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Use Madden Cards Over Again

To use madden cards over again just at the end of the game DO NOT save your profile. Then save (use this in franchise mode only) and stop playing. The next time you play a game you'll have the same amount of tokens you had last game and you'll buy the same exact cards. :)

Interception By A Certain Player

If you want a certain saftey or cornerback to get an interception one way that sometimes helps is to get your left OLB( outside linbacker) and blitz through the hole that seperates the defensive tackle and defensive end. If you blitz through the right hole than they'll probably throw it to the receiver on the right and if you blitz on the left, well ya get it they throw it to th wide on the left. (Note: this only works in a 3-4 defense and a lot of the time, if you want, you can get a sack with whoever your linbacker is:)

Franshise Cap HINT

This hint takes a lot of patience and takes time. This works at any point in the season, it generally works best in the first season. Release your players, for example Marshall Faulk, he will want 6.05 million. When you go to sign him, offer one year, keep going down in price, if the agent says faulk wants more years... keep going down in price until he says something about the price.. then offer that lower price for 7 years... and continue and repeat. In the first season, the players always start out asking for what they last made. Older veterans go down faster and rookies seldom wont, but you can lock them up for 7 years and generally have a cap spending of under 20 mil. **After week 6, players rated 79 and lower go down really fast. *If you create a player and plan on using them in Franchise, make them round 26 years old so they too will go down in price.

Easy Quaterback Sac

You can only do this in the franchise mode. When you are on defense if you try to run offsides it will not let you this usually freaks the opposing quaterback out and makes him get sacked almost everytime or he will throw and interception.

Kickoff TD

When returning the kickoff, make sure you run the onside kick. If you forget, just call an audible and press O. Now, have your fastest receiver deepest to return the kick. Try to run down the left sideline. Your blockers will do a great job shedding the kicking team, giving you a great chance for an easy score. To do this most effectively, use Randy Moss, or somewhere with Speed and acceleration above 94. I have a 75-80% success rate with play.

Go Through The Season Without Playing It

Go to the season selection. Choose your team. When you are in the season check the box of the team that you are playing with. Go to any week check the box of the team you are playin with (you must select the box of the team you are playing with). Smash start. Say that you want to simulate all games including spawned games smash yes. Smash left on the D-pad to see all the games that you've won.

More Tokens

To get more tokens with a user profile to buy cards, go to coaches corner. Then go to Training Mode. Then you pick your team and everything. In the mode it will tell you how to run the plays that you select. Then you get 5 tries to run them. It gives you tokens for how well you run those plays. When you are done you will have like 600 tokens to buy cards with.


We have no cheats or codes for Madden NFL 2002 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Madden NFL 2002 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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