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  • Action, Side Scrolling Platform
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • November 18, 2001


Mirror Trick

This works on any mirror in the cursed mansion. Take a picture of any mirror and it will lead back to the room where start out.

Uncle Grimmly

When Luigi draws near the end of the game, at a certain point the power in the mansion goes out. This could be the most difficult part of the game for a few reasons. Before you can return to the breaker room to turn the power back on, you must capture old Uncle Grimmly. The only hint you are given is that he likes rooms with mirrors. There are plenty of rooms with mirrors, and since the lights are out, every part of the house except for the starting room is filled with ghosts, so looking around the mansion for Uncle Grimmly can be quite dangerous, especially since all of the Toads are hiding, thus preventing the player from saving the game. So, to save a lot of trouble, go back to the wardrobe room from the beginning of the game. Uncle Grimmly will be sitting in front of the mirror beside the wall in the middle of the room. Then go back in the basement, then into the breaker room and flip the switch, thus returning power to the mansion.

Be King Boo

When you are sent to the arena and Bowser shows up, don't worry! King boo is Inside Bowser! All you got to do is suck up one of the mines and shoot it at him when he bends over. Then King Boo will pop out Suck him up. This may take several tries because the head shoots ice at you and King Boo tries to hop back in bowser! so be careful and good luck you'll need it!!

Mario's Dropped Items

In order to obtain information from the fortune teller, she must have a "dropped item" that someone left behind. While roaming the mansion, keep an eye out for "Mario's dropped items" and once you find them, bring them to the fortune teller to learn of Mario's whereabouts. (After a few times, the fortune teller's power will weaken, and you must capture her) A few of Mario's items are his "hat," which is hidden in the washer in the laundry room, and his "star," which in order to obtain, you must look through the telescope in the observatory, and part of the room will disapear, revealing a ledge. Step out onto the ledge and wait for a star to shoot by. Vacuum up the star and shoot it into the moon you can see in the distance. A secret catwalk will uncover. Follow the catwalk to a platform which a star sits on. You'll have to find the other three items on your own! -Glove, Shoe, Letter

Get Rid Of Trap Doors (okward)

If you don't know if a door is a trap door. Find a fire ghost and shoot the door. If it disappears, than it is a trap door. If not, its real (eventually it will come back).

Beating The Graveyard Dog

If you are stuck on the Dog then all you have to do is find the water power then you water the plant that is across from the dog house then a sceleton ghost will pop up suck up the ghost. After you suck em up he will leave one of his bones so the gourd dog will lesve it's post and try to eat the bone when he is licking it you can suck him up.

Golden Frames

To get a golden frame collect ALOT of pearls (which are dropped boss ghosts) to get nice golden frame and a good picture of them.

Ice Ghost

The ghost that come out on the roof after you defeat the little mask ones are ice ghost, you have to suck up fire, and spray it at the ghost an they they will disappear, but make sure you stand still while you are doing this, or they will get away. There are two of them.

Shoot Out An Element Blast!!

To fire out more element; fire, ice, water. You have to quickly press the L button all the way down, you can shoot out a large lump of element!

Get Money From Yellow Mouse!

On the first floor you go through the double doors (you have to beat the boss, Chauncey, the baby, first). Go to the hall going to the back of the mansion and you will see a yellow mouse. Suck it up and you will get a load of money!

Money From Ghosts!!!

On the second floor in the room with three cabinets. Open the ones on the sides and suck up the blue ghosts and it will leave loads of money.

How To Enter The Sealed Room

To get into the sealed room you must get to the room with all the coo-koo clocks then you must turn on all the cookoo clocks and suck up the ghosts. Now, enter the doorway where the middle soldier was standing you'll be on the roof climb the right chimney and wlk off the plank.

Deafeating Bogmire

Vacuum all the goo monsters quickly, then vacuum a giant goo monster.Take aim and fire at Bogmire. No goo monsters will get in your way and he cannot shake you.

