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  • Role-Playing, Strategy RPG
  • Victor
  • Natsume, Inc.
  • Everyone
  • November 22, 2000


Sea Treasures

If you fish in the sea often you can get the ketchup recipe. No one likes it even though it's a recipe. You can also catch a power berry.

Make Duke Mad At You

While you are picking grapes at Dukes house put one or two in your rucksack (you can put more)and try to leave. He will say he doesn't like your attitude and will say not to come the next day. You can't work for him anymore. His wife feels sympothy for you and tries to pay you. You can chose to accept it or not.

Relaxation Tea Leaves

To get the relaxation tea leaves just full your rucksack with flour end go to the harvestsprites house between 3:00-4:00 p.m. and talk to the orange harvestsprite and bring one piece of flour and after that give the others too.

Silver Powerberry

Bring 2 tunips, 2 cucumbers, 2 potatoes, 2 cabages, 2 corns, and 2 chicken eggs. Throw all this ingredients until the Fairy goddess gives you the Powerberry. Do this in any day except when it is a festival day or bad weather.


On the 3rd year of Spring, Barley will ask you for your dog so that your dog and his dog can be together until the 16th. They will have bred within that time. After that, go and see him again on the 23rd. He will send you to look for a owner of the puppies. talk to Stu and he will be the owner of puppy and he will like you more.

Get Any Girl Easy

All you have to do is bring her a rucksack or two full of flowers every day. Make sure you get the white flowers in spring that is on the mountain. I got Karen up to red by fall and my friend got Ellies heart up to red by spring just by doing this, it's also free.

Mystical Power Berry

In spring, summer, or fall bring 3 cucumber in the mother's hill lake and stand in the front of two tree and throw the cucumber if you are in the right spot Kappa will show up and say something. After that throw the last 2 Cucumber and Kappa will give you the Mystical Power Berry that let work hard in rainy day. Kappa will not show up if you don't get the info.

Get Two Dogs

Go to sleep with your dog on summer 30th year 1 when you wake up on fall 1st you will still have your dogs, go outside by the apple tree and there will be another dog. (if you put down the baby dog it will disapper)


If you want Cliff to stay wait until Fall, Duke will come one of those days and ask if you will help him with the orchard say yes and go to the church if not to late and Cliff will be there talk to him and invite him to help with the orchard.

Duke Passes Out

Go to the bar one night and Duke will be passed out. Talk to the people there and then pick up the jar on the table and go talk to Duke. He will say something and then throw up in the jar. You automatically take him home and talk to Manna. This will increase your relationship with them.

Good Book

This doesn't happen on a specific date but around 3 go to your farm and enter and leave your house. Mary will be there and will give you a book. Visit the library the next day and talk to her and tell her you liked the woodcutter. This will make her like you more. Note: I think you need to have a blue heart, at least.

Waiting For Kai

This is a random event but it happens on a sunny day. Go to the crossroad near the blacksmith where you turn right to the Poultry Farm. Popuri and Mary will be waiting for Kai.

Bye Bye Debts!

The date varies on this but if you go to the supermarket Sasha and Jeff are talking about how Jeff won a contest and they should do somehing to celebrate. Leave and go back in and they decided to have a sale to celebrate. It turns out all of the villagers think they are broke and are going out of buisness so they all go and pay back their tabs and now Jeff is out of debt!

Thiefing Cat

I'm not sure about the date but go to the Inn in the beginning of second spring and Ann, her father, Harris, May and Barley are all standing in a circle. They say that food is being stolen from the Inn. If you enter the back room a cat will walk by into the main room. When you go back to the main room they realize that the cat was the burglar.

Apple Pie For Ellen

The date varies on this one but it is usually in the summer in the 1st year. One day the Mayor will come to your house and say that he is going to the nearby village and needs a favor. *supposedly* he gives Ellen a piece of pie everyday and because he is going out of town you should do it. Finish your chores and then go to the Inn and ask Doug for the pie(just go up to him and talk) and he will give it to you. Go to Ellen's house and give her the pie. She will offer you a tip but DO NOT ACCEPT IT!!!!!! It is only a few coins and Elli won't be happy. If you don't accept the tip Elli will come in and have an extra piece of pie and she will give it to you. The next day the Mayor will bring you a piece of cake.

