so that
won't be difficult at all. Before you move on, check the terminal for background
information regarding a director some 200 years ago. *Yawn*  Let's move on.

The Pitt's Pub, maintained by a raider named Harris, can be found on the roof
west of the apartments.  {3x JET} and {4x BUFFOUT} can be found on his counter,
but you'd need to be hidden in order to snatch anything.  Harris himself sells
beverages and some chems.  It's not worth killing him, as his supply fridge 
only contains a few chems and beverages as well - nothing you don't already have
either way.  Now that you've explored Upper Downtown, return to Uptown the way
you came.

Back in Uptown:
At the intersection of catwalks in between the two apartments, continue east
to higher ground.  A purple-haired raider called Vikia is bringing her sniper
rifle into practice by shooting at bottles across the street.  Two {AMMO BOXES}
and {JET x4} can be found close by her practice spot, but she won't like it if
you fool around with those items when you are detected.  Instead, sneak behind
her and keep focused on remaining hidden.  You should be able to snatch the
items as long as no other raiders see you.

Head north to meet two raiders, Duke and Reddup, of which the last should ring
a bell.  He was the fucktard who had you beaten to near-death upon your entrance
to The Pitt.  Provoke him to a battle and blast his ugly face on the walls;
Don't worry about anyone else - they will gladly mind their own business.

Move up the ramp you just passed by on the southeast and explore the apartment
to the west in order to find {JET x2} on a desk.  There's also a Queen-Sized Bed
in here, if you feel like taking a royal nap.

Continue north and head down, ignoring the room to your right - which holds
nothing of interest.  You'll come across another apartment with a picnic table
and {JET x4} lying on it.  When you're back on the streets, either continue the
main Pitt quest, or head down the northern street and enter the Abandoned
Appartments through the door on your left.

Abandoned Apartments:
You can find [DARTS x20] to your immediate right, a [TEDDY BEAR] next to the
baby cariage (these teddy bears will be worth more cash soon) and there's a
(Hard) Safe at the other side of the counter.  Be WARNED, however, as these
apartments are far from abandoned, and tons of Trogs are roaming freely through
the rooms, just waiting to get a slice of you.

Tip: Just a reminder that you should always loot Trogs.  They often hold a chem
     or bobby pin.

Move through the bedroom and kill a group of Trogs that you most likely alerted
by now.  The kitchen contains [DARTS x20] and [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM x2].  Continue
through the western door and head through the corridor.  Unlock the first door
to your left (Average Lock) and immediately kill the Trog inside this room.
You'll get used to the fact that these bastards sneak up on you, sometimes
scaring even the bravest players to death.

Inside this room, look for a [BLOODPACK] and [FIRST AID BOX] on the counters,
another [FIRST AID BOX] on a small table, and some [MENTATS] on top of the 
bookcase.  You can also grab a ton of sigarettes, either loose, in packs or in

Exit the room and make your way to the end of the corridor.  The collapsed
ceiling in the next room comes paired with a gas leak, so toss a Frag Grenade
in that direction to avoid getting fried in advance.  Locate a [FIRST AID BOX]
under the kitchen's counter, and check the far southwestern bathroom to find a
somewhat hidden [AMMO BOX].  Even more hidden are the two [PSYCHO'S] in a wooden
box on a shelf on the wall near the Queen-Sized Bed.  Lift the box to the ground
with your right stick to grab the items more easily.

As soon as you head up, you'll be attacked by three Trogs - trust me, they come
out of nowhere.  After dealing with those pests, move to the highest level by
jumping around like a rabbit and search for the following items: The bucket
contains a [PURIFIED WATER] and a [RAD-X] buried beneath two Instamash, and the
other bucket contains a [POWER FIST].  The [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] is difficult to
miss, and you should also search for a [PRE-WAR MONEY x4] in total under the
counter, some lying next to the [FIRST AID BOX] placed under there as well.

Jump back down to the second floor and continue down the hall, since the kitchen
in this room contains nothing of interest. The first room to your right contains
a [FIRST AID BOX] under the kitchen's counter, and a very well hidden [RADAWAY]
can be found by pulling the wooden box from the kitchen shelf.  Other items of
possible interest include the two Nuka-Cola Trucks and the Pre-War Bonnet.  The
bathroom's hole in the ground only leads to the room directly underneath, which
has a door leading to Uptown - it's nothing you haven't seen already.

Unlock the (Very Easy) door in this room and search the shelf on the wall near
the Queen-Sized Bed for [.44 ROUNDS x20] and a [SCOPED .44 MAGNUM].  A few Pre-
War Money bills are lying on the floor, but of more interest is the partially
hidden (average) floor safe that contains some ammo and the unique Chinese
Officer Hat: [HAT OF THE PEOPLE].  Check the other part of the room to find
three Chinese Assault Rifles and [3x AMMO BOXES].

Now return and continue down the hall and toss a Frag Grenade in the room at the
end to deal with the gas leak.  Hopefully, this disposes of a few lurking Trogs
in the bedroom.  Go inside the bedroom to kill the remaining ones.  Now that
you've fully explored the Abandoned Apartments, go back to Uptown (use the
shortcut by jumping down the hole in the other apartment's bathroom), and set
foot towards the large scyscraper east of the map, also known as Haven.
End of Optional Exploration

The moment you enter it becomes apparent that Haven looks a lot better from the
outside than the inside; the place is a mess. Go upstairs and enter the elevator
or explore the second floor first: A single {JET} next to an intact garden gnome
is all you'll find up there either way.

Ashur is waiting for you upstairs.  During the discussion with him you can lie
about Werhner, but it doesn't matter much.  You'll have to make a decision on
who's side you are on.

NOTE: You can still collect Steel Ingots for Everett no matter which side you
      choose, allowing you to complete the "Steel for the Mill" sidequest.

1. If you tell Ashur straight in his face that you're here to kill him and take
   the cure away you'll need to kill him and the raiders.  You can figure out
   that the baby is the cure by reading/listening to the Holotapes that his
   wife Sandra drops, or get Holotapes from his Safe.

2. Otherwise, if you lie about not knowing Werhner, he'll let you talk to his
   wife and everything appears to be fine.

But these minor differences aside, a riot will take place regardless of what you
do.  Choose between Werhner + Slaves, or Ashur + Slavers.

You can find a {FIRST AID BOX} and {MED-X x2} in the room with Sandra and the
baby, although you're likely to get caught by Sandra.  Unlocking the (Average)
Safe in Ashur's room reveals {Dairy 1: To Marie}, {Dairy 2: The Scrourge}, 
{Dairy 3: The Mill}, {Dairy 4: The Cure}, {Mentats x2} and {Stealth Boy x2}.

Whichever side you take, head back to Midea (who sometimes approaches you sooner
by herself) and tell her the situation.  If you sided with the Slaves she wants
to take a look at the cure and then redirects you to Werhner, who resides in the
Steelyard.  Otherwise, if you sides with Ashur, find Midea - or if you can't
find her, read her notes in her quarters - and then head for the Steelyard to
meet Werhner.

Note: You can also clear the rest of Downtown by now. Killing Friday and Harris,
      the shopkeepers, allows you to loot their supply caches with fair amounts
      of ammunition and other items.

The Steelyard:
|ITEMS: [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x3, [] RadAway x2,|
|       [] First Aid Box x2, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel    |
|          Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x2,      |
|       [] Steel ingot x3, [] Steel Ingot x3, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel      |
|          Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x2,  |
|       [] Note From Wild Bill, [] Wild Bill's Sidearm, [] Ammo Box x2,        |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Steel ingot x2, [] Grenade Box, [] Mine Box x2,   |
|       [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Steel Ingot x4, [] Mine Box, [] First Aid Box,   |
|       [] Steel Ingot x2, [] Combat Shotgun, [] Shotgun Shells (x2) x3,       |
|       [] Steel Ingot x4, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Steel Ingot x12, [] First   |
|          Aid Box x2, [] Steel Ingot x7, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x2,    |
|       [] Steel Ingot x4, [] Auto Axe.                                        |

Note: The first 14 Steel Ingots are described earlier in this Guide, also see
      [DLC-3.2].  Furthermore, consult the section below regarding the Ingots
      found in the Supply Plant.

Move west until you get to the burning barrel.  If you want to collect ingots,
head right (north/northeast) past the train tracks.  You'll cross the door to
the Power Plant, and you'll also walk past four Protectrons.  If your Science
skill is high enough (75+) you can activate them, and they'll save you the
trouble having to deal with the Trogs.  Continue NE until you stumble upon a
dead slave with [2x STEEL INGOTS] lying next to him.  You'll also encounter at
least 4-6 Trogs, so be on your guard.  There's also a manhole to the NW of the
slave's body that leads to The Pitt Underground, but it is locked for now.

Head up the stairs to the southwest and instead of moving over the broken down
fence, walk north over the ledge until you see two [STEEL INGOTS] on the yellow
freight car to your right.  Hop over to grab them by moving over the steel beam
(the third, counting from when you were going over the ledge), and drop down on
the cart to grab them.  Return to the third beam just like you did just now,
except this time walk all the way over it without dropping down, and hop into
the container at the eastern end to find [3x STEEL INGOTS].

Head back to the stairs and climb them once again.  Go over the broken fence
and turn left.  From here, check the cabin almost immediately to your right
(west), which contains [RADAWAY x2], [FIRST AID BOX x2] and [STEEL INGOTS x2].

Move through the gate and walk all the way south until you reach a large
container.  Turn left and climb the stairs so you can easily dispose of several
Trogs down below while you're on the roof.  From here, jump inside the container
on the west (indeed, the one you just passed) to find two [STEEL INGOTS]
inside.  Don't hop down yet, instead hop over the *southern* fence.  Head to the
right (west) after leaping over the fence and check the very end of the passage
to find a dead slave and [2x STEEL INGOTS].

Hop on the pipes and use the ramp to get back out.  Climb the stairs of the
building you were at just now once more and drop down the other side (north).
You can find [2x STEEL INGOTS] and a [FIRST AID BOX] here among some possibly
human remains.

Still on the ground level, head east, turn right, open up the gate and head all
the way down the hill to your left.  You should be able to spot a dead raider
in the gutter straight ahead.  Loot him from his Gamme Shield Armor if you don't
already have one, and loot the [AMMO BOXES x2] and [STEEL INGOTS x3].

The area is heavily irradiated and it's no wonder why if you look to your left.
Three [STEEL INGOTS] are lying just in the middle between these piles of drums,
and there are also two Trogs to be aware of.  Head back to the building's stairs
to reach the roof, then proceed west and use the ramps to reach a longer walkway
leading to another building to the NW.  [2x STEEL INGOTS] can be found in the
middle of this walkway.

Move ove the walkway bridge to the next roof and make your way over to a lower
roof on the NW to find [2x STEEL INGOT].  Drop down and check the nearby shelves
to find two more [STEEL INGOTS].  Head southeast and check behind the stairs to
find another two [STEEL INGOTS] hidden between the tires.  Continue through the
gate and head all the way south.  Near the end of the area, climb the stairs to
your right (west) and you'll find a Slave named Wild Bill, along with two [STEEL
INGOTS].  He holds the [NOTE FROM WILD BILL] - used in the unmarked quest you
might've gotten from a slave named Milly in Downtown - and he also holds [WILD
BILL'S SIDEARM], a unique .32 Pistol.

After going up the next flight of stairs, inspect the makeshift shack to find
two [AMMO BOXES], a [FIRST AID BOX] and two [STEEL INGOTS].  You might stumble 
on a few Wildmen here as well. The top of the shack - use the ramp to reach it -
contains a [GRENADE BOX] and [2x MINE BOX].

Note: If you're looking for Werhner's Hideout, the door leading to that area is
      next to this makeshift shack.  This Guide will first locate the remaining
      Ingots before speaking with Werhner.

Follow the eastern catwalk along the pipes to the very end north.  A Wildmen
will probably shoot some Trogs off the nearby roof, but expect another wave to
attack you.

Don't move onto the roof just yet.  Instead, hop onto the pipe to your right
(east) and carefully walk to the very end.  A Trog Brute is most likely feeding
off some flesh.  Dispatch it and grab the two [STEEL INGOTS] from the remains of
what most likely was a slave once.

Return to the catwalk and while standing on the wooden planks, drop down to the
building below you.  Continue westwards, drop down again, turn north into the
small alley, then immediately west again. A Wildmen will be fighting off several
Trogs here, so all you have to do is dispatch the survivors.  The mining cart
contains [4x STEEL INGOTS], an [AMMO BOX] and a [FIRST AID BOX].

From here, continue down the northeast alley and follow the alley around the 
corner, where another dead slave and [2x STEEL INGOTS] can be located, along
with a [COMBAT SHOTGUN] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS (2) x3].

Head back to where you dropped down from the wooden planks just now (backtrack
to the shack by going upstairs, then move over the catwalk).  Head up the roof
of the building, then move west and head upstairs to get on the roof of the
factory.  Continue left (south), but don't head all the way to the next flight
of stairs.  Keep a close eye on the wall to your right (west); When you can move
in between the buildings, do so and explore the NW corner of this area with
sphere-shaped objects.  A Trog is feasting - kill it - nearby [4x STEEL INGOTS]

A few more Wildmen are doing their thing down south.  Climb the stairs to the 
very top of the factory now, and expect to encounter around five Wildmen.  At
the top of the factory, collect the [12x STEEL INGOTS] and loot the [2x FIRST
AID BOXES].  Note that three Trogs spawn below you and are headed up as soon as
you pick up anything.

Head down - but not all the way.  Instead, hop on the very lengthy catwalk
leading straight down east.  It's extremely long and looks somewhat like a
conveyor belt.  At the very end, drop down the platform to find [7x STEEL

Return to the first roof of the factory (where Wildmen used to patrol the area
to the south).  Move all the way south (past the stairs) and drop down to your
left (southeast) after popping some Med-X to lighten the damage.  It's possible
to hug the southeast pipe to prevent the damage.  Either way, drop down another
level on the east and you'll be on a platform with three huge silo's.  Check
between the first two silo's to find a [FIRST AID BOX] and two [AMMO BOXES]
behind two pipes.

You can find the four last [STEEL INGOTS] in this area behind the final silo
next to a dead slave.  There's also an [AUTO AXE] lying next to him.  Note once
again that three Trogs assault you after picking anything up.  Return to the
freight cars nearby the entrance of the area and head through the door next to
the Protectrons to enter the Supply Plant.

Supply Plant:
|ITEMS: [] Steel Ingot x3, [] First Aid Box, [] Frag Grenade x3, [] Ammo Box,  |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Rad-X x2, [] Grenade Box,    |
|       [] RadAway x3, [] Steel Ingot x8, [] Bobby Pin x6, [] Rad-X x4,        |
|       [] RadAway x4, [] Steel Ingot x6, [] First Aid Box, [] .32 Caliber     |
|          Rounds (x5) x4, [] .32 Caliber Rounds (x5), [] Jet x2, [] Man Opener|
|       [] Flamer Fuel (x12) x2, [] Jet, [] Steel Ingot, [] Jet, [] Flamer     |
|          Fuel (x12), [] Jet x3, [] First Aid Box, [] Med-X.                  |

Move into the generator room on the east, requiring you to head through the
irradiated hallway.  Two Trogs will be chasing a running-scared Wildman, so
use the situation to your advantage and deal with the bunch.  Three more [STEEL
INGOTS] can be found in the generator room.

Continue through the next hall and quickly dispatch the three Trogs waiting
around the corner.  Be sure to loot the [FIRST AID BOX] from the shelves before
moving into the next area.

It's possible to dispatch three Trogs from the catwalk, as they're feasting on
some human remains down below on your right side.  Descend with caution as more
Trogs may roam the area.  The cabin on the east contains [3x FRAG GRENADES], an
[AMMO BOX] and a [FIRST AID BOX].  The (average) terminal allows you to shutdown

A matress allows you to heal when you reach the bottom floor - it's nearby the
flipped mine cart.  The munching noise that you'll hear as you continue west
comes from two Trogs on the floor above you, and is nothing to worry about as of
yet.  The shelves at the intersection contain two [FIRST AID BOXES], [2x RAD-X],
a [GRENADE BOX] and [RADAWAY x3].  

Continue down the right (northwest) hallway and dispatch of two Trogs around the
corner, dropping them next to a whole lot of other Trogs and corpses.  Make sure
to grab all [8x STEEL INGOTS] next to the flipped mine cart at the very end.

Return to the intersection and proceed down the other hall.   Grab the [6x BOBBY
PIN] scattered around the floor near the three skeletons and try them on the
door.  This (average) locked door leads to a storage room that contains [RAD-X
(x5) x4].  The Terminal has several private entries on it regarding the skeleton
on which you're standing at this very moment ..  Lastly, another pack of [.32
CALIBER ROUNDS (x5)] can be found on top of the terminal.

Head upstairs, grab [2x JETS] from the small table, and continue in the next
area to find the [MAN OPENER] Auto Axe on the Queen-Sized Bed, along with [2x
FLAMER FUEL (x12)].  You can find another [JET] on top of the desk, and more
importantly, the final [STEEL INGOT].  Another [JET] can be found if you move
the body of the dead Wildmen a little, and two more [FLAMER FUEL (x12)] can be
found in the small wooden box nearby.

The shelves on the NE contain three more [JETS] and a [FIRST AID BOX], and yet
another two [JETS] may be found closeby the skeleton up ahead.  As you continue
east, defeat the two dining Trogs and search the ground near the skeleton for a

The southern hall has a gas leak, so throw a frag grenade inside before
proceeding.  The door at the end leads back to the start of the Supply Plant,
allowing you to easily backtrack to Everett for your rewards.

Here's what Everett will reward you with, corresponding with the amount of Steel
Ingots you hand over to him:

        |Amount of Ingots:|Rewards:          |Type of Item:           |
        |       10        |Laborer Outfit    |Unique Slave Outfit     |
        |       20        |Filtration Helmet |Unique Supervisor Helmet|
        |       30        |Steel Knuckles    |Unique Brass Knuckles   |
        |       40        |Metal Master Armor|Unique Metal Armor      |
        |       50        |Metal Blaster     |Unique Laser Rifle      |
        |       60        |Bombshell Armor   |Unique Raider Armor     |
        |       70        |Leather Rebel     |Unique Leather Armor    |
        |       80        |The Mauler        |Unique Auto Axe         |
        |       90        |Perforator        |Unique Inflitrator      |
        |      100        |Tribal Power Armor|Unique Power Armor      |
         Note: Finding all 100 Steel Ingots in the Xbox 360 Version will
               grant you the Mill Worker (20G) Achievement.

|ITEMS: [] 5.56mm Ammo x120, [] Stealth Boy, [] Mentats, [] Bloodpack,         |
|       [] Med-X x2, [] RadAway, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Jet x4,|
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Jet x2, [] Factory Employee ID, [] First Aid Box, |
|       [] First Aid Box x2, [] Jet x2, [] Psycho.                             |

Wehrner's Hideout:
Head over to Werhner's Hideout, which is located in the southwest corner of the
Steelyard, and if you've been collecting Steel Ingots then you've passed it
occasionally already.

Depending on who you sided with, you'll have to do the following:

Siding with Ashur:
You can try to speech challenge Werhner into leaving The Pitt forever, or you
can use the Black Widow Perk if you have it.  It's also possible to kill Werhner
without karma loss if he shoots first, which might be worth the trouble as he
drops the Power Plant Key.  If you chose to side with Ashur you'll be given
access to the Ammo Press, and you are also given a repeatable quest to collect
Teddy Bears from all over the Wasteland.  This quest is called "Toys for Tots"
and can be started by talking to Sandra.

Siding with Werhner:
If you sided with Wehrner & Midea, then Werhner will ask that you hand over the
baby and head to the Underground where you must release Trogs upon The Pitt.
If you have the Black Widow Perk you can ask Werhner for help, and he'll spare
you [120x 5.56MM AMMO].  He'll give you a [STEALTH BOY] and the Power Plant Key.

Items in Werhner's Hideout:
The small table on the ground level contains a [JET] and three Pre-War Money.
Look for [MENTATS], [BLOODPACK], [MED-X x2] and [RADAWAY] on the desk upstairs.

This Guide will now continue for players who have sided with Werhner.  Those who
sided with Ashur will already be done with the quest.  Head to where the
entrance to the Supply Plant was (next to the four Protectrons in The Steelyard)
and head northwest until you reach the manhold next to a burning barrel.

The Pitt Underground:
Make your way down the sewers and anticipate your safety by dispatching two
Trogs behind the bars.  Continue through the hole and tread through the bloody
passages that follow.  Before heading upstairs, loot the [FIRST AID BOX] on the
wall.  Head upstairs again in the next chamber and proceed through the long
corridors, laying groups of Trogs to rest as you go.

A dead slave and a [FIRST AID BOX] can be found at the end of the catwalks. When
you proceed to the lower floor, four Trogs will spawn behind you and will rush
from the corridor you just walked through.  After dealing with them, ignore the
red arrows on the floor altogether (as they lead you past two frag mines), and
continue south.

You can find [4x JETS] next to the garbage bin.  As for the area itself, it's
crammed with Trogs in here.  There is, however, a trick to dispatch all of them
very quickly.  You may have noticed that the walls on each side of the area have
two generators hanging above each other, up to around 6 on each wall.  If you
shoot the middle generators on the southern wall it should blow most of the 
Trogs away.  Backtrack to the hall and blow up the other generators when Trogs
get near and it'll finish the job.

A [FIRST AID BOX] and a vending machine are all that remain in this area.  
Tread with caution as you prepare to loot the dead slave's body in the hallway
up ahead, as a frag mine has been placed nearby.  Quickly make a turn and throw
a grenade in the next chamber to incinerate a good deal of the upcoming Trogs.
Dispose the rest of the bunch with your good old guns.

Two [JETS] can be found on the floor - one near the stairs and one nearby the
makeshift bed.  Head upstairs and inside the room to the west. Before activating
the Factory Protectron in this area, collect the [FACTORY EMPLOYEE ID] from the
other side of the catwalk first.  The Protectron will now help you in your
fight against three assaulting Trogs.  Heal up any wounds with the help of the
[FIRST AID BOX] in the corner next to the dummy terminal.

Deactivate the Uptown Floodlights by using the aptly named terminal on the south
and proceed down this hall.  This leads to an exit of the Underground.  Explore
the room to find two [FIRST AID BOXES].  Two [JETS] and a [PSYCHO] can be found
on top of the bricks next to the bench, and there's also a workbench here.

The End:
You'll find Ashur outside and he ain't too happy to see you.  Fortunately, a
whole horde of Trogs isn't too happy with him either, so that balances things
out a little.  Waste anything that stands in your way and make sure you snatch
Ashur's Power Armor (or come back for it soon). When you reach the Market Square
in Downtown, Werhner will congratulate you, and the "Booster Shot" Perk is
granted.  This permanently increases your Radiation Resistance by +10%!

Using the Ammo Press:
The Ammo Press can be used upon completing The Pitt.  It's located in The Mill.
Head for The Hole (not inside, but the actual Hole on which you can stand and
look down inside), and look southeast.  That's where the Ammo Press Terminal is
located at.  As for the Materials Bin, it's located directly south when you are
looking from The Hole.

Place ammo or Scrap Metal in the Materials Bin and operate the terminal.  Select
which ammunition you want to create and start to press.  Use the formulas below
to calculate how much ammo you'll get:

                         |Ammunition:   |Ammo Value:|
                         |5mm           |      1    |
                         |10mm          |      2    |
                         |5.56mm        |      3    |
                         |.32           |      5    |
                         |Shotgun Shells|     10    |
                         |.308          |     15    |
                         |.44           |     15    |
                         |Scrap Metal   |     20    |

            [Amount of units in Materials Bin * Ammo Value] = TOTAL

        [TOTAL / Value of Ammo being made] = Amount of Ammo you receive

    |[DLC-4.0] Broken Steel                                               |
                                     || |,
                                     || | `.
 ____   _____   ____  _   __ _____   || |,  `._____ _______ _____  _____  _ 
|  _ \ |     | / __ \| | / /|  ___||¯\ |¯|`. / ____|       |  ___||  ___|| |
| |_| || |¯| /| |  | | |/ / | |___ |  \| |' | (___ `.¯| |¯¯| |___ | |___ | |
|  _  /|  ¯ \ | |  | |   /  |  ___|| . ` |`. \___ \  `| |  |  ___||  ___|| |
| |_| || |\  \| |__| |   \  | |___`| |\  | `.____) | .| |  | |___ | |___ | |___ 
|____/ |_| \__\\____/|_|\__\|     ||_||\_| ,|_____/ ,'| |  |     ||     ||     |
                          `. ¯¯¯¯¯   || |`'      . '   ¯    ¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯ 
                          '....      || |       ..'
                               `.  (¯    ¯)  ..'
                               `... ¯|  |¯ ...'
                                   `.|  |.'
                                     (  )
    |[DLC-4.1] Death From Above                                           |
|ITEMS: [] Aqua Pura Crate, [] Ammo Box x5, [] Enclave Crate x2, [] Grenade Box|
|       [] Gun Case, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x3,       |
|       [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Enclave Soldier                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 1300 EXP.                                                       |
|                                                                              |
Well, tell one of your followers to step inside the purifier, or do it yourself.
Fawkes or Charon are good choices since they're immune to radiation.

When you wake up you'll get a quick debriefing on what happened.  Make your way
to the courtyard, loot the [AQUA PURA CRATE] on your right for 12 Aqua Pura, and
meet with Scribe Rothchild in the Laboratory.  After the full debriefing, set
foot on The Wasteland and make your way to the Rockland Car Tunnel, which is
located on the very southwest of the map.

When you've found it, go on and head inside as there is no loot of interest

Rockland Car Tunnel:
Turn around the corner and head inside the storage room.  You can find [5x AMMO
BOXES] on the shelves here.  Continue down the corridors until you reach a large
cave with several Brotherhood of Steel Knights.  Talk to Tristan and you're
ready to go.

Before following Tristan, check the western wall for two [ENCLAVE CRATES], as
well as the NW corner for a [GRENADE BOX], a [GUN CASE] that looks like a metal
box, and a pile of Enclave Soldiers you may want to loot.  Snatch the medical
supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] on top of the crates to the east before
following the crowd down the NE tunnel.

Sattelite Relay Station:
This zone is separated from The Wasteland, similar to O:A and The Pitt.  Simply
wait for Liberty Prime to take out the blue shield to your right and follow the
straight road.  Let Prime and the Brotherhood destroy the Enclave Troops while
you assist in looting their corpses, and watch the big event.  After this, head
through the hole that Prime punched in the building to enter the Sattelite

Sattelite Facility:
It gets messy in the room as you enter, but plenty of Brotherhood assistance
makes this a fight you can't lose.  Move in the southern tunnel and defeat two
more Enclave Soldiers in the locker room - which houses no more than a [FIRST

Head through the double doors at the end of the tunnel and swipe this area clean
from the Enclave.  This will - yet again - be a breeze with the help of the
Brotherhood.  Continue through the western door at the top of the stairwell when
you've done so.

Watch out for more enemies as you head through the tunnel and down the stairwell
on the south.  At the very bottom, proceed down another big tunnel and wipe it
clean.  You'll come across an [AMMUNITION BOX x3], and one more [AMMUNITION BOX]
can be found in the room at the end of the tunnel.  Head upstairs, proceed down
the hall and prepare for an encounter with another Enclave Squad.  After this
fight, unlock the (Easy) door on the east to reveal a restroom housing a [FIRST
AID BOX] (and a sink, if you're into those).

Head down the tunnel and you'll get to a room with mainframes. Activate the
Sattelite Uplink Terminal and retrieve the Telemetry Data before continuing.
Loot the [FIRST AID BOX] and press forward through the corridor, which the
Enclave secured with two Mark V Turrets.  When you're back in the Wasteland,
fast travel to the Citadel and report to Scribe Rothchild and Elder Lyons

    |[DLC-4.2] Shock Value                                                |
|ITEMS: [] Deathclaw Control Scrambler, [] Aqua Pura Crate x4, [] Energy Cell  |
|          (x20) x3, [] Plasma Mine, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Enclave Crate x6,      |
|       [] Jet, [] Dunbar's Note, [] Flamer Fuel x2, [] Frag Grenade,          |
|       [] Electron Charge Pack x2, [] Psycho, [] First Aid Box x2,            |
|       [] Bloodpack, [] Power Fist, [] Frag Mine x3, [] Mine Box x2,          |
|       [] Buffout x2, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Flamer Fuel,     |
|       [] Frag Grenade, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Darts (x20) x3,|
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Grenade Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Nuka-Cole Quantum,   |
|       [] 5.56mm Rounds (x24) x3, [] Buffout x2, [] 10mm Rounds x2, [] Frag   |
|          Mine, [] Ammo Box, [] .308 Caliber Rounds, [] Shotgun Shells,       |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Bottlecap Mine, [] Safe, [] Darts, [] 2x Darts x20|
|       [] Jet, [] Wall Safe, [] Psycho, [] Ammo Box, [] Darts (x20) x2,       |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Railway Spikes x3, [] Mentats, [] Railway Spikes, |
|       [] Police Hat, [] .32 Caliber Rounds, [] Wall Safe, [] First Aid Box,  |
|       [] Jet, [] RadAway, [] Darts, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box,      |
|       [] Rad-X, [] .44 Rounds x13, [] Alien Power Cell x18, [] Jet, [] First |
|          Aid Box x2, [] Pulse Mine, [] RadAway, [] Jet, [] Jet, [] First Aid |
|          Box, [] Alien Power Cell (x12) x3, [] Mentats, [] Buffout,          |
|       [] Tesla Coil.                                                         |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Deathclaw       o Enclave Soldier     o Enclave Hellfire Trooper   |
|         o Mark IV Turret                                                     |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 1400 EXP.                                                       |
|                                                                              |
Talk to Paladin Tristan, who resides in the Great Hall of the building.  Follow
your marker to easily locate him.  He explains that a deviced called a Tesla
Coil might turn things around still, but you're needed to retrieve it from Old
Olney first.

Drop by the lab first and converse with Scribe Vallincourt to receive the
[DEATHCLAW CONTROL SCRAMBLER].  This device interferes with the Enclave signal
that controls Deathclaws, so that'll certainly help!

Note: There are four more [AQUA PURA CRATES] in the courtyard: One near the
      radio and three near the double doors that lead to The Wasteland.

Small Enclave Outpost:
Your next location(s) are best fast travelled to.  I suggest you head for the
southernmost location first. This is a very small Enclave camp with a controlled
Deathclaw that becomes .. YOUR follower when you approach it. Watch it slaughter
the remaining Enclave and start searching for the following loot: [ENERGY CELL
(x20) x3] and [PLASMA MINE] on a low table with a terminal, [2x AMMO BOXES]
under the nearby sattelite dish, and [6x ENCLAVE CRATE] in total nearby lookout

Note: Unfortunately, the controlled Deathclaw will automatically die when you
      move about 100 meters away from the Enclave camp.

Head inside Old Olney (which is usually roaming with Deathclaws, unless you
wiped those out not too long ago), and locate the sewer entrance with the help
of your marker.  Make your way through the tunnels until you reach a ladder
leading to Old Olney Underground.

Old Olney Underground:
You're greeted by two Ghouls, who immediately rush off afterwards.  Explore the
toilet on the left in the large hall to find a [JET], and look for a small
wooden crate with Pre-War Money in the NW corner of the area.  As you wander
through the rest of the area you get the feeling there has been some recent
activity.  Very recent..

Go down the hall to the south and head upstairs.  As you traverse the tunnels
and notice more and more dead Ghouls, keep an eye out for one named Dunbar, who
holds [DUNBAR'S NOTE].  Looks like the poor bastards were trying to set up a
second home besides Underworld .. and failed miserably.

Continue downstairs and through the hole up ahead where you'll encounter a
Deathclaw.  Turn around and move along the ledge to discover a hidden area with
lots of toys, including two Teddy Bears.  If you check the NE shelves by hopping
on top of the filing cabinets you can just barely snatch two [FLAMER FUEL] from
the small wooden crate, and a [FRAG GRENADE] and [ELECTRON CHARGE PACK x2] on
this shelf.

Check the room on your left for a [PSYCHO] and head down one floor.  Here, peek
in a small storage room to the south in order to find two [FIRST AID BOXES], a
[BLOODPACK] and a [POWER FIST].  The main room itself contains three loose [FRAG
MINES] and two [MINE BOXES] between the operating tables.  There's a Nuka-Cola
vending machine near the stairs which lead back to where you were.  

Proceed through the doorway on the southwest and tread with caution to an
adjacent room with a Deathclaw.  When you've secured this area, look for
[BUFFOUT x2] on the shelves behind the counter, and check the NE corner for two
[AMMO BOXES] and the NW corner for two [FRAG GRENADES] and Pre-War Money in a

Drop down one floor and slowly approach the door in the NE corner.  As soon as
you hear a baby cry it's from the nearby placed baby carriage trap, so step
back as it goes BOOM!  Head down the stairs behind the door and make a U-turn to
your right (west) in the hall up ahead.

Be sure to check the bathtub!  It contains [FLAMER FUEL], a [FRAG GRENADE], a
[FIRST AID BOX], a Chinese Assault Rifle and some food.  Carefully venture into
the next room that houses two rigged Frag Mines.  Go through the hole, check the
bookcase to your left for a [FIRST AID BOX] and [DARTS (x20) x3] (Hint! Grab out
that Dart Gun of yours!) and take noteof the Workbench to your right.

The (Average) cell door in the middle of the room leads to a cell which contains
ham radio), and [5.56MM ROUNDS (x24) x3] (also nearby the radio).

When you decide to check out the wester region of what appears to be the home of
Deathclaws (instead of friendly Ghouls!), come very, very well prepared as you
can expect to fight off up to three Deathclaws at once.  When dealt with these
menaces, check the southwest room in which you can rest and find [BUFFOUT x2],
SHELLS] (all from the shelves).

As you continue north, check the shelves to your right for a [FIRST AID BOX],
and explore the area behind the fence on your left to collect a [BOTTLECAP MINE]
from another Workbench, and more loot from an (Average) [SAFE].

Turn around the corner and prepare for another Deathclaw battle.  Check the
shelves for some [DARTS] and move upstairs to enter the Old Olney S. Wilney

Old Olney S. Wilson Building:
The chopper sound gives you the impression that the Enclave are nearby.. and
your senses haven't betrayed you.  This large area has several Enclave Soldiers
and even the new Enclave Hellfire Trooper walking around.

First, check the office area on your (upper) left/west to find [DARTS (x20) x2]
in a bucket, a [JET] next to the skeleton, and a [WALL SAFE] that just might
contain two Stealth Boys.  Drop down two levels to find a Teddy Bear near a
baby carriage and a [PSYCHO] in a bucket.

Head over to the eastern side of the building to find an [AMMO BOX] behind a
counter, along with [DARTS (x20) x2] a [FIRST AID BOX] and [RAILWAY SPIKES x3]
in the shelves.

Go upstairs and check the desk to your left as you reach the 2nd floor to find
[MENTATS].  A bucket slightly SW from here contains [RAILWAY SPIKES].  Move into
the room up north to find a [POLICE HAT], [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS], and a [WALL
SAFE].  The Cash Registers contain Pre-War Money.

Head over the radio commercial billboard and deal with the Enclave Hellfire
Trooper to the north if you hadn't already done so.  They're tough, so use your
most powerful weapons - such as a Plasma Rifle against them.  Be sure to loot
him from his armor (and Heavy Incinerator, although it might be broken already).

Head down the hall and stairs to enter Olney Powerworks.

Olney Powerworks:
The shelves and restroom don't house any useful loot in particular, so go
upstairs.  You'll find a (Very Hard) locked door that can be operated by the
terminal, but this is in fact nothing but a shortcut to a location we'll soon
arrive either way.  Head east and you'll get to a large area, guarded by a
Sentry Bot and Mister Gutsy.

After taking out these two security bots, head inside the office to your left
and loot the [FIRST AID BOX].  Look for a hidden [JET] in a trashcan next to one
of the desks.

Head downstairs and stand in awe (or not) at the new black smoke effect.  Glance
over the shelves near the stairs to find a well hidden [RADAWAY] in a small
wooden crate.  Exit the area by the SE corner and proceed to another large room.
The shelves to your right contain [DARTS].  Spot a Workbench to your left, along
with a [FIRST AID BOX] in the shelves near it.

The upper section of the area is guarded by a Sentry Bot, and you can find a 
[FIRST AID BOX] in the storage room at the SW corner.  A bunch of metro ticket
are lying on the office floor - along with a [RAD-X] that you might want to use.

When you continue around the corner, the green glow should already ring your
bells that a heavily irradiated corridor is up ahead.  Pop the Rad-X (or try to
deactivate the Emitter by the Hard Terminal) and rush through the short corridor
only to encounter more trouble in the form of two Sentry Bots.

The restroom to the east contains [.44 ROUNDS x13] on top of the toilet.  Note
that the people who crashed this place were using beer and milk to play checkers
on the chessboard!

Step inside the western chamber and proceed with caution, walk backwards, facing
south.  Two Mark IV turrets are revealed, so quickly dispatch them.  Check the
area they were stored - and to be more precisely, check the shelf on the upper
wall of each side to find two ammo boxes that contain [18x ALIEN POWER CELLS] in
total.  Pretty neat, huh?

Note: It has been reported that if you have the Scavenger Perk, you'll get
      around 50 Alien Power Cells from each Ammo Box.  That's quite a lot, if
      you ask me!

Flip the emergency electrical switch to the north and head inside the chamber
with the Tesla Coil.  You can find a well hidden [JET] inside a trashcan in the
room to the south, as well as two [FIRST AID BOXES] on the shelves and a [PULSE
MINE] in the wooden crate.

From the main room, head into a recreation hall on the NE.  If you search the
place thoroughly you can find a [RADAWAY] in a small wooden crate under the
table with the broken TV.  The hall leads to the aforementioned shortcut, so
there's nothing of particular interest on the other side of the door.

In the main room with the Tesla Coil, the shelves to the north contain a [JET]
in a wooden crate, and the shelves near the door in the NW corner holds another
[JET]. Head through the door and go downstairs (but take note of the ladder to
your right that leads to Old Olney).  This room contains a [FIRST AID BOX], a
[PULSE MINE] (in the cooking pan on the furnace), [ALIEN POWER CELL (x12) x3]
(the small blue fuses), [MENTATS] and a [BUFFOUT] in a trashcan.

Head towards the Tesla Coil to your east, but DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GRAB IT YET.  
First, flip the emergency switches on the wall (the electricity can't harm you),
and *then* grab the Tesla Coil.  You'll get a shock that'll hurt you a little,
so don't have very little health left when you attempt this, but you'll be more
than fine otherwise.  Climb up the ladder to Old Olney and fast travel back to
the Citadel, where you can hand over the Tesla Coil to Paladin Tristan.

    |[DLC-4.3] Who Dares Wins                                             |
|ITEMS: [] First Aid Box, [] .32 Caliber Rounds (x12), [] RadAway, [] Mentats, |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] RadAway x2, [] Pulse Grenade x2, [] Laser Rifle,  |
|       [] Frag Grenade x3, [] First Aid Box, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] Jet,    |
|       [] I'm Sorry My Darling (Note), [] First Aid Box, [] Mentats, [] Ammo  |
|          Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate, [] Microfusion Cell x4,    |
|       [] Pulse Grenade x2.                                                   |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Enclave Soldier       o Enclave Hellfire Trooper    o Turrets      |
|         o Enclave Squad Sigma   o Enclave Squad Sigma Leader  o Armory Master|
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 1500 EXP.                                                       |
|                                                                              |
Note: You may want to glance over the Unmarked Quests at this point, because
      some of them might no longer be available after you finish this Quest.

You'll need to get to the White House Plaza.  One way to travel here is by
following the route as outlined below.  Simply follow your quest marker to make
your way through the areas (which you might have visited before), or even fast
travel to one of these locations.  When you reach Pennsylvania Avenue you'll
come across some Brotherhood of Steel Knights fighting off Mutants.  This is
close to the White House Plaza entrance.

Tepid Sewers -> Georgetown -> Foggy Bottom Station -> Pennsylvania Avenue

Enter through the Manhole that leads to Utility, then follow the Presidential 
Sub Level tunnels.  When you finally reach the end of the tracks, talk to the
A.I. M.A.R.G.o.T and use your Science or Speech skill to gain user privileges.
The acronym stands for Metro Authority Rapid Governmental Transit System. btw.

Note: I presume that when you turn Margot hostile, all following robotic
      security in the tunnels up ahead will also become agressive.  If someone
      can confirm this, I would appreciate it.

Presidential Metro:
Note: If you are high leveled (18+ at least), then you'll also encounter Feral
      Ghoul Reavers in the upcoming tubes.  These are tough, quick, deal a lot
      of damage and have tons of health.  I suggest you bring out the best you
      got when you're up against one.

Loot the contents of the [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall and turn left around the
corner to find the remains of what presumably was a security officer.  Look
near the body for [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS (x12)] and a Police Hat.  Turn around and
traverse down the tube until you get to an intersection.  While the left (north)
tube leads to a dead end, it can net you a [RADAWAY] and [MENTATS] from nearby
a skeleton, as well as the contents of a [FIRST AID BOX] upstairs.

Continue down the southern tube and immediately as the tube splits, glance over
the skeleton(s) to find [RADAWAY x2].  As you travel through the tunnel, when
you hear a few Ghoul moans, swiftly look over your right through the fence and
watch a metro ride them over.  Ouch!  So it is working at the other side...

Take note of the door on your left, denoted by 'Equipment Room', but explore the
end of this tunnel first to find two [PULSE GRENADES] and an Iron Fist near a
skeleton at the very end.  This area is slightly irradiated, but on the bright
side, the sentry bots have cleared the area of Glowing Ones for you, so there's
no reason to complain.

The Equipment Room doesn't hold that much equipment, although it arguably does
for a metro station office (then again we're talking about the White House's
private metro, but it doesn't matter).  There's a [LASER RIFLE] and three [FRAG
GRENADES] to be found next to the desk, a [FIRST AID BOX] in the corridor, and a
[NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] in the room on the other side.

Ignore your left as you step into the next tube, and proceed southwards.  A 
Robobrain and Mister Gutsy are likely to be involved in a Ghoul conflict.  
Resolve the matter and continue down the tunnel to the point where you reach an
emergency exit to the Capitol.

Head upstairs and search the bench for a [JET] and a note called [I'M SORRY MY
DARLING], which is a rather depressing recording of a woman who'll never see her
lover again.  You can't go any further, and the tunnel's dead end does not have
any loot lying around either, so head inside the eastern area.  This metro is
still functioning, but it needs to be powered up.

The cabin houses a [FIRST AID BOX] and [MENTATS], as well as the Power Box to
activate the metro.  It requires 2 Main Fuses, however, which can only be 
acquired by destroying the Presidential Metro Sentry Bot that patrols in this
area.  Explorers will want to check out the eastern office to find an [AMMO BOX]
and a [FIRST AID BOX] there.

Before placing the Main Fuses in the Power Box, take the time to lay a Pulse
Mine in front of each locked double door to your north.  Two Sentry Bots will
assault you once the Power Box has been fixed, but the Pulse Mines will deal a
fair amount of initial damage.

With the power back on, the double doors leading to the Capitol Building are now
unlocked.  Furthermore, you can now finally use the metro.  Hop in the front
cabin and activate the Metro Console for a little ride.

Hop off, go upstairs and pick the (Average) door to your immediate left first.
This corridor contains an [ENCLAVE CRATE], [4x MICROFUSION CELLS], [PULSE
GRENADE x2], and an (Average) Turret Control System.  It helps to fiddle with
the settings and turn off the Mark VII Turret that you're otherwise up against
around the corner, since the Enclave tweaked it to aid them instead.

Sneak through the corridor and assault the Enclave Troops from the be-hind, then
go upstairs and head through the double doors to access Adams Air Force Base.

Adams Air Force Base:
|ITEMS: [] Tesla Cannon, [] Microfusion Cell (x50), Electron Charge Pack (x50),|
|       [] Orders, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Stimpak x2, [] First |
|          Aid Box, [] First Aid Box x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Mini Nuke,       |
|       [] Microfusion Cell (x80), [] Ammo Box x2, [] Enclave Crate, [] First  |
|          Aid Box, [] .308 Caliber Rounds (x24) x2,[] Sector 1 Artillery Note,|
|       [] Enclave Crate x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate, [] First Aid  |
|          Box x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Plasma Grenade x4, [] Mini Nuke,       |
|       [] Enclave Crate x2, [] Sector 2 Artillery Note, [] Enclave Soldier    |
|          Log #1, [] Psycho x2, [] First Aid Box x3, [] Ammo Box, [] Flamer   |
|          Fuel Stash Holotape, [] Fuel Stash Conatiner Key, [] Enclave        |
|          Footlocker x2, [] Enclave Footlocker, [] Bloodpack,[] Enclave Crate,|
|       [] Enclave Footlocker x2, [] Bloodpack x5, [] Enclave Crate x2,        |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate x2, [] Flamer     |
|          Stash.                                                              |
|                                                                              |
This is another separate area from The Wasteland.  Go upstairs and check the
Resupply Crate on your left, which was dropped by parachute and contains your
(x50)] and your [ORDERS].  Loot the [FIRST AID BOX] that looks like an Enclave
Crate up the steps and listen to the Orders Holotape.

A [FIRST AID BOX] can be found inside the cabin, and two more [STIMPAKS] are
lying on the shelves.  Head NE, and take out any Mark VI Turrets you spot ASAP,
as they're real life drainers.  The Tesla Cannon can take them out from a mile
though, so that shouldn't be any problem.  Waste the Hellfire Trooper and check
the cabin to your right (east) which houses a [FIRST AID BOX] and obsolete 
Turret Control Terminal.  

Head upstairs and destroy the turrets on the other side of the roof.  Check the
view to the NE and go crazy with your Tesla Cannon on all Enclave Vertibirds and
turrets.  With most of them destroyed continue your regular scavenging by 
entering the cabin on this roof still and loot the contents of two [FIRST AID 

Now, when facing east on the roof, check the ledge to your right (southeast) and
hop over to a [FIRST AID BOX], [MINI NUKE] and [MICOFUSION CELL (x80)].  Hop
down to ground level and backtrack slightly.  The barracks to the west are
inaccessible, but you can find two [AMMO BOXES] and a whole lot of destroyed
Protectrons and Sentry Bots behind the truck at the NW end of the fence - which
does your Tesla Cannon ammunition supply well!

Continue by making your way to the roof of the eastern building.  You'll find an
ARTILLERY NOTE] and the Artillery Switch.  Flip it and any Enclave survivors in
the open area straight ahead will now be toast.

Get back on the ground level and explore the enclave stands for a set of two

Enter the first hangar.  There will be a few Enclave Soldiers here, among
Scientists and a caged Deathclaw.  Check the NW corridor to find two [FIRST AID
BOXES] at the very end of it, and waste and Enclave Scientists (meat) you come
across.  Note that the three caged Deathclaws are not controlled by devices, so
you won't be thanked upon releasing them. Instead consider killing them for
experience while they're locked away.

When you've made it out of the hangar, check the small alley on the northeast
and head to the end of it to find a [FIRST AID BOX] and four [PLASMA GRENADES]
in a bucket.  If you wanna grab a [MINI NUKE], head inside the hangar to your
east and check the eastern corridor.  The nuke is at the south end.

Back in the alley, go upstairs and make your way to the northern roof.  Loot the
two [ENCLAVE CRATES] here, grab the [SECTOR 2 ARTILLERY NOTE] and press the
button to wipe the area clean below.

Head downstairs and check the alley to your left (west).  Turn left once again
in the alley and it'll lead to the dead body of an Enclave Soldier with the
[ENCLAVE SOLDIER LOG #1] on him, as well as a neat stock of items:  [PSYCHO x2],
[FIRST AID BOX x3], [AMMO BOX] and a Ripper.

Note: Only Log #1 exists, despite it being called the first of a series.

Optionally there is another hangar that we haven't explored yet.  Return to the
exit of the first hangar and head all the way east from here.  The hangar will
be to your right.  It is worthwhile to note that two Enclave Scientists are
located somewhere in this hangar, always fleeing from you.  One of them holds
typo in the game right there).  

The western hall houses two [ENCLAVE FOOTLOCKERS], and one more [ENCLAVE
FOOTLOCKER] can be found next to this hall's entrance.  That's pretty much what
this hangar holds for us, so we'll move on to the next one - up north.

In this northern hangar, check your right (NE) and look around for a [BLOODPACK]
on the floor, along with an [ENCLAVE CRATE] and two [ENCLAVE FOOTLOCKERS], plus
a bed to heal up.  The empty prison houses [5x BLOODPACKS] on the floor, and
two more [ENCLAVE CRATES] can be found on the western side of the hangar.  One
last [FIRST AID BOX] is placed in the western hall.  Take note that the caged
Deathclaw becomes frenzied when you release it (read: it stays friendly and will
fight along with you).

That concludes this hangar.  Continue north to find a [FIRST AID BOX] on a truck
and two [ENCLAVE CRATES] at the stand.  Proceed to the NW area and make your way
through the ruins of the hangar.  Expect heavy resistance in the form of turrets
and Hellfire Troops, so let your Tesla Cannon be the salvation.  

Before you continue, listen to the Flamer Fuel Stash Holotape that you found
earlier on one of the Enclave Scientists.  Well, travel to the NW building and
find the [FLAMER STASH] behind several barrels and wheels, which contains 400
Flamer Fuel.  Now head upstairs at the Air Traffic Control Tower just east of
here and deal with any remaining turrets - then go inside.

Air Control Tower:
|ITEMS: [] First Aid Box, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid |
|          Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate, [] First Aid Box,          |
|       [] Enclave Crate x3, [] Enclave Crate x2, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Grenade   |
|          Box, [] First Aid Box x3, [] Ammo Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Buffout,     |
|       [] Ammo Box, [] Rapid-Torch Flamer, [] .308 Caliber Rounds (x24) x2,   |
|       [] Missile x7, [] Flamer Fuel (x12) x4, [] Mini Nuke x2, [] Nuka-Cola  |
|          Quantum.                                                            |
|                                                                              |
I can be quite brief about this floor.  There's a Robobrain hanging around the
offices, and you can find a [FIRST AID BOX] in the NW section in a bookcase,
and a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] under a desk, as well as another [FIRST AID BOX] in
this office space.  Don't forget to loot the third [FIRST AID BOX] at the base
of the stairs as you go up.

When you've made your way upstairs you'll reach the control room, and a few
Vertibirds will fly over the building.  Your first thought might be to grab out
your Tesla Cannon and blow them to smithereens - and that's all fine - but you
should be informed that if one of them survives your attack they'll fire
missiles at your location, causing HEAVY damage.  So your tactics should either
be: 1. Leave them alone (kind of lame, huh?).  2. Shoot down all three of them
really effin' fast.  3. Shoot down 1 or 2 and quickly dive down the stairs to
avoid any damage.

Either way, you can find a [FIRST AID BOX] in the control room, and the Research
Terminal contains what you came for: The controls to the Mobile Platform Loading
Ramp, which you should lower.  Having done this, head out of the building
entirely and make your way over to the Mobile Platform to the east.

You can find an [ENCLAVE CRATE] and [FIRST AID BOX] at the Enclave stand nearby
the stairs of the Air Control Tower.  As you get within fairly close proximity
of the Mobile Platform you'll encounter many Enclave Troops.  Fortunately, a few
brave Brotherhood of Steel Paladins serve as fine meat distractions so you can
knock yourself out with the Tesla Cannon .. Err, rather, knock the Enclave out,
that is.

There's also a Hellfire Trooper on top of the Platform.  He seems to keep
spitting out his fire all over the place, even when there's no one in sight
anymore. Before you go like: "WTF is this dude doing?" like I did, save yourself
the trouble and knock him out with a few Tesla Rounds.

Three [ENCLAVE CRATES] can be found near the small sattelite dish, and two more
[ENCLAVE CRATES] are placed in the Enclave stand to the south.  Two [AMMO BOXES]
and a [GRENADE BOX] can be found inside the nearby truck.  You can now enter the
Moving Platform, or you can optionally visit the Adams Storage Facility to the
far southeast.  If you want to continue with the main quest, simply skip that

Adams Storage Facility:
It looks like you've hit jackpot the second you entered already!  Check the
bookcase on your left for [3x FIRST AID BOXES] and an [AMMO BOX], then loot the
other [AMMO BOX] on the shelves in the middle of the room and lastly, search
the SE corner for a [BUFFOUT] in the wooden crate.

An (Average) [AMMO BOX] can be looted from the bookcase on the NE wall, but you
might want to take out the Mark V Turret on the west first.  That area houses a
counter with a whopping of supplies, including a new, unique REGULAR flame-
thrower: The [RAPID-TORCH FLAMER]. Also look for [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS (x24) x2],
Who needs a Quantum Chemist Perk when you get enough Nuka-Cola Quantums anyway?

(Well, alright, alright.  Nuka Grenades can be made with them and the AP Bonus
is alright, but there really are many, many Quantums in the game already... and
you still need TEN regular Nuka-Cola's to create just *one* Quantum...)

Upstairs leads to the roof outside with no items, and a Hellfire Trooper will
likely attack you from below.  As you head back to the Mobile Platform Crawler,
expect a squad of three Sentry Bots to attack you - a rather dangerous
occurence in an open field like this.  I suggest you quickly dispatch them with
the Tesla Cannon and hide behind already-blown up trucks.  With those out of the
way, finally enter the Crawler.

Mobile Platform Crawler:
|ITEMS: [] Ammo Box x3, [] Enclave Crate, [] Enclave Crate, [] First Aid Box,  |
|       [] First Aid Box x2, [] Buffout, [] Stimpak, [] Rad-X x2, [] Med-X x2, |
|       [] Bloodpack, [] Med-X x2, [] Psycho x2, [] Purified Water x3,         |
|       [] Mentats x2, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Jet, [] Radaway x2,             |
|       [] Bloodpack x2, [] Armor Case, [] Ammo Box x7, [] Gatling Laser,      |
|       [] Plasma Grenade x5, [] Pulse Grenade x5, [] Buffout x5, [] Psycho x5,|
|       [] Mentats, [] First Aid Box.                                          |
|                                                                              |
Note: This is a ONE-TIME-ONLY AREA, so do not miss out or leave any unique items
      in this location.

The Repulsion Field can be deactivated, or you can smash the panel to pieces,
but this will always result in a weakened repulsion field that harms you when
passing through, so that isn't recommended. 

Note: - Deactivating these panels requires 80 Science Skill.
      - Placing a timed charger requires 50 Explosives Skill.
      - Smashing the panel can always be done.

Make your way to the southeast area to find three [AMMO BOXES] and an [ENCLAVE
CRATE], and a guy named Stigg who repairs robots.  You can ask him for info,
after which he'll leave the crawler.  Another [ENCLAVE CRATE] and a [FIRST AID
BOX] are lying next to a mainframe.

Deactivate the repulsion field to the west in order to find two [FIRST AID 
BOXES],[BUFFOUT], a loose [STIMPAK], [RAD-X x2] and [MED-X x2] from the shelves.
There's also a [BLOODPACK], [MED-X x2], [PSYCHO x2], and [PURIFIED WATER x3] on
the other side, and [MENTATS x2] can be found on the desk and in a small wooden
crate under the shelves.  The last shelves contain two more [FIRST AID BOXES],
a [JET], plus [RADAWAY x2] and [BLOODPACK x2] in the buckets.  What a stock!

Ignore the southern ladder exit for now and turn of the other repulsion field
to the east instead.  While it doesn't hold any medical supplies or ammunition,
it does contain pretty much all the custom weapon parts in the game, along with
a Work Bench, allowing you to create any custom weapon you want!  If you have
the schematics, that is..

Proceed north and you'll encounter a strong Enclave Sigma Squad, consisting of
5 members including their leader.  Aim your Tesla Cannon in northwestern
direction and fire as soon as the squad comes around the corner to deal the
initial damage.  Quickly dispatch of them one by one and keep your health up.

Deactivate the repulsion field to the NE of the armory, which yields yet another
HUGE amount of supplies: [ARMOR CASE], [AMMO BOX x7], Sniper Rifle, Combat
[PSYCHO x5], [MENTATS], [FIRST AID BOX] and several tool items.

Make your way to the Dormitory by heading up the stairs the Enclave Squad came
down off and head through the door.

Launch Platform Base:
|ITEMS: [] Enclave Crate x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Composite Recon Helmet,      |
|       [] Precision Gatling Laser, [] Armor Case, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo   |
|          Box x13, [] Heavy Incinerator, [] Minigun, [] Gatling Laser,        |
|       [] Gun Case, [] Med-X, [] Slow-Burn Flamer, [] Flamer Fuel (x50) x3,   |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate, [] Enclave       |
|          Crate x3, [] Ammo Box x3, [] Enclave Crate, [] Gun Case.            |
|                                                                              |
Head east and enter the dormitory to your left (north) which contains two
[ENCLAVE CRATES] and a [FIRST AID BOX].  The room to your south only houses a
.44 Scoped Magnum.

From the hallway, turn around the corner and head south into the Armory.  You'll
come across the Armory Master somewhere around this area, as well as several
turrets.  The Armory Master comes equipped with the [COMPOSITE RECON HELMET]
(a unique and more durable Recon Armor Helmet), and the unique [PRECISION
GATLING LASER], so be sure to loot his sorry ass.  Watch out for a Sentry Bot
that you may also encounter in this room.

Either way, proceed through the repulsion field in the room and unlock the
(Hard) door to the armory for another sickly supply of whatever you'd like:
[GATLING LASER], and a [GUN CASE].  One of the lockers may contain Stealth Boys.

Note: The three averagely locked Ammo Boxes contain Alien Power Cells.  Without
      Scavenger Perk I found 7, 7 and 10 respectively in these Ammo Boxes.  The
      Gun Case with the Hard lock always contains an Alien Blaster and ammo for
      it.  I personally found 13 Cells in the Gun Case.
      If you find different amounts (especially with the Scavenger Perk), let
      me know so I can add it.

Unlock the (Easy) door and make your way into the Robotic Defensive Control
Center.  Go upstairs, kill the Enclave Officers, Scientists and Sentry Bots,
then make your way to the blue mainframe in the center and hack it (Hard).
If you have Robotics Expert then you can turn all robots against the Enclave.
Otherwise, just shut them down.  The other terminal allows you to release
several locks, some of which you've already unlocked.

