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  • Racing, Boat / Watercraft Racing
  • Unknown
  • Midway
  • Everyone


Boost Jump

When you want your boat to jump over an obstacle or to get a boost power-up, just hold tha A button and press B+Z at the same time.

Secret Passage (Lake Powell)

Right after you pass the 3rd extended time, there will be a waterfall in front of it, just go straight through it. There, you just found a secret passage.

Short Cuts for Ship Graveyard

When you reach Ship Graveyard drive straight through the first and second water falls.

Secret Passage (Lost Island)

On "Lost Island" when you get to where the spears are thrown go past the last little wood structure and turn into the mountian and then there you go you just found a SECRET.

Great ShortCut on New York Disaster

If you have the New York Desaster track than you'll know what I'm talking about, if you don't than you need to get it first. When you get to the first tunnel on New York Desaster, there is a place on the left wall inside the tunnel that is black and white checkered. If you go in it you should come out in 7th or 8th place. It helps a lot.

Extra Boats Names and Features

The extra boats are: 1. Tinytanic: name says it all, pushs other boats around even without "mighty hull" 2. Armed Forces: large boat with gun I don't think it hurts other boats though 3. Blow Fish: hovercraft (slides around a lot) 4. Chumer: small boat with a HUGE engine and a cool dog up front that barks at other boats

How to get more speed in Lake Powell

In order to get more speed in lake powell you must be quick with the boat you choose.As you ner the second checkpoint you will see 9 sec & a 4 sec.As you come around get the 4 sec one first and turn quickly to the 9 sec and should bring you up to about half boast.

9 Second Boost

At the start of the race, between countdown from 3 to 2 rev your boat up about halfway, then let go to let it go back down. When it is all the way back right at 1 rev it up again and hold it until the race starts. If you did it you will start with a nine second boost. It may take some practice, but it works for all boats.

Hydro Jump

To do the Hydro Jump you must have some boost power. To do it brake and then really fast do your booster then the boat will jump up into the air!


Quick Start

Note: This trick assumes the game is under the default controller setting. Hold L during the pre-race countdown. Release L and hold R when the countdown reaches "3". Release R and hold L when the countdown reaches "2". Release L and hold R when the countdown reaches "1". If done correctly, your boat will get a faster start and a four-second boost.


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Easter eggs

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