Rare Species

If you have honey give your hive to Louis and he will discover that the bees that make your honey is the rare species that he had been looking for. The next day he'll thank you and tell the buyer that the honey should be sold at a higher price. You'll get 60g for your honey now.

Gotz To The Rescue/Gotz's Past

In the early winter of the first year on a snowy day go by Gotz's cabin. He will be standing outside his door. If you go past him he should automatically talk to you. But, if he doesn't talk to him. He will say that a blizzard's brewing in the mountains and for you to stay away for that day. If you start to head up Mother's Hill you will be knocked out by the storm. Luckily, you will end up in Gotz's cabin. He'll start scolding you saying, "I told you not to underestimate the power of nature!" He'll then apologize saying that his family died because of a blizzard.

Karen Gets Drunk

If you are married to Karen one evening go to the Inn around 7pm and Karen will be there. Ann will be talking some sense into her...because she's drunk!! Ann will ask you to take her home. You will arrive home together and she'll tell you she's felling better.

Broken Hammer

In fall on any day up to the 27th Gray may come to your farm as you walk outside. He will be mad and ask you if he can use your mill to make a hammer. Let him make the hammer and you will raise your friendship. He will weed your field in return. After a few days he will ask you to try the hammer and it will break. Mary sees this. Then go to the village sqare and you'll see Mary and Gray fight. Gray will latter thank you.

Cliff Faints

During winter go to the village square after 10am on a snowy day. You'll see Cliff faint. Talk to him and you will pick up a photo. Go to the Clinic and Cliff will be lying in a bed. The doctor asks everyone to leave. Next time you see Cliff return his photograph to become better friends with him.

Flashing Object

In year 4 in winter walk past the church after 5pm and you'll see a flashing object.


This can happen anytime in the fall. If you are married to Elli, Stu will give you a cricket at your farm.

White Flower

During winter go to Ellen's house and she'll tell you about a white flower that blooms on snowy days. After that go to Mother's Hill's peak on a snowy day to see it. Tell Ellen and Basil about it the next day.

Give Kai Corn

In summer any year Kai may stop by and ask to buy corn from you. Sell it to him for 50 gold to make better friends with him.

Fireworks With Kai

In summer year 2 the day before the fireworks talk to Kai at the beach between 9 and 6 and ask him to watch the fireworks with you. This will make you better friends.

Dancing With Karen

In spring year 2 before the New Year Festival Karen will stop by your house between 12 and 3 to practice dancing. If you like her dance with her at the festival.

Moondrops From/For Karen

Between the 1st and 20th of spring if Karen likes you she'll give you moondrop seeds. Plant them and give them to her when they bloom and she'll like you more.

Doug's Memories

On fall 5th after 5pm go to the peak of Mother's Hill. You'll see Doug thinking about his deceased wife.

Ann's Birthday Party

To get invited to Ann's birthday party you must become friends with her. Try to get her heart higher than purple. If it is high enough in the beginning of summer you'll get an invitation in the mail from Ann. It says you can come to her party on the 17th. On the 17th, between 10am and 6pm, you'll get to attend her party! Note: Don't forget her present.

Ann's Nap

If you are married to Ann, in the spring she will have a "nap". Go halfway up Mother's Hill at any time on a sunny day and you'll find Ann. Note: It doesn't matter what year.

Get The Golden Dog Ball

When Wan sells you the ball thake it up mother's hill then throw it off the bridge. He will continue to sell it to you. Repeat thiss 100 times then Wan will sell you the golden dog ball.

Keep Fish Alive

During Winter, if you catch a fish for your pond, put it in your refrigirator. It stays alive forever.

Tomato Festival

Join a good team preferably the girl of your dreams' team. Such as Elli's team, she will ask you to join & if u like her do it. I did and we won. Elli said "Please join our team, Stu get's angry when we don't win!"DO NOT JOIN ANN'S TEAM! Join a team with young people. When I joined Elli's team her heart went from BLUE to GREEN!

Fast Cash/Free Animals

Start a new game(or old) and then buy any animal or use an old one(try to win a contest too, with the animal)then save your game. Start a brand new game under a different name and save. You can use the same memory card but won't work if the farms have the same name. Return to your first farm and go under "exchange animals" and pick your best ones and give them to the other farm and receive nothing. Then without saving, reload your game and you should still have the same animals you just traded. Repeat as desired. You can trade the same animal if you do this. When you are finished, reload your second farm and all the animals you just traded should be there. You can then sell them off for some quick cash or keep them if you want. I suggest you use cows/sheeps and have them producing golden products for this code because this may take some time and a regular cow you just bought sell for more then a gold-laying hen (the #of hearts of the animal have no affect on the selling price). Have fun!