Head for the western hall (grab a [MED-X] from the desk with the terminal) and
proceed into the Medical Bay to your right (north).  The Medical Bay, Dorms and
Restroom don't contain any items, although the restroom does provide us with
clean water.

Backtrack to either the area with the mainframe terminal and go through the door
that says 'Warning Live Deathclaws', or proceed from the adjacent room to the
armory.  Either way, make your way over to the southern area from here.

In this large hall you can in fact encounter a Deathclaw, but it frenzies and
turns to your side, so that's a plus!  The most important item to currently
retrieve from this area is the [SLOW-BURN FLAMER], which is located upstairs
in the center area surrounded by force fields.  [3x FLAMER FUEL (x50)] are
lying right next to it.

You can grab a [FIRST AID BOX] from the kitchen past the dining room north, and
if you return to where you were - the storage room also contains another [FIRST
AID BOX] and an [ENCLAVE CRATE].  Besides those, I'd say you've pretty much
explored every last corner of this large and complex area.  Make your way over
to the Launch Pad by heading for the marker to the *north* (for walkthrough

Head upstairs.  Depending on whether or not your forced the bots and turrets to
be on your side (or deactivated them), the upcoming battle varies significantly
in difficulty.  At any rate, pull out your .. *surprise!* Tesla Cannon and start
wasting any Enclave agressors around the area.  Head south over the pipes and
loot the three [ENCLAVE CRATES], then check the cabin for three [AMMO BOXES].

Continue west, then south, and face off against several more Enclave Soldiers
and a Hellfire Trooper.  I pray to the gods that the Sentry Bots are at least
not against you, or it'll be another tough fight .. without the Tesla Cannon,
that is. ;)  Try and destroy the Vertibirds before they lift off to prevent them
from attacking.

Step inside the cabin and loot the [ENCLAVE CRATE] and [GUN CASE], then enter
the final area.

Sattelite Control Tower:
|ITEMS: [] Missile x2, [] Micorfusion Cell x2, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box,  |
|       [] Buffout x2, [] Ammo Box, [] .308 Caliber Rounds (x6), [] Railway    |
|          Spikes x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x3, [] Flamer Fuel x3,     |
|       [] First Aid Box x2, [] Radaway x3, [] Psycho, [] Pulse Mine x2,       |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x5, [] Rad-X, [] Buffout, [] Ammo Box x2,|
|                                                                              |
|       [Citadel Armory Only]:                                                 |
|       ----------------------                                                 |
|       [] Tesla Cannon x2, [] Ammo Box x6, [] Alien Power Call (x12) x6,      |
|       [] Microfusion Cell (x20) x5, [] Flamer Fuel (x12) x5, [] Laser        |
|          Rifle x3, [] 10mm Rounds (x12) x3, [] 5.56mm Rounds (x24) x4,       |
|       [] Plasma Grenade x4, [] .308 Caliber Rounds (x24) x3, [] Mini Nuke x3,|
|       [] 5mm Rounds (x100) x2, [] Missile x10, [] Laser Pistol x2,           |
|       [] Energy Cell (x20) x5, [] First Aid Box x4, [] Sniper Rifle,         |
|       [] Nuka Grenade x3.                                                    |
|                                                                              |
There's a lot of Enclave in the staircase area up ahead.  As you walk by some
shelves, look for [2x MISSILES] and [2x MICROFUSION CELLS] in the small wooden
crate, and an [AMMO BOX], [FIRST AID BOX] and [FRAG MINE x4].

Look for another [FIRST AID BOX] on the shelves near the stairwell, along with
two [BUFFOUTS] in a crate.  The averagely locked door leads to a different path,
but instead, head up the regular stairwell and check the southern shelves on
the 1st floor to find an [AMMO BOX], [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS (x6)] and [RAILWAY

Head upstairs and you'll be in the room with the Sattelite Uplink Terminal.  The
doors here are all locked (averagely), but you can unlock them with the Security
Terminal in the NW corner.  There's a [FIRST AID BOX] next to this door.

At any rate, login to the Sattelite Uplink Terminal and select your target with
'Fire Payload'. Although it appears you can select up to five targets (including
Megaton, Project Purity and Rivet City), only two can actually be selected,
which are #1 The Citadel (of the Brotherhood), and #5 Adams AFB Platform.

Depending on which you choose, your rewards will vary.  I personally don't like
to see The Citadel in ashes, but scroll down for the rewards and make the tough

Optionally explore the area behind the northern door and head downstairs to find
three [AMMO BOXES], [3x FLAMER FUEL], [FIRST AID BOX x2], [RADAWAY x3], and a
[PSYCHO] in some shelves.  There are more supplies around the corner: [PULSE

Head upstairs again and explore the last corridor for two [AMMO BOXES] and a
[FIRST AID BOX] (which all look like Enclave Crates), and head outside through
the southern door.  Hop onto the Vertibird and you'll get to see the ending of
Broken Steel.  Depending on your choice it is one of these two:

1. The Vertibird makes a quick stop at a landing platform to give everyone a
   chance to look at the fireworks raining down on the Mobile Crawler of the
   Enclave.  You're transported to The Citadel afterwards, and you're given 
   great honor by Elder Lyons.

2. The Vertibird heads for The Citadel.  Upon finding a large smoking crater
   there, all Brotherhood of Steel members turn against you, and you're never
   able to do any more quests for them.  The only bright side is that you now
   have access to the armory.  Head down the crater of The Citadel to enter it.
The Citadel Armory contains the following supplies:  [TESLA CANNON x2], [AMMO
(x12) x5], [LASER RIFLE x3], 10MM ROUND (x12) x3], [5.56MM ROUNDS (x24) x4],
[PLASMA GRENADE x4], [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS (x24) x3], [5MM ROUNDS (x100) x2],
[MINI NUKE x3], [MISSILE x10], [LASER PISTOL x2], [ENERGY CELL (x20) x5], and
in the other, smaller adjacent armory (loot the key from the initiate): [FIRST

    |[DLC-4.4] Broken Steel Unmarked Quests                               |

1. Fixing Liberty Prime:
Ask Scribe Rothchild what you can do to help the Brotherhood, and he'll request
that you search for Sensor Modules and Camera's (Yeah, I know.. WTF?) to help
fixing Liberty Prime.  You'll get the following rewards for each:

                       |Item Name:   |Reward:          |
                       |Sensor Module| 75 Caps + 10 EXP|
                       |Camera       |100 Caps + 25 EXP|

2. Mutant Blood Samples:
This quest is given by Paladin Tristan, and he requires Super Mutant Blood 
Samples.  For every one you retrieve you'll get 50 Caps and 10 EXP.

3. Sorry, My Darling:
You'll find a holotape with this name at the end of the presidential tubes.
Take a listen to it and make your way La Maison Beauregard, a building located
in Georgetown East.  You'll encounter Lag-Bolt, who comes equipped with
Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor, Lag-Bolt's Shades, and the key to a nearby suitcase in
which you can find All-Nighter Nightwear.

    |[DLC-4.5] Broken Steel Miscellaneous Quests                          |

Head over to Jefferson Memorial (the purifier) and enter the gift shop to talk
with Scribe Bigsley.  He'll give you two different quests, both involving Aqua
Pura.  While you're at Jefferson Memorial, check the shelves on the left of the
first intersection to find three [AMMO BOXES] and a [FIRST AID BOX].

    |[DLC-4.5.1] Holy Water                                               |
|ITEMS: [] Monastery Key.                                                      |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Atom's Champion    o Sun of Atom    o Brother Gerard               |
|         o Mother Curie III                                                   |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 300 EXP + 300 Bottle Caps.                                      |
|                                                                              |

This Quest is not available if you blew up Megaton during The Power of the Atom.

Fast travel to Megaton and watch the dialog between a woman named Rosa, and the
Water Beggar.  She'll hand him some Holy Water and upon drinking it, the man
instantly dies.  Inquire about the situation and head for the location as given
by your quest marker.

You'll encounter a dubious character named Brother Gerard.  Drink the Holy Water
that he gives you and speak with him.  In order to get past Gerard you can do
three things:

1. Pass the Speech Challenge.
2. Become irradiated.
3. Kill him and loot the key.

I suggest #1 or #2.  If you're opting for #2, head inside the building and flip
the switch for the Radiation Generator.  Stand next to it for a bit until you
get radiation poisoning and speak to Gerard again who'll give you the [MONASTERY
KEY].  Enter by opening the wooden floor hatch in the corner (check your marker)
that leads to the Eternal Light Monastery.

Inside, talk to Mother Curie III.  It once again comes down to three options:

1. Pass the Speech Challenge or Charisma Check.
2. Get irradiated to very high levels and convince her that you are the Prohet
   of Atom.
3. Kill everyone.

Note that a powerful Feral Ghoul Reaver called Atom's Champion, and a Glowing
One named Sun of Atom reside in the basement.  Both will turn hostile when you
start killing people.  It doesn't cost you any karma should you decide this.

Regardless of what you do, report back to Scribe Bigsley after dealing with the
cult and he'll hand you the quest reward.

    |[DLC-4.5.2] Protecting the Water Way                                 |
|ITEMS: ---                                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Enclave Soldier     o Bandit      o Split Jack                     |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 300 XP + Gatling Laser, Electron Charge Pack x32, Plasma Pistol,|
|              Energy Cell x16, Enclave Power Armor, Enclave Power Helmet.     |
|                                                                              |
Speak to Scribe Bigsley again and inquire about Rivet City's caravans.  Head 
over to Rivet City and speak to Officer Lepelletier (outside) to get your quest

Looks like caravans keep getting robbed by bandits and she wants you to do
something about it.  Fast travel to Dukov's Place (kill any nearby Enclave and
Bandits) and make your way to the quest marker.  The caravan here will be 
assaulted by Bandits (or you may just stumble upon a few bandits).  Waste them
and loot the holotape from their bodies.

Head for Wilhelm's Wharf afterwards (where your quest marker points at now),
kill Split Jack and his Bandit buddies (or play along - the password is Mirelurk
Stew) and report back to Officer Lepellier and Scribe Bigsley respectively to
fetch your (lame) reward.

Note: Alternatively, if you join the bandits (after saying the password and
      equipping the Metal Armor and Helmet), head back to Lepelletier to talk
      about a protection contract.  Blackmail her for 500 caps by succeeding a
      Speech Challenge.  You can, by the way, fight Split Jack one on one by
      talking to him about this after joining the gang.  The others will not
      interfere with the battle when you stick to the chosen weapon.  If one of
      your followers interferes with the battle they will all become hostile,

    |[DLC-4.5.3] The Amazing Aqua Cura                                    |
|ITEMS: [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] First Aid Box, [] Aqua Cura Bottles.          |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Ghoul Guard                                                        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 100 EXP + Caps.                                                 |
|                                                                              |
The following ways are available for starting this quest:

1. Speech Challenge Scribe Bigsley.
2. Hack Scribe Bigsley's terminal and look through all entries.
3. Talk to a character named Griffon in the Museum of History.

Either way, Griffon can be found at the entrance of Underworld, located inside
the Museum of History (which in turn can be found at The Mall).  Talking to him
doesn't reveal all that much, but his water seems to be irradiated and it's
certainly not curing anything.  After talking to Bigsley again, fast travel to
The Mall and locate the Museum Authority Building southwest of the Washington

Museum Authority Building:
Search the restroom to the east to find a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] on one of the
toilets.  As you tread through the office area you'll encounter a Ghoul Guard,
hired by Griffon.  They are always hostile, so kill them - there should be three
of them.

The area doesn't house many useful items, but you can find a [FIRST AID BOX] in
the NE restroom on this floor.  Head down the stairs to the NW and go all the
way down.  You'll find Griffon's Bottling Instuctions beween the bathtubs,
although you've probably also found the note on one of the guards.  Check the
cabinet to find several pre-war outfits and a few rare Wigs (try equipping one
and speak to Griffon!).  Head back to Griffon at Underworld.

When confronting him with the truth, you'll be give three options:

1. Blackmail him for either a one-time-only 300 Caps, or a weekly profit from
   the caps he makes by selling the Aqua Cura.  If you go for 20/80, you'll only
   get 80 Caps every time you drop by.  Logically, this means that passing the
   Speech Challenge for 50/50 makes him give 200 Caps a week, so that might be
   worth your trouble.

2. Have him confess to the crowd that the water is irradiated.

3. Have him sell the real Aqua Pura from now on, and you won't tell anyone about
   his dirty little secrets.

This concludes the quest.  If you want to make money fairly quickly (legally),
just use the wait function to keep getting money from Griffon.

    |[DLC-5.0] Point Lookout                                              |
                MMMMMMMMMMM             MMMM  MM MM    M
                M          M    MMMM   M    MM  MMM    MMMMMMMMMMM
                M           MMMM    M  M    MM    M    M         M
                M     MMM   M        MMM    MM         M         M
                M      M   M     MM    M    MM         MMM      MM
                M         MMM     MM   M    MM         M  M    M
                M     MMMMM MM         M    MM         M  M    M
                M     M       M      MMM    MM   M     M  M    M
MMMMMMM          MMMM         MMMM   MMM   MMMMM     MMMM   MMMMM  MMMMM       M
M     M      MMMM    M    MMMM    MMM   M M    M  MMM    MM M    MM    M       M
M     M    MM    MM   MMMM    MM    M   M M    M M   MM    MM    MM    MM      M
 M    MM  M     M  M   MM    M  M   M   MM   MM M   M  M   MM    MM    M M    M
 M    MM  M     M  M   MM    M  M   M       M  M    M  M   MM    MM    M M    M
  M     MMMM     MM    MM     MM    M       M   M    MM    MM    MM    M M    M
  M       M MM        M  MM        MM   MM   MM  M         MMM         MMMMMMMM
  MMMMMMMM                           MMM  MMMMMM               MMMMMMM

Shortly after buying the Point Lookout DLC, the game gives you the following
information, provided you've exited Vault 101 already.

A riverboat has docked at the mouth of the Potomac, carrying trade distant 
peninsula of Point Lookout.

The captain offers passage to Point Lookout for any mercenary, treasure hunter,
or adventurer looking to explore the new land.

An easy way to get to the boat is by fast-travelling to Jefferson Memorial and
swim south, crossing the (irradiated) river.  You'll get a quest offer right
away from a mother in distress - her orange-haired daughter Nadine is missing.

Talk to Tobar the Ferryman and inquire about Point Lookout first.  He'll make up
all kinds of wonderful stories about how treasure rich the place is, and closes
with the conclusion that it can be a damn dangerous place as well.  Buy a ticket
and some of the new Punga Fruit, then head inside the cabin and 'activate' the 
green Passenger Cot to sail away with The Duchess Gambit.

Note: Any followers will not be able to accompany you to Point Lookout.

    |[DLC-5.1] The Local Flavor                                           |
|ITEMS: [] .308 Caliber Rounds x24 (x2), [] Sniper Rifle, [] First Aid Box,    |
|       [] Ammo Box, [] Mine Box, [] Frag Grenade x3, [] Ammo Box x3,          |
|       [] Assault Rifle x3, [] 10mm Pistol, [] Silenced 10mm Pistol, [] Frag  |
|          Grenade, [] 10mm Submachine Gun, [] Assault Rifle, [] Stimpak x5,   |
|       [] Dirty Water x3, [] RadAway, [] Rad-X, [] Missile x3, Med-X x2,      |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x2,  |
|       [] Stimpak x5, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Ammo Box x2, [] First Aid Box,       |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Ammo Box x2, [] First Aid Box,       |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Ammo Box, [] Grenade Box,         |
|       [] First Aid Box.                                                      |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Bruiser    o Tracker    o Bloatfly    o Mirelurk Types             |
|         o Tribal                                                             |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: Superior Defender (Perk).                                       |
|                                                                              |
When you arrive, inform about the local sights with Tobar, which are added on
your Map.  It's possible to start exploring the swampy lands of Point Lookout
right away, but this walkthrough will first go over the Main Quest.

Follow your quest marker, which leads you straight to Calvert Mansion.  As you
approach the wooden doors from the northern side, a ghoulish voice is quick to
summon you inside.

Calvert Mansion:
When you enter the mansion hall, a Ghoul in a white suitecase is fighting off
several Tribals.  He is aided by two Mark VII Turrets and his two dogs - and
you're on his side, so that makes things a little easier.  Waste the tribals,
and follow Desmond - the Ghoul - into the western room, helping him deal with
another batch of Tribals.

Before proceeding, take your time to search the mansion hall for items.  Head
upstairs in order to scavenge [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS x24 x2], a [SNIPER RIFLE],
[FIRST AID BOX], [AMMO BOX] and [MINE BOX].  Ignore the locked doors on the east
side for now and head back downstairs.  The monitor room south of the main hall
is loaded with supplies as well.  Search for [FRAG GRENADE x3], [AMMO BOX x3],
and another supply of goodies on the table in the corner that contains [AMMO
SUBMACHINE GUN] and an [ASSAULT RIFLE]. The last table near the sandbags
contains [STIMPAK x5], [DIRTY WATER x3], [RADAWAY], [RAD-X], [MISSILE x3] and
[MED-X x2]. If you activate the Punga Experiment you'll notice that the lamp
somehow begins shining very bright. Hmm..

After getting the load of items, proceed into the western chamber and loot the
[FIRST AID BOX] near the fireplace.  Continue through the dining hall and defeat
the four tribals that assault you from the left.  Loot another [FIRST AID BOX]
in the NE corner of the dining hall before heading upstairs.

When you get to the hole in the ground, defeat two tribals in the nearby room
first, then explore the room adjacent to the hole (the room is on the west).
Look around for a [FIRST AID BOX] and two [AMMO BOXES].  The wardrobes contain a
ton of pre-war clothes.

Continue through the mansion and explore the baby room in which you can find
five [STIMPAKS] and two [AMMO BOXES] in the suitcase next to the baby carriage.
The music room doesn't contain anything of interest, so proceed through the hall
and waste two more tribals.  

When you get to the large chamber, defeat three more tribals, loot the two [AMMO
BOXES] and [FIRST AID BOX] in the southwest corner, and speak with Desmond on
the intercom between the blocked-off doors on the western wall.  You should be
able to spot a red canister in the room on the left.  If you shoot it from a
distance, the explosion causes the room to collapse, effectively blocking

Desmond unlocks the nearby door at the end of the hall which leads back to the
main hall.  Follow him to the eastern section of the mansion and help him defeat
three more tribals - he'll join the fight along with his dogs Freki and Geri
(if they're still alive, that is).

Calvert Mansion (Eastern Section):
From here, first explore the northwestern room to find a [FIRST AID BOX] and an
[AMMO BOX].  Make your way south and you'll drop to several floors down below.
Check the iron shelves for two [AMMO BOXES] and a [FIRST AID BOX], then make
your way to the cellar.  As one would expect, you can find an enormous amount of
wine and whiskey here.  Carefully approach the door on the north and dispose of
the three tribals.

Head upstairs and make your way through the halls and defeat two more tribals at
the blocked intersection.  Cross through what once might have been called a
library and search the table in the middle of the large chamber for a [FIRST AID
BOX].  Going north, mind the hole in the ground through which you fell, and
dispatch three more tribals that rush inside the kitchen.

While you're here, make sure you check the supply room adjacent to the kitchen
and search for a [FIRST AID BOX], [AMMO BOX x2] and some food and beverages in
the refridgerators.  Make your way upstairs and clear out the room with the pool
table.  Look for an [AMMO BOX] in one of the corners of this room.  In the next
hall, dispatch one last tribal and loot the [GRENADE BOX] and [FIRST AID BOX] on
your right.

Now peek through the cracks of the wall to spot another red canister.  This
entire room is filled with gas however, so you might want to take a few steps
back and shoot it from a distance with a Plasma Rifle to complete the objective.

Head through the door which Desmond will open for you and wait until several
tribal groups assault the main hall.  Laying (bottlecap) mines can help, but
with the help of Desmond, his dogs and turrets you should do just fine.  When
you've dispatched the last one of them, talk to Desmond and he'll teach you a
thing or two about combat.  You'll now have learnt the Superior Defender Perk,
which grants +10 DR and +5 Damage as long as you're standing still!  He'll also
give you the next main quest for Point Lookout.

    |[DLC-5.2] Walking with Spirits                                       |
|ITEMS: [] Wild Punga Fruit x2, [] Wild Punga Fruit x3, [] Stimpak, [] Wild    |
|          Punga Fruit x3, [] Wild Punga Fruit x2, [] Wild Punga Fruit x2,     |
|       [] Wild Punga Fruit x40, [] Punga Seeds, [] First Aid Box, [] Sack,    |
|       [] Fertilizer Shovel, [] RadAway x2, [] Rad-X, [] Stealth Boy.         |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Mirelurk Types + Swamplurk                                         |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 300 EXP + Punga Power! (Perk).                                  |
|                                                                              |
Make your way to The Ark & Dove Cathedral, which is located to the far north of
Calvert Mansion.  Speak with one of the tribals through the intercom and they'll
tell you that you need to collect seeds from a giant Punga plant located on the
far west of Point Lookout.  Your quest marker leads you to the entrance of the
Sacred Bog, a mini map on its own.

The Sacred Bog:
Travel through the small cave and you'll be inside the Sacred Bog. Exit the
small canyon and explore your left to find two [PUNGA FRUIT], as well as a few
Mirelurks.  If you want to stock up on some Mirelurk Food, check the island
right in front of you for Mirelurk Egg Clutches, as well as the breeding area
on the southwest.  Wade through the northern river afterwards.

After dispatching two more Mirelurks, loot three [WILD PUNGA FRUIT] from the
plants to the west, then head up the hill instead of wading further through the
river.  You'll soon encounter another Swamplurk nearby the body of a Smuggler.
Check the loot nearby the small wooden box to find a sole [STIMPAK].

At the end of the trail, continue northeast and carefully tread through the
passage with a burning campfire.  Be aware of three Bear Traps lying in this
path and disarm them as you proceed to the next section of the Sacred Bog.

This looks like a more open-ended area, but as we'll all find out some time in
our lives, looks can be deceiving.  The western isles hold around three [WILD
PUNGA FRUIT] and some Mirelurk Egg Clutches, but that's it.  Stay on the trail
and dispatch Mirelurks as you continue over a hill to the southeast.

Grab two more [WILD PUNGA FRUIT] from your left as you descend the hill and
waste a two more Swamplurks as you wade through another swampy area.  There's
not a whole lot to this swamp either, and you can find two more [WILD PUNGA
FRUIT] on the right side of the river.  At the end of the river you'll find the
Punga Plant you've been looking for, along with a grand total of 40 [WILD PUNGA
FRUIT] Plants scattered over the place.  Activate the Punga Seed Pods to acquire
the [PUNGA SEEDS], and the plant will spray a hallucinogenic in your face.

Make your way out of the Sacred Bog while tripping out of your mind.  You'll
"find" Schmault-Tec Bobbleheads, see a red transparant saw, exploding Nuka Cola
Quantum Bottles, Ghostly Ghouls, a needle, your mom and several bodies.  At the
end, talk to Mister Break (who looks like Burke from Megaton) and the trip ends.

Back on the world map of Point Lookout you may be attacked be enemies that have
been lurking around the exit (such as Bloatflies).  Dispose of them and loot the
[FIRST AID BOX] and [SACK] next to the entrance before fast travelling back to
the Cathedral.  Check back with the intercom and the tribal Jimson welcomes you
in the courtyard.  

The quest now ends and you receive the Punga Power! Perk, which improves the
radiation decrease from eating Punga Fruits.  The improvement is considerable:
Wild Punga normally reduces Rad -1; With the perk it's -5. Refined Punga
normally reduces Rad -2; With the perk it's -15!

Tip: There are many Wild and Refined Punga Fruits literally ripe for the taking
     in the courtyard.  Talk to the Tribal named Croatoa and ask him about his
     secret.  If you pass the speech challenge (or have the Child at Heart perk)
     he'll give you the [FERTILIZER SHOVEL].

Enter the church and look for a red-haired girl called Nadine.  This is the girl
whose mom was looking for and told you to search for her.  She can remove your
scar, give you more information about the tribals and Jackson, and even gives
you a key.  There are a ton of Refined Punga Fruits in here as well, and you can
find [RADAWAY x2], a [RAD-X] and a [STEALTH BOY] on the desk at the end of the

    |[DLC-5.3] Hearing Voices                                             |
|ITEMS: [] Pre-War Money x13, [] Shotgun Shells x2 (x3).                       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Mirelurk Types + Swamplurk                                         |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 300 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |
Inquire with Desmond again to figure out what to do next.  He wants you to find
the tribal leader, Jackson, and get more information.  As Nadine told you 
earlier, you may want to check out the Wrecked Seatub on the northeast end of
the map.  She's handed you the key as well, so be on your way.

Descend the cliffs and deal with a large family of Mire- and Swamplurks.  Open
the hatch to a sea cave on top of the wrecked seatub.

Sea Cave:
When you reach the large chamber, dispatch a few Mirelurks and check the small
boat to find [PRE-WAR MONEY x13] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2 (x3)], then head back
up to the ledge leading west.  There not much else to this cave, and you'll
soon find Jackson up a high cliff in a large chamber, speaking with some sort
of projection of a brain.  Speak with the brain and it'll tell you more about
its motives.  It appears you're speaking with Professor Calvert, and it seems
that Desmond has some kind of interference device in the mansion that blocks the
transmission of the brain.  Climb the ladder located on the northwest of this
chamber to find yourself nearby the cathedral again.  Return to Desmond with the
information you've obtained.

    |[DLC-5.4] Thought Control                                            |
|ITEMS: [] Cogwave Jammer, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Scoped .44 Magnum, [] Combat     |
|          Armor, [] Shotgun Shells x42, [] .44 Rounds x12 (x3), [] Nuka Cola  |
|          Quantum, [] Wild Punga Fruit x2.                                    |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: ---                                                                  |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 300 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |
Desmond hands you the [COGWAVE JAMMER] and tells you to head for the Ferris
Wheel at the fairground and place it on there.  When it reaches the highest
destination, Professor Calvert's transmission will be blocked.

When you walk around the boardwalk, Calvert will start speaking to you, asking
you to not place the jammer but instead dump it in a trash compactor nearby the
Ferris Wheel.  This leaves you with two choices:

1. Destroy the jammer by dumping it in the trash compactor.  This doesn't affect
   anything big yet, so you might want to consider doing this.

2. Placing the jammer on the Ferris Wheel.  This will turn any tribals hostile
   near the cathedral, although any tribals with names will only attack you if
   they see you fighting with other tribals.

In either case, the Calvert Mansion blows up when you arrive.  Check for the
Panic Room hatch among the ruins to scavenge the following things inside:
[.44 ROUNDS x12 (x3)] and a [NUKA COLA QUANTUM].  There are also two [WILD PUNGA
FRUITS] on the desk.

Make your way to the lighthouse for the final showdown.

    |[DLC-5.5] A Meeting of the Minds                                     |
|ITEMS: [] First Aid Box x3, [] Gatling Laser, [] Laser Rifle, [] Laser Pistol,|
|       [] Pulse Mine, [] Mesmetron Power Cell x5, [] Microfusion Cell x2,     |
|       [] Pulse Grenade x2, [] Electron Charge Pack x20 (x6), [] Energy       |
|          Cell x20 (x3), [] Microfusion Cell x20 (x2), [] Ammo Box x2,        |
|       [] Flamer Fuel x12 (x2), [] Microfusion Cell x20, [] Ammo Box,         |
|       [] Laser Pistol, [] Pre-War Book x3, [] Safe, [] Energy Cell x20,      |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x20, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Mesmetron Power Cells x5,  |
|       [] Mesmetron Power Cells x3, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Microfusion Cells x3,  |
|       [] Energy Cells x2, [] Psycho x2, [] Stimpak, [] Rad-X x2, [] Buffout, |
|       [] RadAway x2, [] Psycho, [] Purified Water, [] First Aid Box x2,      |
|       [] Blood Pack, [] Med-X x3, [] Safe, [] Gatling Laser, [] Ammo Box,    |
|       [] Energy Cell x3, [] Pulse Mine, [] First Aid Box, [] Pulse Grenade,  |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x3, [] Microwave Emitter, [] Flamer Fuel x2,       |
|       [] Energy Cell x5, [] Electron Charge Pack x6, [] Mesmetron P. Cell x2,|
|       [] Microfusion Cell x7, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Safe,  |
|       [] Ammo Box x3, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Safe.                |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Robobrain Sentry     o Turrets     o Protectron                    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: Microwave Emitter + storage stash.                              |
|                                                                              |
Make your way to the lighthouse and go inside.  Check your immediate right and
activate the Wanted Poster for a little information.  

The Underground Lab:
Don't go up, instead enter the underground laboratory where you'll meet Desmond
once again.  If you didn't side with him, tell him that you wanted him to be
more friendly and keep it cool.  This postpones your choice a little longer.
You can find three [FIRST AID BOXES] (one of which has a Very Easy lock), a
[GATLING LASER] and a [LASER RIFLE] in the room Desmond was in.

Head downstairs and look around the counter to find a [LASER PISTOL], [PULSE
The first terminal is rigged with a bomb, but the second averagely secured
terminal can deactivate the turrets.

Head through the door and the alarm rings.  Destroy the Robobrain Sentry in the
hallway and scavenge the storage room to your left to find [ELECTRON CHARGE PACK
x20 (x6)], [ENERGY CELL x20 (x3)], [MICROFUSION CELL x20 (x2)], [AMMO BOX x2]
and [FLAMER FUEL x12 (x2)].

You can find two more [MICROFUSION CELLS x20] on the desk in the next room on
your left, while the room on the right has an [AMMO BOX] and a [LASER PISTOL]
lying under the desk, plus there are three [PRE-WAR BOOKS] and an averagely
locked [SAFE] here. 

Two more [ENERGY CELLS x20] can be found on the surgical table in the room on
the left, further down the hall.  The office on the opposite side contains three
[MICROFUSION CELLS x20], two [AMMO BOXES] (locked easy and very easy), and five
[MESMETRON POWER CELLS x5] in total (one is lying on the mainframe).

Beware of the Mark VII Turret in the circular room downstairs, and grab three
[MESMETRON POWER CELLS x5] from the left.  It might not be possible to loot the
two [AMMO BOXES] on the left side in this room, but they're worth mentioning
either way.

The room to the south of this circular room contains three [MICROFUSION CELLS
x20] and two [ENERGY CELLS x20].  A Robobrain Sentry will likely pop out its
closet and attack you - it holds the Level Alpha Security Badge.

Head down east and destroy another Mark VII Turret and a Robobrain that holds
the Level Beta Security Badge.  You can find two healthy [PSYCHO'S] in the
toilets on the left, and a [STIMPAK], [RAD-X x2], [RADAWAY x2], [BUFFOUT],
and a duplicate Level Beta Security Badge in the nursery room.

Open the door to a locker room and loot the [SAFE].  This room also contains a
Pistol/Rifle.  Continue down the stairs, loot the [FIRST AID BOX] from the wall
and destroy two more turrets in the next chamber.  Now proceed to the area in
which the brain resides. 

If Desmond is still alive, he and the brain will have a chat.  It doesn't really
matter who you choose to aid, and you can kill both without any karmic
differences.  In either case, destroy the brain's tube and a door will unlock.
Hop down the chamber and explore the last room of the area for a [PULSE GRENADE]
and [MICROFUSION CELL x20 (x3)] in a cabinet.

Lastly, the door in the mainframe room nearby has opener up, in which you can
find quite a large supply of goodies:

[AMMO BOX x2], an averagely locked [SAFE] and a workbench.  The ladder in this
room leads back to Point Lookout.

The Microwave Emitter is basically the same kind of weapon as the Mesmetron,
except it doesn't enslave people and it uses Microfusion Cells.  It deals a good
amount of damage, and ignores defense ratings altogether, making it a powerful
weapon against - for example - Mirelurks or Enclave Soldiers. 

Note: There's a big chance you'll be attacked by a sniper located on the island
      in the far south.  If you swim over there quickly you should be able to
      take her down smoothly, looting her stack of three [AMMO BOXES] (one of
      which is averagely locked) in the progress.

Tip: The buoy nearby the lighthouse marks a treasure on the bottom of the sea.
     Look around for an [AMMO BOX], [FIRST AID BOX], [SUITCASE] and an averagely
     locked [SAFE].  Keep an eye out for other buoys as well - they all pinpoint
     treasure locations.

                      [DLC-5.6] Point Lookout Side Quests
    |[DLC-5.61] A Spoonful of Whiskey                                     |
|ENEMIES: o Swampfolk                                                          |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 50 EXP, 300 Caps, 6 Moonshine.                                  |
|              + 100 caps for repairing the still (200 caps with speech).      |
|                                                                              |
Head towards Marguerite's Shack, location 12 on the map (see the map section).

This is a Moonshiner Shack in the swampy area of Point Lookout.  You can find a
Shotgun and [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the table next to the entrance.  Inside you can
steal a {JET}, {MED-X}, {MENTATS}, and you'll find a sick lady named Marguerite
inside (who would've guessed).  She's faking a sickness (and you can find out
that she's faking by using your medicine and speech skills), but she wants you
to look for ingredients for the Moonshine she's brewing either way.

This starts the quest 'A Spoonful of Whiskey', for which you need the following:

- 3 Yeast
- 6 Fission Batteries
- 10 Refined Punga Fruit OR 20 Wild Punga Fruit

You can also offer to repair her Moonshine Still and she'll pay you either 100
or 200 caps depending on your success with speech.

You can find Punga Fruit all over Point Lookout, so it shouldn't be any problem
finding that.  For the Yeast and Fission Batteries, visit Blackhall Manor and
loot the entire place - which *should* yield you enough of both.  Otherwise,
check the Trapper's Shack for some more, or try the Panic Room of Calvert
Mansion (if you've progressed far enough into the main quests that you're able
to access it).

Your reward isn't so great: 50 EXP, 300 caps and six Moonshine.

    |[DLC-5.62] An Antique Land                                           |
|ENEMIES: o Ghouls    o Swampfolk                                              |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 50 EXP + Safe Contents (including 10 Bio-Gas Canisters).        |
|                                                                              |
Explore the USS Ozymandias (location 21 on the map) to find a locked safe that
can only be opened if you have three authorisation codes.  These are all found
in excavated much holes in the northwestern section of Point Lookout's Map.  For
their specific locations, refer to the map in this guide.

s1. Excavated Muck Hole

s2. Excavated Muck Hole
Holds the [SOIL SURVEY TAPE #2].

s3. Excavated Muck Hole
Contains two [BIO-GAS CANISTERS], two [STIMPAKS] and the [SOIL SURVEY TAPE #3].

After collecting all three soil survey tapes, head back to the USS Ozymandias
and unlock the safe.  Inside you'll find two [ADVANCED RADIATION SUITS], rare
SUIT] and a [STIMPAK].

    |[DLC-5.63] Plik's Safari                                             |
|ENEMIES: o Ghouls                                                             |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 100 EXP + The Dismemberer                                       |
|                                                                              |
Head towards the Coastal Grotto (Location 9 on the map - see the map section).

Inside this cave, enter the small bedroom and read [PLIK'S JOURNAL] to instantly
gain the Ghoul Ecology Perk, which allows you to deal +5 damage to any ghoul.
Also grab the [MINI NUKE] and several bottle caps from this desk.

Talk to Plik, who's running some sort of a ghoul arena behind the big doors.
If you want to participate (and activate/finish the quest 'Plik's Safari'), pay
him 1000 caps and enter the arena.

Hit the switch in the middle of the chamber and around thirty ghouls are 
released.  After wasting all of them, check back with Plik and he'll hand you
[THE DISMEMBERER], a unique axe that belonged to one of his previous customers.
The 'Plik's Safari' quest will now have ended as well.

    |[DLC-5.64] The Dark Heart of Blackhall                               |
|ENEMIES: o Swampfolk     o Mercenaries                                        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 1000 Caps OR Good Karma.                                        |
|                                                                              |
Blackhall Manor
Travel to Blackhall Manor (location 17 on the map). You'll find old geezer
Obadiah Blackhall in the main hall, and he'll ask you to retrieve a his family
book for him.  This triggers the quest 'The Dark Heart of Blackhall'.  As you
head back outside, a woman confronts you with the truth about Obadiah.  You 
still need to retrieve the book before you can make any choices, so do this

The Ritual Site
Now travel to the Ritual Site (which is location 20 on the map). You'll find
several Trackers and Scrappers roaming the area.  Head through the hatch to
enter the Burned-Out Basement, which leads to a cave.

Head down the straightforward cave until you get to an intersection, marked by
a few mushrooms that emit a green glow.  Explore the right (east) section of the
cave first, and you'll find an opened safe with a [STEALTH BOY] past the muck.

The western path leads to another intersection, but there's little of interest
at the left (southwest) fork.  The western path leads to a ritual chamber in
which you can find three [STIMPAKS], [RITUAL KNIFE] and activate the Ceremonial
Lectern from which you can take the [KRIVBEKNIH].  This book is closely linked
to the quest 'The Dark Heart of Blackhall'.  Once you take the book, 5 swampfolk
will immediately attack you afterwards, which can be a fairly tough fight if you
get cornered.  Grab out your best gun, pop some Psycho/Yao Guai Meat/Med-X and
dispatch them one by one.

Helping Obadiah:
Travel back to the mansion and hand him the book for a 1000 caps reward.  He'll
head down his basement where he starts praying - which doesn't seem to work one
bit.  Tough luck for him.

Helping Marcella:
With the book in your hands, travel to the Disaster Relief Outpost (location 24
on the map).

If you've already found the book she was looking for, Marcella's dead body can
be found in her tent, and she holds [MARCELLA'S SAFE KEY].  Also listen to
[MARCELLA'S LAST WORDS] on the Holotape. With the safe key, unlock {MARCELLA'S
MEDICAL SUPPLIES} and grab whatever you find useful inside.

In order to destroy the book you must place it against the obelisk in Dunwich
Building (back in the actual Wastelands).  Dunwich Building is found in the far
southwest section of The Wasteland, and is roaming with Ghouls unless you
cleared it out before, so the Ghoul Mask is recommended.  Placing the book
against the obelisk destroys it, ending this quest.

    |[DLC-5.65] The Velvet Curtain                                        |
|ENEMIES: o Swampfolk     o Ghouls      o Sentry Bot      o Turrets            |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 350 EXP + Backwater Rifle.                                      |
|                                                                              |
Head inside Room 1D of the Homestead Motel and access the terminal.  Read all
entries and this quest will start.  Grab the key from the briefcase on the bed
and be on your way.  (Note: Alternatively you can start this quest by reading
entries on the terminal in the Turtledove Detention Camp).

At Point Lookout's Pier, collect the [BOX 1207 - SPY'S AUDIO PASSWORD] from one
of the locked lockers and play this tape at the People's Bank of Point Lookout,
located in the boardwalk nearby Pilgrim's Landing.  Inside the deposit box you
will get to listen to a debriefing of a mission.

Now head for the Recruitment Station and activate the DIA Officer's Terminal.
You'll find that Yang, the agent you're looking for, has been captured and is
located at Turtledove Detention Camp.

The Morgue
Enter the morgue through the shack doors, located to the south of the larger,
stone Administration Building.  Inside you'll find [MED-X], [BUFFOUT], a [FIRST
the place.  More importantly you've found the remains of agent Yang in one of
the Remains Lockers.  Retrieve the self-destruct codes for the submarine and
exit the place. 

You can exit the Morgue by the northern room as well, by going through the
manhole under the switch.  This leads to the Septic Tunnel, in which you can
find a [PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER] and a [FIRST AID BOX].  The tunnel just leads back
to the world map, just outside Turtledove Detention Camp.

Locate the sunken submarine (location 30) and head inside.  You can find a
[PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER] near the beds, and a [STEALTH BOY] on the mainframe panel.
Access the Submarine Operations Terminal and grant yourself access to destroying
the sub, then flip the switch at the back of the sub and get the hell out of

Head back to the Homestead Motel Room 1D and read the new entry.  It gives you
more information and directs you to the toilet .. from which you can grab the
[CRYTOCHROMATIC SPECTACLES], a special kind of glasses that allows you to see
hidden color rings.

Head for the Calvert Mansion's iron greenhouse and equip the glasses.  You'll
find four vases here, each with a different amount of rings on it.  These rings
represent numbers (three rings = 3, for example).  You need to activate the
vases in the following order: 1, 3, 2, 3, 4, 4, 2.

A nearby hatch opens to a well-hidden chinese bunker.  Inside is an incredible
amount of loot: [16x AMMO BOX], a Work Bench and [BOTTLECAP MINE], and the
shelves on the west hold a [MINI NUKE], [STEALTH BOY],[CHINESE OFFICER'S SWORD],
[FRAG MINE], [RAD-X x2], [10MM ROUND x4] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS x3], as well as
several Chinese Assault Rifles and Chinese Pistols.

Follow the Protectron downstairs, flip the switch, head into the next room and
the contents of the [FOOTLOCKER] before using the terminal.  

The terminal says you've done well, and then releases a nasty radio-active gas
into the room.  You have a few options: If your repair is 30+ you can just shut
down the valve, if your repair is 71+ you can unlock the door by the panel
hidden behind the planks, and if you don't have either of those, pop some Rad-X
and RadAway, then make your way to the upper pipes of the room by the ladder and
container to reach a hatch.  In the pipe leading back outside you'll find a
skeleton - presumably a dead chinese agent - along with a [STIMPAK], [10MM
ROUNDS] and [RADAWAY x2].  The quest is now over.

    |[DLC-5.7] Unmarked Point Lookout Quests                              |

Finding Nadine
You'll find Nadine in the Ark & Dove Cathedral during the course of the main
Point Lookout quests.  She'll agree to meet you at the pier of Point Lookout
when she has an idea on who might've cut a piece of your brain out.

At the boat you'll find out it was Tobar the Ferryman.  Head inside the engine
room and waste his sorry ass.  Loot his body for the [DUTCHESS GAMBIT KEY],
[GRIFTER'S FIT] and [ROVING TRADER HAT].  Grab your piece of brain back from 
this room too, even if it's just a souvenir from Point Lookout.

Nadine will now be the ship's captain.  Back at the Wasteland, talk to Catherine
and she'll hand you 300 caps and 10 Refined Punga Fruit.

Lighting the Lighthouse
If you head all the way up you'll find that the light isn't working. You can
find the Lighthouse Bulb at the truck wreckage (location 3).  After retrieving
it, activate the Lighthouse Mechanism to place the bulb, then flip the beacon
switch and the lighthouse will be working again!

Buoy Treasure
Refer to the map section for this unmarked quest.

    |[DLC-6.0] Mothership Zeta                                            |

 .-----...  .---.-.--..----..-----..-----..--..---..--..--------.
 |     |  `.|   | |  ||    ||     ||     ||  ||   ||  ||        |
 |.  . |    '- -| |  || .. || ..  || ..  ||  ||   ||  ||        |
 ||  | |    || || |  || || || ||  || ||  ||  ||   ||  ||   .-.  |
 ||  | | |  || || |  || |'-'| ||  || ||  ||  ||   ||  ||   | |  |
 ||  | | |  || ||    || '--.| ''  ||  '--||  ''   ||  ||   | |  |
 ||  | | |  || || |  ||    ||     ||     ||       ||  ||   '-'  |
 ''  | | |  || || |  || .--'|     ||-.|  ||       ||  ||        |
     '-'.   || || |  || |   | ..  || ||  ||  ..   ||  ||        |
         `.' | || |  || '--.| ||  || ||  ||  ||   ||  ||   .----'
          .--'-''-'--'|    || ||  || ''  ||  ||   ||  ||   |
          |           '-----.-''--'|     ||  ||   ||  ||   |
          |                 |   .--'-----''--'|   ||  ||   |
          |                 |   |             '---'|  ||   |
          |      .---.      |   |              |   '--''---'---.
          |      |   |      |   |              |   |           | .-----------.
          '------'   |      |   |      .--.    |   |           | |           |
                     /      |   |      |  |    |   '--.     .--' |           |
                    /       |   |      |  |    |      |     |    |    .-.    |
                   /       /    |      |  |    |      |     |    |    | |    |
                  /       /     |      |  '----'      |     |    |    | |    |
                 /       /      |      |              |     |    |    | |    |
                /       /       |      '---.          |     |    |    | |    |
               /       /        |          |          |     |    |    '-'    |
              /       /         |          |          |     |    |           |
             /       /          |      .---'          |     |    |           |
            /       / .-----.   |      |              |     |    |    .-.    |
            |      /  |     |   |      |  .----.      |     |    |    | |    |
            |     |   |     |   |      |  |    |      |     |    |    | |    |
            |     '---'     |   |      '--'    |      |     |    |    | |    |
            |               |   |              |      |     |    |    | |    |
            |               |   |              |      |     |    |    | |    |
            '---------------'   '--------------'      '-----'    |    | |    |
                                                                 '----' '----'
Shortly after downloading this DLC you'll get a notice (after you've at least
escaped from Vault 101):

A new radio broadcast has been heard across the Capital Wasteland.  While
completely unintelligible, it sounds ominous...

Travel towards the Alien Crash Site (check the North/Middle Map: LAT 03|LON 22,
location 'I'). Here you'll get abducted to Mothership Zeta. Let's kick some
alien butt, shall we?

    |[DLC-6.1] Not of This World                                          |
|ITEMS: [] ACRL 15, [] ACRL 14,  ACRL 22, [] ACRL 3, [] ACRL 1, [] ACRL 12,    |
|       [] Container x3, [] Container, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x2,        |
|       [] Container, [] Container, [] Container x2, [] Large Alien Crystal x2,|
|       [] Small Alien Crystal, [] Alien Biogel, [] Alien Power Cell x4 (x12), |
|       [] Small Alien Crystal x2, [] Container x2, [] Small Alien Crystal x2, |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] Small Alien Crystal x4,  |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal x2, [] Small Alien Crystal, [] Large Alien      |
|          Crystal, [] Alien Epoxy, [] ACRL 5, [] ACRL 6, [] ACRL 7, [] ACRL 8.|
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Aliens     o Support Drone      o Alien Worker     o Turret        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 300 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |
Cell Block:
When you approach the Crashed Anomaly you'll be beamed up by Mothership Zeta.
By the time you wake up you're in a cell together with a woman named Somah.
Inquire about what the hell just happened, although she doesn't know much more
than the obvious: You've been abducted by aliens!

After watching a man being transported by a giant crane arm, talk to Somah and
come up with a plan: Hit each other so the Aliens will come in and try to stop
you from killing each other.  Guess what?  The plan actually works and two
Aliens step inside the cell.  Quickly punch the heck out of them (which should
not be too hard) and grab their weapon: A Shock Baton.

Tip: Exploring the Alien ship is much easier when you know that switches are
     marked by a blue holographic field, while exits are marked by orange
     holographic fields.  This helps you familliarize the area quickly.

Proceed to the east and check the round Control tubes to find [ALIEN CAPTIVE
RECORDED LOG 15] and [ACRL 22], which I'll name ACRL's from now on.  Also grab
the [ACRL 14] from this room.  The cells don't hold much in particular, although
you can strip a dead Enclave Officer of their clothes for some extra defense -
he's lying in one of the cells.

When you're all ready, move through the Archway to the west.  These restore a
little health and reduce your radiation as you pass through them.  In this room,
check your immediate left to find [ACRL 3] and [ACRL 1], and check the SW corner
to find [ACRL 12].  The door to the west is sealed, so move through the one on
the south.

Tip: You can inspect Archways and modify them to fully restore your health
     (if your Science skill is high enough, I suspect).  The modified archway
     can only be used several times before breaking down completely, however.

You'll have reached another cell block, and a girl named Sally asks you for
help from one of the locked cells.  Flip the controls to the south and activate
all the Core Coolant Switches - make sure to stand back a good distance when
the device explodes.  With Sally freed, bring her along and head back to the
previously locked door.  Sally will crawl through a vent (very 'Aliens' and
'RE2'ish) and unlock it for you.

Waste the Alien in the room on your left (south) and loot him - sometimes they
hold Alien Worm Food, a new food that restores 5 HP.  Flip the switch inside
the room and check the three [CONTAINERS] to retrieve all of your equipment,
and loot the other two for a few more items.  Make your way through the door on
the west and travel to the Steamworks.

Note: Aliens with helmets have considerably more defense than Aliens without,
      as they have some sort of force field surrounding them.

You'll be given the choice to hand Sally a grenade and have her throw it at the
group of three Aliens, but you can also handle them yourself.  Travel through
the tunnels until you reach quite a big group of Aliens in a long tunnel leading
west.  You'll also pass a locked door, although an Alien can open this for you
if they spot you.

They'll mostly attack with Alien Atomizers, a much weaker weapon than the Alien
Blaster, and it uses Alien Power Modules as ammunition.  In either case, destroy
the Alien group and travel through either door on your left (south) side to
access a hallway with a restorative archway and a [CONTAINER].  Continue down
the main hallway and head through the door.

Dispatch a few more Aliens and check the [CONTAINER] on the right for a few
more goodies from outer space, possibly also an Alien Disintegrator.  The doors
to the north lead to a steamworks hall, while the northwest stairs simply lead
you to the upper balcony of the hall.  Expect to encounter several Aliens here,
along with a new type of enemy called Support Drones.  These aren't too tough,
so turn them into scrap metal and be on your way.

From the balcony, explore the western tunnel to find two [ALIEN EPOXIES], and
search the NW room for a [CONTAINER].  There's not much else in this area, so
proceed through the doorway on the ground floor leading northwest.

Tip: An Alien Epoxy is an item accessed under 'Aid' in the PipBoy, and will
     repair about 25% of the weapon you currently have equipped.  

You'll encounter two Alien Workers here, but they aren't meanies and killing
them results in a loss of Karma.  At the end of the walkway, dispatch of another
Alien and a Turret.  Travel through the door, make use of the archway on your
left and proceed inside the next hall.  Dispatch three more Aliens and head up
the stairs on the northwest of the hall.

Make your way over the balcony walkway and look around for another [CONTAINER].
Dispatch around three Aliens, then enter the door on the north and destroy the
Turret.  Walk through the archway, go downstairs and move through the hallway
where Sally informs you that she's back again.

Dispatch a couple of Aliens in the upcoming hall, along with a ceiling turret,
and make your way through the door on the north.  Waste two more Aliens upstairs
and Sally joins you in physical form again.  The room she came from houses two
[CONTAINERS], an archway, and several items on some shelves: [LARGE ALIEN

Sally will wisely wait "until everything's safe", so proceed over the catwalk
and explore the far east section of the area to find some Alien Worm Food and
two [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS] on some tables.  The southern room doesn't contain
any items, so follow the catwalk southwest and destroy the turret before exiting
to the Engineering Core.

Engineering Core:
The core is located on your left (east), but this path only leads to the middle
level.  Nonetheless, search the area around the core to loot two [CONTAINERS].

Follow Sally inside the other room afterwards.  Search the desks for [SMALL
CRYSTAL x4], [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x2], and search the shelves next to the stairs

Upstairs you'll find that the Aliens have shut down power to the Airlock Door
leading to the Decompression Chamber, and that the Teleportation Matrix leading
to the Observation Deck has also been shut down.  Head south instead and search
the shelves to your left for an [ALIEN EPOXY]. 

This is the ship's core room.  Although everything's shut down, it doesn't hurt
to go over the entrances/exits of other areas.  To the west you'll find the
Teleportation Matrix to the Maintenance Level, a door leading to Robot Assembly
and a smaller door leading to the Engine Room.  To the east is the door leading
to the Hangar, and another door leading to the Cargo Hold.

WARNING: Explore the optional areas first (Maintenance Level, Engine Room, and
         Cargo Hold).  When you finish the main quest these doors will be

Ignore all locked doors and follow Sally south.  Inquire about the people in
cryostasis and agree to free the spaceman.  This ends the first quest.  Make
sure you check the four controls in this room to find [ACRL 5, 6, 7, 8], then
fiddle with the Stasis Controls to unlock the pods.

    |[DLC-6.2] Among the Stars                                            |
|ITEMS: [] Samurai Helmet, [] Samurai Armor, [] Paulson's Revolver,            |
|       [] Paulson's Outfit, [] Sheriff's Hat, [] Spacesuit, [] Container,     |
|       [] Small Alien Crystal x4, [] Large Alien Crystal, [] Alien Epoxy,     |
|       [] Container x3, [] ACRL 4, [] 5.56mm Rounds, [] 10mm Rounds,          |
|       [] Container x2, [] ACRL 2, [] Small Alien Crystal, [] Small Alien     |
|          Crystal x2, [] Lareg Alien Crystal, [] Alien Biogel, [] Chinese     |
|          commando Hat, [] Frag Grenade, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] Buffout,       |
|       [] Jet x2, [] .32 Caliber Rounds, [] Flamer Fuel, [] Railway Spikes,   |
|       [] Container x2, [] Container x2, [] Ammo Box, [] Stimpak x2,          |
|       [] Med-X x3, [] RadAway, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Psycho, [] Railway     |
|          Spikes, [] Microfusion Cell, [] Jet, [] Mentats, [] .44 Rounds,     |
|       [] Psycho, [] Microfusion Cell, [] Electron Charge Pack, [] Rad-X x2,  |
|       [] Shotgun Shells, [] ACRL 11, [] ACRL 17, [] ACRL 25, [] Container x2,|
|       [] Alien Epoxy, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] ACRL 16.           |
|                                                                              |
|       Robot Assembly:                                                        |
|       ---------------                                                        |
|       [] Small Alien Crystal x4, [] Small Alien Crystal x3, [] Container,    |
|       [] Alien Epoxy x3, [] Alien Power Cell x3, [] Small Alien Crystal x3,  |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal, [] Alien Power Module x2, [] Large Alien       |
|          Crystal x3, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Container, [] Alien Biogel x4,       |
|       [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x3, [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Container,     |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal x4, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Container, [] Small      |
|          Alien Crystal x 13.                                                 |
|                                                                              |
|       Hangar:                                                                |
|       -------                                                                |
|       [] Container, [] Container x2, [] Small Alien Crystal x2, [] Large     |
|          Alien Crystal, [] Small Alien Crystal x2, [] Small Alien Crystal x2,|
|       [] Container x2, [] Alien Power Module x4, [] Small Alien Crystal x10, |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal x4.                                             |
|                                                                              |
|       Cargo Hold:                                                            |
|       -----------                                                            |
|       [] Container x3, [] Frag Mine x5, [] Plasma Grenade x3, [] Ammo Box,   |
|       [] Railway Spikes x6, [] 5mm Rounds (x100), [] Missile x6, [] Shotgun  |
|          Shells x5, [] BB Ammo x3, [] Jet x2, [] Med-X x2, [] Rad-X,         |
|       [] Psycho, [] Stimpak x9, [] RadAway x3, [] Med-X x3, [] Mentats x4,   |
|       [] Buffout x5, [] Rad-X x2, Ammo Box x5, [] Flamer Fuel x3,            |
|       [] Mini Nuke, [] Ammo Box x12, [] MPLX Novasurge, [] Frag Grenade x6.  |
|                                                                              |
|       Research Lab:                                                          |
|       -------------                                                          |
|       [] ACRL 13, [] ACRL 21, [] Pulse Grenade x3.                           |
|                                                                              |
|       Engine Room:                                                           |
|       ------------                                                           |
|       [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] Alien Biogel, [] Electro-Supressor,|
|       [] Container x2, [] Alien Biogel, [] Small Alien Crystal x2,           |
|       [] Container, [] Small Alien Crystal x2, [] Large Alien Crystal x2,    |
|       [] Alien Epoxy x5, [] Alien Biogel.                                    |
|                                                                              |
|       Maintenance Level:                                                     |
|       ------------------                                                     |
|       [] Container x2.                                                       |
|                                                                              |
|       Waste Disposal:                                                        |
|       ---------------                                                        |
|       [] Safe x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Safe, [] Anchorage Quartermaster      |
|          Shipment Holotape, [] General Chase's Overcoat, [] First Aid Box,   |
|       [] Buffout, [] Stimpak, [] Safe, [] First Aid Box, [] Container,       |
|       [] ACRL 19, [] Container x2, [] First Aid Box x8.                      |
|                                                                              |
|       Decompression Chamber:                                                 |
|       ----------------------                                                 |
|       [] Container x2, [] Alien Biogel x4.                                   |
|                                                                              |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Aliens         o Ghouls   o Raiders   o Mutants   o Support Drone  |
|         o Guardian Drone                                                     |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 300 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |
Waste Disposal:
The southeast part of this area contains a lot of disposal tubes in progress,
but if you dare run through them you'll find two [SAFES] - one with a hard lock,
one with a very easy lock, as well as a [FIRST AID BOX] to heal your wounds.

Head through the door to the southwest and loot the averagely locked [SAFE]
you'll come across on your right.  Proceed through the rubbish until you reach
several chambers - destroy the drone here.

In the large room with the circular catwalk, watch your back and check the
higher ground to dispatch two aliens trying to ambush you.  Head through the
door at the other end of the catwalk.  This room contains a [FIRST AID BOX],
[BUFFOUT] and a [STIMPAK] near the crates on your left, but you'll also be
assaulted by a few more aliens in the other room.

Continue and head through the chamber while Sally unlocks them for you.  In the
first interconnecting walkway between the chambers, unlock the hard [SAFE] and
loot the [FIRST AID BOX].  In the next two chambers you'll be attacked by a few
aliens while Sally unlocks the force field.  Dispatch them and go through the
large hatch at the end of this area.

Expect heavy resistance in this room, and waste all aliens quickly while taking
shelter behind rubbish.  There's a [CONTAINER] in the northeast room, and
another nearby the archway on the left (south).  Don't forget to collect the
[ACRL 19] from the immediate right of the entrance hatch you entered through.

The small room up ahead has two more [CONTAINERS].  Go through the door, head
upstairs, waste one last alien and meet up with Sally again.  The western
storage cabin contains eight [FIRST AID BOXES], your only reward for doing this

Elliot Tercorion can make Adapted Biogels out of regular Alien Biogel.  While
the regular biogel only heals for 23 HP, the Adapted ones heal for a whopping
of 115 HP. 

Toshiro Kagu wears Samurai Armor, and you can't make out what he's saying.
[SAMURAI HELMET] gives +5 DR, has a weight of 3, and is worth 300 caps.
[SAMURAI ARMOR] gives +30 DR, weights 20 and is worth 999 caps, plus it gives
a Melee Weapons +10, and Melee Damage +10 bonus.