Running Into Trap Doors

Another way to avoid trap doors is to take your vacuum and vacuum at all doors. If it shakes, then it is ok to go in if you have the key to it. If it doesn't shake, then it is a trick door! {Also you can look on the map when you aproach a door IF it is on the map.}

The Mischievous Boo

After you have been threw the safari room and have gone out the left hand door,go to the north room. If you have not got 20 boos he will not let you by. He will send you right back to the entrence.

Boss Refill

If you're low on health at the time you meet a Boss Boo, look around the area before ghost busting. There MIGHT be a 50-point heart in the area.

Teleport To Mansion Entrance

Simply stan in front of any mirror that isn't infested with ghost, then turn on your GAME BOY HORROR moniter and press A to warp back to the entrace of the mansion.

How To Deafeat The Ice Man!

All right. There is a very cold room in the basment. When you get inside, there will be icicles falling down. SO BE CAREFUL. You will see the fire elemental ghost. Catch it. Now go to the little stick near the corner and fire them. Then a man will talk to you. He is very mad and will start throwing icicles at you.A lot of them. You wont be able to hit him. As close as possible, go to him and try to break the ice surrounding him, and when it breaks, start sucking him up. Note: be careful of the icicles falling from the ceiling.

Easy Way To Beat The Small Dancing Couples

Suck up both ghost's masks and quickly shine the flashlight on them both and suck them up.

Mario's Items

If you don't know where to find Mario's items in the mansion, here are the locations:

Hat-found in the washer in the laundry room. 
Glove-found in the chest when you clear the movie room. 
Star-In the observatory, look in the telescope, then suck up one of those meteor things, aim it at the moon to blow it up creating a star way to an island with the star.
Shoe-found in the chest after you defeat the twins.
Letter-In the birdhouse in the courtyard.

Secret Altar Gem

Don't be in a huge hurry to rush up behind King Boo. Be sure to vacuum the chandelier and both the lamps on the right for gems and cash first.

Gold Frame Seekers For The Clockwork Soldiers

If you want a gold frame for the Clockwork Soldiers, here's something for you. You can suck up the green and red soldiers in any attempts, but you have to suck up the blue soldier in ONE attempt, he also drops pearls to. If you try to suck the green soldier in first, activate the clocks to the far right. If you want to suck the red soldier first, activate the clocks to the far left. NOTE: While you are sucking up the green or red soldiers first, watch out when the others try to attack you with their cork guns. When that happens, let off the vacumm.

Teleport To The Graveyard

After you suck up the dog turn on your Game Boy Horror and aim it at the doghouse. Press A and you should see a wind coming out of it. Turn it off and you should be sucked in and you will be teleported to the Graveyard.

How To Get Rid Of Trap Doors

This cheat is useless but it could help, first you need fire, then go to a trap door stand in front of it. Then spary fire at it for a second. After you do that it will dissapper.

Hidden Gem In The Kitchen

After retriving the fire element, go into the kitchen (the room that leads to the dog house) and open the oven (next to the freezer). After opening, use L to flame the pot in the oven. A red gem will pop out onto the counter. Use your vac to suck it up.

Unlimited Life For An Hour

To get unlimited life for an hour you have to find baby boo and run around him 20 times. You will get unlimited life for an hour.

How To Suck In Chauncy's Mom

To suck in Chauncy's mom (the lady ghost at the mirror in the first area), go to the window in her room. There are blinds on it. Suck the blinds away and she'll look. Then, shine the flashlight on her and suck her in!


To get two Gold Dimonds, water the plant next to the dog house after every big boss (e.g. Bogmire, Big Boo ect.). Secondly catch every boo it's easyier if you catch every boo right after u clear the room. Note: If you dont remember the plant it will die. Note2: Remember the secret rooms and the erlier rooms Also, on the right wall of the Butler's room there is a mouse hole you can go into.

How To Defeat The Dancing Couple

Once you are in the ball room,ghosts with masks will appear. Suck-up their masks and shine your flashlight on them. When their hearts appear,start to suck! As soon as you got them all,the couple will appear. Go on the spinning platform under them and face outward. Wait until the heart appears on the man's chest, point your flashlight at him and start to suck. The girl will be sucked- up at the same time.

