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  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Neversoft Entertainment
  • Activision
  • Mature
  • November 22, 2005


Faster Riding

Hold Dash while repeatedly jumping your horse to travel about double the speed. When you mount your horse, before you get all the way on it, press B. This will make your horse sprint without taking off any health.

Cavalry Sword

Defeat Reed.

A Few Easy Ammo And Health Locations

Well to start with go the house where the buffalo field is and go inside the mine on the other side of the house and you should see a entrance to a mine go in and you should see a three mine carts check behind one of them and then pick up one TNT barrel and back to the house and put it next the chimney inner part of the house and then retreat and shoot it and then there should be a hole with ammo for all your weapons. For unlimited whiskey bottles go to the indian hunters tent and look left and you should see a large tower go up the first flight of stairs and go forward and jump on a sort of slide thing, then face the wall and walk through it and look left and you should see three whiskey and when you pick one up it will not disappear and these are unlimited.

How To Quick Draw

Press right bumper (RB) to quick draw.

Gold Mine

To defeat him use the dynamite bow to shoot the ground where the gas is shown. When he walks toward the spot shoot before he gets there, then the dynamite will explode causing the gas to ignite. Do this repeatedly until he climbs up to the ledge. Once he is on the ledge use the sharpshooter and shoot is head until he throws sticks of dynamite at you. Use the quickdraw to shoot the dynamite and cause the mine to collapse on top of him.

Hunting Side Missions

When doing the hunting side missions, on the third animal to hunt (should be a wolf), just go to the Indian salesman. Talk to him (you do not need to buy anything). Exit from the conversation, then immediately crouch. You should get a message stating that the wolf is near. Walk toward the lake and he should be on your right hand side. If not, he is somewhere close.

End Of Poker Cheating

When playing Texas Hold 'em after the tournaments in the Alhambra, you will no longer have the option of cheating.

Easy Money

You can make more money on the bounty hunter side missions by capturing bounties alive. When you find a wanted poster that offers more money if you capture them alive and are having trouble doing so, use the following trick. Kill all gang members or bodyguards (if any). If the bounty is on a horse, kill the horse. Get close and melee attack. This will stun the fugitive and present an opportunity to grab them using LB. Then, press X to subdue the fugitive. This awards you more money for each bounty. If you press LB accidentally and release him, you can try to melee him and grab him again. However, if you do this too many times or if he has been shot, you may kill him and get less money.

Defeating Dutchie

After talking to Soapy, run to front of train towards the water. Leave your horse behind the rock near the bridge. Run back to the engine of the train and stay in front. Wait for the two riders to come through. Use your quick draw to take them out. Take their horses and leave them with your horse. Take cover in front of the engine again. Two more riders will appear. You can see them riding quickly around the train on your map. Use the same method. Then, go to one of the horses and ride him around the rock towards the cannon. Use quick draw to take out the two men on either side of Dutchie. Your horse will probably die and you will have to take a shot or perhaps two, but keep moving towards the back of the train and into tunnel until you find cover behind it. Sneak around to the right on the same side you started on. Kill the man on top of the car first, then the man standing by the rail on the same car. Next, squeeze between the two cars and aim directly for the end of the cannon with whatever weapon desired. Shoot Dutchie until he is dead.

Ammunition Cache

Take a barrel of TNT from the Badlands mine. Find the abandoned house in the Badlands where the buffalo graze. Go to the back of the house on the outside. Face the chimney (looking west) and place the TNT barrel on the left side of the chimney. Blow up the TNT barrel to open a hole in the ground with ammunition for all weapons. The ammunition will reappear over time after you leave the area.

Dual Peacemakers

Defeat Hoodoo Brown.

Silver Spurs

Successfully complete the Pony Express missions. They allow you to sprint on your horse without taking off as much health.

.69 Ferguson Rifle

Defeat Hollister.

Apache Shirt

Successfully complete the Hunting missions.

Defeating Reed

This is very difficult at first. Before you start the mission, go back to Empire City and Dodge City and get as many weapon upgrades as possible. Do about 60 to 70 percent of the side missions beforehand. Use the upgrades for mostly the rifle and bow, and the health upgrade for your horse. Once you bring these stats up, go to the mission and defeat Hollister again. Then, defeat Magruder's riders. Once that is done, open the safe and Reed will show up. You will start behind a rock. Take out the newly acquired rifle obtained from Hollister, get on the horse to the left, and chase after him. Keep shooting him. It will take about three minutes to kill him. Do not lose sight of him, or his health will go up.

Defeating Hollister

Sneak up on him and shoot him once. Then, run off and get behind a rock on top of risen ground in the middle of the arena. When he is circling the rock your are behind, you should also circle as well. He will eventually stop and yell at you to come out. He should pace back and forth slowly while you hide behind your rock. When he stops and is not facing you, shoot him in the head. Perform this until the point that he becomes too smart to fall for it again. By then his health should be low enough so that you can run out and keep shooting while strafing. After you have gotten his health down all the way there will be a intermission sequence. Look at your compass at the bottom of the screen. He is the red dot. Find him and he will run at you. Run, but keep firing at him with your pistols and he will blow up.

Animal Locations

If any of these animals are not there, look around the surrounding area. If they still do not appear, go to the farthest away town (Empire or Dodge) and return.

Gray Wolf: Near the bridge in Dodge.
White Buffalo: Near the mine (not Magruder's). It roams with the other buffalo. 

White Wolf: Near Piper lake, usually by the waterfall. 

Mountain Lion: Go to where Magruder's mine is located. Stand at it with your back to it. To your left is the train tunnel, and to your right is the path to the Indian hunter. Go through the middle path and it should be through there.

Great Wolf: Same place the White Buffalo was, usually behind the mine. 

Grizzly: Near Empire.The map will show you its location. You do not have to use an arrow to kill him.


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