Paulson can tell you more about his abduction if you can convince him to with
the Black Widow Perk or pass the Speech Challenge.  You can also ask him to
join you and lend a hand - or rather, a gun.  This makes him a new follower.
[PAULSON'S OUTFIT] is a unique equipment, as is his gun, [PAULSON'S REVOLVER]
and his [SHERIFF'S HAT].

Note: Killing either of them doesn't result in a Karma Loss, and allows you to
      acquire their unique equipment.  Of course, Sally is invincible.  Don't
      kill Elliot as he'll be valuable to you later as well.

In either case, grab the [SPACESUIT] off the dead Colonel Hartigan and be on
your way.  Enter the Cryo Labs to the south.

Cryo Labs:
Explore the northern area to find a [CONTAINER], and take note of the powered
down teleporter here, which leads to the Cryo Storage otherwise.  Go downstairs,
dispatch the Alien and look underneath the stairs for [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTAL x4],
a [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL] and an [ALIEN EPOXY].  The southern door leads to a room
with an archway, [CONTAINER x3] , [ACRL 4], [5.56MM ROUNDS] and [10MM ROUNDS].

Head back upstairs and activate the release mechanism located under the blue
hologram.  Proceed west and check the two Support Drones located on either side.
If your Science skill is high enough you can realign their sensors and activate
them to turn them into allies.

Search the room for two [CONTAINERS] and deal with any hostile Aliens you come
across.  Flipping the switches on either side of the room releases a hostile
Raider and Feral Ghoul from the adjacent rooms, but they'll join in the fight
against any Aliens.  Check the southern room for [ACRL 2] and the northern room
for a [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTAL] on one of the desks.  Lastly, use the archway in
the center room to heal up before continuing through the tunnel on the west.

At the end of the tunnel, slip in the control room to the west by going through
the smaller door.  Hitting the switch below the hologram releases several
ghouls and raiders once more, who will take it up against the Aliens.  The
control panel allows you to remotely overload the turret circuitry, or to
rewire it for a proximity explosion.  Shutting down turrets is always useful,
so do this if you're given the option.

The other control panel activates the door, and this adjacent room contains 

In the main hall of the cyro labs you can find an archway and two [CONTAINERS].
Head downstairs and check the northern shelves to find an [AMMO BOX], Power
Armor, [STIMPAK x2], [MED-X x3], [RADAWAY], [FRAG GRENADE x2] and several

The shelves in the southwest corner of this area contains a [PSYCHO], [RAILWAY
SPIKES] and a [MICROFUSION CELL], along with some Combat Armor.  Lastly, the 
southern shelves contain a [JET], [MENTATS], [.44 ROUNDS]. [PSYCHO],
[MICROFUSION CELL] and an [ELECTRON CHARGE PACK].  Head back upstairs and
proceed north.

At the end of the walkway you'll reach an experimenting room.  Muwhahahaha!
Oh, yeah.  Flip that switch in the middle of the control panel and it'll
release cryo fluid, freezing everything in the experimenting room rock solid.
Loot their corpses and check the eastern bench for [RAD-X x2], [SHOTGUN SHELLS]
and an Advanced Radiation Suit.  Before heading through the door, check the
controls on either side of the doorway to collect the [ACRL 11] and [ACRL 17].
Head through the door on the far north to enter the Cryo Storage section.

Cryo Storage:
Check your immediate left to find [ACRL 25], and search the room for two
[CONTAINERS].  Proceed to the enormous cryo storage hall through either the east
or west doorway.  This area is roaming with Aliens and there's about a dozen
here.  At the end of the eastern walkway you'll find a switch with a hologram -
this one releases two Super Mutant Overlords that can help you dispose of the
Aliens. Of course, they're hostile towards you as well.

The western side has the exact same switch, which also releases two Muties.
These switches aside, you can find an [ALIEN EPOXY] and a [CONTAINER] in one of
the interconnection walkways on the lower level.

Check the far south-western side of this enormous hall to find two [ALIEN
EPOXIES] and the [ACRL 16]. Exit the area to the far north to reach your 

Destroy the generator by flipping the switch and activating the three coolant
switches afterwards.  Step back and the first generator will be blown to
pieces.  The other switch in this room activates a teleporter that brings you
back to the entrance of the cryo labs, saving you time backtracking.

Return to the main engineering core room and head for the Robot Assembly area,
west of the area.

Robot Assembly:
Collect four [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS] lying on top of a metal crate nearby, and
three more [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS] nearby a lantern of some sorts.  A [CONTAINER]
is located in the southern section behind some crates - head down after looting

In this area you'll first encounter Guardian Drones.  These come equipped with
the Drone Cannon, an insanely powerful weapon that fires bouncing balls of
energy that explode upon second impact.  It easily does 126 Damage when in good
condition, so grab one from the defeated Drones.

Near the spawn point of several drones you can find three [ALIEN EPOXIES].  A
[CONTAINER] and another [ALIEN EPOXY] are found nearby, and [ALIEN POWER CELLS
x3 - 20 + 12 + 12 respectively] can be found nearby the shelves, as well as
(50)].  Continue and search the structures to find [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x3].

More drones will spawn, so dispatch them as you press onward.  There's a
healing archway at the end of the hall, as well as some shelves that contain an
[ALIEN EPOXY].  Loot the [CONTAINER] nearby the hallway before you proceed.

In the next hall, explore the southern area to find four [ALIEN BIOGEL] in some
shelves.  Make your way to the north and destroy two Turrets in advance.  Look
for the hologram that locates an Electronics Access Panel.  You can cause it to
overload, but if you have less than 75% Repair it will pretty much blow up in
your face, causing some damage.  Make sure you're healed up and you should be

With the conveyor belt shut down, proceed down the next hall and expect heavy
resistance from Guardian Drones and Aliens.  This is an excellent area to pull
out your Drone Cannon and wildly fire around - there's plenty to hit.

Search the northern area for a [CONTAINER], then go upstairs and search around
for three [ALIEN EPOXIES], two [ALIEN BIOGELS] and another [CONTAINER].  East
of this hall lies the next, but if you turn around you'll get a chance to heal
up with an archway in the small room.

Head down the generator room and destroy it in the same fashion you did with
the previous.  Go through the walkways behind the stairs and search the rooms
to find several items: [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x4], [ALIEN EPOXY], [CONTAINER],

The teleporter matrix brings you back to the first hall of the robot assembly
area.  Travel back to the engineering core and be on your way to the third and
final generator, located in the Hangar on the east.

Loot the [CONTAINER] in this room and proceed down the hall.  In the hangar,
search around for two [CONTAINERS] and two [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS].  A [LARGE
ALIEN CRYSTAL] and two more [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS] can be found in the shelves
on the wall to your right.

Head downstairs.  The doorway to the east only leads to a few Aliens.  Instead
you'll want to head for the stairs on the other side of the hangar (and the
shelves nearby those stairs contain two [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS]).

You can find three [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTALS] and an Alien Atomizer on the small
table, while the switch to the west deactivates the nearby force field.  This
hall leads to a small control center with two healing archways.  Fiddle with
the Pylon Controls if you'd like, and check the room for two [CONTAINERS].

Using the controls on the west next to the force field will sound an alarm.
At least two dozen Aliens and several drones are now alarmed and will flood the
hangar.  Dispatch all of them and the alarm will finally cease.  Head back to
the switch you flipped and enter the generator room.  You know what to do.

You can also find four [ALIEN POWER MODULES], an Alien Disintegrator, [SMALL
ALIEN CRYSTALS x10], and [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x4] on the shelves in this room.
After destroying the third and last generator, return to the engineering core
and speak with Sally.  Put on the Spacesuit you grabbed from the dead colonel
in the southern cryo chamber, and enter the decompression chamber on the north.

This is the right time to start exploring the other optional areas, as these
will become inaccessible when the main Mothership Zeta quest ends.

Cargo Hold:
This is located southwest from the Engineering Core.

Inside, check the room for three [CONTAINERS] and make your way over the long
catwalk to the far east.  Dispatch a few aliens and drones here, then hop down.
Head north first: The conveyor belt contains several items - including [FRAG
MINE x5], a small wooden crate with [PLASMA GRENADE x3], an [AMMO BOX], [RAILWAY
SPIKES x6 (20)], [5MM ROUNDS (100)], [MISSILE x6], [SHOTGUN SHELLS x5], (here
you'll cross a disposal area), [BB x3 (100)], [JET x2], [MED-X x2], [RAD-X],
[PSYCHO] (all in the small wooden crate), [STIMPAK x9].

In the southwest corner of the area you'll find a large supply of food and
medicine: [RADAWAY x3], [MED-X x3], [MENTATS x4], [BUFFOUT x5], [RAD-X x2]. 
The door nearby leads to the Research Lab, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Head west/northwest and check the shelves thoroughly to find five [AMMO BOXES]
of which one is averagely locked, [FLAMER FUEL x3 (50)], and a ton of weapons.
Continue exploring the conveyor belt and you'll find a [MINI NUKE] on it,
located next to shelves with a whopping of [12x AMMO BOXES].

One of the terminals in the nearby room can be hacked (Hard).  It appears the
guy that once owned this terminal stole a weapon from Area 51 and placed it in
an indestructable safe.  Backtrack to the large trash heap with the hole in the
ceiling dropping things and look for the safe in the SE corner.  Inside is the
[MPLX NOVASURGE] and a note on this unique Plasma Pistol.

You've pretty much explored the cargo hold by now.  A bucket with six [FRAG
GRENADES] is lying on the conveyor belt nearby where you started to explore.
Enter the Research Lab by the door on the southwest.

Research Lab:
Head downstairs and enter the large hall - dispatch any aliens and turrets
before you start exploring.  There's surprisingly little in this hall either way
except the [ACRL 13] to the southwest.  Continue by going through the SE door,
and should you need any Toy Cars, this is definitely the time to grab any!

Proceed through the walkway until you reach the next chamber.  There's not much
useful to grab in this toy-horse-creating factory, but the center of the room
contains the controls for the [ACRL 21] nearby some horses. You'll find an
archway on the right, and if you head all the way east, head downstairs, then
turn right (south) and explore the southwest corner you'll find three [PULSE

Head back upstairs, turn left and go through the southern door.  At the end,
simply use the teleporter to return to the entrance of the cargo hold, allowing
you to easily head back to the Engineering Room.

Engine Room:
This is accessed by the southeast door.  Head downstairs, make your way through
the walkway and cross the archway.  Inside the engine room, immediately turn
left and go through the doorway on the southeast.  In the room at the far end
you'll find a [CONTAINER], two [ALIEN EPOXIES], an [ALIEN BIOGEL] and a unique
Shock Baton, the [ELECTRO-SUPRESSOR].

Back in the engine room, fiddle with the controls to overload the turret systems
and continue down the western hall.  Dispatch a few more little green men,
drones and turrets until you reach a room with stairs.  Destroy any nearby
drones and explore the eastern section first to find two [CONTAINERS], an

Head downstairs and continue through the northern chambers, dispatching drones
and aliens along the way.  When you reach another walkway, use the archway to
heal up and collect loot from the [CONTAINER] near the stairs.  In the next
room, defeat the drones and alien, then look for two [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS],
way through the halls and you'll end up in the first engine room, making the
circle round, the ball round, the engine room round, you're done - whatever you
call it, get your ass back to the Engineering Room for more exploration in this
shiny maze called Mothership Zeta.

Maintenance Level:
The teleporter on the southwest of the Engineering Room leads here.  Head west
and make your way through the rooms until you reach a larger one.  Look around
for two [CONTAINERS], then find Sally in a trash elevator on the other side.

The thing quickly starts moving, and you'll come across several Aliens during
the ride.  When you fall out in a big heap of trash, heal up any broken legs
and be on your way.  Head through the door that leads to the Waste Disposal.

Waste Disposal:
The southeast part of this area contains a lot of disposal tubes in progress,
but if you dare run through them you'll find two [SAFES] - one with a hard lock,
one with a very easy lock, as well as a [FIRST AID BOX] to heal your wounds.

Head through the door to the southwest and loot the averagely locked [SAFE]
you'll come across on your right.  Proceed through the rubbish until you reach
several chambers - destroy the drone here.

In the large room with the circular catwalk, watch your back and check the
higher ground to dispatch two aliens trying to ambush you.  Also check your
immediate right (east) and open the footlocker to find the [ANCHORAGE QUARTER-

Head through the door at the other end of the catwalk.  This room contains a
[FIRST AID BOX], [BUFFOUT] and a [STIMPAK] near the crates on your left, but
you'll also be assaulted by a few more aliens in the other room.

Continue and head through the chamber while Sally unlocks them for you.  In the
first interconnecting walkway between the chambers, unlock the hard [SAFE] and
loot the [FIRST AID BOX].  In the next two chambers you'll be attacked by a few
aliens while Sally unlocks the force field.  Dispatch them and go through the
large hatch at the end of this area.

Expect heavy resistance in this room, and waste all aliens quickly while taking
shelter behind rubbish.  There's a [CONTAINER] in the northeast room, and
another nearby the archway on the left (south).  Don't forget to collect the
[ACRL 19] from the immediate right of the entrance hatch you entered through!
You'll never be able to get it after you leave this area!

The small room up ahead has two more [CONTAINERS].  Go through the door, head
upstairs, waste one last alien and meet up with Sally again.  The western
storage cabin contains eight [FIRST AID BOXES], your only reward for doing this

This concludes the OPTIONAL EXPLORATION.

Decompression Chamber:
Put on the Spacesuit if you hadn't already, then flip the switch and go through
the doors.  Go all the way upstairs and check the doorway to your right (south)
before entering through the main hatch.  You can find two [CONTAINERS] and
four [ALIEN BIOGEL] here.

Outside, make sure you don't fall off the saucer or it'll be game over.  Look
around for three panels with red led displays - after activating all three of
them, step in the middle of the saucer and you're automatically beamed up.

    |[DLC-6.3] This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...                            |
|ITEMS: [] Container x2, [] Large Alien Crystal x4.                            |
|                                                                              |
|       Weapons Lab:                                                           |
|       ------------                                                           |
|       [] Container, [] Small Alien Crystal x4, [] Large Alien Crystal x3,    |
|       [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x6,|
|       [] Alien Biogel x3, [] Alien Power Module x2, [] Atomic Pulverizer x2, |
|       [] Alien Power Cell x4 (12), [] Buttercup Toy, [] Container x2,        |
|       [] Container, [] Container, [] ACRL 24, [] Container, [] Alien Power   |
|          Cell x7, [] Frag Mine x6, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x7,          |
|       [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Plasma Mine x4, [] Pulse Grenade x3,            |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x4, [] Energy Cell x4, [] Container.               |
|                                                                              |
|       + Xenotech Perk.                                                       |
|                                                                              |
|       Experimentation Lab:                                                   |
|       --------------------                                                   |
|       [] Container x2, [] ACRL 20, [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Alien Epoxy,       |
|       [] Small Alien Crystals, [] Large Alien Crystal x4, [] Alien Biogel x7,|
|       [] Container, [] ACRL 10, [] Container, [] Alien Biogel x2, ACRL 9.    |
|                                                                              |
|       Biological Research:                                                   |
|       --------------------                                                   |
|       [] Alien Epoxy x3, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Large     |
|          Alien Crystal x2, [] ACRL 18, [] Large Alien Crystal, [] Small      |
|          Alien Crystal x2, [] Alien Epoxy x4, [] Alien Power Cell x8,        |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x3, [] Alien      |
|          Biogel x2, [] Small Alien Crystal x2, [] Alien Biogel.              |
|                                                                              |
|       Death Ray Hub:                                                         |
|       --------------                                                         |
|       [] Container, [] Container, [] Container x2, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Alien  |
|          Biogel x3, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Container.                            |
|                                                                              |
|       Living Quarters:                                                       |
|       ----------------                                                       |
|       [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Container, [] Container, [] Alien     |
|          Biogel, [] ACRL 23, [] Small Alien Crystal x4, [] Large Alien       |
|          Crystal x3, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Small Alien Crystal x3,|
|       [] Large Alien Crystal x2, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy.               |
|                                                                              |
|       The Bridge:                                                            |
|       -----------                                                            |
|       [] Captain's Sidearm.                                                  |
|                                                                              |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Aliens      o Guardian Dromes      o Abomination     o Turrets     |
|         o Alien Captain                                                      |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 600 EXP + Captain's Sidearm.                                    |
|                                                                              |
Hit the switch to start the decompression sequence and go through the hatch.
In this room, activate the teleporter which allows your friends and Sally to
join the fun.  Also loot the two [CONTAINERS] in this room while Sally unlocks
the door.

Stand in awe at the planet and 'listen' to the angry alien hologram.  Looks like
they got a trick up their sleeve, and you'd better destroy their Death Ray
before it can do any harm to the planet.

Head down the hall and you'll find that the Aliens have shut down yet another
teleporter.  Check this room for [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x4], then head through
the door.

Weapons Lab:
In this hall, destroy the turrets and search your left for a [CONTAINER].  As
you proceed, an Alien and Guardian Drone will attack you from behind (they
spawn from the teleporters).  Dispatch them and return to the shelves, which
and two [ALIEN EPOXY].

Go through the hall and activate the door with the panel.  Inside you'll find a
[ALIEN POWER CELL x4 (12)], two [ATOMIC PULVERIZERS] - which are unique Alien
Atomizers, and the [BUTTERCUP TOY], a rare misc. item.

As you continue, the southern side of the walkway is blocked by a force field,
so head the in the other direction.  At the far end of the walkway, feel free
to make use of the archway and flip the switch, then go downstairs.  Loot the
two nearby [CONTAINERS] and defeat the spawned Alien and Guardian Drome.

Go through the eastern doorway and you'll reach another big hall.  Loot a
[CONTAINER] on the right, then head up the stairs to the east. Before proceeding
through the southern doorway, loot the [CONTAINER] next to it.

In what appears to be another control center, look around for the [ACRL 24] and
a [CONTAINER].  Flip the western switches and check the room on the west.  The
Expiremental Weapons Drones can be destroyed to obtain the unique drone cannon

Explore the entire southern wall to find [ALIEN POWER CELL x7], [FRAG MINE x6],
a [CONTAINER], Tesla Armor and Combat Armor, [ALIEN EPOXY x7], [ALIEN BIOGEL
x2], [PLASMA MINE x4], [PULSE GRENADE x3], [PLASMA GRENADE x3], a Gatling Laser,
Rifle, Plasma Pistol and Metal Armor.

Getting the Xenotech Perk and Destabilizer:
Head to the north and you'll be at some sort of shooting range.  You can find
the [DESTABILIZER], a unique Alien Disintegrator on the right (south) of this
shooting range.

Press the switch and kill the targets that come through the teleporter
(Brahmins).  Also loot the nearby [CONTAINER].  At the far north is another
shooting range. Activate the switch, kill everything that comes through the
teleporters and you'll get the Xenotech Perk: +20% Damage with Alien Weapons.

Head back to the previous hall, and make your way to the doorway on the
northeast.  Head upstairs and go through the door to access the Experimentation

Experimentation Lab:
Explore the room with the actual experimentation chairs to the north (which look
brutal to say the least) and search around for two [CONTAINERS] and the [ACRL
20].  Proceed down the western hallway and explore the first room on your right
for two [ALIEN BIOGEL].  The door to your left leads to a small room with an

The last door on your left requires the panel to open.  Inside you can find
[ALIEN BIOGEL x7], a dead wastelander (read: loot), and a healing archway.
Inside the western hall, look to your left to spot a [CONTAINER].  Activate the
controls in the NW corner to find [ACRL 10].  

Hit the controls in the middle of the room and do your thing - this'll disable
the force field that was blocking the SW doorway.  Explore the hall, loot a
[CONTAINER] and make your way to the lab where you'll need to dispatch a new
type of enemy called Abomination.  They're not tough and need to come up close
to deal any damage, so dispatch them quickly. 

Search the lab with the Abominations to find two [ALIEN BIOGEL] on the ground,
along with two [CONTAINERS] and the controls for the [ACRL 9].  Exit the area
by the southwest door that leads to the Biological Research area.

Biological Research:
Activate the door controls and grab three [ALIEN EPOXIES] in the small room.
The large hall contains surprisingly little, but a few Abominations are good
for a little scare in the dark.  Head upstairs, where you'll find an archway.
Check the northern side of this area to find two [ALIEN EPOXY], two [ALIEN
BIOGEL] and two [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL].  Also flip the controls in this area to
collect the [ACRL 18].  The shelves to the NW contain another [LARGE ALIEN 

Enter the southern room from here and dispatch two Aliens inside.  This room has
no loot, so deactivate the force field and be on your way.  Proceed over the
catwalk and head downstairs. The shelves to the east contain four [ALIEN EPOXY],
[8x ALIEN POWER CELL - 7x12 and 1x25), a [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL] and a [CONTAINER]
nearby.  The other shelves nearby the stairs contain [ALIEN EPOXY x3], [ALIEN
BIOGEL x2] and two [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS].  You should also be able to find a
loose [ALIEN BIOGEL] on the ground near some crates.

Head back upstairs and activate the only currently active teleporter to reach
the Death Ray Hub.

Death Ray Hub:
Explore the northern area and unlock the door on the NW with the panel to find
a [CONTAINER].  You can also rewire the Support Drone to become an ally.  The
room to the SW has another [CONTAINER] and a Support Drone.  

Head south and unlock the first door to your left to find two [CONTAINERS], an
[ALIEN EPOXY] and three [ALIEN BIOGEL].  Make your way to the next hub and
fiddle with the controls on your right to disable any turrets.  Go downstairs,
proceed east, dispatch another Alien and explore the room with the two force
fields to find an [ALIEN EPOXY].

Activate the switch to deactivate the force field and go down the long walkway,
dispatching a few more Aliens along the way.  You'll also come across a room
that holds a [CONTAINER] and an archway.  All the way downstairs, head through
the door to Death Ray Control.

Death Ray Control:
In the control room, dispatch the Aliens and press the left control button to
have another generator submerge on the left.  Destroy it and do the same with
the second generator.  You'll then be assaulted by a group of Aliens - dispatch
them and destroy the other two generators afterwards.

After destroying all four generators, exit the area by the western teleporter,
which brings you to the Living Quarters.

Living Quarters:
Proceed through the hall and wait until the forcefield goes down - destroy the
turret and Abomination afterwards.  Before heading upstairs, search this room
for a [CONTAINER].  In the next room, dispatch several aliens and turrets and
hop downstairs.

The room to your right (west) with two Statis Chambers contains an [ALIEN EPOXY]
while the room to your left (east) contains nothing.  There's also an archway
on the right side.  Head upstairs and destroy the forcefield beamers by shooting
them from a fair distance - their explosion radius is fairly big.

The room on the west contains a [CONTAINER], and the other western room - 
previously blocked by the force fields - contains another [CONTAINER].  The 
eastern room doesn't hold anything, so proceed down either stairs behind the
southern doors.

Head east first, waste two aliens and destroy the forcefield beamer.  At the
far end of the halls you'll find reach a room with the samurai you released
earlier, Toshiro Kago, and a large pile of alien bodies to loot.  You can find
an [ALIEN BIOGEL] on the ground amongst the bodies.

Return to the intersection and head west - activate the support drone as you
walk by.  Continue west and dispatch a group of aliens as you head inside a 
recreation room.  Destroy the turrets ASAP, then collect the [ACRL 23] from this
room.  The adjacent western room is guarded by another turret, but contains

Continue north, loot the [CONTAINER] there, and look around for an [ALIEN
EPOXY], [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTAL x3] and [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x2] on a small table.
You'll now be on the other side of the force field beamer.  Head left (north)
upstairs - activate the drone if you'd like - and waste an Abomination and two
Turrets in this room.

The large hall is home of another few Abominations.  Head upstairs, dispatch
any of them, then explore the eastern room for a [CONTAINER] and [ALIEN EPOXY].
Proceed west when you're ready and you'll cross another archway.  The teleporter
at the end finally takes you to the bridge.

The Bridge:
Here, simply take out the crew and the Alien Captain, who holds the unique
[CAPTAIN'S SIDEARM].  Your team storms in (along with two Aliens - waste them).
After securing the bridge, the attacking spaceship needs to be destroyed fast!

Click on the 'Fire Control' button on the right to fire.  You can't continuously
fire, but in the meantime there's plenty to do:  Aliens will keep assaulting the
bridge.  Make sure you waste them every now and then to keep things under
control.  The Samurai will make his entrance too, but you'll have to flip all
four switches on the west and east side of the bridge first to unlock the door
to his teleporter.

Meanwhile, battling the spaceship isn't all that hard.  The button on the left,
the 'Power Distribution', indicates where the ship's power is going to.

Left Button   = Shields at full power, Death Ray at minimum power.
Middle Button = Shields at medium power, Death Ray at medium power.
Right Button  = Shields at minimum power, Death Ray at maximum power.

Try and raise the shields when you think you're about to get hit, and always
flip the switch to power the Death Ray when you're about to fire.  Keep this
up until you'vre destroyed the alien ship.  Meanwhile, also keep dispatching any
aliens that enter the bridge.  When the ship blows up, the aliens have been

By now, Elliot will come to the bridge and tell you that a beacon was fired
near DC - you can now go home!  Head inside the southern room.  The Weapons
Workbench here allows you to create custom weapons if you have the required
items.  Of course, the teleporter brings you back to earth, while the other
teleporter leads back to the Engineering Core, allowing for any unfinished

You can return to Mothership Zeta any time you'd like, but many areas will be
blocked off, so there's not much point in going back other than looting some
generic alien items from the main halls.

                          III) FREEFORM QUESTS [FRQ]

[FRQ-1] Fixing Pipes in Megaton
You can look around for a character called Walter.  He's either at the Saloon
during nights, or can be found in or nearby the Water Processing Plant. He tells
you that several pipes are leaking and need fixing.  Help him out, will you?
There are three pipes that need fixing, and you need a Repair skill of at least
30 to do this - which you should have by now.

1. The first pipe is on the main path when you enter Megaton and head downwards.

2. The second pipe is more to the southeast of the area, following the main path
   and taking a bend to the left upwards.  If you look at your map, it looks 
   like you're just below the Women's Restroom, except on a lower level.

3. The third pipe is a little more tricky to find on your own.  Locate the
   Children of the Atom building and take the stairs to climb its roof.  Look
   around and you should be able to find a third squirting leak.

Head back to Walter (+100 EXP, +200 Caps) who'll make you a Scrap Metal
proposition that you can't refuse.  Well, you can, but better take it anyway.

[FRQ-2] Three Dog's Cache
Instead of activating the signal for Three Dog, head for Rivet City on your own
and continue the search for your dad.  When you've finally found your dad, head
back to Three Dog.

Fast Travel to the GNR Building Plaza before anything. Talk to Three Dog and
tell him you found your dad.  He'll throw in an addition reward.  Fast Travel to
the Washington Monument, go inside and ride the bronze elevator up.  Fix the
Relay and head back to Three Dog. Tell him you felt it kinda was a waste of time
and he'll hand you the [THREE DOG'S CACHE KEY].

The Hamilton's Hideaway marker is placed on your worldmap.  Fast Travel to Vault
101 (perhaps fetch Dogmeat, too?) and head from there.  Go through the iron door
in the walls and search the place.  There are a few Raiders and Radscorpions
here.  Get the loot from the Northeastern part of the area, then get out of
there.  Also see [EXP5.1].

[FRQ-3] Doctor Lesko Likes Nectar
During the Misc. Quest: Those, be sure to pick up Fire Ant Nectar from the large
Ants you're battling.  You can later on sell these to Doctor Lesko for 40 Caps
a piece.

[FRQ-4] Vance & Blood Packs
When you've put the Misc. Quest: Blood Ties to an end you can sell Blood Packs
to Vance (the leader of The Family).  He pays 15 Caps a piece.

[FRQ-5] Brotherhood Holotags
When you reach the Citadel during the Main Quest: Picking Up The Trail, you can
find Scribe Jameson in Ring A of the area.  She can tell you all (and much more)
about Holotags.  In fact, she'll offer you 100 Bottle Caps for every single
Holotag you give her.

[FRQ-6] Conserving Pre-War Books
Find Scribe Yearling of the Brotherhood at the Arlington Public Library.  She'll
make you an offer: Since it is of high importance that Pre-War Books are spared
she can give you 100 Caps per Pre-War Book you bring to her.  You'll likely run
into Scribe Yearling during the Misc. Quest: The Wasteland Survival Guide: 
Librarians are not boring.

[FRQ-7] The Nuka-Cola Clear Formula (Finding The Formula)
First of all, complete the instructions at the Misc. Quest section for The Nuka-
Cola Challenge.  When you have the formula you can start this Freeform Quest.

If you search for the Red Racer Factory, located close to the city perimeter,
northeast from the Nuka Factory, you can come across three mercenaries.  Their
leader, Goalie Ledoux, offers 250 Caps for your freshly found formula.  Try to
increase this to 400 Caps and sell it to him.

As the other two mercenaries take off, kill Ledoux in cold blood.  This does not
lead to any Karma loss, but it does allow you to loot the [LEDOUX'S HOCKEY MASK]
from his body, which is quite possibly one of the best masks in the game due to
its unique and awesome +25 AP giving ability.  You can also grab your formula
back from him.

[FRQ-8] Escorting Sticky to Big Town
Once you make it in Little Lamplight, talk to the kid who's being kicked out
due to age restrictions; He just turned 16 and he has to scam to Big Town.  You
can help him accomplish this but it'll take quite some time and he dies quickly.

When you reach Big Town, you can then start a Misc. Quest there.

[FRQ-9] Super Mutant Attack on Big Town
When you've completed the Misc. Quests: Big Trouble In Big Town, stay a little
longer and you'll find that several Super Mutants are on their way to Big Town.
Lay a crapload of mines on the path before the bridge and some on the rope-
bridge itself, and waste any other Mutants that get past this.

Talk to Timebomb (a kid that you can heal in Red's Clinic - but only if your
Medicine is 40+) and he'll give you the [LUCKY 8 BALL] which increases your LCK
by +1 whenever you have it in your inventory!

[FRQ-10] Grady's Storage
First of all, follow the instructions at the Misc. Quest: Those! until you find
the key to Grady's Storage.

You can now start looking for Grady's Storage, but this is best done after you
have gotten the Mesmerizer during your Rescue From Paradise Quest.  If you must
know where the storage is, check your map: In the tube where the Queen Ant's
Hatchery is at the very south, hug the eastern wall and look for a flashing

Before anything, save your game.

Unlock the safe, grab the Naughty Nightwear (equip it immediately for a +10 in
Speech). A thug named Lug-Nut will show up and demands you hand over the Naughty
Nightwear.  Don't, and do the Speech Challenge.  If successful, he let's you
walk away.  If not successful, it results in a battle.  Later in the game, you
can enslave Lug-Nut and sell him for a decent 200 Caps or so.  You might want to
wait with getting this, or ensure he lives.

Inside the storage you can also find two Ammo Boxes, a Mine Box and a Ripper.

Head to Ronald Laren (who you meet during the Nuka-Cola Challenge Misc. Quest)
and sell the Naughty Nightwear for 300 Caps by using Speech Challenge.

[FRQ-11] Angela and Diego
Find Angela Staley in the Marketplace at Rivet City and talk about the men in
Rivet City.  She'll mention something about a Diego - who is a priest - and that
she has a crush on him.  You can now do two things:

1. Buy some Ant Queen Pheromones from the Quick Fix Shop (also Marketplace) and
   give them to Angela.

2. Alternatively it's also possible to speak with Father Clifford and tell him
   that Diego and Angela are already together.  He'll kick Diego out of church
   allowing him to start a relationship.

Either way, come back after a while and talk to Gary Staley (shop owner at the
Marketplace, and Angela's father) who can tell you when the wedding is planned.

Head over to the church and wait a few hours before the time has come for the 
ceremony.  Take a seat, wait some more (without using the wait function) and
enjoy.  There's not much of a reward to the quest.

[FRQ-12] Kidnap Order
Talk to Eulogy in Paradise Falls and bring up the subject of the kids at Little
Lamplight.  He's interested in one of those kids and he already has a buyer.
Tell you what, he'll send one of his best Slavers to the cave after you lure a
young kid out.

If you can deal with your conscience and the Bad Karma - or if you need a quick
buck - go over to Little Lamplight and look around for a little girl named
Bumble.  She wears white Blast Off Pajamas and is usually found in the school
building on the right of the entrance.

Tell her to come outside (this is a difficult Speech Challenge, and you may need
to reload several times) and she'll follow you.  Lead her to the Child Slaver
and she'll put on the Slave Collar herself.  Head back to Eulogy, who can often
be found at the Cutter's Clinic at Paradise Falls.  He'll reward you with the
[BOOGEYMAN'S HOOD], a unique scarecrow-like mask with a good DR of 8.

[FRQ-13] Caravan Investments
Speak with Uncle Roe in Canterbury Commons about this.  He'll let your do two
investments, the first costs 200 Caps, the second costs 500 Caps.  Investing in
a particular trader increases their inventory, their Repair Skill, and you will
be rewarded with a present the next time you see the merchant you invested in.
You only get a present when you invest the 700 Caps in total, and you only get
these presents once.  See below for the gifts:

|Trader's Name:|Investment Present: |Max Repair:|Schematics:     |Type of Items|
|Doc Hoff      |Stimpak x5          |     65    |Nuka Grenade    |Chems        |
|Crazy Wolfgang|Stealth Boy x5      |     75    |Rock-It Launcher|Misc./Junk   |
|Crow          |Crow's Eyeboy Helmet|     65    |       ---      |Armor        |
|Lucky Harith  |Mini Nuke           |     70    |Shiskebab       |Weapons      |

The traders use a fixed route.  They travel from location to location, and they
only stop at the places listed below.  They always visit them in the order 
listed, and they follow after each other: Doc Hoff, then Crazy Wolfgang, Crow,
Lucky Harith.  If you meet Doc Hoff in Megaton you'll know you can meet Crazy
Wolfgang if you wait 2 hours (with the wait-function).

Ask Uncle Roe about the Map that pinpoints how the Caravan Traders trek.

Caravan Trader Route:
o Canterbury Commons
o Temple of the Union
o Agatha's House
o Paradise Falls
o Arefu
o Evergreen Mills
o Megaton
o Rivet City

[FRQ-14] 'Republic' of Dave Elections
Head to the Republic of Dave which is located on the far NE of the wasteland.
Find Dave and ask him about the elections.  If you need the key from him for the
Misc. Quest: You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head, do that first.

You have to talk to four people, Jessica, Shawna, Rosie and Bob.  Only the
latter two can be talked into running for president.  Have everyone vote and
talk to Dave again.  He'll hand you 25 Caps as reward.  It's possible to rig the
election from this point onward.  Simply put on a Stealth Boy, head over to the
Ballet Box and wait for Dave to open it (keep trying to open it until you can).
Remove all votes except for either Rosie or Bob.  Dave will be upset and he 
leaves immediately.  Talk to Rosie (or Bob) and they'll give you the code to
Dave's [SAFE], which holds the Unique [OL' PAINLESS] Hunting Rifle.

I think it's also possible to unlock the Safe by simply using Dave's Key, so it
isn't really necessary to take part in the election.  Don't forget to steal the
{NUKA-COLA QUANTUM} on top of the safe at any rate!

[FRQ-15] Trading in Little Lamplight
Find Zip, the kid that talks *really* fast, and ask him about (regular) Nuka-
Cola.  He'll trade a Crunchy Mutfruit for a bottle, but only one per day.  Zip
can often be found nearby Eclair, thus nearby the food store.

Also talk to Eclair, the food shop owner, and Lucy, the doctor of Little 
Lamplight.  Lucy can be found in the Office Building near the entrance.  Both
mention the radiation removing fungus that's growing in Little Lamplight.  If
you talk to McCready he'll allow you to trade with them.  Eclair trades Strange
Meat for Cave Fungus and Lucy trades Buffout for Cave Fungus.

Unfortunately, McCready only allows the trading to take place if you have the
Child at Heart Perk (and you most likely don't).  If your Speech is high enough
(certainly higher than 74 - I don't know the exact amount, do you?) you can
Speech Challenge him into giving you his private stack of Cave Fungus.  This
is probably not recommended because after this you are no longer allowed to
trade with *any* of the Little Lamplighters.

                           THE WASTELAND MAPS [MAP]
                            |WASTELAND MAP OVERVIEW|
|NORTH/|NORTH/|NORTH/| Because the map is impossible to fit on a 80-character
|WEST  |MIDDLE|EAST  | format, it's been cut in 9 Sectors as seen left.  The
|  1   |   2  |  3   | following sectors have Latitude (<-->) and Longitude (v^)
|______|______|______| as seen on the in-depth maps.  These were held intact and
|MIDDLE|MIDDLE|MIDDLE| the same as many maps circulating for Fallout 3, simply
|/WEST |MIDDLE|/EAST | to refrain from confusion and adding user-friendliness.
|  4   |   5  |  6   |
|______|______|______| o In-depth maps go over the locations from lower right to
|SOUTH/|SOUTH/|SOUTH/|   upper left, as if exploring 'from the southeast to the
|WEST  |MIDDLE|EAST  |   to the northwest' of the Wasteland.
|  7   |   8  |  9   |

                           The Wasteland Maps [TWM]
                            | SECTOR 1: NORTH/WEST  |

|   -30|-29|-28|-27|-26|-25|-24|-23|-22|-21|-20|-19|-18|-17|-16|-15|-14| 
v  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
 30|                                                                    |30
---|                                                                    |---
 29|                                                          *         |29
---|                                                                    |---
 28|          16          *       *           *           *      e6     |28
---|                                                                    |---
 27|                                                                    |27
---|                                                                  * |---
 26|                                                       13        *  |26
---|                         *                                          |---
 25|           * 15          P        14                       *     O  |25
---|                           e5                                       |---
 24|      *               *       *                                     |24
---|                                                                    |---
 23|                            Ll                                      |23
---|                                                                    |---
 22|                   Ll                                               |22
---|                                                                    |---
 21|                       L                                            |21
---|                            11            *                       8 |---
 20|        12        M          * J    10     H                        |20
---|        e4   N                      e3                              |---
 19|                         K            I        9                    |19
---|                                                          *      G  |---
 18|             *                *                          6        4 |18
---|                               F          7                         |---
 17|                                           E                  5     |17
---|                                                              e1    |---
 16|      *              e2                                      *      |16
---|                                                                    |---
 15|          D                           C   B            2            |15
---|                                                                    |---


                              PRIMARY LOCATIONS:
               1  = Roosevelt Academy ......... (LAT -17|LON 14)
               2  = Faded Pomp Estates ........ (LAT -17|LON 15)
               3  = Abandoned Car Fort ........ (LAT -24|LON 14)
               4  = Drowned Devil's Crossing .. (LAT -14|LON 18)
               5  = The Silver Lining Drive-In  (LAT -15|LON 17)
               6  = WKML Broadcast Station .... (LAT -17|LON 18)
               7  = Mount Mable Campground .... (LAT -21|LON 17)
               8  = Mason Dixon Salvage ....... (LAT -14|LON 21)
               9  = Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel (LAT -19|LON 19)
               10 = Deathclaw Sanctuary ....... (LAT -22|LON 20)
               11 = Broadcast Tower KB5 ....... (LAT -23|LON 20)
               12 = SatCom Array NW-07c ....... (LAT -28|LON 20)
               13 = Fort Constantine .......... (LAT -17|LON 26)
               14 = SatCom Array NW-05a ....... (LAT -22|LON 25)
               15 = MDPL-05 Power Station ..... (LAT -27|LON 25)
               16 = Raven Rock ................ (LAT -28|LON 28)

                             SECONDARY LOCATIONS:
                A = Vehicle Wrecks .......... (LAT -20|LON 14)
                B = Blocked Tunnel Entrance   (LAT -20|LON 15)
                C = Truck ................... (LAT -21|LON 15)
                D = Monorail Train Wreck .... (LAT -28|LON 15)
                E = Wrecked Caravan ......... (LAT -20|LON 17)
                F = Collapsed Tunnel Entrance (LAT -23|LON 17)
                G = Red Truck ............... (LAT -15|LON 19)
                H = Shack at Roads Junction   (LAT -20|LON 21)
                I = Deathclaw Gorge ......... (LAT -21|LON 19)
                J = Drainage Channel ........ (LAT -22|LON 20)
                K = Raider Fortifications ... (LAT -24|LON 19)
                L = Raider Shack ............ (LAT -25|LON 21)
                Ll= Skeleton in Bath ........ (LAT -23|LON 23)
                L1= Wrecked Cars ............ (LAT -26|LON 22)
                M = Red Truck on Freeway .... (LAT -26|LON 20)
                N = Wrecks on Freeway ....... (LAT -27|LON 20)
                O = Brotherhood Outcast Shack (LAT -14|LON 25)
                P = Raider Wharf ............ (LAT -24|LON 25)

                         20 RANDOM ENCOUNTER SPOTS (*)

                                ENCLAVE CAMPS:
                             e1 = (LAT -15|LON 17)
                             e2 = (LAT -25|LON 16)
                             e3 = (LAT -22|LON 20)
                             e4 = (LAT -28|LON 20)
                             e5 = (LAT -23|LON 25)
                             e6 = (LAT -15|LON 28)


1. Roosevelt Academy
This is the large complex south of the faded pomp estates.  A few mutants reside
at the square.  From here you can make your choice out of several buildings.

The building on the west has two entrances; This is the Academy Building and it
is a great place to start your exploration.  To the north you'll find the Arts
and Athletics Building.  Enter the Academy Building by the south entrance.

Academy Building:
Head in the Nurse Office and find a [FIRST AID BOX] and [D.C. JOURNAL OF
INTERNAL MEDICINE] in the SE corner.  Another [FIRST AID BOX] and [BLOODPACK x2]
can be found around the surgical area.  A [STIMPAK] is lying on one of the
tables.  The [SAFE] near the terminal has a hard lock.

The Administration room holds a Super Mutant.  A [PRE-WAR BOOK] can be found on
the headmaster's desk.  The terminal activates a Protectron by the name of Dean
Dewey.  Approach him for a fun conversation.  Search the restroom to the north
and find [CHERRY BOMB x2] and a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] Skill Book.

Head through the main classroom corridor and search the restrooms for [CHERRY
BOMB x6].  The classrooms hold nothing but junk although the desks and cabinets
may hold ammo.  A small storage room with a dead wastelander can be found in 
the northern hall.  On the left is a staircase leading to the 1st floor.  The
staircase going down leads to the Maintenance and Evacuation tunnel.

The classrooms on the 1st Floor are either collapsed or their floors have 
completely collapsed.  The middle-eastern classroom holds an [AMMO BOX] in the
corner but to get her you must enter through NE classroom.  Head up to the 2nd
Floor and check the first room on the left for a [FIRST AID BOX].  The terminal
up ahead is boobytrapped - now don't get me wrong, I like boobies, alot, (if 
there were any Frequently Asked Questions about them I'd write a FAQ about them)
but not these kind of boobies - so leave it alone.

Make your way to the southern halls and manouevrer around the room with the
collapsed floor - if you fall you'll have to start all over again at the
entrance.  Go upstairs and find three [AMMO BOXES] and an averagely locked
cabinet at a dead end.

Go all the way back to the NW stairwells and enter the Maintenance tunnels.

Maintenance and Evacuation Tunnel:
Something blows up as you make your way to the next room.  Kill any mutants here
and head inside the generator room to the west.  Unlock the door and free the
captive wastelander for a karma boost (and a small gift if you don't decline).

Head south through another generator room with many pillars and kill the centaur
hiding in the shadows.  Open the large door and beware of the gas (shoot plasma
from a distance or throw a grenade).  This sewer is highly irradiated, so 
quickly make your way to the door on the left wall.  It's possible to grab the
three [AMMO BOXES] from nearby the barrel with the lantern on it without getting
irradiated, so you may want to give it a try.  You can now make a small detour
to the Library first.

Head south from the sewers and snatch some medical supplies from a [FIRST AID
BOX].  Flip the electrical switch and make your way upstairs to the library.

The women's restroom you walk by holds a funkyfresh [BLOODPACK] and a [STEALTH
BOY].  Explore the library and obliterate the mutant roaming around - he holds
the [ROOSEVELT LIBRARY KEY], allowing a shortcut to and from the wasteland.  The
NW corner holds the main loot here: [SHOTGUN SHELLS], [STEALTH BOY], [AMMO BOX
x3], [NUKA- COLA QUANTUM], [FIRST AID BOX], and a [SAFE].  If you thought to
find any pre-war books upstairs, you throught wrong.  A single dead librarian is
all you get.  And his loot.

Back in the Maintenance Sewer, head into the eastern complex, go upstairs and
search the southern case to find three [AMMO BOXES], [RADAWAY], [5.56MM ROUNDS],
and [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x2].  The northern tunnels lead back to where you came
from so continue east and beware of all the gaseous tunnels.  The southern room
at the end of the tunnel holds another prisoner, the northern door leads to the
next area.

Roosevelt Arts and Athletics Hall:
Go upstairs until you reach a hall.  There's a flight of stairs nearby, but
first head down the hall and check the rooms one by one.  The first room on your
right holds [DARTS], a [PRE-WAR BOOK], [RAILWAY SPIKES x2] and a harmonica.  The
second room to the right - at the end of the hall - holds a [FIRST AID BOX].  Go
through the door at the middle of the hall and enter a large hall.  Find a
[SHEET MUSIC BOOK] near the music sheet holders.

Head into the southern reception and slaughter a group of muties.  The woman's 
restroom in the SW corner houses some [MENTATS] in a bookcase.  Head over to the
western halls/cafetaria and look around for a small storage closet with a sink 
located inside the eastern wall.  Find two [BLOOD PACKS], [RADAWAY] and a 
[STIMPAK] in this sink.

Head back to the stairwell and go upstairs to the 2nd floor.  This area is a 
total mess;  Head into the western room and find [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x2] and
[SHOTGUN SHELLS x3] on a small table, along with a [SAFE] and a [FIRST AID BOX].
Move in the large adjacent room and hug the right wall to find a similar small
classroom like the previous.  This one contains a [FIRST AID BOX], two [AMMO
BOXES], [TUMBLERS TODAY] and an averagely locked [SAFE].  Now that you've fully
explored the area, be on your way Vault Dweller!

2. Faded Pomp Estates
There's a [SAFE] in the NW house (with a lawnmower nearby).  Check the house
east of hear and look near the fireplace to find a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] Skill

3. Abandoned Car Fort
You'll find the fort at the end of the freeway.  Look around to find five [AMMO

4. Drowned Devil's Crossing
This is the name given to a wrecked bridge over a small creek.  Look for a red
truck on the N, this is a secondary location.

5. The Silver Lining Drive-In
This former drive-in theater doesn't hold much except for a [GROGNAK THE
BARBARIAN] Skill Book in the NW shack.  There's also a bed here.

6. WKML Broadcast Station
These three radio masts are difficult to overlook.  The place is surprisingly
vacant and there is nothing to be found in the complext except for a few desks
and cabinets.  Sometimes a Wastelander Doctor shows up, but there can be several
random encounters here.

Drop off the cliff at the back of the building, south, and look for a Sealed
Cistern Grate under the rocky hills.  This leads to a small underground shelter
tunnel that houses a skeleton and the following loot:

[RADAWAY] and most importantly the [EXPLOSIVES BOBBLEHEAD].

7. Mount Mable Campground
This camping ground might as well be a secondary location.  Check the caravan
for [AMMO BOX x2] and a [FIRST AID BOX].  The half-overturned caravan holds a
[FIRST AID BOX] as well.

8. Mason Dixon Salvage
This is a small Super Mutant village, roaming with, well, Super Mutants and 
their Centaur pets.  There are around 5 Mutants and 2 Centaurs here.  If you can
free any of the wastelanders you'll get a small gift and a karma boost.  Refuse
their gift and the karma boost you get will be higher.

Enter the western shack to find a [FIRST AID BOX], [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU], and
an [AMMO BOX].  The other shack houses two lockers and a footlocker.  Lastly,
look in the eastern truck to find two [AMMO BOXES].

9. Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel
A sniper by the name of Drifter resides here.  Waste him and search the place,
you'll find beds to rest, [RAD-X x2] in a small wooden crate, [AMMO BOX x5], a
[GUNS AND BULLETS] Skill Book and the loot of Drifter.  He holds the unique
[RESERVIST'S RIFLE] plus the coordinates to Oasis - which can be quite handy if
you haven't been there before.

10. Deathclaw Sanctuary
Make your way through a series of canyons until you reach a metal gate leading
to a cave called Deathclaw Sanctuary.  You'll also notice many Deathclaw bodies
around here - and if you're unlucky even some alive ones.  The averagely locked
footlocker near the entrance holds a [DUCK AND COVER!] Skill Book.  There's also
an enclave camp (e3) up on the cliff.

Head inside the cave and follow the path down to a large room.  Kill a Deathclaw
here and circle around the center to find a rotting Brahmin corpse.  Search the
There's also a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] nearby the body pile.  Find small loot on the

Continue through the eastern tunnel and make your way through several chambers,
looting all the corpse piles you come across.  After going south for a while
you'll come across the body of an Enclave Officer who holds the unique weapon
[JACK], which is a Ripper.  If you can handle it, explore the southeastern rooms
and cross the pool of blood to find the unique gatling laser [VENGEANCE].  Be
on the lookout for a nearby Deathclaw.

Exit the cave, but look around for more corpse piles on the western path back

11. Broadcast Tower KB5
This is hard to miss.  You can't enter the tower;  Instead flip the electrical
switch at the generator to activate the Alfa Lima Radio Signal.

12. SatCom Array NW-07c
Another big landmark.  Watch for a possible enclave camp underneath.  Inside the
loot depends greatly on wether or not the Enclave have arrived;  If they haven't
there's nothing here.  Otherwise kill the two Enclave Scientists, loot the
bodies of the heap wastelanders and check the three [ENCLAVE CRATES].  You can
find a [FIRST AID BOX] on a shelf at the southern wall.

The second floor holds another [ENCLAVE FOOTLOCKER].  You can head up and kill
the last Enclave Troop outside on the balcony walkway (if you haven't done so
already, in which case you can loot his body), but there's no more treasure to
be found here.

13. Fort Constantine
This building isn't too difficult to find either.  Go through the gate, kill a
Protectron and enter to the Personal Offices.

CO Quarters:
As you enter, check the open fridge for a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM].  The bookcase on
the ground holds a [PRE-WAR BOOK].  Don't bother going in the toilet, it's only
irradiated and there's nothing of interest.  The living room is secured by a 
Protectron.  You can find [DARTS] and [CHERRY BOMBS x3] on the table with the
chessboard.  Another [PRE-WAR BOOK] can be found on the small table with the

From the NW corner, head downstairs and loot the open safe for the [BIG GUNS
ROUNDS] and a 10mm Pistol.  You can also find a [STEALTH BOY] and a [CHINESE 
ARMY: SPEC. OPS. TRAINING MANUAL] Skill Book on the floor to the right of the

The Bunker Door here can be opened with Ted Strayer's Special Key, also see the
Misc. Quest: You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head.

Launch Control Bunker
Go downstairs and open the gate.  Find three [AMMO BOXES] on the ground and
[5.56MM ROUND x2] on the desk along with three lone [BOTTLE CAPS].  There's also
an Assault Rifle here, and the desk and cabinets may hold things as well.

Go through the eastern door and hallway until you reach a room with a Mister
Gutsy robot in it.  Dispose of it and search the medical area on the east to
find [RAD-X] and a [DIRTY WATER] on a table.  The nearby locker usually holds
medical supplies as well.  The restrooms hold nothing, so you can safely head
down the stairs nearby the door you made your entrance through.

The averagely locked door leads to a small storage room with a [FIRST AID BOX]
and some lockers and metal boxes.  The southern room is guarded by a Sentry Bot
and Protectron so be cautious.  The terminal allows you to launch an ICBM (short
for Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile), but the system fails and not much
happens except a few machines get fried.  Grab the [DUCK AND COVER!] Skill Book
from the desk, next to the terminal.  Look for a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] on a desk
in the NE corner.

Continue downstairs and look for a [FIRST AID BOX] on your right.  A [BUFFOUT]
sits on top of it.  A second [FIRST AID BOX] can be found next to the fridges.
The restroom looks smelly from a distance, and it actually is, but it's also
irradiated and holds nothing, reasons enough to stay away from it.

The Bunk Bed area allows you to rest, but more importantly holds several items.
[MENTATS] and an [AMMO BOX] are both found under the beds.  [DARTS] can be found
on one of the beds.  Check the desk for a [PRE-WAR BOOK] and a [STEALTH BOY].

Bomb Storage
This door is unlocked by using Duvok's Key.  The dusty room up ahead is guarded
by a Sentry Bot.  You'll find Tara, one of the five mercenaries once hired by
Tenpenny - she's lying next to the eastern door.  You can find a [STIMPAK] next
to her.  Grab the [WARHEAD STORAGE KEY] and unlock the door with Dave's Special
Key (which Tara didn't have, good for you!) and head inside the futuristic

The table holds a [FAT MAN] and two [MINI NUKES], plus a [D.C. JOURNAL OF
INTERNAL MEDICINE].  What you're really here for is the [T51-b POWER ARMOR] and
[T51-b POWER HELMET].  Simply access the terminal and remove the energy field.

Back in the dusty hall there are two weapon storage rooms on the west.  Both are
locked with Very Hard locks.  The one on the NW holds [FRAG GRENADE x3], [PULSE
GRENADE x3] and a Sniper Rifle, 10mm Submachine Guns and Assault Rifles in
the weapon case.  Grab [10MM ROUNDS x3] and the [GUNS AND BULLETS] from the
table in the center of the room.  You can find a whopping of 15 [AMMO BOXES] in
the other weapon storage room.

Head up the stairs to the south and unlock the door at the end of the hall with
the freshly acquired Warhead Storage Key from Tara.  You'll now be in a complex
of larger halls.  Start off with looting the [FIRST AID BOX] next to the
averagely locked door.  You'll find nothing but junk in this storage room so
check out the desk on the left (SW) and find a [MINI NUKE].

The southern room is the Warhead Storage hall.  This is an extremely irradiated
area, and there's a Sentry Bot as well, so stay clear of this area; There's 
nothing to be found.  You can also travel back to the Wasteland by unlocking the
locked door with the Warhead Storage Key.  The northern room doesn't hold 
anything either and also leads to the Wasteland.  Do so, you'll now be located
at the eastern building of the area.  Locate the Personal Offices building on
the south.

Personal Offices:
Watch out for a Robobrain and a Mark V Turret on the balcony immediately behind
you as you enter.  The gentlemen's restroom holds two (presumably chinese)
skeletons and [5.56MM AMMO x2] and a Chinese Assault Rifle.  Check the middle
toilet in the woman's restroom to find a [JET].

Check the eastern area to find [DARTS] on a desk in the second room.  The hall
is likely guarded by several RoboBrains.  Make your way to the stairs and unlock
the Hard door to find a [FIRST AID BOX] and [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] Skill Book.

There's also loads of customweapon items to be found here: Wonderglue x6, Paint
Gun, Pilot Light, Turpentine, Leather Belt, Sensor Module, Conductor, Vacuum
Cleaner x2, Abraxo Cleaner x2, Fission Battery  Perhaps have one of your 
followers carry this?

Head upstairs and explore the room with two Gun Cabinets to find [MENTATS] on
some shelves.  Head to the western room and you'll be back at the entrance,
except on the first floor.  Grab medical supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] and
grab [DARTS] from one of the dining tables.  You can head back and go upstairs
but this only leads to the roof.

14. SatCom Array NW-05a
This is a huge landmark and you should have no problems spotting it.  When you
approach the door beware of three cleverly placed Frag Mines.  Head inside the
Satelite Facility and deal with a Merc and Mark V Turret on the ceiling.  You
can find a [CHINESE ARMY: SPEC. OPS. TRAINING MANUAL] Skill Book next to the
terminal on the northern table.  Head upstairs and kill the Ghoul Scientist.
Grab a [BOTTLECAP MINE] from under the Work Bench.

NN-03d COORDINATES] and [SATCOM ARRAY NN-07c COORDINATES].  Head upstairs and
climb the ladder.  Circle around the array and waste any Mercs left (watch out
for a potential threat on the higher walkway right before you enter the next
door - that merc has a missile launcher).

Enter the door.  You can sleep in this chamber, besides looting the [FIRST AID
BOX] and grabbing the [PSYCHO] from under the beds.  You can get the coordinates
for two other arrays from the terminal and you can input the activation code
which you snatched from the scientist.  Head up the ladder, waste the Flamer
Merc and look through one of the holes for a spectacular series of explosions.

15. MDPL-05 Power Station
Look around the Electricity Towers to find a small power station.  The gate of
the fence has a Hard Lock.  Look in the corner for a skeleton.  Grab the [DART 
SCHEMATICS] and [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS] nearby and check the toolbox for the now
redundant [MDPL-05 POWER STATION KEY].  Fat chance you'll also get a random
encounter when you explore this place.

16. Raven Rock
See Walkthrough.


A. Vehicle Wrecks

B. Blocked Tunnel Entrance
A landmark.

C. Monorail Train Wreck
There is no loot to be found here, but this is another enormous landmark.

D. Truck

E. Wrecked Caravan
Use this as a landmark; It's nearby Mount Mable Campground.  There is nothing
of value here, rather, there's nothing at all.

F. Collapsed Tunnel Entrance
Another landmark.  The Raider fortifications are closeby, just north from here.

G. Red Truck
Closeby Drowned Devil's Crossing.  There are Raider Guard Dogs as well as a few
Raiders around here.  Look in the truck for a [STIMPAK], [RADAWAY], [MED-X x2],
[RAILWAY SPIKES], and a [TUMBLERS TODAY] Skill Book next to an averagely locked

H. Shack at Roads Junction
There's not much to find here except some junk in the two metal boxes, and two
Fission Batteries on the table.  You'll often get a random encounter here.

I. Deathclaw Gorge
These passages lead to Deathclaw Sanctuary and an Enclave Camp.  Up ahead you
can walk over the ropebridge to find the Radio Mast.

