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1. Walkthrough
2. Hints & Tips
3. Cheat Codes
4. About me
5. Thanks to ....

1. ~~Walkthrough~~

     As Soon as you begin a new game, Simon talks and talks and when he comes to 
what's your name type in your name(or Yugi, I typed yugi in and i got a Patrician of 
Darkness, recommended). After you have done that he talks some more then he asks you 
if you wanna play a practice duel or skip.(Tutorial is long) If you decline then he 
will ask you what deck you want. If you typed in the name "Yugi"(as your name) then 
pick Patrician of Darkness deck or one of the other two. After you did that Simon 
talks some more and Seto comes in and he talks about the Rose Cards. After Seto 
talks about the Rose Cards Seto will asked you which side you wanna be on. Pick the 
Red Rose(which is Simon's side). Then Simon will take you to see Yugi then you'll go 
back to British area. There you will see two things pop out outta the ground. Go 
over to Weevil and duel him!
 As soon as you begin the duel I suggest you rush Weevil if you have any cards with 
an attack over 2200. If you don't put a monster in defence mode and end your turn. 
Now it's Weevil's turn, and he usually puts a Big Insect in attack mode and moves it 
one space forward and moves his Deck Leader to the right one space and end his turn. 
If you have any magic or trap cards put them face down behind or to the side of your 
Deck Leader. Wait a few turns until you have enough summoming power to summon a 
powerful monster.If you have a field care get it as close as you can to Weevil's 
Deck Leader and use it to take away his forest! When Weevil plays a card in the 
Bottom Right-hand corner you should charge at him 'cause you have 6 turns to kill it 
before it turns into the Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth.(which is unstoppable)
Remember keep up your monster's attack and Good Luck defeating him. After you win 
you should see a slot machine. Try and get all 3 of the same cards together to get a 
special card.(More info in cheats)Now your back at the main screen.
 Go over to Rex Raptor and face him. Duel! Start out by playin' a well defensed 
monster and advance it 2 spaces up and make it defend and do the same with the other 
side. Rex will try and break it but until then you have a while to summon your 
strongest monster and power it up. Watch out for Rex's strongest monster with an 
attack of 2300 but 2800 in the desert terrain. When you have at least three strong 
monsters go after Rex's Life Points. Like again after you defeat him you see a slot 
machine try to get a match of 3. Don't go on to anyone until you have beaten Weevil 
5 times and Rex 3 times. If you did that go over to Darkness-ruler(Panic) and face 
him.Duel!(After 5 duels you can reincarnate a monster)
 If you Deck Leader is the Patrician of Darkness you have a Terrain bonus here. 
Panic will start out putting up defenses that are really strong. Don't attack until 
you have at least 2 monsters with an atack over 3200. All panic will do is mostly 
defend but when you attack make sure you have trap cards to protect your monsters. 
Try and corner him to win.
 Now go over to Bandit Keith and face him. Like again you have the advantage here if 
your Deck Leader is the Patrician of Darkness. The best thing to do to Bandit Keith 
is rush him with a powerful monster and he'll be easy. Bandit Keith always plays 
machine monsters but watch out for his Barrel Dragon. If you rushed him you can 
finish him off quickly but if you don't defend until he runs outta cards or LP.
 Now go over to the Labyrinth-ruler and face him. Duel! Start out by playin' strong 
cards on your right and weak ones on your left(like magic cards) and be careful 
because when you see that the Labyrinth ruler combines his cards with the Labyrinth 
terrain destroy it immediatly because its either a wall shadow or a Labyrinth Tank. 
Move through the maze until you reach him and strick his LP and win. Beware of 
Suijin,Sanga of the Thunder, and Kazejin because he has a ritual to combine them and 
make the Gate Guardian. Good Luck. Remember every 5 duels you can reincarnate a card!
 Now you can face Pegasus if you think you're ready. If you defeat him you don't 
recieve a White Rose Card. Once you beat him you unlock a character that's on the 