The Sewing Ghost

Knock over her basket of yarn balls and shoot all three of them at her. When you shoot the last one be by her so you can shine the flashlight on her and suck her up.

King Boo

To beat King Boo keep away from the Bowser when he is attacking or stopping to get away until you attack with the mine. After you beat him you can access the "Hidden Mansion" which will make the ghosts harder but your "Polutergust 3000" will be stronger than it was earlier.

Watering The Plants

If you water a plant in the mansion you will get a gem or money. Do this to all of the plants in the mansion that you can find to get lots of money!!

Free 50 Point Heart!!

On the 2nd floor nursery where you beat the first boss, theres a cabinet to the right ( next to the door) open it and a 50 point heart will pop out. This will work all the time but you can't walk out then back in, it will still be open. So you have to wait or go down to the first floor. It great when you health is down.

Beating The Hungery Ghost!

Frist run around to get him tierd, and not getting hit by the firer balls. he will stop blowing the fire ball, and you can suck him up!

Beat The Fat Ghost In Dining Room

To beat the fat slobby ghost in the dining room first light the candles on the table. Next start sucking his food away off his plate. A ghost will appear to replace his food, you must catch him when he appears. After that the big guy will get mad and start shooting fire balls. Just dodge all the fire balls till he gets tired then zap him!

Money, Money!!!

Go to the room where you entered the mansion. Go to where you can see the chandelier that trys to fall on you. Keep sucking it until a ton of money falls down.

Find The Twins

Have you ever played hide and go seek with the twins and not been able to find them easily? Here's how you do it. Vacuum at the boxes. If it shakes, then a twin is inside. If it doesn't shake, then it is empty.

How To Beat Biff Atlas

First, you have to hit a punching bag at Biff, he will doze off and come walking (or floating) towards you, then you hit him a 2nd time with a punching bag, this punching can get Biff mad so when he attacks watch out you will lose 20 health and 10 gold coins, then you hit him with a 3rd time with a punching bag and Biff will fall on the ground and his heart will be showing. Shine the flash light at him and then suck him up. WARNING:watch out for the punching bag when it swings back at you and when you are sucking up Biff, watch out for objects on the ground like dumbbells, and you don't have to use the same punching bag you used last time.

How To Catch The Piano Ghost

In the conservatory of the mansion you will find numerous instruments. There is also a portrait ghost in this room. In order to catch her you must first shake all of the instruments in the room, to make them play music.(The music will be the theme song of the original Super Mario Brothers Game.) Once you have started all the instruments(including all three drums) the pianist will appear and ask you a question. Answer the question correctly and she will barrage you with sheet music, and then reveal her heart. This is your opportunity to suck her up.

Hidden Gem

In the graveyard accessed through the dog house, their is a down-spout that spits out a gem when you shake it.

How To Catch The Wind-Up Clock Ghosts

In order to catch the portrait ghosts in the clock room you have to first use the poltergust to suck the wind-up key out of their back. Once you have done this they will show their hearts and you can vacuum them up. Be carful though because the other 2 ghosts will shoot you with their pop-guns while you try to suck up their friend.


On level 3 when you get to the observatory look through the telescope and the sky will be revealed go to the edge of the room and suck up with with your vacuum a little yellow metior rock and aim it at the moon and fire until it blows up, a magical bridge forms to a nearby floating island in the air,walk over the bridge to the floating island, and you will receive Mario's star.

The Mansion

At the end of the game, the hanted mansion will disapper and you will need to buy a new mansion. Here is how much money you need:

Rank H less than 5,000,000G
Rank G less than 20,000,000G
Rank F less than 40,000,000G
Rank E less than 50,000,000G
Rank D less than 60,000,000G
Rank C less than 70,000,000G
Rank B less than 100,000,000G
Rank A more than 100,000,000G

Another Big Heart

After you have beat the second boss, you can return to the graveyard for a heart that gives you 50 health. Walk up to the top-left most stone and press A.