J. Drainage Channel
Use the Alfa Lima Radio Signal to pinpoint this Drainage Channel, although it's
simply said just at the base of the SatCom Array NW-07c hill.  Go inside until
you get to an averagely locked door.  You can find a [BOBBY PIN] and a [TUMBLERS
TODAY] Skill Book next to the skeleton. Inside the room you'll find the source
of the radio signal.

Of course there's also some loot.  Look around for [STIMPAK x2] on the ground
near the radio, and [MENTATS] on the table.  Check the shelves for [DARTS] and
a [PRE-WAR BOOK].  There's also a Motorcycle Handbreak and Motorcycle Gas Tank
for the Shishkebab lovers.

K = Raider Fortifications
Home of a group Raiders, expect hostile crossfire.  One of the Raiders carries
a missile launcher, so be warned.  Find a [FIRST AID BOX] and an [AMMO BOX] in
the fortification.  There's also a Super Sledge and a Pressure Cooker.

That covers the eastern fortification.  The smaller one below holds a [GRENADE
BOX] and if you search thoroughly you'll also find a [JET] and a [STEALTH BOY]
on the table.  With booze, as usual.  The lowest of the three forts holds some

L = Raider Shack
This is located on a hill, between two roads marked on your map.  There are 
several Raiders here, give or take seven or eight at least, and probably a dog
too.  The shack itself contains a bathtub with a [MINI NUKE] and a dead
wastelander inside.  There's also some shelves with [TUMBLER'S TODAY], [RAD-X],
[PSYCHO] and a [JET].  Last but not least you can find three [AMMO BOXES] and
[STIMPAK x2] in the other corner of the shack.

On the opposite of the shelves lies a small wooden crate.  In it you can find
another well hidden [JET].  It may also be worth noting that there's also a
Motorcycle Handbrake inside, and a Motorcycle Gas Tank next to it. 

Ll. Skeleton in Bath (eastern)
Grab the [MINI NUKE] inside the bath. Mr. Skeleton won't mind.

Ll. Wrecked Cars (western)
Check under the wrecked cars to find an [AMMO BOX] and two averagely locked

N = Wrecks on Freeway
Check the northern wreck to find [FRAG GRENADE x2] next to a skeleton.

The larger, more intact truck to the south holds the [INTERNMENT ORDERS] note,
which explains what all the skeletons are doing inside.  Hop aboard and look
one has a Hard lock for some reason.

M = Red Truck on Freeway
This truck houses a dead scientist of whose body you can loot a [BIG BOOK OF
SCIENCE].  Next to him lies a [MINI NUKE]. These are the most important findings
but you can also grab a [STIMPAK] on the floor next to the table, and a Laser
Rifle lies fire-ready on the table.  On the ground you can thoroughly search
for a Dirty Water and Nuka Cola, and on top of the shelves you can find some
[MICROFUSION CELLS].  Lastly there is a bed to rest in the back.

O. Brotherhood Outcast Shack
Find two [AMMO BOXES], [SHISHKEBAB SCHEMATICS] and an, albeit very dirty, place
to rest.  There is also a Work Bench here.

P. Raider Wharf
You'll encounter around five Raiders here.  Move up the jetty and find some beds
at the end.  Grab the [JET] from the table with the radio and the [AMMO BOX] on
the ground shouldn't be forgotten.  Then there's a [BLOODPACK], [STIMPAK x2],
[MED-X], [RADAWAY] on the shelves.  On the bottom left shelf you can even find
a [MINI NUKE], and for those who care to create the Shishkebab custom weapon,
theres even a [MOTORCYCLE GAS TANK].  You can also find [BUFFOUT] on the garbage
bin next to the kitchen counter.

It may also be worth your time to explore the boat in the water.  You can find
a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] Skill Book on top of it and even a [STEALTH BOY] inside
the boat.

                    | SECTOR 1: NORTH/WEST ENCLAVE CAMPS |

Closeby Deathclaw Sanctuary, it looks like the Enclave have a genuine interest
in Deathclaws and modifying them for all purposes intended.  This time things
went horribly wrong from the looks of it.  There are three [ENCLAVE CRATES] to
be found here, which are mostly well-stocked.

Right next to the SatCom Array NW-07c, this camp holds a Sentry Bot and many
troopers, some in the tower.  I don't think there are any crates here.

A Sentry Bot and a troop guard this camp.  Find three [ENCLAVE CRATES] here.
There's also a dead ghoul wastelander and a Feral Ghoul on the SE, along with
a dead Brahmin.  Looks like the Enclave doesn't stand for peace, that much is

Look under the Water Tower.  There's an officer and some troops.  You can find

                            |SECTOR 2: NORTH/MIDDLE |

|   -13|-12|-11|-10|-09|-08|-07|-06|-05|-04|-03|-02|-01| 00| 01| 02| 03| 
v  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
 30|         *       N                                                  |30
---|                                                                    |---
 29|            O             *       L*                                |29
---|                                  e2                                |---
 28|                                          9       *                 |28
---|                           M                                        |---
 27| *                                                    *             |27
---|                                                                    |---
 26|                     *    *       *               *     6           |26
---|                7                                                   |---
 25|  8                                           *               *     |25
---|                                                                    |---
 24|                                    4                               |24
---|                                       *                            |---
 23|     K                                                              |23
---|                        J                                           |---
 22|                             5                                    I |22
---|                                                                    |---
 21|                 *                                     F            |21
---|                                                     /              |---
 20|          H                                    *  * F             * |20
---|                                  G            3                    |---
 19|                                                     e1             |19
---|                                                                    |---
 18|                                                D                   |18
---|                                                       C            |---
 17|         E                                                          |17
---|                                                                  1 |---
 16|                                                                    |16
---|                  2                                                 |---
 15|                                                     B         *    |15
---|                                                                  A |---
    -13|-12|-11|-10|-09|-08|-07|-06|-05|-04|-03|-02|-01| 00| 01| 02| 03| 


                              PRIMARY LOCATIONS:
              1 = MDPL-13 Power Station ....... (LAT  02|LON 17)
              2 = Paradise Falls .............. (LAT -09|LON 16)
              3 = Reclining Groves Resort Homes (LAT -02|LON 20)
              4 = Broadcast Tower ............. (LAT -04|LON 24)
              5 = Montgomery County Reservoir   (LAT -06|LON 22)
              6 = Clifftop Shacks ............. (LAT  00|LON 26)
              7 = MDPL-21 Power Station ....... (LAT -10|LON 26)
              8 = SatCom Array NN-03d ......... (LAT -13|LON 25)
              9 = Oasis ....................... (LAT -03|LON 28)

                             SECONDARY LOCATIONS:
                 A = Minefield Water Tower . (LAT  03|LON 14)
                 B = Train Wreck ........... (LAT  00|LON 14)
                 C = City Liner ............ (LAT  00|LON 18)
                 D = Wood Plank to Warren .. (LAT -02|LON 18)
                 E = Traffic Line .......... (LAT -11|LON 17)
                 F = Silo and Barn ......... (LAT  00|LON 20)
                 G = Military Checkpoint ... (LAT -05|LON 20)
                 H = Ant Tunnel/Musty Cavern (LAT -11|LON 20)
                 I = Crashed Anomaly ....... (LAT  03|LON 22)
                 J = Silo & Buildings ...... (LAT -07|LON 23)
                 K = Tent .................. (LAT -12|LON 23)
                 L = Oasis Entrance ........ (LAT -05|LON 29)
                 M = Monorail Wreck ........ (LAT -06|LON 28)
                 N = Toxic Pond ............ (LAT -09|LON 30)
                 O = Rope Bridge ........... (LAT -10|LON 29)

                         18 RANDOM ENCOUNTER SPOTS (*)

                                ENCLAVE CAMPS:
                             e1 = (LAT -05|LON 29)
                             e2 = (LAT  00|LON 19)


1. MDPL-13 Power Station
Look inside the smaller Power Substation for a [RAILWAY RIFLE SCHEMATICS],
[BOTTLECAP MINE] and a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] on the Work Bench.  There's a [FIRST
AID BOX] on the wall and a [SAFE] with a Hard lock.

Head inside the Derelict Power Plant through the regular double doors.  The
terminal (de)activates Turrets.  Fight off a ghoul or 8 in the next hall, then
explore the NW garage to find a [FIRST AID BOX] and a Personal Footlocker.

Find the [FISTO!] upstairs on a desk, which is a unique Iron Fist.  There's
also an averagely locked [SAFE] in the floor.

2. Paradise Falls
See Walkthrough.

3. Reclining Groves Resort Homes
Check the NE house to find a [TALES OF A JUNKTOWN JERKY VENDOR].

4. Broadcast Tower
Radio Signal Echo Foxtrot can be activated here by the electrical switch.

5. Montgomery County Reservoir
Many Raiders roam this place.

6. Clifftop Shacks
In the shack you'll find a captive and a Super Mutant.  Find a [PUGILISM
ILLUSTRATED] in the bookcase and a [BLOOD PACK] on top of it.  There's also
an averagely locked [SAFE] to be looted.

The eastern shack holds a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] Skill Book in the bookcase.
An [AMMO BOX] lies at the footend of te bed, and a [PRE-WAR BOOK] is lying
in the small table. There's also a [BOARD OF EDUCATION].

7. MDPL-21 Power Station
Enter the garage to find a [SAFE] in the ground with a Hard lock.  The Work

8. Satcom Array NN-03
Beware of the Raiders on the balcony above, and  head into the southern tower A.
Deal with about 6 Raiders inside the building, then explore around to find the
following items: [FIRST AID BOX], [BUFFOUT], [JET] on the counter, and a [JET]
on a small table, along with an [AMMO BOX] exit to it.  The third floor holds
[MENTATS] on a small table; That covers this tower.

Tower B is barred by wooden planks.  Head into Tower C which has a Hard lock.
Inside you'll find two Raiders.  Find a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] on a toilet and
ignore the stairs - you won't find anything upstairs.  Instead, head through the
eastern hall that leads to Tower B.  Deal with the three Raiders and start the
scavenging.  Find [JET x2], [BUFFOUT x2] and [MENTATS] on the counter, and
another [JET], [PSYCHO] and [CHERRY BOMB] in the baby carriage.

The NW counter holds [JET x2] and [BUFFOUT x3].  Head upstairs and find a
[ELECTRON CHARGE PACK x2] on the table with the chessboard in the room with
the ladder.  There's also a [FIRST AID BOX] on the shelves.  Head outside, go 
inthe final room and grab [DARTS] from the shelves.


A. Minefield Water Tower
This is useful as a landmark only.  You can drink water by using the valve,
but it's only 20 HP with 6 Rads.



D. Wood Plank to Warren
This leads to a cave with several Vicious Dogs and a few bodies to loot.

E. Traffic Line
There's nothing to be found here, but you can view a neat series of explosions
if you stand back and blow up the cars.

F. Silo and Barn
Go upstairs in the barn and look for [AMMO BOX x2], a Sniper Rifle behind these
ammo boxes, and a [PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER] that has a Very Hard lock and has a


H. Ant Tunnel/Musty Cavern 
Fight off about 4 Giant Ants while travelling down the linear path.  Search
any bodies you come across.

I. Crashed Spacecraft
There's heavy radiation around this spacecraft.  Look for the alien and its
[ALIEN BLASTER], plus the unique [10x ALIEN POWER CELL x12]. 

J. Silo & Buildings
Find three [AMMO BOXES] upstairs. The shack west from here contains three
more [AMMO BOXES].

K. Tent
found inside here.  There's also a bed for resting.

                   | SECTOR 2: NORTH/MIDDLE ENCLAVE CAMPS |
Kill the officer and trooper here and loot the [ENCLAVE CRATES x4] and [AMMO 
BOX x2].

                            | SECTOR 3: NORTH/EAST  |

|    04| 05| 06| 07| 08| 09| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15| 16| 17| 18| 19| 20| 
v  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
 30|                              *                           N         |30
---|                       O                                            |---
 29|                                                                    |29
---|                                                                    |---
 28|                                                                    |28
---|                                                                    |---
 27|          L       10                              J            8    |27
---|                                                                    |---
 26|                              9               *                     |26
---| M                                                                  |---
 25|               e4                     *                             |25
---|                                       K                            |---
 24|                                                  7        6        |24
---|                                                            *       |---
 23|                          I         H        G                      |23
---|                                                                    |---
 22|                                                                    |22
---|                                                                    |---
 21|     F        5                           *       e3                |21
---|                                                                    |---
 20|          *           *                          3                  |20
---|                                                  *                 |---
 19|                                          4      E                  |19
---|                                                                    |---
 18|                                               C          *         |18
---|                                              C                     |---
 17|              *                  *                B *               |17
---|                      e2                                            |---
 16|                 D                                                  |16
---|                                        1                           |---
 15|                           *                                        |15
---|   2                          A e1    *              *              |---
     04| 05| 06| 07| 08| 09| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15| 16| 17| 18| 19| 20| 


                              PRIMARY LOCATIONS:
              1  = Temple of the Union .......... (LAT 13|LON 15)
              2  = Minefield .................... (LAT 04|LON 14)
              3  = Relay Tower .................. (LAT 15|LON 20)
              4  = Grisly Diner ................. (LAT 13|LON 20)
              5  = Greener Pastures Disposal Site (LAT 07|LON 21)
              6  = MDPL-16 Power Station ........ (LAT 18|LON 24)
              7  = Chaste Acres Dairy Farm ...... (LAT 15|LON 24)
              8  = The Republic of Dave ......... (LAT 19|LON 27)
              9  = Old Olney .................... (LAT 10|LON 26)
              10 = Vault 92 ..................... (LAT 08|LON 27)

                             SECONDARY LOCATIONS:
              A = Shacks ....................... (LAT 11|LON 14)
              B = Hilltop Farm Ruins ........... (LAT 16|LON 17)
              C = Drainage Outlets ............. (LAT 15|LON 18)
              D = The Roach King ............... (LAT 08|LON 16)
              E = Drainage Chamber ............. (LAT 16|LON 19)
              F = Destroyed Bridge ............. (LAT 04|LON 21)
              G = House ........................ (LAT 15|LON 23)
              H = Truck ........................ (LAT 13|LON 23)
              I = Old Olney Outskirts .......... (LAT 10|LON 23)
              J = Destroyed House .............. (LAT 16|LON 27)
              K = Red Rocket Gas Station & Truck (LAT 13|LON 25)
              L = Destroyed Farmstead .......... (LAT 06|LON 27)
              M = Shack ........................ (LAT 04|LON 26)
              N = City Liner ................... (LAT 18|LON 30)
              O = Three Destroyed Houses ....... (LAT 09|LON 29)

                         15 RANDOM ENCOUNTER SPOTS (*)

                                ENCLAVE CAMPS:
                            e1 = (LAT 11|LON 14)
                            e2 = (LAT 09|LON 17)
                            e3 = (LAT 17|LON 21)
                            e4 = (LAT 07|LON 25)


1. Temple of the Union
See the walkthrough for details on the Misc. Quest that you can initiate here.
If you wish to loot this area you'd best do this after the slaves leave, in 
other words, when you've completed 'Head of State'.

Check Caleb's house if you wish to grab a {PRE-WAR BOOK} and loot from the
{FIRST AID BOX}. On the second floor you can enter Simone's Home and steal two
{DARTS} from the shelves.  The averagely locked Storage Room holds two {CHERRY
BOMBS} on the left shelves.  A {FIRST AID BOX} can be found in the bookcase in
front of you, and a {STIMPAK}, {.32 CALIBER ROUNDS} and {5.56mm ROUNDS} can be
found in the bookcase to your right.

2. Minefield
Needless to say, this place has been rigged with mines and you should be very
careful walking around anywhere.  To top it off there is also a Sniper called
Arkansas residing here who's worth more to you alive than dead because you can
enslave him later in one of the Misc. Quests.

Outside, check all mailboxes to find a [LETTER FROM VAULT-TEC].

Check Gibson's House to find a [PRE-WAR BOOK] on table and head into the SW room
to find a [TUMBLER'S TODAY] on the desk.  The kitchen doesn't hold anything in
particular so head upstairs and search the first bedroom.  The bookcase holds a
[PRE-WAR BOOK] and you can find [DARTS] and two [CHERRY BOMBS].  The bathroom
has a [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall and the larger bedroom has another [PRE-WAR
BOOK] lying on the small cabinet next to the bed, on which you can also grab
[MED-X x2] from.  The other bathtub houses yet another [PRE-WAR BOOK].  Lastly,
unlock the easy [SAFE] behind the book case.

Go into Benson's House and check the kitchen for a [FIRST AID BOX].  Enter the
living room and look for a [PRE-WAR BOOK] on top of the bookcase to your left.
Head upstairs and grab [DARTS] from the bed in the children bedroom, and a
[CHERRY BOMB] from under the bed.  The large bedroom contains another [PRE-WAR
BOOK] and a [D.C. JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE] Skill Book.  There's a [SAFE]
behind the cabinet next to the queen-sized bed.

Inside Zane's house, grab a [PRE-WAR BOOK] from the bookcase in the living room
and check out the office on the south to find [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS] on the desk
and an easy [SAFE] behind the cabinet.  Check the kitchen for a [FIRST AID BOX]
and [DARTS].  Head upstairs and grab a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] from the first
bedroom, along with [DARTS x2] on the ground.  The bathroom adjacent to the
large bedroom holds a [FIRST AID BOX].

Gillian House clearly has a Radroach infestation.  Check the kitchen for [DARTS]
and the living room for two [PRE-WAR BOOKS].  Head upstairs and look in the
children's room for a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] and [DARTS].  The bathroom holds a
[FIRST AID BOX].  Lastly, check for a [SAFE] under the queen-sized bed.

3. Relay Tower
Activate the Electrical Switch at the generator to find the Oscar Zulu Radio
Signal.  This signal will lead you to C. Drainage Outlets.

4. Grisly Diner
Both front and rear entrances are secured by Frag Mines which you'll want to
outrun or deactivate. Enter and immediately waste the Raiders who'll attack you.
There's a [FIRST AID BOX] behind the counter but you'll want to evade the chain
trap with the brahmin leg attached to it.  Exit through the back and look on
your left to find two [AMMO BOXES], a [GRENADE BOX], [MINE BOX] and a [MISSILE
LAUNCHER].  You can use the beds to rest, and you can find a [KELLER FAMILY
TRANSCRIPT 3 OF 5] on the desk behind the corner.

5. Greener Pastures Disposal Site
This dumping area is highly irradiated so pop a Rad-X and/or wear a protective
suit.  The red truck holds a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] and a dead scientist.  The NE
Makeshift Shack holds [STIMPAK x2] in a bucket, [RADAWAY x4] and [RAD-X] in an
other bucket, [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS] near the footlocker and another [RAD-X] under
the bed, as well as a [D.C. JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE].  

The Office Building to the east houses a [FIRST AID BOX], [SAFE], [NUKA-COLA
QUANTUM], a Work Bench with [BOTTLECAP MINE] and most importantly the [AGILITY

6. MDPL-16 Power Station
There's nothing to be found outside, so enter the Substation.  You shouldn't
have much trouble spotting a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] and [BOTTLECAP MINE] on the
Work Bench.  Loot the [FIRST AID BOX] in the SE corner and do the same with the
averagely locked [SAFE] next to the terminal.

7. Chaste Acres Dairy Farm
This place is guarded by about five Raiders, one of them having an advantageous
spot at the Silo balcony.  Kill them and start your exploration progress.  The
Grain Silo houses a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED].  The large barn holds a [GROGNAK THE
BARBARIAN], look upstairs and search thoroughly near the matrass.

8. The Republic of Dave
This is the most northeastern location on the map.  Also see the Walkthrough for

9. Old Olney
This abandoned town usually has several Deathclaws roaming in and around it,
making it an extremely hostile and dangerous place.  Around the northeast area
is a metal grating plate - be warned - and if you stand on it you'll be dropped
to the entrance door of the Old Olney Sewers.  If you fall in, there's only one
way out and that's to go through the sewers.  Good thing I'm here to hold your
hand.  By the way, the building exactly SE from this sewer entrance has a 
[STIMPAK] and Laser Rifle somewhere near the door.

Olney Sewers:
Head southwest and kill a Deathclaw.  Head inside the maintenance room and look
around for three [AMMO BOXES], of which one has a Hard lock, [DARTS x2] and a
[FIRST AID BOX] on the shelves, and [UTILITY EMPLOYEE ID] near the skeleton.
You can activate the Protectron by using the terminal.

Continue through the sewer tunnels, wasting two more tough Deathclaws on your 
way to the next room on the east of the junction, in which yet another Deathclaw
resides.  Unlock the averagely locked [SAFE] in the counter here, then turn your
attention towards the Very Hard locked door to the north.  This small storage
room contains an [AMMO BOX], [RAILWAY SPIKES x2], a [MINI NUKE] and two [FIRST

Head back in the sewer tunnels and continue your way south.  Beware of another
Deathclaw hiding in the dead-end intersection and pass the ladder that leads 
back to Old Olney.  Pass through the vacant room to the south and explore the
rooms to the left in this hallway.  The left room holds a [SCOPED .44
MAGNUM] and a Work Bench with a [BOTTLECAP MINE].  There's also a [FIRST AID
BOX] in the shelves near the entrance.  The door on the right leads to an other
area that we'll cover in just a second, so first proceed to the end of the hall
and waste another Deathclaw.

This room holds a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM], an [AMMO BOX] and a [FAT MAN].  You can
also rest on one of the lovely matresses.  Backtrack to the door and explore the
area behind it.  You'll find a Brotherhood of Steel Initiate with a unique type
of Power Armor, the [PROTOTYPE MEDIC POWER ARMOR] along with the [MEDIC POWER
ARMOR MANUAL].  At the end of the tunnel you can find a [DUCK AND COVER!] Skill
Book.  Exit the sewers.

Odds and Ends
The SE building in town has a skeleton with a piece of paper lying at the front
door.  This is the [NUKA-COLA ACCIDENT REPORT] which refers to a nearby truck,
also noted as a secondary location: H. Truck.  

Look around the middle of town to find an alcove with garbage containers.  But
that's not all, you'll also find a [FIRST AID BOX] and an [AMMO BOX] here.
Incidentally you'll also find Dave here if he lost the elections at The Republic
of Dave.  Bother him too much and he'll attack you - if the Deathclaws don't rip
him apart before that happens, that is.  Aaaand.. that's about it for Old Olney.

10. Vault 92
See Walkthrough.


C. Drainage Outlets
This is just south of: 3. Relay Tower.  Head inside and look for a [FIRST AID

                    | SECTOR 3: NORTH/EAST ENCLAVE CAMPS |

                            | SECTOR 4: MIDDLE/WEST |
|   -30|-29|-28|-27|-26|-25|-24|-23|-22|-21|-20|-19|-18|-17|-16|-15|-14| 
v  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
 13|                  S                                                 | 13
---|                                                                    |---
 12|                  11                    Q     *                     | 12
---|                                                                    |---
 11|                          *                                         | 11
---|                                                       9   P        |---
 10|                                       10                           | 10
---|                  R                                                 |---
 09|                    8       e3 N                                    | 09
---|                                                     M              |---
 08|                             O    *                                 | 08
---|                                    e2 7                   *        |---
 07|                                                             L      | 07
---|                                                                    |---
 06|          6                                      J                  | 06
---|           \                                                        |---
 05|            \                     5                               I | 05
---|             \                                                      |---
 04|              \                          K                          | 04
---|               \                                                    |---
 03|                 \                               3                  | 03
---|                   \                                              2 |---
 02|                    4                                               | 02
---|                                                                  * |---
 01|                                         H                          | 01
---|                                           *                        |---
 00|                             G         E                            | 00
---|                                                                    |---
-01| *                                       D                e1        |-01
---|                                                  1     *    C      |---
-02|                                  F                             *   |-02
---|                                                                    |---


                              PRIMARY LOCATIONS:
            1  = Fort Bannister ................ (LAT -18|LON -01)
            2  = VAPL-58 Power Station ......... (LAT -14|LON  03)
            3  = Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal (LAT -18|LON  03)
            4  = Little Lamplight .............. (LAT -26|LON  02)
            5  = Everglow National Campground .. (LAT -23|LON  05)
            6  = Vault 87 ...................... (LAT -28|LON  06)
            7  = Rockbreaker's Last Gas ........ (LAT -21|LON  08)
            8  = Broadcast Tower KT8 ........... (LAT -26|LON  09)
            9  = MDPL Mass Relay Station ....... (LAT -17|LON  10)
            10 = Five Axles Rest Stop .......... (LAT -21|LON  10)
            11 = Shalebridge ................... (LAT -26|LON  12)

                             SECONDARY LOCATIONS:
                 A = Crater Pool ........... (LAT -18|LON -03)
                 B = Drainage Chamber ...... (LAT -24|LON -03)
                 C = Bannister Crater ...... (LAT -14|LON -01)
                 D = Broadcast Tower ....... (LAT -20|LON  01)
                 E = Captain Cosmos Board .. (LAT -20|LON  00)
                 F = Scavenger Ruin ........ (LAT -22|LON -02)
                 G = Orange Truck Debris ... (LAT -23|LON  00)
                 H = Shack ................. (LAT -20|LON  01)
                 I = Wastelander Pylon ..... (LAT -14|LON  05)
                 J = Wasteland Gypsy Village (LAT -18|LON  06)
                 K = Truck ................. (LAT -20|LON  04)
                 L = Destroyed House ....... (LAT -15|LON  07)
                 M = Fishing Hole .......... (LAT -17|LON  09)
                 N = Container ............. (LAT -23|LON  09)
                 O = Shack ................. (LAT -23|LON  08)
                 P = Beached Boat .......... (LAT -15|LON  10)
                 Q = Truck ................. (LAT -20|LON  12)
                 R = Drainage Chamber ...... (LAT -26|LON  10)
                 S = Shalebridge Ant Hill .. (LAT -26|LON  13)

                         9 RANDOM ENCOUNTER SPOTS (*)

                                ENCLAVE CAMPS:
                            e1 = (LAT -15|LON -01)
                            e2 = (LAT -21|LON  07)
                            e3 = (LAT -23|LON  09)


1. Fort Bannister
This place is now the headquarters of the Talon Company.  Check the southern
outpost (watch all Mercs, especially those with Missile Launchers!) and find
two [AMMO BOXES], a [STIMPAK], and another [AMMO BOX] on top of the outpost.

The SE sandbag structure holds a [FIRST AID BOX] and two [MINE BOXES] on ground
level.  Head up by going over the planks and check the table for a [SNIPER 
RIFLE], a [STIMPAK] and an [AMMO BOX].

The Tent to the northwest has a sewer entrance inside that leads to the
Commanding Officer's Quarters.  The tents south of the water tower only house a
bunch of beds.  The preferred way to enter the underground complex is by going
through the bunker door near the sandbag defenses.  However, since this door
has a Very Hard lock, I'll describe things from the Sewer Entrance at the NW

You want to check out a smaller area first. Fort Bannister Main can be accessed
through the doors on the north of the complex.

Fort Bannister Main:
The Main Hall has a LOT of mercs who want your head now that you've broken into
their headquarters.  Expect heavy gunfire from 10+ mercs.  When you've cleared
the area, check out the eastern halls all the way upstairs.  Go left (north) at
the intersection to get to a storage room - protected by an averagely locked
door - that contains a [FAT MAN], [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE], [MINI NUKE], [DARTS]
and two [AMMO BOXES].

The southern area of the intersaction consists of a large terminal room in which
you can find two averagely locked [SAFES], and [DARTS] in a small wooden crate
nearby one of the safes.

Commanding Officer's Quarters:
Enter through the northern tent.  Immediately destroy the Mark V Turret, mind
your step for several Frag Mines, AND be extremely cautious for the Merc with a
Missile Launcher who's hiding behind sandbags in the tunnel behind the corner.

When the initial threat is out of the way, head to the door at the end of the
tunnel and prepare for another battle heat.  Again, beware of the merc with the
Missile Launcher.  Head down the walkway, destroy the Mark V Turret and search
around for [FRAG GRENADE x2], an [AMMO BOX] and a [FIRST AID BOX].  You can drop
down the railing to a somewhat hidden location with a ham radio and sandbags.
Loot the [AMMO BOX] and check thoroughly around the radio for a [NIKOLA TESLA
AND YOU].  Head through the door downstairs and make your way through the
hallway, killing more Mercs along the way.

You can find some [PSYCHO] on the small table in the barracks, but the real
prize are the shelves with five [AMMO BOXES].  Check out the end of the NW hall
before you continue.  Head up a few steps and kill more mercs around here.  You
can find a [FIRST AID BOX] on the shelves at the intersection.  The generator
room to your left doesn't hold anything interesting so explore the sickbay to
your right instead.  Look around for a [MED-X], [MENTATS], [BLOODPACK], and open
the [SAFE] under the desk.

Return to the barracks and head downstairs.  Expect another merc or three in the
next area, so be on your toes.  If you like swimming in toxic waste be my guest
but know that there's nothing to be found there.  A better plan is to continue
your scavenging by going through the SW door.  The locker room adjacent to the
hall contains junk and food (and probably junk-food too), so it's not worth
exploring.  Head upstairs and find yourself at a cross intersection.

Start by opening the door to your right (north) which has a Hard lock.  This
storage room houses three [AMMO BOXES].  Back at the intersection, wait with
the western door as it leads to the next area, the bunker.  Instead, prepare
yourself for a fairly decent fight by going south.  In this area you'll face
several mercs, turrets and the Talon Company Leader, Commander Jabsco.  He likes
to abuse his Missile Launcher a lot, so be sure to return the favor by abusing
your favorite weapon on him.  The Alien Blaster comes to mind, just for the
pretty blue goo pulp it creates out of him.

It is possibe to deactivate the turrets by using the terminal, but you can also
destroy them with a few well-aimed shots.  Be sure to loot Jabsco, he holds 
quite some ammo and weapons, but more importantly also the unique [OCCAM'S
RAZOR] Combat Knife and [JABSCO'S KEY].  Check the lower area to find a [FIRST
AID BOX], [AMMO BOX x2] and a [SAFE] that can be unlocked with the newly
acquired Jabsco's Key.  There's also a locked [FOOTLOCKER] directly under the
stairs that requires the same key to open.  With this area fully explored, 
continue into the bunker.

Fort Bannister Bunker:
Directly in front of you are two rigged shotguns which you'd best disarm before
triggering them.  You choose which path you want to take, but rest assured that
many mercs traverse either.  The western halls and rooms don't hold much and
lead to a generator room adjacent to the other path.  If you look thoroughly
you can find some [RAILWAY SPIKES] on some shelves, and there's a Gun Cabinet
in the locker room as well.

Head upstairs from the generator room but beware of Frag Mines.  Unlock the door
and you'll be back at the wasteland.

2. VAPL-58 Power Station
Head inside the substation and look around for a [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS], a [SAFE]
with a Very Hard lock (same as terminal), a [FIRST AID BOX], [STEALTH BOY],

3. Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal
This highly irradiated area only holds loot in the offices.  The office on the
inside of the complex holds a Work Bench with [BOTTLECAP MINE] and a [NUKA-COLA
QUANTUM].  The other office holds a [FIRST AID BOX], [STIMPAK x2], [RAD-X x2],
[RADAWAY x2], and an averagely locked locker.  Head upstairs to find a [SAFE]
The safe can also be unlocked by hacking the average terminal.

4. Little Lamplight
See Walkthrough.

5. Everglow National Campground
You'll come across several Raiders and possibly Super Mutants here.  The caravan
contains [RAILWAY SPIKES x3], two [AMMO BOXES], [DARTS], [SUGAR BOMBS x10] and a
[GUNS AND BULLETS] near the makeshift bed.  You can find a [FIRST AID BOX] if
you decide to check out the NE picnic tables.

6. Vault 87
See Walkthrough.

7. Rockbreaker's Last Gas
Enclave camp e2 is next to this location, so watch for enclave troops.  Look
around for two [ENCLAVE CRATES].  A [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] can be found near the
vending machines.

8. Broadcast Tower KT8
Quite a landmark on itself, activate the Electrical Switch nearby and tune in
to the Sierra Romea Radio Signal. The area is usually roaming with Super Muties.
The signal leads back to a Drainage Chamber just north of the tower, located in
the canyon.  This is: R. Drainage Chamber

9. MDPL Mass Relay Station
A couple of Raiders have made this their home.  Check around the southern
generators to find a [FIRST AID BOX], two [AMMO BOXES] and a [JET].  Downstairs
you can find [MENTATS] on the small table.

10. Five Axles Rest Stop
The truck here often contains three Raiders, so waste them and start your search
for loot.  Find [MED-X] and [PSYCHO] on the ground and look in the back of the
truck for a [MINI NUKE], [RAILWAY SPIKES x2] and a [U.S. ARMY: 30 HANDY
FLAMETHROWER RECIPES] Skill Book.  Search the truck with the tires in it to find

11. Shalebridge
South of a destroyed tower lies the entrance to a complex of Ant Tunnels. Sound
like fun, right?  Let's dive in!

Follow the linear path down and come across friendly Mutated Forager Ants and
some Invader Ants.  In the northern room you'll find the body of an Ant
Researching floating in an irradiated pool.  He holds a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE],
and you should also be able to locate some floating [10MM ROUNDS].  Check the
west corner of the room and inspect the egg pile.  You can inject a Stimpak in
this pile.


R. Drainage Chamber
Located just north of the Broadcast Tower KT8, this can be found using the Radio
Signal Sierra Romeo.  Head inside and check the one and only room on your left
to find [MENTATS], two [PRE-WAR BOOKS] and the [ENCRYPTION KEY] from the desk.
With this you can unlock the hatch by using one of the terminals, and you'll 
find the remains of two Chinese Spies, along with a [MINI NUKE], [PURIFIED
on the floor.

                    | SECTOR 4: MIDDLE/WEST ENCLAVE CAMPS |

                            |SECTOR 5: MIDDLE/MIDDLE|
|   -13|-12|-11|-10|-09|-08|-07|-06|-05|-04|-03|-02|-01| 00| 01| 02| 03| 
v  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
 13|                                             14                     | 13
---|                                                                    |---
 12|DD                             e7                                   | 12
---|                                 AA                                 |---
 11|      BB                      *                               * Z   | 11
---|                                                                    |---
 10|  CC                                                                | 10
---| *                                                                  |---
 09|   Y      e6  13--------.                                           | 09
---|                         \             11                           |---
 08|                      W   '--     U                          9      | 08
---|                             '------.                               |---
 07|                                     '--------10                    | 07
---|          8        X       12   V         T    *    *               |---
 06|     S        R                                                   L | 06
---|                         P                                          |---
 05|               Q            6  O                                  e5| 05
---|                                                   N             K  |---
 04|                         7                                     M    | 04
---|                                                                    |---
 03|                                      5                             | 03
---|                    *                                             * |---
 02|                   4 I                       H                    G | 02
---| J                                                                  |---
 01|                 *   3                                              | 01
---|                                                                    |---
 00|                                 E e3                  C            | 00
---|                                                                    |---
-01|                                                         e1         |-01
---|                      F              D                         B   A|---
-02|                                         e2           1             |-02
---|                                                                    |---
    -13|-12|-11|-10|-09|-08|-07|-06|-05|-04|-03|-02|-01| 00| 01| 02| 03| 


                              PRIMARY LOCATIONS:
             1  = Springvale School ............ (LAT -10|LON -01)
             2  = Jury Street Metro Station .... (LAT -10|LON -03)
             3  = Vault 106 .................... (LAT -09|LON  01)
             4  = Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast ..... (LAT -09|LON  02)
             5  = Big Town ..................... (LAT -04|LON  03)
             6  = Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema ...... (LAT -08|LON  05)
             7  = Fordham Flash Memorial Field . (LAT -08|LON  04)
             8  = Arefu ........................ (LAT -11|LON  06)
             9  = Agatha's House ............... (LAT  01|LON  08)
             10 = Meresti Trainyard ............ (LAT -01|LON  07)
             11 = Hallowed Moors Cemetary ...... (LAT -04|LON  09)
             12 = Hamilton's Hideaway .......... (LAT -07|LON  07)
             13 = Northwest Seneca Station ..... (LAT -10|LON  09)
             14 = Germantown Police Headquarters (LAT -02|LON  13)

                             SECONDARY LOCATIONS:
             A  = North Pier .................. (LAT  03|LON -01)
             B  = Rusty Tub ................... (LAT  02|LON -01)
             C  = Lakeside Ruin.s ............. (LAT  01|LON  00)
             D  = Freeway Raider Camp ......... (LAT -05|LON -01)
             E  = Ruined Farmstead ............ (LAT -05|LON  00)
             F  = Patriotic Picnic Area ....... (LAT -08|LON -01)
             G  = Truck ....................... (LAT  03|LON  02)
             H  = Shack, Pier, Rusty Tub ...... (LAT -02|LON  02)
             I  = Drainage Outlet ............. (LAT -08|LON  02)
             J  = Brahmin Skull Shack ......... (LAT -13|LON  02)
             K  = Radiated Pool ............... (LAT  03|LON  05)
             L  = Caravan ..................... (LAT  03|LON  06)
             M  = House ....................... (LAT  02|LON  05)
             N  = Cratered Hamlet ............. (LAT -01|LON  05)
             O  = Truck ....................... (LAT -05|LON  05)
             P  = Dry Pier .................... (LAT -07|LON  06)
             Q  = South Arefu Pier ............ (LAT -10|LON  05)
             R  = North Arefu Pier ............ (LAT -10|LON  08)
             S  = Rusty Tub ................... (LAT -12|LON  06)
             T  = Raider Shacks ............... (LAT -03|LON  07)
             U  = Shack ....................... (LAT -05|LON  08)
             V  = Tub and Bridge .............. (LAT -05|LON  07)
             W  = Bowling Board ............... (LAT -08|LON  09)
             X  = Shack ....................... (LAT -09|LON  07)
             Y  = Boats ....................... (LAT -12|LON  09)
             Z  = Power Transformers .......... (LAT  02|LON  11)
             AA = House ....................... (LAT -05|LON  12)
             BB = Wrecked Monorail Carriage Hat (LAT -12|LON  11)
             CC = Military Track .............. (LAT -13|LON  10)
             DD = Wrecked Vehicles ............ (LAT -13|LON  12)

                             10 RANDOM ENCOUNTERS

                                ENCLAVE CAMPS:
                            e1 = (LAT -03|LON -02)
                            e2 = (LAT -05|LON  00)
                            e3 = (LAT -08|LON -03)
                            e4 = (LAT -08|LON -03)
                            e5 = (LAT  03|LON  06)
                            e6 = (LAT -11|LON  09)
                            e7 = (LAT -05|LON  12)

1. Springvale School
This former elementary school is located north of Springvale and Vault 101.  The
eastern radiated dump pile contains a trashed [FIRST AID BOX] and [RADAWAY].

The northern section of the school has been completely destroyed and a couple of
Raiders have moved in as residents.  Enter the school by going through the 
front door on the western side of the building.

Ground Level:
Looks like the elementary school has been transformed - but only slightly - in
a Raider slaughterhouse.  Check the rooms to your left (west) for two [STIMPAKS]
on the counter and a [RADAWAY] on a table.  Check the restroom to find a [JET],
[STIMPAK], [MED-X x2], and a [BUFFOUT].  The NE room of this floor holds a
[STIMPAK] and a [FIRST AID BOX] so you may want to check it out.  One of the 
it's probably a random raider.  Check the NW room for a [FIRST AID BOX].

Lower Level:
Continue to the basement by going through the southern door and kill any Raiders
around here.  The western exit holds some shelves with [RAD-X] and there's a
storage room on the SE with a [FIRST AID BOX] and a [BUFFOUT] inside.  The room
directly north from the storage room leads to the basement and can be unlocked
with the key you found on one of the Raiders.

Grab a [JET] and [PSYCHO] from the flipped desk and descent into the tunnel in
which you can expect Giant Ants to attack you.  At the end of the straight-
forward tunnel, look near the fridge and dead wastelander to find a [CHINESE
ARMY: SPEC. OPS. TRAINING MANUAL] Skill Book.  Return to the building and make
your way to the northeastern most hall of the lower floor to reach a last area
to explore.

Head upstairs and check out the end of the hall to find a [DUCK AND COVER!]
Skill Book on the desk and three [AMMO BOXES] under the small table.  Then head
inside the library behind the double doors, drop any raiders and scavenge the
storage room on the NW for a [BUFFOUT x2], [STIMPAK x2], [MENTATS] and [JET x2].

Check out the southern area to wind up at the main hall.  Hop on the cell and
grab the [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] on your way out.

2. Jury Street Metro Station
Enter Gold Ribbon Grocers.  Follow the arrows and step up the pressure plate.
This will create a domino effect for the boxes on the shelf which in turn 
activate another pressure plate, which in turn activate a fire extinguisher that
falls into a bear trap, which in turn activates a grenade bouquet, which in 
turn sets gas on fire, which in turn destroys the generator in the corner.  The
game wants to have a skeleton drop from the ceiling, but due to a small bug
this may not always work.  At any case, the skeleton is supposed to hold a

You can find several Sugar Bombs between the boxes on the shelf, and you can
also look around for [MENTATS] and a [FIRST AID BOX] near the counter.

Head back outside and explore the Dot's Diner to find a deceased Prime, once a
merc, now a dead body for you to loot the unique [XUANLONG ASSAULT RIFLE] off,
along with [500 CAPS].  This is an excellent starting weapon and you can repair
it with any Chinese Assault Rifles you come across later on.  With the ground
level fully explored, enter the subway tunnels.

Jury St. Station:
Make your way through the tunnel until you reach the tube.  Look for the Work
Bench that holds a [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS] and a [BOTTLECAP MINE].  Head down the
escalators and kill a few Raiders.  Head down the tube and explore the chamber
that connects the two tubes to find [RADAWAY x2] and [PSYCHO] on the shelves and
a [JET] and [MED-X] on the small table.

Continue through the tube and ignore the door to your left for now.  Kill a few
Raiders up ahead and proceed to the western tunnel.  At the northern end you'll
find a cabinet with two [STIMPAKS], [BUFFOUT] and two [AMMO BOXES].  To the
south you'll find the entrance to the next area.

Jury St. Tunnels:
Check the first room for a [JET] and [RADAWAY] on the small table, and a [RAD-X]
on the shelves next to a metal box.  Continue to the next tube and loot the
three [AMMO BOXES] here.  You'll come across a lovely pair of Raiders when
further exploring the tubes.  Check the SE-most room for a terminal and make
your way through the cave-like tunnel connecting to an upper tube. The following
tunnels and tubes are straightforward, just be careful for any Mole Rats and
Raiders you will come across.

Head through the door at the end of the tube and explore the room to your right
(east).  You'll stumble on Ryan Brigg who turns hostile - no other way but to
waste him.  He holds the [RYAN BRIGG'S SAFE KEY] which unlocks the [SAFE] in
this room.  Also grab the [LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] on top of the safe.

You can find [BLOOD PACK x7] in this room (one is next to the terminal) and a
[NUKA-COLA QUANTUM], but there's also a unique Wonder Meat Maker device on the
table.  Insert a Mole Rat Meat and a Wonderglue and the machine'll make a 
Mole Rat Wonder Meat for you (Value 20, HP +20 instead of: Value 4, HP +4).
Leave the area after saying hi and bye to Ryan's pet Pumpkin.  The NW door 
leads back to the first tunnel complex making for a quick exit.

3. Vault 106
Look for the door surrounded by metal fences in a small canyon, head inside the
cave and unlock the vault door.

Continue through the next two rooms and make your way to the east.  Unlock the
Very Easy door to your right and read the notice at the (very hard) terminal
that goes something like: "Oh, guys, nothing to worry about - something happened
but just don't worry.  And if anyone freaks out for no good reason, send them to

Continue east and go down the stairs to your left first.  Check out the room to
your left and .. what the?  Upon closer inspection the room is empty, but who
were those scientists?  If you check out the generator room downstairs you'll
come across two Insane Survivors .. could they have been exposed to this strange
vision for too long?

With fresh new courage, take the south stairs down, notice how your vision gets
all wierd.  Perhaps you can't help but notice a scientist walking into a room..
a scientist that looked a lot like dad, wouldn't you say?  Kill the Insane
Survivor in this hallway and check out the room to your right - in which the
scientist just walked in - only to find it empty.  Make your way through the
rest of the halls and ignore the rooms on either side as they're all quite

Living Quarters:
Kill an Insane Survivor or two and head to the counter located and barricaded
on the SW.  Grab the [FRAG MINE] from it, then turn to the door with a Hard lock
and proceed to the Overseer's Office.  Look for a [FIRST AID BOX] on top of the
bookcase and check the Very Hard terminal for another entry from the Overseer,
saying that everything is under control.  Speaking of the Overseer.. this room
doesn't hold anything else, if you can trust your eyes anymore that is.

Head back to the main hall and explore the SE hallway and room - you'll stumble
upon another Insane Survivor.  Search the shelves to find the precious [SCIENCE 

Back at the main hall once more, continue your scavenging in this eerie place
by heading through the NW door nearby the exit you came through to visit this
place.  The bookcase contains [FRAG GRENADES x3], [FIRST AID BOX x2] and even
some [MENTATS] in a smal wooden crate.  The other bookcase holds a [MINE BOX]
and a [GRENADE BOX].

Make your way though the door to reach the lower area of the hall, and search
the bookcases in the western storage room to find [DARTS x2], [MENTATS],[RAD-X],
[SHOTGUN SHELLS x2], [FRAG MINE x2], and three [AMMO BOXES].

There are two doors to choose from at the main hall:  The one with the Easy Lock
on the south leads to the Science Labs and the one to the north leads to, well
you better check that out for yourself.

Head through the northern door and head into the left room; activate one of the
terminals here.  Wait a sec, what's going on here?  Read all notes, then make
your way to the northern end of the hall and things return back to normal.  Kill
the two nearby Insane Survivors and head all the way downstairs and through the
long hall.

The Male/Female dorms don't have much treasure in store for you.  Find Insane
Survivors in the female dorms or head inside the male dorms and check out the
desk in the northern room to find a note called [FEEL THE LOVE MAN].

Ignore the restrooms and proceed through the averagely locked door downstairs.
This bedroom contains a wall [SAFE] with a Hard lock.  That covers this area, sp
head back to the main hall and proceed through the southern door that leads to
the Science Lab.

Science Labs:
Exploration of the SE bedroom yields a [FIRST AID BOX] and [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS]
from the bookcase.  The generator upstairs leads to a room back in the Living
Quarters that wasn't accessible any earlier.  You'll find another terminal with
a clue as to what the hell's going on here.  Find the [VAULT 106 MASTER KEY] on
this table.  Backtrack to the hallway at the entrance of the Science Labs and 
head downstairs.

The server room to the east houses a [TUMBLERS TODAY], which can be found on the
fallen-over server with bottles of milk on it.  Continue down the main hall and
head down several stairs.  In the next room, things will get really wierd.
Kill everyone that attacks you and it'll all be fine.  Check the far NW cave to
find your final reward for exploring this creepy place: Three [AMMO BOXES], one
of them with a Hard Lock, a [MINI NUKE], [DARTS] and a [FIRST AID BOX].

4. Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast
This house has been taken by Raiders.  Watch for two traps in particular, the
chain trap with a Brahmin Head that activates when you enter through the front
exit, and the mailbox with bomb inside.  There's also a dangerous Raider with a
Missile Launcher who you should take care of first when you spot them.  As for
loot, you can find a sole [PSYCHO] in the corner next to some booze.

5. Big Town
See Misc. Quest: Big Trouble in Big Town.

6. Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema
A few Super Mutants usually reside here.  One of the picnic tables holds a
[PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED].  You may also find Cartons of Cigarettes.

7. Fordham Flash Memorial Field
This former baseball field is now a favorite place for Raiders to hang out.

8. Arefu
See Misc. Quest: Blood Ties.

9. Agatha's House
See Misc. Quest: Agatha's Song.

10. Meresti Trainyard
See Misc. Quest: Blood Ties.

11. Hallowed Moors Cemetary
This destroyed church is inhabited by several Super Mutants and their Centaur
pet.  Look inside to find [KELLER FAMILY TRANSCRIPT 2 OF 5], [BIG BOOK OF
INTERNAL MEDICINE], a [MINI NUKE] under the table and a very well hidden [FRAG
GRENADE] behind the small wooden crate that itself is located behind the table.
There's also a captive you can free to gain Karma.

    |12. Hamilton's Hideaway                                              |
|LAT -07/LONG 07                                                               |
|                                                                              |
|PICKUPS: [] First Aid Box, [] Bottlecap Mine, [] Cherry Bomb x4, [] Nuka-Cola |
|         Quantum, [] Duck and Cover!, [] Stimpak x2, [] Jet x2, [] Mentats,   |
|         [] Buffout x2, [] Psycho, [] 3x Railway Spikes x20, [] Med-X x2,     |
|         [] First Aid Box x2, [] Ammo Box x7, [] Mini Nuke, [] Frag Grenade x5|
|         [] Foot Locker x2.                                                   |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Raider    o Radscorpion    o Radroach                              |
|                                                                              |

Head down some stairs, go around the corner and head SE at the crossways.  In
the rooms up ahead you'll find a [FIRST AID BOX], [BOTTLECAP MINE], Toolbox
and even a Workbench.  In the southern room is another Toolbox.

Head west at the crossroads, then continue NE.  You may run into Radscorpions
here.  Continue until you get to a T-section with a corpse.  Loot it and proceed
to the western area until you reach a room with a Raider.  Check the Filing
Cabinets x2, grab [CHERRY BOMB x4] from the desk, as well as the [NUKA-COLA
[PSYCHO], [3x RAILWAY SPIKES x20], and on the table with the light: [MED-X x2].

Make your way through the NE tunnel, loot the Raider corpse and check out the
corpse in the nearby room.  The far Northwest part of the tunnel looks collapsed
and it is, but you can check out the cell - that is, if you have the Three Dog's
Cache Key (find out about dad on your own, then claim rewards at Three Dog).

The Cache holds:

      o First Aid Box x2.
      o Ammo Boxes x7: [MISSILE x8], [ENERFY CELL x40], [MICROFUSION CELL x28],
        [.308 CALIBER ROUND x10], [5.56MM ROUND x33], [ENERGY CELL x38],
        [DARTS x48].
        [FRAG GRENADE x4], [FRAG GRENADE x1].
      o Foot Locker x2: [POWER FIST], [.44 ROUNDS x15].

Several other small rooms are up ahead, but you'll only find things like: Toy
Car x2, Fission Battery, Wonderglue, Lunchbox.  Exit the tunnel by the South/SE.

In this room you can find a [FIRST AID BOX], plus a Fission Battery, Vacuum
Cleaner and a dead Raider.  You've now explored the area.

13. Northwest Seneca Station
This leads to undergroudn subway tunnels, but there's some groundlevel
exploration to be done as well.  Enter the Grocer and look for [MENTATS], [PRE-
WAR MONEY x2] and [SUGAR BOMBS x2] near counter.  There's also an easy [SAFE] in
the floor and a [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall.  Head inside the metro tunnels to
continue the exploration progress.

Northwest Seneca Station (Tunnels)
The nearby restroom area is endangered by three Mole Rats and an irradiated
leaking pipe.  As for the restrooms themselves, they each house a [FIRST AID 
BOX].  Continue through the main tunnel and you'll wind up meeting Murphy and
Barrett, two Ghouls living down here.  Murphy has an excellent offer for you,
if you bring him any Sugar Bombs he can make Ultrajet out of it, and he'll pay
you 15 Caps for each Sugar Bombs you find - make that 30 with Speech.

When you're done doing business with Murphy head into their office/bedroom to
find a [MINE BOX] and [RAD-X] that isn't regarded stealing for some reason.
You can make your way to the Meresti Servive Tunnels if you head down the
manhole at the toxic waste.  This area is covered in the walkthrough, check the
Misc. Quest: Blood Ties section for more information.

14. Germantown Police Headquarters
See Walkthrough, Misc. Quest Big Trouble in Big Town.

                            |SECTOR 6: MIDDLE/EAST |

|    04| 05| 06| 07| 08| 09| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15| 16| 17| 18| 19| 20| 
v  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
 13|                                                          *         | 13
---|                                                                    |---
 12|         *                           AA                             | 12
---|                                                       11           |---
 11|                      CC              *                             | 11
---|                              BB                         10         |---
 10|                                *         Z     Y                   | 10
---|                                                                    |---
 09|       9       *       *          *   e6                            | 09
---|                                         *             V            |---
 08|       *                                         e5         *       | 08
---|    e7                   8                                          |---
 07|                                                 W    U             | 07
---|               X                                                    |---
 06|                          T                                  6      | 06
---|                                                                    |---
 05|             *                             *                        | 05
---|                             S            R                *        |---
 04|                                                   7                | 04
---|                                                              *     |---
 03|          5                                      O                  | 03
---|                      Q                           *                 |---
 02|                                                  N                 | 02
---|                                * e4  P                             |---
 01|                                                                   M| 01
---|                                                                    |---
 00|             *   L       K  e3                                      | 00
---|                                                                  * |---
-01|                     4                       *              *  G  e2|-01
---|                                J                                   |---
-02|                                  I               3         H    ___|-02
---|     F                    e1           _ _____2____________A____|   |---
     04| 05| 06| 07| 08| 09| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15| 16| 17| 18| 19| 20| 


                              PRIMARY LOCATIONS:
            1  = National Guard Depot ........... (LAT 18|LON -03)
            2  = Friendship Heights Metro Station (LAT 14|LON -03)
            3  = Rock Creek Caves ............... (LAT 16|LON -02)
            4  = Chryslus Building .............. (LAT 08|LON -01)
            5  = Bethesda Ruins ................. (LAT 05|LON  03)
            6  = Vault 108 ...................... (LAT 18|LON  06)
            7  = Corvega Factory ................ (LAT 16|LON  05)
            8  = Wheaton Armory ................. (LAT 10|LON  08)
            9  = Scrapyard ...................... (LAT 05|LON  09)
            10 = Canterbury Commons ............. (LAT 18|LON  11)
            11 = AntAgonizer's Lair ............. (LAT 17|LON  12)

                             SECONDARY LOCATIONS:
             A  = National Guard Trucks ........ (LAT 18|LON -03)
             B  = Courtyard Fountain ........... (LAT 12|LON -03)
             C  = Super Mutant Fire ............ (LAT 11|LON -03)
             D  = Shelter Entrance ............. (LAT 10|LON -03)
             E  = Truck ........................ (LAT 09|LON -03)
             F  = Wastelander Mine Trap ........ (LAT 05|LON -03)
             G  = Rock Creek Roundabout ........ (LAT 20|LON -01)
             H  = Rock Creek Ruins ............. (LAT 19|LON -01)
             I  = Red Rocket Gas Station ....... (LAT 13|LON -01)
             J  = Truck ........................ (LAT 12|LON -01)
             K  = Bethesda Coach Station ....... (LAT 10|LON  00)
             L  = Chrysus Baseball Field ....... (LAT 08|LON  00)
             M  = Wrecked Monorail Carriage .... (LAT 20|LON  01)
             N  = Truck ........................ (LAT 16|LON  02)
             O  = Red Rocket Gas Station ....... (LAT 15|LON  03)
             P  = Bethesda Roundabout
                  + Gas Station ................ (LAT 13|LON  02)
             Q  = Bethesda Suburbs ............. (LAT 09|LON  03)
             R  = Corvaga Township ............. (LAT 14|LON  05)
             S  = Coach Liner Wreckage ......... (LAT 11|LON  05)
             T  = Wheaton Armory Truck ......... (LAT 10|LON  06)
             U  = Truck ........................ (LAT 17|LON  07)
             V  = Robot Repair Center .......... (LAT 17|LON  09)
             W  = Radio Mast Yankee Bravo ...... (LAT 16|LON  07)
             X  = Wrecked Monorail Train ....... (LAT 07|LON  07)
             Y  = Canterbury Commons Water Tower (LAT 15|LON  10)
             Z  = Brahmin Pastures ............. (LAT 14|LON  10)
             AA = Military Truck Checkpoint .... (LAT 13|LON  12)
             BB = Freeway Truck ................ (LAT 11|LON  10)
             CC = Regulator Headquarters ....... (LAT 09|LON  11)

                             20 RANDOM ENCOUNTERS

                                ENCLAVE CAMPS:
                            e1 = (LAT 09|LON -03)
                            e2 = (LAT 20|LON -01)
                            e3 = (LAT 10|LON  00)
                            e4 = (LAT 12|LON  02)
                            e5 = (LAT 16|LON  08)
                            e6 = (LAT 13|LON  09)
                            e7 = (LAT 05|LON  07)

3. Rock Creek Caves

4. Chryslus Building
Enter through the front doors and wind up at the reception area.  Expect a Super
Mutant or six in this area altogether.  Enter the southern corridors and explore
the southern room; look in the buckets for [SHOTGUN SHELLS].  The collapsed
adjacent room houses a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] under the desk as well as an [AMMO
BOX].  In the NW offices you can find a [JET] on a desk near a terminal, [5.56MM
ROUNDS x2] in a bucket on a desk, and [RAD-X x2] behind a book in one of the
bookcases, and a [FIRST AID BOX] directly opposite to this Rad-X.  There's
another [FIRST AID BOX] in the bookcase behind the one with Rad-X.

You can unlock the door with the Hard lock by using the (averagely locked) 
terminal next to it, or you can explore the first floor by going upstairs from
the main hall.  Do so by using the car and cabinet in the center of the room as

5. Bethesda Ruins
The ruined offices of the game creators consist of several interior locations.
Many Raiders roam the exterior so tread with extreme caution.

Offices West:
Enter from the north entrance and drop any raiders on the ground level.  Look 
for a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] next to the terminal, a [JET] on a small table at
the western wall, a [FIRST AID BOX] in the NE-most restroom, an [AMMO BOX] and
a funkyfresh [CHERRY BOMB] in the other restroom.  Look under the SW bed in the
main hall to find another [AMMO BOX].  Head upstairs, check the southwestern
room for a [STIMPAK] and two [BLOODPACKS] on a table, head up some more stairs
and enter the last room.  Disarm the rigged shotguns, or pressure plate for that
matter and grab the [RAD-X] from the desk.  The other desk has some [MENTATS]
on top of it and a [DEAN'S ELECTRONICS] hiddan away in one of the wooden crates.
The shelves hold [RAILWAY SPIKES] and a [STEALTH BOY].  Supposedly there is a
[MINI NUKE] to be found here as well, but I've never been able to find it.  Have
you?  Exit to the eastern door.