Isle of Man. Now if your facing Pegasus then you wanna defend and power up your 
monsters and try and get into his toon terrain and use a field card. When Pegasus 
loses his terrain he's easy to beat but watch out for his Change of Heart, Tremendos 
Fire, and Brain Control, so keep your monsters away from your deck leader at all 
times! Good Luck.
 By now you should have enough cards to create another deck to face Bones with his 
Pumking.You need to have a Deck Capcity lower then 775 so you can face Bones. After 
you have done this duel him. Duel! The secret to Bones is to hit him Hard and hit 
him Fast! If you don't he'll summon up to 3 Pumkings. Then your Dead but then again 
the Pumking's special ability is to power up everyone zombie on the field by 100 
points each turn so if your deck leader is the Patrician of Darkness most of your 
monsters recieve the power bonus. Good Luck with this one.
 By now you should have 6 white rose cards if you dont make sure you defeated 
everyone I told you about. If you have 6 white rose cards then we're going for the 
7th. Now go up to Ishtar on the Isle of Man and face her.Duel! The trick about this 
lady is she'll use strong water monsters to rule the outside water terrain so 
consentrate on the crush terrain thats unfavorable to monsters that have an atack of 
1500 or higher, so play monsters with attack around 1300-1450 because it's your only 
way of winning. Now when Ishtar brings out a tortise with an atack of 1450 either 
avoid it or attack using the water terrain. If there's a monster in the crush 
terrain and your monster is 1000 points strong then attack it but only if it's in 
attack position. Good Luck because she is hard in a way.
 After you've defeated Ishtar and obtain a white rose then go the new guy named 
Richard in the middle of the map and face him. Duel! By now you should have a yami 
or other terrain card in your deck to decrease Richard's warriors so they dont get a 
terrain bonus. If you can't seem to draw one then get 3 powerful monsters stronger 
then 3000. The strongest card I seen him play was a Judge Man with an atack of 4400 
and I still beat him. The first time you face him is the hardest. Good Luck.
 After Richard is defeated go to the Stonehedge and you'll find Seto there and 
another guy. After some talkin' you face Manawyddan and his Deck Leader Skull 
Knight. In this batle you see in the middle crush terrain use the crush terrain to 
bring his deck leader out and use the meadow for your stronger monsters. Watch out 
for his Riyoku card that cuts your LP in half and adds it to his monster. If this 
happends make sure you leed him into one and sometimes 2 trap cards. Remember crush 
terrain is your biggest advantage. Good Luck.
 After you defeat Manawyddan you face Seto Kaiba. Duel! In this duel don't i repeat 
don't let Seto use a Mountain magic card in the middle or you'll lose. If he does 
you shoudl try and get a powerful card to destroy his secret weopon that lurks in 
the mountains, The Mighty Blue Eyes White Dragon! Also Seto's Deck Leader can move 2 
spaces so try and corner him. Good Luck. After you defeat him you beat the game and 
you can restart and go over to Seto's side. The second part of the walkthrough 
coming soon.

2. ~~Hints & Tips~~
Try to keep at least 2 monsters by your Deck Leader so they can defend him.
Always take your time on your turn to try and think of a strategy.
To win you wanna have your monsters well powered up and well protected.

3. ~~Cheat Codes~~
Aqua Dragon     JXCB6FU7
Barrel Dragon   GTJXSBJ7
Change of Heart SBYDQM8B
Doppleganger    69YDQM85
Mirror Wall     53297534
Seiyaryu        2H4D85J7
TacticalWarrior 054TC727

4.About me
My nickname is RYA_Kenshin2 and real name is Steve. This is my first walkthrough and 
I hoped you liked it. I like any PS2 adventure game and mostly any computer game. Im 
15 and in the 10th grade. If there is anything wrong or you want more cheats or 
hints e-mail me at [email protected]

5. Thanks
Thanks to Cheatcodes.com for displayin' al sorts of cheats, hints, and walkthroughs 
for all sorts of games. Thanks to konami for making these Yugioh Games and thanks to 
you readers that read this and makes me feel good if you liked it.

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