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  _______        ____            ____   _____    ____         ___
     |    |   | |         |     |      /     \  |     |\   | |   \
     |    |___| |__       |     |__   |    __   |__   | \  | |    |
     |    |   | |         |     |     |      |  |     |  \ | |    |
     |    |   | |____     |____ |____  \_____/  |____ |   \| |___/

     ____     ____
    /    \   |
   |      |  |__
   |      |  |
    \____/   |

 | __________  /
 |/         / /
           / /
          / /
         / /
        / /       ________    ___         _______          _    _
       / /       \   ____ |  \   /       \   ___ \        / \  |R|
      / /         | |    \|   | |         | |   \ \      / _ \  -   _
     / /          | |__/|     | |         | |    \ \    / / \ \    |_|
    / /           |  __ |     | |         | |    | |   / /___\ \
   / /            | |  \|     | |    /|   | |    / /  / _______ \   _
  / /________/|   | |____/|   | |___/ |   | |___/ /  / /       \ \ |_|
 /____________|  /________|  /________|  /_______/  /__\       /__\ 

    __    __      _    ___     _   _____
   / /    \ \    | |  |   \   | | |  __ \          /\
  / /      \ \   | |  | |\ \  | | | |  \ \        /  \
 | |   __   | |  | |  | | \ \ | | | |  | |       /____\
  \ \_/  \_/ /   | |  | |  \ \| | | |__/ /      /\    /\
   \___/\___/    |_|  |_|   \___| |_____/      /  \  /  \
    __    __        __       _   __  ______   ______
   / /    \ \      /  \     | | / / |  ____| |  __  | TM
  / /      \ \    / /\ \    | |/ /  | |__    | |__| |
 | |   __   | |  / /__\ \   |   |   |  __|   |  _  _|
  \ \_/  \_/ /  / ______ \  | |\ \  | |____  | | \ \
   \___/\___/  /_/      \_\ |_| \_\ |______| |_|  \_\

The world's most beloved video game
series returns with an echanting new
chapter-The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
for GCN

 | Table of Contents |
  1.Peaceful Outset Island
   a. Visit Grandma
   b. Little Sister Aryll
   c. Aryll's Lookout
    *Using the Telescope
   d. A Damsel in Distress
   e. Savant Sturgeon
   f. Swordsmaster Orca
    *Sword Training
   g. Take time to Explore
    i. Wild Pig Roundup
    ii. Beedle's Shop Ship
  2. Trouble in the Forest
   a. Enter the Forest of Fairies
   b. Battle the Bokoblins
  3. Aryll Abducted
   a. The Ancient Hero's Shield
  4. Vagabond Pirates
   a. Pirate Rope Test
  5. The Forsaken Fortress
   a. Barrels
   b. Up to 2F
    *Escape from Zelda
   c. The Searchlights
    i. Searchlight #1
    ii. Searchlight #2
    iii. Searchlight #3
   d. Barrels (again)
    *Rupee-Thieving Rats
   e. Climb the Fortress Tower
   f. Ledge Shimmy
   g. Door Guard
   h. Aryll!
  6. Windfall Island
   a. Purchase the Sail
    *Tingle's Three Treasures
   b. Heart Hide-and-Seek
  More coming soon...

1.Peaceful Outset Island
Outset's Island's secluded community has thrived for as long as most can remember. 
As the sun gently warms the island's sandy beaches, life passes with the leisure of 
drifting breeze. Today is a specail day for Outset Island's peopele, though. One of 
the village boys is celebrating a specail birthday-he's turning the same age as the 
legendary hero of time.

 ~a.Visit Grandma~
For generations, Link's ancestors have passed down the legend of a young hero. The 
day a boy turned the same age as the hero of time, he dresses in the legendary 
hero's green garb. Before the celebration commences, visit Link's grandma for a 
specail gift-the Hero's Clothes.

 ~b. Little Sister Aryll~
Aryll obviosly adores her big brother and is the first to find him dozing under the 
warm sun atop the watchtower. It's Link's most important birthday, and Aryll is 
anxious to let Link know that their grandma is calling for him. Chat with Aryll, 
then climb down from the watchtower.

 ~c. Aryll's Lookout~
After Link's grandma gives Link the Hero's Clothes, she'll ask him to fetch his 
sister, Aryll. Run back to the watchtower and talk to Aryll-she has a present for 
her big brother! Little Aryll will lend Link her most treasured possession, the 
telescope, for his specail birthday.

 *Using the Telescope*
Assign Aryll's telescope to X, Y, or Z from the inventory screen. Press the button 
you assigned the telescope to, then use the Control Stick look around and the C 
Stick to zoom in and out. Use the telescope to survey the land and sky for clues and 

 ~d. A Damsel in Distress~
Aryll urges Link to try out the telescope by looking at the red mailbox near near 
his grandma's house. Quill the postman acting stranegly and looking skyward. Look up 
through the telescope to see a monstrous bird flying with an unconscious bird flying 
with an unconscious girl in its talons. She needs, help but you need a sword first.