Offices East:
Make your way over the catwalk and loot the two [AMMO BOXES] before going inside
the east office.  Go through the doorway straight in front of you and look to
your left (north).  Check the filing cabinet in the destroyed pile of rubbish
and do so very thoroughly;  You should be able to spot a [MINI NUKE] on top of
it.  Make your way through some halls and look for a [MED-X] and [BUFFOUT] on
the overturned fridge next to the burning barrel.

Deal with the Raider that has a flamethrower in the room up ahead.  This is the
(in)famous Raider with the [U.S. ARMY: 30 HANDY FLAMETHROWER RECIPES] that you
can respawn by going outside and wait 38 hours or so.  This Raider also holds a
[SAFE KEY].  Destroy/deactivate the turret, check the desk for the [LOCKPICK
BOBBLEHEAD] and unlock the [SAFE].  There's also a [GRENADE BOX] and an [AMMO
BOX] on top of the bunk beds.

Continue to the NW offices and grab two [MISSILES] and a [CHINESE ARMY: SPEC.
OPS. TRAINING MANUAL] from the desk.  The next room contains a [FIRST AID
BOX] near the bunk beds and some [DARTS] next to the lantern on the flipped
cabinet.  Drop down the hole, grab [MENTATS] from the desk in the next room,
inspect the SE restroom to find a [FIRST AID BOX] and exit the offices.

As you come outside, check the truck to find two [AMMO BOXES] and a [FIRST AID
BOX].  Locate the metro entrance on the northeast of the complex.

Bethesda Underworks:
Head down the tunnel and kill a ghoul or 5.  At the inner station, look in one
of the small wooden crates on your left to find a [RAD-X].  Check the bucket on
one of the stone benches for a [TALES OF A JUNKTOWN JERKY VENDOR].  Head down
into the southern tunnel, avoiding the radioactive heap of barrels as much you

In the next corridor, be on the lookout for a skeleton with a bucket next to it.
You'll find two [STIMPAKS] and [RAD-X] inside.  Inside the next tube, circle
around the chamber and head inside the storage room in the middle.  You'll find
and [FRAG GRENADE x3].  Continue some more down the tunnel to find more radio-
active waste.  Look in the small wooden crates to find [MENTATS].

6. Vault 108
The door leading to this Vault is right in between two trees.  The Vault door
is already open and it looks like the place is trashed.  Continue to the south
and beware of the Mole Rats.  The door to the right leads to the Living Quarters
which we'll explore in just a second.  Continue south until you reach a chamber
with a generator in the center.  The SE corner holds a well hidden [NUKA-COLA
QUANTUM] behind the crates, and there's also a [TUMBLER'S TODAY] skill book
*under* the step ladder, but I've never been able to grab it myself.  Return to
the northern room and enter the living quarters.

Living Quarters:
Head downstairs and meet the first Gary clone who immediately goes aggro on you
for no particular reason.  Aggro on me?  Didn't think so.  Search the room for
a [FIRST AID BOX] and continue west inside the atrium to find more Gary's.  
Check the cafetaria on the NW and look for a [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] on the
counter.  The upper atrium consists of bedrooms; search the SW room to find a 
[SAFE] with an easy lock.  

Continue your scavenging by going downstairs from the main atrium.  The room on
your right houses a [SAFE] with an easy lock and a [FIRST AID BOX].  Proceed to
the Cloning Lab.

Note: Gary's often shout their own names.. Could this be a reference to Pokemon,
      in which the rival's name was Gary?  After all, Pokemon all bark their own
      names as well...!

Cloning Lab:
Exterminate the clones in this area while exploring.  Make your way south, head
east and explore the room on your right around the corner to find a [SAFE] with
a very easy lock and a [CLONING LOG] on the floor.  Head back to the hall you
were previously in, proceed all the way east, at this medical area turn around
the corner and follow the path to a laboratory chamber;  To your left is a room
of importance.  Loot the [FIRST AID BOX] next to the room's entrance and find
the [CHARISMA BOBBLEHEAD] on a table. An other table has a [LYING, CONGRESSIONAL
STYLE] lying on it.

Continue east/southeast and head upstairs.  The room to your left has a [FIRST
AID BOX] on the wall, the hall itself has some shelves with two [AMMO BOXES] in
them.  At the end of the hall, exit to the Vault entrance and consider the area
fully explored.  So much for the Gary's.

7. Corvega Factory
First check the surroundings; You'll find a seemingly sealed container to the
south nearby a truck.  If you jump off the cliffs you'll be able to find a [BIG
BOOK OF SCIENCE] inside.  Don't worry about getting out - a few cleverly placed
barrels allow for this to be done.

Several Ants have taken refuge in this factory.  If you time your shots well 
you can take out several ants by blowing up the car at the entrance.  The
counter holds a [LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] cleverly hidden near the phone.  
Explore the upper NW room to find a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] on top of a filing 

Make your way to the actual factory by heading south.  This hall is swarming
with ants - make your way upstairs and head to the western section.  A [FIRST
AID BOX] hangs on the wall next to the connecting door.  The next hall is once
again swarming with giant ants.  Blow up the cars and when the radiation has
pulled away, explore the lower western area to find a total of three [RAILWAY

The southern hall houses a Giant Ant Queen who is best defeated from the upper
catwalks.  Lastly, explore the office to the east to find two [STIMPAKS], a
[DEAN'S ELECTRONICS] and two dead bodies. 

8. Wheaton Armory
This has been transformed into a huge Raider base.  Scavenge the top of the
wrecked building to find a big stash: [AMMO BOX x2], [FIRST AID BOX x2] and a
[MINE BOX].  The truck in the middle of the square holds a [JET], [GRENADE BOX],
and two [AMMO BOXES].  Another [GRENADE BOX] and [FIRST AID BOX] can be found
by checking out the southern cabin just outside the metal fence.  Lastly, the
cabin north of the truck holds an averagely locked [SAFE].  Enter the interior
of the Wheaton Armory by the door on the NW.

Wheaton Armory Interior:
Don't bother exploring your left, head straight through the door with the toxic
waste symbol next to it.  Pop some Rad-x to protect against the radiation in
this area and continue SW until you find some shelves in a hallway with two
[AMMO BOXES], [RAD-X], [RADAWAY] and a [FIRST AID BOX].  Make your way down-
stairs, looting another [AMMO BOX] on your way and head through the northern
corridor - mind the turret.

At the end of this corridor, break into the armory storage room - easier said 
than done with a Very Hard lock - and scavenge the loot inside to find a 
RECIPES] and three Combat Knifes.  Now is that loot or what?

You can also find some [RAD-X], [RADAWAY], [STIMPAK], [AMMO BOX x3], [GRENADE
BOX] and a [FIRST AID BOX] in the other room in this hallway, so even if you
don't have a 100 Lockpick or Science skill (yet), this is still a very fair 
reward for your trip down.

9. Scrapyard
This is the place where you can find Dogmeat, a potential follower.  Save him
from the Raiders (or rather, see the Raiders being raped by Dogmeat) and be nice
to him.

There's also a Littlehorn Associates building here, but it's only accessible if
you have the Contract Killer perk.  This is a worthless perk;  It allows you to
sell ears from good people for a whopping of... 5 Caps!

10. Canterbury Commons
See the Misc. Quest The Superhuman Gambit.  You can also talk to Uncle Roe about
investing in the caravan traders here.

11. AntAgonizer's Lair
See the Misc. Quest The Superhuman Gambit.

                            | SECTOR 7: SOUTH/WEST |
|   -30|-29|-28|-27|-26|-25|-24|-23|-22|-21|-20|-19|-18|-17|-16|-15|-14| 
v  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
-04|         * 14                       13                              |-04
---|          e3              T                                         |---
-05|         *                                                          |-05
---|                                                                    |---
-06|                               Q                                  P |-06
---|   *               *             *               11                 |---
-07| S                R                                                 |-07
---|                                 12                                O|---
-08|     *                                                              |-08
---|                                                                    |---
-09|                 M                                                  |-09
---|                                                                    |---
-10| *                                            L          K          |-10
---|N                                               *                   |---
-11|                  *                                               * |-11
---|                  10          *                                   e2|---
-12|                            e1      9     G                  7      |-12
---|                                           *                        |---
-13|                   J                     I           *              |-13
---|                                                                    |---
-14|             *                 8           H                        |-14
---|       *                                                            |---
-15|      F        6       *                                            |-15
---|                                                  D                5|---
-16|                                * E        *                        |-16
---|                                                                    |---
-17|              *                                                     |-17
---|                4                             3----,-----1          |---
-18|                                                   |         *    B |-18
---|                                                   |                |---
-19|                                                   2              A |-19
---|                                                                    |---


                              PRIMARY LOCATIONS:
             1  = Tenpenny Tower ............... (LAT -16|LON -17)
             2  = Warrington Station ........... (LAT -18|LON -19)
             3  = Warrington Trainyard ......... (LAT -20|LON -17)
             4  = Dunwich Building ............. (LAT -26|LON -18)
             5  = RobCo Facility ............... (LAT -14|LON -15)
             6  = F.Scott Key Trail & Camground  (LAT -27|LON -15)
             7  = VAPL-84 Power Station ........ (LAT -15|LON -12)
             8  = VAPL-66 Power Station ........ (LAT -23|LON -14)
             9  = Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop ....... (LAT -22|LON -12)
             10 = Girdershade .................. (LAT -26|LON -11)
             11 = Evergreen Mills .............. (LAT -18|LON -07)
             12 = Smith Casey's Garage ......... (LAT -22|LON -08)
             13 = Charnel House ................ (LAT -21|LON -04)
             14 = Yao Guai Tunnels ............. (LAT -28|LON -04)

                             SECONDARY LOCATIONS:
                A = Ruined Office Building . (LAT -14|LON -19)
                B = Willy's Gracer ......... (LAT -14|LON -18)
                C = Lucky's Gracer ......... (LAT -18|LON -20)
                D = Warrington Township .... (LAT -18|LON -16)
                E = Dot's Dunwich Diner .... (LAT -22|LON -16)
                F = Chinese Pilot's Shack .. (LAT -29|LON -12)
                G = Captain Cosmos Board ... (LAT -20|LON -12)
                H = Drainage Chamber ....... (LAT -20|LON -13)
                I = Broadcast Tower ........ (LAT -20|LON -13)
                J = Destroyed House ........ (LAT -26|LON -13)
                K = Shack .................. (LAT -16|LON -10)
                L = Captain Cosmos Board ... (LAT -26|LON -10)
                M = Radiated Pond .......... (LAT -26|LON -10)
                N = Overturned City Liner .. (LAT -30|LON -10)
                O = Ruined Calverton Village (LAT -14|LON -07)
                P = Ruined Chapel .......... (LAT -14|LON -06)
                Q = Military Checkpoint .... (LAT -22|LON -06)
                R = Rockopolis ............. (LAT -26|LON -07)
                S = Wastelander Tent ....... (LAT -30|LON -07)
                T = Broadcast Tower PN ..... (LAT -24|LON -04)

                             20 RANDOM ENCOUNTERS

                                ENCLAVE CAMPS:
                            e1 = (LAT -23|LON -12)
                            e2 = (LAT -14|LON -11)
                            e3 = (LAT -28|LON -04)

                            |SECTOR 8: SOUTH/MIDDLE|
|   -13|-12|-11|-10|-09|-08|-07|-06|-05|-04|-03|-02|-01| 00| 01| 02| 03| 
v  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
-04| BB      Z                   X    W   10       8             * e6   |-04
---|                                                                    |---
-05|         AA            Y                                       V    |-05
---|                                                                    |---
-06|     *                            *              9               U  |-06
---|                                                                    |---
-07|   T         *                                                      |-07
---|                                                                    |---
-08|        e5                   S                                      |-08
---|                                                                R   |---
-09|         Q                               *                   N*     |-09
---|                                                                    |---
-10|                              e4                                    |-10
---|                                                                  M |---
-11|                 P                                    O             |-11
---|                                                                    |---
-12|                                                   L  *K  *         |-12
---|                          7             6                           |---
-13|                                                  e3            J   |-13
---|                                                                    |---
-14|                                                                   _|-14
---|                                                                * | |---
-15|                       e2       I  H                 *        4 |¯¯ |-15
---| *                                        G                     |   |---
-16|                                                 E        D     | C |-16
---|                                              e1              |¯    |---
-17|               5                                              | (DC)|-17
---|                *                  3       F                   ¯|   |---
-18|                                                  1           |¯____|-18
---|                       2                   *     B             ¯  * |---
-19|                                                                  A |-19
---|                                                                    |---
    -13|-12|-11|-10|-09|-08|-07|-06|-05|-04|-03|-02|-01| 00| 01| 02| 03| 


                              PRIMARY LOCATIONS:
                 1  = Nuka-Cola Plant ..... (LAT -01|LON -19)
                 2  = The Overlook Drive-in (LAT -08|LON -18)
                 3  = Andale .............. (LAT -05|LON -17)
                 4  = Red Racer Factory ... (LAT  02|LON -15)
                 5  = Cliffside Cavern .... (LAT -10|LON -17)
                 6  = Fairfax Ruins ....... (LAT -04|LON -12)
                 7  = Fort Independence ... (LAT -06|LON -13)
                 8  = Springvale .......... (LAT -02|LON -04)
                 9  = Megaton ............. (LAT -01|LON -06)
                 10 = Vault 101 ........... (LAT -04|LON -04)

                             SECONDARY LOCATIONS:
           A  = Traffic Pile .................... (LAT  03|LON -19)
           B  = Parked Nuka-Cola Trucks
                + Drainage System ............... (LAT -02|LON -19)
           C  = Raider Camp ..................... (LAT  03|LON -16)
           D  = Red Racer Trucks ................ (LAT  01|LON -16)
           E  = Dot's Diner ..................... (LAT -01|LON -16)
           F  = Jackknifed Truck ................ (LAT -03|LON -17)
           G  = The Concrete Treehouse .......... (LAT -03|LON -15)
           H  = Overturned Truck ................ (LAT -05|LON -15)
           I  = Freeway Wreckage ................ (LAT -06|LON -15)
           J  = Scavenger's Bridge .............. (LAT  02|LON -13)
           K  = Red Rocket Gas Station .......... (LAT  00|LON -12)
           L  = Cars Dealership ................. (LAT -01|LON -12)
           M  = Raider Passage .................. (LAT  03|LON -10)
           N  = Talon Merc Company Camp ......... (LAT  02|LON -09)
           O  = Wrecked House ................... (LAT  00|LON -10)
           P  = Independence Ruins .............. (LAT -09|LON -11)
           Q  = Independence Hamlet ............. (LAT -11|LON -09)
           R  = Statue .......................... (LAT  03|LON -08)
           S  = Captain Cosmos Board ............ (LAT -06|LON -08)
           T  = Truck ........................... (LAT -12|LON -07)
           U  = Water Tower ..................... (LAT  02|LON -05)
           V  = Ruined House .................... (LAT  02|LON -04)
           W  = Freeway Drain ................... (LAT -05|LON -04)
           X  = Wrecked House ................... (LAT -06|LON -04)
           Y  = Military Track Checkpoint ....... (LAT -07|LON -05)
           Z  = Drainage Chamber ................ (LAT -11|LON -04)
           AA = Radio Mast Oscar Tango and Hamlet (LAT -11|LON -05)
           BB = Jury Street Tunnels ............. (LAT -13|LON -04)

                             14 RANDOM ENCOUNTERS

                                ENCLAVE CAMPS:
                            e1 = (LAT -02|LON -16)
                            e2 = (LAT -08|LON -15)
                            e3 = (LAT -01|LON -13)
                            e4 = (LAT -06|LON -10)
                            e5 = (LAT -11|LON -08)
                            e6 = (LAT  02|LON -04)

                            |SECTOR 9: SOUTH/EAST|
    Note: Does not contain DC City Locations (such as Washington Memorial).

|    04| 05| 06| 07| 08| 09| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15| 16| 17| 18| 19| 20| 
v  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
-04| *        18 EE                                                     |-04
---|           *                                                        |---
-05|    17      DD                                                      |-05
---|                                                                    |---
-06|          BB           Y                                            |-06
---|            15        12                                            |---
-07| CC     *     AA        *     13 e2                                 |-07
---|                Z                                                   |---
-08|  16                                                                |-08
---|                14  X           11                                  |---
-09|        10                                                          |-09
---|                                                                    |---
-10|                               T                                    |-10
---|                                                                    |---
-11|        9            V                                              |-11
---| W                        U       S                                 |---
-12|                                                                    |-12
---| R                    Q                                             |---
-13|                                      P  7                          |-13
---|                      8                                             |---
-14|                                                                    |-14
---|                                                                    |---
-15|                             N       O                              |-15
---|                                                                    |---
-16|                                                                    |-16
---|                                                   M          3     |---
-17|               6                                                    |-17
---|           *                             5                   4      |---
-18|           K                   F                                    |-18
---| 2          e1    1                                                 |---
-19|              J                  E                  B               |-19
---|   L                   H                                            |---
     04| 05| 06| 07| 08| 09| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15| 16| 17| 18| 19| 20| 


                              PRIMARY LOCATIONS:
               1  = Arlington Library ......... (LAT 08|LON -19)
               2  = Flooded Metro ............. (LAT 04|LON -18)
               3  = Anacostia Crossing ........ (LAT 19|LON -16)
               4  = Rivet City ................ (LAT 18|LON -17)
               5  = Jefferson Memorial ........ (LAT 13|LON -17)
               6  = Alexandria Arms ........... (LAT 07|LON -17)
               7  = Irradiated Metro .......... (LAT 13|LON -13)
               8  = The Citadel ............... (LAT 08|LON -14)
               9  = Marigold Station .......... (LAT 06|LON -11)
               10 = Grayditch ................. (LAT 05|LON -09)
               11 = Dukov's Place ............. (LAT 11|LON -08)
               12 = Anchorage Memorial ........ (LAT 10|LON -07)
               13 = Tepid Sewers .............. (LAT 11|LON -07)
               14 = Flooded Metro ............. (LAT 08|LON -08)
               15 = Wilhelm's Wharf ........... (LAT 07|LON -07)
               16 = Sewer Waystation .......... (LAT 04|LON -08)
               17 = Super Duper Mart .......... (LAT 04|LON -04)
               18 = Farragut West Metro Station (LAT 07|LON -04)

                             SECONDARY LOCATIONS:
            A  = Highly radiated Tub ............ (LAT 18|LON -20)
            B  = Broken Bow ..................... (LAT 17|LON -19)
            C  = Rivet City Junk .... ........... (LAT 16|LON -20)
            D  = Red Speedboat .................. (LAT 12|LON -20)
            E  = Rusty Tub ...................... (LAT 12|LON -19)
            F  = Mirelurk Jetty ................. (LAT 11|LON -18)
            G  = Truck .......................... (LAT 10|LON -20)
            H  = Small Sewer .................... (LAT 09|LON -20)
            I  = Talon Company Recon Camp ....... (LAT 08|LON -20)
            J  = Truck .......................... (LAT 07|LON -19)
            K  = Office Raider Camp ............. (LAT 06|LON -18)
            L  = Flooded Metro Raider Camp ...... (LAT 04|LON -19)
            M  = Super Mutant Fire .............. (LAT 16|LON -16)
            N  = Sunken Boat and Jetty .......... (LAT 11|LON -15)
            O  = Boats .......................... (LAT 13|LON -15)
            P  = Super Mutant Office Ruins ...... (LAT 13|LON -13)
            Q  = Sewer Entrance Manhole ......... (LAT 04|LON -13)
            R  = Sewer Grate .................... (LAT 09|LON -13)
            S  = Scavenger Shack ................ (LAT 12|LON -11)
            T  = Raider Camp .................... (LAT 12|LON -10)
            U  = Potomac Bridge ................. (LAT 10|LON -11)
            V  = Sewer Grate .................... (LAT 09|LON -11)
            W  = Outpost ........................ (LAT 04|LON -11)
            X  = Scavenger's Jetty .............. (LAT 09|LON -08)
            Y  = Military Tent .................. (LAT 10|LON -06)
            Z  = Anchorage Bridge ............... (LAT 07|LON -07)
            AA = Road Signs ..................... (LAT 08|LON -07)
            BB = Sewer Grate .................... (LAT 07|LON -07)
            CC = Traffic Accident ............... (LAT 04|LON -07)
            DD = Statue ......................... (LAT 07|LON -05)
            EE = Statue ......................... (LAT 07|LON -04)

                              5 RANDOM ENCOUNTERS

                                ENCLAVE CAMPS:
                            e1 = (LAT = 07|LON -19)
                            e2 = (LAT = 12|LON -07)

                         Point Lookout Worldmap [PLWM]
                MMMMMMMMMMM             MMMM  MM MM    M
                M          M    MMMM   M    MM  MMM    MMMMMMMMMMM
                M           MMMM    M  M    MM    M    M         M
                M     MMM   M        MMM    MM         M         M     DLC
                M      M   M     MM    M    MM         MMM      MM  Exclusive
                M         MMM     MM   M    MM         M  M    M     Content
                M     MMMMM MM         M    MM         M  M    M
                M     M       M      MMM    MM   M     M  M    M
MMMMMMM          MMMM         MMMM   MMM   MMMMM     MMMM   MMMMM  MMMMM       M
M     M      MMMM    M    MMMM    MMM   M M    M  MMM    MM M    MM    M       M
M     M    MM    MM   MMMM    MM    M   M M    M M   MM    MM    MM    MM      M
 M    MM  M     M  M   MM    M  M   M   MM   MM M   M  M   MM    MM    M M    M
 M    MM  M     M  M   MM    M  M   M       M  M    M  M   MM    MM    M M    M
  M     MMMM     MM    MM     MM    M       M   M    MM    MM    MM    M M    M
  M       M MM        M  MM        MM   MM   MM  M         MMM         MMMMMMMM
  MMMMMMMM                           MMM  MMMMMM               MMMMMMM

This map should provide you with a rough guidance as where to find all the 
locations in Point Lookout.  Each map tile represents the same tiles as on the
in-game map, except I've given them a number on here for your convenience.  Skip
ahead to the paragraph linked to each location below.  I recommend that you do
all of Point Lookout's main and side-quests first.

  |    01| 02| 03| 04| 05| 06| 07| 08| 09| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15| 16| 17| 
  v  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯1¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
   01| s3                  s1                                             |01
  ---|        2                              3           4      5         |---
   02|                                                                    |02
  ---|                                                                    |---
   03|               6       7                       8            9     b1|03
  ---|                                                                    |---
   04|10              11            12          13                        |04
  ---|                                                                    |---
   05|     14          15                                           b2    |05
  ---|                                                  16                |---
   06|                  s2                                                |06
  ---|                                                                    |---
   07|    17                           18                          b3     |07
  ---|                                                                    |---
   08|             19                       20              21            |08
  ---|                                                                    |---
   09|                          22                                        |09
  ---|                                                                    |---
   10|23        24                 25       26                  b4        |10
  ---|                           27                                       |---
   11|                                                                    |11
  ---|                         28                                         |---
   12|                                             29                     |12
  ---|                         b8                                         |---
   13|b9                                                    b5            |13
  ---|                               b7                                   |---
   14|                                                                    |14
  ---|                                                                    |---
   15|                                     30   b6       31               |15
  ---|                                                                    |---
   16|                                                                    |16
  ---|                                                                    |---
       01| 02| 03| 04| 05| 06| 07| 08| 09| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15| 16| 17| 
  LATITUDE ---->

                  1 = Turtledove Detention Camp  (LAT 09|LON 01)
                  2 = Jet Crash Site ........... (LAT 03|LON 02)
                  3 = Truck Wreckage ........... (LAT 10|LON 02)
                  4 = Ark & Dove Resting Ground  (LAT 13|LON 02)
                  5 = Wrecked Seatub ........... (LAT 15|LON 02)
                  6 = Trapper's Shack .......... (LAT 04|LON 03)
                  7 = Trash Heap ............... (LAT 06|LON 03)
                  8 = Ark & Dove Cathedral ..... (LAT 12|LON 03)
                  9 = Coastal Grotto ........... (LAT 16|LON 03)
                 10 = Sacred Bog Entrance ...... (LAT 01|LON 04)
                 11 = Flooded Sinkhole ......... (LAT 05|LON 04)
                 12 = Marguerite's Shack ....... (LAT 08|LON 04)
                 13 = Kenny's Cave ............. (LAT 11|LON 04)
                 14 = Grower's Shack ........... (LAT 02|LON 05)
                 15 = Lil' Tyke Playhouse ...... (LAT 05|LON 05)
                 16 = Herzog Mine .............. (LAT 13|LON 05)
                 17 = Blackhall Manor .......... (LAT 02|LON 07)
                 18 = Haley's Hardware ......... (LAT 09|LON 07)
                 19 = Ofie Clan Plot ........... (LAT 04|LON 08)
                 20 = Ritual Site .............. (LAT 10|LON 08)
                 21 = USS Ozymandias ........... (LAT 14|LON 08)
                 22 = Homestead Motel .......... (LAT 07|LON 09)
                 23 = Dove Delta ............... (LAT 00|LON 10)
                 24 = Disaster Relief Outpost .. (LAT 03|LON 10)
                 25 = House of Wares ........... (LAT 08|LON 10)
                 26 = Beachview Campsite ....... (LAT 10|LON 10)
                 27 = Pilgrim's Landing ........ (LAT 07|LON 10)
                 28 = Point Lookout Pier ....... (LAT 07|LON 11)
                 29 = Calvert Mansion .......... (LAT 12|LON 12)
                 30 = SSN-37-1A Sunken Submarine (LAT 10|LON 15)
                 31 = Point Lookout Lighthouse   (LAT 13|LON 15)
                 32 = Smuggler's Shack ......... (LAT 17|LON 13)

                           LOCATIONS OF MUCK HOLES:
                 s1 = Excavated Muck Hole (#1)   (LAT 06|LON 01)
                 s2 = Excavated Muck Hole (#2)   (LAT 05|LON 06)
                 s3 = Excavated Muck Hole (#3)   (LAT 01|LON 01)

                            BUOYS MARKING TREASURE:
                 b1 = Buoy (#1) ................ (LAT 17|LON 03)
                 b2 = Buoy (#2) ................ (LAT 16|LON 05)
                 b3 = Buoy (#3) ................ (LAT 16|LON 07)
                 b4 = Buoy (#4) ................ (LAT 15|LON 10)
                 b5 = Buoy (#5) ................ (LAT 14|LON 13)
                 b6 = Buoy (#6) ................ (LAT 12|LON 15)
                 b7 = Buoy (#7) ................ (LAT 09|LON 14)
                 b8 = Buoy (#8) ................ (LAT 07|LON 12)
                 b9 = Buoy (#9) ................ (LAT 00|LON 13)

                           EXPLORATION OF LOCATIONS:

1. Turtledove Detention Camp
This former military camp is now overrun by ghouls - lots and lots of them.
Then there's the turret and two Sentry Bots as well (who do attack ghouls), and
you're in for quite a fight.

You can find a [STIMPAK] in Interrogation Room A.  Inside Interrogation Room B
are [MENTATS], [MOONSHINE] and another [STIMPAK].  Bunkhouse A contains a
[STEALTH BOY] lying on the locker as you enter, and you can loot the averagely
locked [FIRST AID BOX] on your immediate right.  The two footlockers on each
side of the house may hold things of interest, but that's all.  Bunkhouse B
holds very little to nothing of interest.

The outpost to the northeast contains three [AMMO BOXES] - one of them is 
averagely locked.  The outpost next to the truck also holds three [AMMO BOXES]
with one hard lock, and an Assault Rifle.  

Enter the Administration building as that's where the big loot is.  The restroom
contains a [PSYCHO], and the filing room on your left (south) contains four
a Sniper Rifle and two Assault Rifles.

The office on the other side houses an averagely locked wall [SAFE], two [AMMO
BOXES], a .44 Scoped Magnum and [.44 ROUNDS], as well as a Combat Helmet and
Armor.  Power on the terminal to and check all entries to start the quest 'The
Velvet Curtain'.

2. Jet Crash Site
A jet has crashed in the swampy area of Point Lookout.  There are usually a
couple of ghouls roaming the nearby areas, so tread carefully.  You can find a
[STIMPAK], a few axes and the [BLACKBOX RECORDING HOLOTAPE], from which you
learn the origins of the plane.  There's an [AMMO BOX] sitting in the cockpit,
and that's the last loot for this place.

3. Truck Wreckage
Inside this wrecked truck you can find the [LIGHTHOUSE BULB] that you need in
order to fix the Lighthouse's light.  There are also several Pilot Lights
scatterred around here.

4. Ark & Dove Resting Ground
You can encounter lgroups packs of ghouls here, including powerful reavers if
you also have the Broken Steel DLC.  Other than encountering enemies around this
graveyard there's nothing of interest here.

5. Wrecked Seatub
This entrance to a small cave is part of the main quest of Point Lookout.  The
key to the hatch can be acquired by talking to Nadine inside the Ark & Dove
Cathedral.  Refer to the main walkthrough for this.

6. Trapper's Shack
This shack is guarded by several Scrappers and a handful of bear traps.  You can
find three packs of [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the table near the entrance, as well as

Inside the shack is one last Scrapper.  As for loot, the cabinet in the corner
is rigged with a grenade bouquet - just so you know.  You can find a [JET] on
the counter with bear traps and the other room contains [10MM ROUNDS x24] and
a [CHINESE PISTOL] lying on the floor.  A [STEALTH BOY] can be found next to
the lantern on the nightdesk, and the [TRUNK] may hold several minor things of

7. Trash Heap
This irradiated trash heap contains a few things of interest.  There's a [SAFE]
with a hard lock that contains considerably loot, and you can find a [FIRST AID
BOX] around the junk as well.  An other (already opened) safe contains a [MINI
NUKE], [PRE-WAR MONEY x8] and [BOTTLE CAP x15].  Some of its contents may be
spread nearby the opened safe.

8. Ark & Dove Cathedral
Main location where the tribals are located at.  Refer to the main walkthrough
for more information regarding this area and how to get inside.

9. Coastal Grotto
Inside this cave, enter the small bedroom and read [PLIK'S JOURNAL] to instantly
gain the 'Ghoul Ecology' Perk, which allows you to deal +5 damage to any ghoul.
Also grab the [MINI NUKE] and several bottle caps from this desk.

Talk to Plik, who's running some sort of a ghoul arena behind the big doors.
If you want to participate (and activate/finish the quest 'Plik's Safari'), pay
him 1000 caps and enter the arena.

Hit the switch in the middle of the chamber and around thirty ghouls are 
released.  After wasting all of them, check back with Plik and he'll hand you
[THE DISMEMBERER], a unique axe that belonged to one of his previous customers.
The 'Plik's Safari' quest will now have ended as well.

10. Sacred Bog Entrance
This leads to the Sacred Bog.  Refer to the main Point Lookout quest walkthrough
for more information on this.

11. Flooded Sinkhole
Nearby a camper is a deep pond which is the flooded sinkhole.  As you swim down,
only make short trips and head back to the surface as your O2 bar is depleted
more than halfway.  You can find two floating [NUKA COLA QUANTUMS] in the pond
after swimming down, and at the very bottom you can find two [SAFES] (one of
which is averagely locked, one very easy) and a [FIRST AID BOX].  Remember to
get some air at the surface ocassionally!

12. Marguerite's Shack
This is a Moonshiner Shack in the swampy area of Point Lookout.  You can find a
Shotgun and [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the table next to the entrance.  Inside you can
steal a {JET}, {MED-X}, {MENTATS}, and you'll find a sick lady named Marguerite
inside (who would've guessed).  She's faking a sickness (and you can find out
that she's faking by using your medicine and speech skills), but she wants you
to look for ingredients for the Moonshine she's brewing either way.

This starts the quest 'A Spoonful of Whiskey', for which you need the following:

- 3 Yeast
- 6 Fission Batteries
- 10 Refined Punga Fruit OR 20 Wild Punga Fruit

You can also offer to repair her Moonshine Still and she'll pay you either 100
or 200 caps depending on your success with speech.

13. Kenny's Cave
Exit of the Herzog Mine that leads to Kenny's Cave/Miner's Rest.

14. Grower's Shack
The backyard of this run-down shack contains 23 [WILD PUNGA FRUITS].  Inside the
shack is a Tracker you'll want to dispatch first.  As for loot, you can find a
[JET] on the small table with a lantern, and one of the kitchen cabinets holds a
[RAD-X].  The bedroom contains a [MINI NUKE] and the [BOX 1213 - BERN'S VOICE]

15. Lil' Tyke Playhouse
Located nearby an excavated muck hole, this place doesn't hold much of interest.
You can find a [RED RACER JUMPSUIT] here, as well as an [LEVER-ACTION RIFLE]
and a makeshift bed to sleep inside the shack.

16. Herzog Mine
The mine cart next to a lit lantern contains a [TEDDY BEAR].  Proceed west and
a while pile of rubbish comes gushing out of the wall.  Grab a [BUFFOUT] from
the cabinet further down, and inspect the two [MINE BOXES] - one is lying on the
ground and the other is hidden in a mine cart.

As you head around the upcoming corner, very carefully disarm all bear traps and
watch the pitcher machine that will hurl baseballs at you from after a bright
flash.  Here, check your right to find a [FIRST AID BOX], and continue down the
other way to witness another event.

Turn right (north) at the first lantern and go up the small steps to find a
cabinet that contains two [MINE BOXES] and some other miscellaneous items.
As you proceed west, keep your eyes out for another [MINE BOX] along the tracks,
and a mine cart that holds five [PRE-WAR MONEY] bills.  The door at the end of
the tracks leads to a new cave called Miner's Rest.

Miner's Rest
You'll find a kid named Kenny here.  He's the one who set up several traps 
trroughout the area, and he can give you some background information regarding
the mines.  If your speech challenge fails, agree to retrieve his teddy bear and
he'll let you stay (which allows you to dump some items here, although it's not
very useful either way).  Enter the Blackdamp Shaft on the right (north).

Blackdamp Shaft
[KENNY'S BEAR] is located at the bottom of the mine shaft right at the start,
but this will drop you inside a Mirelurk nest.  Follow the straight path back
the exit and return the teddy bear to Kenny.  Exit to Point Lookout by the
ladder in Kenny's room after snatching the [PINT-SIZED SLASHER MASK] from around

17. Blackhall Manor
You'll find old geezer Obadiah Blackhall in the main hall, and he'll ask you to
retrieve a his family book for him.  This triggers the quest 'The Dark Heart of

Upstairs are many wardrobes that contain yeast or pre-war clothes.  The very
easily locked [FOOTLOCKER] in the halls usually contains bottle caps and a
Stealth Boy.  A [TEDDY BEAR] may also be found in the halls, and the bathroom's
cupboard has a [BUFFOUT], [PSYCHO] and [MED-X x2] laying on it.  Lastly, the big
bedroom contains an averagely locked [SAFE].

18. Haley's Hardware
In the shelves outside this house you can find [RAILWAY SPIKES x20 (x5)] and
[BUFFOUT x3].  Inside you'll find Haley, pretty much the local store of Point
Lookout.  There's are a few items you could steal around here if you wanted to,
but the most notable thing here is the Work Bench.

19. Ofie Clan Plot
A very small cemetary with an open grave of a deceased kid.  The only potential
things of interest here are a [TEDDY BEAR], a [TOY CAR] and six [WILD PUNGA
FRUITS] on the northern side of the hill.

20. Ritual Site
You'll find several Trackers and Scrappers roaming the area.  Head through the
hatch to enter the Burned-Out Basement, which leads to a cave.

Head down the straightforward cave until you get to an intersection, marked by
a few mushrooms that emit a green glow.  Explore the right (east) section of the
cave first, and you'll find an opened safe with a [STEALTH BOY] past the muck.

The western path leads to another intersection, but there's little of interest
at the left (southwest) fork.  The western path leads to a ritual chamber in
which you can find three [STIMPAKS], [RITUAL KNIFE] and activate the Ceremonial
Lectern from which you can take the [KRIVBEKNIH].  This book is closely linked
to the quest 'The Dark Heart of Blackhall'.  Once you take the book, 5 swampfolk
will immediately attack you afterwards, which can be a fairly tough fight if you
get cornered.  Grab out your best gun, pop some Psycho/Yao Guai Meat/Med-X and
dispatch them one by one.

21. USS Ozymandias
Belowdecks you'll find a [FIRST AID BOX] and a locked safe with the [EXPEDITION
SUPPLIES], which can only be unlocked by using the Bysshe Co. Terminal.  It
looks like you need three authorisation codes to do this.  See the section
'The Antique Land' quest on where to find these codes and return here to claim
your reward.

22. Homestead Motel
You can only enter Room 1D, 1G, 1K, and the Office.  Inside Room 1D you can find
[10MM ROUNDS], a [CHINESE PISTOL], and a Locker Key from the Luggage Case.
There's a [STEALTH BOY] next to the terminal.  Check this Safehouse Terminal to
find information regarding 'The Velvet Curtain' quest.

Inside the Office you can find several Fissure Batteries (which may be of good
use to you during the 'A Spoonful of Whiskey' quest), and you can find [JET x2]
next to the TV.  You can also find the [HOMESTEAD ROOM 1G KEY] in front of the
TV and the [HOMESTEAD ROOM 1K KEY] next to the cash register, along with some
[SHOTGUN SHELLS] and an [AMMO BOX] under the counter.  Lastly, the averagely
locked [SAFE] under the TV also holds a few items.

Room 1G is averagely locked and contains 11 [PRE-WAR MONEY] bills.  The suitcase
contains a bunch more.  Looks like these skeletons were bank robbers once..

Room 1K is also averagely locked and is entered by the northern side of the
hotel.  Inside it looks like someone performed some sort of horrible, bloody
ritual on several people.  Snag the [PINT-SIZED SLASHER MASK] from the bathtub
and be on your way.

23. Dove Delta
This is a series of islands to the far west of Point Lookout with piles of dirt
on them.  One of the islands has a skeleton with a shovel lying nearby, as well
as a holotape.  Use the shovel on the dirt heap on the island with one single
tree to uncover a [FOOTLOCKER] with minor loot.  All other piles of dirt contain
nothing but .. dirt.  Don't even bother.

24. Disaster Relief Outpost
This small outpost usually has a few smugglers on guard, so be careful around
here.  The Administration Tent contains two [AMMO BOXES], two [FIRST AID BOXES],
one of which has as hard lock, and a [STEALTH BOY] next to the terminal. Feel
free to read the entries and find out some background information about the

Marcella's Tent is the home of a woman named Marcella, who is part of a quest
called 'The Dark Heart of Blackhall'.  If you've already found the book she was
looking for, Marcella's dead body can be found in this tent, and she holds 
[MARCELLA'S SAFE KEY].  Also listen to [MARCELLA'S LAST WORDS] on the Holotape.
With the safe key, unlock {MARCELLA'S MEDICAL SUPPLIES} and grab whatever you
find useful inside.

The Medical Tent contains a [FIRST AID BOX] and three bags of yeast (which is
helpful to know for the quest 'A Spoonful of Whiskey').  The other Medical Tent
contains two more [FIRST AID BOXES].

25. House of Wares
This is Panada's shop.  She sells quite a lot of uncommon ammunition, so she may
be worth your time.  Unfortunately, sometimes she gets into fights with a
passing Smuggler and dies.  It's not much to worry about, since you can then
loot her body, grab the key to her stash, then loot that as well.  Hey, it's a
rough world out there, and she no longer needs her stuff by then.

26. Pilgrim's Landing
The famous boardwalk of Point Lookout.  There are various places to explore that
aren't pinpointed on your World Map, but you can view their exact locations by
checking your Local Map. 

People's Bank
The Loan Officer's Desk in the southwest contains the [BOX 1191 PASSWORD BACKUP]
Holotape.  The two [SAFES] behind the counter - which have a hard and average
lock - contain several items.  Last, if you play any of the password holotapes
you have found (including the one you just grabbed), you'll be able to unlock
deposit boxes as long as you're in the deposit box room.  They don't have much
contents, but there's usually a decent stash of Pre-War Money inside, along
with [BUFFOUT], [SEXY SLEEPWEAR], etc.  One of the boxes contains a a quest 
item [ESPIONAGE DEBRIEFING], used in 'The Velvet Curtain' quest.

Recruitment Station
You can find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS x3] behind the counter, and a [MINI NUKE] and
[FIRST AID BOX] in the eastern office.  The DIA Officer's Terminal contains info
that is useful during 'The Velvet Curtain' sidequest.  Lastly, the restroom only
houses two hungry Radroaches.

This place is absolutely PACKED with baby carriages, some of which are obviously
rigged with bombs.  Grab some [BUFFOUT] from the small wooden crate in the NE
corner, then loot the [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall and be careful around the
rigged carriages.

There are four rigged carriages in total, and the shelves on the west contain
[.308 CALIBER ROUNDS], a [MINI NUKE], [BUFFOUT] (in a small wooden crate),
[MISSILE x5] and an [AMMO BOX].  

The blue truck just outside the entrance of the warehouse contains three [AMMO
BOXES], and you can also find two [STIMPAKS] and two [FRAG GRENADES] inside
nearby the flipped over road blockade.

27. Beachview Campsite
A place where Swampfolk ocassionally hang out.  You can find a [JET] nearby the
campfire, but there's not much else to be found here.  Try and blowing up their
bikes to catch them off guard!

28. Point Lookout Pier
Speaks for itself, really.  Here's where you arrive, and here's where you can
travel back to the Wasteland.  There are also a few lockers here; Read below.

One of the locked lockers requires a key.  Inside is [BOX 1207 - SPY'S AUDIO
PASSWORD] Holotape, which you can use to open up a safety deposit box at the
bank.  This is part of 'The Velvet Curtain' quest.

29. Calvert Mansion
A near-ancient mansion inhabited by a rather unfriendly ghoul named Desmond.
Refer to the main walkthrough of Point Lookout to get more information on this

30. SSN-37-1A Sunken Submarine
This location is never actually added to your map, and isn't required for the
'Bog Walker' achievement.  The location does show up on your local map, however.
The sunken submarine is located underwater, slightly north of the wrecked ship
(under which you can find two [FIRST AID BOXES] and an averagely locked [SAFE].

31. Point Lookout Lighthouse
The secret laboratory is part of the main Point Lookout quests, and I refer you
to the walkthrough for it.  As for the actual Lighthouse itself, if you head all
the way up you'll find that the light isn't working. You can find the Lighthouse
Bulb at the truck wreckage (location 3).  After retrieving it, activate the
Lighthouse Mechanism to place the bulb, then flip the beacon switch and the
lighthouse will be working again!

32. Smuggler's Shack
This isn't a formal location either, but it's noteworthy either way.  A Sniper
will fire at you from great distance from this island on the far south, so swim
over there quickly and you should be able to take her down smoothly, looting her
stack of three [AMMO BOXES] (one of which is averagely locked) in the progress.

                           LOCATIONS OF MUCK HOLES:

s1. Excavated Muck Hole
SURVEY TAPE #1] for the 'An Antique Land' quest.

s2. Excavated Muck Hole
Holds the [SOIL SURVEY TAPE #2] for the 'An Antique Land' quest.

s3. Excavated Muck Hole
Contains two [BIO-GAS CANISTERS], two [STIMPAKS] and the [SOIL SURVEY TAPE #3]
for the 'An Antique Land' quest.

                            BUOYS MARKING TREASURE:
b1. Buoy (#1)
Located east of Coastal Grotto.  Marks a sunken ship.  You can find a
[FOOTLOCKER], very easy [SAFE] and a [FIRST AID BOX] on the bottom of the sea.
There are also two metal boxes here, but they don't always contain something.

b2. Buoy (#2)
Located southeast of Coastal, this one marks a dinosaur fossil.  You can also
find an averagely locked [SAFE], two [AMMO BOXES] and a [LEVER-ACTION RIFLE]
near a skeleton on the ocean floor.

b3. Buoy (#3)
This one's located northeast of the USS Ozymandias and marks a [FIRST AID BOX],
[STIMPAK] (next to the first aid box), a very easy locked [SAFE], a desk and 
three metal boxes.

b4. Buoy (#4)
Located south of the USS Ozymandias, this buoy marks a [PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER], 
two [AMMO BOXES] of which one has an easy lock, a very easy locked [SAFE], and
a refridgerator.  You'll also spot a cooking pan, and a baseball glove might be
floating nearby the buoy in the water.

b5. Buoy (#5)
Located southeast of Calvert Mansion and northeast of the Lighthouse, this buoy
marks a wrecked car with several loot lying around it: a [TRUNK], an easy locked
[FIRST AID BOX], an averagely locked [SAFE], [RAILWAY SPIKES x20 (x3)], and 
three metal crates.

b6. Buoy (#6)
This buoy is located west of the Lighthouse.  Look around for an very easy 
locked [AMMO BOX], a [FIRST AID BOX], a [SUITCASE], a locker and an averagely
locked [SAFE].

b7. Buoy (#7)
Located northwest of the Sunken Submarine and southeast of Point Lookout Pier,
this buoy marks a sunken [GUN CABINET] with an easy lock, a [FIRST AID BOX], a
[PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER] with a very easy lock, and three metal boxes.  That's all
you'll find among the remains of this sunken ship.

b8. Buoy (#8)
This buoy is located south of the Dutchess Gambit/Point Lookout Pier.  Search
for a [MINI NUKE] inside a half buried bucket, a lawn mower, an averagely locked
[SAFE], a [PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER] and two [AMMO BOXES] of which one has a very 
easy lock. 

b9. Buoy (#9)
Located far south of Dove Delta, this marks a sunken ship with a floor [SAFE]
that has an easy lock.  There's also a [TRUNK] near the ship.

                       V) EXPLORING THE WASTELAND [EXP]

                          |[EXP-1] Unique Encounters|

Unique Encounters Index:
[EXP-1.1]  Amata Encounter
[EXP-1.2]  Merchant from Oasis
[EXP-1.3]  The Thirsty Man
[EXP-1.4]  Radscorpion Guard
[EXP-1.5]  Help, it's a Deathclaw!
[EXP-1.6]  Little consequences in Big Town (1)
[EXP-1.7]  Little consequences in Big Town (2)
[EXP-1.8]  Superhero or Superzero?
[EXP-1.9]  Burke's Mercenaries
[EXP-1.10] Wastelander Revenge
[EXP-1.11] Laszlo Radford: Railway Rifle Maniac
[EXP-1.12] Malfunctioning Robot
[EXP-1.13] U.F.O.
[EXP-1.14] Lock, Stock and Mock the Mugger
[EXP-1.15] The Chinese Signal
[EXP-1.16] Yes! It's a Savaged Deathclaw!
[EXP-1.17] Looking for Cheryl
[EXP-1.18] The four arguers
[EXP-1.19] Scrapyard Treasure
[EXP-1.20] Serious Sydney
[EXP-1.21] Susie from Vault 101
[EXP-1.22] Sharpshooting Sniper Sam
[EXP-1.23] Cannibal Hunters (1)
[EXP-1.24] Cannibal Hunters (2)
[EXP-1.25] Mine or your mine?
[EXP-1.26] Attack of the Brahmin
[EXP-1.27] Greeting..BOOM!
[EXP-1.28] The new Raider
[EXP-1.29] Ranger Danger?
[EXP-1.30] Away from Grayditch

[EXP-1.1]  Amata Encounter
This only happens if you forced everyone to leave Vault 101 during the Misc.
Quest: Trouble On The Homefront.  In this encounter, Amata will be confronted
by an Enclave Officer who asks her where Vault 101 is.  She tells them and is
executed afterwards.  It's possible to prevent this, causing Amata to run away.

[EXP-1.2]  Merchant from Oasis
This merchant comes from Oasis and has drunk the Sap of Purification.  The Sap
went to his head and now he's dying.  Check his body for a note on Oasis' 

[EXP-1.3]  The Thirsty Man
You come across a thirsty man in need of Purified Water.  Give him some and get
good karma in return. 

[EXP-1.4]  Radscorpion Guard
This Giant Radscorpion is guarding a fire hydrant from a couple of Wastelanders
who are desperately trying to get to it.  Slay the beast for them.

[EXP-1.5]  Help, it's a Deathclaw!
Several Wastelanders are being chased by a Deathclaw.  Help them out and you'll
get the Rock Creek Caverns location marked on your map (which leads to the
Mirelurk King's Treasure Chamber).

[EXP-1.6]  Little consequences in Big Town (1)
This only happens if the residents of Big Town died during that Misc. Quest.
You'll meet a Scavenger who's looking to score some goods there.

[EXP-1.7]  Little consequences in Big Town (2)
This only happens if you had the residents of Big Town survive that Misc. Quest.
You'll meet a salesman ready to make his fortune there, so to speak.

[EXP-1.8]  Superhero or Superzero?
This can only occur if you're wearing either the Mechanist's or AntAgonizer's
costume.  You'll be approached by a young boy asking for your autograph!

[EXP-1.9]  Burke's Mercenaries
If you refused to blow up Megaton and disarmed the bomb (or even killed Mr. 
Burke), a group of hired Mercs will ambush you.  They have been hired to kill
you and usually show up nearby Metro Stations.  One of them has a contract with
your name on it.

Note: Although technically a unique encounter, you'll see this one repeating a
      lot of times, and the Mercs just seem to keep hunting you.

[EXP-1.10] Wastelander Revenge
If you blew up Megaton you'll randomly stumble on a group of Wastelanders who
want to take revenge and will do anything to kill you.

[EXP-1.11] Laszlo Radford: Railway Rifle Maniac
You get attacked all of a sudden by a madman who shoots .. What is he shooting
exactly?  Waste him and grab the custom Railway Rifle off his crazy dead body.

[EXP-1.12] Malfunctioning Robot
You come across a technician trying to fix his broken robot.  If your repair
skill is high enough you can help him out.

[EXP-1.13] U.F.O.
An explosion from the sky sounds nearby.  Check your surroundings well and find
the unique ["FIRELANCE" ALIEN BLASTER] and some ammunition.

[EXP-1.14] Lock, Stock and Mock the Mugger
A Wastelander will try to rob you.  Instead of you getting robbed, you kill him.

[EXP-1.15] The Chinese Signal
A radio signal sounds.  Pinpoint the broadcast location to find a Chinese Pilot
with some loot.

[EXP-1.16] Yes! It's a Savaged Deathclaw!
A wounded Deathclaw has just killed a Wastelander.  Waste the Deathclaw and find
the [DEATHCLAW GAUNTLET SCHEMATIC] on the Wastelander.  Perhaps that explains
why the Deathclaw was wounded (or why the guy was dead).

[EXP-1.17] Looking for Cheryl

[EXP-1.18] The four arguers
Four Wastelanders are having an argument over some water.  You can try to find
a solution for both parties.

[EXP-1.19] Scrapyard Treasure
You'll find a dead Wastelander who holds the map to 'John's Treasure Box'.  This
is located in the Scrapyard.  Three skill books can be found in this box.

[EXP-1.20] Serious Sydney
If you claim the whole reward in the Misc. Quest: Stealing Independence, there's
a chance that you'll be attacked by Sydney the relic hunter.  Kill her and grab
her [SYDNEY'S 10MM "ULTRA" SMG] from her dead body.

[EXP-1.21] Susie from Vault 101
If you forced everyone to leave Vault 101 during the Misc. Quest: Trouble On The
Homefront, you may meet Susie.  If you're nice to her she'll hand you some water
and food.

[EXP-1.22] Sharpshooting Sniper Sam
Sam Warrick, douchebag, sniper and mercenary randomly kills anything that moves,
including NPC's that hand out quests.  You can enslave him with the Mesmetron 
and send his sorry ass to Paradise Falls, but that's no reason to keep him
alive - at all.  If you meet him early in-game nearby Farragut Station, feel
free to waste him and grab the Sniper Rifle off his dead body.

[EXP-1.23] Cannibal Hunters (1)
A group of hunters are hunting.. a Wastelander.  They'll even eat his meat.
Hmm .. They'll also come after you soon enough, so kill them quickly.

[EXP-1.24] Cannibal Hunters (2)
A group of hunters offers you some [STRANGE MEAT].  What's so strange about it?
You finished eating it yet?  Well, it's human meat.  Enjoyed your meal?

[EXP-1.25] Mine or your mine?
A few Wastelanders are trying to disarm a mine - and fail horrible.

[EXP-1.26] Attack of the Brahmin
A group of maniacally Brahmins attacks you.  And you attack back, wasting their
sorry cow asses.

[EXP-1.27] Greeting..BOOM!
Raiders send out a Wastelander with a bomb to greet you - who explodes quickly
enough.  Kill the Raiders afterwards or die trying (didn't think so).

[EXP-1.28] The new Raider
A Raider is being beat up as an initiation procedure.  Waste the Raiders and
grab the ["STABHAPPY" COMBAT KNIFE] from one of them.

[EXP-1.29] Ranger Danger?
When you've completed the Misc. Quest: Reilly's Rangers and had the Rangers
survive and escape the building, you may randomly come across one of them.  You
must have the Geomapper Module in your inventory.  If you help the Ranger you'll
be rewarded with a [MINI NUKE].

[EXP-1.30] Away from Grayditch
A man is running away from the village Grayditch.  Talk to him and get the
location of Grayditch pinpointed on your Pip-Boy.

                        |[EXP-2] Repeating Encounters|

                        VI) STATISTICS EXPLAINED [STAT]

    |[S1] S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Explained                                        |

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stands for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma,
Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.  These are your primary stats, and they will
have influence on your skills and thus your gameplay.  One may argue that the
one basic stat is more important than the other, and this is most likely true.
This section describes the basic stats in detail, allows you to review them one
by one, and comes with a final judgment on how a well balanced character should
distribute his stats.

         |Strength:|Max Carry Weight:|Melee Damage:|Skill Modifiers:  |
         |    1    |       160       |     0.5     |Melee Weapons  +2%|
         |    2    |       170       |     1.0     |Melee Weapons  +4%|
         |    3    |       180       |     1.5     |Melee Weapons  +6%|
         |    4    |       190       |     2.0     |Melee Weapons  +8%|
         |    5    |       200       |     2.5     |Melee Weapons +10%|
         |    6    |       210       |     3.0     |Melee Weapons +12%|
         |    7    |       220       |     3.5     |Melee Weapons +14%|
         |    8    |       230       |     4.0     |Melee Weapons +16%|
         |    9    |       240       |     4.5     |Melee Weapons +18%|
         |   10    |       250       |     5.0     |Melee Weapons +20%|

Strength allows you to hold more items in your inventory and increases your
melee damage.

Associated Skills: 1. Melee Weapons. 2. Carry Weight.

Associated Perks:  1. Little Leaguer (Minimum of 4 STR, LVL 2)
                   2. Iron Fist      (Minimum of 4 STR, LVL 4)
                   3. Strong Back    (Minimum of 5 STR, LVL 8)

           |Perception:|Skill Modifiers:                           |
           |     1     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives  +2%|
           |     2     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives  +4%|
           |     3     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives  +6%|
           |     4     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives  +8%|
           |     5     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives +10%|
           |     6     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives +12%|
           |     7     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives +14%|
           |     8     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives +16%|
           |     9     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives +18%|
           |    10     |Energy Weapons & Lockpick & Explosives +20%|

The better your perception, the quicker you'll spot enemies on the compass.

Associated Skills: 1. Energy Weapons. 2. Explosives. 3. Lockpick.

Associated Perks: 1. Thief            (Minimum of 4 PER, LVL 2)
                  2. Sniper           (Minimum of 6 PER, LVL 12)
                  3. Light Step       (Minimum of 6 PER, LVL 14)
                  4. Contract Killer  (Minimum of 6 PER, LVL 14)
                  5. Lawbringer       (Minimum of 6 PER, LVL 14)
                  6. Better Criticals (Minimum of 6 PER, LVL 16)
                  7. Infilitrator     (Minimum of 7 PER, LVL 18)

|Endurance:|Max HP:|Poison Resistance:|Rad. Resistance:|Skill Modifiers:       |
|     1    |  120  |        0%        |       0%       |Big Guns & Unarmed  +2%|
|     2    |  140  |        5%        |       2%       |Big Guns & Unarmed  +4%|
|     3    |  160  |       10%        |       4%       |Big Guns & Unarmed  +6%|
|     4    |  180  |       15%        |       6%       |Big Guns & Unarmed  +8%|
|     5    |  200  |       20%        |       8%       |Big Guns & Unarmed +10%|
|     6    |  220  |       25%        |      10%       |Big Guns & Unarmed +12%|
|     7    |  240  |       30%        |      12%       |Big Guns & Unarmed +14%|
|     8    |  260  |       35%        |      14%       |Big Guns & Unarmed +16%|
|     9    |  280  |       40%        |      16%       |Big Guns & Unarmed +18%|
|    10    |  300  |       45%        |      18%       |Big Guns & Unarmed +20%|

Endurance increases max health, and your resistance to poison and radiation.

Associated Skills: 1. Big Guns. 2. Unarmed.

Associated Perks: 1. Toughness      (Minimum of 5 END, LVL 6)
                  2. Lead Belly     (Minimum of 5 END, LVL 6)
                  3. Strong Back    (Minimum of 5 END, LVL 8)
                  4. Rad Resistance (Minimum of 5 END, LVL 8)
                  5. Size Matters   (Minimum of 5 END, LVL 8)
                  6. Life Giver     (Minimum of 6 END, LVL 12)
                  7. Solar Powered  (Minimum of 7 END, LVL 20)

                      |Charisma:  |Skill Modifiers:    |
                      |     1     |Barter & Speech  +2%|
                      |     2     |Barter & Speech  +4%|
                      |     3     |Barter & Speech  +6%|
                      |     4     |Barter & Speech  +8%|
                      |     5     |Barter & Speech +10%|
                      |     6     |Barter & Speech +12%|
                      |     7     |Barter & Speech +14%|
                      |     8     |Barter & Speech +16%|
                      |     9     |Barter & Speech +18%|
                      |    10     |Barter & Speech +20%|

Charisma makes talking to people much easier.

Associated Skills: 1. Barter. 2. Speech.

