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Dan Pottorff
[email protected]
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Cheat Mode: This gives you everything except Private Carrera.
Special Meter Always Full: This makes your special meter is always full.
Stats 5-13: This raises your stats by whatever # you're using.
Kid Mode: This makes you a kid and you land almost every trick.
Turbo Mode: This increases your speed by 25%.
Blood Mode: This makes it so you can't see blood.
Perfect Balance: You'll have perfect balance.
Big Head Mode: This gives you a big head.
Wire Frame: This turns the picture on your screen to just lines and no color.
Slow-Nic Mode: All your tricks are in slow motion.
Disco Mode: Quarter pipes, tables, etc all flash different colors.
Moon Physics: Makes low gravity.
Double Moon Physics: Makes very low gravity.
Thin/Fat Skater: This makes your skater thin or fat depending on which one 
you used.
Flip Level: This makes levels a mirror immage of what they normally are.
Fly Mode: This allows you to fly. To go up press ollie. To hover in place press V.
To go back down don't hold anything.
All Gaps and Private Carrera: It's just like it sounds. This gives you all the gaps 
and Private Carrera.
Smooth Mode: This makes it so that there's no texture maps.
The rest are just as they sound.

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