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Cool Dives

When you run or pass the football run to the sideline by the touchdown hold the turbo button and push sqaure to dive. They will dive out for the touchdown.

Get A Few More Yards

When you are about to go out of bounds and want to get more yards, juke to the side away from the sideline. You will not go out, and it also sometimes delays the defense from pursuit.

Jan Stenerud

Get a gold rank in Clutch Kicking Drill in mini- camp mode under the All-Madden level.

Break Tackles

To easily break tackles as a running back, alternately press L1 and R1 immediately before you get tackled.

Steve Largent

Have a saved game file from an EA Sports racing game on your memory card.

Steve Young

Get a gold rank in QB Precision Passing (St. Louis Rams) under the All-Madden level.

Easy Sacks

Select "Whip Man" from the 4-3 defense. When your team lines up, move your linebackers to the right and linemen to the left. Hide your left linebacker (after shifting) behind your second linemen from the left, who should be lined up over the offense's tackle. Move the middle linebacker over the offense's right guard. At the snap of the ball, have the left linebacker blitz to between the offense's left guard and center, getting him right to the quarterback. If done correctly, even a running back blocking should not be able to stop you.

Skip Music

Go to the help menu, then hold Square and press R1 or L1 to change the music.

Mike Ditka

Have a saved game file from another EA Sports football game on your memory card.

Easy Rushing Yards

When down in a game late and need yards, substitute your second string RB in and put your first string RB in at QB. Off the hike, you can either run or throw it. If a space is open, you will get more yards.

Onside Kick

To kick an onside kick, keep the arrow where it is. Do not move it. Then, tap X(2) as quickly as possible. You should recover the onside kick the majority of the time.

How To Get Any Player

First go to features. Then select creat a player. Then make up a player and put the states all the way up to 99. Then save the game. After that go to roster, free agents, and then put him on your team. Then go to trade players and put him up for any body you want but the players you want have to be on the same team! After trading save the game. Then go to roster, then go to feiw roster and go to the player you just traded and lower his stats to 0 (so you wont trade a great player! If your on franchize mode go to creat a player and select the players name and put his ststes to 0! THIS CODE CAN WORK MORE THAN ONCE!!!!

Marshals Team

Use a memory card with a saved file from another EA Sports football game to unlock the Marshals team.

Nile High Stadium

Use a memory card with a saved file from an EA Sports racing game to unlock the Nile High stadium.

Dodge City Stadium

Use a memory card with a saved file from another EA Sports football game to unlock the Dodge City stadium.

Edit Any Player

If you have Madden 2002, you probably know that you can edit your players. In 2003 you probably know that you can't edit your player in 2003, but you can. Go to Rosters and push View Rosters. Then push X on any player. A menu will pop up and it will say edit.

Mummies Team

Use a memory card with a saved file from an EA Sports racing game to unlock the Mummies team.

Easier Trades

Before you enter franchise, or tournament go to features. Then go to rosters and trade players. You will be able to get anyone you want. Like a 60 for 99

More Points In Football 101

When playing football 101 you can get more tokens by doing special moves when on your way to the touchdown.

2 Player Mode Misdirection

When playing a friend, call hot routes to trick your friend into thinking you are passing the ball.

Get Barry Sanders As A Running Back

In Mini-Camp, get Gold on the Running Back challenge on All-Madden and you will get the Barry Sanders Historic Player Madden Card. Then, hit 'Add to Free Agent List', and then go to Rosters and go to the Free Agent list and he will be there.

QB & WR Getting A Lot Of Yards

If you have a hard time getting yards with your QB & WR, then this might help. First, get a QB with good arm & good accuracy (at least 90 for both) & WR with good speed, agility, acceleration,& catch (again, at least 90 for all). Then, play a team with a fairly bad secondary (around 70-80 for secondary at least). Start the game & when you have the ball, call a Hail Mary. Throw it to the best WR you have. Make sure you lob the ball, & then throw it to him. About 95% of the time it can go for at least 50 yards, unless your under 50 yards away. You'll get tons of yards in that game, especially with your QB.

Easy Trades

Create a QB and make him 99 in awereness,throw power, and throw accurecy. He will be 99 overall. Sign him on your team, then trade him for someone you want. the team will eccept it no matter what. Then, go to create player and take his stats and put them back down to 50. If you want to be really mean, make his states all zero or change his name to Fatty or something.