Associated Perks: 1. Scoundrel           (Minimum of 4 CHR, LVL 4)
                  2. Child at Heart      (Minimum of 4 CHR, LVL 4)
                  3. Impartial Mediation (Minimum of 5 CHR, LVL 8)
                  4. Animal Friend       (Minimum of 6 CHR, LVL 10)
                  5. Master Trader       (Minimum of 6 CHR, LVL 14)

   |Intelligence:|Skill Points per LVL Up:|Skill Modifiers:                |
   |       1     |            11          |Medicine & Repair & Science  +2%|
   |       2     |            12          |Medicine & Repair & Science  +4%|
   |       3     |            13          |Medicine & Repair & Science  +6%|
   |       4     |            14          |Medicine & Repair & Science  +8%|
   |       5     |            15          |Medicine & Repair & Science +10%|
   |       6     |            16          |Medicine & Repair & Science +12%|
   |       7     |            17          |Medicine & Repair & Science +14%|
   |       8     |            18          |Medicine & Repair & Science +16%|
   |       9     |            19          |Medicine & Repair & Science +18%|
   |      10     |            20          |Medicine & Repair & Science +20%|

Intelligence increases the amount of Skills Points you are allowed to give your
skills when you gain a Level.

Associated Skills: 1. Medicine. 2. Repair. 3. Science.

Associated Perks: 1. Swift Learner (Minimum of 4 INT, LVL 2)
                  2. Gun Nut       (Minimum of 4 INT, LVL 2)
                  3. Daddy's Boy   (Minimum of 4 INT, LVL 2)
                  4. Educated      (Minimum of 4 INT, LVL 4)
                  5. Entomologist  (Minimum of 4 INT, LVL 4)
                  6. Comprehension (Minimum of 4 INT, LVL 6)
                  7. Nerd Rage!    (Minimum of 5 INT, LVL 10)
                  8. Computer Whiz (Minimum of 7 INT, LVL 18)

          |Agility:     |AP/Action Points: |Skill Modifiers:       |
          |       1     |        67        |Small Guns & Sneak  +2%|
          |       2     |        69        |Small Guns & Sneak  +4%|
          |       3     |        71        |Small Guns & Sneak  +6%|
          |       4     |        73        |Small Guns & Sneak  +8%|
          |       5     |        75        |Small Guns & Sneak +10%|
          |       6     |        77        |Small Guns & Sneak +12%|
          |       7     |        79        |Small Guns & Sneak +14%|
          |       8     |        81        |Small Guns & Sneak +16%|
          |       9     |        83        |Small Guns & Sneak +18%|
          |      10     |        85        |Small Guns & Sneak +20%|

Agility increases your APS in VATS combat mode.

Associated Skills: 1. Small Guns. 2. Sneak.

Associated Perks: 1. Gun Nut        (Minimum of 4 AGL, LVL 2)
                  2. Thief          (Minimum of 4 AGL, LVL 2)
                  3. Silent Running (Minimum of 6 AGL, LVL 12)
                  4. Sniper         (Minimum of 6 AGL, LVL 12)
                  5. Light Step     (Minimum of 6 AGL, LVL 14)
                  6. Action Boy     (Minimum of 7 AGL, LVL 16)

                |   Luck:   |Skill Modifiers:                 |
                |     1     |Critical Hit +1%,  All Skills +1%|
                |     2     |Critical Hit +2%,  All Skills +1%|
                |     3     |Critical Hit +3%,  All Skills +2%|
                |     4     |Critical Hit +4%,  All Skills +2%|
                |     5     |Critical Hit +5%,  All Skills +3%|
                |     6     |Critical Hit +6%,  All Skills +3%|
                |     7     |Critical Hit +7%,  All Skills +4%|
                |     8     |Critical Hit +8%,  All Skills +4%|
                |     9     |Critical Hit +9%,  All Skills +5%|
                |    10     |Critical Hit +10%, All Skills +5%|

Luck increases your critical hit rate, plus increases all skills.

Associated Perks: 1. Fortune Finder      (Minimum of 5 LCK, LVL 6)
                  2. Scrounger           (Minimum of 5 LCK, LVL 8)
                  3. Finesse             (Minimum of 6 LCK, LVL 10)
                  4. Mysterious Stranger (Minimum of 6 LCK, LVL 10)
                  5. Better Criticals    (Minimum of 6 LCK, LVL 16)

    |[S2] Derived Statistics                                              |

Action Points (AP):
|Agility:     |AP/Action Points: | AP are the points you expend when you use the
|=============|==================| VATS mode to ridden your enemies.  The 
|       1     |        67        | advantage of VATS is that it allows you to 
|       2     |        69        | easily target specific body parts and every 
|       3     |        71        | attack your perform in VATS has an additional
|       4     |        73        | +15% chance on doing a critical hit.
|       5     |        75        | 
|       6     |        77        | It is probably one of the less important 
|       7     |        79        | derived stats, mainly because there simply
|       8     |        81        | isn't much variation between 67 AP and 85 AP.
|       9     |        83        |
|      10     |        85        |

Point Cost: 1. Crouch/Stand:           10 AP Cost
            2. Fire with most Weapons: 10 AP Cost
            3. Fire with a Rifle:      25 AP Cost
            4. Fire with a Big Gun:    75 AP Cost

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Action Boy/Girl: +25 AP

Temporary AP Increases: 1. UltraJet Action:   +40 AP
                        2. Jet Action:        +30 AP
                        3. Nuka-Cola Quantum: +20 AP
                        4. NukaLurk Meat:     +20 AP
                        5. Fire Ant Nectar:   +8  AP

Temporary AP Decreases: 1. Alcohol Addiction: Agility -1 = AP -2
                        2. Jet Addiction:     Agility -1 = AP -2
                        3. Med-X Addiction:   Agility -1 = AP -2

                        4. Radiation Poisoning (400 Rads): Agility -1 = AP -2
                        5. Radiation Poisoning (600 Rads): Agility -2 = AP -4
                        6. Radiation Poisoning (800 Rads): Agility -3 = AP -6

Carry Weight (CW):
|Strength:|Max Carry Weight:| Carry Weight is the statistic that allows you to
|=========|=================| hold a certain amount of items, equipment, food,
|    1    |       160       | weapons, etc.  Everything has a weight which you
|    2    |       170       | can easily check when you pick something up, or
|    3    |       180       | when you look the item up in the menu.
|    4    |       190       |
|    5    |       200       |
|    6    |       210       |
|    7    |       220       |
|    8    |       230       |
|    9    |       240       |
|   10    |       250       |

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Strong Back: +50 Carry Weight
                              2. Solar Powered: (In Sunlight) STR +2 = +40 CW

Temporary CW Increases: 1. Alcoholic Drinks:        STR +1 = CW +20
                        2. Mississippi Quantum Pie: STR +1 = CW +20
                        3. Buffout:                 STR +1 = CW +20

Temporary CW Decreases: 1. Nectar Withdrawal:  STR -2 = CW -40
                        2. Buffout Withdrawal: STR -1 = CW -20

                        3. Radiation Poisoning (600 Rads): STR -1 = CW -20
                        4. Radiation Poisoning (800 Rads): STR -2 = CW -40

Critical Chance:
|   Luck:   |Skill Modifiers: | Critical Hits usually means double damage to the
|===========|=================| target being hit by a critical hit.  Your Luck
|     1     |Critical Hit +1% | increases your critical hit chance, but simply
|     2     |Critical Hit +2% | going into VATS mode also increases your chance
|     3     |Critical Hit +3% | by 15%.
|     4     |Critical Hit +4% |
|     5     |Critical Hit +5% | If you kill an enemy with a critical hit while
|     6     |Critical Hit +6% | using an energy weapon, the enemy will be 
|     7     |Critical Hit +7% | vaporized to a little heap of ashes.  You can
|     8     |Critical Hit +8% | still search it for drops, though.
|     9     |Critical Hit +9% |
|    10     |Critical Hit +10%|

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Finesse: +5% Critical Chance
                              2. Ninja:   +15% Critical Chance 
                                 (Only when Unarmed or using Melee Weapons)

Damage Resistance:
This statistic is your defense.  If you have a Damage Resistance of 30, then you
will receive 30% less damage when hit.  This statistic is capped at 85% so if
you see a number higher than that, keep in mind it's not your true resistance.
Wear Armor and Helmets for a better defense.

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Toughness: +10 Damage Resistance
                              2. Cyborg:    +10 Damage Resistance
                              3. Nerd Rage: +50 Damage Resistance
                                 (Only when health is low)

Temporary Increases: 1. Med-X: +25 Damage Resistance

|Endurance:|Max HP:| Health is obviously essential - lose it all and you'll die.
|==========|=======| Endurance is of direct relevance to your health as the 
|     1    |  120  | table on the left shows. 
|     2    |  140  |
|     3    |  160  | Enemies have health too, but the precise values are not
|     4    |  180  | shown in-game.  You can refer to the enemy encyclopedia
|     5    |  200  | section of this Guide to find the Max HP values of your
|     6    |  220  | enemies.  You can use the Health Bars in-game to get a
|     7    |  240  | good estimate of how much an enemy is weakened.
|     8    |  260  |
|     9    |  280  | The table below shows the difference between body parts of
|    10    |  300  | a regular enemy and your own body parts.

|Body Part:|Player Health:|NPC Health: | o Head Shots often means double damage.
|Head      |      75%     |     20%    | o The %'s in the table to the left are
|Torso     |     255%     |     60%    |   estimates of how much health a 
|Right Arm |     100%     |     25%    |   specific body part resembles.  The
|Left Arm  |     100%     |     25%    |   head is the obvious weak spot, but
|Right Leg |     150%     |     25%    |   for enemies the limbs are also weak
|Left Leg  |     150%     |     25%    |   spots that are easy to cripple.

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Life Giver: +30 Health

Temporary Increases: 1. Buffout: END +3 = Health +60

Melee and Unarmed Damage:
|Strength:|Melee Damage:| Melee Damage is applicable when you attack enemies 
|=========|=============| with weapons such as a Baton or a Lead Pipe, while
|    1    |     0.5     | Unarmed Damage is strictly anything related to your
|    2    |     1.0     | fist, and no holding weapons.  Knuckles count as
|    3    |     1.5     | Unarmed.  Your Unarmed Damage is 1/4th of your Unarmed
|    4    |     2.0     | Skill.  With a 40 Skill, you'll be able to inflict
|    5    |     2.5     | 10 damage.
|    6    |     3.0     |
|    7    |     3.5     |
|    8    |     4.0     |
|    9    |     4.5     |
|   10    |     5.0     |

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Iron Fist: +5 Unarmed Damage
                              2. Nerd Rage: STR set to 10 = 5.0 Melee Damage
                                 (Only when health is low)

Temporary Increases: 1. Alcoholic Drinks:        STR +1 = +0.5 Melee Damage
                     2. Mississippi Quantum Pie: STR +1 = +0.5 Melee Damage
                     3. Buffout:                 STR +1 = +0.5 Melee Damage

Temporary Decreases: 1. Nectar Withdrawal:  STR -2 = -1 Melee Damage
                     2. Buffout Withdrawal: STR -2 = -1 Melee Damage
                     3. Radiation Poisoning (600 Rads): -1 STR = -0.5 Melee Dmg
                     4. Radiation Poisoning (800 Rads): -2 STR = -1.0 Melee Dmg

Poison & Radiation Resistance:
|Endurance:|Poison Resistance:|Rad. Resistance:| This is your resistance against
|==========|==================|================| radiated pools and barrels,
|     1    |        0%        |       0%       | plus the effects when being
|     2    |        5%        |       2%       | intoxicated.
|     3    |       10%        |       4%       |
|     4    |       15%        |       6%       | See the table below how
|     5    |       20%        |       8%       | Radiation Exposure can severely
|     6    |       25%        |      10%       | decrease your stats, or in the
|     7    |       30%        |      12%       | worst case even kill you.
|     8    |       35%        |      14%       |
|     9    |       40%        |      16%       | Both resistances are capped at
|    10    |       45%        |      18%       | 85%: Any number above this will
'----------'------------------'----------------' be essentially worthless.

|RAD Exposure:|Effects:                             |
|       0     |                 ---                 |
|     200     |-1 Endurance                         |
|     400     |-2 Endurance, -1 Agility             |
|     600     |-3 Endurance, -2 Agility, -1 Strength|
|     800     |-3 Endurance, -2 Agility, -2 Strength|
|    1000     |Death                                |

Permanently Increasing Perks: 1. Rad Resistance: +25% Radiation Resistance
                              2. Cyborg:         +10% Poison & Radiation Resis.

Movement Speed:
Three factors determine how fast you're able to move around:

1. How much weight you're holding.  If you hold more than your Maximum Carry 
   Weight your encumbrance will not like it, and you can count on your
   movements to be very slow.  Repair some weapons/armor or dispose of some
   items you no longer need.

2. Equipped Armor.  The heavier your armor, the slower you move around.

3. Unarmed/Armed makes a difference.  If you're constantly having a heavy weapon
   equipped this will certainly decrease your speed, so simply holster your
   weapon unless you think you'll need it soon.

    |[S3] Skills                                                          |

o A Skill is derived from one of your SPECIAL Statistics, and can further be
  increased through the use of Skill Points and Bobbleheads.
o Intelligence increases the amount of Skill Points you can distribute per level
  by 1 per Intelligence, starting at 11 points at 1 INT, ending with 20 points
  at 10 INT.

Statistic:    Charisma
Skill Use:    Allows you to buy cheaper and sell higher.
Unlocks Perk: Master Trader (Minimum 60 Points in Barter, LVL 14)

Big Guns:
Statistic:    Endurance
Skill Use:    Increases effectivity of Flamer, Gatling Laser, Fat Man,
              Minigun, Missile Launcher, Rock-It Launcher.
Unlocks Perk: Concentrated Fire (Minimum 60 Points in Big Guns, LVL 18)

Energy Guns:
Statistic:    Perception
Skill Use:    Increases effectivity of Mesmetron, Laser Pistol/Rifle, 
              Plasma Pistol/Rifle, Alien Blaster.
Unlocks Perk: Concentrated Fire (Minimum 60 Points in Energy Guns, LVL 18)

Statistic:    Perception
Skill Use:    Increases success when disarming mines, and also enhances your
              accuracy when throwing explosives.
Unlocks Perk: 1. Demolition Expert (Minimum 60 Points in Explosives, LVL 6)
              2. Pyromaniac (Minimum 60 Points in Explosives, LVL 12)

Statistic:    Perception
Skill Use:    Allows you to pick certain locks of a rating between Very Easy
              and Very Hard (see table below).  Also, the higher your 
              lockpick skill, the easier the actual lockpicking will be.
Unlocks Perk: Infiltrator (Minimum 80 Points in Lockpick, LVL 18)
                         |Difficulty:|Required Skill:|
                         |Very Easy  |        0      |
                         |Easy       |       25      |
                         |Average    |       50      |
                         |Hard       |       75      |
                         |Very Hard  |      100      |

Statistic:    Intelligence
Skill Use:    Increases the effects of medicine (Stimpak, RadAway, Rad-X...)
              At Skill Level 100, initial medicine effects are doubled.
Unlocks Perk: 1. Cyborg (Minimum 60 Points in Medicine, LVL 14)
              2. Chem Resistant (Minimum 60 Points in Medicine, LVL 16)

Melee Weapons:
Statistic:    Strength
Skill Use:    Increases effectivity of melee weapons (Chinese Officer's Sword,
              Combat Knife, Ripper, Rolling Pin, Police Baton, Tire Iron,
              Sledgehammer, Shiskebab, etc..)
Unlocks Perk: Ninja (Minimum 80 Points in Melee Weapons, LVL 20)

Statistic:    Intelligence
Skill Use:    Increases your ability to repair your weapons and armor.  You can
              initially repair anything to about 50% of it's best condition,
              but with 100 points in Repair you can fix everything to the max.
Unlocks Perk: ---

Statistic:    Intelligence
Skill Use:    Science is used for hacking, but it also unlocks many perks.
              See the table below for the required Science Skill to hack.
Unlocks Perk: 1. Entomologist    (Minimum 40 Points in Science, LVL 4)
              2. Nerd Rage       (Minimum 50 Points in Science, LVL 10)
              3. Robotics Expert (Minimum 50 Points in Science, LVL 12)
              4. Cyborg          (Minimum 60 Points in Science, LVL 14)
              5. Computer Whiz   (Minimum 80 Points in Science, LVL 20)
                         |Difficulty:|Required Skill:|
                         |Very Easy  |        0      |
                         |Easy       |       25      |
                         |Average    |       50      |
                         |Hard       |       75      |
                         |Very Hard  |      100      |
Note: Hacking is made easy if you look for the whole words in the clutter of
      characters. When you are running out of attempts, simply use the power
      button and exit the terminal, then try again.  The passwords will be reset
      but you have a few fresh tries again.

Small Guns:
Statistic:    Agility
Skill Use:    Increases effectivity of small guns (Pistol to Assault Rifles to
              Shotguns to Sniper Rifles)
Unlocks Perk: Concentrated Fire (Minimum 60 Points in Small Guns, LVL 18)

Statistic:    Agility
Skill Use:    Increases your ability to stay hidden from enemies when crouching
              and pickpocketing.  Attacking while hidden counts as a Sneak 
              Attack Critical Hit (2x damage or more).
Unlocks Perk: 1. Mister Sandman (Minimum 60 Points in Sneak, LVL 10)
              2. Silent Running (Minimum 50 Points in Sneak, LVL 12)
              3. Ninja          (Minimum 80 Points in Sneak, LVL 20)

Statistic:    Charisma
Skill Use:    Raises your chance for succeeding Speech Challenges.  Don't bother
              with it, since you can always save your game and keep reloading
              the conversation until you get the desired result.
Unlocks Perk: ---

Statistic:    Endurance
Skill Use:    Increases damage when fighting bare handed (or with knuckles).
              Also decreases the damage taken when blocking with your hands.
Unlocks Perk: 1. Paralyzing Palm (Minimum 70 Points in Unarmed, LVL 18)
              2. Ninja           (Minimum 80 Points in Unarmed, LVL 20)

    |[S4] Perks                                                           |
                               |Level 2 Perks:|

Intense Training: 10 Ranks
Requirements: ---
Useful: YES

This perk allows the player to increase their SPECIAL stats by +1.  This can be
very useful, especially if you need to have a certain value of a stat in order
to learn an other useful perk.

Black Widow/Lady Killer: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: MAYBE

If you are male you can get the Lady Killer perk, if you are female you can get
the Black Widow perk.  This grants you +10% damage on targets of the opposite
gender, so if you're female you do +10% damage on all male raiders, etc.
Needless to say, Black Widow is much more useful than Lady Killer, simply cause
there aren't many female NPC's in the game.  You also get additional dialogue
options here and there.  Even so, the usefulness of this perk must be questioned
and in any case, only the Black Widow perk has a good use.

Daddy's Boy/Girl: 3 Ranks
Requirements: INT = 4+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it increases skill points.  Any skill
point bonuses can also be gotten by levelling up and distributing skill points,
as well by reading Skill Books are by getting bonuses from more useful perks.

This perk adds +5 Science and +5 Medicine per rank.

Gun Nut: 3 Ranks
Requirements: AGL = 4+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it increases skill points.  Any skill
point bonuses can also be gotten by levelling up and distributing skill points,
as well by reading Skill Books are by getting bonuses from more useful perks.

This perk adds +5 Small Guns and +5 Repair per rank.

Little Leager: 3 Ranks
Requirements: STR = 4+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it increases skill points.  Any skill
point bonuses can also be gotten by levelling up and distributing skill points,
as well by reading Skill Books are by getting bonuses from more useful perks.

This perk adds +5 Melee and +5 Explosives per rank.

Swift Learner: 3 Ranks
Requirements: INT = 4+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it only gets you faster to Level 20,
while you can get to Level 20 in due time anyway.  This perk takes up valuable
space for other perks.

This perk increases your earned EXP by +10% every rank.

Thief: 3 Ranks
Requirements: AGL = 4+, PER = 4+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it increases skill points.  Any skill
point bonuses can also be gotten by levelling up and distributing skill points,
as well by reading Skill Books are by getting bonuses from more useful perks.

This perk adds +5 Sneak and +5 Lockpick per rank.

                               |Level 4 Perks:|

Child at Heart: 1 Rank
Requirements: CHR = 4+
Useful: MAYBE

This perk makes you good with children, which can lead to much more pleasant
conversations.  Unfortunately it's only useful in a few places, most prominently
Little Lamplight.

Comprehension: 1 Rank
Requirements: INT = 4+

You should get this perk no matter what you do.  It doubles the amount of skill
points you gain from reading Skill Books.  Normally you get 1 point by reading
a Skill Book, now you get 2.  This allows you to get 50 points per skill by just
reading Books, instead of the regular 25!

Educated: 1 Rank
Requirements: INT = 4+
Useful: NO/MAYBE

This perk adds a +3 Skill points to be distributed every Level Up.  This may
seem much over the course of time, but even then we're only talking about 48
extra skill points.  I highly suggest you do NOT take this perk.

Entomologist: 1 Rank
Requirements: INT = 4+, Science = 40+

This perk increases your damage by +50% against any type of insect.  This may
seem futile at first, but just wait until you encounter Giant Radscorpions!
Even though those may be a pest at times, it's worth wondering if this is really
a perk worth investing in.

Affected creatures (all types) are: Radroach, Giant Ants, Radscorpions.

Iron Fist: 3 Ranks
Requirements: STR = 4+
Useful: MAYBE

This perk boosts your Unarmed Damage by +5 every rank.  I don't know if this is
worth investing in.  Naturally, if you don't bother with Unarmed fighting, you
should leave this alone.  But even if you are in love with your fists, this 
requires a whopping of 3 perks to get any use out of it, and it pretty much
also requires you to give up the most useful perk in the game at Level 20 (Grim
Reaper's Sprint) so you can take the Ninja perk.  That's a lot of sacrifices.

Scoundrel: 3 Ranks
Requirements: CHR = 4+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it increases skill points.  Any skill
point bonuses can also be gotten by levelling up and distributing skill points,
as well by reading Skill Books are by getting bonuses from more useful perks.

This perk adds +5 Speech and +5 Barter per rank.

                               |Level 6 Perks:|

Bloody Mess: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: YES

This perk grants you a permanent +5% damage on any target, and sometimes blows
up a target (with gory blood and limbs all over the place).  You can still
search any of your targets, and your loot isn't affected.  A useful perk, 
although the animation bores many after a while.

Demolition Expert: 3 Ranks
Requirements: Explosives = 50+
Useful: MAYBE

This perk increases your Grenades, Mines and Missiles damage by +20% per rank.
It's quite a lot, but it is also unlikely that you will spend three ranks on
this perk, and it's often not necessary to invest in this perk.  If you are
playing on Very Hard you may want to put a rank (read: ONE) in it, otherwise no.

Fortune Finder: 1 Rank
Requirements: LCK = 5+
Useful: NO

This perk increases the amount of Bottle Caps you find in desks, cabinets, and
so on.  Sounds useful, isn't useful.  Especially not later on when you have 
various sources for making much more money much quicker.

Gunslinger: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: MAYBE

This perk increases your accuracy in VATS by +25% whenever you're using a Small
Gun.  Weapons that fall under this category are: .32 Pistol, Scoped .44 Magnum,
(Silenced) 10mm Pistol, 10mm Submachine Gun, Chinese Pistol, Sawed-Off Shotgun,
Dart Gun, Laser Pistol, Plasma Pistol, Alien Blaster, Mesmetron.

You may think, 'WOW', a 25% increase in accuracy with all those guns, but be
careful.  If you have an initial 10% hit chance, this perk will bring it up to
12.5%.  Besides, many of those pistols are worthless later in-game.  Magnums are
still useful, but to justify this perk only for those ..

Lead Belly: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 5+
Useful: NO

This perk decreases your radiation poisoning by 50% when drinking from sinks,
using toilets, drinking outside water, etc. Doesn't sound very useful, and well,
it's not useful either.  You can always drink the water anyway and deal with
the radiation later - or even use a RadAway.  It's no big deal - at all.

Toughness: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 5+
Useful: YES!

This instantly grants you an additional +10 Defense Rating (DR).  Take it!

                               |Level 8 Perks:|

Commando: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: YES

This is much alike the Gunslinger perk, except this perk increases your accuracy
in VATS by +25% for Rifles.  These are much more powerful and much more used in
later combat than guns, which makes this an excellent perk to take.  Rifles are
considered to be: Assault Rifle, Chinese Assault Rifle, Hunting Rifle, Sniper
Rifle, Laser Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Railway Rifle.

Impartial Mediation: 1 Rank
Requirements: CHR = 5+
Useful: NO

This perk gives a +30% increase in chance when you attempt Speech Challenges.
Keep in mind that you can always save your game beforehand and do several
attempts if you find something truly important, or you can distribute a few
extra skill points to Speech to ensure a decent Speech Skill.  This just isn't
very useful.

Rad Resistance: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 5+
Useful: NO

This increases you Radiation Resistance by a permanent +25%.  This isn't too
shabby, but it's not really all that useful.  If you're facing radiation trouble
you can snack some Rad-X and boost your resistance by 45% instantly.  Combined
with radiation suits and quest perks, this can easily add up to 95%.  There's
no need for additional protection.  Besides, radiation doesn't kill, bullets do.
(Well, OK, Radiation *can* kill, but only when you reach 1000!)

Scrounger: 1 Rank
Requirements: LCK = 5+
Useful: MAYBE

Where Fortune Finder focused on increasing Caps whenever you open up cabinets
and such, Scrounger increases your ammunition found in Ammo Boxes, Mine Boxes
and every variation of boxes where you can find ammo.  I personally took this
perk while having in mind to sell loads of ammo for money, and never running
out of ammo either.

The truth is, money and ammo won't be your biggest problems later on.  It's best
leaving this perk so you can take a more useful one.  This perk DOES, however
also increase Alien Power Cell amounts gotten from Ammo Boxes. (It raises the
amount from 5-10 to around 40-50).  If you think that's reason enough to pick
this Perk, then that's certainly a valid reason!

Size Matters: 3 Ranks
Requirements: END = 5+
Useful: NO

This perk has limited usefulness because it increases skill points.  Any skill
point bonuses can also be gotten by levelling up and distributing skill points,
as well by reading Skill Books are by getting bonuses from more useful perks.

Note: You can get infinite Big Guns Skill Books by respawning the raider with a
      flamethrower in Bethesda Ruins East.  Just wait three days and a few hours
      and re-enter the building.  This *may* get removed with later patches.
      Please notify me when it is removed.

This perk adds +15 to Big Guns Skill.

Strong Back: 1 Rank
Requirements: STR = 5+, END = 5+
Useful: YES

This perk increases your Carry Weight by +50!  I don't see why this perk gets
completely hammered by people, because it's much better than most perks.  While
it's true you can do without this, its usefulness makes things so much more
convenient.  You can carry a wider arsenal of weapons, drag those extra goodies
to a nearby merchant, equip heavy armor more easily, etc.

                               |Level 10 Perks:|

Animal Friend: 2 Ranks
Requirements: CHR = 6+
Useful: MAYBE

Rank 1: Animals don't attack you.
Rank 2: Animals help you in combat against non-animal enemies.

Animals are: Dogs, Brahmin, Mole Rats and Yao Guai.

Fact is, this perk is quite useful because Yao Guai are fierce enemies.  Help
from those nasty bears would surely be appreciated by anyone.  However, the 
thing is that it's generally not very wise to have such high Charisma as is
required to get this perk, simply because all the other stats have a priority.
Therefore, many will have to skip this perk.  Don't worry though, I don't think
putting *two* ranks in this would be worth it anyway - there's so many other
great perks at this point!

Finesse: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: YES!

This increases your Critical Chance by 5% (equal to 5 LUCK).  Very, very useful.

Here and Now: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

This instantly allows you to gain another Level.  However, you will reach Lvl 20
anyhow if you play consistently, so there's no point in speeding things up,
especially not because you're sacrificing other great perks.

Mister Sandman: 1 Rank
Requirements: Sneak = 60+
Useful: MAYBE

Allows you to sneak up on sleeping adult humans and instantly kill them.  Sounds
wicked,  and is perhaps a little wicked, but there are not many instances where
you will really get a use out of this.

Note: You *can* however use this perk to receive infinite EXP by performing it
      continuously on the kid in Andale, Smith's House, Bedroom upstairs.

Aside from that glitch (which is likely to be removed soon), there is absolutely
no reason to pick this perk.  And even the glitch only gets you faster to Lvl 20
where you'll get in time anyway.

Mysterious Stranger: 1 Rank
Requirements: LCK = 6+
Useful: NO

If, when VATS ends and your opponent lives with 150 HP or less, there is a 10%
chance that the Mysterious Stranger finishes him off.  Sounds awesome, is cool,
but it can interfere with the greatest perk in the game: Grim Reaper's Sprint,
so I naturally advise against it.  Sorry, Mr. Stranger!

Nerd Rage: 1 Rank
Requirements: INT = 5+, Science = 50+

When your HP drops below 20% (and there you already have the con of this perk),
your STR is raised to 10 and you receive an increase of +50 Defense Rating (DR).

While the added bonuses are insane (50 DR, WOW!), you get the itchy feeling you
really *should* heal when your health bar is at like 15% away from death.  Since
there usually is a good reason to heal in a tough battle, the effects of Nerd
Rage never last very long, which makes it a perk that isn't all that useful.

Besides, with a good character build you can easily have a natural 10 STR, and
your DR will be no less than 16 away from the maximum DR (max is 85).  In this
case that means that the added bonus is actually only a DR of 16 at most.

Night Person: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

You gain a bonus of +2 INT and +2 PER whenever the sun is down (18.00 - 06.00).
This is absolutely garbage, because if you need temporary increases you might
as well use chems, and the increase won't do you much good in general, as in,
you're not going to see any significant increases during gameplay.

                               |Level 12 Perks:|

Cannibal: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

This allows you to feed on corpses: You gain 25 Health and lose 1 Karma every
time you feast on the flesh of the deceased.  If you're caught in the act there
is a good chance you'll be attacked by people.  Useful?  Meh.  No.

Fast Metabolism: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

Increases Stimpak efficiency by +20%.  That's nice, but do we really need it?

Life Giver: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 6+
Useful: MAYBE

Instantly raises your Max HP by +30.  Needless to say this is a unique bonus
that can't be gotten through other means, but if your END is already at max
you can see this as a mere 10% increase.  It's useful, yes, but at this point
the game requires you to make tough choices between perks.  Do you really need
this 30 extra health, or are you better off picking a different perk?

Pyromaniac: 1 Rank
Requirements: Explosives = 60+
Useful: YES

This perk increases fire-based weapons their damage by +50%.  That's a big
damage boost, but first let's go over the weapons that fall in this category:
Flamer, Nuka-Grenade, Shiskebab, 'Firelance' Alien Blaster and Zhu-Rong v418
Chinese Pistol.

That's a tiny group of weapons, so decide for yourself if you plan on using one
of them.  The Shiskebab becomes one of the best Melee Weapons with the perk,
but that's about it.  

If you have the Broken Steel DLC, add the Heavy Incinerator to this list, which
makes this Perk much more useful.

Robotics Expert: 1 Rank
Requirements: Science = 50+
Useful: MAYBE

Increases damage versus robotic enemies by +25%, and allows you to deactivate
any robot when you have successfully sneaked up on them.  It doesn't matter if
the robot has seen you; Whenever you're closeby you can enter sneak mode and
disable the robot.

Sounds useful, especially and mainly against Sentry Bots, but there aren't many
Sentry Bots in the game.  Pulse Grenades can often be found nearby or in areas
that rely on robotic security, and those work great on their own.  I don't think
the 'sneaking' up on a robot is that much of a bonus either, because if you can
sneak up on a robot, you might as well put a few 'sneaky bullets' or grenades
through its circuits.

Silent Running: 1 Rank
Requirements: AGL 6+, Sneak = 60+
Useful: YES

With this perk you'll make no noise when running at full speed while crouching.
This makes it much, much easier to go for stealth kills, even when you're not
a stealth expert (yet).  I highly recommend taking this.

Sniper: 1 Rank
Requirements: PER 6+, AGL 6+
Useful: YES

Increases your accuracy in VATS for headshots by +25%.  In other words, you gain
25% in accuracy when you select a target's head.  Since you'll be relying a lot
on headshots, especially lethal headshots from great distances, this is a great
perk to pick.

                               |Level 14 Perks:|

Adamantium Skeleton: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

Your limbs only take 50% of the regular damage.  Sounds useful, but disappoints.
The main use in this lies not in when you get bitten or shot by enemies, because
that rarely cripples a limb, but rather when you fall from very high or when
you step on a mine.  In both cases this is a result of recklessness, and you
will want to reload a previous save game.  Or if you aren't all that reckless,
this perk doesn't have much use either, because limbs don't represent your
vital health - at all.

Chemist: 1 Rank
Requirements: Medicine = 60+
Useful: YES

Chems last twice as long with this perk!  This affects the following items:
Buffout, Jet, Mentats, Med-X, Rad-X, Psycho, RadAway, Stealth Boy, Ultrajet,
Ant Queen Pheromones, Yao Guai Meat. 

This is a very useful perk, but it is best combined with the Chem Resistant
perk.  I suggest you only take this perk if you take that one as well.  There
are many other useful perks at that point, however, so pick wisely.

Contract Killer: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

With this perk you can loot ears from good characters.  There are not many good
characters, and if there are you wouldn't want to kill them anyway.  Besides,
even if you would, you can only trade their ear for a measly 5 caps.

Cyborg: 1 Rank
Requirements: Science 60+, Medicine = 60+

Adds +10 Damage Resistance (DR), +10 Poison & Radiation Resistance, and add a
+10 Skill Points to Energy Weapons.  It's like four perks in one.

Lawbringer: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

The same principle applies as with the Contract Killer, except you loot fingers
from evil characters now (of which more exist).  You can sell these fingers for
5 Caps to a special vendor.  In short, it's worthless.

Light Step: 1 Rank
Requirements: AGL 6+, PER 6+
Useful: NO

With this perk, you never set off any Mines or Traps.  Eh, would you normally
set off many traps?  Have you encountered many annoying traps?  Would you start
over or save many times nearby difficult passageways with mines and traps?  This
perk doesn't have a lot of added value, and it's generally regarded as useless.

Master Trader: 1 Rank
Requirements: CHR = 6+, Barter = 60+
Useful: NO

This reduces all bought items by 25%.  Money is no longer an issue at this point
of the game, besides, this perk is not worth it to raise Charisma to 6 points.
Not at all, actually.  The other way around, you'll likely won't even be able
to choose this perk because of your low CHR.

                               |Level 16 Perks:|

Action Boy/Girl: 1 Rank
Requirements: AGL = 6+
Useful: YES

Increases your VATS Action Points by 25.  This is an enormous increase and
basically allows you to fire an additional shot in VATS.  Worth it.

Better Criticals: 1 Rank
Requirements: PER = 6+, LCK = 6+
Useful: YES

This perk increases the damage of Critical Hits by 50%!  That is a huge bonus
and is a complete powerhouse combination with high Luck and Critical Chance.
This perk is highly recommended.

Chem Resistant: 1 Rank
Requirements: Medicine = 60+
Useful: MAYBE

With this perk you have 50% less chance to become addicted to a drug.  In
combination with Chemist this can be a powerful trick, but keep in mind that
you can only become addicted to a drug if you take two of the same within a 30
hours span.  You can often wait and quickly speed up time to pass this span,
ready to pump new Chems.  Also, the reduction is hardly a secure way to deal
with Chems - you can still get addicted.

It's a good perk, but there are many other great perks around at this point.

Tag!: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: NO

Allows you to tag any skill (+15 points).  Completely worthless by this time.

                               |Level 18 Perks:|

Computer Whiz: 1 Rank
Requirements: INT = 7+, Science = 70+
Useful: NO

Whenever you get locked out of a PC (ever had that happen? Ever?) you get a 2nd
chance.  I'd say this is completely worthless, because you never get locked out
anyway, or you would reload your savegame. 

Concentrated Fire: 1 Rank
Requirements: Small Guns = 60+, Energy Weapons = 60+
Useful: NO

With this perk you gain a 5% accuracy chance every time you select a specific
limb of a target *again*.  So if you select one arm three times, the accuracy 
for hitting the limb the first time is your normal accuracy, the second time it
is increased by 5%, and the third time it is increased by 10%.

Sounds lame, is lame.  Use the Dart Gun at this point onward to cripple both
enemy legs, and be done with it.  A 5% increase in accuracy is really, really
low, especially with the mechanics above.

Infiltrator: 1 Rank
Requirements: PER = 7+, Lockpick = 70+
Useful: NO

This is the counterpart of Computer Whiz.  If you for some reason break a lock
and get locked out, this perk gives you a second chance.  Yay!  Nay!  One of the
most worthless perks at this point.

Paralyzing Palm: 1 Rank
Requirements: Unarmed 70+
Useful: YES

When unarmed, you can perform a VATS palm strike that paralyzes your opponent
for 30 seconds.  Deathclaw or Knuckles also count as unarmed.  30 seconds is a
long time and gives you plenty enough time to kill your opponent.  In other
words, if you're facing a tough opponent from nearby (Deathclaw, Yao Guai) then
this comes in handy.

Even if you're not an Unarmed person, you can easily switch from armed to
unarmed in a mere second, perform the palm strike, switch back, and kill your

                               |Level 20 Perks:|

Explorer: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: MAYBE, but..

This pinpoints every location on the worldmap of your Pip-Boy. A great advantage
for any explorer, but at a very high cost of ignoring other Lvl 20 perks.  This
alone gives you good reason to leave it alone.  Besides, you can explore it all
on your own in time.

Ninja: 1 Rank
Requirements: Sneak = 80+, Melee = 80+
Useful: YES

Increases your Critical Chance by 15% whenever you attack with Melee Weapons or
Unarmed.  Sneak Attack Critical Hits do +25% more damage.  Needless to say this
is a good perk, especially if you are a Melee Character.  If you are more of a
gunman, read on..

Grim Reaper's Sprint: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---
Useful: YES!

When you kill an opponent in VATS, all your Action Points are restored, allowing
you to instantly target a new enemy.  Needless to say this magnificent perk
allows you to drop enemies with significant more ease than usual.  This makes it
quite possibly the best perk of the game.

Solar Powered: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 7+
Useful: MAYBE

All Lvl 20 perks are useful, no doubt about it.  This perk allows you to regain
1 HP every 10 seconds you are exposed in sunlight, and an increase of 2 STR
when you are in sunlight.

This perk is the least of the Lvl 20 perks.  You get a 2 STR increase, but only
when in the open Wasteland, at day, and you regain 6 HP per minute.  That's not
all that much, even though it's nice.  If this could be gotten earlier, then
perhaps it would be picked more often, but the Reaper devastates this by a mile.

LEVELS 21-30 PERKS ARE...             /\
       =====                         || |,
                                     || | `.
 ____   _____   ____  _   __ _____   || |,  `._____ _______ _____  _____  _ 
|  _ \ |     | / __ \| | / /|  ___||¯\ |¯|`. / ____|       |  ___||  ___|| |
| |_| || |¯| /| |  | | |/ / | |___ |  \| |' | (___ `.¯| |¯¯| |___ | |___ | |
|  _  /|  ¯ \ | |  | |   /  |  ___|| . ` |`. \___ \  `| |  |  ___||  ___|| |
| |_| || |\  \| |__| |   \  | |___`| |\  | `.____) | .| |  | |___ | |___ | |___ 
|____/ |_| \__\\____/|_|\__\|     ||_||\_| ,|_____/ ,'| |  |     ||     ||     |
                          `. ¯¯¯¯¯   || |`'      . '   ¯    ¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯ 
                          '....      || |       ..'
                               `.  (¯    ¯)  ..'     Downloadable Content
                               `... ¯|  |¯ ...'
                                   `.|  |.'
                                     (  )
                           ____  _   _ _  __     ___
                          / __ \| \ | | | \ \   / / |
                         | |  | |  \| | |  \ \_/ /| |
                         | |  | | . ` | |   \   / | |
                         | |__| | |\  | |____| |  |_|
                          \____/|_| \_|______|_|  (_)
                               |Level 22 Perks:|

Deep Sleep: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---

Useful: NO

'This Perk will get you the "Well Rested" bonus in any bed you sleep, instead of
just your own bed in your house.  The Well Rested bonus grants +10% Exp, so it's
hardly worth getting this Perk for.

Puppies!: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---

Useful: MAYBE

With this perk, Dogmeat will reincarnate as a puppy whenever he dies and you'll
be able to get him back at certain places, such as Vault 101's entrance.  If you
are a big fan of Dogmeat and at the same time very reckless (which is an odd
combination to say the least), then this Perk might be something for you.

Quantum Chemist: 1 Rank
Requirements: Science 70+

Useful: MAYBE

When you have this Perk, for every 10 Nuka Cola's you acquire, they will 
automatically be converted into a Nuka Cola Quantum.  Cute, but if you've 
already done this quest then it is nothing to write home about.

                               |Level 24 Perks:|

Devil's Highway: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Karma not Very Evil]

Useful: NO

This Perk automatically sets your karma to Very Evil.  It's not worth it to 
spend a precious Level on this Perk, as there are other ways of attaining this.

Escalator to Heaven: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Karma not Very Good]

Useful: NO

This Perk automatically sets your karma to Very Good.  It's not worth it to 
spend a precious Level on this Perk, as there are other ways of attaining this.

Karmic Rebalance: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Karma not neutral]

Useful: NO

This Perk automatically sets your karma to Neutral.  It's not worth it to 
spend a precious Level on this Perk, as there are other ways of attaining this.

No Weaknesses: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---

Useful: NO

This Perk puts all SPECIAL stats that were below 5 points, now to 5.  Higher
stats remain the same.  It's completely blown away by a Level 30 Perk called
'Almost Perfect', which makes this Perk useless altogether.

                               |Level 26 Perks:|

Nerves of Steel: 1 Rank
Requirements: AGL = 7+

Useful: YES

This Perk increases your AP regeneration rate. If you already have Grim Reaper's
Sprint then the usefulness of this Perk can be questioned.  On the other hand,
it makes for a killer combination should it happen that you didn't immediately
managed to kill a powerful enemy.

Rad Tolerance: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 7+

Useful: NO

You will no longer suffer from minor radiation poisoning.  This is one of the
worst Perks ever, to be quite honest.

Warmonger: 1 Rank
Requirements: INT = 7+

Useful: NO

All custom weapon schematics are added to your inventory. While it *is* actually
pretty nifty to get all the schematics for free at once ... You most likely 
already have all of them, making this Perk completely useless at this point.
Even if you're missing some schematics, it's hardly worth it to sacrifice a Perk
on this.

                               |Level 28 Perks:|

Party Boy/Girl: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---

Useful: MAYBE

With this Perk you never have any alcohol withdrawal. This allows you to
infinitely benefit from the effects of alcoholic beverages.  These always lower
your INT by -1 and increase your STR +1 and CHR +1.  You'll have to decide for
yourself whether or not you like this shift in stats, although the Charisma 
increase isn't all that useful.

Rad Absorption: 1 Rank
Requirements: END = 7+

Useful: NO

While it sounds really awesome, by the time you reach Level 28 you'll have TONS
of RadAway in your inventory, rendering this Perk completely useless.

                               |Level 30 Perks:|

Almost Perfect: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---

Useful: YES

All SPECIAL stats are set to 9.  If you have bobbleheads then these will not 
make the stat totals 10.  Instead, collect the 7 SPECIAL bobbleheads after 
getting this Perk to get a perfect character concerning stats.  This Perk does
not lower any stats that already are at 10, BUT if you have the Lucky 8 Ball on
you while selecting this perk, and unequip the Lucky 8 Ball, then your base stat
will only be at 8.  Solve this by unequipping the 8 Ball before choosing this

Nuclear Anomaly: 1 Rank
Requirements: ---

Useful: YES

When your HP gets below 20 you'll explode, doing tremendous damage to everything
around you.  This means that you can only die if something kills you by doing
20+ damage, as the blast does not kill your character - in fact it heals you.
The more irradiated you are, the more you get healed. 

                            |Quest Related Perks:|

Power Armor Training: 1 Rank
Requirements:  1. Proceed with the story and go through the Main Quests until 
                  you have completed 'The Waters of Life' Main Quest.  Talk to 
                  Elder Lyons and ask him for permission. Now locate Paladin 
                  Gunny in the Citadel.
               2. Finish the DLC Operation: Anchorage.
Useful: YES

Allows you to wear any kind of Power Armor.  The stuff is heavy, though!

Dream Crusher: 1 Rank
Requirements: Tell Moira in Megaton to stop wasting her time on her Guide.
Useful: MAYBE, but..

This decreases the chance to be hit by a critical attack by 50%.  However, you
aren't often hit by critical hits anyways, making this perk not all that handy.
Besides, if you complete the Guide you get access to a much better perk.

Rad Limb Healing: 1 Rank
Requirements: Achieve Advanced Radiation Poisoning (600+ Rads) while doing the
              'Get Radiated' quest for Moira and the Wasteland Guide.
Useful: MAYBE

This perk is a little extra that you won't often see in use, but it heals any
crippled limbs when you suffer from Advanced Radiation Poisoning (400+).

Junior Survivor: 5 Variations
Requirements: Don't do your best during the Wasteland Survival Guide quest.
Useful: YES, but..

This perk always gives +2% Poison & Radiation Resistance.  Depending on your
answers, it also gives on of the following bonuses:

Standard: +5 HP
Smart: +2 Medicine, +2 Science
Tough: +2 Damage Resistance
Sly: +2 Sneak, +2 Speech
Snide: +1 Critical Chance

The 'Tough' responses (require STR or END) are usually the best to take, because
of the unique DR bonus you can get.

Survivor Expert: 5 Variations
Requirements: Not all optional requirements were completed during the Wasteland
              Survival Guide quest.
Useful: YES, but..

This perk always gives +4% Poison & Radiation Resistance.  Depending on your
answers, it also gives on of the following bonuses:

Standard: +10 HP
Smart: +4 Medicine, +4 Science
Tough: +4 Damage Resistance
Sly: +4 Sneak, +4 Speech
Snide: +2 Critical Chance

The 'Tough' responses (require STR or END) are usually the best to take, because
of the unique DR bonus you can get.

Survivor Guru: 5 Variations
Requirements: All optional requirements were completed during the Wasteland
              Survival Guide quest.
Useful: YES

This perk always gives +6% Poison & Radiation Resistance.  Depending on your
answers, it also gives on of the following bonuses:

Standard: +15 HP
Smart: +6 Medicine, +6 Science
Tough: +6 Damage Resistance
Sly: +6 Sneak, +6 Speech
Snide: +3 Critical Chance

The 'Tough' responses (require STR or END) are usually the best to take, because
of the unique DR bonus you can get.  The Survival Guru is the best of all the
perks you can get from The Wasteland Survival Guide quest.

Ant Might: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete 'Those!' quest objectives for Doctor Lesko.
Useful: YES

You gain 25% resistance to fire, and gain a permanent +1 in STR.

Ant Sight: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete 'Those!' quest objectives for Doctor Lesko.
Useful: YES

You gain 25% resistance to fire, and gain a permanent +1 in PER.

Which to choose?  Depends on which of the two stats (STR or PER) you are aiming
to max out at the moment.  It doesn't really matter much, you should be able to
get both to 10.

Wired Reflexes: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete 'The Replicated Man' and head to Dr. Zimmer.
Useful: YES

Increases VATS accuracy by 10%!

Hematophagy: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete 'Blood Ties'.
Useful: YES

Allows you to gain 20 HP from Blood Packs instead of 1.  You can also sell them
for 15 Caps.

Barkskin: 1 Rank
Requirements: Do the 'Oasis' quest.
Useful: YES

Damage Resistance is increased by +10, and END is increased by +1.  Both are
permanent increases.

                            | DLC Related Perks: |

Covert Ops: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete the Operation: Anchorage DLC simulation and retrieve all
              10 Intel Suitcases.
Useful: YES

This Perk increase your Science, Small Guns and Lockpick Skills by +3 points.

Auto Axpert: 1 Rank
Requirements: Collect the first 10 mandatory Steel Ingots from The Steelyard in
              The Pitt DLC, and this Perk will automatically be granted.

Useful: YES

This Perk increases the damage that you do with Auto Axes by 25%.  The following
four weapons qualify: Steel Saw, Auto Axe, The Mauler, and Man Opener.

Pitt Fighter: 1 Rank
Requirements: Survive the fights in The Hole - part of The Pitt DLC - and this
              Perk will automatically be granted.

Useful: YES

This Perk permanently increases your DR and Radiation Resistance by +3%.

Booster Shot: 1 Rank
Requirements: Complete the third and final quest "Free Labor" from The Pitt DLC,
              and this Perk will automatically be granted no matter which side
              you chose.

Useful: YES

This Perk permanently increases your Radiation Resistance by +10%.

Ghoul Ecology: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Point Lookout DLC]. Read Plik's Journal in the Coastal Grotto.

Useful: YES

This Perk increases the damage that you deal to all Ghouls by +5.

Punga Power!: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Point Lookout DLC]. Complete the 'Walking with Spirits' quest.

Useful: YES

This Perk increases the effectiveness from Wild Punga Fruit and Refined Punga
Fruit. -1 Rads for Wild Punga Fruit becomes -5 Rads, and -2 becomes -15.

Superior Defender: 1 Rank
Requirements: [Point Lookout DLC]. Complete 'The Local Flavor' quest.

Useful: YES

This Perk increases your damage by +5 and DR by +10 when standing still

    |[S5] Creating a Grand, Great All-Round Character                     |

o No character is truly perfect, and choices must always be made, but this build
  is one of the better ones you can have.

o Keep in mind, there is NO definitive way of creating a character.  This is
  merely advice, and perhaps you can use it as a starting plan.  Feel free to
  deviate from it.

o Get the best result from 'The Wasteland Survival Guide' Quest by doing all
  optional requests, and never answer with the smart or sneaky answers.  Instead
  go for the standard answer, act tough, or sarcastic.  You'll have to choose,
  Standard: +15 Health
  Tough: +6 DR
  Sarcastic: +3% Critical Chance

o Starting Stats: 

    STR: 8, PER: 5, END: 7, CHR: 1, INT: 5, AGL: 7, LCK: 7.

Boosts: +2      +2      +2      +1      +1      +2      +3

You can also put INT at 3, but this will require you to swim to Rivet City
early on, getting the INT Bobblehead.  In the end, the extra points in CHR are
not worth much.  PER & AGL can use the extra points, but it'll be a little bit
more tricky.

o The Lucky 8 Ball can increase your Luck by +1, as can a Bobblehead.
  Ranger Armor gives +1 Luck as well.
o The quest 'Those!' can give you either +1 STR or +1 PER (choose PER).
o 3x Intense Training: +1 STR, +1 AGL, +1 END.

o Ending Stats:

  STR: 10, PER: 7, END: 9, CHR: 2, INT: 6, AGL: 9, LCK: 10.

o As for Skills, with help from Dwovar:
o There are 13 skills, and 100 pts/skill gives you 1300 total skill points 

o There are 25 skill books per skill (maybe 24 for Barter), and Comprehension 
  gives you double points. 2*13*25=650 (648 if there's only 24 for Barter). That
  leaves 652 to reach.
o The bobbleheads for skills give you 130 points. The SPECIA bobbleheads give 
  you a +26 points (2 per skill, increased as their respective attribute is 
  increased). That's a total of 156 from bobbleheads, leaving 496 to reach.

o Luck gives you 1/2 the luck score to 'all skills'. So if you raise luck to 8,
  get the bobblehead, AND the lucky 8-Ball, you'll get +5 to all skills. So 
  5*13 is 65. That leaves 431 to reach.

o With the initial SPECIA statistics above, you'll gain +16, +30, +28, +4,
  +30, +32 = 140 Skill Points.  Leaves 291 to reach.

o With 5 INT = 15 Skill Points to Level 6 (5 Levels) = 15*5 = 75 Points.
  With 6 INT = 16 Skill Points at Level 6-20 (15 Levels) = 16*15 = 240 Points.
  Total = 315

(Note: You can swim to Rivet City when you leave the Vault, when you are LVL 3.
       This grants you only 2 points extra over getting it at, say, LVL 5)

 With the total of 315, we are already successful! We now have 24 points extra.
 Besides, there are other small bonuses as well:
o You can tag 3 Skills from the GOAT test: +45 Points.  Total points left:
  45+24 = 69.
o Cyborg Perk gives +10 Energy Weapons, Silent Running +10 Sneak.  That's +20
  free points. 69+20 = 90 Points.

o You don't need to boost any skills into Big Guns when levelling up because
  it's possible to get infinite skill books for it from the respawning raider
  with the flamethrower in Bethesda East Office, upstairs.  This saves roughly
  30 extra points again.  90 + 30 = 120.

o Keep in mind you don't want to boost any skill too high after levelling up.
  You can use the 120 spare points to boost Lockpick and Science so you can 
  easily get treasures during your quest - because playability matters too.

  Closing Advice:
  o Don't level Skill Boosting Perks.
  o At LVL 4, go for Comprehension.
  o Get the INT Bobblehead ASAP
  o Get 6 PER before Level 12 or so.
  o Don't be too hard on yourself with Lockpick and Science.  You have a margin
    of points you can 'waste', so raising these to 70 - 75 should do no harm.

o Never take the 'Here and Now' and 'Tag' Perks.  That's a waste.

o Perk Levelling Advice:
  Level 2:  Intense Training -> STR +1
  Level 3:  Intense Training -> END +1
  Level 4:  Comprehension (You can now read any Skill Book safely; +2 Points)
  Level 5:  Intense Training -> AGL +1
  Level 6:  Toughness
  Level 7:  Bloody Mess
  Level 8:  Strong Back
  Level 9:  Commando
  Level 10: Finesse
  Level 11: Demolition Expert
  Level 12: Sniper
  Level 13: Silent Running
  Level 14: Cyborg
  Level 15: Pyromaniac
  Level 16: Action Boy
  Level 17: Better Criticals
  Level 18: Paralyzing Palm
  Level 19: [choice]
  Level 20: Grim Reaper's Sprint

Level 2 & 3:
At Level 2 you can choose from Intense Training, Black Widow/Lady Killer,
Daddy's Boy/Girl, Gun Nut, Little Leager, Swift Learner and Thief.  The latter
five give a skill boost which is essentially worthless because you can max your
skills out later.  With the exception of Swift Learner, which gives an EXP
bonus.  However, we're going to make it to LVL 20 without it, and time is not an
issue. Lady Killer is bad because there simply aren't many female opponents in
the game, and Black Widow is so-so.  Therefore, it's best to go with the Intense
Training Perk.

Level 4 & 5:
This needs little clarification. Comprehension doubles the effects of skill 
books, and if you follow the character building plan in this guide, you won't
need Educated.  Another Intense Training session to boost your stats.

Level 6 & 7:
The competition gets tougher.  From Level 4 we left a few skills behind, so let
us go over them: Child at Heart makes you good with kids, but there are only a
few places this will really benefit you, and you can almost always do Speech
Challenges and reset. We already took Comprehension.  Entomologist is actually a
pretty decent Perk, but it's main use will be when you're fighting the bigger
bugs such as Giant Radscorpion. The +50% damage can come in handy then.  The
Scoundrel Perk raises Skill Points, so we can ignore it.  Iron Fist is for
Unarmed users and can be useful if you're in love with that, but only then.

That means we 'keep' one Perk in mind from Level 4, which is Entomologist.

Let's go over LVL 6 & 7.  Bloody Mess isn't just all visuals, it actually causes
an extra 5% damage - ALWAYS.  Demolition Expert boosts Mines, Grenades and the
Missile Launcher damages by +20%.  Fortune Finder allows you to find more Caps
whenever you do find caps.  This isn't very useful later on, when you can sell
loot from bodies for a lot of caps (this includes ammo). Gunslinger increases
VATS accuracy by +25% when firing single-handed weapons - needless to say very
nice.  Lead Belly allows you to drink from radiated sinks, use toilets, etc..
with a 50% decrease in radiation poisoning.  Absolutely useless.  Toughness will
increase your Defense Rating by a permanent 10.  Absolutely Great.

So Toughness is one we'll pick regardless.  Leaves one, the choice between:

- Entomologist
- Bloody Mess <--
- Demolition Expert
- Gunslinger

Level 8 & 9:
Commando increases VATS accuracy by +25% for rifles.  Quite useful, actually.
Impartial Mediation is worthless - you can reset Speech Challenges if you really
want the benefits, and besides, you need to have neutral Karma for this to work.
Rad Resistance isn't very useful as you can always use Rad-X and RadAway.  The
Scrounger Perk can be very useful, but only if you're an Ammo waster.  Of course
it can also bring in extra caps..  Size Matters is about skill points, so we can
ignore it.  The Strong Back is a unique Perk which gives +50 weight allowance.
Then again, you can also use your weight sparingly and store things in your

Leaves the choice between:

- (Any 3 Unpicked Perks from LVL 6 & 7)
- Commando <--
- Strong Back <--

Level 10 & 11:
Ah, Animal Friend. The thing is, it's actually quite decent if you put two ranks
in this (because they will help you in fights against non-animals), but that's
asking a bit much, and only one rank in it causes animals to simply not attack.
Therefore it's not worth it.  Finesse increases your Critical Chance by +5%.
Very, very useful.  Here and Now increase a level automatically - which is a
worthless effort since we'll make it to LVL 20 either way.  Mister Sandman 
allows you to instantly, and here it comes, kill any ADULT HUMAN, while they are
SLEEPING.  That's a lot of factors..Let's see, Human check, Adult check,
Sleeping check.  You won't find this useful very often.  The Mysterious Stranger
Perk allows for the Mysterious Stranger to finish off an opponent when they have
less than 150 HP, with a 10% chance.  It will interfere with The Grim Reapers 
Sprint at LVL 20, so that's a reason to not pick it.  Nerd Rage would be good
if it was only activated a little higher than 20% or less than your Max Health.
STR to 10 and Damage Resistance +50.  Sounds attractive, but when you see your
Health Bar blinking at 15%, what are you going to do?  Exactly, use a Stimpak.
Night Person is quite useless; It grants +2 INT and +2 PER at night.

