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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • October 1, 2002


Birds Nest

After you bring home Pasmina go back to either Sunflower park or Sky Garden. go to the highest point and say whatever you told the crow for the meaning of "friend" and it will bring you to its nest. (To go back, talk to crow again)

Find Sandy And Stan

To find sandy you must go to Sunflower Elementary. When you go to the room with music, go up and you will see a banana, hiff-hiff it. Now go to Sky Garden and scoochie up the pillar. When you get to the top, do a tac-q, you will fall go left and a monkey will take the bananas. Go right and keep going until you see a hamster crying, scoochie up the tree and you will see stan, but he will walk away. To get off the tree press right and walk down the steps. Go up to the juice store and take a left, you will see a hamster, talk to her and she will ask for a strawberry juice, order one by saying wishie to the manager at the juice store. He will leave. Go to the counter and tuggie on the plug. Go down and take a left and you'll see, you can walk on the log you'll see Sandy. She will agree to help you get Stan. You must go to a hamster who's getting a tan. She'll say hamteam. Say that to Sandy and chase Stan to where she is. You can bring Sandy and Stan to the clubhouse that way for sure.

Find Pashmina

You'll find Pashmina in the jungle gym maze in sunflower park. To reach her, take the second pole from the left. Talk to her and the windwill blow her scarf away. A crow will cath it. Take the far left pole to get up to the crow. Say gasp-p to the crow and he will drop it. Give it to pashmina and she'll agree to go to the clubhouse.

Get Howdy And Dexter To The Clubhouse

First go to the sunflower market and climb up the rope, slide down the slide and go past the hamster who is stuck in a gap. You will see Dexter and Howdy arguing(about who Pashmina likes best) then they go seperate ways to find Pashmina a gift. Go all the way down, then keep going left until you find this strange machine thing. Scoochie it and you will see Howdy in it. Talk to him and he will tell you to go and spy on Dexter. Go back to where you found them the first time, but this time go right, keep going right to find Dexter. He'll get mad and tell you to go back and spy on Howdy. Go back to Howdy, but before you climb the machine, the news ham will tell you that dexter is frozen. Scoochie up the machine and says Gasp-P to Howdy. He will run over to Dexter. Follow him and tell him to Paka Paka Dexter. He will tell you that he will need something warm to warm up Dexter. Then go to talk to the Merchant and he'll charge a high price for some sort of heater. Go up and you'll see the news ham crying. She'll say that she has lost her bag. Go back to where you started and tack-Q the bike. The news ham's purse will drop and you'll catch it. Give it back to the news lady and she'll give you a picture of something. Give that to Howdy and he will run down to the market. Go to the market and you'll see howdy talking to the merchant. The merchant will now sell the heater thing at a low price. Buy it and give it to Howdy. Howdy will warm Dexter and they'll both go back to the clubhouse with you.

Something Funny

Go to the Sunflower Market, then go to the place with the hamster in the window (Won't she suffocate?). Say 'hamha' and then say 'tack-q'. Then you will see more hamchat options when you talk to her. Do a 'Go-P' in front of her. Then she'll get shocked, turn around, and cover her eyes and start swearing and stuff (It's not really swears, it's just the symbols). It's not really for kids, since this is an E game and all, but it sure is funny! LOL

Get Cappy

When you're in the Ruins after you rescue Penelope, talk to the frog sitting by the TV. I think he'll ask you about predicting the weather after you speak to him a few times, then say 'hif-hif'. He'll give you a leaf badge for predicting the weather. Go up the Herk-Q Hamster Elevator, then scoochie up the pole by the scared hamster. Jump on to the roof and go talk to the lady hamster having a picnic with her kids (you know, the one that says, "Hey! You can't come in with dirty feet!"). Do a 'hif-hif' then show her the badge. She'll then move out of the way after you get off the roof and come back again. Jump into the hole on the roof, then you'll arrive at the Tack-Q bowling place and then you'll see Cappy. But no matter how hard you try, he won't comme to the clubhouse with you because he's looking at a Shogun wig. Play Tack-Q bowling by talking to the hamster in the red vest and giving him three sunflower seeds. Try to win at least 130 points when you hit the balloons (The blue ones come the fastest, so think carefully!). After you win the Shogun wig, talk to Cappy. He'll get excited because you're giving it to him, and then you'll go back to the clubhouse.