Secret Ghost

To find the secret ghost, you must first go onto the roof. From there jump into the chimney to the right. You will be in a secret room. Catch all the ghosts in the room and you will find a chest which is opened to reveal a key. Use this key to enter yet another secret room on in the mansion. Enter this new room and suck up all the ghosts (using fire and water to help you) and proceed through the door to the right. Then you will be in an upside-down room with a little girl ghost in the bed. To catch her, suck up a water ghost in the other room and wet her a couple of times. Then she will wake up and get angry at you. This is the point where you can suck her up.

Another Hidden Key!

After capturing the bodybuilder, run over to the left wall and jump on the tredmill. Run Luigi's little legs off, until a key pops out.

Health Refill

If you've been fighting ghosts with little success in finding hearts, and battle has made you weary, return to the nursery, and in the nightstand in the corner next to the door their lies a giant heart which adds 50 points to Luigi's health. There are other hidden giant hearts hidden throughout the mansion, so keep an eye out!

Destroying Big Boo

Once you reach the balcony, you will come across the Big Boo boss. In order to defeat this boss, you must have obtained the ice medallion previously and have your poltergust 3000 equiped with ice. When the Big Boo separates into the tiny boos, stop them in their tracks by shooting ice at them, and vacuum 'em up one by one until their all history.

Bucks Galore!

Find the room where the mother sits fixing her hair in front of a mirror on the second floor. (To startle her, use the vacuum to open up the curtain and a gust of wind will send leaves blowing into her) After you have taken care of her, investigate the room for goodies. If you look at the ceiling you'll notice there is a ceiling fan. Use your vaccum to its full extent on the fan, until it's zooming rapidly, which expels a large amount of money.

A Hidden Key!

Once you find the mirror room, capture all of the ghosts and you will receive a "fire medallion," which enables you to shoot flames out of your vacuum using the "L" button whenever you capture "fire ghosts" (They can't harm Luigi). Capture a "fire ghost" from the torch post in the lower right-hand corner of the room. Return to the "fortune teller's" room that you visited before the mirror room. Light all of the candles in each corner of the room and a key will suddenly appear on top of the right post in front of the fortune teller's table. Just aim at the key and vacuum it up!

Oh MAN!!! That Kills!

When you win Bowser, the ending will play. After the paintings come out, you stick Marios picture in and send it backwards. The portrait ghosts were set free through the little grid where you stick the vaccum. Well... MARIO IS NOT A GHOST!!! So he kinda gets stuck in the thing when he pops out. The funniest part is- LUIGI IS LAUGHING! o so cruel!!! One more thing... how DID mario become a painting, anyway?

How To Defeat The Old Guy In The Library

To capture the old guy in the library you have to turn your back towards him and wait till he yawns. Quickly shine your light on him and suck him up.

Stop The Ghost

When you see a ghost, shine your flashlight on it and it will stop. When it stops suck it up with the vac.

Shake Off The Ghost

When a ghost grabs you, you can't use the vac. So when a ghost grabs you move the control stick rapidly left and right to shake them off.

Squeky Voice

You Need to be battleing against a ghoast boss (example, Nana) then when you battle there will be a black mushroom, it won't hurt you when you touch it but you'll shrink. After that talk and he'll say "Mario" in a squeky voice.

How To Beat Bowser

When bowser thorws his spilked bombs at you wait for them to stop moving. Then pick them up with you vacuum. Then you have to wait until bowser lowers his head to breath fire or to breath you into his mouth and shoot it at his mouth the head will pop off and boo will pop out now blsats that comm from bowser head. Repeat this process and you will beat bowser.

Water TheSeed

In the outside area where the dog house is, there is a dirt patch with a seed in it. Water the seed before you fight the second boss. After you beat it come back and water it again. Then continue with the game and water the seed one last time after you beat the third boss. You'll be suprised at what you'll get.

Restore Health

(This is kind of cheap, but it works.) To restore your health, you must first save the game (if you don't all your progress before you did will be lost). Quit and go to traning. Shine on a ghost, turn on your vacumumn and drag until your out oh health. You will have to restart training, but with 100 health. To get out of this quick, just shine your light on the ghosts and don't suck them in.