We will pick Finesse from this list, and leave the rest alone.  Now we can
choose a Perk from one of the previous levels:

If you picked Bloody Mess, Commando and Scrounger, pick a choice from these:

- Entomologist
- Demolition Expert <--
- Gunslinger

Level 12 & 13:
Cannibal allows you to eat corpses for +25 Health and -1 Karma. Eh, yeah.  There
are better ways to heal or stack up negative karma.  Fast Metabolism gives a
+20% boost to a Stimpak.  Handy, but not more than that.  You'll come across
plenty of Stimpaks and with your Medicine Skill maxed in the end you won't need
this at all.  Life Giver gives, well, +30 Life.  Can't argue that it's not
useful, because it is.  Pyromaniac gives +50% damage to Flamethrower, Firelance
Alien Blaster, Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol, Nuka-Grenade and Shiskebab.  Its
usefulness is fair to good.  Robotics Expert allows for a +25% to robots which
is never bad.  Silent Running is the ultimate sneak perk - it allows you to
sneak at full speed without making any sound.  Sniper gives +25% chance to hit
your enemy's head in VATS - very useful as well.

This is a tough round with choices to be made from:

- (Any 2 Unpicked Perks from before)
- Life Giver
- Pyromaniac
- Robotics Expert
- Silent Running <--
- Sniper <--

Level 14 & 15:
With Adamantium Skeleton, limbs receive 50% less damage.  Sounds very useful,
isn't very useful.  If your limbs get crippled, you'll often reload anyway.
Chemist doubles the duration of Chems.  Handy?  Yes.  Contract Killer and 
Lawbringer allow you to loot ears or fingers and sell them for 5 Caps.  Compared
to the other Perks around, not very shiny.  Cyborg is no contest, really.  It
gives +10 Damage Resistance, Poison Resistance, Rad Resistance and even Energy
Weapons Skill.  Light Step makes it so you never set off any traps or mines.
Handy, but you can also be more careful.  Master Trader gives you a discount of
25% at all traders.  Handy, but not all that useful later on.

Cyborg is a surefire pick. Leaves us with:

- (Any 5 Unpicked Perks from before): Pyromaniac <--
- Chemist

Level 16 & 17:
Action Boy/Girl is great, really.  An additional +25 VATS AP!  Better Criticals
is also great: +50% Damage for Critical Hits, that slaughters enemies!  Chem
Resistant is useful in combination with Chemist only, but can be a very
powerful combi.  It reduces the chance to get addicted by 50%.  Tag grants 15
Skill Points to any skill, and is the most worthless Perk in the whole higher
level range.

Thus you'll want to choose Action Boy/Girl and Better Criticals. Leaves:

- (Any 5 Unpicked Perks from before)

Level 18 & 19.
Computer Whiz is decent when hacking, but .. not worth passing up other great
Perks.  Concentrated Fire isn't bad, but Sniper is much better.  Infiltrator is
like a Computer Whiz but with Lockpicks.  Its usefulness can be questioned.
Paralyzing Palm freezes an enemy for 30 seconds, but you have to be unarmed.
That doesn't have to be a problem however, just unequip/equip your weapons!

Leaves us with the following:

- (Any 5 Unpicked Perks from before)
- Paralyzing Palm <--

You must leave 4 fairly useful perks behind, which is a shame, but it has to be
done.  This choice is mainly up to you - I can only tell you what I would do,
and why:

Choose From:
Entomologist:  You'll squash those bugs without the extra damage.
Gunslinger:  Aside from the .44 Magnum and Dart Gun .. will you really be using
             Pistols on enemies later on?  You can live with the few less Acc%.
Life Giver: Health is nice, but 30 points on 300 HP is only 10%, and you can
            literally live without the bonus.  Besides, the other Perks y'know..
Robotics Expert: 25% extra damage to robots is nice, but there are Perks that
                 have a much wider bonus that can help with all enemies.
Chemist:  The Chemist Boosts are temporary, can get you addicted, and they are
          great on their own already.  This also needs the Chem Resistant perk.

You can also pick another Intense Training session, to make things even more

Level 20:
Grim Reaper's Sprint.  Seriously.

    |[S6] Creating a Grand, Great All-Round Character (WITH BROKEN STEEL!)|

This section is about making a very powerful balanced character, keeping in mind
that the Broken Steel adds ten new levels and fourteen new Perks.  Because both
Level 30 Perks are useful, there are two possible lists.  Read on.

This list will not require any Intense Training, and if you pick up the SPECIAL
Bobbleheads only AFTER making it to Level 30, you can have a truly perfect
character as far as SPECIAL stats go.  Also, this list assumes you're a female
and take the Black Widow perk, since it is REALLY good (+10% damage against ALL
male NPC's?  Including Enclave?  Yes!  That's *wicked*.)

Important Note: Furthermore, Comprehension is no longer necessary, although you
                *MUST* to start with Intelligence at 9 to get those skills
                jacked up.  There's not a lot of room for error, so you can't
                "overboost" many skills (only Lockpick, I'd say).  With "over-
                boosting" I mean that you can't go above around 45 points or so,
                because you'll need to get 25 Skill Points from the Skill Books,
                you'll want to figure in the other bonuses you get from stats,
                and the same goes for the boosts you get from Bobbleheads.

Assuming you take Almost Perfect (and leave the bobbleheads alone until you have
taken this perk), your stats will all end up being 10's.  Start out with 9 INT
to ensure the maximum amount of skill points.  Here's a short breakdown of how
many points you need to get, and how many points you're going to find.

Regardless of the fact that your stats will be perfect in the end, you MUST
start out with the following stats if you want to be able to fulful all the 
stat-requirements that come with the following list:
 Starting Stats:  STR: 6, PER: 6, END: 6, CHR: 1, INT: 9, AGL: 7, LCK: 5

I repeat, you MUST start with these stats or you might not be able to take some
of the perks mentioned in the list below due to not having reached the stats
requirements of the perk.

Note: While your base LCK is at 5, you *are* allowed to boost this to 6 with
      the Luck Bobblehead in order to get the requirement for the Better
      Criticals Perk at Level 16.  After reaching level 30 and selecting the
      Almost Perfect Perk you can place the Lucky 8 Ball in your inventory to
      boost your Luck one last point, up to 10.

Other Important Requirements:
Be sure to have the following skills at the following levels in order to pass
the requirements for the perk list below.  Please do NOT just boost them
regularly or you will NOT be able to max out all skills.  Instead, start hunting
skill books for these skills very early on to ensure that you can reach these
levels in time.  Remember, this is not about convenience, it's about maxing 
everything.  Nobody said it was easy, and no one ever said it would be so hard,
so that's why I'm telling you now.

Note: It may be helpful to tag Science at the GOAT test.

- Science at 40 points    [Do this at or before Level  4]
- Explosives at 50 points [Do this at or before Level 10]
- Sneak at 60 points      [Do this at or before Level 12]
- Science at 60 points    [Do this at or before Level 13]
- Medicine at 60 points   [Do this at or before Level 13]
- Explosives at 60 points [Do this at or before Level 14]
- Unarmed at 70 points    [Do this at or before Level 17]
- Sneak at 80 points      [Do this at or before Level 20]
- Melee at 80 points      [Do this at or before Level 20]

Skill Points:
TOTAL AMOUNT REQUIRED: 13 Skills * 100 Points p/Skill = 1300 POINTS.

Levelling up 29 times with 9 INT will net you 551 points.
You get 25 * 13 = 325 points from skill books (without comprehension).
You get 13 * 10 = 130 points from skill bobbleheads.
You get 26 points from SPECIA bobbleheads.
You get 65 points from Luck at value 10.
You get 45 points from tagging three skills at the GOAT test.
You get 20 points from Cyborg/Silent Running perks.
You get 9 points from Covert Ops perk (Operation Anchorage only).
You get 216 points in total from your SPECIA stats at value 9 (as we have 
already calculated the Bobbleheads value).

Note: You can also grab the Daddy's Boy/Girl perk at Level 3 if you don't care 
      much about the +10% EXP you get from Swift Learner.  This nets you 10 
      Skill Points.  The +5 Science Boost will help you get Entomologist at
      Level 5, since it requires 40 Science.

This already puts our total at 1397 possible skill points. You could furthermore
abuse tricks such as the Big Guns skill book respawn trick (and thus no need to
ever boost that skill manually, saving another 30 points or so).

So let's play it safe and say that you have about 80 points to spare.  This will
allow you to boost Lockpick to 75 (just for convenience purposes), and it also
allows for a slight boost towards high skill requirements such as Unarmed at 70
on Level 17, and Sneak/Melee at 80 on Level 20.  Don't boost everything, mainly
fill the gap with skill points from Skill Books, and only use your "spare"
points when you're running out of options.

The Perks List:
Level 2:  Black Widow
Level 3:  Daddy's Boy/Girl [Nothing better available!]
Level 4:  Iron Fist (1)
Level 5:  Entomologist
Level 6:  Toughness
Level 7:  Bloody Mess
Level 8:  Strong Back
Level 9:  Commando
Level 10: Finesse
Level 11: Demolition Expert (1)
Level 12: Sniper
Level 13: Silent Running
Level 14: Cyborg
Level 15: Pyromaniac
Level 16: Action Boy
Level 17: Better Criticals
Level 18: Paralyzing Palm
Level 19: Robotics Expert
Level 20: Grim Reaper's Sprint
Level 21: Ninja
Level 22: Iron Fist (2)
Level 23: Iron Fist (3)
Level 24: Life Giver
Level 25: Demolition Expert (2)
Level 26: Nerves of Steel
Level 27: Gunslinger
Level 28: Demolition Expert (3)
Level 29: [Choice: Puppies!/Quantum Chemist]
Level 30: Almost Perfect

Closing words: This is one of the most powerful builds in the game, hands down.
There is no longer a need to do Intense Trainings or Comprehension, which saves
several slots, and with the addition of 10 levels there is room to expand on
melee and explosives abilities, along with other great perks you had to leave
behind otherwise, such as Life Giver.

Perks Left Behind Analysis:
Let's take a look at what we left behind, and whether we should feel bad about
it or not:

o At Level 2 we leave [Intense Training], [Gun Nut], [Little Leager] and [Thief]
  behind.  Since Almost Perfect at Level 30 makes Intense Training obsolete.
  While you could choose [Swift Learner] at this point, it's probably better to
  choose Daddy's Boy/Girl since it gives you 10 free skill points which you
  might just need, while Swift Learner is mainly convenience since it nets you
  +10% extra EXP for everything you gain EXP with.

o At Level 4 we leave [Child at Heart], [Comprehension], [Educated] and
  [Scoundrel] behind.  Comprehension is no longer necessary for a maximum
  investment in skill points and Educated never was.  Scoundrel only boosts
  skill points, so there's no harm done there either by leaving it.  Child at
  Heart is actually the only perk at this level that has a few decent benefits
  we won't get by leaving it behind.  On the other hand, most of the speech
  challenges can be won through other means, and there aren't many children in
  the game, let alone unique options through Child at Heart.

o At Level 6 we leave [Fortune Finder] and [Lead Belly] behind.  We certainly
  postpone most other perks such as Demolition 2 & 3 and Gunslinger, but those
  are nailed eventually.  Since Lead Belly only decreases the radiation
  poisoning you get from using sinks, toilets and the like it isn't useful.
  Fortune Finder sounds good but you won't need all that much Bottle Caps when
  you're all-powerful at level 30.  Selling ammo nets you plenty enough caps.

o At Level 8 we leave [Impartial Mediation] alone since all it does is increase
  your Speech Challenge chances by +30%.  We also ignore [Rad Resistance] since
  it has no added value at all.  We also leave [Scrounger] alone, which is fine
  as well - it only increases the amounts of ammo you find in boxes.  Handy, but
  not more than that and there's plenty of ammo around in Fallout 3.  We also
  ignore [Size Matters] since it only boosts skill points.

o At Level 10 we actually leave a useful perk behind for a change: [Animal 
  Friend] will cause Dogs, Brahmins, Mole Rats *and* Yao Guai to not attack you
  at Rank 1 of the perk, and at the 2nd rank they'll even assist you in battle
  (just not against their own kind).  Admittedly this is a handy feat, but only
  Yao Guai are noteworthy allies, and spending two ranks on this perk just for
  that is too much.  If we were talking about Albino Radscorpions on the other
  hand .. :p .. But that's not the case!

  Naturally, we also skip [Here and Now], which only instantly grants a LevelUp.
  Then there's [Mister Sandman] that we'll ignore.  While the concept is pretty
  cool, there's no real reason you'd need to kill *humans* in their *sleep*.
  We also leave [Mysterious Stranger] alone, another decent perk - since it
  kills enemies that you target in VATS when they have 150 HP or less, but only
  with a 10% chance.  Grim Reaper's Sprint makes this perk a bit obsolete when
  you think about it, because that instantly replenishes your AP when you kill
  an enemy - and if the enemy survives (90% chance if Mysterious Stranger does
  not show up) there's no party pie for you, only an angry Overlord!
  [Nerd Rage] is totally worthless.  You'll reach 10 Strength permanently on 
  your own, and you'll get so close to the maximum amount of DR (85) that this
  perk only increases your DR around 5 points or so.  And of course, only when
  your HP is lower than 20%.
  Then there's [Night Person] that increases your INT and PER +2 points whenever
  the sun is down (18:00 - 06:00).  You'll reach max stats in the end anyway,
  making this perk obsolete.

o At Level 12 we leave [Cannibal] and [Fast Metabolism].  While Cannibal is
  nothing to mourn about (25 Health and -1 Karma when you feast on corpses..?),
  Fast Metabolism is not completely useless: It does increase the effectiveness
  of Stimpaks by +20%.  Then again you'll find plenty of Stimpaks and they'll
  start healing enough when you get stronger.

o Level 14 has [Adamantium Skeleton] that we ignore.  Limbs take 50% less damage
  but there's not much point when you get stabbed and shot in the chest.  Then
  there's [Chemist] which prolonges the effects of chems by 2x.  Yes, that's
  actually another useful perk that we'll have to leave behind.  Most chems are
  not worth using, but others (such as Psycho and Yao Guai Meat that boost your
  damage) can be nice to have - 20% additional damage is a lot on powerful
  [Contract Killer] and [Lawbringer] aren't even remotely useful other than
  giving a unique peek at some new dialog.  Their rewards are poor: 5 caps for
  killing either a good or evil characters.
  We also ignore [Light Step] - which doesn't really matter - and [Master
  Trader], which is nothing more than a fun addition.  The 25% lower prices at
  shops doesn't compare to ther other useful perks however.

o At Level 16 we don't leave much behind: Only [Chem Resistant], which decreases
  the chance to get addicted to chems by 50%, and [Tag!], another worthless perk
  that boosts 15 skill points - a useless effort at this point (or any point
  when you're maxing power) of the game.

o At Level 18 we leave [Computer Whiz] and [Infiltrator], both worthless perks
  that assume you suck ass at lockpicking and/or hacking.  They also assume you
  never reload anyway when you get locked out of something.  [Concentrated Fire]
  isn't good either, as it has a very low increase in accuracy when targetting
  enemy limbs.  Yup, it's lame.

o At Level 20 we leave [Explorer] behind.  It's not useless at all, but simply
  because you can explore all locations yourself (and we're attempting a max
  character here) it's not helping our goal.  We also skip Grim Re.. Oh, Heh.
  We also skip [Solar Powered], of which the +2 STR increase has no uses when
  you reach 10 STR, and the +1 HP increase every 10 seconds in sunlight is ..
  little to say the least (get it?).

o Level 22 has [Deep Sleep] which we'll skip (I mean, the "Well Rested" status
  isn't even that great, and you'll reach level 30 anyway).  You'll have to 
  choose later between [Puppies!] and [Quantum Chemist]. 
  I personally find [Puppies!] a bit of a paradox, unless you're aiming to make
  things easier on yourself.  See, if you're a careful gamer and save a lot then
  you can simply reload should Dogmeat die (or just not bring him along all the
  time), and this the perk is useless.  And if you're a reckless gamer that
  doesn't care about these things, then you probably have little interest in
  maxing everything out.  [Quantum Chemist] allows you to create Nuka Cola
  Quantums out of every 10 regular Nuka Cola's (which is still a pretty big
  amount).  Since you can use Quantums in Nuka-Grenades (powerful suckers), and
  Quantums are normally limited, it could be a useful perk to have.  Then again,
  regular Nuka-Cola's *are* also limited, there's just more of them.  It does
  cost 10 to create just one Quantum, so decide for yourself..

o Level 24 has no useful perks when we pick Almost Perfect at Level 30.  The 3
  karmic perks [Devil's Highway], [Escalator to Heaven] and [Karmic Rebalance]
  aren't useless (feel free to get the achievements/trophy's with these by 
  picking them at level 30 (save beforehand!).  [No Weakness] doesn't compare to
  Almost Perfect.

o Level 26 has [Rad Tolerance] and [Warmonger] that we'll skip.  Rad Tolerance
  is probably one of the worst perks ever, especially this high up, and
  Warmonger just isn't a good perk either since you can collect all custom
  weapon schematics yourself.

o Level 28 has two more useless perks: There's no reason to take [Party Boy]
  (or to consume alcohol for that matter) when you have max stats. 
  [Rad Absorption] is just crap as well, no need to detail it - you'll have tons
  of RadAway at this point.  If you don't then you just suck at Fallout 3. :p

o And Level 30 forces us to choose between Almost Perfect and [Nuclear Anomaly].
  I'd personally go with Almost Perfect (hence this in-depth list) simply
  because Nuclear Anomaly doesn't work well on higher difficulties.  Besides,
  read the following example to illustrate its relative uselessness:

  Example: You're Level 30 (and thus very powerful), you have tough armor, good
  weapons and plenty of life.  You chose for Nuclear Anomaly - and remember that
  it blows everything up around you when under 20 HP, and heals you with your

  You suddenly run into two Albino Radschorpions and Fawkes isn't nearby, he
  just happened to glitch behind some cliffs and still needs to respawn.  Crap!

  The Albinos stab you like crazy, wankers that they are, and they instantly
  kill you because they inflict more than 20 damage per hit.  You die.

  Assuming you don't die from regular Raiders anymore (or any other weak enemies
  for that matter), this perk would only be useful against the stronger foes,
  but it is especially those stronger enemies against which it's the *least*
  likely to be effective against.

  Furthermore, only when you're playing on lower difficulties (Very Easy) and
  thus need the perk the least, it will work the most.  And the higher the
  difficulty (the more you need it), the less it'll work.  Shame, ain't it?

  So I choose Almost Perfect. And then make a Perfect Stats Character. ;)

  There are a few perks that have their remote uses which we have to ignore, and
  a ton of perks that are useless altogether.  Here's a short summary on those
  that are *completely* worthless (in THIS build!) and those that have *some* 
  value to some people:
  [Intense Training], [Gun Nut], [Little Leager], [Thief], [Comprehension],
  [Educated], [Lead Belly], [Impartial Mediation], [Rad Resistance], [Here and
  Now], [Mister Sandman], [Nerd Rage], [Night Person], [Cannibal], [Lawbringer],
  [Contract Killer], [Tag!], [Computer Whiz], [Infiltrator], [Explorer], [Deep
  Sleep], [Devil's Highway], [Escalator to Heaven], [Karmic Rebalance], [No
  Weakness], [Rad Tolerance], [Warmonger], [Party Boy], [Rad Absorption].
  Some Usefulness:
  [Child at Heart], [Scoundrel], [Fortune Finder], [Impartial Mediation], [Rad
  Resistance], [Scrounger], [Animal Friend], [Mysterious Stranger], [Fast 
  Metabolism], [Adamantium Skeleton], [Chemist], [Light Step], [Chem Resistance]
  [Concentrated Fire], [Explorer], [Solar Powered], [Nuclear Anomaly.
  And lastly, a choice between [Puppies!] and [Quantum Chemist].  That's it!


IMPORTANT NOTE: This list has NOT been field tested yet and is purely theory
                right now.  Therefore, ERRORS MAY STILL EXIST.  I would NOT
                recommend this list to anyone except those who just like to
                tweak their character for fun.  This is not meant for any
                "ultimate" character builds.  Not yet, at least.

Well, the list changes due to your SPECIAL stats not being maxed out.  It's
certainly more of a hassle doing things this way, and I wouldn't recommend it to
anyone to be quite honest if it weren't for Nuclear Anomaly.  Keep in mind that
Nuclear Anomaly is not very useful when you're playing on harder difficulties,
simply because enemies are more likely to inflict 20 damage and thus kill you
before the perk gets a chance to blow everything to smithereens.

What we're going to do is take the No Weakness Perk at Level 24 while we start
with the following stats:

    STR: 8, PER: 1, END: 8, CHR: 1, INT: 7, AGL: 8, LCK: 7.

Don't get any boosts for Perception (don't do the quest 'Those!'), or for
Charisma for that matter.  After that level, pump in 4x Intense Training into

Ending Stats (with Ranger Armor and Lucky 8 Ball):

    STR: 10, PER: 7, END: 10, CHR: 6, INT: 8, AGL: 10, LCK: 10.

The List:
Level 2:  Black Widow
Level 3:  Swift Learner (Nothing better available!)
Level 4:  Iron Fist (1)
Level 5:  Entomologist
Level 6:  Toughness
Level 7:  Bloody Mess
Level 8:  Strong Back
Level 9:  Commando
Level 10: Finesse
Level 11: Demolition Expert (1)
Level 12: Sniper
Level 13: Silent Running
Level 14: Cyborg
Level 15: Pyromaniac
Level 16: Action Boy
Level 17: Better Criticals
Level 18: Paralyzing Palm
Level 19: Robotics Expert
Level 20: Grim Reaper's Sprint
Level 21: Ninja
Level 22: [Choice: Life Giver or Iron Fist]
Level 23: Iron Fist (2)
Level 24: No Weakness
Level 25: Intense Training
Level 26: Nerves of Steel
Level 27: Intense Training
Level 28: Intense Training
Level 29: Intense Training
Level 30: Nuclear Anomaly

Please note that this list may be subject to change when someone finds a better
rearrangement.  There is no such thing as a perfect character, although there
are better and worse builds.  It is a process of tweaking, so keep multiple
save files and tweak like crazy to find your own personalized god-like
character, while using the above lists as guidance.

                         VII) INFORMATIVE LISTS [LIS]

    |[LIS1] Level Up/Karma Title Chart                                    |

|  1 |    0|Vault Dweller         |Vault Delinquent     |Vault Guardian       |
|  2 |  200|Vault Renegade        |Vault Outlaw         |Vault Martyr         |
|  3 |  550|Seeker                |Opportunist          |Sentinel             |
|  4 | 1050|Wanderer              |Plunderer            |Defender             |
|  5 | 1700|Citizen               |Fat Cat              |Dignitary            |
|  6 | 2500|Adventurer            |Marauder             |Peacekeeper          |
|  7 | 3450|Vagabond of the Wastes|Pirate of the Wastes |Ranger of the Wastes |
|  8 | 4550|Mercenary             |Reaver               |Protector            |
|  9 | 5800|Urban Ranger          |Urban Invader        |Urban Avenger        |
| 10 | 7200|Observer              |Ne'er-do-well        |Exemplar             |
| 11 | 8750|Capital Councilor     |Capital Crimelord    |Capital Crusader     |
| 12 |10450|Keeper                |Defiler              |Paladin              |
| 13 |12300|Vault Descendant      |Vault Boogeyman      |Vault Legend         |
| 14 |14300|Pinnacle of Survival  |Harbinger of War     |Ambassador of Peace  |
| 15 |16450|Urban Myth            |Urban Superstition   |Urban Legend         |
| 16 |18750|Strider of the Wastes |Villain of the Wastes|Hero of the Wastes   |
| 17 |21200|Beholder              |Fiend                |Paragon              |
| 18 |23800|Wasteland Watcher     |Wasteland Destroyer  |Wasteland Savior     |
| 19 |26550|Super-Human           |Evil Incarnate       |Saint                |
| 20 |29450|Paradigm of Humanity  |Scourge of Humanity  |Last, Best Hope of   |
|    |     |                      |                     |Humanity             |
| 21 |32500|Soldier of Fortune    |Architect of Doom    |Restorer of Faith    |
| 22 |35700|Profiteer             |Bringer of Sorrow    |Model of Selflessness|
| 23 |39050|Egocentric            |Deceiver             |Shepherd             |
| 24 |42550|Loner                 |Consort of Discord   |Friend of the People |
| 25 |46200|Hero for Hire         |Stuff of Nightmares  |Champion of Justice  |
| 26 |50000|Model of Apathy       |Agent of Chaos       |Symbol of Order      |
| 27 |53950|Person of Refinement  |Instrument of Ruin   |Herald of Tranquility|
| 28 |58050|Moneygrubber          |Soultaker            |Lightbringer         |
| 29 |62300|Gray Stranger         |Demon's Spawn        |Earthly Angel        |
| 30 |66700|True Mortal           |Devil                |Messiah              |
 Note: Level 21-30 can only be reached through the Broken Steel DLC (or by using
       mods in the PC Version of the game).

The required EXP can be calculated with this formula (L = Level):

25(3L + 2)(L - 1) = Required EXP

Example: Level 26:
25 * (3*26 + 2) * (26 - 1)

25 * 80 * 25 = 50000 EXP 

    |[LIS2] Karma                                                         |
|Indication:|Karma Value:  | In Fallout 3, your Karma value defines how good or 
|===========|==============| bad you are.  The value is invisible to you, but 
|Very Evil  |-1000 to  -750| you can estimate it by the indication given to you 
|Evil       | -749 to  -250| at your PipBoy's Menu, under Stats -> General.  
|Neutral    | -249 to  +250| 
|Good       | +250 to  +749| Karma ranges from -1000 to +1000.
|Very Good  | +750 to +1000|

                           Karma Affecting Actions:
        |Action:                             |Karma Consequence:      |
        |Killing a Very Evil Character       |         +100           |
        |Killing an Evil Character           |          ---           |
        |Murder a Neutral/Good Creature      |          -25           |
        |Murder a Neutral/Good Character     |         -100           |
        |Steal from a Neutral/Good Character |     -5 (per/item)      |
        |Donate Caps to a church             |+(x) (Depends on amount)|
        |Do something good in Freeform Quests|    +50 Karma or higher |
        |Do something evil in Freeform Quests|    -50 Karma or less   |

Negative Karma Consequences:
  When you're considered Evil or Very Evil (thus in the -250 to -1000 range),
  the following things are affected:

o The followers Jericho (from Megaton) and Clover (from Paradise Falls) can be
  hired now.
o Speech Challenges with evil persons are easier.
o Characters such as Three Dog will make a remark.
o Instant access to Paradise Falls.
o Allowed to buy Dart Gun Schematics from Pronto in Paradise Falls.

Neutral Karma Consequences:
  When in the -250 to +250 range, the following is affected:

o The followers Butch (Rivet City) and Sergeant RL-3 (Tinker Joe near Tenpenny
  Tower sells him) can bow be hired.
o Good or Evil enemy groups will not attack you automatically.
o Raiders always attack you.

Good Karma Consequences:
  When in the +250 to +1000 range, the following things are affected:

o Speech Challenges with evil people are more difficult.
o Raiders always attack you.
o Characters act differently, such as Three Dog.
o Fawkes (Vault 87) and Star Paladin Cross (the Citadel) can be made followers.

  And only if you are in the +750 to +1000 range:
o Characters will sometimes award your goodness with presents.  This varies from
  food to caps, ammo to chems, etc.  An example is the dark woman in Megaton.

Trophy/Achievement Help:
So you want to get those for bragging rights, eh?  Well you're in luck, because
there is a fairly easy way to get them all in ONE playthrough.  It's certainly
rather lame - and if you're going for a really good build you'll want to play
a second time anyway, but here's how to snatch the Karma Trophy/Achievements in
just one playthrough.

Collect as much Purified Water as you can and stock it in your house.  You can
give these to the beggars in front of Megaton or Rivet City, and you'll get good
Karma in return.

Try to stay fairly neutral to make things easier for yourself.  At least try to
not stick to one extreme or another. 

Right before you reach the 'key' levels (8, 14, and 20), save your game on a
separate slot and don't overwrite it.  This means you'll be at level 7, 13 and
19 respectively in those savegames.  Depending on your Karma, you'll now either
go on a rampage (start with pickpocketing and stealing things from all the 
villages), kill good people - simply do really bad stuff.  Or you will now play
the saint and give Purified waters to the beggars (you can get Purified waters
from your butler robot as well - use the wait function to replenish).  You can
also do several good acts.

When you've reached the level with all three Karma rankings, Good-Neutral-Bad,
you are free to reload your savegame and continue being the asshole or saint 
that you were pretending to be.  Or perhaps really was.

                              [LIS3] Collectibles
    |[LIS3.1] Bobblehead Locations                                        |

                             SPECIAL Bobbleheads:
|Name:       |Area Location:                      |Additional Information:     |
|Strength    |Megaton [Lat -01|Lon -06]           |Lucas Simms' House, in the  |
|            |                                    |bedroom on a table          |
|Perception  |The Republic of Dave [Lat 19|Lon 27]|In a bookcase at the Museum |
|            |                                    |of Dave                     |
|Endurance   |Deathclaw Sanctuary [Lat -22|Lon 26]|First room near corpse heap |
|Charisma    |Vault 108 [Lat 18|Lon 06]           |On a table in Cloning Lab   |
|Intelligence|Rivet City [Lat 18|Lon -17]         |On a table in Science Lab   |
|Agility     |Greener Pastures Disposure Facility |Inside the small building,  |
|            |[Lat 07|Lon 21]                     |lying on a table            |
|Luck        |Arlington National Cemetary         |Arlington House, lying on a |
|            |[Lat 07 |Lon -09]                   |shelf in the cellar         |

                           Skill Points Bobbleheads:
|Name:       |Area Location:                      |Additional Information:     |
|Barter      |Evergreen Mills [LAT -26|LON -07]   |Bazaar; John's Alcove, check|
|            |                                    |the shelf behind Work Bench |
|Big Guns    |Fort Constantine [LAT -17|LON 26]   |Open Safe at CO Quarters    |
|Energy Guns |Raven Rock [LAT -28|LON 28]         |Colonel Autumn's Room(table)|
|Explosives  |WKML Broadcast Station              |Nearby the radio            |
|            |[LAT -17|LON 18]                    |                            |
|Lockpick    |Bethesda Ruins [LAT 05|LON 03]      |Office East; Desk Upstairs  |
|Medicine    |Vault 101 [LAT -04|LON -04]         |Table in the Clinic         |
|Melee       |Dunwich Building [LAT -26|LON -18]  |Virulent Underchamber;      |
|Weapons     |                                    |Middle of Maintenance Room  |
|Repair      |Arefu [LAT -11|LON 06]              |Table in Evan King's House  |
|Science     |Vault 106 [LAT -09|LON 06]          |Living Quarters; Inside the |
|            |                                    |Medical Bay, eastern shelves|
|Small Guns  |National Guard Depot[LAT 18|LON -03]|Armory; Equipment Storage   |
|Sneak       |Yao Guai Tunnels [LAT -28|LON -04]  |Den; east of central cave   |
|Speech      |Paradise Falls [LAT -09|LON 16]     |Table in Eulogy's Pad       |
|Unarmed     |Rockopolis [LAT -26|LON -07]        |Near Argyle's body          |

    |[LIS3.2] Custom Weapon Schematics                                    |

                              Worldmap Locations:
    |Schematics Name:  |Worldmap Location:                               |
    |Rock-It Launcher  |Crazy Wolfgang Trader                            |
    |Rock-It Launcher  |Vault 101 [LAT -04|LON -04]                      |
    |Rock-It Launcher  |Megaton [LAT -01|LON -06]                        |
    |Rock-It Launcher  |Rivet City [LAT 18|LON 17]                       |
    |Nuka Grenade      |Doc Hoff Trader                                  |
    |Nuka Grenade      |Girdershade [LAT -26|LON -11]                    |
    |Nuka Grenade      |Cliffside Cavern [LAT -10|LON -17]               |
    |Shiskebab         |Lucky Harith Trader                              |
    |Shiskebab         |Brotherhood Outcast Shack [LAT -14|LON 25]       |
    |Shiskebab         |Meresti Trainyard [LAT -01|LON -11]              |
    |Deathclaw Gauntlet|[EXP-1.16] Savaged Deathclaw                     |
    |Deathclaw Gauntlet|F. Scott Key Trail & Campground [LAT -27|LON -15]|
    |Deathclaw Gauntlet|Rivet City [LAT 18|LON 17]                       |
    |Dart Gun          |MDPL-05 Power Station [LAT -27|LON 25]           |
    |Dart Gun          |Temple of the Union [LAT 13|LON 15]              |
    |Dart Gun          |Tenpenny Tower [LAT -16|LON -17]                 |
    |Bottlecap Mine    |Little Lamplight [LAT -26|LON 02]                |
    |Bottlecap Mine    |Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop [LAT -22|LON -12]         |
    |Bottlecap Mine    |Tenpenny Tower [LAT -16|LON -17]                 |
    |Bottlecap Mine    |Megaton [LAT -01|LON -06]                        |
    |Railway Rifle     |MDPL-13 Power Station [LAT 02|LON 17]            |
    |Railway Rifle     |Rivet City [LAT 18|LON 17]                       |
    |Railway Rifle     |The Mall: Museum of History/Underworld           |

                              Specific Locations:
|Schematics Name:  |Specific Location:                                         |
|Rock-It Launcher  |Sold by Crazy Wolfgang Caravan Trader                      |
|Rock-It Launcher  |Behind mother's bible verse (Trouble on the Homefront)     |
|Rock-It Launcher  |Sold by Moira Brown                                        |
|Rock-It Launcher  |Bridge Tower, 3rd floor armory [Very Hard Lock]            |
|Nuka Grenade      |Sold by Doc Hoff Caravan Trader                            |
|Nuka Grenade      |Reward of Misc. Quest: The Nuka-Cola Challenge             |
|Nuka Grenade      |Inside Yao Guai Cave near the rock with skeletons          |
|Shiskebab         |Sold by Lucky Harith Caravan Trader                        |
|Shiskebab         |Nearby a Work Bench, lying on a table                      |
|Shiskebab         |Reward of Misc. Quest: Blood Ties                          |
|Deathclaw Gauntlet|Found on the Wastelander                                   |
|Deathclaw Gauntlet|Inside the caravan                                         |
|Deathclaw Gauntlet|Reward for Freeform Quest: Council Seat                    |
|Dart Gun          |Nearby a skeleton on the ground                            |
|Dart Gun          |Reward of Misc. Quest: Head of State                       |
|Dart Gun          |Sold by Lydia Montenegro                                   |
|Bottlecap Mine    |Sold by Knick Knack                                        |
|Bottlecap Mine    |Found on the Work Bench inside                             |
|Bottlecap Mine    |Dashwood's Safe: Do Freeform Quest: A Manhandled Manservant|
|Bottlecap Mine    |Reward for Misc. Quest: The Wasteland Survival Guide       |
|Railway Rifle     |Found on the Work Bench                                    |
|Railway Rifle     |Reward for Misc. Quest: Stealing Independence              |
|Railway Rifle     |Sold by Tulip                                              |

    |[LIS3.3] Fat Men                                                     |

|##|Worldmap Location:                |Specific Location:                      |
|#1|Galaxy News Radio Square          |On the dead Brotherhood Knight          |
|#2|Fort Bannister [LAT -18|LON -01]  |Main Storage Room, Averagely Locked     |
|#3|Old Olney [LAT 10|LON 26]         |Sewers; SE Storage Room                 |
|#4|Fort Constantine [LAT -17|LON 26] |Bomb Storage; On table (Expiriment Room)|
|#5|Germantown Police Quarters        |Basement; Storage room near firing range|
|  |[LAT -02|LON 13]                  |                                        |
|#6|White House Utility Tunnel        |Crater                                  |
|#7|Capitol Building West Entrance    |Rotunda; Search the Talon Mercs         |
|#8|Evergreen Mills [LAT -1|LON -07]  |Storage Room in foundry                 |
|#9|Dead Man on the Wasteland         |Randomly found on the Wasteland         |

    |[LIS4] Trade Caravans                                                |

This section briefly covers the four Traders that you may encounter randomly
when you pass one of several larger settlements.

|Trader's Name:|Investment Present: |Max Repair:|Schematics:     |Type of Items|
|Doc Hoff      |Stimpak x5          |     65    |Nuka Grenade    |Chems        |
|Crazy Wolfgang|Stealth Boy x5      |     75    |Rock-It Launcher|Misc./Junk   |
|Crow          |Crow's Eyeboy Helmet|     65    |       ---      |Armor        |
|Lucky Harith  |Mini Nuke           |     70    |Shiskebab       |Weapons      |

Speak with Uncle Roe in Canterbury Commons about this.  He'll let your do two
investments, the first costs 200 Caps, the second costs 500 Caps.  Investing in
a particular trader increases their inventory, their Repair Skill, and you will
be rewarded with a present the next time you see the merchant you invested in.
You only get a present when you invest the 700 Caps in total, and you only get
these presents once.  See above for the gifts.

Trading Route:
The traders use a fixed route.  They travel from location to location, and they
only stop at the places listed below.  They always visit them in the order 
listed, and they follow after each other: Doc Hoff, then Crazy Wolfgang, Crow,
Lucky Harith.  If you meet Doc Hoff in Megaton you'll know you can meet Crazy
Wolfgang if you wait 2 hours (with the wait-function).

Ask Uncle Roe about the Map that pinpoints how the Caravan Traders trek.

Caravan Trader Route:
o Canterbury Commons
o Temple of the Union
o Agatha's House
o Paradise Falls
o Arefu
o Evergreen Mills
o Megaton
o Rivet City

    |[LIS5] Radio Frequencies                                             |

o Galaxy News Radio Station
This is Three Dog's Frequency and can be heard over the entire Wasteland when
you've extended Three Dog's signal.

o Recon Craft Theta Beacon
5000 meter radius.

o Chinese Radio Station
3000 meter radius.

This is a random mini-encounter somewhere on the Wasteland.

o People's Republic of America Radio
16000 meter radius. 

o Vault 101 Emergency Frequency
25000 meter radius.

You can start the Misc. Quest: Trouble on the Homefront after this.

o Agatha's Station
All of the Wasteland.  If you finish the Misc. Quest: Agatha's Song you can 
listen to it.

o Ranger Emergency Frequency
7000 meter radius.

A call for help from Reilly's Rangers who are stuck on the Statesman Hotel.  You
can start the Misc. Quest: Reilly Rangers without listening to this frequency,
but it may be of use to you.

9 Radio Tower Signals
These signals are closeby large radio towers.

    |[LIS6] Behemoths                                                     |

1. GNR Plaza (near Galaxy News Radio Station)
This Behemoth is practically mandatory and you will fight it with the support of
about ten Brotherhood members so there's not much that can go wrong.  Grab the
Fat Men from the dead Brotherhood Knight at the fountain and feel free to test
it out on the Behemoth.

2. Capitol Building (The White House at The Mall)
This Behemoth is fighting off several Mercs at the large Rotunda in the Capitol
Building.  One of the Mercs has a Fat Man which you can use, or you can just 
hop in the battle and share the fun.

3. Evergreen Mills
Find this Raider camp in the Southwest section of the wasteland.  The Super
Behemoth is kept behind an electrified gate.  You can destroy the generator on
the left of the gate to cut off the electricity which will cause the Super
Behemoth to escape and attack the Raiders - and then you!

4. Takoma Park
This is an area in DC which you can only access by using the Vernon Square East
Metro Station.  Travel to the Factory and head to the area on the southwest of
here.  You'll find the Behemoth among many other Super Mutants and Mercs.'

5. Super Mutant Camp at Red Wrecked Train
You'll find this west of Jury Street Metro Station.  Check out the wrecked
train and look for a cart with a teddy bear.  If you stand here you'll soon 
enough be attacked from a Behemoth.

    |[LIS7] Followers                                                     |

There are 8 followers in total, and this section goes over each one of them.

Note: These 8 Followers automatically regenerate their health outside battle.
      That means you only have to be careful during fights themselves; Once the
      battle is over they'll be healed by the game.

1. Butch

Yes, bullyhead Butch can become a follower, that is if you lived through his
painstakingly annoying conversations and actions during your youthful adventure.

Finish the Misc. Quest: Trouble on the Homefront and make sure that the Overseer
has been killed or has stepped down, or sabotaged the Vault in its entirety.
Look for Butch at the Muddy Rudder Bar at Rivet City.

o Karma does not matter when Butch has already joined.

2. Fawkes

You meet Fawkes during your main quest when exploring Vault 87. She won't 
immediately join you, but you can easily recruit him when you get out of Raven
Rock.  Oh, Fawkes is a woman, by the way.  Or at least, she was.  Now she's a
Super Mutant, and those don't really have a gender either way.

Note: When Fawkes joins for the first time he doesn't seem to take a follower
spot.  This means you can already have a follower (or even have assembled a
small party) before you recruit Fawkes at Raven Rock.  Simply avoid her the
first time when you get out - and recruit her later - to get the best result.

o Karma does not matter when Fawkes has already joined.

3. Sergeant RL-3

You can buy Sergeant RL-3 from a merchant who sells robots.  He's named Mr.
Tinker and he can be found nearby or around the RobCo Factory.  It's a somewhat
random encounter, so you may need to use the wait function for him to appear.

o Karma does not matter if Sergeant RL-3 has already joined.

4. Jericho

Jericho can be found in Megaton.  If you have negative karma and willing to pay
him 1000 caps for supplies, he's very willing to accompany you to where ever it
is you want to go.

o Karma does not matter if Jericho has already joined.

5. Star Paladin Cross

You can recruit this Brotherhood Lady in the Citadel, in the same room with
Liberty Prime (the large robot).  She's on the upper floor and only joins you
if your Karma is positive.

o Karma *does* matter if Star Paladin Cross has already joined.  Keep your Karma
  positive or she will leave you.

6. Charon

This ghoul can be found in Underworld at The Ninth Circle.  You can buy his
contract from Ahzrukal for 2000 caps (or 1000 with Barter at 50+).  It's also
possible to get his contract by killing Greta at Carol's Place.

o Karma does not matter if Charon has already joined.

7. Dogmeat

This lonely dog can be found fighting off raiders in the Scrapyard.  Talk to him
and he'll be a follower from here on.  It doesn't seem like Dogmeat takes up a
follower spot, which is a good thing.

o Karma does not matter if Dogmeat has already joined.

8. Clover

She can be bought off Eulogy in Paradise Falls for 1000 Caps (or 500 with enough
Barter skill).  

o Karma does not matter if Clover has already joined.

                         VIII) ITEMS & EQUIPMENT [EQP]
                              |[EQP-1.1] Weapons|

                                   Big Guns:
        |Name:           | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO|ROF|SPR|CRIT|CDMG|
        |Flamer          | 500| 15| 60| 50| 16| YES|  8|0.5|  4 |  1 |
        |Gatling Laser   |2000| 18|240| 30|  8| YES| 20|0.5|  1 |  6 |
        |Minigun         |1000| 18|240| 30|  5| YES| 20| 2 |  1 |  5 |
        |Fat Man         |1000| 30|  1| 65| 10|  NO|4.5| 2 |  0 | ---|
        |Missile Launcher| 500| 20|  1| 55| 20|  NO|5.5|0.5|  0 | ---|

                               Unique Big Guns:
|NAME:                           | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO|ROF|SPR|CRIT|CDMG|
|"Burnmaster" Flamer"            | 500| 15| 60| 50| 24| YES|  8|0.5|  4 |  1 |
|"Vengeance" Gatling Laser       |2400| 18|240| 30| 11| YES| 20|0.5|  1 | 12 |
|"Eugene" Minigun                |1500| 18|240| 30|  7| YES| 20| 2 |  1 |  7 |
|"Experimental MIRV" Fatman      |2500| 30|  8| 65| 10|  NO|4.5| 13|  0 | ---|
|"Miss Launcher" Missile Launcher| 400| 15|  1| 55| 20|  NO|5.5|0.5|  0 | ---|

                                Energy Weapons:
        |Name:           | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO|ROF|SPR|CRIT|CDMG|
        |Alien Blaster   | 500|  2| 10| 20|100|  NO| 3 | 0 |  1 | 40 |
        |Laser Pistol    | 320|  2| 30| 17| 12|  NO| 6 | 0 | 1.5| 12 |
        |Plasma Pistol   | 360|  3| 16| 21| 25|  NO| 3 |0.5|  2 | 25 |
        |Laser Rifle     |1000|  8| 24| 17| 23|  NO| 2 | 0 | 1.5| 22 |
        |Plasma Rifle    |1800|  8| 12| 25| 45|  NO| 4 |0.2|  2 | 44 |

                            Unique Energy Weapons:
|Name:                           | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO|ROF|SPR|CRIT|CDMG|
|"Firelance" Alien Blaster       | 750|  2| 10| 20| 80|  NO| 3 | 0 |  3 | 40 |
|Colonel Autumn's Laser Pistol   | 420|  2| 30| 17| 12|  NO| 6 | 0 |  1 | 22 |
|"Protectron's Gaze" Laser Pistol| 320|  3| 20| 17| 24|  NO| 3 |2.5|  1 | 24 |
|"Smuggler's End" Laser Pistol   | 450|  2| 30| 17| 18|  NO| 6 | 0 | 1.5| 18 |
|Mesmetron                       | 500|  2|  5| 65|  1|  NO| 1 | 0 |  1 |  0 |
|"Wazer Wifle" Laser Rifle       | 900|  8| 30| 17| 28|  NO| 2 | 0 | 1.5| 28 |
|A3-21's Plasma Rifle            |2200|  8| 12| 25| 50|  NO| 4 |0.2| 2.5| 50 |

                               Grenades & Mines:
 |Name:           | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|  DMG  |AUTO|ROF|CRIT|Notes:            |
 |Frag Grenade    |  25|0.5| 1 | 24|  100  |  NO|---|  0 |                  |
 |Plasma Grenade  |  50|0.5| 1 | 24|  150  |  NO|---|  0 |                  |
 |Pulse Grenade   |  40|0.5| 1 | 24| 10/200|  NO|---|  0 |200 DMG to Robots |
 |Frag Mine       |  25|0.5| 1 | 35|  100  |  NO|---|  0 |                  |
 |Plasma Mine     |  50|0.5| 1 | 35|  150  |  NO|---|  0 |                  |
 |Pulse Mine      |  40|0.5| 1 | 35| 10/200|  NO|---|  0 |200 DMG to Robots |

                                Melee Weapons:
             |Name:                  | VAL|WGT| AP|DMG|CRIT|CDMG|
             |Police Baton           |  70|  2| 25|  4|  1 |  4 |
             |Chinese Officer's Sword|  75|  3| 28| 10|  2 | 15 |
             |Combat Knife           |  50|  1| 17|  7|  3 | 13 |
             |Lead Pipe              |  75|  3| 24|  9|  1 | 18 |
             |Ripper                 | 100|  6| 65| 30|  0 | -- |
             |Rolling Pin            |  10|  1| 24|  3|  0 | -- |
             |Knife                  |  20|  1| 20|  4|  1 |  4 |
             |Switchblade            |  35|  1| 18|  5|  2 |  9 |
             |Tire Iron              |  40|  3| 27|  6|  1 |  6 |
             |Baseball Bat           |  55|  3| 25|  9|  1 |  9 |
             |Nail Board             |  30|  4| 27|  8|  0 | -- |
             |Pool Cue               |  15|  1| 27|  3|  0 | -- |
             |Sledgehammer           | 130| 12| 38| 20|  1 | 10 |
             |Super Sledge           | 180| 20| 38| 25|  1 | 25 |

                             Unique Melee Weapons:
|Name:                          | VAL|WGT| AP|DMG|CRIT|CDMG|Notes:             |
|"Vampire's Edge" Chinese       | 400|  1| 28| 15|  3 | 20 |                   |
| Officer's Sword               |    |   |   |   |    |    |                   |
|Occam's Razor" Combat Knife    |  65|  1| 17| 10|  3 | 13 |                   |
|"Stabhappy" Combat Knife       |  65|  1| 17| 10|  4 | 15 |+~10% Limb Damage  |
|"Jack" Ripper                  | 200|  6| 65| 30|  1 | 15 |+50% Limb Damage   |
|"Ant's Sting" Knife            |  30|  1| 20|  4|  1 |  4 |Poison; 40DMG/10sec|
|"Butch's Toothpick" Switchblade|  50|  1| 18| 10| 2.5| 13 |                   |
|"Highwayman's Friend" Tire Iron|  75|  5| 27| 10|  1 | 10 |                   |
|Repellent Stick                | 120|  3| 40|  1|  1 | 10 |Explodes Mole Rats |
|"Board of Education" Nail Board|  60|  4| 27| 12|  1 | 12 |                   |
|"The Break" Pool Cue           |  50|  1| 27|  6|  1 |  6 |                   |
|"The Tenderizer" Sledgehammer  | 230| 12| 38| 30|  1 | 15 |                   |
|Fawkes' Super Sledge           | 300| 18| 38| 32|  1 | 32 |Attacks faster     |
 Notes: A hit from the Repellent Stick causes a Mole Rat to blow up after five
        seconds.  The Fawkes' Super Sledge attacks faster than regular sledges.

                                Guns & Rifles:
|Name:                | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO| ROF|SPR|CRIT|CDMG|Notes:     |
|10mm Pistol          | 225|  3| 12| 17|  9|  NO|  6 |0.5|  1 |  9 |           |
|Silenced 10mm Pistol | 250|  3| 12| 21|  8|  NO|  6 |0.5|  2 |  5 |           |
|10mm Submachine Gun  | 330|  5| 30| 20|  7| YES| 10 |1.5|  1 |  7 |           |
|.32 Pistol           | 110|  2|  5| 20|  6|  NO|  6 |0.5|  1 |  6 |           |
|Scoped .44 Magnum    | 300|  4|  6| 32| 35|  NO|2.25|0.3|  2 | 35 |With Scope |
|Chinese Pistol       | 190|  2| 10| 17|  4|  NO|  6 | 1 |  1 |  4 |           |
|Sawed-Off Shotgun    | 150|  4|  2| 37| 50|  NO|2.25| 7 |  0 | -- |           |
|Chinese Assault Rifle| 500|  7| 24| 23| 11| YES|  8 |1.5|  1 | 10 |           |
|Assault Rifle        | 300|  7| 24| 23|  8| YES|  8 |1.5|  1 |  8 |           |
|BB Gun               |  36|  2|100| 28|  4|  NO|0.75|0.5|  1 |  4 |           |
|Combat Shotgun       | 200|  7| 12| 27| 55|  NO| 1.5| 3 |  1 | 27 |           |
|Hunting Rifle        | 150|  6|  5| 25| 25|  NO|0.75|0.3|  1 | 25 |           |
|Sniper Rifle         | 300| 10|  5| 38| 40|  NO|  1 | 0 |  5 | 40 |With Scope |

                             Unique Guns & Rifles:
|Name:                           | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO| ROF|SPR|CRIT|CDMG|
|Colonel Autumn's 10mm Pistol    | 325|  3| 12| 17| 13|  NO|  6 |0.5|  1 | 13 |
|Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG       | 430|  5| 50| 20|  9| YES| 10 |1.5|  1 |  9 |
|"Blackhawk" Scoped .44 Magnum   | 500|  4|  6| 32| 55|  NO|2.25|0.3|  2 | 45 |
|"Zhu-Rong v418" Chinese Pistol  | 290|  2| 10| 17|  4|  NO| 4.5| 1 |  2 |  4 |
|The Kneecapper Sawed-Off Shotgun| 350|  5|  2| 37| 75|  NO| 1.9| 4 |  0 | -- |
|"Xuanlong" Assault Rifle        | 400|  7| 36| 23| 12| YES|  8 |1.5|  1 | 12 |
|The Terrible Shotgun            | 250| 10| 12| 27| 80|  NO| 1.5| 6 |  1 | 40 |
|"Ol' Painless" Hunting Rifle    | 250|  6|  5| 23| 30|  NO| 1.1| 0 |  1 | 30 |
|Lincoln's Repeater              | 500|  5| 15| 25| 50|  NO|0.75| 0 |  2 | 50 |
|"Reservist's Rifle" Sniper Rifle| 500| 10|  3| 32| 40|  NO| 1.6| 0 |  5 | 40 |
|"Victory Rifle" Sniper Rifle    | 450| 10|  5| 38| 40|  NO|  1 | 0 |  3 | 40 |
 Notes: The "Zhu-Rong v418" Chinese Pistol has a chance to set enemies on fire.
        Blackhawk and the Sniper Rifles have a scope on them.  Furthermore, the
        "Victory Rifle" will knock an enemy down when inflicting critical DMG.

                               Unarmed Weapons:
            |Name:                    | VAL|WGT| AP|DMG|CRIT|CDMG|
            |Brass Knuckles           |  20|  1| 18|  6|  1 |  6 |
            |Power Fist               | 100|  6| 28| 20|  1 | 20 |
            |Spiked Knuckles          |  25|  1| 19|  9|  1 | 20 |

                            Unique Unarmed Weapons:
  |Name:                    | VAL|WGT| AP|DMG|CRIT|CDMG|Notes:             |
  |"Fisto!" Power Fist      | 100|  6| 25| 25| 1.5| 25 |                   |
  |"The Shocker" Power Fist | 150|  6| 25| 20|  1 | 20 |+25 DMG to Robots  |
  |"Plunkett's Valid Points"|  30|  1| 15| 12|  2 | 12 |                   |
  | Spiked Knuckles         |    |   |   |   |    |    |                   |

                                Custom Weapons:
|Name:             | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO| ROF| SPR|CRIT|CDMG|Weapon Type: |
|Rock-It Launcher  | 200|  8| 12| 32| 50|  NO|3.33| 1  |  1 | 25 |Big Guns     |
|Nuka-Grenade      |  50|0.5|---| 24|500|----|----| 0  |  0 | -- |Grenade      |
|Bottlecap Mine    |  75|0.5|---| 35|500|----|----| 1  |  0 | -- |Mine         |
|Shishkebab        | 200|  3|---| 28| 35|----|----| 0  |  2 | 24 |Melee/Fire   |
|Dart Gun          | 500|  3|  1| 25|  6|  NO|8.33| 0  | 2.5| 12 |Small Guns   |
|Railway Rifle     | 200|  9|  8| 24| 30|  NO|  2 |0.75|  3 | 30 |Small Guns   |
|Deathclaw Gauntlet| 150| 10|---| 26| 20|----|----| 0  |  5 | 30 |Unarmed      |
 Note: o Nuka-Grenade has a 20ft. radius and also causes Radiation and Fire.
       o Dart Gun also poisons a target: 64 DMG/8 Seconds, and it cripples legs.
       o Deathclaw Gauntlet ignores the target's defense (DR).

                  Operation Anchorage DLC Exclusive Weapons:
|Name:               | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO| ROF| SPR|CRIT|CDMG|Weapon Type|
|Jingwei's Shocksword| 358|  3|---| ??| 23|----|----| 0  |  ? | ?? |Melee      |
|Gauss Rifle         | 358| 12|  1| ??| 56|----|----| ?  |  ? | ?? |Energy     |
|Trench Knife        |  41|  1|---| ??|  8|----|----| 0  |  0 | ?? |Melee      |

                        The Pitt DLC Exclusive Weapons:
|Name:               | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO| ROF| SPR|CRIT|CDMG|Weapon Type|
|Steel Saw           | 200| 20|---| 65| 16|----|----|----|----|  16|Melee      |
|Auto Axe            | 200| 20|---| 65| 35|----|----|----|----|  35|Melee      |
|The Mauler          | 200| 20|---| 50| 45|----|----|----|----|  45|Auto Axe   |
|Man Opener          | 200| 20|---| 65| 35|----|----|----|----|  35|Auto Axe   |
|Infiltrator         | 400|  7| 24| 23| 34| YES| ???| 1.5| YES|  38|Rifle      |
|Perforator          | 600|  7| 24| 27| 40| YES| ???| 0.5| YES|  25|Rifle      |
|Metal Blaster       | 999|  8| 24| 17| 55|  NO| ???| 2.5| YES|  82|L. Rifle   |
|Steel Knuckles      |  20|  1|---| 14| 15|----|----|----| YES|  14|Melee      |
|Wild Bill's Sidearm | 250|  2|  5| 20| 10|  NO| ???| 0.5| YES|  10|Pistol     |

o The Steel Saw is a weaker version of the Auto Axe.  Slaves often wield this.

o The Auto Axe is a unique weapon that looks like a modified concrete saw.  This
  type of weapon can be repaired by Rippers.

o The Mauler is a unique Auto Axe that does more damage at a lower AP expense.
  You get this weapon from Everett after collecting 80 Ingots.

o The Man Opener ignores DR (Damage Resistance), like the Deathclaw Gauntlet
  also does.  This ability makes it an extremely powerful Melee Weapon.  It is
  found deep inside the Supply Plant.

o The Infiltrator is a silenced and scoped Assault Rifle.  It is not as accurate
  as a Sniper Rifle, making it less reliable for long distance combat.  Mex and
  his slaver buddies (standing guard at the entrance of The Pitt) come equipped
  with Infiltrators.

o The Perforator is an unique Infiltrator, acquired after collecting 90 Ingots
  for Everett.

o The Metal Blaster fires 9 laser beams at once while expensing only one round.
  Collect 50 Ingots to receive this weapon from Everett.

o Steel Knuckles are a melee weapon with a low AP expense.  You get them upon
  collecting 30 Ingots for Everett.

o Wild Bill's Sidearm is a unique .32 Pistol found on the dead body of Wild
  Bill, who can be found in the southwest corner of The Steelyard on a set of

                      Broken Steel DLC Exclusive Weapons:
|Name:               | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO| ROF| SPR|CRIT|CDMG|Weapon Type|
|Heavy Incinerator   |    | 15| 24| 50|112| YES| ?? | ?? | YES|  60|Big Guns   |
|Tesla Cannon        |    |  8|  1| 37|120|  NO| ?? | ?? | YES| 240|Energy     |
|Tri-Beam Laser Rifle|    |  9| 24| 23| 75|  NO| ?? | ?? | YES| 112|Energy     |
|Precision Gatling L.|3000| 18|240| 30|127| YES| ?? | ?? | YES| 508|Big Guns   |
|Callahan's Magnum   |    |  4|  6| 25| 65|  NO| ?? | ?? | YES| 110|Magnum     |
|Rapid-Torch Flamer  |    | 15| 60| 50|   | YES| ?? | ?? | YES|  x4|Big Guns   |
|Slo-Burn Flamer     |    | 15| 60| 50|175| YES| ?? | ?? | YES| 700|Big Guns   |

                       Point Lookout Exclusive Weapons:
|Name:               | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO| ROF| SPR|CRIT|CDMG|Weapon Type|
|Axe                 |  60|  6|---| 30| 25|----|----|----| YES|  30|Melee      |
|Backwater Rifle     | 250|  7| 10| 30| 45| NO |    |0.25| YES| 220|Small Guns |
|Bio-Gas Canister    |  50|0.5|---| 24|---|----|----|----|----|----|Explosives |
|DoubleBarrel Shotgun| 175|  6|  2| 35| 80| NO |    |  5 | YES|    |Small Guns |
|Fertilizer Shovel   |  55|  3|---| 20| 20|----|----|----| YES|  30|Melee      |
|Lever-Action Rifle  | 200|  8| 10| 30| 40| NO |    |0.25| YES| 200|Small Guns |
|Microwave Emitter   | 500|  8|  5| 30| 60| NO |    |0.20| YES| 100|Energy     |
|Ritual Knife        |  20|  1|---| 12| 11|----|----|----| YES|  18|Melee      |
|Shovel              |  55|  3|---| 20| 17|----|----|----| YES|  20|Melee      |
|The Dismemberer     |  55|  6|---| 30| 30|----|----|----| YES|  40|Melee      |
|Toy Knife           |  20|  1|---| 10|  6|----|----|----| YES|  10|Melee      |

                      Mothership Zeta Exclusive Weapons:
|Name:               | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO| ROF| SPR|CRIT|CDMG|Weapon Type|
|Alien Atomizer      | 500|  2| 20| 20| 35| NO |    |   0| YES|  75|Energy     |
|Alien Disintegrator | 300|  7|100| 30| 65| NO |    |   1| YES| 115|Energy     |
|Atomic Pulverizer   | 500|  2| 20| 12| 40| NO |    |   0| YES|  80|Energy     |
|Captain's Sidearm   | 500|  2| 30| 20| 35| NO |    |   3| YES|  75|Energy     |
|Cryo Grenade        |  50|0.5|---| 24| * | NO |----|    |  NO|----|Explosives |
|Cryo Mine           |  25|0.5|---| 35| * | NO |----|    |  NO|----|Explosives |
|Destabilizer        |1200|  7|100| 25|162| YES|    | 1.5| YES| 182|Energy     |
|Drone Cannon        |2000| 18|  1| 30| 40| NO |    | 0.5| YES|  90|Big Guns   |
|Drone Cannon Ex-B   |2000| 18|  1| 30| 40| NO |    |    |    |  90|Big Guns   |
|Electro-Supressor   |  70|  2|---| 15| 28| NO |    |    | YES|  32|Melee      |
|MPXL Novasurge      | 850|  6| 16| 21| 80| NO |    | 0.5| YES| 155|Energy     |
|Paulson's Revolver  | 300|  4|  6| 32| 55| NO |    |   3| YES|  90|Small Guns |
|Samurai's Sword     |  75|  3|---| 19| 36| NO |----|    | YES|  76|Melee      |
|Shock Baton         |  70|  2|---| 19| 20| NO |----|    | YES|  24|Melee      |
 o Captain's Sidearm uses Alien Power Modules and uses three rounds per shot.
 o The Drone Cannon Ex-B's energy spheres don't bounce upon impact, but
   immediately explode.  With regular Drone Cannons, the spheres bounce one 
   time before exploding upon second impact.
 o MPXL Novasurge uses up two rounds per shot.
 o Paulson's Revolver has no scope and can only be obtained by killing Paulson.

                     | [EQP-1.2] Creating Custom Weapons |

In order to create a customized weapon you will need four specific items and the
Schematics for the weapon you want to build.  Lastly you need to find one of the
46 Work Benches to assemble and construct the weapon.  Below is a chart with all
required items for each of the customized weapons.