Crying Stu!

On the first day of your game, go to the clinic and Eli will say you have a small cut on your leg, if you tell her you need a bandage she will give you one, but DO NOT use it yet. On your way back( if you take the Library way ) Stu will be crying! So, take out the bandage and give it to him. He will stop crying and Eli will come to see what was the matter. She will ask if you really neaded it, just say that you are fine and she will become a friend of yours!

Power Berry On Mothers Hill

if you go halfway up mothers hill, go to the area that is grassy and has flowers in one part. There is a tree there, and if you try to chop it down, the tree will ask you not to and if you dont chop it down you will receive 1 power berry. If you do, the you will faint and wake up in hospital and the lumberjack guy won't like you. If you try to cut it dow afterwards, you will always faint.

To Get Strawberries, Spinach, And Pumpkins

To get the Strawberries you must plant 100 of each spring seed. Yeah that means cabbage, cucumbers, turnips, and potatoes. To get the Pumpkins you must plant 100 of each summer seed. Corn, tomatoes, onions, and pineapples. To get the Spinach, yes that's right you guessed it!, plant 100 of each Fall seed. Eggplant, sweet potato, carrot, and green pepper. If I forgot any of any seed, please forgive me!

Swim Festival

Swim for three strokes then breather for one. I always win when I use this one! Good luck!

Sick Baby!

When your baby gets sick your wife will ask you if you want to take the baby to the clinic or watch him closely. Don't worry about which one to pick because either way you lose a day of work. So, just pick the one you feel like picking.

Get Mary To Like You Better( Better In Summer )

To get Mary to like you more just go talk to her every day (twice each day) and take her two bamboo shoots everyday.

Power Berry Gallor

Plant over 90 flowers (preferably 110) and wait a few weeks and Mary's mom will stop by and ask if she can have some. Tell her she can have all she wants and she will give you a power berry.

Another Power Berry

In winter go to the mine in the big lake with the bridge that goes accross the waterfall. On the left side of the entrance of the mine press X and you will get a power berry.(Note:It took me some time to find it so if you don't get it the first time keep pressing X until you get it.)

Love Potion

Fish a bottle out of the ocean, give it to Kai the day after a summer hurricane.

Get Fishing Pole

To get the fishing pole you must have 50 fish in your pond. Then you can catch the bigger fish which are in various places - one is at the bottom of the winter mine.

Power Berry 2

Throw a vegetable at the waterfall on mothers hill to get a power berry from the goddess. Come on a sunny day or she won't accept it.

Stop Summer Bar Fight

Any day in summer after, 5:00 at night, go to the bar to stop a fight. Be careful who you agree with because it will make the others dislike you.

How To Stop Hothouse From Getting Destroyed

Just put your dog in there a day before the blizzard or hurricane comes.

Power Berry

To get a power berry, chop the old cedar tree in the big field by mothers hill. It will ask you to not chop it down. Don't chop it and it will give you a power berry. (Note: If you chop it after you have the berry you will faint and end up in the hospital.)

Go To The Sprites Tea Party

First make sure you have the largest rucksack you can get and you are in spring. Then buy 9 flowers. Go to the sprites house and give all of them one flower and they will invite you to their tea party.

Easy Way To Get Karen

Buy lots of wine. First, get a large rucksack and fill it up and give it all to her. Repeat each day.


We have no cheats or codes for Harvest Moon: Back to Nature yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Harvest Moon: Back to Nature yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

Eggs For Ann

On the 6th of the 1st winter Ann will come by your house to ask if you can bring 3 eggs to the Inn for 3 days. If you say yes you MUST bring 3 eggs for the next 3 days to the Inn. After the 3 days Ann's heart level will go up by one.

Popuri's Egg

Sometime during the year Popuri will stop by and give you an egg. Hatch the chick and name it Popuri. Then, she will like you more. Note: It may be summer, but I'm not sure.


We have no glitches for Harvest Moon: Back to Nature yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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