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  • Star Wars: The Complete Saga (LEGO)
  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Lucas Arts
  • Everyone-10
  • November 8, 2007


Buy the Red Brick Detector

If you go through Mos Espa Podrace, when you pass the giant holes go on the far left side and grab the Red Brick. Once you get it save up 250, 000 studs and go to the extras section at the counter in the cantina and purchase it.

Play As Car

Only on two player. Have one person get in the car and start driving around. Then have a second person, most effective as a jedi or sith, keep pressing the change person button while facing the car, while the car is moving. Once it shows that the second person isn't in control of anything, have the first person get out of the car, and the second person can pay as the car. It only works if the person in the car is second player, while the person to turn into the car is first player.

300,000 Studs Or More

Go to episode 3 chapter 1. Chose droid tri- fighter. After you shoot the first set of guns, crash. Keep doing this until you have 300,000 studs or more.

Unlocking Stuff

My advice is to play through the levels first then go back and play it "free play". This way you will have the characters you need to get into special areas.

Extra Lightsaber Damage Combo (Wii Only)

This move only works on lightsabers, but if you press the B button AND swing the Wii remote, it will create extra damage (you have to time your swings, don't just attack randomly)you can create different combos yourself like B+B+Swing. Also if you swing the Wii to do a super-smash (double-jump+attack) it will create more damage. You'll have to practice a lot to get it perfect (remember; timing is everything) but it really comes in handy in two-player duel and things like that. (P. S . The third attack, or final blow, can cut through anything on a person, even if they are blocking of are a droiddekka with their shield on. ).

Red Brick In Mos Espa Spaceport

To get the red brick in the mos espa level in episode 4, head forward right when the level starts. Right when you walk under the broken bridge turn left. Then with Luke or Obi-Wan, destroy all trash can's in front of the wall. Then you should see a little door with nothing behind it. Use the force with Obi-Wan to take the parts off the ground and put them on the wall. There then should be a panel with R2's face on it. Activate the panel with R2, walk in the door and you then should have unlocked a special secret.

Throwing/Pushing Enemies Into Walls/Trees

Switch to a person that is from the Dark Side, (Darth Vader, Emperor, etc.) and force him using Z. Do not hold him into the Air for a long time or they will die. While in the air, push him into a wall/tree, and he will die. It is almost like a Jedi pushing droids.

Ghost Character

To buy the ghost character, you need to all-the-way complete story mode/All Episodes. He cannot get hurt and is not paid any attention by troopers, unless in cars.

Unlimited Studs

If you go to level one of episode IV in The Complete Saga there will be a machine with a lever. Pull the lever and out come about 10 silver studs. You can keep doing this to get money but it is slow so you may want a studs x cheat on. So far this has worked and is a good way to get cash.


Go to build-a-character and select luke's head, darth maul's body, black waist, legs and hands, skin arms black hair and a red lightsaber and then you have STARKILLER as a playable character!

Random Stormtrooper Sounds

First go to the level "Jedi Destiny" and select any character. Then when you take out the all of the Emporer's hearts ECEPT two. Then (make sure you have extra toggle turned on) change to the Imperial Egineer and jump once and then you'll here Stormtrooper noises.

Minikit Detector

Go to "Cloud City Trap" (Episode 5) throw bomb at metal gate beside R2D2 picture (unlockable point). The minikit detector is behind where the gate was.


Cheats Listing

Admiral Ackbar	        ACK646
Battle Droid Commander	KPF958
Boba Fett Boy	        GGF539
Boss Nass	        HHY697
Captain Tarpals	        QRN714
Count Dooku	        DDD748
Darth Maul	        EUK421
Disguise	        BRJ437
Droid Tri-Fighter	AAB123
Ewok	                EWK785
Force Grapple	        CLZ738
General Grevious	PMN576
Greedo	                ZZR636
IG-88	                GIJ989
Imperial Guard	        GUA850
Imperial Shuttle	HUT845
Jango Fett	        KLJ897
Ki Adi Mundi	        MUN486
Luminara	        LUM521
Padme	                VBJ322
R2-Q5 droid	        EVILR2
Sandtrooper	        CBR954
Stormtrooper	        NBN431
Taun We	                PRX482
TIE Fighter	        DBH897
Tie Interceptor	        INT729
Vulture Droid	        BDC866
Watto	                PLL967
Zam Wesell	        584HJF
Zam's Speeder	        UUU875

The Emperor

Type in AASDF.