Mice For Money!

If you are looking to get an 'A' grade you need to find all the golden mice. To find the mice, go into 1st person mode with the gameboy horror and click onto hidden cheeses with the A button. These cheeses can be found in:

The second floor study behind a desk. 
The first floor dining room underneath a chair. 
The second floor dining room at the back. 
The first floor room with the crystal ball behind the fortune teller. 
The third floor trophy room behind a chair. 
The second floor corridor near the stairs to the attic, you hear a chime and a mouse runs up the corridor. (You do not need to find cheese for this one). 
As soon as you click on a cheese a mouse appears, go back to third person view and suck up that mouse quick for much cash and the occasional gem. The mice can only be caught before the lights come on in any room. So get the mouse and then the ghosts. If you miss the cheeses the first time around; after the third boss when the lightning trips the power and the mansion is in darkness again, go mouse hunting, although in some rooms now there are loads of ghosts, so it's not so easy as it was first time round.

Secret Treasure Rooms

There are two rooms in Luigi's Mansion that you can not just walk into. These rooms have many treasure chests in them. The first room is in the butlers room, you enter the butlers room then search the wall to your right with y. then you should find a mouse hole, search it with A (while in first person mode) and it will warp you into a secret room. The next room is on the roof, on the roof there is two chimneys go down the one on the right to enter the sealed room (the one that had the boards over it) to get out suck the cloth of the wall which will reveal a mirror search it to warp back to the main entrance.

Returning To The Entrance

If you see a mirror, go to your game boy horror and click on the mirror. It will send you back to the entrance.

Beating The First Boss!!!

To beat the first boss you must first make the horse rock and then hit the baby with the ball. You will then appear in the baby's cradle, you must wait till the balls come into the cradle and pick one up with your vacumm. Then you must throw it at the baby and you can then suck him up.(The baby's time is set to 100)

Fast Game Save

Whenever you are low on life, press Y. Then look at a mirror and press A. It will take you to the main room where you started, and that little guy where you save your game will be there.

Easy Captures

There are ice, water, and fire shooters hidden in the mansion. Serch around and you will find them. Use the ice to stop the water goast, the water to stop the fire goast, and the fire to stop the ice goast. When you do that it will be a lot easier to suck them up.

Reward For 50 Boos

One of the sidequests in Luigi's Mansion is the capture of the 50 Boos that you released accidentally in the beginning of the game. Finding Boos can be a time-consuming task as you have to make your way through the whole mansion and track them with your Game Boy Horror "Boo Sensor." Boos like to hide in rooms with the lights on, so be sure to check in every nook and cranny. A blue light on your GBH means there's no Boo to be found, a yellow light means you're close, and red means you're right in front of the hiding ghost. If the light is red, switch on your vaccuum or examine the object in question with A. Watch out, though, not every red light equals a boo. Sometimes a Boo Ball will fall out (you can simply blast it at a wall or leave it where it is), or a bomb that has the potential to cause some damage -- so run! If you're having problems finding all 50 Boos, be sure to look in the "door- less" treasure rooms. The reward for catching all 50 Boos is a large diamond.

Gallery Mode

Finish the game to get gallery mode.

Extra Hearts And Money

Use your vacuum to clean all lamps, chandelier, and vases, as most contain either hearts and money.

Another Mansion (Ura-Yashiki) Mode

Successfully complete the game and save. Ura-Yashiki (Another Mansion) mode will now be available to the main menu. This mode allows you to play the game with some things in the game changed.

Reset Game

You can reset Luigi's Mansion by holding the B and X Buttons and pressing start for about two seconds.

Teleport To Main Entrance

Note: This trick requires a Game Boy Advance. Look at the mirror located in the rear of the gym. On the Game Boy Advance, press A while facing the mirror in the first person view to return to the main entrance.


We have no cheats or codes for Luigi's Mansion yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Luigi's Mansion yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Luigi's Mansion yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Silent Call Glitch

If Luigi is panting from lack of health, call for Mario. (push A to call Mario) It will show him calling for Mario but he doesn't talk at all.


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