 ~e. Savant Sturgeon~
Climb the two-story house's ladder and talk to Stugeon. The complete opposite of his 
brother, Orca, Sturgeon loves to study and learn. Read the various papers Sturgeon 
has pinned on his walls to gain some valuable wisdom.

 ~f. Swordsmaster Orca~
Despite his age, Orva is incredibly fit and full of spirit. Take swordplay lessons 
from Orca to learn important sword moves and earn the Hero's Sword. The chart below 
shows the the attacks you'll need to master in the order you'll practice them.

 *Sword Training*
-Roll Attack (Press Forward & A)
-Horizontal Slice (Press B)
-Vertical Slice (Hold L & Press B)
-Thrust (Hold L, Then Tap Up & B)
-Spin Attack (Hold B, Then Release)
-Parry Attack (Hold L & Press A when figure appears on A)
-Jump Attack (Hold L & Press A)

 ~g. Take Time to Explore~
i.Wild Pig Roundup
Abe wants to catch some wild pigs for his wife (Rosa) and his two sons to keep as 
pets. Sneak up to the wild pigs by holding L and grab them by pressing A. Place the 
pigs into the pin where Rose stands for a Rupee Reward (20 Rupees)

ii.Beedle's Shop Ship
Beedle sails the Great Sea, selling his humble wares, Bait Bags, All-Purpose Bait 
and Hyoi Pears, where ever the currents take him. He gives costomers a Member's Card 
and points toward something specail each sale.

2.Trouble in the Forest
A pirate ship appears over the horizon, shooting stones at the giant bird. Stunned 
by the catapulted stone, the bird drops the pirate girl into the Forest of Faries. 
With his new Hero's Sword at hand, Link braves the Forest of Faries to save the 
fallen girl.

 ~a. Enter the Forest of Fairies~
Link was hoping for a relaxing birthday, but fate has chosen otherwise. Climb the 
path to the Forest of Fairies and cross the suspension bridge. Use the Hero's Sword 
to cut down the thin trees blocking the path. You can survey the area around Outset 
Island with the telescope here, also.

 ~b. Battle the Bokoblins~
Use your newly acquired sword skills to defeat the Bokoblin in the first forest 
area. Climb over the logs to the second area and vanquish two more Bokoblins. Link's 
most useful attack are the spin attack and the parry attack since they can strike 
multiple foes at once.

3.Aryll Abuducted
Link ssaves Tetra the pirate girl, but the fearsome bird snatches up Aryll instead. 
Frantic to save his little sister, Link turns to the pirates for aid.

 ~a. The Ancient Hero's Shield~
Tetra won't allow Link to board her ship unless he has a shield to defend himself. 
Remembering the family shield displayed in his grandma's house, Link hurries there 
to borrow it. When Link climbs the ladder to his grandma's loft, he is alarmed to 
see the shield is missing from its place on the wall. Link jumps down from the loft 
to find his grandma holding the Hero's Shield. Take the shield and return to Tetra's 
pirate ship.

4.Vagabond Pirates
Tetra and her pirat crew are an odd bunch, to say the least. They agree to take Link 
to the Forsaken Fortress where Aryll is being held prisoner, but in the meantime 
Link will need to pull his own weight on the pirate ship.

 ~a. Pirate Rope Test~
Link must prove himself worthy of being aboard the pirate hip by complteing the 
pirate rope test. Jump to each swinging rope, then hold R to stop the rope from 
swinging. While holding R, press right or left on the control Stick to adjust your 
direction on the rope. Push foward and backward to make the rpoe swing again, then 
jump. Niko will give you the Spoils Bag as your reward.

5.The Forsaken Fortress
The pirate ship finally reaches the Forsaken Fortress, which is under heavy guard. 
The only way to get Link in is to catapult him. Link loses his sword, so must rely 
on stealth to proceed into the fortress. Tetra slipped the Pirate's Charm into 
Link's pocket before the catapulted him-she'll send Link hints through it during his 

 ~a. Barrels~
Link is in a hostile plave and must be careful not to get  caught and thrown in 
jail. Grab a barrel and waddle along under it to sneak past danger. Avoid the 
searchlights by skirting the cliff, or by standing perfectly still with a barrel 
over you when a searchlight passes over you.

 ~b. Up to 2F~
Enter the Forsaken Fortress interior, then take a right, go straight and sneak past 
the Miniblins. Climb the ladder to 2F. Use the rpe to swing to the other side and 
get the compass. Exit the door nearest the compass treasure chest and take the right 
path up to the farthest searchlight.