Challenge Hints

If you are thinking about making a challenge, just go ahead & challenge. If you pause the game & look at the Instant Replay, it won't let you challenge the call on the field.

Win Coin Toss

When the away team is picking heads or tails repeatedly press start. If you press the button to slow it won't work. It alsoworks if you are the away team but is a little bit harder; immediatly after you pick heads or tails repeatedly press start.

Free Madden Cards

If you own NCAA Football 2003, and you have a profile on it, this code is for you. When you first start Madden, you can instantly recieve free Madden Cards from your NCAA profile.

Better Draft Pick

If you have a first place team and you know its going to be very late in the draft, trade with a last place team. Sometimes you can even get a first and second round pick for just your first. This is a very good way to get young players on your already good team.

Better Quarterback Accuracy

Note what kind of quarterback you are passing with. If you have someone such as Kurt Warner, you may have better accuracy if you set your feet, then throw the ball. If you have someone like Donovan McNabb, you might have better luck throwing on the run.

Over The Shoulder Catch

When throwing the ball to a receiver that is running a fly route, lob the pass (tap the button) instead of throwing a bullet (holding the button). The receiver should catch the ball over his shoulder.

Cheerleader And Pump Up Crowd Cards

Successfully complete the "Game Situation" challenges in mini-camp mode. The Cheerleader or Pump Up Crowd cards for the team will be unlocked.

Easy Tokens

Play two-minute drill and choose to play four players, all with your profile. Set "Fire" for the defense and the Vikings as your teams. Next, use Singleback 4WR All Streaks for touchdowns all the time.

Infinite Creation Points

Go to "Rosters", then choose "Edit Player". Select the players that you want to be rated 99. Go to his attributes, then increase everything.

New Year's Commentary

Set the system date to January 1.

Christmas Commentary

Set the system date to December 25 to hear John Madden say "Merry Christmas to all".

Thanksgiving Commentary

Set the system date to the third Thursday in November.

Easier Gold In Mini-camp Mode

Create a player and trade him to the team that you are doing the drill with. Make sure that the created player is playing the position of the person that you are trying to complete the drill with. For example, Ronde Barber is the corner back in the Defensive Swat Pass drill. If you create a corner back and make his attributes all 99, put him on the Buccaneers and make him the starting or number one cornerback. Then, he will do the drill. You may do this with any person on any drill. You may also make the people who you are going against in the drill "sorrier". If you know their names, go to their attributes and turn them all the way down.

Cheaper Player

When you have an expensive player, you can release him and sign him for less money.

Cheap Players That Are Good

To make a receiver go to create player and create the player as a quarterback. Give the player very low passing abilities (zero) and very high catching and ball handling levels. The player will cost very little because his quarterback skills are bad. You will have to sign him as a quarterback but use him as a wide receiver. His salary will never go up because he will not play as a quarterback. You can also change his number and attributes in the edit player screen. You can also make a dirt cheap fullback by eliminating his receiving skills.

Get Any Player

Use the following trick to get any player in a trade without the other team rejecting. In the franchise mode, create a player as a quarterback and move his attributes until you get to 99 points. Then, put his injury and stamina down to 0. This will not change the attribute point level. Sign him as a free agent then trade him to any team for anybody you want. When you play the team he is playing for, after a couple of plays he will either become injured or will be taken out of the game for his weak stamina. No team will refuse your trade and you will have any player you want on your team.

Reggie White

Get a gold rank in All-Madden DL-Trench Fight on the All-Madden level to unlock Reggie White.

Mike Singletary

Get a gold rank in the LB Chase and Tackle drill in mini-camp mode on the All- Madden level to unlock Mike Singletary.

Kevin Butler

Get a gold rank in P-Coffin Corner Punt on the All-Madden level to unlock Kevin Butler.

John Elway

Get a gold rank in the QB Pocket Presence on the All-Madden level to unlock John Elway.

Gale Sayers

Get a gold rank in the RB Ground Attack drill in mini-camp mode on the All-Madden level to unlock Gale Sayers.

Deion Sanders

Get a gold rank in the DB Swat drill in mini-camp mode on the All-Madden level to unlock Deion Sanders.

Cheerleader Cards And Game Cheats

Get a gold rank in any event on the All Pro, Pro and Rookie levels.


Halloween Commentary

Set the system date to October 31st.

Veterans Day Commentary

Set system date to November 11.

Labor Day Commentary

Set system date to September 2.

Memorial Day Commentary

Set the system date at July 4.


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Easter eggs

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