                                Required Items:
|Name:           |Required Items:                                              |
|Bottlecap Mine  |Lunch Box, Sensor Module, Cherry Bomb, 10 Bottle Caps        |
|Dart Gun        |Paint Gun, Toy Car, Surgical Tubing, Radscorpion Poison Gland|
|Deathclaw       |Wonderglue, Leather Belt, Medical Brace, Deathclaw Hand      |
|Gauntlet        |                                                             |
|Nuka-Grenade    |Nuka-Cola Quantum, Turpentine, Tin Can, Abraxo Cleaner       |
|Railway Rifle   |Crutch, Steam Gauge Assembly, Fission Battery,Pressure Cooker|
|Rock-It Launcher|Vacuum Cleaner, Leaf Blower, Firehose Nozzle, Conductor      |
|Shiskebab       |Motorcycle Gas Tank, Pilot Light, Lawnmower Blade,           |
|                |Motorcycle Handbrake                                         |

Custom Weapon Schematics:
There are 23 Schematics in total; 3 for each customized weapon with the
exception of Bottlecap Mine and the Rock-It Launcher that have 4 Schematics.
The condition of your weapon depends on two things: 1. The amount of Schematics
you have in your possession, and 2. Your Repair Level.  See below.

1 Schematic:  Condition is 50% of your Repair Skill.
2 Schematics: Condition is the same as your Repair Skill.
3 Schematics: Condition is 125% of your Repair Skill (although the condition of
              the weapon cannot exceed the maximum of 100%)

                               | [EQP-2] Armor |

|Name:                  | VAL|P|WGT|HEALTH| DR|Added Effects:                  |
|Advanced Radiation Suit| 100|N|  7|   25 |  8|Radiation Resistance +40%       |
|Armored Vault 101      | 180|N| 15|  100 | 12|Energy Weapons +5, Small Guns +5|
|Jumpsuit (*)           |    | |   |      |   |                                |
|Combat Armor           | 390|N| 25|  400 | 32|                                |
|Talon Combat Armor     | 275|N| 25|  300 | 28|                                |
|Enclave Power Armor    | 780|Y| 45| 1200 | 40|Rad. Res. +15%, AGL -1, STR +1  |
|Leather Armor          | 160|N| 15|  150 | 24|                                |
|Linden's Outcast Power | 740|Y| 45| 1000 | 40|Rad Res. +10%, AGL -1, STR +1,  |
|Armor (*)              |    | |   |      |   |Big Guns +5                     |
|Merc Adventurer Outfit |  50|N|  8|  100 | 12|Small Guns +2, Melee Weapons +2 |
|Merc Charmer Outfit    |  50|N|  8|  100 | 12|Small Guns +2, Melee Weapons +2 |
|Merc Cruiser Outfit    |  50|N|  8|  100 | 12|Small Guns +2, Melee Weapons +2 |
|Merc Grunt Outfit      |  50|N|  8|  100 | 12|Small Guns +2, Melee Weapons +2 |
|Merc Troublemaker Outf.|  50|N|  8|  100 | 12|Small Guns +2, Melee Weapons +2 |
|Merc Veteran Outfit    |  50|N|  8|  100 | 12|Small Guns +2, Melee Weapons +2 |
|Metal Armor            | 460|N| 30|  500 | 36|AGL -1                          |
|Outcast Recon Armor    | 180|N| 20|  400 | 28|Sneak +5                        |
|Power Armor            | 740|Y| 45| 1000 | 40|Rad. Res. +10%, AGL -2, STR +2  |
|Prototype Medic        |1000|Y| 45| 1000 | 40|Rad. Res. +25%, AGL -1,         |
|Power Armor (*)        |    | |   |      |   |Automatically uses Med-X        |
|Radiation Suit         |  60|N|  5|   15 |  6|Radiation Resistance +30%       |
|Raider Badlands Armor  | 180|N| 15|  100 | 16|                                |
|Raider Blastmaster Arm.| 180|N| 15|  100 | 16|                                |
|Raider Painspike Armor | 180|N| 15|  100 | 16|                                |
|Raider Sadist Armor    | 180|N| 15|  100 | 16|                                |
|Ranger Battle Armor    | 430|N| 27| 1100 | 39|Small Guns +10, AP +5, LCK +1   |
|Recon Armor            | 180|N| 20|  400 | 28|Sneak +5                        |
|Rivet City Security    | 330|N| 20|  100 | 24|Small Guns +5                   |
|Uniform                |    | |   |      |   |                                |
|T-51b Power Armor (*)  |1000|Y| 40| 2000 | 50|Radiations Resistance +25%      |
|Tenpenny Security Armor| 180|N| 20|  100 | 24|Small Guns +5                   |
|Tesla Armor            | 820|Y| 45| 1500 | 43|Rad. Res. +20%, Energy Weap. +10|
|The AntAgonizer's      | 120|N| 15|  100 | 20|AGL +1, CHR -1                  |
|Costume (*)            |    | |   |      |   |                                |
|The Mechanist's        |  30|N| 15|  100 | 20|END +1, CHR -1                  |
|Costume (*)            |    | |   |      |   |                                |
|Vault 101 Security Arm.|  70|N| 15|  100 | 12|                                |
|Wanderer's Leather Arm.| 160|N| 15|  150 | 24|Small Guns +10                  |
 Note: (*) Notifies a Unique Armor.

|Name:                     |VAL|WGT|HEALTH| DR|Added Effects:                  |
|Brahmin-Skin Outfit       |  6|  2|  100 |  2|END +1, AGL +1                  |
|Brotherhood Scribe Robe   |  6|  2|  100 |  2|                                |
|Chinese Jumpsuit          | 10|  2|  100 |  6|Small Guns +5                   |
|Colonel Autumn's          | 12|  3|  100 | 10|Energy Weapons +5, Small Guns +5|
|Uniform (*)               |   |   |      |   |                                |
|Dirty Chinese Jumpsuit    |  6|  2|   50 |  6|Small Guns +5                   |
|Dirty Pre-War Businesswear|  8|  2|  100 |  3|Speech +5                       |
|Dirty Pre-War Casualwear  |  6|  2|  100 |  3|AGL +1                          |
|Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller|  5| 10|  100 |  3|AGL +1                          |
|Outfit                    |   |   |      |   |                                |
|Dirty Pre-War Relaxedwear |  6|  5|  100 |  3|AGL +1                          |
|Dirty Pre-War SpringOutfit|  5|  2|  100 |  3|AGL +1                          |
|Elder Lyon's Robe (*)     |  8|   |  100 |  3|                                |
|Enclave Officer Uniform   |  8|  3|  100 |  5|Energy Weapons +5, Small Guns +5|
|Enclave Scientist Outfit  |  8|  2|  100 |  3|Science +5                      |
|Environment Suit          |100|  5|   25 |  6|Rad Res. +30%, Medicine +5      |
|Eulogy Jones' Suit (*)    |  6|  3|  100 |  2|CHR +1                          |
|Grimy Pre-War Businesswear|  6|  2|  100 |  3|Speech +5                       |
|Handyman Jumpsuit         |  6|  1|  100 |  2|Repair +5                       |
|Lab Technician Outfit     |  8|  2|  100 |  3|Science +5                      |
|Lesko's Lab Coat (*)      | 10|  1|  100 |  5|Science +10, Rad Res. +20%      |
|Maple's Garb (*)          |  6|  2|  100 |  4|PER +1, AGL +1                  |
|Modified Utility Jumpsuit | 30|  2|  100 |  1|Repair +5, Rad Res. +10, LCK +1 |
|Naughty Nightwear         | 30|  1|  100 |  1|CHR +1, LCK +1, Speech +10      |
|Negligee                  |  6|  1|  100 |  1|CHR +1                          |
|Negligee                  | 10|  1|  100 |  1|CHR +1                          |
|Oasis Robe                | 30|  3|  100 |  4|                                |
|Oasis Villager Robe       |  6|  2|  100 |  4|                                |
|Pre-War Casualwear        |  8|  2|  100 |  3|AGL +1                          |
|Pre-War ParkstrollerOutfit|  6|  2|  100 |  3|AGL +1                          |
|Pre-War Relaxedwear       |  8|  2|  100 |  3|AGL +1                          |
|Pre-War Spring Outfit     |  8|  2|  100 |  3|AGL +1                          |
|Red Racer Jumpsuit        |  6|  1|  100 |  2|Repair +5                       |
|Red's Jumpsuit (*)        | 40|  1|  100 |  3|Small Guns +5                   |
|Regulator Duster          | 70|  3|  150 | 10|Small Guns +5, CHR +1           |
|RobCo Jumpsuit            |  6|  1|  100 |  2|Repair +5                       |
|Roving Trader Outfit      |  6|  2|  100 |  2|Barter +5                       |
|Scientist Outfit          |  8|  2|  100 |  3|Science +5                      |
|Sherrif's Duster (*)      | 35|  3|  150 |  5|Small Guns +5, CHR +1           |
|Tenpenny's Suit           |  8|  2|  100 |  3|                                |
|The Surgeon's Lab Coat (*)| 30|  1|  100 |  2|Science +5, Medicine +10        |
|Tunnel Snake Outfit       |  8|  2|  100 |  4|Melee Weapons +5                |
|Vance's Longcoat Outfit(*)|100|  4|  100 | 10|Small Guns +10, CHR +1, PER +1  |
|Vault Jumpsuit            |  8|  1|  100 |  1|Small Guns +2, Melee Weapons +2 |
|Vault Lab Uniform         |  6|  1|  100 |  1|Science +5                      |
|Vault Utility Jumpsuit    | 10|  1|  100 |  1|Repair +5, Lockpick +5          |
|Wasteland Doctor Fatigues |  6|  2|  100 |  2|Medicine +5                     |
|Wasteland Settler Outfit  |  6|  2|  100 |  2|ENG +1, AGL +1                  |
|Wasteland Surgeon Outfit  |  6|  2|  100 |  2|Medicine +5                     |
|Wasteland Wanderer Outfit |  6|  2|  100 |  2|END +1, AGL +1                  |
 Note: (*) Notifies a Unique Clothes.

|Name:                  | VAL|P|WGT|HEALTH| DR|Added Effects:                  |
|Boogeyman's Hood       | 110|N|  3|  100 |  8|                                |
|Combat Helmet          |  50|N|  3|   50 |  5|                                |
|Talon Combat Helmet    |  60|N|  3|   40 |  4|                                |
|Crow's Eyebot Helmet(*)|  20|N| 10|   25 |  5|PER +1                          |
|Enclave Power Helmet   | 110|Y|  5|   75 |  9|Radiation Resistance +5%, CHR -1|
|Eyebot Helmet          |  20|N|  3|   25 |  5|                                |
|Hockey Mask            |  10|N|  1|   15 |  3|Unarmed +5                      |
|Ledoux's Hockey Mask(*)| 100|N|  1|   25 |  4|AP +25                          |
|Metal Helmet           |  70|N|  3|   50 |  5|                                |
|Motorcycle Helmet      |   6|N|  1|   10 |  5|                                |
|Outcast Recon Helmet   |  40|N|  3|   40 |  4|PER +1                          |
|Power Helmet           | 110|Y|  5|   75 |  8|Radiation Resistance +3%        |
|Raider Archlight Helmet|  20|N|  3|   15 |  2|                                |
|Raider BlastmasterHelm.|  20|N|  3|   15 |  2|Explosives +5, Big Guns +5      |
|Raider Psycho-Tic Helm.|  20|N|  3|   15 |  2|                                |
|Raider Wastehound Helm.|  20|N|  3|   15 |  2|                                |
|Ranger Battle Helmet   |  60|N|  5|   50 |  6|                                |
|Recon Armor Helmet     |  40|N|  3|   40 |  4|                                |
|Rivet City Security    |  50|N|  3|   25 |  4|                                |
|Helmet                 |    | |   |      |   |                                |
|T-51b Power Helmet (*) | 120|Y|  4|  100 | 10|Radiation Resistance +8%, CHR +1|
|Tenpenny Security Helm.|  50|N|  1|   25 |  4|                                |
|Tesla Helmet           | 120|Y|  5|  100 |  9|Radiation Resistance +5%, CHR -1|
|The AntAgonizer's      |  60|N|  5|   50 |  6|                                |
|Helmet (*)             |    | |   |      |   |                                |
|The Mechanist's Helm(*)|  60|N|  5|   50 |  6|                                |
|Torcher's Mask         |  20|N|  3|   15 |  2|Explosives +5, Big Guns +5      |
|Vault 101 Security     |  30|N|  3|   25 |  3|                                |
|Helmet                 |    | |   |      |   |                                |
 Note: (*) Notifies a Unique Helmet.

|Name:                    | VAL|WGT|HEALTH| DR|Added Effects:                  |
|Ballcap with Glasses     |   6|  1|   10 |  1|PER +1                          |
|Bandana                  |   6|  1|   10 |  2|PER +1                          |
|Biker Goggles            |   6|  1|   10 |  2|                                |
|Button's Wig (*)         |  20|  1|  100 |  1|Speech +10, Barter +5,          |
|                         |    |   |      |   |INT +1, PER +1                  |
|Chinese Commando Hat     |   6|  1|   15 |  1|PER +1                          |
|Enclave Officer Hat      |   6|  1|   15 |  1|Energy Weapons +5               |
|Eulogy Jones' Hat (*)    |   6|  1|   15 |  1|CHR +1                          |
|Ghoul Mask (*)           |  50|  1|  100 |  3|Feral Ghouls won't attack you   |
|Lincoln's Hat (*)        |  40|  1|   50 |  1|Speech +5, INT +1               |
|Lucky Shades (*)         |  40|  1|  150 |  1|LCK +1                          |
|Makeshift Gas Mask (*)   |  40|  2|   25 |  3|                                |
|Oasis Druid Hood         |   6|  1|   10 |  2|                                |
|Poplar's Hood            |   6|  1|   25 |  2|AGL +1, Sneak +10               |
|Pre-War Baseball Cap     |   8|  1|   25 |  2|AGL +1, Sneak +10               |
|Pre-War Bonnet           |   8|  1|   15 |  1|PER +1                          |
|Pre-War Hat              |   8|  1|   15 |  1|PER +1                          |
|Red's Bandana (*)        |  30|  1|   10 |  2|PER +1                          |
|Roving Trader Hat        |   6|  1|   10 |  1|Barter +5                       |
|Shady Hat (*)            |  40|  1|   50 |  1|Sneak +5, PER +1                |
|Sherrif's Hat (*)        |  35|  1|   40 |  1|PER +1                          |
|Stormchaser Hat          |   6|  1|   10 |  1|PER +1                          |
|Surgical Mask            |   6|  1|   10 |  1|Medicine +5, Poison/Rad.Res. +5%|
|Takoma Park Little       |  60|  1|   15 |  1|Melee Weapons +5, Explosives +5,|
|Leager Cap (*)           |    |   |      |   |Melee Damage +5                 |
|Three Dog's Head Wrap (*)| 200|  0|   15 |  2|CHR +1, LCK +1                  |
 Note: (*) Notifies a Unique Hat.

                 Operation Anchorage DLC Exclusive Equipment:
|Name:                        | VAL|WGT|HEALTH| DR|Added Effects:              |
|Winterized T-51b Power Armor |1000| 40|  INF | 40|+25 Radiation Resistance    |
|Winterized T-51b Power Helmet| 120|  4|  100 | 10|CHR +1, +8 Rad. Resistance  |
|Chinese Stealth Armor        | 358| 20|   ?? | 24|Sneak +15, (When Crouching: |
|                             |    |   |      |   |Stealth Field +5)           |
|Neural Interface Suit        | 180| 10|  100 |  3|                            |
|Outcast Scribe Robe          |   6|  2|  100 |  2|                            |
Note: The Outcast Scribe Robe is worn by Specialist Olin.

                       The Pitt DLC Exclusive Equipment:
|Name:                        | VAL|WGT|HEALTH| DR|Added Effects:              |
|Tattered Slave Outfit        |   6|  2|   100|  2|+1 AGL, +1 END              |
|Worn Slave Outfit            |   6|  2|   100|  2|+1 AGL, +1 END              |
|Laborer Outfit               |   6|  2|   100|  5|+1 STR, +1 AGL, +1 END      |
|Supervisor Helmet            |  50|  3|    50|  5|                            |
|Filtration Helmet            |  70|  3|    50|  5|+10 Rad. Resis.             |
|Hat of the People            |  30|  1|    20|  1|+5 Small Guns               |
|Welder's Mask                |  20|  3|    15|  5|                            |
|Leather Rebel Armor          | 160| 15|   150| 30|+1 CHR                      |
|Raider Iconoclast Armor      | 200| 15|   150| 18|+5 Rad. Resis.              |
|Raider Commando Armor        | 200| 15|   150| 18|+3 Unarmed, +3 Small Guns   |
|Raider Trowdown Armor        | 200| 15|   150| 18|+3 Unarmed, +3 Small Guns   |
|Raider Ordinance Armor       | 200| 10|   100| 18|+4 Small Guns               |
|Bombshell Armor              | 160| 15|   150| 24|+10 Big Guns, +10 Explosives|
|Raider Paingiver Armor       | 200|  5|   100| 18|+4 Unarmed                  |
|Metal Master Armor           | 160| 15|   150| 36|-1 AGL, +10 Unarmed,        |
|                             |    |   |      |   |+10 Energy Weapons          |
|Gamma Shield Armor           | 520| 45|   750| 36|+15 Rad. Resis., -1 AGL     |
|Tribal Power Armor           | 740| 40|  1000| 35|+1 STR, +1 LCK, -1 AGL,     |
|                             |    |   |      |   |+5 Melee Weapons, +15 AP    |
|Ashur's Power Armor          | 740| 45|  1000| 40|+1 STR, +1 CHR, +1 LCK,     |
|                             |    |   |      |   |-1 AGL, +10 Rad. Resis.     |

o Laborer Outfit is a unique Tattered Slave Outfit given to the player when
  they've collected the mandatory 10 Steel Ingots for Everett.

o Filtration Helmet is a unique Supervisor Helmet, given by Everett after
  retrieving 20 Ingots.  The +10 Radiation Resistance makes it an excellent
  protective headwear in areas with radiation.

o Hat of the People is a unique Chinese Commando Hat.  It's found on the 2nd
  floor of the Abandoned Apartments, in an (Average) Safe.  

o Welder's Mask is a unique mask found only in The Pitt.  It's worn by many
  slaves in The Mill.

o Leather Rebel Armor is a unique armor handed to the player after fetching 70
  Ingots for Everett.

o The various Raider Armors can be found on the numerous Raiders in The Pitt.

o Bombshell Armor is a unique Raider Ordinance Armor, given by Everett after
  collecting 60 Steel Ingots.

o The Metal Master Armor has a very decent DR as well as fair bonuses.  It is
  given by Everett when you've handed over 40 Steel Ingots.  This armor can be
  repaired with Leather Armor.

o Gamma Shield Armor is found on dead bodies of Wildmen in The Pitt.  It's 
  weight (45) makes it a cumbersome loot.

o Tribal Power Armor is the final reward from Everett for collecting all 100
  Steel Ingots.  It comes with stat increases and a +15 AP bonus.

o Ashur's Power Armor can only be aqcuired from Ashur.  Either kill him or
  reverse pickpocket him (place a fully repaired Tesla Power Armor in his 
  inventory while you're hidden and having used a Stealth Boy).

                     Broken Steel DLC Exclusive Equipment:
|Name:                        | VAL|WGT|HEALTH| DR|Added Effects:              |
|Hellfire Power Armor         |1000| 40|  2000| 50|STR +1, Fire Resistance +30,|
|                             |    |   |      |   |Radiation Resistance +15    |
|Composite Recon Helmet       |  40|  3|    70|  4|+1 PER                      |
|Lag-Bolt's Shades            |   8|  0|   150|  1|+3 Lockpick, +3 Sneak       |
|Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor      | 400| 30|   500| 38|+10 AP, +10 Big Guns        |
|All-Nighter Nightwear        | 200|  1|   100|  1|+1 CHR, +1 END              |
|Police Hat                   |   8|  1|   150|  1|                            |
|Wig                          |  20|  1|   100|  1|                            |

o The Hellfire Power Armor is arguably one of the best armors in the game due to
  its high DR and Fire Resistance.  Besides, stat boosts have become useless
  because of the 'Almost Perfect' Perk.  

o The Composite Recon Helmet is a unique Recon Armor Helmet that worn by the
  Armory Master in the Launch Platform Base area, nearby the armory.

o Lag-Bolt's Shades and Combat Armor are equipped by Lag-Bolt, who you'll 
  encounter during the unmarked quest, given by the Sorry, My Darling Holotape.
  Lag-Bolt resides in La Maison Beauregard, which is in turn located at
  Georgetown East.

o All-Nighter Nightwear can be found in a suitcase while pursuing the info on 
  the Sorry, My Darling Holotape.

o The Police Hat can be found near a skeleton in the Presidential Metro tubes.

o Wigs can be found in a cabinet in the Museum Authority Building's basement.
  They are more or less part of the miscellaneous quest 'The Amazing Aqua Cura'.

                      Point Lookout Exclusive Equipment:
|Name:                        | VAL|WGT|HEALTH| DR|Added Effects:              |
|Confederate Hat              |   8|  1|    15|  1|PER +1                      |
|Cryptochromatic Spectacles   |   8|  0|   150|  1|                            |
|Desmond's Eyeglasses         |  25|  0|   150|  1|Explosives & Small Guns +5  |
|Grifter's Fit                |   6|  2|   100|  2|CHR +1, Small Guns +5       |
|Pint-Sized Slasher Mask      |  16|  2|    15|  1|PER -1, Melee +5            |
|Tribal Garb                  |  75|  5|   100| 12|                            |
|Workman's Coveralls          |   6|  2|   100|  2|Repair +10                  |
|Handyman Jumpsuit            |   6|  1|   100|  2|Repair +5                   |

                     Mothership Zeta Exclusive Equipment:
|Name:                        | VAL|WGT|HEALTH| DR|Added Effects:              |
|General Chase's Overcoat     | 150| 25|   250| 20|CHR +1, Small Guns +10,     |
|                             |    |   |      |   |Speech +5.                  |
|Paulson's Outfit             |  35|  3|   150|  5|CHR +1, Small Guns +10,     |
|                             |    |   |      |   |Speech +5.                  |
|Sheriff's Hat                |  35|  1|    40|  1|PER +1                      |
|Samurai Armor                |1000| 20|   500| 30|Melee DMG +10, Melee +10    |
|Samurai Helmet               | 300|  3|   100|  5|                            |
|Spacesuit                    |  60|  5|10 Mil|  1|                            |
|Winterized Medic Armor       | 390| 25|   400| 32|Medicine +10                |
|Winterized Medic Helmet      |  50|  3|    50|  5|                            |

                               | [EQP-3] Items |

|Name:                    | VAL|WGT|ADDICTION|Added Effects:                   |
|Beer                     |   2|  1|   YES   |INT -1, STR +1, CHR +1 (4 mins)  |
|Scotch                   |  10|  1|   YES   |INT -1, STR +1, CHR +1 (4 mins)  |
|Vodka                    |  20|  1|   YES   |INT -1, STR +1, CHR +1 (4 mins)  |
|Whiskey                  |  10|  1|   YES   |INT -1, STR +1, CHR +1 (4 mins)  |
|Wine                     |  10|  1|   YES   |INT -1, STR +1, CHR +1 (4 mins)  |

|Name:                    | VAL|WGT|ADDICTION|Added Effects:                   |
|Ant Queen Pheromones     |  75|  1|    NO   |CHR +3, INT -1, PER -3 (4 mins)  |
|Buffout                  |  20|---|   YES   |STR +2, END +3,Health +30(4 mins)|
|Jet                      |  20|---|   YES   |AP +30 (4 mins)                  |
|Mentats                  |  20|---|   YES   |INT +5, PER +5 (4 mins)          |
|Berry Mentats            |  20|---|   YES   |INT +5 (4 mins)                  |
|Grape Mentats            |  20|---|   YES   |CHR +5 (4 mins)                  |
|Orange Mentats           |  20|---|   YES   |PER +5 (4 mins)                  |
|Med-X                    |  20|---|   YES   |DR +25 (4 mins)                  |
|Psycho                   |  20|---|   YES   |Damage +25% (4 mins)             |
|RadAway                  |  20|---|    NO   |Removes 50 Rads                  |
|Rad-X                    |  20|---|    NO   |Radiation Resistance +25%(4 mins)|
|Stealth Boy              | 100|  1|    NO   |Stealth Field +75, Sneak +100    |
|Stimpak                  |  25|---|    NO   |Health +30                       |
|Ultrajet                 |  50|---|   YES   |AP +40 (4 mins)                  |

|Name:                    | VAL|WGT|ADDICTION|Added Effects:                   |
|Ant Meat                 |   4|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Ant Nectar               |  20|.25|   YES   |INT +2, CHR +2, STR +4 (4 mins)  |
|Blanco Mac and Cheese    |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Bloatfly Meat            |   4|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Blood Pack               |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +1 (+20 with Hematophagy) |
|Brahmin Steak            |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Bubblegum                |   1|  1|    NO   |Health +1, Rads +1               |
|Cave Fungus              |  50|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads -10              |
|Cram                     |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Crispy Squirrel Bits     |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Crunchy Mutfruit         |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Dandy Boy Apples         |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Dirty Water              |  10|  1|    NO   |Health +10, Rads +6              |
|Dog Meat                 |   4|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Fancy Lads Snack Cakes   |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Fire Ant Nectar          |  20|  1|   YES   |AGL +4, INT -3, Fire Resis. +25% |
|                         |    |   |         |(2 minutes)                      |
|Fresh Apple              |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +10                       |
|Fresh Carrot             |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +10                       |
|Fresh Pear               |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +10                       |
|Fresh Potato             |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +10                       |
|Gum Drops                |   2|  1|    NO   |Health +1, Rads +1               |
|Hatchling Mirelurk Meat  |   4|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Human Flesh              |   0|  1|    NO   |Health +25, Rads +10             |
|Ice Cold Nuka-Cola       |   2|  1|    NO   |Health +20, Rads +3              |
|Iguana Bits              |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Iguana on a Stick        |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|InstaMash                |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Junk Food                |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Mirelurk Cakes           |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Mirelurk Meat            |  20|  1|    NO   |Health +20, Rads +3              |
|Miss. Quantum Pie        |  20|  1|    NO   |STR +1, INT -1, AP +20, Rads +5  |
|                         |    |   |    NO   |(4 minutes)                      |
|Mole Rat Meat            |   4|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Mole Rat Wonder Meat     |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +20, Rads +3              |
|Mutfruit                 |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Noodles                  |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Nuka-Cola                |  20|  1|    NO   |Health +10, Rads +3              |
|Nuka-Cola Quantum        |  30|  1|   YES   |AP +20, Rads +10 (4 mins)        |
|NukaLurk Meat            |   7|  1|    NO   |Health +20,Rads +5, AP +10 (4min)|
|Pork N' Beans            |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Potato Crisps            |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Purified Water           |  20|  1|    NO   |Health +20                       |
|Radroach Meat            |   4|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +2               |
|Salisbury Steak          |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Softshell Mirelurk Meat  |  30|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Squirrel on a Stick      |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Squirrel Stew            |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Strange Meat             |   2|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Strange Meat Pie         |   2|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Sugar Bombs              |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |
|Yao Guai Meat            |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +10, Rads +10, DMG +10%,  |
|                         |    |   |         |(2 minutes)                      |
|YumYum Deviled Eggs      |   5|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +3               |

                    Other Broken Steel DLC Exclusive Items:
|Name:                      | VAL|WGT|ADDICTION|Added Effects:                 |
|Aqua Cura                  |  10|  1|    NO   |Health +5, Rads +6             |
|Aqua Pura                  |   0|  1|    NO   |Health +20                     |
|Aqua Pura (Modified FEV)   |   0|  1|    NO   |-2 STR, -1 INT                 |
|Holy Water                 |   0|  1|    NO   |Health +20, Rads +20           |
|Holy Water (Modified FEV)  |   0|  1|    NO   |-2 STR, -2 INT, Rads +20       |

                        Point Lookout Exclusive Items:
|Name:                    | VAL|WGT|ADDICTION|Added Effects:                   |
|Cogwave Jammer           |   0|  7|   ---   |                                 |
|Fishing Pole             |  20|1.5|   ---   |                                 |
|Kenny-Bear               |   0|  1|   ---   |                                 |
|Krivbeknih               |  15|  0|   ---   |                                 |
|Lab Access Card          |   1|  0|   ---   |                                 |
|Lighthouse Bulb          |  60|  5|   ---   |                                 |
|Lump of Brain            |   0|  0|   ---   |                                 |
|Moonshine                |  50|  2|   YES   |CHR +2, INT -2, STR -2           |
|Plik's Journal           |   1|  1|   ---   |                                 |
|Punga Seeds              |  25|  0|   ---   |                                 |
|Refined Punga Fruit      |  30|  1|   ---   |HP +15, Rad -2 (-15 w/perk)      |
|Riverboat Ticket         | 300|  0|   ---   |                                 |
|Submarine Self-Destruct  |   0|  0|   ---   |                                 |
|Codes                    |    |   |         |                                 |
|Wild Punga Fruit         |  10|  1|   ---   |HP +10, Rad -1 (-5 w/perk)       |
|Yeast                    |  21|  4|   ---   |                                 |

                       Mothership Zeta Exclusive Items:
|Name:                    | VAL|WGT|ADDICTION|Added Effects:                   |
|Alien Power Module       |   5|---|---------|Ammo                             |
|Adapted Biogel           |  25|---|---------|*                                |
|Alien Biogel             |  25|---|---------|*                                |
|Alien Squid Food         |   1|---|---------|HP +5                            |
|Alien Worm Food          |   1|---|---------|HP +5                            |
|Buttercup Toy            | 150|  2|---------|                                 |
|Alien Epoxy              |  25|---|---------|Repairs Equipped Weapon **       |
|Drone Control Device     | 300|  3|---------|Befriends contained drones       |
|Large Alien Crystal      |  20|---|---------|                                 |
|Small Alien Crystal      |  10|---|---------|                                 |

* Adapted Biogel restores between 90 and 150 HP based on your Medicine Skill.
* Alien Biogel restores +30 HP.
* Both Biogels can cause side effects [One per Biogel, Randomly chosen, and
  the effects can be paired, Effects last 30 seconds]: INT -1, PER -1, END -1,
  AGL -1, Rads +5 per second, Rads -10 per second, HP +5 per second, AP +10,
  STR +2, AGL +2.

o Alien Epoxy repairs your equipped weapon by a certain %, depending on how
  good your repair skill is:
  Repair Skill =  0% -  24%, Epoxy repairs +15%
  Repair Skill = 25% -  49%, Epoxy repairs +20%
  Repair Skill = 50% -  74%, Epoxy repairs +25%
  Repair Skill = 75% - 100%, Epoxy repairs +30%

                         |[EQP-4] Misc. & Junk Items |

                    Exclusive Broken Steel DLC Quest Items:
|Name:                      | VAL|WGT|ADDICTION|Added Effects:                 |
|Deathclaw Control Scrambler|   0|  0|   ---   |Befriends Controlled Deathclaws|
|Main Fuse                  |   0|  0|   ---   |                               |
|Senate Employee ID         |   0|  0|   ---   |                               |
|Super Mutant Blood Sample  |   1|  0|   ---   |                               |
|Tesla Coil                 |   0|  3|   ---   |                               |

                         | [EQP-5] Collectable Items |

Blood Packs:
When you've completed the Blood Ties Misc. Quest and have gotten the Hematophagy
Perk, these Blood Packs will give you +20 Health instead of +1.  This makes them
a decent way of healing yourself when the need is high.  You can also sell Blood
Packs to Vance for 15 Caps a piece.

Bobbleheads: (20)
There are 20 Bobbleheads in the wasteland: They either increase one of your 
SPECIAL stats by +1 permanently, or one of your Skills by +10 permanently.

Custom Weapon Schematics: (23)
You can create 7 different types of Custom Weapons.  In order to do so, you'll
need the schematics for each of them.  The more schematics you have, the better
the quality of your weapon.

Fat Men: (9)
These Mini-Nuke Launchers are semi-rare items, as there are only 9 of them to
be found in the entire wasteland.

Mini Nukes: (71)
The Fat Man's ammo is scarce as well, and there are only 71 Mini Nukes scattered
over the wasteland.

Scribe Jameson at the Brotherhood Capitol will give you 100 Caps for each
Holotag you find.  Dead members of the Brotherhood will hold these Holotags.

Nuka-Cola Quantum: (94+)
These blue fluorescent bottles of Nuka-Cola are part of the aptly named Misc.
Quest: The Nuka-Cola Challenge.  There are 94 of them in fixed locations, but
you should always check Nuka-Cola Vending machines because there is a 10% chance
you'll find an extra Nuka-Cola Quantum in them.

Pre-War Books: (98)
At the Arlington Public Library you'll find Scribe Yearling.  She is trying to
save what's left of our intelligent culture by treasuring books that date from
before the war.  Collect these Pre-War Books and she'll give you 100 Caps per

Skill Books: (324)
13 Skills, 25 Skill Books for all skills (24 for Barter).  Reading these books
will increase the corresponding skill by +1, and even by +2 with Comprehension.
That makes these Skill Books quite worth the effort.

Sugar Bombs:
A Ghoul Scientist called Murphy can be found in Northwest Seneca Station.  He
needs Sugar Bombs to complete an experiment he's doing on the Jet chem.  Give
him some and he'll turn it into an Ultrajet! 

                         xx) ENEMY ENCYCLOPEDIA [ENM]

This section is also heavily being worked on, but below are already a few
entries.  This should give you an idea what this section will look like.

Remember that the game's difficulty adjusts the damage dealt by enemies:

                |Difficulty: |Player's Damage: |Enemy Damage: |
                |Very Easy   |       200%      |      50%     |
                |Easy        |       150%      |      75%     |
                |Normal      |       100%      |     100%     |
                |Hard        |        75%      |     150%     |
                |Very Hard   |        50%      |     200%     |

LV  = Level you usually      MW  = Melee Weapons
      will encounter foe     SG  = Small Guns
PRC = Perception             EXP = Experience
HP  = Hit Points
BG  = Big Guns          
EW  = Energy Weapons

                             Brotherhood of Steel:
|B. Initiate   |  1|  7| 70|44| 46|14|44|B. Power Armor  |Flamer           | 10|
|B. Initiate   |  1|  5| 70|44| 14|44|44|B. Power Armor  |Laser Rifle      | 10|
|B. Initiate   |  1|  6| 65|14| 16|43|47|B. Power Armor  |Power Fist       | 10|
|B. Knight     |  7|  7| 95|57| 59|14|57|B. Power Armor  |Laser Rifle      | 20|
|B. Knight     |  7|  6| 90|14| 16|57|61|B. Power Armor  |Ripper/Grenades  | 20|
|B. Paladin    | 11|  7|125|74| 76|14|74|B. Power Armor  |Minigun/G. Laser | 30|
|B. Paladin    | 11|  7|125|74| 76|14|74|B. Power Armor  |Laser Rifle      | 30|
|B. Paladin    | 11|  7|125|74| 76|14|74|B. Power Armor  |Missile Launcher | 30|
|B. Paladin    | 11|  7|125|74| 76|14|74|B. Power Armor  |Minigun/G. Laser | 30|
|B. Scribe     |---|  5| 55|13| 15|11|13|B. Scribe Robe  |Submachine Gun   |  x|
 Notes: B. stands for Brotherhood.  Scribes give a variable value of exp.

                               Chinese Remnant:
|C. Soldier    |  1|  5| 25|28| 15|28|30|Dirty C.Jumpsuit|C. Pistol        | 10|
|C. Sergeant   |  6|  5| 40|41| 15|41|43|Dirty C.Jumpsuit|C. Assault Rifle | 10|
|C. Officer    | 10|  5| 55|54| 15|54|56|Dirty C.Jumpsuit|C. Assault Rifle | 20|
 Notes: C. stands for Chinese.

|E. Soldier    | 1| 6 | 45| 16| 45|14|47|E. Power Armor  |Laser Pistol     | 10|
|E. Soldier    | 1| 6 | 45| 16| 45|47|12|E. Power Armor  |Ripper/Grenades  | 10|
|E. Soldier    | 7| 6 | 80| 16| 68|14|70|E. Power Armor  |Laser Rifle      | 20|
|E. Soldier    | 7| 6 | 80| 16| 68|70|12|E. Power Armor  |Ripper/P.Grenades| 20|
|E. Soldier    |11| 6 |125| 87| 87|16|12|E. Power Armor  |Flamer/P.Grenades| 30|
|E. Soldier    |11| 6 |125| 16| 83|16|16|E. Power Armor  |Laser Rifle      | 30|
|E. Soldier    |18| 6 |170|100|100|16|12|E. Power Armor  |Minigun/G. Laser | 50|
|E. Soldier    |18| 6 |170| 16|100|16|16|E. Power Armor  |Plasma Rifle     | 50|
|E. Soldier    |18| 6 |170|100|100|16|12|E. Power Armor  |Missile Launcher | 50|
|E. Officer    |--| 6 |125| 16|100|16|16|E. Officer      |Plasma Pistol/   | 50|
|              |  |   |   |   |   |  |  |Uniform         |Plasma Grenades  |   |
|E. Scientist  |--| 6 | 20| 11| 17|11|17|E. Scientist    |Laser Pistol     | 10|
|(Flees)       |  |   |   |   |   |  |  |Outfit          |                 |   |

                             Brotherhood Outcasts:
|B. Outcast    |  1| 5 | 70|44| 14|44|44|Out. Power Armor|Assault Rifle    | 10|
|B. Outcast    |  1| 6 | 70|14| 16|47|51|Out. Power Armor|Power Fist       | 10|
|B. Outcast    |  1| 7 | 70|44| 46|14|44|Out. Power Armor|Flamer           | 10|
|B. Outcast    |  7| 7 | 95|57| 59|14|57|Out. Power Armor|Laser Rifle      | 20|
|B. Outcast    |  7| 6 | 90|14| 16|57|61|Out. Power Armor|Ripper/Grenades  | 20|
|B. Outcast    | 11| 7 |125|74| 76|14|74|Out. Power Armor|Minigun/G. Laser | 30|
|B. Outcast    | 11| 7 |125|74| 76|14|74|Out. Power Armor|Laser Rifle      | 30|
|B. Outcast    | 11| 6 |120|14| 16|75|79|Out. Power Armor|Super Sledge     | 30|
|B. Outcast    | 11| 7 |125|74| 76|14|74|Out. Power Armor|Missile Launcher | 30|

|Raider        |  1| 5 | 25|13| 15|32|34|Raider Armor    |.32/10mm Pistol/ | 10|
|              |   |   |   |  |   |  |  |                |Chinese Pistol   |   |
|Raider        |  1| 5 | 30|15| 15|34|32|Raider Armor    |Knife/Baton/Tire | 10|
|              |   |   |   |  |   |  |  |                |Iron/Frag Grenade|   |
|Raider        |  1| 5 | 25|13| 15|32|34|Raider Armor    |Hunting Rifle    | 10|
|Raider        |  4| 5 | 55|13| 15|45|47|Raider Armor    |Hunting Rifle/   | 10|
|              |   |   |   |  |   |  |  |                |Sawed-Off Shotgun|   |
|              |   |   |   |  |   |  |  |                |/Assault Rifle   |   |
|Raider        |  4| 5 | 60|15| 15|47|45|Raider Armor    |Combat Knife/Lead| 10|
|              |   |   |   |  |   |  |  |                |Pipe/Baseball Bat|   |
|              |   |   |   |  |   |  |  |                |/Frag Grenades   |   |
|Raider        |  7| 5 | 85|13| 15|66|68|Raider Armor    |Assault Rifle/   | 20|
|              |   |   |   |  |   |  |  |                |Combat Shotgun/  |   |
|              |   |   |   |  |   |  |  |                |Submachine Gun   |   |
|Raider        |  7| 5 | 90|15| 15|68|66|Raider Armor    |Lead Pipe/Knife/ | 20|
|              |   |   |   |  |   |  |  |                |Chinese Sword/   |   |
|              |   |   |   |  |   |  |  |                |Grenades/Sledge  |   |
|Raider        |  7| 5 | 85|13| 15|66|68|Raider Armor    |Hunter Rifle     | 20|
|Raider        |  7| 5 | 85|62| 15|66|66|Raider Armor    |Missile Launcher | 20|

|Slaver        |---| 4 |75-|13|13|41-|41-|Merc Outfit    |Rifles/Pistols/  | x |
|              |   |   |110|  |  |74 |74 |               |Combat Shotgun   |   |
 Notes: Slavers look like Raiders but their preferred business is dealing in,
        what else, slaves.  Slavers can differ slightly in strength.

                          Talon Company Mercenaries:
|T.C. Merc     |  1| 7 | 75|15|64| 17| 62|T.Combat Armor |Hunting Rifle/   | 10|
|              |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |               |Assault Rifle/   |   |
|              |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |               |Laser Pistol     |   |
|T.C. Merc     |  1| 7 | 80|17|19| 62| 62|T.Combat Armor |Baton/Knife/Gren.| 10|
|T.C. Merc     |  1| 7 | 75|15|64| 17| 62|T.Combat Armor |Sniper Rifle     | 10|
|T.C. Merc     |  8| 7 |105|15|77| 17| 75|T.Combat Armor |Combat Shotgun   | 20|
|              |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |               |Assault Rifle/   |   |
|              |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |               |Laser Pistol     |   |
|T.C. Merc     |  8| 7 |110|17|19| 75| 75|T.Combat Armor |Baton/Knife/Gren.| 20|
|T.C. Merc     |  8| 7 |105|15|77| 17| 75|T.Combat Armor |Sniper Rifle     | 20|
|T.C. Merc     |  8| 7 |105|73|19| 17| 75|T.Combat Armor |Flamer/M.Launcher| 20|
|T.C. Merc     | 12| 7 |135|15|90| 17| 68|T.Combat Armor |Combat Shotgun   | 30|
|              |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |               |Assault Rifle/   |   |
|              |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |               |Laser Pistol     |   |
|T.C. Merc     | 12| 7 |140|17|19| 88| 88|T.Combat Armor |Baton/Knife/Gren.| 30|
|T.C. Merc     | 12| 7 |135|86|19| 17| 88|T.Combat Armor |Missile Launcher | 30|
|T.C. Merc     | 12| 7 |135|15|90| 17| 88|T.Combat Armor |Sniper Rifle     | 30|

|Caravan Guard |---| 6 | 290|14|17| 91| 93|Leather Armor  |Assault Rifle  | 50|
|Settler       |---| 5 |  35|12|14| 16| 45|Settler Clothes|Varies         | 10|
|R.C. Security |---| 6 | 55-|14|16|52-|54-|R.C. Security  |10mm Submachine|  x|
|              |   |   | 85 |  |  |76 |78 |Uniform        |Gun            |   |
|Scavenger     |---| 5 |140-|13|15| 15| 55|Raving Trader  |Varies         | 10|
|              |   |   |170 |  |  |   |   |Outfit         |               |   |
|Tenpenny      |---| 5 |  40|12|14| 16| 45|Varies         |      ---      | 10|
|Resident      |   |   |    |  |  |   |   |               |               |   |
|Tenpenny Secu-|---| 6 |  65|14|16| 61| 63|Tenpenny Secu- |Assault Rifle  | 20|
|rity Guard    |   |   |    |  |  |   |   |rity Uniform   |               |   |
|Wastelander   |---| 5 |  25|12|14| 31| 31|Varies         |Varies         |  x|

                               Non-Feral Ghouls:
|Underworld    |---| 5 | 45|12|14| 16| 49|Varies         |Varies         | 10|
|Resident      |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |               |               |   |
|Ghoul         |---| 5 | 25|12|14| 31| 31|Varies         |Varies         |  x|

|Dog             | 1| 8 | 20|  5|Dog Meat      |      ---     |  1|           |
|Vicious Dog     | 1| 8 | 60| 12|Dog Meat      |      ---     |  5|Quick      |
|Raider Guard Dog| 1| 8 | 60| 12|Dog Meat      |      ---     |  5|Quick      |

                                 Feral Ghouls:
|Feral Ghoul     | 1| 3 | 25|  5|Bottle Caps   |      ---      |  5|           |
|F. Ghoul Roamer | 6| 4 | 80| 16|Bottle Caps   |      ---      | 10|           |
|Glowing One     |13| 5 |240| 32|Bottle Caps   |Radiation Burst| 25|Rad. Heals |
|                |  |   |   |   |              |(5) +50 Rads   |   |           |

|Enclave Eyebot  | 1| 5 | 30|  5|             |Laser Beam (5) |  5|Floats      |
|Protectron      | 1| 4 | 75|  6|Energy Cell  |Laser Beam (23)|  5|*           |
|Robobrain       | 6| 5 |200|  5|Energy Cell  |Laser Beam (30)| 10|Head +50%DMG|
|Robobrain       | 6| 5 |200|  5|Energy Cell  |Mesmetron (1)  |  6|            |
|                |  |   |   |   |             |100 DMG to Head|   |            |
|Mister Handy    | 6| 5 |100|   |Flamer Fuel  |Buzzsaw (12)   |  5|*           |
|Mister Handy    | 6| 5 |100|   |Flamer Fuel  |Flamer (28)    |  6|            |
|                |  |   |   |   |             |10 DMG per/sec |  6|            |
|Mister Gutsy    | 9| 6 |350|  6|Flamer Fuel  |Flamer (41/sec)| 25|*           |
|Mister Gutsy    | 9| 6 |350|  6|Energy Cells |Plasma Gun (51)|  6|            |
|Sentry Bot      |13| 7 |500| 22|Electron     |Gatling Laser  | 50|Head -50%DMG|
|                |  |   |   |   |Charge Pack  |108 DMG per/sec|   |Legs -25%DMG|
|                |  |   |   |   |Missiles     |M.Launcher(135)|   |*           |
|                |  |   |   |   |5mm Rounds   |Minigun (108/s)|   |            |
 Notes: * denotes that when combat inhibitor is destroyed, the bot will attack
        anything in sight.  Yes, that still includes you, so don't go hug them.

    |Mark I Turret (c)  | 1| 10| 40| 23|             |5.56MM Gun     |  1|
    |Mark II Turret (f) | 1| 10| 50| 18|             |Laser Gun      |  1|
    |Mark III Turret (c)| 7| 10| 60| 36|             |5.56MM Gun     |  5|
    |Mark IV Turret (f) | 7| 10| 75| 31|             |Laser Gun      |  5|
    |Mark V Turret (c)  |11| 10| 75| 57|             |5.56MM Gun     | 10|
    |Mark VI Turret (f) |11| 10|100| 48|             |Laser Gun      | 10|

                                  Giant Ants:
|Giant Worker Ant | 1| 3 |  30|  7|Ant Meat|Fire Spit(16/s)|  5|Legs: -50% DMG |
|Giant Soldier Ant| 8| 4 | 150| 24|Ant Meat|Fire Spit(32/s)| 10|Legs: -50% DMG |
|Giant Ant Queen  |--| 4 |1000| - |Ant Meat|Acid Spit (40) | 10|Legs: -50% DMG |
Note: Giant Worker Ant and Giant Soldier Ant will both go berserk if you destroy
      their antennae.  This will cause them to attack everything nearby.

|Radroach      | 1 | 3 | 5 | 3 |Radroach Meat|     ---      | 1 |Quickly flees |

|Bloatfly      | 1 | 5 | 15| - |Bloatfly Meat|Larva Spit (5)| 1 |Flying        |

|Mirelurk       | 1| 4 |120| 28|Mirelurk Meat|      ---     | 10|Body 50% DMG  |
|Mirelurk Hunter| 9| 6 |250| 50|Mirelurk Meat|      ---     | 25|Body 50% DMG  |
|Mirelurk King  |13| 7 |375| 35|Mirelurk Meat|Shriek (50)   | 50|              |
Notes: Mirelurk King's Shriek attack ignores armor and has the following effect:
       Perception -10 for 10 seconds.

|(Mad) Brahmin |---| 3 | 40| 8 |Brahmin Steak|      ---     | 1 |Heads 50% DMG |

                                  Mole Rats:
|Mole Rat       | 1| 3 | 40| 25|Mole Rat Meat|      ---     |  5|              |
 Notes: Mole Rats explode after 5 seconds when hit with Repellent Stick.

                                   Yao Guai:
|Yao Guai       |12| 7 |220| 75|Yao Guai Meat|      ---     | 10|Very Quick    |

|Deathclaw     |13| 8 |500|100|Deathclaw Hand|      ---     | 50|Very Quick    |

                                Super Mutants:
|Super Mutant       | 1| 3 | 100|  4|Hunting Rifle,    |Hunting Rifle   | 10|
|                   |  |   |    |   |.32 Caliber Ammo  |                |   |
|Super Mutant       | 1| 3 | 100|  4|Nail Board        |Nail Board      | 10|<-*
|Super Mutant Brute |10| 5 | 250|  5|Sledgehammer      |Sledgehammer    | 25|<-*
|Super Mutant Brute |10| 5 | 250|  5|Assault Rifle,    |Assault Rifle   | 25|
|                   |  |   |    |   |5.56mm Ammo       |                |   |
|Super Mutant Brute |10| 5 | 250|  5|Minigun, 5mm Ammo |Minigun         | 25|
|Super Mutant Brute |10| 5 | 250|  5|Missile Launcher, |Missile Launcher| 25|
|                   |  |   |    |   |Missiles          |                |   |
|Super Mutant Master|13| 6 | 360|  6|Chinese Assault   |Chinese Assault | 50|
|                   |  |   |    |   |Rifle, 5.56mm Ammo|Rifle           |   |
|Super Mutant Master|13| 6 | 360|  6|Super Sledge      |Chinese Assault | 50|<-*
|                   |  |   |    |   |                  |Rifle           |   |
|Super Mutant Master|13| 6 | 360|  6|Minigun, 5mm Ammo |Minigun         | 50|
|Super Mutant Master|13| 6 | 360|  6|Missile Launcher, |Missile Launcher| 50|
|                   |  |   |    |   |Missiles          |                |   |
|Super Mutant       |--| 5 |2000| - |(Various)         |Pipe (100)      | 50|
|Behemoth           |  |   |    |   |                  |                |   |
Note: The ones marked with <-* can also hold grenades.

|Centaur        | 7| 9 |100| 27|Bottle Caps  |Rad. Spit (30)| 30|Legs 75% DMG, |
|               |  |   |   |   |(Uncommon)   |(50rads/10sec)|   |Tongue 25% DMG|

                              xx) APPENDIX [APX]

    |[APX-1] Xbox 360 Achievements                                        |
|Achievement Name:              |Value:|How to unlock:                         |
|Vault 101 Citizenship Award    |  10  |Receive the Pip-Boy 3000               |
|The G.O.A.T. Whisperer         |  10  |Take the G.O.A.T                       |
|Escape!                        |  20  |Complete this Main Quest               |
|Following in His Footsteps     |  20  |Complete this Main Quest               |
|Galaxy News Radio              |  20  |Complete this Main Quest               |
|Scientific Pursuits            |  20  |Complete this Main Quest               |
|Tranquility Lane               |  20  |Complete this Main Quest               |
|The Waters of Life             |  20  |Complete this Main Quest               |
|Picking up the Trail           |  20  |Complete this Main Quest               |
|Rescue from Paradise           |  20  |Complete this Main Quest               |
|Finding the Garden of Eden     |  20  |Complete this Main Quest               |
|The American Dream             |  20  |Complete this Main Quest               |
|Take It Back!                  |  40  |Complete this Main Quest               |
|Big Trouble in Big Town        |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|The Superhuman Gambit          |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|The Wasteland Survival Guide   |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Those!                         |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|The Nuka-Cola Challenge        |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Head of State                  |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|The Replicated Man             |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Blood Ties                     |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Oasis                          |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|The Power of the Atom          |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Tenpenny Tower                 |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Strictly Business              |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head|  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Stealing Independence          |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Trouble on the Homefront       |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Agatha's Song                  |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Reilly's Rangers               |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Reaver                         |  10  |Reach Level 8 with Negative Karma      |
|Mercenary                      |  10  |Reach Level 8 with Neutral Karma       |
|Protector                      |  10  |Reach Level 8 with Positive Karma      |
|Harbinger of War               |  20  |Reach Level 14 with Negative Karma     |
|Pinnacle of Survival           |  20  |Reach Level 14 with Neutral Karma      |
|Ambassador of Peace            |  20  |Reach Level 14 with Positive Karma     |
|Scourge of Humanity            |  30  |Reach Level 20 with Negative Karma     |
|Paradigm of Humanity           |  30  |Reach Level 20 with Neutral Karma      |
|Last, Best Hope of Humanity    |  30  |Reach Level 20 with Positive Karma     |
|Weaponsmith                    |  30  |Create all 7 Custom Weapons            |
|Doesn't Play Well with Others  |  20  |Kill 300 people                        |
|Slayer of Beasts               |  20  |Kill 300 creatures                     |
|Silver-Tongued Devil           |  20  |Win 50 Speech Challenges               |
|Data Miner                     |  20  |Hack 50 terminals                      |
|Keys are for Cowards           |  20  |Pick 50 locks                          |
|One-Man Scouting Party         |  20  |Discover 100 locations on the worldmap |
|Psychotic Prankster            |  10  |Place grenade/mine while pickpocketing |
|The Bigger They Are            |  20  |Kill the 5 Super Mutant Behemoths      |
|Yes, I Play with Dolls         |  10  |Collect 10 Bobbleheads                 |
|Vault-Tec C.E.O                |  30  |Collect 20 Bobbleheads                 |

                Operation Anchorage DLC Exclusive Achievements:
|Achievement Name:              |Value:|How to unlock:                         |
|Aiding the Outcasts            |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|The Guns of Anchorage          |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Paving the Way                 |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Operation: Anchorage           |  40  |Complete this Side Quest               |

                     The Pitt DLC Exclusive Achievements:
|Achievement Name:              |Value:|How to unlock:                         |
|Into the Pitt                  |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Unsafe Working Conditions      |  20  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Free Labor                     |  40  |Complete this Side Quest               |
|Mill Worker                    |  20  |Find and retrieve all 100 Steel Ingots |

                   Broken Steel DLC Exclusive Achievements:
|Achievement Name:              |Value:|How to unlock:                         |
|Death From Above               |  30  |Complete this Quest                    |
|Shock Value                    |  30  |Complete this Quest                    |
|Who Dares Wins                 |  30  |Complete this Quest                    |
|Devil                          |  20  |Reach Level 30 with Bad Karma          |
|True Mortal                    |  20  |Reach Level 30 with Neutral Karma      |
|Messiah                        |  20  |Reach Level 30 with Good Karma         |

    |[APX-2] Playstation 3 Trophies                                       |