 *Escape from Jail*
If the guards or searchlights spot Link shile he's sneaking around, Link will be 
thrown in jail. To escape, jump on the table then leap onto the bookcase. Smash the 
vase and crawl through the tunnel to freedom. Outside the lowest cell lies a switch 
to open the cell door. Inside is a piece of heart! Getting thrown in jail is also a 
quick way to get up to 2F.

 ~c. The Searchlights~
Still with a sword to defend himself, Link sneaks upward. To reach the top of the 
tower you'll need to disable the three searchlights that sweep the outside area. 
Head up to the first searchlight (on the Forsaken Fortress map) to begin.

i.Searchlight #1
Take out the farthest searchlight first to save some time-you'll need to get back to 
the tower's other side to ascend it. Smash the vase to get a stick and smack the 
Bokoblin to disable the searchlight. Watch your step-it's a long way down if you 

ii.Searchlight #2
Go back down the stone path leading to searchlight #1. Hang a right and walk through 
the door. Use the rope to reach the map. Swing back and take the first left, then 
climb the ladder to searchlight #2. Defeat the guard and climb down.

iii.Searchlight #3
Double-cak to the room where you got the compass and walk through the door on the 
opposite side. Searchlight #3 is up the stone path. Dispose of the guard, then head 
down toward the tower. There's a crate to the tower entrance's left. Push it off the 
ledge to aid you if you fall.

 ~d. Barrels (agian)~
Link must reach the door leading to the tower's upper area to free Aryll. Two 
Molblins guard the path, and it's swarming with rats. Follow the path on the right; 
you'll have to sneak past only one guard to reach the door. Sneak up to the door, 
pausing when guards come near.

 ~e. Climb the Fortress Tower~
Link has almost reached the tower's highest point. The seagulls flock near where 
Aryll is being held. Link has only one more guard to smeak past. Wait for the 
Molblin guard to pass, then remove your barrel and make a dash for it.

 ~f. Ledge Shimmy~
Face the wall and press A to make Link sidle along the narrow ledge. Don't let of A 
until Link is safely on the other side.

 ~g. Door Guard~
When Link finally finds his Hero's Sword, he'll have to grab it quickly. He'll 
accidentally trigger a trap and have to fend off a Shield Bokoblin guard. Lunge over 
to your sword and defeat the Shield Bokoblin to the final door.

 ~h. Aryll!~
When you enter the final door you'll see a cutscene with Aryll and other girls with 
pointed ears. Unfortunatly, you'll only see her for a few seconds. The giant bird 
from before will come in and snatch you. It'll take to it a person. If you've played 
Ocirina of Time for the Nintendo 64, then the person the bird takes you to should be 
quite familiar...

6.Windfall Island
Ayrll's cries for help echo through Link's ears as the giant bird casts him into the 
Great Sea. The King of Red Lion, a wise, talking boat, saves Link and takes him to 
Windfall Island. Link must find a sail merchant on Windfall Island and stock up on 
goods for the journey.

 ~a. Purchasing the Sail~
Zunari is trying to get his business started and is selling an item called "that" 
for 80 Rupees. Buy "that" from Sunari to discover that it's actully the sail! Dragon 
Roost Island wil be your first destination, but pick up some items first.

 *Tingle's Three Treasures*
Visit Tingle at the Windfall Island Jail. If you realease Tingle, he'll give Link 
the Tingle's Chart and the Tingle Tuner. You can use the Tingle Tuner with a GBA 
(Game Boy Advance) and a Link Cable to get hints from Tingle. Push the box in 
Tingle's cell to reveal a hidden maze of narrow passages.

Tingle stole the Picto Box from the pictograph shop owner, Lenzo, and was thrown in 
jail. To get the Picto Box, follow these steps in the maze-from the first arrows you 
see (the red ones), go right, left, foward, right, left, foward, left, right, right, 
foward, and right. If you take a wrong turn, the meddling rats will drop you from a 
trapdoor that leads near where the King of Red Lion is waiting for you. You can try 
again if necessary.

 ~b. Heart Hide-and-Seek~
Enter mrs. Maries's School of Joy after you've hotten the Picto Box. Talk to Mrs. 
Marie about the four truant boys (the Killer Bees). Ivan will callenge Link to a 
game of hide-and-seek. Roll into the tree near the lod man to shake one kid loose. 
One is behind the bomb shop, one is behind the stone altar on the cliff, and another 
is behind the bush above the stone archway near the town gate. Catch each of the 
four boys to win the game and get a Peice of Heart from them.


Set Sail For Adventure
Link's journey to save Aryll has barely begun. His head fills
with thoughts of the friends he'll meet and the wounderous places
he'll see. But the winds wisper of a growing evil in the land.
Will Link fink Aryll in time? Withe the King of Red Lions as his
guide, Link sets out for his biggest adventure yet. Stay tuned for
future coverage of The Wind Waker!

Specail Thanks: Nintendo, NOA, Nintendo Power

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