Post Man's Rush

To get Post Man's Rush for Ham jam go to the freezer in sunflower market. You go to the place in thre where you learned frost-t. They have a mail box. Tack-Q it to get Post Man's Rush.

How To Get Jingle To The Clubhouse

First go to Sunflower Elemtary. When you get inside take a left and keep going till you see a hall like thing and go in. Panda will be there. Get him to the Clubhouse then go back to Sunflower Elemtary. This time take a right and keep going till you see a hallway thingy. Tack-Q the hamster near the milk and then tell him Oopsie.He'll say "Get me the Flower..." Then go where you first came in and scoochie the green string to the right on the shelf. Buy the bottle, then go back to the place with the hamster near milk and go to the hamster near banannas. He'll ask a question and answer any answer and you should learn huffpuff. Leave that room and keep going left until you see stairs. Go up them and take a left and go in the hall thing go up the broom and go to the 2nd hamster and do hifhif he'll say somethin' then you say huffpuff. the bottle has a hole in it! Go to Panda and let him fix it. Fillthe bottle up with Flower Tea then go to the hamster who wants it and give to him. He moves outta the way. Go where he was and turn right. You'll see Jingle and you've got to tell him stuff before he goes with you,tho. After that, Jingle's at the Clubhouse!

How To Get Penolope

Go to the Ruins. Keep walking till ya see a ladder go up it and you'll see a frog and Penelope in a tub there will besomething at the bottom right. Tuggie at it. You'll get washed down so you'll have to go back up the ladder. Go to the bars at thr top left and tell the frog hamha.He'll ask something and tell him hammo then you get Penelope.

A Boy And His Mother

On Acorn Shrine, go toarea with a door in the tree. Say hamha. An old hamha will ask you why are you visiting a lonely hamster, but instead of saying lonely she will say a ham-ham word. If she doesn't bring you in, say hamha again. Keep saying hamha until you get the cookies. Now go to Sunflower Market. Go to the hamster who keeps doing Tack-Q to the cookie box. Tack-Q him to get him out of the way. Then Tack-Q the place where he was doing Tack-Q. You will get the cookie box open. Go away then come back. Then go to him and talk to him. He'll smell the cookies and go back to his mothers. You won't get anything out of this but at least you can finally get a boy and his mother back together again. (And you'll see them in the credits)

How To Find Maxwell

First, go to the Acorn Shrine's main building, then go unto the room with the cracked wall. Tack- Q the wall twice, then you will see a beam of light. Go over to it, then you'll see a shadow. Say Hamha to it, and it's Maxwell! Then, he'll start crying, then say nopibloo to him, then he'll come back.

How To Get 100 Sunflower Seeds

Trade Acorns in Acorn shrine.

Heavy Rock

First of all, go to the hamster in Sunflower Park who can't find his pet, Tricket. Say hamha, hif- hif, and Koochie-Q. When he gives you the cucumber go to Acorn Shrine. Go to the area where you found the girl who teaches you Koochie-Q and go to the sunflower seed. Use hif-hif and pick it up making it turn into Tricket. Yay. Now give the hamster his pet back. Once you do, he'll give you 'this'. Yay. Go to Sky Garden and go the area with the clothing shop. Go the hamster and give him the 'this'. He will give you 'that'. Yay. Go back to Acorn Shrine and go the area with a small tree. Tack-Q the hamster in the tree if you haven't done so. When he comes down give him 'that'. He'll give you a nut. Yay. Now go back to small garden and go to the crying hamster by the small tree. Give him the nut. He'll give you the Heavy rock. Yay. Use this in the little tunnel where you give up rocks. (To get there go to Sky Garden and go in the tunnel in the starting room in the top right corner) It's worth 21g. Yay.

To Get Bijou To Go To The Clubhouse ...

When you start a new game and go to the Acorn Shrine you will have to find Bijou. She'll tell you to chase her. Eventually you will find her hiding behind a tree. You tack-q the tree and Bijou will come out from behind it and start crying. You will have to learn to say sorry (oopsie) and then go tell her that. Then she will say something about losing her Shiny Rock. There is a tunnel hole thing next to her. You digdig through there and you will find her Shiny Rock. Then you give it to her and she will walk back to the clubhouse with you.


We have no cheats or codes for Hamtaro: Ham Hams Unite! yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Hamtaro: Ham Hams Unite! yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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