Enter evilr2.

Boba Fett

Type in bobazxc.

Boss Nass

Enter HHY697 at the cantina.


Type in GIJ989 at the bar.

Tie Interceptor

Type in TNT729 at the bar.

Imperial Shuttle

Type in HUT845 at the bar.

Boss Nass

Enter HHY697.

Force Grapple Leap

Enter CLZ738 at the cantina.

Battle Droid Commander


Count Dukou

Type in H6J9P56

Darth Maul

Type in EUK421 at the bar.

Vulture Droid

Type in BDC866 at the bar.

General Grevious

Type in PMN576 at the bar.


Type in EVILR2 at the bar.

General Grievous

Enter PMN576 at the cantina.

Admiral Ackbar

GGF539 or ACK646

Tie Fighter

DBH897 at the bar

Taun We






Adi Mundi


Imperial Guard



Type in BRJ437 at the bar.


Type in ZZR636 at the bar.

Count Dooku

Type in DDD748 at the bar.

Zam Wesell

Type in HJF584 at the bar.

Zam's Speeder

Type in UUU875 at the bar.


Type in PLL967 at the bar.


Type in EWK785 at the bar.

Storm Trooper

Type in NBN431 at the bar.

Jango Fett

Type in KLJ897 at the bar.

Droid Tri-Fighter

Type in AAB123 at the bar.

Captain Tarpals

Type in QRN714 at the bar.

Boss Nass

Type in HHY697 at the bar.

Force Grapple Leap

Type in CLZ738 at the bar.



Unlock all characters.


Complete the game to 100%

Secret Master

Collect all available red bricks.

Cash In

Sell your landspeeder to the Jawas.

A New Hope

Finish Episode IV in story mode.

Return Of The Jedi

Finish Episode VI in story mode.


Crossover: Destroy Anakin with Vader

Love Is…

Crossover: Destroy Jango Fett with Boba Fett

Arcade Master

Get 100 points in Arcade mode

Shoot First

Shoot First

Unlock Indiana Jones

Go into the "Bonus" doorway in the Cantina, then go through the door marked Trailers and watch the trailer for Lego Indiana Jones. You can then buy him for $50,000.

The Phantom Menace

Finish Episode I in story mode.

Attack Of The Clones

Finish Episode II in story mode.

Revenge Of The Sith

Finish Episode III in story mode

The Empire Strikes Back

Finish Episode V in story mode.

Going For Gold

Collect all available Gold Bricks.

Mini Mayhem

Collect all mini-kits.

Lightsaber Master

Perform 20 unblockable combo attacks.

Lightsaber Defender

Perform 200 perfect lightsaber deflections.


Perform 200 blaster character dodges.

Stormtrooper Slayer

Destroy 300 stormtroopers.

Droid Slayer

Destory 300 droids.

Fighter Ace

Destroy 50 TIE fighters.

Yee Haw

Ride all mounts types & ride-ons.

Crowd Pleaser

Break Jar Jar 20 times.

Slam Dunk

Destroy 5 people with one attack (Jedi super slam).


Disable 5 Droidikas with R2D2.

Fire In The Hole!

Destroy 10 characters with one thermal detonator.

Let The Wookiee Win

Pull 25 arms off other characters.

Disco King

Set off all three Discos.

Use The Force Luke

Death Star Trench Run without Firing.

Bar Room Brawl

Start a Cantina Fight with 50 casualties.

Lego Build-master

Make 100 Build-its throughout the game.


Max out the Stud counter

Cloud Cover

Finish Cloud City still wearing a Helmet.

Follower Of Fashion

Wear Every Hat


Crossover: Destroy The Emperor with Darth Maul

Did I Break Your Concentration?

Revenge: Destroy The Emperor with Mace Windu

Nobody Expects…..

Revenge: Destroy The Emperor with Kit Fisto

Hands Off!

Revenge: Destroy Anakin with Dooku

Who Needs Obi-wan?

Revenge: Destroy Darth Maul with Qui-Gon

Strike Me Down

Revenge: Destroy Darth Vader with Obi Wan

Online Player

Play through an entire level online

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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